Days Short Recap Friday, February 23, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin asked Xander how he was doing. Xander said he was okay. He asked Sarah about the Horton house. Sarah told him what happened when the police searched the apartment. Xander told Justin that he was innocent. While they were talking, Rafe came in the interrogation room. Xander said he didn’t know Harris or the person who shot him. Rafe said there was $50,000 in his bank account. Clyde called Stefan and told him to meet with him. Stefan didn’t think it was a good idea, but Clyde said it was an order. Konstantin went to see Steve. Steve wanted to know what he wanted. Konstantin talked about Tripp being missing. Steve wanted to know what he wanted. Konstantin told him it was karma if something happened to Tripp since he watched his daughter get killed. The officer guarding Harris’ room told Ava about being by Harris’ room. Ava told him Harris helped her son, so she needed to be there. She asked him to bend the rules. He said he couldn’t do it. When she threatened to tell Rafe on him, Godfrey said Rafe told him not to let her see Harris. Xander denied having money in his account. Justin said Xander was innocent. Rafe didn’t believe what they were saying. Xander asked if he had any proof. Rafe said there was a witness. Konstantin reminded Steve the pawn killed his daughter in cold blood. Steve asked if he had proof that the pawn killed his daughter. Rafe told Xander the witness said he looked like he was in a hurry. Xander said he was running. Rafe showed him a picture of a person wearing a track suit standing by Harris’ body. Xander said everyone had that suit. Justin said you couldn’t see Xander’s face in the picture. Stefan went to see Clyde. Clyde said he was ordered to shoot and kill Harris, but he was still alive. He said there were going to be consequences. Stefan said he did what he was supposed to do. Clyde said dressing up like Xander and sending him a text was child’s play. Stefan flashed back to shooting Harris. He said he shot Harris twice and didn’t know Ava was going to show up. Clyde told him next time shoot him in the head. Stefan said there wasn’t going to be a next time. Clyde warned him that Gabi wouldn’t be safe.

Xander denied being at the scene. Justin told Rafe there were other forces at play. Rafe asked who would frame Xander and why. Xander said one of the DiMeras could have done it. He said he received a phone call from someone and went to the DiMera mansion. Rafe didn’t understand why Xander would go to the DiMeras instead of the police. Xander said he didn’t know why. Konstantin told Steve he was unconscious when he saw Katrina dead. Steve asked how he knew it was the pawn if he didn’t see the killer. Konstantin said they were the only ones there. He said Steve knew everything he said was true. Steve said he and John were innocent. Konstantin said he knew in his heart that John was guilty. Steve said it was a lie. Konstantin said he swore he would get revenge for Katrina’s death. While they were talking, John came in and wanted to know what was going on. Justin left Xander and Sarah alone to talk. Sarah said Rafe would realize Xander was being framed. Xander wasn’t sure if Rafe was making them think he was on their side. He talked about turning his life around. Xander thought changing didn’t do any good. He said it was coming back to haunt him. Xander said he would understand if she wanted to take Victoria away from him. Rafe went to see Harris. He told Harris he would find out who shot him. When he left Harris’ room, he told Ava that she shouldn’t be there. She wanted to know why he was keeping her from Harris. Rafe said it was for her own good. She apologized for Harris being shot. Rafe said it wasn’t her fault since he was trying to protect her son. Ava asked to see Harris. Rafe let her see Harris. Stefan asked Clyde not to hurt Gabi. Clyde said Gabi would be fine as long as he follows his orders. Stefan asked about Tripp. Clyde said Ava had herself to blame for what happened to Tripp. John asked Konstantin what was going on. Konstantin reminded him about his daughter. John said he didn’t know anything about his daughter. Konstantin said he would know if good time. He told Steve he hoped his son was found before someone hurt him. Steve warned him not to threaten his son. Stefan told Clyde that Ava was loyal to him. Clyde told him to make sure Ava kept her mouth shut and stayed loyal. He said if Harris survived, he better finish the job. Ava told Harris she couldn’t lose him. After she kissed him, he woke up. When Konstantin left, John asked Steve why he was there. Steve said he didn’t know. He said Konstantin was trying to distract them from keeping him from Maggie. John told Steve the information he had about Tripp and Wendy. Konstantin said he would get his revenge on Steve, but he had to deal with John first. Sarah told Xander that there was a time she would have thought he was guilty, but the Xander she knows today wouldn’t hurt anyone. Xander said he didn’t do anything. She said she believed him, and they were going to find a way out of it. When Stefan went to the hospital, Ava told him Harris opened his eyes.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, February 22, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada went to Everett’s room to talk. Ava arrived at the station to let Rafe know that Tripp and Wendy were missing. She thought Clyde was responsible. Ava wanted him to help before something bad happened. Tripp and Wendy were trapped somewhere. Wendy was afraid and wanted to get out of there. Tripp was determined to get them out. Rafe checked around to find Wendy. He let Ava know that Wendy didn’t go to work and her boss couldn’t get in touch with her. He wanted to know why Clyde was involved. Steve told Stephanie that Everett told her the truth. He had bad news for her too. Everett told Jada that his name wasn’t Bobby. She walked in the room. Jada didn’t understand why he was playing games. She showed him the proof, but he didn’t remember anything. Jada wanted him to prove that he wasn’t Bobby Stein. She wanted his fingerprints. Steve showed Stephanie a copy of Robert’s driver’s license. It proved that Everett was Bobby. Steve told her that Bobby was dating her while he was married. Stephanie said that Everett lost chunks of time because he had amnesia. Steve reminded her that he dated her while he was married to Jada. He just didn’t remember it. Steve was determined to keep digging into Everett’s past. Jada tested Everett’s fingerprints and he turned out to be Bobby. He said he didn’t remember her. Jada told him that she left him and moved on with her life. She thought he was a liar and wanted him to own up to what he did. Rafe wanted Ava to level with him and tell him what Clyde had to do with Tripp and Wendy being missing. She realized she made a mistake going to him. He said they were racing against time and wanted her to tell him the truth. Ava told Rafe what happened. Wendy thought about Goldman taking her and Tripp to the safe house. She thought Goldman was one of the good guys until she put them in the tank.

Goldman pulled her gun on Wendy and Tripp. She gave them food to eat. Stephanie showed up while Jada yelled at Everett. She showed Stephanie their wedding picture. Stephanie said she didn’t know he was married. Jada told her that Everett dated her while they were married. She advised her to run away from him. Jada planned to reveal the type of man he is to a rival newspaper. Rafe wanted to know why Ava thought Clyde took Tripp and Wendy. He wanted to know what he had over her. Ava explained that she was going to help Harris bring Clyde down. She told him that Clyde was untouchable. Ava called Steve to tell him that Tripp was missing. She wanted him to meet her at the station. Stephanie couldn’t believe that Everett was Jada’s ex. Everett said she knew him, but she didn’t know him. She didn’t think any of their time together was real. He said it was real. She said she was his mistress. Everett said he didn’t remember getting married. Stephanie reminded him that he got in his accident after everything happened. She thought he should have remembered his past with Jada. Stephanie thought he was a pathological liar and demanded to know who he was. Ava told Steve that Clyde took Tripp. She explained why he took her. Ava begged him to help her find their son. Everett felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake from. He fainted while he was talking to Stephanie. Steve was determined to find their son, but he wanted Ava to admit what she did. Jada told Rafe that Everett was her ex-husband.

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Days Update Friday, February 23, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

In the interrogation room, Justin asks how Xander is holding up. Xander says about as well as could be expected and he’s glad they let him out of his cell to talk to them. Xander asks how everyone is holding up after the fire. Sarah informs him that Doug, Julie, Chad and the kids all moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion and went back to the Horton house to assess the damage. Xander is thankful no one was hurt. Justin wishes they could get him out but after finding the gun at his apartment. Sarah apologizes for not staying while the police searched the apartment but Victoria was crying and she took her to the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander says there’s nothing Sarah could’ve done as someone would’ve planted the gun whether she was there or not. Xander insists that he’s being set up and asks Justin if he believes him. Justin assures that he believes him and will prove it. Justin hopes that Harris will explain everything when he wakes up. Sarah notes that’s if he wakes up and it will be awhile. Xander worries that time is not on their side and that whoever planted the gun is planning their next move as they speak. Rafe enters the room. Xander tells him that he’s being framed and argues that he barely knows Harris Michaels and has no connection to him. Rafe responds that he is sure that Xander does have a connection to the $50,000 that was placed in his account today from an untraceable offshore account.

Clyde paces outside in the prison yard and pulls out his phone to call Stefan, who asks what now. Clyde thinks Stefan knows what and tells him to come pay him a visit to clarify. Stefan doesn’t think that’s a good idea since last time he was there, he got in trouble with the cops. Clyde informs Stefan that it’s not a request, but an order as he hangs up.

Ava watches Harris through the window of his hospital room. Ava thinks back to finding Harris on the docks after he was shot. The cop comes over and tells Ava no loitering and it’s family only. Ava argues that she’s the closest thing to family that Harris has got. The cop then warns her to leave before he has her removed from the premises.

Steve and John talk on the phone about not being able to find anyone who saw Tripp and Wendy. Steve says he’s checked every lead he can think of for clues. John says he has a list of everyone who signed up for the geocaching event so he will be busy checking in with them and it will be awhile until he’s back at the office. John tells Steve to hang in there as they are going to find Tripp and Wendy. Steve thanks him and says to keep him posted as they hang up. Konstantin then shows up at the Black Patch office and asks Steve if this is a bad time. Steve asks what he wants. Konstantin comments on Steve seeming to be in a foul mood and assumes it’s because his son is missing. Steve asks how he knew that. Konstantin explains he overheard nurses talking at the hospital about Tripp not showing up for his shift. Steve questions what that has to do with him and what he wants. Konstantin says he just wanted to give him his take on his missing son. Konstantin calls it karmic justice if something happened to Tripp because his daughter was killed by The Pawn while Steve just stood there watching, which makes him equally responsible for her death.

Ava pleads with the cop, explaining that she’s having a really bad day as her son Tripp has gone missing. Ava points out that Tripp was the one who helped Harris on the docks, so if it wasn’t for Tripp and for her finding Harris in the first place, he might not even be with them right now. Ava knows it would do Harris well to know that she was there. Ava asks the cop to bend the rules just a little bit, but he refuses. Ava decides to call Rafe and claims they are very close. Officer Godfrey informs Ava that it was actually Rafe who ordered him not to let Ava in to see Harris under any circumstances.

Xander argues that he has no idea why or how $50,000 was deposited in to his account. Justin calls it further proof that Xander is being framed. Xander adds that if he was doing something nefarious, he wouldn’t broadcast it to the world by having the money put in his personal checking account. Rafe asks about the text message that Xander received that asked “Is it done?”, adding that the gun used to shoot Harris was found in Xander’s apartment. Xander repeats that he doesn’t know how that got there while Justin says he already explained that and asks if there’s no other evidence, but Rafe reveals that he has an eye witness to the crime.

Steve tells Konstantin that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Konstantin argues that Steve was The Pawn’s handler and Victor sent them to Greece. Konstantin says they went one step too far and killed his daughter Catharina in cold blood. Steve doesn’t know what game he’s trying to play, but says he has it all wrong. Steve argues that he didn’t even know Konstantin had a daughter and asks what proof he has, questioning if he actually saw this Pawn kill his daughter.

Rafe informs Xander that they have a witness who saw him running near the Bistro on the night of the shooting and that it looked like he was in a hurry. Xander argues that everyone who is running looks like they are in a hurry, complaining that it was cold and he was trying to keep his heart rate up. Xander asks if Sarah believes him, which she asures that she does. Rafe warns that she might have second thoughts when she sees this as he presents a security photo of the shooter standing over Harris. Sarah says it can’t be. Xander insists that’s not him and that plenty of people wear similar running clothes. Justin argues that you can’t even see his face so there is no way to identify Xander as the shooter based on that photo.

Ava paces at the hospital until a nurse comes out of Harris’s room. Ava asks how he’s doing and if she can tell her if there’s any improvement in his condition. She says she can’t tell her unless he’s family. Ava responds that Harris doesn’t have any family so she is all he has and she knows if she was in there, it could help his recovery. Ava points out that they say coma patients respond to their loved ones’ voices. The nurse responds that she’s sorry as she really wishes she could help.

Stefan meets Clyde at the prison yard and questions why they are meeting out here instead of the visitor’s room. Clyde says he needed fresh air and assures that he won’t get shot unless he orders it. Stefan wants to make this brief and asks what the hell he wants from him. Clyde responds that he wanted to see him face to face to tell him how disappointed he is in him. Clyde reveals that Stefan had an order to shoot and kill yet somehow, Harris Michaels is still alive. Clyde believes that Stefan didn’t really want Harris to die. Clyde warns that if Stefan disobeyed an order, there will be consequences. Stefan argues that he did exactly what he was ordered to do. Clyde explains that Stefan dressed up as Xander and sent Harris the bogus text as Ava, which he calls child’s play and says anyone could’ve done that. Stefan flashes back, revealing that he was the one who shot Harris. Stefan complains that he shot Harris twice and didn’t know Ava would show up and call Tripp to save him. Clyde insists that next time, Stefan shoot Harris three times and kick him in to the river if he has to. Stefan argues that there won’t be a next time as he did exactly what he said to do and there’s no indication that Harris will wake up. Stefan declares that he did it for Gabi and asks if she is still okay. Clyde responds that Gabi is still breathing, for now.

Xander tells Rafe that the man in the picture is not him, so obviously someone dressed like him to commit the crime and planted the gun in his apartment, insisting that he’s being framed. Justin argues that when this much evidence falls in to place so easily, there has to be other forces at play. Rafe questions who would want to frame Xander and why. Xander wishes he knew but says no one comes to mind offhand, except maybe possibly one of the DiMeras since there is no love lost between DiMeras and the Kiriakis family. Xander adds that he recently received a distorted phone call, instructing him to eliminate someone, and he went to the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ because he thought he was behind it but EJ wasn’t there, so he talked to Stefan. Rafe questions Xander going to the DiMera Mansion instead of the police and asks what he was thinking. Xander admits he wasn’t thinking.

Konstantin tells Steve that he didn’t witness The Pawn shoot his daughter because he was unconscious during the attack, but when he woke up, he saw her on the floor, dead. Steve asks how he can be sure that The Pawn was the shooter then. Konstantin responds that the only people in the room when he was attacked were Steve and The Pawn, who he knows as John. Konstantin has no doubt that John was there that day, even though he did not see his face but says he will never forget his murdering eyes. Konstantin tells Steve that he can look in to his one eye and read him like a book, so he knows that Steve knows every word he has shared is true. Steve tells Konstantin that whatever happened to his daughter had nothing to do with him or John. Konstantin insists that he knows in his heart that John Black aka The Pawn killed his daughter in cold blood and that Steve was an accessory to that crime. Steve calls it a lie. Konstantin says he swore on Catharina’s soul that he would avenge her death and he will not rest until he makes good on that promise. John then enters the office and questions what the hell is going on here.

Justin decides he will give Sarah and Xander some time alone as he gets back to the office. Xander asks if Justin can get him out on bail now that Rafe agrees he’s being set up. Justin says that Rafe agreed to consider it and he won’t give up fighting for him, but he’s afraid that they may have a tough road ahead. Sarah thanks Justin as he exits. Sarah knows Justin doesn’t want to get Xander’s hopes up but says that every bit of evidence points to a set up and now Rafe believes that. Xander worries if Rafe could be just pretending to try to get him to say something incriminating. Sarah insists that Rafe wouldn’t do that. Xander says that whoever is out there trying to make him look like a murderer. Xander complains that he finally turned his life around with Sarah and Victoria and he was so proud of his work at the Spectator and that he’s gained Sarah’s trust. Sarah assures he hasn’t lost that which Xander says he’s very grateful for. Xander states that being implicated in this terrible crime is making him doubt himself all over again. Sarah asks why doubt himself if he knows he’s innocent. Xander feels trouble follows him everywhere he goes no matter how hard he tries to be a good person and stand up citizen as he always makes a bad choice or gets punished along the way which is what’s happening now. Xander wouldn’t blame Sarah if she wanted to get away from all of this. Xander tells Sarah that he loves her and that she and Victoria are everything to him, so he wants them to be happy and not burdened by his bad choices. Xander says if Sarah decides to take Victoria and start a new life without him, he will understand.

Rafe enters Harris’s hospital room and sends Officer Godfrey on break to relieve him from his duties for awhile. Rafe comments that Harris has been on the force for about four months and he’s already in here, fighting for his life. Rafe encourages that Harris is a tough SOB and brings up his past as a navy SEAL. Rafe says Harris doesn’t quit or give up because he’s a fighter. Rafe tells him no to go giving up on him now. Rafe urges Harris to get out of here and heal up, then they will find the bastard who did this to him and take him down. Rafe then looks over and sees Ava looking through the window. Rafe exits the room and tells Ava that she shouldn’t be there. Ava questions why he’s so hellbent on keeping her from seeing Harris. Rafe says it’s for her good and his. Ava agrees to try and accept that. Ava says she’s really sorry about this whole mess as if she hadn’t gotten involved with Clyde and his drug operation, none of this would have happened. Rafe tells Ava that it’s not her fault as he knows she and Harris were just trying to bring Clyde down. Ava points out that didn’t do a lot of good. Ava asks Rafe to please let her see Harris, worrying about if something happens and she doesn’t get to say goodbye. Ava jokes that she’ll go on social media and say mean things about Rafe. Rafe responds that he’s not on social media, but he does have a heart so he allows Ava to go in to see Harris. Ava thanks Rafe and heads in to the room.

Stefan pleads with Clyde not to hurt Gabi as she’s suffered enough. Clyde warns Stefan to follow his orders and then Gabi will be in perfect health. Stefan asks Clyde about Tripp missing and assumes he had something to do with that. Clyde responds that if he did, it was only for insurance. Clyde insists that Ava has gone soft, so if Tripp has gone missing, it’s all on her. Stefan asks if Ava knows what he needs from her. Clyde declares that if she doesn’t, she soon will.

John warns that Konstantin has a lot of nerve showing up here. Steve says that he was just about to leave. Konstantin asks if John is not curious about what they were discussing. John guesses he’s here to taunt them about how he was messing with his head in their last encounter. Konstantin says he was actually talking to Steve about his daughter, who he’s certain that John might remember. John responds that he’s never heard of Catharina and that he’s never laid eyes on him until he came to Salem, so he knows nothing about his daughter. Konstantin assures that John will remember everything about her in due time. Konstantin tells Steve that he hopes his son turns up, because he hates to imagine what Steve would do if someone hurt or killed his son. Konstantin assumes Steve would seek revenge. Steve warns him to never threaten his son and yells at him to get out as he exits.

Stefan tells Clyde that maybe Ava has softened but it’s because she cares about Harris, she’s human and has a heart. Stefan adds that Ava is also smart and savvy which is why she’s been loyal to Clyde down the line. Stefan insists that Ava has not blown him out of the water yet. Clyde orders Stefan to get back to Salem, keep an eye on Ava and make sure she keeps her mouth shut and stays loyal which Stefan agrees to do. Clyde adds that if somehow, Harris recovers and regains consciousness, Stefan better make sure he loses it again, permanently this time.

Ava sits next to Harris in his hospital room and tells him that she is there and she hopes he can hear her. Ava brings up when they first met and how Harris had her back and believed in her right from the get go, back when they were in Bayview. Ava states that Harris saved her so many times, mostly from herself and she repaid him by pushing him away when she didn’t want to. Ava calls herself her own worst enemy. Ava adds that Harris has loved her like no one ever has and she loves him for that and so many other reasons. Ava cries that she can’t lose him and kisses him. Harris then suddenly begins to wake up, shocking Ava.

John tells Steve that he doesn’t get it and questions Konstantin’s motive for showing up. Steve responds that he doesn’t know as he was just spinning some yarn about the past, trying to take their attention off of him conning Maggie. Steve says he doesn’t have another minute to waste on him because his son is missing. Steve asks if there are any leads. John talks about a girl at the Bakery seeing Tripp and Wendy during the geocaching event and that Eric and Sloan briefly saw them while coming home from dinner, but didn’t get to ask them where they were heading.

Konstantin sits in the town square and declares that he will get his revenge against Steve, but before he does, he must deal with John. Konstantin says he will take great pleasure in playing John like a fiddle until his strings are broken and then, John will finally pay the ultimate price for what he’s taken away from him.

