GH Short Recap Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sam and Kristina are worried about how Molly is dealing with endometriosis diagnosis. Sam and Kristina decide to check on Molly and offer their support to her.

Cody and Spinelli almost get Gladys to admit that she planted the bracelet inside Cody’s suit pocket the night of the Nurses Ball. Mrs. Wu finds the microphone that Spinelli, Cody, and Sam were using to record Gladys. Mrs. Wu throws the microphone in the pool and tells Spinelli she will make peace between Cody and Gladys. Mrs. Wu demands that Gladys get the charges against Cody dropped right away. Mrs. Wu also tells Cody to keep his mouth shut about Gladys because nobody can find out he is a ringer in her poker games. Sam and Spinelli suspect that Cody, Gladys, and Mrs. Wu are connected and they want to find out the connection between them.

Alexis tells Tracey she should go along with Ned thinking he is Eddie Maine and wait until his memory returns. Gregory overhears Tracey call Alexis an iditol.

Sasha’s psychiatrist Dr. Montague overhears Gladys owes Mrs. Wu money and he offers to pay her debt, but he wants a favor from her.

The judge sentences Drew to three years in prison for insider trading because he thinks the six month plea deal is too lenient.

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