Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa went to the park to get rid of the hoodie she wore when she kidnapped Victoria. Tate and Brady showed up at the park and almost caught her. Brady teased her about times being hard for her that she rummaged through trash. She lied and told him that she was looking for her phone. Brady wanted to talk to her about Tate going to school. They got into an argument about it. Stefan got into an argument with Clyde because he tried to change their deal. Clyde wanted more from Stefan and Ava. He backed down when Clyde threated to hurt Gabi. Ava was frantic because of the Bistro’s reopening, Harris offered to help, but she had everything under control. He left and Stefan arrived. Stefan told her about Clyde’s new demands. He let her know that Clyde wanted them to run drugs out of the restaurant. They didn’t want to do it. Ava and Stefan got into an argument about it. During their argument, she called him Jake. He assured her that he’s nothing like his brother. She believed him. Ava wondered if Clyde was serious about his demand. A delivery man had cases of tomatoes from Clyde. They realized they didn’t have a choice and had to do what Clyde wanted.

Everett was at the paper when Chad arrived. He told Everett that he planned on taking a hands-on approach at the paper. Chad knew how much the paper meant to Abby. Everett admired Abby’s skills as a reporter. Thomas called Chad because he messed up his money for school. Chad realized how much he let Stephanie handle and didn’t know what he would do now. He was about to leave, but he warned Everett not to get out of line. Chad had no problem firing him if he messed up. Stephanie and Jada talked to each other at the pub. Jada told her that Rafe asked her to move in with him. The ladies started drinking and talked about the men they were with. Stephanie told her that she was threw with men, but Jada didn’t want to do that. Jada told her about her ex-husband. Stephanie wanted to see a picture of him. She was about to show Stephanie the picture when Harris arrived at the pub.

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