GH Short Recap Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chase and Brook Lynn sneak into the Metro Court pool, while it is closed, and Chase gets in the pool naked to prove to Brook Lynn he will break the rules for her.

Elizabeth and Finn have a romantic date at the Port Charles Grill and they talk for so long, they close the restaurant.

Portia brings Curtis take-out from their favorite Italian restaurant, so he won’t have to eat hospital food. Curtis tells Portia that if he is permanently paralyzed he wants her to let him go.

Dex finds Gordon dead and calls Sonny who tells him what to say when he calls Dante. Dante arrives and once his men investigate, Dante tells Dex that Gordon was from Pawtucket but had ties to Pentonville.

Sonny suspects there is something off about Nanny Betty. Once the nanny leaves, Ava confesses to Sonny that Austin’s cousin Mason has been blackmailing her and Austin for months. Ava explains to Sonny that the unknown person for which Mason works wanted to plant Nanny Betty to get information on Sonny and the Pikeman deal. Ava tells, Sonny they are threatening to kill her mother Delia as well as Avery. Ava tells Sonny she had to do what they said because Mason knows she killed Nikolas.

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