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Update written by Joseph

John and Steve meet at the Brady Pub. Steve comments on John asking him here to talk and then not talking. John respond that he will but he doesn’t know where to start. Steve guesses it’s serious then and tells him to take his time. John then informs Steve that he and Marlena had a long talk with the John Doe at the hospital and reveals that the man is his father.

Chad calls Stephanie from the Titan office. Stephanie reminds him that Steve and Kayla are coming over for dinner. Chad assures that he’ll be there and says that work has just been crazy with Maggie on leave. Chad tells her that he just has one e-mail to send and then he’ll be home. Stephanie asks if she sounded like a nagging housewife because she feels like she did. Chad jokes with her and asks if she needs him to pick anything up on the way home. Stephanie says they are good. Chad tells her that he loves her as they hang up. Vivian then arrives at the Titan office. Chad questions what she is doing there. Vivian asks if that’s any way to talk to his new boss.

Maggie is with Julie at the Horton house. They talk about Maggie being put through the ringer. Maggie says she can’t thank her and Doug enough for letting her stay. Julie tells her that she’s family. Maggie notes that Julie looked a little grim when she came in. Julie reveals a registered letter from Vivian. Maggie asks what fresh hell this is.

In Greece, Theresa remains in the hotel room going through the letters from inside Victor’s briefcase. She then hears someone coming and scrambles to put the letters up and hides the briefcase under the bed. Alex and Brady then return. Theresa greets them and asks if they got any leads. Brady tells her to cut the act as they know what she’s been up to. Theresa says she can explain but Alex tells her not to bother because the guy at the front desk already told them that she ordered room service. Theresa realizes that’s what they meant. Alex complains about how much it cost. Theresa says she was hungry and argues that none of it would have happened if they just let her come with them. Brady complains that she hasn’t changed a bit. Theresa asks if they got any leads from Constantine and if they figured out what was happening with Victor before he died.

Maggie decides she has to know what Vivian is up to and opens the envelope. Maggie reads that Vivian is removing her from her position as CEO of Titan, effective immediately. Julie can’t believe Vivian is firing Maggie.

Chad questions Vivian saying she is his new boss. Vivian informs him that Maggie is out and Vivian Kiriakis is in. Vivian explains that her and Victor’s divorce was never finalized, so they were still married when Victor passed. Vivian adds that she is not only Victor’s widow, but his sole heir because he had his will destroyed before he died. Chad says he’s sorry for Maggie. Vivian then asks if Chad is going to be unemployed with Maggie or if he’s going to be her number two when she executes her new plans for Titan.

Steve questions the guy with memory loss not being Joseph Bell, but the real Timothy Robicheaux. John confirms that Yo Ling was Joseph Bell and he just switched dog tags with his dad. John adds that they served in Korea together and a direct hit caused Timothy’s brain injury and amnesia. Steve comments on switching the dog tags sounding like a Yo Ling move. They talk about it being an amazing and miraculous story. Steve goes over how Timothy just happened to come to Salem to get treated by Kayla and Marlena, who happened to be married to his son. John praises Timothy as a great guy and says they love having him with them. Steve says he’s so happy for him as he deserves a dad like that. John says it’s what Timothy deserves after all he’s been through so they’ve decided to spend as much time with him as possible. Steve can’t wait to meet John’s father and they toast to him.

Kayla joins Stephanie and they have a glass of wine. Kayla praises the apartment and asks about the kids. Stephanie says she already put them to sleep and asks about Steve. Kayla says he had to meet John but he’ll be coming. Stephanie notes that Chad got held up at work as well as he’s pretty much running Titan with Victor gone and Maggie on leave. Kayla says she can imagine. Kayla knows Victor’s funeral was a sad occasion but talks about how great it was to see Theresa. Kayla asks if she got to spend time with her before she went back to California. Stephanie reveals that Theresa actually is not going back to California and is staying in town. Kayla guesses that means she’s going after Brady again. Stephanie informs her that Theresa actually set her sights on Alex and assures that she would be totally cool if they started dating. Kayla asks if she’s sure about that because it can be pretty dicey when relatives date the same guy. Kayla notes that she can relate because she almost lost her relationship with Kimberly when she got involved with Shane after thinking that Steve had died. Stephanie calls that different because Shane is the love of Kimberly’s life while Alex is just her ex-boyfriend. Kayla points out that Stephanie still sees Alex quite a lot. Stephanie says that’s just because they are neighbors and reminds Kayla that she’s totally committed to Chad. Kayla wonders what totally committed means to her and if she sees herself marrying Chad.

Chad calls Maggie and asks if it’s true. Maggie confirms that she just received a registered letter firing her and Vivian is already at the office, not wasting any time. Chad says he’s so sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do for her. Maggie says no and that Julie is taking good care of her. Maggie instructs Chad to do what he has to do because working for Vivian doesn’t mean he’s betraying her, but maybe he could find out what she’s up to. Chad says he will do that and hangs up. Chad then turns to Vivian and welcomes her to Titan. Chad asks Vivian about her vision for the company. Vivian wants to honor Victor’s legacy and take Titan back to it’s roots by following in his footsteps. Chad calls that a good idea and tells her to go to Greece. Vivian asks how Victor got his empire and it’s capitol. Vivian tells him that it was shipping street drugs. Chad asks if her big plan for Titan is to start laundering drug money and calls that insane. Vivian declares that Titan is going back to selling illegal drugs and asks if Chad is on board or if she has to fire him. Chad responds that she doesn’t have to fire him because he quits. Chad then storms out of the office.

Julie reads that Vivian is only giving Maggie two weeks of severance pay and argues that she can’t get away with this. Julie offers to call Justin but Maggie says there is nothing he can do. Julie asks about the Titan board. Maggie reminds her that there wasn’t a will so Vivian is the sole heir, the majority shareholder, and has all the power to get rid of any board member who crosses her. Maggie declares that Vivian can do whatever the hell she wants with Victor’s company and there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop her.

John asks Steve how Tripp is holding up with Ava on the run. Steve says he’s worried of course but he’s hopeful that she will be brought back safely. John asks if Steve is planning to go track Ava and Harris down himself. Steve notes that Rafe asked him to sit this out because he’s too close to the situation but admits he’s itching to get out there. John brings up Brady and Alex being in Greece, looking in to Victor’s last days. Steve asks why John didn’t go since he’s the private detective. John responds that he figured they could handle this one on their own and remarks that they didn’t need a third wheel tagging along…

Brady tells Theresa that this is none of her business. Theresa argues that Victor’s legacy affects their son since Tate is a Kiriakis too. Alex points out there’s no secret so they might as well just tell her. Theresa thanks him. Brady tells Alex to go ahead then. Alex explains that Constantine said Victor seemed troubled and didn’t mention the will, but he did say something about a letter. Alex adds that Brady remembered Kayla went to Victor’s childhood home and saw a box full of letters in the wine cellar, so they checked it out but didn’t find any letters. Theresa then unveils the briefcase and says maybe they are in there. Brady recognizes it as Victor’s briefcase and asks why the hell she has that. Theresa informs them that Shane dropped it off. Brady questions Shane being there and she’s just now telling them. Theresa says she wanted to hear about their meeting first. Brady asks what Shane said and why he had the briefcase. Theresa explains that the ISA recovered it from the wreckage of the plane crash and thinks maybe Victor put the letters in there. Brady decides they will open it then but Theresa doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Steve brings up hearing that Victor destroyed his will and that Vivian showed up, claiming to be his widow. Steve asks if John has any idea what Vivian is up to. John suggests she wants to suck every dime she can get out of Maggie’s inheritance. John wonders why Victor would have the will destroyed. Steve argues that he never would’ve done that if he thought he was still married to Vivian. Steve calls Vivian not only crazy, but dangerous. Vivian then appears at the Pub and warns them to watch what they say in public.

Stephanie asks Kayla where this is coming from since she and Chad just moved in together. Kayla points out that she also moved in with Chad’s kids. Stephanie asks what that has to do with marriage. Kayla thinks they just need to look at it from the kids’ point of view and asks if marriage isn’t the next logical step. Stephanie asks if she means the next step for them or for her. Stephanie comments on Kayla being Catholic and sounding like Grandma Caroline but Kayla assures it’s nothing to do with that. Kayla worries about loss for the kids and she wants her to be happy. Kayla asks if she doesn’t want to marry Chad. Stephanie assures that she does want to marry Chad, right as Chad comes home.

Brady doesn’t give a damn what Theresa thinks and takes the briefcase from her, arguing that it belongs to his grandfather so he’s opening it. Theresa clarifies that Shane specifically said for it to be delivered to Maggie because he thinks she should be the one to open it. Brady decides they’ll open it when they get back to Salem then. Brady says they are done and might as well go home so he’s going to pack. Alex points out that it’s already after midnight so there won’t be any flights until tomorrow morning. Brady says a couple hours shouldn’t make much difference and says goodnight. Theresa tells Alex that she’ll see him in the morning but Brady questions where she’s going. Theresa says she’s going with Brady to his room, but he refuses.

