Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to see Gwen. He noticed she was in a bad mood because the ad sales director quitting. He said she was the reason why the director quit. She said he thought of her as a b*tch who made her push her father out of his paper. He said she was. She said she did it for him. She wanted him to leave so she could find a new sales manager. He told her found one. He said it was Chloe. Gwen said over her dead body. Brady went to see Chloe to offer her a job. He said he would keep things professional. She said she already had a job at the Salem Spectator. He asked with Xander. Justin ran into Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. He said he thought she would still be in Greece with Bo. She said there was nothing they could do so she talked Victor into coming home. She said she thought he would still be in Chicago with Bonnie visiting Mimi and Emily. He said he stayed behind so he could find out why she fired Alex from the family business. Bonnie went to Rex’s place to see Emily. Bonnie said Mimi told her Emily was with him. Bonnie went to check on Emily. Sarah showed up at Rex’s place. He told her Bonnie was there.

Gwen told Xander they weren’t hiring Chloe. He said she was jealous. She said she wasn’t. She said Chloe wasn’t qualified. He said the job was Chloe’s. She finally agreed, but said when it failed, the money would come out of his half of the profits. Maggie told Justin why Alex was fired. Justin asked who she was to say Alex wasn’t qualified. She said Victor agreed with her. She said she gave him a chance to prove himself, but he didn’t do it. He said he knows Alex blew the deal. He said it was killing Alex that he let her down. He asked if she could give Alex one more chance. When Bonnie came out of the room, she noticed Sarah covering up her stomach. Bonnie told her it didn’t hide the fact that she was pregnant. Bonnie assumed the baby was Xander’s. Sarah said she was way off. Rex said he was the father. Bonnie said they were lying. Sarah thanked him for trying. She admitted to Bonnie that she was right. She said the baby is Xander’s. She said there was a time when she wanted to have his baby, but now she wants nothing to do with him after what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Sarah said no one could find out that he is the father.

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