Sarah tells Xander that there was a time when she would’ve believed if he was guilty, but the Xander that she knows and loves today wouldn’t risk his life with her and their daughter. Sarah insists that she trusts him and she is with him through this entire thing no matter what. Xander hugs her and says he’s so sorry for going on that run instead of staying home with her. Sarah points out that he did come back and they made up for lost time. Xander calls it one of the best nights of his life until it turned in to one of the worst. Sarah assures that they will find a way through this, together.

Stefan goes to the hospital and asks how Ava is holding up or if there’s any word on Tripp. Ava says no but there is some good news as Harris opened his eyes and Rafe is in there now.

Rafe tries to get through to Harris as he has lost consciousness again. Rafe urges Harris to squeeze his hand if he can hear him which he then does. Rafe exclaims that Harris is back and encourages him to open his eyes which he then does.

The nurse comes out from Harris’s room and informs Ava that Harris is responsive and definitely waking up. Ava is thrilled and hugs Stefan, who looks worried.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 23, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Tucker tells Nate that he should stop interfering with his relationship with Audra because he doesn’t have a chance with her anymore. Ashley tells Traci she talked with a friend who was a phycologist in Paris and he helped her realize that Tucker was right about the version of their argument in Paris. Tracie texts Jack to tell him they need to talk about Ashley.

Victor asks Michael to get Claire an early release from the hospital but Michael worries that it might set back Claire’s recovery. Cole and Victoria also tell Victor that they are concerned about Claire’s recovery if he uses her as bait to trap Jordan.

Victor goes to the hospital to visit Claire and tells her his plan to use her as bait to trap Jordan. Victor assures her that he will keep her safe. Victor tells Claire he can return to the hospital at any time. If she decides to help him, she should call Michael and let him know she is ready to go forward with the plan.

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Days Update Thursday, February 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Theresa and Brady visit Tate in his juvenile rehab facility. Theresa hugs him and tells him that she missed him so much and loved his letters.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub. She gets another voicemail and says to herself for them to stop calling her. Stephanie meets Steve, who asks how she is feeling. Stephanie feels like she was hit by a truck as she hardly slept and barely knows which way is up. Stephanie complains that two people are telling her two very different things and both sound very convincing, so she questions who to believe. Steve reveals that he did some research because he couldn’t sleep either and he worries about her. Steve assumes she wants to know what he found out.

Everett is in his room at the Salem Inn and leaves a voicemail for Stephanie, saying he doesn’t know what to say but swears he is not Bobby and has never heard of him before. Everett calls it the most absurd thing he’s ever heard in his life as he’s still the man that she fell in love with in Seattle and loves her right now. Everett asks her to please call him and hangs up, questioning what the hell is happening, why Jada thinks he’s Bobby, and why he can’t remember what happened right before the accident. Jada then shows up at his door and tells him that they have a lot to talk about.

Ava goes to the police station and tells Rafe that Tripp is missing and he never showed up for work at the hospital last night. Ava says she’s called his friends and no one has heard anything. Rafe asks about Wendy. Ava reveals that she’s missing too. Ava says she is sure that Clyde Weston has them and tells Rafe that she needs his help in finding them before something realy bad happens.

Tripp and Wendy lay together on the floor of an empty room in an undisclosed location. Wendy mentions falling asleep while Tripp angrily stayed awake all night. Wendy worries that they have to get out of here. Tripp says they will once they figure out how. Wendy assures that they will do that together.

Rafe makes a call about Wendy and then informs Ava that Wendy did not show up for work and her supervisor can’t find her either. Ava worries that she cannot lose her son and tells Rafe he has to do something. Rafe tells Ava to back up and tell him what this has to do with Clyde Weston.

Tripp tells Wendy that they have to try to figure out a plan of action. Wendy recalls they were having a great time at the geocaching event. They flash back to Officer Goldman approaching them, saying she had to get them to safety now. Wendy remarks that this is one hell of a safehouse.

Theresa asks Tate about his group therapy sessions. Tate complains about having to talk about their feelings in front of each other. Theresa brings up Tate’s letters to Brady. Tate gets upset and questions Brady showing his letters to Theresa. Theresa clarifies that he just told her about it. Tate argues that those were private and says he doesn’t like them talking about him. Brady apologizes for sharing some of what was in the letter with Theresa. Brady tells Tate he’s entitled to be upset if he wants to be, but he knows he hasn’t always been around and he can’t change the past but he’s here now.

Stephanie tells Steve that she needs to know what he found out. Steve informs Stephanie that he contacted an old colleague with the Seattle PD and part of what Everett told her checks out. Steve confirms that there was an accident that resulted in a John Doe being sent to the hospital at the same time that Everett stopped contacting her. Steve says he’s not able to access the medical records just yet but based on conversations with his sources, that John Doe was in the hospital for over a year and his release coincides with Everett’s resurgence, so to an extent, he appears to be telling her the truth. Steve then adds that there is bad news.

Everett tells Jada that his name is not Bobby. Jada walks in while Everett complains that he didn’t invite her in. Jada doesn’t know why he’s playing this sick game, but insists that his name is Bobby Stein. Jada presents him with their marriage certificate and a picture from their wedding day. Jada tells him to look how happy he looks and says he must have been faking it then. Everett complains that none of this looks familiar. Everett says he sees the picture but he doesn’t remember any of it. Jada remarks that maybe smacking him upside the head would jog his memory. Jada then tells him to prove it if he’s not Bobby Stein and demands his fingerprints.

Steve offers Stephanie some coffee but she tells him to quit stalling and cut to the chase. Steve presents Stephanie with Robert Stein’s driver’s license photo with a Seattle address. Stephanie argues that it can’t be unless he has a twin but Steve says he checked and there’s no record of a twin. Stephanie asks if Everett is Bobby then. Steve says he’s sorry but it looks like there’s more to him than meets the eye. Stephanie questions if he’s been lying or if he really can’t remember who he is. Steve says he doesn’t know since he was in an accident and could’ve suffered neurological trauma but he doesn’t have the medical records, so that’s just a guess. Stephanie adds that it’s also possible that he could be lying. Steve says the one thing he knows for sure based on the timeline is that Everett was dating Stephanie while married because Robert Stein legally married Jada in Washington. Stephanie notes that Everett said he was missing chunks of time after the accident and the doctors said maybe in time, his memories could come back. Steve points out that doesn’t change the fact that he was married while dating her, just that he doesn’t remember that fact. Stephanie decides she has to go process this. Stephanie thanks Steve for helping her. Steve hugs her and assures that he’s not going to stop looking in to this. Stephanie says she knows and then exits the Pub.

Tate mocks Brady being there for him and remarks that he’s in this halfway house where they should be. Tate complains that he’s not an addict and doesn’t belong here, feeling he’s being punished because of his parents and it’s guilt by association. Theresa reminds him that he’s here because he was found with Holly’s pills in his hand. Tate wishes Holly would just wake up so she could tell everyone that he did nothing wrong. Brady informs him that he’s been texting with Nicole and Holly is doing better and breathing on her own. Tate asks how long until she wakes up. Brady says he’s not sure but she could be home any day now.

Jada takes Everett’s fingerprints, confirming him to be Bobby Stein. Everett says that can’t be right but Jada says fingerprints don’t lie and he is exactly who he’s always been. Jada calls him a slimy, two-faced bastard. Everett responds that he doesn’t remember her. Jada says she sure as hell remembers him in spite of doing everything possible to forget him. Jada says she left her hellish life with him in the rear view and never looked back. Everett insists that he doesn’t remember any of this. Jada calls him a liar throughout their marriage and still a liar now. Jada argues that they have concrete proof of who he is and tells him to just be a man and own up to what he did for once.

Rafe brings Ava in to the interrogation room and says if she wants his help, she needs to level him with no more BS. Rafe asks Ava what Clyde Weston has to do with Tripp and Wendy going missing. Ava says maybe this was a mistake. Rafe warns Ava that if Clyde has taken them, then they are racing against the clock so she needs to tell him the truth. Ava gives in and tells Rafe about the day that she slapped Harris here, revealing that she and Harris made a deal that day which Rafe questions. Ava explains that Harris convinced her that the only way she could save herself and the people she loves was to work with him. Rafe asks if she means save herself from Clyde Weston which Ava confirms. Ava reminds Rafe of when she told him that Clyde tried to kill Tripp and that he told her if she didn’t work with him, he would go through with it. Rafe thought Ava said she talked him out of it and questions what the threat is then. Ava says Clyde is a scary guy so she had no guarantee that Tripp would be safe, so Harris convinced her to work with him to bring Clyde down. Rafe asks how she was going to do that. Ava says she would give intel and keep her ear to the ground. Rafe questions her working as an informant even though she wasn’t working with Clyde. Ava informs Rafe that it backfired because Harris got shot and her son is missing, so she knows Clyde has him.

Wendy doesn’t get why Officer Goldman brought her and Tripp here. They flash back to Officer Goldman bringing them to the “safehouse” and telling them it was a secure location that they would have eyes on at all times. They questioned who had to be safe from. Wendy decided she was going to call Rafe to check in but Officer Goldman pulled her gun on them and said they wouldn’t be calling anyone as she demanded they hand over their phones. Wendy thought Officer Goldman was one of the good guys. Tripp says he thought so too. They then hear noise from outside the door. Officer Goldman enters with her gun raised, warning them not to be stupid. Wendy asks why the hell she is doing this. Tripp says if it’s about money, his family wil pay her whatever she wants which she laughs off. She tossed them a bag and suggested they ration their supplies as she then exited.

Tate asks if Holly is okay and says this means that she can tell everyone that he had nothing to do with the drugs and actually told her not to take them, so he can come home. Theresa tells him not to get ahead of himself and that they will take it one step at a times. Brady and Theresa explain that they don’t know what Holly is going to say or if she even remembers. Tate insists that she will tell the truth. Brady warns that they have to prepare for the possibility that Holly may not want to tell the truth.

Everett argues that he would own up to everything if he could remember any of it and asks if that makes sense. Stephanie arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Jada tells her to come in as she needs to see this. Jada shows Stephanie the wedding photo and reveals that she took Everett’s fingerprints, confirming that he is Robert Stein. Stephanie questions Everett being married when they start dating. Everett complains that he doesn’t remember being married or Jada. Stephanie tells Jada that she’s sorry as she didn’t know. Jada says now she knows and she’s said her piece, so she’s leaving. Jada reminds Stephanie that Everett claimed to love her while being married to her, so he’s nothing but a player, a liar, and a cheat. Jada says if she wasn’t Stephanie’s friend, she would say good luck, but because she is her friend, she warns her to get out while she can. Jada adds that she’s not going to stop digging until she gets the whole story on him and people are going to hear about it. Jada suggests maybe she’ll give it to a rival newspaper and storms out of the room.

Rafe asks Ava why she thinks Clyde has Tripp and Wendy. Ava says that’s how he operates, he holds things over people and hurts them in the most painful way possible. Rafe says he’s seen that but questions what he has over Ava. Ava says she was trying to do the right thing and Harris saw how bad the situation was, so she was going to help Harris bring down Clyde but the whole thing backfired. Rafe argues that he needs solid information if he’s going to bring Clyde down. Ava complains that Clyde is untouchable.

Steve finishes a call about Everett and says he knows he will come through for him. Steve says he’ll wait for their text and hangs up. Steve then gets a call from Ava, who says they have a problem and reveals that Tripp is missing. Ava explains that Tripp didn’t show up for his shift at the hospital and no one can reach him, so she’s at the police station and Steve needs to get there now. Steve says he’s on his way. Rafe goes to get the paperwork started and calls Officer Goldman in to the interrogation room, informing her that Ava needs to file a missing persons report on Trip and Wendy.

Tate questions why Holly wouldn’t want to tell the truth. Brady points out that would mean admitting the drugs were Holly’s and she might not want to get in that trouble. Theresa adds that they don’t know what Holly will remember. Brady brings up EJ spinning the narrative that it’s all Tate’s fault so he might convince Holly to stick to that. Tate insists that they are friends and Holly wouldn’t do that to him. Brady says Holly might not want to but she might be scared and do whatever to save herself. Theresa adds that Holly might wake up confused so they want Tate to be prepared. Tate shouts that this is crap because he didn’t do anything wrong and doesn’t know why he tries to do the right thing since he still gets accused and locked up for no reason. Tate complains that he wants out and doesn’t want to be here anymore.

Steve joins Ava at the interrogation room and they talk about Tripp and Wendy both missing. Steve asks when she last saw Tripp. Ava says it was yesterday. Steve mentions that Stephanie saw them at the geocaching fundraiser. Steve asks Ava why their son would be missing and what else she knows about this. Ava claims to know nothing. Steve brings up the last time Tripp went missing, Ava kept half the story from him and they don’t have time for this so he tells Ava to start talking now.

Wendy tells Tripp that she can’t believe Officer Goldman is a dirty cop and she didn’t see it. Tripp says she fooled a lot of smart people. Wendy concludes that Goldman is definitely working for Clyde. Tripp realizes this is why Ava felt she couldn’t go to the police and was hellbent on getting them out of Salem. Wendy asks why they would take them now. Tripp guesses it’s about leverage over Ava as Clyde knows she’ll do whatever to get them out. Wendy is sick of sitting around and wants to find a way out. Tripp points out a latch above and lifts Wendy to reach it.

Stephanie tells Everett that his real life with his wife Jada is all here. Stephanie asks if she should call him Bobby. Everett insists that she knows him. Stephanie responds that she clearly does not. Stephanie brings up the night that Everett rented them a cottage and he told her that he had never been in love before and she was the missing piece in his life. Stephanie recalls talking about moving in and wanting a family, but now none of it was real. Everett assures that every single moment he’s had with her is real. Stephanie complains that she was just his mistress and side piece, but he’s not the first man to hide his wife. Everett shouts that he’s not hiding anything as he doesn’t remember being married. Stephanie argues that it doesn’t make sense because his accident happened after all of that. Stephanie says if he developed amnesia, it came after them, so she asks if he’s a lying dirtbag or some kind of sociopath. Stephanie asks who the hell he is.

Brady and Theresa tell Tate that they know he shouldn’t be here but they don’t want him to get his hopes up when it comes to Holly and take things one step at a time. Theresa points out that at least Tate is in a safe place here to self reflect and get stronger while learning about addiction. Tate responds that he’s not a drug addict as he doesn’t do drugs and just because they ruined their lives with drugs does not mean they can pass that guilt trip onto him.

Wendy and Tripp have no luck with the latch. Wendy figures that they must have figured out they are missing by now. Tripp guesses Ava is freaking out by now but their phones are destroyed by now. Wendy asks what Tripp remembers about getting there. Tripp says they were put in a van with no windows. Wendy says Goldman played it so well. Tripp admits he bought that she was taking them to a secure location. They figure they drove for about half an hour. Tripp asks Wendy if she remembers anything from getting out of the van. Wendy recalls the parking lot, hearing a plane and smelling gas. They wonder if they are near the airport.

Ava tells Steve that Clyde Weston has been using the Bistro as a front for drug operations. Steve questions how she got mixed up in that mess. Ava responds that Clyde was blackmailing her by threatening to kill Tripp, so everything she’s been doing has been trying to keep him safe but it doesn’t matter since it all came to this. Ava knows that Clyde was behind shooting Harris, the fire at the Horton House, and he has now taken Tripp and Wendy. Ava tells Steve that he has to help and begs him to find their son.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s not a sociopath or a cheater and he’s still the same man that envisioned spending his life with her. Everett shouts that he doesn’t know what the hell is happening. Stephanie remarks that reality is hitting him in the face. Everett calls it like a nightmare he can’t wake up from and he feels like everyone is coming for him. Everett then faints.

Steve tells Ava that she doesn’t have to beg him to save his own son and he doesn’t have time to play the blame game. Steve declares that he’s going to find Tripp and Wendy, bring them home, and then Ava will turn herself into the police and make a full confession about her involvement in this mess.

Jada goes to the police station and tells Rafe that she needs to talk to him. Rafe asks what’s going on. Jada informs Rafe that she ran Everett Lynch’s prints, confirming that he is Bobby Stein, her ex-husband. Rafe is shocked and says he’s so sorry. Jada can’t believe that lying son of a bitch winded up in Salem. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada responds that she’s mostly just angry as she thought she put all the crap with him behind her but as soon as she saw his face, all these feelings came rushing back. Rafe asks if she needs to go home but Jada insists on staying. Rafe says he wants to hear more about this later but he has stuff to catch her up on. Jada asks if it’s Harris. Rafe says no and reveals that Tripp and Wendy are missing.

Everett regains consciousness. Stephanie asks if he’s okay. Everett insists that he’s okay. Stephanie notes him looking pale and says she’s taking him to the hospital but Everett says he’s good.

Tripp tries to find a way out. Wendy wonders if they will be here for awhile. Tripp brings up Goldman telling them to ration the protein bars and water. They notice a vent upstairs and realize if the vents close, they’re dead. Tripp feels if they wanted them dead, they’d be dead already. Tripp says they aren’t going to stick around to find out. Wendy agrees to find a way to get the hell out of here.

Brady tells Tate that they don’t deserve that. Tate wants them both to leave. Theresa says no and they are going to talk this out but Tate says no. Tate tells them that they aren’t in charge here and he’s not required to allow visitors, so he tells them to get out now. Brady doesn’t want to end the visit this way. Theresa says they love him. Tate calls that their problem because he hates them both as he then exits the room, leaving Brady and Theresa in shock.

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Days Update Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

In the spring of 1930 in Salem, Tom and Alice have a picnic in the park. They say I love you to each other and toast to their first year of marriage as they kiss.

Now, busted up photos of Tom and Alice, Doug and Julie, and Maggie lie in the remains of the burned down Horton house.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie joins Doug and Julie in the living room and says she’s sorry to keep them waiting. Julie asks about Holly. Maggie says she’s still in a coma but it’s great that she’s back at home with her loved ones. Doug says that Nicole must be so relieved to be back. Maggie confirms she is and that they all know how important it is to be close to family. Maggie asks if they are sure about going to the Horton house this morning. Julie responds that the safety inspector gave them the green light and she knows it’s going to be hard, but they are ready.

Kate joins Roman at the Pub and thanks him for last night. Roman calls it a night to remember. John and Marlena arrive and greet them. Marlena hopes they aren’t too early. Roman says they were just about to head to the Horton house. John says they were as well while Marlena mentions bringing some of Alice’s donuts. Marlena says the fire was terrible but thankfully no one was hurt. Roman asks if they know yet what caused the fire. John says just that it was definitely arson.

Chad brings Thomas to the Spectator where they startle Leo. Leo asks what Chad’s doing there as he thought he was taking the day off. Chad explains that Thomas thinks he left his remote control car there. Thomas goes to the back to look for it. Chad hopes he’s right as it would be the only thing not destroyed in the fire. Leo comments that Thomas has suffered way too much loss for someone his age.

Maggie, Doug, and Julie returned to the burned down Horton House. Maggie says she has no words. Doug points out that they still have each other. They then hear a noise and wonder what it was.

Leo asks how Chad is holding up. Chad says he’s okay and doing his best to get the kids through it. Leo assures Chad that the kids are lucky to have him. Chad blames himself for the fire, saying it was because of the story they published outing Clyde Weston. Leo points out that was Everett’s article. Chad notes that he approved it. Leo reminds Chad that he said the Spectator was dedicated to the truth. Chad gets emotional, acknowledging that he put his family in danger so it was reckless and selfish. Leo feels Chad was just doing his job and had no way of knowing this was going to happen. Chad still feels like he let his family down again.

Roman calls it unbelievable for this to happen after saving the Horton house in 1986. Kate asks if he’s saying the Horton house almost burned down in 86. John confirms that, explaining that Orpheus planted a bomb in their house next door but they caught it. John and Marlena mention inviting Abe to join them today, thinking it might jog his memory but reveal that Paulina had a heart attack last night so Abe won’t leave her side. Roman asks if they should go to the hospital. John says that Abe said he would let them know if there’s anything they can do. Roman talks about his history with Abe. John recalls Alice telling him to give his kids enough room to make their own mistakes. Marlena comments that they learned so much from Tom and Alice. Roman recalls a memory with Alice.

