Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Heather breaks Daniel’s heart when she tells him she has fallen in love with someone else and he needs to move on with his life.

Phyllis decides to stop helping her kids because they don’t appreciate her help and they have both fired her from their companies.

Tucker tells Ashley that McCall Unlimited is in deep financial trouble and he was looking for a big company in order to save his company but when she left for Paris he realized that he didn’t care if he lost his company as long as he could spend the rest of his days with her.

Diane isn’t happy that Kyle isn’t supportive of her moving into the Abbott Mansion.

Jack isn’t sure if he can forgive Kyle for helping Victor with his plan to get Adam out of Jabot.

Jeremy Stark walks in to the Grand Phoenix bar and offers to buy Phyllis a drink.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing their memories. Victor and Nikki share memories of their relationship while the audience sees flashbacks of their relationship. Victor gives Nikki a romantic Valentine’s Day card and a beautiful necklace.

Nick tells Victoria Sally is pregnant and either he or Adam is the father of the baby. Nick tells Victoria that he doesn’t know what will happen if Adam is the father of the baby but he is happy with Sally. Victoria promises not to tell anyone about Sally’s pregnancy.

Sally talks to Sharon and tells her that she is pregnant and either Adam or Nick is the father of the baby. Sharon promises Sally she won’t say, anything to anyone.

Daniel and Lily remember their relationship through several flashbacks. Daniel thanks Lily for her friendship and support throughout the years. Daniel returns to his hotel room and is surprised to find Heather in his room.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Nikki thinks that Ashley bought Tucker’s debt because she wants to protect him. Victor doesn’t think Ashley would do that but he has Michael trying to find out who bought Tucker’s debt so he can make his next move.

Adam asks Victor what he is planning to offer him that is better then running Newman Enterprises. Victor tells Adam he is planning to buy McCall Unlimited and let him run it, and the company will be independent from Newman Enterprises but, all the pieces are not in place yet. Adam tells Sally that he is excited about being a father to the baby and he understands that the baby won’t change the relationship between them.

Ashley demands that Tucker sell his company to Devon because she thinks it could help repair their relationship. Tucker calls Devon that he needs to talk to him about something that might interest him. Devon hangs up the phone on Tucker, but later, Abby persuades Devon to listen to what Tucker has to say. Later, Devon sends a text message to Tucker telling him he will meet with him tomorrow for thirty minutes. Ashley tells Tucker he better not mess this up because it could be his last chance to fix his relationship with Devon.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Nicole: It’s, it’s funny running into you of, of all people.

Eric: Yeah. What’s funny?

Nicole: Well, um, I’ve, I’ve been thinking about you. I don’t know if you remember, but on this day, we met 25 years ago.

Eric: I remember.¬† I’ve been thinking about you too. A lot.

Wendy: So good to see you. I’ve been wondering how you guy,

Tripp: Um, thank you for coming to Kayla’s funeral. It meant a lot to me.

Wendy: Yeah. I wanted to say something to you that day, but you were with your family. I didn’t wanna intrude.

Yeah, that was. Really, uh, really bad day,

I’m sure. How are you doing?

I’m okay. I’m just kind of going through the motions.


My dad, he’s in complete denial.

I can’t imagine what I was feeling to lose the love of your life after all those years.

Would you like some coffee or something stronger?

Actually, I came here to see how you were doing.

I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be

Your brother? I just saw that he got arrested again last night.

Ah. You survived your first night in the jail,

sir. I don’t really have to be handcuffed with this chair. Jail breaks aren’t my style.

Well, your style seems to be doing whatever it takes to get what you want. So the cuffs stay

talking about Gabi.

Hey, you got it in one.

You’re gonna hate what I’m about to say, but it’s true. I did what I did because I love her so much.

You’re right. I hate it.

I sincerely believe I’m better for her than Stepha DiMera ever was.

And you never gave a damn that she thought differently.

Gabi and I have been having some good conversations recently, actually. She’s gonna forgive me. .

You’re kidding yourself, man.¬† I’ve known Gabi her whole life. There is no grudge too small that she won’t hold onto. And Melinda Trask, she’s exactly the. When you skated outta here, I made her angry. So she’s gonna drum up every charge she can against you, including the attempted murder of Stefan DiMera.

She still to make those charges stick in court?

Hell yeah. Well, she’s pretty confident she can, you know Dr. Rolf boy. Well, he rolled on you big time. He said everything that he did was either because of you or Kristen.

What are you doing?

Well, the thing is, you’re my brother-in-law now, so I’m gonna give you the opportunity to get this over with quickly.¬† You can save yourself and a taxpayer a lot of money.

You want me to plead guilty?

You must be a mind reader.

Oh, hey.

Whoa. You really shouldn’t be looking at your phone while you’re walking,

going on a trip. What another romantic getaway with Stefan?

I am not going anywhere. Actually, I just came back.

You’ve returned empty handed. I thought my instructions were clear. I cannot continue this project with such proper nourishment.

Relax, I got you chowder. It’s in the hall.

To deny a genius is to delay the path to progress. Now give me my lunch.

I’m sorry. You’re gonna have to finish this on an empty stomach because I’m tired of doing your little errands for you.


did you get the oyster crackers?

Three bags.

All right. As soon as the equipment is ready, we will start again.

I couldn’t take all the craziness here, so I decided to visit my son at boarding. And just so you know, I haven’t heard a word from Stefan except for One Call on Valentine’s Day

got the same call. He invited both of us to dinner. I went,

oh, so are you two back together?

I thought we were, we were headed upstairs to make love for the first time since he’d been shot.¬† And then he called me by your name.


I walked out in heaven, seemed or heard from him since the Jack has still believes he’s madly in love with both of us.

I don’t care what his psychopathic liar.

Well, I’m pretty sure that Kristen can be persuaded to corroborate his statement.

We have to find her first.

No, she’ll come back. She always does. And then we’ll prove that you’re the one who paid Rolf, held Stefan against his will and tortured him to make him believe that he no longer loved Gabi. And we also know, we also know that you program Stefan to, uh, believe that he was in love with Chloe Lane.

That was all Kristen’s idea.

Mm. Well, you know, it was your idea unplugging the machines that were keeping Stefan alive, and if Kristen hadn’t walked in, well, you’d be dead right now. I can have that all typed up.¬† All you have to do is sign it.

He’s not signing anything cuz this little interrogation is over.

He, he’s waking up. Are you gonna sit there on your ass? What are we doing here?

You see that buffer line over there? It must cool another 16 degrees, or we runs a risk of sending the entire west side of Salem. It a blackout. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a visit from ex Commissioner Grady.

You don’t have to worry about Roman.¬† Eric says he thinks the flickering lights are a message from Kate

It’s the fantasies of a man in love, but I’m afraid Kate Roberts Brady’s that is in worldview and no one can bring her back there. No one others are myself.

Well, I was having breakfast with a Abe and Paulina, and it’s just hit me that today was the.

What made you put it together?

Well, I was talking about my complicated relationship with Kate ,

and it made you think about your complicated relationship with me. I guess

I was telling my dad the first time I laid eyes on you.  It was in February. It was a cold day like it is today. Just, I dunno, it kind of hit me.

Wait, why were you talking about me to your dad? Roman is, is never been my biggest fan.

Well, that’s all changed.


Really. He actually said he was rooting for us to get back.

So why would your father be rooting for us? Know you have a girlfriend?

Well, what, since when do I have a girlfriend?

Uh, Sloan Peterson. You know the girl that always has her tongue in your ear every time I see you.

Sloan is not my girlfriend.

Oh, so that lovely display at the restaurant on Valentine’s Day is what you two just being pals.

You and I both know from experience that relationships can turn on a dime that one did.

Sloan and I are no longer seeing.

Did you not hear me? I asked you to leave.

Oh, I heard you.

It’s about time you got here.

Spend last night in a settlement dealing with him for the last half hour. Look, I tried my best to get you Arain, but night court had already adjourned. But don’t worry, I found a way to make it up to you.

Well look, as long as you’re here, please just make yourself useful.

Take the cuffs off.

And why would I do that?

Because I demand that Mr. Shin be released into my custody.

Lee was feeling like things might work out for him, and then two cops showed up and arrested him.

Do you know why?

Oh, apparently Dr. Rolf told them that Lee forced him to brainwash Stefan Damara.

He should have known. Rolf only looks after for himself. You know, Li used to be the shortest, smartest guy I know.¬† But then he got obsessed with Gabi Hernandez and I swear she’s like his group tonight. He’d do anything to get her back and he thinks he still has a chance with her. After what he did to Stefan. Gabi keeps going on about how much she loves Stefan, but from what I’ve seen of her, she’s not a womanll who’ll wait for a man who can’t make up his mind. Not for long anyway,

I think Lee’s banking on that.

I told Stefan I’ve had it with him.

Did you meet it?

Hell yes.

But you keep saying how much you love him.

Look, I can get over that, but when a man calls you by another woman’s name, I mean, that’s it for me.

So if you came back because you still want him, Stefan’s all yours,

you too lunatics. Don’t untie me and let me go now. I am going to yell until somebody downstairs hears me.

No, no, no, no. Actually, I can’t, can’t let you do that. Okay.

Uh uh, uh mm-hmm. .

Okay. Okay. Okay. No yelling. Brady. You gotta listen to reason here, man. We’ve been at this for what? Oh, 24 hours now. Huh?

Nothing’s changed. I know. I still love Chloe. I still love Gabi. Now, I don’t like it anymore than you do, bud. It’s the way it is, man.

We’re not done yet. We’re not done yet.

I can’t let you do this to me anymore.

You know what I, I. Love Chloe. Chloe’s the only woman that I love. Okay? I know Gabi’s the only woman that you love, okay?¬† Because of this guy planning these ideas into your head, everything’s screwed up. I’m trying to fix it. I’m trying to do you a favor. You hanging there.

You’re not doing this for anybody but yourself. Chloe left you because Kristen suckered you, and that has nothing to do with me, Stefan.

Chloe. Why I had to do what I did.

And she still won’t take you back. Brady, what does that say? Huh? What does that tell you? So what, instead you’re trying to fix it so that I don’t want her anymore. You, you know better than shin. You’re not, you want Chloe back. You don’t care who you have to step, step on or who you have to hurt in order to make that happen.

You’re begging me to stuff this gag in your face, you know that.

Have you forgotten what a serious crime kidnapping is like? I’m gonna get outta here, and when I do, I’m going to see too that you and Eric go to prison for a very long time. No, no, no. Brady, this isn’t who you are. This isn’t who you are. This is not you.

Huh? Just really how you wanna get Chloe back. Look at her. Look at her. What do you think Chloe would do if she found out what you were doing to me? Supposedly in the name of love? Huh? You think you should be okay?  Look like she staked claim on you.

Okay, so what did she do to make you stop seeing her?

It was something I did.


I was trying to help Brady.

Well, good for you. But what does that have to do with Sloane?

I betrayed her. I betrayed her trust. Trying to help Brady get Chloe back.

So you were trying to help Brady. Good on you.

Yeah. Little Sloan in things soon. And she wants nothing to do with.

I see.

Well, Sloan and I weren’t serious. We were just one of those things.

Yeah. So. You’re available

and you are

kind of feels to me like Salem’s been hit by a virus. One that makes you think you’re in love with two different people.

What makes you say.

Well, there’s Stefan, Chloe, and Gabi, and for a while there was Allie, Chanel and Alex. She solved that by ditching both of them. She left those boxes there. They’re gonna go into storage.¬† She’s on her way to New Zealand.

I know, I know. Yeah. She stopped buying her way to the airport. Uh, let me say goodbye to Henry, and Janelle decided to move back in with her. So, who else do you know that thinks they’re in love with two different people?

I probably overstated it.

So this place is just empty except for you.

I’m thinking about taking over the lease. Uh, I can’t afford a three bedroom by myself, so I’d need to find roommates and I don’t know that many people.

You know me. What if I move in?

Answer me. What do you think Chloe would do if she knew what you were doing?

That thing has to be cooled off by now, right?

Ah, yes. But I have a few last minute adjustments to the

No, just do it.

No, no. Come on. You can’t use that thing on me again. You, you made it from a bunch of crappy found in the Brady kitchen. I mean, really? Why don’t you try more iced tea this time? Huh? Maybe there wasn’t enough waffle batter in the waffle iron, huh?¬† Maybe some melon. We’ll do the trick next. No, come on. Come on. No, no. Please don’t. Please, please, please.

So you’ve really given up on Stefan and I’ve decided to stay with. You’re getting back together with him after what he did?

Hey, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Must have been some offer.

It was, he signed over his entire block of shares in DER Enterprises.

Wow. Well, a guy like Lee, there must have been conditions there.

Were just stay married to the creep for another six months. We have live into the same roof.

Mm. That can’t be easy.

Yeah, it’s not happening.

Oh, so you found a loophole?

No. No. The police found he was rearrested last night. The only person he’s gonna be sharing quarters with is his roommate at Statesville.

As I was just telling you, client will Elm Rolf sang like he was on a Broadway stage.

Seems Lee here disconnected. Stefan from the equip. That was keeping him alive? Well, luckily someone came in and saved him before he died, so, uh, he had Rolf do a little mind control instead. Pro Rolf’s lying to save his own skin.

Hmm. The person that walked in and saved her brother’s life was Kristen Damira. And I’m sure that I can get her to testify under the right circumstances.

Great. Well, when you find her, you give me that call now, come process my client out of this place, .

You know, you’re gonna need to find a judge to do that.

And uh, I don’t think the DA’s gonna go along with it even after I tell the judge that Eric Brady got, Dr. Roth signed that confession by. Ruti pretended to work for me when he most decidedly did not I.

Well, I’d still rather take my chances in court than make any kind of deal with you.

Well, it might interest you to know that the DA is not as optimistic as you make her out to be.

Is that right?

That’s probably Trask. I actually just came from her office and she is pretty upset with you and Detective Hunter. My guess is that, um, that text says something like, you need to release Mr. Shin right now.

I’m just gonna get Rolf to sign a new statement. So don’t get too comfortable out there and don’t think about taking off.

Why would I do that? My wife’s here.

You in. You’ve killed him.

You said you could make this work and it did.

I was on my way to erasing this young man’s feelings from this lane, but it wasn’t happening fast for you. And now your dunk off. You fixed it so he never has a chance to love anybody again.

I’m not getting a pulse. I’m not getting a pulse. There’s a first aid Getting the Hulk.

Go get that. You want to put gauze and bandages on a dead man?

I don’t know. Just get outta here. Go, um, damnit.

Okay. Don’t, don’t die.¬† Don’t.¬† Nah, you’re alive.

I didn’t think you care.

Oh my God, you’re alive. I don’t care. I don’t care. God. I don’t want to, don’t wanna add murder to my rap sheet. My God. Thank God you’re alive.

I get all my brother’s nerves sometimes, but he’s still my big brother. I know he is gonna make Lee pay for what he did to stuff and me.

Well, revenge is great, but it doesn’t keep you warm at night.

I’ve got those shares of stock to keep you warm at night, and I don’t want a man right now. I know how Stefan feels about me, and I am not above using that to influence his vote.¬† I mean, I’ll get what’s coming to me.

I’m sure you will.

I’ve had my heart broken before and I let it throw me off balance, and that ended up screwing me over in the business. But I’m the one calling the shots. I knew how much trouble Lee would get in. That’s why I agreed to the six months. I have a feeling that I’m not gonna be seeing that husband of mine for quite some time, perhaps maybe in the prison visiting room.

I hate to contradict the beautiful woman, but I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

You’re out.

The police had determined loose without filing a single charge.

I thought you and Joey were gonna go back to Seattle Now that the funerals.

Joey’s still going. Yeah. But, uh, I’m gonna stay here. Yeah. Like I said, my dad’s not doing too great and my mom, it’s uh, her doctors say that she’s still hearing voices and they can’t predict when she’ll come this.

I’m so sorry.

It’s really sad, you know, and since I’m all that she has, I don’t wanna be too far away. I actually just applied, uh, for a position as an attending at University Hospital. I just found out that I got it.

Hey, that’s great.

Now I was gonna live with my dad, but you know, I kind of want my own place. So if you need help with the rent,

I can’t even afford to split the rent actually.


There need to be a third person.

Okay. Okay. Well, one roommate’s better than none, right? Or is this about Johnny?

What does that mean?

I mean, you decided you’d give him another shot, right?

Yeah, we went out on like one date and I mean it went pretty well, but it’s not like we’re ready to move in together.

Okay. Okay. Well that still needs you needing two roommates. I’m offering to be one of them. Unless you think Johnny would hate that idea.¬† He knows you and I are just friends.

Right, right. And I don’t think he’d like to see me out on the street.

Are you saying that I can move in here?

Yeah, I can say¬† available. It’s such a strange word, isn’t it, to describe someone as attached to anyone. Well, I mean, I suppose it’s not as bad as, um, on the market, ,

no, not as bad.

Hmm. I assume that’s the case. I mean, you’re not available. I mean, I did see you and EJ on Valentine’s Day, and it seems that. Very tight or seeing where it goes, meaning you’re not available.

Yeah, I guess  so.

You know who’s nice popping to you?

Wait, wait. Eric, come back. Come.


Why did you tell me that your father was rooting for us?

No reason really. I just found it interesting that my father had a change of heart.

What about you? Have you had a change of heart?

I haven’t done much thinking about what’s in my heart,¬† but I wanted to stop hurting.

First, I just, I need to make peace that I’ve lost my mom.

Of course.

No, my poor dad, he only keeps telling, is talking about how much Mrs. Kate,  all the opportunity that they had to be together in a buoy.

Is that what made him say he’s rooting for us?

If you want to get that, it might be important.

This is important. So you said you were thinking about your dad’s regrets.¬† Do you have any regrets?

You know, I do.

It’s him.¬† He says he needs to see me right away. It, it, it could be about Holly.

Oh. Oh, that’s right. You three live together now. Just one big happy family.

Okay, then I’ll go get settled in and let you two newlyweds hash this out.

What happened? How’d you get out this time?

I guess it’s asking too much for you to be happy for me.

Yeah, it is.

My ordeal is over now.

Are you sure?

I hate to disappoint, but yeah, I’m sure. So now I have my freedom. You have my Demer shares and you and I. Made a deal.

Hey Eric. Open up. It’s Rafe. This is police business. You and I need to have a conversation about Bill Elm Rolf

Sort a bitch bit me.

Ready? Ready the turn. Something go. Half fight.

Ready? What the hell are you doing?

I don’t wanna leave. Things like this. Yeah. Well you don’t really have a choice cuz you, chase said it was important


Could I ask you one more question?

Oria said one of the D mirrors stole the orchid that was hidden in the DIR house, the orchid. That could save my mom, Kayla and Kate. I mean, since you’re living there now, I just wondered, have you heard anything about it?

If. Don’t you think I would’ve told you?

Yeah. It was a long shot.

It’s an old. Vitali family recipe. What , you know, when you said you were gonna make us lunch, I thought you meant sandwiches.

I did. I did. But then you had all this stuff for this in the kitchen. So voila,

you cook.

That’s not that hard. It’s just like four or five ingredients. Uh, but out of the five ingredients is red pepper plate, so it might be a little hot.

Mm. I like it hot. I think having you as a roommate is gonna be awesome.

We’re about to spend our first night together, Mrs. Shin.

Oh, stop lick your chops, please. Yeah, I said I’d stay with you for six months, but if you touch me during that time, I will put you in the hospital.

Hmm. I was just telling my attorney that my favorite thing about you is. What a romantic you are.

I liked you better in jail.¬† I can’t believe you got away with what you did to s Stefan.

Where are you going?

Mylo home. Flea home.

Do I need to remind you that the terms of our agreement state that your home is wherever I am for the next six months? Casa Ssu. Casa Yuka.

Okay. You don’t have to say it in every language. It’s hard enough to stomach just in English please.

But your casa. Leave up your room with him.

No problem. I think I have the perfect place for us.

Stand up. Get you the hell outta here.

I can’t.

Okay. You ke right here. God, you care to explain what’s going on here.

Yeah. That thing kidnapped me and demanded that roll fry my brain again. He and air. Where’s Roth now?


I’m not saying a word without my,

he was here a minute ago.

All I think we need to get you to the er.

No, no, no, no hospitals. I just spent the last 24 hours type damn bed.

Hold on a second. I really don’t think that you should be,

I don’t give a damn what you think.

You’re not going anywhere,


Going somewhere. Doc,

I have nothing to say to you.

I’m trying to help you. The cops are looking through you now.

A said. I am acutely aware.

Well, they probably want you to sign a new statement.

Perhaps that’s the best course of.

I have another option for you. I know how much your work means to you. My client Lehan is still willing to set you up the best lab where all your scientific needs will be met.¬† He guarantees no disturbances. I don’t trust Lee Shin or you. Oh, if you think Eric Brady and his brother is going to help, Brady Black is in no position to help anyone. He is, as they say, in the soup,¬† I amuse myself.¬† But on further reflection, I think perhaps I should accept your offer.

I knew you were a smart guy.




I just arrested your brother for kidnapping and you’re next.

Wow, . That was delicious. You know, Allie and Chanel never had to have to do anything but takeout. So I’ve been living on ramen and box mac and cheese.

We’ll just wait till we get a third roommate. Then we’ll have steak every night. .

Oh, that must be the movers for Allie’s stuff.¬† Lee, you’re outta jail.

I am indeed.

Oh, come in. Tell truth me. What happened?

Yeah. I’m sorry. We just finished lunch, but I’m sorry. I only made enough for two.

That’s all right. We’re gonna have dinner together.

Great. Where

here? Mrs. Shin and I are moving in.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Abby: Are you feeling any better now?

Devon: I am, yeah, feeling a lot better. Thank you.

Abby: Good. A good meal will do that.

Devon: I think it’s more than just a dinner and the wine.

Abby: You want me to order some dessert?

Devon: No, no. Not talking about dessert. I’m talking about you. My day started off stressful and then got even more stressed. And just being with you and talking to you took that all away from me. Made me feel like I can breathe again.

Abby: I feel the same way. Something about being around you, it just makes me feel a lot calmer.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: So, are we ordering dessert?

Devon: Oh, I thought you were kidding, but, yeah, you can order whatever you want.

Abby: No, I never, ever kid about dessert.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: Pamela made this pear tart, ooh, with ice cream. It’s delicious.

Devon: That sounds great. Let’s do it. Let’s get it. Maybe we should get it to-go so we can take it home and catch our favorite guy before he goes to bed.

Abby: Dominic.

Devon: Mm-hmm. Although I could just watch him sleep.

Abby: Yeah. Me too. That really slows my heart rate down.

Devon: There’s something about seeing him in that crib that just reminds you of what’s really important.

Abby: Yeah. There’s no better way to end the night.

[ Both chuckle ]

Tucker: Sell mccall unlimited to devon instead of newman? Where did this idea come from, and why the interest in devon’s business?

Ashley: Of course I care about devon — I always will — if for no other reason than he’s the father of my grandson.

Tucker: Our grandson.

Ashley: Exactly. Yet another reason you should reconnect with your son. Do you have any idea what he’s facing right now with jill and lily?

Tucker: Yeah, I know the ipo has been put on hold, and there are rumors of conflicts.

Ashley: Well, he’s suing to get hamilton-winters back, and he’s probably not going to win that battle, which means he’s going to be in a position of losing the company he bought with one father, but…

Tucker: He could have the company his other father built.

Ashley: Yes. Do you know what that would mean to him? What it would mean for your relationship with him?

Tucker: Yeah, I see the logic in it, but he’s not even speaking to me at the moment, so I can’t imagine he’d care about acquiring my company.

Ashley: That’s just an obstacle. I mean, think of it as a peace offering.

Tucker: Mm. “Son, I’m sorry I lied to you, but here’s my life’s work”? Is that what we’re going for?

Ashley: Yeah, pretty much.

Tucker: It’s pretty crazy. You realize that, right?

Ashley: Think of it as a great way to break the ice. What do you say?

Tucker: I don’t know. I can’t tell if you’re truly interested in helping me mend fences with devon or you’re just toying with me.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: I’m sorry I’m late.

Victor: Hi, my baby. Everything all right?

Nikki: Oh, what a day. Yeah, yeah, it was just back to back to back meetings. We worked straight through dinner. Did you read the memo that victoria sent over about the fitzpatrick deal? Victor?

Victor: Yeah. Oh. Um… yeah, seems to make sense.

Nikki: Even the escrow terms?

Victor: [ Sighs ] I can’t concentrate on a damn thing.

Nikki: Let me guess. You are preoccupied with adam.

Victor: And you make that sound as if that is a bad thing.

Sally: What are you smiling at?

Nick: Do I need a reason to smile at you?

Sally: No. Well, I guess not.

Nick: I mean, you walk into a room, and this is what happens to my face.

[ Both laugh ]

Sally: It’s so easy when it’s just the two of us in here. I don’t mean the sex, which is fabulous.

Nick: It really is.

[ Both laugh ]

Sally: No, just us two. You know, nothing and no one else. I really wish I could just save this moment so I could relive it whenever I wanted.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Nick: Well, I don’t think we can save the moment, but… there’s no reason to let it end.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: We didn’t order room service, so they should just go away.

Nick: Yeah, go away.

[ Knock on door ] Seriously? Somebody’s trying to ruin our peace and quiet.

Adam: Sally, it’s me. Um, look, we need to talk. It’s, uh — it’s important. Find your beat

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provided by… when asthma symptoms strike, airways narrow.

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: Hold on, adam.

Nick: You’re gonna talk to him?

Sally: Well, he won’t leave until I do.

Nick: I’ll get rid of him.

Sally: Nick…

Nick: Okay.

Sally: What do you want?

Adam: Like I said, um, I need to speak with you. I mean, is this how we’re gonna do it? Through a crack in the door?

Sally: What is it that you want to say?

Adam: Okay. I’m guessing that nick is in there. Um, hey, nick! ‘Sup?

Sally: You’ve been drinking.

Adam: No, I, um — not really.

Sally: Look, I really don’t wanna talk to you when you’re like this.

Adam: Listen, really, I’m fine, okay? But, yes, I get it. Last time, I overindulged, I got a little sloppy, and I proposed, but, um…it was months ago. I’m not gonna make that same mistake.

Sally: Okay. Still, you’re not in great shape.

Adam: Really, I am fine. Okay? Yes, I’ve had a few drinks, but it’s just given me the courage to say some things that need to be said. Some things that you may want to hear. Okay? But it won’t get ugly. We can meet in the lobby on neutral ground. Is that okay, bro?

Nick: She can do whatever she wants. And that includes going downstairs and listening to your drunk rant. It’s up to her. If she asks my opinion, she’d be shutting the door in your face.

Adam: Listen, I promise, it’s not like that. I have something very real to discuss.

Sally: Okay. Let me get dressed. I’ll be down in 5 minutes. You can tell me and then be on your way.

Adam: Thank you.

Victor: Now that adam has officially left jabot, I was hoping he would come right back to newman, you know? Because I want to mend fences with him.

Nikki: And what did he say to that?

Victor: He said he would come back under one condition.

Nikki: Oh? And what’s that?

Victor: That he be C.E.O.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Victoria’s job? That’s outrageous.

Victor: It is.

Nikki: Did he actually think you would consider it?

Victor: I think he was testing me.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] The two of you and your tests. I hope you knock that idea out of his head.

Victor: Yeah. But I said to him to be patient, that I would make a counteroffer.

Nikki: Oh. You mean mccall unlimited?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: So you want to acquire tucker’s company, hand it over to adam. That is a very expensive consolation prize.

Victor: You’re right. But he was intrigued.

Nikki: As well he should be.

Victor: Yeah. But my plan has hit a snag. Seems someone else found out that tucker mccall is in trouble, financially. Someone else bought his debt before we had a chance to.

Tucker: You want a nightcap?

Ashley: Uh, yes, I do. Thank you.

Tucker: I definitely need something to take the edge off.

Ashley: Really? Why? Are you feeling overwhelmed by my proposal?

Tucker: Yeah. Can you blame me? It’s a big idea.

Ashley: You like big ideas.

Tucker: In theory, yeah. And I do like the — the thoughtful healing aspect of this one, but I’m still feeling blindsided by the fact that you now own most of my debt and thereby own most of me.

Ashley: Yes, I do. Thank you very much. Why don’t you think of me as your patron, though? Somebody who is supporting you on your path to self-improvement?

Tucker: And yet I get the sense that you’re holding a metaphorical dagger behind your back and you’re just waiting for the right moment to plunge it into my chest.

Ashley: Gee, that sounds like so much fun. Instead, why don’t you think of this as, um… business. Because I own your debt, which means you have to listen to me. So I’m actually not suggesting that you sell to devon. I’m demanding it.

Tucker: I see.

Ashley: I’m very serious about this, and I think you need to get very serious about this, too. You’re gonna thank me someday. It’s the right thing to do.

Tucker: I see. And if I don’t go along with this plan?

Ashley: Amongst other things, I believe you’re gonna wake up every day for the rest of your life alone, filled with regret. Why give your family just any eggs

Sally: Sorry for the interruption.

Nick: It’s not your fault.

Sally: Yeah, but you’re disappointed.

Nick: It’s just, you said the moment was perfect, and you’re right — it was. We should have just let adam continue knocking out in the hallway. And next time, that’s what you can do.

Sally: I’m sorry. I just feel like I owe him this conversation, you know? A chance to explain himself or to ask questions. I wish it wasn’t this way. That it was you, me, and the baby. But adam is a part of the equation. We have had time to live with the reality of me being pregnant. We sat with it, and we’ve adjusted to it. I can’t just, you know, drop the news on him and expect him not to have a reaction.

Nick: So far, his reaction has been to, uh… show up drunk and pound on your room door.

Sally: I’m trying to be decent. For the baby’s sake.

Nick: I understand.

Nki: Do you think someone we know bought up tucker’s debt?

Victor: Michael baldwin is looking into it.

Nikki: Ah. Does he have a list of prime suspects?

Victor: I’m expecting one soon. Victoria thought it might be devon.

Nikki: Interesting. He certainly has the money.

Victor: He does, but I don’t think it is devon. He has had problems with his father. He doesn’t like his father. He doesn’t want anything to do with tucker’s business, I’m sure.

Nikki: Oh. It could be the consortium out of ontario. Or schumacher and his gang in germany. It could be an asian conglomerate.

Victor: Could be. But there’s one variation we have not thought of.

Nikki: What’s that?

Victor: Maybe someone wants to buy tucker’s debt to protect him.

Nikki: Who on earth would want to do that?

Victor: I have no clue. I can’t think of a person.

Nikki: Actually, I can.

Sally: Another drink? Is that really a good idea?

Adam: It’s just soda and lime. If we’re gonna talk, I wanted to have a clear head. Or somewhat of a clear head. But, please, sit down.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I’m sure your head has been spinning ever since I gave you the news.

Adam: I mean, I’M… yeah, I’m — I’m still in shock. You know, it’s — it’s a lot to process.

Sally: For all of us.

Adam: Uh, I really needed someone to talk to, so I spoke to chelsea. I hope you don’t mind.

Sally: I get it. This baby is gonna affect her and connor’s lives, too. I mean, we’re all gonna be a part of the same big extended family.

Adam: You’re right. That’s what I was talking to chelsea about is having a family with you.

Sally: I’m sure she was thrilled about that.

Adam: She can be thoughtful and understanding.

Sally: Well, that’s not my experience.

Adam: Well, regardless, she and connor are gonna have to adapt.

Sally: Yeah, I’m not worried so much about them. It’s you. Can you adapt?

Adam: Look, that’s — it’s why I wanted to talk to you. Okay?

[ Clears throat ] You don’t have to worry about me. I’m on board. I’m excited to bring this new life into the world with you. A little girl or boy. I can’t wait for it. You are going to be an incredible mother.

Sally: Well, thank you for saying that.

Adam: And I heard you, by the way. I — I know that this baby changes nothing between us. And I didn’t want to believe that, but chelsea set me on the right path. She told me that I need to get a grip on the reality of the situation, or I would, um, regret it. I know what a mess it would be if I tried to use this to get close to you again. I would just push you away.

Sally: It’s very true.

Adam: Yeah. And if I pushed you away, I would lose my chance to be the best possible father to our baby. And that is what I want to be. Very much. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Sally: Well, this is a good start. But I have to wonder…

Adam: What?

Sally: I mean, why did you feel the need to run over here and bang on my door? Just didn’t seem that urgent to me.

Adam: I don’t know. Maybe not.

Sally: Did you want to just interrupt me and nick and ruin our evening?

Adam: No, not really. That was just a bonus.

Sally: [ Scoffs ]

Adam: I… I assume that you would be concerned about how I was going to react, so I wanted to address it head on and quickly… so you could rest easy. I mean, you seem relieved now.

Sally: I am. And I appreciate that.

Adam: And it’s also because I wanted to say these things out loud so I could hold myself accountable. It’s like I’m making a vow. I mean, we have a long road ahead of us, so it’s good to set the ground rules early, right?

Sally: Wow. This is the most mature I’ve ever seen you act.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] What, like — like an actual grown-up?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, I mean, I wouldn’t get that carried away.

Adam: Come on.

[ Both laugh ]

Tucker: I feel like I owe you my deepest thanks.

Ashley: Why? Because I’ve put you in a position where you have to acquiesce to my demands?

Tucker: No, no, no. I’m not thrilled about that part, but… your heart’s in the right place. And you’re looking out for me and devon.

Ashley: Yeah. So it seems that you flip-flopped, now you think that my intentions are pure?

Tucker: When it comes to my selling my business, yeah.

Ashley: Oh.

Tucker: Yeah. No, I’m — I’m genuinely moved by this gesture.

[ Chuckles ] You know…

[ Chuckles ] …You buying my debt and forcing my hand like this might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. How pathetic is that? But it seems like you’ve got my well-being as a priority here. That’s not something that I’ve had in my life very often, so… and you can — you can see that I’m trying to be a good father, and I don’t really know how. You’re trying to help me become one, and I’m — I’m grateful for it.

Ashley: It’s very nice that you’ve had this epiphany. It’s not enough. I mean, it was my idea, and I made the first move, but you have to take it from here or the entire thing is completely meaningless.

Tucker: No, I understand that, but, you know, devon has made it clear that he does not want to hear from me, so… he — he has put up a serious wall between us right where he wants it. This whole maneuver might be for naught.

Ashley: Well, maybe I haven’t made myself clear. Failure is not an option.

Victor: So, you have an idea who might want to protect tucker mccall?

Nikki: I do.

Victor: Who?

Nikki: Ashley.

Victor: Ashley? She hates the guy.

Nikki: Now hear me out. They have gotten close since he came back to town.

Victor: I wasn’t aware of that.

Nikki: Granted, she claims that she spent time with him trying to gather information, wanting to know what diane was up to, wanting to know what tucker had planned for jabot. But she got closer to him than she needed to.

Victor: Oh, my god. I-I just don’t buy it. I heard that once she found out what he was up to, she hopped on the next plane back to paris.

Nikki: And then she came right back just as quickly. Now, he could have made all sorts of appeals to get her to come back. I know she has seen him since. And who knows? Maybe the old feelings have returned. She loved him once.

Victor: Ashley is too smart to fall for that B.S.

Nikki: Darling, it has nothing to do with intelligence. When you love someone, you are more apt to overlook their misdeeds.

Victor: She could be behind all this? I just find that so hard to believe.

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sally: What’s going on?

Nick: I got a call from christian’s nanny. I guess he had a nightmare.

Sally: Oh, no.

Nick: Yeah, he’s pretty shaken up.

Sally: He needs his dad.

Nick: Yeah. How’s it going over there? Is he behaving?

Sally: Oh, he is being reasonable and civil.

Nick: All right. Well, if he sticks to that, then everything’s gonna be okay.

Sally: Well, that’s what i want to believe.

Nick: Good night.

Sally: Good night. Take care of christian.

Nick: Yep.

Sally: Uh, he… had to get out of here. And, actually, I should get some rest. It’s been a really big day.

Adam: Yeah. I’m sure. Well, get upstairs and, uh… go hop in bed. And do not answer the door if some drunk lunatic comes knocking.

Sally: It’s good advice.

Adam: I’ll be in touch.

Sally: You know… I’m really glad we talked. But I hope you’re as committed to your vow in the morning as you are tonight.

Adam: Nothing is going to change in the cold light of day. But as long as we’re being honest with each other, I have to say this. You know, now with the baby on the way, it’s going to be hard at times to… not think about what might have been. But that’s my problem, not yours.

Sally: And you felt that you

had to say that?

Adam: Look, it’s not gonna be a problem for us. I just — I want you to have the happiness that you deserve. Now more than ever.

Sally: Thank you.

Devon: Hey, do you think dominic’s getting a little squished in that crib?

Abby: I don’t know. Do you think we should get him a big-boy bed?

Devon: I was thinking about it. Might fall out of it, though, huh?

Abby: I mean, they have those rails that you can put on the side, but…

Devon: That’s true.

Abby: I don’t know. He just seems kind of young.

Devon: Lily would know. I should ask her. Or…

Abby: You know what? I could ask victoria. I’m sure she has the perfect date to do that.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: Yeah? What, she got it written down on a chart somewhere?

Abby: Oh, you know her. She’s hyper organized.

Devon: Hello?

Tucker: Hi. Hi. Uh, glad I caught you.

Devon: Yeah, you sure did catch me. I didn’t look at the phone before I picked it up.

Tucker: Lucky me. Um, how are you?

Devon: Busy.

Tucker: Okay. I won’t take much of your time. Just wondering if maybe you and I could meet sometime soon.

Devon: No, there’s really nothing you can say that I want to hear.

Tucker: I totally understand your reluctance. But I think that if… I think that you’d be interested, uh… once you hear what I have to — to share with you. So if you could just find a little time — hello? Hung up.

Devon: I don’t know why tucker would think that I’d want him back in my life after what he tried to do.

Abby: You’re not just a little bit curious what he has to say?

Devon: What he has to say? No, I’m not. It’s just gonna be more garbage.

Abby: Okay. But maybe he’s being sincere. I mean, maybe he wants to patch things up with you.

Abby: That conversation you had with your mom really changed your mind about him, didn’t it?

Abby: I don’t know. Maybe. Look, I have my issues with tucker — everybody does — but… he’s your father, and you’re estranged from everyone else in your family. Maybe that’s why he’s reaching out.

Well, he’s not gonna change, though.

Abby: Well, my mom’s hopeful that he could. I don’t know. Maybe it’s her influence on him. Or… maybe he just feels like he’s given you enough time and enough space that he can reach out to you again.

Devon: So you think I should give him another chance?

Abby: Start small.

[ Chuckles ] Just listen to him. That can’t hurt, could it?

Nikki: Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if ashley took tucker’s company from him?

Victor: Huh. I would love to see that bastard get what’s coming to him.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes? Okay, send him in. Adam is here.

Nikki: Oh. Were you expecting him?

Victor: No, I wasn’T.

Nikki: Well, I’m sure he wants to speak to you privately, so, uh, I’ll see you upstairs.

Victor: Sure, sweetheart. Hey, son.

Adam: Hi. Uh, I hope I’m not intruding. I know it’s a little late.

Nikki: Yes, it is. You must have something urgent on your mind, so, uh, I’ll leave you to it.

Victor: Thank you, my darling. Want a drink?

Adam: Uh, no. I’m not gonna be here long.

Victor: What brings you by at this hour?

Adam: I would like to know what you have up your sleeve.

Victor: What do you mean, what I have up my sleeve?

Adam: This mysterious offer that you were talking about. You know, since we last spoke, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want for my future. And if you’re telling me the truth, that you have a huge opportunity and you’re not just stringing me along, I would like to hear your plan right now. Ma ma ma ma

[Clears throut]

Victor: I need a little bit more time before I tell you the details of my plan.

Adam: And why is that?

Victor: Because things aren’t all in place yet.

Adam: Oh. Okay. So if it falls through, we both can just shrug and say, “hey, it would’ve been nice”?

Victor: Spare me your sarcasm, all right? Things will work out.

Adam: Are you telling me to be positive and to be optimistic?

Victor: I’m telling you to be positive?

Adam: Dad, that’s not really my thing. But I would like to know what you think could be comparable to running newman. Because this unwillingness to share any information with me is not exactly building the trust that you claim you want us to have.

Victor: I’m about to acquire mccall unlimited.

Adam: Wait a minute. You think you could take tucker’s company?

Victor: Once we’ve acquired mccall unlimited… it’ll be an entity standing on its own. Not be folded into newman. It’ll be a vast and powerful company. And I want you to run it.

Devon: I don’t know. I just wish I had your optimism.

Abby: Well, you can have some of mine. I have plenty to spare.

Devon: I know you do.

Abby: Look, I’m not saying that you have to meet with him face to face, and you don’T. I’m just saying have a conversation with him, hear him out.

Devon: Eh… I just feel like I’ve been down that road before, and he’s done nothing but lie. He lies and lies and lies, and I don’t want to put myself through that again.

Abby: Well, if you feel like he’s scamming you, then just shut it down.

Devon: That’s easy to say. Because, I mean, part of me would love if he was somebody that I could trust and I could go to for advice. You know? I need help sometimes. I need…

Abby: You need a father.

Devon: Well, the problem is, is he knows that, and he uses it to try and get close to me. And I just have too much going on right now to worry about what he’s got going on or what he’s up to.

Abby: I am just so sorry.

Devon: No, it’s okay. Don’t be sorry. Don’t be sorry. This is my real father. And he knew what to do.

Abby: He would.

Devon: Yeah, I know.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Devon: But listen to me. I appreciate everything that you’re doing, everything that you’re saying. Okay? Just talking to you makes me feel better.

Abby: Oh, really?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: You don’t seem like you feel better.

Devon: I — I do. I promise you, I do. Just being close to you makes me feel better. Always has.

Abby: There’s no place I’d rather be.

Devon: Oh?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: I don’t know why i would’ve expected anything different. He just doesn’t want to hear from me. It’s gonna be a challenge just to get him to have a conversation with me, let alone make a deal.

Ashley: You love a challenge. The higher the stakes, the better. And this risk has the ultimate reward — a real relationship with your child. I need you to get busy, or I’m gonna be really angry that I’ve wasted my time on you.

Tucker: That your idea of a pep talk, or is that a threat?

Ashley: Whatever it takes to get you to do this. Make it happen.

Tucker: Okay. I appreciate the effort. What happens beyond this?

Ashley: What do you mean?

Tucker: Mm. Well, let’s say I’m successful and devon wants to take over my company. What then? Is this solely about my redemption, or is this about us, too?

Ashley: Well, um… if you make it happen, and that’s a pretty big if… I guess that would go a long way in making me believe that you actually… I mean, really, truly want to change and be a better man. But first things first. Type 2 diabetes?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Tablet ringing ] Hey. Is everything okay with christian?

Nick: Oh, he’s fine. He just needed some reassurance. He’s already back to sleep.

Sally: Dad to the rescue.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. So, how’d you leave things with adam?

Sally: I got out of there as soon as you left. But we parted on good terms, I think.

Nick: That’s good. You know, this doesn’t have to be the end of our evening. You could always come out to my place and stay the night.

Sally: Tempting, but I am exhausted. I think I’m just gonna stay here. But I’ll see you in the morning.

Nick: Excellent.

Sally: Hey, why did you video chat me instead of calling?

Nick: I just wanted to see you smile one more time.

[ Both laugh ]

Sally: Good night, nick.

Nick: Good night.

Adam: Running mccall. That’s A… that’s a big job.

Victor: It’s a hell of a big job.

Adam: So, what, um… what are you planning to do to steal tucker’s company away from him?

Victor: I’m not ready to talk about it.

Adam: Why? You gonna make me the fall guy? You gonna install me at the top of the company, he comes after me, he leaves you alone?

Victor: Son, please stop your paranoia, okay? Not at all.

Adam: Well, then, what is the holdup?

Victor: I’ve run into a roadblock. I’m about to find out who’s causing it. Once I’ve found out… I’m going to make my next move. “Coffee tomorrow morning? I’ll give you 30 minutes.”

[ Cellphone chimes ] “Coffee tomorrow morning. I’ll give you 30 minutes.”

Tucker: Looks like devon changed his mind.

Ashley: Really? He’s gonna talk to you?

Tucker: Yeah, he’s giving me 30 minutes tomorrow morning.

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: Thank you.

Ashley: I didn’t do much.

Tucker: May have been enough.

Ashley: I’m thrilled for you. But, tucker… don’t screw it up. Well, this could be your last chance with devon.

Tucker: No, you’re right. It’S… there’s way too much on the line for me to fail now.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, February 28, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh. Hello. I’m sorry to come by unannounced. I haven’t seen you since the reception. Why would you? There’s nothing to say. Oh, trina, that’s — that’s not entirely accurate. You know, it’s not every day I find out that I might be a father. And I’m sure it’s a first for you to find out that you might have a dad you never knew. Here you go, dante. Ada lansing got a judge to sign off on a search warrant. Gives the pcpd complete discretion to search every inch of spoon island. Great.Is out there, we’re gonna find him. And with elizabeth baldwin’s testimony, he’ll be going away to prison for a very long time. Elizabeth, why aren’t you smiling? We got a really good deal. What’s gonna happen to nikolas? Well, he’ll be charged with a boatload of crimes. Because I incriminated him. Well, would you rather he incriminated you? And all you did was tell the truth. I mean, nikolas sucked you in to this whole esme thing. He thought she was the killer. But when you found out she wasn’t, you guys were in over your head. And I convinced the da’s office to, you know, make that deal for immunity. Still, I have to live with what I did. Yes, but you didn’t know that esme wasn’t the killer for a long time. Tell that to the woman you love — britt’s mom.

[ Gasps ] Dr. Obrecht. What — what brings you to the hospital? I’m a patient, awaiting test results. Ah. What kind of tests? That’s between me and the lab… and my darling scott once he gets here. Can’t imagine what’s keeping him. Finn? What do you know that I don’t? Yeah, my daughter needs a donor for a bone-marrow transplant. And there are people out there that can help. They — all they have to do is register to become a donor. And with crimson’s demographics, we can reach the under-35-year-olds, people with millions more stem cells to offer. Listen, we need to launch an appeal. Every — every second counts. Michael, by the time you see this, our wedding will be just a memory. What I hope you remember isn’t the tears… but the flowers and the music and the dancing. I hope the photographer takes lots of pictures and a video that you can show amelia someday when she’s old enough to understand how much — how very much I loved her daddy. Willow? What are you doing? Hey. Hey. What’s up? It’s a little weird. What? Which part? Well, the — the part where heather sticks me with the hook, and then, you know, I-I fall to the floor, and then there’s, like, this moment, right? I have this — this moment where I’m just thinking about all of the things that I didn’t get to do with my life. Oh. Well, I’m — I’m sure glad that I was able to stop the bleeding. Yeah, me too, and I’m glad you got to go after ryan chamberlain. Well, I just wounded him. Mac’s the one who took the fatal shot. Which is sort of ironic, isn’t it? That if — if I had killed ryan, it would have been self-defense, and, meanwhile, I have absolutely no defense at all for killing nikolas. We need to talk about that because it’s possible that at this point elizabeth baldwin’s been to the pcpd, given a full statement. Right, and so the cops are gonna be here soon, and they’re gonna be looking for evidence to corroborate her story. Right. But they’re gonna be looking for corroborative evidence in the north tower, not in the closet of a tack room. Only this time they’re gonna be looking for nikolas. And that puts the entire island at play. Doc… you know what we have to do.