Chad greets Stephanie and Kayla and jokes that he can leave so they can finish their conversation. Stephanie says Kayla was just being her mom and notes that Steve will be there soon as she pours Chad a glass of wine and asks about his day. Chad responds that it was okay until Vivian Alamain showed up.

Vivian hugs John and says she’s so happy to see him even though he never came to visit her in prison. John responds that he would have but he didn’t want to. Steve jokes that he’d love to stay and catch up but he has to go because Stephanie and Kayla are probably wondering where he is. Steve congratulates John as he then exits. Vivian asks John if he’s surprised to see her. John informs her that he knew she was here and that she inherited Victor’s estate. Vivian calls it a wonderful surprise but John says not for Maggie. Vivian wants John to come work for her at Titan.

Julie tells Maggie that first Vivian stole her home and now wants to destroy her career. Julie encourages Maggie not to worry because she’s going to find a way to help her fight this. Julie adds that Maggie will always have a place to stay with her and Doug. Maggie appreciates that but feels she should start looking for a place of her own. Julie calls that nonsense and says Alice wouldn’t want Maggie to be alone at a time like this. Julie states that the Horton family is not rich, powerful, and nasty like the Kiriakis family but they stick together like glue. Maggie tells her how much that means to her. Julie asks if she’s heard from Brady and Alex. Maggie says no and guesses no news is good news. Maggie swears that if Victor’s will said he didn’t have a dime to his name, she would’ve laughed but hates the thought of Vivian claiming to be Victor’s widow, stealing everything he worked so hard for. Maggie hopes Brady and Alex find something to stop her.

Theresa tells Brady that she can’t stop with Alex when she barely knows him. Brady remarks that didn’t used to matter to her. Alex calls that a little below the belt. Theresa argues that they share a child, so they can share a room. Theresa then complains that she’s not interested in sleeping with him. Brady states that he just doesn’t want to be alone with her. Alex tells Brady to lighten up. Brady tells him to stay out of this. Brady tells Theresa that her delusions of them getting back together is not going to happen. Brady adds that she’s coming off desperate and tells her to stop. Brady then quickly exits the room. Alex asks if Theresa is alright. Theresa says not really and starts to cry as Alex hugs her.

Chad informs Stephanie and Kayla that Vivian fired Maggie and took over Titan. Chad adds that he then quit his job because Vivian’s new business plan is to start moving illegal drugs through Titan. Steve then arrives and apologizes for being late as he asks what’s going on since it looks like a morgue. Stephanie informs him that Chad just quit his job because Vivian is now in charge of Titan. Steve say no wonder she seemed so pleased with herself.

John questions Vivian wanting him to be her CEO. Vivian says she made a couple of suggestions about the direction she wanted to go but Chad just quit. Vivian adds that John was the first person she thought of to replace him. John points out that he has a job. Vivian argues that John is an adopted Alamain so he has grander things to do than be a private detective. John responds that he’s happy with the job he has. Vivian asks if she can change his mind. John tells her to give Maggie back her house as they both know Victor wanted Maggie to have it. Vivian remarks that Victor shouldn’t have destroyed his will then. John asks Vivian to do the right thing for once. Vivian responds that she would like to, but her lawyer said if she gives Maggie a dime then she will have access to Victor’s fortune and she can’t do it. John tells her that she will have to find another corporate stooge then. Vivian questions who.

Alex tells Theresa that it’s okay and that Brady didn’t mean what he said as he’s just jet lagged and worried about Maggie. Theresa cries that he just said what everyone else thinks about her and that she’s an awful, unlovable person. Alex insists that’s not true and that Brady is just off his game right now as he lost custody of his daughter, lost his grandfather, and now Vivian is making Maggie’s life hell so he’s just lashing out. Theresa cries that Brady said she was desperate and pathetic. Alex says he was wrong and praises Theresa as smart, brave, and beautiful. Theresa asks if he really thinks she’s beautiful. Alex tells her to look in the mirror. Theresa thanks him for being there as she doesn’t know what she would do if he wasn’t there. Theresa then kisses Alex.

Stephanie jokes about Vivian not keeping it under wraps that she wants to push illegal drugs. Chad remarks that Vivian sure thinks outside the box. Steve comments that he loves how Chad and Stephanie make each other laugh, noting there is no greater sign of compatibility. Steve then asks if they are thinking about getting married anytime soon.

Vivian goes to the Horton house. Julie questions who the hell let her in. Vivian says she rang the doorbell. Maggie asks what she wants. Vivian delivers a box of Maggie’s figurines and mocks her. Julie knows how much Vivian enjoyed throwing Maggie out of her own house and shouts that now it’s her turn to throw Vivian out of her house.

John leaves the Pub and gets a call from Brady. Brady tells John that he had no luck with Constantine but the ISA found Victor’s briefcase in the plane wreckage so Shane brought it to the hotel. John asks what was in it. Brady says he doesn’t know as Shane apparently wanted Maggie to open it and notes that he handed the briefcase off to somebody else.

Theresa and Alex continue kissing as Alex removes his shirt and they kiss on to the bed.

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Days Nitpicks & Flub Week of 9/11/23

Opinion Article


by Michele

Xander and Sarah with their new baby on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

– Sarah was talking to Rex while Maggie was shown.
– Sarah didn’t look like she gave birth. She looked like she was just lounging around in Victor’s backyard.
– Sarah’s baby was very clean after she gave birth.
– Sarah was hemorrhaging, yet she didn’t have blood on her.

– Chanel was talking while Talia was shown.
– EJ was talking while Jada and Talia were shown.
– Does EJ live next door to Paulina? Johnny was with him one minute and at Paulina’s place the next.

– Chanel and Johnny can be heard kissing while Belle was shown.
– Who reported the story about Ava and Harris being on the run?
– Shawn was able to easily find the room Rafe and the officer were investigating.
– Talia cried without any tears.

– Alex answered the door wearing a towel. He needs to put clothes on when he answers the door!
– Timothy didn’t ask Brady about being married. He asked Belle and Paul, but he didn’t ask him.

– Chelsea told Maggie about Doug, but she didn’t go see him.
– Alex opened the door without his shirt on again. He may as well never have a shirt on because he never puts one on when he opens the door!
– Theresa just happened to know where to find Brady and Alex in Greece.


Andrew drops by to see Alex on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinion Article Week of 9/11/23

Opinion Article


by Cheryl

Brady and Theresa on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

Maybe it’s just us, but Brady seemed as if he was jealous of Theresa going after Alex. There is nothing keeping Brady from being with Theresa! He listed Theresa’s evil deeds to Alex when he was telling him why he wasn’t going to be with her. This is the same man who was willing to overlook Kristen’s actions when he was with her. Theresa has done her fair share of things, but nothing compared to Kristen.

Does Xander have selective hearing? When Sarah had the baby, she told him the baby was his. He acted as if he didn’t hear that once she got to the hospital. Sarah needs to feel like dirt keeping the truth from him about the baby. We understand that she doesn’t want him near the baby, but he has a right to know that he has a child. 

Wasn’t it convenient that Chanel suddenly realized she suppressed her feelings for Johnny? She was more than willing to be with Talia, but after her conversation with Paulina, she suddenly wants to be with Johnny. We know the writers had to do something, since Talia is leaving the show, but Chanel should have at least been showing signs of wanting to be with him. 
Johnny and Chanel told each other that they never stopped loving each other. Did Johnny forget that he was just in love with Wendy? It’s funny how easily they can tell each other how they feel now. 
Are the writers trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Is Susan really alive, or is Ava seeing things? Ava was convinced that Charlie was alive because he was visiting her. How do we know she isn’t doing the same thing with Susan? If Susan is alive, why wouldn’t she reach out to EJ or Johnny? It doesn’t make sense for her to visit Ava. 
Talia has no loyalty to Belle. She couldn’t wait to kiss Shawn. Talia would probably be in prison if it weren’t for Belle, yet the first chance she got she hooked up with Shawn. We know she was drunk, but that is no excuse to kiss Belle’s husband (or worse).


Shawn and Talia in bed after their one-night-stand on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 21, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Okay, classic John Black. You tell me to meet you here, if you need to talk, and then you don’t talk. I will, I will, I will. I just, um, don’t know exactly where to start. So this is serious, huh? Sorry, man. Take your time. Sure. Joseph Bell. That John Bell guy who was in your dad’s unit in Korea? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Doc and I had a long talk with him. And did he remember your father? Steve, that man is my father.

