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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Chloe about her risk for preeclampsia and Chloe takes over the Chancellor Winters job so that Sally doesn’t have any stress in her life. Adam brings Sally snacks and tells her stories about growing up on the farm.

Faith tells Sharon and Nick that she met CK at the park. Sharon and Nick tell Faith to stay away from CK and call them and Chance if she sees Cameron in town, and keep away from CK.

Chance arrives and talks to the security team at the ranch so they can be on the lookout for Cameron. Chance also tells the police to keep eyes on Cameron. Sharon also tells Faith everything that she suffered with Cameron.

Nick finally checks in on Sally who tells him what the doctor said he assures her everything will be okay.

Tucker tries to persuade Ashley to forget about Diane and Jabot and start her own company.

Cameron sits in his hotel room and watches a video he took on his phone of Sharon talking with Adam.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Talia sits in the interrogation room with her arm in a sling. Jada enters and brings her painkillers but Talia says she’s fine as Jada removes her handcuffs. Talia asks how Abe is. Jada responds that he’s still in the hospital and recovering from surgery but it looks like he will be okay. Talia is relieved that Colin won’t be charged with murder now.

Colin wakes up in his hospital bed and thinks his nurse is Paulina.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side in the hospital, complaining about waiting for him to wake up. Paulina urges him to open his eyes, noting the surgery was hours ago. Chanel enters the room. Paulina questions why Abe won’t wake up. Chanel encourages that his body just needs time to recover and he should wake up soon. Paulina calls Colin pure evil. Chanel points out that Talia played a big part in this too. Paulina decides she’s going to find Kayla while Chanel stays with Abe.

Sloan is at her apartment with her cheek swab of Eric when she gets a call from Nicole, who questions why she hasn’t called her. Sloan asks Nicole to meet her at the park in an hour. Nicole says she’ll be there and tells Sloan that she’s really grateful that she got the sample from Eric. Sloan repeats that she has a vested interest and she hopes like hell that Eric’s DNA is not a match for the baby Nicole is carrying.

Anna joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks if she was able to get a DNA sample from EJ. Nicole says unfortunately no, explaining that EJ got called away on business before he could take the sleeping pill. Anna asks when she expects him back. Nicole doesn’t know but says it doesn’t matter. Anna questions how she will get a sample now. Nicole reveals that she doesn’t have to because Sloan got one from Eric last night.

Eric brings Sloan a sandwich and coffee. Sloan thanks him and says she’s going to take it to go because she wants to go see Colin at the hospital. Eric asks if she’s going to take a test because of the virus outbreak that she and Nicole were going on about. Sloan claims that she called the hospital and they said they got the virus contained, so she doesn’t have to take a test anymore. Eric guesses the truth is that she never had to take a test.

Colin’s nurse asks if he’s saying all black women look alike. Colin explains that he only saw her from behind and he’s a little on edge. She calls him nasty and rude. She says she has some medicine for him even though he doesn’t deserve it after what he did to Abe. Colin offers to ask for another nurse but she says she is his nurse and will heal his body, but he will have to heal his own soul which will take prayer, humility, and repenting for his sins then maybe the Lord will allow him in to Heaven. The nurse then exits the room as Rafe enters.

Jada questions Talia being worried about Colin at a time like this and asks if she’s forgotten where she is and what she did. Jada tells Talia that the only person she needs to worry about right now is herself. Talia knows it’s bad but argues that it’s her first offense so they can’t go that hard on her. Jada tells her that she’s wrong as she just met with Melinda and she plans to throw the book at her. Jada adds that she can’t be surprised since Melinda was one of her victims and ended up in the hospital thanks to her poisoned biscuits and could’ve died. Jada remarks that would’ve been better for Talia because now she has a very pissed off district attorney gunning for her. Jada questions what the hell Talia was thinking.

Chanel sits at Abe’s side and talks about how he doesn’t deserve to be in this bed and he wouldn’t be if she hadn’t gotten involved with Nathan Bedford all those years ago. Chanel says everyone says he took advantage of her but she can’t help but feel responsible because Abe is now paying the consequences. Chanel cries that she’s so sorry for that. Abe then wakes up which excites Chanel, who says she will text Paulina right now. Abe asks where he is. Chanel informs him that he’s in the hospital after being attacked over the head and had to get brain surgery, but now he’s awake and is going to be okay. Abe then questions who Chanel is.

Rafe introduces himself to Colin and says he just wanted him to know that he will be facing a long list of charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. Rafe adds that doctors say he’s well enough to be discharged so he has to take him down to the police station where he’ll be booked, officially charged, and taken to a holding cell. Colin asks what about Talia and remarks that the only one that should be charged with attempted murder is her.

Jada asks Talia to help her understand, going over how she graduated at the top of her class and was on track to start an amazing career but she threw it all away to come to Salem to terrorize two people that she didn’t even know. Talia claims she didn’t terrorize them. Jada goes over how Talia trashed Paulina’s office and ruined Chanel’s business while getting half the town sick. Talia says she gets it and feels bad enough as it is. Jada doesn’t think that she does. Jada repeats that Talia is incredibly lucky that no one suffered permanent damage or worse. Jada asks why Talia wanted to hurt so many people that she didn’t even know, especially Paulina and Chanel. Talia responds that she did it for Colin. Jada says that’s what she doesn’t understand and asks what kind of spell he had her under. Jada questions what would make her do this.

Anna questions Nicole about Sloan getting a DNA sample from Eric. Nicole explains that Sloan found out that she was pregnant by accident, but she agreed to help her get the sample for her paternity test and got a swab from Eric last night. Anna asks if she doesn’t need a swab from EJ as well. Nicole says that’s only if it was a legal case and hopefully it will never go there. Nicole adds that Kayla said she only needed one swab, so if the DNA from Eric doesn’t match then the baby must be EJ’s. Nicole says she has to go meet Sloan at the park to get the swab. Anna stops her and reminds her that she didn’t answer when she asked if she wanted the baby to be Eric’s. Anna now asks what it means for her and EJ if she finds out the baby is Eric’s. Nicole says she’s been so stressed out about who the baby belongs to that she hasn’t even thought about that. Anna assumes that EJ will be fairly upset. Nicole says that’s especially because EJ just told her that he loves her, right after he proposed.

Sloan questions what Eric is talking about and why she wouldn’t have to take a test. Eric reveals that he talked to Marlena about trying to visit Abe and he asked about the virus outbreak but she had no idea what he was talking about. Sloan tries to suggest maybe she just wasn’t aware. Eric tells her to stop because he knows she’s lying. Eric argues that she and Nicole didn’t have to take some test for a non existant virus and he questions what the test was for. Eric says she is clearly keeping something from him and he wants to know what she and Nicole are up to. Eric demands that Sloan tell him right now. Sloan gives in and admits they are keeping something from him. Sloan then reveals to Eric that Nicole is pregnant. Eric is shocked and asks when she was going to tell him. Sloan responds that Nicole begged her not to. Eric questions why and if the baby is his. Sloan admits that Nicole is not sure and doesn’t know if it was with EJ or the night she and Eric got high on the biscuits. Eric realizes that explains the swab but he still doesn’t understand how Sloan got involved in this. Sloan explains that she found out because Nicole dropped her pre-natal vitamins in front of her and then she happened to run in to her again after Kayla gave her the paternity test and she didn’t know how to get the DNA samples from Eric or EJ without them knowing, so she told her that she could get one from Eric which she did.

Anna excitedly asks Nicole about EJ proposing and why she didn’t tell her. Nicole reveals that she turned him down because she didn’t feel like it was a sincere proposal. Nicole says that EJ started caving to peer pressure after they found out Stefan proposed to Gabi which caused EJ to worry that Stefan had the advantage and more people in the ranks, so EJ thought proposing to her would mean another DiMera on his side which is at least how she saw it. Anna doesn’t imagine EJ reacted well to that. Nicole responds that it’s actually when EJ told her that he loved her. Anna asks how Nicole reacted to that and if she loves EJ.

Talia tells Jada that she told her that Colin convinced her of how awful Paulina and Chanel were. Jada questions her being justified because Colin decided they needed to be punished. Talia argues that she didn’t say yes right away and she was against it at first, but then she saw how much it meant to him and he said if she truly loved him, that she would do whatever he wanted. Talia cries that she was afraid of losing Colin as she was in love with him and when you’re in love, you do things to make that person happy. Jada argues that you don’t do illegal, criminal, and cruel things. Jada says that Talia is smarter and a better person than that. Talia says apparently not. Talia swears she tried to talk to Colin out of it, but every time that she tried to convince him that Paulina and Chanel are good, decent people, he would just get mad so she would drop it. Jada asks what she means by he would get mad. Talia admits that Colin has a temper and would accuse her of not caring enough or being a coward. Jada asks if Colin ever got violent and hurt her. Jada demands that Talia answer her.

Colin tells Rafe that Talia is the double crossing bitch that pushed him off the roof. Rafe questions that being how he describes his girlfriend. Rafe informs Colin that Talia has also been arrested for her part in his crimes. Colin argues that Talia is the one who trashed Paulina’s office and poisoned the biscuits. Rafe says he understands that Colin put her up to all of it. Colin swears that he never put a gun to Talia’s head and she’s a grown woman so he couldn’t force her to do a damn thing that she didn’t want to do. Rafe guesses they can discuss that with their lawyers, but right now, he has a date with a jail cell. Rafe says he will go check on his transfer and exits the room.

Chanel tells Abe who she is and reminds him of Paulina by showing him a picture of their wedding. Abe says he’s sorry but he doesn’t remember her, claiming he has never seen that woman before in his life. Chanel questions Abe not recognizing her or Paulina. Chanel decides that she will go get the doctors to tell them that he’s awake. Abe questions her leaving him alone. Chanel assures that she will be right back as she exits.

Talia tells Jada that Colin never hit her and that he only has a temper because his parents died in the most awful way possible and he never recovered from that, so he gets upset when things don’t go his way. Talia adds that when Colin did get upset at her, he was sorry almost immediately and would go out of his way to make it up to her and show how much he loved her. Jada yells at her to snap out of it. Talia asks Jada not to be mad at her too. Jada says she’s not, but is mad at the situation and that she was oblivious to any of this going on. Jada feels heartbroken for not knowing that Talia has been in an abusive relationship. Talia repeats that Colin never hit her once. Jada says they both know that there are other kinds of abuse.

Rafe informs the cop at the hospital that the discharge papers are complete and Colin is ready to be taken to jail. Paulina comes over and says she’s glad Rafe is there. Rafe asks what’s up and if Abe is okay. Paulina says that’s the problem because Abe hasn’t woken up from his surgery and she can’t find Kayla. Rafe is sure Kayla is with a patient and that someone can help find her. Paulina admits that she’s almost too scared to ask about Abe’s condition as she worries. Rafe encourages her to breathe as he hugs her which Paulina admits does help. Rafe assures that he loves Abe and hates that this has happened to him, but the best way they can help him is by helping themselves. Rafe reminds Paulina to take care of herself. Rafe knows the best way he can help Abe is by finding the bastard that did this to him and making him pay. Rafe tells Paulina to find someone to tell her where Kayla is while he goes to do his job. Rafe reminds Paulina that it helps Abe to take care of herself as he walks away.

The nurse from Colin’s room enters Abe’s room and he also imagines that she is Paulina, saying that he knows she is his wife.

Eric questions Sloan taking a swab of his DNA without him knowing. Sloan admits she did it while he was asleep and now she’s supposed to go deliver it to Nicole. Eric stops her and tells her that she has a brother to go see, while he can take this from here.

Anna asks Nicole if she loves EJ or if she’s just being too nosy as usual. Nicole knows she’s only asking because she’s concerned for them, but says it’s complicated as she and EJ haven’t been back together that long. Nicole assures that she does care for him and they have a long history. Nicole states that she did love EJ enough to marry him not long ago. Nicole says she’s just confused and really needs to know who the baby’s father is, because if it is EJ then Eric is no longer in the picture. Anna then asks if it’s Eric that she loves. Anna says she’s not trying to put her on the spot and that she’s on her side, no matter what. Nicole asks Anna to stop asking her questions and giving her advice because she can’t deal with it right now. Nicole says she needs to get going. Anna hugs her and encourages her to be strong because no matter what happens, she’s going to take care of things because she has to for the baby. Anna then exits the room as Nicole holds back tears.

Sloan gives Eric the swab and asks what he’s going to do with it. Eric repeats that he will handle it as Sloan has enough to worry about with her brother. Sloan decides she will get to the hospital then. Sloan adds that if Nicole’s child does turn out to be Eric’s, she really hopes it doesn’t change anything between them. Sloan then exits her apartment.

Jada tells Talia that she knows very well that emotional abuse is a real thing and it sounds to her like that’s how Colin was abusing her. Talia questions what that is based on. Jada argues that Colin had her committing crimes for him and he had a temper. Talia argues that she knows Colin has done some terrible things but they weren’t for no reason since he had a hard life. Jada believes they’ve had a conversation like this before and that people with hard lives don’t resort to trying to murder people. Jada encourages that it made people stronger because they had to fight. Jada questions Talia giving Colin a pass just because he had a hard life and asks if everything he does is justified. Jada adds that Colin could have killed Abe, Paulina, Chanel, and her. Talia cries that she knows that and that’s why she pushed him off the roof. Talia says she was trying to save Jada, Chanel, and Paulina. Talia knows she’s made a lot of excuses for Colin before but when she saw him point the gun at Chanel, she knew she had to do something and couldn’t just let him shoot her or hurt her.

Chanel finds Paulina at the hospital and informs her that Abe woke up. Paulina is excited and wants to go see him but Chanel reveals that Abe didn’t recognize her. Paulina is sure that Abe is just confused and suggests they go see him together. Chanel adds that she showed Abe her picture and he said he’s never seen her before in his life. Paulina is sure it’s just the drugs talking and asks Chanel to take her to Abe now, so they walk off together.

The nurse questions Abe asking if she is his wife. Abe apologizes and gets upset as he says he can’t seem to remember anything, except Chanel being in there and showing him a picture of their wedding but he didn’t mention her being a nurse. The nurse questions Abe not remember anything at all which he confirms. Abe brings up Chanel saying that he was attacked. The nurse confirms that he was attacked by a horrible, despicable man and she doesn’t see how anyone could hurt a man as sweet, kind, and gentle as Abe. She adds that the worst part is that he’s still in danger because that horrible man is in the hospital right now as they speak, so Abe is not safe.

Rafe returns to Colin’s hospital room but is shocked by what he finds.

Jada tells Talia to forget about Colin for now as they need to get her arraigned. Jada informs Talia that she hired Belle as her lawyer which surprises Talia. Jada asks if she thought she would abandon her when she is her sister and she loves her. Talia cries that she loves her too and she’s so sorry about everything.

Rafe finds his cop in Colin’s room, now cuffed to the bed with his clothes swapped and questions what the hell happened. He informs Rafe that he went to unlock Colin, but he got the better of him. Rafe can’t believe that Colin got away.

Colin sneaks through the hospital, now in a cop uniform. Sloan arrives so Colin hides around the corner as she walks by. Colin then escapes through the elevator.

Chanel brings Paulina to Abe’s room and tells her not to worry as she’s sure when Abe sees her, it will all come back. They then discover that Abe is gone so Paulina questions where the hell her husband is.

The nurse wheels Abe through the hospital and tells him not to worry because he’s safe with her now as they wait on the elevator.

Nicole prepares to leave the DiMera Mansion and declares that it’s time to find out who her baby’s father is. Nicole opens the door right as Eric arrives.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Gwen works in her room at the Salem Inn when Xander shows up at the door. Gwen questions what he wants and if it has to do with work because she’s busy. Xander says it does and guesses her bad mood is because Kyle at work turned in his resignation and now she’s scrambling to clean up the mess she made. Gwen argues that she only suggested he and his team worked harder while Xander argues that he quit because she cussed him out. Gwen complains that he was looking for a reason to quit since she shoved Jack off of his own paper, which she states she did for Xander. Gwen repeats that she’s very busy and tells Xander to get the hell out so she can pull a new sales manager out of a hat. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to because he already found one in Chloe Lane. Gwen says over her dead body.

Brady shows up to see Chloe at her apartment and says he’s sorry for not calling before showing up. Chloe mentions already having the pleasure of running in to Kristen. Brady asks if she threatened her or anything. Chloe says no and that it was fine. Brady is sure Kristen will leave her alone now that they are no longer together. Chloe remarks that as always, Kristen got what she wanted. Brady says he doesn’t want to talk about Kristen as he has a proposition for Chloe.

Alex is with Stephanie at her home and they have beers. Alex talks about not having to worry about being clear-headed since he’s unemployed and can work remote. Stephanie still thinks he just needs to give Maggie time to cool down and she will realize how much Titan needs him. Alex says he won’t hold his breath because screwing up that deal for Maggie was the last straw. Alex declares that his career at Titan is over.

Justin enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and welcomes Maggie home. Maggie tells him that Victor is resting as he didn’t sleep at all on the plane. Justin is surprised they came home rather than stay in Greece with Bo. Maggie explains that the doctors are moving Bo to a long term care facility since he’s still in a coma, but they aren’t giving up hope. Maggie says there was nothing they could do there and that was hell for Victor, so she convinced him to come home because seeing Bo like that was hard on him. Justin understands that family is everything. Maggie asks what Justin is doing here since Henderson told her that he and Bonnie were going to Chicago to see Mimi and Emily. Justin responds that Bonnie went but when he heard Maggie was coming home, he decided to stay. Maggie says he didn’t have to do that but Justin states that he did because he had to ask her why the hell she fired his son from the family business.

In Chicago, Rex is working out at home until Bonnie shows up at his door and surprises him. Bonnie says that Mimi told her that it was his day with Emily, so she came to see her grandbaby. Rex says he’s sorry but she’s already asleep. Bonnie asks if she can peek in on her still which Rex allows. The doorbell then rings and Sarah arrives, surprising Rex. Sarah says she’s sorry to show up like this but she has news that she had to tell him in person. Rex says he has news as well. Sarah excitedly tells Rex that after he left, one of their clinical patients had a breakthrough and his immune system is responding just like they predicted it would. Sarah excitedly talks about how great this is until Rex stops her to tell her that Bonnie is there. Bonnie then comes back in and greets Sarah.

Xander argues that they are desperate to replace the position but Gwen says they are not so desperate to hire Xander’s girlfriend. Xander tells her that Chloe is not his girlfriend and they are just roommates. Gwen doesn’t believe him. Xander asks why she’s so interested as he thought she was busy shagging Alex all the time. Gwen reveals that’s over now because Alex ended it and said he wanted to be a better person which Xander calls an impossible dream. Gwen argues that they need someone qualified to work, not an unemployed lounge singer. Xander points out that Chloe ran a successful restaurant and had important jobs with both Basic Black and DiMera Enterprises so she’s more than qualified. Gwen says that she can get a job elsewhere then as she declares they are not hiring her and that’s final.

Brady asks Chloe if he can come in to talk about this. Chloe questions if he wants to come in to check things out, insisting that she and Xander are just roommates. Brady clarifies that he doesn’t want to talk about Xander as he has a business proposition for her. Brady informs Chloe that he wants her to come back to Basic Black.

Maggie understands that Justin is upset with her but says he has no right to use that tone with her. Justin asks what tone he should use when she canned his son over the phone. Maggie responds that Alex didn’t follow direct orders and as a result, they lost a multi-million dollar that was already negotiated and all Alex had to do was close it, but instead he scared him off. Justin argues that Alex didn’t scare him off, the deal did because there were problems in that deal from the start. Maggie guesses that’s Alex’s version of what happened as he’s very good at coming up with excuses. Justin mocks Maggie being a corporate mogul for five minutes and asks who she is to say that Alex isn’t qualified. Maggie guesses that Justin doesn’t think she’s qualified, but Victor does and he agrees about Alex.

Stephanie tells Alex that he’s being too hard on himself as he had no idea how the client would behave at the meeting. Stephanie believes Maggie completely overreacted by firing him. Alex thinks Maggie might have a point. Stephanie goes to get Alex another beer as he apologizes for being lousy company. The doorbell then rings, so Alex answers the door as Chad arrives, looking confused to see Alex there. Stephanie greets Chad with a hug and they kiss, noting how they missed each other. Chad says he got in a couple hours ago, tucked in the kids and came straight here. Stephanie asks him to tell her everything because she was worried. Chad first asks about Alex being there.

Chloe questions Brady wanting her to come back to work at Basic Black. Brady explains that Nicole is working with EJ at DiMera, so he’s all alone and he needs her. Chloe is unsure. Brady promises they will keep everything strictly professional. Chloe says that’s easier said than done. Brady gives his word and says it’s not the same without her. Brady talks about how they work well together and he respects her work. Brady pleads with her but Chloe says she can’t. Brady says if it’s because of Kristen, he’ll beef up security but Chloe says it’s not Kristen. Brady questions what the problem is then. Chloe responds that it’s not a problem, but that she was offered a new job and she will be working at the Spectator with Xander.

Xander reminds Gwen that they run the Spectator as a partnership so she doesn’t get to make unilateral staffing decisions. Gwen assumes they both want the most qualified candidate for the job, so they can put a job notice up and together, they can true the most qualified candidate and Chloe is more than welcome to apply. Xander calls Gwen’s jealousy sad. Gwen argues that she’s not jealous, especially not of Chloe.

Sarah greets Bonnie and questions what she’s doing in Chicago. Bonnie explains that she came to see Mimi and Emily. Bonnie then notices that Sarah is pregnant.