Come in.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Uh, I can’t really offer you much to eat. But I think there’s an energy drink in the mini fridge and a bag of chips. I didn’t come here to eat. We have a lot to talk about, don’t you think? Not really. My mom lied to all of us — you, me, my dad. Yeah. Trina, I’m not here to talk about your mom. Then why are you here? I’m here to talk about us — you and me… …and where we go from here. I was just thinking about our wedding. Yeah. You’re not getting cold feet, are you? Oh, no, never. But I promise you, it’s gonna be a day you’ll always… sorry. That’s a poor — a poor choice of words. No. Please…go on. What were you going to say? I just… I want it to be everything that you ever dreamed of. Well, as long as you’re beside me when we say, “I do,” it will be. Wiley. Come here. -Hey, bud. -What were you doing? I tried to kiss my baby sister, but she spit up on me.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Well, uh, babies do that. But I am counting on you to look out for your baby sister. Big brothers are very important. I know that. But right now [Sighs] We need to take care of your mommy and let her get some rest. I’m — I’m not tired. That’s okay. I insist. Time to go to your playroom, bud. Oh! I almost forgot. I found something.

[ Chuckles ] Aunt liesl? What’s going on? Hey. Hello, nina. That’s what I’m trying to find out. It seems dr. Finn is keeping secrets. About what? Well, it’s — it’s, uh — it’s hardly a — a secret. I’m just — I’m surprised scott didn’t tell you. Tell me what? That is the question. Well, scott’s not here because — because he’s with a client. Of course. Scott said something about helping elizabeth with a legal matter. Is elizabeth in some kind of trouble? Scott is probably doing something mundane, like helping fix a parking ticket while that maniac heather webber gets away with murder. Well, no, not exactly — she’s been returned to d’archam. Yes, to live out her days in a padded cell. The police wasted precious time searching for esme prince when heather was the hook killer all along. A lot of people thought esme was the killer for a long time, not just the police. No one could have known otherwise. Oh, please. Someone must have known the killer wasn’t esme and looked the other way! And because of them…

…mein britta’s no more. When my story goes public, I-I don’t know how I’m ever gonna face liesl again. Yeah, um, liesl will be upset. Very upset. But if — if I can convince the da’s office, I can also reason with liesl. H-how do you reason with somebody who’s lost a child? Well, listen. When peter august killed franco, that’s a different story. What you and nikolas did with esme, that — that’s different. Still… if I was in liesl’s place, I… why didn’t I come forward sooner? Because you truly believed that esme was the hook killer. It wasn’t until that rookie cop was killed that you knew it was someone else. Do you really think that’s gonna make a difference to liesl? Okay, search team is assembled, and the coast guard is gonna take us out to spoon island. Great. While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go to G.H. And talk to dr. Gatlin-holt. Why? I’m curious what he was doing at wyndemere last night when all hell broke loose. You think he knows something about nikolas? Yeah, I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot. Alright. Well, good luck with that. Back at ya.

Look, I have an art history exam to prep for, and then there’s my slideshow for the post-impressionist due on friday. I-I just — I-I get it. I get it. When your whole world blows up, it’s nice to have work to focus in on. Do you know where I went the night you and taggert left me and your mother at the honeymoon suite when we were going through it? No. Where? I went straight to the savoy, the one place that I — that I knew that I was on solid ground. Did it help? Not exactly. All I wanted was a glass and a bottle to drown my woes. But, uh, fortunately, n’neka — she knew it was a bad sign that I was at the savoy on my honeymoon night, alone. So she called my father. Marshall beelined it down to the savoy, and he gave me hell. Well, you know marshall. But he reminded me… that booze is never the answer. Yeah. That sounds like something he would say. So, what happened then? Uh, well, we talked about what I wanted to forget. And I let him know that portia, she lied to me — she lied to us — for 20 years. I thought you said we weren’t gonna talk about her. And I’m not gonna start. Okay? I’m here to talk about — about you and me and, trina, where we go from here.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Mommy. Did I do something wrong? No. No, no, sweetie. Not at all. No, the, uh, the necklace you found was with your mom’s things at the hospital. I-I packed them up when we moved her in to the house.

[ Knock on door ] Ah. Sasha. Michael. Come on in. Sasha! Mommy and daddy are gonna get married!

[ Laughs ] I know, wiley! That is why I’m here. I came to offer my help. Wiley, let’s go — let’s go check on your sister, alright? -Okay. -Okay. Come on. So…tell me. What can I do? You can start by getting rid of this necklace. Aunt liesl, why don’t i take you someplace a little bit more private so you can get ahold of yourself? I don’t care who sees me. All I want is a key to heather webber’s padded cell. That or five minutes alone with whoever hid esme all that time. What — what makes you so sure someone was hiding her? Esme was pregnant. I don’t believe she is resourceful enough to manage on her own off the grid. Someone must have helped her. Aunt liesl. Hey. Let’s go sit down. Come on. Come on.

[ Line ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Scott: Scott baldwin. Is it over? How’s elizabeth? Well, turn around and see for yourself. I did well. You’re looking at an innocent woman. Not guilty. Doesn’t make me innocent. You know, ava, there are other ways to do this. You do have options. I do? Yeah, you’re a wealthy woman. You can go anywhere in the world. No one would ever find you. The cops may not, but victor would. And if I were to run now, I would have to run without my child. Ryan chamberlain has already taken one daughter from me, and I will die before I lose the other. Yeah, well, it would probably make me really sad if you were dead, so… whatever you got going on, count me in. Nikolas is dead because of me. Austin, I won’t fault you, you know, if you — you go on back to G.H. And — and you forget you were ever here.

[ Knock on door ] I have to answer that. Really? Do you? I do. Who is it? Dante: Pcpd.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Witness at the absolute horrible year you had last year, from being accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and its subsequent trial… to rory’s death. And that’s not to mention the fear of knowing that the hook killer was targeting people you were close to. But, honey, through it all, you had your family — your mom and your dad. Now, I know — I’m aware that right now it probably feels like your family is up for grabs. And you’d only be human to… resent my presence in your life. I don’t resent you, curtis. You’ve always been wonderful to me. I mean, sure, you might have been a little pushy at times, but that was before we established boundaries. But those boundaries, they have a really big hole in them right now. And the odds are they’re only gonna get wider unless we answer one big question once and for all. You’re saying… we need to know what our dna says about us? If you’re here to see dr. Gatlin-holt, you just missed him. Is he off for a test? No. No. He checked himself out. So soon? Did you approve of that or…? No, absolutely not. But he’s a doctor. And you know the saying — they make the worst patients? Since I’m here, I may as well pay a visit to esme, see if giving birth has jarred her memory. Jordan, can esme wait? Sure. Why? Austin’s room is empty, and we can talk without being disturbed. I think we need to have a conversation. Just to be clear, I did not come here to lobby for nina. I’m on yours and michael’s side. Because I understand that two different things can be true at the same time. Nina has been very good to me, but I am aware that hasn’t been the case for everyone. Thank you for understanding. I really mean that. So many people think they need to choose sides. It’s just… not necessary. And I don’t want to waste what little time I have left thinking about nina reeves. My goal is to make this wedding be as perfect and joyful as it can be for everyone. And I’m definitely going to need all the help I can get. Well, you’ve got it.

[ Both chuckle ] I really need you to stop talking about the time you have left, though. Miracles can still happen. I’m not being a pessimist — just realistic. I’ve run out of options. It is so unfair. You have so much to live for and so many people that need you. Nobody said life was fair.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know that better than anyone.

[ Exhales sharply ] I, um, did something today. Think you might get a kick out of it. Please. Tell me. I went to visit heather webber at the pcpd. Oh, sasha, no! No! No. It’s a good thing. I’m really glad that I did it. I got to put a face on brando’s murderer. And it gave me a chance to finally release all the pent-up anger that I’ve been keeping in check. It also made me realize something. What’s that? When liam died and then brando did… I thought that there could be nothing worse than death. But I was wrong. I loved liam. I loved brando.

[ Voice breaking ] And I love you. And I realized that if someone goes through life having never experienced love, never having anything to lose… that would be the worst thing that can happen. I understand your pain. I do. I miss britt, too. But even if you could prove that someone knew that esme wasn’t the killer… it’s not gonna bring britt back. No. But it would give me great pleasure to give that person pain.

[ Sighs ] Nina, does my honesty upset you? No, no. It doesn’t — I’m — no. I just — I-I took a call from crimson. We’re gonna do a campaign for stem-cell donors. Don’t worry. I’m not fooling myself. I understand it might be too late. But if we can save other lives, then… nina, my nina, it — it may not be too late. I know a possible donor. What? Oh, my god. Who?! Liesl was asking about you. And she’s here. Oh, brother. Hm. Okay, well, thanks for the heads-up. Hm. Elizabeth, if you need anything, please call me. I will. Thank you. Good luck. You okay? You mean, can I live with myself after throwing a lifelong friend under the bus? I don’t know what kind of friend he is. He literally ran away and left you to take the fall. I may not be guilty of taking esme hostage the way nikolas did, but I fully enabled him. But you took responsibility. You came forward, and you — you told the truth. And maybe you want to ask yourself — what would nik have done to esme and that baby if you would’ve just walked away? Um

[Clears throat] Everythingseems to be in order. Okay. Uh, you two want to start with the main house and you two do the outlying buildings? Dante, is this really necessary? Heather is in custody, and ryan’s in the morgue. Right. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with what happened here last night. We got eyewitness testimony that esme prince was being held here against her will after you moved out. So we can’t go anywhere until we find some proof or at least a clue as to where nikolas is hiding.

Is where we’re gonna haveto agree to disagree because… I don’t need a dna test. I know all I need to know about my family — the good and the bad. I know how you feel. You know… when marshall came back into my life… I shut that door right in his face. After 40 years, the last thing I needed was some dude coming into my life claiming to be my father. All those years without him, I had learned to be strong, almost — almost unbreakable. And then I realized — who am I kidding? A piece of me was missing. I didn’t even realize that until I looked — until I looked him in the face and I saw a part of me looking back. I’m glad for you and marshall. I really like him. But it’s not the same thing for me.

[ Sighs ] You grew up

without a dad. I grew up with a dad. A dad who was always there for me. I understand that. I understand all of it. I bet you think that even asking the question of, “who is my biological father?” — I bet you feel like you’re betraying taggert. This isn’t easy for me to say… but there’s something that you need to know. Okay, but before you do, full disclosure — curtis came to me earlier today and told me what happened at your wedding reception. You tried to warn me. And I just want you to know that you were right. I kept telling myself that I was trying to protect my daughter… …protect my whole family. Um, but in reality, the only one that I was protecting was myself. I didn’t want to face the fact that dr. Portia robinson, who had risen to the top of her profession and respected by her peers and loved by the people who mattered the most…

[ Sniffles ] …Is so very far from perfect. In fact, I’m a coward. That’s simply not true. Well, we checked out amelia, and then wiley decided to take a nap. Shh! I got to take advantage of all the quiet. [ Chuckles ] We’re trying to decide between orchids and roses. Why not both? And that’s why you’re a ceo.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, I’m also a dad, not that amelia seems to really care. Is our daughter giving you a hard time? She’s just — she’s not going back to sleep. It’s that damn mobile above her bed. She’s fascinated with it. She can’t stop staring at it. Can you move it? Uh, no, she’ll just start crying if I do that. Sounds like amelia needs a dose of her mommy. Do you want me to go with you? No, I’m okay. I can still make it to the nursery on my own. -Actually, can you take this? -Yeah. Hey, um, don’t let willow limit herself, okay? I-I want this to be everything that she wants. Well, it’s your wedding, too. What do you want? I want what I can’t have. More time. If you’re looking for a donor, look no further. Oh, my god. Wait. Are you — are you telling me you’re a match?! I don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves, but I’ve been swabbed and had the bloodwork done, but I’m still waiting to hear if I’m a match. That’s why I’m here today. Oh, my god! Thank you!

[ Speaking indistinctly ] But thank you so much! You know, when — when I got tested and I wasn’t a match, I was so disappointed, and I thought that was why the universe brought me and willow together — so I could help save her life, but I wasn’t a match. I felt so hopeless. Thank you! I know, liebchen.

[ Chuckles ] That’s one of the reasons I volunteered. Well, tell — tell nina the other reason. If it turns out that I’m a match and I can save willow’s life… when carly’s silence almost killed her… that will be sweet revenge. That’s my girl. Ava: My god. Well, that certainly explains why nikolas vanished into thin air. If he got the sense that elizabeth was gonna confess to the police… well, she couldn’t do that without implicating him, right? He — he must have felt like the walls were closing in and must have run. Ava, I’m so sorry. That must have been agonizing, realizing that the man that you thought you knew inside and out was capable of keeping that poor pregnant girl prisoner.

[ Chuckles ] Take it easy. Let’s not go overboard. Esme is no saint, but no one deserves to be locked in a tower! Dante: Tower? Who said anything about the tower?

Oh, well, I’m just saying. Um, I’m just remembering that over the last few months, nikolas said that the north tower was completely off-limits to everybody, even the staff. So it makes sense. Where else could he have been hiding esme? Right? Yeah, we checked out the tower once already. Yeah, it had been painted and cleaned and looked like nikolas was trying to cover his tracks.

[ Cellphone ringing ] We could check it out again.

[ Police radio chatter ] Hi. Uh, falconeri. Alright. No. Don’t touch anything. I’ll be right there. Was something found? Uh, I don’t know yet. I’m not trying to be selfish about this. I know it’s complicated for everyone. And — and I’m sure my dad has some questions of his own. I mean… I mean, is it fair to leave him in the dark? Wondering if or when the truth may actually come — come out? Say, if there’s, like, some random medical emergency. Right. Is it fair to taggert? And — and let me just say, I do like the guy. But the only thing that matters to me is that I love my dad and I know my dad loves me. And, honey, I don’t want that to change, okay? But if there’s one thing this family has learned… oh. Okay. I know how that sentence ends. It’s the not knowing that will cause the real damage. Trina, I’m not gonna lie.I do want to know the truth. But I’m not gonna push. Okay? It’s your call.

[ Sighs ] So what do you want to do? Wait a minute. You’ve been warning me to come clean to curtis for months. And now you’re defending me? I’m not defending you. Just saying you’re not a coward. You had valid reasons for keeping your secret. Yes, you were protecting yourself, but I also know you were protecting trina and taggert.

[ Sniffles ] Even curtis, in a way. You’re a good person who puts your family first. Even though I chose to ignore all of your warnings. You had reasons to doubt my motives. In your place, I might have doubted them, too, but believe it or not, I was trying to spare you the kind of pain that you’re dealing with now. I know that. But what I don’t know — what I can’t seem to figure out is, how do I make the situation better? If there was anything I could do to give you more time with willow, I would do it in a heartbeat. Because I know how you feel. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t wish that I could hold liam in my arms again… or get a glimpse of brando and that epic smile…

[ Chuckles ] …Even if he’s just changing a tire at his garage. I’m sorry. Maybe I-I should’vechecked in with you more often. Oh, don’t be. We all suffer our burdens. And most days, I manage to put one foot in front of the other. It’s almost like I’m dancing with brando. Speaking of dancing, willow wants to dance at the wedding. Then that’s what you need to do, michael. You need to dance with willow. Even if it’s our last dance? Mission accomplished. Amelia is asleep. Wait. What did I miss? I actually can’t just sit here and wait for the results, so I’m gonna go check with dr. Randolph, see if we can’t put a rush on it, okay? Just stop. Terry knows I’m here. Hm? So, in the meantime, while we’re waiting, scott, why don’t you distract us with elizabeth baldwin’s legal troubles? Oh, you know, it’s — it’s no big deal, really. I mean, the — the cops are just questioning anybody and everybody on the whereabouts of nikolas. And what can angelic elizabeth tell the police about nikolas cassadine’s nefarious dealings? Well, you know, they’re old friends. Well, at least before — before what? Okay. You know what? There’s more important things to worry about, aunt liesl, like the test results. I’m as anxious as you are, nina. Why won’t you look me in the face, scott? What legal trouble did you handle for elizabeth? Of course, I’m so grateful — scott cut a deal for me. I’m not going to prison, and I’m not going to derail my boys’ lives. So then what are you worried about?

[ Sighs ] The police can’t sit on this story forever. It’s bound to come out. And when it does… you’ll deal with it. You know, if there’s one positive that came out of all this, it’S… it’s how you handled this ordeal. You know, there might have been a time when I thought, you know, maybe you needed to lean on someone. But I didn’t do you justice. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should take avery and run. You know, they practically gave me a medal for my part in taking ryan down, but if they find out what happened to nikolas, they won’t need to reinstate the death penalty because victor will make sure that I am dead.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Dante said he’d let you know if he found anything.

[ Ringing continues ] It’s ava jerome. Ava, hey. It’s dante. Can you and, uh, the doctor join me down here? Y-yes. Certainly, detective. Where are you? The tack room.

I don’t need to know what a dna test says. I love my dad. And I’ve come to also love you, too, curtis. It’s just — it’s just different. Okay. Well, if you decide to take the test down the road, let me know. Curtis… I just want to make one thing clear. No matter what a dna test says… taggert will always be your father.

[ Door closes ] You know, I dreaded having this talk.

[ Both chuckle ] But, um, now that we’ve had it, um… yeah. I feel the same. Don’t lose hope. The lies I told that cost me my marriage — that was me choosing to put my job before my own family. You chose family over everything. And one day curtis and trina will see that. Michael was just telling me that he doesn’t want to step on your toes at the reception, so I told him to stop making excuses and take some dancing lessons. So you went for some tough love. The best kind. But I’d better get started on those arrangements we discussed. Thank you, sasha. You take care of her. I’ll take care of everything else.

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Sighs ] Here. Let me help you. Thank you. No, I’m — I’m fine, really. No, no. Put your legs up. Relax.

[ Chuckles ] It’s fine. Do you want a blanket? Yes, please. Okay. Here you go. Just relax. I’ll put on some tea. Yeah, nina’s right. We should concern ourselves with the test results. Agreed. But why do I sense you’re keeping something from me? What has elizabeth done? Well, to be clear, it– it’s not elizabeth. It’s nikolas. What about those results? What did nikolas do? Okay, it’s gonna come out sooner or later. Nikolas held esme hostage in the tower at wyndemere. He thought that she was the hook killer. Nikolas isn’t your client. How do you know this? Well, because elizabeth helped him, even though they knew that esme… was not the hook killer. I am so grateful to you for everything that you’ve done for me… and respecting my choice to come forward. And even though I’m incredibly nervous about the fallout to come… I know I can face it. Because it’s a million times better than living in fear, waiting to be exposed. I respect the choice you made, and whatever comes, I’ll be with you all the way. Thank you. And now I’m actually just excited to get back to work.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Where do you think you’re going?

[ Horse whinnies ] Hey. Uh, thanks for coming down here. Do you know what’s behind this door? I-I don’t spend a lot of time here. But I think it’s just for storage. Right. Any of nikolas’ personal effects? Documents? Anything like that? I think if nikolas kept anything important in there, he would have collected it before I took possession of the house. Right. Why are we here? This seems like a waste of time. It’s got a padlock on it. Do you have a key for that? I’m sure there’s a key. I don’t have it. Okay. No problem. Crowbar? Yeah. Thank you.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: You’re here. So I know you can get away from spencer if you want to.

Sheila: I can’t come to your grand opening, deacon.

Deacon: But you want to. No, what are you gonna do now? Are you gonna– you gonna put me down? You gonna tell me you don’t care? Because I know you do. Listen to me. Maybe I know you’re scared because you have feelings for me and you’re afraid if you give in to them you’re gonna lose your freedom. I’m not asking you for all that. All I want is for you to come to the grand opening. Please, tell me you’ll do it.

Wyatt: Look, dad, we’re not judging you. Okay? We’re just worried. We don’t understand what’s going on between you and sheila.

[ Phone ringing ] She doesn’t deserve your protection or your help or whatever it is that you’re– I’m not doing this right now.

Liam: What?

Wyatt: It’s that negotiation that we were talking about.

Bill: Oh no, no, no. If it is that negotiation you are gonna do it. I want you to get that deal closed.

Liam: Dad, right now?

Bill: Yeah, right now, liam.

[ Phone ringing ]

Liam: Whatever, just do it.

Wyatt: Okay. Yeah.

Liam: Well, we’re not here about that anyway. What we’re here about is this threat that you keep making at steffy and finn. If they– if they testify against sheila then you tell the cops that taylor shot you? You– you’D… sheila belongs in jail. You could single-handedly put her there right now. But you have to drop this threat against taylor.

Taylor: Okay, so now that douglas is here, how are you and finn doing on a scale of one to I need a vacation?

Steffy: Yeah, it’s a– it’s a– a challenge, but… oh, thank you. Our main topic has… it’s been sheila. Oh, my god. Got it.

Taylor: Oh, honey. This is… it’s just all so stressful.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, it is. There’s that, and… douglas, as you mentioned, work, hope for the future isn’t doing well, and… finn. He’s– he’s been on call… a lot.

Taylor: I’m sorry. I am, this is– this is a lot for you to take on all at once, you know?

Steffy: I miss him. I miss our– our time together. And he hates knowing that I’m here while sheila’s out there, roaming free. Like, I just– I could strangle bill for putting us in this position, but it’s not gonna last. It’s not. I don’t know how yet. But I will see sheila carter behind bars.

Deacon: I’m not trying to put you on the spot.

[ Sighs ]

Sheila: You’re asking for the impossible.

Deacon: That’s your specialty. How many times did you ask me to take you for a night out? This is the biggest night in my life. This is my dream, sheila. And it’s happening because of you. I… I just want to share it with you.

Taylor: Sheila has always manipulated her way through survival. She doesn’t care who she hurts. But bill–

Steffy: Bill… bill has changed.

Taylor: I never would have thought that, you know, he and sheila would–

Steffy: I don’t give a damn why he is doing this, I just want it to stop.

Taylor: Yeah, but what if– what if, um, you know, they really are in love?

Steffy: If bill actually thinks he has a future with sheila, then he is more delusional than she is. The only thing she’s gonna bring to his life is misery. But the pain she’s brought to our family, that is gonna end. I’m gonna find a way to get sheila out of our lives once and for all. If you’re still having bladder leaks,

Steffy: Sheila thinks she’s won. But this is not over.

Taylor: But honey, you shouldn’t take the brunt of this on yourself. Sheila’s mere existence affects our entire family. Which is why… we all need to pull together right now.

[ Knocking on door ]

Steffy: Mom.

Taylor: Hmm.

[ Sighs ]

Steffy: Thomas.

Thomas: Hey, sis. Hey, mom.

Taylor: Hi, baby. Okay, I did this. Yes, I did. Do you remember when I told you guys to dig deep and find the love. Are you doing it? Yeah, I don’t think you are. No.

Thomas: No.

Taylor: See I– I can’t ground you, but I can be super annoying. Which is exactly what I’m gonna do. Come on. Our family has suffered so much and we’re all feeling the void. Right? Come on. It is time to fill it up, kids. We gotta do it. You don’t want this situation with douglas to pull you farther apart, do you? No, you don’T. So, come on. Let’s go, let’s do this.

Liam: You have a dangerous criminal living in your house and you’re alienating everybody who loves you just to keep her out of jail.

Bill: I didn’t allow you and wyatt to come over here and bash sheila. So let’s move on.

Liam: I would love to move on. But the fact of the matter is you keep this charade up, an entire–

Wyatt: Did you make any headway?

Liam: What do you think?

Wyatt: Look, dad, I don’t know what kind of crazy ideas sheila carter has put into your head. But they are wrong. That woman does nothing but lie and hurt people. That’s how she survives. Okay? The– there is no way that you can trust sheila carter.

Sheila: Haven’t I given you enough to worry about?

Deacon: Oh, is that why you left? Come on. It wasn’t all bad. That first night was pretty wild.

[ Giggling ]

Sheila: What you can remember of it.

Deacon: Trust me. I remember the gorgeous redhead who was making eyes at me at the bar and then followed me back to my place, showed up at my doorstep. I– I still cannot believe that I didn’t know it was you ’til the next day.

[ Laughing ]

Sheila: You nearly jumped out of your skin.

Deacon: Yeah, ’cause you scared the hell out of me. I mean, it’s funny now, but I mean, you know, it was life and death then.

> Sheila: If you were so frightened of me, why did you take me in?

Deacon: You know the answer to that. What’s your favorite part of a kit kat bar?

Liam: Dad, you’re just– you’re just putting your faith in the wrong person.

Bill: I don’t have to explain our relationship to you guys or anyone else.

Wyatt: Oh, you don’t have to explain your relationship to your own sons? How sheila carter became the most important person in your life?

Bill: She wants me and she accepts me for who I am.

Wyatt: For how long? And for what purpose? I don’t understand this. Look, I’m saying this because I love you. But no one can trust sheila carter.

Sheila: I stuck with you because I was in hiding.

Deacon: I think it’s because you couldn’t give it up.

Sheila: All this?

Deacon: Yeah. Everything that we shared here. Passion, connection. Sheila, there is something… very special about you. I don’t know. Maybe– maybe it’s knowing that you’re capable of anything. I’ve never been with a woman like you before.

[ Chuckling ]

Sheila: Well, I’m flattered.

Deacon: I mean it.

Sheila: I know you do, because it’s the same thing bill tells me.

[ Deacon retching ]

Deacon: Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth. Come on, stop it. Okay? Don’t be jealous. I’m– I’m touched. Really. All these beautiful memories. And how you say I inspired you to take over the restaurant. It’s really sweet that you want me at your grand opening. But we both know I– I just can’T.

Deacon: Because of spencer.

Sheila: Yes. Because of bill.

Taylor: Please don’t make me pull out the, uh, “you’re brother and sister and you will always have a responsibility to each other” speech.

Steffy: I’ve had to be responsible for both of us.

Taylor: All right, well, you still love each other very, very much despite everything that’s happened. So let’s do this. Talk it out.

Thomas: I tried. She wouldn’t listen.

Steffy: You mean I wouldn’t do what you wanted.

Taylor: Okay. Well, that’s a start.

Thomas: I wasn’t being unreasonable, mom.

Taylor: Don’t tell me. Tell your sister.

Thomas: Okay. Steph, um… I’m sorry. And I know you don’t want to hear that again. I went too far trying to get our parents back together. And that seems to be what I do. You know, I– I get hyper-focused on something. I don’t see how it affects everything else, and… I hurt people. I make mistakes. It really hurts that douglas was affected by that and now he’s here, living with you and finn. And that really hurts. I don’t like feeling disconnected from my son or from you. Feeling like I’ve… been exiled from the family. But I– I– I only have myself to blame. But… it’s also motivating because if I’m the one who messed everything up then I’m the person who can fix it. I can make things better. I, uh… I’ve been seeing a therapist. I’ve been working on myself. I really am trying to be better. I want to be better. I want to be… a better father… a better son… and a better brother. Now, look, I– I don’t have any right to ask this. But, steffy, I can’t do it on my own. I need you. So, please… please give me another chance. (Phyllis) oooh, hearts

Liam: Are you– are you hearing us, dad?

Bill: Yes.

Wyatt: You don’t think sheila carter would betray you?

Bill: She won’T.

Wyatt: But if she did, she’d be gone, though, right?

Liam: Straight back to prison?

Sheila: I can’t give you what you want, deacon.

Deacon: I thought you moved on with bill so you’d be free to live your life, not be… locked up with a loser like me.

Sheila: I said those hurtful things to spare us both a lot of pain, and… possibly some jail time.

[ Both chuckle ]

Deacon: So what? What, so I should– I should thank you for insulting me?

Sheila: Well, we did like to play rough.

[ Mimicking whip crack ]

[ Both laughing ]

Sheila: Ah… I’m not denying it. We had some wonderful times together. And you really were my savior when I needed it. But it just can’t be that way anymore.

Deacon: Sheila, I’m not looking to screw this up for you. I mean, I’m– I’m not stupid. I know that if spencer caught us together he would send you right back to prison and I could not live with that. I just want you to be safe and happy.

Sheila: That’s what I want for you, too.

Deacon: Just make sure he’s good to you… because you gave up a lot to be with him.

Sheila: Yeah, I did. But hey, good luck with the opening.

Deacon: It’s not gonna be the same without you.

Sheila: Goodbye.

Taylor: Steffy, you’re up.

Steffy: What makes you think this time is gonna be any different?

Thomas: I deserve that.

Steffy: To be honest, I’m so disillusioned right now. What you did to mom and dad was terrible enough. But what you did to your own son, telling him to keep another secret for you? It’s like you haven’t changed. How am I supposed to believe you’re ready to do that now?

Thomas: I love my son. That’s– that’s why I went to court and how he chose to live here with you. And if I want that to change, then I have to change.

Steffy: Look, I know this is difficult for you and I’m not trying to cause you any pain. I don’t want you to suffer. And, believe it or not, mom is right. I do love you.

Thomas: I love you, too.

Steffy: Thomas, I spent my childhood looking up to you. But we’re adults now and we need to be responsible for ourselves and our actions.

Thomas: And I’m doing that.

Steffy: You’re trying to rebuild our faith in you that you have broken over and over again. Try to win back our trust. I don’t know how it’s ever gonna happen… how long this is gonna take, but, um… I lost my sister… and I don’t want to lose my brother. You need to do better. You said you want another chance? I’m willing to give it to you.

Thomas: Thank you, steff. You won’t regret it.

Taylor: No promises, thomas. Just keep doing the work.

Thomas: I will.

Taylor: You know, our family has been through so much. We– we fall… we break… we fail. But then we rise. We heal. We overcome. We always have and we always will. I will always believe in you, thomas. And you, steffy, always. And together, we, as a family, are a force to be reckoned with. No one can ever break this bond. We are the forresters. Come here.

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B&B cast animated GIF

Interview with “True Lies” cast

TV Interview!


"True Lies" panel 1/31/23 for CBS

Interview with actor Steve Howey, Ginger Gonzaga, Omar Miller, Mike O‚ÄôGorman, Erica Hernandez, Annabella Didion, Lucas Jay, and producer/creator Matt Nix of “True Lies” on CBS by Suzanne 1/31/23

This is a fun new spy show that reminds me of some older shows like “Castle,” “Remington Steele” and “I Spy.” I think anyone who likes fun, adventure and romance should enjoy it. The CBS panel was a lot of fun, too. I asked the question towards the end about which show this one reminds them of, so they had some interesting answers.



Matt Nix, Executive Producer

Steve Howey

Ginger Gonzaga

Omar Miller

Mike O’Gorman

Erica Hernandez

Annabella Didion

Lucas Jaye

Virtual via Zoom January 31, 2023

© 2023 CBS. All rights reserved.

TRACEY RAAB: Good morning. I’m Tracey Raab with the CBS Communications Group, and on behalf of our team and studio counterparts, we would like to thank you all for joining our winter press junket.

We are pleased to host two panels today. First up is our action packed new series “True Lies,” which premieres on March 1st after the new season of “Survivor.” Our second panel is “The Neighborhood,” which recently filmed their 100th episode and got a renewal for Season 6. Finally, we will conclude our sessions with an extended sneak peek of Season 44 of “Survivor” that is not to be missed.

This morning, you should have received information about our April 4th “FBI” global crossover event, the castaways’ announcement for the upcoming season of “Survivor,” and the announcement from Grammy winner Questlove that he is curating the Hip Hop 50 tribute performance at the Grammys this Sunday, February 5th. The performance is part of the Paramount global initiative to honor the 50th anniversary of hip hop in partnership with Mass Appeal. The all star lineup will be announced in the coming days. Kindly check your inboxes for additional content, and if you need any more information, please reach out and we’ll make sure we get it to you.

Thank you again, and here is “True Lies.”

(Clip shown.)

SIENNA SANDERS: Good morning, everyone. I am Sienna Sanders from the CBS network publicity team, along with my network counterpart, Erin Freilich, and our 20th Television Studios counterpart, Ryan Aguirre. I would like to welcome you all to our panel for our exciting and fun new series “True Lies.” You will all be receiving the “True Lies” key art and the two minute extended trailer that you just saw shortly. So look out for that in your inboxes.

Please welcome our cast that is joining us here today. We have Steve Howey, Ginger Gonzaga, Omar Miller, Mike O’Gorman, Erica Hernandez, Annabella Didion, and Lucas Jaye. We also have our executive producer and showrunner, Matt Nix.

If you would like to ask a question, please use the ‚Äúraise hand‚ÄĚ function on Zoom, and I will call on you. Make sure to unmute your microphone when you are called on. But before we begin taking questions, Matt Nix would like to share some opening remarks.

MATT NIX: Hey. So, yeah, when McG first approached me about doing “True Lies” as a TV series, to be honest, I was sort of intimidated. “True Lies” was obviously one of the most iconic films of the 1990s. It was the first film that cost over $100 million, which would be like $160 million today. And of course, it’s a film by the great James Cameron.

So it kind of seemed like a tough act to follow, but at the same time, I found that I couldn’t get the prospect out of my mind. I kept imagining myself coming out of the movie theater in 1994, mind completely blown, and there I was with an opportunity to be a part of that. And how do you turn that down? You can’t.

And it was really that spirit that guided me through the process of making a pilot and this season of television, remembering what it was to see “True Lies” in 1994. It was exciting. It was funny. It was romantic. It was a giant action film, but it was also a character piece about a father trying to do his best. It didn’t take itself too seriously, but at the same time, it had real heart. And I wanted to do something that had that same spirit.

CBS understood what I was going for right away and encouraged me in that direction. Our executive producers, Josh Levy, Rae Sanchini, James Cameron, McG, Mary Viola, and Corey Marsh, were great partners in holding onto that vision.

And as we brought together the team, it began to feel more and more possible. Finding the great Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga for our Harry and Helen was the first step. They’re both accomplished comedians and great dramatic actors. They have amazing chemistry. They’re reminiscent of Arnold and Jamie Lee, but they have their own take on the characters and a magic that is totally theirs. Their kids, Dana and Jake, played by Annabella Didion and Lucas Jaye, felt like a real family. And we had a great time building out the world of Omega Sector with Omar Benson Miller, Mike O’Gorman, and Erica Hernandez on the team. They have their own family dynamic and rounded out our spy world in a really fun way.

We had some amazing guest stars over the course of the season, including Beverly D’Angelo, Matt Lillard, the great Tom Arnold, and many others. Our pilot director, Anthony Hemingway, did a great job of capturing the scope and tone of “True Lies,” which I have to say was a real feat because the budget was a little bit over 5 percent of the budget of the film.

But the thing that was reinforced again and again as we went through the season was that the essence of “True Lies” isn’t spectacle. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love spectacle, and we were able to do some big stunts and effects that I’m really proud of. We did the biggest car flip I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of car flips. We blew up a lot of buildings, and, yes, we dangled Helen from a helicopter.

But the thing that really matters to me, and I think to all of us, about “True Lies” is the spirit of the thing. It’s a show about family, about a group of people that really care about each other and are working through real issues. It’s a show about decent people who are trying to make a difference in the world. “True Lies” invites the audience to laugh and have some fun and remember that whatever insanity might be going on in the world, we are all human beings trying to do our best. That’s what I remember most from coming out of that theater in 1994, and that’s the spirit of what we’ve tried to do with this show. So I hope you enjoy.

SIENNA SANDERS: Thank you, Matt.

QUESTION: Hi. Thanks, Sienna. Hi, everyone. Thanks for doing this.

Steve, my question is for you. I know you suffered an injury toward the end of filming. Number one, how are you doing with that right now? And, number two, by that point

(Steve Howey shows bandaged finger.)


QUESTION: And, number two, by that point in time, did you expect you were going to come through this unscathed? Or how did you feel about it before this happened?

STEVE HOWEY: Great question. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. This was really, really hard and, at the same time, a lot of fun. But there was a time on I think it was Episode Ginger, help me out. What was it? Episode 5 or 6. I had 103 temperature.


STEVE HOWEY: She lost her voice. She was mouthing the words. I hurt my back. I pulled my left quadriceps. So that was happening. And then on Matt’s episode, Episode 12, is when I had this stunt that I had to throw Luther against the wall, and I threw his stunt double against the wall, and it snapped my finger back. So it went that way, and then I had to pop it back.

So, yeah, it hurt, but it was kind of fun, too, at the same time, because it was like, oh, we’re actually really doing something. But doing your own stunts, careful what you wish for, because it just might happen.


STEVE HOWEY: It’s not that great. It’s really not that great. I did it, and I’m really hoping for next season to really use my stunt double a lot. Because

GINGER GONZAGA: I would like to point out that, when he had 103 fever, it also just so happened to be the episode where he needed to pick me up multiple times

STEVE HOWEY: Over and over again.

GINGER GONZAGA: in a scene. Over and over. You just had to deadlift my body.

STEVE HOWEY: Yeah. You’re light as a feather, though.

OMAR MILLER: Stiff as a board. Light as a feather. Stiff as a board.


QUESTION: Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for doing this. This question is for Steve and Ginger. Obviously, like we said in the intro to this, and Matt has already touched on it, this is such an iconic film. So what was some of the connective tissue that you wanted to kind of bring from Jamie Lee and Arnold’s performance? And then, also, what did you want to do that makes this dynamic in this show feel completely different than the one that we see in that film?

STEVE HOWEY: Well, I said that I would never out of respect for the man, never do the impersonation. I’ve never done it, not once, and I never will. Because it’s an iconic actor, an iconic man. And it’s an iconic film, like Matt said.

And it was daunting, but after meeting Ginger and realizing that she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met literally she it was always a good day working with her because I knew I was going to laugh. And we just wanted to do something on our own. You know? We couldn’t mirror the movie. We didn’t want to do it exactly. We wanted to bring our own flair. And I think we did. I don’t know. Like, I think we had we had a lot of fun. Again, it was hard, but this cast, I adore so much. Actually, I hate them. No, that’s not true.


STEVE HOWEY: No. We all, like, supported each other, and we were doing something that was really exciting, but we wanted to make it our own. And hopefully we did that. Hopefully we did that. Ginger?

GINGER GONZAGA: Yeah. And thank you. Yeah, I was in a lucky position where I had never seen the film, and so even before the pilot, I committed to not watching it, because I know Jamie has an iconic performance. The last thing I want to do is an impression of Jamie Lee Curtis. I love her so much. I have so much respect for her. And I want to be able to I didn’t want to feel like I didn’t want to absorb any of it.

And so I was lucky in that, when I auditioned for this, I got to literally just take the script for what it is and be like, “Okay, here’s Helen,” like I would have done at any audition. How can I make this pop? How can I make this a character I want to play? How can I make this super funny? And so I was just I got to organically just make it based off of, like, a script that was brand new to me.

Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga star in "True Lies" on CBSAnd, you know, since the chemistry session that I had with Steve, this project has always been insanely, like, joyous and really funny and fun. Like, I think about our chemistry test, and, I mean, all of us, Matt and Anthony, like, we were just giggling and laughing. That’s how most of our scenes ended, and that’s how most of the days went on this job.

So, yeah, I’m lucky that I just got to keep it separate. I know the DNA is in the writing, and then I just kind of put my Ginger version onto this Helen in a way that kind of like, by default I didn’t have to do the job of separating myself from Jamie because I kept myself clean of it, basically, is how that worked.

And, yeah, I mean, the DNA of the show is in the film, and there’s so many winks at it. And I think just because of the year it is now it’s 2023 it already has that freshness to it. It’s the perfect amount of time between when the film happened and when we remade this, because it’s not so close that you’re like, “Oh, I remember the other one.” It’s that perfect amount of time where the society has evolved. Everyone’s evolved. The actors are going to be different. And so we’re lucky in that way. It really makes it just kind of easy to be this fresh, new thing. Yeah.

QUESTION: Hi. Thanks for being here today. I enjoyed the three episodes. It reminded me of certain shows I’ve seen in the past that I really enjoyed. If you guys could choose one show in the past that you think this show is similar to or that it reminds you of, what would you choose? Any of you.

GINGER GONZAGA: Oh, “Handmaid’s Tale.”


SIENNA SANDERS: Erica or Mike, would you like to answer?

MIKE O’GORMAN: I was going to say “Cagney & Lacey.”

ERICA HERNANDEZ: I’m comfortable letting Mike take that answer. He’s been trying to educate me on TV. So it’s probably better for him to answer that.

STEVE HOWEY: You know, we talked about this before, and I was mentioning shows like “Moonlighting.”

MIKE O’GORMAN: “Remington Steele,” you brought up.

STEVE HOWEY: “Remington Steele,” these man and woman



STEVE HOWEY: “DuckTales” of course. Scrooge McDuck.

But, yeah, I mean, and again, you know, this action/drama/comedy, you know, the elements that we were doing, this is all from the cast of what we talked about, we all dreamt about doing something like this. So while we were doing it, it was like, “Oh, my God. We’re doing it. This is amazing.” But it’s so much work. I don’t even know how to say it.


STEVE HOWEY: It was so much. But, again, like Ginger was saying, we had this chemistry, and we were supporting each other, and it was fun. And we had laughs and tears and all of the and broken bones and all the above.

MATT NIX: Yeah. Just to add onto that, I think the definitely some of those like “Moonlighting” is a great example of a show that, you know, definitely was playing real romance and fun, and there was a case, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. At the same time, though, one of the challenges for us was like, name the action comedies on television. You know what I mean? They’re just not I mean, you could find a few action shows with comedy elements. You know what I mean? But in terms of, like, true action comedy, it’s mainly a movie genre. And, you know, as Steve keeps hinting at, we did discover there’s kind of a reason people haven’t done it, actually.


MATT NIX: Because, you know, you really have to one of the challenges was, you know, like, you got to have a real case. You know what I mean? You got to do all the things that a regular spy show would do, and then you’ve got to do all the things that kind of a family drama would do. You know, you’ve got to play all those emotional beats. And then you’ve also got to do a bunch of comedy things. You know? So finding a way to do all of those things without having the comedy undermine the action or without having the heart of the family story overwhelming the other elements, it’s a balance.

And so, you know, we definitely had tonal touchstones, you know? And a lot of them were pretty retro. You know what I mean? A lot of them were older shows, when, you know, basically I don’t know. We’ve been through a period where there’s a lot of television out there that’s sort of like vegetables TV, and this is more like dessert TV. Like, that’s kind of how we roll. Hopefully, it’s maybe a more balanced meal than that. But it is true there’s not a lot of action comedy on television. So, you know, we had touchstones, but we didn’t really have models.

QUESTION: Thank you.

QUESTION: There we go. We love TV shows about strong kick ass female characters. Ginger, how did you prepare for some of Helen’s fight scenes?

GINGER GONZAGA: Oh, I just fight people on the street in my life.


GINGER GONZAGA: I’m very scrappy. Haven’t learned

MATT NIX: You did, though, in the pilot. You fought someone in the pilot on the street.

GINGER GONZAGA: Oh, I did. But, listen, if you want a fascinating tale, this cast is insanely close, and on the very last night of the pilot, we did go out in New Orleans. And I was assaulted by a woman, literally taken by my hair and thrown onto the ground. And it wasn’t until I saw Steve Howey’s legs marching over my body to stop said woman that I knew that I was going to be okay. So I was unfortunately a damsel in distress in real life in that situation. I think we, like, somehow recreated the movie with Steve literally having to come and save me.

But, yeah, this show is super physical. I like to say that I’m stupidly brave, so I kind of just assume I can do things when that’s not always the case. I’ve learned how to do everything that way, riding horses, skiing. I just end up someone throws me down a black diamond, and I’m like, “Oh, I figured it out.” But, you know, I had done gymnastics in my life, and so I tried to incorporate a little bit of that.

I’m grateful that I like, I had no idea how much I would need Pilates for this job. You physically have to be strong. Like, I literally need the muscle that comes from that in order to do some of the work. And in my free time, you know, I was taking some boxing classes. I would take I took a parkour class, and the other students were like 14 years old. So it was just me and little 14 year old boys, and I was weirdly, like, trying to show off by dismounting on gymnastics bars and stuff, trying to, like, look cool to my 14 year old friends.

But for this show I mean, Howey is already I say he Howey’s already a fighter, so he had this skill set, you know? And you can he learns fight choreography like a Lady Gaga dancer, you know? Like these people that learn dance choreography so quickly. So, you know, that’s not something I had. But being knowing that you have to stay physically strong is so important for this. So it was mostly about really, like, maintaining muscle and being ready for whatever I had to do, like truly physically able to accomplish it.

And I love that. I love kind of being, like, my healthiest ever for this job and staying really strong and not being, like, waify and knowing, oh, I need I really need to be powerful and strong for this. That’s how the job gets done.

QUESTION: Thank you. I’m a big fan of Helen already.


SIENNA SANDERS: Thank you, Ginger.

We have a question that came in for Omar. Omar, your character, Gib, was played by the incredible Tom Arnold in the film. He also guest stars in the movie. Did he give you any advice for taking on the role of Gib?

OMAR MILLER: No, but he was great. He was really well above expected. And, man, we had a great time. We, you know, had the Gib squared moment, and we spent a lot of time on the episode together. I think one thing about the show is that the interaction of all of the characters is pretty consistent, and he’s one of our favorite guest stars. And, you know, I think that his the biggest advice that he’s given me was just to have fun with it, because that’s what he did. And I can remember being a teenager and coming out of the movie theater, just like Matt was saying, with my mind blown. I was like, “Wow, this is wild.” It was, you know, a very special time as far as action movies goes if you grew up in that period.

And he was just a really solid he was a really solid actor. Man, he would turn it on. You even saw in the trailer, one of the things in the trailer was an improv of his. He was completely prepared, and he was constantly professional and ready to go. He was game for whatever. Really good time with him.

QUESTION: This is for Steve and Ginger. There’s a lot of talk about compartmentalizing, something that’s important for all of us, compartmentalizing. But if you can each give an example in your life of when compartmentalizing is important or difficult.

GINGER GONZAGA: Well, for example, Steve is toxic.


GINGER GONZAGA: So when I go to work, I put that in a box. You know? And I might pretend, “Oh, this guy’s nice. He’s fun to work with. He’s so funny.” And then I go home, and then I fall apart, and I remember the horror of my experience. (Laughter.) No. I don’t know.

Compartmentalizing. Jeez. Well, there is the whole work home life balance actually on our show. And so I think that’s where I compartmentalize the most. I have to like at work it’s a bizarre thing to be an actor. I look at this panel right now, and I look at Annabella and Lucas, and, like, I’m still my mind is still tricked. Like, I think they’re my children. You know? So I’m protective of them on set and all these things. And then I go home and I take away that imaginary and I put everything away. I don’t know. That’s my answer.

QUESTION: Let me ask Steve that same thing. Because, I mean, like you’ve had twins, and it’s got to be hard to be a dad at one point and be a movie actor hitting people in the other. What’s the hard part about difficult part about compartmentalizing?

STEVE HOWEY: Well, I think you have to compartmentalize, especially if you have a family. My kids were in LA. I was in Atlanta. We were in Atlanta for five months. So that was that was tough. But, you know, Daddy had to be an action star. So that was the priority.

And, actually, I saw the pilot with my son, with my 13 year old, last night, and the one thing he said many things. He was very complimentary, but he said, “You’re a good dad on the show.”


STEVE HOWEY: And I said, “Oh, wow. Thanks.”

And he goes, “Yeah, you know, it’s probably because of us that you’re so natural at being a good dad.”

And I was like, “You’re right. Absolutely right.”

And I think, to go back, what Matt was saying is that, you know, there’s not a lot of shows like ours that have the comedy, that have the action, that have the drama. And that in itself we had to compartmentalize, because, you know, finding a moment of sincerity and then still try to hit the joke in the same time period, and then have a stunt sequence, not easy. Not easy work, but it was lot of fun.

QUESTION: Cool. Thanks.

STEVE HOWEY: Yeah. Thanks, Mike.

SIENNA SANDERS: We’re going to take a question for Annabella and Lucas. Ginger and Steve play your loving parents on the show. Did Steve and Ginger teach you anything on or off screen while you were making the show? Annabella, do you want to go first?

ANNABELLA DIDION: I’ll go first. Yeah. It’s mind blowing. It really is mind blowing. I feel like Ginger plays my mom, and then off screen, when I’m moving, she’s like, “Come stay at my house.” You know? And it’s a lot of industry things as well as acting, and with Steve too. I mean, he’s been doing this so long that just the way the technical things that I haven’t really had to or, you know, had the opportunity to work on previously. It’s really great to watch them work.