A firefighter enters the Horton house so Julie asks if it’s okay for them to be in the house. He picks up Alice’s chair which Julie, Doug, and Maggie are amazed to see survived the fire without a scratch on it. Julie cries that it was Alice’s chair and very important to them. The firefighter responds that it was Tom’s chair but he left it to Alice. Julie questions how he knew that. He then removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Lucas which shocks Julie, Doug, and Maggie. Maggie questions how he got out of prison. Lucas tells them that he will never forget how they welcomed him with open arms when finding out he was a Horton, especially his grandparents. Lucas flashes back to Alice first asking him to call her Grandma. Lucas declares that being a Horton still means everything to him. Julie cries that the house was the symbol of love that binds them all together. Maggie comments on so many memories. Lucas adds that’s why it’s so important for him to be there with them now but says there’s something important they should know. Lucas then informs them that they cannot tell anyone that he was there.

Leo asks what Chad would do if he started whacking Thomas with a paddle. Chad responds that he would rip his face off. Leo understands Chad would walk through fire for the kids which he did, so he should stop blaming himself. Chad thanks him and says he needed to hear that. Thomas comes back and reveals he found what he was looking for which pleases Chad. Leo comments that it’s nice to see him smile, then notices Thomas has a loose tooth. Thomas recalls Leo claiming to be the Tooth Fairy when he met him and suggests he pay in advance. Leo gives him $5. Thomas points out that Leo said back then that it was $50 per tooth but Chad convinces him to accept the $5. Thomas jokes that Leo will owe him the rest but Chad says it was very generous of Leo, so Thomas thanks Leo. Chad tells Thomas that he has to get to school but Thomas says he wants to go with him to the Horton house. Chad agrees but says if he gets sad, he will take him back to the Kiriakis Mansion. Leo asks if he would be welcome at the Horton house because he would love to learn about the Horton history. Thomas tells Leo that he can come so they exit together.

In the spring of 1931 in Salem, Tom and Alice have another picnic while this time Alice is pregnant. Tom promised Alice that one day they would get a bigger place while Alice talked about being grateful for all that they have.

Maggie asks if Lucas escaped from prison. Lucas says absolutely not, so Julie questions why they can’t tell anyone that they’ve seen him. Lucas explains that he was released from prison under very special circumstances and he thought everything was on the up and up, but if certain people knew he was here, his life would be in danger. Maggie feels that sounds like witness protection. Lucas says that’s the general idea. Julie hugs Lucas and says she’s so glad he’s there. Lucas goes to change out of the firefighter outfit. Maggie questions how Alice’s chair escaped untarnished. Julie suggests Tom and Alice were watching over it. Julie flashes back to talking with Alice in the past. Roman and Kate arrive. Julie calls it sweet of them to be there. Kate says they brought some of Alice’s donuts. Roman says they are so sorry this happened. Julie knows they are blessed to get out with their lives but points out the chair that made it out in perfect condition. Lucas comes back and hugs Kate. Julie and Maggie talk about their excitement to see Lucas. Kate talks about how they can’t risk anything with Clyde’s men finding out. Julie questions Clyde being the one that is after Lucas and promises that they won’t say anything. Julie asks where Lucas is going next. Roman says the less they know, the better and they will get Lucas out the same way they got him in, with the firefighter disguise. Julie tells Lucas to be careful. Roman wants to check the appliances to see if anything is functioning. Roman and Kate exit with Julie. Lucas goes to join them. John and Marlena then arrive. Maggie thanks them for coming. Marlena mentions bringing donuts too. John says it’s a shame this had to happen. Marlena talks about having so many memories here. Marlena recalls Tom and Alice being like family to her when she first arrived from Colorado. Marlena adds that Tom welcomed her to the hospital. Maggie remembers Marlena treating Mickey at Bayview and says she’s still the best. Marlena flashes back to the first time she entered the Horton house. Maggie states that Marlena saved Mickey and they were all grateful for that. Marlena says that 40 years later, they are here standing in front of the most iconic chair in all of Salem. Marlena says it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 30 years since she and John lived next door. John says they sure had good times on the porch. Chad and Thomas arrive. Thomas comments on everything being burnt. Lucas greets them, surprising Thomas. Chad tells Thomas to take Lucas upstairs to check out his bedroom since it’s dangerous by himself. Lucas says they can do that. Chad then explains to Lucas that Leo is coming and advises Lucas not to come down until Leo is gone. Lucas then heads upstairs with Thomas. Leo comes in and tells Chad that he hopes it’s okay that he took some photos outside which Chad allows. Julie comes out and questions what Leo is doing there. Chad explains that Leo isn’t here as Lady Whistleblower but he wants to know about the Horton family history. Leo acknowledges that the Hortons have long been known as the first family of Salem, so he asks Julie to do him the honor of telling him about them.

In the spring of 1932 in Salem, Tom and Alice have another picnic in the park where Alice revealed that she was pregnant again.

Julie and Doug tell Leo that the Horton family history in Salem begins with her grandparents who were married March 7, 1930 in Salem. Julie talks about Tom being a medical student during the Depression and they didn’t get the house until they started their family. Julie goes over Tom and Alice’s kids. Doug talks about Bill bringing him to Salem after they met in prison. Julie says meeting the Hortons changed Doug. Julie talks about Marie and Tommy as Leo takes notes. Julie jokes that if she told him everything about the Hortons, they’d be there until Christmas 2025. Julie talks about when she was born and her father passed away. Julie says that her mother remarried and married Doug. Julie adds that after her mother passed, she had always been crazy about Doug so here they are and they’ve been together ever since. Maggie comments that the Hortons had their share of drama. Doug points out that even includes demon possession. Julie says they rose above all of that because of the legacy of love passed down from Tom and Alice. Doug suggests Julie tell him about their song but Julie suggests instead that he sing the song, so Doug and Julie sing “Always” which Maggie joins in on. Leo calls it an amazing story and asks if they’d mind if he wrote something for the Spectator about their family history. Leo promises to do them justice. Julie agrees as long as Chad approves the final version. Leo thanks them and appreciates them sharing through this time. Maggie then walks Leo out. Doug and Julie continue singing “Always” to each other as they flash back to Doug singing it with Tom and Alice. Roman and Kate join Julie, Maggie, and Chad in the living room. Roman declares that all the appliances will need to be replaced but the insurance will cover it. Kate asks if Lucas and Thomas are still upstairs. Maggie confirms they are seeing what toys they can salvage. Chad says the kids are tough and will be alright. Chad says at the end of the days, it’s just material possessions. Marlena and John return with the Christmas ornaments from the cellar. Julie is thrilled to see the ornaments have been saved as they are irreplaceable.

At Christmas time in 1933 Salem, Tom and Alice walk through the park. Tom talked about all the people suffering around them while Alice suggested running a center to help people in need. Alice presented Tom with their first Christmas ornaments, deciding it would be a tradition to hang them on the tree every Christmas that would continue on to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Julie is shocked that the ornaments remained in perfect condition and says she can’t wait to tell Doug as they flash back to hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Julie declares that the Horton family tradition can live on. Maggie goes over the first five ornaments to the newest Horton, her granddaughter Victoria as they comment on Tom and Alice’s legacy. Chad tells Lucas that he didn’t expect to see him here. Lucas responds that he missed his family. Chad calls for Thomas to stop messing with the fireplace, but Thomas ends up knocking down a time capsule lockbox placed in the fireplace by Alice in 1966, saying it was to be opened on or after 2016.

At Christmas time in 1934 Salem, Tom and Alice walk through the park as Alice talks about the presents she got for the kids. Tom then revealed to Alice that they had bought their house.

Marlena wonders what Alice would put in a time capsule. Roman and Lucas try to figure out how to open it. John suggests getting a hammer. Maggie looks out the window, so Julie asks if she’s alright. Maggie says she was just thinking about sitting in this room when Tom passed away and she was still with Mickey. Julie calls Alice the strongest one of all and says she still inspires her. Maggie says everything Alice said about their life together still gets her teary. Maggie adds that after everyone was gone, she and Alice were there alone as she flashes back to that night.

Leo goes back to the Spectator office and writes a piece on the Horton family history and how someone tried to incinerate their legacy by setting the house on fire, but it was clear the arsonist failed because that legacy can never be destroyed as it lives on in every deed, word, and embrace of the family. Leo says the legacy has only gotten stronger as the family rebuilds. Leo finishes by thanking Tom and Alice, declaring that Salem loves them.

In February 1935, Tom and Alice moved in to the Horton House, declaring it their new home.

In Loving Memory of Bill Hayes (Doug) 1925 – 2024.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

There was a flashback to Tom and Alice’s first year of marriage. Maggie told Doug and Julie that Holly was okay. while they were talking, they talked about the Horton house. Maggie wanted to know if they were still going to the house. John, Marlena, Roman, and Kate talked about the fire at the Horton house. They wondered how the fire started. Doug, Julie, and Maggie were in the Horton house. They were all shocked at how the house looked. Leo asked Chad how he was holding up. Chad said he was doing his best. Leo said the kids were lucky to have him. Chad said the fire was his fault. He said he agreed to let the story run in the paper. Leo said Everett wrote the story. Chad said he approved of it. Leo said he did what he had to do. Chad said he felt as if he let his family down. Roman and John told Kate about the Horton house being in danger in 1986, While they were talking, they brought up Paulina having a heart attack. Roman talked about his partnership with Abe on the force. He said Tom and Alice being there for everyone. John shared a memory of Alice. Roman shared a memory about Alice. Lucas was dressed as a firefighter and showed up at the Horton house. He said he would never forget how the Hortons welcomed him as a Horton. Lucas flashed back to Alice welcoming him in the family. Lucas told Julie, Doug, and Maggie that no one could know he was at the house.

Leo told Chad to stop blaming himself for what happened. Chad appreciated what Leo said. There was a flashback of Tom and Alice while she was pregnant. They talked about getting another place. Alice was insecure about her looks. Tom told her she was beautiful. Maggie asked if Lucas escaped from prison. Lucas said he wasn’t. Julie wanted to know why they couldn’t say they saw him. Lucas said if anyone knew he was there, he would be in trouble. Julie and Maggie agreed not to say anything. Julie had a flashback of Alice. Roman and Kate showed up at the Horton house. Julie and Maggie told them about Tom’s chair. Lucas showed up. While they were talking, Roman and Kate said Clyde was after Lucas. John and Marlena showed up at the Horton house. Marlena reminisced about Tom welcoming her at the hospital. Maggie said Marlena treated Mickey. Marlena flashed back to talking to Tom and Alice about Mickey. Maggie told Marlena they were grateful that she helped Mickey. There was a flashback of Tom finding out Alice was pregnant with their fifth child. Julie and Doug told Leo and Maggie about the Horton family tree. John and Marlena found the Christmas ornaments. There was a flashback of Alice and Tom talking about the ornaments. While Thomas was playing by the chimney, a time capsule fell to the floor. There was a flashback to Tom and Alice getting the Horton house. Leo went to the Spectator and wrote a story about Hortons.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Marlena talked about John and his behavior. Marlena said Brady was acting like John. She said she knew he had a lot going on. Marlena said he was worried about Tate. She said she was concerned about him and wondered if she should be. Brady said she should be worried about him. Alex walked into the apartment and found Theresa packing. She told him she didn’t want to stay with someone who didn’t want her. Stefan walked Ava home. She told him she was taking a shower and then going back to the hospital. Stefan told her to stay away from Harris. Ava wanted to know why she should stay away from Harris. Stefan said they were supposed to be together and wondered how it would look to Clyde if she kept visiting Harris. Ava agreed not to see him. She said Tripp could be her eyes and ears. Brady told Marlena what happened with Kristen and Rachel. Marlena told him Rachel would love him no matter what he was going through with Kristen. She said he couldn’t fight in front of Rachel. He said he couldn’t help it because she drove him crazy. Alex told Theresa that he went to a meeting about dating people who were addicts and thought they were moving too fast. Theresa thought he was saying she was too much to handle. He said she had a child. She wanted him to say he had commitment problems or admit he didn’t want to be with her. Sloan talked to Melinda about Eric and how he hasn’t been there for her. Melinda said Eric loved her. Sloan said she has been playing second fiddle to Jude. Ava tried reaching out to Tripp, but he didn’t answer. She said something could happen to Harris without her there. Stefan said Harris wouldn’t know she was there. Ava said she would know he was there. She blamed herself for why Harris was shot. Stefan said it wasn’t her fault. Ava said it felt like it was. She vowed to kill the person who shot Harris.

Marlena told Brady she could help him with his problems with Rachel. Brady said he wanted to focus on seeing his son. He said he was relieved that he could see his son. Brady didn’t want to dump his problems on her. Marlena said his problems are never a burden to her. Brady told her about the letters Tate wrote to him and Theresa. He said his letter from Tate was cold because he hasn’t been in his life. Marlena said Tate was feeling distressed and treated unfairly. She said Tate was making him the scapegoat. Brady said that was the problem. Marlena said Sami did the same thing. She said she let Sami do that because she wanted to show that she would be there for her. When Theresa was about to leave, Alex proposed to her. Theresa was upset when he proposed because he didn’t mean it. Alex told her he didn’t want her to get high again. Theresa didn’t care what he had to say and left the apartment. Theresa showed up at John and Marlena’s apartment. She said she didn’t have anywhere else to go. While Theresa and Brady were talking, Marlena said she could stay with them. Ava was upset that Stefan thought Harris could die. Stefan apologized to her. She was upset that Tripp didn’t respond to her. Brady asked Theresa what happened with Alex. She said Alex didn’t want to propose to her. Brady said he didn’t realize they were that close. Theresa said she was, but he wasn’t. Brady asked if she loved Alex. Marlena went to see Alex. Alex said he was calling Theresa. Marlena said Theresa was at her house. She said she thought he would want someone to talk to. Alex said he wanted to talk to her. Melinda and Sloan talked about Li and how Melinda ruined it. She warned Sloan not to ruin what she had with Eric. Brady asked if Theresa loved Alex. She asked why else would she marry him. Brady said Alex was coming into a lot of money. He thought that had something to do with her motivation. She said that was crass and was upset about him accusing her of being a gold digger. Brady apologized to her for the accusation. Alex told Marlena what happened when Theresa found the ring and left him. Marlena said Theresa was hurt and embarrassed. Alex said he cared about Theresa. He told her about the meeting he went to. Alex told her he admitted to not being sure if he was ready to commit to being a stepfather. Melinda advised Sloan to be supportive of Eric and Jude. Sloan said she wasn’t Jude’s mother. Melinda warned her their lives would be ruined if anyone found out what they did. While Brady and Theresa were talking, he said he would always be there for him. Ava got a call from the hospital about Tripp not showing up.

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Days Short Recap Monday, February 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Chanel, Johnny and Abe that Paulina’s surgery went well. Kayla heard that Chanel and Johnny had a another reason to celebrate. Jada saw Everett and realized that he was her ex-husband, Bobby. Stephanie wanted to know what happened. Jada told her that Everett was her ex-husband. He assured her they never met before. She wondered how he could say that. He didn’t know why she was angry. She didn’t believe him. Rafe asked her if it was possible that Everett looked like her ex-husband. Jada told him that it wasn’t possible and that Everett was her ex-husband. Kayla congratulated Chanel and Johnny on their nuptials. Maggie was moved by the card that Konstantin gave her. He wanted to let her know what she meant to him. Rafe tried to convince Jada that Everett wasn’t the man she was talking about. Jada got frustrated and showed everyone the picture she had. Everett insisted that he wasn’t the person she was talking about. Jada told him that he was her ex-husband. Jada wanted to run his prints because that would guarantee that he’s Robert Stine. Maggie thought Konstantin had a good heart after seeing him interact with Thomas and Charlotte. It occurred to her that she never asked if he had children. Konstantin wasn’t happy to hear that. Everett wondered if Jada was losing it. Jada told him that she wasn’t the one gaslighting anyone. She reminded him what happened when he left her. Everett interrupted her to deny being her ex-husband. He said he was never married. Stephanie reminded him that he had amnesia and that could be why he didn’t remember Jada. Maggie apologized for asking Konstantin about his children. He told her that she didn’t know. Konstantin let her know that he had a daughter named Katarina. He told her what happened to her. Everett told Jada, Rafe and Stephanie that he was in a car accident. He told them how he got amnesia. Jada didn’t buy his explanation. Rafe didn’t know what to believe. He wanted to look into it. Everett was okay with him looking into it. Jada didn’t believe him. Everett assured her that he wasn’t Bobby.

A nurse told Kayla that Tripp didn’t show up for his shift. Kayla called him to make sure he was okay. Maggie wanted to know about Katarina’s mother. Konstantin told her that she was the love of his life. His wife wasn’t the same after they lost their daughter. Jada didn’t want to take Everett’s word. Rafe thought they should call it a night. Jada knew Stephanie had feelings for Everett. She wanted Stephanie to believe her about Everett. Jada stormed out of the pub. Stephanie wanted to know if Everett told the truth about not being Jada’s husband. Paulina had complications after Johnny dedicated his song to her. Rafe wanted to know what got into Jada. She talked to him about Everett lying and making her look like the crazy one. Rafe reminded her that he said he didn’t know her. Jada said he was a liar. Rafe thought he was a decent guy. Jada thought Rafe believed she was lying. Everett couldn’t believe that Stephanie thought he was lying about Jada. He said she was a complete stranger. Stephanie reminded him that he was in a picture with Jada. She thought he might have forgotten because of the accident. Everett denied forgetting her. He believed he would remember getting married. Stephanie thought about the conversations she had with Everett and Jada. Everett wondered if she was okay. She said that she wasn’t okay. If Jada told the truth about him, she was the other woman in his life. Rafe explained to Jada that he wasn’t calling her a liar. Jada didn’t want Everett to inflict the pain on Stephanie that he did to her.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 22, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Sally talks to Chloe about possibly bringing the design company into Newman Enterprises and Chloe doesn’t think it is a good idea. Chloe tells Sally not to make any big decisions about the company until she thinks about it first.

Adam and Chelsea got a report from Connor’s school the psychologist thinks Connor has obsessive compulsive disorder but they want to run more tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Billy and Chelsea decide to go to the school this weekend to see Connor.

Nick once again tries to persuade Victor to create a design division for Sally so Adam can be happy and more productive in his job. Victor tells Nick he plans to get Claire released into Victoria’s custody so Jordan will have easy access to her. Nick doesn’t think an early release from the hospital would help Claire’s recover. Nick also thinks Victoria will never approve of him using Claire to trap Jordan.

Jordan pushes Seth to meet with Nikki again, so they can mend their friendship.

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Days Update Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Roman and Kate walk past the Brady Pub. Roman assures Kate that Lucas is safe now but Kate notes that they thought he was safe before. Roman encourages that Lucas said he felt stronger and didn’t want her worrying about him. Roman suggests she focus on them right now. Kate remembers it’s Valentine’s Day as it slipped her mind. Roman understands but says it fortunately did not slip his.

Sloan goes to Small Bar and meets Melinda.

Marlena comes in to the living room and greets Brady, mentioning that John is asleep and they will see how long he stays asleep. Brady understands John has been dealing with insomnia. Marlena adds there has been nightmares as well. Brady feels John hasn’t been himself lately and on edge but insists he’s fine. Marlena remarks that it’s like father, like son. Marlena knows Brady has a lot going on and he’s worried about Tate as his whole situation is heartbreaking. Marlena doesn’t want to intrude but admits she’s a little concerned about Brady as well. Marlena asks if she should be concerned. Brady admits that she should be.

Alex comes home to find Theresa packing her bags and calling the Salem Inn but there are no rooms available because of the geocaching event. Alex calls it crazy and says she doesn’t have to leave. Theresa questions why she would stay here with someone who doesn’t want her.

Stefan brings Ava home. Ava thanks him but says he didn’t need to bring her home. Stefan argues that she hasn’t been eating or sleeping so he tells her to get some rest but Ava says she’s not going to do that. Ava states that she will take a shower and a shot of espresso, then she’s heading back to the hospital. Stefan responds that he can’t let her do that. Stefan argues that she needs to stay away from the hospital and Harris. Ava questions why the hell she would do that. Stefan reminds her that they were supposed to be a thing and asks how Clyde would feel about her hanging around the hospital, warning that it’s not going to be good for her, him, or Harris. Ava decides to text Tripp since he’s working the night shift and can be her eyes and ears.

Roman and Kate enter the Brady Pub where Roman has a candle light dinner set up for Valentine’s Day. Kate tells Roman that she’s so grateful that he is her valentine as they kiss.

Melinda asks Sloan why she wanted to meet with her on Valentine’s night when she has her hunky husband and a beautiful baby boy, but she’s calling her. Sloan complains that she’s been totally sidelined by the baby, either pushed away or ignored completely and she’s damn sick of it.

