Days Short Recap Friday, March 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Marlena saw Rolf at the door. Steve and John ran into Hope. Rolf asked if Kayla and Marlena were going somewhere. They said they weren’t surprised to see him. He said he served the DiMeras. He said he would do anything Megan wanted. They asked him where Kate was. He said she was being honored by being Megan’s test subject. He said she was getting his new serum. He said he didn’t want to tell them about it. He said it would be life changing. They started asking him questions. They asked if it had anything to do with the person in the other pod. He said he was able to keep the person for a deep freeze for almost 10 years which was longer than Bo was gone. John, Steve and Hope figured out that they were all looking for Megan. They all wanted to take Megan down. They told Hope that Megan was the reason why Kate, Kayla and Marlena were dead. Hope was shocked. She said Megan was still causing trouble to the people she loved. She told them about Megan’s obsession. Steve said it went back to Megan and Bo in high school. He said the important thing was to find Bo. He said there had to be a way to stop Megan.

Kate ran into Bo when she was trying to escape. She asked if it was him. He said it was. She asked how he was still alive. She realized that Megan used the prisms. She said he must have been imprisoned for years. He couldn’t remember Kayla. Kate said they had to free Marlena and Kayla and get out of there. He stopped her. She told him she hit Megan. She said Megan could wake up at any time so they needed to leave. He said they had to go back to Megan. He said they didn’t have a choice. He said the doors locked automatically. He said they needed to get Megan’s keys. They went back to the room. He went to Megan and tried to wake her up. He told Kate to be quiet and stay where she was. Megan woke up and smiled at Bo. Kate realized she was being played. Megan said Kate was stunned silent. Bo said she wouldn’t shut up. He pulled out a gun on her. Kate tried to talk some sense into him, but he didn’t put the gun down. She said they were family, but it didn’t work. Megan told her it wouldn’t work. She said Phase 2 was going ahead. She said Kate should be grateful that she was saved with the serum. She said it might not kill her, but it had to be tested. Belle walked in while Shawn was trying to get in touch with Hope. He said he was worried about her. They talked about Megan. They were glad that Steve and John were on the case. She said she was still struggling with her grief but finding Megan wouldn’t bring her mother back. Shawn said he missed Bo. She said they should be with them. He tried to comfort her. He said he knew what she was going through. He told her how he gets through missing his father. They said they loved each other. Kayla and Marlena said they knew Stefan was on ice for four years but not a decade. They wanted to know who the other person was. Rolf wouldn’t tell them who the person was. Bo told Kate to give them the serum. Megan said Kate wouldn’t get through to him. Kate dropped it on the floor. Megan told her she made a stupid mistake. She said that was the only reason Kate was alive. She told Bo to kill Kate.

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