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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Nicole that Kate and Kayla died. Nicole asked about Marlena. EJ said she was sick, but she was holding on. Nicole said she wanted to be there for Eric, but she was the last person he would want to see. EJ said she was a good person even if Eric didn’t want to see her. She told him that it was crazy that she wasn’t ready to move on from Eric. EJ said he wouldn’t pressure her. She said she should give up men for New Year’s. Stefan came home from Miami. Johnny was shocked that he wasn’t more upset about what happened. Stefan said he didn’t believe what happened. Johnny said it did happen. He said he heard it from the source. He said he and Wendy were almost drugged with the same drug Rolf used on Gabi. Stefan asked why he didn’t tell him sooner. EJ came in the living room. Johnny said he didn’t say anything because of Wendy. Stefan left the mansion. EJ thanked Johnny for not saying anything. Johnny told him that Kristen was hiding the orchid in the mansion and now it is gone. Johnny thought there must be a way to make more of the serum for Marlena. EJ said Rolf would know. Johnny left to see Rafe.

At John and Marlena’s place, Eric pulled a gun on Kristen. He told her to be afraid of him. He said he had the gun and she was going to take him to the orchid. Brady showed up. Brady tried to talk Eric out of using the gun. Eric left the apartment. She thanked Brady. He said he didn’t do it for her. He said he did it for his brother. He told her to pack her bags and get out. She asked him to let her stay for Rachel. He refused to let her do it. He said if he had been harder on her, he would have gotten the orchid to Kristen and Kayla on time. She told him not to blame himself. He said he didn’t blame himself. He said he blamed her. Gabi told Rafe what happened with Stefan. Rafe told her he had to let Li and Kristen go, but he was going to make them pay. She said she married Li. He said they could be divorce buddies. He told her not to give up on Stefan. She said she would never give up on him. He left to go to work. Li and Chloe ran into each other at the Square. She yelled at him. She wondered why he made Stefan fall for her. He told her to ask herself who would benefit from driving a wedge between her and Brady. She ended up quitting her job. Li went to see Gabi. She didn’t want to see him, but he wanted to explain himself. He told her resurrecting Stefan was for business reasons at first. He said he ended up falling in love with her. He said he didn’t want to lose her. She told him he lost her forever. He said they were alike and that deep down she would have done the same thing. He said they belonged together. She yelled at him for trying to kill the man she loved. Eric went to the police station and told Rafe to arrest Kristen. Rafe said he didn’t have enough evidence against her. Eric accused him of letting his mother suffer because he hated him. Rafe said he would follow every lead. Nicole went to see Chloe. She apologized to Chloe for telling Gabi where Stefan was. Chloe said she wished it happened before she slept with Stefan. She said Stefan was only interested in her because he was forced to be. Brady showed up to see Chloe. Nicole left them alone. He told Chloe Kristen forced him to break up with her. Johnny went to the police station. He told Rafe that Rolf might be able to help them cure Marlena. Rafe said he knew, but he couldn’t find him. Johnny said he knew where he was. Stefan went to see Gabi.

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