Stephanie explains to Chad that she was at the meeting and knows that Alex was doing everything he could to save the deal. Alex doesn’t think Chad cares. Chad understands that getting kicked out of the family business sucks but laughs about getting fired by Maggie. Stephanie says it’s not funny. Chad agrees and says that’s the worst part as it must have been so damn humiliating. Alex decides to let them have some alone time. Alex thanks Stephanie for the beer and says he appreciates it. Alex agrees that Maggie is the nicest person he’s ever known, so he feels horrible about letting her down. Alex then exits. Stephanie asks Chad if he really had to kick Alex while he’s down. Chad assures that he’ll be fine. Chad then apologizes and says he just got back from Greece where Kate was almost killed, Steve got shot, and Bo is still in a coma so he didn’t have the patience for Alex crying in his beer over a job he never should’ve had in the first place. Stephanie responds that Alex was a guest in her home. Chad questions why, asking how she can forgive Alex after what he did to her.

Maggie tells Justin that she’s running a business and letting Alex go was a business decision. Maggie says she gave him a chance but he didn’t deliver, so she doesn’t think it’s fair for Justin to make it a personal family issue. Justin argues that it’s a family business, so it’s all personal. Justin understands he can be protective of Alex because of his childhood and notes his struggles with relationships with women. Justin mentions Alex being in therapy. Maggie says that doesn’t change the fact that she left Alex specific instructions on how to handle this meeting and he went rogue. Justin understands that Alex blew the deal, but what’s killing him is not that he lost the job, but that he let her down. Justin asks if there is some way that Maggie can give Alex one more chance.

Bonnie talks about Maggie not saying anything, so she had no idea that Sarah was expecting. Sarah reveals that Maggie doesn’t know and no one in Salem does. Bonnie questions why not and then guesses that she doesn’t want anyone to know because it’s Xander’s baby.

Gwen argues that Xander just wants to feed his huge ego by thinking she’s jealous Chloe. Gwen complains that Chloe isn’t qualified for the job. Xander points out that when he showed up, she was desperate for anyone to take the job. Xander insists that Chloe is qualified and that she can start right away like they need. Xander reveals that he already offered Chloe the job so it’s hers and declares that’s the end of it as he’s putting his foot down. Gwen tells Xander to go ahead and hire Chloe, but when it turns out to be a disaster, it will come out of Xander’s profits. Xander says he will go tell Chloe the good news and exits, leaving Gwen frustrated.

Sarah tells Bonnie that she is way off base. Bonnie doesn’t think so and brings up how fast Sarah left town, believing she wanted him out of her life and her baby’s life. Bonnie knows Sarah couldn’t trust Xander with a baby and children are everything to Kiriakis men, so Xander would never leave her alone. Rex argues that Sarah doesn’t need this right now. Bonnie relates to how Sarah is feeling because of her ex husband, but says she really believes Xander has changed this time for the better. Bonnie adds that she could forgive Xander for kidnapping her and Susan. Sarah shouts that this has nothing to do with Xander. Bonnie argues that Xander has a right to know, but Rex steps in and declares that he is the father, not Xander. Bonnie notes that Mimi didn’t tell her they are back together. Rex admits they aren’t, so Bonnie takes it that they had a one night stand. Sarah reminds her of Xander hooking up with Gwen right after she told him their marriage was over, so she slept with Rex on the rebound. Sarah says she got pregnant and they didn’t find out until getting to Chicago. Sarah claims they tried dating but it didn’t work out. Bonnie questions keeping it a secret then. Sarah says she didn’t want Maggie to judge her or tell her that she’s making a mistake. Bonnie doesn’t believe them and says she knows they are lying through their teeth.

Stephanie tells Chad that her mom is back, Marlena is back, and Kate is alive and safe, so she asks if Alex is really what they want to talk about. Chad agrees that he doesn’t want to talk about Alex anymore. Stephanie brings up Chad saving Kate and his new relative, Dimitri. Chad jokes that Dimitri is a very fun guy and sociopathic and egomaniacal like his mother. Chad calls them like James Bond villains and says he doesn’t really want to talk about them either. Chad decides he doesn’t really want to talk at all as they begin kissing onto the couch.

Gwen exits the Salem Inn and runs in to Alex in the town square. Alex says he was just on his way to see her. Gwen asks if he’s rethinking the better person rubbish. Alex says no but he heard a rumor that her ad director quit and he’s now looking for a job. Gwen is surprised and says he has a dream job as she questions why he would ever leave Titan. Alex clarifies that he didn’t leave Titan, he got fired. Gwen calls that unfortunate. Alex brings up that he does have experience in marketing. Gwen tells him that she’s sorry but they just hired a new ad director. Gwen calls it a shame because Alex would’ve been quite good at it. Gwen informs Alex that Xander forced her to hire his roommate as it turns out he wants to spend even more time with her. Alex points out that she doesn’t seem too happy about that. Gwen argues that Chloe is unqualified and makes her skin crawl. Alex remarks that it sounds like her night is going about as well as his. Gwen suggests they could help each other get their minds off of their troubles.

Brady asks Chloe about Xander offering her a job, arguing that he and Gwen stole the paper from Jack and Jennifer. Brady asks how Gwen feels about this. Chloe claims that she’s fine with it. Brady questions if Chloe really wants to be living with Xander and working with him. Chloe admits it’s not ideal. Brady calls Xander a sleaze, but says he’s nothing compared to Gwen, warning that she’s pretty rough on women who rub her the wrong way. Chloe questions why he’s doing this and why where she works is his business. Brady calls Xander and Gwen horrible people who know nothing about running a newspaper. Brady warns that it won’t be long before they tank the Spectator, so he doesn’t want to see her get hurt in the fallout. Xander then comes home and tells Brady to tell them how he really feels.

Rex questions Bonnie not believing them. Bonnie says it doesn’t make sense. Bonnie believes Sarah wanted to have Xander’s baby and got pregnant, before she found out that he was kidnapping people. Rex argues that this is none of her damn business. Sarah thanks Rex for trying but admits it’s not going to work. Sarah then informs Bonnie that she is right that the baby is Xander’s.

Brady guesses he better go. Xander feels he was just getting started. Brady wishes Chloe luck with her new job, feeling that she’s going to need it. Xander remarks that it’s always a pleasure as Brady exits. Chloe questions if that was really necessary. Xander asks if he’s supposed to come home to Brady talking crap about him in his own living room and just take it. Chloe responds that the mature thing to do would’ve been to ignore him. Xander admits maturity has never been his strong point. Chloe asks how Gwen took him offering her a job. Xander informs her that she got the job.

Alex tells Gwen that he doesn’t know. Gwen says she forgot he turned a new leaf, so no more random shags. Gwen asks how that’s working out for him and if he’s becoming the new and improved Alex Kiriakis. Alex says it’s going well and that Marlena is helping him out a lot. Gwen says she’s glad. Alex thanks her and says now all he needs is someone to help him get his career back on track. Gwen wishes him luck and says she’ll see him around. Gwen walks away and then Brady approaches, asking about him needing his career back on track. Brady informs Alex that if he needs a job, he may have something for him because Nicole left and he’s swamped at Basic Black. Alex questions Brady wanting him to come work for him. Brady asks why not. Brady brings up it was Alex’s idea to put and Eric and Nicole on the cover of their magazine and that flew off the shelves, so he has a knack for marketing. Alex isn’t sure if Victor and Maggie would agree. Brady responds that Victor has dangled the CEO at Titan position over all of them for 30 years and the best thing he ever did was get off that treadmill. Brady suggests Alex claim his independence and come work for him.

Maggie tells Justin that she’s given Alex so many chances. Justin insists that this time will be different because he will personally be watching him like a hawk. Justin says that Alex really needs this. Maggie complains that the Kiriakis men don’t give up until they get what they want. Justin says it’s in their DNA and asks if Maggie will think about it. Maggie gives in and agrees to let Alex start tomorrow. Justin thanks her. Maggie swears it is Alex’s last chance. Justin assures that she won’t regret this as he hugs her. Maggie hopes not for all of their sakes.

Chad and Stephanie kiss on the couch until Stephanie gets up to get them beers. Stephanie asks him to tell her about Dimitri. Chad responds that he definitely has DiMera blood in him as he managed to work deals for he and Megan. Stephanie asks about Megan being his half-sister. Chad jokes that apparently his father never wore protection. Stephanie points out that Dimitri is still on the ISA radar, so it’s only a matter of time before he commits another crime and ends up back in there. Chad informs her that it won’t be out there because he’s coming here, adding that he wanted to fly back on the same plane and thinks they are going to be best friends. Stephanie questions what there is in Salem that he could want. Chad says he said family but he didn’t take him at his word. Chad doesn’t think Dimitri is coming to be apart of the family, but to destroy it.

Alex comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and questions what’s going on as he thought Justin was heading to Chicago. Justin informs Alex that they have some good news as he and Maggie just had a long conversation. Justin announces that Maggie has agreed to give Alex his job back. Alex is shocked. Justin questions Alex not thanking Maggie. Alex says it’s been a weird night and it took him by surprise. Justin explains that he just spent an hour trying to convince Maggie. Alex then informs Maggie of how happy it makes him that she thinks she can trust him again, but he’s not going to be able to take back the job because he has another job since Brady wants him to work for him at Basic Black.

Gwen walks through the town square and runs in to Brady, who asks if she has a minute. Gwen says no after the way he talked to her the last time. Brady mocks her being fragile and then apologizes and says he needs to talk to her about a mutual problem they have that only she can solve. Gwen tells him to go on. Brady brings up Xander offering Chloe a job at the Spectator and he guesses that Gwen thinks it’s a terrible idea like he does which she confirms. Brady guesses he can count on her to stop it from happening but Gwen says she’s sorry as that ship has sailed as she gave Xander permission to hire Chloe. Brady questions why she did that. Gwen says you have to pick and choose your battles. Gwen states that it turns out their exes are going to be spending even more time with each other. Gwen then heads back in to the Salem Inn.

Chloe asks Xander if Gwen is really okay with her coming to work at the Spectator. Xander says that she wasn’t exactly thrilled about it but she gave the green light and will come around when she sees how amazing she is at the job. Xander remarks that the only alternative is Chloe going back to work with Brady and they can’t have that. Xander shakes Chloe’s hand and welcomes her aboard.

Rex questions what Sarah is doing. Sarah tells him that Bonnie is onto them so there is no sense in keeping up the lie. Sarah admits that Bonnie is right that she wanted a baby with Xander, but that was before she found out what he did to Bonnie and Susan and that he was mixed up with Gwen again. Sarah doesn’t want to be married to a man like that and doesn’t want him around an innocent child. Bonnie tries to argue that he’s changed but Sarah states that this isn’t Bonnie’s news to tell, so she has to promise her that no one in Salem can find out that Xander is the father of her baby.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to see Gwen. He noticed she was in a bad mood because the ad sales director quitting. He said she was the reason why the director quit. She said he thought of her as a b*tch who made her push her father out of his paper. He said she was. She said she did it for him. She wanted him to leave so she could find a new sales manager. He told her found one. He said it was Chloe. Gwen said over her dead body. Brady went to see Chloe to offer her a job. He said he would keep things professional. She said she already had a job at the Salem Spectator. He asked with Xander. Justin ran into Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. He said he thought she would still be in Greece with Bo. She said there was nothing they could do so she talked Victor into coming home. She said she thought he would still be in Chicago with Bonnie visiting Mimi and Emily. He said he stayed behind so he could find out why she fired Alex from the family business. Bonnie went to Rex’s place to see Emily. Bonnie said Mimi told her Emily was with him. Bonnie went to check on Emily. Sarah showed up at Rex’s place. He told her Bonnie was there.

Gwen told Xander they weren’t hiring Chloe. He said she was jealous. She said she wasn’t. She said Chloe wasn’t qualified. He said the job was Chloe’s. She finally agreed, but said when it failed, the money would come out of his half of the profits. Maggie told Justin why Alex was fired. Justin asked who she was to say Alex wasn’t qualified. She said Victor agreed with her. She said she gave him a chance to prove himself, but he didn’t do it. He said he knows Alex blew the deal. He said it was killing Alex that he let her down. He asked if she could give Alex one more chance. When Bonnie came out of the room, she noticed Sarah covering up her stomach. Bonnie told her it didn’t hide the fact that she was pregnant. Bonnie assumed the baby was Xander’s. Sarah said she was way off. Rex said he was the father. Bonnie said they were lying. Sarah thanked him for trying. She admitted to Bonnie that she was right. She said the baby is Xander’s. She said there was a time when she wanted to have his baby, but now she wants nothing to do with him after what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Sarah said no one could find out that he is the father.

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Days Short Recap Monday, May 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony was about to make an announcement to EJ. Anna thought about telling Tony about Nicole’s pregnancy. She blurted out that she couldn’t let Tony finish. She said that he was drunk. She couldn’t let him say anything that he would regret later. The family wanted to hear what Tony was going to say. Tony looked at Anna and decided to tell EJ that he was proud of the job he did at the company. He told Kristen and Megan that they should support EJ. Anna took him with her so they could talk in private. Eric saw Nicole and Sloan at the hospital and wanted to know what was in the box Nicole was holding. Sloan told him that it was a medical test kit. Nicole lied about a virus and said everyone had to test negative before they could visit patients. Nicole told him that she let Sloan use hers so she could visit her brother. Sloan advised Eric to take the test so he could visit Abe. Tony let Anna know that he wasn’t going to tell Nicole’s secret. He wanted to support EJ. Anna apologized for doubting him. He felt like EJ had a right to know the truth. EJ wanted to know what he had a right to know. Tony lied and said Anna was worried about his feud with Stefan. EJ thanked him for always having his back. Stefan and Gabi tried to get Megan and Kristen to take their side. Megan wanted to know what they could do for her. Stefan would welcome her into the family. He said EJ wouldn’t do that for her. EJ walked in the room and said that wasn’t true. EJ was willing to give her the master suite. Kristen reminded him that she was locked up too. EJ told her that Megan had seniority. Kristen didn’t want to accept his offer since he stabbed her in the back.

Eric didn’t want to take the test. He wanted Sloan to use it so she could see her brother. He said he would meet her at home. Nicole and Sloan went back and forth about their plan not working. They argued over the fact that Eric could be the father of her baby. Sloan hoped that he wasn’t the father. Tony didn’t like lying to EJ. Anna felt like they had to be careful about anyone overhearing them talk about the pregnancy. Nicole walked in and thought EJ knew about the pregnancy. Anna assured her that EJ didn’t know the truth. Nicole promised to reveal the truth once she got the results from the paternity test. She wanted to know how she could swab EJ’s cheek without him knowing about it. Anna gave her sleeping pills to use on him. Nicole saw Megan and Kristen at the mansion. She was surprised to see Kristen out of prison. She went to EJ and wanted to know why he was letting his sisters live there. He told her that he was doing it for the votes. He didn’t think he was doing a great job getting their votes. Nicole suggested he take a pill to help him go to sleep. EJ was about to take the pill when he got a phone call. He had to leave. Nicole was frustrated that her plan didn’t work. Eric and Sloan were in bed. He was asleep so Sloan took out the swab. She leaned toward him. She called Nicole and told her that she had the sample in her hands. Nicole was relieved because she would find out the truth soon enough.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Lucy puts Lily on the spot when she asks her to tell her about when she and Daniel were married at a young age. Lucy later heads to the airport to go back to Portugal.

Sally has a health scare when she has double vision when she is walking in the and park. Sally calls Nick but when she can’t reach him she calls Adam.

Cameron sees Sally isn’t feeling well and waits with her but disappears when Adam arrives to pick up Sally and take her to the doctor. The doctor tells Sally she is at risk for pre-eclampsia and gives her medicine and tells her to reduce her stress.

Chance tells Sharon and Nick Cameron is out of jail, but he doesn’t know his location. Sharon and Nick tell Chance how Cameron beat her up, almost raped her and haunted her when she thought he was dead. Sharon also shows Chance the latest package. Cameron sent her a cigar box from the hotel in Denver where he beat her years ago. Cameron sees Faith in the park and says hello.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Faith returns home and finally meets baby Ace in person. Faith introduces her family to her roommates’ cat botgninr.

Cameron, Kirsten remembers his past with Sharon as he celebrates his return to Genoa City by smoking, a cigar.

Sharon gets a package that she thinks is from Cameron. Chance gets some information on the whereabouts of Cameron Kirsten.

Christine drops the charges against Diane since they found proof that Phyllis is alive and Diane is glad she can get on with her life and plan her wedding. Nate tells Audra about his conversation with Victor and asks her to help him with Nick.

Summer worries when Chance tells her that when they find Phyllis, Christine wants her to pay for what she has done. Summer tells Daniel that Phyllis is safe but won’t give him any more details because she is afraid he will tell the police.

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Days Update Monday, May 29, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny is sitting at a table at the bar when Leo walks in and asks if the seat is taken. Johnny informs him that he is waiting for his date. Leo decides to sit down since his date isn’t there yet and asks if Johnny wants to fill him in on his latest family drama. Johnny questions what he’s talking about. Leo informs Johnny that his aunt Kristen was released from prison which shocks Johnny, who asks if she got another pardon. Leo reveals that she got immunity and now he is way more interested in his other aunt, Megan Hathaway.

Megan steps forward and announces she thinks it’s time that she take the family name as she is now claiming to be a DiMera completely and entirely. EJ then toasts to Megan DiMera. Tony thanks them for their kind words on behalf of the family, but now there is something he’d like to say to EJ, causing Anna to worry as she thinks back to asking Tony not to tell a soul about Nicole’s secret. Anna then speaks up and tells Tony that she can’t let him do this.

At the hospital, Nicole then opens the swab kit, but Eric arrives and questions what is going on here. Sloan greets Eric, who says he knew she’d be at the hospital all day with Colin so he decided to come see if she needed anything. Sloan thanks him but says they are fine. Eric says that’s good and then questions what Sloan and Nicole are up to. Nicole asks what he means. Eric points out that he saw them with their heads together and seemed really interested in that box, so he asks what’s in it. Sloan admits it’s a medical test kit, so Eric questions what the test is for. Nicole claims it’s for a virus because there was an outbreak on the 10th floor and to protect all patients, all visitors have to test before being let in. Nicole says she was going to share a test with Sloan since the hospital is low on supplies so that Sloan would be able to see her brother. Sloan says that as generous as Nicole’s offer is, she really thinks Eric should have the test. Eric questions why. Sloan points out that Abe is a family friend, so she’s sure he would like to visit him. Nicole agrees that it makes sense and suggests Eric take the test right now, so she can take it straight to the lab.

EJ questions what is wrong with Anna. Gabi remarks that Anna must have had too much wine but Anna assures that she is sober. Anna argues that Tony must have had one too many at the Bistro. Kristen points out that Tony seems sober to her. Tony says that he is but Anna disagrees. Anna remarks that when Tony gets like this, he makes unwise decisions, so she wouldn’t want him to say anything that he will regret later. Megan says they are all family here, so they should feel free to say whatever they want to each other and tells Tony that he has the floor.

Leo asks Johnny about Megan as he heard everyone thought she died in a hot tub incident back in the 80s. Johnny responds that he’s asking the wrong guy because he’s never even met Megan. Wendy then arrives and apologizes for being late as she joins Johnny. Leo is surprised to learn that Wendy is Johnny’s date because he assumed it was going to be Chanel. Johnny tells Leo there is nothing going on between he and Chanel and that’s history. Leo remarks that history has a way of repeating itself and asks if the engagement is off. Johnny insists it was never on and he’s dating Wendy. Leo apologizes and says it’s hard to keep track of things around here, commenting that people change partners like they change underwear. Leo then asks Wendy if she really believed Johnny’s high on biscuits story. Wendy assures that she did because Johnny wouldn’t lie to her. Leo asks if she believes that he only has eyes for her then. Johnny assures that is true. Leo remarks that it’s too bad Wendy doesn’t feel the same way since his sources tell him that Wendy ran off to Seattle to be with Tripp. Leo then asks that since Wendy is back here with Johnny, if that means she dumped Tripp. Wendy says no, so Leo comments that it’s double her pleasure, double her fun.

EJ asks what Tony wanted to tell him. Tony claims that he thought EJ deserves a toast in his honor too. Gabi mocks that and suggests a roast instead. Tony talks about EJ doing a tremendous job as CEO over the last several months. Stefan points out that’s co-CEO. Tony says he’s talking about before Stefan’s promotion, as EJ was doing very nicely on his own and under his leadership, DiMera Enterprises has attained tremendous heights. Gabi then agrees with Anna that Tony is completely wasted. Tony acknowledges Megan not being around over the years but assures her that EJ is best for the job, so it would be wise of her to support him and tells Kristen the same. Megan and Kristen call it quite an endorsement. Kristen suggests skipping the toast since Tony made his point. Anna asks for a word with Tony in private and takes him out of the living room. Megan remarks that she sees Anna is still quite the drama queen.

Outside the room, Anna questions what Tony was thinking since she asked him not to tell EJ about Nicole’s secret, but he was about to blab the news to everyone. Tony argues that he wasn’t going to. Anna says she’s glad that she got him to back down and he came up with a cover story. Tony insists that he said what he intended to in the first place because he just wanted to make it clear that he supports EJ. Anna questions Tony not planning to expose Nicole’s secret. Tony assures that he wasn’t, but Anna almost did on her own.

Eric tells Nicole that it wouldn’t be right, so he’d rather Sloan have the test. Sloan insists and says she was with her brother earlier, so she can wait to see him. Eric feels that she shouldn’t have to and says as much as he’d like to see Abe, it’s more important for Sloan to be with her family. Sloan agrees if he insists. Eric tells her that he will just meet her back at her place. Eric says he’ll see them later and exits the hospital. Nicole tells Sloan that it was a good idea even though it failed miserably and now they are back to the same problem. Sloan argues that it’s not a problem, but an impossibility to get a cheek swab from someone without explaining why. Nicole tells Sloan that she doesn’t have to help her and can still back out. Sloan argues that she has a vested interest in this too since her boyfriend could be her baby daddy, but she prays that he’s not.

