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Recap written by Eva

Lois tells Brook Lynn to accept her grandmother’s gift of Deception so she can return the company to Lucy, Maxie, and Sasha. Brook Lynn explains to Lois that it won’t be that easy because Tracy put herself on the board of the company. Lois decides to stay in town a little longer to help Brook Lynn find a way to get Tracy out of Deception.

Cody becomes a model in Sasha photo shoot because Salvador the photographer likes the way he looks with Sasha and the alpaca they are using for the photo shoot.

Anna tells Dante that the key chain they found in Charlotte’s backpack that was on a key chain in the shape of a shoe was the same key that Maxie gave her for the apartment. Dante tells Anna that they found a can of paint that they
found in Charlotte’s backpack matches the paint used to paint the door of her house. Anna thinks that her enemy from the WSB is using Charlotte to get to her. Anna heads to the hospital to explain her theory to Valentin. Charlotte lies
to Valentin and Nina and tells them that she went to Anna’s apartment to return her key because Anna left the key at their house when she went to visit them. Valentin later tells Nina that Charlotte is lying about everything, but Nina tellshim not to think about that now and just be glad Charlotte is alive.

Spencer is upset because Laura is going to help Esme with the rent for her new apartment because he doesn’t think Ace should be taken out of his home.

Stella tells Felicia that she met a man named George in London and they fell in love. Stella tells Felicia George asked her to marry him, but she turned him down because she didn’t want to move to London and be away from her family.

Olivia dives in the water to look for Ned. Ned and Olivia swim for a long time without finding each other. Ned has a rush of memories while he is swimming and then he passes out before Olivia finds him.

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