Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Heather asks Daniel to make their separation permanent since she is in love with a lawyer she met at work and she wants to move get on with her life.

Daniel talks to Lucy and tells her she was the inspiration for the video game he created and how the game helped him get his life back on track. Heather and Lucy are only staying in town long enough to see Paul and Christine and then Heather has to get back to work. Heather and Lucy agree to have breakfast with Daniel tomorrow.

Tucker tells Ashley he intends to earn her trust and prove to her he is a changed man. Ashley talks to Allie later while Allie talks to her about the latest experiments at the Jabot lab and her new full time job. As Ashley is listening to Allie talk, she gets an idea about how to handle Tucker.

Elena gets annoyed that Nate doesn’t want to take time off work to go on vacation with her.

Jeremy wants Phyllis to help him with his plan to take down Diane, but Phyllis isn’t sure she wants to team up with him.

Tucker tells Victoria that he is ready to sell McCall Unlimited and move on to another project.

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