Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xannder and Chloe played darts at the pub. While they were playing, Brady walked in. She apologized to him for what she said about Rachel. Xander said he was sure Brady understood. Brady wanted him to stay out of it. Xander said Rachel has been horrible to Chloe. Brady told him to shut up. He wondered who told Xander about it. He thought it was a stupid question. She apologized. She said she was upset and needed someone to talk to. He said he couldn’t believe she chose Xander to talk to. Brady and Xander got in an argument. She stopped them from arguing. Brady asked to talk to her. He told her he wanted to fix their problem. She was upset about what she did to Rachel. She said she understood that what happened with Rachel was a dealbreaker. She said she loved Rachel, but Rachel didn’t love her. He said he would talk to Rachel. Chloe said it would take a miracle for Rachel to forgive her. He asked if she was giving up on them. Xander interrupted them by asking her if she wanted a rematch. Brady told them to go for it. Brady walked out the pub. Xander told Chloe that it didn’t help to cling on something that didn’t work. She wondered if she and Brady were at that point. He asked her the same question. She said she didn’t know how she and Brady could come back from this. She said she has loved Brady for so long. He said there were plenty of available men out there. She wondered who. He asked if he was chopped meat. She reminded him of what he did in Mexico. He said he has done bad things, but he’s not as bad as Brady.

Steve wondered if Kayla was real. She said she was real. She kissed him. He told her he was shocked to see Bo alive. He couldn’t believe Bo was like the enemy. She told him Megan brainwashed him and lied about Thomas Banks kidnapping her. She said Bo wanted her to use the prisms to make Rolf’s serum. She said she was afraid they would never get out of there. He said it was a matter of time before they were found. She fixed Steve’s wound. She told him that Bo rejected being a build an empire. She said it was all about being Victor’s son or his clone. He said love got him and John through Megan’s brainwashing. He said the same thing was true for Bo. He said Bo would return to them the same way he returned to her. She told him about the letter she found to her mother. She said she felt bad for Victor. She said there was something tragic about pining all those years. He compared it to finding Emily and Gideon’s letters. She said she remembered thinking they wouldn’t get their happy ever after. He said they did and he and she would have their happy ending too.

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