GH Short Recap Thursday, April 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Valentin tells Anna that Victor has taken baby Ace hostage and Anna wonders what it will take to stop Victor.

Jordan tells Laura that they need to work together to stop Victor.

Michael and Willow decide to get married tomorrow. Dante persuades Sonny to reach out to Michael because one day he will realize he needs his father. Sonny calls Michael to give him support and Michael listens to everything he has to say and tells Sonny he heard him but he has to go.

Portia is worried that Trina is on the Haunted Star with Spencer. Curtis promises Portia that Trina will come home even if he has to bring her home himself. Victor tells Liesl and Spencer that he plans to release a pathogen that will kill enough people to bring the world’s population to a manageable level in order to save the planet. Victor tells Liesl that he needs her to create a vaccine to save his family and, along with whomever else survives, they will create a sustainable planet.

Trina gets into the communications office and waits for Spencer to create a diversion so she can call for help. Spencer grabs Liesl and holds a knife to her throat in order to create a diversion so Trina can call for help.

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