You’re still at the office? That’s why I called. Did you forget that my folks are coming over for dinner? Yes, Steph, I’m sorry. I’m gonna be there. It’s just, you know, this place has been crazy with Maggie on her evening leave. I just have one email to send and then I’ll be home. Chad? Yeah? Did I sound to you just now like a nagging housewife?

I feel like I sounded like a nagging housewife just now. Hey, you gonna, um, you gonna meet me at the door with a rolling bin?

Um. Do you need me to pick up anything on the way home? No, we’re good. Uh, there’s someone at the door. I love you. Love you too.

Vivian Alamein. What are you doing here? Well, is that any way to talk to your new boss?

Ah, there you are. Uh, I thought maybe a cup of tea would calm my nerves. Darling, it’s going to take more than a cup. It’s going to take an entire pot. You’ve really been put through the wringer. Yeah, it sure feels that way. Julie, I can’t thank you and Doug enough for letting me stay here. You don’t have to thank us.

You’re our family. You looked a little grim when you came in here. Is, uh, is that for me? It’s a registered letter. It’s from Vivian. Oh, so…

What, uh, fresh hell is this? Gosh,

you guys are back. Uh, what’d you find out, any leads? It’s getting so late, I was getting worried that Carissa, cut the act. We know what you’ve been up to.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I, I can explain that. Oh, don’t bother. The guy at the front desk already told us. What, he did? Yeah, he wanted to confirm my order. Champagne, Duck larange, and a petrushian beluga caviar. Oh, that. Oh, that, yeah, just the caviar, Theresa, costs a thousand dollars an ounce. There’s a little duck left. Did you even bother looking at the right side of the menu, or?

No, I was hungry. Look, I tried to order moustika and some ouzo and baklava, and you didn’t have it on the menu. Not the baklava and moustika part, and so I just had to come up with alternatives. And, you know, damn it, none of this just let me come with you. You didn’t get what you wanted, so you just decided to spend other people’s money, you know.

Changed. A bit. Spare me the litany of my shortcomings, Brady. Alright, why don’t you tell me what happened? Did you get any leads with that guy Constantine? Did you figure out what was happening with Victor before he died?

Okay, do you want me to open it? You want me to tear it into a million little pieces? No, I have to know what she’s up to. Dear Mrs. Horton. Mrs.


I’m writing to inform you that I am removing you from the position of Chief Executive Officer of Titan Industries, effective immediately. Firing you? She’s firing you?

New boss. What the hell are you talking about? It’s simple. Maggie is out, Vivian Cariocas is in. Vivian Cariocas? Yes. You see, Victor’s and my divorce was never finalized. So I was still married to him when he passed. Maggie was just a kept woman. Bull. And not only am I Victor’s widow, but I’m his sole heir.

Because he had the will and testament destroyed before he died.

Sorry for Maggie. Oh, now all I want to know is, are you going to be on the unemployment line with her, or are you going to be my number two when I execute my new plans for Titan?

Wow. So, the guy with the memory loss isn’t Joseph Bell. He’s the real Timothy Robichaud? And the man that I know as Yeo Ling is the real Joseph Bell. Turns out, he just switched dog tags with my… My dad. So strange to hear myself say my dad. I bet. Anyway… Yeah, they served in the same unit together. In fact, they were in the same foxhole together in Korea when they took a direct hit.

My father got the worst of it. Traumatic brain injury, caused the amnesia. He said he felt like he was gonna die, and he asked Joseph Bell for help. But instead, Bell just simply switched out the dog tags. Sounds like a real yo lang move. He was probably thinking about desertion for a while. My dad gets hit, he realizes, hell, it’s gonna be a lot easier to pull off if I can leave a dead body behind with his tags on it.

So he screws up your father’s life. Until he meets you.

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s amazing. And miraculous. I mean, uh, Timothy Robichaud just happens to come to Salem. He just happens to be treated by Kayla and Marlena. Who just happens to be married to a private investigator and turns out to be his son.

He’s a great guy. Stevie, he’s, he’s, he’s charming, he’s funny. Doc and I, we love having him with us. All the kids met him, they love him too. He’s just got this, he’s got this incredible spirit. I’m so happy for you now. Really. After all the crap you’ve been through. You deserve a dad like that. Ah, thanks partner, but you know, it’s not what I deserve, it’s what Timothy Robichaud deserves.

I mean, everything he’s been through, everything he’s been deprived of. You know, Doc and I, we just made a decision. We’re just, we’re gonna dote on the guy. We’re just gonna like, try to spend as much time with him as possible. Can’t wait to meet the man. Your you go.

Damn. Oh, yes. Thank you so much. Well, cheers. Cheers. Um, I love what you’ve done with the place. Mm. It’s a work in progress, but it’s definitely coming together. Where are the kids? I fed them and put them to bed already. Oh. Where’s Dad? Uh, well, John wanted to see him about something, but he’ll be alone. Yeah, Chad got held up too.

He’s, uh, pretty much running Titan with Victor gone and Maggie out on leave. I can imagine. Um, you know, I know it was for a sad occasion, Victor’s funeral, but, um, seeing Teresa was great, wasn’t it? I mean, did you get a chance to spend some time with her before she went to California? Uh, actually, she’s not going back to California.

She told me she’s staying here for a while. Oh, let me guess. She’s going after Brady again. Actually, uh, she has set her sights on someone new. Really? Who? Alex. Ah. And as I told Teresa, I would be totally cool if they started dating. Are you sure about that? Why wouldn’t I be? Well, I just think that it can be pretty dicey, you know, when relatives date the same guy.

And I, I do know from experience because I almost lost my relationship with Kim when I got involved with Shane after I thought your dad had died. Well, that was different. Uncle Shane is the love of Aunt Kim’s life. Alex is just an ex boyfriend. An ex boyfriend that you still see quite a lot. Because we’re neighbors.

But, Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m with Chad. And I am totally committed to him. Great. Great. I’m just wondering, what is totally committed mean to you? I mean, do you see yourself marrying Chad?

So is it true? Yes, I just received a registered letter firing me. And that succubus is already at the office. She’s not wasting any time, is she? Maggie, I’m so sorry. Yeah, so am I. Well, is there anything I can do for you? No, Julie’s taking good care of me. But Chad, um… Yeah? Do what you have to do. Working for Vivian doesn’t mean you’re betraying me.

But, uh, Chad? Yeah? Maybe you could find out what she’s up to.

I will do.

Well, welcome to Titan. So, you were, uh, you were telling me about your vision for the company. What did you have in mind? Well, I want to honor Victor’s legacy. Take Titan back to its roots, uh, following his footsteps, so to speak. That’s a good idea. We should go to Greece and pick olives for three years. Try not to fall off a ladder.

How droll. I mean it. How do you think Victor got his empire? Shipping. And how did he get the capital? I don’t know. I do. Drugs.

You’re not talking about pharmaceuticals, are you? Street drugs. Is this, uh, uh, some kind of joke? Your big plan for Titan is to start laundering drug money? That’s, that’s, that’s insane. You know, I’m losing patience here. Titan is going to go back to selling illegal drugs. Now, are you on board or do I have to fire you?

No, you don’t have to fire me, Vivian. I quit.

So, according to this, she’s only giving you two weeks severance pay, is not picking up any of your sick days, and I suppose there’s not going to be any golden parachute. Yeah, you got it. She can’t get away with this one. I’m calling Justin. There’s nothing. That Justin can do. Okay, how about all those people on the Titan board?

Don’t you see? There wasn’t a will. So Vivian is Victor’s sole heir. Therefore, Titan’s majority shareholder. She has all the power. She can get rid of any board member who crosses her. Dear God, Maggie. So let’s face it, Julie. That woman can do whatever the hell she wants with Victor’s company, and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop her.

So, speaking of fathers and sons, how’s Tripp holding up with Abel in the lab? Well, he’s worried, of course. But he’s hopeful his mom will be brought back safely. Mm hmm. Now, what are you gonna do? You planning on going out there and tracking down Abe and Michaels yourself? Brave asked me to sit this one out.

Thinks I’m too close to the situation because of Tripp. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can understand all that, but I know you’re itching to get your butt out there, right? You know I am. Mm hmm. Well, my son, Brady, he’s in Greece right now with his cousin Alex. They’re, um, looking into Victor’s last days. Well, you’re the private detective.

Why didn’t you go? I figured they could handle this one on their own. Besides, they don’t need a third wheel to tag it along.

I don’t see how it’s any of your business at all. Come on, we’ve been over this, Brady. Victor’s legacy impacts our son, Tate Securiox II, or have you forgotten that already? No. Brady, it’s not like it’s a state secret or anything. We might as well just tell her. Thank you, Alex. Fine, fine. Tell her. Tell her everything.

