Days Short Recap Monday, January 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie and Justin ran into Sarah. Sarah wanted Justin to help her divorce Xander. Justin was more than willing to help her divorce Xander after what he did to Bonnie. Bonnie thought Sarah should reconsider leaving Xander. She realized she was a hypocrite because she did terrible things to Adrienne. She said Justin forgave her for what she did to Adrienne. She thought that Sarah and Xander could be happy too if she forgives him too. Sarah was surprised by what Bonnie said. She said that she couldn’t get over the fact that he played a part in Susan’s death. Bonnie didn’t want to condone what he did, but she understood the position he was in when he did it. Justin thought she was being too generous, but he realized she had a point about Xander. He advised Sarah to think about it before she went through with the divorce. Gwen went to see Xander. She saw that he was getting drunk. He told her that Sarah wanted to divorce him. He realized he was probably going back to prison. Gwen told him about the plea she was offered. She let him know that she had no intention of helping the police. He wanted to know what she wanted in return. He said he was probably going back to prison so she had to collect while she could. She wanted him to get himself together and fight for his marriage and his freedom. She made him take a shower. They both got wet because they were dressed when he went to the bathroom. She changed into one of his shirts. He struggled to put his clothes on when Sarah arrived. Gwen let her in because he thought it was his delivery from the liquor store. Sarah wanted to know what was going on with them. He tried to explain, but he fell to the floor. Sarah told him that he disgusts her.

Will overheard Leo’s conversation with Sloan. He told Sloan that his friendship with Sonny wold be ruined if he found out what he did. Sloan agreed to represent him. She warned him that it will take a lot to get him off. He told her what he did for Xander. Will smiled as he listened to Leo talk to Sloan. Allie texted him about the rosary. Will quietly went upstairs. Sloan told him that testifying anonymously wouldn’t be easy. She told him that he wouldn’t go to prison. Leo wanted more than that. She thought he he had deep feelings for Sonny if he was willing to go to jail for him. Leo admitted that he had a crush on him. He wanted Sonny as a friend even if they don’t get together. Sonny arrived at the hospital and ran into Will. He hugged him. Will told him what he overheard Leo say. Sonny started to leave when Will gave him a message to give to Leo. Later, Sonny went to the Kiriakis mansion. He told Leo to pack his things and leave. He knew that he was involved in Bonnie’s kidnapping. He wondered how Leo could do that to him and his family after what he did for him. Leo pleaded with him for another chance. He promised to do better if Sonny would give him another chance. Sonny said that Will was right about him and that he was a con artist. Sonny thought they were friends. Leo said they were friends. Sonny let him know that they were nothing. Sonny called Will and they talked about Leo. Leo showed up with his bags. He wanted to know if he was going to turn him in to the police. Sonny didn’t know if he would or not. Leo told him that he really did care about him. He told him that he was sorry for everything.

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