Days Short Recap Thursday, May 11, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric left the pub as Nicole was leaving a message for Kayla about the paternity test. She was afraid he heard her conversation. When she realized he didn’t hear anything, she asked him about his eye. He said it was okay. He said he was worried about her since EJ found out about their one-night stand. She wondered what Sloan was thinking telling EJ. Eric defended Sloan’s actions. He asked if she was okay since she was talking to Kayla and was acting strangely. She told him about her cramps but brushed him off. He said he could tell they aren’t nothing. He wanted her to confide in him. Jada called Talia, but she ignored it to make out with Chanel. Talia thought about Colin wanting her to seduce Chanel so he could get justice for his mother. Talia tried to kiss Chanel when Paulina came home. Paulina apologized for interrupting. Talia ended up leaving. While Paulina and Chanel were alone, Paulina said it was a good thing she interrupted them. Jada was determined to find out what was going on with Talia. Talia showed up. Jada asked her about Colin and what she was doing with him. Talia said he was her ex-boyfriend. She said he called her the night the biscuits were drugged. She said she met him in a motel. She said she didn’t like him because she didn’t like who she was when she is with him. She said she ran into Xander and Chloe when she was breaking things off with him. Jada tried to make her feel better, but she was upset. She asked Jada if it was enough for her to believe her. Jada said she believed her.

Sloan told Colin she knew what he was up to. He said it was his turn to make Chanel pay for what she did to their parents. Sloan said his actions were impacting her. He said she would thank him when it’s over. She said she could lose her law practice and her freedom. He said he didn’t see any other way to make Chanel and Paulina pay. She said he already ruined Sweet Bits. He said that was only the beginning. Paulina told Chanel about the text and told her the police suspected Talia. Paulina said there was no evidence or motive. She said Rafe was being thorough. Chanel said she would know if Talia was out to get them. She said the police had it wrong. EJ was concerned that Stefan and Gabi were sending out bad evaluations to Shin and the board. While they were talking, EJ’s phone rang. EJ told Shin to ignore the evaluations. EJ said Shin wanted him to take anger management classes. Gabi and Stefan were happy with what he was going through. Nicole told EJ that her cramps were just cramps. She lied and told him she was in early stages of menopause. He was glad that it wasn’t something serious. EJ called Nicole and asked her to come to the office. Sloan told Colin he could go to prison for what he did. He said he had a brilliant sister who was a lawyer. He said everyone had fun after eating the biscuits. She said people were getting hurt. She said she was getting hurt. She said she had something good going. She didn’t want to mess it up. She said she didn’t realize how lonely getting revenge was until you found someone to make life worth living. She said she wanted that for him too. She said if the police called her, she was telling the truth.

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