Anna apologizes for doubting Tony which he calls nothing new. Anna argues that at the Bistro, he seemed on the fence about it and she promised Nicole that she wouldn’t tell a soul. Tony still doesn’t feel right about it and admits he is still on the fence because EJ has a right to know. EJ then comes out from the living room and asks what he has a right to know.

Johnny tells Leo that he’s making Wendy very uncomfortable. Leo argues that he’s just having fun with her while Wendy feels that he’s making fun of her. Leo encourages that everybody loves a good love triangle. Wendy asks Johnny to make Leo go away. Wendy threatens to hack in to all of Leo’s accounts and make his life Hell if he prints anything about her in his column. Leo tells her that there’s no need to get testy as he is on her side. Wendy questions how the hell he is on her side. Leo says he sympathizes with her conundrum as he understands why she’s torn between Johnny and Tripp. Leo remarks that Tripp has the advantage of being a doctor while Johnny has the DiMera money but is out of work. Johnny then has enough and forces Leo out. As Johnny is escorting Leo out, Leo calls out to Wendy that he heard about Gabi and Li’s divorce, telling her to give Li his number, and asking if it’s true that Gabi and Stefan are already engaged.

Gabi says she wouldn’t trust a word Tony said as he’s completely biased towards EJ. Megan points out that they are brothers while Stefan argues that they aren’t blood. Gabi brings up that Tony was once married to Kristen which Megan questions. Kristen explains that it was more of an arranged marriage set up by Stefano and the man she married turned out to be Andre. Gabi points out that she eventually did marry Tony while pretending to be Nicole and used that to seize control of DiMera. Gabi decides that’s all in the past and talks about how they would love to work with Kristen and Megan to ensure the family and company’s very bright future, but they need to have Stefan solely in charge to do that because he’s more in tune with today’s modern world than his brothers. Gabi declares that if they want DiMera to thrive for decades to come, they need to back Stefan.

EJ questions Anna and Tony about what he has a right to know. Tony claims that Anna thought his speech was somewhat impotent and stirring the flames of his rivalry with Stefan. EJ says that ship has sailed as Stefan has had his sights set on ousting him since the moment he came back to life. Tony assures EJ that he is firmly in his corner which EJ says he sincerely appreciates. EJ comments that in a family full of liars and vultures, it’s good to know that Tony has always had his back as he hugs him.

Megan states that she is all for what is best for the company, but she does have to ask what Gabi and Stefan can do for her. Stefan says they will welcome her back in to the family where she belongs with open arms and make her feel at home. Gabi argues that she won’t get that from EJ as he only cares about himself and won’t make any sacrifices for her like they will. EJ walks back in and says that is simply not true. EJ is sure Megan sees through Gabi’s vicious spin on his relationship with his family and the company. EJ adds that he will do whatever it takes to make Megan feel valued. EJ declares that he’s willing to turn over his master suite to Megan, feeling that after being in prison, she deserves the biggest room in the house. Kristen argues that she was locked up in prison too. EJ points out that Megan has seniority, otherwise he would have offered Kristen the room. Kristen tells EJ that she wouldn’t accept it anyway after he stabbed her in the back.

Tony tells Anna that he hated lying to EJ just now. Anna says that’s because he’s a kind and decent man which is what she loves about him. Anna says despite that, they have to be careful and just keep this between them which means they can’t chat about this unless they know they are alone with no one around. Anna comments on if someone heard them talking about Nicole’s pregnancy like EJ almost did, right as Nicole comes home and asks Anna what the hell.

Johnny returns to Wendy after getting rid of Leo and apologizes about everything Leo said as he was just trying to stir up drama as usual. Johnny assures that nothing has changed and he is just friends with Chanel. Wendy insists that she totally believes him. Wendy adds that she knows Leo was wrong about them, but not exactly wrong about her and Tripp which Johnny says he knows. Wendy says she will understand if it’s ever too weird or uncomfortable. Johnny responds that he’s not afraid of a little competition. Johnny holds her hand and declares that he’s not giving up on her without a fight.

Megan wondered when they would get to all the DiMera drama that she sorely missed. Megan then asks Kristen how EJ stabbed her in the back. EJ doesn’t want to go there. Kristen talks about how they were once very close and she saved his life after he was shot. Kristen says she put her life on hold to help with his rehabilitation, then a few years later when she had legal trouble, he refused to represent her. EJ argues that was for good reason. Megan remarks that it doesn’t sound very brotherly. EJ explains that as CEO, he regrettably had to distance himself from Kristen because it was what was best for business at the time. Kristen adds that EJ shunned her again and it was even more hurtful when he barred her from attending the funeral of her dear friend Susan. EJ argues that Kristen tortured Susan mercilessly. Stefan intervenes to state that EJ does have a knack for backstabbing, especially when it comes to his siblings including himself and Chad. Gabi asks how they can be sure EJ won’t do the same to them. Kristen declares that EJ is not loyal to the family, so Megan might want to think twice about taking his so called offer.

Anna explains to Nicole that she didn’t mean to tell Tony and swears it was an accident. Nicole questions if it was an accident that EJ almost overheard. Anna assures that EJ is still in the dark and Tony managed to cover, so they are all good. Tony repeats that he still doesn’t feel good about this as he thinks EJ has a right to know if she might be carrying his child. Nicole tells them that she is having a paternity test and when she finds out, she will share the news, but until then, she needs them to keep this under wraps. Anna and Tony promise to do that so Nicole thanks them. Nicole then asks if they can help her speed things up and give her advice. Nicole explains that in order to do the paternity test, she needs a cheek swab from EJ. Anna declares that she has the perfect solution and presents Nicole with a bottle of sleeping pills, assuring that it will knock EJ out and he will sleep deeply for hours.

Sloan comes home where Eric is folding towels from the dryer, saying he knows she has a lot going on so he wanted to do whatever he could to help. Eric asks what she’s doing home as he thought she was going to be with her brother. Sloan claims the hospital cancelled visiting hours because of the virus to be safe. Sloan thanks Eric for being so understanding about all of it, especially considering that he probably thinks her brother is a monster and she doesn’t blame him one bit, but she can’t turn her back on him as he’s in serious trouble. Sloan adds that she should probably let him know that she agreed to defend Colin in court. Eric admits that he overheard her telling him yesterday. Sloan asks if he’s okay with it. Eric says he’s appalled by what Colin did and he knows Sloan is too. Eric relates to his sister Sami doing a lot of terrible things over the years but standing by her as much as he could. Sloan tells Eric that it means so much to her because with everything going on, she couldn’t stand to lose him. Eric assures that he’s here for her and not going anywhere.

Johnny tells Wendy that he hates to admit it, but Leo was right about one thing when he pointed out that he is out of work. Johnny states that he needs to hurry up and jumpstart his film career. Wendy notes that he sounds like he has a lot of family drama to take from, so maybe he could do a documentary on them. Johnny calls that not a bad idea but points out that it didn’t go so well the last time he tried to tell his family story. Johnny suggests maybe he could tell Wendy’s instead. Wendy doubts that would be very interesting. Johnny talks about her life as a movie and everything she’s been through since coming to Salem. Johnny says in the movie, Wendy finds herself briefly torn between two guys but in the end, there’s only one guy for her. Wendy asks which guy that is, but Johnny says she’d have to buy a ticket to find out.

EJ assures Megan that he is offering her his room as a sincere gesture of good will and not looking for anything in return. Megan says except for her to vote her shares in his favor. EJ says in that regard, he’s no different than Stefan. Megan decides that she wants to avoid choosing sides this early, so she will pick a different bedroom as she’s sure there are plenty to choose from. Gabi encourages her to check the East wing. Kristen decides they will take a look at all the wings and find a place to crash. Kristen adds that it will give her a chance to give Megan a tour of the family home. Kristen and Megan exit the room to see Nicole with Anna and Tony. Nicole is shocked that Kristen is out of prison again. Kristen informs her that Megan got her immunity. Kristen then introduces Megan to Nicole. Kristen says they need to find their bedrooms. Nicole is shocked to learn they will be living there. Megan responds that they are DiMeras, so where else would they live. Kristen and Megan then head upstairs.

Sloan tells Eric that she is impressed with him because he could have cut and run a long time ago but he stood by her and defended her when the whole town thought she was a stalker. Sloan tells Eric how much that means to her. Eric says not to give him too much credit since he did have his share of doubts, but ultimately he got to know the person she is and he knows she’s not capable of the crimes that her brother was. Sloan still can’t believe Colin terrorized Paulina and Chanel and tried to kill them. Sloan says she was angry too but wishes she knew. Eric says Colin was obviously good at hiding things. Sloan feels she should’ve been there for him, but instead she moved to Salem for her own revenge and set a bad example for him. Sloan declares that she will fight like hell for Colin, but the truth is that he’s probably going to prison for a very long time. Sloan starts to cry about both her parents being gone. Eric encourages that she won’t be alone as she has him. Sloan responds that for so long, she was scared of opening her heart to anybody and letting them in, but she’s so glad she did with him. Sloan then tells Eric that she loves him and says he doesn’t have to feel obligated to say it back. Eric responds that the truth is, he loves her too as they kiss. Eric then picks her up and carries her to bed.

EJ has a drink in his room. Nicole walks in and guesses this is about his sisters. Nicole questions why he’s letting them move in. EJ points out that Kristen is a shareholder and Megan will soon be too. Nicole realizes that he will need them on his side. EJ complains that so far, he’s doing a miserable job and feels like his head is about to explode. Nicole then asks if EJ thinks he’ll be able to sleep. EJ doesn’t think so and says he’s too wound up. Nicole takes the opportunity to suggest he try a sleeping pill, claiming that she takes them when she feels like he does and says it will help him sleep through the night. Nicole says then when he wakes up, he can form a plan of attack with a clear head. EJ agrees that it sounds like a plan.

Johnny brings Wendy home. Wendy says in spite of Leo, she had a really nice time tonight. Johnny asks if that means he’s winning. Wendy doesn’t want to put it like that because it’s not a contest, just her being conflicted and indecisive. Johnny tells her it’s okay and says he thinks she’s great. Johnny agrees that it’s not a contest but a choice that she has to make. Johnny hopes to help her decide as he kisses her. Wendy jokes that will definitely go in his plus column as they say goodnight and she heads inside.

Gabi asks Stefan if they should go back to keep working on Megan and Kristen but Stefan says it’s best not to overplay their hand. Gabi says it’s good that they stopped EJ from making any in roads with Megan. Stefan adds that Kristen seems to be on their side. Gabi declares that if they keep it up, they will be in control in no time. Stefan says he never would’ve guessed that his sisters getting out of prison would be such a major win for them. Gabi calls it an answer to their prayers.

Kristen and Megan sit together in the living room, talking about their brothers trying to win them over. Megan comments on them thinking the only option is for one of them to run the company. Kristen remarks that the boys had their turn on top, so perhaps it’s time for the girls to take charge. Megan says she catches on fast as Kristen toasts to the girls.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s not one to take sleeping pills but he is so wound up. Nicole encourages that he needs to sleep and one pill won’t hurt him. EJ then gets a call from Wei Shin and answers. EJ thought he said it was a done deal, then says he will take care of it. EJ tells Nicole that a potential investor is getting cold feet, so he needs to take the jet to Chicago to talk him off the ledge and it’s too important to let wait, especially with Stefan looking for the upper hand. EJ declares that he unfortunately needs to depart and he will see her tomorrow. EJ kisses Nicole and she wishes him luck as he exits, thwarting Nicole’s plan.

Sloan sits in bed next to Eric as he sleeps. Sloan then sneaks out of bed to retrieve the cheek swab from her purse and goes to use it on Eric. Sloan then calls Nicole and asks how things are going with EJ. Nicole says it’s a total bust as he just left for a business trip, so it’s all up to her now. Sloan reveals that’s why she called because she accomplished the mission and has Eric’s sample in hand which relieves Nicole. Sloan says she’ll be in touch as they hang up.

Nicole declares that it won’t be long now and they will soon know if her baby’s daddy is EJ or Eric.

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Days Short Recap Friday, May 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the DiMera mansion, Megan was talking to Stefano’s portrait. EJ walked in and wanted to know who she was and what she was doing there. She said she had a right to be there. She called him baby brother. He said he heard about her being released from prison. He said he didn’t expect her to be there. She said she was a DiMera. She said her place was in the house and business. Kristen ran into Gabi and Stefan. She told them she was free. Gabi yelled at her for working with Li to brainwash Stefan. Stefan told Gabi not to make an enemy out of Kristen since they could use her vote. Gabi apologized to Kristen. Kristen said they could make it up to her by taking them home with her. Brady talked about Kristen to Marlena. He was upset about Kristen being in his life because of Rachel. Marlena said his family was there for him. Eric showed up to tell them the charges against Sloan cleared since her brother was the one going after Paulina and Chanel. He said he wanted to make her feel better by having the dinner she wanted with Marlena and John. He said Brady was invited too. He said Brady could bring anyone he wanted. Brady said the only person he would bring would ruin everything. He said he wouldn’t bring Kristen, but he would go to dinner. Anna was on the phone with Nicole. She told Nicole no one would hear about the pregnancy from her. While she was on the phone, Tony was there. She got off the phone. He asked who she was talking to about a secret pregnancy. She said she was the one who was pregnant. Tony asked how it was possible. She said Rolf.

Sloan and Nicole ran into each other at the hospital. They got into an argument until Kayla showed up. Sloan wanted to check on her brother. Nicole told Kayla Sloan knows she is pregnant. She told Kayla that she needed a paternity test right away. Kayla said she could get an accurate result next week. She said she needed a cheek swab from one of the potential fathers. Megan told EJ that all of Stefano’s heirs had a right to the mansion and a vote to who runs the company. He said she was dead for 30 years. She said she had faith her lawyer will sort everything out. She used her vote as a way to get his help. He wanted to celebrate her return. She asked about the rest of the family. He said they would be home soon. Tony told Anna what she would have to give up if she was pregnant. He wanted her to tell him the truth about the pregnancy. He asked if Nicole was the one that was pregnant. EJ told Stefano’s portrait that he needed to keep Megan on his side. Kristen showed up with Gabi and Stefan. Gabi said they invited Kristen back. Megan introduced herself to Stefan and Gabi. EJ told them they were going to have a dinner in Megan’s honor. Anna admitted to Tony that Nicole was pregnant. She asked Tony not to say anything because Nicole didn’t know who the father was. Tony said EJ had a right to know. She asked him not to say anything until Nicole took a paternity test. EJ called Tony to invite him to dinner. Kayla gave Nicole a kit so she could get the cheek swab. When Kayla left, Sloan showed up and found out about Nicole’s situation. Sloan suggested that she get the swab while EJ was sleeping. Nicole said she couldn’t risk him waking up in the middle of it. Sloan said Eric was a sound sleeper so she could get the swab from him. Nicole hesitated about the idea. Sloan suggested they get a swab from both of them to double their chances of success unless she wanted to tell Eric and EJ the truth. Sloan said she didn’t need Eric distracted from supporting her. Nicole said EJ would be upset if he found out he wasn’t the father. Eric showed up as Nicole reached into the kit to give Sloan the swab. He wanted to know what was going on.

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Days Update Friday, May 26, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Megan enters the DiMera Mansion and talks to the portrait of Stefano, saying it feels perfect to be back here. Megan notes that even though Stefano is only there in spirit, she is filled with his power and authority. Megan declares she has spent her life searching and traveling the world, but now she is finally home where she belongs. EJ walks in and asks who the hell she is and what the hell she’s doing in his house.

Gabi and Stefan have drinks in the town square, celebrating her upcoming divorce. Stefan says soon they will have an even bigger celebration in front of their family and loved ones as they become Mr. and Mrs. DiMera once again. Gabi and Stefan kiss until Kristen approaches and asks if there’s any chance she can be maid of honor.

Brady complains to Marlena about Kristen and how Rachel is right in the middle of it. Marlena knows how angry he is and that he wishes he never had to see Kristen again. Brady knows he needs to for Rachel’s sake. Marlena talks about how much they endure for their children. Brady guesses he will have to endure Kristen for the rest of his life. Marlena encourages that everyone who loves him will be there too. Eric shows up at the door and says he heard about Kristen. Brady says she was just there and it did not go well. Eric says he’s sorry and that he’s there if he needs anything. Marlena says she’s so glad that Eric came by. Eric reveals that he came by because he has some news of his own to share.

Nicole is at the hospital and gets a call from Anna, who asks how she is doing. Nicole says she’s fine and asks if something is wrong. Anna says not at all and she just wanted to check on her to see how things are going. Anna asks if Nicole picked up the pre-natal vitamins. Nicole confirms that she did. Nicole hopes Anna is alone and no one is within ear shot of her. Anna assures that no one is going to hear about this pregnancy from her. Tony then appears and surprises Anna. Anna tells Nicole that she has to hang up now and will talk to her later. Nicole questions if someone is there. Anna claims that it’s just the waiter as she hangs up. Tony sits with Anna and questions who she was chatting with just now. Anna claims that it was just a wrong number but Tony doesn’t believe her because he hung up as if he caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Tony reveals that he did hear her say that she’s keeping a pregnancy a secret. Tony asks who she was talking to and if he knows this person who is with child. Anna says that Tony does know her very well. Anna calls it very surprising and shocking, claiming that she just found out that she herself is pregnant.

Megan informs EJ that she has as much right to be here as he does and calls him baby brother. EJ is shocked and says he just heard about her release from prison but he didn’t think she would show up here. Megan asks where else she would go since this is her home. Megan states that her name might be Hathaway, but she is a DiMera through and through which means that her place is in this house and in the family business.

Gabi is shocked to see Kristen. Kristen guesses they haven’t heard her news that she is a free woman. Gabi questions how she got released from prison. Kristen reveals it was an immunity deal. Kristen asks if she interrupted but says she overheard their wedding plans, so she congratulates them. Kristen tells Gabi that she would be more than happy to stand up for her on her special day. Gabi says when Hell freezes over.

Marlena tells Eric not to keep them in suspense on the news. Eric announces that Sloan has been cleared of all charges and they now know that she was not the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Marlena acknowledges that must be a big relief for him. Brady points out that someone obviously has it out for them and brings up Abe just being attacked at the bakery. Marlena asks if anybody knows who it is. Eric reveals that it is Sloan’s brother, Colin.

Sloan goes to the hospital and sees Nicole pacing. Sloan asks if Nicole is picking up more pre-natal vitamins. Nicole tells her to keep her voice down. Sloan realizes she still hasn’t told anybody that she’s pregnant. Nicole informs her that she’s actually here to see Abe, who Sloan’s brother violently assaulted and remarks that she probably put him up to it. Sloan argues that she had nothing to do with it. Nicole yells at her to save it because they both know why her brother came to town and why Abe is lying in a hospital bed.

Tony questions Anna saying that she is pregnant. Anna says she realizes it must be a shock to him. Tony asks how she found out. Anna claims that Dr. Rolf was working on experimental fertility treatments and she was intrigued, so she offered to be his guinea pig and she hit pay dirt.

Kristen questions Gabi’s hostility. Gabi reminds Kristen that she and Li conspired against her and kept Stefan being alive from her while brainwashing him to hate her and love Chloe. Gabi says luckily for her, the plan failed miserably. Gabi tells Kristen that Stefan loves her more than she could ever comprehend. Gabi asks why she would ever let Kristen anywhere near her at her wedding when they are getting married in spite of her best efforts. Gabi doesn’t even understand why Kristen did all of that since she’s not even with Brady. Stefan tries to calm Gabi down, warning that maybe she shouldn’t make an enemy out of Kristen. Gabi argues that Kristen is the enemy. Stefan points out that Kristen is his sister and reminds Gabi that they might need her vote. Gabi reluctantly admits that she sees his point and then offers Kristen champagne.

EJ questions Megan wanting her place in the family business. Megan states that all of Stefano’s heirs has a right to a piece of his empire and all that comes with it, including a vote to who runs the company. EJ says that’s true but Megan has been presumed dead for almost 30 years. Megan is assure the DiMera lawyers can handle it and imagines that EJ would want to be her ally in this situation as it could work in his favor. Megan brings up that EJ and Stefan are locked in a power struggle for control of the company. Megan says her vote might be the difference between his triumphant victory or his crushing defeat, so she guesses he wants to keep her on his good side. EJ then offers her champagne.

Tony tells Anna that this is the most wonderful news that she is surprising him with the blessing of a child which he calls a miracle. Anna calls for a toast but Tony reminds her that she can’t drink while with child as they have to think of their baby for 9 months. Anna gets uncomfortable as Tony talks about all she has to give up. Tony says they are on this journey together and he’ll make sure he’s at every one of her appointments. Anna tells him that he doesn’t have to do that since he is very busy. Tony says their baby will be the top priority from now on. Tony says they will get rid of all the wine in the wine cellar so that she doesn’t get tempted, unless of course she is not pregnant at all and that she was discussing someone else’s pregnancy. Tony asks if she would like to tell him who it is now. Anna complains that she can’t and that’s why she made up the ridiculous story about Dr. Rolf’s fertility treatment. Anna informs Tony that she was sworn to secrecy and refuses to break her solemn vow. Tony then guesses that it’s Nicole.

Sloan repeats to Nicole that she had nothing to do with Abe while Nicole argues that she knows Sloan had her brother do her dirty work. Kayla interrupts and asks what’s going on here. Sloan says she was just going to check on her brother and walks away. Nicole asks Kayla how Abe is doing. Kayla says he’s still in recovery and they are waiting for tests to come back, but he’s holding on. Kayla asks what was going on. Nicole informs her that Sloan unfortunately found out that she’s pregnant. Nicole says Sloan is hoping Eric’s not the father and is just as anxious to find out. Nicole wants to take the paternity test sooner than later. Kayla says she can get an accurate result next week. Nicole agrees to that as long as Eric or EJ don’t find out before they get the test results. Kayla thinks that will be improbable.

