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Recap written by Suzanne

Anna awakens groggily in her hotel room, wondering where Valentin is. She finds his briefcase and picks the lock. She pulls out a file with the Pikeman logo on it. She’s shocked but manages to close the briefcase and put it back before he walks in the door (but the file is still out). She asks him for help in finding out who destroyed her life. He suggests that whomever did it were professionals and probably covered their tracks well. He will investigate, cautiously, but he doesn’t think it will be easy to find the culprit. He also lies to her again about being at ELQ. Anna goes to take a shower, since she has to go talk to her insurance company about the fire. When she comes out, Valentin is gone, and so is his briefcase and the Pikeman file.

Robert goes to a judge’s chambers. The judge is late, but Diane is there. They play their usual little verbal games. He asks her about the car show, so she goes on and on about how beautiful the cars were and hints that she was there with a date, not Alexis. He looks perturbed. Diane smiles at the effect she has on him. Robert gets a phone call about Anna’s house burning down, so he rushes off to see her. Anna is upset when Robert visits, pouring her heart out about the fire. He holds her tenderly. He offers to go with her to the insurance office, but she asks him to first help her tell Robin over Zoom about the fire, so he does (we don’t see Robin, though).

Olivia finds Ned eating cold lasagna, which horrifies her. She offers to make him a frittata, but he likes cold lasagna. He can tell that she’s still freaking out, so he lets her warm up the lasagna. He realizes it’s pretty good. Olivia is bothered that he doesn’t want any parmesan because Ned loved it. They chat a little about Leo. She tries to question him about his late night, but he confides that he spent most of the night playing his guitar and working on a new song in the solarium (he did mention that Tracy showed up drunk in the wee hours). He tells her that his muse is Elvis and invites her to listen to his new song, which she’s happy to do. While he goes to get his guitar, Monica phones Olivia, so they chat for a few seconds. Monica is traveling but wanted to check in, especially about how Ned’s doing. Olivia explains that he’s still Eddie but things are looking up. Eddie makes some wise observations about how Olivia does so much for everyone. He plays and sings the song, which is beautiful. It’s about being lost at sea and hearing a siren. The song clearly moves Olivia, and she gets upset when he stops. He hasn’t yet written the rest of the song. She thanks him for sharing it with her.

Joss chats with Carly at home before she leaves for the Metro Court pool. She plans to go there and study, since school is starting soon. After she leaves, Carly gets a call from Drew, from Pentonville. Carly is very happy that Drew is out of solitary. They catch up a little, and she promises to come see him. She’s not happy that he rescued Cyrus. Meanwhile, Cyrus has a flashback to when he got into a fight (before Drew saved him). Drew walks in, so he greets him. Drew looks warily at him. Cyrus talks about how his heart attack changed him. As usual, his words seem to mean more than one thing, so it’s hard to figure out what he really means. Cyrus makes it clear, though, that he owes Drew his life for saving him.

Diane drops by Carly’s place to chat about Robert and trying to have a romantic relationship again. Carly thinks, at first, that she’s just there to bring bad news (since she usually does). Diane is afraid of getting hurt again.

On the phone, Betty tries to get Mason to tell her she doesn’t have to be Avery’s nanny any more, but he doesn’t want her to leave yet. When she gets to the penthouse, Sonny plays with her – like a cat with a mouse. He tells her that Avery is sick, so she can’t see her today. He even gives her some extra money. Dex follows her, like before, on Sonny’s orders. Betty goes to the Metro Court pool and uses Sonny’s gift to order a bunch of food and drinks. Joss, seated nearby, says nasty things to her. Dex arrives and rushes over to Joss, then kisses her passionately to shut her up before she could wonder why he’s there. He pretends that they had a date to meet, and he’s late. Joss keeps looking at him quizzically. Eventually, she asks him what’s going on, but he has to leave when Betty does, so he asks her to trust him.

Valentin receives a text from Sonny, demanding that he drop by, so he does. Sonny argues on the phone with Ava, explaining that they’ve set their trap for Betty. Sonny questions Valentin about his involvement with Pikeman. Valentin worries that Sonny isn’t taking Pikeman seriously and warns him to take the offered deal, but Sonny isn’t going to do that. It’s clear he doesn’t trust the Pikeman group, nor Valentin

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