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Recap written by Suzanne

Lucy visits Nina’s office to find out what’s going on with Sasha, so Nina fills her in about Cody and Sasha’s escape. When Lucy seems more concerned about the effect that will have on Deception, Nina gets disgusted and orders her out.

Elizabeth realizes, after talking to Stella, that a lot of Dr. Bronson’s patients are intimidated by him and not getting very personal care. Marshall visits Stella to get her to talk to Curtis, since he’s considering selling The Savoy to mobster Selina.

Alexis offers support to Finn about his father’s ALS. He’s frustrated that he can’t get more involved in his case, since he’s not his doctor. Alexis finds out that Gregory never told Chase about his disease. Elizabeth suggests to Finn that Dr. Bronson may not be giving Gregory the personal treatment that he needs. Finn agrees and intends to get more information, so he can help out his dad with options.

Esme is at the office, frustrated and upset by what she overheard Spencer and Alexis saying. Gregory comes in and asks if he can help. They have a nice chat, which lifts both of their spirits. Alexis returns, and Gregory stumbles. Alexis helps him cover up why he stumbled. Esme leaves. Alexis asks him why he didn’t tell Chase about his ALS. He didn’t want to give him bad news when Brook Lynn had just moved in. Gregory feels like he doesn’t have much time left.

Brook Lynn tells Chase she was fired by Maxie, and why. She beats herself up. She’s more angry at losing her friend than the job. Chase sympathizes. He doesn’t know how Tracy could treat her granddaughter that way.

Anna is upset about the message scrawled on her mirror. She jumps when Valentin comes in behind her.  They’re both very upset about Anna’s suite being broken into. She’s really on edge. They argue about whether it was connected to the fire or not. They hug.  He rushes over to Nina, to get her to find the security footage of the hallway outside the suite. They’re both shocked by what they find. Meanwhile, Anna has flashbacks to disturbing conversations she had with Dante and Valentin, as well as the shooting and the fire.  She phones the police to have them come look at the site of the break-in.

Blair gives her ex-husband, Martin, a hard time about giving Lucy the details for The Deceptor, which came from her idea. Blair informs him that she sold the rights to The Deceptor to Tracy. Their conversation reveals that their marriage broke up because he caught her in bed (via a private eye) with David Vickers! (Nice “One Life to Live” shout-out!) Blair tells him that when Lucy loses her lawsuit, Martin needs to marry her, so that she can stop paying him alimony. Otherwise, she’ll make sure Lucy finds out that he stole her idea and got Lucy into all this trouble, and then she’ll not only break up with him but sue him. Martin finds Lucy just as she’s about to enter the dining room and stops her (from seeing Blair) with a big kiss, which she enjoys.

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