Eric tells Brady and Marlena about Colin and insists that if Sloan knew, she would’ve put a stop to it. Marlena repeats that it must be a relief since she knows Eric and Sloan are getting closer. Eric says that Sloan’s going through a tough time because Colin is in the hospital with injuries and he expects her to be his lawyer. Eric adds that he’s just trying to do whatever he can to help so he came to ask for Marlena’s help. Marlena asks how she can help. Eric brings up that Sloan mentioned wanting them to have dinner with John and Marlena as he really thinks it would lift her spirits. Marlena asks if it would just be the four of them. Eric invites Brady but he doesn’t want to be a fifth wheel. Eric insists that he would love for him to be there and that he can bring whoever he wants. Brady jokes about the choices he has. Eric apologizes for being insensitive as he knows he’s not seeing anyone. Brady says he only has one woman in his life right now and that would be Kristen, who is doing her damndest to ruin his life, so he won’t bring her to dinner.

Kristen mocks the idea that now that her vote is on the table, suddenly she’s invited to the celebration. Gabi claims she never said she wasn’t invited. Stefan argues that planning a wedding can be stressful and Gabi lashed out without thinking. Kristen adds that they are feuding with EJ over the company and they need her. Gabi admits they have been feuding over DiMera, but ever since Stefan came back, she’s been worried about losing him again so seeing Kristen triggered her and reminded her of everything they had been through. Gabi acknowledges that Kristen did save Stefan from Li pulling the plug on him and says she just wasn’t thinking clearly when she lashed out at her. Kristen says she can respect that and admits she may have acted a bit irrationally in the past. Kristen says they can both make it up to her by taking her home with them.

EJ pours champagne and toasts to Megan’s triumphant return to Salem. They joke about regular returns from the death around here. Megan asks where the rest of the family is. EJ informs her that everyone should be back in time for dinner, which tonight he says will be held in Megan’s honor.

Gabi questions Kristen wanting them to take her home with them. Kristen feels it’s not a strange request since she is a DiMera after all. Stefan realizes that she wants to move in to the mansion with them. Kristen says that Brady made it clear that she’s not welcome at Marlena’s and she doesn’t have a lot of friends in Salem. Kristen suggests they help each other out and asks about owning the house. Stefan says that’s up for debate. Kristen decides they can discuss that on their way home and walks off with Gabi and Stefan.

Nicole asks Kayla how EJ and Eric can find out that she’s pregnant before they get the test results. Kayla explains that she will need a blood sample from her and a cheek swab from the potential father. Nicole is shocked and asks what she was thinking, questioning how she can get a cheek swab from Eric and EJ without telling them what it’s for. Kayla points out that she only has to get it from one of them and if it doesn’t match, then it would be the other. Kayla encourages Nicole to just get one sample. Kayla agrees to go get the kit and if Nicole can collect that sample this week, then they will find out who her baby’s father is.

Brady tells Eric that if he really wants him to come to dinner, he’d be happy to attend. Marlena agrees that she and John will as well. Eric thanks them and says he really appreciates it. Eric decides to go see if Sloan needs anything since she’s been at the hospital with Colin all day. Eric says he’ll be in touch about dinner and that he’s sorry about Kristen as he exits.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano and admits that Megan’s return was a surprise but as long as he keeps her on his side. Stefan and Gabi then come home with Kristen. Kristen notices the champagne and calls it nice to celebrate her return home which EJ questions. Stefan reveals that they asked Kristen to move in. Gabi calls it only fitting since she’s released from prison. Kristen remarks that unlike EJ, they generously offered her a room. EJ remarks that he’s sure Kristen’s voting shares had nothing to do with it. Megan comes back in to the room and asks if she heard someone say voting shares. Megan then introduces herself to Stefan and Gabi. Megan asks if EJ told them that she’s moving in which Stefan says he did not. EJ says he couldn’t turn down a DiMera and invites them to join the dinner to celebrate his sister’s return. Stefan says he wouldn’t miss it. EJ says he will just give Tony a call to make sure he’s able to join them.

Tony tells Anna that he knows she has recently become Nicole’s confidant and she kept a secret for her, so it stands to reason that she would keep another. Anna admits that he figured it out and begs him not to tell a soul. Tony asks why not since Nicole can’t keep it secret for very long. Anna says that’s true but reveals that Nicole doesn’t know who the father is, so she’s going to take a paternity test very soon but until then, she doesn’t want EJ to know that she might be carrying another man’s child because he would kick her out of the mansion and she’d like to avoid that. Tony calls that understandable. Anna asks if Tony will agree not to tell anyone. Tony appreciates her being loyal to Nicole, but argues that she must appreciate him being loyal to EJ, who has a right to know that his partner is pregnant. Anna argues that he will know as soon as she finds out who the father is. Anna asks Tony to keep it to himself until then and thinks it won’t count against him being loyal. Tony then gets a call from EJ and says they would be delighted to come. Tony says nothing could keep them away and he’ll see him there as he hangs up. Anna asks what’s going on. Tony informs her that EJ is throwing a celebratory dinner party to welcome a special member of the family back in to the fold and said he can’t wait for them to attend.

Anna and Tony return home, surprised to see Kristen. Tony welcomes Kristen home. She hugs him and says it’s wonderful to see him and to be back. Tony says he suspected it might be Kristen when EJ said they were welcoming home a family member. Kristen reveals it wasn’t her that he was referring to. EJ then introduces Megan. Anna is shocked to see that Megan is alive. Megan jokes that she’s not the first DiMera to come back from the grave. Tony steps aside with EJ and questions what is going on and since when they celebrate ex con siblings. EJ thinks he would appreciate his strategy and explains that he saw an opportunity to enlist another DiMera vote in his favor, but it seems Stefan has the same idea, so for tonight, they are all just one big happy family. Anna steps aside with Tony to ask what he and EJ were talking about.

Brady tells Marlena that it sounds like they are having dinner with Eric and Sloan. Brady asks if they are welcoming Sloan to the family. Marlena doesn’t think they have to go that far but thinks they have to give Sloan the benefit of the doubt for Eric’s sake. Marlena says that since Eric is very fond of her, she must have some redeeming qualities. Brady hopes so but he doesn’t know how his presence at the dinner will uplift her spirits at all. Marlena feels the same but Brady says he’s sure that Sloan is eager for her stamp of approval. Marlena says regardless of how anyone feels about Sloan, Eric is devoted to her so they have to assume that she’s good for him and they have to give their full support.

Kayla brings Nicole the kit for cheek swabs. Nicole questions how she’s going to get one without telling them what it’s for. Kayla suggests maybe telling one of them the truth. Kayla tells her to just come back when she gets a sample and wishes her luck as she walks away. Sloan returns to Nicole and asks what’s wrong now. Sloan questions the box that she’s holding. Nicole explains that she has to get a cheek swab from EJ or Eric. Sloan sees that’s a hard thing to ask for without all the questions. Sloan suggests doing it while EJ is sleeping. Nicole asks how she would explain it if he woke up. Sloan admits it’d be tricky. Nicole decides that she’ll just have to figure this out on her own. Sloan then asks what if she did it to Eric. Sloan knows it’s not ideal, but considering her predicament, they can file this under don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Nicole worries about Eric figuring out what she’s doing. Sloan says she will lawyer her way out of it. Nicole tells her to forget it as she has to figure this out on her own and she will get a sample from EJ somehow. Sloan asks what if she can’t.

Brady finishes a call with Kristen and informs Marlena that she was just letting him know that she will be moving back in to the DiMera Mansion.

EJ calls for a toast. Stefan agrees and says he and Gabi would like to welcome Kristen back to the DiMera home, where she belongs. Stefan and Gabi toast to Kristen. EJ then says to their other sister, Megan Hathaway. Megan steps forward and announces she thinks it’s time that she take the family name as she is now claiming to be a DiMera completely and entirely. EJ then toasts to Megan DiMera. Tony thanks them for their kind words on behalf of the family, but now there is something he’d like to say to EJ, causing Anna to worry.

Sloan knows she’s not Nicole’s first choice, but asks who else she can turn to. Sloan asks for one swab and they’ll both try to get a sample so it will double her chances of success, unless she wants to come clean to both Eric and EJ. Sloan suggests maybe it’s easier to tell them the truth and get everything out on the table, but on the other hand, she’s going through everything with Colin and his case so she needs support from Eric and she can’t have him distracted by thinking he could have maybe fathered her child. Nicole worries that EJ will go ballistic if he believes she’s carrying another man’s baby and she wants to avoid that. Sloan says it sounds like they are in agreement. Nicole then opens the kit, but Eric arrives and questions what is going on here.

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Days Update Thursday, May 25, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander is drilling on the wall of his apartment until Chloe comes in and questions all the noise. Xander explains that he is re-hanging up the pictures that fell off the wall, but it falls down again.

Kristen shows up at Marlena’s door and asks if she missed her.

Andrew shows up at Paul’s door and surprises him. They embrace as John smiles.

Roman and Kate have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Roman calls it her first full day back in Salem, so whatever she wants to do, they are doing it. Kate says she’d really like to go to the prison to see Lucas, so he can see his mom is alive and well and so she can see how he’s doing. Roman admits it will be a relief and he will be thrilled. Kate adds that she will also want to pay a visit to Megan Hathaway and give her a piece of her mind. Megan then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like she saved her the trouble. Roman stands up and stands in between Megan and Kate. Megan says she won’t lay a finger on Kate because she’s of no use to her now. Megan adds that she wouldn’t want to jeopardize her new found freedom. Kate questions how the hell she is free and how she got out of prison.

Chad remains in Greece and is on the phone with Stephanie, explaining that he didn’t go back to Salem with Roman and Kate because he wanted to see this thing through. Chad doesn’t believe Dimitri’s story about holding Andrew hostage and feels he’s using it as a bargaining chip for immunity. Chad adds that after what Dimitri did to Kate, he needs to make sure he’s headed back to the Alamainan prison where he belongs. Chad tells Stephanie that he will call her tonight and hangs up as Dimitri shows up at his door.

Shawn remains in Greece, on the phone with Belle. Shawn complains about sitting around waiting for anything to happen with Bo. Shawn wishes he could go back in time and not pull the trigger. Shawn hangs up with Belle as Harris Michaels enters the room. Shawn questions what the hell he’s doing there. Harris responds that he needs to see Hope.

Xander tells Chloe to be his guest if she thinks he can do a better job hanging the picture, so Chloe tells him to hand her the drill.

Shawn tells Harris that he’s not getting anywhere near Hope as she made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Harris explains that he’s not here because he wants Hope back, but to warn her. Harris says he’s actually hear to warn all of them which Shawn questions.

Marlena threatens to call 911 to have Kristen dragged back to prison. Kristen asks if she really thinks she’d show up here if she broke out of prison. Marlena asks if she got another pardon. Kristen reveals that she got granted full immunity courtesy of her new found sister, Megan. Marlena argues that Megan doesn’t even know Kristen so she questions why she would help her. Kristen responds that family is the gift that keeps on giving. Kristen explains that she and Megan met and bonded in prison as long lost sisters, reunited at least. Kristen shows Marlena her papers to prove it and tells her to read them and weep.

Megan shows Roman her prison release papers and remarks that she does miss the fish market. Kate tells her to go to Hell. Megan reminds Kate that she saved her life, so she could at least show gratitude. Kate questions how Megan got immunity after what she did to her, Marlena, and Kayla. Roman states that it’s Dimitri Von Leuschner.

Dimitri informs Chad that he came to share the good news in person that he’s free with full immunity. Chad questions Dimitri kidnapping Andrew and getting rewarded with full immunity. Dimitri understands his disappointment since he considers Kate family and wants to see him pay for what happened to her. Chad warns that he will make him pay. Dimitri urges Chad to reconsider where he’s loyal because Kate is happily back home with her husband, so no harm done. Chad argues that he put her through Hell and calls him a son of a bitch. Dimitri says he meant there’s no lasting harm. Dimitri thinks Chad’s outrage on Kate’s behalf is over the top since Kate isn’t true family or blood related, like he is. Chad argues that they are not related but Dimitri reveals that Chad’s sister Megan is his mother. Chad is shocked to learn that Dimitri is a DiMera as Dimitri jokes about calling him Uncle Chad. Chad says he doesn’t like him, they are not related, and he wants him to leave. Dimitri asks if this news is of no interest of him. Chad says it’s not. Dimitri knows he only knows Megan through reputation but encourages him to keep an open mind, assuring him that Megan is a fascinating woman. Chad says he’s heard that Megan is a crazy bitch with a heart of stone who belongs in prison. Chad says he won’t get to know her for a very long time since she is in prison, but Dimitri reveals that Megan and Kristen have been sprung from prison as they got a very good deal. Dimitri admits that it did get a little risky adding Kristen to the mix. Chad questions why he would risk the deal for somebody like Kristen. Dimitri calls that not a nice way to talk about his sister. Dimitri praises Kristen. Chad tells him to shut up as he doesn’t even know Kristen. Dimitri says he does know Kristen well since she got to know Megan in prison and he had the means to help. Dimitri tells Chad that now they can head back to Salem and be one big happy family and asks what Chad says to that.

Kristen remarks that Marlena is looking rather refreshed and asks if Megan gave her a dose of her fountain of youth serum. Marlena asks what she wants. Kristen says she came to tell her that she’s no longer the chief maternal figure in her daughter’s life, because she’s home to stay. Marlena argues this is not her home. Kristen points out that it is Rachel’s home. Brady then comes in and sees Kristen.

Chloe hangs the picture on the wall. Xander asys he can take it from here. Chloe argues that she did all the work. Xander straightens the picture and says now it’s perfect. Chloe tells him that she will hang the other picture while Xander can clean up. Xander argues that now that Chloe showed him the correct technique, he can handle it while Chloe just cleans. Chloe questions if she’s supposed to stick to the woman’s work. Xander remarks that he just meant she’s a better cleaner than he is. Chloe says that isn’t much better but says she will clean up and mentions going from an orphanage to foster care and having PTSD when it comes to cleaning. Xander relates and tells her to forget about it as he’ll just clean up after he’s done. Chloe reminds him that she promised to keep up the housework until she finds gainful employment, so she asks him to just let her do it. Chloe adds that she doesn’t usually lounge around all morning in her pajamas. Chloe is sure that he thought she would have a job by now and be able to pay her own way. Chloe doesn’t think it’s fair that Xander pays the rent, so she’s starting to think that moving in with him was a mistake.

Marlena tells Brady that she’s sorry that she didn’t have time to warn him. Brady informs her that he heard on the news and figured Kristen would be here. Brady says he came to warn Marlena and John but she beat him to it. Kristen responds that she came to see her daughter. Brady informs her that Rachel is in P.E. class and remarks that she would be aware of that if she had any involvement in Rachel’s day to day. Kristen blames Brady. Marlena says that’s enough. Marlena says Kristen came to see Rachel and she’s not here, so she is welcome to go now. Kristen refuses to leave until she knows when she gets to see her daughter. Kristen reminds Brady that they had a deal since she wrote Rachel the letter, urging her to give Chloe a chance. Brady says the problem was that Rachel didn’t believe a word of it because Kristen poisoned her mind with lies about Chloe for months now. Kristen argues that they weren’t lies and remarks that she knew Chloe would leave him for the first man to come around and now she’s already moved in with Xander. Brady asks how she found out about that. Kristen informs him that Rachel wrote her a letter. Kristen thinks Chloe and Xander make a great couple as they both have no substance or morals and are utterly detestable. Marlena doesn’t think Kristen is in any position to lecture anyone about morals. Kristen brings up that Marlena has been possessed by the devil twice. Brady tells Kristen that Chloe and Xander are not together as they are just roommates. Kristen asks how long he thinks that will last as she remarks that Xander will get any woman he knows in to bed sooner than later, including ones that claim to hate him.

Xander asks Chloe what’s wrong and if she doesn’t like the apartment or him as her roommate. Chloe says it’s just her and guesses she wasn’t being very realistic about her prospects in the labor market. Chloe knows there are jobs out there and she could flip burgers or drive a ride share, but there are not a lot of opportunities for opera singers in Salem or fashion merchandisers outside of DiMera. Xander suggests she give voice lessons. Chloe says she had this idea of reinventing herself and trying something new, but no one is interested in what she has to offer. Xander finds that hard to believe. Chloe admits she leapt in to this living situation, partly to piss off Brady which worked but it wasn’t as satisfying as she thought it would be since she and Brady are still apart. Xander guesses she’s still in love with Brady. Chloe feels she’s just at loose ends. Xander doesn’t think she should make any major life decisions like moving then. Xander adds that he would be really sad if she moved out. Xander reveals that he picked up a dart board for their apartment so they can play and says they can split the cleaning even though she is better at it. Xander encourages her to stay, so Chloe agrees to give their living arrangement a little more time. Xander then asks Chloe if she would like to come work for him.

Kate remarks that Megan being Dimitri’s mother makes sense. Megan argues that Kate is so ungrateful since Dimitri pulled her out of the sea and saved her life just as much as she did while she never thanked him. Kate complains that it was under Megan’s orders to torture her. Megan remarks that she could’ve told him to let her drown, but instead she was treated like royalty in the end. Roman questions Megan planning this as he thought she believed Kate was really dead. Megan says she did at first but figured out what must have happened and planned accordingly. Megan tells Roman that he should know by now that she’s always one step ahead of him. Roman asks how Megan knows so much about what happened on the boat while she was in prison. Megan states that Dimitri tells her everything. Megan brings up Lucas being behind bars. Kate warns her to keep her son’s name out of her mouth. Megan says she’ll just keep talking about how grateful she is that Dimitri is free. Roman asks if she just came to gloat. Megan responds that she came because she has pressing business to discuss with him.

Harris reveals to Shawn that Megan is Dimitri’s mother and explains that Dimitri refused to accept the immunity deal unless they included Megan and Kristen which shocks Shawn. Harris wanted Shawn and Hope to be the first to know because Megan will have her sights on Bo. Harris asks if he can talk to Hope for one minute and promises to do whatever it takes from now on to keep Bo and Hope safe. Shawn tells Harris that he’s done enough and he will take it from here as he then exits the room.

Chad says it’s insane to think they would be one big happy family. Chad asks if Dimitri, Megan, and Kristen are all going to move in to the DiMera Mansion which he confirms. Chad says it’s a good thing he moved out when he did then. Dimitri questions his attitude and suspects that they have a lot more in common than he thinks. Dimitri asks Chad to call the DiMera Jet so they can get to know each other on the ride home.

Roman tells Megan if she’s here to make more threats, she can leave or he can call the police on her for trespassing. Megan remarks that Roman used to be one of those cops that he’s now threatening to call and says the mighty have fallen. Kate asks what Megan wants since she already said that she’s of no use to her. Megan brings up Rachel’s letter to Kristen, saying that Bo was shot by his idiot son and asks how he is. Roman informs her that Bo is in a coma but they don’t blame Shawn because if anyone is to blame, it’s Megan. Megan declares that if it wasn’t for her, Bo wouldn’t even be alive. Roman argues that if it wasn’t for her, Bo would have been here with his family for months but she had to try to make Bo love her. Roman calls that an epic fail because after just a short time with Hope, their love was stronger than ever. Megan remarks that was before Hope’s son put him in a coma. Roman encourages that Bo is a fighter so he will make it through this and when he does, his heart will belong to Hope and only Hope. Megan declares that she will have to fly to Greece then to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Shawn returns to Harris and comments on him still being there. Shawn informs him that he told Hope what he said as they are in the process of moving Bo to a long term care facility. Harris comments on the process going slowly. Shawn says they hoped to move Bo to Montreal so they could be close to Hope’s home but obviously that’s the first place that Megan would look, so they need to find some place else that is secure where no one can track him down.

Chloe asks if Xander is serious about her working for him. Xander reminds her that he’s co-owner of the Spectator and has an ownership stake with the power to fire and hire. Chloe argues that she’s not qualified for anything at the newspaper. Xander encourages that they could use her in advertising and marketing and she’s already an expert on music and fashion so she’d be perfect. Chloe argues that he doesn’t know she can do those things or even if she can write. Xander declares that if Leo Stark can do it, why can’t she which Chloe admits is a good point. Chloe wonders if she should accept. Xander thinks she should but Chloe asks if them living together and working together isn’t a bit much. Xander thinks they can handle it and remarks that it’s not like they are sleeping together.

Brady points out to Kristen that Xander didn’t sleep with her when he was working for her, so he tells her to just shut her mouth about the subject. Kristen tells Brady that she’s sorry as she knows this must be painful for him. Brady knows that’s why she said it. Kristen argues that he needs a dose of reality. Kristen points out that Brady and Chloe have been on again off again for 20 years and it never lasts and never will. Brady compares it to the toxic relationship he’s had with Kristen being in and out but fortunately it’s been more out than in. Brady calls it a nightmare. Kristen disagrees and says they had some good times. Kristen adds that unlike Chloe, they share a daughter. Brady sometimes wishes they didn’t and that Kristen would stay the hell out of his daughter’s life. Kristen complains about Brady calling Rachel his daughter and shouts that she is as much her daughter as his which Brady calls a shame because Rachel has no idea how bad she is for all of them. Brady tells Kristen that she’s not going to stay here and put Marlena through Hell again. Kristen questions if he’s putting it on Marlena to get her out because he can’t do it himself. Kristen insists that’s why she knows Brady will come around again, because he always does.

Chloe cleans up the apartment while Xander jokes about hiring a housekeeper. Chloe tells him that she has a personal question about the job at the Spectator. Chloe wonders if Gwen is running the day to day operations and if that means she gets a say on new hires. Chloe guesses that Gwen isn’t happy they are living together and probably hates her. Xander says he will handle Gwen. Chloe asks what if he can’t handle her because she just left a really toxic work environment and she can’t deal with that again. Xander promises that Gwen won’t be a problem and tells her to focus on enjoying her new job. Xander adds that she will practically make her own hours, work from home, and be her own boss. Xander tells Chloe to get changed and he will give her a tour of the office which she accepts. Chloe thanks Xander and goes to change.

