GH Short Recap Friday, April 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Nurses Ball continues with Magic Milo and his magic wands performing their act.

Gladys puts the very expensive bracelet in Cody’s tuxedo pocket while he is on stage performing with the magic wands. The guard who is guarding the necklace finds the necklace and Gladys asks Mac to arrest Cody for trying to steal the necklace. Cody tells Mac and Sam that he is being framed as he is handcuffed and taken to the police station.

Lucy is caught by Victor’s guard backstage at the Nurses Ball but is saved by Sonny.

Carly pays tribute to her mother Bobbie for her 45 years of service to General Hospital. The audience sees flashbacks of Bobbie and the important moments in her life. Bobbie then pays tribute to Lucy while Lucy listens backstage, and she thinks Bobbie will say something bad about her, so she comes out on stage, and everyone gives her a standing invitation.

Liesl is nowhere to be found and Nina worries she could be hurt. Nina also worries that if they don’t find Liesl, Willow won’t be able to have her bone marrow transplant.

Victor shoots Anna. Valentin rushes her to the hospital. The doctor tells Laura, Valentin, and Robert that Anna is in critical condition with a bullet in her abdomen and they are taking her to surgery to remove the bullet.

Victor calls Spencer to meet him at the Haunted Star and then once Spencer is on the boat the boat engines turn on, and the boat leaves the dock. Laura arrives home and finds Esme face down on the floor and she is unconscious.

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