GH Short Recap Tuesday, December 26, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Laura wonders why Bobbie hasn’t come home from Amsterdam but Carly tells Laura she spoke to her mom on the phone and Bobbie told her that Luke’s affairs are a mess but she is making headway.

Nina is at All Saints church. Nina thinks she is giving her confession to the priest she met earlier but the priest has been delayed. Cyrus sees Nina waiting for confessional and he takes the place of the priest and tells Nina he is ready to hear her confession. Nina tells Cyrus the SEC secret to Cyrus and he advises her to tell the truth so she can be free. Once Nina leaves the church, Cyrus decides that if Nina doesn’t tell the truth he will have to tell the truth for her. Nina heads to the hospital determined to tell Carly the truth. Nina apologizes to Carly because she blamed her for Bella’s death. Nina also apologizes to Carly because she didn’t tell her that Sonny had amnesia and was living in Nixon Falls. Nina is about to tell Carly that she was the one who turned her and Drew into the SEC, but Carly stops her and tells her she isn’t going to give her the gift of forgiveness because she has taken everything from her and she isn’t going to get forgiveness too.

Esme calls Spencer to tell him that her memory has returned but decides not to do it when she hears Trina talking to Spencer and decides not to tell Spencer the truth. Esme manages to get out of Windermere but she leaves behind one of her gloves and the glove is found by Dante and Laura. Esme goes to her dad Kevin’s grave to tell him that her memory has returned and she is not going to tell anyone because she likes her new life.

Sonny tells Ava she is moving in with him and Nina so he can protect her until they figure out who is stalking her.

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