Marlena doesn’t want to pressure Brady in to talking about this. Brady tells her it’s okay as he appreciates her concern. Brady admits he’s feeling a little lost and lonely as Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for some people, but for others it can amplify negative feelings and he’s glad it’s almost over. Marlena asks about Kristen allowing him to see Rachel on Valentine’s Day. Brady confirms that he went to the DiMera Mansion with a big teddy bear, balloons, and candy, but he and Kristen got in to one of their drag out fights that escalated in front of Rachel, so she screamed at them to stop fighting. Brady says this is Valentine’s Day and his life where he lost Chloe, his daughter is traumatized, and he has an insane ex-wife. Marlena is sorry this is happening to him but assures that Rachel is his daughter and will love him no matter what happens. Marlena says no matter what he goes through with Kristen, he can’t fight in front of Rachel. Brady says he knows but every time he’s going to take the high road with Kristen because of Rachel, he ends up losing it and his resolve goes away. Brady complains that he blows it every time, completely.

Alex asks Theresa to be reasonable. Theresa argues that this is the most reasonable thing she can do. Alex tells her that he cares about her a lot and thinks they could have a beautiful future, but he went to a meeting for people whose loved ones are addicts and he thinks maybe they are moving a little too fast. Theresa asks if he’s saying that she’s too much for him or if his meeting told him not to get involved with her. Alex argues that he’s not saying that and just that they need to slow down a bit. Alex points out that Theresa has a son so it’s not even just them. Theresa argues that Tate is nearly an adult. Theresa states that Alex can either lie and say he has commitment problems or he can tell the truth and say he just doesn’t want to be with her. Theresa asks which one it’s going to be.

Roman jokes with Kate about their meal but reveals he has takeout from the Bistro. Kate thanks him for making her laugh and says he always does when she needs it the most. Kate thanks Roman for always making her feel loved and safe. Roman assures that she will always have his heart and she is everything to him.

Melinda tells Sloan to cut Eric some slack as he’s a new dad and obviously very nurturing so he’s just doing his best. Sloan complains that he’s not with her. Melinda insists that Eric is crazy about Sloan. Sloan feels he’s not anymore since Jude came in to their lives and she’s just like a background extra.

Ava questions why Tripp is not replying to her text and wonders if he’s in a dead zone. Ava asks Stefan what if something happens at the hospital and she’s not there. Ava continues to complain about Tripp not replying. Stefan insists that it will be fine and asks why she needs to go to the hospital anyway since Harris won’t know she’s there. Ava states that she’ll know she was there and asks if Stefan has any idea how it feels to know that Harris went to the dock because he thought she asked him to and then some bastard shot him in cold blood. Stefan assures that it’s not her fault. Ava responds that it sure feels like it is. Ava swears that if she ever finds out who did this to Harris, she will personally pump several live rounds in to that son of a bitch’s heart.

Marlena tells Brady that she can help him strengthen his resolve. Brady says for right now today, he just wants to focus on tomorrow because he gets to see his son as he hasn’t seen him in weeks. Brady is relieved that he and Theresa are getting to see Tate. Brady feels he just dumped all his problems with his daughter on Marlena so he’s not about to do the same with his son. Marlena points out that she loves his children, her grandchildren, and she loves Brady so talking about whatever he’s going through is never a burden for her. Brady then tells Marlena that there were letters that Tate wrote to he and Theresa. Brady states that in Theresa’s letter, Tate talked about how much he missed her while Tate’s letter to him was very cold and almost business-like. Brady feels it’s because Tate resents that he hasn’t been in his life. Marlena argues that they all know why that is and what happened which Tate knows too. Marlena says that Tate is just feeling distressed and like he’s been treated unfairly, so he’s making Brady the scapegoat. Brady agrees that sums it up. Marlena relates to it being what happened when Sami blamed her for everything that went wrong and she let her because she wanted to show Sami that she could be patient and understanding, like Brady wants with Tate. Marlena brings up the expression that having a child is wonderous.

Alex stops Theresa from leaving and tells her to marry him. Theresa asks what he just said. Alex repeats for her to marry him and says if she wants to get married, they can do it. Theresa asks if this was a real proposal. Theresa says she didn’t think so and maybe next time, he can actually drop to one knee or don’t say things he doesn’t mean. Alex tries to stop her from leaving again. Theresa complains that what’s worse than not being proposed to at all is being proposed to out of guilt or pity. Alex stops her and insists that’s not what he’s doing. Alex asks where Theresa is going to go. Theresa asks why that’s his concern. Alex shouts that she’s in recovery. Theresa laughs off the idea that she’s going to call her dealer and get high. Theresa assures that won’t happen from this tiny little debacle. Theresa tells Alex to have a nice life and storms out.

Kate and Roman finish their dinner. Kate feels terrible for not getting Roman anything. Roman tells her that every single day with her is a gift. Kate admits they’ve been thrown many twists and turns in their lives and it hasn’t been easy, but they always find their way back to each other as they kiss.

Marlena tells Brady that she doesn’t mean to pontificate as she’s made her share of mistakes but something about having adult children gives you perspective. Brady is grateful that she’s sharing it with him as he doesn’t want to screw up with Tate more than he already has. Marlena encourages him to just show Tate a lot of respect and be kind and loving. They are then interrupted by knocking at the door. Brady answers to see Theresa with her bags packed. Theresa knows she should’ve called or texted first but she just left Alex and has nowhere to go. Theresa just figured since they are going to see Tate in the morning that she could sleep in Tate’s room tonight. Marlena says of course so Brady brings her in. Theresa gets a call from Alex but ignores it. Theresa thanks Marlena as Brady brings her to Tate’s room.

Alex leaves a message for Theresa, saying he really hates how things went down and asks her to let him know where she’s staying and that she’s okay.

Sloan tells Melinda that she’s just scared. The woman that once went on a date with Li Shin then barges in and confronts Melinda, blaming her for luring Li in to her trap and says if she hadn’t, Li would still be with her and very much alive.

Ava tells Stefan that she’s going to find out who did this because she loves Harris and he’s one of the best people that she’s ever known. Ava swears to be more determined than ever to mow down this son of a bitch. Ava asks why Stefan isn’t saying anything. Stefan responds that he loves a good revenge fantasy as much as anybody, but the truth is they may never know who shot Harris. Ava tells him not to even think about Harris not making it. Stefan apologizes for upsetting her. Ava says she was already pretty damn upset and he just added a little fuel to the fire to make things worse. Ava suggests Stefan just shut the hell up which he agrees to do. Ava points out that Tripp still has not answered and calls that unlike him.

Brady asks Theresa if she wants to talk about what happened with Alex. Theresa doesn’t want to bore him but Brady says he cares about her. Theresa asks where to begin and tells him about finding the ring in Alex’s jacket pocket which she thought was for her and that Alex was going to propose but it turned out he wasn’t going to propose and she made it clear that she thought he was, so she was completely humiliated. Brady says he’s sorry and he’s really surprised as he had no idea they were even considering marriage. Theresa ignores another call from Alex. Theresa tells Brady that she obviously was considering marriage. Brady asks if she really does love Alex.

Marlena shows up at Alex’s door and says she tried to call him but it kept going to voicemail. Alex apologizes and says he keeps calling Theresa but it’s going to voicemail. Marlena informs Alex that Theresa is at her house and she told her and Brady what happened, so she thought Alex might need someone to talk to. Alex admits he does so he’s grateful she’s there and invites her in.

Melinda tells the woman that she doesn’t know who she is. Sloan points out that she was a client. The woman responds that she knows both of them. Melinda remembers her name as Connie and that Li went on one date with her. Connie argues that it could’ve turned in to several dates if not for Melinda and she would’ve kept him safe. Connie calls Sloan heartless and walks off. Sloan jokes about Connie being crazy and questions ever taking her on as a client. Sloan asks Melinda if she’s okay. Melinda says she’s just sad that Li is gone as she thinks about him a lot. Melinda admits they had something but she messed it up totally because of her career, so she took Li for granted. Melinda tells Sloan that what she has with Eric might not be perfect but it’s good enough so she should cherish and embrace it.

Kate says in spite of her worries, it turned out to be a really beautiful Valentine’s Day. Roman respects how devoted she is to their kids. Roman decides no more talk about their kids as he turns on music and asks Kate to dance.

Stefan tells Ava that he obviously seems to suck at cheering her up but offers to feed her. Ava says she’s not hungry but Stefan says she needs to eat. Stefan guarantees to make her the best omelet of her life. Ava asks why he’s doing this and what’s in it for him.

Brady tells Theresa that it wasn’t a trick question as he asks again if she loves Alex. Theresa asks why else she would want to marry him. Brady says he doesn’t know but admits that Alex is coming in to a lot of money and he doesn’t mean to sound crass, but he thought it might have a little to do with her motivation. Theresa thinks back to finding out that Xander is really Victor’s son. Theresa then tells Brady that it is crass and surprising because she thought they were getting along and getting closer but now he’s accusing her of being a gold digger. Brady apologizes and says he’s really happy that they have been getting closer as he likes that and he really doesn’t like that Alex hurt her. Brady repeats that he’s sorry and hugs her.

Alex tells Marlena that he was an idiot for leaving the ring in his jacket, so of course Theresa expected a proposal and when it didn’t happen, she ran out of the restaurant and started packing her stuff. Marlena says that Theresa is hurt. Alex assures that he does care about Theresa, but tells her about going to the meeting for qualifying loved ones of addicts and everyone was sharing feelings and stories, so he shot his hand up to get everything off his chest. Alex says he talked about Theresa, her addiction, and how much she meant to him, but he admitted he wasn’t sure he was able to get in to a long commitment with somebody dealing with problems like that. Alex adds that he also admitted he’s not sure about becoming a stepfather quite yet. Marlena thinks he has to be true to himself and encourages that he did the right thing for both of them.

Melinda tells Sloan that she’s not seeing things clearly as Eric is not only her partner, lover, and best friend but the father of her baby so they have a family now. Melinda tells Sloan to stop focusing on what she’s not getting and be more supportive of Eric’s devotion to Jude and to Jude himself since she is his mother. Sloan points out that she’s not really but Melinda tells her not to go there. Sloan calls it the truth that her husband’s ex-wife Nicole DiMera is actually the baby’s mother and they stole him from her. Melinda reminds Sloan of all they did to get her that baby and warns her that if anyone finds out what they did, their lives are ruined. Sloan says she knows and continues drinking her wine.

Kate suggests she and Roman go upstairs where she can give him her Valentine’s Day gift. Roman says she didn’t get him anything. Kate responds that this gift doesn’t need wrapping. Roman calls that his favorite kind of gift. Kate tells Roman that she loves him and kisses him. Roman says he loves her and is definitely ready for that gift that needs no wrapping. Kate blows out the candles and they head upstairs.

Marlena says she doesn’t usually do late night house calls, but she thought Alex might need it. Alex is grateful that she did because the whole Theresa situation destabilized him. Marlena understands and is impressed with his self-awareness. Alex says he couldn’t have done it without her. Alex keeps thinking about the other night in her office where she said if it was real true love, it would last. Alex thinks he loves Theresa. Marlena thinks he’s right that he does, but she thinks his love is not unconditional as he has a hard time accepting that Theresa had a drug addiction and a hard time thinking of himself as a step parent. Marlena declares that those two things are never going to change.

Theresa tells Brady that she will table this discussion for tonight as she doesn’t want to talk about her love life and just wants to talk about seeing Tate. Brady admits he’s nervous about seeing his own son. Theresa says she is too and worries that Tate isn’t doing as well as he says he is in his letters. Brady assures that Tate will be fine. Theresa says that Tate has a good heart. Brady tells Theresa that he will always be there for her, like tonight. Theresa kisses him on the cheek and says she will see him in the morning as she heads to Tate’s room to sleep.

Sloan tells Melinda that she gets it and that no one will ever find out about Jude and where he came from. Melinda says they better not and suggests Sloan not drink anymore. Sloan agrees to stop. Melinda tells Sloan to go home to her husband and baby. Sloan tells Melinda that tonight is on her. Melinda tells Sloan to call her if she ever needs to vent, but not to vent to anyone else. Melinda then exits. Sloan then orders another drink. Connie remains seated at a table nearby.

Stefan asks Ava why something has to be in it for him in order for him to be nice. Stefan states that Ava is having a hard time so he’s there for her and that’s it. Ava then gets a call from the hospital. Ava answers and says that Tripp is not with her. Ava says to have him call as soon as they hear from him and then hangs up. Stefan asks what it is. Ava responds that Tripp never showed up for work tonight.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Nate that he has an idea about doing a music festival and Nate doesn’t tell Chance that he proposed the same idea to Devon and he told him it wasn’t a good idea. Nate tells Chance he will help him write a proposal to present to Devon and Billy.

Amanda arrives in town to be Jill’s eyes and ears and also to help make Jill’s wishes of adding the name Abbott to the company clear to Devon. Jill also wants Amanda to help Devon and Billy work together. Devon tells Billy he doesn’t think he has the best interest of the company in mind. Billy tells Devon that he is committed to building a strong company to honor the legacy in the company name.

Amanda tries to talk to Abby to see if Abby can tell her why Devon doesn’t want to work with Billy. Abby refuses to talk to Amanda about things Devon has told her in confidence.

Christine and Phyllis have another argument about, which one of them is best for Danny. Phyllis and Christine’s argument inside Danny’s apartment gets so heated that they don’t even notice Danny walk out of his apartment. Danny runs into Lauren at Crimson Lights and he tells Lauren that he is tired of this competition between Christine and Phyllis and he wonders if either of the ladies really love him or if they just want to compete for him until one of them wins. Lauren thinks that Danny has feelings for both Christine and Phyllis.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Nate tells Audra that Tucker will break her heart, but Audra insists that she and Tucker are in love.

Ashley tells Tucker that she had an epiphany and now believes he was right about their argument in Paris. Tucker doesn’t believe Ashley and thinks she is lying to herself and still believes he was violent with her.

Sally is very angry that Adam talked to Victor and Nick about starting a design division at Newman Enterprises without first talking to her about it.

Seth has coffee with Nikki. She encourages him to do 90 meetings in 90 days if he is serious about getting sober. Nikki also tells Seth he should forgive himself for his slip and not blame her for it. Seth tells Nikki that he is going to get sober to prove to her that he can be sober again. Seth later sends a text message to Jordan telling her that he took her advice and spoke to Nikki and now they are friends again.

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Days Update Monday, February 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

After surgery in Paulina’s hospital room, Kayla informs Chanel, Johnny, and Abe that the surgery was a success and they were able to remove the cancer. Chanel gets emotional and calls it great as Abe asks what’s next. Kayla suggests a lot of rest for Paulina and that she may have a little pain but nothing to worry about. Kayla notes she may also have some difficulty speaking which Abe jokes she won’t like. Abe asks when she can come home. Kayla says she’ll keep her for a couple days to monitor her and then they will talk about follow ups. Chanel encourages Paulina that she’s going to be okay. Abe calls this cause for celebration. Kayla agrees and mentions hearing it’s not the only cause of celebration.

Konstantin and Maggie finish having dinner together at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie mentions that she’s sure their newest residents, Chad, Thomas, Charlotte, Julie, and Doug also appreciated the dinner. Konstantin calls the fire a tragedy. Maggie talks about how happy Doug and Julie still come off. Konstantin talks about them being in love as they mention Doug and Julie singing a duet. Maggie brings up how Thomas and Charlotte lit up when Konstantin gave them candy and how she knows that cheered Chad up to see his kids smile. Konstantin calls it wonderful to see Maggie cheer up as well which she credits him for. Konstantin hopes he can cheer her up a little further as he hands her an envelope.

At the Pub, Jada returns to the table and is shocked when she sees Everett, identifying him as “Bobby”, leaving them all confused. Everett asks who Bobby is and who Jada is. Jada questions him pretending while Stephanie asks what’s going on. Jada responds that Everett is her ex-husband, Bobby Stein. Everett denies being Bobby but Jada calls him a liar. Everett states that he’s never met Jada before. Jada asks how he can say that. Everett says it’s true and he has no idea why she seems so angry. Rafe asks Jada if it’s possible that they just happen to look alike but Jada insists that it’s him. Jada declares that she was a fool to marry him because he broke her heart and her spirit, then left her and never looked back. Jada insists that Everett is Bobby Stein.

Kayla congratulates Chanel and Johnny on their wedding. Chanel points out that their anniversary will be on Valentine’s Day just like Kayla and Steve’s.

Maggie reads Konstantin’s card and calls it beautiful. Konstantin says he meant every word even though he knows he’s not her valentine, so he doesn’t want to cross any boundaries. Konstantin just wants to tell her how much she means to him.

Rafe tells Jada that this man is Everett Lynch, who works at the Spectator. Jada then pulls out her phone and shows Everett a photo of her and Bobby. Everett admits that he can see the resemblance but says they all have people that look like them. Jada insists that it’s him and he knows it. Everett doesn’t know what else he can say or do to convince her that the complete stranger is not him. Jada declares that she will prove it by taking Everett to the police station and checking his fingerprints.

Paulina complains of being hungry but Kayla says she can’t eat until tomorrow morning. Kayla says she will check in tomorrow. Abe thanks Kayla for everything. Kayla says to call if they need anything as she exits. Chanel asks Paulina if she can do anything for her. Johnny adds that he’ll do whatever he can as well. Paulina writes down that she has everything she needs.

Konstantin tells Maggie that Valentine’s Day is not a tradition in Greece. Maggie recalls Victor telling her tales about certain Greek holidays. Maggie calls Victor a wonderful storyteller. Konstantin talks about getting to know Maggie better and to celebrate her incredible soul. Maggie comments that he has a very generous and gentle heart which she saw when he interacted with the kids earlier. Maggie points out that they’ve never talked about it, so she asks if he has any children of his own.

Everett says he’s not trying to sound disrespectful as he asks if it’s possible that Jada is losing it. Jada gets upset and argues that she’s not the one pretending to be someone else. Jada says years ago, when she discovered that Bobby cheated on her, she filed for divorce and he ghosted her as Stephanie watches on with a concerned look. Jada questions if he just took on a new identity. Everett says what Jada is saying is making him feel like he’s taking crazy pills and blames the stress of her job. Everett tells Jada that he’s not who she thinks he is and that he’s never been Bobby Stein. Everett adds that they were never married nor has he ever been married which he calls the God’s honest truth. Stephanie thinks back to asking Everett about when he first woke up from his coma and Everett telling her that he was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Stephanie then brings this up, reminding Everett that he said he had memory loss after the accident and asks if that could be why he doesn’t remember Jada.

A nurse brings in a cake that Chanel’s employees at the Bakery sent for their wedding. Johnny asks the nurse to tell Kayla that they would love her to come have a slice with them. Johnny and Chanel cut the cake while promising to save Paulina a slice.

The nurse informs Kayla that there is cake waiting for her in Paulina’s room. The nurse then adds that Tripp hasn’t shown up for his shift. Kayla calls that odd and says she will reach out to him now.

Maggie apologizes to Konstantin if her question upset him. Konstantin calls it a perfectly reasonable question and informs her that he does have a daughter, Catharina, who he says was everything to him and then she was gone. Konstantin explains that it happened many years ago in a village near Athens. He calls it a tragic accident and she was so young. Maggie says she’s sorry as she knows what it’s like to lose a child and the pain is always there. Konstantin says he tried to conjure up memories of Catharina’s smile and those memories bring him some kind of peace.

Everett says it is true that he was in an accident as he was hit by a pickup truck. Stephanie blames herself for asking him to run errands but Everett says the only person responsible was the driver. Everett adds that he was taken off in an ambulance, close to death, and placed in a medically induced coma for a year. Stephanie explains that he disappeared and she thought he ghosted her, until he came back a couple months ago and tracked her down. Jada doesn’t buy it. Rafe doesn’t know what to believe and decides he will personally look in to this so they can hopefully get it all straightened out. Everett insists that he has nothing to hide. Jada comments that people do get amnesia all the time and can forget whole chapters of their life. Jada argues that she can tell by the look in Everett’s eyes that he knows her and that they were married. Jada calls him still the same lying, cheating son of a bitch. Everett responds that she’s obviously in a world of pain from how she was apparently treated by her ex-husband and that must be the reason that she would throw these kind of insane insults at a man who has never laid eyes on her before. Everett repeats that he is not Jada’s ex-husband, Bobby Stein, and that his name is Everett Lynch.