And they I mean, at times, they really don’t even have to say anything. It’s just like watching them is enough. And Steve with the comedy and Ginger with the comedy. And I also had the opportunity to be behind the camera and observe some directors. And so watching on the screen of everything that they’re doing and how it plays, it’s really, really special. So, yes, I have learned quite a bit. Very grateful, as you guys know.


LUCAS JAYE: Yeah. Working with Steve, it was you know, off screen, he would give me a lot of acting advice. And, you know, I can any time, like, I’m around Ginger, I could just kind of like I can feel the mom energy just kind of, like, radiating, you know, off of her. And, you know, you just kind of like she kind of lifts the mood.

And, you know, like Annabella said with, you know, the comedy and the improv with the two of them, I just got to say it is legitimately so hard to, like, stay in character while they’re improv’ing. They’re so funny. And, honestly, I feel like I wasted a lot of takes by laughing from their improv.


LUCAS JAYE: So, sorry, but it’s so funny.

GINGER GONZAGA: I second that.

QUESTION: This is for Steve. What kind of a mental leap was it to go from “Shameless” to this? Was it difficult? And especially when you’re the lead of the show. I mean, that’s a huge responsibility.

STEVE HOWEY: Yeah. It was a leap. I told Ginger, I said, the great thing about us, and Harry and Helen, is that we get to exchange the responsibility of being the straight man, straight woman, straight actor. It’s like, so you have the person who’s going to set up the joke for the other actor, and her and I went back and forth with that, and I thought that was really special.

But, you know, Omar, he brought it up to me at the pilot, and he goes, “You ready? You ready to be number one?”

And I’m like, “Yeah, yeah. What do you mean?”

And he goes, “All right. You’ll see.”

And so, you know, Omar has been doing this for 20 plus years, and he was a really great support system about how to be number one and to the responsibility. I just wanted to take care of the cast, and I was like, you know and lucky enough, they casted amazing actors and amazing people. And I think the latter first.

We all hang out afterwards. Omar brought me dinner one time. He knew I had a tough day, brought me some food. I go out with Mike. We’ve hung out with Ginger. And then, yeah, we laugh and we play, and then we work really, really hard. But it really helped that we had this synergy among us, because those difficult days of working all day, beating our bodies up, and then coming to work the next day, it was a lot easier because of the support amongst us.


STEVE HOWEY: Yeah. Thank you.

SIENNA SANDERS: Great. And we’re actually near the end of our panel, so thank you all for joining us today. Before we hop off, Steve and Ginger are going to share some closing remarks with everyone.

STEVE HOWEY: Ladies first.



GINGER GONZAGA: Well, I just wanted to say we didn’t get to hear from Mike and Erica, so I just want to sing their praises and say that we’re really lucky to have them. I mean, they both have such strong comedy backgrounds, and I hope you really enjoy their dynamic on the show.

And we are I always feel like it sounds so fake when you’re like, “The cast really loves each other, and they get along, and it’s the best,” because I think that’s what, you know, the networks want you to say, but we are we got so lucky with this show, with everyone kind of having the same true north, that we wanted everyone to shine. We knew how multitalented everyone was. Even, you know, we had Annabella shadowing directors. Like, I know how much talent and how much intelligence is involved in this whole show and this whole cast. And we everyone was very protective of each other, and we really wanted everyone to shine.

So in doing that, we for as hard as our days were, really squeezing in seven day episodes and such, you know, I’ve never been on a show where I end up, like, crying three times a week from laughter. Sometimes I’d just be looking at Annabella in a scene, or we’d have a guest star do something ridiculous. Or, you know, I went very rogue on this show, and they let me, and I get to do things, and I’m just giggling that they let me get away with an improv.

So I hope that our joy and that the fun that we had translates to audiences and viewers for this show, because we’re just so blessed with so much talent, and we really did there was just so much fun. So I hope people watch this show and it’s not only necessarily like a break, but I just hope it’s I hope it’s fun and exciting for them.

And I’m grateful to the press. I’m sad we don’t get to see you today. This is so weird. I’m talking to a black void looking at my friends. But, yeah, thanks for your time. And, yeah, that’s all I have.



GINGER GONZAGA: That’s cheating.

SIENNA SANDERS: All right. Well, thank you, everybody. Enjoy the next panel.

MORE INFO: Trailer

"True Lies" key art

TRUE LIES, inspired by James Cameron’s hit action-comedy film of the same name, follows Harry (Steve Howey), a first-class international spy for U.S. intelligence agency Omega Sector, and his wife, Helen (Ginger Gonzaga), a language professor bored with her daily routine, who makes the shocking discovery that her seemingly ordinary husband is leading an extraordinary double life. With the secret out, Omega recruits Helen, who impresses everyone with her formidable skills (thanks to Tae Bo and yoga), and she joins Harry and his team of top-notch operatives, embarking on covert missions around the globe and an exhilarating life of danger and adventure … all while keeping their adventures a secret from their three teenage children. The renewed bond between them adds much-needed sizzle to the Taskers’ emotionally distant marriage and upends the top-secret world of Omega Sector. But, as Harry says, if you’re going to save the world, you might as well do it for the ones you love.

Series premiere Wednesday, March 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available on the CBS app and streaming on Paramount+



Wednesdays (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT)



Drama (Filmed in HD)


Steve Howey


Ginger Gonzaga (Helen)

Erica Hernandez (Maria)

Omar Miller (Gib)

Mike O’Gorman (Luther)

Annabella Didion (Dana)

Lucas Jaye (Jake)


20th Television


Matt Nix, James Cameron, Rae Sanchini, McG, Mary Viola, Corey Marsh, Josh Levy and Anthony Hemingway

Facebook: facebook.com/TrueLiesCBS

Twitter: @TrueLiesCBS

Instagram: @TrueLiesCBS

CBS Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSTweet

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga star in "True Lies" on CBS

Days Update Monday, February 27, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

While leaving his room, Eric tells Brady to just text him when Dr. Rolf is done deprogramming Stefan. As he leaves, he runs in to Roman. Roman questions if Eric was talking to someone but Eric claims he was just talking to himself and asks what brought Roman up. Roman says if he hasn’t noticed, the lights were flickering so he came to see what the problem was. Eric suggests they go down and check the circuit breaker. Roman agrees and they walk away together.

Paulina meets Abe in the town square and apologizes for being late, noting that she stopped to check on Roman. Abe asks how he’s doing. Paulina mutters about Roman talking to an urn but then informs Abe that Roman informed her that Steve and John had a chat with Orpheus yesterday. Abe questions if a chat is all and Orpheus is still living. Paulina confirms that he is, but Orpheus told them something that he’s never going to believe.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony accuses John and Steve of jumping to conclusions that it must’ve been his sister Megan who stole the orchid because Orpheus said it was a DiMera. Anna remarks that stealing the orchid wouldn’t be the worst thing that Megan has done. Tony points out that Megan is not alive as she died in 1985. John and Steve then reveal that Megan Hathaway is very much alive, shocking Tony.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs. Megan hopes they enjoyed their naps because now that they are back to the land of the living, there’s a lot of work for them to do…

Abe asks Paulina if Orpheus said which DiMera it was. Paulina says that Orpheus wasn’t specific, just that it was someone in that family. Paulina asks if Abe has any ideas. Nicole then approaches. Abe greets her and says it’s so good to see her. Abe invites Nicole to join them, so she sits down. Abe wishes they could’ve talked to Nicole at the funerals but there were so many people. Paulina comments on them being three special women. Nicole remarks that Marlena and Kayla were, so Paulina guesses that Nicole won’t be missing Kate. Nicole thinks back to fighting Kate in the past and says they had a very complicated relationship, always going at it, but they ended things on decent terms. Nicole then admits that she really will miss Kate.

Eric and Roman finish checking the breakers, so Eric guesses the lights flickering was just a fluke. Roman reveals to Eric that he’s been hearing Kate’s voice through the urn and that Paulina heard her too. Eric asks what Kate said. Roman responds that Kate’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Eric says that makes sense because they’ve been through a lot lately. Eric asks how Roman is doing. Roman thought the funeral might bring closure, but Orpheus dropped a bombshell and claimed to know who stole the orchid.

Anna tells Tony that it does sound like Megan to come back from the dead and not even give her own brother a note. Tony says that’s not the central issue here. Anna talks about Tony making a donation in Megan’s name every year even though he didn’t know she was his sister until after she died. Tony states that he makes that donation because Megan was murdered by Larry Welch, who threw her in to a hot tub. Steve says that’s just what it looked like. John adds that Stefano intervened and secretly kept Megan alive for years in a cryogenic state. Steve explains that Stefano kept Megan on ice until he had someone fix her and now she’s alive. John declares that they have every reason that Megan is the DiMera who took the Orchid and decided that their wives were going to die.

Megan states that she has been closely monitoring the brain activity of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Megan notes that just now there was a significant spike in activity and then they all opened their eyes at the same time. She calls it quite a coincidence, but definitely a welcome development because now her plans can finally proceed. Megan pushes a red button that opens the three tubes that the women are laying in. Megan then pulls out a syringe and injects Marlena, causing her to begin to move as Megan laughs.

Tony says it seems John and Steve have made up their minds based off nothing but words from Orpheus. John then reveals that he and Steve saw Megan last summer. Tony questions them not informing him of this. Steve says they had their reasons and she hasn’t changed a bit. Anna questions where they found Megan. Steve explains that it took place Beyond Salem…

Megan injects Kate with the syringe and says it should perk her right up. Marlena sits up and looks around. Marlena identifies Megan, who declares that she is back again. Marlena doesn’t understand as she heard Megan was alive, but questions what she is doing here. Marlena then asks where she is. Megan tells her to try to relax and asks what she last remembers. Marlena recalls being on the roof with John. Megan calls it a very romantic set up with a slideshow of their life together which Marlena flashes back to. Megan remarks that Marlena then had to go spoil the mood by dying, or so they thought.

Eric questions Roman about how Orpheus knows a DiMera took the orchid. Roman explains that Orpheus had some people on the outside do some investigating. Eric questions Orpheus being able to identify them before the police or the ISA. Roman states that John believes Orpheus, but he didn’t say which DiMera it was, so John and Steve are looking in to it. Eric asks if there’s anything he can do. Roman brings up that Nicole has been living at the DiMera Mansion, so it’s possible she’s heard or seen something. Roman suggests that Eric could ask her but Eric doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Paulina tells Abe and Nicole that she was just getting to know Kate. Paulina asks Nicole about what started the trouble between her and Kate. Nicole says it’s hard to say now. Abe suggests it was when Nicole stole Kate’s husband. Nicole guesses that probably was the first time, but points out that Kate was trying to kill Victor. Nicole adds that Kate hated her before that because she didn’t think she was good enough for her son. Paulina asks what happened afterwards. Nicole responds that Kate changed her tune and paid her $5 million dollars to marry her son. Paulina questions how that came about. Nicole explains that Lucas was trying to get custody of Will and needed to provide a stable home. Paulina jokes that Nicole hit the jackpot. Nicole confirms that she did take the money but calls it the worst mistake of her life because she was engaged to Eric and she’s ashamed to say that she gave him up for the money. Nicole adds that it wasn’t just about the money, but something in her past that she didn’t want to come out. Nicole often thinks about what might have happened if she and Eric did get married back then. Paulina asks how long ago that was. Nicole informs her that it was when she and Eric first met 25 years ago.

John and Steve explain to Anna and Tony that Megan had her henchmen grab them while they were visiting their kids in San Francisco and Seattle. John adds that they were then flown to Caracas where they had their face to face with Megan and she had apparently been using that her base of operations for a long time. Anna questions what she wanted with them. Steve responds that she brainwashed them causing Anna to remark that Megan is Stefano all over again. John adds that she then had them flown to Hong Kong to crash the DiMera Gala and steal the prism. Tony says he knew the prism was stolen but he thought it was a jewel thief or a rival company. Anna talks about knowing it was a mistake for Li to go after the prisms since they caused enough trouble in the 80s when Stefano tried to collect all three of them which led to the plane crash where she, Tony, and nearly half of Salem nearly died. Tony asks if they gave the prism to Megan. John confirms that they did and even with a small army trying to stop her, she still got away. Steve notes that Megan is still out there somewhere and now she has all three prisms.

Marlena asks Megan if she died. Megan says sort of and reveals that while she was in the hospital, she stuck something in to her IV so it appeared that she had died and then she switched the bodies in the morgue and took her away. Marlena questions John and her family thinking that she’s died. Megan confirms that they had a funeral and she hopes it gave them closure. Marlena asks whose body she used. Megan reminds Marlena that Stefano had a whole army of Marlena lookalikes. Megan says that’s why she never throws anything away because you never know when it will come in handy. Megan adds that Marlena actually was at death’s door, so she brought here here to this cryogenic chamber. Marlena guesses it wasn’t done on her behalf. Kayla wakes up, questioning where she is.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole aren’t on the best terms and things get tense when they are around each other so he wants to avoid her because they push each others’ buttons. Roman suggests they talk about why they keep pushing each others’ buttons. Eric thought Roman didn’t like talking about feelings. Roman says he’s grown. Roman argues that this is not just an ugly breakup or a casual fling, causing Eric to realize that he and Nicole have been in each other’s lives for 25 years.

Paulina tells Nicole that 25 years is a long time and asks how she and Eric first met. Nicole explains that she was a waitress at the Java Cafe and the day she took his order, he took her heart. Nicole flashes back to that moment. Nicole comments that they were a lot younger then and like different people. Nicole can’t believe it was 25 years ago. Abe calls it quite a milestone. Paulina agrees and says if they had stayed together, it would be their silver anniversary. Nicole recalls that Eric was a photographer back then and he convinced Sami to hire her as a model at Titan which is when they fell in love. Paulina asks if Eric has been a part of her life ever since then. Nicole says that Eric was gone for a long time but when he came back, she was not prepared for it. Nicole remembers Eric returning to Salem and how she was shocked to see he had become a priest.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole were kids when they met. Roman acknowledges that Nicole was Eric’s first love. Roman asks when he last saw Nicole. Eric says it was Valentine’s Day at the Bistro as their tables were practically on top of each other. Roman suggests that was a sign while Eric calls it a disaster since he was with Sloan and Nicole was with EJ. Roman asks if he’s getting serious with Sloan. Eric reveals that as of yesterday, they are no longer together. Roman complains about Sloan insulting his chowder while Nicole always has seconds. Roman thinks the fact that it’s always intense between Eric and Nicole is because there’s always something between them. Eric says that is until now because it never works. Roman urges Eric to try again, insisting that he won’t want to look back and realize he wasted a lot of time being right.

Tony asks Steve again why they didn’t tell him all of this. Steve explains that the ISA swore them all to secrecy since it’s still an ongoing investigation and Megan’s mere existence was considered classified information. John declares that they are not staying quiet about this anymore when they think she’s the one who took the orchid. Tony questions why. John asks who knows what her motives are. John says Megan could simply be striking back at her enemies like Stefano. John adds that if Megan took the orchid then she is the one who killed Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, and she’s not going to get away with that.

Megan fills Kayla in on everyone thinking they are dead. Megan notes that she didn’t have a Kayla lookalike in storage so she had to make do. Kayla argues that she needs to let them know they are alive and not let them suffer. Megan questions why and calls it payback for all the years that John and Steve would thwart Stefano. Marlena argues that Megan kidnapped and brainwashed them last summer, asking if that wasn’t enough. Megan complains that they made Stefano’s life Hell and says they tried to bring down a great man. Marlena questions if this is about retribution for Stefano. Megan calls it bigger than that as their so-called deaths are vital to her plans. Kayla asks if Kate also survived. Kate then wakes up and confirms she is there too.

Paulina asks if Nicole was really surprised that Eric became a priest. Nicole calls it a shock but she wasn’t surprised as Eric was always spiritual. Nicole says she told herself that she was happy for him but it got tough when she started working for him. Paulina asks how long it was before she gave in to the forbidden passion. Abe argues that they invited Nicole to breakfast, not an interrogation, but Nicole says it’s okay. Nicole informs Paulina that it didn’t happen like that since Kristen got Eric kicked out of the priesthood. Nicole adds that they then had to work through some things, but once they did, it was heaven.

Eric tells Roman that he’s sorry to throw cold water on his massive plan for his life, but Nicole moved on with EJ. Roman jokes that they won’t last but Eric says that Nicole and EJ have a long history and it looked like they have a new chapter. Roman argues that Nicole might have just wanted him to think that. Eric questions when Roman became team Nicole because he remembers Roman always insisting that he break up with her. Roman says he’s evolved and just wants Eric to be happy, so if Nicole makes him happy, he says to fight for her and get a move on. Roman guarantees that Eric doesn’t want to waste time like he did.

Kate questions everyone thinking they are dead and Megan being Stefano’s daughter. Megan calls Kate the whore who married Stefano. Kate jokes that she hopes they can be friends. Kate sees Megan has inherited Stefano’s penchant for intricate machinations. Marlena says that Megan thought of everything including lookalike bodies for their funerals. Megan talks about how Kate’s was easy because she wanted to be cremated, so she just came up with ashes for her urn and now Roman is talking to the remains of a goat. Megan declares that she loves her work. Kate asks what Megan is going to do to them.

Steve states that finding Megan won’t be easy since the ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last July and even Hope hasn’t been able to locate her. Tony questions Hope knowing about this too. Steve confirms that Megan tried to have Hope killed. Anna remarks that some things never change because Megan was always jealous of Bo’s love for Hope. John asks Tony if there’s anything from the past that might give him an idea of where Megan might be. Tony says no since he didn’t even know Megan was his sister until after she died. Anna brings up Stefano keeping a box of Megan’s things around. Tony thinks it may be in the attic. John says it’s worth a shot and decides that while Tony is getting that, he’s going to give Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan, a call since he’s the ISA agent heading this whole investigation. John states that Megan had to come out of hiding to take the orchid, so maybe she left them a trail. Steve says he hopes so.

Paulina talks about having a vivid memory of Nicole and Eric at her and Abe’s wedding. Paulina still feels they have too much of a connection to not end up together. Abe agrees. Nicole says not to hold their breath because Eric is with Sloan now. Paulina calls Sloan a vile woman. Nicole assures that she has no doubt in her mind that Eric has moved on, just like she is going to.

Eric gets a text from Brady that Dr. Rolf is taking a break. Eric texts Brady back, asking if he needs anything but Brady says he’s good. Roman comes back and tells Eric that it seems the lights have settled. Eric decides that he will go on a run then. Roman encourages Eric to think about what he said about Nicole as Eric then exits the Pub. Roman remarks that he hopes Eric follows his advice and doesn’t take too long to follow his heart. Roman looks to the urn and declares that he would give anything to have more time with Kate.

Tony and Anna go through the box of Megan’s things that Stefano kept. Tony can’t believe that Megan is still alive and Stefano never said anything. Anna remarks that even dead, Stefano is still full of surprises. Tony wonders if Megan will try to claim her share of DiMera Enterprises, commenting that it would really shake up the balance of power. Anna says there must be some sort of clause that would keep an international fugitive from being an active participant in the company. Tony points out that it didn’t stop Kristen when she made sure that Gabi remained CEO. Anna thinks they really need to change the by laws. Tony agrees to look into it. Anna thinks Tony has something bigger to worry about. Anna brings up that Megan wanted to find the prisms because they cured all sorts of things including Stefano’s brain tumor. Anna wonders if Megan is collecting the prisms again for the same reason. Anna then asks what if Megan is trying to bring Stefano back from the dead, or what if she already has?

Megan tells Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that she’s given them enough to process and says she’s going to give them time to acclimate to their new home. Kayla argues that it’s not their home and she needs to let them go. Megan says it’s not their call. Kate asks why they are here. Marlena then asks if this is about the three prisms which Kate questions. Kayla explains that Megan was after the prisms last summer. Kate is surprised to learn that they knew Megan was alive since then. Megan explains that Hope and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know about her comeback to Earth. Kayla says they are eventually going to find her and then they will be rescued. Megan says she wouldn’t count on that since for 7 months, she’s been one step ahead of Hope, so when they do figure out where she is, it will be too late for the three women. Megan says they are giving her a headache and grabs another syringe as she declares that it’s time for another nap.

Paulina tells Abe that Nicole and Eric have quite the love story. They hope that it’s not over yet. Abe informs Paulina that in two days, it will be two years since they first met. Paulina knows they will still be together and in love in 25 years as they kiss.

Nicole walks to the park and sits on the bench as she thinks back to her and Eric’s wedding. Eric then walks by and they see each other.

John and Steve go to the Brady Pub. Roman asks if they had any luck. Steve informs him that they just talked to Tony and Anna and came up with a theory that they are looking in to and now they are just waiting to hear from the ISA. Roman questions what they have to do with this. John tells Roman to brace himself as they think that the DiMera they are looking for is Megan Hathaway.

Megan injects Kate, Kayla, and Marlena to put them to sleep. Megan calls them a real handful but says that it will all be worth it in the end. Megan declares that they are going to need some rest for what comes next because phase two will begin very shortly…

Anna tells Tony that Stefano had terminal cancer, but wonders if Megan put Stefano on ice, like he did for her and if she found a cure with the prisms. Tony thinks they are letting their imaginations run away from them. Tony adds that Stefano would be in his 90s now and probably couldn’t take the trauma. Tony comments on Dr. Rolf confirming Stefano was dead and putting his memories in a microchip. Tony admits that it’s just not adding up. Anna questions that if not Stefano, who is Megan trying to cure?

Megan leans against a cryogenic chamber and then exits the lab.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, February 27, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tucker: Mm. Step into my parlor.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] Said the spider to the fly. I come bearing news.

Tucker: I’m dying to hear.

Audra: You’re not gonna offer me a drink?

Tucker: Depends on the news.

Audra: Victoria just learned someone else bought your debt.

Tucker: Mm. Beat her to the punch, huh?

Audra: So, where’s that drink you mentioned?

Tucker: For old news? Victoria’s the one who told me. You’re gonna have to work harder than that if you want a reward.

Audra: Mm. Well, aren’t you curious to know who owns your debt now?

Tucker: Not really.

Audra: You know, either someone is doing you an enormous favor by bailing you out or someone wants to control you. An angel or an enemy. Any idea who’s behind this move?

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Oh. You look a little tired.

Abby: Thank you for noticing.

Ashley: Well, you do. Is it dom?

Abby: No, it isn’T. It’s devon, actually. He’s ready to go into battle with lily and jill.

Ashley: Over what?

Abby: Well, he wants to undo the merger and buy back hamilton-winters. And he doesn’t want the company to go public, and they do.

Ashley: And they won’t sell it to him?

Abby: No, because they’re afraid that if he takes his company out of the merger, it’s gonna devalue both hamilton-winters and chancellor.

Ashley: Ah. So, what’s his plan?

Abby: He’s gonna sue them. He’s gonna try to force their hand, and it’s gonna be this big uphill battle. And even devon has admitted that he could lose.

Ashley: So, are you concerned about devon because he’s your good friend and the father of your child, or is there more going on between the two of you than that mistake you made?

Nate: We’re looking at a new landscape. We need to come up with a new plan.

Victoria: Alright. Well, someone else owns tucker’s debt, but he’s still in control of his company.

Nate: At least for now.

Victoria: You have an idea.

Nate: Maybe we need to give up on the idea of leveraging tucker to sell low. It all comes down to risk versus reward. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. The object of your desire is out of reach. The question is, how bad do you want it? How far are you willing to go to get it?

Devon: No, christine, let me tell you something about my sister. She’s not gonna get talked out of anything at this point. So there’s really no chance that this is gonna get resolved outside of the courtroom. So, if jill and lily want to go to war, then that’s exactly what we’re gonna give them.

Daniel: So, are we back to not talking about things? Because I know that’s what you said you wanted, but then you started venting, which admittedly has me a little confused. Is venting considered talking? Am I supposed to respond? Do I just pretend like nothing happened? Because I’m good either way.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Oh, god. We were talking. You know…

Daniel: [ Exhales sharply ] Right, just talking without the words. Yeah. Got it.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: I don’t know. I like that we can be here in silence, you know, that we’re that comfortable with each other.

Daniel: Yeah. It’s nice.

Lily: It’s been a while since I felt that way with anyone.

Daniel: What way?

Lily: I don’t know. Connected?

Victor… why are you still

living with odors?

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Lily: [ Exhales sharply ] Um, did we almost just…

Daniel: Y-yeah. Yup.

Lily: [ Laughing ] Oh, my god.

Daniel: Right?

Lily: What are we thinking?

Daniel: Uh…that we’re both miserable and looking for some relief?

Lily: Yeah. I’m — I’m really sorry.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. You don’t apologize. I was right there with you.

Lily: No, honestly, if I do anything like that again, just slap me.

Daniel: Never. We will never get close enough to ever try that again. I promise.

Lily: Okay. Good.

Daniel: From this moment forward, you have those little orange cones all around you and I’m wrapped up all in that yellow “crime scene”…

Lily: Yep, yep.

Daniel: …That “do not cross” tap.

Lily: Yep. Off limits. I like it.

[ Chuckles ]

Daniel: [ Exhaling sharply ] You know, we should probably just put it all out there, you know, for ourselves and for each other to remind us that we should avoid each other at all costs.

[ Both laugh ]

Lily: Okay. Yeah, that sounds really fun. Um, why don’t you start? What? What? It’s your idea. I don’t know what to do. Give me a demonstration or something.

Daniel: Oh, okay. So, that’s how we’re gonna do it.

Lily: Yes. [ Laughs ]

Daniel: Fine. Sure. Fine. Um… [ Clears throat ] Hi. I’m daniel. And I’m the victim of a recent heartbreak.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Hi, daniel.

Daniel: [ Laughs ] Yeah, um, let’s see. It’s only been a couple of days since the woman who was supposed to go through the rest of my life with me told me that she’s in love with another man. My — my daughter — I don’t know when I’m gonna see her again — or if. “If.” Yeah. Oh, and the cherry on top of this disaster sunday — my mother can’t stop inserting herself into my life.

Lily: Oh, god.

Daniel: And what grown man doesn’t want that?

Lily: I know. I know.

Daniel: Yeah. Your turn.

Lily: [ Chuckling ] Oh. Oh, god. Okay. Um… hi. I’m lily.

Daniel: Hi, lily.

Lily: Hi. My life is in shambles. Uh, let’s see. I am dealing with the heartbreak of breaking up with my boyfriend, who was also my coo.

Daniel: Mm.

Lily: So, yeah. And, um, I am entering a lawsuit, not with a company, but with my brother.

Daniel: Wow.

Lily: Yep. Right?

Daniel: Wow.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Oh, god.

Daniel: [ Sighs ] You know, I am sorry that billy let you down and that you have to go through all this crap with devon.

Lily: Thank you.

Daniel: [ Sighs ]

Lily: And I think that heather is crazy for moving on without letting you show her how much you’ve changed.

Daniel: Mm. Well…

[ Chuckles ] Look at us, huh? Just a pathetic pair of brokenhearted fools.

Lily: Yep. Yep.

Daniel: What happened? We weren’t always like this.

Lily: I know. We thought that life and love was this fountain of happiness.

Daniel: When did we get so jaded?

Lily: What do you mean? ‘Cause we learn that it’s not, that love sucks. It’s awful.

Daniel: Love does. Love sucks. It sucks. Who needs it?

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Look, I don’t know if i would still call what happened between devon and me a mistake. Look, there were some deep cracks in my relationship with chance. When he came back from spain, nothing was the same, and that is something that chance and i have talked about openly and honestly. I think that we were heading towards the end and what happened with devon just accelerated that.

Ashley: I know all this. And you know that I like devon. And the two of you have been friends for a very long time. I’m happy you have each other.

Abby: Mom —

Ashley: Well, and you have a child together.

Abby: Yes, we do, but we’re not rushing into anything, if that’s what you’re asking.

Ashley: Mm, mm.

Abby: Devon and I — we are very devoted to dominic. We are there for each other. We care about each other. And that is the most important thing right now, especially with everything he’s going through.

Ashley: Yeah, well, family and business can be a very volatile combination. Or so I’ve been told.

Abby: The thing is, is that, I mean, no one really wins. I mean, what’s going on — it could permanently have a negative effect on lily and devon’s relationship, and he’s already lost so many people.

Ashley: I wish I could help. I mean, I would, but I don’t know anything about problems with a sibling.

Abby: Are things still bad between you and uncle jack?

Ashley: So bad.

Abby: Mm.

Ashley: We are smack dab in the middle of a major disconnect.

Abby: I assume that has to do with diane, but I have heard some rumblings about tucker. So, I have to ask. What’s going on between the two of you?

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: Yeah, that’s the question, isn’t it? Who would want to buy my debt, knowing they would not have outright control of my company? Seems to me the only thing they would stand to gain is the means to complicate my life, make demands.

[ Sighs ] Never ceases to fascinate me, what motivates people to do the things they do.

Audra: You know, as much as i love to ruminate on how fascinating the human psyche can be, we have more practical matters to consider.

Tucker: Do we?

Audra: You were willing to sell mccall to newman enterprises, which I find out of character. I imagine this throws a wrench in those plans?

Tucker: Oh, audra. Such a disappointment.

Audra: What is?

Tucker: You. This performance. You’re slipping. I’m still moving toward what’s next.

Devon: What gets me is this whole thing could be resolved if lily would just side with her family and have her own opinions instead of just going along with jill’s, but she doesn’t know how to do that. So, I mean, at this point, it’s her choice. Well, I appreciate that. And I thank you again for taking this whole thing on. Alright, we’ll talk soon.

Daniel: What do you want? It’s on me.

Lily: Oh, um, I don’t know. Do you have something for a broken heart?

Daniel: Uh… hot chocolate.

Lily: Oh, hot chocolate. That works.

Daniel: Two hot chocolates, please.

Lily: So, talk to me about omega sphere. What are you thinking? ‘Cause I remember you saying that, you know, you wanted to think things through after what happened with heather.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, you know, I was using the project as my escape hatch. I know it makes sense to move forward with the platform, but…

Lily: But your heart’s not in it anymore.

Daniel: If I’m not passionate about it, does it even make sense to continue?

Victoria: My father wants to buy mccall and install adam as top dog as a way to try to lure him back into the fold.

Nate: Will it work?

Victoria: Who knows if my brother will go along with it or not. There’s no guarantee. But I think that the move is a monumental waste because I have my own plans for the company.

Nate: This sounds intriguing.

Victoria: I intend to dismantle mccall and fill in the gaps and move the pieces where they will benefit us the most. And when I do get my hands on the company, I have something very special in mind for you.

Nate: For me? Well, the anticipation is killing me.

Victoria: Well, I have this fantasy.

Nate: Go on.

Victoria: Mccall’s entertainment division will become a part of newman media. You should take a look at their list of titles. It’ll blow your mind.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I can definitely picture the possibilities.

Victoria: I knew you would. Creative mind like yours. This is gonna be good for both of us.

Nate: So, we agree. The reward is worth the risk.

Victoria: Oh, absolutely. Yes. The financing is in place. We’re ready to make our move. There’s nothing holding us back.

[ Breathes deeply ] This is one of those rare opportunities when everything is just lined up perfectly. I think we’d — we’d be crazy not to take the chance.

Nate: You’d regret it.

Victoria: I know what the public’s gonna to say. I know they’re gonna say that I’m greedy, and that I — I’m never satisfied and that newman never met a company that it didn’t consume.

Nate: And what will you say?

Victoria: There’s nothing wrong with wanting more and taking it when it’s offered.

Tucker came to me to sell. So, whatever pushed him to make this decision was a very powerful motivator. That’s maybe something that we could use to our advantage. The key is, how do we best do that?

Nate: Hopefully our source will find out that information.

Tucker: You’ve lost your elegance when it comes to subterfuge.

Audra: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Tucker: You have intermittent flashes of brilliance, of course, but you still lack a certain, uh, je ne sais quoi. Were you just counting on me being so gobsmacked by your beauty that I would tell you everything you want to know?

Audra: [ Sighs ] Look, I came here to pass along information, like we’d agreed.

Tucker: Please don’t — audra. Don’t insult my intelligence. It’s obvious you’re here to squeeze information out of me. I know how capable you are, including playing both sides. No, don’t bother to deny it. The real question is, now that i know why you’re here and that you’re not really on my side, how do I handle the situation?

Audra: Just… she found it.

Audra: Look, I have no idea what you’re getting at.

Tucker: Audra, please. I helped you perfect this doe-eyed innocent act of yours.

Audra: Alright. Let’s say you’re not entirely wrong. Can’t two things be true at once?

Tucker: So, you admit that you’re here collecting intel on the state of play at my company?

Audra: I’m not entirely denying it. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped being a major asset, your secret weapon.

Tucker: You’re a weapon that cuts both ways, aren’t you?

Audra: You know how good I am at multitasking. Think of me as your special friendly conduit. I can both bring and receive information because, ultimately, I am in it for myself, which you’ve always found refreshing.

Tucker: Well, I’m finding my refreshment elsewhere these days, including something very fine and rare.

Audra: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: And much more profound.

Audra: Oh. How adorable. Tucker mccall is actually in love.

Ashley: I wish I could give you a simple explanation about my relationship with tucker, but it’s as complicated as he is. I mean, you know I didn’t believe him when he came back to town. He said that he changed and he wanted to try again.

Abby: Yes, I know. I know you didn’t buy that.

Ashley: Right, but I thought I’d spend time with him and find out what he’s really after. And then the more time I spent with him, I thought, “well, maybe he has changed.” And then I found out that he came back because he was coming after jabot and chancellor-winters.

Abby: Even though he swore up and down that he came back to try to make things right with you and reconnect with devon.

Ashley: But like I said, it’s complicated because I do believe that he wanted us united. He wanted powerhouses, you know, coming together with their businesses and their families. And devon did tell me that tucker told him the same thing.

Ashley: Okay. Well, see? There’s evidence then that at least that part of his plan was genuine.

Abby: Yeah, but you’re not gonna take his word on that, are you?

Ashley: Hell no.

Lily: You know, I think you need to remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Remember how this all started. This all came from you playing a simple video game with your daughter. Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you. Yeah, I mean, that was something special that we shared.

Lily: Yeah. And it was about more than racking up points. It helped you imagine something advanced and creative. And you are so close to making this dream a reality. This is about making something beautiful from the pieces that have been left behind. So do it for yourself. Do it for lucy. Do it for all of the people who can share in that feeling when they log in to your world.

Chelsea: Oh. Just the people I was looking for.

Daniel: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi, lily. Do you mind if I interrupt?

Lily: Uh, no. Sure.

Chelsea: I’ve been reading about your recent project, how you want to put a positive spin on gaming, change people’s lives for the better.

Daniel: Does connor play much?

Chelsea: Oh, only every chance he gets.

[ Laughs ] And I play with him, too, a little bit here and there, just to, you know, get a lay of the land, make sure it’s age-appropriate.

Daniel: You’ve got to.

Chelsea: I was thinking. Um, gaming can change how people think about the world, how they think about themselves. It gives them ideas.

Daniel: Ideally, yeah. I mean, that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

Chelsea: Well, what if your platform could help people who are struggling emotionally? I’ve got an idea, and, um, i thought maybe I could share my story and pick your brain. Unless, of course, this is a bad time.

Daniel: Actually, your timing couldn’t be better.

…I’m over 45.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Abby: You say you don’t believe a word that tucker says and then he starts talking about family first and you think he’s being sincere?

Ashley: Okay, look… tucker’s methods often belie his original good intentions. You know, he doesn’t seem to be able to do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons. It’s definitely a character flaw.

Abby: Mm. Yes, that and the fact that he’s a habitual liar.

Ashley: True.

Abby: Mom, why do I get the feeling that you’re about to give him another chance?

Ashley: I did a thing. And I’m hoping, gosh, maybe it’ll force him to do the right thing. The ball’s gonna be in his court.

Abby: Force him to do what?

Ashley: I can’t say anything. But if it works out the way I’m hoping it will, it’ll be good for everybody involved.

Abby: And if it doesn’t?

Ashley: I’m choosing to remain optimistic.

Abby: Ah.

Ashley: I love you.

Abby: I love you.

Ashley: Bye.

Tucker: Audra. You jealous?

Audra: Hardly. You may be in love or whatever, but you’re less of a catch now that you are deeply in debt. Tucker mccall, international man of mystery and intrigue, now at the mercy of whoever is pulling his purse strings.

Tucker: Everything that lives is in a constant state of change.

Audra: What will you become, now that someone else controls you and everything you had is gone?

Tucker: My legend will live on.

Audra: Don’t count on it. The public has a short memory.

Tucker: You should probably go. Audra, remember — I may have taught you most of what you know, but not everything I know.

Audra: Keep thinking that if it makes you feel any better.

[ Door slams ]

Abby: Wine for everyone.

Devon: Thank you very much. I stopped by earlier to see if you were here, and you weren’T. Ended up running into nate and lily instead.

Abby: Ohh, I’m afraid to ask.

Devon: Yeah, it wasn’t great. Nate was trying to play mediator between me and lily, as if he has a say in our lives at all.

Abby: Did things get any better with lily?

Devon: No. No, they did not. She’s making this whole thing personal for whatever reason. I don’t know. And she’s determined to take me to war.

Abby: I hate that it has come to this point, and I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this.

Devon: That’s okay. I hate that the blame for all this conflict falls on me when lily and jill could end it just by selling me my company back.

Abby: Yes, but you know they won’t do that.

Devon: I know they won’t do that, just like they won’t change their minds about the ipo deal, even though they’ve experienced firsthand how risky it is. We had our damn cousin try and sell us out to a newman, and then tucker puts a spy in the company to try and take us over.

Abby: Okay, so, um, I think that it could be a mistake to compare tucker’s motivation for taking over the company to victoria’S.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Abby: Believe me, I am very skeptical when it comes to tucker. But I think it may be possible that his plan wasn’t entirely driven by greed.

Victoria: We need to make this a very easy decision for tucker, give him a high-ball number, an amount so enticing that he won’t be able to reject it. We’ll show him that we have the funding in place.

Nate: Offering him enough money will mean he can buy back his own debt. So he’s not beholden to anyone.

Victoria: Unless whoever bought it has an ulterior motive and is not inclined to sell the debt.

Nate: Any idea on who this might be?

Victoria: No. My father has michael looking into it, but it’s very unsettling not knowing.

Nate: I didn’t realize you had so little patience.

Victoria: I do, when necessary. Right now I need as much information as possible so that I can make my move because information is power and power — power is control.

Nate: And you like having control?

Victoria: It’s every bit as important to me as money, if not more so. This isn’t charmin!

Chelsea: I, um… I went through a really dark time recently. I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see the light again. Um…it’s — it’s been a treacherous journey.

Daniel: I’m sorry to hear that.

Chelsea: I hurt someone. But he forgave me when i couldn’t forgive myself. He, uh, believed in me when i didn’t have faith. He made me feel like I was a good person. And then he died. And the world became a colder, much darker place. Uh, but I-I had to be strong and I picked myself up and I tried to move forward. And, um — and I actually joined a friend’s podcast, and it was a lifesaver. It was really fun. But we also talked about serious stuff, too, you know? It — it gave me purpose. And then that suddenly ended, too.

Daniel: But you kept rolling with the punches.

Chelsea: I tried to. And at the end of the day, it was just a job, right? I mean, it happens. It — um… but then there was johnny. I gave him up for adoption at birth. But then recently I thought it was time that he know the truth that I’m his biological mother. I didn’t want him, you know, hearing from a stranger or finding out on the internet. Um, I wanted him know I loved him and, uh, I wanted him to be a part of my life. But he rejected me. And then he resented me for turning his life upside down. And then my son connor felt like I was abandoning him.

Daniel: That must have been difficult.

Chelsea: Yeah, it was. But, you know, they’re kids. They dealt with the news the best they could. Then people started telling me that I needed help, and i accused them of ganging up on me. It felt like everywhere I turned I was failing and doors were closing. But the truth of the matter is, I was the one closing the doors. I was becoming very closed off. I was in a lot of pain, and i just wanted it to be over. And I felt like the world would be a better place without me in it. Then one night, um, I found myself on a ledge at the top of a building alone. But someone followed me there and he, um — he talked me down and he got me help.

Daniel: Thank god for him.

Chelsea: Yeah, I do. I do every day. I was — I was very, very lucky. But the thing is, not everybody is as lucky as I was [Clears throat] Which is why I wanted to talk to you.

Daniel: What about?

Chelsea: Using your platform to help people that feel like every door is closing, help people that feel like there is no other way out. I mean, millions of people have stories like mine. Millions of people feel unwanted or broken, but they’re not. They’re just too scared to ask for help.

Daniel: So, you want to channel your experience into something positive that can help other people.

Chelsea: Who better to help people, right, than somebody who’s been through it?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, this is a really big idea. But, um, I just want to make sure. Are you ready to take something like this on?

Devon: So, where is this new insight about tucker coming from?

Abby: Mm. Well, I had a very, um, interesting and surprising conversation with my mother.

Devon: About him?

Abby: Well, it didn’t start off that way, but the conversation took an unexpected turn.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: Look, I preface this by saying that I think my mom is one of the smartest, savviest women that I know, and she is not easily fooled, especially by someone who has hurt her in the past.

Devon: Yeah, I know how smart your mom is, but where are you going with this?

Abby: Remember when tucker told you that he wanted to get you and him and my mom together?

Devon: I do. Yeah. He said he wanted us to all run a company together with your mom as his wife.

Abby: Right, which is why he wanted to buy chancellor-winters and jabot.

Devon: Yeah. But he made that decision on his own, without telling anybody, and then started making moves in secret and expected us to be excited when we found out.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Look, my mom also did mention that sometimes his methods are obscure and get in the way of his good intentions.

Devon: I’d say so. Thank you very much. Um… [ Scoffs ] If this is how the conversation ended, I’m afraid to hear how it started.

Abby: Well, it actually started because I was telling my mom that I’m worried about you. Look, I hope you don’t mind, but I shared with her everything that’s going on between you and lily.

Devon: No, I don’t mind at all, of course not. It’s your mother. And I vent to you all the time. So I get that you need to do it, too. That’s what happens when you’re with someone.

[ Knock on door ]

Tucker: What a welcome surprise.

Ashley: Hey. Everything okay?

Tucker: Couldn’t be better now that you’re here. Actually, it could be better, but I won’t push it.

[ Chuckles ] You’re the — you’re the perfect palate cleanser to my previous conversation.

Ashley: Oh, yeah? Who is that with?

Tucker: Eh, it’s inconsequential. You and I have much more important matters to discuss.

Ashley: Oh. Talk to me.

Tucker: Victoria’s been blowing up my phone all night.

Ashley: Mm, sounds like they’re anxious to make a deal.

Tucker: Yeah, so I thought you and I should talk so I can know what your master plan is.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: Come in.

Audra: Hello.

Victoria: Hey. Uh…

Nate: Audra.

Audra: Did I interrupt something?

Nate: Uh, matter of fact, we were just talking about you.

[ Clears throat ]

Audra: Oh. Must have been quite the exciting conversation.

Nate: Yeah. We know you were, uh, going to talk to tucker. Uh, we were just discussing whether you were able to get any useful information.

Audra: I just might have.

Chelsea: My therapist knows how much I want to help other people. She understands I’m trying to help people feel less alone.

Lily: Yeah. Okay. Well, have you told her about this idea that you’re gonna share with us?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, she knows I’m in a stronger place and she supports it.

Daniel: Alright. Let’s hear it.

Chelsea: Okay. Uh, well, this is off the cuff, so bear with me. Um… okay, so, gaming consists of different levels, obviously, right? Each one more difficult and complex than the one before. So, our player — she starts at the top, but she hasn’t been given the proper equipment she needs to survive what the world is throwing at her. So she has to go through, um, a series of challenges to get down to solid ground. The challenges are difficult, but they make her stronger and more resilient than ever. And along the way, she’s given tools to help her because it is a video game. So, she overcomes these obstacles and goes through these mazes, and eventually she learns some coping mechanisms, like, um, how to regulate her breathing. So, her mind is engaged in saving her own life. And then slowly, floor by floor, she makes her way down and she emerges more triumphant and stronger than ever through the front door. What do you think?

Daniel: [ Exhales sharply ] I mean, I can see the world that you want to create, and… I definitely see the potential.

Chelsea: You do? I mean, I know it needs a lot of work, but I could help with the initial concept because I have a background in design.

Daniel: And we’ve got people that can handle the mechanics. This is something I want to pursue.

Chelsea: You mean it?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. No, I got a million ideas going through my head right now. I mean, I’m thinking of all these different ways that you could go with it. This game could — could really expand the scope of the platform.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Daniel: What I meant by saying when you’re with someone, it’s like I meant when you’re close with somebody, you know?

Abby: “Close with,” as in…?

Devon: As in — as in a friend or as, you know, a family member or something more. Anything, really.

Abby: Look, I know what you meant. And we don’t need to find a word for what we are right now. I just want to be there for you and dominic. Hey. We’re gonna get through this. And once we do, we’ll figure out the rest.

Ashley: So, how are you doing, tucker? Are you going crazy not being in control?

Tucker: A little bit. Which I know you love.

Ashley: Mm. I want to know — are you truly ready to divest yourself from mccall unlimited?

Tucker: 100%. Yeah. That company represents my past, one that I am, uh — I’m ready to move away from. I just want start anew. For the right price, of course.

Ashley: What about for the right reason? Well, you said that you came back to genoa city because you wanted to reunite with devon.

Tucker: Yeah. I meant it.

Ashley: Prove it. Don’t sell to newman. Sell to your son.

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GH Transcript Monday, February 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


¬†I don’t understand why he failed to mention that he was attacked by the hook killer in the fall of last year.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Yes? Ask the A.D. For a warrant for a record search, check to see if mr. Cassadine purchased a burner phone in the months before february 7th. It’s possible he’s been planning his disappearance for a while.

[ Receiver clicks ] Shouldn’t you be at the airport? When’s your flight to tuscany? There’ll be no honeymoon in tuscany. At least not for portia and me.

[ Door opens ] Josslyn: Hey. I’m so glad you’re here. Hey. Did you hear? Heather webber is the hook killer? And she’s esme’s mom?! And ryan chamberlain is her dad. I mean, if she hadn’t caused so much damage, I’d feel bad for her. No wonder she is the way that she is. I know, right? Well, aren’t you relieved that it’s all over? Sure. One horror story ends… and another one begins. Why didn’t elizabeth come forward sooner? Well, you’ll understand once you hear her story. Now, I advised her to be quiet.

[ Scoffs ] You had her sit on information that could help us in a multiple-homicide investigation? My job is to protect my client. At whatever cost. We’re waiting for the A.D.A. To show up. Have I made a mistake by turning myself in? You’re doing the right thing, elizabeth. I have to admit, I had my reservations. But they’ve offered you immunity. I’m just afraid that they’re gonna take the deal back once they hear what I did.

[ Knocking ] Austin: Come in. Hey. How was your night?

[ Monitor beeping ] Esme used me. On ryan chamberlain’s orders. This was all… one big manipulation. Spencer, honey, you’re still in shock. And where is my father? Why is he not here right now?! Because — because esme just gave birth to his child. I don’t know where he is. I wish that I did. You know just as well as I do… that my father would be here right now were it not for me. Heather: Hey, kiddo. Aren’t you gonna say hello to your mother? Alright. That’s it. Escort her back to pcpd until we have a chance to sort this out… esme: Wait! I want her to stay.

