Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Nicole about his test results. He let her know that Stefan was drugging him. He said he had the vile dusted for prints. The prints on the vial were Stefan’s. EJ planned on letting Stefan think he was drugging him, but he’s going to switch the drinks so he would be drugging himself. He planned on making Stefan look like the crazy one so he could be out of the company. She wanted to be his accomplice. Stefan went to Chloe’s room to tell her that Brady kidnapped him. He let her know that he wanted to see her. Chloe told him that she couldn’t be with a man who loved two women. He told her that he wouldn’t bother her anymore because his feelings for her were gone. She was hurt, but she never thought his feelings for her were real. He apologized and thanked her for the time they had together. He said he wanted to be with Gabi. He told her that she could be with Brady. She wasn’t sure about that.

Nicole told EJ about her run in with Eric. She told him that their conversation was awkward. She told him that Eric got mad when he texted her. She thought Eric was just concerned about the orchid that was stolen. EJ wondered if she really wanted the relationship. He thought they were right together, but he didn’t want to get in her way if that’s not what she wanted. Nicole appreciated his gesture, but she was happy with him. Chloe went to see Brady at the police station. He defended his actions to her, and she told him that the procedure worked. She told him that Stefan was over her. Brady was happy because they could move on now. Chloe said it wasn’t that simple. She said she was in love with him, but she couldn’t forget what he did to her. She reminded him that Rachel hated her. He thought Rachel would come around eventually. She wondered if Rachel would understand that he went to jail for kidnapping. Stefan went to see Gabi to tell her the news, but he was in for a shock. Li was there and told him to take his hands off of his wife. He told Stefan that Gabi agreed to be his wife for six months. Stefan wanted to know why Gabi would do that. Gabi had trouble talking to Stefan. Li slammed the door in his face.

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