Kayla calls Tripp and leaves a message that she’s at the hospital and he’s not, so she’s wondering if he lost track of time or if he’s out for Valentine’s with Wendy or he’s at the geocaching event. Kayla says she’s sure everything is okay but asks him to give her a call to let her know.

Johnny brings out his guitar and says since they didn’t hire a band for their wedding, he will fill in and asks if Chanel has any requests. Chanel jokes with him and then suggests he surprise them. Johnny then plays guitar and sings a song to Chanel.

Maggie asks Konstantin about Catharina’s mother. Konstantin says he feels so at ease with Maggie. Konstantin says he adored Catharina’s mother as she was one of the great loves of his life and a wonderful mother, but then they lost her. Konstantin says their marriage did not survive.

Jada mocks Everett saying he’s not Bobby when he looks and sounds exactly like him. Rafe decides this isn’t going anywhere and suggests they call it a night which they agree to. Jada tells Stephanie that she can tell she has feelings for Everett and she knows she’s not a complete lunatic. Jada asks Stephanie to believe her and not to allow herself to be sandbagged any more. Jada tells Everett that she knows who he is and he will be found out, then he will get what he deserves. Jada then storms out of the Pub, so Rafe follows her. Stephanie tells Everett that she doesn’t know what to say. Everett asks how well she knows Jada. Stephanie states that Jada is her friend and has always been so warm and kind. Stephanie mentions that Jada did tell her that her ex cheated on her, lied to her, and broke her heart. Everett says that must have been so hard for her but questions how Jada came after him. Everett asks what Stephanie is thinking. Stephanie brings up everything Jada said and the photo. Stephanie then asks Everett if he’s really telling the truth that he’s really not Bobby Stein.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s terribly sorry that he lost his daughter, Catharina, and that she’s always there if he ever needs to talk. Konstantin says that means so much to him and says he has to ask her something but she can say no. Konstantin then asks Maggie if he can kiss her, which she allows. Konstantin then says goodnight to Maggie and exits.

Johnny finishes singing his song. Chanel praises him and says she is so lucky as they kiss. Paulina then starts complaining of pain so Chanel rushes out to get the doctor.

Rafe catches up to Jada in the town square and asks her to talk to him. Rafe says he’s never seen her lose it like that before. Jada shouts that Everett is a con man and a liar that she was stupid enough to marry. Jada complains about Everett changing his identity and claiming she’s the one who lost it. Jada calls it a lot to take in. Rafe says he understands but that Everett claims not to know her. Jada shouts that he’s a liar. Rafe understands this has freaked her out. Rafe says he’s hung out with Everett a few times and he seems like a decent guy. Jada then questions if Rafe thinks she is the one that’s lying.

Everett questions if Stephanie is asking if he’s not Bobby Stein, insisting that he’s never heard that name or seen Jada before. Everett argues that he could be hooked up to every lie detector in the country. Stephanie brings up the photo. Everett insists that there are people in the world who look like each other, assuring that his name is Everett Lynch and it’s on his driver’s license. Stephanie asks if it’s possible that he doesn’t remember his past life with Jada because of the accident. Everett responds that it’s not possible. Everett admits that there are gaps in his memory like maybe he forgot he saw movies or bachelor parties, but not years or entire relationships. Everett thinks he would remember getting married. Stephanie flashes back to finding Everett’s engagement ring, which he said he bought for her a long time ago. Stephanie brings that up to Everett. Stephanie then flashes back to asking Jada about her marriage ending due to cheating and Jada saying she found out by seeing a large purchase at a jewelry store. Everett asks Stephanie if she’s okay. Stephanie responds that she’s not okay because if Jada is telling the truth and he’s Bobby, that means she was the other woman.

Maggie remains in the living room and looks up at Victor’s portrait. Maggie then looks over Konstantin’s Valentine’s card again. Maggie blows a kiss to Victor’s portrait.

Konstantin sits in his room with a framed photo of Catharina as he finishes a drink.

Rafe tells Jada that he doesn’t think she’s a liar. Jada complains that Rafe is going on about Everett being a decent guy like he can’t be a liar. Rafe says he only said that because he thinks they need to be careful with this since she’s accusing someone of falsifying his identity. Rafe wants Jada to be 100% sure before taking that shot. Rafe asks if she’s sure. Jada responds that as soon as she saw him, all these old wounds opened up and all the work she put in to put that part of her life behind her. Jada admits she lost it and lashed out because Rafe doesn’t know what Bobby did to her and what he might do to Stephanie. Rafe says he understands. Jada declares that she’s going to go to the police station right now to find everything there is about Everett Lynch. Rafe stops her and says he knows how important this is to her, so it’s important to him as well but it’s late and it’s Valentine’s Day. Rafe suggests they try to salvage the night and then tomorrow, he promises they will get to the bottom of this Bobby/Everett thing. Rafe suggests they go back to his place and order from her favorite Thai restaurant and they can watch a movie. Jada agrees to that and Rafe hugs her as she cries. Rafe promises her that tomorrow, they will find out what is going on.

Everett tells Stephanie that she can’t possibly believe something that preposterous like his actual name being Bobby Stein which he calls insane. Stephanie reminds Everett that he bought a ring and said he was going to propose while Jada said that Bobby bought a ring for another woman which means he was cheating on Jada, with it seems her. Everett says that only makes sense if he’s Bobby. Stephanie argues that he might not remember and she feels like she’s going crazy. Everett suggests they go back to his room and talk about this like mature adults but Stephanie doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Stephanie tells him that she will see him later and exits the Pub.

Kayla calls Tripp again, leaving another message to ask if he’s coming in tonight. Kayla admits she’s starting to get worried and assumes his phone is dead since it’s going straight to voicemail. Kayla then says that she will try Wendy and hangs up. The nurse comes back and calls Kayla back to Paulina’s room as she is seizing. Kayla checks on Paulina and calls for aspirin and nitroglycerin. Kayla urges Paulina to stay with her as Abe, Chanel, and Johnny watch on worried.

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Days Short Recap Friday, February 16, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Nicole celebrated her and Holly being home. Rafe talked to Goldman about the shooting. Jada came in and gave her back her gun and badge. Goldman said she was happy to be back in the field. When Goldman left, Jada gave Rafe a gift. Leo asked Everett about the fire at the Horton house. He asked Everett why the fire started. Leo told Everett he didn’t have plans. Everett told him he had plans. Leo guessed he had a date with Stephanie. Everett told him they were going on a double date. Rafe liked Jada’s gift. He gave her a gift as well. She enjoyed her gift. Nicole thanked EJ for bringing her and Holly back home. He said he did it because he missed her. She said Holly was breathing on her own and her wonderful husband made it happen. Jada and Rafe talked about meeting Stephanie’s boyfriend. Rafe told her he met Stephanie’s boyfriend while he was doing a story for the paper. Jada said her ex was a reporter.

While Alex and Theresa were out, she searched around to see if he hid the ring. He asked her if she was going to visit Tate with Brady. She said she was excited to see him. Theresa said Tate would be excited about Holly breathing on her own. Alex said he was sure she would have good news to share with him. Theresa said she hoped so. Nicole and EJ talked about what has been happening in Salem. EJ told her Harris’ shooting was tied to the person who sold Holly the drugs. Stephanie met Jada and Rafe at the pub. Jada asked where Stephanie’s boyfriend was. Stephanie said he was on his way there. Jada said she couldn’t wait to see him. EJ gave Nicole a healing bowl to put in Holly’s room. Nicole loved her gift. When Alex went in his pocket, Theresa thought he was giving her the ring. Theresa wanted him to propose to her. She said her answer was yes. Jada said she has to go to the bathroom. Everett showed up when Jada left. Nicole told EJ that Holly had to get better. Theresa told Alex that she saw the ring. She apologized for ruining the surprise. Alex said she got it wrong. Theresa was upset that he wasn’t proposing to her. He wanted to talk, but she walked out of the restaurant. When Jada came back from the bathroom, she called Everett Bobby.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, February 15, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada told Stefan and Ava that Harris wasn’t out of the woods yet. Stefan wondered what she wanted from them. He let her know they didn’t know anything. Ava wondered if Jada had any leads. Jada told her what she knew. She let Ava know that she was the one who sent him a message to meet at the docks. Ava assured Jada that she wasn’t the one who reached out to Harris. Chad told Everett that someone tried to kill them at the Horton house. He told him what happened at the house. Brady let Kristen know that he’s been seeing Theresa lately. She tried to badmouth Theresa, but he didn’t want to hear it. Kristen wasn’t happy about Theresa has been getting his attention. She thought there was a chance they could get back together. He thought she was certifiable. Ava prayed that Harris would survive getting shot. Sarah was with Xander and she assured him that she believed that he didn’t shoot Harris. Justin arrived at the station to help Xander. Xander was lost so Sarah and Justin told him about the fire at the Horton house. He realized he heard sirens. Stefan followed Ava to the chapel. He didn’t see Ava as the praying type. Stephanie showed up at the police station and talked to Jada about spending Valentine’s Day with their guys. Jada agreed to hang out with Stephanie and her guy.

Brady reminded Kristen about what happened when they were together. Kristen explained why things went wrong with them. Brady wanted to talk about the people she hurt. He reminded her that she raped his brother. Kristen said that Eric forgave her for that. She reminded him that he tried to kill her. He listed the things she did to him. Rachel heard the things Brady said and wanted him to stop talking to her like that. She wanted them to stop fighting. Rachel yelled at Brady and Kristen. Kristen told Brady to leave. Everett realized the article he wrote played a factor in what happened. Chad told him that he had to go after Clyde because of what he did to his wife. Everett wanted to help him stop Clyde. Ava told Stefan how hard it was to stay away from Harris. She wondered if Clyde would go after Gabi and Tripp. He wasn’t sure. Ava didn’t think they would be free of him. Justin questioned Xander about what he did when he went out. Xander explained what he did. Justin said the police would want to see his phone records. He admitted that he received a call about killing someone. Jada went in the interrogation room and Justin wanted Xander out. She showed him the gun. Rachel wondered why Kristen and Brady always had to fight. Kristen tried to make her feel better, bur it didn’t work. Stefan and Ava didn’t want to feel vulnerable. Ava felt like she was supposed to strong and no one is supposed to intimidate her. She blamed herself for Harris being on the dock. Stefan let her know that she wasn’t alone. He would be there for her. Stefan assured her they would get through it together. Jada told Justin that the gun was recovered in Xander’s apartment and it’s the same gun that was used to shoot Harris.


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Days Update Friday, February 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie sits in the town square, participating in the geocaching event. Tripp and Wendy join her as they talk about how everyone is having a blast with it. Stephanie adds that they’ve already raised thousands for the hospital. Tripp and Wendy decide to continue geocaching before Tripp has to go to work.

At the Spectator office, Leo is with Everett. Everett talks about writing an article about the fire at the Horton house. Leo asks if anyone was hurt. Everett confirms that they got out okay. Leo talks about not usually liking kids but he does like Thomas and Charlotte. Leo thanks God that everyone got out alive even if they lost their belongings.

Theresa comes out of her room and sees Alex on the couch. She thinks back to finding the engagement ring in his pocket. Alex is surprised she got ready so quick and goes to finish getting ready. Theresa comments to herself that she is so ready.

Eric and Sloan watch over baby Jude. Eric surprises Sloan with a necklace with Jude’s name for Valentine’s Day which she calls cute. Eric makes sure that she likes it and puts it on her. Sloan then tells Eric that she got him something too and presents him with lingerie which she says she intends to wear for him tonight. Eric says he can’t wait. Eric then points out that Jude is going to fall asleep fast so they should get going. Eric then exits with Jude, leaving Sloan disappointed.

Nicole is home with Holly still in a coma in bed as EJ stands next to them. EJ calls it a relief to have them both home. Nicole says she can’t thank him enough. EJ tells her to thank Sarah as she was managing Holly’s case with the Italian doctors from here. EJ adds that Sarah guided him on everything Holly would need and set them up with the best staff. EJ says he did whatever it took to get them back home. Nicole says they know he went above and beyond. EJ hugs her and says it feels so good to have her in his arms again. Nicole admits she missed him so much. EJ declares no more missing each other since she is back home where she belongs as they kiss.

Officer Goldman meets with Rafe in his office. She talks about knowing she had no choice but to pull the trigger, but still feeling the shock of it. She prays she’s never put in that situation again. Rafe hopes she won’t be as Jada enters and returns Goldman’s gun to her. Rafe informs her that she is cleared to return to active duty. She responds that she’s never been more ready and thanks them as she exits the office. Rafe calls it a good Valentine’s Day for her. Jada talks about not knowing about her personal life. Rafe comments that Goldman had a rough couple of days, so hopefully she has someone to be with. Rafe says he’s glad that he does. Jada feels the same and presents Rafe with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Leo asks Everett if there are any leads on how the fire started. Everett says it sounds like arson. Leo bets that whoever set the Horton house ablaze was a very unattractive person who couldn’t stand that everyone in the house were all so lovey with each other. Leo wonders if jealousy could have been the motive. Leo brings up his boyfriend being in prison, so he doesn’t have plans tonight on Valentine’s Day. Everett says as lovely as that sounds, he does have plans. Leo says he should’ve known and guesses his plans are with Stephanie which Everett confirms. Leo remarks that Stephanie does seem to like him and has laughed at his jokes, so maybe he can tag along. Everett informs Leo that they are going on a double date if Leo doesn’t mind being a fifth wheel. Leo says third wheel is one thing but being fifth wheel would be too pathetic. Leo suggests he’ll check out the geocaching event and maybe he’ll find his valentine hidden in the town square. Everett wishes him luck with that. Leo tells Everett to enjoy his Valentine’s Day while he will likely be back in his hotel room for the night. Leo then exits the office.

Jada’s gift to Rafe is an antique Sherriff badge from the 1800s which Rafe calls great and acknowledges it took a lot of thought. Jada says she knows he’s been buried in work so he shouldn’t feel obligated but Rafe reveals he already got her a gift. Rafe presents her with a heart shaped box which Jada assumes is chocolates but turns out to be a bracelet. Rafe calls her the strongest, bravest, and most persistent woman he knows as Jada says she loves it. They kiss until pointing out they are still at work.

Tripp and Wendy say they love hanging with each other and that they needed this fun after everything that’s been going on lately.

Nicole tells EJ that she learned some Italian while in Italy to impress him. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so happy to be home in Italian. EJ says he’s very impressed and that she speaks Italian very well as they kiss. Nicole thanks EJ again for bringing her and Holly back home. EJ says it was selfish on his part because he missed them both terribly. Nicole says she missed him too and they kiss. EJ informs her that he had chef make them a very special meal for Valentine’s Day but he understands if she doesn’t want to celebrate. Nicole assures that she does, pointing out that Holly is breathing on her own and back home which she credits EJ for making happen.

Jada and Rafe talk about their dinner plans with Stephanie. Rafe points out that Jada will finally meet Stephanie’s boyfriend too which Jada says she’s really looking forward to. Rafe mentions that he’s met him a few times while he was covering police stuff for the Spectator and that he seems like a cool guy. Jada calls that interesting because her ex was also a reporter but he was not a cool guy at all. Jada says she doesn’t want to think about him tonight at all, especially when she’s with Rafe on Valentine’s Day. Rafe says he adores her as they kiss.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square with Jude. Stephanie takes a picture of them for the website. Officer Goldman then arrives and looks at the Caching Cupid geocaching poster.

Alex apologizes for taking so long and tells Theresa that she looks amazing. Theresa compliments him in his suit. Theresa then gives him a gift of a scarf and they kiss. Alex says they should get to the Bistro. Theresa mutters to herself that the Bistro is a perfect place to propose. Theresa then tells Alex that she can’t wait to spend the evening with him as it’s going to be such a momentous night. They then exit together.

Everett continues working at the Spectator. His phone rings but he ignores it and then the work phone rings which he answers and it’s Stephanie, who asks if they are still meeting in the town square before dinner. Everett lost track of time and tells her that some more intel came in so he’ll need about 20 minutes to finish and then he will meet her at the Pub. Everett promises to be there as they hang up.

Alex and Theresa go to the Bistro for dinner. Theresa calls it a perfect table as they can see everyone and everyone can see them. Theresa uses their waters to toast to a night to remember.

Eric and Sloan sit together in the town square with Jude until they hear Leo participating in the geocaching event, so Eric calls him over. Leo talks about his progress in geocaching and encourages them to join in. Leo ends up arguing with Sloan before wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and walks away. Eric laughs off Leo and calls him harmless.

Theresa looks through the flowers on the table which Alex questions. Theresa says she was just rearranging them. Alex brings up how Theresa is going with Brady to visit Tate tomorrow. Theresa says she’s so excited and she knows Tate will be relieved to hear Holly is breathing on her own even though she’s still in a coma. Theresa guesses she shouldn’t tell Tate about the fire at the Horton house, lamenting that there is so much bad news lately. Alex takes her hand and says he’s sure she’ll have some good news to share too. Theresa excitedly responds that she sure hopes so.

EJ and Nicole return to the living room after eating dinner. Nicole talks about still being in shock about the fire at Doug and Julie’s and Harris being shot. Nicole calls it a tragedy and is thankful no one was hurt in the fire. Nicole asks what happened since she read it was arson. EJ says they think the person responsible for it was the same person behind the drugs that Holly got and they are inches away from nailing him.

Rafe and Jade go to the Brady Pub where Stephanie joins them for dinner. Jada and Stephanie wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. Rafe goes to get them drinks. Jada asks Stephanie how it’s going out there. Stephanie responds that the fundraiser is a huge success and she’s relieved. Jada asks where her mystery boyfriend is. Stephanie tells her that he promised to be there. Jada responds that she can’t wait to meet him.

Wendy and Tripp continue geocaching and find a heart box with Tom and Alice trivia behind their plaque. They play a game of trivia and then walk off together. After they walk away, Officer Goldman comes around the corner and follows them.

Nicole thanks EJ again for the perfect homecoming. EJ points out that she has not yet opened her Valentine’s Day gift. EJ presents her with a Japanese healing bowl to put in Holly’s room and use it to meditate, pray, or sing. Nicole calls it perfect and kisses him. Nicole points out that she didn’t get him anything in between traveling. EJ responds that he doesn’t need or want anything that she hasn’t already given him. EJ declares that having her home is the best Valentine’s Day gift he could have hoped for as they kiss.

Eric and Sloan return home with Jude. Eric holds Jude and says he should probably get him to sleep. Sloan responds that she will slip in to something more comfortable and goes to change in to the lingerie she got.

Wendy and Tripp walk to the park where Tripp plants a box for Wendy to find. Wendy at first worries that it’s a ring but Tripp promises that it’s not as they are not rushing things. Wendy opens it and it’s earrings that she pointed out in a window last week. Wendy calls it perfect and thanks him. Tripp wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Wendy then reveals that she got him something too and it’s cuff links. Tripp and Wendy kiss as Officer Goldman walks in to the park and watches them.

Alex tells Theresa that dinner was great and he guesses there’s only one thing left to do, so he calls the waiter over for the check. Theresa is left confused as Alex guesses they are all done here. Theresa then complains that she’s impatient and this is driving her crazy, so she tells Alex to just do it. Alex questions what. Theresa shouts that he knows what and her answer is yes.

Jada shows Stephanie the bracelet that Rafe got her. Rafe then shows Stephanie the badge that Jada got him. Rafe and Jada kiss until Jada then gets up to go to the restroom. Everett then arrives. Stephanie gets up and greets him, bringing him over to the table. Rafe greets Everett and says it’s good to see him. They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everett calls Stephanie his love as they kiss.

Wendy puts on her new earrings which Tripp praises. Officer Goldman approaches and introduces herself, revealing that Rafe had her keeping an eye on them as she had some intel to confirm. She informs Tripp that he may be in danger and they need to get them to a safe location. Tripp questions if this has something to do with Ava or Harris. She tells him that Rafe will give him the details later but she has to get them to safety now.

Nicole goes to Holly’s room with her Japanese healing bowl. EJ comes in and informs Nicole that the medical staff will be there in the morning. Nicole says goodnight to Holly. Nicole tells EJ that Holly has to come back to them. EJ encourages that she will.

Sloan returns in her lingerie to find that Eric has fallen asleep with Jude. Sloan then grabs her phone and makes a call, saying she’s very much alone tonight. Sloan asks them to meet at the bar.