Why you disappearedfrom the wedding reception? What happened? Hey. You’re scaring me. Are your mom and dad okay? What’s going on? Last night, after the reception, I found out… my mom told me that my dad might not be my dad. She’s been lying to me my entire existence. What? I keep hoping that this is a nightmare that I’ll wake up from and everything will be back to normal. I’m so sorry. Did she tell you who your real dad is? I’m sorry the honeymoon is off. You want to know why? The wedding was perfect. The reception, amazing. Except for trina disappeared for most of it. Is she okay? Yeah. She wanted to go talk to her new aunt by marriage. Trina was concerned that aunt stella was so sick that she couldn’t come to the wedding and that she decided to ask laura to officiate instead. So imagine trina’s surprise when she realized aunt stella wasn’t sick. I don’t know what aunt stella said her, but it drove her back to the reception hot as fish grease. Portia wanted to talk to her in private. Look, I can tell that none of this is a surprise to you, so why don’t I just skip to the end? Trina robinson might be my daughter. I’ll keep you posted. Bye. Did the D.A. You change his mind about the immunity deal? No, no, no. We — we are good here. The A.D.A. Is gonna come in and take down the details of what happened with nikolas and esme. Is there anything that could make the deal fall through? Yeah, if you don’t give them what they’re looking for. Hey. Scorpio assigned you elizabeth baldwin’s case? He did. Nice. Where is she? Interrogation room. Hey. How do you think she got mixed up with esme prince? Hopefully, elizabeth will tell us that. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem. It was her decision to come forward. Apparently, she wants to tell us everything she knows. My night? Same old, same old. You know, dinner, dancing… death match with a serial killer. Right. Well, at least we’re on the winning side. Are we? Yeah. Heather webber’s in custody. That’s a win. No more hook attacks. That’s a win. And me, I get the dubious honor of being her final victim, so I feel like a winner. How are you doing? Eh, I suffered a very deep laceration, but I’ve been stitched and sutured and stapled. I can relate. I’m sure you can. And you know what else we have in common? Heather didn’t put the venom on the hook when she got me, didn’t use the venom when she got you. Very good news. Mm-hmm. I was super psyched about that. And the winning icing on the win cake — ryan chamberlain, he’s not breathing. You and I, we’re still breathing. So we’re champs. I’m not feeling very victorious. Spencer, please don’t blame yourself. You know, if I knew where your father was, I’d make damn sure that he was here with you right now. Because you should not be shouldering this burden all by yourself. No, I deserve it. I let ryan chamberlain use me. No. You didn’t let him. You didn’T. You believed what absolutely everyone else believed, that he was suffering from locked-in syndrome. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. I mean, judging by your argument, we should

all feel guilty. No, it’s not the same thing. Ryan chamberlain used me like a weapon against my own father. And I had no idea. That’s my point, spencer. You had no idea. So it is — you’re not to blame. Of course I’m to blame! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Ryan — he wanted ava all to himself. But he needed to ruin my father’s life in order for that to happen. And he couldn’t do it on his own. So he needed someone close to father that he could manipulate to his own selfish end, and here I am! Come on, now. I opened the door. And I let in esme. You look radiant. How’s the baby? Fine. Ohh. Boy or girl? Boy. Boy. Baby boy. My firstborn was a boy. Steven lars. He would be your older half-brother. He was a beautiful baby. Born blond. Just like you were. How about my grandson? They say the color changes. Yeah. Well, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you and the baby are healthy and safe at last. And that little baby can move beyond all that tumult around his birth and on to brighter things and meeting his grammy

Ryan manipulated everything. And he was somehow able to manipulate me into killing nikolas! I mean, not that it was intentional. You know it was an accident, but accident or not, it would not have happened if not for ryan. You’re giving the guy a little too much credit, don’t you? I mean, he was a psychopath, but he wasn’t psychic. Maybe a little of both? I keep thinking about something that ryan told me in the woods last night. He said that — that he and I were the same. That’s ridiculous. But it’s why he always felt so connected to me. Right? I mean, for the last two years, he was able to destroy my life from afar because of this connection that he felt. R-ryan was a master string puller, a-and he was able to — to manipulate me. And nikolas is dead because of it. Spencer, esme would have found her way to your father, whether you had helped her or not. But i did help her. I came back to port charles determined to ruin my father’s life. And I remember that esme would whisper in my ear… and she would tell me that my anger was justified… …and noble. Your anger towards your father is justified. Spencer, when your dad came back, I was thrilled. But when I found out that he chose to stay away from us for three years and let us believe that he was dead… yes. …I was angry, I felt betrayed. Yes. Yes. It took me a long time to get over that anger. Mm-hmm. And I was angry, too. Yes. That’s why I wanted to stay in europe. I wanted to keep my distance, and esme wanted to come to port charles. Oh. And now I wonder if me and my dad’s relationship was ever broken or unsalvageable. I don’t know.

[ Sobs ] I don’t know if I wanted to take revenge on ava or not. Ohh… I’m so sorry. And now ryan is dead. And esme doesn’t remember, which is truly the worst part. Why? Because it means that I’ll never know. Oh, spencer. Honey, come here. You won’t be allowed to meet your grandson. Now, the cops will say anything to try to intimidate you. Don’t pay any attention. You’ve got a beautiful little baby boy to think about now, and that’s plenty. You’re gonna make mistakes, esme. ‘Cause you’re a new parent. You’re just learning. It’s okay… not to feel like a natural mother. For some women, that — that just comes later. I don’t know what I feel. Of course you don’t, honey. That’s okay. Oh, and let the nurses do the night feedings so you can get some sleep. Don’t wish this time away, even if it’s hard. You’ll never get it back. You and I didn’t get a lot of time together after you were a baby. And I regretted that. Always. But I always kept an eye on you. From afar. I knew I had to. I mean, ryan was your father… after all. Marcus taggert is my dad and always will be my dad! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That came out wrong. I’m just so scared, joss. I’m so scared. What does this mean for my family? To my dad? I just — he was trying to be so strong for me. But in the inside, I know he has to be feeling just as much of a mess as I am. And curtis, I mean — he’s supposed to be my stepdad. Who is he to me now? I knew that portia had concerns about trina’s paternity. I can only imagine what you must be going through right now, and I am more than willing to hash it all out with you. But right now I am underwater, dealing with last night’s events from spring ridge and spoon island. Right, right, right. I figured as much. I really just dropped by to see — to see if you’re at all sorry. Sorry for what? What, do I have to spell it out for you? Okay, I cut myself out of matters that were none of my business. Right, jordan, but that didn’t stop you from discussing it with aunt stella, didn’t stop you from discussing it with portia, but it did stop you from thinking that, “maybe I’ll give curtis a heads-up.” Unless — unless you just enjoyed knowing that I was left in the dark again. Molly: As you know, the D.A. And mr. Baldwin have worked out a deal which grants you full immunity. You will tell us everything you know about esme prince’s whereabouts during the hook killings. You and your attorney need to read over the agreement. Sign and date where indicated. Do you understand? I’ve already looked at it. It’s good. Looks good.

[ Beep ] This is assistant district attorney lansing-davis. In the room with me are detective falconeri, elizabeth baldwin, and her attorney, scott baldwin. Elizabeth, uh, I assume you know where esme prince was hiding. Oh, she wasn’t hiding. Esme was imprisoned by nikolas cassadine.

You and I, we don’t knoweach other very well, but when I saw you that night at the stables at wyndemere, what I saw was a woman who had been pushed to the edge. Pushed to the edge by people like ryan chamberlain. Pushed to the edge by people like your ex-husband. Ryan convinced esme to work with spencer to gaslight me, to seduce my husband, to separate me from the people who loved me. Ryan got exactly what he wanted. I will pay the price for the rest of my life. Only if they find nikolas’ body. Ava, what I hear you saying is that you’re done. So be done. Don’t let ryan win. Don’t let yourself be ryan chamberlain’s last victim. It all started the night I ran into esme on pier 55. This was the night of november 11th? You saw esme on the pier, called 911, and then you were found unconscious? Yes. Yeah. After I hit my head, I was — I was confused and disoriented. And nikolas was standing over me, asking me to trust him. And after that, I lost consciousness and woke up at G.H. I did not tell commissioner ashford that I had seen nikolas on the pier. Why not?

[ Sighs ] Because he was my friend and he asked for my help. Later, I got angry. Like, why did he put me in that position? Why did he leave me on the pier? So I went to wyndemere to confront him, and that’s when I found out that esme was there and pregnant with his child. And at the time, we both thought that she was the hook killer and dangerous. Nikolas was terrified that she was going to hurt his unborn child, and that’s why he was keeping her there against her will, to protect his baby and to keep her from killing anybody else. Except that esme wasn’t the one doing the killings. You came here looking for a fight, didn’t you? No, not a fight. Answers. I’m entitled to that. Look. I might be trina’s father, okay? Don’t you think that’s an important thing to know? I don’t know if you are or not, and neither does portia. When we spoke, I begged her to come clean. I reminded her of how my dishonesty broke up our marriage, but she wouldn’t budge. She said it was her business and none of mine. So what was i supposed to do? Wait. How many times did you talk to portia? Jordan. How long have you known trina might be my daughter? I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to know that your mom has kept that secret from you. And even though it was wrong… …you’ve just got to know that your mom loves you. And your dad loves you, too. Yeah. I know. And I know that you might not want to be around your mom right now, and I completely understand that. But she is your family, for better or for worse. Right now, it feels incredibly for worse. I’m so sorry. I wish that there was something I could do to make things better. I wish you could do, too. I love you and I support you and I have your back. I just wish I was there when you found this out. It’s okay. I wasn’t alone. I was with spencer. I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t with him. I’ve been trying so hard…

[ Clears throat ] …Trying to take responsibility for my actions… trying to build a stable home for my baby brother, trying to be a better man than my father. And now I learn that I’m the reason that my father is gone because I let myself be manipulated by a psychopath.

[ Baby cooing ] But you pulled yourself back from the brink, spencer. You recognized that it was esme who framed trina, and then you broke up with her. You even managed to make some sort of peace with ava. In my book, that makes you a good person… yes, and maybe even one day a great person. Thank you. Spencer, you don’t have to just stop blaming yourself. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, because we can’t go back in the past and change what happened. The best we can do is learn from it. Okay. So what will I learn from this? Think before you act. Examine your motives. Take responsibility for what you did wrong, but also what you did right, spencer. That’s how wisdom is acquired. And wisdom takes time. But right here, right now, there is an innocent baby boy who desperately needs our help. I can’t wait to hold my little grandson. To sing him songs… read him stories. And how do you expect that will happen? Well, you and the baby will be transferred back to spring ridge, and in the state of new york, you can keep the baby up to 18 months. I checked. And so I’ll get transferred back there, too. And how will you do that? I’m pretty good at working the system. And then we’ll all be together. You’ll protect your baby. And I’ll protect you. That’s been my plan. That’s what this whole thing was for, esme. So that we could finally be together. I will be… …an excellent grandmother. I promise you. Never. What? This is the last time that you will see me, and I promise you, you will never, ever get anywhere near my baby.

Spencer was there for me last night, and it was at my lowest time. Well, I still think he’s a jerk, but he has a way with words. Not just words. What does that mean? Spencer and I kissed.

[ Chuckles ] When exactly did it cross your mind that I might be trina’s father? About two years ago. Two — it was the night that portia and I got trapped in that basement. I was semiconscious from the leaking gas, and portia thought I was passed out. She thought we were dying. She mentioned trina’s father. Sounded like she had a question over paternity. I asked her about it later, and she brushed me off. Then a few months ago, I overheard her on the phone ordering genetic tests for trina. And it was around the same time that you were being tested for schizophrenia markers. Again, I asked portia about it. She told me to back off, and so I did. Did you? Or did you tell aunt stella, hoping she would use that information to blow up my wedding? Okay, stella figured it out all on her own and brought what she suspected to me. I had no choice but to confirm her suspicions. Of course you did! If I had any desire to interfere in your relationship, I would have said something months ago. Curtis… you have every right to your anger and pain, but you have no right to say anybody set out to hurt you — not portia and definitely not me. What was nikolas’ intention after esme gave birth? He said that he was gonna take care of the baby himself. Meanwhile, esme was insisting that she wasn’t the hook killer, but of course I didn’t believe her, not after all the horrible things that she had already done. Yeah, like recording her son having sex with his girlfriend and then posting it on a website, framing trina robinson. Yeah, scott, we know. Okay. Thank you. Please, continue. Well, once esme was locked up at wyndemere, the killings stopped. Until… cabrera was slashed with a hook. Heather webber killed the exotic animals dealer, as well. I told nikolas that we had to let esme go, that because of our actions police were focusing on her instead of the real killer. But he insisted that he was only gonna keep her until she gave birth. And then I started to fear that her life was in danger, but before I could do anything, she jumped from the tower. It’s a miracle she and the baby survived. Officers, please come get her out of here. No, esme. Please. Just let me stay. Whatever you want, I’ll do it! You have killed people. Do you even understand that? People who hurt you! I was only ever trying to protect you! Like any good mother would. Yeah, you think a good mother is protective? That’s what you think? Well, y-yeah. You know what? I think that you’re right. I think that a good mother protects her child. Yeah. And I’m going to protect my child by keeping him the hell away from you. No! Esme! All I wanted was to be a mother to you. My father is dead. And as far as I’m concerned, my mother is dead, too. No! Esme… I was convinced that once she had been found, nikolas and I were about to get caught. But then uncle victor swooped in to protect nikolas by destroying any evidence of esme’s imprisonment in the north tower. And you have no information on nikolas cassadine’s current whereabouts? No. No. Sorry. I don’T. Okay. Thank you very much for coming. Um, may I speak with you in private? Yeah. Wait. That’s it? We will let you know if we need to speak with you again. And what about the, um — the immunity? I mean, t-that’s the agreement. Even if I don’t deserve it? Laura: The best thing you can do right now, spencer, really, is to take care of yourself so that you can take care of that little baby until your father comes back. Thanks, grandmother. You always give good advice. Thanks. Now, listen. I’m gonna say this as many times as it takes for you to really hear it. You are not responsible for what ryan chamberlain did to this family. No. My father would still be here if I didn’t push him away. No, that’s not true. Not true! Your father is a grown man who made his own choices. Oh, yeah. And, unfortunately, some of those choices were really bad. That’s true. There’s still nothing I wouldn’t give to see him walk through that door right now. I love you, spencer. I love you, too. Well, I don’t want to be ryan’s final victim, but my present situation is “compromised,” to put it mildly. The police are already suspicious. Alright. What are we talking about here? Mac. He asked me what you were doing at wyndemere last night. I said I didn’t know. Well, felicia asked me the same question. I had a really good answer for her. Care to share? What? No. No, it’s — I think it’s better — it’s more believable if i don’t tell you, right? Okay. Glass half full, this is what’s going on. The police — they’re busy looking for heather webber. I’ll get out of here soon. You and I go back to wyndemere. Yeah. Move nikolas’ body. That’s right.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Gasps ] Relax. You alright? Yeah. Yeah. Come in!

Y that spencer hasfinally come through for you. Oh, yes. The joy is just rolling off of you in waves. Listen!

[ Both laugh ] Okay. I’m happy that you’re happy, alright? Just take things slow. Well, right now I only have so much headspace for romance. The rest of it’s filled by whatever I’m gonna say to my mom when she finally tracks me down. And knowing her, it’s gonna be sooner rather than later. Jordan: Is this really what you want to be doing? Fighting with your ex-wife about who knew what and when? Shouldn’t you be talking to portia? I have. And? I don’t know what happened, you know? One minute, I was this happy, newly married man, and the next minute I’m canceling my honeymoon and picking up the pieces of my life. Have you spoken to trina yet?

[ Sighs ] Trina does not want to talk to me. She’s already accused me of trying to replace her dad. Maybe she’s right. I grew to care about that young lady so much. I looked forward to her coming home from college, hearing about her classes and her art projects, wanting to keep her safe when the hook killer was still out there. And now she finds out that I might be taking the place of the father that she adores. Has anyone brought up a dna test? What if you are trina’s biological father?

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] The A.D.A. Wants to talk to me. I have to go. I’ll see myself out. Regardless of what happens, trina needs to know she can count on you. Elizabeth, do you have anything more to say? She doesn’T. I’m good. Hey. Um… you came forward. And you owned up to some mistakes that you made. Not everyone would have done the same thing.

[ Door closes ] According to elizabeth’s statement, nikolas committed a serious crime. Any reason to doubt her story? Uh, no, none. We didn’t even know she was involved. She could have stayed silent, but, uh, she came forward out of a sincere desire to do the right thing. Does she have any idea where cassadine is? No, and given his wealth and connections, he could literally be anywhere. I didn’t realize you were in here. I-I was just thanking austin for last night. You both went through quite an ordeal. But no toxins were found in your bloodwork, so once that wound heals, you’ll be good to go. Thank you. You’re welcome. Hey, um, I’m sorry to hear that nik skipped town. What? Classy move, leaving your wife stranded on an island with a crazy person. Ex-wife. And w-who told you that nikolas skipped town? Was it elizabeth? Just a poor choice of words. How is elizabeth? I mean, she gave such a lovely speech at curtis and portia’s wedding. She really did. Yeah. Is she working today? ‘Cause I’d love to tell her in person. I haven’t seen her. You think she could be working on another floor or…? I wouldn’t know. If you’ll excuse me, I have another patient to see. Austin, if you have any questions, you know where to find me. What? There goes our breathing room. We’re out of time. Heather: No! Esme! You’re making a mistake! You need me! You need your mother! You! This is all your fault! We could have shared our grandson! We could have been grammies together! But, no, you wanted that baby all to yourself! That’s why you had me dragged out of wyndemere! So you could fill my daughter’s head with lies about me! I wanted esme to give birth in peace without any added distress from you. You know, heather, you’re the same as you always have been. You’re selfish, unfeeling, and dangerous. Esme. Spencer. How’s ace? How’s my, um — my baby boy?

I was a little hesitant about you coming forward, but you did a great job. Thanks… though I don’t feel completely unburdened. I don’t know how to live with myself for aiding and abetting nikolas. Well, I’m sure he’s in the bahamas somewhere, soaking up the sun, but they will catch up with him eventually. And when they do? They’re gonna throw the book at him, aren’t they? Well, I will have to recuse myself from the case. I’m nikolas’ cousin, and he’s been accused of a serious crime. I’ll notify D.A. Scorpio and have him take over. Let robert know the department is working with the state police to track down mr. Cassadine. It keeps coming back to nikolas, huh? I recommend you search spoon island. Victor may not have destroyed all the evidence that could corroborate elizabeth’s story. Well, we need to start that search immediately if we have any hope of finding anything that’s left to be found.

[ Gasps ] Elizabeth is at the pcpd, isn’t she? Good luck to you. Okay. Unhook yourself from all those machines. Alright? And get dressed. What’s going on? You’re checking yourself out. Right now? Why? Because the entire port charles police department is about to descend upon spoon island, only this time they’re gonna be looking for nikolas.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Mom, I can’t deal with you now.

[ Knock on door ] Have you seen my baby? He’s amazing. Of course he is. Yeah, my grandmother and i are gonna take very good care of him while you’re in prison. What? I-I thought I got to keep him. In prison? How’s that going to work? Esme, the arrangements have been made. No expense will be spared. You can trust that your baby will be in good hands while you are in prison. No. You are stealing my daughter and my grandson! And you have the audacity to call me selfish and unfeeling?! And dangerous. Oh, well, you got that right, laura! You are gonna pay for this. How, heather? Where you’re going, you’ll never again see the light of day. Oh, really? Are you sure about that?

[ Elevator bell dings ] I’d watch out if I were you! You have not seen the last of me yet! You better be careful, laura! Esme! Esme!

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Days Transcript Monday, February 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


‚ÄäJust text pull updates about Ralph. Some brainwash his step. Okay. Uh, dad, what are you doing? Were you, uh, talking to somebody? Just myself. Um, why am are you up here? Wait, you didn’t notice the lights been flickering off and on. I’m trying to track down the, Why don’t we go down and check the circuit breaker?

Well, that’s a good idea. You know it’s supposed so me. It’s snuck a hot plate in the room. Do you , don’t we? Up here? We do a thing like that.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m late. . I stopped by the pub to see Roman. Oh, how’s he doing? Better than I expected. Well, after everything he’s been through, I wouldn’t blame him if. Talking to the walls more like an urn. What? Nothing. Um, but um, he did tell me something very interesting though. Apparently Stephen John had a chat with Orpheus yesterday.

Stephen. John had a chat. That’s all. Morpheus is still among the living Yes. If told them something, you are never going to believe. So obvious a man, not exactly known for his veracity says that a demir stole the orchid from Kristen, but he neglected to give you the first name. Said the two of you. Jumped to the conclusion.

Must have been my sister, Megan. Well, Tony, you have to. Stealing an orchid wouldn’t be the worst thing Megan’s ever done when she was alive, but she’s not alive. She died in 1985. She passed on. She ceased to be doing. I know this may come as a shock and we are in Salem. Maybe not. What are you talking about?

The fact is Megan Hathaway is very much alive.

Well, finally, the three sleeping beauties are awake,

Well, ladies, I hope you enjoyed your naps. Because now that you’re back in the land of the living, there’s a lot of work for us to do

sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Did Orpheus say, which demerit was, I asked the same thing. Roman said Orpheus was not specific. Just that it was someone in that family. Do you have any ideas, Nicole? Nicole Walker at de. Oh, . Hi. Well, it is so good to see you. I tell you what, why don’t you join us here? We, we haven’t ordered yet. Oh, that sounds nice.

Yeah. Um, hi, you, Colleen, that. Hi. Well, I tell you, we wish we could have talked to you at the funeral, but there were so many people there. Mm-hmm. . Those were three highly regarded ladies. Well, Marlena and Kayla. I take it. You won’t be missing Kate in the same way.

You shut up, you ungrateful bitch. Who are you calling? Bitch I’m calling you

Kate and I had a very complicated relationship, always going at it, you know. We ended things on decent terms.

Can’t believe it or not. I, uh,

I really will.

Well, everything checks out, so the lights flickering just seem to be. For Kate, I’m not quite there. I’ve been hearing her, uh, voice through leonne. Okay. Look, I don’t need cynicism about the afterlife from someone who performs exorcism, and Paul hurt her too. All right. What’d she say? She’s worried about me and John and.

It makes sense. I mean, you’ve all been through a lot lately. How you doing? Well, you know, I thought maybe the funeral might bring some closure. He didn’t. I didn’t get a chance to find out. Orpheus dropped the bombshell. He claims to know who stole the.

You look . I know I may be skating on thin ice here, darling, but that does sound like Megan to come back from the dead and not even drop you a note. You her own brother die. Can you understand that? That is not the central issue here? No. Okay. I know how much you donate every year to the, the daily mass for the repose of her soul.

And you didn’t even know she was your sister while she was alive, but you are such a good man, Anna. I make that donation. Because Megan was murdered in 1985 by Larry Walton thrown into a hot tub because she died. That’s just what it looked like, because once again, Stefano intervened, and for years he kept her secretly alive in a cryogenic state.

Was that part of the Soviet Union? You know, back then? Okay. Stefano kept Megan on ice until he gets somebody to fix her boo boos and make them go away. Then he thaw her out and. She’s alive. Well, why didn’t you just say so? Anyway, we have every reason to believe that she is the damir who took the orchid and she determined that our wives were gonna die.

I have been closely monitoring your brain activity as minimal as yours is

and just now. There was a significant spike in the activity and then you all opened your eyes all at the same time. That’s quite a coincidence, but definitely a very welcome development because now my fans can finally proceed.

So it seems the two of you have made up your minds based on nothing but another article from office. No, no, no, no, no. Tony, there’s more to it. Steve and I saw her last summer is Omega. You actually saw her. That’s right. It didn’t occur here. That possibly could inform me about this. We had our raisins.

Let’s just say she hasn’t changed a bit. Where did you find her? Was she here in Salem? No. Her little run in took place beyond Salem.

This should perky right up.

It’s uh, Megan, right? That’s right. Megan Hathaway is back again.

don’t understand. I, I, I heard you were alive, but

what are you doing here? Wait. What am I doing here? Where am I? Just try to relax. What’s the last thing you remember?

I was on the roof with John. Exactly. There was a very romantic setup, twinkly lights, slideshow of your life together.

And of course strawberries and cream,

and then you had to go and spoil the mood by dying,

so they thought.

Oria said Amira took the orchid. How does he know that he had some people on the outside investigate for him? What? He can identify the thief before the police in the isa. Yeah, I know, I know, but I’m telling you, John believes him. He didn’t happen to say which Damira was He know how the guy loves riddle, so No, he did not.

John, Steve are checking. Is there anything I can do? Well, well, what? You know, I wasn’t gonna bring this up. All right, but since you out just put it out there, dad. What? Since Nicole has been living at the Demaris, well, affordable housing is hard to find her. Yeah. Look, I know this is a sore subject, but it is possible she may have heard or seen something.

Maybe you could ask her. You know what? To be honest, I don’t think that’s a good.

I can understand you’re missing Kate. I was just getting to know her. She was what? The French called for me. . She was a formidable lady. Mm-hmm. . So what. Even if you didn’t get along, kind of like saying armed warfare is not getting along. Oh, well it’s fun to have a good sparring partner. I married mine. Yeah, I, uh, I hung up my gloves now.

Don’t you believe it. So who laid down the first gole and what was, what was the trouble that started between you and Kate? Uh, it is hard to say now. Well, perhaps it’s when you stole our husband. Oh yeah, that probably was the first time. But she was trying to kill Victor, you know? Oh, well. Anyway, she, she hated me before that.

She didn’t think I was good enough for her son. Mothers of Sons, they think they’re all Princes . So what happened? Well, she changed her tune later. I mean, she paid me $5 million to marry her son. Well, that’s quite a dowry. . How did that come? Well, Lucas was trying to get custody of Will and he needed to provide a stable home.

Oh, so you, you, you hit the jackpot, . I mean, uh, you did take the money, didn’t you? I did.

It was the worst mistake of my life. Wow. So,

well, I was engaged to Eric. And I gave him up for the money. I’m ashamed to say, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t just about the money. You know, there’s just something from my past that I didn’t want to come out. But I often think about what would’ve happened if Eric and I got married way back when. Um, how far back?

Oh my gosh. Um, the first time we met was, It’s 25 years ago

I was visiting Paul in San Francisco when one of Megan’s henchman Shanghai. Me, you Damaris and your henchman. Yeah, she had me snatch when Kayla and I were visiting our kids in Seattle, and then she flew both of us down to Corus and that is where we had our face-to-face with. Father has an nu compound down there.

Apparently she’s been using that as her base of operation for quite a while now. But what did she want with you two? She brainwashed us. Dear God, she’s Stefano all over again. And then she flew us to Hong Kong so we could crash. The Damir Gala and steel prison. The damn prison. That’s a fact. I knew it was stolen.

Mm-hmm. , but we thought it was some ju th maybe some rival company. Well, I knew it was a mistake for Lee Shin to go after those prisms. I mean, they caused enough trouble back in the eighties when S Stepo tried to get his hands on all three of. And that led to that plane crash where Tony and I and nearly half of Salem almost died.

Did you give the present to Megan? I did. And even with a small army of people trying to stop her, she still got away. She’s still out there somewhere and now she has all three prisms.

So I died sort of actually while you were in hospital. I snuck something into your IV so that it appeared that you had shuffled off this mortal coil. Then I switched the bodies in the morgue and whisked you away. So John and my family think I’m dead. Well, I doubt they would’ve had a funeral for you if they didn’t.

Anyway, even though it wasn’t you that was interred I, I hope that it gave him some sort of closure. Whose body was it? Surely you remember that my father had an entire army of Marlena look likes. That’s why I never throw anything away. You never know when it’s gonna come in handy. I just use one of those anyway.

You actually were at death store, so I brought you here to this cozy little cryogenic. Not entirely altruistic. You didn’t really do it on my behalf, did you? Where am I? Look who’s decided to join the park. Oh, Kayla. I think so.

Uh, Nicole and I are not the best of. When we’re around each other, it gets pretty tense. That doesn’t tell you something. It tells me that I need to try avoiding Nicole because we push each other’s buttons. Have you tried talking about it, asking why it is that you keep pushing each other’s buttons? You know what, I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Laconic Irish dad, who does not like to talk about feelings. What can I say? I’ve grown. Look great. Eric. Eric, this is not just an ugly. With a casual flame. Nicole has been a big part of your life for for how long now? Actually,

it’s been like 25 years. 25 years. That’s a long time. How did you and Eric first meet? Oh, well, I was a waitress at the Java Cafe and. The day I took his order, he took my heart.

Good morning. Good morning. Can I get you some coffee? Uh, actually I was thinking of a double espresso and maybe a club sandwich. White bread, whole wheat. Oh wait. And some chips with that too. Okay. Thank you. Excuse me. You’re new here. Huh? Started about a month.

Ooh, you were a lot younger back then. Actively different people. I guess that’s the day you walked into Eric’s life. . Wow. No, Tony. Encourage him, please, please. He thinks he’s a comedian. Oh my gosh. Still, I, I, I can’t believe it was 25 years ago. That’s quite a m. It sure is. Oh, if the two of you sat together, we’d be behind you.

Silver Candle six for your anniversary.

Eric was a photographer back then and he convinced Sammy to hire me as a model at Titan. And that’s when we fell in Love


So Eric’s been a part of your life since then? No. Um, actually he was gone a long time, but when he came back, let me say, I, I was not prepared for it. Eric, is that you?

What the hell? Ah, Nicole. I don’t think you should talk like that around me anymore. Okay. I mean, is that a ? I’m sorry, but is that a joke? Well, I hope on we’re very hard to get it. Yeah, but you’re a, a, a, I don’t mind you can say the word priest.

We were kids when we met. She was your first love that she was. When was the last time you, uh, saw her? Not me, prior or anything? Of course. Nine.

It was Valentine’s Day at the bus yard. Sure. Our tables were practically on top of one another. Maybe that was a sign. It’s more like a disaster. I was with Sloan and she was with EJ Sloan. Huh? Is that getting serious? Well, as of yesterday, we are no longer together, so please try to contain your disappointment.

She insulted the chatter. There’s no soul in a person like that. Nicole always has seconds. Ed, you know, Barry down at the hardware store, he sometimes has three bulls, so maybe I should ask him out. Right? That’s good. That’s good. But doesn’t the fact that it’s always intense every time you two meet, tell you something.

Whatever there is between you two, it just never goes away. No. Whatever there is between us never works up until now. Try again, damnit. Okay. Trust me, you don’t want to have to look back on your life and say, damn shit. I waste a lot of time being right.

I’ll ask again. Why didn’t you tell me all this? The ISA swore us all to secrecy. It’s still an ongoing investigation. Megan’s mere existence was considered classified information, but we’re not staying quiet about this anymore. Not when. We think she’s the one that took that orchid, but why know who the hell knows what her motives are?

She always worshiped. Stephanie could be as simple as just striking back the enemies, but I’ll tell you one thing if we’re right about this, is she took that orchid, she’s the one that killed Doc, Kayla and Kate. She’s not gonna get away with that.

So everybody thinks we’re. Bye job. I think she’s got it. You know, I didn’t have a Kayla lookalike though, in storage, so, oh, I just had to make do well. You need to let them know that we’re alive. You cannot let them suffer like that. Why not? John and Patch spent years trying to thwart my father. It’s time they got a little payback.

You kidnapped and brainwashed them last summer. Wasn’t that enough? No. They made my father’s life hell to two. Little arrogant. Nobodys trying to bring down a great man, a visionary. You are as fatty as ever. So that’s what this is about. Retribution for Stefano partly, but it’s bigger than that. Your so-called deaths are vital to my plans.

Wait just a second. If Marlena and I survived, does, does that mean that Yeah, I’m here too. Oh,

wherever the hell here is.


I have this Catholic girlfriend, . Every time she sees a really dishy priest, she. Father, what a waste. Oh, probably not . What? I’m just telling the call what my girlfriend said, . So I mean, was it really a surprise that Eric was a priest? I mean, was looked like he a wild child when you first met him. Why? I mean, it was, it was a shock, but I wasn’t surprised and he was always kind of spiritual.

Something we have in common, right? Oh yeah. It’s always kind of hard to land those spiritual types. I told myself I was happy for him. I lie to myself a lot, but it did get pretty tough when I started working for him. Oh yes. How very Thorn Birds. Yeah. So how long was it before you gave them to the Forbidden Passion?

Paulina? Whoa. We invited Nicole to breakfast. Not an interrogation. It’s o It’s okay, Abe. It didn’t, it didn’t happen like that. Actually, Kristen Damira got him kicked out of the priesthood. Then you went in for the kill? Mm, no. We had to work through some things, you know, but once we did, it was heaven.

Keep going.

Dad, I am sort of sorry to throw a cold water on your master plan for my life, but Nicole’s moved on. She’s with EJ . Yeah, those two will last about as long as a couple mayflies, man. There’s a long history there. All right. And by the looks of the other night, it’s, they’re in a new chapter. Maybe that’s what she wanted you to turn.

When didn’t she become such team, Nicole? Because. Pretty much remember all the time you insisted that I break up in Nicole. Well, like I said, I’ve evolved. All right? All I want is for you to be happy. And if it’s Nicole that makes you happy, I say fight for it and get a move on. Dammit, come on. I guarantee you, you don’t wanna waste time like I did

and everyone thinks we’re dead. That’s right, and that’s Stephanie’s daughter and you are the whore that married him. Well, I won’t ever try to take your mommy’s place, but I do hope we can be good friends. You’re off to a great start. So I see that you have inherited your father’s pension for intricate machinations.

She’s thought of everything, including look-alike bodies for our funerals. You are the easiest you wanted to be cremated. So all I had to do was come up with an urn full of ashes for you. Oh, well, I’m glad I didn’t put you out. And now your husband is talking to the remains of a goat . Oh, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?

Immensely. Mm. What can I say? I love my work Well, about that work. What are you gonna do to me? I mean, I mean, nice.

You know, finding Megan won’t be easy. The ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last July. Even Hope hasn’t been able to locate her. Hope knows about this too. Megan tried to have her. Oh, some things never change. Megan was always jealous of Bo’s. Love for Hope. Tony, is there anything from the past that might give you an idea of where Megan might be?

No. I mean, I didn’t even know she was my sister until after she died. But darling, didn’t your father keep a box of her things around here somewhere? If it might help, I think there may be a box up in the antique. Nice. So it’s worth a shot. All right. You go grab that. In the meantime, I’m gonna give Andrew down.

I’m gonna call Shane Kimberly son. Yeah, he’s an IS agent. In fact, he’s heading up his whole investigation. I’ll check in with him, see if he got any leads. You know, Megan had to come outta hiding. Take the work. Maybe she looked as a trio. Well, let’s hope so.

I have this vivid memory of you and Eric at our wedding, and I still say you two have too much of a connection not to still end up together. And I must say I. Oh, don’t hold your breath. Because he is with Sloan Peterson now. Oh, file woman. Well, how does he like it there at the bottom of the barrel? Oh, he likes it just fine.

So I have no doubt in my mind he has moved on just like I’m going to.

Well, it seems like, uh, all the lights have settled. Okay, well, if you don’t need anything, I think I’m gonna go on a run. Okay. While you running, think about what I said about Nicole Cole and Nicole, who, you’re funny guy.

I hope he takes my advice. It doesn’t wait too. Follow his heart


Give to have one time.

I still can’t believe that father’s Golden Girl is still. And didn’t say a word, even dead. Stefano is still full of surprises. I wonder if she’s gonna try and claim her. She has of demand prizes now that would really shake up the balance of power. Mm. Well there must be some sort of clause that would keep a, an international fugitive from being an active participant in the company.

Ah, but that didn’t stop Kristen when she was on the run. Oh, she made sure that Gabby kept her seat as c e o. You really need to change those bylaws. Yes, turn. In the meantime, Tony, I really think there’s something bigger that you have to worry about. I’ve been thinking Megan wanted to find those prism.

Because they cured all sorts of things, including your father’s brain tumor. Is it possible that she is collecting them again for the same reason

he suggested? What if she is trying to bring Stefano back from the dead? Or even worse, what if she already.

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. I’ve given you ladies enough to process, so relax and take some time to acclimate to your new home. So this is not our new home and you need to let us. Sorry, not your call . At least you could tell us why we’re here to love, honor, and serve God in this world, and then to be happy with him in the next.

Is this about the three prisms prism? What? What Prisms. Megan went to a lot of trouble to call our three prisms last summer. What? What? So the two of you have known that she’s been alive since? Don’t feel too left out apparently. Hope Williams Brady and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know of my comeback tour.

Well, they are eventually going to find you and they will be rescued. I wouldn’t count on that. You see, for the last seven months, I’ve been one step ahead of old frowny. And so when they do figure out where I am, it’s gonna be too late for the three of you.

You’re giving me a headache.

I think it’s time for another now.

Oh, oh. Nicole and Eric have quite that love story. Yes. And I hope it’s not over yet. Me too. You know, in two days it will be two years since we first met and. Well, I’m sorry, it’s not 25. Oh, no, no, no, no. Not yet. But what it is, I know one thing will still be together. Ooh, yes, yes, yes. Gimme something. Gimme something.

And still in Love,

You have forgiven me for some unforgivable things. You’ve done the same for me. And no matter what life has thrown at us, we’ve gotten through it.

No matter what life throws at us in the future, I know. And we will get through it together.

I love you so much. I love you warm.

Infinity times one

We just talked to Tony and Anna. We came up with a theory. We’re looking into, we’re just waiting to hear from the isa. What have they got to do with us? Embrace yourself, Roman. We think the damir that we’re looking for is Megan Hathaway.

You three are a real handful, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Mary. Oh, don’t get some rest, dog. You’re gonna need some strength for what comes next.

Phase two will begin very shortly.

Tony, your father had terminal cancer. Is it possible that she put him on ice, the way he put her on ice and then once she got her hands on the prisons, she’s found a cure? You know, I think we are letting our imaginations run away with us, and besides father would’ve been in his nineties by now and no, his probably couldn’t have taken all that.

And besides Ralph said to us that he was. As if we could trust him, but he put all the father’s memories and inserted them into a microchip and then implanted him to Steve. He wouldn’t have done that if father was still alive. Oh, this just doesn’t add up. But if it’s not Stefano, then who is she trying to cure?

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B&B Transcript Monday, February 27, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: I thought you had a long shift at the hospital?

Finn: I do, but I have a break between my rounds.

Steffy: So, you decided to come here instead of squeezing in a nap?

Finn: I wanted to see my beautiful wife.

Steffy: Gosh, I have such a great husband. I really do.

Finn: Hey, I’d pick you over an extra hour of sleep any day.

Steffy: Glad you did.

Finn: Are you okay though? You seem a little distracted. Am I interrupting?

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: I’ve been working on the budget all morning, but… every time I try to concentrate, I just keep thinking about… sheila. Knowing that she’s out there, roaming the streets of los angeles and it’s all because of bill.

[ Phone chirps ]

Sheila: It is over.

Bill is the winner.

You are a loser.

I don’t want to see you again.

I don’t want you anywhere

near me ever again. Ever!

You’re gonna mess everything up

for me, deacon, so goodbye.

Sheila: Gotta forget it. I gotta forget.

Bill: There’s that look in your eyes again. It’s obvious who you’re thinking about.

Woman: Deacon.

Deacon: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s been nuts since I took over the joint. So, what do you say? One of my most loyal patrons, and did I mention beautiful and talented, to lend a hand with her party planning expertise? Please say yes.

Woman: I think I could, uh, I think I could make some contributions.

Deacon: Thank you. Thank you so much. A table anytime you need it, meals on the house, whatever you need.

Woman: Then we’ll definitely be in touch. I gotta grab this.

Deacon: Go.

Woman: Giralda. I’ve been waiting for your call.

Deacon: Come on, sheila! Get over here.

Hope: Hey, dad.

Deacon: Hope.

Hope: Oh, the place looks great, as usual.

Deacon: Yeah, it’s coming along, right? So, how’s my girl?

Hope: Good, uh, but I– I wanted to see you.

Deacon: Yeah, what’s up?

Hope: Just wanted to give you a heads up about mom’S… date with hollis in case you haven’t heard.

Deacon: Yeah, I was talking to him earlier. It sounds like they had a nice time. Brooke him she’s not ready to start dating anyone yet.

Hope: So, you must feel relieved then? I mean, I assume you still have some feelings for mom and…

Deacon: Look, hope, I’m always gonna love brooke, but I think that ship’s sailed.

Hope: So you’re… actually ready to move on.

Deacon: I…

Hope: Wait, does this mean you have a new woman in your life?

Hope: Dad…

Deacon: Daughter.

Hope: Is there someone special you want to tell me about? A-ha. I see that twinkle in your eyes. Yep. I think there is someone.

Deacon: Well, I hate to break it to you but my smart, very well-intentioned daughter is wrong because the only commitment I have right now, present company excluded, is this restaurant.

Hope: Well, it’s kind of a bummer you don’t have time to date, but.. I’m very proud of you taking over this place.

Deacon: I’m glad that your old man can make you happy, make you proud. It means the world to me. I may need your help though because I am planning a grand opening party.

Hope: Oh, very cool.

Deacon: We’ll see. I mean, I’m praying it’s gonna be a success.

Hope: Dad, it will be.

Deacon: That depends on who’s here for the opening.

Sheila: I’m sorry. I know it seems like I’ve… been in another world lately. It’s annoying, but I just– I just can’t think of anything else.

Bill: You don’t have to say you’re sorry and you don’t have to pretend with me. I know you’re thinking about finn and that you miss him very much. I’m right, aren’t I?

Sheila: Yes. I can’t stop thinking about finn and hayes. Just wishing I could be a part of their lives.

Finn: Sheila’s been on my mind a lot too, regrettably.

Steffy: How can we forget about her when she’s roaming free to cause more harm?

Finn: It kills me that someone so dangerous isn’t behind bars. You know, and we had the chance to put her away, but what were we supposed to do? Our hands were tied. Bill threatened to lock taylor up for shooting him back in the day.

Steffy: Finn, we can’t accept this. We’re going to protect my mom at all costs, but… we have to find a way to put an end to sheila. The abcs of ckd

Hope: Please tell me you will be serving your signature pizza at this event.

Deacon: Macherto. That’s italian for “sure”. I picked that up. Of course we’re going to, that’s what’s gonna put us on the map.

Hope: Okay, good. Gosh, once this place blows up it’s going to be impossible to get a reservation here.

Deacon: That is probably very true, but not for you, honey. I will always have your table ready.

Hope: I got the best dad ever.

Deacon: That’s also true.

Hope: Thank you. Okay, so tell me, who is coming to this big launch event?

Deacon: I don’t know about big, I mean, it’s gonna be like a select group, you know, vips. You and liam, of course, and, um… I’m hoping brooke makes it, and I’m also hoping that maybe some key people from forrester creations.

Hope: Oh, well, I just so happen to be heading over there right now, so I will spread the word.

Deacon: Thank you. I appreciate that. Look, I– I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to say this right off or anything, but I– I just want to know, how you doing? Really?

[ Hope sighs ]

Hope: I’m trying. It’s just, it’S… hard to adjust to life without douglas. I don’t–

Deacon: Yeah. That’s gotta be really rough.

Hope: Yeah, but, um… there’s nothing we can do about it right now, so.

Deacon: Hey. He’ll come back.

Hope: And until then we have your big opening party to look forward to. I’m really happy for you, dad. You’re putting your stamp on this place.

Deacon: That’s the goal.

Hope: Well, I knew you had it in you. Look at you. Making positive changes in your life. Making your dreams come true. And hey. Now all we have to do is find you some hot girlfriend and then you really will have it all.

Deacon: You don’t give up. Where do you get that from?

Hope: Mm.

[ Chuckles ]

Sheila: I lost out on all of finn’s life, every milestone, and when I had the opportunity to make things right–

Bill: I told you. You can’t change the past.

Sheila: But I blew it, bill. I put too much stress on the situation and I am never gonna be able to forgive myself for what i did at il giardino that night.

Bill: I really want you to hear me. This won’t be forever. I told you I would do whatever I could to bring you and finn together again.

Sheila: It just seems impossible given everything that’s happened.

Bill: Impossible is not a word I am remotely familiar with.

Finn: All right. How can we make this happen?

Steffy: I’m not sure yet, but we can’t just sit back and let bill and sheila blackmail us.

Finn: Well, we owe it to ourselves and to everyone to ensure she goes back to prison.

Steffy: We’re all on edge. Us, brooke, hope. And we’re always gonna be worried about sheila as long as she has her freedom.

Finn: She can’t control herself. As soon as her evil impulses kick in– she could be planning something as we speak.

Steffy: You know, I would go to the police right now and I would rat out that dirty judge bill bought. Tell them that we were forced not to testify, but I can’t put my mom at risk.

Finn: Exactly.

Steffy: Just gotta… I don’t know, we gotta figure out a way to open bill’s eyes somehow. See sheila for the monster that she is.

Finn: Bill is aware of every twisted crime she’s committed. Actually seems to turn him on.

Steffy: We can’t give up. There has to be an answer, something sheila won’t see coming. It’s time, finn. It’s time to get sheila out of our lives once and for all. Known as a passionate artist.

Sheila: What if… we just stayed like this. All day, all night pretending there was no one else?

Bill: I don’t know how I’m gonna turn myself away from you.

Sheila: Then don’T.

[ Phone sounds ]

Bill: Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to pick this up later. It’s the conference call I told you have to jump on.

Sheila: I just wish you were jumping on me.

[ Bill chuckles ] Again.

[ Phone sounds ]

[ Bill sighs ]

Sheila: That’s okay. There’s– there’s someplace else I need to be.

Bill: I am a very fortunate man.

Sheila: You know how to take care of me. You knew exactly what I needed. You gave me love, respect, freedom, your support. I am never gonna forget what you’ve done for me. Thank you.

Finn: Okay. Great, sounds like he’s stabilized. All right, call me after his mri. I want to discuss the results with him myself. Okay, thank you.

Steffy: You have to get back to the hospital?

Finn: The situation’s handled. Unlike sheila.

[ Sighs ]

Steffy: We’ll figure this out.

Hope: Hi.

Finn: Oh, hey hope.

Hope: Um, thank you for texting me about dropping off douglas. I– I really appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Hope: If you two were, I’ll just–

Steffy: No, no, no, we were just talking about finn’s birth mother. What a terrible injustice it is that she’s not rotting in prison.

Hope: It’s insane. All of us have to stay on high alert now.

Steffy: We’re not gonna live like this forever, worried when sheila’s gonna snap.

Finn: That day’s coming. She might be putting on her best behavior right now, but–

Steffy: She’s a psychopath. Everyone in their right mind knows that.

Finn: Everyone except bill.

Hope: It’s unbelievable how he or any person could be sympathetic toward her, let alone have feelings for her.

[ Knocking ]

Deacon: Hey. [Indistinct]

Sheila: No. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I– I really can’t risk being caught.

Deacon: Ditto, ditto, trust me. I just… I had to have you come. It’s important.

Sheila: What’s so important?

Deacon: I was thinking about what you said to me last time you were here. How I’m a loser, I’m just gonna screw things up for you. It hurt to hear you say that. I think because deep down that’s how I’ve always seen myself. Sheila, I thought we had something special. I– I know we had something special. And that’s why I asked you to come here… because I don’t believe any of it and I don’t think you do either. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Steffy: We’re not letting bill and sheila dictate our lives.

Hope: How would you be able to stop them?

Finn: Steffy and I haven’t quite worked that out yet.

Steffy: We’re determined to get control of the situation.

Hope: Well, that would be a relief for all our sakes.

Steffy: Okay, I– I don’t want to talk about sheila anymore. I really don’T. Did you bring any food? Do you have anything from, like, il giardino?

Hope: Sorry, it’s too early. The kitchen hasn’t opened yet.

Finn: I know that we’ve said this a thousand times, but we are eternally grateful for deacon and everything he did that horrible night.

Steffy: Yeah, we wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t found us in the alley.

Hope: You know, I– I know my dad gets a bad rap, but he is a good man underneath it all, and– and he’s trying to make something of himself right now, he’s trying to build a legacy.

Finn: I mean, yeah, we’re wishing him the best with the restaurant.

Hope: It’s actually really exciting. Um, he is throwing a grand opening and I’ll be there, my mom, and I know it would mean a lot to him if you two were able to make it.