So this guy Constantine Malionis, he did meet with Uncle Vic before his crash. He said that something was really upsetting him and that he was really troubled. Is that it? Did he mention why Victor destroyed his will? No, he did not mention anything about the will, but he did say something about a letter.

A letter? What letter? Well, Constantine didn’t remember, but Brady remembered that your Aunt Kayla went to the home where Uncle Vic was born. And she saw a box full of letters in his wine cellar. So we checked it out, but we didn’t find anything. And I mean, we tore this place up, but no letters.

Well, um, maybe they’re in here.

That is my grandfather’s briefcase. What the hell are you doing with it? My dad delivered it while you two were out. Your dad? Shane, Shane was here and you’re just now telling us this? Well, I wanted to hear about your meeting first. Theresa, what, what, okay. What did he say and why did he have that? Look, the ISA recovered it from the wreckage from the plane crash and I’m thinking maybe Victor put those letters in on Kayla told you about.

Maybe she put them in here. She may be right. She may, yeah. Um, let’s open it. We’re gonna open it. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

You know, I heard that Victor had ordered his will destroyed right before he died. And also that Vivian showed up claiming to be his widow. Do you have any idea what she might be up to? Well, she either wants to establish a foundation for the betterment of mankind or she wants to suck every dime she can get out of Maggie’s inheritance.

I’d say it’s the second one. What was Vic thinking about anyway? Why would he have that will destroyed? He never would have done that if he thought he was still married to Vivian. That woman is not only crazy, she’s dangerous. Which is why you should watch what you say in public. John. Oh, still slumming, I see.

Marriage? Mom, where is this coming from? Chad and I just moved in together. But you didn’t just move in with Chad. You moved in with his kids. We decided they’re still too young to have a place of their own. Which results in them becoming very attached to you. And vice versa. But, what has that got to do with marriage?

I just think you and Chad need to look at it from their point of view. I mean, you are making meals for them. You’re tucking them in at night. Because I’m seeing their father. Well, isn’t marriage the next logical step? The next logical step for me, Chad, and the kids, or… Or my meddling, if well meaning, Catholic mother.

This has nothing to do with me being Catholic. Well, you’re starting to sound like Grandma Caroline talking about how men won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free. No, no, no. It is nothing about that. I tell you, I just, I just worry about loss for those kids. And, and I want you to be happy. Don’t you want to marry Chad?

Mom, yes, of course I want to marry Chad, okay?

Theresa, I don’t give a damn what you think. Okay, this belongs to my grandfather and I have a right to know what’s inside it. But my dad specifically said he wanted Victor’s briefcase delivered safely to Maggie. He thinks she should be the one to open it.

Alright, maybe, perhaps. Fine, we’ll, we’ll open it when we get back to Salem. That’s All right, well, then we’re done. We’re done. We might as well go back home. All right, I’m, I’m gonna go pack. Oh, no, no, no, dude. It’s already after midnight. Dude, there’s not gonna be any flights until tomorrow morning. So let’s just get some sleep, and we’ll get up when we leave first thing.

Yeah? All right. I already checked. There’s plenty of seats available on the early flight. Plenty of seats? Fine, we’ll leave in a couple hours. It shouldn’t make much of a difference. Uh, have a good night. See ya.

Where do you think you’re going? Where else? With you, to your room. Like hell you are.

Chad, you’re home. Hey. Hi. I’m gonna, um, I’m gonna, I’ll, if you want, I can leave and then you guys two can, uh, you two can finish your conversation. Oh, don’t be ridiculous. My mom was just being mom. Oh. Uh, anyway, my dad’s going to be here soon. How about a glass of wine while we wait? That’d be great. Um, why don’t you tell us about your day?

How was it? Um, yeah, it was, uh, it was okay. Until, um… Vivian Halloween showed up.

John, my darling nephew. I’m so happy to see you. Even though you didn’t come to visit me one day in prison. Well, I would have, but I didn’t want to. Well, John, as much as I would love to. Stay and catch up with you and Auntie Viv. I gotta go. Stephanie and Kayla are probably wondering where I am. Yeah. But hey, congratulations, man.

Really. Thanks, partner. Yeah. Best to the family. John, are you surprised to see me? No, no, no. I knew you were here. And I also know that you inherited Victor’s entire estate. Yes, it was such a lovely surprise. Yeah, for you perhaps, but not so much for Maggie. Oh, well, you know Maggie, long suffering, but oh, enough about her.

But I have a proposition for you. Yeah, and that would be what? I want you to come and work for me

at Titan. First Vivian steals your home, now she wants to destroy your career. Gotta admit, the old hag has got a lot of ambition.

Worry not. Worry not. I meant it when I said I was gonna help you find the way to fight this. I know you did. Meantime, you always have a home with Doug and me. I appreciate that. But I really should start looking for someplace of my own. Nonsense. Grandma Alice would be whirling over in her grave if she thought for a minute you were alone at a time like this.

Well, the Horton family is not rich and powerful and… Nasty, like the cariocases, but the hortons stick together like glue. Would you? You don’t know what that means to me right now. Good. Okay, have you heard from Brady? Have you heard from Alex? No. No no’s is good news, right? Oh, Julie, I swear to God, if they read Victor’s will and told me that he didn’t have a dime to his name, that he blew it on private planes and Greek statues, and that I was flat broke, I would have thrown my head back and laughed.

But the thought that that venal, evil woman It’s claiming that she is Victor’s widow, stealing everything that he worked so hard for. Brady and Alex, they… Damn it, Julie. They’ve got to find something to stop her. They have to. From your lips, darling. Yeah.

Well, I can’t stay here, Brady, with Alex. I barely know him. That didn’t used to matter to you. God, Brady. I was a little below the boat. Sigh.

Look, we share a child, we can share a room. Theresa. No. Brady, you know what? If you’re worried about protecting your virtue, I’m not interested in sleeping This has nothing to do with my virtue. It’s not a good idea. I don’t want to be alone with you, okay? Brady, lighten up. Alex, please, stay out of this.

Listen, I’m gonna say this to you as well as I can, I don’t think you’re getting this. These delusions of you and I getting back together, Teresa, that’s what they are, they’re delusions. It’s not gonna happen, and what is happening here is you’re coming across desperate and pathetic, and it’s embarrassing for everybody, so please don’t do it anymore.

Just stop. Good night.


you alright?

Not really.

Vivian fired Maggie and is taking over for Titan? Effective immediately. And you quit your job? I had to. Her new business plan is to start moving illegal drugs for Titan. You’re right. You had to quit. Huh. It’s probably your dad. I’ll get it. I’ll get it. Okay. Hi. Sorry I’m late. Hey. What’s going on? It’s like a Morgan.

Chad just quit his job because Vivian Allemane is now in charge of Titan. Damn that woman. No wonder she seems so pleased with herself.

You want me to be your COO? Yes! I made a couple of suggestions about the direction I wanted Titan to go in and Chad DeMera just f ed up and quit. And you were the first person I thought of to replace him. But I have a job. Oh, please, that detective agency. John, you’re an alimane. By adoption. But you have grander things to do than run around Salem photographing philandering husbands.

But I don’t want grander things. I’m happy with the job that I have. Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind? Hmm. Actually, there is. Uh huh. Every man has his price. Give Maggie back her house. It’s my house. It’s not your house. We both know Vic wanted Maggie to have that house. Well, then he shouldn’t just destroy the will.

Damn it, Vic, for once, just once, will you do the right damn thing? Come on. I would like to. But the fact is, my lawyer told me that if I give Maggie one dime of Victor’s fortune, that will acknowledge that she has access to my husband’s fortune. I can’t do it. Well, looks like you’re gonna have to find yourself another corporate stooge then.

Who? It’s

okay. It’s okay. Look, Theresa, hey. Hey. Brady did not mean what he said. Yes, he did. No, he didn’t. No, he didn’t. He’s jet lagged and he’s worried about Auntie Maggie. You can’t take anything he’s saying right now to heart. He just said what everybody else thinks about me. And that I’m an awful person, that I’m, that I’m unlovable.

No, no, no, no, no, no. That is not true. That is not true at all. Hey, like I said, Brady is off his game right now. That’s all. I mean, the guy lost custody of his daughter. He lost his grandfather. Vivian is making Maggie’s life a living hell, you can’t listen to what he’s saying right now. That’s it, you know, he’s lashing out and he should not be lashing out on you.

He said I was desperate and pathetic! Well that’s not true. He’s wrong, Theresa. You’re smart, you’re brave, and you are, hey, you’re very beautiful. You really think I’m beautiful? Have you ever looked in a mirror? I think you do. I

think… That’s a little better, right? Give it a good look. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you for being here with me. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here.