Theresa tells Alex not to sit there like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Alex says he doesn’t. Theresa then reveals that she saw the ring as it fell out of his jacket when she went to put it away. Theresa apologizes if she ruined the surprise. Alex tells her not to be sorry because he thinks she got this wrong. Theresa then questions if he’s not going to ask her to marry him. Alex thinks maybe they should talk about it a little bit first. Theresa gets upset and declares she has nothing to say to him. Alex tries to stop her but Theresa storms out of the Bistro.

Rafe shows his badge to Everett as Stephanie jokes with them. Everett mentions that he and Stephanie are exchanging gifts later. Jada then returns and is shocked when she sees Everett, identifying him as “Bobby”, leaving them all confused.

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Interview with Jon Lindstrom

TV Interview!


Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

Interview with Jon Lindstrom of “General Hospital” on ABC by Suzanne 2/15/24

It was great to interview veteran actor Jon Lindstrom, who has his first novel, “Hollywood Hustle” out for only 10 days, and it’s already a best seller on USA Today’s Booklist! He’s most known for playing Kevin Collins, and his evil twin Ryan Chamberlain, on “General Hospital” since 1992 (off and on). He was on the soap “Santa Barbara” before that, and of course he also played Craig on “As The World Turns” (where he met his wife, Cady, who played Rosanna) and reprised his roles of Kevin and Ryan on “Port Charles,” the GH spinoff. He’s also been in quite a few films, and many primetime series, most notably “Bosch” on Prime Video and “True Detective” on HBO.

There are many more questions I could have asked him, but we were already on Zoom for a half an hour – I didn’t want to keep him longer. I felt that he was generous enough to speak to me as long as he did. I would have liked to have heard more about his working with Genie Francis (Laura); about playing Ryan; about working with Alley Mills (Heather); about those pitches he mentioned; about Cady; and more.  Buy his book here!  If you love detective novels, you should enjoy this one.  Of course, you can also watch him on “General Hospital” on ABC and HULU.


Suzanne: So, thanks for being here today.

Jon: It’s my pleasure to be here. Thanks for asking.

Suzanne: Are you feeling okay? I saw you had a cold….

Jon: Well, you can kind of hear it in my voice. I’m a little froggy, but I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday.

Suzanne: So, when did you, start writing your book and how long did it take you to finish it?

Jon: Oh boy, that’s kind of a loaded question. all in all, it took about four years, but I, I have to qualify that because I had written for about a year and was making good progress. And then all of a sudden the show I’m on being general hospital decided to bring back a dead twin. And suddenly I was working so hard I didn’t have time to write.

I was up every day at 530 to go to the studio and pull off double duty as Kevin and Ryan on GH. So I had to put it down for about a year. And then COVID hit and I was able to pick it up again for about six months. And then of course, the first shows to go back into production during COVID were soap operas.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: I guess means we’re just a little bit expendable.

Suzanne: You did have strict COVID protocols and vaccine requirements, so..JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Jon: We had very strict COVID protocols. Yeah, we, we were a lot of masks. Daily testing, a lot of swabs in the nose. but. We picked up right where we left off. So I had to put the book down again, and that was probably another six months.

And then it took me another year or so through several drafts, working with editors and getting it into shape to actually submit. So all in all, the writing process took about two years, but the entire span was about four.

Suzanne: Okay. And did you have any difficulties getting it published?

Jon: Amazingly, no. I mean, I look at my experience, and my experience really was much easier than I think most people.

Now, of course, I do have a little bit of a platform, in terms of followers and, at Insta and Twitter, and I, I just can’t seem to call it but, excuse me, I, I, I did go to at the behest of an author who I had narrated because I have this little side hustle narrating audio books, which is great for me because I just, I love books. JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

But one of those authors was the great Alex Finlay he’s one of the best thriller writers, I’ve ever read. I wrote to him to thank him for. The inspiration to get me over that hump and start actually writing a book. And he wrote me right back within five minutes and we’ve since become good friends. but he told me flat out, John, if you’re serious about this, you have to go to the book conferences.

And being that you’re a crime writer, which falls under Thriller Mysteries, you need to go to Thriller Fest. Which is in New York every June. And it’s, it’s huge. Takes over the entire hotel, the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. And, so I went. And that’s where I actually pitched agents. About 12 of them.

Cause there’s a thing they’re called pitch fest. And I recommend anybody do this because there’s just something about sitting down in front of someone. And not only do they get a sense of you, you get a sense of who they are. And I met my agent there. I sat down with a woman named Liza Fleissig from the Liza Royce Agency.

And as soon as I sat down, I liked her. And I think she liked me because we sat and we talked for a few minutes before we even got to my pitch. And that’s who I eventually went with. And she was able to get a deal within a few months. And we had a few offers. Settled with Crooked Lane Books because they just Kind of totally got the book.

Suzanne: So it sounds more like what you do to pitch a series or a movie nowadays than the old time where you just sent in your manuscript.

Jon: Yeah, I, that’s where I had a bit of an advantage because I have pitched movies and TV show ideas and things. So I knew, I knew the basics of how to pitch. When they say five minutes, that means get it down to three because you need a couple of minutes for them to ask questions if they’re interested.

Suzanne: Sure.

Jon: I got my pitch down to one minute, 45 , . I, pardon me, I really wanted to be succinct and straightforward and really nail it. And, and fortunately that worked for me. I had, I pitched 12 agents. I had 12 or requests for the manuscript. So what made you wanna write a detective novel? Is that your favorite genre?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s just, one of my favorite writers was, was Elmore Leonard. I used to read his stuff all the time. and I, and I love the, the OGs of the genre, the Raymond Chandler’s, Dashiell Hammett’s, James Cain, those guys just invented something that’s very specific to Los Angeles.

About that darkness that that lurks underneath the sun and the palm trees and it’s a it’s a really to me. It’s just a really layered fascinating kind of. Setting for stories. So I’ve always loved it. So I just kind of, and right. But, I’ve been living most of my adult life here, except for a few years in New York.

I’ve been here in Los Angeles since I was 20.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And so I, I know it pretty well.

Suzanne: Oh, by the way, congratulations on getting on the USA Today bestseller list.

Jon: Thank you.

Suzanne: And also congratulations for being on General Hospital over 30 years. That’s amazing.

Jon: Going on 32…

Suzanne: Off and on, but still.

Jon: Yeah, Yeah. I, I go and I come back, but you know what, as long as they keep asking Right. , why not?

Suzanne: That’s right. Well, I, I been watching off and on since 84, mostly on, and so I remember when you started on the show, .

Jon: Wow. 84.

Suzanne: Yeah. I was in college.

Jon: So that’s when people get home.

Yeah. Yeah. If you don’t have grandma or mom watching, it’s college that doesn’t, it’s either college or I watched you with my grandma.

Suzanne: So, what are some other, favorite authors or influences on your writing that you haven’t mentioned yet?

Jon: Well, film noir, definitely. my, my favorite Saturday night now is to stay home and watch TCM. because it, You know, Eddie Muller and Noir Alley comes on every Saturday night. and he digs into a very deep library of, of film noir in that canon that, that was really unlike anything else that was ever made before or since.

You know, it was post war malaise. They were lower budget, so they often had to shoot at night when the rest of the studio was asleep. Wow. There was a lot of night shooting and a lot of use of light and shadow and, beautiful, uh Cinematography. So I, I just, I don’t know. There’s something about that genre where your main character is, is faced with a choice of Do it or don’t do it.

If I do it, whether it’s for love or lust or greed or whatever, even altruism. If I do this as a very good chance, it will end me.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And he does it anyway. So I, there’s something about having to make a choice like that, that I find very interesting.

Suzanne: And, you were in Bosch, one of my favorite shows. what about Michael Connolly? Did you read a lot of him?

Jon: Oh yeah, I was a big fan. I got turned on to Harry Bosch back in the 1980s, when he started writing them. And, so yeah, to get a season of Bosch as one of his bad guys, was, was, was a bit of a dream come true. And he’s a lovely man. He, he was on set all the time.

So sorry for this cold, but, he, he’s a, he’s a big guy, now I’m 6’1 and he’s, I gotta look up at him, he, but he was the crime writer for the L. A. Times for many years, and he, he’s another one who really gets this city, and really understands how to accurately portray crime here.

And how it gets just kind of somebody asked me the other night. We have our launch event at Book Soup up on Sunset Boulevard, and there was a woman there who I didn’t know, but she asked a really good question. She said, what’s the difference between L. A crime and New York crime? And I thought, wow, that’s, I never thought of that.

But when I, once I did, I remember being down in Soho and I lived in New York and I came out of a restaurant or something right across the street was an armored car that was waiting for the guys to come out and deliver the money. And I see him come out and this crowded street and the guy, has his hand on the handle of his sidearm.

And he looks both ways and looks all around and then signals the guy to come out and they quickly got into that car, that armored car and took off. and I thought that’s the difference. It’s like New York, it’s going to be in your face. If you’re going to hit that place, you’re going to hit it right in the middle of Soho on a Tuesday afternoon.

And it’s, it’s like crime in your face. Whereas here. It’s all it’s easier to kind of hide it under so it’s all spread out. It’s so spread out here that it can happen. And it’s like, if, if a crime falls in the forest, it’s anyone here,

Suzanne: I imagine it’s harder for them to find the culprit too, because if they’re staying in the area, because they have so much more land to cover. Whereas in New York, if they’re going to be in that area, it’s a lot easier.

Jon: And everybody knows you in New York.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s true.

Jon: Here, again, there’s another layer of this kind of hidden world. You know, I mean, fortunately, I know my neighbors. We all look after each other. But, that’s not always been the case in most places I’ve lived in LA.

Suzanne: No, in California, the whole thing is like that. I grew up there. I’m from San Diego. So we almost never knew my neighbors. Yeah, now that we’ve lived strange phenomenon and it’s, it’s, it was funny because to me that’s normal because that’s how I grew up. But we’ve lived in the South. I’m in Arkansas right now.

We, I know, and my husband just thinks it’s weird because California, but it is nice to know, especially during the pandemic when we were out walking the dog and. Everyone was like, oh, hi, because they were so happy to see, to see anybody, anybody, anybody, but their kids and their family. But, yeah, so that’s awesome.

I understand that completely. and we’re actually moving to New York in June. we, we lived there a long time ago, when I got into GH actually, when I was in college.

Jon: So, are you moving to the city?

Suzanne: No, but we’re going to be about half an hour from there.

Jon: I understand.

Suzanne: We don’t actually know what town we’re moving to yet. We have to find a place, but he’s going to work at SUNY Old Westbury. Oh, great. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be in a city again, in a small town here. I won’t know my neighbors.

I read some of the book. I haven’t had time to finish it, but, to me, the description of when sounds a lot like Steve Burton, at least physically.

Jon: Steve was– no, no, no. Steve was not an inspiration at all. There was a Steve, but it was Steve McQueen.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. Well, then they have a lot in common [physically].

Jon: It’s not Steve Burton. Steve, Steve’s way too muscled for Win, Winston green. Now, my inspirations for Wynn were, were Steve McQueen, Kevin Costner, in terms of physicality. and I, I do describe him in there that a director that Winston had worked with described Winston Green as a landmine that’s been stepped on and you’re just waiting for you to step off before he blows, he’s wired tight.

There’s a, there’s an edge to him. but sadly, the other inspiration was, was really Tom Sizemore and some of the other people in my business who have, who came to town with just brilliant talent. I mean, just, you would take Tom Sizemore, just look at his work and Saving Private Ryan and Heat and, he was working with the very best of the best because they wanted him and, and his demons got him.

And, and it really sidelined his career and, yeah, it was very sad, but it’s, that’s, I’ve known a lot of guys like that, just their lives and careers have taken a hard left due to. Due to substance abuse and some made it and some didn’t. Yeah, well, I’d like to see Winston as somebody who made it and got himself together.

but he’s just hanging on. All he’s doing, he’s just hanging on to just trying to keep some stability. So now I hit, I’ll, I’ll let Steve. No, sorry, Steve.

Suzanne: Well, I think if I recall, it was the blue eyes and the buzz cut and I don’t remember what else, but it just sounded like him.

Jon: So I thought more of Steve McQueen in “Bullit.”

Suzanne: No, I can see that. Now that you say that. Just to touch on, you’re talking about sad things, the GH family set, whatever you want to call it, has had a lot of loss in the last year. has that really changed, how things run there or?

Jon: Well, no, it hasn’t changed how we run anything. It’s just, I think we’re all just really aware of how fragile and, and, How quickly something can end.

it’s too bad that people have to pass away before you’re reminded of these things. But yeah, we’ve taken some real hits this year behind the camera and in front of the camera and. You know, we miss them all. So, we just try to appreciate each other when we’re there, I noticed nobody, nobody raises their voice, nobody’s, popping off out of anger.

I noticed a lot, right?

Suzanne: Yeah. There’s a, the fans are very sad too.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. There was a, there was a huge outpouring from, from people and, and we really, we all heard it and saw it and felt it, very of that. Yeah, I, I know .Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Suzanne: All right. so that wasn’t on my list, but I just had to mention that.

So as a first time author, would you say that you’re still learning?

Jon: Oh, definitely, definitely. Yeah. I’m, I’m struggling with book two.

Suzanne: I just, yeah, if you’re gonna, that was my next question. Are you planning to write more?

Jon: Yeah, I, I, book two and book three, I mean, I pitched this really as. a series, maybe all of which would have the word Hollywood in the title.

They’re all crime novels. But, and I tried to keep everything grounded the way Elmore Leonard did, that’s like, this is a real world, that you find these people walking through. but yeah, I, I’m, I’m hoping to, I, suddenly being a bestseller and seeing four stars from everywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble, gives you a nice kick of confidence.

So I’m looking back to, I’m getting ready to get back into it.

Suzanne: I bought two of them. I bought the–

Jon: Oh thank you

Suzanne: Kindle version and the, audio version.

Jon: Oh, alright. Which I recorded in my basement.

Suzanne: I know… Oh, in your basement?

Jon: In my basement. Yeah. I have a little collapsible frame with these acoustic blankets.

Suzanne: Wow.

Jon: It’s not a whisper room, which is like silent, but it is fine. But I still have to, I have to suffer helicopters and dogs and leaf blowers. Yeah. , things like that.

Suzanne: I’m torn between… I’m not a big books on tape, what they call, I don’t know what they call them now, audios, fan, because I read really fast, but I wanted to hear your voice and, and hear it that way while, while I was, doing other things.

Jon: So I, I keep going back and forth, but I really liked the accents that you do and the voices.

Oh, great. Thank you. Thanks.

Suzanne: You have a lot of practice from all the voiceovers.

Jon: Yeah, I had a little bit of a, an easy runway to get on that airfield.

Suzanne: I have a tough question. So you can feel free not to answer it. If you don’t like it. I’ve read many good reviews and a few bad ones. Some criticize you for being overly descriptive. Is that writing style or do you plan to cut back on some of the description in your future novels?

Jon: You know, I would say what’s the matter? You never read Stephen King because, if there’s anybody who knows how to, how to, describe a place and place is very important, listen, you got to take, you got to take the bad with the good and you’re not going to make everybody happy.

  There was one guy who, who took issue with my, my description of. Of firearms.

Suzanne: Oh, I saw that one.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. and you know what? He’s fair enough. He can have his opinion, but I grew up around guns and his point was technically correct. Right? There are automatic weapons. But those are divided into semi automatic and fully automatic.

But when you discern between an automatic weapon or a revolver as in a single or double action revolver, you don’t need those descriptions. Everybody knows what you’re talking about. So, it’s funny. He knocked me off half a star for that, but you know what, Hey, listen, the guy’s got his opinion and that’s what he’d like to read.<br />
and that’s fine. That’s totally fine. the point is he, he still liked the book and the story, so, I say thank you , are you, you can’t, you can’t get bogged down in this, you know?

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: This thing of, I mean, that’s one guy, and, and he’s entitled to that opinion as is anybody who says, he overwrites the description.

Well, it is about la it’s also about Hollywood, so you don’t, you can gloss over.

Suzanne: You’re right.

Jon: Don’t have. You don’t have to get mired in it, it says you have to do that too. Yeah, that’s, it, they’re different writing styles and you can’t say one different styles and different tastes and that’s, that’s fine.

I mean, somebody who really knows LA, I can see why they would go, Oh man, this is really overwritten. You know, but somebody who doesn’t, and I hear this more than I hear the opposite there, they really appreciate the, the description of characters and backstory and setting and, and all that stuff. <br />
So, like I said, you can’t, you can’t please everybody.

Suzanne: And as an actor, as an actor, you’re used to people criticizing you and rejecting you and. Giving you bad reviews, all that stuff. So yeah, it’s over the average writer.

It just, yeah, it just comes with the, it just comes with the territory.

Suzanne: Now, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan?

JOHN LINDSTROM, GENIE FRANCIS GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)Suzanne: NNow, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan? Jon: Yeah, well, I like Kevin very much. I think Kevin’s a really good guy. I think that there’s, there’s been kind of a, we, we’ve kind of lost a little bit of Kevin along the way, remember when Kevin was, was first around and we had first gotten rid of. Of Ryan. Kevin was an artist. He was a psychiatrist, but he was an artist who lived in a, in a lighthouse and painted all the time to paint out a demon and, and we’ve kind of, we’ve kind of veered away from that. And, we have some new writers coming in now. So I think that I, I think we’re going to have some, um. I think there’s going to be some changes, in how Kevin, but I mean, that’s a long answer, but to answer your question, I love playing Kevin. I love, I love playing Kevin. I love playing Ryan. I love, I love working with Genie. I love working with Lynn Herring and, and Ken Shriner and everybody that, that goes along in Kevin’s world. You know, he’s, to me, it’s just fun.

Suzanne: There’s so many great, stories that Kevin has had over the years. Although my favorite, I have to say, is on Port Charles. I believe it was the Miracles Happen, book, they called it, when he and Lucy got remarried and the little girl came, showed up. Yeah, but even though later, I think they took the little girl away and he got divorced and all that stuff, but that was my favorite because it was so Christmassy and so happy and, and like, we rarely get enough of those moments.

Jon: Yeah, that’s true. You know, I, I love doing, I love doing Port Charles. It was like, it was like the little half hour that could, and I’m, I know that there was somebody at the network paying attention, but it never felt like that. It always felt like we could. It was like our secret corner of daytime TV where we could do whatever we wanted.

I saw the, the executive producer the other day, Julie Hayden Carruthers, and she, she said the same thing. It goes, I, I know there was somebody at the network, but every time we said we’d like to do this, they just said, okay. You know, that’s great, and we got the vampires and we got the six week books that tell a novella style and really fun things. <br />
Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I’m such a huge fan of that show. but I just, I just occurred to me, didn’t Kevin write a novel, “General Homicide?” And it foretold your future.

Jon: There you go.

Suzanne: Let’s hope nobody gets killed in a way.

Jon: I, I, I wanted to, and it’s, they would never go for it. But, but I had this idea that Kevin could walk into the room and, and Laura is, is reading Hollywood hustle.

I said, Oh, what’s your reading? Oh, it’s Hollywood hustle. I said, Oh, how is it? Oh, it’s good. Oh yeah. Is it better than general homicide? And have her say, better.

Suzanne: That’s funny.

Jon: Kevin will take a double take.

Suzanne: Yeah, I guess the thing that most annoys me about it is that Kevin has a daughter out there that they never mention, Livvie. I mean, she might be dead. Vampire or something.

Jon: She looks just like Kelly Monaco.

Suzanne: II know. She could do a twin role, you know. You’re good.

Jon: Yeah. But it’s just. Yeah, there’s a lot of things that we left on the, on the floor. You know, with the. Yeah. With, General, General Homicide slash Port Charles.

Suzanne: So, how different is it now on GH as opposed to when you started over 30 years ago?

Jon: Well, the main thing that’s changed is the structure of production because, the, budgets everywhere have just been constricted to the point of not being choked. But, and this is true, I mean, virtually on every show that I work on because I do a lot of work outside of General Hospital.

Suzanne: Mm hmm.

Jon: You know, everything is just so damn expensive now that sometimes it can feel like if you cut 10 off the budget, you wouldn’t be able to make the week, but somehow they managed to do it. I think Frank Valentini is a terrific producer. You know, the, the shows themselves, the airtime has been cut down from, I think, 49 minutes and change the rest of being advertising during the hour down to about 36 minutes and change.