Steffy: Yeah, sure.

Finn: Yeah, sure, why not? I mean, we– we would love to support deacon.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s the least we can do. He literally saved our lives.

Hope: That’s great. He’s going to be thrilled to hear that.

Steffy: So, brooke’s gonna be there? Are you hoping that, uh, they get back together?

Hope: I maybe have floated that idea to my dad…

Steffy: What, he’s not interested?

Hope: He said that their time has come and gone.

Steffy: Wow, I never thought deacon would be over brooke.

Hope: Oh, same. But apparently he has finally given up.

Steffy: Is he interested in somebody else?

Hope: I asked my dad the same question, but he said right now he just has time for the restaurant.

Finn: That makes sense, it takes a lot to keep the business going.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, I hope one day he’s able to find the one. I know he’S… wanting a relationship, I just hope he finds a woman that is nice and stable, just… I don’t know, someone who grounds him.

Deacon: You know this isn’t my first barbecue. I know you said those nasty things to drive me away.

Sheila: Yeah. You know how bill feels about you. If he ever found out about our past–

Deacon: Sheila, I’d never rat you out. I’d never do that. You know how I feel about you.

Sheila: Then why do you insist I meet you here?

Deacon: There is so much good stuff happening with me, I just– I want you to be a part of it.

Sheila: That’s not possible. We both know that, for so many reasons.

Deacon: Sheila, I have poured myself into this business. It’s gotta be a success. I… I have finally found something that– that is fulfilling. You know, that I can– I can put myself into, I’ve discovered my passion after all these years.

Sheila: It is so good to see you lit up like this. I… I’m really happy for you.

Deacon: Thank you and– and… that means a lot. And what would really mean a lot is if you would come to the opening party. Sheila, I want you– no, I don’t want you there, I need you to be there.

Sheila: We just said how risky it was gonna be to be seen with one another.

Deacon: Sheila, this restaurant is, um… more than just a business venture for me. This is my chance to be somebody. This is my shot at the brass ring and I’m gonna grab it. And it’s happening because of you. Yeah.

Sheila: Me? Why me?

Deacon: I never expected you to come limping into my life and change it the way that you did– no, I’m serious. I’m the man that I am today because of you, a restaurant owner. Because you gave me the kick in the ass that I needed to go out there and do it. And I want to share this with you, I– I just want you to be at the opening, even if it’s just for a few minutes, then I can see you across the room. Just to know that you’re there. Please. Tell me that you’ll come to the grand opening.

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Interview with Gina Gershon, Samantha Mathis, David Conrad and Harrison Thomas

TV Interview!

Samantha Mathis and Harrison Thomas star in 12 Desperate Hours, premiering Saturday, February 25th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Interview with Gina Gershon, Samantha Mathis, David Conrad and Harrison Thomas of “12 Desperate Hours” on Lifetime by Suzanne 2/2/23

This is a very enjoyable movie that premieres Saturday, Feb. 25 on Lifetime (and I’m sure it will repeat many times). Gershon, famous for her many acting roles, directed it.¬† Well-known actress Mathis is the main star of this movie as Val, a mother taken hostage and then kidnapped by a deranged young man, Denny (brilliantly played by Thomas). Conrad plays her husband, Mark, who searches for her, along with the police. He’s most well-known for “Ghost Whisperers.” This is the last of the Lifetime Press Day movies from Feb. 2, but it’s certainly the only one where the villain was sympathetic.¬† Make sure you watch it!


MORE INFO: Official Site

"12 Desperate Hours" key art

12 Desperate Hours marks Gina Gershon’s long-form directorial debut and her return to Lifetime having previously starred as Donatella Versace in House of Versace in 2013 and in the LMN miniseries Everything She Ever Wanted in 2009, which was also based on an Ann Rule’s novel. Gershon directs Samantha Mathis (Billions), Harrison Thomas (Better Call Saul) and David Conrad in the film.

Adapted from Ann Rule’s Last Chance, Last Dance true crime collection, 12 Desperate Hours follows Val (Samantha Mathis), a mother who finds herself and her young children held hostage by Denny (Harrison Thomas) when he forces his way into her house after committing murder earlier that day.  In order to save them and her husband Mark (David Conrad), who was due home at any moment, Val offers to drive Denny wherever he wants and becomes his unwilling accomplice as he goes on a rampage of destruction. Despite the traumatic events, Val builds a rapport with her captor and uses the relationship to help save the lives of bystanders, herself and even the life of her captor.

12 Desperate Hours and A Rose For Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story will both debut in 2023 on Lifetime and are produced by Allegheny Image Factory and Best On Best.  Conor Allyn and Benjamin Anderson serve as executive producers and Jeff Tinnell and Bob Tinnell serve as producers for both films.  Allyn and Anderson wrote the script for Desperate Hours and For A Rose From Her Grave. This marks the fifth and sixth Ann Rule adaptation Allyn and Anderson have Executive Produced, including Sleeping With Danger, Circle Of Deception, A Murder To Remember and A House on Fire, which the latter they also penned.

Gina L. Gershon (born June 10, 1962) is an American actress. She has had roles in the films Cocktail (1988), Red Heat (1988), Showgirls (1995), Bound (1996), Face/Off (1997), The Insider (1999), Demonlover (2002), P.S. I Love You (2007), Five Minarets in New York (2010), Killer Joe (2011) and House of Versace (2013). She has also had supporting roles in FX‘s Rescue Me and HBO‘s How to Make It in America. She portrayed Gladys Jones on The CW teen drama series Riverdale.

Samantha Mathis was born in 1970 in New York, to Donald Mathis and Austrian-born Bibi Besch, an aspiring actress at the time. Her maternal grandmother was actress Gusti Huber. Her first acting job was in a commercial for baby products with her mother. Since her parents divorced when she was only three years old, Samantha was very exposed to the acting industry from a very young age, which made her almost destined to become an actress. Samantha’s first feature film was Pump Up the Volume (1990) opposite her on- and off-screen love at the time, Christian Slater.

David Conrad (born August 17, 1967) is an American actor, born¬† in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. From 2005 to 2010, he starred in the television series Ghost Whisperer alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt. He’s also known for Men of Honor (2000), Wedding Crashers (2005) and Anything Else (2003).

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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David Conrad stars in 12 Desperate Hours, premiering Saturday, February 25th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Days Transcript Friday, February 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey, hey yourself. I wasn’t through with that. Well, I left you the sports section. Oh, sure. I’m gonna read the sports section, and then after that I’m going to go down to the schoolyard and shoot hoops with the bros. Well, you have fun. Well, you know, you would think it would be on the front page. It’s not in the metro section.

Guess I’m gonna have to check the obits. The Aries. Is that just a gla, are you looking for someone in particular? Oh, of course I am. Mylo harp off. Yes. What makes you think he’s dead?

Hey, following? Uh huh. Coffee. Oh, if you’ll join me. Okay. Well, not a big crowd this morning, as you can see. Usually pretty lively about this time, but, uh, business kind of falling on. So how are you? Everything okay? Yeah, Roman. Um, that’s why I dropped by to tell you about my problems. Oh, I’ve got nothing to say that’s profound.

Wish I did. But I do know at least 200 people that are thinking of you praying, praying for you. Well, that does mean a whole lot for me. And now I’m gonna butt in. But Roman is only because I care about you, because I’m worried about you and, and Steve and John, save what’s on your mind? Paulina? I just wanna make sure that you all, you all didn’t kill office, did you?

Hey buddy

to hear.

I thought maybe I was close to,

makes some sense that refuse to stall us. According to him, some mystery damer stole. Orchid from Kristen. Man. The only reason for that was to make sure Kayla, Kate, and Doc did die.


Mm mm mm. Have you tried the Ambrosia? Not yet. Oh, you really should. It’s just out of this world. Oh, fer. Excuse me. Look out of this world. Where’d you hear that joke from? A thula. She’s in a great mood. You’d be happier when there’s an open bar. My God, I, I, I can’t believe the two of you. I mean, look at you.

You are eating ambrosia. You’re, you’re eating easily. I mean, we’re in heaven. Okay? There’s no calories, there’s no heartburn. You’re eating. Well, who needs heartburn when you are around? God’s sakes. So sorry. Sorry. But like you said, we are in heaven. So for the love of God, and I mean, literally lighten up.

Not gonna lighten up even though we’re in heaven. You heard what Jake said. We’re not supposed to be here. Ugh. Oh God.

Ba boom. . Looks like your wings have been clipped you holier than now. Arch Angel, battle of the Angels. I know it’s a fiery death for that heavenly host, . Hey, Grimer.


Don’t you know, these explicit video games are gateways to aggression and violence. Literally, that is why Satan invented them. Okay. What, what, what do you want? You’re disturbing my precious downtime. I’m here to tell you, you made a mistake. You need to send Marlene ca and Kate back to earth. You know what?

That’s such a great suggestion, Jake, and I’ve thought about it and it’s a, it’s a no for me. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a hard no, but thank you.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Wait a minute. How did you find out about the Tres Amigos planning a. Anna, well ask stupid questions. So what, you were on the group email she sent out? No, no, no, no. In her defense, she didn’t tell me. I overheard her. Did you tell Abe he’s married after report it? No. No. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me, if not with Anna.

But mama, don’t you see once, once the word gets out of Sophia’s death, you guys are all gonna be in deep a word I can’t use. Well, it’s not. Stephen John didn’t go through. Oh, thank God. Oh, oh. Believe me, I understand the impulse and I would’ve understood if you had killed Evil Ard, but that’s not what Marla and Kan you, Kate would’ve wanted.

I know, I know that. In fact, she told her in so many words,

I’m calling you. What, what? What am I, am I talking to? Didn’t we just see Jake stand right here and tell all three of us that we’re still alive? I mean, we’re not curious about whether that’s true or not.

Uh, okay. Okay. So what’s the look? So what are you not telling me? Well, uh, Kayla and I are having a hard time believing what Jake said is true. I mean, if you think about it, look who we supposedly talked to. Uh, Susan Bangs and Adrian, and, and none of those people were people that we thought they were. So how do we know that, that Jake wasn’t just some devil’s illusion, I’m just not so sure you could trust him.

Oh. Oh really? Miss Catholic schoolgirl. Raise your faith. I’m sorry, Kate. I know you wanna believe that what Jake said is true and that that actually was. But wanting it doesn’t make it true. Oh God, I should have known that you’d take her side. I’m not taking anybody’s side, but if this isn’t earth, how can we be alive?

I don’t have an answer to that. All I know is that none of this makes sense. So I’m going to clinging to the hope that that really was Jake and what he told us was, But where is Jake? Anyway, he makes this big proclamation that we’re all alive and then he disappears with Nick Fallon. Maybe they’re hashing out our faith, but we have another issue at hand.

What’s that? Well, John and Steve, were out planning to kill ours if they. We have to figure out what’s gonna happen to them.

Well, nobody. What if this is just another one of Orpheus’s Mind games. After all these years, I know all about his damn mind games, but this time my gut is telling me that it’s no game. He’s telling the truth. No, it was the first time for everything. And I’ve been thinking about it, I think so a weird kind of sense that Jamir would be involved.

Their, um, their thirsts for payback didn’t just die with stephano. So we need to find out which one of them slowly, or, and we know the obvious place to start.

Why are he still looking for news Onia? There’s nothing on Orpheus’s death in the paper or online. Oh, well, maybe, and this is just coming from the top of my head. It’s because he hasn’t died, and that once again, you’ve taken your wishful thinking and transformed it into a full-blown Deus. Oh, you think you’re so smart,

No, I don’t think I’m so smart. It’s not that this is that. I think that you are very . Watch it. sensible. Tony Orpheus’s death is not a flight of fancy. I know for a fact that he was scheduled to be murdered in Statesville. What? Oh, I how That’s what you know that. Roman told me, and since he hasn’t called me to tell me it didn’t happen, Q e d, it happened and he asks, with dread hurrying God’s name with Roman now.

Well, that was pian on her deathbed. Kate could foresee that you guys might take revenge on office and told you not to. No, not from her jet bed. She told me from her earth,

I have a delivery outback I gotta sign for here. Help yourself tomorrow. Coffee.

No, I think I’m stimulated enough over me.

Looks like I got the place all to myself. Yeah, that’s right. I’m all along with the earn. Alone with an inanimate piece of Potter

through which your dear Kate has been communicating with us from the afterlife. No, my Lord, it’s just when I thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.

Well, my belief is that our husbands returned to their senses. Frightened the nick of time. Well, from your mouth to God’s ears now, maybe we should try to connect with them again. I could try to reach John, why don’t you try to connect with Roman first at work last time? Well, I suppose you mean I could give it a try?

Maybe the line’s still open. Maybe it would help us pass the time until Nick comes back and we find out that Jake talks him in to letting us return to our earthly bodies. Now they had problems in sound.

Those three women are still alive. Nick, both you and your boss know it. Yeah, but that’s a minor technicality. Really? Wow. I was just about to complete level 13 to hell with your video game. Yeah. It’s funny you mentioned the bad place because that is exactly where Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going, and there is nothing that you can do about that Angel boy.

You can’t steal the souls of three innocent women because you hold a grudge against one. There are rules. Not down here. Besides, I loathe and despise Will Horton. He sort of helped ruin my life. Marlene is his grandmother, Kayla’s his aunt, so that little cupcake’s gonna be mourning them for the rest of his life.

Okay. Okay. Let’s just do it like you did last time. Okay. Just focus and relax. Think about Roman, how much you love him, how, how happy you are with him. How much you miss him. Yeah. You can do this. We have faith in you. Okay. Just stop. Okay.

Ramen. Ramen. Could you hear me? Ramen. Well, I hope you don’t get offended. Little earn, but since you’re not holding up your end of the conversation, huh? You know, I’ll just look. Roman, are you there? Roman? It’s me. It’s Kate. I need to talk to you.

Okay. Hello? Uh, well, Roman stepped out for a. Can take a medicine

So Kate spoke to Roman from her own and told him to call off a murder plot. Don’t you dare start making fun of earns. You know how I feel about that? Oh, I wouldn’t dream of making fun of hers. I toured Europe in.

you think you’re so dry and so Dr. That I don’t understand and that your cynicism goes right over my head. . Well, I don’t think that someone who’s twin brother came back from the dead twice. Has any business scoffing at talking errs? I’m calling the pub. Oh, to say hi to Kate for me, I’m calling to see if Roman got to Steve and John to stop them from killing Orpheus.

Yeah, he did. We didn’t kill Orpheus, but now we know it was a Dememer who ultimately killed Kayla, Marlene and Kate, and we’re here to find out which one it was.

So you’re telling us that RFI has told you that someone’s stole the author from Kristen, right? That sounds so implausible. I mean, Kristen, it’s not like her to have lax security. Well, you don’t think that we had anything to do? I mean, John, you know how much we loved Marlena Of course. And she was like a second mother to my Carey, and we certainly didn’t have any issues with Kayla or Kate.

Michelle, you, but your just, just slow down here. No one is accusing the two of you of anything. And we’re not saying this had anything to do with Kayla or Marlena or Kate as individuals. There’s an active revenge, which you have to admit, kind of runs in your family. Well, Tony’s not like that and you know it.

Oh, I do know that Steve and I both know that there are exceptions to the rule. Tony, you’re one of them. We just came here to ask you for your help to figure out which Dara it was.

Yeah. Please don’t act like you haven’t done something similar. Okay? You and your team snatched Bo Brady’s soul from his body before he was all the way dead, right? Hey, that was a mistake and we corrected it, and I’m asking you to do the same thing for Kate and her friends. You seem to care a great deal for Kay.

I understand you too. Knew each other in the biblical way when you two were on Earth. Huh? I’m not advocating for these women just because Kate and I had an earthy relationship. This is about right and wrong. Oh, okay. So you want me to make some grand active contrition? Is that right? No. I want you to think about Julie.

What? Julie Williams, the one person, whoever saw a shred of good in you who stuck by you till the end now past the end. Julie Williams who says a prayer for the repose of your soul every night who every year lights a candle on the anniversary of your death. Yeah. Wow. Julie always was sentimental, . She always loved you.


what do you think? Julie’s gonna say when she joins us in heaven, and she realizes that even in the afterlife, and you are a nasty little man, that everybody was right about you and she was wrong. What do you think that is gonna do to her? Hmm.

But that’s right. You don’t care what anybody thinks about. Not even Jill Williams.

Paul. Paul Price, is that you? Yeah, it is me. And you are Kate? Yes, it’s Kate. Of course it’s Kate. What did you think? It was a robo. Oh, no. Need to get snippy with me. I’m mean, you not talking from an ear. It is a little disconcerting. Okay. Yes. Okay. I, I, I understand Paulina. I I need to talk to Roman. Is he there with you?

No, he stepped out. I can go get him. Wait, Paulina, I, I don’t know how much time I have left and I just, I need to get this message to Roman. Okay. It’s about, it’s about Orpheus. Did Roman, did they? No, no, no. They backed out of it. Office is still alive. Oh, thank God. Well, that is that why you reached out to ask about Oria.

Tell her, tell her what J said. Tell her. Tell her that he said that we were still alive. Try that part. Oh. Oh. So now you believe it. Oh, just tell her. Okay, honey, are you still there? Yes. Paulina. There’s a message that I need for you to get to Roman. It’s something that I think is going to be life changing for all of us.

Let me ask you this, given the fact that you were there to kill office, Don’t you think the sun revelation of a Mr. Damer could be something of a Hail Mary pass that’s from football? It means last ditch effort. Thanks. And you never put any stock into anything off officer said before this. Well, the fact is he told us that after we decided not to kill him.

Well, Kate will be so pleased to hear that, but he may be toying with you. Well, you know, at first I thought that. But I’ve known my little heart for years, so trust me when I say I’ve been toyed with this time, my gut says he was telling the truth. And that goes back to what I was saying before, it makes sense for a dememer to be involved.

Well, sadly, I see your point. I mean, some of the things Kristen has done are really mean, darling. Stephen John, don’t mean Kristen. What they’re saying is it’s a Demaris fault, which is what they always do. Uh, gentlemen, you know, you can believe whatever it is you want, but I’m not gonna help you in this witch hunt you want, aren’t your car?

Well, then I’ll have to ask you to leave. No, we’re not leaving. And if you don’t want to help, like John said, it’s your choice. But if you don’t, we’re gonna strip this Mali you call home right down to its foundation.

Juli isn’t wrong about you, Nick. You’re just what? Traumatized. Redeemable, please. You don’t end up where I ended up because you were misunderstood. Okay? I really am that bad. I read your file. Pretty terrible thing happened to you and no one seemed to care. You can say it down here, Jake, right? Ray. I was raped.

I was raped because you really did love Gavin. You were gonna care for her just like you were really gonna care for that little girl and you loved her. You were always trying to make things work. Don’t do this. Okay? It was bad enough having to live that life. I don’t need to hear it recap. No, but you need to think about it.

And you need to see how one bad decision kept leading to another and another. And you tried to control own every woman you ever loved, and they would slip away, everybody, I don’t need to hear this. And the whole time, Julie Williams never stopped loving you. She would’ve done anything. And not once did you give her a reason for all that love, but it is not too late.

Nick, do this one Good thing.

Do it for Julie.

Well, it would be an understatement to say, you have my attention. Okay. Paulina first. Tell Roman. Have, we’re all a lot. Uh, Kate. Say that again. You’re still what? Sorry, Kate dropped. Call Kate. I, well, I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up. You’re still, you’re still what? I’m afraid calls to earth are not allowed.

Okay. Well, we have to tell Roman and others that we’re still alive. I see. You took Jake at his word. Why wouldn’t we? Where is he anyway? Right here. Were you able to talk him into it? Are you gonna school home?

Okay. You broke up.

Hello, honey, you still in there?

Hold in there. What going on? I was talking to Kate and then just like that, she went all crackly and then she just stopped talking. Like she hung up, hung up. Oh. Well I guess if you’re talking from an ear, you wouldn’t say hung up, would you? So let’s just say she abruptly stopped talking to me. But you know what?

I don’t. I don’t. Think it was her choice, you know? Um, because she was trying to tell me something so I could tell you, and I could tell it was something really important. Urgent. What was it? Well, that’s what I’m saying. She didn’t get that far. See, she was in the middle of saying, tell Roman we still, and then she went crackly as if someone or something didn’t want me to hear the end of that.

You said it was urgent? Yeah. Well, you know, it’s not like she was calling from beyond the grave to say that, you know, they still waiting on their rooms or you know that there was a sale on hell or whatever. Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Roman. I’m sorry. Oh, I, I shouldn’t be making jokes, . Oh, but you know this, this really is, you know, there’s no word.

There’s no word for what it is, worthful. I know, I know, I know, I know. All right, calm back. Okay. Take a deep breath.

She was asking about, And I told her that you stopped. You stopped John and Steve and that they didn’t kill him. And oh, and Roman sh she was, that made her real happy. Good, good. I’m really glad you were able to tell her that. Me too. She was very worried about it. Okay, so the last thing she said was, tell him we’re still, then it went crackly.

What was she trying to tell me?

So, Nick, you gonna tell him, or should I just tell us? Well, the, the fact is there. There was a, a small slip up and, uh, in fact, perhaps your souls were harvested slightly prematurely. So, so Jake was telling the truth, and why are you admitting that? Yeah, you’re not exactly the type to come clean, so you’re going to let us go home.

Let’s just say Jake appealed to my better nature, which while rarely experienced. It does exist. Shall we get to go home? Yeah. And incidentally, you, uh, you shouldn’t remember any of this when you get back. Yeah. Well, I’m okay with that. I just wanna see my husband and family. Sorry to interrupt, but just a, a small point of clarification.

When I say home, I mean back to earth. So what happens with your souls when they’re reunited with your bodies really has nothing to do with us. I mean, you could find your way to the people that you love, or you could die instantly and end up right back here. So you need to decide if you’re willing to, to take that risk.

I am. And so say real

suit yourself. All you gotta do. Lets walk through those doors and your souls are re into your bodies. Let’s do it. Yes.

So it seems to me the only dememer who lives here who might have a motive would be ej. Even though you just trashed his room, you didn’t find. Now Tony, the boys were actually very neat. You know, Kate knew that it was Lucas that kidnapped Samantha, yet she just let him twist in the wind. It is tic way of saying that Kate let EJ go to prison even though she knew, Hmm, that a drunken son committed the crime.

Tony, alcoholism is a disease. Ste always said revenge was a dish best served cold. Can EJ listen to every word his old man said? Even if his wild speculation was. And skipping the fact that Kate exonerated, ej finally, Chad was just as guilty as Kate was. I mean, Chad testified against my brother and his brother, and EJ didn’t even go after him.

And Marlena was his kid’s grandmother and Taylor’s there. Great aunt. No, you he wouldn’t do that to his kids. Thank you. And he can’t be Johnny. No. He was bereft when his grandmother, Marlena passed and Chad was too. Kate was like a second mother to him. Okay, so let’s talk Stephan. Oh, he’s definitely sleazy enough.

Oh, now? Now, okay. I know no one wants to dread her up the past, especially now, poor Abigail is gone. But the fact that Stephan slept with her knowing full well that she wasn’t at her right mind. Well, that’s pretty damn sleazy. Okay. I agree. But under the heading. You know, people really can change for the better, which I do believe STE has.

Well, he’s been a lot more decent since he died and came back. And of course now he’s all caught up with Chloe and Gavin. Can we just stop dredging up at just the on point here Now, are there any more D mirrors floating around out there other than the ones we’ve covered here in Salem? Well, heavens say you can’t think it’s young.

She didn’t have a motive and Theo wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s Stephen Hawk. No Benji’s son would never do anything to hurt Kayla. I know. I know Peter Blake well. He’s as lethal as he is dreamy.

Well, if you, if you like the strapping, hairy tie, but I personally like the Suave and Dier type myself. God knows that Peter Blake doesn’t have one redeeming quality, but he also doesn’t have a motive,

seems has gone through the whole family tree. Unless of course you wanna resurrect Father or Andre. Don’t even joke about.

Well, it seems that you’ve run out of Damaris.

Actually, no, no. There is one Damari we haven’t talked about yet.

I’m sorry, I, I couldn’t hear what I did. Kate was trying to tell me, but at least she knows that you stopped. You stopped Steven John from killing office. Right. And now, so now she can really rest in peace. Well that makes one of us, meaning I won’t rest in peace till I find out who did this to. And Kayla and Marlay.

But you do know it was obvious with a big assist from Kristen Orpheus claims it was another Dememer who stole the orchid from Kristen. Did he happen to mention that Dara’s first name? No, but that’s what John and Steve are trying to find out. So what are you two getting at? We’ve literally listed every living member of the family.

There are no more Demaris out. Unless you two know something, we don’t.

What’s that? That they say down on earth? Alls well that ends well. Hmm. Except for them, it’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. I just pray that their souls find their way back to. And to their families. Yeah, me too. You really mean that what you said. Uh, it’s sort of got to me only. Don’t tell anyone. Got an image To maintain be our secret.

Oh, and Nick, thank you. You are worthy opponent. Hmm. I look forward to locking horns with you again. Well, I don’t have horns, but, uh, maybe we’ll lock wings. . Yeah. Whatever.

None of them thought twice about walking through those doors, did they? No. Now I hope they don’t wake up to a fate worse than. Dammit. Answer her. What aren’t you telling us? Did father have yet another illegitimate child?

Who is this new relation? No, this one isn’t new.

She’s been around for a while. Your sister Megan, at the.

Well, finally, the three sleeping beautiesre  aawake.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Y&R Transcript Friday, February 24, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Door opens ]

Diane: [ Gasps ]

Jack: Hey. What’s wrong?

Jeremy: Detective. You on a coffee break or off the clock?

Chance: I heard you managed to get out somehow. You want to explain what you’re doing back in genoa city?

Jeremy: You’re not worried, are you? Because I’m not here to cause trouble for you or the gcpd. And I’m certainly not harboring any hard feelings about that false arrest. I don’t blame you for that.

Chance: Well, that’s real big of you, stark, given there was credible evidence.

Jeremy: Yeah. And you were just as much a victim of the setup as I was. You were duped by the planted evidence, and you were only taking orders from the chicago police department. Isn’t diane’s new protector, jack abbott, also your wife’s uncle? Families shouldn’t be playing so dirty, right? Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hit a sore spot? And abbott — well, he isn’t your family anymore, is he? And I heard through the rumor mill that ms. Newman is now your ex-wife.

[ Sighs ]

Heather: Okay, and you gathered a lot of gifts.

Lucy: I think have everything.

Heather: Do we need to buy a new suitcase?

Lucy: I don’t think so.

Heather: Lucky duck.

Lucy: I am, like, a really good packer.

Heather: Can you help me?

Lucy: Sure.

Heather: Can I outsource my packing?

Lucy: [ Giggles ]

Daniel: There’s my two favorite people.

Lucy: Hi, dad.

Daniel: Hey. I’m glad I got a chance to see you before you head back to lisbon. How was your visit with paul and christine?

Lucy: It was good.

Heather: Of course you would say that. They spoiled her rotten. But now vacation time has come to an end, and it is back to work and school for us girls.

Daniel: Hey, look, I totally understand. The two of you have full lives.

Heather: You have a pretty full life, too. You’re building something new and wonderful here in genoa city. That’s — that’s really something to be proud of.

Daniel: Thank you. I hope you know that, um, I wish nothing but happiness for you.

Heather: I appreciate that. And, truly, I want the same for you, too.

Nate: I am so glad we were able to catch this quick meal together before your late-night shift.

Elena: Yes. Take-out for dinner was a smart idea, and it was sweet of you to get all my favorites, even though you had to go to two different places to do it.

Nate: I wanted to do something special for you. You know, we need to grab these moments when we can. I’ve got to head back out soon myself.

Elena: Yeah? You going back to the office?

Nate: Yeah, but I want to make a stop first. I asked lily to meet me at society.

Elena: Lily? That’s surprising, considering all the tension between you two. What’s the topic?

Nate: Devon.

Elena: Devon? Well, devon lives right across the hall, so if you have something to discuss with him, why not walk over and knock instead of going to lily?

Nate: Because I sense a major showdown looming between her and devon.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Hey, pretty lady.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: What are you doing back here?

Abby: Mwah! Well, dominic is with louise, so I thought maybe the two of us could go grab a bite to eat.

Devon: Oh, man. That sounds great, but I have way too much work to do. I got to get these documents together for christine.

Abby: Well, I’m sure she doesn’t need them immediately. Come on. Take a break. God only knows you need it.

Devon: That’s not an option, though. She does need them immediately. I told her I’d get them to her as soon as possible. And you know this is a priority.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Yes, I know it’s a priority, but… look, I’m just trying to distract you from all the stress that you’re under. You haven’t been eating well or sleeping. You can’t keep this up. I’m worried that you’re pushing yourself too hard.

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Diane: I’m — I’m fine now. I’m just a little on edge. I was upstairs, and I heard the doorbell ring. And then by the time I got down here, somebody had just dropped this off.

Jack: No return address, no postage, no anything.

Diane: Yeah, someone just left it. You know, at first I thought it was for harrison, but then after seeing my name, those smiley faces became a bit more ominous.

Jack: You think this is from stark?

Diane: Yeah, it’s just like jeremy. You know, it’s one of his sick little games.

Jack: Well, if this is from him, this is a pretty juvenile attempt to scare you.

Diane: Well, clowns are juvenile, too, but it doesn’t mean I want to watch a horror movie about one. No, he is twisted and he is dangerous and he loves inflicting misery and that’s why I haven’t opened it.

Jack: You think he would send something that could harm you?

Diane: Well, I have no idea at this point. But, jack, we did get the man arrested, and he’s out again already, so who knows what he’s going to do for revenge?

Jack: You can’t let him get under your skin. That’s just what he’s expecting.

Diane: I know. I know. And I hate that I’m feeling threatened by him again.

Jack: Trust me, you are safe here with me. Security is always on standby. I can alert them to be more vigilant.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: I am not going to allow that man to insinuate himself into our psyches again.

Chance: What game you trying to play, stark?

Jeremy: Hey, I’m just trying to have an idle conversation here, okay? I didn’t know I struck a nerve. Large coffee to go, please. Thank you.

Chance: Let me make one thing very clear to you. My personal life is none of your damn concern. You got it? Now, as for this claim that you were set up, as you just pointed out, the crime took place outside my jurisdiction. So, if you have any complaints about how the case was handled, take it up with chicago P.D. Go play victim with them.

Jeremy: Well, I’m out of jail now, and the case didn’t hold up long enough for an indictment, so I don’t want to talk another minute about that fiasco. But you — you seem to be dealing with intense frustration.

Chance: Don’t act like you know me.

Jeremy: I did a little check-up on you, and I got to tell you, you’re one hell of a detective. Your background is quite impressive. The long history of law enforcement and your service to your country indicates that you’ve — that you’ve given your life to upholding law and order. Now, you must have been livid when you realized that one of genoa city’s so-called upstanding citizens, jack abbott, used you that way.

Chance: You know what I find odd? That you would come back here, given how your last visit turned out. Now, I can only assume that you’re here for one reason, and that’s to cause more trouble. And it is my job, stark, to warn you that that would be a very bad idea.

Jeremy: Hey, take it easy, detective. I don’t intend to do anything of the sort. I’m just here to enjoy the warmth and the — thank you — generosity of your lovely little city.

Devon: I’ve just been worried about this lawsuit and the potential damage that it’s gonna do to my company or to my relationship with lily ’cause i know it’s a big risk to go to court.

Abby: I just wish that lily could see what this suit is doing to you. It’s eating you alive.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t think it would make a difference ’cause she’s only worried about money right now and losing a valuable commodity, so…

Abby: [ Scoffs ] And that commodity is you, your sibling bond. I just wish the two of you could —

Devon: I know. I know. Believe me, I — I just need to get control of my company first, and then I can worry about fixing our relationship.

Abby: But what if it’s too late?

Elena: I still don’t understand why you need to talk to lily about devon.

Nate: I can’t help feeling kind of guilty about what’s been happening. Maybe my actions or the accusations I aimed at devon set this whole battle in motion.

Elena: How so?

Nate: I was the first to point out that devon didn’t want to share leadership of his company with anyone. Lily didn’t see it at first, but I think she finally started to notice those same signs. And now, if there’s conflict between the two of them over leadership of chancellor-winters, I can’t help feeling somewhat responsible for lighting that fuse.

Elena: Yeah, but you’re basing all of this on a rumor. And I think you know you can’t rely on that.

Nate: There’s something else.

Elena: I’m listening.

Nate: I saw christine leaving devon’s earlier, and it didn’t look like a social call. So that’s why I think I should talk with lily and see if there’s anything I can do to help diffuse the situation.

Elena: I’m sorry, nate, but this sounds like a terrible idea.

Heather: Excuse me. I need to call a car to take us to the airport. So, I’ll be right back.

Daniel: [ Sighs ]

Lucy: I can’t believe you’re wearing it.

Daniel: Yeah, it makes me feel closer to you. I hope you know how much our talk meant to me. It’s a big deal that you felt like you could be honest about how my actions in savannah hurt and upset you.

Lucy: We don’t have to get into all that again. I feel better now that I had the chance to tell you.

Daniel: Well, let’s keep up that communication. I meant it. I meant it when I promised that we could have more talks and video chats anytime. And, um, you know, maybe when you’re ready, we could plan another visit? It could be here, there, anywhere you want. No pressure, by the way. It’s all on your timetable. Just… how does that sound?

Lucy: Good.

Daniel: I-I want you to always be able to talk to me, even if it means calling me out. Although hopefully in the future, you know, the only things you have to complain about are my dad jokes and my fashion faux pas.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] I’ll be sure to let you know.

Daniel: Good. ‘Cause I’m determined to earn your trust back and my place in your life.

Lucy: Will you share your princess louisa game with me while you’re working on it? Maybe I could even be part of the team that tests it out?

Daniel: I would like that a lot.

Lucy: I have a feeling you’re waiting to see if it’s okay to hug me.

Daniel: [ Laughs ] Yeah. Uh, you know, I didn’t want to push — oh. [ Chuckles ] Whoa.

Heather: The car will be here in a minute, so… we should probably get going.

Lucy: I’ll call you. We can video-chat when I get home. From maybelline new york

Nate: Why would you think talking to lily is a bad idea? You were the one pushing me to smooth things over with devon. You even conspired with abby to get devon and me to spend christmastime together.

Elena: Yes, abby and I tried to do everything that we could to help heal your family. Or at least put some of those negative feelings aside.

Nate: And it worked, for a moment. It gave us a chance to remember the love and the deep family history we share. And for a moment, it felt like we were starting to repair things little by little. But, elena, that feels like a lifetime ago. Devon and I are cousins who act more like strangers. I mean, we live across the hall from each other, and we hardly speak. How much longer can that go on?

Elena: Nate, I would love for this family feud to end, too. But I really think you need to consider that you might be doing more harm than good. Whatever your cousins are going through, that is their business.

Nate: But they’re my family. I can’t sit back and watch them be ripped apart like this.

Elena: I really hope you reconsider.

Nate: Elena, I just have this gut feeling that my mother would want me to do anything I could to stop this. Trust me. This is something I have to do.

Devon: Listen, I hear you, but this lawsuit has to resolve itself before I can think about doing anything else. And I can’t turn back now, you know, ’cause lily and I — we’ve pleaded our cases to each other and neither one of us want to budge. So the lines have been drawn.

Abby: There just has to be another way to resolve this.

Devon: If you know one, tell me, honestly, ’cause I don’t know what else to do. But I know that family is as important to you as it is to me, which is why I’m fighting so hard to protect this company that belongs to our family. Lily’s fighting for a company that she just runs. She’s not even connected to it.

Abby: Look, I get it. And I know that this runs deep. I see how much pain it’s causing you, but… look, I support you no matter what. I just wish that it wasn’t so hostile.

Devon: I know. I do, too. And I thank you for that. But I also appreciate you being honest with me, and I like that you can call me out when you think I need to hear something.

Abby: Well, we’ve always been that for each other.

Devon: I know that. That’s why I trust you more than anybody else in my life.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Abby: [ Sighs ] Sorry. That is a meeting that I have to get to. Um, I have to go.

Devon: That’s alright. Don’t apologize at all. But, listen, I will take your advice, and I promise I will rest and take care of myself.

Abby: Good. I care about you. That’s all I was trying to say.

[ Both laugh ]

Diane: So, how are we going to deal with jeremy this time? I won’t have you engaging in any more nefarious plots against him. Our last attempt to get him out of our lives caused so much tension between kyle and summer, and I won’t go through that again or bring any more danger to this family, especially now that I’m living here.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jack: Chance. What a surprise.

Chance: May I come in?

Jack: Please.

Diane: Hello, chance.

Chance: Oh, great. You’re both here. This will save me a trip. Well, I wanted to come by today to tell you that I ran into jeremy stark. Now, I assume that you’ve heard he’s out of prison. Well, now he’s back in town, as well. And I got the feeling he’s got his mind set on causing all kinds of problems.

Jack: We’ve already crossed paths with him, but thank you for the warning.

Chance: Actually, jack, this warning goes both ways.

Jack: Meaning what?

Chance: Well, as much as i think stark is trouble, I could not deny his suspicions about this burglary case ring true. And this whole thing has left me with a very bad taste. So I will be watching stark, but I will also be watching you, toO. I’ve warned him, and now I’m warning you. If you have any ideas about handling stark yourselves, don’T. Don’t even think about it.

Elena: Abby.

Abby: Hi.

Elena: Hey. I’m glad I ran into you. I was actually thinking about calling you.

Abby: Really? You were? Why?

Elena: It’s about devon and nate. You have a minute to chat?

Abby: Um, you know what? Actually, I was gonna go to a meeting, but, um, I can postpone it. If there is any way I can help mend relationships in devon’s family, I would love to help. I thought the two of us made some headway at christmas.

Elena: Yeah, me too, but i guess that stalled, and now I’m a little concerned that nate’s about to make things much worse. #1 isn’t a status earned overnight.

Phyllis: Hey, I saw heather and lucy on their way to the airport.

Daniel: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: I guess you said your goodbyes.

Daniel: Yep.

Phyllis: Hey, I know what it’s like to be distant from your child. I really do. Physically and emotionally. Oh, it is brutal. It is so brutal. Hey, but at least they’ve seen how you’ve turned your life around. They don’t have to hear about it from portugal. They saw it firsthand.

Daniel: That’s not much comfort.

Phyllis: They will come around. Definitely lucy will because that bond with family — boy, that is strong, especially the bond between parent and child. That is so strong. That can withstand anything.

Daniel: Are you talking about me and lucy, hmm? Or is this about you, as usual?

Abby: Okay, so, what’s going on with nate? Why does he have you so worried?

Elena: Well, apparently, nate heard a rumor from a former colleague at chancellor-winters that there’s been a lot of tension between devon and lily. So he’s decided to put himself in the middle of whatever they’re going through.

Abby: Oh, no.

Elena: Yeah. So I was hoping you’d be able to shed some light onto what’s going on so I have some idea what nate’s walking into.

Abby: Look, I’m worried about devon, too. I just… I really don’t want to betray his confidence.

Elena: I understand. And maybe I’m overstepping by coming to you. I was just thinking if there’s a chance for us to prevent any worse family rupture, then we should do everything that we can.

Abby: Well, I guess this is all gonna be public knowledge soon enough. Devon is suing chancellor-winters to regain control of his company.

Nate: Thanks for coming. I wasn’t sure you’d show up.

Lily: Yeah, I wasn’t so sure myself. So, how are things at newman?

Nate: I’m starting to settle in. The work is interesting.

Lily: Oh! That’s amazing.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, it’s, uh — it’s challenging, though. But I feel like I’m up for it. So, uh, what about you? How are things on your end?

Lily: Yeah. You know what? I can’t do this small talk, so I’m gonna go back to work.

Nate: Lily, wait, wait, wait. I-I didn’t call you here to talk about work. I wanted to see you because we’re family and so I can ask you about how things are going with devon.

Lily: What about devon?

Nate: Well, I saw christine leaving his place, and from what I could tell, it didn’t look like she was there to have coffee or visit dom. And I’ve been hearing rumors that there’s tension going on in the company. Listen, I’m worried, and I — and I’m hoping I could help.

Lily: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: Believe me, chance, stark is the one you want to be watching. Diane found this at our front door today. We are convinced it’s another attempt on his part to play mind games with us.

Chance: [ Sighs ] Okay. I see you didn’t open it.

Jack: I have no intention of opening it. I can’t imagine there’s anything of significance here. This is a cheap provocation, and we’re not going to buy into his garbage.

Chance: Damn it, jack, this is exactly what I’m talking about. If you think that stark sent this to you, why didn’t you notify the police? Why is it just sitting in your living room?

Diane: Well, I didn’t think it was anything harmful. Direct violence doesn’t seem to be what jeremy has in mind.

Chance: And what you think he intends?

Diane: Well, I get the feeling that this is some sort of slow psychological torture. He wants to keep us guessing about what his next move is. But you know what? I’m not — I’m not playing that game. I-I can’t take it. I want to know now.

Chance: No, no! Stop! Stop!

[ Sighs ] I’m managing my high blood pressure,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Just between us,

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Jeremy always did love a good mystery novel. “The invisible heist,” one of his favorites, about a jewel thief.

Chance: Clever of him.

Diane: Yeah, it’s one of his sick little games.

Chance: Okay, listen to me. If this man is as dangerous as you seem to think, you need to bring something like this to us. I mean, damn, what is the point of being a cop if everyone in this town is just gonna run around and do whatever the hell they want? It’s unbelievable. It is not your job to figure out his next move. Do you understand me? Now, if he does anything else, if he sends any more mysterious packages, anything, you let us handle it. No engaging, no more games, nothing preemptive. Understood? I assume you have security on call, yeah?

Jack: Yes.

Chance: Great. Now, if he makes a definitive threat, if he does anything credibly dangerous, we can provide you with extra protection, but you have to promise me to let us deal with him.

Diane: The last thing I want is for jeremy to know that I’m working with the police again.

Chance: I don’t care! I don’t care! Alert me if he crosses the line. Is that clear?

[ Sighs ]

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

[ Door closes ] Come on. By the time jeremy makes another real threat, it’ll be too late for chance or the police department or anybody else to intervene.

Phyllis: This isn’t about me. I know that. Um… listen, I’m — I’m just telling you, as a parent, I understand. I empathize.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ] You know, the only reason you empathize is because you’ve been screwing up as a parent lately. So, I’m sorry if I see your empathy as a not-so-subtle message for me to forgive you for meddling in my life. I’m just supposed to overlook the fact that you flew thousands of miles to go and butt in where you weren’t wanted after i specifically told you not to.

Phyllis: Listen, I-I realize the way that you’re acting toward me is just a reaction to losing heather and lucy. But I want you to know that i can take it, alright? I can take the brunt of your anger because that’s what mothers do.

Daniel: Oh, wow. Wow. Who are you, huh? Saint phyllis all of a sudden? Oh, my god. The way that you literally cannot think about anyone or anything else is getting so old. You can’t even admit that what you did was wrong, can you? No, I didn’t think so. Yes, I am hurt. Yes, I am in pain. But part of that is because of you. You just can’t see it, can you? It’s sad.

Jeremy: Mnh, mnh, mnh. That is sad. I feel for you, phyllis. I really do. It’s pretty rough being attacked from all sides.

Elena: Wow. Suing chancellor-winters is a drastic move.

Abby: Look, I don’t want to get into the specifics, but lily and devon both feel like the other is being unreasonable, and I’m just really worried that this is gonna get ugly.

Elena: Yeah, me too. Devon and lily’s relationship has been rock-solid since I’ve known them. I would hate for them to lose that.

Abby: But now I have to ask. What’s nate up to that has you so worried?

Elena: [ Sighs ] He’s convinced that he can mediate or smooth things over by talking to lily.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I wish. No, lily and I both tried to talk to devon. We tried to get him to accept a compromise, but he wouldn’t do it. So now lily has her heels dug in, just like devon does.

Elena: Yeah, they’re both incredibly stubborn.

Abby: I wish there was a way that nate could help repair the relationship between his cousins, but I’m just afraid that he could also make things a lot worse.

Lily: Nate, I am not gonna sit here and speculate about christine and devon with you because it’s none of your business.

Nate: Lily, this is not about business. This is strictly about family. I can’t help but feel guilty about some of the things I’ve been hearing, the accusations i leveled at devon about him not being able to let go of his partnership with neil.

Lily: I’m sorry. Do you think that by trying to magically fix things that all of a sudden you’re gonna be forgiven?

Nate: I know it’s not that simple, but —

Lily: Listen to me. You betrayed your own family, so you are no longer my family. So, whatever is going on between devon and me is none of your business, so stay out of it. My mental health was much better,

Devon: What’s going on, guys?

Lily: What — I’m —

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. Is this your doing? Are you trying to call us both here so that you can try to play hero and mediate after you betrayed both of us?

Nate: Hold on. I had no clue he was coming here, and I certainly didn’t invite him.

Lily: Okay, you know what?

Nate: But since both of you —

Lily: Nope, nope, nope. You guys can talk. I’m getting out of here.

Devon: Hang on a second. Hang on one second. I didn’t come here to talk to him. I don’t know what this is about. I have nothing to say to him after what he did to us.

Lily: I find it really ironic that you find yourself superior to nate because he betrayed us when that’s exactly what you are doing by trying to take back hamilton-winters. It’s selfish, and it’s the exact opposite of what dad would have wanted.

Devon: You never even did business with neil the way i did.

Lily: Really? Well, you know what I do know? He would have wanted us to solve this as a family and not fight it out in court.

Devon: Okay, stop fighting me then.

Nate: Hold on, you two. Hey, look, it’s getting a little out of hand, okay?

Lily: Nate, stay out of it. It is none of your business.

[ Sighs ] I’m done.

Jack: I hate that stark was released so quickly. I hate that he’s back in town so soon. Most of all, I hate that he has you unsettled all over again.

Diane: I am concerned that his return has stirred up all kinds of trouble, especially chance’s suspicions about us.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: I have a thought.

Diane: No. Whatever it is, the answer is no. I don’t want you taking this on. I won’t let you. And you heard what chance said. We can’t try to handle jeremy on our own, especially now, after we’ve been warned.

Jack: You’re right. You’re right. But hear me out. What if we just removed ourselves as targets? I mean, just until we find out how to deal with stark, what if we just short-circuited his whole psy-ops game by going away?

Diane: Where?

Jack: A secret trip. Just the two of us. We turn this whole ordeal into a romantic getaway. What do you say?

Phyllis: I’m not interested in your pity, okay? Especially when it comes to my son.

Jeremy: Fair enough. Why don’t we keep our focus on diane then?

Phyllis: Okay, I have no interest in aligning with you and whatever scheme you have planned that you came back in town to execute. See, it may seem like I’m at my breaking point to you… but I am not. And, yeah, it does bother me that diane has conned so many people in town and they believe she’s an angel, while I keep on getting in trouble for trying to take her down.

Jeremy: My, diane really gets under your skin.

Phyllis: When it seems like i don’t have options is when i double down. And I don’t need someone like you to help me. I know how to get what I want.

Jeremy: Hmm. How about… I could offer you a plan that would guarantee bringing diane down and at the same time giving you an escape from all the blame and hate that you’ve been receiving all the time now, even from your own son. I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. Who says you have to spend more on skincare

Phyllis: I don’t need an escape from anything. My relationships with people in my life that matter are just fine. I don’t need you. Keep your schemes to yourself. I’m not interested.

Jeremy: Right. And you keep telling yourself that.

Diane: I like the sound of that — a romantic getaway — but do you really think we can escape?

Jack: Sure we can.

Diane: Jack, even if we go someplace that jeremy can’t find us, he’s — he’s already gotten into my head.

Jack: Stark can only rattle us if we allow it. I am not going to let him rain on our happiness. Hey, trust me. I will handle everything.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Devon: I just came here to get a drink, but I don’t really like the atmosphere, so I’m gonna excuse myself.

