GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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Recap written by Angela

Trina tells Spencer to not stop kissing her. Curtis goes to the Savoy to drink. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather is the Hook killer. Heather tells Ava that Ryan had help destroying her life. Ryan tells Esme he wants to help her.

Marshall shows up as Curtis is thinking about Trina.  Spencer stops Trina when she tries to unbutton his shirt. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather had access to the typewriter that typed the letter she got. Ryan tells Esme she has to trust him. Ava wants to know who helped Ryan.

Marshall tells Curtis he isn’t leaving until they talk. Alexis is surprised to find out Ryan is Esme’s father. They figure out Heather must be her mother. Esme says she is not going anywhere with Ryan. He tells her they were close before she lost her memory. Heather gives Ava the gun.

Curtis tells Marshall about him potentially being Trina’s father. Spencer explains to Trina that he wants their first time to be better. Kevin tells Alexis that Esme’s amnesia is real. Laura and Kevin feel sympathy for Esme, but Alexis isn’t so sure she deserves it. Felica tells Mac what happened, and Heather is arrested. Heather says there was no venom on the hook she used on Austin and that Ryan is Esme’s father. Esme screams for help and Ava shows up with the gun.

Curtis says Stella and Jordan knew. Marshall compares Portia’s secret to his own. Spencer tells Trina he knows where to take her. Laura updates Kevin and Alexis and then her and Kevin head to Spoon Island. Alexis calls someone to report the breaking news. Felicia agrees to go with Austin. Ava realizes that Esme is in labor and Ryan’s daughter and that Ryan was behind everything. She threatens to kill him.

Curtis tells Marshall that some things are unforgiveable. Alexis is unable to get information from Felicia and Austin before they go to the hospital. She tells Spencer and Trina that Esme isn’t alone at Wyndemere. Laura and Kevin offer their help at Wyndemere. Kevin tells everyone that Heather is Esme’s mother. Esme escapes as Ava and Ryan argue.

Ava shoots Ryan as he tries to go after Esme Ava admits to killing Nikolas. Marshall says Curtis can forgive Portia too. Alexis tells Spencer that Esme is Ryan and Heather’s daughter. Esme staggers into the house. Ava pulls the trigger again.

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