Uh, you know, maybe, maybe it’s because I’m in PR and cautious by nature, but if you are wanting to trade in illegal drugs, isn’t it usual to want to keep that quiet? Yeah, well, our Vivian sure thinks outside the box. Maybe I should call her and pitch her an ad campaign. If you’re thinking drugs, think Titan.

Titan wants to take you higher.

I love how you two make each other laugh. You know, there’s no greater sign of compatibility. Yeah, well, we make each other chuckle here and there. So well. Kids thinking about getting married any time soon? Steve. What? What’d I say?

Knock, knock. Who the hell let you in? Well, I rang the doorbell, but I assumed your staff was off for the night. What do you want, Vivian? Well, I brought these to you, these hideous figurines. Well, I was going to toss them. I thought you might want to donate them to charity. Because you’re going to need, possibly, a tax deduction.

I remember how much you enjoyed throwing Maggie out of her own house. Now, it’s my turn to throw you the hell out of mine! Unhand me!

God, give me strength.

Hey, Brady, how’s it going, kid? Hey, Dad, uh, good news. Listen, uh, no luck with Constantine, but the ISA found Grandfather’s briefcase in the plane wreckage and Shane brought it over to the hotel. Ah, that is good news. What was in it? Not sure. Uh, apparently Shane wanted Maggie to open it. Apparently? What, you didn’t talk to him?

No. He handed the briefcase off to somebody else.

Um, Um, Um,



Yeah, yeah.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

In their hotel in London, Harris prepares to sleep in the chair which Ava questions. Ava points out that they could be here for awhile. Harris responds that they only had enough for one room and one bed so there’s no choice. Ava says there is and tells Harris to sleep with her.

Rafe goes over Tripp telling him that Ava and Harris came to him for help and he turned them away. Rafe asks if he still wants to stick with that. Tripp questions where he got the passports. Rafe responds that Jada found them in the trash. Rafe remarks that it seems he was too focused on forged passports and not enough on the follow through. Rafe informs Tripp that he will charge him with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a felon unless he gives him the names on the passports.

EJ catches Wendy trying to hack in to his phone and asks if he can help her. Wendy claims she’s just fixing his mouse like he asked her to. EJ questions using his phone to do that. Wendy says she was just about to bring it to him because he left it as she hands it back to him. EJ notices that she punched in some numbers on his lock screen. Wendy claims her fingers must have hit it when she picked it up. EJ suggests she was trying to hack in to it. Wendy asks why she would do that. EJ says perhaps she was trying to find evidence that he tried to have Ava Vitali killed. Wendy asks if she would’ve found any if she was trying to do that.

Talia asks Jada why she would think that she slept with Shawn Brady. Jada informs her that she ran in to Eric downstairs and that Eric thanked her for giving Shawn a place to stay last night which she didn’t do. Talia tries to say Eric could have misunderstood. Jada points out that Talia answered her question with a question of her own, so she asks her again if she slept with Shawn.

Belle asks Shawn where he slept last night. Shawn says he had too many at the Pub, so he just slept it off upstairs. Belle points out that Eric didn’t mention him sleeping there. Shawn responds that is because he wasn’t with Eric. Belle asks where he slept then. Shawn informs her that it was in Jada’s room as she wasn’t there since she had an overnight shift at the station. Belle asks about Talia staying there too. Shawn states that she was working overnight at the hospital too. Belle guesses she’s just glad he found somewhere safe. Belle talks about how worried she was about him when he didn’t answer her calls or texts. Shawn is sorry he put her through that and for the things he said. Shawn admits that throwing her affair with EJ in her face was unfair and wrong. Shawn states that he doesn’t deserve her. Belle argues that they’ve both made mistakes and they will get through this together, but they can’t let anything or anyone get between them ever again.

Talia tells Jada that’s insane as she barely even knows Shawn. Jada reminds her that she’s a detective. Jada says that Eric told her that he saw Shawn coming downstairs and now Talia was changing the bed sheets. Jada then points out that Talia can’t even look her in the eyes and give her a straight answer. Talia then admits that she slept with Shawn and asks if she’s happy now.

Harris questions Ava wanting him to sleep with her. Ava says it’s just sleeping and she knows he’ll be a perfect gentleman. Harris says he appreciates the offer but he’d prefer the chair. Ava jokes about being insulted and tells him to suit himself. Harris tells Ava not to worry and that she’ll be safe.

EJ complains about walking in on his employee manhandling his phone and she turns it in to an inquisition about his behavior. Wendy questions EJ just assuming that she’s trying to prove he attempted murder. EJ reveals that he set up the trap and Wendy walked in to it. EJ notes that her questions about Ava’s disappearance wasn’t exactly subtle, so he left her alone with his phone and she hung herself. Wendy states that he is her boss so the last thing she wants to do is incur his wrath or ill will. EJ points out this wouldn’t be the first time she was caught snooping around his office. Wendy asks why she would even care if he had anything to do with Ava Vitali since she doesn’t even know her. EJ points out that she knows her son quite well, so he can only assume that Tripp put her up to this.

Tripp claims not to know about fake passports. Rafe warns him not to play games and says it’s obvious that Tripp and Wendy’s passports were used to make fake ones so that Harris and Ava could flee the country. Tripp wishes him luck proving that. Rafe assures that he will prove it and he will find Ava, so the only question is if Tripp is going to go down with her or if he’s going to tell him where the hell she is.

Jada tells Talia that she’s not happy that she slept with her partner. Jada questions what the hell she was thinking. Talia admits she wasn’t thinking as she was drunk. Jada doesn’t get it since at the hospital, she was so happy about her new job and with Chanel. Talia then reveals that was before Chanel dumped her to get back with Johnny DiMera.

Chanel comes home and finds roses set up inside. Johnny then shows up at the door with more roses.

Tripp asks Rafe how he knows Ava and Harris didn’t swipe their passports themselves. Rafe mocks the idea of them forging their own in an alley. Rafe thinks someone who had the tech savvy to forge passports happened to own one of the passports and that’s Wendy Shin. Tripp warns Rafe to leave Wendy out of this. Rafe says he can’t do that since Tripp can’t seem to stop obstructing his investigation, so he’s going to have to haul Wendy in and get the truth out of her.

Wendy guesses EJ is upset that she dumped his son for Tripp and now he’s going to punish her for it. EJ disagrees and thinks Johnny is lucky to be rid of her and remarks that Wendy left him for a man who can’t do his own dirty work. Wendy starts to tell EJ that Tripp didn’t even want her doing this. EJ takes that as her admitting what she was up to. Wendy suggests they put their cards on the table then. Wendy brings up EJ blaming Ava for Susan’s death and asks who else would hire a hitwoman to infiltrate Bayview as a nurse and attempt to commit murder. EJ asks if she knows how many enemies Ava has. Wendy argues that none of them are the lawyer representing the hitwoman. EJ argues that everyone is entitled to a defense. Wendy questions the assassin just happening to call EJ of all people. Wendy questions when EJ last practiced law. EJ informs her that he offered his services because the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Wendy tells EJ that no one believes he’s innocent in this. Wendy remarks that the past is no concern to her as she’s worried about the future. Wendy warns that if EJ still has a hit out on Ava, that’s a big mistake because nobody killed Susan. EJ asks what she’s talking about. Wendy responds that his mother is still alive.

Chanel asks Johnny if there’s a special occasion she doesn’t know about. Johnny reminds her of when he promised to take her to the rose garden the summer after they got married and says in the meantime, he figured he’d bring the rose garden to her. Chanel calls their time in Italy her favorite time. Chanel then starts sneezing so Johnny offers to get rid of the roses but Chanel says she’ll be fine. Johnny then presents Chanel with cannolis which Chanel notes were Talia’s specialty. Johnny asks if she’s okay after mentioning Talia and if she’s sure about this. Chanel assures that she wants to be with Johnny but feels like she blindsided Talia. Chanel remarks that Talia is known to go off the deep end so she is worried about her doing something rash or stupid…

Jada tells Talia that she’s really sorry to hear about her and Chanel, but she doesn’t understand who she ended up with Shawn since she hardly even knows him. Talia guesses that was the point as they ran in to each other downstairs and she was hurt about Chanel while he had gotten in a big fight with his wife. Talia explains that when the bartender cut them off, they came up here to continue drinking and one thing led to another. Talia adds that when Shawn woke up sober, he felt terrible and she did too. Jada complains that Shawn is married and his wife got Talia out of jail and took her on as a client when nobody else would. Talia says she remembers. Jada questions if Belle even crossed her mind when she was in bed with Shawn. Talia cries that all she wanted was to feel better. Talia admits she screwed up really badly and says sleeping with Shawn was stupid and destructive. Talia guesses that’s just a pattern with her as she makes horrible decisions and hurts good people and that’s never going to change.

Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t know what to say but he keeps thinking he’s going to be better and then he just can’t seem to break the cycle. Belle reminds him that she told him what she thinks he should do but he doesn’t seem to want the help he needs. Belle asks where they go from here.

Ava asks Harris if he’s sure he’s okay sleeping in the chair. Harris reassures her. Ava can’t stop thinking that if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be here right now. Harris jokes that he would just be in a mental hospital. Ava feels his life is now in danger because of her. Harris points out that nobody forced him to run with her. Ava guesses she’s just worried because it reminds her of when EJ’s brother Jake let her stay as his place and they also just had one bed so he slept on the floor but before long, they fell in love.

EJ laughs at Wendy saying his mother is alive and questions what she’s talking about. Wendy explains that Ava told them that she remembers seeing Susan get out of the car before the accident. EJ mocks Ava suddenly remembering after all these months. Wendy credits her therapy. EJ then questions when she learned of this and when she talked to Ava. EJ guesses that Wendy saw Ava after she escaped from Bayview and that she knows exactly where she is.

Tripp tells Rafe to leave Wendy out of this and claims that he stole her passport and she had nothing to do with this. Rafe questions him forging the new passports. Tripp claims that he watched a video on YouTube. Rafe tells him that he’s not after Wendy or him for that matter. Tripp argues that Rafe is after his mom because he still holds a grudge against her. Rafe states that he’s just trying to do his job. Rafe says that if Ava acted in self-defense and someone tried to kill her, then Tripp should want her brought in so he can help her get the treatment that she needs. Tripp argues that they both know EJ was behind it and that he won’t stop until Ava is dead. Rafe asks if he’s going to help him or not. Tripp says not until he knows Ava’s life is no longer in danger. Rafe asks if he’s saying he knows where she is. Tripp says he didn’t say that. Rafe decides he will have to contact Melinda Trask because he’s left him no choice but to send her after Wendy.

Johnny and Chanel watch a movie together until Chanel falls asleep in his arms.

Jada tells Talia not to talk like making a bad decision is a pattern. Jada says she’s not judging her and acknowledges that she was terribly hurt, was drinking, and did something very reckless but she obviously regrets it. Jada hopes it doesn’t happen again. Talia assures it won’t and that they were just using each other to lessen the pain they were both experiencing and it meant nothing. Talia says that’s why they decided to put it behind them and pretend it never happened.

Shawn tells Belle that he tried to get professional help. Belle argues that it was only for 24 hours and it helped. Shawn thought he could handle it on his own but he realizes Belle is right that it’s too big of a problem for him to handle by himself. Belle asks if that means he will get the help. Shawn states that he will go to AA. Belle argues that he said that before. Shawn asks if she doesn’t believe him. Belle cries that she wants to but she has to see it actually happening before she can believe anything is going to change.

Wendy claims to EJ that she has no idea where Ava is as she wasn’t going to tell her where she was headed. EJ calls Wendy very good at her job but says when an employee proves untrustworthy, that employee has to go. Wendy pleads with EJ not to ship her back to Fairbanks. EJ clarifies that she won’t be working for any DiMera office as he then tells her that she’s fired.

Rafe calls Melinda but Tripp pleads with him not to. Rafe asks if he’s having a change of heart. Tripp asks Rafe to promise to leave Wendy out of this if he tells him where Ava and Harris are. Rafe argues that he’s in no position to make demands, but if he’s honest and his tip pans out then he sees no reason to go after Wendy. Rafe hangs up the phone and asks Tripp where Ava and Harris are.

Johnny covers Chanel with a blanket on the couch as she fell asleep. Johnny goes to leave but Chanel wakes up and asks if she fell asleep. Johnny guesses she didn’t like the movie as much as he did. Chanel blames being up at 4 AM for the Bakery and taking an allergy pill. Johnny tells her it’s okay and she should sleep. Chanel points out that it’s early. Johnny promises he’s not offended. Chanel guesses this is not how he saw their date going. Johnny tells her that they have plenty more dates to go on and kisses her. Johnny tells her to get some sleep as he then exits.

Talia tells Jada that the worst thing about this that upsets her the most is that she keeps disappointing her and feels she’s making Jada ashamed of her. Jada assures she’s not ashamed of her and praises her. Jada adds that she’s so proud that Talia is a doctor, but she’s just disappointed that this is making her hurt. Jada admits she’s concerned about Shawn and Belle, but Talia is her sister and she will always be her main concern. Talia says she’s so lucky to have her. Jada says they’re lucky to have each other as they hug. Talia tells Jada that she should get some sleep and she’ll get out of here to let her have some peace and quiet. Jada encourages that Talia will find someone that loves her for who she is. Talia then exits.

Wendy goes to the hospital and runs in to Tripp. Tripp asks what she’s doing there as he thought she went to work. Wendy reveals that she did but then she got fired. Tripp asks why. Wendy acknowledges that he told her not to go after EJ but she thought she had the perfect opportunity to go through EJ’s phone but he set her up and caught her. Tripp says he’s so sorry. Wendy blames herself for not listening. Tripp hates that this happened but he knows that she’ll find another job where she’s not working for a murderous bastard and for someone who actually appreciates her talents. Wendy says she’ll worry about that later and then reveals to Tripp that she told EJ about Ava thinking Susan is still alive.

Harris assumes things didn’t end well between Ava and Jake DiMera. Ava informs him that the day they got engaged, Jake died. Harris tells her that he’s sorry. Ava adds that she did something incredibly stupid by letting Gabi persuade her into pretending that she and Jake were already married for business reasons so Gabi could take over DiMera, but when EJ found out, he was not pleased and tried to run her out of town. Ava adds that’s when she tried to pay him back by kidnapping his mother and that’s how she got in to this whole mess. Ava states that now she has dragged Harris in to it with her. Harris encourages that it’s going to be okay. Ava questions if it will be since he risked his entire life for her and she couldn’t handle it if something happened to him too.

Shawn tells Belle that he will prove to her that he’s serious about recovery. Shawn offers to call Brady about going to a meeting right now. Belle informs Shawn that Brady isn’t around as he and Alex went to Greece for information about Victor’s death. They talk about Shawn not being asked to go. Shawn acknowledges that his life is a big mess and he has to fix it. Shawn then asks Belle to go to a meeting with him right now which she agrees to. Belle thanks him for asking her. They start to walk off together but run in to Talia. Belle asks Talia how it went with Chanel and if she liked the flowers. Talia informs her that they are no longer seeing each other since Chanel decided to get back with Johnny. Belle worries that she made it worse by bringing it up and apologizes. Talia tells Belle that she’s the last person who should be sorry.

Chanel sits at home and texts Talia that she’s thinking of her and hopes she’s doing ok.

EJ joins Johnny in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ thought Johnny had a date. Johnny says Chanel was tired so they called it early and asks EJ how work was. EJ responds that it was fantastic as he fired Wendy. Johnny questions that and argues that Wendy was his best employee so he hopes it didn’t have anything to do with him. EJ informs Johnny that he caught her snooping at Tripp’s behest just like she did for Johnny as she was trying to tie him to the events with Ava at Bayview which he claims to have nothing to do with. EJ adds that Wendy said that Ava is suddenly claiming that Susan is alive. Johnny asks if he thinks that could be true. EJ doesn’t see how that could be.

Wendy apologizes to Tripp as she knows she wasn’t supposed to say anything but she realized that if EJ knew Susan might still be alive, he might stop going after Ava. Tripp asks what he said. Wendy says that EJ didn’t believe her and she knows she should’ve run it by him first. Tripp says it’s okay as he was pretty close to telling Rafe when he was questioning him. Wendy asks about him being questioned again. Tripp explains that the cops apparently went through the trash and found the pages they ripped out of their passports. Wendy asks if they are in trouble. Tripp says he doesn’t think so because he gave Rafe what he wanted and told him where Ava and Harris are.

Rafe goes to Jada’s room and apologizes for waking her, but informs her that he has a strong lead on where Ava and Harris are. Rafe asks how Jada feels about going with him to London to check it out.

Harris assures Ava that he’s not going anywhere and when this is all over, they will go home and get their lives back. Ava says that’s assuming they don’t get caught by the cops or if EJ kills them. Harris tells Ava that tomorrow, they will look for Susan and get one step closer. Harris advises Ava to trust him which she agrees to do. They then hold hands and say goodnight to each other.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


What are you doing? I’m getting ready for bed. No, no, no, you’re not going to sleep on the chair. It’s okay, I’m fine. Come on. One night in that fleabag motel in Salem is one thing, but you know… We don’t even know where to begin looking for Susan, or if she’s even alive, or in London, so, you know, we could be doing this for a while.

Well, uh, we can only afford one room. And there’s only, uh, one bed, so, we don’t have much of a choice. Yes, we do.

