B&B Short Recap Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy discuss the state of Liam and Hope’s marriage. They hope that Hope and Liam can work things out for the sake of their families but agree that Liam shouldn’t unload his issues on them. Finn expresses his trust in Steffy but admits he doesn’t want Liam spending too much time with her if things don’t work out with Hope. Steffy reassures Finn of her commitment to their relationship.

Meanwhile, in Brooke’s office, Ridge shows gratitude to Brooke for talking to Thomas about the kiss and believes it was just a mistake. Ridge asks Brooke to give Thomas a chance and move past the incident. Brooke is uncertain but acknowledges that Thomas has changed.

Later, at Brooke’s cabin, Hope and Liam have a conversation about their marriage and the affair. Hope takes responsibility for her actions and admits that she gave in to desire in Rome. She believes that their relationship has been affected by Liam’s history with Steffy and that he has turned to her whenever things were difficult between them. Liam defends himself and questions Hope’s motives, leading to a heated argument where Hope removes her wedding rings and agrees to a divorce, stating that she doesn’t want to spend her life wondering where Liam’s true affections lie.

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