Brady questions Kristen not thinking he has it in him to kick her out. Kristen argues that he can’t keep her away from her daughter. Brady reminds her that he has full custody. Kristen brings up that Rachel took a rideshare to come visit her in prison. Kristen asks what he thinks Rachel is going to do when she finds out she’s back in town, arguing that he can’t keep them apart and that Rachel will hate him as much as Chloe. Brady says not if he makes her understand that Kristen is mentally disturbed person who refuses therapy. Brady doesn’t want Kristen near Rachel. Brady states that she may be her biological mother but she forfeited her parental rights when she became an evil person. Brady feels he would be considered an abusive father if he let Rachel around her for a minute right now. Kristen warns Brady that she will see him back in court then to revisit their custody arrangement. Kristen tells Brady to go to Hell and walks out.

Roman warns Megan that she does not want to go near Bo. Megan supposes there is no rush since Rachel’s letter made it clear that Bo has been quite unresponsive. Megan decides that she will delay her trip to Greece until Bo is closer to waking up while there’s plenty for her to accomplish in Salem. Kate asks if she means destroying more lives. Megan declares that her family is here and she wants to get to know them better while claiming her rightful place as a DiMera.

Harris gets that Shawn doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t blame him. Shawn is glad he understands and says they are done here. Harris then gives Shawn a heads up that when he leaves Greece, he will be flying home to Salem.

Brady asks Marlena why this is happening again. Marlena says she’s so sorry. Brady apologizes for everything Kristen is putting Marlena through. Marlena says they are fine but it’s Brady and Rachel that are suffering. Marlena adds that no judge anywhere would allow Kristen full custody of Rachel. Brady admits that Kristen is right that Rachel is going to want to see her mom and he’s going to look like the bad guy if he tries to put distance between them. Marlena understands he’s in a tough place. Brady calls it so hard to talk to Rachel right now when she’s so stubborn and hard to reason with. Marlena points out that she is just a little girl. Brady says she wants her parents to be together and in love but that’s not going to happen. Brady knows that’s part of the reason he can’t reason with her but another reason is that she is just so Kristen’s daughter. Marlena calls that one of the reasons she’s worried about her, but she’s also worried about Brady because she knows how much he wants to make Rachel happy. Brady knows Marlena thinks he will get sucked back in by Kristen and get back with her to make Rachel happy, but he can’t do it. Brady knows he needs to keep Rachel away from Kristen just as much as himself. Brady declares that Hell will freeze over before he gets back with Kristen, swearing that it won’t happen and nothing will change his mind about that.

Xander and Chloe walk through the town square with coffees until they run in to Kristen. Xander is shocked to see her while Kristen questions him as a news reporter, asking how she knows about his living situation and he knows nothing about hers. Chloe responds that they don’t care about whatever she’s doing or whoever she’s torturing. Chloe adds that if Kristen wants Brady, he’s all hers. Kristen assures that he will be and says she hopes that Chloe and Xander are very happy together.

Chad tells Dimitri that he doesn’t have the DiMera jet at his disposal. Dimitri says he’ll even fly coach if he can spend the time getting to know his uncle. Dimitri asks Chad for any insights on how to be accepted in to the family. Chad talks about how they all sleep with one eye open around each other. Chad doesn’t care if they are related, he doesn’t want a relationship with Dimitri ever. Dimitri responds that whether he wants to or not, they are still family so there will be holidays, weddings, and funerals, so they are going to spend quite a bit of time together. Dimitri hugs Chad and tells him that there is no escaping that as he exits the room.

Shawn doesn’t get why Harris would go to Salem. Harris explains that he grew up there, so Salem is the closest thing he’s ever had to a home. Harris admits that he has an ulterior motive and says he wants to keep an eye on Megan Hathaway, because he feels it’s his responsibility after everything he did while she was pulling the strings. Shawn tells him that it really isn’t and that he was a victim too. Harris feels he owes it to Hope to make sure Megan doesn’t hurt her and Bo. Shawn remarks that Harris won’t be the most popular guy in town but notes that’s coming from the guy who put his own dad in a coma. Harris says no one blames him for that but Shawn points out that his grandfather does. Shawn tells Harris that there’s enough blame to go around and right now, his priority is to make sure Bo gets moved to his new location safely. Shawn thanks Harris for the intel. Harris guesses he will see him in Salem as he then exits.

Roman and Kate sit back down at the Pub. Kate has lost her appetite and says she just wants to get to the prison to see Lucas. Roman gets a text from Shawn that Harris told him that Megan has been released, so Hope is making plans to keep Bo off her radar. Kate wishes them luck and says who knows what Megan has in store for them now that she’s back in town.

Megan enters the DiMera Mansion and approaches the portrait of Stefano on the wall as she proclaims that she is home.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen wanted to know how Dimitri would get them out of prison when he’s in jail himself. Megan assured her that her son was a brilliant man. She said he was making negotiations as they spoke. Kristen wondered if Dimitri was really her son. Megan said she gave birth to him and raised him to be the man he is today. Steve and Harris went to see Dimitri. They demanded to know where Andrew was. Dimitri wanted his demands met first. They wanted to know why Megan was included in his deal. He informed them that she is his mother. A goon threw water on Andrew to wake him up. He remembered getting a call that Paul had been kidnapped.He was told not to tell anyone about the kidnapping. He was told to go to the storage room. He was grabbed from behind by someone carrying a knife. Andrew struggled to get out of his restraints when the goon left the room. Marlena was about to text John when Roman and Kate showed up at her place. She hugged Kate. They caught up with each other. Marlena told them that Dimitri took Andrew. Kristen wondered who Dimitri’s father was since she only had feelings for Bo. She explained how she met Dimitri’s father. Stefano wanted her to lay low after she was unfrozen. She met his father after she got out of the chamber. They hit it off when they first got together. She said that Dimitri’s father didn’t like the way she was raising him and wanted to send him to boarding school.

Steve believed that Dimitri told the truth about Megan because he’s a ruthless person. Dimitri didn’t care about their insults. He wanted to know if his demands were being met. Andrew pretended to be asleep when a goon came in the room. Andrew overpowered him and tried to escape. He was faced with a gun so he sat back down. Megan told Kristen that Dimitri’s father was a means to an end. She was in love with Bo. She planned to wait around until she found out how Bo was doing. She has her own agenda in Salem. Kristen said they had similar ideas for Salem and reminded her that she was supposed to help her get out of prison. Steve talks on the phone with Shane. He called in every favor to get Dimitri released from jail. After Steve got off the phone, he was approached by Sebastian Alamain. He told Steve that he was going to take him back to Alamania for what he did with the Alamanian Peacock. He said he would rot in prison for the rest of his life. He produced a paper that said he could do it. Steve told him that a good man would lose his life if he took Dimitri. He wanted Sebastian to do the right thing and help Andrew. Kristen reminded Megan that she was the reason she was in prison. She was going to give the women the orchid. She told Megan that she ordered Bo to steal the orchid. She also told her that she would need her on her side when she tried to claim her birthright. She promised to help Kristen, but she couldn’t mess up Dimitri’s plans. Kristen warned her that she would have an enemy if she kept her in prison. Steve went to see Dimitri again. Megan called Steve. Dimitri wanted to talk to Megan. He let Steve know that one more name had to be added to the deal. He wanted to add Kristen as part of the deal.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, May 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate wants to know how Megan got out of prison. Megan showed Kate and Roman her release papers. She said her song Dimitri got her immunity. She said she wasn’t there to rub it in. She said she had pressing business. Dimitri went to see Chad. Dimitri told him about his release. Dimitri thought Chad wanted him to pay for what he did to Kate. Chad said he did want him to pay. Dimitri told him to think about his loyalty. He said Kate wasn’t blood related to him the way he is. Chad didn’t know what he was talking about. Dimitri told him his mother was Chad’s sister. While Shawn was in the hospital, Harris showed up. Shawn wanted to know what he was doing there. Harris said he had to warn Hope. He said he had to warn all of them. Kristen went to John and Marlena’s place. Marlena was shocked that Megan helped Kristen get out of prison. Marlena wanted to know what Kristen wanted. Kristen said she was there to stay. Marlena said that wasn’t her home. Kristen said it was Rachel’s. Brady showed up. Dimitri wanted to know if he should call Chad uncle. Chad said he didn’t want him to call him anything. Chad wanted him to leave. Dimitri told Chad about the things his mother has done. Chad said she was a b*tch with a heart of stone. He said he wouldn’t get to know her since she was in prison. Dimitri told him about the immunity deal he got for him, Megan and Kristen. He said with everyone free, they could all be a happy family.

Brady told Marlena and Kristen that he heard that Kristen was out of prison. He said Kristen couldn’t stay there. They started arguing over Rachel. Kristen reminded him about Xander and Chloe being together. Brady and Kristen talked about their own relationship. He said he wasn’t going to let her see Rachel. Kristen threatened to sue him for custody. Harris told Shawn that Megan got an immunity deal. He said he would do everything he could to keep Shawn’s parents safe. Shawn said he did enough already. Shawn left to tell Hope about Megan. When Shawn came back, he told Harris that Bo was going to be moved to a long-care facility that no one will be able to find. Harris said he accepted that he didn’t trust him. He said he was going to Salem to keep an eye on Megan. Roman yelled at Megan when she asked about Bo. Roman said when Bo woke up, Hope would have his heart. She said she would have to fly to Greece and make sure that didn’t happen. She said she would claim her place at DiMera Enterprises since Bo wasn’t waking up anytime soon. Marlena let Brady know that no judge would grant Kristen custody of Rachel. He said he knew that, but he would be the bad guy if he didn’t let her see Rachel. Marlena was afraid he would get sucked back into Kristen’s orbit again just to make Rachel happy. Brady refused to let Kristen back in his life. Dimitri told Chad to get the jet so they could go home. Chad said he couldn’t do that. Dimitri said he would fly coach as long as they got to spend time together. He wanted to learn how to embrace the family. Chad said they all slept with one eye open. Chad said he would keep both eyes open for them. He said he didn’t want a relationship with Dimitri. Dimitri said they were family, so they were going to spend time together.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Chloe and Sally persuade Devon and Lily to hire them to redecorate the Chancellor Winters offices.

Chance tells Christine about the tear and mascara-stained program from Phyllis’s memorial service that he found inside the dumpster of the motel where Jeremy was staying. Chance tells Christine he will let her know when he gets the DNA results back from the lab.

Sharon gets a postcard that has the same handwriting as the note on the champagne bottle that was sent anonymously to her. Sharon tells Nick she thinks it might be from Cameron Kirsten, so Nick and Sharon ask Chance to investigate the, situation.

Phyllis wants to stay hidden so she doesn’t cause trouble for her family, but Summer tells Phyllis she will help her do anything she needs to do so she can come home to her family. Cameron Kirsten checks in to the Athletic club

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Days Update Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kristen sits in the prison visiting room, reading her last letter from Rachel. Megan joins her and asks about it. Kristen says she’s just going to read it over and over until she is holding her daughter again. Megan says she understands being separated from one’s child is very difficult for a mother. Megan adds that she hopes to be hearing from her son Dimitri very soon. Kristen questions how Dimitri is going to get them out of here when he’s in an Alamainian prison. Megan reveals that he’s not still there and he’s currently in police custody, which is only temporary. Kristen asks if his magic peacock is going to set him free. Megan responds that Dimitri doesn’t need magic because he’s brilliant, charming, and incredibly persuasive. Megan informs Kristen that Dimitri is negotiating their release as they speak.

At the police station in Greece, Steve and Harris confront Dimitri. Dimitri says he has nothing to say to them as he’s agreed to stay in police custody while awaiting word on if the ISA has conceded to his demands. Steve informs Dimitri that the police around here have been known to take a bribe. Harris reveals he gave them incentive to take a walk so they can have some privacy. Steve tells Dimitri that they have so much to catch up on. Harris suggests Dimitri start by telling them where Andrew Donovan is.

John arrives at Paul’s apartment in San Francisco, California. Paul says it’s good to see him but asks what he’s doing here. John knows Paul was worried about Andrew, so he thought he’d just come on out. Paul knows John wouldn’t have flown halfway across the country if he didn’t have something to tell him and guesses it’s something he didn’t want to say over the phone. John confirms that Andrew has been kidnapped.

Andrew is tied up in a chair as a guard throws a bucket of water on him to wake him up. The guard asks if Andrew doesn’t know how he got here. Andrew thinks back to asking Harris for help finding Kate where he then received a phone call from someone saying that they had kidnapped Paul and were holding a knife on him as they instructed Andrew to go to the airport for further instruction. Andrew remembers tracking Paul’s phone and arriving to find out it was fake and a man there pulled a gun on Andrew and tied him up.

Megan tells Kristen that Dimitri got someone to take his place in prison while he was out living his best life. Kristen recalls doing that herself once, but unfortunately her doppelganger is no longer available. Megan jokes that the idiots in this place probably wouldn’t notice if she replaced herself with a mop but to do it in an Alamainian prison is nearly impossible, yet Dimitri managed to do it with ease. Kristen brings up how she knows everything about the DiMera family and never hearing that Megan had a son. Megan points out that she also didn’t know she was alive and questions if Kristen is doubting her. Kristen wonders if this is a ploy. Megan calls it a fact that Dimitri is her flesh and blood as she gave birth to him and raised him to be the magnificent young man that he is.

Dimitri questions Harris and Steve trying to intimidate him and warns that if they lay a finger on him, Andrew will pay a steep price. Steve asks if he really wants to go against the director of the ISA. Harris warns that won’t go well with him. Steve asks again where Andrew is. Dimitri responds that they will have that information when his demands are met. Steve and Harris get that he wants immunity but question why he also wants immunity for Megan. Dimitri knows she’s not their favorite person. Steve calls Megan a sadistic freak who brainwashed both of them. Dimitri states that for some reason, he has a soft spot for her. Steve asks if Megan brainwashed him too. Dimitri assures that she hasn’t. Harris asks if Megan is his girlfriend or something which he laughs at. Dimitri then reveals to them that Megan Hathaway is his mother.

The man holding Andrew tells him that as soon as their boss gets what he wants, Andrew will be let go. Andrew asks who his boss is. The man says he’s going to get dinner and tells Andrew to sit there like a good little boy as he exits. Andrew remarks that is not going to happen.

Paul tells John that he was worried when he hadn’t heard from Andrew and no one had but he never thought this. John understands and mentions talking to Shane, who he says is doing everything he can to get his son back. Paul asks where to start.

Marlena starts to send a text to John when Roman shows up at her door. Marlena is thrilled to see he has returned as they hug. Marlena asks if this means it’s true. Roman tells her to see for herself as Kate joins him. Kate jokes that she’s not bad for someone who has been doing nothing but dodging death as she and Marlena embrace. Marlena says she’s so glad that Kate is alive. Kate is glad they are all okay but wishes they could say the same about Abe. Roman mentions that they just came from the hospital and that Abe is stable, but he’s not out of the woods yet. Marlena notes that she spoke to Kayla and asks if they saw Abe yet. Roman responds that only Paulina has been allowed in. Kate questions Abe being attacked by a mad man at the bakery. Roman assures that he’s been arrested but right now, his only concern is that Abe pulls through. Kate encourages that Abe is a fighter. Marlena points out that when Abe sees Kate, he will be so thrilled like she is. Marlena recalls her and Kayla hearing that gun shot. Roman is thankful that Bo didn’t go through with it. Kate talks about how she couldn’t wait to get off that island and then she ended up on another boat. Roman informs Marlena that Chad, Steve, and Harris rescued Kate from Dimitri. Kate complains that he had her cutting off the heads of fish. Marlena then reveals that Kate wasn’t the only one Dimitri held hostage as he has Andrew Donovan. Roman is shocked and Kate calls that terrible. Marlena thinks he’ll be okay because John is on the case.

Paul wants to go with John but John stops him and says the ISA is all over it and the person who took Andrew has already contacted Shane. Paul asks who it is. John informs him that it’s Dimitri. Paul thought he was in prison. John explains that he escaped but that was short lived and now he’s in custody in Greece where Chad, Steve, and Harris tracked him down. John adds that in exchange for the safe release of Andrew, he is demanding immunity for himself and his mother, Megan Hathaway.

Kristen tells Megan that she heard that Megan has been obsessed with Bo since high school. Megan doesn’t like that word but says that hasn’t changed as her heart will always belong to Bo. Kristen questions her having a kid with someone else then. Megan explains that after her “death”, she was put in a cryogenic sleep until Stefano had her thawed out. Megan says she immediately wanted to return to Salem to fight for Bo, but Stefano felt that would be unwise and he wanted her to lie low for awhile in Europe which she did and that’s where she met Dimitri’s father. Kristen remarks that they obviously hit it off. Megan states that she wanted a child and she got one, so she turned her focus to raising Dimitri but after a few years, his father decided that her influence on Dimitri was a bit too absolute. Megan adds that Dimitri was sent away to boarding school but that didn’t prevent them from being close. Megan remarks that a boy’s best friend is his mother.

Dimitri tells Harris and Steve that even though he and Megan weren’t always in close proximity, they were always deeply bonded. Harris asks if Steve is buying this. Steve believes Megan is Dimitri’s mother and says Dimitri is a DiMera through and through, ruthless and soulless. Dimitri says they can insult his lineage all they want but it’s Andrew who is on the chopping block. Dimitri asks if they are going to set him and Megan free or if they’re going to let Andrew die.

The guard returns to Andrew, who is pretending to be asleep. The guard guesses he’ll have to get another bucket of water to wake him up but Andrew pops up and knocks him out. Andrew tries to escape but the other guard appears with his gun raised.

Megan tells Kristen that she was never in love with Dimitri’s father and calls him a means to an end while Bo is everything to her. Kristen reminds her that Bo is in a coma so maybe she should just move on. Megan refuses and says she’s waited this long, so she will wait forever. Kristen questions what Megan’s plan is when she gets out and if she will just sit at Bo’s bedside. Megan says she will allow Hope to do that but she will monitor Bo’s condition closely so that she can be there when he wakes up. Kristen questions her not going straight back to Greece. Megan repeats that as soon as it looks like Bo will wake up, she will be there in a flash but in the meantime, she has her own destiny to fulfill and the next phase includes a long overdue return to Salem. Kristen calls that the one thing they have in common, similar destinies to fulfill. Kristen reminds Megan that she promised when she got released, she would take her with her. Kristen asks if that’s still happening.

Steve talks to Shane on the phone and talks about how Shane got the authorities in multiple different countries to drop the charges against Dimitri and Megan. Steve admits he would’ve done the same for his kids. Steve tells Shane that he will get these guys to release Dimitri and then he will make sure someone gets Megan released, so that Shane will then have his son back.

Kate says that Shane must be worried sick. Marlena hopes that Andrew is okay. Roman assures that the ISA and Black Patch will make sure that he is. Kate talks about being held by Dimitri being no picnic. Marlena relates to when Dimitri held her as well until John and Sebastian took him down.

Steve finishes his call with Shane and then Sebastian Alamain enters the police station in Greece. Sebastian introduces himself and Steve notes that his name sounds familiar. Sebastian questions Dimitri being released which Steve confirms is happening any minute now. Sebastian states that he’s sorry to burst his bubble but Dimitri will be coming with him. Steve questions what he’s talking about. Sebastian responds that he’s here to take Dimitri back to Alamainia where he will rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life.

Harris questions Dimitri really thinking that he’s getting out. Dimitri says he’s certain of it and he looks forward to all that the future holds for him. Dimitri asks if Harris can say the same, bringing up how he’s gallant rescue of Kate was a desperate attempt at redemption and says they both know Harris is not one of the good guys. Harris tells him to shut his mouth. Dimitri remarks that a hero like Harris deserves the utmost respect but argues that Steve and the others don’t respect, trust, or accept him. Dimitri says it must be hard to accept that he’ll never be good enough for John or Hope, but he’s not like them. Dimitri insists that he has a deep appreciation for his skills and Megan does too. Dimitri suggests Harris tells Steve and company to shove their judgment and come work for them. Harris questions if he’s seriously trying to lure him to the dark side. Dimitri says they’ll be in the shades of grey in between but Harris refuses. Dimitri brings up Bo heading there and being determined to shed his old life before he was shot. Dimitri talks about how Bo spent a lifetime being a good guy, but he realized that to become his true self, he would have to discard his true identity and venture in to the shadows. Dimitri declares that Bo did it without fear and embraced it, so he asks why can’t Harris. Harris questions Dimitri wanting him to come work for him and Megan. Harris remarks that he’d have to brainwash him again which Dimitri says he will certainly take under advisement.

Sebastian tells Steve that he came as soon as he heard of Dimitri’s release because his escape from the Alamainian prison was quite an embarrassment. Sebastian hands Steve an order from the highest court in Greece, giving them the right to have Dimitri released back to their custody. Steve understands why he wants to see Dimitri pay, noting what he and Megan did to him and John. Steve calls Dimitri a no good son of a bitch, but informs him that if he takes Dimitri back and locks him up, then a good man will lose his life.

Paul complains about having to sit and wait while Andrew’s life is on the line. John thought it might be easier if he had company. Paul appreciates him being there but says he can’t stop thinking about the picture of Andrew tied up. John encourages that Andrew is trained specifically for times like this. Paul questions how something like this happens. Paul asks if Shane gave any other details. John explains that Andrew was in Greece, helping Chad, Steve, and Harris find Kate. Paul mentions thinking Kate was dead. John says they all did but she wasn’t and then they thought she was lost at sea. John continues telling Paul about how Andrew was recruiting Harris, then got a phone call, left Greece and fell off the grid. Paul guesses whoever made the call lured Andrew into a trap. John knows they couldn’t have fooled Andrew easily, so whatever they used to pull him off the search had to be damn significant. Paul wonders if they used him since his phone was stolen out of his gym locker and guesses they could’ve used it to tell Andrew to tell him that he was in trouble. Paul worries about Andrew getting hurt or worse while trying to help him. John encourages that they will find him and get him back as he hugs Paul.