Sleep with me.

You told me that your mother and Michaels came to you for help. And you turned them away. You still want to stick to that story? Where did you get these? Detective Hunter found them in the trash behind your apartment. Seems you were too focused on forging passports and not enough on the follow through.

So, I’m going to charge you with obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting a felon, unless you give me the names on those fake passports. Now.

May I help you? No, I was just fixing your mouse like you asked me to. By using my phone. Oh, I wasn’t. You left it here and I was going to bring it to you just as soon as this driver update finished. How fruitful. Oh, I see you punched in some numbers on my lock screen. Well, my fingers must have hit the keypad as I picked it up.

Or maybe you were trying to hack into it, and why would I do that? I don’t know. Perhaps you were looking for evidence that I tried to have Ava Vitali killed, and if hypothetically I was doing that, not would I have found any. Why in the world would you think that I slept with Sean Brady? Oh, I don’t know.

Maybe because I ran into Eric downstairs and he thanked me for giving Sean a place to crash last night. Except I didn’t do that. Well, it could be Eric misunderstood. I don’t know. Could be. Except I asked you a question and you answered my question with a question of your own. So I’ll ask you again, yes or no, did you sleep with Sean?

So, where’d you sleep last night? Well, I, uh, I had too many at the pub, as you know, so, um, I slept off upstairs. Really? I was just with Eric and told him how worried I was about you. He didn’t mention you sleeping there.

That’s because I wasn’t with Eric.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So if you weren’t with Eric, then where’d you sleep? In Jada’s room. Jada? She wasn’t there. She, uh, she had an overnight shift at the station. And what about her sister? I thought she was staying there too. Talia, she was working late night at the hospital. Hmm. Well, I guess I’m, uh, just glad that you found somewhere safe.

Yeah. Do you have any idea how worried I was about you when I didn’t hear from you? I mean, you didn’t answer my calls, you didn’t return my texts. Listen, Belle, I am so sorry that I put you through that. I am. I… And I’m also, I’m sorry, I’m sorry about the things that I said last night. The things I remember and…

There’s some things that I don’t. What do you remember? I remember throwing your affair with EJ in your face, and, and that was, it was, it was unfair and it was wrong. Bella, I don’t deserve you. Don’t say that. We both made mistakes, and we’re gonna get through this together, okay? We just, we can’t let anything or anyone get between us ever again.

That’s insane! I barely even know Sean. Okay, but you do know that I’m a detective, right? Eric told me that he saw Sean coming downstairs earlier. And when I came in here, you were changing the sheets. And you can’t even look me in the eye and give me a yes or no answer.

Okay, yes, fine, you call me, okay? Yes, I slept with Sean. Are you happy now?

You want me to sleep with you? Sleep. In the bed. Next to me. Just sleep. I know you’re one of those chivalrous military guys, so I know you’ll be a perfect gentleman. I, uh… I appreciate the offer, but I prefer the chair. Wow, should I be insulted? Well, if you ever slept on a submarine wreck, you would understand.

It actually feels kind of nostalgic. Okay, well, suit yourself if you insist. And don’t worry, if one of EJ’s goons try to get in, You’ll be safe.

I walk in on my employee man handling my phone. Woman handling. And somehow you turn this into an inquisition about my behavior. Have you ever heard of consciousness of guilt? Yours? No, yours. You walk in on me, woman handling your phone, and… You just assume that I’m here trying to prove that you attempted to commit murder?

I mean, seems pretty telling to me. You certainly aren’t pardoning. I’ve been called worse. Well, I’ll have you know I set up a trap and you walked right into it. A trap? All those questions about Ava’s disappearance. Not exactly subtle, Wendy. So I left you alone in my office with my phone and let you hang yourself.

Which you have done with all due respect. You’re my boss, Mr. DiMera. The last thing I want to do is incur your wrath or ill will. And yet this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been caught snooping around my office. Why would I even care if you had anything to do with what happened to Ava Vitale? I don’t even know her.

But you know her son quite well, don’t you? I can only assume your boyfriend Tripp put you up to this.

Fake passports. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Let’s not play around, Tripp. It’s obvious your passports were used to make dummy ones so your mom and Michaels could flee the country. Good luck proving that. Oh, I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it all right. And I’ll find Ava. The only question is whether or not you’re going to go down with her.

Or are you going to tell me where the hell she is?

No, I am not happy, Talia. I am not happy that you slept with my partner. I mean, what the hell were you thinking? I wasn’t, okay? I was drunk. I just don’t get it. When I saw you earlier at the hospital, you were so happy about your new job. You said things were going great with you and Chanel. Yeah, and that was before she dumped me to get back with her ex, Johnny DiMera.

What the

special delivery.

How do you know my mom and Nichols didn’t swipe those passports themselves? Right. Yeah. And forged new passports, new identities, new holographic seals in the alley? No. I don’t think so. See, what I think is that there was someone who had the tech savvy to forge those passports. And who also happened to be the owner of one of those passports.

Yeah. Wendy Shin. I understand you two are dating. No, you leave Wendy out of this. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Sorry I can’t do that, Tripp. You see, since you can’t seem to stop obstructing my investigation, I’m gonna have to haul Wendy in here and get the truth out of her.

Oh. You’re upset that I dumped your son for Tripp. And now you’re gonna punish me for it. On the contrary, I think Johnny’s quite fortunate to be rid of you. You, however, are not fortunate at all. Having left him for a man who’s too weak to do his own dirty work. I came for your information trip, didn’t even want me to…

So you admit what you were up to. Okay. Let’s just lay our cards on the table. You first. You blame Tripp’s mother for your mom’s death. You wanted revenge. Who else would have hired a hit woman to pose as a nurse, infiltrate Bayview, and attempt to commit murder? Do you know how many enemies Ava Vitale have?

Oh, but none of them is the lawyer representing said hit woman. Presumably so she won’t turn on you to the police. Everyone is entitled to a defense. What, so this wimpy assassin just happened to call you, of all people? Did you get your name off of Best Lawyers in Salem website? Wait, why would you even be on such a list?

You haven’t practiced law since… when? I offered my services pro bono. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Mr. DiMera? Nobody believes you’re innocent in this. How could they? But the past is of no concern to me. I’m worried about the future. I’m assuming you still have a hit out on Trip’s mom. I’m here to tell you, that is a big mistake.

And why

is that? Because Nobody did. What are you talking about? Your mother is still alive.

Is this some sort of special occasion I don’t know about? Do you remember? I promised to take you to the Rose Garden in Florence this summer after we got married. Yeah, I do. Well, I’m determined. We’re going next summer, but in the meantime, I figured I would bring the Rose Garden to you. Our time in Italy is the happiest I’ve ever been.

Me, too.

What’s wrong? Oh, boy. Oh, no, don’t tell me that you’re allergic to these. Not only in large quantities. Okay, you know what? I’m getting rid of them. I’m sorry. Oh, don’t you dare. Okay, I just need to take it. My histamine. Are you sure? Uh huh. Just give it a couple minutes to kick in. Okay, well, I hope you’re not allergic to these.

Ah, cannoli. Yeah, I would have got them from Sweet Bits, but I figured that would kind of ruin the surprise, so. We, um, we actually stopped selling them ever since Talia left. They were kind of her specialty.

Are you okay? Uh huh. Why? Well, it’s just you’ve… You made kind of a weird face just now when you mentioned Talia.

Look, are you sure about this? I mean I’m sure. I want to be with you, Johnny. It’s just I, I feel like I’ve blindsided Talia and, considering that she’s been known to go off the deep end, I just, I’m worried that she might do something rash or stupid.

I’m really sorry to hear about you and Chanel. Yep, me too. But I just don’t understand how you ended up with Sean. I mean, like you said, you hardly even know him. I guess that was the point. Okay, we ran into each other downstairs. And I was clearly hurt about Chanel, and he told me that he got in a big fight with his wife.

So, when the bartender cut us off, we came up here to keep things rolling. And, um, One thing led to another. And if it makes you feel any better, he woke up when he sobered up and he felt terrible. And I did too. I bet he did. I mean, my God, Talia. I mean, Sean is married. I mean, what the hell were you thinking?

You know, his wife got you out of jail. She took you on as a client when nobody else would. Yeah, okay, I remember. Okay, well, did you remember that when you were in bed with Sean? I mean, did she even cross your mind? No, honestly, no, she didn’t. Okay, all I wanted in that moment was to feel better. Look, I screwed up, okay, and really badly.

Sleeping with Sean was stupid and destructive. But I guess that’s not surprising, huh? I guess that’s just a pattern with me. Okay, I, I make horrible decisions and I hurt good people. And I guess that’s never gonna change.