So, And yet, ABC keeps pumping money into it. You know, it was right before the pandemic. I think I went up to the editing bay and they were putting in a brand new Abbott system. So the, the network is still investing money into that show. They feel it’s, it’s viable for the future. So. You know, the main thing is, you have to show up with your track shoes on. You don’t get to kind of feel your way through scenes and rehearsals anymore. You need to, you need to show up and do your job quickly and efficiently.

Suzanne: And, so now that you’re a writer, is it, is it harder for you to say other writers lines?

Jon: No.

Suzanne: Oh, you don’t say, Oh, I wish they would have written it this way, or…?

Jon: No, but I mean, we have a lot of permission to just transpose or paraphrase things as long as you get the thought across because the writers in daytime are very good and they know the rule. If it doesn’t move the story forward or expose character, get rid of it.

And they’re pretty good at trimming things down to those two rules. So. There’s really not much you have to change. And if you were to change it, you might be messing up something that’s gonna happen tomorrow, so.

Suzanne: Right, right. And so you posted that you’re playing the president in a new movie. Can you tell us about the new movie?

Jon: Oh, it was a, what is, it’s called a Proof of concept Short.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. So it’s not yet a movie.

Jon: Yeah, I was asked to come down to, to Dallas and play the president for a day while they put together, um. A, essentially a proof of concept real that would show that this movie could work. On a as a film. So I spent the day. It was something. That’s why I have a cold right now because I pushed myself a little too hard over the last week or two. yeah, so I spent the day working with Jesse Metcalf. Who’s a lovely guy. I had worked with him on something before, 8 or 9 years ago. And, and, and then I had to deliver a page and a half monologue as the president and I did it in one take.

Suzanne: Wow, that’s great.

Jon: Well, that’s that. So daytime comes in handy.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I was going to mention when we were talking about Bosch…. They have a lot of former daytime stars on there.

Jon: Oh, sure. Yeah, they, that’s what was beautiful about Bosch. They, they didn’t there’s other places that will say, oh, they were on daytime. We don’t want to Bosch doesn’t care. Yeah, you’re either right for the part or you weren’t. And if you were right for it, they didn’t mind what your background was. As long as, as long as you could walk and talk and not trip over the furniture, they were happy. They wanted people who knew what they were doing.

Suzanne: II mean, it’s such a silly, prejudice to have because you guys usually are better actors and better prepared and know everything and can do so much than.

Jon: Yeah. I, listen, I liken it to, to people who knock country music usually don’t even listen to country music. And the same people would go, Oh, well they’re on soap opera.

They don’t, what do they know? They don’t know anything.

Suzanne: Or the people who say, Oh, rap.

Jon: Yeah, I think. Yeah, exactly. You know, the fact is you can dance to rap, may not be able to dance to a death metal, but you can dance to rap.

Suzanne: There’s a lot of people my age who are prejudiced against it because we didn’t grow up with it. And this new thing came along and took over the radio.

Jon: That’s it. Our parents hated the Beatles too.

Suzanne: Exactly. I think my mom loved the Beatles, but that was, I think she’s an outlier. So, is there anything else that you’d like to tell us about your book or GH or any other upcoming work that you have?

Jon: You know, I’m a, I’m a busy guy. I, I try to put everything up online. If you’re curious about what I’m doing, what book signings I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing one, actually. I don’t know when this goes up, but I’ve got one on the 17th of February in Glendale with Michael Easton. who is a terrific, in his own right. Yeah, and Michael’s just such a talented guy, but we’re going to sit down and talk at the Barnes and Noble over there.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: Two o’clock, Saturday, February 17th. The Americana at Brand. Then I’m going to be flying to New York for the 27th, at the Mysterious Bookshop. I’ll be in Portland. Actually, technically, Beaverton at Powell’s bookstore, because it’s the Beaverton place they do their mystery and thriller events. And, and then we’re looking at, Petaluma, St. Louis, Raleigh, North Carolina, Phoenix.

Suzanne: Wow. You’re not home much.

Jon: I’m not home much. I, I’m a busy guy.

Suzanne: But I know your wife is not home much, either. She’s always flying somewhere.

Jon: she’s always flying somewhere. And I, I have to show the new cover. And the publisher sent that to me there where it says USA Today bestseller.

Suzanne: Oh, great. That’s great.

Jon: Was that backwards to you? Does it look?

Suzanne: No, it looks fine to me.

Jon: Oh, okay. It looks backward on my side, but that’s.

Suzanne: Technical stuff.

Jon: Oh, I’m very excited. I meant to mention that. yeah, I just happened.

Suzanne: I’m behind on about a little less than a month, but I happen to see that Kevin and Laura are going to, adopt ace.

Jon: Yes, yes.

Suzanne: Kevin got put in the hospital by aces by aces mother.

Jon: Yeah. You know, I do wish we had a little more Kevin as may time work out their stuff. But, cause I, and I love working with Avery Pohl. I think she’s just a. but yeah, I, I like that they decided to do that and based on what I’ve seen online, boy, there’s a lot of grandparents out there who are taking on their grandchildren to raise.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: So if we’re going to do it, I hope we do it in a, in a real way. Where it’s, it’s a, it’s a huge undertaking for anybody to be a parent and, I’d like to see it. So, but, like I say, we’ve got new writers coming in. They’ve already started. So we’ll see what, yeah, see what they decide to do. You know, we’re all pretty excited.

Suzanne: II just don’t want the, Laura and Kevin to be stuck in the grandparent mode and not doing anything else.

Jon: No, we’ll try and avoid that.

Suzanne: Yeah, I hope so. All right. Well, thank you so much for talking to me. I really enjoyed it.

Jon Lindstrom taking a fan photo with the author, Suzanne, at the 1998 Port Charles Party.
Jon: My pleasure. Thanks. Thanks so much for having me today.

Suzanne: I’ll send you a

Jon: again, sorry about this froggy voice.

Suzanne: Oh, it doesn’t sound that bad, honestly.

Jon: okay.

Suzanne: II have to send you a picture. I have, that I took, years ago, like 99. I went to GH convention that they have the, fan club events and I have a picture with you, so…

Jon: Oh, great. Send that to me.

Suzanne: I’ll love to. Alright. I’m gonna try to get this out as soon as possible. I’ll let you know.

Jon: Okay. All thanks. Thank you so much.

Jon Lindstrom and Michael Easton event 2/17/24 in L.A.


Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024 by Jon Lindstrom (Author) book cover

Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024


From 4-time Emmy-nominated actor Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital, Bosch, and True Detective fame, comes a gripping debut thriller.

Set in the dark underbelly of the LA film industry, Hollywood Hustle is the perfect read for fans of Alex Finlay and Jeffery Deaver.

Winston Greene, a has-been film star, wakes one morning to find his six-year-old granddaughter at his bedside—traumatized, unattended, and gripping onto a thumb drive. She comes bearing video proof that her mother, Win’s troubled adult daughter, has been kidnapped by a murderous gang demanding all his “movie money” for her safe return. But what they don’t know is…his movie money is long gone.

Unable to go to the police for fear the kidnappers will make good on their promise to kill his daughter, Winston turns to two close friends—a legendary Hollywood stuntman and a disgraced former LAPD detective.

There’s no easy way out for Winston or his daughter—the gang is violent and willing to do anything to get the money they’re after, and Winston begins to realize that to get his daughter back, he’ll have to beat the kidnappers at their own game.

This propulsive and tense thriller will transport readers to the seedier side of LA, depicted in bold prose by a Hollywood insider.

Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Jon Robert Lindstrom is an American actor, writer, director, producer, and musician. He is well known for his roles of Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles.

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Celebrating its 60th anniversary, “General Hospital” continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that has depicted the ongoing lives of the diverse and evolving citizens of the fictional town of Port Charles set in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind-blowing plot twists abound on “GH” with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

JON LINDSTROM. GENERAL HOSPITAL – “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling” – ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” will celebrate its milestone 60th anniversary with a primetime special, “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling,” airing THURSDAY, JAN. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/Christine Bartolucci)


Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 16, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Billy talks about adding Abbott to the Chancellor-Winters company name and Devon tells him that he will talk to Lily about it. Devon later tells Nate that he thinks the name change is a power play by Billy not by Jill and he won’t let him get away with it.

Ashley starts hearing voices while she is alone in the Abbot house. Jack arrives and Ashley tells him that she is scared because she doesn’t know what is happening to her.

Jordan encourages Seth to renew his friendship with Nikki so they can help each other with their alcoholism battle.

Chelsea continued to worry about Connor because the doctors at his school couldn’t figure out what is wrong with him.

Nikki tells Victor and Victoria she wants to use herself as bait to catch Jordan.

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Days Update Thursday, February 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion with balloons, flowers, and a teddy bear. Kristen answers the door and acknowledges that he went all out. Brady says it’s all for Rachel because she is his valentine.

Xander is handcuffed to the chair in the interrogation room as Sarah enters the room.

Everett goes to the Spectator office where Stephanie asks if he’s seen him. Everett says no as Chad comes out from the back from having stayed in the office and asks who they are looking for. Stephanie says they were looking for him as she hugs Chad and thanks God that he’s okay.

Ava and Stefan go to the police station. Jada thanks them for getting there so quickly. Stefan says they are happy to help in any way they can. Ava asks if she knows how Harris is doing. Jada informs her that Harris made it through the night but he did suffer serious internal damage so he’s not out of the woods yet. Stefan asks what she needs from them. Jada responds that she has some questions. Stefan says the answer is no, they did not notice any unusual activity at the Bistro last night. Ava asks if Jada knows why Harris was shot. Jada says not yet, but they have a person of interest in custody and they reviewed Harris’ phone messages which revealed someone sent him a text message, luring him to the docks. Ava asks if they know who sent the message. Jada responds that Ava did, shocking Ava and Stefan.

Stephanie tells Chad that they were so worried. Chad thanks them for the messages and apologizes for not responding as it’s just been a little insane with the horror of what happened and getting everyone settled at the Kiriakis Mansion. Stephanie points out that he’s still at work. Chad says he luckily had a change of clothes in the back. Everett asks what they can do to help. Stephanie urges Chad to lean on them.

Xander asks how Sarah is doing. Sarah responds that she’s exhausted and confused as she doesn’t know what’s happened. Xander says he doesn’t either and asks about Victoria. Sarah says she took her to Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander swears on their daughter’s life that he did not do this as he has nothing against Harris Michaels, so he did not shoot him and she has to believe him.

Kristen brings Rachel in to the living room to see Brady. Rachel runs up and hugs him, wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day. Brady presents her with the teddy bear and asks how her school party was. Rachel says it was really good as she got 22 valentines. Kristen asks Rachel about Brady’s Valentine’s card. Rachel says it’s almost ready but she has to add one more thing to make it perfect, so she runs back to get it. Brady tells Kristen that he’s grateful that she let him come for this. Kristen calls him Rachel’s special valentine and acknowledges that he has been ever since she was born. Kristen comments on being envious since today is a day to celebrate romance and she’s been feeling the absence of that in her life more than usual. Brady says there’s a lot of reasons for that and hopes she doesn’t have any delusions of them getting back together. Brady assures Kristen that she will never be getting Valentine’s gifts from him.

Ava swears to Jada that she did not send that text message. Ava shows her phone. Jada says that texts can be deleted, so there will be a warrant issued to check her phone records. Ava says that’s fine as she has a strong alibi that she was at work all night and she can check their security footage. Jada says her phone number could have been ghosted and they will investigate all possibilities. Jada adds that she’ll be in touch if any more questions arise. Jada thanks them for coming in and exits. Ava can’t believe that Harris thought that she texted him and declares that he got shot because of her. Stefan encourages that it’s not her fault. Stefan offers to take Ava to lunch since she hasn’t eaten but Ava says she’s not hungry and walks out of the station.

Brady asks Kristen what is taking Rachel so long. Kristen says Rachel is working on his card as she wants it to be perfect. Kristen asks about Tate. Brady says he’s better at a juvenile rehab center so he and Theresa hope to see him tomorrow. Kristen questions Theresa going with him. Brady points out that she is Tate’s mother. Kristen asks how she could forget.

Xander assures Sarah that having her and Victoria in his life has changed him and he knows he’s capable of being the man he wants to be. Sarah doesn’t doubt that. Xander says he’s grateful for that but he also knows she’s given him more chances than he deserves, so if she’s here to say goodbye, he doesn’t blame her. Xander admits that Sarah and Victoria are probably better off without him.

Chad thanks Stephanie and Everett for their support. Stephanie asks how Doug and Julie are doing. Chad says they were in shock, but they were both very brave and just grateful that no one got hurt, especially the kids. Chad mentions that Doug and Julie are out picking up clothes for the kids for the week. Stephanie asks how Thomas and Charlotte are. Chad says they are good and still went to school to not miss out on the Valentine’s festivities. Chad adds that Marlena is coming by later to talk to them. Stephanie informs him that she picked up some slippers, pajamas, and teddy bears which Chad says they will love. Stephanie gets a text about the geocaching event and she has to get a permit before the event can start. Chad forgot that was today and asks if they have coverage on it. Everett assures they are all good. Chad thanks him for being on top of that. Stephanie says she will go deal with the permit issue and hugs Chad, repeating that she’s so relieved that he is okay. Stephanie then exits the office. Everett then asks Chad to tell him what’s really going on. Chad admits that he thinks it was arson and someone was trying to kill them. Chad says it was a normal night and the kids had just gone upstairs where Doug was going to read them a story before bed. Chad adds that he and Julie went upstairs to go to bed and then they heard some noise, came back down and saw the fire with smoke everywhere. Chad says that Julie luckily got Doug and the kids out while he tried to extinguish the flames but couldn’t, so Julie dragged him out and they watched the house burn down from across the street. Chad says the fire department came and put it out. Everett tells Chad that he’s so sorry for what he’s gone through and asks if he fears for his safety. Chad confirms that he does.

Kristen questions Brady seeing a lot of Theresa lately. Brady admits he has more than usual because of the situation with Tate. Kristen points out that they are also working closely too. Brady tells her not to take this chance to badmouth Theresa as he’s not interested in hearing her take, especially when it could be influenced by jealousy. Kristen admits that maybe it is as she’s been bereft of romance for quite a long time, so knowing that Theresa is getting a lot of Brady’s attention and she also has Alex wrapped around her finger, so she’s a bit envious. Kristen doesn’t like going to bed alone night after night and assumes Brady is too. Kristen asks if he’s okay with that. Brady assures that he is. Kristen knows things have been a little rough between them for the last few months, but says times are changing and it seems they are changing. Kristen feels they have grown up in the past few months and are starting to understand each other a bit more, so she was thinking they could explore the possibility of a relationship again. Brady says it’s times like this when he just knows that she is certifiable.

Stephanie goes to the police station and tells Jada that she’s amazing for reminding her to get the sign off from the parks department. Jada says she knows how important the event is and that they could all use some light hearted fun after the last 24 hours. Stephanie asks how Harris is doing. Jada admits he had a rough night, but she heard he’s stable. Stephanie says she’s praying for him. Jada says that’s all they can do right now.

Ava goes to the chapel and lights a candle as she begins to pray. Ava knows she might not deserve God’s grace, but says Harris sure does. Ava prays for God to give Harris the strength to survive. Stefan enters and sits next to Ava, holding her hand.

Sarah tells Xander that she realizes she has every reason to walk away right now, but she won’t and she can’t because she knows the man that made love to her last night, who adores his daughter, is incapable of killing another human being in cold blood. Sarah states that if Xander tells her that he didn’t do it then she believes him. Xander thanks her and declares that her and Victoria are his life. Justin then arrives, announcing he is Xander’s attorney and wants to speak to his client. Sarah thanks him for coming and tells Xander that she told Justin what happened. Xander complains that the cops just showed up at his door and arrested him for no reason as far as he could tell. Justin is sure it was a shock, but says he is here now and the family is here for both of them. Justin says when he left the house, Maggie and Julie were taking turns with Victoria while Doug was reading to Thomas and Charlotte. Sarah asks how they are doing. Justin says as well as expected. Xander questions what he’s missing. Sarah informs him about the fire at the Horton house which shocks Xander. Justin says they are all staying at the Kiriakis Mansion now. Xander guesses that explains all the sirens he heard and wonders what the hell happened in Salem last night. Xander says that Doug and Julie must be devastated. Sarah comments that it wasn’t just their home, but part of the history of the town and the spirit of Salem.

Stefan tells Ava that it’s kind of surprising to find her in the chapel as he never took her as the praying type. Ava responds that maybe he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks. Stefan asks if there’s any news on Harris. Ava says she stopped by the nurse’s desk but they wouldn’t let her in as they said family only, so she figured the only way she could help Harris now is to pray.

Stephanie asks Jada what she and Rafe are doing for Valentine’s Day. Jada says they haven’t really talked about anything but work with Harris being shot and all the craziness. Stephanie responds that she would love it if Jada and Rafe joined her and her guy for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Jada calls that really sweet. Stephanie says her guy and Rafe are both very funny. Jada agrees that they are in. Stephanie declares that she can’t wait for Valentine’s Day with two of her favorite people.

Everett asks Chad if he still feels threatened. Chad confirms he does and reveals that he got a call while watching the house burn down from an unknown number and a distorted voice that said “maybe next time, you’ll listen”.

Brady questions Kristen wanting to explore the possibility of a relationship, reminding her that when they were together it was a train wreck and since they’ve been apart, it’s been a nightmare for him since he hasn’t been able to see his daughter. Kristen asks if he doesn’t think people can change and that something wonderful can still be there, waiting to be ignited. Brady says not in this case and talks about her being malicious, vindictive, evil, and inflicting pain. Kristen admits she’s behaved badly at times but she did it because she loves him and she was desperate not to lose him. Brady questions that excusing her doing rotten things. Kristen says it’s not okay, but understandable. Brady brings up everyone else that Kristen has screwed over and lives that she tried to ruin. Brady talks about Kristen drugging Eric, forcing him to have sex with her, and recording it to make sure he was ousted from the priesthood. Kristen stops him and says they don’t want Rachel to hear him. Brady shouts that she raped his brother. Kristen calls that harsh words and says it doesn’t fit with what happened between them. Kristen adds that Eric has forgiven her. Brady argues that Eric may have said that to her, but no human being can forgive something that cruel and destructive. Kristen brings up Brady threatening her with a gun in front of their daughter and asks if that’s not cruel and destructive. Brady blames her provoking him but says he was never going to hurt her. Brady states that stealing a fetus and implanting it in herself was probably her most diabolical thing. Kristen argues that she did it out of love. Brady asks if that exonerates her. Brady declares that Kristen’s idea of love has nothing to do with love, but with possessiveness, revenge, and selfishness. Brady adds that Kristen keeps claiming to have changed but she keeps making the same mistakes. Rachel then runs back in, yelling for Brady to stop and not speak to Kristen like that. Brady apologizes but Rachel argues that they always say sorry and they always fight. Kristen tries to say that they don’t but Rachel says that’s lying. Brady says they have a complicated relationship but they both love her. Rachel shouts at them both to shut up. Rachel then rips up her Valentine’s card for Brady and says she hopes he’s happy now. Kristen tells Brady to just go. Brady tells Rachel that he loves her and he’s sorry as he then exits. Kristen hugs Rachel and tells her that it will be alright.

Everett tells Chad that it looks like their article struck a nerve with Clyde after all but proving it won’t be easy. Everett worries that Clyde has the means to continue his campaign of terror for quite some time. Chad says he cannot let that happen as Clyde murdered his wife and tried to kill him and his kids, so he has to finish this. Everett tells Chad to let him help him finish it as they have more of a chance of success if he helps. Chad says it won’t be pretty. Everett responds that he’s all in for down and dirty if it means getting Clyde out of their lives for good.

Ava tells Stefan that it’s so hard not to be close to Harris right now. Ava asks if Stefan thinks Clyde will go after Gabi or Tripp now. Stefan says no, since they had nothing to do with the raid or the article, so the best thing they can do is stay put and lie low until they hear from Clyde. Ava worries that they will never be free of Clyde. Stefan declares that they made their choices and as long as that son of a bitch is breathing, they are at his mercy.