Nate: Devon, wait. Is it true you’re trying to break up chancellor-winters?

Devon: That’s none of your business.

Nate: Well, this is gonna piss you off even more because it is my business. Someone needs to talk some sense into both you and lily.

Devon: Is that right? Is that gonna be you?

Nate: Well, since you both are already mad at me, I figured I have nothing left to lose in trying. So I’m gonna say my piece because you have something amazing with chancellor-winters. Neil wouldn’t want you to destroy that or your bond.

Devon: You don’t get to talk to me about neil ’cause you barely knew him. So, the next time you have something to say about neil, keep it to yourself.

[ Door closes ]

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: Hi. Sorry, I don’t really feel like talking right now.

Daniel: Yeah. That’s good. That’s fine. I don’t really feel like talking right now, either. Is it okay if we don’t talk in the same place, though? ‘Cause, you know, being here gives me a sense of peace that i could really use after the day i had.

Lily: Sure.

[ Breathes deeply ] Actually, if you don’t mind, i kind of could use someone to talk to right now.

Daniel: Yeah. I can do that. I can at least listen.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

Lily: Why is family so hard?

Daniel: [ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] Nope. Sorry. I don’t have any answers for that at the moment.

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Devon: Like I said on the phone, you got 30 minutes to say whatever you want to say to me. And try not to lie.

Tucker: So, I’m here with a proposition that could change your life.

Adam: And if you’re telling me the truth, that you have a huge opportunity and you’re not just stringing me along, I would like to hear your plan right now.

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Kyle: Surprise.

Summer: What’s all this?

Kyle: I was hoping you would join me for lunch.

Sally: If I hadn’t had you here with me, I don’t know what I would have done.

Nick: Well, you’re just lucky I was in the neighborhood. Are you ready to talk about what happened after you told him?

Sally: There’s really not much to say. I didn’t really give adam much of a chance to weigh in.

Nick: [ Sighs ] How did he react?

Sally: Um…

[ Chuckles ] He was stunned as all hell. That’s for sure.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. He tried talking about how he wanted us to get back together. You know, so the baby could have a family, but I told him that that wasn’t going to happen. You know, I think by the end, he started to understand that this didn’t change anything between us, that I wanted him to be a part of the baby’s life. That’s it.

Nick: Well, understand doesn’t mean accept.

Sally: Yeah, I know you’re right. I mean, I think it’s going to take some time to come to grips with all this. It’s been hard for even me to take in. And we’ve had each other.

Nick: Yeah. Adam’s more of a loner. He doesn’t have that support system.

Sally: Yeah. I guess we’re going to have to see what happens when he gets over the shock.

Billy: Thank you.

Chelsea: Everything is wrong? Well, I believe there’s more good in the world than that.

Adam: Well, I’m glad one of us does.

Chelsea: You seemed a little preoccupied after we finished helping connor with his homework. Adam, I meant what I said. You deserve happiness.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] The universe clearly thinks otherwise.

Chelsea: Okay, let me guess. Let me guess. You got a phone call from sally, and then you took off. So, I’m guessing this has something to do with her.

Adam: Look. You have enough on your plate. I-I don’t want you to take on my burdens, as well.

Chelsea: Hey, you helped me through one of the darkest times of my life. I’m doing well now, partly because of you. Let me return the favor.

Adam: Really, I-I appreciate your concern, chels.

Chelsea: Great. Okay, so you’ll tell me what’s going on? Adam, come on. Sometimes you just got to get things out. It’s unhealthy. You can’t bury everything inside.

Adam: I-I do need someone to talk to. Are you free to go on a walk with me?

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Kyle: For you. I know I’m in the doghouse still — for good reason.

Summer: Is this some kind of bribe?

Kyle: Peace offering. Look — I know I have a lot to make up for, and I don’t expect one lunch to make everything right between us. But we have to start somewhere, and we both got to eat.

Summer: I just came home to pick up some reports that I was making notes on last night. I have back-to-back meetings this afternoon.

Kyle: Please don’t say no.

Summer: Kyle… I asked you to give me some time.

Kyle: Now I’m asking for the same thing — time together, an hour to ourselves, without interruptions, where you can enjoy your favorite chicken salad, sparkling ros√© while I plead, grovel, beg, attempt to be mildly entertaining and generally throw myself at your mercy.

Summer: This wasn’t some silly fight that’s going to be solved with a few “I’m sorries.”

Kyle: I promise to be charming, as well as contrite. Look — whether you stay or go, I’m going to keep apologizing until you hear me. I overstepped with victor. And I own that. But, worse yet, I lied to you about it. And that is unacceptable. I thought I could control the situation, protect jabot, and benefit from the results. It wasn’t till I saw the effect it was having on the people I loved the most that I was able to overcome my foolish pride and admit that I made a mistake.

Summer: Chicken salad, huh?

Kyle: With sliced red grapes and walnuts on a fresh croissant with that triple-cream brie you love. And for dessert, your favorite citrus tart.

Summer: All washed down with some sparkling rosé? You really think of everything.

Kyle: I try.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Summer: Something important?

Kyle: Your grandfather.

Chelsea: I have a therapy session, but it’s not for a while, and the sitter is coming early, actually. So, yeah, I can go on a walk with you.

Adam: Great.

Chelsea: Let me just talk to billy real fast. Hey?

Billy: Two hot chocolates, extra marshmallows. I remembered this time.

Chelsea: So, adam’s going through something. He kind of needs somebody to talk to. And I think I’m the only person he can confide in right now. So, I’m just going to go on a quick walk with him.

Billy: Sure. Great. No problem. I will drink these by myself.

Chelsea: I’m sorry.

Billy: It’s no problem at all, but next time these are on you.

Chelsea: Deal. And I’ll come find you later.

Billy: Sounds good.

Chelsea: Okay.

Sally: Maybe it’s time that we face the other side of this. You know, where this puts you and me.

Nick: I don’t know what you mean. I’ve told you our relationship and this baby are two different things. One doesn’t affect the other.

Sally: I know that you said that. But that was before we were certain that this baby isn’t yours. You know, we’ve been so caught up in my worries and fears. But what about how you feel?

Nick: It’s not an issue.

Sally: Yes, it is. I hate being so self-absorbed that I’ve been neglecting you.

Nick: It’s fine, really.

Sally: Look, you might have believed that this baby’s paternity wouldn’t make a difference. But…I don’t know. Maybe that’s changed, now that you’re having to deal with the truth? Deep down in your heart, with all the realities out on the table, how do you really feel about this? I’m managing my high blood pressure,

Billy: Hey, there. Brought you and your co-ceo a hot chocolate. That’s right. I’m sorry. He doesn’t work here anymore. Yep. Well, hopefully the warm beverage will help ease the pain, knowing that it was a colossal mistake hiring adam in the first place.

Jack: If you’re through giving me grief, I got a few fires to put out here. So, unless you’ve come here to offer yourself as adam’s replacement, your lighthearted sarcasm is not welcome right now.

Billy: Ha ha! Very funny, jack. As if you would ever consider hiring me as your co-ceo.

Jack: You know what? If you sincerely wanted it, I would.

Chelsea: You ready to tell me what’s wrong?

Adam: Um, sally just informed me that she’s pregnant.

Chelsea: What? Oh. Adam, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize she and nick were so serious.

Adam: Well, that’s the thing. Um, nick’s not the father. I am.

Chelsea: Oh. Wow. Uh, that’S…

Adam: I know.

Chelsea: So, is she still seeing nick? Are they still seeing each other?

Adam: Oh, I assume so. And before you ask, I don’t think this is going to be enough for him to walk away, especially now when it’s another opportunity to stick it to me.

Chelsea: I thought you two were getting along better.

Adam: Yeah, we were, for about 5 minutes. And then we both came to our senses.

Chelsea: I’m sorry to hear that.

Adam: Yeah. Well…

Chelsea: I was hoping it would last longer this time. I hate seeing you so bitter.

Adam: Well, hell, yeah, I’m bitter. I mean, nick is so damn entitled. He takes and he takes and he takes. I mean, I may be the kid’s biological father, but he gets the woman. He gets the family, the cushy job at newman, all that day-to-day time with my newest child, with the woman that I love during the most special and intimate time imaginable. Not to mention, he’s already raising christian, which is something that I stupidly agreed to. When is enough enough for the guy?

Nick: You know, when we got the paternity results, I was disappointed. So, I’ve just been trying real hard not to feel anything.

Sally: Why?

Nick: Because I just want to be here for you, sally. You are in by far the most difficult position in all of this. The amount of stress and pressure you must feel, and it was going to be like this no matter who the father turned out to be. It’s just not a time for me to be thinking or worrying about myself at all.

Sally: You are an amazing man, and I am overwhelmed by everything that you’ve done for me, but I am not the only one in this. You’re allowed to have feelings, and shoving them down like this is not healthy for you.

Nick: I just don’t want to hurt you with anything I might say, especially right now.

Sally: I don’t need you to protect me. I need the truth. So, please, just take a moment so you can figure out how you actually feel about adam being the father.

Nick: Alright. Truth is, I’m more than disappointed. I’m devastated. I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save.

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Nick: When I started to think about a baby, our baby, I was really getting excited, thinking about this beautiful, amazing, little human that we were going to raise and nurture together. Start this little family. I was… I really wanted it. Then, that dream was shattered. And, honestly, the fact that it’s adam, it’s just…

Sally: Yeah. I know. It complicates things.

Nick: I will never be able to trust adam. He will use this situation to reinsert himself in your life before the baby, certainly after. What kind of chances are we going to have to build our relationship?

Sally: A really good one, i hope.

Nick: I hope that, too. I do. But adam is going to keep piling on pressure. He will be relentless. He knows no boundaries. You say you don’t need me to protect you, okay? But I feel like I need to protect us. Otherwise, how are we going to be prepared for everything that I know adam’s going to throw at us?

Chelsea: You have to accept the choice you made, to let nick raise christian. It was the right thing to do at the time. You did it for your son. Nick gave him love, care, stability, and he still does. If anyone knows how hard that decision is, it’s me. But we are so lucky. Christian and johnny are being raised by people who truly care and truly love them. And it could have gone a lot differently. But we did what was right for those children.

Adam: And I understand that, obviously. But this —

Chelsea: No, adam, no “buts.” I mean, we don’t know what the future holds for nick and sally, but it doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t let that affect your thoughts on this new baby.

Adam: No?

Chelsea: No, you should just be excited. You get to be a dad again. And listen. At least sally told you the truth, you know? She didn’t lie or try to hide this pregnancy from you, which makes me think she wants you to be a part of this child’s life.

Adam: I just don’t think that’s going to be enough.

Billy: You should leave the jokes to me, jack. I’m the funny one in the family.

Jack: It’s not a joke.

Billy: Okay. Do you recall the last time that I ran jabot? It didn’t go so well, except for the guy that I lost the company yacht to in a poker game. Went fantastic for him.

Jack: You would not be running it solo. There is more than enough work for both of us. Besides, if I could give you a hand up in your journey of self-discovery, or whatever we’re calling it these days, so much the better.

Billy: Okay. “A,” you’ve never taken me serious, okay? And for good reason. And your last little comment right there actually proves the point. And “b,” I’ll figure myself out, alright? I don’t need a handout.

Jack: Would you relax? This is not a mercy hire. You are an abbott. This business belongs to both of us.

Billy: On a technicality, yeah.

Jack: Furthermore, when you are focused, when you are determined, when you are not sabotaging yourself, you are a creative, insightful executive whose opinion matters. Look — you would be an asset here or anywhere else. I know I have questioned whether or not you fit into the corporate life, but I’d be willing to give it another try. Hell, I’d be grateful. Look — this could be your chance to find out how and where you want to be for the long haul.

Billy: Well, thank you for the kind words, but we both know my pattern, okay? I get the slightest whiff of responsibility, and I crash and burn.

Jack: You know what they say on wall street? Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Billy: Okay, well, if we’re going to throw out quotes, the definition of insanity is hiring billy abbott over and over again and expecting anything other than a disaster.

Jack: That is your insecurity talking. I believe in your ability. I believe in your passion, your willingness to work hard on projects you believe in. Most of all, I believe the best in you is yet to be revealed.

Summer: What does he want?

Kyle: He wants to get on a call.

Summer: About what?

Kyle: He didn’t say.

Summer: But we can assume, right?

Kyle: We can.

Summer: He wants you to do something else for him. See, I told you once you let him in, he doesn’t leave.

Kyle: You make him sound like a vampire.

Summer: That’s not exactly an unfair comparison. Kyle, you did his dirty work for him. He thinks you’re under his spell. So, of course he’s going to put you to work. He thinks you’re one of his minions now.

Kyle: We don’t know that for certain. It was a one-time thing.

Summer: You conspired with him to get someone out of your family’s company. You can’t just dismiss that.

Kyle: I know what I did, summer. I apologized, and I will keep apologizing. But victor and I had the same goal — to get rid of adam. What is wrong with working together if our objectives line up?

Summer: What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with it is that you lied to me and your dad. You deceived us so that you could be used by my grandpa in one of his schemes.

Kyle: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I used him?

Summer: No. You did what he wanted you to do, and he got something out of it. What did you get out of it?

[ Cellphone pings ]

Kyle: He wants to get on the phone. He says he has something that might interest me.

Summer: He has another job for you. What are you going to tell him? Can you say no to victor newman? Just between us,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Jack: Well, look at you, branching out, ordering something other than your usual.

Billy: That is me, mr. Unpredictable. So, now that you’ve offered to buy me lunch, are we going to continue the hard sell?

Jack: Is that what I’m doing?

Billy: Alright. Why don’t we put a pin in that for a moment? You can tell me what’s really bothering you.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Billy: I walked into the office, and you looked like you were under a ton of pressure. And I find that hard to believe it’s because of a few subpar financial statements.

Jack: You’re right. I was thinking about jeremy stark, who is back in town with more vague threats and innuendos.

Billy: What? How did that happen? Isn’t he supposed to be locked up in chicago?

Jack: Supposed to be. Unfortunately, he has access to better lawyers than I thought he was capable of.

Billy: Damn, jack. I mean, that explains the mood. So, what does he want this time?

Jack: Well, when diane and i saw him the other day, he taunted that it might be revenge, might be money, might be just a chance to congratulate diane on besting him.

Billy: You believe him?

Jack: Not for a second. No, there’s something more to this. We just haven’t figured out what it is.

Billy: That is a heavy load to carry.

Jack: What irks me is that i am focused on jeremy stark when I should be enjoying how great it is to be back together with diane. Things have moved along quite a lot with us. She’s moved in. I don’t know if you’d heard that.

Billy: No. No, I did not know that things have progressed that way.

Jack: They have.

Billy: Well, hey, congratulations. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you.

Jack: Well, thank you. This may have been one of my first positive responses. Seems that our blossoming romance isn’t exactly captivating everyone.

Billy: Well, we know the reasons for that, right?

Jack: Kyle and summer are still on the fence, but I’m confident they will come around. Ashley, on the other hand…

Billy: Jack, it’s ashley. Okay? She’s stubborn, and she’s incredibly overprotective. But it comes from a good place.

Jack: Enough about me. It isn’t every day you stop by my office with hot chocolate. It’s not a giant leap to think you have something on your mind. Tell me what’s going on with you.

Billy: Well, um… I’m having feelings for… for someone else. And I’m not sure if it’s the right path to go down.

Jack: So soon after lily.

Billy: I know. And, to be frank, it’s a complicated situation.

Jack: Are you comfortable telling me who she is?

Billy: Yeah. Believe it or not, it’s chelsea. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, and it’s deepening our connection. Looks like you and I both are revisiting past relationships.

Chelsea: Well, I have to go meet dr. Malone soon, but before I leave, I need you to understand something. Just being a part of this baby’s life may have to be enough.

Adam: Chels… I can’t accept that.

Chelsea: Adam.

Adam: Look, for me, this baby was conceived in love. You know, the last time that sally and I were together, I was hoping that we could find our way back to each other, that we would have one last chance to reconnect, if we could remember what we had, how good we were together. And then all that hope got yanked away.

Chelsea: You can’t live in a state of false hope, adam. This pregnancy is not going to change things between the two of you. Earlier today, you swooped in when connor was having a really difficult time with his homework assignment. You came over. You were so patient. You sat with him. You made it fun. You made it easy. As a dad, you are a superhero. And just think. Connor, he gets to be a big brother finally! He’s gonna be so excited. He gets to love this new, little baby in the family.

Adam: Yeah. That’S…that’s some family.

Chelsea: Oh, come on. Don’t say that. It might not be the kind of family you want with sally. But the family you have with me and connor isn’t what we imagined, either. But it’s still beautiful and still full of love. So, the family you’re creating with sally, it’ll be an extension of that. It can still be beautiful. You just have to accept it for what it is. You know, dr. Malone, she says this thing, that you have to learn to live in the gray area, recognize that life is not always black or white. You think you can do that?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Apparently, I don’t have a choice. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Jack: So, you and chelsea?

Billy: I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe. Like I said, it’s a very complicated situation.

Jack: Well, the two of you have a long and complicated history, filled with twists and turns.

Billy: Not unlike diane and you.

Jack: Yeah. You have a point. You know what? Over time, people change, and they grow. And if luck is on your side, and you happen to be in the same place at the same time with your goals and dreams in sync, it can be a pretty magical experience if you can manage to ignore the naysayers.

Billy: Yeah, well, we have plenty of those. But I don’t believe that that’s the reason why we’re both hesitant to move forward.

Jack: Then, what’s the issue?

Billy: Chelsea went through a pretty dark phase recently, so dark that she was inches away from taking her own life.

Jack: What?

Billy: Yeah. I’m the one that found her there and stopped her before she went through with it.

Jack: Oh, my god. Is she all right now?

Billy: She’s doing much better, yeah. But it’s been rough.

Jack: I am so sorry that she went through that.

Billy: Yeah. You know, she’s been working hard to overcome her ordeal, and we’ve been spending more time together and with connor, of course, you know, and I’m just trying to be as strong and supportive as I possibly can.

Jack: Well, I’m sure that has been a giant help in her healing process.

Billy: I hope so. To be honest, it’s been beneficial for all of us, you know, and I know what she’s been going through, and I’m trying to tread lightly. But I do. I care about her for many reasons. And first and foremost, I just want to make sure that she’s okay.

Jack: Wow. It sounds like the very opposite of crash and burn. And it lets me see you in a whole new light.

Billy: Oh, yeah?

Jack: I know you’ve been going through your own questions about your personal life lately, but for you to be this invested in chelsea’s life, it’S… that’s something I know you want to be careful not to do anything that would slow her recovery. And, I mean, take it slow. Be cautious. Be careful. You’re already doing that. No, here’s what I really want to say. I want… follow your heart on this one. Really. There’s a lot of noise out there. Follow your heart. You listen to it. It will tell you what to do next.

Kyle: Victor, you and i had a similar belief, that adam needed to be tossed out of jabot. But to make that happen, I deceived my wife and father, and that’s inexcusable. They’re both furious at me, and rightfully so. I do not want to disappoint them again. Yes, we were successful. Adam is out, but the way we went about it… I know you feel as if the end justifies the means, but I don’t think that way. And, victor, I never want to lie to your granddaughter again. So, whatever job you have for me, I’m out. I want no part in it. What’s that? Oh, that’s good to hear. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll look out for the paperwork. Thanks, victor.

Summer: What was that about? What did he say?

Kyle: He is grateful for my help with adam. He thinks my devotion to you is admirable, which it totally is. And he’s transferring the textile factories I asked for to marchetti.

Summer: Really?

Kyle: He’s holding up his end of the deal. See? It all worked out in the end.

Sally: I guarantee you adam will not get under my skin this time.

Nick: It’s easy to say that now.

Sally: Nick, when I make a promise to someone, I keep it. Let adam do his worst. He’s not going to get in between us in any way, shape, or form. Yes, he will be a part of this baby’s life. But he will have zero influence over ours, as long as we are on the same page.

Nick: We are.

Sally: Excellent. This adventure is strictly ours, and we get to decide how it plays out for us.

Nick: I’m definitely going to follow your cues. I got your back. Whatever you think is best, that’s what I’m going to do.

Billy: Well, jack, this was lovely. Thank you very much for lunch.

Jack: My pleasure. We ought to do this more often.

Billy: I agree. Next one’s on me.

Jack: I’m going to hold you to that.

Billy: Oh, good.

[ Cellphone pings ] That’s chelsea. She’s done, and she wants to meet up.

Jack: That’s fine. That’s fine. I’m just going to stay and finish my coffee.

Billy: Okay. Enjoy.

Jack: Hey, give some thought to what I said. I need a right-hand man. You could use a job.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Maybe give us a chance to test the waters. See if you want to come back in. See if it works for both of us.

Billy: Or it turns into a repeat of the past.

Jack: I don’t think that’ll happen.

Billy: Alright, jack. I will give it serious consideration.

Jack: Can’t ask for more than that.

Billy: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Jack: You bet.

Billy: Alright. Talk to you soon. (Vo) oh look! Glorious progresso soup.

Summer: I’m proud of you for standing up to my grandfather. It doesn’t make everything right between us.

Kyle: I realize that. But, thankfully, the deal is done. Victor is out of our hair. Adam is out of jabot, and marchetti gains valuable assets. Can we put it behind us now?

Summer: Just don’t ever lie to me like that again.

Kyle: Never.

Adam: This doesn’t have to be the end.

Sally: It doesn’t have to be. But it is.

Adam: I don’t regret a moment we were together.

Sally: I don’t, either. Not anymore. Look… you can be a wonderful, supportive, and loving man. And you are a spectacular father. We almost made it. We loved each other with all we had and all we knew. And nobody can question or deny that. But it’s time for us to move on.

Chelsea: Perfect timing.

Billy: Mmm. Is that, uh…

Chelsea: Hot chocolate with a peppermint stick… just the way you like it. I owe you for before.

Billy: Yeah, I appreciate that very much, but I’ve kind of hit my quota on the hot chocolate for the day.

Chelsea: Oh. I’m really sorry I had to skip out on you like that.

Billy: It’s okay. It’s not a problem.

Chelsea: Adam had to get a lot off his chest. I can’t really tell you what it was about, but I assume you’re really not that interested, anyway.

Billy: Not in adam, no, unless, of course, he said something to upset you.

Chelsea: No, no, on the contrary. I was just giving him some advice. It was a good talk.

Billy: Well, I’m glad to hear that.

Chelsea: I’m trying to support the people that have supported me. And it feels good.

Billy: Actually, funny you should say that. I had a long conversation with jack, and I feel good about that, as well.

Chelsea: Wow. Look at the two of us having healthy conversations.

Billy: Actually, jack was the one that gave me advice, and I think it’s going to go a long way.

Chelsea: Advice about what?

Billy: Care and caution can prevent a crash and burn. And for once I intend to listen.

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GH Transcript Friday, February 24, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I can’t believe you’re finally here. I know I don’t remember much of my life, but I know that I’m your mommy. We have each other, and that’s all that matters.

[ Door opens ]

[ Gasps ] There you are. My baby girl. And your new baby boy.

[ Gasps ] My family. You shouldn’t be here, heather.

[ Scoffs ] I’m your mother. Where else would I be?

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m gonna call for the nurse. We don’t want anyone interrupting our family time, do we? I can’t wait to start spoiling my little grandson. In fact, I think I’ll start right now. No, let me go. No. You just — you stay away from my baby! Stay away!

[ Breathing heavily ] Esme? Is everything okay? Where’s heather? Heather is in custody. She’s at the police station. Look, please don’t let her take my baby away.

[ Baby coos ] Uncle sonny, come here. You were up early. I figured you’d be here. Come here. Look. That’s him. Aw. Right there. That’s my baby brother. He’s handsome, isn’t he? Oh. So vulnerable. So does the little guy have a name? I-I don’t think so. Not yet. So now that you’ve seen your baby brother, are you still going to sue for custody? I may not have to now that my father has disappeared. I was hired to find evidence that would put sonny away once and for all. But I will tell my employer that I’m out if that’s what you want.

[ Scoffs ] That’s not my decision to make. Okay, let’s not make this about sonny. Okay? Let’s make this about you and me. You hate that I’m working for sonny. How do you feel about me working against him? Scott: I can’t believe you let nikolas talk you into that cockamamie plan. If you can’t help me, I’ll understand, but I can’t live with this guilt. And I have to mitigate the damage to the boys.

[ Door opens ] Mom. Hi. I wasn’t expecting you home this morning. Do you want some breakfast? I don’t know. Hey, mom? Mm-hmm? Are you as freaked out about esme as I am? Good morning. I was wondering, is — is dr. Gatlin-holt allowed visitors? Why do you want to see austin? Why would I want to see the man who nearly bled to death on my living room floor? Does that really seem so strange? Depends. Felicia told me that you encouraged her to leave austin behind when heather webber said you could go. Yes, so we could go to the mainland and get him help. But instead of doing that, you went after ryan with a gun. It occurred to me that austin didn’t need both of us to get him help, and I needed to confront the man who made my life a living hell. Anyway, you’re the one who ultimately killed ryan. The world’s a better place now that ryan chamberlain is dead. Well, we agree on something. So, are — are you done? I still have a few more questions. Why don’t we start with why dr. Gatlin-holt was on spoon island in the first place? Good morning, commissioner. Da scorpio. Big congratulations on catching heather webber. I can go to the public now and assure them they’re safe, that the hook killer has been caught, and she’s going away for good. My people have already made progress. Ah. Dante: Commissioner? Oh, hey, robert. Good, you’re here. Heather’s ready to make a statement. Oh, hey, hey, hey. Hold on there, mr. Da. Baldwin, look, I got a busy morning. Can this wait? I’m about to make your life a whole lot easier. Detective falconeri says you want to make a statement? I do, commissioner. I’ve done some very bad things. And I’m ready to confess. You want to confess… to the hook attacks without a lawyer present? I don’t want a lawyer. Only want to unburden my soul.

Dante: This is detective falconeri. In the room with me is commissioner ashford. This is the statement of heather webber. Ms. Webber, for the record, it is your right to have an attorney present. I don’t want an attorney. I just want to tell the truth. We’re listening. Start talking. I do have one condition. I have a client with information on the hook attacks. And they want to make a deal. How long do you think esme has known that ryan and heather are her parents?

[ Exhales deeply ] I have no idea. I only know what’s being reported online. I mean, you realize that if heather really is esme’s mom, that makes her franco’s half-sister. Yeah, I know. When esme moved to port charles, I really tried to give her a chance because spencer was so into her. I know you did. You think she was working with ryan when she was interning in spring ridge? Before she lost her memory? What if she never lost her memory at all? What if she’s been faking this amnesia the whole time?

[ Exhales deeply ] I wonder if joss knows about everything that’s happened. Sonny was in my life for a very long time. Not as a father — I had one, obviously — but as a step-father. And we were family. He was good to you. He was. When I was little, before I knew about his business. Sonny still considers you family. It’s one of the reasons he thinks I’m not good enough for you. Like he has the right to judge anyone! After what he’s done? He’s had you beaten and tortured and you’re one person. Sonny’s hurt so many people, I can’t even count. Where does he get off thinking he’s better than anybody else? I mean, the hypocrisy of it all. So does that mean you want me to see this through? To make sure sonny goes to prison? What do you mean your f ather’s gone? What — what are you talking about? Gone for good? Sonny, I — I don’t know what to think anymore. I really don’T. I mean, how can someone just walk out on their child? I don’t even mean me at this point. You really think that my dad could turn his back on… an innocent baby? If he did, you’re not responsible for his actions. You know? Y-you can’t fix his messes. Someone has to. Uncle sonny, my baby brother has an absent father and a mother that’s in police custody. Look at him. That little guy must feel all alone in the world. You know we can fix that, don’t you? Everything’s okay here. You can leave us alone. I’ll be right outside. Okay. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] It’s okay, esme. You had a nightmare. Please tell me that’s all it was — that I wasn’t forced to break out of spring ridge and that my parents aren’t serial killers. Unfortunately, that is true. But, esme, as I told you, heather’s in custody. She can’t hurt you, hon. Where’s my baby? In the nursery. Well, is he okay? Yes. In fact, the doctors checked him out, and he got a perfect bill of health despite his, uh, impromptu entrance into the world. Thank god. And thank you, and dr. Collins, for helping me bring my baby into the world. Well, I feel very lucky that I could be there for my grandson’s birth.

[ Chuckles ] I just realized that I have a son. Yes.

[ Both laugh ] Would you like me to go talk to the staff and I’ll have them bring him in so you can visit? Uh, no, no. Um… he should stay away. Why? It’s not safe. I mean, my parents are killers. For all I know, I could be a killer, too. That’s all I want. Pretty simple. Don’t you think? You cooperate fully… and we’ll see about your request. Oh, detective, you know that’s not how this works. Okay, that’s now how any of this works. What? Waste of time. Okay. Fine. Fine. What do you want to know? Dante: August 26, 2022. Did you attack ava jerome? Yes. September 13, 2022. Did you attack and kill brando corbin? Oh, my god. This is gonna take all day. I’m the hook. Okay. Anyone stabbed with a hook, it was me. We need details. Okay. Fine. Details. Um, ava jerome — with a hook at the quartermaines’. Brando corbin behind charlie’s with a hook. Except that was a mistake. I was really after josslyn jacks for making my daughter’s life so miserable. Diane miller in the garage. Bartender oz haggerty at the docks. Um, nikolas cassadine. All with a hook. Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. You attacked nikolas cassadine? I have no idea why austin came to wyndemere last night. T-that’s one of the reasons I’m here. I want to see how he’s doing and — and ask him what he was doing there last night. I didn’t realize that you and austin were friends. Well, I don’t know that I would use the word “friends.” Friendly, perhaps. Austin treated me after heather attacked me at the quartermaine picnic, but I wouldn’t say that we bonded over it or anything. Alright. Very well. Thank you for your time. You know, there’s one thing that I just can’t wrap my head around — that esme, spencer’s girlfriend from boarding school, is actually ryan and heather’s daughter. Quite a coincidence. Oh, but it isn’T. It isn’t at all. No, ryan told me that he sent esme to that boarding school specifically to ensnare spencer. Ryan was intent on splitting up nikolas and me. And he succeeded. Well, maybe now that the truth has come out, you and nikolas can find your way back to each other.

Why did you attack nikolas cassadine? I don’t know. The fall? It was breezy. And where did this happen? At wyndemere. Not my finest hour. He escaped without a scratch. Well, obviously, because he’s still breathing. Unlike that doctor on new year’s eve. Britt westbourne. Was she your intended target? No. No. She appeared out of nowhere and then decided to play hero. And again josslyn jacks escaped. But they were none of them innocent. Everyone stood between me and protecting my little girl. Okay, let’s talk about officer cabrera. A keepsake from one of ryan’s victims was found on rory’s person. How did it get there? Have you heard from nikolas? No, I have not. And I don’t expect to. Things between us have gone too far. I’ve accepted that I’ve lost nikolas for good. Ryan has destroyed my life again. At least it’s for the last time. I have you to thank for that. I’m only sorry that I didn’t kill the bastard myself. After everything that ryan has put you through, killing him would be self-defense under any circumstances. You’ll never know how much ryan has taken from me. So, what does this client know about the hook attacks? Well, my client has information on pcpd’s number-one suspect, the one and only esme prince. Keep going. Well, esme’s whereabouts before she showed up at the haunted star soaking wet, with child, and no memories!

[ Sighs ] So this client of yours will only divulge said information if you make a deal? That’s why I’m here. If this client knows what they know because they’re an accomplice to the crime, you should be telling them to turn themselves in. Have you spoken with josslyn recently? Mnh-mnh. And I don’t plan to. I know the breakup really hurt you, but you guys have been friends your entire lives. I feel like that kind of makes it worse. Are you hoping that maybe you guys can be friends again someday? I don’t know, mom. What josslyn did… she’s not the person I thought. Maybe she never was. You know, I think it would be a lot easier for me to figure out how I feel about this if you tell me who you’re working for. I’m sorry. I can’T. Why not?! All I can say is… I trust my employer.

[ Scoffs ] And this mystery person wants to take sonny down. It’s the whole reason I’m here. How close are you? I don’t have any solid evidence yet, but sonny is about to get involved with people in arms trafficking. The plan is for me to get evidence to my real boss, who will turn it over to the feds. Well, my first instinct is to say do it. No one’s forcing sonny to break the law, and you would just be reporting on what he’s doing. True.

[ Sighs ] But if this goes wrong and if you get caught, this lands on you, not on your mystery boss. What happens if you call the whole thing off? I mean, do you — do you have to work for sonny for real? I’d have to. Because sonny’s not just gonna let you walk away. Heather and ryan want my baby for themselves. They were talking about all of these plans and — heather is locked up. Yeah, for now. She has a revolving door in and out of spring ridge, and ryan is just — ryan is dead. I’m sorry, sweetheart. He… he died last night on spoon island. Good. He was a monster, and I-I’m glad he’s dead. I was terrified of that man. And what about heather? Heather kept saying that she would protect me, but, I mean, she’s so crazy. I-I’m the offspring of two monsters, so I must be a terrible person. Oh, my god. I did all of those things that I’m accused of — the — making the revenge porn and trying to kill that man? Do you remember doing those things, esme?

What? This baby has every right to meet his family. You know, you were this small once. It’s like all I want to do now is just protect him from every bad thing that could happen in the world. Oh. Hi!

[ Baby coos ] I know. It’s — having a baby is just the most amazing thing. You think my father felt like this when I was a baby? Guarantee it. Well, that’s good, right? That means he has to come back. Now that his new son is here. ‘Cause how could he stay away knowing what he’s missing, huh? I thought you didn’t really care if your father came back. Unless…you’re changing your mind.

[ Baby coos ] Do you remember your past? No. Sorry. My, um, life before I showed up on that boat deck is still a blank. Then why did you say you were guilty? With parents like heather and ryan, how could I not be? Well, you are not destined to be bad no matter who your parents are. Do you think your baby is bad? No, he’s completely innocent. I mean, do you — do we even know what’s gonna happen to him? If I’m found guilty, then I’m going straight back to prison. You haven’t stood trial yet. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Where’s nikolas? I mean, why isn’t my baby’s father here? When I discovered that I was pregnant with esme, I left ryan, and I took this chain of trophies that he had as insurance in case he ever decided to come after me. But that was 20 years ago. How does cabrera end up with it? I wore ryan’s chain for all the hook attacks. Because I was getting justice for our daughter, I just thought it was fitting. That’s the sound that josslyn heard when brando was attacked in the alley. Yeah. Brando heard it, too. Well, cabrera surprised me, and we tussled a bit, and then in the struggle, he managed to grab one of the trophies off the chain. And I didn’t realize it till I got back to spring ridge. So you’re confessing to murdering six people and attacking four others? No, it was five, not six. Brando, oz haggerty, venom guy, rory cabrera, and dr. Britt… whatever you said her name was. What about corrections officer williams? He was stabbed to death when you and ryan and esme escaped spring ridge. I didn’t kill him. That was ryan! He stabbed williams. He planned the escape. He forced me and esme to go with him. You — you can’t pin this on me. I have bent over backwards convincing sonny that I want to work for him. I can’t just “change my mind” and tell him I’m not really cut out for this, not without him getting suspicious. If sonny had any idea that you were working against him… he’d kill me. Yes, you’re right. He would. So he can never know. So either I keep working for sonny… or I have to leave port charles. She found it.

started this conversationby saying you could quit. So your mystery boss would be okay with that? Not “okay.” He’s gone to a lot of trouble to set this up, and he’s close to getting what he wants. But if I tell him I want out, he’ll let me go. Okay, but that doesn’t solve anything. True, you wouldn’t have to spy on sonny anymore, but you’d still have to work for him. You’d still have to smuggle arms and commit crimes and whatever it is. And if you get caught… I go to prison. So as long as you stay in port charles, you’re trapped. You don’t have to go into detail, but is what josslyn did so unforgivable? Yeah. Yeah? It’s just that simple? Pretty much. Ooh. What josslyn did…

[ Scoffs ] I just could never in a million years predict that she would hurt me the way that she did. Makes me feel like I never knew her at all. It always hurts when someone you love lets you down, but it doesn’t negate everything the two of you had. I mean, people make mistakes all the time, cameron. Big ones. And all you can do is come clean and deal with the consequences. Are we still talking about me and joss, mom? My client got…involved in a crime that was already in progress, and they would like to make things right and testify against the real perpetrator. Say more.

[ Sighs ] I need to hear the deal. For what? I need more information. Well, what can I say? My client is a good person. They’re not a criminal. They got mixed up in some bad business. So you can either go after a person who made a mistake or you can actually go after the real felon! Ava. Hey! You’re not here to see the — I mean, it’s fine if you are. Just surprised. No. Actually, I’m — I’m here to see you. I saw you with the baby, though. Cute. You’re a natural. Thank you.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Exhales heavily ] So what did you want to talk to me about? I-I take it you know that, um… ryan was esme’s father? Yes, and heather webber is her mother. It’s odd how something can come as a total shock and at the same time make perfect sense. Yeah, that’s right. I think we all felt that way… totally. …When we found out. Right. So is that it or…? No, not quite. Um… spencer, esme and ryan, they, um — they knew who they were to each other. Okay. For how long? Since esme got to port charles? Since before you met her. Spencer, ryan sent esme to that school in france to get close to you.

[ Scoffs and chuckles ] You’re saying that ryan sent his daughter to france to wha– to what? Seduce me in some long game to break up you and my fa– that’s pretty good, ava. Well… that’s good. Think about it, though. Whose idea was it to come to port charles and “stalk” me? Was it yours? Or was it esme’s? I spoke with ava. I’m about to question esme prince. Check her answers against what heather told us. I think once I talk to esme, we’ll have a much clearer picture about what happened on spoon island. I don’t know where my son is. But he came to see me at spring ridge to get me to sign my rights to the baby over. Why isn’t he here now? I wish I knew, esme. Hello? Esme. Laura. Yeah, I-I remember you from the roadside outside the prison. You stopped to help us. And then ryan hit you over the head. Are you okay? I’m fine. Thanks. I’m chief of detectives mac scorpio, and I have some questions. Heather and ryan kidnapped me. T-they forced me to escape. Ryan even killed a guard right in front of me. Ryan killed the guard? Did heather help him? No, um, the guard was questioning me and heather, and then ryan snuck up from behind a-and just stabbed him in the back. It was horrible! Then what happened? Then heather told me that, um, I had to do what ryan said. Otherwise, he’d hurt me. Did heather seem scared of ryan? Well, now that you mention it, not really. What happened next? Heather led us out of the prison. Whose idea was it to escape? I’m not sure. I think heather and ryan were planning it together. But heather was the one who knew her way out of spring ridge. Dante: We know you and ryan were working together. You’d been planning this escape for months. No. No, no, no. I didn’t even know that ryan could walk and talk until esme showed up at spring ridge. No — he never even told me. He didn’t tell me that he could — you got to believe me. He showed me that he’d been faking his condition only when she showed up. And it was just because he wanted my help getting her out! Which you were more than happy to provide. Hardly! Ryan terrified me! I had to do what he said! Well, ryan isn’t saying anything. He’s dead. Esme was always going on and on about how you pushed me out of my father’s life. And she said that I should push back. She encouraged me to get revenge. Did you ever ask yourself… why she cared so much? I was no one to her. The two of you, you had the kind of life that teenagers dream of. You had europe at your fingertips. Wouldn’t living your best life have been the best revenge? No, apparently not. Esme was determined to get me back here. Because ryan ordered her to do all of that. And — and look what happened. Nikolas and I are divorced. And you and your father are more estranged than ever. It was ryan. Ryan played us all.

Ryan’s dead? Oh, thank god! Ohh! Come on, heather! Give it a rest! Alright? You wanted ryan gone. That way, he can’t contradict your narrative. We know you gave ava a gun and sent her after ryan. So ava killed ryan? No, but she shot him in self-defense. Well, of course it was self-defense! After everything he’d done to her, to her life… her daughter! Ryan was a cold-blooded murderer! Unlike you. I’m just a mother protecting my child. A child you abandoned! Because I wanted to give her a better life! But I never stopped missing her! When esme arrived in port charles, I was overjoyed! Then I saw what her life had become. I saw trina robinson’s relentless attempts to humiliate and destroy her! What else could I do? I had to defend my family. You know, I feel for you, heather. I really do. I just disagree with your methods. Please, detective! I’ve told you everything I know. I’ve given you everything. I’ve confessed to the hook murders. Can’t you just grant me the one little thing that I ask you? Once we — ’cause, otherwise, I could always recant. After all, who’s gonna trust the word of a crazy person anyway? Laura: Sonny. Hey. What are you doing here? Oh, I’m just looking after your grandsons — both of them. Congratulations, by the way. Thanks. Were you just — were you in there with esme? Yes, I was, but now mac’s in there questioning her. Ohh. Is there anything that I should know? I don’t think so. Not yet. Is, uh — is spencer at the nursery? Yeah, he’s been here all morning just doing the big-brother thing. He’s really good at it. Okay. Oh, I don’t know if you heard, but ryan died last night. Yeah, I heard the good news. Um, and I also heard that… heather webber killed my cousin brando? It would appear that way. That’s a mistake going after my family. Sonny, let the justice system do what it does. You know me. I… I just protect the people I love. Okay. Option one, I disappear from port charles. Sonny may come looking for me, but I can cover my tracks. But if sonny can’t find you, neither can I. Not for a while, anyway. I’m not liking option one. No, me neither. Option two, I — I tell my real boss I’m out. I keep working for sonny, legitimately following his orders. But he told me I can’t go near you. So we would have to hide that we were together indefinitely. Okay. Marginally better than option one, but not by much. Option three… I stick with the original plan. I get evidence against sony. I turn it over to my real boss, who turns it over to the feds. Sonny goes to prison. I’m in the clear. I doubt it will be that easy. Probably not. But it’s the only option that gives me what I really want — a chance to stay here… a chance to be with you, free of sonny. Option three it is. Option three. No matter what happens… I can’t walk away from you. Good. I don’t want you to.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. What’d he say? Yeah. I’m sure. Um, I’ll be right there. I have to go. Mom, is everything okay? I love you. I have to admit, ava, I didn’t think that you knew me so well. But you’re right. I didn’t want any of this to happen until I met esme and she used my resentment towards you to talk me into stalking you. And I own up to what I did, my part of it. But the escalation, putting that bear on avery’s bed… setting your car on fire… putting kiki’s hospital I.D. Badge next to the wreckage? That was all esme. I didn’t even know that it was done until it already happened. I believe you.

[ Groans ] All that misery because ryan couldn’t stand me being with someone else. Oh, my god. I cannot believe I was so blind. We all were. We were all blind… and used and manipulated. Manipulated or not, I did ryan’s dirty work for him. I drove my father away. I drove my father away. Spencer, no. No, it wasn’t you. You listen to me! Nikolas would still be here if not for ryan chamberlain. And when was the last time you saw ryan? He was in the woods with ava jerome. She had a gun on him. He was focused on her, so I made a break for it. Uh, is she okay? Ava’s fine. Tell her, um, thank you for helping me get away from ryan. I’ll pass along that message. Um, thanks for the answers. If I have anything more to ask… you know where to find me. Congratulations yourself on the birth of your son. Oh, um, before you go, um, maybe you could tell me what’s gonna happen to me and ace. Ace? My baby. You named your baby ace? It just came out. Sounds right to me for some reason. “Ace.” Where did that come from?

Do you think heather’s telling the truth? I think she likes to tell us what we want to hear, but in this case, I do, yeah. We may have some additional answers on this hook business. Baldwin has a client he says knows what esme was doing at the time she went missing. Who? Scott: Well, well. I think you all know my client. Elizabeth baldwin? I’m glad spencer is spending a little time with his baby brother because he really needs to focus on something positive right now. I feel like he needs the baby as much as the baby needs him.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hang on. Oh. Everything okay? No. We got to go. Come on. Well, okay. Okay. I got to go. I got to go back to my family, and I need to talk to trina. It’s been a crazy couple of days. Go. People need you.

I need you. So do whatever you have to do, but just watch your back. Option three only works if you’re alive at the end of it. I’ll be careful. I promise. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Spencer? What’s wrong? I messed up, grandmother. Okay. Just take a deep breath. Tell me what’s going on. Because of me, my baby brother and i no longer have a father. Even in death, it seems that ryan chamberlain wins. Spencer, we will find your father. And when we do, we will explain to him what took place here. And I’ll talk some sense into him, you know? And until then, take a look around you. You’re not alone. Sonny’s here. I’m here. Always. You and your brother are gonna have more support than you know what to do with. Esme, are you sure about this?

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GH Transcript Thursday, February 23, 2023

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oh, yes. Oh. Home sweet home. Yes. You know, red-eye flights always make me feel like I’ve been through some sort of a sandstorm or something. I have kind of itchy eyes. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Dry skin. All that recirculated air is killer. You know what’s funny? I think you look as beautiful as you always do.

[ Chuckles ] Says the guy who’s gotten, what, like 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours? And that includes dozing off on the plane. I think you might be a little delirious. You think? $20, $40, $60, $80, $100. There. You happy? I just thought, if the meter was broken, you were allowed to park there free. Nope.

[ Sighs ] You got a problem? Heather webber, right? That woman is a raving lunatic. I cannot wait till she’s transferred to pentonville to await trial. Excuse me. I’m here to see heather webber. Morning. Morning. What are you thinking? How much I like waking up next to you. Congrats on your new granddaughter, uncle sonny. The whole family’s raving about baby amelia. She’s a real knockout. That’s what I hear. You haven’t seen her yet? Only, you know, through the windows in the nicu and pictures. That– that’s why I’m here. It was wondering if you can help me. Drew: I’m a member of the extended family. They asked me to finish up the paperwork now that willow’s gone. I’m sorry. What do you mean, willow’s gone? Welcome home, mommy! Oh! How has my big boy been? Very good. Everyone says so. Wiley’s been a champ. He helped get everything ready for his baby sister. I can help you, too, mommy. You want me to open the door? I would love that. Thank you, wiley. Grandma, mommy’s here! Oh, hey. Welcome home. Home.

[ Amelia fussing ] It’s exactly where I want to be. You’ve evolved. You’ve changed. So have we. That’s why new dove body wash now has 24-hour renewing micro moisture for continuous care. New dove body wash. Change is beautiful. When cold symptoms keep you up,try vicks nyquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. For max-strength nighttime relief, nyquil severe. You know michael and i are still fighting, right? Yeah, I’m so sorry. Ah, it doesn’t get any easier, but, you know, there was a moment before baby amelia was born, and after, that I thought I was getting through to michael. But…nothing’s changed. It must be so awful for you. I appreciate that. But I’m not — I’m not here for… I’m here because I’m going to have a lot of years to try to get through to michael, but willow and nina may have only a few weeks, so I need to find a way to convince willow to see her mother. My baby sister is pretty, but she’s really small. She’ll grow, buddy. Soon, before you know it, she’ll be sitting up, and then she’s gonna start crawling. Your little sister will need you to help her. Help her crawl? Sure, you can — you can show her how it’s done so she hassomeone to copy. I can do that. I didn’t have an older brother growing up. Amelia is lucky to have you.