The guards tie Andrew back up and make sure it’s tighter this time.

Kristen assumes that she’s included in whatever deal Dimitri is making right now. Megan states that Kristen is her sister, so she wants to help her. Kristen reminds Megan that she told her last night that she would have her freedom when everything was sorted out and organized and it sounds like everything is organized now. Megan explains that she has to understand that Dimitri is trying to negotiate the release of two high profile prisoners so adding a third could upend everything. Kristen says if the ISA is willing to give her immunity after everything she’s done, then she must have something huge to offer them. Megan says that’s true but you can only push so far before they are going to walk away. Kristen argues that’s not her problem. Kristen reminds Megan that she kept her mouth shut about Bo being alive and in exchange, she promised that when she got out, she would take her with her. Megan assures she hasn’t forgotten that. Kristen adds that she’s only in here because she was held responsible for the deaths of Marlena, Kayla, and Kate despite her sincere efforts to retrieve the orchid to cure them and if Megan hadn’t ordered Bo to take the orchid from the mansion, she would be off the hook. Kristen declares that this is actually all Megan’s fault that she’s here in the damn first place. Kristen states that she considers herself an authority on the DiMera family, so if Megan plans to claim her birth right when she gets out, she will want her on her side because she knows how their brothers operate a lot better than she does. Megan says she does want to help Kristen and she will, but she’s asking her to take an extreme risk. Kristen warns Megan that she’s asking her to make a choice to either include her in her nephew’s deal, securing herself a valuable ally, or if she leaves her in here then she will gain a sworn enemy. Kristen assures that her reach goes beyond these prison bars. Kristen declares no more talking as it’s decision time. Kristen advises that if Megan turns her back on her, she will live to regret it. Kristen then asks her what’s it going to be.

Roman says he and Kate are going home to the Pub and invites Marlena to have breakfast with them. Marlena thanks them but thinks they need time alone. Kate says they will do it soon and suggests it being when Andrew is home safe. Marlena says she still can’t quite believe that they survived everything Megan put them through. Kate declares that it’s because they are badasses. Kate and Roman then exit.

Steve brings up Billie to Sebastian. Sebastian informs him that he and Billie went their separate ways. Steve points out how Billie and Shane Donovan were instrumental in bringing the Alamainian Peacock to Sebastian’s family. Sebastian says they are very grateful. Steve says now is the time to show that gratitude because Shane and his family are trying to get back something more precious than a statue. Steve explains that they are currently negotiating the safe return of Shane’s son. Steve informs Sebastian that Andrew Donovan’s life is in his hands, so he asks Sebastian to do the right thing and help them save Andrew.

Steve rejoins Harris with Dimitri. Dimitri asks if Steve got Sebastian to back down, noting that he couldn’t help but hear him through the walls. Steve warns Dimitri to stay away from Alamainia and away from Salem when he is free. Steve holds Dimitri’s phone as it rings with a call from Megan. Dimitri demands his phone so Steve hands it over and he answers. Dimitri tells Megan that they are going to be free soon. Megan calls that wonderful and says she’s so proud of him as she knew he would come through. Dimitri can’t wait to see her and celebrate. Megan says he did a magnificent job with these negotiations and she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but she has one little thing to add to their deal.

Paul recalls the last time John was here, how he urged him not to give up on Andrew and not let logistics get in the way of being together. Paul says shortly after John left, Andrew showed up and they committed to trying to make it work, so things between them have gotten really serious. John mentions that Andrew was in Salem not long ago and told him that they had reconnected. Paul informs John that he really loves Andrew. John assures that the ISA has poured everything they have in to getting Andrew released. Paul decides he just has to have faith that they will succeed and bring Andrew back to him. John hugs Paul as he worries.

The guard informs Andrew that his father did his best to secure his release. Andrew asks if he succeeded. The guard then pulls out a knife.

Harris and Steve discuss Megan demanding Kristen get immunity too. They worry that with the deal done, Andrew was getting released, but now the whole thing could fall apart. Harris asks Steve if he thinks they can save it. Steve admits he just doesn’t know.

Marlena talks on the phone with Kayla and they talk about not hearing anything from Greece. Marlena hopes that Andrew is alright and that those criminals won’t come back to make their lives miserable anymore. Marlena then hangs up as Kristen shows up at her door.

Andrew shows up at Paul’s door and surprises him. They embrace as John smiles.

Roman and Kate have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Roman tells her how happy he is that she’s home. Roman calls it her first full day back in Salem, so whatever she wants to do, they are doing it. Kate says she’d really like to go to the prison to see Lucas, so he can see his mom is alive and well and so she can see how he’s doing. Roman admits it will be a relief and he will be thrilled. Kate adds that she will also want to pay a visit to Megan Hathaway and give her a piece of her mind. Megan then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like she saved her the trouble.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Billy, Chelsea, Daniel, and Lily have a very awkward lunch together so that Connor, Lucy, and Johnny, can get to know each other. The teens have a good time together and Johnny asks for Lucy’s phone number.so they can keep in touch.

Ashley tells Tucker she enjoys spending time with him, but she doesn’t love him the way a wife should love a husband. Ashley begins to plan their fake wedding.

Devon tells Abby he is going to work on his relationship with Tucker so he can find out if Tucker is using Ashley to go after Jabot.

Chance searches the garbage at the motel where Phyllis and Jeremy stayed and finds a tear stained note he thinks Phyllis wrote and he takes it to the police lab to have it tested for DNA. Summer meets Phyllis and tells her everything that is going on and asks her not to see Daniel because he will tell the police her location.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Wendy talked to Li at the apartment. He told her he signed the divorce papers. He asked if she was going to tell Johnny that she was back. She said she wasn’t sure. She said she believed Johnny’s story about the biscuits, but she was interested in someone else. She told him about Tripp. Li didn’t seem interested in hearing about Tripp. She said she wasn’t sure if she wanted Tripp or Johnny which was bothering her. Li said they would wait because she was worth the wait. She went to the DiMera mansion to see Johnny. She told him she liked him but liked Tripp too. She apologized to him. Seh said she didn’t mean to be abrupt, but she wanted to see where things went with both of them. Johnny was able to accept her decision. Gabi went to see Li. She told him she signed the divorce papers. She told him she was engaged to Stefan. She said they were both free. She said it was time for them to move on and forget the past. He said he apologized for hurting her but losing her was the worst thing to happen to him. She said she felt like it could last forever. She told him she hoped he met the right woman. Rafe was on the phone and demanded that Colin be found. When Kayla showed up, Rafe got off the phone. She asked what happened to Abe. She went to check on the surgery. Rafe got a call about the Salem Inn.

On the roof, Talia struggled with Colin. Jada told her to get out of the way. Jada and Colin went over the edge and landed by Eric and Sloan. Sloan went to Colin. He was bleeding on the ground. He said she did it when Jada showed up. Jada asked Talia why she did this. They all went to the hospital. Chanel brought Paulina in. Paulina wanted to know what was going on with Abe. Rafe told her what was going on. She was upset. Rafe said Abe was in good hands. Paulina got upset again when Eric and Sloan showed up. Rafe told Sloan to leave the hospital. Eric yelled at Rafe. Eric apologized to Paulina. Paulina asked if he was sorry after what Sloan and her brother did to Abe. Paulina calmed down and started praying. Eric took her to the chapel. Chanel gave her statement to Rafe. Rafe said Talia saved her life. Chanel said she didn’t. She said Talia was responsible for this. She said Talia was the reason why they were on the roof. Chanel told him not to let Talia go that easily. Sloan went to see Colin. The doctor said he was lucky to be alive. He woke up and asked what happened. She asked what happened too. She said he was supposed to leave Paulina and Chanel alone. He said he did what he had to do. He said he had them where he wanted until Talia and Jada showed up. He said Talia pushed him over. Sloan asked why he didn’t leave. She said she missed their parents but there are limits. She said he couldn’t kill. He said she couldn’t get the job done, but he could. He said he would do it again. Kayla checked on Talia. Kayla told her she was lucky except for the broken arm. When Kayla left, Talia asked Jada how Chanel was. Jada said Paulina and Chanel were fine. Talia said things got out of hand. Jada said this was Colin’s plan all the time. She asked Talia why she cared about him. Jada told her to forget about Colin and to be glad it’s over. Talia asked if she could see if he was okay. Jada went to see Colin so she could handcuff him. Jada went to the waiting room. She said she arrested Colin. Chanel wanted to know if Talia was going to be arrested too. She threatened to call the DA and the media if Talia wasn’t arrested. Rafe told Jada to go home and get rest. She said she had an arrest to make. Eric brought Paulina back to the waiting room as Kayla was telling everyone Abe’s surgery went well. Kayla took Paulina to see Abe. Eric told Rafe that Sloan had nothing to do with what happened. Eric ended up yelling at Rafe. Colin asked if Sloan was for or against him. She said he was her brother. She said he didn’t need family. She said he needed a lawyer to help him. She said she would help him. Jada went to Talia’s room. Jada told Talia that Colin wasn’t dying. Jada said he was getting arrested. She said she had to do the same thing to Talia.

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Days Short Recap Monday, May 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was upset about the idea of Stefan and Gabi getting engaged. He decided to propose to Nicole. She didn’t know what to say to him. She just wanted the proposal to be simple and sincere. He tried to propose again, but she turned him down. She thought he was being an opportunist and didn’t really want to marry her. He was shocked that she was angry. She told him that he only wanted to marry her because Stefan proposed to Gabi. He tried to downplay what he did, but he admitted that his timing was off. He admitted that he loved her. They were both shocked by what he said. He wasn’t sure when he loved her again. He realized the last few months were the happiest of his life. Nicole finally admitted that she loved him too. She was about to tell him something when he assumed Eric was the problem. She assured him that the problem wasn’t Eric. EJ was upset about their drunk sex together. She insists the timing is off, but he’s not sure what she means. Trask was about to rip into Eric when he told her that Sloan was arrested. Jada asked Sloan about Colin. She told her that she should have come forward about Collin sooner. Sloan believed that he wasn’t dangerous. She said that he was dangerous enough since he had her sister doing terrible things. Sloan demanded to know how their siblings knew each other. She also wanted to know what Jada thought she had on Colin.

Sloan didn’t think Jada could be objective since her sister was involved with her brother. Jada gets a call from Jada so she ran out of the office. Trask and Eric wanted to talk to Sloan. Sloan told Eric and Trask that the police thought Colin drugged the biscuits. She insisted that she didn’t have anything to do with her brother’s plan. She let them know that Talia was knee deep in the mess. Sloan said arresting her while the real culprit was out there was a bad look for the department. Trask agreed to drop the charges. Trask had a phone call and told Sloan what Collin was up to and thought it was time for her to leave her vendetta alone. Jada arrived at the hotel. She told Jada that she knew what was going on with Colin. She said their father would be ashamed of her. Talia wanted her to save Paulina. She believed that Colin took her. Jada wanted to know how she got hooked up with Colin. Rafe calls an ambulance for Abe. Abe told Rafe the health inspector took Paulina. Abe told Rafe about Colin. Later at the hospital, Rafe ordered his cops to find Colin as soon as possible. Abe told Rafe to find his wife. He ended up coding. Abe needed to get into the ER. Abe began hemorrhaging. He needed surgery so the doctors needed consent. Rafe called Theo to tell him about his father. Rafe let Theo talk to the doctor. Paulina was on the roof and told Chanel to do what Colin wanted. He was happy that Chanel showed up. He went on about his mother and told her to say goodbye to her mother. He wanted her to end her life. She was willing to do what he wanted. He insulted her and started ranting again. Paulina wanted him to name his price. He wanted his parents back. Paulina refused to jump. He said he would shoot Chanel instead. Chanel tried to plead with him to understand how his father was, but he didn’t want to listen to her. Colin decided to kill both of them when Jada and Talia burst on the roof with guns. Paulina had a panic attack while Colin had a gun pointed at her. Everyone tended to Paulina so he grabbed Chanel. Talia tried to lunge at Colin and they both went over the roof.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny comes home to the DiMera Mansion as Gabi stumbles down the stairs with a bottle of champagne in her hand. Gabi remarks that maybe she had too much to drink. Johnny notices the champagne and asks if she’s celebrating. Gabi shows him her ring and announces that she and Stefan are engaged again. Johnny asks if this means that Li is officially in the past. Gabi confirms that she has the divorce papers in hand, so it’s finally over.

Sloan and Eric walk through the town square. Sloan tells Eric that she gets that if she keeps any more secrets from him, they are done. Sloan then gets a phone call from Li, who says he needs to know if Gabi signed the divorce papers yet. Sloan says they just sent them over this afternoon and she knows he’s anxious but this isn’t a good time yet.

Rafe calls from the hospital that he wants more units out on the west side and for the APB on Colin Bedford to be expanded to state wide as he wants him found now. Kayla comes over and asks if she heard correctly that Abe is in surgery with a head injury. Rafe confirms that he is and when he got here, he had some sort of seizure. Kayla asks what happened. Rafe reveals that he found him on the floor at the bakery and that whoever did it took Paulina while now they can’t find Paulina or Chanel anywhere.

Jada screams for Colin to drop the gun. Chanel drops to the ground with Paulina as Talia then rushes Colin and begins fighting with Colin over the gun. Jada screams for Talia to take cover and let her do this. Jada and Chanel scream while Talia and Colin continue to struggle. Talia and Colin then both end up falling over the ledge and off the roof of the building!

Sloan asks Li why it matters when he knows she’s going to sign them. Colin then falls from the rooftop, bleeding, and lands in the town square. Sloan rushes to his side to check on him.

Jada, Chanel, and Paulina look over the edge of the roof and scream for Talia. Jada says she will call for help as she rushes down to get to Talia. Paulina worries about getting to Abe.

Kayla finishes a call and informs Rafe that the surgery is ongoing so they won’t have a status report for awhile. Rafe swears to kill Colin if Abe doesn’t pull through. Rafe argues that Sloan could have stopped all of this. Rafe gets a call from Jada and asks if she got him and questions being told about the Salem Inn.

Sloan tells Colin not to move as he will make it worse and asks what happened. Colin tells Sloan that “she did this” which Sloan questions. Jada comes rushing out of the Salem Inn looking for Talia. Eric helps her move the rubble to find Talia underneath.

Paulina informs Chanel that Colin attacked Abe at the bakery and wouldn’t let her call for an ambulance. Chanel encourages that it will be okay and says she’s calling the police but she gets a call first from Rafe. Rafe tells Chanel that he’s been calling for an hour and is trying to find her mother. Chanel informs him that Paulina is with her and cries that it was awful. Rafe asks what happened and if she is alright. Chanel says they are on the roof of the Salem Inn but worries about Abe being hurt. Rafe confirms that Abe is in surgery at the hospital and says he’ll send a unit for them. Chanel tells Rafe that there is more and informs him that Colin got them all to the roof and he was going to push her off but Talia and Colin both went over the edge of the roof. Chanel worries for Jada.

Jada questions why Talia did that as she cries. Eric encourages that help is coming. Sloan tells Colin not to worry and to stay strong as help is coming.

Johnny asks Gabi if Wendy was in the office today. Gabi says she wasn’t and asks what the problem is. Johnny says if she wasn’t there, that means she’s still in Seattle with Tripp.

Wendy comes home to the apartment where Li asks what happened to her. Wendy asks what didn’t happen since she was supposed to be back yesterday and was on her flight until a drunk man started fighting with the flight attendant so they got diverted to South Dakota to get him off the plane and by the time they did that, the crew had logged too many hours so they were stuck there for the night. Li jokes with her. Wendy tells him not to joke because today was almost just as bad as they made an unexpected stop in Boise. Li says she should’ve called. Wendy asks why since he can’t send the DiMera jet since he doesn’t work there anymore. Wendy complains of her bad mood. Li says he’s afraid that he’s not the person to cheer her up tonight. Wendy asks what’s wrong. Li responds that his mood matches her’s since he signed the divorce papers today. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry. Li admits he knew it was coming and he keeps telling himself that it will provide closure. Li asks if Wendy is going to let Johnny know that she’s back. Wendy responds that she’s not sure. Li asks if Johnny didn’t convince her that he only proposed to Chanel because of the drugged biscuits. Wendy assures that he did convince her, so Li questions what the hesitation is. Wendy responds that she may be interested in someone else.

Kayla finishes call with an EMT, saying to bring in the two patients to the trauma unit. Rafe guesses it’s Colin and Talia. Kayla doesn’t know but says they are in pretty bad shape so she’s going there now. Chanel brings Paulina in a wheelchair over to them. Paulina asks Rafe where Abe is and says she has to see him. Rafe responds that he’s still in surgery. Rafe asks if they are okay as he’s been looking everywhere for them. Chanel says they are fine but Paulina says they are not. Paulina asks about Abe’s surgery and what that animal did to him. Chanel encourages her to stay calm while Rafe says he will tell her everything he knows. Rafe explains that Abe was brought in for head trauma. Paulina worries about how long Abe was laying on the floor since Colin wouldn’t let her call an ambulance. Rafe assures that everyone loves Abe and no one will let anything happen to him. Sloan and Eric arrive at the hospital. Paulina screams not her while Chanel asks Rafe to get Sloan out of here. Sloan tells Rafe that she needs to see his brother. Rafe informs her that he’s in the trauma center. Rafe tells Sloan to go and stay the hell away from Paulina and Chanel. After Sloan hurries to the trauma center, Eric tells Rafe that he didn’t have to talk to her like that. Rafe tells Eric to look at Paulina and Chanel as he declares that Sloan and Colin are responsible for that. Eric starts to argue but decides it doesn’t matter. Eric goes over to Paulina and apologizes. Paulina questions Eric thinking he can just say he’s sorry after what Sloan and Colin did to Abe. Eric doesn’t understand and asks what happened to Abe. Chanel informs him that Colin bashed Abe’s head in with a rolling pin at the bakery. Eric asks where Abe is. Chanel says he’s in surgery and they don’t know if he’s going to make it or if Talia is either. Eric informs them that Talia was brought here. Chanel is surprised that Talia is alive while Paulina declares that she hopes Colin is dead.

Sloan visits Colin in the trauma center, where the doctor informs her that it’s a miracle that Colin is still alive. Sloan asks how he is. The doctor says there’s no obvious breaks but he’s ordered x-rays and painkillers. He leaves the room to allow Sloan to talk to Colin as he wakes up and asks what happened. Colin tells Sloan that he did what he had to do. Sloan questions him taking Chanel and Paulina captive when he was supposed to go away as he promised her that he would leave them alone. Colin admits that he lied and says he was so close to making them pay. Colin declares that he would’ve if it wasn’t for Talia.

Jada sits with Talia in her hospital room. Jada informs her that the awning saved her life and cries about seeing her go over the edge of the roof. Kayla enters the room. Jada hugs her and says she’s so glad that she will be treating her sister. Jada introduces Talia to Kayla as a good friend of their father. Kayla asks Talia how she’s feeling. Talia admits she’s scared and angry at herself. Kayla understands she’s been through a lot. Kayla says the paramedics did a good job bandaging her. Kayla checks her and says she might have a broken arm but they will know more with an x-ray. Kayla says that Talia is very lucky and she will get her painkilllers. Kayla then exits the room to give them a moment. Talia asks Jada how Chanel is.

Eric decides to take Paulina to the chapel to pray. Chanel calls that weird as she didn’t think anyone could calm Paulina down, let alone Eric. Rafe calls Paulina a strong woman and says Chanel takes after her. Chanel isn’t sure about that. Rafe asks if she’s ready to talk about it. Chanel says she is so she sits with Rafe. Rafe tells her to take her time. Chanel starts by saying that tonight Talia told her that Sloan’s brother ran the whole show and she was his girlfriend who had been working the whole time with him against them. Chanel says she tried to call Paulina to warn her but when she called, Colin answered and told her to meet him on the roof of the Salem Inn. Chanel adds that when she got there, he had a gun and said he was going to make Paulina jump so she would die like his mother died but when she wouldn’t, he turned the gun on her. Chanel says that was when Talia and Jada showed up and things got even crazier. Chanel thought Colin was going to start shooting everyone but that’s when Talia jumped in and tried to grab the gun but Colin started fighting her off and then they both went over the edge. Rafe takes that as what Chanel is saying is that Talia saved her life. Chanel disagrees and argues that if it wasn’t for Talia, she wouldn’t have been on the roof, Paulina wouldn’t have been in danger, and Colin couldn’t have done any of this. Rafe knows that Talia has been lying to them but asks if she was really in that deep and knew what Colin was doing. Chanel reveals that Talia admitted everything and that she loves that creep so she would do anything that he told her to do which is why she spiked the biscuits, stole Paulina’s keys, and was willing to sleep with her. Chanel tells Rafe not to let Talia get away with this. Chanel notes that Talia tried telling her that she felt bad about it all, but she still did it and needs to pay.

Jada tells Talia that Chanel and Paulina are okay. Talia tells Jada that she’s never seen Colin like that before. Talia knows he wanted to teach them a lesson. Jada says it’s obvious that he wanted to kill them from the beginning. Talia argues that it just got out of hand. Jada brings up the things Talia did and the lies she told her. Jada says that’s not her. Talia argues that Colin lost both of his parents and it wrecked him. Jada says that a lot of people have been through worse than Colin and don’t try to kill people. Jada adds that Talia knew it was wrong which is why she called her. Jada points out that she is trained to handle situations like this and asks why she didn’t just let her handle it. Talia says she knows but she just wanted to stop Colin from hurting Chanel and she never meant for him to go off the side of the roof. Jada questions why she gives a damn about him.

