Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa arrive home with baby Aria and introduce her to Sharon, Elena, Adam, and Sally.

Aura tells Nick that Victoria is in her office hoping that Nick will catch Nate and Victoria having sex but Nick doesn’t catch them having sex. Nick does notice the lipstick on Nate’s collar and Victoria’s disheveled clothes and messed up hair that she and Nate were having sex. Nick tells Victoria she is making a mistake because Nate just wants power, but Victoria says Nate isn’t like that and tells Nick to stay out of her business. Nick talks to Nate to make sure he doesn’t have an agenda with Victoria. Nate tells Nick to stay out of his business.

Kyle and Summer argue because Kyle thinks his mother would never poison Phyllis. Summer thinks Diane poisoned Phyllis. Phyllis returns to her motel room and regrets what she has done because she saw how much pain her death has caused Daniel and Summer. Phyllis tells Jeremy that she is going to tell her children the truth, but Jeremy gets mad and tells Phyllis he isn’t going back to jail just because she is getting sentimental. Phyllis tells Jeremy she isn’t scared of him and she doesn’t take orders from anyone. Jeremy tells Phyllis that if she doesn’t stick to the plan he will kill her himself.

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