[ Willow speaking indistinctly ] Hey, mom, thank you for taking care of the kids, you know, just getting everything ready. Are you kidding? Of course. Anything you need, I’m here for you. Think amelia was hungry? Yeah. What I need is a miracle, but it doesn’t seem to be coming. Willow’s gone as in home, back to the quartermaines’. Oh. Sorry, I just — I misunderstood. I heard you say that willow… I-I just feared the worst. No, she checked out this morning. Michael drove her home. I’m just here to finish up the paperwork, that’s all. Wait, shouldn’t she be here at the hospital? D– won’t she get better care and more aggressive treatment here at G.H.? There’s nothing more the doctors can do for her without a bone marrow donor. She wanted to be home with michael and the kids, enjoy them for as long as she can. Willow’s giving up? What?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing, I’m just wondering why it took us until now to be together in your bed, and why we never moved farther than the couch until last night. Well, for starters, you neverspent the night before. That’s true. And maybe the couch helped things feel more casual? Like it was just happening in the moment, no pressure. Just…connecting. Do you want it to be more? Yeah. I-I don’t want to ask for too much too soon, but… my feelings for you are not casual at all. Thank you. For what? For saying it first. My feelings for you aren’t casual, either. I’ve never felt like this before. And I don’t want it to stop. You think it’s, uh… mwah. …Too early for champagne? Mnh-mnh. Don’t you think we deserve it? I mean, we took the longest of long shots and found out that ryan chamberlain is esme’s dad.

Was. Thank god that freak is finally dead. Yeah. You know, from reading that invader article, it sounds like all hell broke loose on spoon island last night. I think the best thing that came from that is heather webber was captured and is in police custody, and hopefully on her way back to where she belongs, d’archam. Honestly, I’m kind of kicking myself a little bit for not picking up on things, because we knew the hook was a woman. Heather’s escaped from tons of facilities, and every time I met with her, I felt like she was gloating. Like — like she knew something that I didn’T. No, no, no. Don’t do that. That’s heather’s M.O. She likes to torment people who she thinks have wronged her. It’s ironic we both ended up on her hit list, huh? You know what? I’m too tired for irony. I just want to shower off the past 48 hours. Do you want company? You know, now that you mention it, there’s this spot, like right — like there on my back that I can’t reach. Okay, I got it. I got it.

[ Both laugh ] Are you ms. Webber’s lawyer? Yes. I need to confer with my client. I’ll have ms. Webber brought up from the cells. You know what you’re doing? Absolutely. That murdering bitch killed my husband. I’m gonna see to it that she’s brought to justice.

Baby amelia has been fed,changed, and she’s fast asleep. Baby amelia sleeps a lot.

[ Chuckles ] She sure does. Well, sleep is good for babies. It’s good for all kids, you included. It helps you grow. Mommy, are you growing, too? You sleep a lot. Yes, I do. I was — I was very tired when baby amelia was in my tummy. But babymelia’s born now. Will you be able to play with me again? Carly didn’t tell willow and nina that they were mother and daughter. They wasted months when they could’ve worked towards a reconciliation. Must be tearing you up, watching nina go through this. All nina wants is to be a mother. Nina’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But she wants the best for willow. She was evenxcited to donate her bone marrow for transplant. That was so generous and loving. Not that I’d expect anything less. But willow doesn’t want to see her mother. Nina’s never even held her granddaughter. I want to fix that. Willow’s condition is terminal, nina. She made a decision about how she wanted to spend whatever time that she’s got left. I understand that. It’s her right. But? But… drew, she has two small children who need her, who shouldn’t have to grow up without their mother. So if there’s a chance of prolonging her life, being here at the hospital just until we find another donor — she should take that chance. I mean, she should be here at the hospital. I mean, did anyone tell her that? She was aware that she had the option to stay at the hospital. She chose not to. She chose to go home. But by — by leaving, she’s not acting against any medical advice. Did michael and willow get a second opinion or a third opinion? I mean, can you just tell me this? What exactly did the specialist recommend? There’s nothing else they can do. Michael and willow accepted that. They made the decision together. With carly’s input, no doubt.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocking louder] Hold on. Hey. Hey, sam. Uh, is dante here? I tried his phone. He’s not picking up. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, he’s here. We were in the shower. Oh, hey, man. Sorry. I got your messages. What’s going on? Um… sasha corbin’s in trouble. I can’t help her. I’m hoping you can. Please wait outside. I need to confer privately with my client. Are you sure you want to be alone with the prisoner? The prisoner is in shackles. But I will yell if I need your help. Good luck. And be sure to keep a taser handy.

[ Sighs ] Really?

[ Door opens ] So you’re my lawyer? Well. I’m so sorry, I — I just don’t remember hiring you. Were you court-appointed? I could so easily have forgotten. That happens sometimes. I find myself in a prison cell, and I have absolutely no idea how I got there. It’s really unsettling. I can forget days at a time.

sorry, wiley,but I still need to take it easy for a little while. Yeah, we just have to be extra careful of mommy, okay? I’ll play very quietly to help you get well. You don’t have to be quiet all the time. I’ll take you to the house, because aunt olivia and leo are making a pizza. And olivia loves it when you help her roll out the dough. Yeah! Yeah? Okay. Let’s go. Here you go. So what’s your favorite thing about making dough? Eating the pizza. Pepperoni pizza, right? Bye, grandma! Aww, bye. Aww. Do you want me to save some pizza for you? What do you think? Of course.

[ Chuckles ] I love you. I love y, too.

[ Sniffles ] I just didn’t know it would be this hard.

[ Crying ] Well, carly must be loving this — having willow at home on the quartermaine estate where I can’t have access to my own child. I can’t have a conversation with her. I can’t even look at her! Carly is not loving one aspect of this tragedy. Nobody in the family is. Well, nobody else in your family, drew, went out of their way to keep me and willow apart. Carly chose to lie and manipulate, hide the fact that I was willow’s biological mother. She not only lied to me and willow, she lied to you, drew,

for months. I can’t believe that you would be okay with that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Tony? Yeah. I’ve got an update on the pikeman shipment. Boss is dealing with some family stuff, so he asked me to handle prep. Look, when the merchandise arrives at pier 55, wee going to need trucks ready to deliver it to the warehouse. We’ll store it for 48 hours, and then we’ll deliver it to pikeman’s buyers. Look, this is heavy ordnance, so we’re gonna need six trucks. Make sure the mechanic’s checked them in advance. If anything breaks down, we’re all doing federal time. What’s pikeman? And how can it land you in federal prison? So sasha gained access to heather by claiming to be her lawyer. What?! You — you didn’t you didn’t tell the — I didn’t want to bust her, okay? I-I mean… I didn’t want to get in any more trouble than she’s already been in. You know?

[ Sighs ] She’s — she’s a nice lady. She’s been through hell. And now she’s just putting her life back together, and then… from what I read about heather webber, she’s gonna run through her like a buzzsaw through tissue paper. Heather webber lives to play mind games. Once she finds out that sasha is brando’s widow, it could be — it could be brutal. Is there any way you can go to the station and run interference without exposing sasha’s lie? Uh… yeah. Yeah, I can do that. I won’t be long, okay? That’s okay. Take as long as you need. Thanks, man. Yeah. Hey. Why do you care so much about sasha? I just — I don’t want her to be heather webber’s next casualty.

I’m sorry to even ask you to do this, and I understand if you don’t want to be put in… I’ve lost count how much I owe you, okay? I’d be happy to help any way I can. No, you don’t owe me anything, brook lynn. I just know that he’ll listen to you, and if you could just tell him that I need to talk to him. Michael: There’s no need. I’m already here. So what did you want to talk to me about? The less you know about pikeman, the better. Well, it’s a little late for that. I already know that there’s a shipment headed to pier 55 with heavy ordnance and six trucks. I should have been more careful. No, no. I don’t want you to be careful around me. That’s how it was with my mom and with sonny. And he went about his business, and she pretended not to know anything — and in reality, she knew quite a lot. Must have been hard for her. Yeah, it was. She did a lot of pretending. I don’t want to pretend with you. You said you’d be done working for sonny in six months, t what’s the point if you’re arrested on federal charges? I won’t be. Sonny’s the one who’s gonna get arrested on federal charges. You got it? Thank you. Okay. While I was at the hospital, all I could think about was getting home. And it’s so good to be here… but is it good for my kids when I’m so weak and only getting weaker? I think the answer’s written all over wiley’s face. He’s thrilled to have you. But he thinks I’m going to get better. Michael and i are letting him think that. And it’s a lie. Homuch longer can we keep lying to our child? I am not okay with what carly did, and I made that very clear to her. But we are members of the same extended family. We are both connected through michael and willow. Connected, yeah. You two seem to be very close these days. The whole family is rallying around willow right now. Well, I’m pa of willow’s family, too, and I’m not allowed to be near her, thanks to carly. She ruined any chance of me having a relationship with my child. Look, nina, I’m really sorry that willow doesn’t want to see you right now. I can’t imagine how painful that is, but you have nobody else to blame but yourself. Got to warn you, the coffeeis probably a little strong. I’m fighting off jet lag. Well, thank you for the warning, and thank you for the coffee. I’m actually surprised you didn’t show me the door two seconds after dante left. You know, a couple of months ago, I may have done that, considering when you first showed up to porcharles, you were coming down from a parachute, crash landing into the pool at the metro court hotel. And then you were sort of, kind of running one con after another and never really saying why you were in port charles to begin with. And then you — you blackmailed spinelli to set you up with britt for society setups. And you do have a sealed juvenile arrest record. I am the model citizen. But ever since britt died, you have… showed that you obviously cared about her a lot. And I really appreciate you showing concern for sasha. What I’m trying to say is, okay, maybe I misjudged you. You didn’T. I only have the vaguest memory of ryan chamberlain dragging me and my daughter away from spring ridge. Ryan is terrifying. Every time I was with him, I would lose time for hours afterwards. Sometimes I really think he was trying to hypnotize me. Hey, bennet. Is heather webber in with the lawyer? Interrogation 1. The lawyer wanted privacy. I double-checked, but she still wanted me out. If it’s any consolation, the prisoner’s still in shackles. That’s not going to stop her from getting inside the lawyer’s head. Oh, hello, detective. Hello, heather. How’s it going in here, counselor? All good. Heather just gave me a demonstration of how she plans to fake insanity to get away with the hook killings.

And I hadthe perfect opening just now. When wiley brought up how much I sleep, we could have told him that I’m sick and I won’t get well, that I’m going to die soon. I thought for a minute there you were going to explain that to him, but, uh… it’s a really difficult conversation to have with anyone, especially a child, your child. I think wiley’s too young to understand the concept of death, and it’s okay if you didn’t want to tell him your first morning home. I’ve been reading all the literature about it. I know we have to explain this to him. But when I think about actually saying the words, my mind goes blank. How do I tell my little boy that I’m going to leave him forever and it didn’t have to be that way? I’m working on the pikeman shipment in order to get evidence against sonny. Are you a cop? Or an undercover fed? No, no, nothing like that. I’m not law enforcement. I don’t have a badge or work for any official authority.

[ Sighs ] Is anything you told me about yourself true? All of it. Okay, I’m an ex-soldier. I did a tour in afghanistan. I joined the military right out of high school. What I didn’t tell you is that after I left the army, I went to work for a private security contractor. That’s who set me up with my currenemployer. Doing what? I was hired to work my way into sonny’s inner circle to gather information and incriminating evidence that my employer could use against sonny. Who’s your employer? That is my cue to leave. But before I go, I do want to share some personal experience. Look, you’re never angrier or more disappointed or, frankly, less rational than you are with family. The people who know you the best are the people who can hurt you the worst. They’re also the people who can save you. She’s right, you know. Yeah, I’ve long gotten over being surprised by brook lynn. What are you doing in the main house? I brought wiley up. He’s in the kitchen making pizza dough with olivia and leo. We used to do that, remember? Yeah, I remember. So…[ Sighs ] I’m guessing you’re here about nina. After those summers at camp, life took mend dante in very different directions. You know, he became a cop, a family man. I admire that. I admire him. You ow, his dedication to the law, to rocco, to you, to your kids. I never thought I wanted anything like that. I was always after the big score. Yeah, and you — you thought you found that with the diamond necklace britt inherited.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, yeah. I knew that leopold taub and cesar faison were business associates, and as soon as I realized that britt was faison’s daughter, I thought that maybe she could get me close to some money or, I don’t know, jewelry or something that originally belonged to taub. And so that’s why I blackmailed spinelli into setting me up with her. And it worked for a minute. How so? Well, you know I was with britt when she opened up peter aust’s safe deposit box. We found the necklace. Yeah, I’m sure you felt like you hit the jackpot in vegas. Eh, for about two seconds. In retrospect, I wish we never found it. Why? That necklace was the beginning of the end for me and britt. I don’t know. Maybe it was fate. Fate? I have heard that that necklace is cursed, just like the diamond it came from. I was up all nig researching heather’s past. She is a kidnapper, a murderer, a vicious maniac. She should never have been given life without parole. Truthfully, she should have been given the death penalty 30 years ago. But heather repeatedly exploits her mental illness. She gets herself committed rather than going to prison then somehow regains her release, either by escape or by manipulating the legal system. You’re right. I mean, there are a lot of loopholes in the system, and heather’s been pretty masterful in working her way through them. Well, this time will be different. This time, I will be a witness for the prosecution, and I’m gonna take you down for good.

everything possibleto fight your leukemia. I haven’T. I had the option to begin treatment as soon as I was diagnosed. Was that a real option? Not… for me. I would have had to terminate the pregnancy because of the damage chemo would have done to the fetus. It was unthinkable. I understand that. I convinced myself that I could wait, that I could have a healthy baby and still recover from leukemia. Well, I was… I was half right. Amelia is healthy. But now, I’m going to die and leave wiley, which means I put amelia ahead of my little boy. Okay, hey. You made a choice that was right for you as a mother. You gave your daughter the best chance at life, and you put your own life at risk to do that. You may be leaving wiley, but you’re also leaving behind the gift of a baby sister. You did the best you could for both of your children. You’ve got to stop blaming yourself. I’m afraid, carly. I love my children so much. I love michael so much. I don’t want to leave them. I know. I know. Willow is estranged from you not because of anything carly did, but because of what you did. You alienated her for years. Come on, nina. You sued her and michael for visitation rights to wiley. I’m sorry, is it a crime to want to see my grandson? It’s the way you went about it that hurt her. And if in turn, she doesn’t want to spend time with you, that is her right. But that all changed when I found out that willow is my daughter. No, you changed. Willow hasn’t changed. Yes. But if we’d known when we were supposed to know the truth, willow would have come to me for a bone marrow donation a lot sooner, and we would have had all this time to work out our differences and reconcile. Yes, carly should have told willow that you were her mother and then left the decision up to her whether or not to tell you. Yes, but instead, she decided to lie to both of us. Well, that’s not the same thing. She owed willow the truth. She didn’t owe you anything. Wow. You’re just as righteous and unfeeling as carly. I see it now. And when payback comes, you’ll be just as deserving. Nina went to the hospital to try to visit willow. Willow’s not at the hospital. I-I brought her home this morning. What do you…? So there’s no hope for treatment? We’re still waiting for a donor. But we’re running out of time. Well, then it’s important, michael, for willow and nina to connect. Is there any way you can persuade willow to see her mother? I can’t do that. Yocan’t do it or you won’t do it? ‘Cause you’re still holding the grudge against me and nina. This isn’t about you or nina. This is about willow. She’s dying, and she gets to spend her last days the way that she wants, not trying to make nina feel better. You know what, I’ve done everything to reach you,

everything. I’m done. If you can’t have any compassion for nina, even when her child is dying, then what happens next is on your head. Dex, who are you working for? And I don’t mean the private contractor. Yes, I want to dismantle sonny’s life, but not at the cost of my mom and sister. Their involvement was a one-time thing. Maybe for my mom, but you and I both know that josslyn is an issue. Look, I need you to hear me when I tell you I’d rather blow this whole operation up than put my sister at risk. You need to find a way to keep her at arm’s length. Do you understand? I’m sorry. That’s the one thing I can’t tell you, not till it’s over. Okay, when will that be? You were beaten and tortured. Isn’t that incriminating enough to finish the job? This pikeman shipment is on a whole nother level. Okay, I am talking federal charges, potential violations of the national security act. When I get the proof, I turn it over to my employer and he turns over to the feds, sonny’s going away forever. Is that what you want? Because hating sonny and seeing him behind bars for the rest of his lifeare different things. If you want… I’ll tell my employer I’m out before the pikeman shipment ever lands. And sonny will be in the clear? It’s up to you. What do you want? Have you ever heard of the ice princess?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Only in reference to the necklace, but no specifics, why? Well, at one time, it was the world’s largest uncut diamond, and it belonged to my grandfather, mikkos cassadine. I had heard that you were related to the cassadines somehow. I’ve never been a particularly superstitious person, but once I found out that the diamond in britt’s necklace was part of the ice princess, I was like, “no way.” I saw all these flashing lights, and it was just like — ooh, chills up my spine. Nothing but misery has ever come out of that diamond.

[ Scoffs ] I wish that I could blame all my failures on some cursed diamond, but I only have myself to blame for all the mistakes I made with britt. I let my greed get the better of me. Now, that is very big of you to admit. Shocker, right?

[ Chuckles ] But greed… gets the best of me over and over and over. Yeah, greed has caused me to make a lot of bad decisions. And then guess what? I just stopped. How? I guess I have realized that there were more valuable things to chase. If I could figure that out, you could figure that out, too. Here’s hoping. Yeah. Thanks for the coffee, sam. Of course. Have a good one. You, too. I haven’t done anything! All I want is to see my daughter! She was having a baby, you know, and they ripped me away from her! Ryan chamberlain was threatening me! Wow, heather. I’ll give it to you. It’s a compelling act. But you know what? I can be compelling, too. I was with brando in charlie’s in his last moments, before he went to follow josslyn jacks into that alley where you callously, brutally murdered him. I-I don’t even know anyone named brando.

[ Chuckles ] The jury will know him. I will tell them. I was eating pie when he left. Our last kiss tasted like cherries. I will testify to brando’s frame of mind, to his courage, his kindness. I will make the jury feel the terrible injustice of my husband’s murder. Your poor, pitiful lunatic act won’t stand a chance against my grieving widow. And I won’t stop in the courtroom. I will try you in the court of public opinion. I will go on podcasts, talk shows, anyone who will give me a platform, and I will crusade about the loopholes in the legal system that allowed a psychopath like you to rampage through port charles when you should have been stopped decades ago! I will do whatever it takes to see that you are found guilty on all counts. Multiple murders, consecutive life sentences. You, heather? You will spend the rest of your days in solitary in pentonville, right where you belong. Okay, while I do look forward to your testimony, this interview is over. You know how to get out of here? Exit is down the hall and to the right. Just the two of us, huh? Yeah. Good. I’m ready to confess.

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Days Transcript Thursday, February 23, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I am glad your father convinced you that violent trucks wasn’t his wish. We knew who did belong to. Okay, I’ll keep my eyes on yours open later. What the hell is wrong with you, ej? Father, long time no see.

So you think Stephan drugged you with that, but why? What in God’s name would make you wanna do that? That my dear is the burning question so much. Bitch, I did it. And this is not the Eric I know. Yeah. Well I guess Eric is finished posing his A saint coming in here and lying to us getting Rolf to sign that damn thing.

Yeah, I know. I know. Now we can finally navle. So I guess in the end it’s gonna be all right, Sam. Well will. So let’s put you in a better mood and turn this into an arrest. Go for it. Maybe you’ll put a smile on your face, which I haven’t seen in a while. And I do miss,

uh, Lee, Gabby, you know, I’m thrilled you took me up on the offer of my shares in d. But, but what? But not as thrilled as I am that you signed on to six more months of marriage. Which begs me to ask the question, do married couples really shake on deals? Shouldn’t we seal it with a kiss?

Where did you go, Eric? Only one way to find out,

and here he is. There he is. The patience.

One time he. I refuse to be roasts Guinea pig again.

It’s time to finish what you started, doctor. Now you made Stephan fall in love with Chloe again, so it’s time to undo it. Let’s go with English. Okay, your friend. And let me get a bird in edgewise on the way here. I could have saved us all in a lot of. Sorry, but I cannot help you

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So you think s Stephan is drugging you? I’m quite sure of it actually. That’s a serious accusation, ej. And yet it solves a mystery. Don’t you see what mystery? Well, as you all know, I was feeling under the weather yesterday. Yes, that brain fog hit me again this morning and then today I gave that interview.

And the next thing I know, our stocks are in the toilet. I mean, that just doesn’t happen to me. I don’t slip up like that. No, you don’t. And it tongues out. There is a reason this gin when none other, why are you in that chair? I’m just installing some antivirus software. Mr. Damaris computer. The only extra protection this company needs is from incompetence.

Speaking of which, where is. Well, he is obviously not here. I just talked to his son who saw him at home, the coward. First, he takes the stock. Then instead of confronting the catastrophic mistake he did, he goes awol. Just as your brother has who used to be my eyes and ears here until he went off to fall in love, marriage or not.

This deal is strictly business. Wait, let’s not make this more icky than it already is. Pardon a man for holding on to hope. Meantime, you wanted this in writing. It’s all right here. Hang on. Gimme that pen. All right. Best this takes me off the market for the next six months. It also means that you must wear your wedding ring again.

Come on. Part of the deal. Fine. Whatever. I’ll wear the damn ring. May I? Place it on your finger.

Yes, yes, yes. See now people will see that you are off the mark. Yeah. Well, you know what? I don’t care if people see or think of this marriage made in hell. Doesn’t matter to me right now. Nothing matters to me other than me getting my shares. Okay, here you go. As long as you remain my lawfully wet or wife for six months, they’re all yours.

Otherwise, they revert to me. Now, all that’s left is for you to pack.

Are you too new with satisfied? This is a dumb idea to begin with. What do you, what do you mean there’s nothing you. You’ve done this twice already, under very specific circumstances. The first time I had state-of-the-art equipment, which is now halfway across the world, my second attempt was made using older, less reliable machinery that Ben up in smoke.

In the middle of the session you saying, you’re saying This man is gonna be perpetually in love with two women for the rest of his life. I’m not a miracle worker, you know? Well then maybe it’s time that you become one

you. Pineapple and pizza. Not gross after all. Hello. It would be much better if I was sharing it with you. Where’d you go? I just got an alert. Call me.

Rolf was freed. How the hell did that happen?

You want me to pack? If we’re gonna stay married, we have to be living together. Stipulation of the deal. Surely you saw it in the document. Should’ve read that thing more carefully. We have to be under the same roof. If I’m gonna have a fighting chance of winning you over, we can’t be at your house because I doubt your brother would tolerate that.

Oh, he’s gonna do a lot more than not tolerate it. He’s gonna kick you on your ass. Well, uh, I’ll find someplace cozy while you organize things on your end someplace for you and. Ariana n Nevermind Ari, she’s with Will and Sunny in New Zealand. Just in time to spare her from having to share a home with the likes of you.

Oh, uh, I see that New Zealand. Well that makes it a bit simpler, doesn’t it? Anyway, uh, this shouldn’t take long. I have great connections in local real estate. Fine. Probably should get outta that house. Everything’s not gonna be thrilled with me when he finds out I’m gonna deal with you.

What is it? Huh? Just thinking about the fallout when it becomes public that I have these, well, it’s nothing we can’t handle, I’m sure of that. So Lee and EJ are nowhere to be found, and meanwhile, millions are being lost. I’m here. Hello. Remember me, your precocious daughter with an amazing work ethic whose only fault is that she was for a female.

Oh, and other than feeling ignored and unappreciated, I’m doing fine by the way. Thanks for asking. I have more things on my mind, Jen, than stroking your ego. Now, I was in New York. When word of stoplight happened, I came here immediately, but I seem to be the only one concerned because no one in charge here is greeting me or explaining what the hell is happening.

Yeah, as I’m just pointed it out about two seconds ago, I’m here. I can tell you all about I new fire, raw Sarcas. In this dire situation, oh, we are missing Fairbanks. Are we genwen? Well, at least there’s one more co c o I can get answers from. Where’s E J’s brother? Where’s Stephan Damara? He’s not here either.

Okay. Set the time. The judge should have that arrest warrant for Lee very soon. And then justice for Ste demand and for my sister. How dare you set my client? Free A lawyer who wants her client locked up. That’s a first. As Dr. Rolf’s legal representative, everything has to go through me. I demand answers.

Why did you set him free and who paid his bail? Bail, . Uh, no counselor. Uh, Dr. Rolf is not out on bail. He’s out, period. You see, he signed his confession, which was a key element of the original plea agreement. And so he held up his end of the bargain and we held up ours. No, that’s, um, it’s, IM. He couldn’t have signed it.

Jada, would you be so kind as to get Ms. Peterson a copy, please? Mm-hmm. , just don’t bother. I have it right here.

Up. This guy’s a duplicitous swine. How am I being duplicitous? I’m only being honest about my limitations. I thought you didn’t have any limitations. You’re supposed to be some kind of a genius, but not a miracle worker, as I said. Okay, stop being so modest, Dr. Rolfe. You brought Stephan back from the dead.

Is that not a miracle?

And then you screwed with this man’s affections for the women in his life. And then you recently did it again. You’re telling me that you can’t go any further now. Why the hell not? You’re telling us that you have no more tricks up your sleeve. There’s no way to overcome this obstacle.

Come on. You know, somebody told me that Dr had lost his mojo. He’d laugh in his face, wouldn’t we?

Problem. Counsel, do you know how much trouble you’re gonna be in for accepting stolen materials and using them in an official capacity? How about you can just kiss that pension of yours? Goodbye. Stolen. Do you know what she’s talking about? It can hardly be considered stolen if your own employee brought it over to the signed, oh, Brady Black doesn’t work.

She wasn’t talking about Brady. She was talking about your paralegal. Eric, wait, what? And this is an interesting arrangement you two have. So is there paralegal on odd days in your boy toy on evenings? Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. That the two of you treat this very serious matter the same way you treat your jobs as a joke.

When I’m done with you, you will not be laughing.

You seem mad to you.

We don’t have all day.

Hold this. I get the off Lion Wli. They operated in unusually high voltage. When I can divert to my purposes, that’s key.

Are you sure all this is gonna do it? What, what’s with the look? That look is one of disdain free, insulting question. And don’t say for one minute, I didn’t see Saru, your pathetic attempt to appeal to my ego before. You’re not answering my question. Fines answers yes. It’ll most likely ver most likely, most likely is not going to cut it.

This has to succeed. Are you sure there’s this, you don’t need anything else to make this work? Hmm. This, this and this. Just in case. And some clam chowder. Clam chowder. I’m starving. Make it snappy.

You know what this is, right? I do. I know. I know. It’s kidnapping an. Only worse. Stephan, you can turn me in after this is all said and done. But trust me, you’re gonna be thanking me when this is over. Oh, fat chance of that. You will. You and Gabby, you’re gonna be stuffing my Christmas stocking with Christmas presents for the rest of your life.

I’ll tell you exactly. You can stuff your stocking. I know it feels like I’m the villain here in this whole scenario, but trust me, at the end, I’m gonna be the hero in this whole piece. Hero. Yeah, you, no, you’re a selfish son of a bitch. Who’s stopping nothing to get me outta Chloe’s life. And once you are out of her life, you will realize that that’s what you wanted all along.

You just don’t know it yet.

I don’t get it. Ej. So Stephan drugged you to go on TV to hurt the company, but it’s his livelihood too. It just doesn’t add up. And how would he even manage to get away with it? He went at breakfast this morning. He offered me coffee, said that I needed caffeine if I was to be my best for the interview.

Later, he even tried to push a refill on me, but I had to get going. I remember feeling fine then, and then when it was time for the interview. Post hok. Go Proctor Hawk. What? He set me up. He made me look like a fool, like a moronic deck can instead of man steering the ship. Buty, we, we talked about this. You and Stephan are fine.

He forgave you for staying quiet. When you found out about what Lee and Kristen did to him, Unless he didn’t,

unless he didn’t actually forgive me and now he wants revenge.

No, Stephan either. Sorry, it’s God usually likes this. You in the recent state of affairs, I’m not entirely sure. Listen, I know I didn’t greet you properly and ask how you were doing Jimmy, but I do care even though I haven’t shown it recently, but all that has to wait until I deal with this mess. It all started with your Brothern, his unfortunate obsession with Gabrielle Hernandez, Gabby.

She’s actually okay. We funded. Become friends. Hmm. You’re never gonna choose your friends wisely. Now, excuse me, I’m going to tell my son exactly how disappointingly he has failed me.

Hi. What if I wore him first? Father was on the war path.

You must have thought this through, worked out all the angles, shrewd conniver that you are must have known that I was gonna go for it if you went to all the trouble of having these documents thrown up in advance. Scott’s motto be. , but even as I was working out all the angles as you put it, something was missing what you, you’re my X-factor.

I’m always better when we team out. That’s why I can’t let you go without a fight.

Go find us somewhere and live.

Okay. Ej, I’m, I’m trying to follow along, but there are a lot of ifs in everything that you’re saying. Stephan didn’t forgive you if he was okay with hurting the company, if he managed to spike your drink without you knowing the mimosa. I I thought you had coffee. No, no. That was, that was earlier today, I’m referring to a while back the morning after Stephan for me, in fact.

Come again. He wanted to toast to our nude sense of brotherhoodhood with Moses. I left for a moment to send the paperwork firing lead to the office. When I got back, he was gone. That was the day that Gabby snatched him and tried to undo Ralph’s programming. Oh yeah, I sure do. Remember that day. I came in and then we shared them with Moses instead.

Right. And wow, it is all coming back to me now. A a afterward, you nearly. Because I was feeling, I drank this spike mimosa Osa, oh my God. In mine, it didn’t mean like a a ton of bricks, and it was crazy because I knew it. I knew I wasn’t that much of a lightweight. Oh my God, your son of a bitch brother drugged us both.

We went over this at the park. I decide whom I love and whom I don’t. Not some whack job doctor in his stupid equipment. S. , I’m just trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Okay. You know the way he was before the happy Humpty Dumpty. The one woman man, Humpty Dumpty. Oh, one woman man. Right? Like, like you Brady.

Right? Let’s see, uh, I guess Chloe is one woman and so is Kristen. And, and, and, and Nicole. And you got Teresa. Yeah. No, no, no. You misunderstanding it. I’m, I’m talking about one woman at a time. Oh. So Brady Black, who has been in love with more women than anybody could count, draws the line of monogamy. Oh, for God’s sake.

What about what I want? Huh? Don’t I get a say in any of this? Ste. I don’t care what you do after this. All right? Do whatever you want. Be with Gabby. Don’t be with Gabby. Join a cult. Have 10 wives join a band. I don’t. I am going to be with Chloe. As soon as Rolf gets back. We’re gonna take the necessary steps to make that happen and to hell with what you want.

Hmm. This is for you? Hmm hmm. Smells delicious. That after you do your voodoo, let’s keep going.

You son of a bitch.

And not that there was any doubt before the Sloan was right. Eric pulled a fast when he stole that confession, brought it here for Ralph the Sun and yeah, she’s suspected. Brady did it. Well, yeah, for good reason. Brady’s crazy about Chloe and until. Unless Ralph can Deprogram Stephan, then he’s still fighting Stephan for her heart.

Sloan was right about one thing that Eric broke the law. Yeah. Impersonation, interfering with the police investigation. We might have to get a second warrant.

Yes. Got it Eric, we’ll have to wait. The warrant for LE is ready. Let’s go pay that man a visit, shall we,

Wendy? Gabby, Hey, you’re in a hurry. Where’s the fire? How, wait. In my brother’s room, what I came here for, Lee father’s in town. He’s looking for someone to take his anger out on and leaves an easy target. I’m thinking high ceilings, fireplace deck. You know what they say? Happy wife. Happy wife. Am I right?

Excuse me, Gabby. Did you forget something?

I’ll call you back. Father your misadventures with Stephan der. He’s paying dividends, but I am the one doing the pain. Uh, what are you talking about? What the hell do you mean? The stock could dive thanks to EJ Demaris stupidity and indiscretion. Oh, I, yes, I did see that. It’s what you don’t see, that’s the issue with you out of the mirror.

I have no one inside to do damage control. Uh, it’s a short term. I assure you, I’m in the process of setting things right and I could be back at the company very soon. And how do you figure that? Well, Dr. Rolf’s confession would give the authorities what they need to come after me, but I have an insurance policy, a great lawyer, and she’s keeping Rolf from signing the confession and locked away where he’s no longer an issue.

See, father, your worries are un. Everything’s coming together. I, I’m even getting things back on track with Gabby. I thought she washed her hands with you after the brainwashing. Oh, oh, well, we made a deal. I have six more months of marriage to make her love me again. And how much does this deal cost you?

Virtually nothing. Uh, I knew how to reel her in. Sign my Demer shares away. Cut it.

Someone wear big case . Doctor. I don’t know what Eric has told you, but he’s not to be trusted. He’s still documents from my briefcase. And you are the one who is not to be trusted. You are never really representing me, don’t you. Don’t be ridiculous. No. He’s gotten into your head. You kept be on ice because it served your purposes.

Yeah, this serves mine. You’re fired.

I para. Do you have any idea how much trouble this puts you in? Slow down. It doesn’t have to be ugly. The only reason why I’m helping my brother is you’ve refused.

Finally, where’s Eric detained? Oh, all right. Whoop. We might have to start without him. I don’t want someone discovering what we’re doing. I can only hope that you miserable pieces of, I still have somebody digging to do. Uh, are you really planning on reviving his brain with that junk? Well, len’s junk isn’t as a jewelry or IN’S case.

The tools for a scientific breakthrough.

Don’t worry. Just want her to

that. No good bastard. Mine scheming dirt bag. I get your anger, but you want Stephan’s target. You were merely collateral damage. Oh, I’ll show him collateral damage that he’ll never forget. Your brother needs to own up to both of us. Let’s go find that son of a bitch. Oh, I’m so.

Please not picking up. Sounds like your father got to him before you can. I guess I was only delaying the inevitable father does not quit easily. Oh, that must be where he gets it from. What do you mean?

Wait. You and Lee spent part of Valentine’s stay together. I was feeling kind of hopeful afterwards. Was he being too confident? Look, I don’t know if this answers your question, but I’m not divorcing him not for another six months anyway.

What the hell do you need? Those talks have incredible value, not to mention voting power, and yet you hand them. To stay married to a woman who hates you. That’s what the six month extension is all about, to win her back before she divorces me. But the shares, they’re the least of my problems. If Gabby and I stay married, what’s hers is mine, including those shares.

I know what I’m doing. Father,

you are always overly. And not very smart. A lethal combination. So your insurance policy has just been released, so you know what you’re doing.

You dug into my privileged files, took what you wanted. To help your brother and to hell with me. You betrayed me, Eric. Oh, that, that’s funny because that’s the word that I would use. The way you treated Dr. Rolf, you kept him from signing that confession to protect Lee sh. Right? That is so not the point.

Sounds like a confession to me. You’re not gonna get away with this. Dammit. And that sounds like a threat, a careful counselor. That is, if you enjoy having a law license.

You really gonna let him hook me up to that crap? Huh? What if he fries my brain? You gonna sit idly by while he turns me into a zombie? Think we need to trust in Ralph here. The man’s a coke, a lunatic. I resent that. What about you, Ralph? Come on E. Even you have to realize that these are less than ideal Condit.

What about the pride you take in your work? What about my father, Stefano?

What about him? You were always loyal to him Always. And him to you. How do you think he’d react? All this.

Hello, doctor. We both know that he’s gonna say just about anything right now to stop this because he’s terrified of losing. Chloe. You need to do what you do so brilliantly. You need to fix this, man. Come on, let’s finish this extraordinary work that you started.

Okay. I’m, I’m lost. I thought you wanted to get back at your brother. I do. I do. Most assuredly, but not without sufficient proof that he is culpable, that he was the one who drugged us. You were off on your interview and I was out of it when I drank one or two mimosas. Isn’t that proof enough? It’s a solid theory, but we need to take.

And get it analyzed. If it turns out to be what we assume we’ll have our confirmation and then we’ll go after it, right? No, not yet. The last thing we need is for s Stephan to know that we are onto him, but when I make move, I promise you he will not see me coming.

So when you agreed, was this all about just getting those shares or does my brother actually have a shot with you? Where does that leave stuff in? What is this 21 question? I’m just, I’m just trying to understand. Well, maybe I don’t understand it all on myself. Okay. If you would’ve asked me a month ago, I would’ve told you Lee burned all his ches.

It seems like that’s not the case, at least not with. Right. Well, you know, your, your brother keeps on showing me that, unlike Stephan, he loves me and only me with all his heart. And maybe, maybe he is right. Maybe we are sort of kindred spirits.

Come on, Sloan. Pick up voicemail. Damn it. What is going on? She said she had this all under.

Uh, sometimes being a cop has its purse.

Please shin my great pleasure to place you under arrest yet again for what you did to s Stephan Damira. But this timer. It’s for keeps.

Dr. Rolfe, I’m begging you, it’s not too late to stop this. Sorry, Stephan, I think your father would want you put back civilian.

Sounds like we’re back on track. How can I help?

Do you have any pictures of Chloe on your phone of fine am asking? Of course you do. Young people these days do nothing but take pictures of each other. But the vernaculars akin use are doing it for the Gram . Yeah. What, what, what do you want? What do you want me to do with this? Uh, connect it to that projector over his there.

So then turn it on when I give you the signal.


Do it. Do it now.

Soon. Soon, baby. Soon.

I may not be in the legal field, but I know the conflict of interest, kind of like the one that you have with Dr. Rolf can land you into some serious trouble. So it seems that we’re at a standoff. We can both hurt each other or not. You’re only hurting yourself, Eric. I dunno what kind of madness is going on upstairs.

But you and me we’re through

maybe. You can go crawling back to Nicole. Oh, right. It all works. She’s already screwing EJ DIR five ways to Sunday. Enjoy that image in your head. You bastard

us. Excuse me. You said Stephan will never see you coming. He’ll never. Us coming that he lungs two, can play this game.

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B&B Transcript Friday, February 24, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Hope: Beth is finally asleep, and I think I am ready to go to bed as well. That was quite the game of hide and seek. The only thing missing, though, is douglas. Why did we ever agree to this guardianship thing?

Liam: It’s too much pressure on the kid. It’s him having to worry about not hurting either of his parents.

Hope: Yes, but in a way he– he did. By choosing to live with steffy, and obviously, you know, douglas would never intend to cause either of us pain, but… I just– I just– I hope he doesn’t see that.

Liam: Well, I know it’s hard, but if you can, just try not to worry about the things you know you have no control over.

Hope: Well, I do have something that we could talk about and focus on that’s different.

Liam: D– about douglas?

Hope: My mom.

Liam: Your mom? Oh, no.

Hope: Mmm.

Liam: Oh, no. Wow. What now?

Hope: She’s dating again.

Brooke: That is beautiful. Oh. Oh, thank you for this. Really, I’m having a good time.

Hollis: Good. So am I.

Brooke: I have to say, though, this is all… a bit strange for me, because, uh… it’s been a long time since I’ve dated. If that’s what this is.

Hollis: Yes.

Brooke: A date.

Hollis: That’s what this is, a date.

Brooke: It is?

Hollis: Absolutely. But it doesn’t have to be awkward or strange. Let’s just have fun getting to know each other, and just have fun.

Brooke: Yeah?

Hollis: Yeah.

Brooke: Sounds good.

Hollis: Great.

Liam: Your mom’s dating? Really? Like, who–

Taylor: Hope? Liam? Are you home?

Liam: Is that taylor?

Hope: I think so.

Taylor: Hi!

Liam: Taylor! Hi.

Taylor: Ooh, am i interrupting dinner–

Liam: No, no, no.

Hope: Oh! No. Not at all. Come on in.

Taylor: Okay, I was just– I was just at your mom’s house, and I was helping her get ready for her big date.

Liam: Her–

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Liam: Wait, when you said your mom’s dating, you meant, like– like, cur– like currently, as we speak, dating? Like on a date?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, yep. Tonight’s the first one!

Taylor: Yeah, maybe the first of many. Or not. What?

Hope: No, I– if– if he’s the right guy for her, then sure, yes, absolutely. It’s just, there’s a bit of a age difference there, and I just want to make sure that she’s not taken advantage of in any way. That’s all.

Brooke: She did not!

Hollis: Sh– she did. I swear, she did. Just walked right up to me and just tossed it right in my face. That’s how angry she was.

Brooke: What? Because you accidentally served her tonic?

Hollis: Yeah. She said soda, she meant soda.

Brooke: Oh, my gosh.

Hollis: She was mad. I won’t make that mistake again.

Brooke: Oh, you gotta tell me more. You’ve got a lot of horror stories.

Hollis: Yeah.

Brooke: I’m sure you come across a lot of karens.

Hollis: I do, but that could take all night, and I don’t want to waste time on that. I want to hear about the lovely, fascinating and beautiful brooke logan forrester. Tell me about your work, tell me about your life. I want to know everything.

Brooke: Everything?

Hollis: Everything.

Brooke: Okay. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Hollis: Wait, so an actual bed on a runway?

Brooke: Yes. Yes. An actual bed. It was so much fun.

Hollis: Yeah, I bet, for you and the audience. Man, I wish I could’ve come to one of those showings.

Brooke: Aw, you should’ve been there!

Hollis: Yeah.

Brooke: It was a packed house. And for some reason, it was predominantly male for the press at, uh, brooke bedroom fashion shows.

Hollis: Gee, imagine that.

Brooke: I don’t know.

Hollis: I can’t figure that one out. So, do you, uh, do you still model?

Brooke: Mmm, no, I work mostly on the business end of things.

Hollis: Yeah, but couldn’t you do both? I mean…

Brooke: Hollis.

Hollis: I mean, I’m just– I’m just saying, like you– you could do both.

Brooke: Yeah. It was never my intention to model. I always was more interested in business.

Hollis: Yeah. Yeah, deacon even said something about you, uh, being pretty hardcore.

Brooke: Ah. Yeah.

Hollis: I think he said you had a, uh, biology degree?

Brooke: Chemistry.

Hollis: Chemistry.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. That’s when I started working at forrester creations. I was working the lab.

Hollis: Ah.

Brooke: Did you ever hear of the belief formula?

Hollis: Wait a second. Um… the wrinkles, uh, sp– wrinkle-free spray.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. My invention.

Hollis: You did that.

Brooke: I did that.

Hollis: You did?

Brooke: I did!

Hollis: Wow. That is so cool. So, uh, chemistry, huh?

Brooke: Yeah. Chemistry. I get bladder leaks.

Taylor: Okay, well, I’m gonna go home now. I just thought that I would stop by and, you know, share my excitement.

Hope: Yes, well, I will– I will try to think positively and not worry.

Taylor: Yeah, please don’t worry. Really, like this could be the beginning of a brand new chapter in your mom’s life, without ridge. The possibilities are endless.

Brooke: Okay. Wait. Wait. Oh, my gosh.

Hollis: What’s wrong?

Brooke: Nothing. This has been lovely.

Hollis: Has been lovely?

Brooke: You’re a great guy, hollis.

Hollis: Great, yeah. I’ve been dumped with those same starting words before.

Brooke: No. No, nobody’s dumping anybody here. This is a first date, remember?

Hollis: Yeah.

Brooke: You are so handsome, but, uh–

Hollis: But, uh, this is not happening.

Brooke: Yeah. I can’T.

Hollis: Look–

Brooke: I’m sorry, I can’t–

Hollis: No, it’s okay. Look, I would never ask you to do something you’re not ready for.

Brooke: It’s just, this is a strange time for me, you know? I’m, uh, trying to figure out what I want out of my life, and what I’m doing. My future. And I’m not sure I’m ready for dating.

Hollis: I get it.

Brooke: Yeah?

Hollis: Yeah. I get it.

Brooke: Well, thank you for the wonderful evening. I enjoyed getting to know you.

Hollis: Well, thank you for having me. And I enjoyed getting to know you as well, and look, even if we hang out as just friends, I hope I get to see you again soon.

Brooke: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, no. I mean, I wish I could be as excited as taylor about this, and I want my mom to find happiness. I just– I don’t know, I think it might be too soon. I’m not sure if my mom is ready, and I just– I don’t want her to get hurt.

Taylor: Hey, brooke? Are you up here?

Brooke: Taylor?

Taylor: Hey. Hi!

Brooke: Hi.

Taylor: Okay, so, I was– I was just down at the cabin.

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: Talking to hope and liam, kind of dorking about your date night. Oh, when I was leaving, I– I saw hollis drive away, and is everything okay, or– are you okay?

Brooke: Nothing’s wrong. Not with hollister, anyway.

Taylor: Talk to me. What happened?

Brooke: I don’t know. I mean, it was– it was a fun night. He was– he was exciting and sweet and polite. He was, uh, incredibly sexy and intelligent. And he… was showing his admiration for me. And I was showing mine for him and he kissed me.

Taylor: He kissed you?

Brooke: Yeah. Well, it was actually, uh, mutual. We kissed each other. And it was one darn good kiss.

Taylor: Okay, I’m– I’m trying to follow. I don’t understand what– what’s wrong?

Brooke: I don’t know. Gosh, I– I don’t know. I mean, the woman I used to be would just go for that situation, you know? I don’t– I just am not ready. I’m not. I just… I can’T. Like, I couldn’T. I tried everything to remove fabric odors,

Liam: So wha– what is it that worries you the most? I mean, do you think hollis is a creep or something, or–

Hope: No! Not at all. I don’t get that impression.

Liam: Okay, well. It’s one date. If they’ve got nothing in common, there won’t be a second. No harm, no foul.

Hope: What about my dad and how he’ll react? I mean–

Liam: Ah, there it is. That’s what this is about.

Hope: No! No. It– there’s not–

Liam: Really?

Hope: There’s not an agenda here. I just… I think my mom should be with someone that she’s already comfortable with. That knows her, so she doesn’t have to start from scratch with someone new, and sure, you know, maybe my dad might be a decent choice, or even ridge, if he got his act together. But I just– I’m saying my mom should be with someone who understands her, who connects with her.

Liam: O– okay, but ridge, your dad, even my dad, none of the guys that actually fit that description are very available right now.

Hope: Okay, so if none of them are options, then… who? Who might be a good match for my mom? That she already has a bond with, someone that… I don’t know?

Taylor: You just said it yourself, you’re not ready. You know, I was– I was pushing you a little bit. I’m sorry, I just– no, this isn’t easy, you know, moving on from ridge after… after all those years, it’s–

Brooke: I just feel like I have been moving on, you know? It’s not like I’m just sitting around, pining away for him. I’m not. Are you?

Taylor: No. No.

Brooke: So, then why did I put the brakes on? He and me were having a fun time and he was flattering and–

Taylor: I don’t know. You know, maybe it just– it was– it was just… it was just too much too soon. Felt weird.

Brooke: But it was nice. This– I knew I had to stop, and I– I just couldn’t go any further.

Taylor: And that’s okay, ’cause there was no expectation for it to go any further.

Brooke: I guess I just don’t know him, right? I mean– ugh, dating is weird. I mean, it’s horrible, actually. I’ve been with ridge most of my adult life, and been so in love with him. So what am I supposed to do now? Supposed to just have random discussions with these random men, or create some kind of profile on some dating app? What? No! It’s crazy, I– I don’t have the time or the energy for that. I guess what it comes down to, really, is I… I don’t want to take the time to get to know somebody. Is that so terrible?

Taylor: No. I don’t think it’s terrible at all. You know, I think we’re just at a place in our lives where we– we want to skip the whole getting to know you phase, and we just want to be with someone who– who knows exactly who we are, and likes us anyway.

Brooke: I guess if I am to be with somebody in the future, it has to be somebody I know. Ah, god. I– I don’t want to have sex with a man I just met. I don’T. There. I said it. Okay, I’ve said it. I– oh, my god.

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: Is– is that gross?

Taylor: Did you hear that? It’s stephanie doing the happy dance.

Brooke: Oh, stephanie.

[ Both laughing ]

Taylor: Oh, that’s– yeah, it is gross.

Brooke: Wow.

Taylor: I feel the same way, though.

Brooke: Well, what about you? I mean, if it’s not ridge for you, then… who is it? Could you imagine yourself with any man out there, to be with for the rest of your life?

Taylor: I just…

Brooke: So that means we’re just alone, and never getting to have that kind of affection ever again? I mean…

Taylor: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, gosh. You know what? I am still so blown away that you asked me to move in here with you. I’m not– I’m not really ready to make that, you know, commitment yet or–

Brooke: It’s okay.

