Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 1, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Nate cheats on Elena again with Victoria, while Elena tells Audra that Nate encouraged Elena to choose a location for a romantic getaway. Audra could barely contain her delight to reveal that Nate lied when he told Elena he was going on a business trip alone. Elena, realizing she cannot trust him, vowed to go to LA to confront Nate, who looked at a photo of a smiling Elena before sleeping with his boss.

Ashley is ready to play hardball to get Jack to prioritize the family business instead of Diane, Diane, Diane. She is a threat to the family business, Ashley states, and the media attention from the murder trial will be a feeding frenzy, which will be bad for Jabot. She tells Billy that they should do something now, and perhaps notify the Jabot board of directors of Jack’s inattention.

Jack and Michael, however, are plotting to prove that Diane didn’t kill Phyllis. Micheal is ready to ask some shady acquaintances to get information and dirt on the late Jeremy Stark. Implicating Stark is Diane’s best chance to avoid a murder conviction, Michael tells a very worried Jack, who readily states that clearing Diane’s name is his number one priority.

Earlier that day, Jack is furious to find a grinning and unkempt Tucker in the Abbott mansion, offering him morning coffee and a rose. Just moments before, Tucker offered morning coffee and the rose to Ashley, who said she did not have time for it but kissed Tucker goodbye before heading to work. Let the brewing war over the Abbott house guests begin.

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