Colin tells Sloan that he had those two bitches right where he wanted them but then Talia showed up with Jada and everything went to hell. Colin argues that Talia was supposed to be on his side and she pushed him. Sloan questions why he was up there in the first place. Colin says it had to be on the roof. Sloan asks why he did any of it and why he didn’t leave. Sloan reminds him that she told him she would go to the police if he didn’t back off. Sloan says she misses their parents as much as he does but there are limits and he can’t kill. Colin complains that Sloan gave up and asks what kind of life she could live if she had to see the people that did this to them being free and alive. Sloan guesses she just did what she had to. Colin says that he did too. Colin states that they are different as he can’t forget what happened and how everything was torn apart because he’ll never forget.

Wendy tells Li that she was in Seattle, helping Tripp with Joey and she was pretty angry with Johnny when she left, so she guesses that made her want to see if there was still something with Tripp. Li asks if there was. Wendy admits that Tripp is still interested, she does like him, and they ended up going out one night which felt good. Li feels she doesn’t sound that over the moon about it. Wendy says she just doesn’t like not knowing how she’s feeling. She mentions getting so angry with Johnny, but she likes him, while Tripp is so easy to be with and she knows she has to choose but she doesn’t know how to do it. Li asks why she has to choose. Wendy admits she doesn’t know why. Li tells her that she doesn’t have to choose and says in business, the worst thing you can do is make a decision before having all the data. Wendy jokes that it scares her that she’s talking to him about her personal life and it terrifies her that he’s actually making sense. Li says he has his moments. Wendy notes that she told Johnny that she wouldn’t be gone long, so she wonders if he thinks she was lying to him about how she feels about Tripp. Li feels Johnny will take what he can get based on the last time he saw him. Li encourages that Wendy has the upper hand and can take her time to decide what she wants because they will both wait since she is worth waiting for. Li jokes that they’re a real pair since he has no one and she has more guys than she knows what to do with.

Johnny tells Gabi that Wendy was vague but he thought she’d be home by now. Gabi thought Wendy believed him about being drugged. Johnny says she said that she did but Tripp was there and he was here, so it’s kind of hard to compete when you’re not in the stadium. Gabi encourages that he doesn’t know for sure and suggests that he call Wendy and ask her. Johnny worries about coming off needy. Gabi urges him not to give up. Gabi points out that Stefan was dead and now they are getting married. Gabi declares that hope and love is what makes the world go round as she then heads back upstairs. Johnny decides to call Wendy but she shows up at his door. Johnny says he missed her very much and leans in to kiss her but she backs away and says she wants to say something. Wendy is glad they got the proposal stuff behind them because she likes him and being with him, but she likes Tripp too.

Gabi shows up at Li’s door and says she wanted to tell him something in person. Gabi informs him that after she got the divorce papers, Stefan proposed and she accepted. Li says she could have texted him that news and questions why she’s here instead of celebrating with Stefan. Gabi states that they have celebrated and she was going to grab a second bottle of champagne but Stefan was already asleep which gave her the chance to do this. Gabi then hands Li the divorce papers and informs him that she signed them too.

Jada questions Talia as to why she cares about what happens to Colin and if she still has feelings for him after everything he did. Talia admits she doesn’t know, pointing out that she could have died but he could have too and she would’ve been the one who killed him. Jada points out that she didn’t and he survived. Jada urges Talia to forget about Colin and be glad that it’s over. Talia asks Jada if she can just see that Colin is okay. Kayla returns to the room with pain medicine. Kayla tells Jada that Talia will need to get some sleep. Jada declares there is something she needs to do and exits the room.

Sloan tells Colin not to talk like that because the place is crawling with cops. Jada then storms in and questions what Sloan is doing there. Jada says it won’t take long and handcuffs Colin to the bed. She says he’s under arrest but she won’t read him his rights because he already has counsel in Sloan. Jada then storms back out of the room.

Rafe tells Chanel that he can’t say anything until he speaks to the district attorney. Chanel declares that one way or another, Talia Hunter is not getting away with this. Jada comes out and Rafe excitedly greets her, asking how she’s holding up. Jada says she’s okay and informs him that she just arrested Colin. Chanel asks what about Talia. Jada responds that she thinks she’s going to be okay. Chanel angrily says that she wasn’t inquiring about her health as Talia is just as guilty as Colin which she already knows. Chanel points out that Jada arrested Colin and asks what about Talia. Chanel then decides she’s going to check on Paulina because she’s worried that Abe might die because he got in Colin and Talia’s way. Chanel warns Jada that if Talia is not arrested tonight, she will be calling the district attorney tonight and alerting the media. Chanel then storms off. Rafe tells Jada that Chanel told him about everything that Talia had confessed to her, so he has no choice but to hold her. Rafe suggests Jada go home and rest but Jada says she’s still on duty and she has an arrest to make as she walks away.

Li tells Gabi that it must feel nice to finally be free. Gabi admits that it does but says she’s not here to gloat, pointing out that Li is free too to put himself out there. Gabi knows there will be somebody waiting that will be very lucky to find him. Li argues that after everything he put her through, she can’t seriously think someone would be lucky to find him. Gabi says she doesn’t forget the things that she’s done to get what she wants, so she can’t take the moral high ground here. Gabi suggests they just move on and forget the past. Li apologizes for hurting her and admits he got crazy because losing her is the worst thing that ever happened to him. Gabi says she looks back and calls it inevitable. Gabi admits they’re a lot like so it felt like something that could last, but even if Stefan never came back, Li said himself that it was all a game. Gabi kisses Li on the cheek and says he will realize that when he meets the right woman and she hopes he does soon. Gabi then exits the apartment.

Wendy tells Johnny that she’s sorry if she was abrupt, but she thought he needed to know where they stood. Johnny questions her not shutting him down just then. Johnny asks if she likes them both and wants to see where it goes. Wendy doesn’t want to make it sound like a competition but says she likes different things about both of them. Johnny suggests calling it a competition since that means he’s still in the game as they then kiss. Johnny then states that he likes his chances.

Rafe finishes a call. Kayla comes over and asks where Paulina is because she has good news. Rafe says she’s in the chapel. Eric and Chanel then return with Paulina to ask about the good news. Kayla announces that Abe has just been brought to recovery which Paulina is relieved to hear. Kayla adds that the doctor is cautiously optimistic that the surgery was a success. Paulina asks to see Abe which Kayla says she can allow that briefly so she takes her to his room. Eric asks Rafe if Talia is okay. Rafe says it looks that way. Eric insists that Sloan had no idea that Colin would do this and she would’ve stopped him if she had. Rafe tells Eric not to worry as Sloan isn’t facing any charges. Eric remarks that Rafe could’ve just apologized for harassing Sloan earlier. Rafe tells Eric that visiting hours are over so he should take Sloan home so she doesn’t run in to Paulina again.

Sloan tells Colin that he had to know this would happen. Colin asks if she really would have gone to the police. Sloan asks what difference it makes now. Colin argues that she’s all he has left, so he asks if she is for him or against him. Sloan states that he is her brother and nothing changes that. Colin responds that he doesn’t need a sister right now, he needs a lawyer and she has to get him out of this. Sloan reminds him that he assaulted the mayor and put the mayor’s wife and stepdaughter at gunpoint. Colin asks if he can count on her. Sloan repeats that he is her brother no matter what, so of course she’s going to help him, right as Eric looks in to the room.

Chanel returns to Rafe and asks what’s happening with Talia. Rafe informs her that she’s in the process of being arrested. Chanel says that’s what she was hoping for.

Jada returns to Talia’s hospital room as she wakes up. Talia asks if she saw Colin and what happened to him. Jada informs her that he’s not going to die and she arrested him. Jada declares that now she has to do the same with her. Jada reads Talia her rights while holding back tears.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Audra and Nate discuss strategy to oust Nick and Nikki from their jobs, so they can move up the corporate ladder at Newman Enterprises. Nate tells Audra he wants to get to know every aspect of the company so he can be ready when the time comes for him to become CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Diane tries to make peace between Jack and Ashley but just makes Ashley angrier with Jack. Ashley tells Diane and Jack that she and Tucker are engaged.

Tucker later asks Ashley if she really wants to marry him or if she just said it to shock Jack.

Adam and Victoria draw battle lines when Adam tells Victoria he intends to go after Newman Media. Victoria tells Adam she intends to crush McCall Unlimited. Summer gets a text message from someone asking to meet with her and Summer hopes Phyllis sent her the message.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Audra and Tucker wish each other well and end their friendship because they want different things in life now. Aura talks to Elena later and asks her if she wants to get revenge against Victoria and Nate. Elena doesn’t want to get revenge against Victoria and Nate because she thinks their relationship will end on its own.

Elena goes to Victoria’s office and tells Victoria and Nate that she is quitting the podcast because she wants to return to medicine which is an important and noble profession.. Elena tells Victoria and Nate that the two of them are pathetic people who only care about money and power.

Billy tells Jack that Ashley is gathering support to oust him from Jabot because she is worried that when he marries Diane she will want a piece of Jabot. Tucker warns Jack not to hurt Ashley or he will make a dangerous enemy of him.

Nick notices that the champagne bottle that Sharon got as a gift has a stain on the bottle that looks like blood. Nick advises Sharon to throw away the bottle. Sharon follows Nick’s advice and throws the bottle in the garbage.

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Days Update Monday, May 22, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, EJ complains to Nicole that it’s no surprise that Gabi managed to worm her way back in to the family. Nicole knows they are going to use their wedding to bolster their image at the company. EJ then suggests maybe they will steal their thunder and upstage them. Nicole asks how, so EJ gets down on one knee and proposes to Nicole. Nicole doesn’t know what to say while EJ encourages her to say yes to being his wife.

Melinda confronts Eric at the police station and brings up when he pretended to be a paralegal. Eric informs her that he’s waiting on Sloan. Melinda asks if Sloan is in the interrogation room with one of her skeevy clients. Eric decides she’s going to find out sooner than later and reveals that Sloan has been arrested.

Sloan tells Jada that the last time she saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel after he promised her that he was going to leave town. Jada asks if he gave any indication of where he was going next. Sloan complains that they’ve already been over that she doesn’t know where he is. Jada warns her to drop the attitude and says if she would’ve just turned her brother in then she wouldn’t be in this mess but now her psychotic brother is on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. Sloan argues that he’s not dangerous and that Jada doesn’t know him. Jada responds that she knows him well enough to know that he somehow convinced her sister to do his dirty work and that makes him dangerous enough to her. Sloan questions what she is talking about. Jada says they are talking about Sloan here, so she doesn’t owe her any explanations. Sloan didn’t know Jada had a sister and wants to talk about her. Sloan decides that Jada doesn’t get to just drop a bomb like that and walk it back. Sloan questions how exactly her sister and Colin are involved.

Talia questions how Paulina’s scarf got in Colin’s hotel room and wonders what Colin has done now.

Rafe finds Abe at the Bakery and tells him he’s going to be alright as he’s calling for an ambulance. Abe urges Rafe to help Paulina. Rafe assures that he will as he calls in for the ambulance. Rafe tells Abe that they are on the way to get him help and asks if he can tell him who did this to him. Abe responds that it was a young guy who said he was a health inspector that hit him from behind and he’s got Paulina.

Chanel comes to the rooftop where Colin is holding his gun on Paulina. Paulina tells Chanel to do what he says. Colin says he’s delighted that Chanel showed up as this has all worked out perfectly. Chanel asks what he’s going to do. Colin complains that they went to great lengths to make the world believe that his mom threw herself off of a building so now the story is about to come full circle. Colin tells Chanel to say goodbye to her mom, because she’s about to jump to her death as he holds her at gunpoint. Chanel cries for him to stop. Colin complains that Paulina used her money and influence to make the world believe that his mother committed suicide. Colin declares that now Paulina is going to end her life the same way that Chanel ended his mom’s. Chanel pleads with him but Colin mocks her. Paulina argues that he needs his help as he’s out of his mind. Colin blames them for making him this way. Colin shouts that Chanel took his parents away from him, so now she’s going to watch as he takes her mom away from her.

Rafe encourages Abe to stay with him. Abe worries about Paulina being taken. Rafe assures that there’s an APB out on him already and every cop wants to find him. Abe asks who it is. Rafe informs him that it’s Colin Bedford, Sloan Peterson’s brother. The ambulance arrives as Abe loses consciousness.

Sloan demands that Jada tell her what she thinks she has on her brother. Jada says she can demand all she wants but she’s the suspect here, so she asks the questions. Sloan argues that she’s charging her as an accessory, so if her sister is involved, she can’t be objective. Jada gets a call from Talia, who says she really needs her help as she thinks she really messed up. Jada tells her to come to the station but Talia says she needs to come to her. Talia tells her to come to room 514 at the Salem Inn and to hurry. Jada responds that she’s on her way. Sloan asks what about her. Jada tells her to stay put. Sloan questions where the hell she is going as Jada exits the room. Melinda tries to ask Jada for an explanation on Sloan’s arrest but Jada rushes out of the station. Melinda then questions if Eric has a thing for obnoxious women since he’s been with Nicole, Jada, and now Sloan.

EJ tells Nicole that he needs an answer. Nicole asks EJ to get up. EJ questions what’s wrong as he thought she liked being spontaneous. EJ jokingly asks if she wants a grand proposal. Nicole suggests a simple and sincere proposal of marriage. EJ decides to try again and asks Nicole to marry him, but she says no. Nicole questions why she would even think of marrying a cynical, opportunistic jackass. EJ questions her not just rejecting his proposal, but calling him names. Nicole remarks that he’s lucky that she didn’t knee him in the family jewels. Nicole suggests that next time, he comes prepared with a ring. EJ asks if that’s why she rejected him. Nicole says no, so EJ questions what the problem is here then. Nicole argues that it wasn’t heartfelt. EJ claims he had the purest intentions when he asked her to marry him. Nicole argues that the only reason EJ proposed to her is because Stefan proposed to Gabi.

Eric asks if he can go in to talk to Sloan but Melinda says no. Melinda asks if Jada arrested Sloan because she finally has proof that Sloan poisoned the biscuits. Eric says it’s quite the opposite as Jada and Rafe now know for fact that someone else laced those biscuits. Melinda asks who that is but Eric doesn’t answer. Melinda decides she’s going to talk to Sloan then. Eric asks her to leave Sloan alone. Melinda suggests then Eric tell her what she wants to know and then she will let him be in there when she talks to her.

Jada goes to see Talia and demands that she tell her everything she knows about Colin. Jada reveals that she already knows Colin is Sloan’s brother. Talia asks how she found out. Jada reminds her that she’s a cop and questions Talia helping Colin harass Chanel and Paulina this whole time. Jada shouts that their father would be so ashamed. Talia tells her to stop yelling at her and to listen. Talia tells Jada that she has to stop Colin from hurting Paulina. Jada asks what he has done. Talia cries that Colin swore that he was done going after them, but then she found Paulina’s scarf in the room. Jada questions if Colin stole it. Talia doesn’t think so, so Jada asks what she does think. Talia believes Paulina was in the room with Colin. Jada questions where the hell they are now.

Rafe goes to the hospital with Abe and makes a call about the APB on Colin. Rafe orders the units to look harder as he’s pretty sure Colin attacked Abe and kidnapped Paulina, so he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Paulina tells Colin that they can work this out and tells him to name his price. Colin argues that he doesn’t want her dirty money, he wants his parents back and since she can’t give him that, he wants justice. Paulina says he’s out of his mind if he thinks she’s jumping off the roof. Colin decides that he’ll get justice another way then, by making her watch her daughter die.

Nicole questions EJ not saying anything. EJ mocks her tender sensibilities for deciding his proposal was a business maneuver. Nicole points out that EJ was desperate to find a way to upstage Stefan and Gabi. EJ then admits it did have something to do with Gabi and Stefan, but it’s not the only reason he proposed. Nicole asks what other reason there could be. EJ responds that he happens to love her and asks if that’s not up to her high standards either. Nicole is surprised and questions EJ saying he loves her. EJ assures that he does and declares that he’s very much in love with her.

Melinda brings Eric in to the interrogation room. Sloan questions what they are doing together. Melinda explains that they bumped in to each other here and Eric told her that Sloan was arrested. Sloan bets she loved hearing that. Melinda brings up getting sick from the drugged biscuits and that Eric told her that Sloan’s brother is behind it. Sloan responds that she doesn’t know who put the drugs in the biscuits, but the police believe that her brother has been harassing Paulina and Chanel. Melinda questions why Sloan is the one here then. Sloan responds that they say she’s an accessory for not turning Colin in. Sloan argues that she had no idea that he was in town until recently while she had no idea what he was up to and still doesn’t. Sloan complains that her whole arrest was an attempt at intimidation, so she intends to sue the department and the city. Sloan argues that she sought legal remedies for her problems with Chanel and Paulina and when that didn’t work, she gave up. Sloan adds that if the cops really try to nail on her on guilt by association, then they better be careful because one of their own is involved in this. Eric asks what she means. Sloan responds that she’s not the only one who has a sibling involved in this mess. Melinda asks her to be less cryptic. Sloan then reveals that Jada’s sister Talia is up to her neck in this.

Jada urges Talia to think of where Colin could have taken Paulina. Talia swears that she doesn’t know. Jada finds Colin’s family photo album and looks through it, seeing photos and clippings of his parents’ death. Jada states that he’s obsessed and asks how Talia could get involved with a guy like this. Talia argues that she didn’t know until after they were involved. Jada finds an article about Colin’s mother falling off a roof after a confrontation with Chanel. Talia then realizes that she might know where Colin took Paulina.

Paulina pleads with Colin not to hurt Chanel. Chanel tells Colin that he has to know the truth that his father wasn’t a victim, but a predator who took advantage of his student. Chanel argues that he pursued her and admits that she slept with him which is something that she will regret for the rest of her life. Chanel cries that Colin’s father cheated on his mother, so his mother lured her to the roof to try and kill her and she just defended herself. Chanel adds that if she could go back and change any of it, she would. Chanel swears that his mother’s death was an accident. Colin calls it lies. Chanel shouts that Colin will be doing this, knowing the truth. Colin declares that he was going to let Chanel live with the memory of her mother jumping to her death but now he’s going to kill them both.

A nurse gives Rafe five minutes to visit with Abe in the hospital, noting that Abe has a concussion and she’s waiting on the results from the CT scan. Abe calls out for Paulina. Rafe says he’s going to join the search but he wanted to see Abe first. Abe urges Rafe to leave him and find his wife. Rafe promises that he will. Abe shouts for Rafe to find his wife as he begins to have a seizure and his monitors start beeping, causing the nurse to rush in and check on him. Afterwards, the nurse steps out of the room with Rafe and explains that the CT scan showed a brain bleed caused the seizure and they have to get Abe in to the operating room immediately. She notes that Abe obviously can’t sign the consent form so she asks if a family member can do it. Rafe says he’ll get in touch with one of his sons, so the nurse says to let her know when he does. Rafe then makes a call to get Theo’s number.

Nicole questions EJ being in love with her. EJ asks if it’s really that much of a revelation since they were in love and married before. Nicole says she remembers and has the battle scars to prove it. EJ assures it will be different this time. Nicole asks when it hit him that he felt this way. EJ admits he’s not sure but the past few months with her and Holly has been the happiest he’s been in a long time. EJ says they are a good fit, madly attracted to each other, and they make each other laugh. Nicole doesn’t know what to say. EJ suggests she say that she loves him too, if she does. Nicole responds that she does care about him. EJ takes that as she’s not in love with him. EJ guesses it’s still because of Eric Brady.

Melinda questions Sloan telling her that Jada’s sister somehow got involved with her brother. Eric asks how long she’s known about this. Sloan explains that she just found out when Jada let something slip while questioning her and then she got a call from her sister and rushed out. Sloan points out the unfairness of arresting her as an accessory while her own sister may be an accessory and is out running free. Sloan warns that it’s not a good look for the department. Sloan points out that Melinda could change the situation by making these bogus charges go away. Melinda decides that she’s heard enough to do that and tells Sloan that she’s free to go, but her brother is going to have to answer for what he did and so is Talia Hunter.

Jada and Talia find Colin with Paulina and Chanel on the rooftop. Jada tells Colin that it’s over and warns that she will pull her trigger if he doesn’t let Paulina go. Colin responds that he doesn’t give a damn what happens to him. Talia pleads with Colin to listen. Colin questions what she’s doing here and why she brought Jada, shouting that he trusted her. Talia cries that Colin promised her that this was over. Talia pleads with Colin to let Paulina go. Jada says Colin will listen to Talia if he cares about her at all. Jada warns that he doesn’t want to add murderer to his long list of crimes. Paulina begins having a panic attack while Colin holds her at gunpoint and he questions what is wrong with her.

Nicole tells EJ that Eric has nothing to do with the way that she feels about him. EJ asks if she’s sure as he would understand if sex with her ex husband rekindled her old feelings. Nicole assures that that was only because they were drugged, they were both embarrassed and have both moved on. Nicole says she thought they settled this. EJ questions what is keeping her from accepting his proposal then. Nicole states that the timing is just a bit off. EJ asks what exactly she means.

Melinda finishes a call as Sloan asks if she can go now. Melinda informs Sloan that Colin posed a health inspector and met with Paulina and Abe at the Bakery, where he attacked Abe with a blunt instrument and Abe is now in surgery. Melinda adds that Abe told Rafe that Colin has Paulina. Eric asks if Abe is going to make it. Melinda confirms that Rafe called an ambulance, so she hopes Abe will make it through this but nobody knows. Sloan calls this a nightmare. Melinda warns that she better hope that Jada can stop Colin before he causes any more damage tonight. Melinda advises Sloan to give up this stupid vendetta and tells her not to leave town as she then exits the station. Sloan asks Eric to get her out of here now, so they exit together.