Taylor: Brooke. I am here for you. Always. I’m not going anywhere, okay? I can– I can even stay here tonight with you, if you want me to.

Brooke: Really?

Taylor: Yeah. I mean, I’m gonna need a– an extra pair of pjs, and then we’ll go downstairs and we’ll make some popcorn and we’ll watch some funny movies. And we’ll laugh.

Brooke: I would really like that, yeah.

Taylor: And you know, you know me. And– and– and you trust me.

Brooke: And you know me. And you still like me anyway.

Taylor: I really do.

Brooke: My dear friend, taylor.

Taylor: My dear friend, brooke.

[ Both laughing ]

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B&B Transcript Thursday, February 23, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: This is it! It is over! Bill is the winner. You are a loser. I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again!

Bill: Sorry about that. I had to close that deal.

Sheila: There’s no apology necessary. I like the fact that you are a powerful business mogul. I… I find it very sexy.

Bill: Uh-uh, no. No. We’re gonna get right back into it. We were having a moment about you. What’s going on?

Sheila: Nothing. I’m all right, really.

Bill: “All right” isn’t good enough. I want you happy. You said that someone is missing from your life. Tell me who.

Deacon: Make sure to leave room for a dessert, because we have got a fantastic tiramisu.

Customer: I love tiramisu.

Deacon: Okay. So, was your, uh, delivery to brooke all that you dreamt it would be?

Hollis: Oh, baby, and then some.

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Hollis: But, it turns out brooke wasn’t the one that placed the order.

Deacon: What?

Hollis: Yeah, so someone else called in pretending to be brooke.

Deacon: Who?

Hollis: Well, none other than dr. Taylor hayes.

Deacon: I– yeah, I just still cannot get used to the idea of the two of them as friends. Who the hell would have seen that coming?

Brooke: What’s all this?

Taylor: I might have talked to hollis about your dinner date. You–

Brooke: Taylor!

Taylor: Hold on, hold on. He said– he said he wanted to do something special, so I offered to help.

Brooke: Oh. Well, it’s lovely. It really is, it’s just… I had forgotten how to do all this.

Taylor: It is just a date, and it is just for fun. Remember fun?

[ Taylor laughing ]

Bill: Why so secretive? Aren’t you the one who’s always telling me to open up, to be honest with you about my feelings?

Sheila: Yeah, I might have said that once or twice–

Bill: Once or twice? It’s like a mantra around here. Come on, now. I can’t help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong.

Sheila: The person that I’m missing… a person that I want so desperately in my life again… is finn. My son.

Finn: I’m glad you could come by.

Li: You know how I cherish time with my son. Where is everybody?

Finn: Uh, steffy’s at a meeting, uh, at forrester, and amelia took the kids to the science center.

Li: Aw.

Finn: Yeah.

Li: Gives us this chance to, uh, have some real talk. I heard douglas moved in. How do you feel about that?

Hollis: Look, man, I know I ran it by you earlier, but I don’t want there to be any tension of misunderstanding between us, so I could totally call it off.

Deacon: Call what off?

Hollis: My date with brooke tonight.

Deacon: Damn, dude, you move fast!

Hollis: Well, yeah, when I see an opportunity, I take it. But, look, if it’s weird, if there’s–

Deacon: No, hey, listen, hey. Uh, you know, it’s not like that between me and brooke anymore. I– she’s my daughter’s mother, so, you know, of course I’m protective.

Hollis: Understood, yeah.

Deacon: Brooke is a woman of class and sophistication, not to be taken lightly, and if I thought that’s what you were doing, then we have a problem, but I know you.

Hollis: Yeah, I mean, look, my intentions with brooke are far from frivolous. I’m genuinely fascinated by her.

Brooke: Oh, this is ridiculous! No. I– I’m gonna cancel, okay? I–

Taylor: No, no, please don’t! Please don’T. Please don’T. Remember, tonight is not serious! It’s not, it’s just a– it’s a– it’s a lovely dinner with a lovely man.

Brooke: A much younger man.

Taylor: Which is part of the fun!

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: And, uh, plus he’s not old enough to have had life turn him into a grumpelstiltskin, you know? So just enjoy the attention. You deserve it.

Brooke: It’s just been a long time since I dated.

Taylor: I know, but you gotta start somewhere. Just– just be your wonderful self. That’s all you gotta do. You got this.

Brooke: You think?

Taylor: Yes, yes I do. I do. Just remember, there’s– there’s– there’s no obligations. This is your house, your rules, this is your night. And you know, brooke, this could be the beginning of a brand new chapter for you.

Restless nights fogging

up your day?

Finn: And I love having douglas around. He is so great with kelly and hayes. He’s helpful, fun. I welcome having him here. And besides, it’s– it’s something that steffy really wants.

Li: Happy wife, happy life.

Finn: Ex– exact, thank you. You see, those are words to live by.

Li: I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.

Finn: Well, it’s thanks to you, mom. No, I have to say, ever since I learned sheila was my birth mother, I’ve become even more protective of the people in my life, including douglas.

Bill: I didn’t want to assume that you were talking about finn, but of course you miss your son.

Sheila: I don’t want to appear ungrateful, because I have the best life. And that’s all because of you. I just… I love my son. My grandson. And I wanted to share my new good fortune with them.

Bill: You don’t have to justify your feelings to me. I get it.

Sheila: It’s hard, you know. My son wants nothing to do with me. My son. My blood. And that’s not a connection that you can sever. And yet here I am. I’m– I’m on the outside begging to be let in, and that door just gets slammed in my face every time.

Bill: I’m sorry.

Sheila: It’s my own fault. Things I did, choices I made. I was just hoping for some compassion. Forgiveness. And the hard line that– that finn and steffy have drawn where I’m concerned? I wonder if I’m ever gonna have a relationship with my– my son and grandson again.

Deacon: All right, tell me when this “fascination” with brooke started.

Hollis: Uh, pretty much always been interested in her, but you know, like I said, there was your relationship with her to consider, and then there was ridge to consider, so.

Deacon: Look, I hate to rain on your parade, but that’s pretty much how it always is with her.

Hollis: Yeah, well maybe brooke just needs a proper distraction.

Deacon: You.

Hollis: Why not?

Deacon: Why not, indeed? You know, hey, listen. As long as you’re sincere, you’re not just trying to pick up a sexy, wealthy older woman, and if you tell brooke that I said that last part, you’re gonna peel spuds for a month in the kitchen. Hollis, just remember, that’s my, uh, my daughter’s mother, okay?

Hollis: I respect that, and that’s not at all what it is about, okay? I just wanna spend time with a– with an amazing woman, and get to know her better.

Brooke: What do you think? Too much?

Taylor: No, brooke! You look absolutely stunning! You do. Any man would be lucky.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, there was a time when this was easier. It’s been ages since I– since I’ve dated.

Taylor: Yes, but now you are– you are smarter. You are wiser, you are definitely funnier. And you are eternally beautiful.

Brooke: Mmm.

Taylor: You, my friend, have been tunnel visioned for ridge most of your life. So have I. So of course, this dating thing is– it feels awkward, even scary, right? That’s because it’s the unknown. Nobody likes the unknown. So you do what you know, and that is how to be fabulous, darling. Not only can you do this, you’re gonna be so glad you did.

Brooke: Thank you. I needed that.

Taylor: You’re welcome. Trelegy for copd.

Taylor: Okay, tonight is going to be fun. I just know it.

Brooke: Okay, well, it’s too late to back out now.

Taylor: Yes.

Brooke: So, I might as well make the most of it.

Taylor: That’s the spirit! Okay, call me as soon as he leaves because I want to hear everything.

Brooke: Okay, okay. I promise.

Taylor: Okay.

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Oh! My gosh.

Taylor: He’s here.

Brooke: Okay.

Taylor: Okay, are you ready?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Ready. Come in!

Brooke: Thank you so much.

Taylor: You, too.

Brooke: Hi, hollis.

Hollis: Wow, you just gotta give me a sec and I, um, I just need to catch my breath.

Li: It still galls me that sheila’s free.

Finn: Well, how do you think steffy and I feel?

Li: I still wonder what switch sheila flipped in him. Bill took me off the street. He was gentle and kind.

Finn: Bill may have been kind to you, but he is just as ruthless and self-serving as sheila.

Li: And obviously willing to help her reach her goals.

Finn: Well, bill better be satisfied with keeping sheila out of prison, ’cause her other goals can’t be reached. I will do whatever it takes to keep sheila away from me and my family.

Sheila: You know, finn was softening toward me. He was willing to give me a chance, and I knew I would have to work hard to win him over, especially with steffy being so set against me, but I was encouraged. If I could just stay patient, and stay on the right path, I’d have a relationship with my son right now and my grandson. But no, I– I– I couldn’t do that. When you look at the horror, and the pain that I inflicted on finn and steffy… I alienated my own son.

Bill: I agree. There’s no sense beating yourself up about things you can’t change.

Sheila: Finn is the best thing I ever did. I mean, just look at him. He is a brilliant doctor, a loving father and husband. He’s– he’s a genuinely good man. And he came from me.

Bill: Well, that goes to show, nobody’s all bad. Even people like us bring good into the world.

Sheila: I just want to know finn and hayes. Not from the outside looking in. There’s a world where I belong, with– with finn and steffy. And what I would give to have a relationship with my son again. I occasionally get bladder leaks. Meet mixtiles! They stick and restick. Choose from dozens of sizes, frames and styles. Go to mixtiles.Com, upload pictures, pick a fancy frame and voila! Buy 10 and get 10 for free. For bathroom odors that linger.

Taylor: Hey, hollis!

Hollis: Hey, taylor. Good to see you again, and thanks for your help with all this.

Taylor: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.

Brooke: Would you like something to drink?

Hollis: Sure, yeah. Whatever you’re having is fine.

Brooke: Mineral water, sparkling.

Hollis: I would have pegged you for a sparkling water woman. I wasn’t sure, but now I am. One of the many things I, uh, am gonna learn about you tonight.

Taylor: So, I’m just gonna get on my third wheel and scooch out of here. The dinner’s in the oven, and, uh– and I’m just gonna go. So. Okay. Bye. Have fun, you guys!

Hollis: Thanks again for everything.

Brooke: See you later. Oh.

Hollis: Oh!

Brooke: Sorry.

Hollis: Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Brooke: Yes. I’ll drink to that.

Hollis: Cheers.

Brooke: This is all very surprising.

Hollis: Which part?

Brooke: All of it. Being on a date and being on a date with you.

Hollis: Look, I have a confession to make. Brooke, I have admired you for years, and not just because of how beautiful you are, but because all you’ve accomplished in your life, and obviously I couldn’t act on it, because you were with… have I told you how absolutely drop dead gorgeous you look in that dress tonight?

Brooke: Smooth. Really smooth.

Hollis: Honest. I’m excited to see where our night takes us.

Finn: And there was a time when I thought there might be a place for sheila. I mean, she is my birth mother. Wasn’t it worth a try?

Li: Doesn’t surprise me. That’s the kind of man you are. Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Even to a monster like sheila.

Finn: I mean, I’d– I’d heard the stories, but I hadn’t experienced sheila’s crazy first hand. No one gets a second chance to terrorize my family. And I’m sure as hell not gonna expose my son to the dangers that sheila presents.

Li: I’m glad to hear you say that. I worry because you are so kind and compassionate, and sheila is very cunning.

Finn: Don’t worry. Sheila may not be locked up like she deserves, but she will never come near my family again. She will never know hayes, and she will never be a part of our lives.

Sheila: I love my son so much. And I miss him more than anything. And we didn’t have much of a connection, not the way that I wanted, but when we did, he would talk to me. He would look at me, if not with admiration, with curiosity. Possibilities. Now he just looks at me with hatred.

Bill: There’s a thin line between love and hate. Your history with finn is messy and complicated, but you’re his family, too. You carried him, you gave birth to him. That’s not easily discounted.

Sheila: Yeah, well, you know, that’s what I– I– I was hoping, but now I’m not so sure.

Bill: It’s not like you to give up.

Sheila: I know. I– I never admit defeat. It goes against everything that I am. But at some point, I think you just have to realize that you alienated your own son.

Bill: I told you when we got together that I was going to take care of you. Give you everything you needed to be happy. But happiness isn’t a possibility for you without finn and hayes, so I’m going to make a reconciliation happen.

Sheila: How?

Bill: Don’t you worry about that. You just keep the faith. Leave the rest to me.

Finn: I promise you, I will never allow sheila close to me or my family again.

Bill: I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to reunite you with your son.

[Clears throut]

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Days Short Recap Friday, February 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve found John at Marlena’s grave. John tried to figure out why a DiMera would steal the orchid in order to kill their wives. Steve said they had to find the one who did it. John said he knew where to start. John and Steve went to the DiMera mansion. They told Tony and Anna that they didn’t go through with killing Orpheus. They said a DiMera killed their wives. They said they were there to find out who did it. They needed Tony’s help. Tony said he wouldn’t help them and wanted them to leave. John and Steve refused to leave. They threatened to destroy the mansion if Tony didn’t help. They checked EJ’s room and decided he wasn’t the one who took it. They thought EJ, Johnny and Chad wouldn’t do it because they were connected to their wives. They talked about Stefan’s past with Abby, but Anna said he changed for the better. John and Steve realized there was one DiMera left they haven’t discussed. Tony and Anna said there weren’t any Dimeras left unless they knew something. Paulina checked on Roman to make sure John and Steve didn’t go through with the plan. Roman wanted to know how she knew about it. She told him she overheard Anna talking about it. He said they didn’t go through with it. She said it wasn’t what Kate would have wanted. He said Kate told him through the urn.

Kate reminded Marlena and Kayla that Jake said they weren’t supposed to be in the afterlife. Kayla and Marlena said Jake could have been an illusion like Susan, Jordan and Adrienne. Marlena said they had bigger things to worry about like their husbands succeeding in killing Orpheus. Marlena and Kayla suggested that Kate reach out to Roman to see if they went through with the plan. Jake told Nick to send the women back to earth. Nick said he wouldn’t do it because he still hated Will. He said Will would be mourning his aunt and grandmothers for life. He reminded Jake that he and his crew did the same thing by taking Bo’s soul before he was dead. Jake said it was a mistake they fixed. Jake asked Nick to think about Julie. He said she was the only who cared about Nick. Jake wondered how Julie would feel when she got to heaven and found out Nick was still evil and that everyone was right about him. Jake asked what he thought that would do to her. Nick tried to hold on, but Jake told him to send the women back. Kate called out to Roman. Paulina was able to hear her. Paulina told her Roman was out. Kate said she didn’t know how much time she had. She asked if Orpheus was killed. Paulina told her he wasn’t. Kate told her to tell Roman that she, Marlena and Kayla were still alive. They connection ended. Nick and Jake showed up. The women asked if they were going home. Nick said Jake appealed to his better side that still exists. He said they were going home, but they wouldn’t remember what happened in the afterlife. He said who knew what would happen when their souls went back to their bodies. He said they could end up dying and coming right back. They said they were willing to take the risk. Jake opened the door so they could go through it. When the women left, Nick told Jake that he hoped they wouldn’t face something worse than death. Tony wanted to know who the other DiMera was. John told him about Megan. In the lab, Megan looked at Kate, Marlena and Kayla. They opened their eyes.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


‚ÄäOh, , you’re someone who wasn’t feeling good earlier, you know, certainly seem to have a lot of, um, energy . Thanks to you, me. Mm-hmm. , all I did was wow. . Exactly.


I’m certainly feeling better than I did earlier when I was giving that interview this morning. I, I felt like I was in this utter fog, like I’d completely lost my filter and, um, I was just blurting out the first thing that came to my mind. But I’m glad that I’ve gotten over that because I could have just, uh, Could have just what?

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Is there, is there something you’re not telling me?

Yes there is.

It’s about Eric. You wanna see Dr. Ralph ? Yeah. Well too damn.

Would you set your first on dislikes from the inside or once? Dr. Also allowed visitors just like any other prisoner. You can’t deny me access for no reason. Eric Rafe is the police commissioner. He doesn’t need a reason to stop you from seeing a prisoner. Louis says, goes, mm-hmm. damn straight. Now you’ve got me curious.

Why are you so damn eager to see Ralph?

What do you mean Chloe’s not coming a text. You got about meeting her here. How do you know about that? She didn’t send it. I did.

Wait. You’re not just gonna sign over Your dememer shares out of the kindness of your heart. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. It’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you, and after everything I put you through, it’s the least I could do to show you I’m serious about atoning for my sins. I, I know how much these shares are worth, and I know how much money means to you, not as much as you do.

You stepped on that? Yeah. Yeah, I was just laying right here. Wait, look, it is, well,

based on the color consistency of the residue, I, it could be some kind of drug. Yeah, for sure. Given the fact that there’s no label, I’m guessing it’s an illegal one.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Are there any projects that Dara you’re aware of that that would involve executives turning ground piles of a suspicious looking. Not a one. Maybe you should just put back where you found it. Can’t do that. This is my family’s company. Damara has a zero tolerance policy on drug use. So if somebody who works here is using, they need help.

Okay, let’s. Not jump to conclusions, we should probably send it to the lab to have it analyzed. Okay. And then what? What if it comes back as like fentanyl or something? Then what do we say? No, no. We have to figure this out without anybody else knowing. But you’re talking about investigating this ourselves.

Not like we haven’t done it before. Yeah, but Johnny, it’ll be really hard to figure out who. Other people came in here too to drop off packages or whatever. Yeah. But I can’t imagine something like that was just laying around on notice for long. So was anybody else in here when you came in,

just your uncle stuff in,

how did you send the text? It came from her phone. I used a burner phone to Spoo her number. Okay. This is, this is. Why did you have to lure me here if you wanted to talk to me? Wait a minute. I haven’t spoken to Chloe soon. Is she okay? Stephan? Chloe’s fine. Physically, she’s fine emotionally, not so much cuz of you.

Listen, I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but I’m gonna say it to you. The time has come for you to get Chloe out of your head once and for all.

I don’t owe you any explanation, but maybe if you can explain to Commissioner Hernandez why you wanna see Dr. Rolf. Can you, or maybe not. Here’s what I’m thinking. You blame Dr. Raw for the virus that resulted in Marlena’s. Which is a terrible tragedy, and you and your family have our deepest sympathy. You need your sympathies.

You coming in here and acting all squirrely about why you want to see a prisoner you barely even know, makes me think that you got some sort of vigilante justice in mind, which is not happening on my watch.

Are you serious? Lying next to me in bed right now thinking about Eric . Wow, I have lost my touch. Oh, you most emphatically have not, and to put ’em all accurately, I’m lying next to you wondering if your. Thinking about Eric. Oh, right. We said that we would take things one day at a time, see what happens.

See where it led to the things heated up rather quickly when we ran into Eric and his current para on Valentine’s Day, and so I can help at Wonder Day if that didn’t happen. Would you be in my bed right now?

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Gabby. Don’t hide behind a lay mask. Cliche. Lee, please just take the shares. I feel I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Quite literally, you will, you expect me to believe that you want nothing for me in return. Whoa. Maybe there is one small thing.

Where is this coming from? I, it’s not like we just. Fell into bed outta nowhere. In fact, we would’ve been here sooner if you hadn’t put the brakes on because you were drunk. Oh, I didn’t have that much to drink. But you were blinded by rage over Eric and Sloan’s relationship just like you were yesterday.

Did you see a common thread here?

I suppose you’re right. If Eric hadn’t jumped into Sloan’s bed, I probably wouldn’t be in your bed right now.

Are you serious? You’re not gonna let me see Dr. Walt, because your personal grievances against me. Try listening. Eric, if you had then you’d have heard that. I have reasons that I have concerns about you seeing that guy so great. You’re gonna start power tripping. I am doing my damn. That’s it. There’s one person and one person only, but I am required to allow access to Dr.

Ruff. That’s his attorney. But you are not. No, but I work for her.

My feelings for Chloe are none of your business. Actually they are. You know, she fled town because of you. What? She was understandably shaken when you claim to love both her and Gabby at the same time. I didn’t claim to love anyone. I really do love her. Yeah, in a very half-assed and insane way. Listen, if you truly love her, if you care about her, you will let her go.

Oh, so you can have her, right? Because that’s what this is about. That’s about you. This is about not squandering any more precious time with this insanity, okay? And yes, this is also about not worthy screwing up things from me and Chloe and yourself, by the way. What a load of crap. I beg your pardon? Oh, you tell me.

There’s no catch that you’re giving me your shares as a Valentine’s Day gift, and now you say that you need one small thing as if that’s not a catch. Hmm. I suppose it’s okay. Well out with it. What the hell is this one small thing. Stay married to me.

Do you think this could be your Uncle sts? I don’t know. I mean, he has been kind of a hot mess since Ralph screwed with his brain.

Maybe what, what could this be part of Dr. Ross’s Unbrainwashing regimen? Doubtful. Um, you know, Ross’s in jail now, right? And Stephan wants nothing to do with him or his experiments. And besides Stephan’s, personal life might be a dumpster fire, but. As far as being c e o at Damer goes, he is completely on top of his game.

I mean, he even cleaned up the mess after my dad.

Wait a minute. What? What are you thinking? My dad wasn’t feeling well yesterday or this morning. He’s been so distracted at work that he lets sensitive information slip to the press, I mean, caused the stock price to plummet. Yeah, I heard about that.

But you’re not saying, I wonder if it’s possible my dad could be using.

I’ve upset you. Well, it doesn’t do much for my ego. I’ll admit that. Knowing that you only moved on with me because you saw Eric. Move on with Sloan is No, no. That is not the only reason. Ej look, if I really wanted to hurt Eric with revenge sex or whatever, I would’ve slept with his brother instead of you.

Is that supposed to make me feel better? Oh, yes. Look, I, I’m just, I’m just saying Brady and I have a past too. Okay. And. If I really, really wanted to hurt Eric and inflict maximum damage, I would be in Brady’s bed instead. It sounds like you could be if you wanted to. No, no. That, that, that’s, it’s not what I mean, and I, I, I couldn’t be with Brady now even if I wanted to, and I emphatically do not.

And he is in love with my best friend, and I really do hope that that Chloe and Brady get back together and get Stephan out of the picture so they can finally be happy. Okay? Okay.

Okay. . Hey. I’m not the only one here who’s confused about his feelings as it slipped your mind. Why Chloe was available in the first. That you are the one who broke her heart when you got back together with my sister. I had no choice in that matter. So you say, but maybe that’s why Chloe left town. Maybe this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.

No. It has everything to do with you. Okay. Uh, the point is your sudden polyamorous insanity. Has made everybody miserable. Okay? Chloe’s miserable. Gabby is miserable. You are miserable. And that’s what this is about. Are you really comfortable with just stringing these two women along? Man, I’m not. Is that what you wanna do?

Anybody along? I have been completely honest with both of them. If you, if you were being completely honest, you’d be able to tell them that you are a shallow man at is having trouble deciding which woman he loves more. You gotta get this through your head. Chloe would’ve never given you a second look if I hadn’t been forced to break up with her.

She loves me and she’s finally gonna, she’s finally gonna realize that once you leave her the hell alone, our relationship is the best that we both have ever had, like yours and Gabby. I know you love Gabby. I just think she’s a little too smart to be hanging onto a guy who’s constantly thinking about another woman while he professes his love to her.

See, that’s where you’re wrong. Gabby is gonna wait as long as it takes because I am the one true love of her life. You keep this up, man. You’re gonna be the biggest mistake of her life. I happen to believe you already are

something small. Well, I, I, I don’t wanna know what you consider big. I’m not gonna say married to you after what you did to, to me, to Stephan. I’m not accepting your lousy bribe, and I am certainly not gonna give up my soul or anything else for some demer shares and, and a vote on the board, nothing.

Nothing is worth that. If you would just hear me out, who the hell is your pride? Why would you wanna stay in a loveless marriage anyway? It is not a loveless marriage. I love you very much. And didn’t you love me when you agreed to marry me? I love the man I thought you were. I love the woman. I know you are.

You deserve these shares. And you also deserve a man who thinks you hung the moon, who loves you and only you. I’m not discussing this with you again. You were quite eager to discuss it last night after Stefan called you Chloe, in an intimate moment. You came running over here to me to remind yourself what it feels like to be truly wanted and cherished.

I came here to discuss our divorce. Then why’d you stay for dinner? Please stop blaming Stephan for something that is your fault. After Rolf is done with him, he’s gonna forget hold about Chloe. Are you sure about that? All Rolf did was reinforce feelings. S Stephan already had. Remember he was with Chloe.

Before you stop it, stop trying to convince me that he doesn’t love me. I never said that he does love you. He’d be a fool not to, but I love you more. You don’t know the meaning of that word. Then let me prove to you that I do. That’s impossible. Six months, Gabby, just six months to remind you of our love and to change your mind about divorcing me.

What the hell are you talking? Ms. Peterson hired me as a paralegal. Really? Why? What are your qualifications for that? As a former priest, he required a broad skill set. Yeah. Like maintaining celibacy. Failed at that one. Eric, when did you start working with Sloan? I needed a job after I quit Basic Black, which he did because of.

Ms. Peterson, I, we’ve become close. Close. I’ll take it. That’s a euphemism. My personal life is irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is these Ms. Peterson asked me to have Dr. Ralph look over them. I can’t. I would be in violation of attorney-Client privileges, as you should know. So I’m gonna try this again.

As Dr. Ralph’s legal of Representation. I’d like to see the good doc. Now

look, I know you don’t like Eric, but if you deny the access to counsel, then Case thrown out. And there’ll be no way for you to corroborate your sister’s statement about Lee Shannon. I mean, do you really wanna take that chance? Well, what’s gonna be brave?

You have.

Stay married to a disgusting creep like you Are you crazy? Please let me finish my request before you turn me down. These shares will give you a foot in the door at Dara. You can use them to lay down the groundwork to get rid of ej, especially given the recent slipups he’s made. The company needs you, Gabby, and I know you wanna be back in charge of Dara Stephen’s already.

Co c o. Once we get back together, we’re not gonna need your stinking chair. Together. We’ll run Dara, how we’ll run the world unless he wants to run it with Chloe Lane. Nice. I’m sorry, I, I, I take that back. If, if you do end up with Stephan when. If, when, whatever, wouldn’t you be in a much better position to run the company with one more board vote in your pocket six months, Gabby.

That’s all I’m asking for. If at the end of that time you’re still bound and determined to get a divorce, you can keep the shares and get rid of me and, and you’re free and. Doesn’t that sound like an offer you can’t refuse?

You know, Gabby, uh, she, she’s probably the least patient person on the planet. I don’t think she’s gonna be putting up with this kind of behavior for much longer. I mean, why, why should she? What woman would Stefan, I know you don’t want to lose her. Not after everything you two have been through, right? No, I don’t.

Good. I don’t wanna lose Chloe either. Wow. Look, Brady, listen to me. I, I can’t just forget my feelings for Chloe. And even if I wanted Rolf to finish deprogramming me, he’s. So there’s nothing Rolf can do to get Chloe outta my head. Well, I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m working on that as we speak.

Eric Brady. It was a pleasure. I brought you Someon.

This is my statement about Lee. Kristen instructing me to Brainwash Stephan Damara. That’s right. Do you know why you’re still sitting here? Because you didn’t sign the statement? My lawyer advised me not. She said admitting my guilt would be a terrible mistake that Lee and Kristen would come after me if I were to provide evidence against him.

Kristen is in prison. And to be honest with you, I believe your attorney gave you some truly lousy advice. What do you know about it and how did you get that? Well, I know you did your best to save my mother with her. I wanna do something for you in return

Well, I have reason to believe that your attorney is taking her order submission. She’s working for Lee too. That’s right. Which means she has a major conflict of interest where you’re concerned. The reason why she prevented you from signing that statement is because her other client would be screwed. I need to speak with Ms.

Peterson. Do you believe that your attorney is going to tell you the truth if she’s taken her orders from me? Do you want to get outta here? Of course, but DA trash already signed off about your plea deal before you changed your mind about signing. No one ever told me is that if you don’t believe me, you can talk to trash yourself, but if you sign that.

I can have you released immediately.

You only think your father might be doing trucks. I don’t know. He never seems to have any kind of problem. He does drink a fair amount. I called Damaris. My grandfather used to say that our blood was halfa,

but, but what did used to sell drugs years ago. But are you serious? It’s not like he was like a, a corner dealer or anything, but yeah, he got mixed up with this. Uh, Clyde Weston. He was, he was really bad news. Clyde Weston. Isn’t that the man who killed your Aunt Abigail? Yes. So you’re saying your dad wasn’t really a dealer, he was more like a kington.

Oh, I don’t, I don’t know. Okay. I, I was just a kid. All right. I, I, I, I, I don’t think that he ever would’ve used, but I don’t know for sure. I mean, look, he’s, he’s, he’s been going through a hard time lately with my, my mom, my aunt Bell, especially on top of the fact that he, he lost my grandmother. I mean, that could explain some of the behavior been displaying.

What are you gonna do?

I’m gonna talk to him. What? You’re just gonna point blank. Ask him if he’s using, and even if he is, do you really think he’d tell you the truth? I don’t know. All right. I don’t know. But one way or another, I’m gonna find out. Just keep this to yourself for now. Of course. Thank you.

Uh, you are pile of me. If I’m not rooting for Brady and Chloe to get back together, that would free up Gabby and Stephan to resume their alliance. , which would be an utter disaster for me and for the mirror. You can handle it. You’ve done it before. Yeah. Look, I, I, I just, I think the two of them, they’re, well, they’re destiny.

You know, Mike, you and Eric,

I used to think.

But the truth is, I think you and I are more compatible than Eric and I are. You know, you, you accept me for who I am, and you don’t make me feel guilty, and obviously I’m extremely attractive to you.

As I am to you,

that’s what gives me pause.

Come on, we said we were going to see where things led, and under normal circumstances, casual sex is fine.

But I don’t think that works for the two of us. Not anymore. Why not? Cause of our history. There are feelings here that are being reawakened, so if what you want is a little fling with no strings. It’s probably best that we put an end to this now.

Ah, are you saying you’re ending things with me? No, no, no. Not at all. It’s.

As I said before, for me, this, this just can’t be a, a fling. Yeah.

Yeah. I, uh, I get that and I agree that there are feelings because of our history.

And what do you say? That we enjoy the ride

and we see where things go.

Wow. Um, I like that idea very much. Yeah. Okay.

Hi. Hi. Uh, I’m sorry. I’m gonna come back later. No, no, no. Johnny, it’s, it’s okay. You, you can come. Do you seem him upset? What’s wrong? Yeah. Dad, is this yours?

You can’t be serious. You were telling me to release Dr. Wolf.

I’ll call you back. What the hell did you do? What’s going on? You got Dr. Rolf to sign the statement that he’s been refusing to sign for weeks, the one that his attorney talked him how to signing. You’re welcome. Lied to us senior. He lied to us. You’re not really working for Sloan.

You up to?

Okay. What do you mean you’re working on it? Listen to me. The last time Wolf tried to put me back the way I was, his equipment malfunctioned. I could literally feel my brain frying. I was almost a dead man. Again, I have no intention of repeating that experience. You know that you can’t continue to go on this way, right?

Maybe. , but my feelings for Chloe are real and I intend to work through them naturally. Stephen, how you, how you gonna do that? Huh? She’s not even in town. What is this interest that you have to keep her pinned to you? Mm-hmm. , I suppose I could ask you the same thing because let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if you hadn’t dumped Chloe for Kristen.

You’re missing my point. The point that I’m trying to, my point is that whatever plan you seem to have with Rolfe to screw with my mind, Forget about it. Goodbye.

Where did you find that? It’s on the floor. It’s your office. Is it yours? No. You sure? Of course. I’m sure. What is it? Some sort of Alyssa substance I would assume. So I had to ask after everything that happened at the press conference this morning. Okay. My phone may have been a little off. It was a little more than that.

Dad, you were way off the rail. And look, I, I understand. Okay. I get it. You’re going through a hard time ever since Grandma Susan died, and I know that you blame yourself for what happened to her. I did. Yes, I did. And I still do. But that doesn’t mean I’ve resorted to taking drugs. Ej, Johnny’s just worried about you.

Yes, of course. Um, let me take a look at that.

That’s very strange.

Yeah, yeah, it is. Giovanni, look at me. I know firsthand the terrible harm that drugs can do. Lord knows I’ve lectured you enough on, you certainly have. I may be far from perfect, but I am not a hypocrite on this issue. Let me be perfectly clear. I am not using, I never have used, and I never will.

Good, good. All right. Well, Hope you’re not upset with me for asking. I’m not. You did exactly the right thing and I’m glad you felt you could come to me and ask,

you know that I am telling the truth on this because it is the truth. Oh, well that’s a, that’s a huge relief.

Sorry man. I wanted to do this the easy way, but you were one stubborn sob.

I don’t trust you, Lee. This offer sounds too good to be true. It’s gonna be a hard no for me. Well, there’s something you haven’t considered. My attorney told me I could drag this divorce out for years. Come on. You said you worked at a contestant. I’m not going back on my word, but there are delicate financial matters concerned in dissolving our marriage a lot that needs to be sorted and clarified, and in fact, if I wanted to, I could make this process take a lot longer than six months.

So you’ve got nothing to lose by going along with my proposal, unless of course you’re afraid. Open yourself up again. There is nothing that you can do or say to get me to stay in this marriage. Fun. Then in six months, you’ll be single and rich, and if Wolf’s outta prison and help Stephan get over Chloe.

By then the two of you can live happily ever after.

Ah, at last, goodbye, commissioner. It’s a pleasure doing business.

Once now as I get back to my laboratory chow not so fast, doctor.

I can’t believe the way Eric just came in here and lied to us the way he did. I have to assume that he had good reason. Why would you assume that? Father Eric left his halo behind a long time ago. Look, I know you may hate the guy for what he did to your marriage. He’s not my favorite person either, but the two of us have made our peace, and I recommend you do the same.

Don’t let him get under your skin too late. Too late, whatever. Eric’s reasons were he delivered on everything, didn’t he? Rolf is out of jail. He can be programmed. Stephan. It’s what Gabby’s been begging. And now we have hard evidence against Lee.

Actually, you’re right. Yeah. Let’s get that SOB in custody before we can hurt my sister again. You have to admit it’s a sweetheart of a deal. You’re too good at businesswoman to turn it down. I won’t. You won. I won’t walk away. I’ll take the deal. You won’t regret it, but I want it in writing. Six months shares divorce.

All right here. But for now, let’s, um, seal the deal with, uh,


Hey, uh, my dad said the vial wasn’t his and you believed him. My father is a first class liar, but I’m pretty good at reading him, and he was shocked when I asked him the question and he seemed genuinely upset that I would even think that he was using so, Yeah, I believe him.

If Johnny found that in the office that you share with Stephan and it’s not yours, do you think Stephan could be taking drugs?

Is dreading me.

Where the hell am I? You are in my brother’s room at the Brady Pub. It was not fun carrying your heavy ass up those stairs either. Why? What am I doing here?

All your questions are about to be answered.

I am glad your father convinced you that file of trucks wasn’t his wish. We knew who it did belong to. Okay, I’ll keep my eyes on yours open later. What the hell is wrong with you EJ Father? Long time no see.

So you think Stephan drugged you with that, but why? What in God’s name would make you wanna do? That my dear is the burning question so much. Bitch. I did it and this is not the Eric I know. Yeah. Well I guess Eric is finished posing his A saint coming in here and lying to us getting Ralph to sign that damn thing.

Yeah, I know. I know.

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Days Update Friday, February 24, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Anna enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and takes the newspaper from Tony. Anna searches the paper and comments on not finding anything about the death of Orpheus. Tony questions why she would think he is dead.

Paulina goes to the Brady Pub and asks Roman to join her for coffee. Roman comments on it not being too busy right now and asks if she’s okay. Paulina says she dropped by to tell him about her problems and says she knows 200 people are thinking of and praying for him. Paulina adds that she came by because she’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Roman tells her to say what’s on her mind. Paulina wants to make sure they didn’t kill Orpheus.

Steve joins John at Marlena’s grave. John thought maybe he could make sense of what Orpheus told them about a DiMera stealing the orchid because the only reason to do that is to make sure that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena died. John declares that they have to find that son of a bitch and make them pay.

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate remain in the afterlife. Kayla tells Kate to lighten up because they are in Heaven but Kate complains that they are not supposed to be here like Jake said.

Jake interrupts Nick playing a video game in the afterlife. Jake tells Nick that he made a mistake and he needs to send Marlena, Kate, and Kayla back to Earth but Nick says no.

Roman questions how Paulina found out about their plan to kill Orpheus. Paulina tells him that she overheard Anna but assures that the secret is safe with her. Paulina worries about word getting out of the death of Orpheus. Roman reveals that John and Steve did not kill him. Paulina is relieved and says she knows he deserved it but it’s not what Kate, Kayla, and Marlena would have wanted. Roman responds that he knows that because Kate told him that.

Kate reminds Kayla and Marlena that Jake told them they are still alive and asks if they aren’t curious if that’s true or not. Marlena explains that they are having a hard time believing that what Jake said is true. Marlena wonders if Jake wasn’t just another Devil’s illusion so she’s not sure they can trust him. Kate questions her not having faith. Marlena knows Kate wants to believe it is true. Marlena questions how they can be alive if they are not on Earth. Kate says all she knows is that none of this makes sense so she’s going to cling to the hope that it’s true. Kayla questions where Jake is now since he proclaimed they are alive but then disappeared with Nick. Marlena suggests they are hashing out their fates, but notes they have another issue at hand. Marlena says John and Steve were out to kill Orpheus and if they succeeded, they have to decide what happens now.

Steve wonders if this is another mind game of Orpheus. John says this time, his gut is telling him it’s no game and he’s telling the truth. Steve remarks that there’s a first time for everything. John says it makes a weird kind of sense that a DiMera would be involved since their thirst for payback didn’t end with Stefano. Steve says they need to find out which one it was and John feels they know exactly where to start.

Anna tells Tony that there is nothing about the death of Orpheus in the news. Tony suggests that’s because he hasn’t died and Anna has transformed her wishful thinking in to delusion. Anna insists that she knows for a fact that Orpheus was scheduled to be murdered in prison. Tony questions how she would know that. Anna then reveals that Roman told her and since he hasn’t called to tell her it didn’t happen, that means it happened. Tony then questions how Roman would know.

Paulina asks Roman if he means Kate told him not to kill Orpheus on her deathbed. Roman then clarifies that she told him from her urn. Roman gets a message that he has a delivery to go sign for in the back. Paulina comments that she has the Pub all to herself then and that she’s all alone with Kate’s urn. Paulina questions Kate communicating with them from the afterlife just when she thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.

Kate believes their husbands returned to their senses just in time. Marlena suggests trying to connect with them again. Kayla suggests Kate try connecting with Roman again since it worked last time. Kate agrees to give it a try as she hopes that Jake talks Nick in to letting them return to Earth.

Jake argues with Nick that the three women are still alive. Nick calls it a minor technicality. Jake stops Nick from playing his video game. Nick tells Jake that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going to Hell and there’s nothing he can do about it. Jake argues that he can’t steal the souls of three innocent women because he holds a grudge against one of them. Nick says there are no rules and adds that he despises Will for ruining his life and Marlena is his grandmother and Kayla his aunt, so Will can mourn them for the rest of his life.

Kayla encourages Kate to focus and think about her love for Roman. Marlena adds that they have faith in her. Kate then begins trying to speak to Roman.

Paulina begins hearing Kate’s voice through the urn, calling out to Roman and saying she needs to talk to him. Paulina tries responding and says that Roman stepped out for a moment and asks if she can take a message.

Tony questions Anna telling him that Kate spoke to Roman through her urn to stop the murder plot. Anna brings up Tony’s twin brother coming back from the dead twice. Anna decides she’s going to call the Brady Pub to see if Roman got to Steve and John to stop them from killing Orpheus. Steve and John then arrive and confirm that he did and they did not kill Orpheus. Steve then reveals that now they know it was a DiMera who ultimately killed Kayla, Kate, and Marlena. John adds that they are here to find out which one it was. Tony questions them saying that Orpheus telling them that someone stole the Orchid from Kristen. Anna calls that implausible since it’s not like Kristen to have lax security. Tony asks if they think they had anything to do with it, talking about how much they love Marlena and not having any issue with Kayla and Kate. They explain that they aren’t accusing them or saying it has anything to do with Marlena, Kate, and Kayla as individuals, but it was an act of revenge which runs in the DiMera family. John says they came to ask for their help in figuring out which DiMera it was.

Nick tells Jake not to act like he hasn’t done the same thing, bringing up that Jake and his team snatched Bo Brady’s soul from his body before he was fully dead. Jake responds that was a mistake and they corrected it, so now he’s asking Nick to do the same thing for Kate and her friends. Nick questions Jake caring a great deal for Kate. Jake says he’s not advocating just because he had a relationship with Kate and that this is about right and wrong. Jake tells Nick to think about Julie, the one person who ever saw good in Nick and stuck by him until the end. Jake adds that Julie prays for Nick’s soul every night and lights a candle every year on the anniversary of his death. Nick remarks that Julie always was sentimental. Jake argues that Julie always loved him. Jake asks what he thinks Julie will say when she joins them in Heaven and realizes that even in the afterlife, Nick is a nasty little man and everybody was right about him while she was wrong. Jake asks what he thinks that will do to Julie. Jake guesses Nick doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him, not even Julie.

Kate asks if she’s hearing Paulina which she confirms. Paulina is uncertain about talking to an urn. Kate says she needs to talk to Roman. Paulina mentions that he stepped out and she can go get him but Kate doesn’t know how much time she has, so she needs to get a message to Roman about Orpheus. Paulina confirms that they backed out and Orpheus is still alive. Paulina asks if Kate reached out to ask about Orpheus. Marlena and Kayla urge Kate to tell Paulina about what Jake said about them still being alive. Kate questions them believing it now. Paulina asks if Kate is still there. Kate tells Paulina there’s a message that she needs to get to Roman that will be life changing for all of them.

Tony questions believing Orpheus since they’ve never put any stock in to what he’s said before. Steve reveals that Orpheus told them this after they decided not to kill him. Tony thinks he could be toying with them. John says he’s known Orpheus for years and his gut says he was telling the truth. Steve repeats that it makes sense for a DiMera to be involved. Anna sees his point with some of the things Kristen has done. Tony argues that they always say it’s a DiMera’s fault. Tony tells John and Steve that they can believe what they want but he’s not going to help them in their witch hunt. John says it’s his call. Tony asks them to leave but Steve says they’re not leaving. Steve repeats that it’s Tony’s choice not to help while John warns that if he doesn’t, they will strip the DiMera Mansion right down to it’s foundation.

Jake tells Nick that Julie isn’t wrong about him. Nick argues that you don’t end up where he did from being misunderstood and he really is that bad. Jake says he read Nick’s file about how a terrible thing happened to him and no one seemed to care. Nick acknowledges that he was raped. Jake talks about how Nick did love Gabi. Nick doesn’t want to hear his life recapped. Jake wants Nick to see how one bad decision kept leading to another and he tried to control or own every woman he loved, but the whole time Julie never stopped loving him and would’ve done anything for him without reason. Jake says it’s not too late. Jake tells Nick to do this one good thing and to do it for Julie.

Paulina tells Kate that she has her attention. Kate tries to instruct her to tell Roman that they are all alive but Nick cuts the connection. Paulina complains that she can’t hear her and only heard her say that they are still. Nick tells Kate that calls to earth are not allowed. Kate argues that they have to tell Roman and the others that they are alive. Nick questions them taking Jake at his word. Jake then returns as well. Kate asks if Jake talked Nick in to letting them go home.

Paulina continues trying to get through to Kate and tries knocking on the urn until Roman comes back and asks what’s going on. Paulina tells him that she was talking to Kate and then it was just like she hung up. Paulina doesn’t think it was by choice because Kate was trying to tell her something to tell Roman and she could tell it was something really important and urgent. Paulina says she was in the middle of it until it was like someone or something didn’t want hear to hear the end of the sentence. Paulina says she has no words for this. Roman encourages her to breathe. Paulina states that Kate asked about Orpheus and she told her that Roman stopped John and Steve from killing him which made her real happy. Roman is glad that Paulina was able to tell her that. Roman wonders what Kate was trying to tell him.

Jake asks if Nick is going to tell them or if he should. Nick responds that there was a small slip up so perhaps their souls were harvested slightly prematurely. Marlena realizes that Jake was telling the truth then and questions Nick now admitting that. Kayla asks if he’s going to let them go home. Nick confirms that Jake appealed to his better side which is rare but does exit. Nick then announces that he is letting the women go home which excites them. Nick adds that they shouldn’t remember any of this when they get back to Earth. Marlena says she’s okay with that if she gets to see John and her family. Nick says what happens when their souls go back to their bodies has nothing to do with them, so they could reunite with their family or they could die instantly and end up right back here. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate decide they are willing to take the risk. Jake directs them to walk through the doors and their souls will re-enter their bodies.

After searching the DiMera Mansion, Steve says it seems to him that the only DiMera that lives there that would have a motive is EJ. Tony points out that they just trashed EJ’s room and didn’t find anything. John brings up that Kate knew that Lucas kidnapped Sami but just let EJ twist in the wind. Steve adds that Stefano always said revenge was a dish best served cold. John adds that EJ always listened to Stefano. Tony calls that wild speculation and points out that Kate ultimately exonerated EJ, but also notes that Chad was just as guilty as Kate was. Tony adds that Chad testified against EJ and EJ didn’t even go after him. John notes that Marlena was EJ’s kids’ grandmother while Steve adds that Kayla was their great aunt. John admits that EJ wouldn’t do that to his kids. Anna and Tony talk about how it couldn’t be Johnny or Chad. John then brings up Stefan. Steve calls him definitely sleazy enough. Steve knows no one wants to bring up the past, but Stefan slept with Abigail while knowing she wasn’t in her right mind and that’s pretty damn sleazy. Anna reluctantly agrees but insists that people really can change and says that Stefan has been a lot more decent since coming back to life. John asks if there are any other DiMeras floating around other than the ones covered in Salem. Tony argues that Sydney wouldn’t have a motive while Anna adds that Theo wouldn’t hurt a fly. Steve adds that Steven Hawk would never hurt Kayla. Anna then brings up Peter Blake being as lethal as he is dreamy. John says Peter Blake has no redeeming quality but he also doesn’t have a motive. Tony says they’ve gone through the whole family tree unless they resurrect Stefano or Andre, so it seems they’ve run out of DiMeras. John and Steve then declare there is one DiMera they haven’t talked about yet…

Paulina apologizes to Roman for not hearing what Kate was trying to tell her, but at least she knows Roman stopped Steve and John from killing Orpheus, so now she can really rest in peace. Roman declares that he won’t rest in peace until he finds out who did this to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Paulina argues that Orpheus did it with a big assist from Kristen. Roman informs her that Orpheus claims there was another DiMera who stole the orchid from Kristen and that’s what John and Steve are trying to figure out.

Tony questions what John and Steve are getting at when they listed every living member of the family so there are no more DiMeras out there. Anna says that’s unless Steve and John know something that they don’t..

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla leave Heaven while Nick tells Jake that all is well that ends well. Jake states that for the women, it’s not the end, but a new beginning. Jake prays their souls find their way back to Salem and their families. Nick says he does too. Nick admits that what Jake said got to him. Nick tells Jake not to tell anyone since he has an image to maintain. Jake agrees that it will be their secret and thanks him. Nick calls him a worthy opponent and jokes that he looks forward to locking horns or wings again. Nick notes that none of the women thought twice about walking through those doors, so he hopes they don’t wake up to a fate worse than death..

Tony demands to know what John and Steve aren’t telling them. He asks if Stefano had another illegitimate child and who this is. John responds that it’s not new, she’s been around for awhile and tells Tony that it’s his half-sister, Megan Hathaway.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs.

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