Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Danny, Phyllis, and Lily have dinner with Daniel at his new place. Phyllis mentions how happy she is that Heather and Lucy are moving back to Genoa City. Daniel and Lily argue later because Daniel thinks Phyllis mentioned Heather to Lily because she wants to make Heather an issue in his and Lily’s relationship. Lily tells Daniel that she thinks Phyllis is just happy that Heather and Lucy are moving back to Genoa City. Lily tells Daniel that Heather won’t be an issue in their relationship unless he makes her an issue in their relationship. Danny tells Phyllis not to interfere in Daniel’s relationship with Lily.

Adam worries about Victor when he finds a piece of paper where Victor has written “Adam,” “Victoria,” and “Nicholas” over and over along with a drawing of a snake with fangs. Adam asks Nick if they can put their differences aside to help Victor with his illness. Nick tells Adam he will handle it and tells him to stay out of it. Adam later calls a doctor named Dr. Skelton and tells him he needs his help his father. Nick goes to the Newman ranch and demands that Victor come clean and tell the truth.

Christine returns from Portugal and runs into Danny at Crimson Lights.

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