GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Trina that Josslyn broke up with him, but he doesn’t tell her the reason for the break up. Trina tells Spencer she will go with him to Britt’s memorial service. Spencer tells Trina that he intends to fight Nikolas for custody of his baby brother or sister.

Drew talks to Olivia and tells her that Carly lied to him and didn’t tell him Nina was Willow’s mother. Olivia persuades Drew to talk to Carly and see if they can save their relationship. Josslyn has a long talk with Carly and tells her the details about her argument with Cameron and she also tells her that even though she hurt Cameron she can’t turn off her feelings for Dex. Carly tells Jocelyn that being with Dex is a risk and Josslyn tells her Dex is worth the risk even though she doesn’t like the fact that he works for Sonny.

Anna and Valentin find Lucy inside the catacombs and once they try to get her out of the water Renee turns her over to Victor’s men. Victor’s men put a bomb with a timer in the water to kill Anna while they take Lucy and Valentin out of the water. Lucy, and Valentin punch Victor’s men knocking them into the water. Anna punches Renee who is in the water with her and Valentin gets Anna out of the water just before the bomb goes off killing the men and Renee. Lucy wants to call Martin to let him know she is okay, but Anna tells her she can’t do that because the world has to think they are dead.

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