B&B Short Recap Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Eric’s Doctor tells him that they’re still narrowing down what’s wrong with him and need to do more tests. Donna is shocked to hear that they’re looking into Cerebrovascular disease and TIA’s. Eric knew about that possibility but didn’t tell her, so she’s annoyed with him. Eric tells Dr. Colby that his tremors are getting worse. She cries after the doctor leaves and tells Eric not to keep secrets from her. She begs him to tell the rest of the family about his illness, but he refuses. After Donna goes into the other room, he has a coughing fit and coughs up blood.

Brooke admires Ridge’s designs that he’s trying on the model, Kenzie. Ridge tells Kenzie that Brooke has always been his inspiration. Carter comes by and chats with Ridge and Brooke about Eric’s fashion showdown. Ridge is worried about Eric. Brooke tries to take his mind off Eric, to no avail.

RJ is frustrated while working with Luna. They discuss Eric and his mysterious illness some more, and how RJ feels caught in the middle between Eric and Ridge. She admires his relationship with his granddad again. He asks her for some personal information, in return for what he’s been telling her. She tries to change the subject, but he insists. She tells him some things about her family: that she’s from the Bay Area, that her mom had her whens he was really young, and that they’re artistic free spirits who went to music and art shows. She compliments him and gives him a hug.

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