GH Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn is hurt by what Tracy made her do to Lucy and Maxie. Brook Lynn tells Tracy that she always thought she was misunderstood but she has realized that she doesn’t care about her family. Brook Lynn explains to Chase what Tracy made her do and why she can’t live with her anymore. Chase asks Brook Lynn to move in with him so she won’t have to live with Tracy.

Robert tells Diane that he thinks the WSB paid the judge to put Drew in Pentonville. Diane is determined to find proof that the judge took money from the WSB.

Spencer tells Alexis he doesn’t want his father to be found because he and Ace are doing fine without him.

Lucy tells Martin she is going to fight Tracy in court even if Deception goes bankrupt and she has to go back to selling real estate.

Ava calls Lucy and tells her she wants to sell Wyndemere and Spoon Island. Ava demands that Mason keep his end of the deal they made and give her back Nikolas body. Mason tells Ava that the body will be returned to her after a situation is resolved tonight.

The audience sees Austin go into a dark room. Austin turns on the light and asks someone how they are doing. The audience then sees Nikolas sitting on a couch drinking a beer. Nikolas says ” Just fine Doc how are you?”

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