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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie and Doug reminisced about him getting his ornament on the Horton Christmas tree. There was a flashback of Doug being welcomed into the family by Tom and Alice. Chad brought the kids to the house. They weren’t able to match Julie’s good mood. The kids went upstairs. Chad told her the kids miss Abby and Stephanie. Theresa had gifts for Tate since he was going to be celebrating with both of his families. He told her that he wasn’t going to the Kiriakis mansion because he volunteered to work at the pub. She said she wasn’t going there either even though Alex invited her. Brady thought it was convenient that she started dating him after he inherited the Kiriakis fortune. Sarah and Xander arrived at the Horton house. Maggie and Konstantin showed up after them. Everyone was surprised to see her with him. Doug told Julie that Konstantin reminded him of himself when he was younger. Sarah told Maggie that she noticed how happy she seemed compared to earlier. Xander wasn’t sure whether to thank Konstantin for saving his daughter. Julie advised Chad to let the kids tell Stephanie goodbye. He called Stephanie and asked for a favor.

Tate didn’t want to keep hearing his parents argue. Brady wanted to spend the holiday as a family. Chad thanked Stephanie for coming over. He apologized for the way he handled things concerning their breakup. Sarah told Xander that she noticed how happy her mother was. He said she was forgiving. Xander looked at Konstantin talking to Maggie. He didn’t seem to like it. Xander thought she was too forgiving. Sarah believed her mother could take care of herself against Konstantin. Julie and Doug warned Konstantin not to hurt Maggie. Maggie thought about bringing Victor to the Horton’s house for Christmas. She thought he would be happy to know she was there with him. Everett arrived for the celebration since Doug invited him. Julie couldn’t believe Doug invited him to their celebration. He didn’t realize Everett was Stephanie’s ex. Stephanie and Chad were with the kids when Everett approached them. He hoped it was okay he was there. Chad said it was fine. Xander felt out of place at the party, but Sarah assured him that he belonged there. Julie started the hanging of the ornaments tradition. Everyone put their ornaments on the tree.

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