GH Short Recap Monday, June 12, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Carly and Josslyn were shocked when Michael asked Dex to continue working for Sonny and gather information about Pikeman. Carly revealed that the idea was hers, not Michael’s. Dex spoke to Josslyn privately and explained that Sonny needed his protection against Pikeman, convincing her to understand.

At the hospital, Tracy accused Drew of attacking Ned, leading to a confrontation. Chase arrived and took Drew to the police station for questioning. Drew urged Zeke to make the incident disappear, fearing complications with the SEC investigation.

Nina wanted to spend time alone with Sonny but received a call from Brook Lynn about Ned’s condition. They went to the hospital, where Ned was stable but unconscious. Tracy falsely claimed that Drew had tried to kill Ned. T.J. diagnosed Ned with a traumatic brain injury, leaving Olivia devastated.

Chase reviewed security footage, confirming Tracy’s account. Tracy later recanted, admitting it was an accident. In Ned’s room, Olivia and Brook Lynn visited him. Nina comforted Olivia while Chase received a mysterious text.

Austin pressured Ava to help take down Sonny, but she refused, citing her commitment to Avery. Their argument revealed a strange connection between them. Austin asked Ava to consider his request but refused to disclose who he was working for.

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