Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Justin and Bonnie that she found an apartment for Sarah and Xander. They let her know that Xander made up Red Nax to cover up that he was working for Ava. They told her that he kidnapped her and Susan. Bonnie said that Xander was kidnapped by the clown too. Sarah told them it was an act and she knew who was helping them. Leo walked in the room. Leo got nervous when he heard Sarah tell everyone what happened. She told them that Gwen was the one helping them. Bonnie knew for a fact the clown was a man. Justin thought she could have been in a body suit. Justin wondered what Leo thought. Leo said he didn’t know anything about Gwen dressing up as a clown. He walked out of the room. Will was at Allie’s apartment. He let someone know that he would be back in LA as soon as possible. Sonny showed up at the apartment. Will yelled at him about letting Leo in their lives. Sonny tried to defend Leo to Will. He wanted Will to understand the choices he made. He let Will know that if he wanted Leo gone, he would be gone. He would stay friends with Leo, but Will comes first. They kissed and made up. Will apologized for leaving him so much and leaving him to make new friends. He wished he made a better friend.

Gwen went to see Xander. She saw that he looked bad. He thought he was a disgusting human being. He felt like a worthless loser and Knew Sarah didn’t want him anymore. Gwen told him that he wasn’t in jail yet. She thought it was a good sign that Sarah didn’t turn him in yet. She told him to have faith in his love for Sarah. Xander knew Sarah wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. He promised to keep her out of it if Jack found out. Xander was heartbroken so Gwen told him to think about Sarah until he won her back. Maggie tried to make Sarah feel better about Xander. Sarah couldn’t believe she fell for what Xander did. Sarah’s phone rang and she saw that it was Xander. She threw her phone. Maggie wondered what she will do. She told her that she was going to divorce him. Leo met up with Gwen and told her that Sarah was telling everybody what Xander did. Bonnie and Justin arrived at Xander’s hotel room. Bonnie punched Xander in the stomach.

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