Justin tells Xander to walk him through last night as he understands he went for a run. Xander confirms that he did and it was late as he usually runs earlier, but he needed to clear his head. Justin asks where he ran. Xander says he went through the town square and passed by the Bistro on his way home. Justin asks if he heard anything. Xander says he heard nothing until he got home and then it seemed like sirens were coming from all directions. Justin questions Xander about the “is it done?” text on his phone. Xander says he has no idea. Justin assumes the police will get a warrant for his cell phone records. Xander admits that a few days ago, he got a call, asking him to eliminate someone. Sarah is shocked while Justin questions him just mentioning this now instead of going to the police. Xander knows he should have. Jada comes back in to the room, so Justin tells her that he wants his client arraigned now, so they can set bail and get him out. Jada responds that she wouldn’t be getting his hopes up. Jada then opens a box and presents a gun.

Stephanie joins Everett in the town square, where people are participating in the geocaching event. Stephanie comments on the turnout. Everett says she did good. Stephanie informs him that she invited her friends to dinner tonight as they’ve been going through a lot and she knows that they could use a care free night. Stephanie adds that she’s been wanting to introduce them to him as he’s responsible for the smile on her face as they kiss.

Brady sits outside the DiMera Mansion, questioning how he could let this happen again.

Kristen encourages Rachel to drink water and calm down. Rachel complains that she doesn’t want to calm down and asks why Kristen and Brady always have to fight.

Ava asks Stefan how she let this happen to her. Stefan responds that he let it happen to him too as they both felt they had no choice since Clyde got to them when they were vulnerable. Ava doesn’t like vulnerable as she’s supposed to be strong and fierce with no one intimidating her. Ava admits she was weak and now the last thought in Harris’s head is that she needed him. Ava states that Harris was on the dock because of her as she starts to cry. Stefan encourages that they are not alone in this and that they will get through it together.

Sarah questions the gun. Jada responds that it was recovered in Xander’s apartment last night and ballistics just confirmed that it’s the same gun that shot Harris Michaels.

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Days Update Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theresa wakes up at home and calls out for Alex but there’s no answer, so she knocks on his door and finds out he is not home and wonders where the heck he is.

Paulina is in the hospital, on the phone with Rafe. Paulina thanks him for checking in and says she’s doing alright but she’s frustrated that she can’t be available to him 24/7. Paulina says getting the drugs off the street is a start and says to thank the police department for the flowers as she hangs up. Abe arrives with white roses and wishes Paulina a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Johnny and Chanel arrive at the hospital, dressed for their wedding and talking about how they can’t wait to see Paulina’s reaction. Chanel tells Johnny that it was very kind of him to do this. Johnny says he loved the idea just as much as she did and he would do anything to make her happy. Chanel adds that Paulina will be over the moon.

Steve wakes Kayla up in bed with a yellow rose and wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Steve tells her that she’s even more beautiful than when he first laid eyes on her. Steve talks about having so many years together and adventures. Steve states that as crazy as some of those adventures have been, they brought them to where they are now and he’s so grateful for each one. Kayla says she is too as they kiss until Stephanie opens the door to surprise them with breakfast in bed, but apologizes for interrupting.

John and Marlena kiss in the park. Marlena is glad John insisted on this. John calls it a beautiful day. Marlena says it really does help to get out in nature and the fresh air. Marlena hopes that Harris will be alright and worries about what the Hortons are going through. John assures that Doug and Julie know they will help them any way they can. John then surprises Marlena with a Valentine’s Day picnic setup in the park.

Kayla and Steve come out from the bedroom as Stephanie continues to apologize for interrupting. Steve says it’s their fault for not locking the door while Stephanie blames herself for not knocking. Stephanie wishes them a happy anniversary anyway and calls them the sweetest, most romantic couple she knows. Stephanie says the food can wait but Kayla insists that they want to enjoy it.

Theresa wonders if Alex at least left a note but finds that he did not. Theresa then remembers finding the engagement ring in Alex’s jacket pocket, so she checks his jacket and finds the ring is no longer there. Theresa then guesses that means Alex is going to propose today because it’s Valentine’s Day so maybe he’s going to put the ring in a dessert for her. Theresa decides that Alex is going to surprise her by popping the question. Theresa then excitedly goes to get dressed.

Marlena comments on John going above and beyond. Marlena calls it a perfect Valentine’s Day. John hopes it makes up a little for them being apart on last year’s Valentine’s Day but says that gave him a greater appreciation of every day with her. John tells Marlena that their Valentine’s Day celebration is just beginning, explaining that he downloaded the montage of pictures that Johnny put together that he showed her on the rooftop. John suggests tonight, they lie in bed and look at those pictures again under different circumstances which Marlena says she would love. John says it doesn’t seem like a year since they were up on the rooftop. Marlena responds that time goes by so quickly. John says they are too busy making memories like today as they toast their champagne.

Alex comes home where Theresa says she was starting to get worried as he doesn’t usually leave without a note or a text. Alex apologizes and kisses her. Theresa says he’s forgiven this once and asks where he was. Alex responds that there was just something he needed to take care of. Theresa tells him that he’s just in time for a very special breakfast and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day as they kiss. Alex tells Theresa that he’s not really that hungry and asks if she’d be up to go for a walk instead, so Theresa goes to get changed.

Paulina talks to Abe about the white roses as Chanel and Johnny arrive. Paulina says they didn’t have to come but they insist there is no where else they would rather be. Paulina sees they also have white roses and starts to feel this isn’t a coincidence, so she asks what’s going on. Johnny informs Paulina that her surgery is not the only reason they are all here today. Chanel announces it’s finally time to let her in on a surprise as she reveals that it’s her bridal bouquet and they are getting married today. Paulina is shocked as she thought they postponed the wedding. Johnny tells Paulina that she’s going to be there as Chanel declares that they are getting married right here.

Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla eat breakfast as Stephanie asks them which of their weddings was their favorite. They agree that it was the first one on the yacht. Steve calls it a beautiful day and recalls how the day before, Kayla had her hearing restored but hadn’t spoken in two months until then as they flash back to that moment. Kayla states that Steve gave her the courage to finally talk again, calling it a glorious moment with everyone they love there to witness it as they flash back to their wedding vows. Kayla declares that celebrating their anniversary with the love of her life and their daughter, reminds her of how lucky she is and how her life is better than she ever could’ve imagined.

Paulina questions Chanel and Johnny getting married in this hospital room. Johnny confirms that Abe will be officiating. Paulina questions them planning all of this as Abe explains that he had all the flowers sent for the ceremony. Paulina realizes that’s why Rafe didn’t know what she was thanking him for. Paulina asks if they are sure. Chanel assures her and asks Paulina to be her matron of honor while Johnny asks her to be his best person as well. Chanel says Paulina can also give her away. Paulina calls it a lot of jobs but says she’s up for it. Paulina calls for them to get the show on the road.

Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla talk about Steve and Kayla being married 5 times. Steve and Kayla talk about exchanging vows in the mountains. Stephanie reveals that she gathered photos from their previous weddings as an anniversary Valentine’s gift. They flash back to their Valentine’s Day wedding from 3 years ago. They talk about meaning every word of their vows.

Alex and Theresa walk to the park and come across John and Marlena, so they greet them and wish a Happy Valentine’s Day. Alex says they know how to celebrate. Marlena invites them to join them. Alex says they don’t want to intrude but John insists. Theresa decides it’s up to Alex. Alex repeats that he didn’t want to impose but Marlena says they would enjoy the company. Alex calls it great since they had no plans, so Theresa goes along with it and they sit down with John and Marlena.

Abe begins the wedding of Chanel and Johnny. Johnny and Chanel then exchange their vows. Abe calls for the rings but Paulina asks if they want to say something personal first. Johnny confirms that he definitely does.

John tells Alex and Theresa about the first time he set up a romantic picnic for Marlena on their first honeymoon which they then flash back to. They comment on still making wonderful memories. Theresa asks what their secret is to staying madly in love for 40 years. Marlena points out that there were a few years they weren’t together while John notes that they always found their way back to each other. John says there is the love, trust, and always staying romantic. Marlena reminds John of the Valentine’s Day dance at the hospital, so Theresa asks for the details. They recall it being 1993. John reveals he won a dance with Marlena for $100,000. Marlena adds that everyone thought they were just friends at that point, but after the dance, they realized they were a lot more as they flash back to that moment. John declares that it was worth every penny. Theresa asks Marlena to show her where the ladies room is so she can freshen up. As they step aside, Theresa informs Marlena that she doesn’t really have to go, but she’s dying to tell somebody that Alex is going to ask her to marry her today. Marlena asks if she’s sure. Theresa explains that she found a gorgeous ring in his jacket pocket and then this morning, it was no longer there which tells her that Alex has the ring with him or he dropped it off somewhere for a surprise proposal. Marlena responds that she’s not sure about this which Theresa questions. Marlena wonders if Theresa doesn’t want to get things with her son in order before making a huge life change. Theresa says she understands that, but she’ll just tell Alex that they can have a really long engagement and they don’t have to get married right away. Theresa adds that she doesn’t want to upset Alex by saying no when he proposes, especially since he bought such a beautiful ring. John asks Alex if he’s okay. Alex responds that he’s good, just feeling a little pressured. John isn’t sure what he means. Alex says it’s Valentine’s Day, so when you are with someone, they expect you to be intensely romantic like John and Marlena. John states that Alex and Theresa’s relationship is relatively new so they don’t have to be intensely romantic as long as he’s honest about it. Alex agrees that he has to be honest with himself and with Theresa.

Kayla thanks Stephanie and hugs her. Stephanie knows Valentine’s Day is very special to Steve and Kayla, so she wanted to honor that. Steve thanks her and asks what Stephanie’s Valentine’s Day plans are. Stephanie responds that she’s going to check in on the Caching Cupid event that kicks off later. Stephanie jokes that she’s going to be gone for hours and mentions that Abe is gone too. Steve and Kayla talk about Abe telling them about his plans to officiate another surprise wedding. Kayla mentions being so happy for Johnny and Chanel.

Johnny begins his own vows by telling Chanel that she’s made him the happiest man in the world today and talks about their journey. Johnny says he doesn’t know where life will take them from here but it doesn’t matter because they will be together. Johnny promises to take care of her and protect her forever. Chanel responds that she loves him with a passion that she can’t express in words, so all she can do is show him and she looks forward to all the years to come. Abe then calls for them to exchange the rings. Abe then pronounces them husband and wife as Johnny and Chanel kiss. Paulina exclaims that it’s such a happy day. Abe congratulates them as they hug. The nurse enters and says it looks like a special occasion. Paulina confirms that her beautiful daughter just got married to her handsome new son in law and for the second time. Johnny assures it’s the last time as well. The nurse is sorry to break it up but announces it’s time for Paulina’s surgery. Johnny says they’ll be right here when she gets back. Abe says he will walk Paulina down the hall. Chanel hugs Paulina and says she loves her. Abe and the nurse then escort Paulina out of the room. Chanel and Johnny talk about how Paulina will be okay and they just have to wait, joking that they are the best dressed couple in the hospital. Johnny tells Chanel how much he loves her as they kiss.

Steve and Kayla talk about Stephanie being sweet and how she won’t be home for awhile. Steve and Kayla then head back to the bedroom.

Alex and Theresa go back home. Theresa talks about it being a treat to run in to John and Marlena and hearing all those romantic stories. Alex says they obviously have a great marriage. Theresa calls that something to strive for. Theresa asks Alex if he wants to go to the geocaching scavenger hunt. Alex says maybe. Theresa asks what Alex had planned for the day. Alex says he was going to go by the office but it’s not necessary for her to come in today. Theresa says she’ll just be here relaxing then and waiting for him. Alex says that sounds good. Theresa adds that she made a reservation at the Bistro because it’s Valentine’s Day and asks if he’s interested. Alex says sure and that he’s going to change for the office. Theresa tells him it’s at 8:00 so Alex says he’ll be there and exits. Theresa wonders if Alex is just trying to throw her off and guesses that Alex definitely took the ring to the Bistro to put it in her dessert or something. Theresa declares that tonight will be the night that she becomes the future Mrs. Alex Kiriakis.

Marlena thanks John for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. John says the pleasure is all his as they kiss. Marlena hopes he didn’t mind her inviting Alex and Theresa to join them. John calls it very nice of her, especially since they obviously didn’t have any other plans. Marlena then informs John that Theresa was expecting Alex to propose and after having spent so much time with Alex, she knows that’s not on his mind. John thinks Alex is doing a little soul searching because he told him that he feels like he’s under pressure to be intensely romantic because it’s Valentine’s Day. John mentions that he advised Alex to be honest with Theresa. Marlena reveals John that she got him something and it’s a keychain engraved “Going Home to Doc”. John calls it perfect because every time they are apart, he’s always going home to her as they kiss. Marlena calls it a combination Valentine’s and birthday gift as she wishes him a happy birthday. John tells Marlena that he loves her now and forever. John jokes that he may not have $100,000 on him but asks her to dance with him which they do.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie helped Steve and Kayla celebrate their anniversary. John set up a Valentine’s Day surprise for Marlena. He wanted to show her that he appreciated her. John said he downloaded the pictures Johnny had. He wanted to look at the pictures under different circumstances. Theresa was excited about Alex proposing to her. He wanted to take her for a walk. While Abe and Paulina were talking, Johnny and Chanel showed up. Paulina wanted to know what was going on. Johnny and Chanel told her they were getting married. Steve talked to Kayla and Stephanie about the first time they got married. There was a flashback of their wedding. Paulina asked if Johnny and Chanel were getting married in her room. Johnny said they were. Paulina was excited about them getting married. Stephanie asked Steve and Kayla if they were married four times. Steve and Kayla told her they were. Stephanie said she gathered pictures from their weddings. While they were looking at the pictures, they flashed back to another wedding. While Alex and Theresa went on their walk, they ran into John and Marlena. Marlena asked if they wanted to join them. Alex said they didn’t want to intrude. He agreed to join them because they didn’t have any plans.

Abe officiated Johnny and Chanel’s wedding. John and Marlena talked to Alex and Theresa about their romance. Theresa asked what the secret of staying madly in love. John said it was trust, respect and staying romantic. Marlena and John told them about the hospital Valentine’s Day dance. There was a flashback of the dance. Theresa pulled Marlena away from the table. She told Marlena that Alex was going to propose to her. Theresa told her about finding the ring and why she thought he was going to propose to her. Marlena told her she didn’t know if Alex was proposing to her. She asked if Theresa wanted to get things with her son in order before making a life change. Theresa said she would tell Alex they would have a long engagement. She said she didn’t want to upset him by saying no to his proposal. Alex told John that he felt pressured to be romantic the way John was with Marlena. John told him to be honest with himself and Theresa. Alex agreed that he had to be honest with himself and Theresa. Johnny told Chanel how he felt about her. Chanel told Johnny how she felt about him. When they got married, a nurse came to take Paulina to have her surgery.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad, Julie, Doug, and the kids went to the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie tried to calm Julie down. Julie questioned why the house burned down. Chad said it was his fault. Goldman, Rafe, and Jada talked about Harris and how he was doing. Jada told Rafe what was going on with Lucas. Wendy showed up at the police station. Jada wanted her to scrub traffic cam footage. Wendy wanted to talk to Jada and Rafe for a minute. Maggie asked Chad how the fire could be his fault. Chad said he got a call from an unknown number. He told them what the caller said. Chad said it was a payback for writing a story about the drug ring. He said Clyde threatened him. Julie was upset that he didn’t pull the story. Wendy told Rafe and Jada that Ava admitted she was in danger and didn’t want her and Tripp involved. She said Ava said she couldn’t trust the cops. Wendy said she thought Stefan was involved. Rafe appreciated Wendy talking to them. He asked her to be their ears. Wendy said she felt weird spying on her boyfriend’s brother. Jada tried to convince her to do it. Wendy agreed to do it. Rafe said no one else would know what information she gave them. Stefan tried to comfort Ava about Harris. He wanted to know why she slept with him if she loved Harris. Ava couldn’t believe he asked her that. Julie told Chad he should have said something about Clyde’s threat. Maggie told Chad that it wasn’t his fault. Julie told him it wasn’t his fault. Chad said he wanted to make Clyde pay for what he did to Abby and the kids. Julie asked if he was sure Clyde was the one who called. Chad said he wasn’t sure but wondered who else it could be. He said the number was blocked but it could be unblocked. Chad wanted to give the police his phone to see what they could do. Goldman said she found a cell phone. Rafe told Wendy to check the phone. When Wendy left, Jada wanted to know what happened at the pub. Kayla told Ava and Stefan about Harris’ condition. She said they had to remove the bullet. Ava asked if Harris was going to be okay. Kayla said he lost of lot of blood. She said they would know when they performed surgery.

Julie was upset that the fire ruined her family’s legacy. Maggie said the fire didn’t take away the memories. Kayla said Harris would do better than most because he was in excellent shape. She said Ava’s quick thinking was why Harris stood a fighting chance. Rafe couldn’t believe Harris was keeping Lucas safe at the pub. He said they had to do whatever they could to find Harris’ killer. Rafe believed Clyde was behind it. Jada hoped the phone could tell them something. She said Lucas was safe for now, but they had to get him out of the pub. While they were talking, Chad showed up. Jada asked if everyone was okay. Chad said everyone got out. Rafe asked if he knew how the fire started. Chad said it was Clyde. He told them about the phone call. Chad said Clyde threatened him because of the story. He said he thought Clyde was getting revenge because of the story. Rafe said if Clyde was responsible that made three incidents. Chad wanted to know what the was talking about. Rafe said it was confidential, but he promised to take him down. Chad wanted the police to nail Clyde. Ava told Stefan they had to end what they were doing after tonight. Stefan said they didn’t have a choice. He said they saw what happened to Harris. Ava threatened to make Clyde pay if anything happened to Harris. Stefan said she couldn’t show up at the prison and kill him. He said to let it go. She asked if he expected them to let Clyde hurt the people they loved. Rafe and Jada talked about Clyde and wondered how the mole knew what was going on. Wendy came in and told them about the numbers she found on the burner phone. Goldman showed up with the search warrant. Jada asked her if she was okay. Goldman said she overdid it at the gym. Ava asked Kayla about Harris. Kayla said they removed the bullet, but he had a collapsed gun. While they were talking, Ava asked to see him. Kayla said she could see him for a few minutes. Ava went to see Harris. She wanted to tell him she loved him.

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Days Short Recap Monday, February 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Someone broke into the Brady pub and tried to shoot at Lucas. Kate had her gun ready to fire it. A mysterious person lit the Horton house on fire. Julie and Chad ran down stairs and saw the flames in the living room. They yelled for help. Stefan saw Tripp, Ava and Wendy. Stefan and Tripp had an awkward exchange. Ava wanted to get some air. She saw Harris shot on the ground. Rafe and Jada talked about the drug dealer that got shot. Jada wondered if their conversation counted as a date. He said there was a lot of paperwork so it did. She agreed to take what she could get. He wondered what happened to Harris’ file. Ava tried to help Harris when she found him. She called Tripp to tell him about Harris. Kate and Lucas made sure they weren’t hit. Roman arrived and wanted to make sure they were okay. Kate told Roman that she wasn’t sure if she shot the person who broke in. Chad called the fire department and Julie went upstairs to wake Doug and the kids. Ava begged Harris not to die. The ambulance was on its way to them.

Lucas and Roman realized that the shooter was after him. Roman thought they should go to Harris. Kate thought Harris was the reason they went through the break in. The EMTs, Rafe and Jada arrived at the scene. They saw Harris on the ground. Rafe got a call about another shooting at the pub and wanted Jada to check it out. Chad tried to put the fire out, and Julie went back inside to help him. Jada arrived at the pub and saw Lucas there. Rafe asked Ava questions about Harris. She didn’t have answers for him. Jada asked Kate and Lucas questions about what happened. She wanted to question Lucas at the station, but he couldn’t do it. She was going to have a strong police presence at the house. Tripp gave Harris CPR, but he wasn’t responsive. He wanted to know what happened. Lucas told Jada that Clyde was responsible for what happened at the pub. Julie and Doug were devastated by the fire. She said she spent her lifetime there. Chad’s kids talked about losing their mother’s picture. Someone called Chad and warned him about interfering in the drug trafficking.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 15, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Ashley is riding in a limo when the limo bumps into another car and Ashley remembers a similar accident happening in Paris.

Adam and Nick ask Victor to create a design division within Newman Enterprises, but Victor tells them he will never work with Sally Spectra. Adam tells Nick he won’t give up until he persuades their father to create a design division for Sally.

Jordan calls Nikki and tells her that she won’t see her coming when she comes after her.

Victor tells Adam and Nick he intends to make himself the bait to draw Jordan into a trap. Jordan sends text messages to Seth and later him at a bar, but she is wearing a shoulder length dark wig.

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