Rafe calls Theo and encourages him that Abe can get the surgery and beat this. Rafe gives the phone to the doctor, so that Theo can give consent for Abe’s surgery. She tells Theo that if they operate now, Abe stands a chance at full recovery. She thanks him and asks Theo to sign the forms electronically when he gets them. Rafe thanks Theo and hangs up. Rafe asks the doctor to do everything she can to save Abe’s life as she goes to prepare for surgery. Rafe tries calling Jada again and leaves a message that he’s at the hospital with Abe and for her to call him when she gets the message. Rafe wonders what Colin is doing to Paulina.

Colin questions if Paulina is faking. Talia tries to explain the panic attack as it happened before. Paulina begins passing out. Chanel screams for Talia to help her. Jada tells Talia to stay back but Talia shouts that she’s a doctor and has to help. Colin argues that it could just be another stunt. Chanel screams that Paulina started having these attacks after Colin and Sloan started making her life miserable. Jada warns Colin to get under control as he’s in enough trouble as it is. Colin then grabs Chanel and holds her at gunpoint.

EJ questions why Nicole needs more time to decide how she feels about him. Nicole says he’s just taken her by surprise and admits she has been keeping him at arms length because things between them have had a way of not working out, but now he’s said something that changed everything so she needs a little time. EJ tells her to take as much time as she needs. EJ wants to make it clear that he’s in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Holly. Nicole admits she did not see this coming. EJ tells her to get used to it as they kiss. EJ points out that it’s late, so she should get to bed. Nicole tells EJ to go upstairs and she’ll be right there. EJ tells her not to keep him waiting too long as they kiss and he then heads upstairs. Nicole says to herself that EJ loves her and wants to marry her but she can’t even think about that until she knows whether her baby is EJ’s or Eric’s.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square. Eric wonders when they will hear word on Abe. Sloan wants to find Colin and try to convince him to give himself up. Eric wishes she would’ve trusted him enough to tell him that she saw Colin in town. Sloan apologizes and says Colin is the only family she has left, so she was just trying to protect him. Sloan admits she didn’t know how he’d react. Eric relates with his sister Sami, but he doesn’t understand how Sloan was enabling Colin to do the things that he was doing. Sloan swears that she had nothing to do with Colin harassing Paulina and Chanel. Eric says he believes her, but if they are going to stay together then there can be no more secrets between them. Sloan thinks back to discovering that Nicole is pregnant. Sloan then promises Eric no more secrets as she hugs him.

Rafe tries calling Jada again and says he still hasn’t heard from her while dispatch has no location for her. Rafe notes that Melinda said Jada went looking for her sister. Rafe wonders if Jada is in trouble and needs backup.

Jada screams for Colin to drop the gun. Chanel drops to the ground with Paulina as Talia then rushes Colin and begins fighting with Colin over the gun. Jada screams for Talia to take cover and let her do this. Jada and Chanel scream while Talia and Colin continue to struggle with each other for the gun. Talia and Colin then both end up falling over the ledge and off the roof of the building!

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Victor his concerns about Victoria’s relationship with Nate, but Victor isn’t worried about it because he thinks that Victoria’s romantic relationship with Nate will be a brief one. Victor also tells Nick that he thinks that his relationship with Sally will be a brief one too. Nick tells Victor that he hopes Victoria’s relationship with Nate will be a healthy one full of respect and love but his gut tells him Nate is using Victoria to get ahead in the company.

Adam promises Sally he will let go of the hope that they can have a r romantic relationship so they can both concentrate on being good parents to their daughter.

Chance questions Summer and figure out that Summer and Daniel knew Phyllis was alive and that Phyllis killed Jeremy. Chance asks Summer to tell him the truth so he can help her.

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Days Update Friday, May 19, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stefan and Gabi return to their room, commenting on their day at work and joking about EJ’s anger management classes and sensitivity training. Gabi opens an envelope from the mail and says she can’t believe this.

Nicole enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a glass of water to take her pre-natal vitamins with. Nicole thinks back to running in to Sloan at the hospital and remarks that she better keep her mouth shut. EJ then walks in and greets her, then asks what the vitamins are for.

Sloan questions Rafe and Jada wanting to talk about her brother. Rafe identifies him as Colin Bedford while Jada asks when Sloan last spoke to him. Sloan responds that she left him a message this morning but he hasn’t gotten back to her. Jada asks if there was any particular reason she was reaching out. Sloan questions if being her brother is not reason enough. Eric asks what’s going on here and why they are so interested in Sloan’s brother. Rafe explains that they have reason to believe that he is the one who has been terrorizing Paulina and Chanel.

Chanel asks what Talia wants to confess. Talia responds that she hasn’t been completely honest with her about her feelings. Chanel guesses Talia is having second thoughts about being with a woman. Talia says it’s nothing like that but she doesn’t know how to tell her. Chanel says they will work through whatever it is. Talia then reveals that the only reason she kissed her and asked her out is because someone put her up to it. Chanel questions what she means and who it was. Talia admits it was her boyfriend.

Paulina shouts at Colin to stay away from Abe. Colin argues that he didn’t want to hurt Abe but he got in the way. Paulina questions who he is and what he wants. Colin says he will explain everything but she has to come with him. Paulina calls him crazy and says she’s not going anywhere with him. Colin then pulls a gun and warns that she might want to rethink that.

Eric understands why they might suspect Sloan’s brother but says they are way off base because Colin isn’t anywhere near Salem. Sloan agrees that he’s not as far as she knows. Jada responds that they are either lying to them or misinformed, because up until yesterday, he was right here in town and staying at the White Dove Motel. Rafe adds that Colin has been renting a room there for several weeks and questions Sloan expecting them to believe that he hasn’t made contact with her.

Chanel questions Talia about her boyfriend. Talia says it’s the one from New York that she told him about, Colin. Chanel thought she said that was her ex. Talia knows what she said but reveals they are still together. Chanel questions if they are still together then why he would want her to hook up with her. Chanel asks if he’s looking for a threesome but Talia says it’s nothing like that. Talia reveals that he wanted her to break Chanel’s heart. Chanel doesn’t understand why he’d want to do something so cruel when she doesn’t even know him. Talia responds that she doesn’t, but he knows her. Talia then reveals that he is Sloan’s brother which shocks Chanel.

Paulina agrees to go with Colin but asks to call an ambulance for Abe first. Colin demands she hand over her phone, so she does. Paulina asks about Abe and worries that he could die. Colin remarks that she didn’t give a damn about his family and asks why he should give a damn about her family. Paulina questions how she would know his family and what he’s talking about. Colin repeats that he will explain everything. Paulina cries that she’s sorry she has to leave Abe as Colin forces her out of the bakery.

Stefan asks Gabi if everything is okay. Gabi says she’s just surprised as it’s her divorce papers from Li and it looks like he already signed them. Stefan notes that was fast. Gabi wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t fight it. Stefan asks how it looks. Gabi says her lawyer still has to look it over but once she signs it and has it filed, she’s a free woman. Stefan says not for long. Gabi asks what he’s up to. Stefan says he was going to wait until they were in a more romantic setting, but after seeing her happy like this, he couldn’t think of a more perfect time. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her more than anything on the planet and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Stefan gets down on one knee and asks Gabi to again do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Nicole claims to EJ that she was just taking some medication that Kayla prescribed to her. EJ remembers her condition while Nicole remarks that he makes it sound like she’s dying. EJ calls it no big deal. Nicole agrees and argues that it’s sexist for men to think women are over the hill when they are in menopause which Nicole says she is not, so EJ questions why she said she was.

Rafe asks Sloan again if she’s made any contact with her brother. Sloan says even if he was in town, it doesn’t mean he is the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Rafe points out that he certainly has motive. Sloan angrily questions if they have any actual evidence to implicate him. Rafe calls it an ongoing investigation. Sloan calls it a witch hunt. Sloan tells Eric that they’ve wasted enough of their time. Jada knows she wants to protect her brother, but warns that she’s not doing him any favors by covering up for him. Rafe suggests maybe Sloan is also covering herself and she’s been working with Colin all along. Sloan denies that but Jada says she clearly knows more than she’s letting on. Eric advises Sloan to tell the truth if Colin is responsible, before anything worse happens. Sloan then breaks down crying and admits it was Colin who committed the crimes against Paulina and Chanel.

Colin brings Paulina to his hotel room. Paulina tells him to let her go but Colin refuses. Paulina says she’s sure someone saw him force her to walk over here so they are going to call the police. Colin insists that it was deserted and they came in the back entrance. Paulina pleads with him to send Abe some help to give him a fighting chance. Colin says they don’t have time for that as he has a lot to accomplish tonight. Paulina questions what that means. Colin says he wants to show her something.

Chanel questions Talia’s boyfriend being Sloan’s brother which means he is Nathan and Martha’s son. Talia confirms that is true and explains that Colin is still traumatized by what happened and blames Chanel for his parents’ death. Talia adds that while Sloan was pursuing legal action to get back at her, Colin had this whole plan. Chanel realizes that Talia knew who she was when she signed up for the bakery. Talia admits that one of Colin’s plans was for her to get close to her, so she could lead her on and break her heart. Talia adds that it wasn’t Colin’s only goal. Chanel realizes that Colin is the one who has been harassing her and Paulina, and that Talia was helping him.

Gabi tells Stefan that she was not expecting this. Stefan says they can pump the brakes if it’s too soon. Gabi says she just didn’t think it was on their radar. Stefan says it has been ever since he got out from Dr. Rolf’s spell but she was under Li’s contract. Stefan realizes that no DiMera Shares or anything are worth not being able to hug, kiss, and make love to her again. Stefan declares that now they are so close to where they were when they got torn apart. Stefan jokes that he’s still waiting for an answer. Gabi agrees to marry him and accepts his proposal as they kiss.

Nicole claims to EJ that she meant that she’s only in the early stages of menopause. EJ asks if they aren’t the same thing. Nicole insists that they are different and questions EJ making a big deal out of it. EJ apologizes as he didn’t know it was such a touchy subject for her. Nicole complains that it’s because of men’s attitudes about it. EJ kisses her and suggests they head to the bedroom. EJ adds that he still finds her incredibly desirable and says she’s never looked sexier as they kiss.

Rafe asks Sloan how long she has known it was her brother. Sloan swears that she just found out yesterday when she overheard them talking at the station about a shifty guy named Colin with a British accent, so it sort of fell in to place for her. Sloan admits she went to the motel to confront him. Rafe asks if Colin admitting everything. Sloan confirms that Colin was determined to get justice for their parents after the legal system failed them, but he didn’t want her to know because he knew she would try to talk him out of it, which she did, and that’s when she told him to leave town immediately or else she would turn him in. Jada asks if he said he was working alone. Sloan says she assumed he was because he didn’t mention anyone else. Rafe asks where Colin is now. Sloan doesn’t know since he checked out of the motel. Jada asks if he went back to New York or London. Sloan admits he didn’t say. Rafe decides they will put out an APB and hope he didn’t get in far. Rafe adds that in the meantime, they will settle for Sloan.

Abe starts to regain consciousness on the floor of the Bakery.

Colin shows Paulina a family photo. Paulina realizes he is Nathan and Martha’s son and Sloan’s baby brother. Paulina asks if he’s been working with Sloan this whole time. Colin says Sloan has nothing to do with this and this was all his plan. Paulina understands he must have been traumatized by what happened to his parents and calls it a terrible tragedy but swears it’s not what he thinks. Colin tells her to shut up . Paulina wants to explain. Colin argues that he’s heard her side of the story, now it’s time that she hears his.

Chanel argues that Jada suspected this and she was right that Talia was working with Colin this whole time. Talia cries that it’s true. Chanel asks if Sloan was in on it but Talia says it was just her and Colin. Chanel questions letting Sloan take the blame. Talia explains that she’s a lawyer, so they figured she would exonerate herself. Chanel argues that they were all ready to torch Sloan at the stake while they flew under the radar. Chanel realizes Talia broke in to Paulina’s office and shouts that she is the reason that Paulina started having panic attacks. Talia cries that it wasn’t supposed to happen and swears nobody was supposed to get seriously hurt. Chanel argues that someone could’ve died. Talia cries that it was only supposed to hurt her business. Chanel talks about what the Bakery meant to her and how much she worked for it. Chanel thought Talia was a friend and more than that as she questions how Talia could do this to her.

Stefan and Gabi walk in to the living room, interrupting EJ and Nicole kissing. Gabi remarks that everyone deserves love in their life, including them. Nicole guesses she’s up to something and complains about their performance reviews. Stefan says no one will care when they see what they cooked up. Gabi announces that they are engaged. Stefan declares that once they are married, they are going to run the company together as Mr. & Mrs. DiMera.

Sloan complains to Rafe and Jada that she just told them that she had nothing to do with Colin’s crimes. Rafe points out that she knew about it and told him to flee, which makes her an accessory after the fact. Sloan argues that she just handed them their entire case so she thought they would cut her a break. Eric agrees that they should since Sloan cooperated and told them everything that she knew. Jada says that’s to be determined and she has a lot more questions that Sloan can answer at the police station. Rafe adds that maybe if Colin hears that Sloan has been arrested, he’ll come forward and take responsibility. Eric calls this unnecessary since Sloan said she would turn Colin in if he did anything else. Jada reads Sloan her rights and officially arrests her.

Colin shows Paulina more photos from his family photo album and tells a story of a family vacation together. Colin says his parents were deeply in love which is how he knows that Paulina and Chanel are lying. Paulina argues that relationships and people change. Colin says not his parents because their love was real and they had a real family until Paulina came along and erased it. Colin shouts that Paulina rewrote their story when she covered up Chanel’s crimes as he suddenly went from having two loving parents to a suicidal mother and a predatory dad. Paulina argues that his father was a predator who took advantage of a young girl. Colin accuses her of distorting the truth again. Colin argues that Chanel seduced his father and lured him in to an affair which he deeply regretted but Chanel was ruthless and a cold blooded murder. Colin declares that now it’s time that Chanel gets exactly what she deserves. Paulina questions what he means and what he did to her daughter. Colin tells her not to worry as Chanel is not in any immediate danger, unlike her.

Chanel realizes Talia has been playing her this whole time and pretending to be her friend and interested in her. Talia tells her that she has to understand that Colin convinced her that she was an awful monster who killed his mother and seduced his father. Chanel says that’s not what happened. Talia cries that she knows that now and when she heard Chanel’s side of the story, she started having doubts as she couldn’t imagine someone so kind doing something so evil. Chanel points out that it didn’t stop her and she kept going on with Colin’s twisted schemes. Talia cries that Colin convinced her that he couldn’t live without getting justice for his parents and she loves him. Chanel questions how she could love someone who would set out to destroy people’s lives. Talia thought he was justified somehow. Chanel argues that there is no way to justify what he did. Chanel calls Colin a psycho and says Talia is one too. Chanel screams at Talia to get out and says she never wants to see her again. Talia then exits in tears as Chanel breaks down crying.

Gabi tells Stefan that they should go big for their second wedding and invite everyone from DiMera. Stefan agrees and says they will prove to be a true power couple. EJ argues that it will only prove that Stefan is a fool for falling for a gold digger. Stefan says that EJ just can’t stand to see them happy. Stefan offers champagne to celebrate which Nicole turns down. Gabi comments on never seeing Nicole turn down a drink. Nicole responds that she doesn’t want to celebrate their unholy union. EJ says that makes two of them. Stefan decides that’s more champagne for them. Stefan then takes the bottle with them as he and Gabi exit the room.

Jada brings Sloan to the interrogation room at the police station. Eric argues that she knows Sloan doesn’t deserve to be arrested. Jada responds that it will be up to the district attorney if she wants to press charges. Jada says she has to do her job so she asks Eric to step out. Eric argues that she can’t question Sloan without a lawyer. Jada says she knows how it works. Sloan tells Eric that it’s okay and she’s got this. Eric tells her that he will be right outside the door if she needs anything. Jada is glad Sloan decided to cooperate. Sloan points out that it hasn’t done her much good so far. Jada says it will help her case if they find Colin. Jada asks Sloan to start from the beginning. Sloan asks for the handcuffs to be removed first.

Rafe stands outside the Pub and calls for an APB out on Colin Bedford and if anyone sees or hears anything, to call him immediately. Rafe then gets a call from Abe, who says he needs help. Rafe asks what’s happening and where he is. Abe reveals that he was attacked at the bakery. Rafe says he’s on his way and rushes off.

Talia goes to Colin’s hotel room and says they need to talk but finds the room is empty. Talia finds his family photo album on the bed and wonders where he is.

Colin brings Paulina to a rooftop and says this won’t take long. Paulina asks why he brought her here. Paulina guesses he realized he couldn’t fire his gun in the room because everyone would hear and asks if he brought her up here to shoot her.

Chanel realizes that she has to warn Paulina and tries calling her. Chanel says that she has something important to tell her and that she finally figured out who was harassing them. Colin is revealed to have answered Paulina’s phone and he tells Chanel that it’s nice to meet her. Chanel questions what the hell he did with Paulina. Colin responds that she’s fine, but if she wants her to stay that way, she will have to follow his instructions very carefully.

Gabi tells Stefan that she enjoyed rubbing their news in EJ and Nicole’s faces, but she’s glad it’s just the two of them now as she just wants to be surrounded by happy vibes. Stefan toasts to their second marriage being filled with as much laughter, love, and less death than the first as they kiss in bed.

EJ complains to Nicole that it’s no surprise that Gabi managed to worm her way back in to the family. Nicole knows they are going to use their wedding to bolster their image at the company. EJ then suggests maybe they will steal their thunder and upstage them. Nicole asks how, so EJ gets down on one knee and proposes to Nicole.

Rafe bursts in to the Bakery and finds Abe recovering on the floor. Rafe asks what happened and if he’s alright. Abe tells Rafe to help Paulina.

Chanel comes to the rooftop where Colin is holding his gun on Paulina. Colin says she is just in time.

Sloan tells Jada that the last time she saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel after he promised her that he was going to leave town. Jada asks if he gave any indication of where he was going next. Sloan complains that they’ve already been over that she doesn’t know where he is. Jada warns her to drop the attitude and says if she would’ve just turned her brother in then she wouldn’t be in this mess but now her psychotic brother is on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. Sloan argues that he’s not dangerous and that Jada doesn’t know him. Jada responds that she knows him well enough to know that he somehow convinced her sister to do his dirty work and that makes him dangerous enough to her. Sloan questions what she is talking about.

Talia cries that she’s ruined everything and hopes Colin doesn’t hate her for this. Talia pulls out her phone but then notices Paulina’s scarf on the floor. Talia recognizes it as Paulina’s and wonders what it is doing here.

Chanel screams at Colin to stay away from her mom while Colin warns her to stay back. Paulina tells Chanel to do what he says. Colin says he’s delighted that Chanel showed up as this has all worked out perfectly. Chanel asks what he’s going to do. Colin complains that they went to great lengths to make the world believe that his mom threw herself off of a building so now the story is about to come full circle. Colin tells Chanel to say goodbye to her mom, because she’s about to jump to her death as he holds her at gunpoint.

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Days Short Recap Friday, May 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi told Stefan that she was a free woman after she took the divorce papers to Li. Stefan said she wouldn’t be for long. He asked her to marry him. Nicole took one of her prenatal vitamins as EJ came in the room. He asked her why she was taking it. She said it was for her menopause. She was upset about her situation. She said women are put out to pasture. He said the only place he wanted her was in his bed. He said he found her sexy. Rafe and Jada told Eric and Sloan they believe Colin is the one going after Chanel and Paulina. They kept asking Sloan questions about Colin. Eric pleaded with her to answer them. Sloan admitted that Colin was the one doing it. Talia told Chanel about Colin. Chanel was upset. She said she thought Talia was her friend. She asked how she could do that to her. Talia said she realized she and Paulina weren’t the bad people Colin said they were. Chanel asked how she could love someone like that. Talia thought Colin justified why he did it. She left the room. Colin pulled out a gun. Paulina said she would go with him, but she wanted to get Abe help first. Colin took her phone and made her leave the kitchen.

Gabi was shocked that Stefan proposed to her. She said she didn’t think marriage was in the cards for them. He said it was all he thought about ever since he came out of Rolf’s spell. He said asking her to stay married to Li was a mistake. He said all he wanted was to be married to her. She accepted his proposal. Colin brought Paulina to his hotel room. He showed her a photo album. She saw the family pictures and realized he was Sloan’s brother. She tried to explain what happened, but he said he heard her side. He said it was time she heard his side. Sloan told Rafe and Jada about Colin. She told Eric she told Colin to leave town. She said she didn’t know where Colin was. Rafe said he would put out an APB. He said for now they would settle with her. Sloan and Eric tried to stop him from taking her. Rafe said she was an accessory after the fact. Her arrest might bring Colin out. Gabi and Stefan ran into EJ and Nicole. Gabi and Stefan rubbed it in that they were engaged. They said they would be running the business together. Nicole said she didn’t want to celebrate with them. Stefan and Gabi left to celebrate. Colin told Paulina his parents were in love. He said that was how he knew she and Chanel were lying about what happened. Paulina said things changed. He said he believed Chanel was the one who seduced his father and murdered his mother. He said it was time for Chanel to get what she deserved. Abe woke up and called Rafe. When Rafe showed up, Abe told him to find Paulina. Colin took Paulina on the rooftop. She thought he brought her there to shoot her. Chanel called Paulina. When someone answered the phone, Chanel started saying what was going on with Colin. Colin cut her off and told her to follow his instructions. At the police station, Sloan said her brother wasn’t dangerous. Jada said Colin convinced her sister to do his dirty work. She said that was dangerous enough. Sloan asked what she was talking about. Chanel went to the rooftop. Colin put a gun to Paulina. Chanel wanted to know what he was going to do. He said since she and Paulina convinced his mother to throw herself off the building, he said the story would come full circle. He told Chanel to tell her mother goodbye. He said she was about to jump to her death. He pointed the gun at the back of Paulina’s head.

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