Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve got Stephanie to open up about what happened with Chad. He felt she did the right thing breaking up with Chad if they didn’t want the same things. Steve wasn’t happy when Alex arrived at the house. He wanted to talk to Stephanie. They talked about Chad and what happened. Alex thought she should give Chad another chance. He was about to leave when she dropped a bottle on her foot. Chad showed up at the house and assumed something was going on between them. She got upset with Chad because he assumed the worst. Stephanie left to drive herself to the hospital. After she left, Alex explained what happened to Chad and he felt bad for what he assumed. Nicole let EJ know that she kept thinking about what Leo told them. She wondered if their baby was alive, but EJ tried to talk her out of it. He thought Leo was scamming them. EJ told her about Leo sneaking in the house to lie to him before he hit him. He wondered if she was trying to avoid thinking about the death of their baby, and she said she wasn’t doing that. She felt bad about what she did to Eric and Sloan. Nicole wanted to find a way to apologize to them.

Eric ran into Jada at the pub. It was an awkward conversation at first. She told him that she was happy for him. He noticed she was carrying a box, so she told him that Rafe asked her to move in with him. She was thinking about it, so she got the box to prepare for her decision. She went inside and sat with Steve. He wanted to check on her. Jada told him that it was hard. She talked to him about seeing Eric with the baby. She was okay but it’s always a hard day for her. Steve knew it was hard because he remembered that it was the anniversary of Marcus’ death. He talked to her about Marcus and his relationship with him. He let her know that Marcus would be proud of her. Leo told Sloan that Dimitri told him the truth about the baby. She tried to deny it, but he didn’t believe her. Leo told her that he tried to tell Nicole and EJ the truth, but they didn’t believe him. He wanted to blackmail her instead. He warned her to do everything he wanted her to do, or he would sell her out. Eric came home and wanted to know what was going on. Leo lied to him and told Sloan they would talk soon. Sloan lied to Eric and told him that Leo wanted her to get Dimitri out of jail. Nicole and EJ arrived at their place. Nicole let them know they were there so she could apologize for what she did. She gave them a gift for the baby. Leo found out that Dimitri was transferred to maximum security. He vowed to make Sloan pay because he thought she was responsible for it.

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