Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan wanted Li to hurry and find Rolf. She told him that she took care of EJ and Kristen. She said they couldn’t sabotage them. The secret door opened. Paulina was thankful for Julie and Eli stopping by her place to support her. Eli told her that he promised Lani that he would find Abe. He and Paulina hugged each other. Abe told Whitley that he remembered getting married, but it wasn’t to her. She insisted that she was the one he married. He wanted to see a picture as proof they were together. She said their album was destroyed in a fire. Abe was persistent about seeing a picture. She looked for his and Paulina’s wedding announcement. She kept tapping on the keyboard. She showed him the photo and Abe reacted to something. Leo came from the tunnels. He was determined to stop Megan from manipulating Gwen into running silly stories about Dimitri. Megan assured him that she didn’t have an agenda. He warned her that he was keeping an eye out on her. Julie and Eli were at the town square. She said it broke her heart to see what Paulina was going through. Stefan heard them and corrected her about her heart. He told her that it was his heart. He and Gabi were at a table at the town square when he called out to her. He was glad to see that his heart was still working. She said it was no thanks to Gabi. Julie and Eli told Stefan how Gabi blackmailed Lani and how she rigged Julie’s heart to explode. Julie thought Stefan would be upset with Gabi. He couldn’t be more proud of her.

Abe was shocked to see the picture Paulina showed him. She photoshopped her head in the picture. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him. He wanted to know why she didn’t wear her ring. She said she didn’t want to lose it at work. He wanted to see her ring. She showed him a diamond ring. He apologized for accusing her. He wanted to know how he could make it up to her. She had an idea for him. Paulina looked at her wedding album. She showed Chanel a copy of Abe’s vows. She loved him more now than she did when they got married. Chanel told her to stay strong for Abe. She knew he was fighting hard to come back to her. Stefan told Julie and Eli that Lani wasn’t innocent. He told them how she shot him in the throat and she’s in prison for killing her own father. Eli was about to go after Stefan, but Julie stopped him. She told him that Stefan wasn’t worth it. She felt like Stefan and Gabi deserved each other. Megan looked at Stefano’s portrait. She knew he wouldn’t like her plans for Stefan. She was going to try to spare EJ and Kristen. She was about to go to the secret door when Theo showed up looking for EJ. She told him that he was away on business. She offered concern for Abe. He didn’t think she was as scary as people said she was. She hoped she would get to see him more often. Whitley wanted Abe to hit the button. She walked out of the room wearing a green wedding dress. He wanted to put on his suit from the ceremony. She lied and said that it was burned in the fire. They exchanged rings in the living room. She told him that he made her the happiest woman on earth.

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