I, I don’t, I don’t know what to say. Except I, I keep thinking that I’m gonna be better. That I’m gonna do better. And, and then, and then, I just, it’s like I can’t seem to break this cycle. Well, I’ve told you what I think you should do. But you don’t seem to want to get the help you need. So, where do we go from here?

You sure you’re okay? If I, uh, told you some of the places that I’ve had to sleep, you wouldn’t be worried right now. I’m not worried. It’s just, I can’t stop thinking that if it wasn’t for me, You wouldn’t be here right now. Nope, I would still be in the friendly confines of a mental hospital. Still. You’re not only risking sciatica, your life is now in danger because of me.

Ava, nobody forced me to run with you. I know. I

guess I… I am worried, because this just reminds me of when, um, When what?

There was a time a while back when, um, I needed a place to stay, and EJ’s brother, Jake, he let me crash at his place, and, uh, there was just one bed, just like here, and, So he ended up sleeping on the floor. Next morning he woke up, he could barely walk, and So I gave him a massage, and uh And what?

And before long we We fell in love.

My mother’s alive. What are you talking about? Tripp’s mother told us she remembered seeing Susan get out of the car after the accident. Oh, right, of course. Ava suddenly remembers several months later that my mother survived. Well, she remembered recently, after all that time in therapy. Oh. So how did you learn this, Wendy?

When did you talk to Ava? I… You saw her after she escaped from Bayview, didn’t you? And I’m guessing you know exactly where she is.

Look, leave Wendy out of this. I stole her passport, she had nothing to do with this. And you forged new passports? It wasn’t that hard. I watched a video on YouTube. Okay, look. I’m not after Wendy, or you for that matter. No, you’re after my mom because you still have some sort of grudge against her. I’m just trying to do my job.

Now, if she acted in self defense and someone out there still wants to kill her, then you should want her brought in here safely. Yeah, so you can bring her back to Bayview. No, so I can get her the treatment that she really needs. Look, you and I both know that EJ is the one who sent that person to kill her.

He’s not going to stop until… Until? Until my mom is dead. Yeah. So you gonna help me or not? Not until I know for sure her life won’t be in danger. You’re saying you know where she is? I didn’t say

that. Okay. I’m gonna have to contact D. H. Rask. So you’re gonna send her after Wendy? You leave me no choice.

You know, Cinema Paradiso is credited with reviving Italy’s entire film industry. Yeah, I remember the first time I watched it. It’s, uh, it’s actually what made me want to be a director. You Passionate about sharing a part of yourself. It’s like you with sweet bits, you know, once you really fall in love with


All you don’t talk like that like making a bad decision is a pattern all you look at me look I am not judging you, okay? You were terribly hurt last night. You’ve been drinking and you did something very reckless.

I mean, you obviously regret it. I just hope that this doesn’t happen again. Right? No, no, of course not. Jada, look, Sean and I, we, we were just using each other. Okay, to lessen the pain that we were both experiencing. It meant nothing, and like you said, it was reckless. That’s why he and I decided to put it behind us and pretend like it never happened.

I tried to get professional help. For like 24 hours. And you said it made a difference, and then you stopped. Yeah, that’s because I thought that I could handle it on my own. And then I realized that… I realize that you’re right. This is, uh, it’s too big of a problem for me to handle by myself. So are you saying you’re ready to get help?

For real? I will go to AA. Yeah, you said that before, and then you didn’t go. Why, you don’t trust me? I want to. Sean, I really, really do. But I, I, I have to see it actually happening before I can believe anything’s gonna change.

I have no idea where Ava is. I mean, it’s not like she was gonna tell me where she was headed.

You know, Wendy, you are very good at your job. But when an employee proves herself to be untrustworthy, that employee has to go. Go where? Please, don’t ship me back to Fairbanks. Fairbanks? Oh, no, no, no. You won’t be working there or any DiMera office for that matter. Wait, are you saying… Yes, I’m definitely saying…

You’re fired.

T. H. Rask, it’s Commissioner Hernandez. Yes, I’ll hold. Please don’t. Don’t make that call. Change of heart? If I tell you… Where my mom and Michael’s are, do you promise to leave Wendy out of this? Well, you’re in no position to be making demands, but If you’re honest with me and your tip pans out I don’t see any reason to go after Wendy

So, where are they?

Oh no! Wait, Johnny, did I fall asleep? Yeah Yeah, you did. I guess you didn’t like the movie as much as I did. No, it’s great. It’s great. I just… I was up at 4 a. m. making dough, and plus the allergy pill. I’m so sorry. No, it’s fine. Hey, you should, you should go to sleep. Yeah, but it’s so early. It’s okay. Alright, I’m not offended.

I promise. Not how you thought that our date was gonna go tonight, huh? With me being a total drip. Hey. You could never be a drip. Besides, we got plenty more dates to go on.

Get some sleep.

You know the worst thing about this is? The thing that keeps upsetting me the most is? I just keep disappointing you. For the millionth time. It’s like I’m making you ashamed of me. No, no, no. I am not ashamed of you, Talia. Okay? Never. You are smart, you’re kind, you work hard, and I am so proud that you are a doctor.

I’m just, I’m just disappointed. I think I’m just disappointed in the fact that this is making you hurt. And yes, I am concerned about Sean and Belle. But you are my sister and my main concern will always be you.

I’m so lucky to have you. We’re lucky to have each other. Mmm.

Well, you should get some sleep. I’ll get out of here and let you get some peace and quiet. Yeah. Oh yeah. You’re gonna find someone that loves you. They’re gonna love you for who you are. Right? So just, just hold out for them, okay? Yeah. Okay.

Wendy, hey, what are you, what are you doing here? I thought you went to work. Well, I did. And then I got fired. What? Why? Okay, I know you told me not to go after EJ, but I had the perfect opportunity to hack into his phone. Or at least I thought I did. Turns out he set me up. You mean he caught you looking through his phone?

Yeah. Wendy, I’m so sorry. Well, you weren’t me, but I’m me, so I didn’t listen. Oh. I mean, I hate this has happened, but I know you’ll find another job. Somewhere where you’ll not be working for a murderous bastard. And somewhere they’ll actually appreciate your talents. I’ll worry about that later. There’s something else you should know.

What is it? I told EJ that your mom thinks Susan’s still alive.

So I assume things didn’t end well between you and Jake DiMera.

I guess you could say that.

The day we got engaged,

he died.

My God, I’m sorry.

And before his body was even cold, I did something incredibly stupid.

I let Gabby Hernandez persuade me into pretending that I was already his wife. Let me guess, for business reasons. Yeah, I got Jake’s boats on the board and that helped Gabby take over DiMera. And when EJ found out, he was none too pleased. Did he come after you? No, he tried to run me out of town. Oh, but I paid him back by kidnapping his mother.

That’s how I got into this whole mess.

And now I’ve dragged you into it with me.

It’s gonna be okay. Is it? Cause you risked your entire life for me.

And I couldn’t handle it if something happened to you too.

You know what? I will prove to you that I’m serious about recovery. Alright, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll go to the movie right now. I’ll call Brady and I’ll ask him to take me. No, he’s not, he’s not around. He and Alex went to Greece to look for information about your grandfather’s death. Greece? Yeah, apparently that’s where Victor was before his plane crashed.

Oh. You’re not upset that they didn’t ask you to go, are you? No, I mean, why would they? Why would they? Because you’re a cop and you’re his grandson? Yeah, but my life is also a big mess. And I’ve got to fix it. So…

Belle, will you go to a meeting with me right now? Of course I will. Thank you for asking me.

Oh, hey, Talia. Sean, bill? Yeah. Hey, how’d it go with Chanel? Chanel? Yeah. Did she like the flowers? Oh, uh, um, I, I don’t know. Chanel and I are seeing each other anymore. What? Yeah, she decided to get back with your nephew, Johnny. Oh God, and I just made it so much worse by bringing it up. I’m so sorry. No, no, please don’t apologize.

You’re the last person who should be sorry.

Son, I thought you had a date. Uh, she and I was tired, so we called it early. How was work? Fantastic. I fired your ex, Wendy. What? Why? I mean, she’s like the best employee you have. I hope it didn’t have anything to do with me. No, as a matter of fact, I caught her snooping at Tripp’s behest, just like she did for you.

Hmm. Snooping for what? She was trying to tie me to the event with Ava at Bayview, which of course I had nothing to do with. Of course, I’m sure. Can you believe she had the gall to advise me to call off the dogs? And then she claimed that Ava suddenly remembered that your grandmother was alive. What? I mean, do you think that could be true?

If only. But I… I don’t see how that could be.

I’m sorry. Okay, I know I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but I realized in that moment if EJ knew Susan might still be alive, she might stop going after your mother. What did he say? He didn’t believe me. Look, Tripp, I know I should have run up on you first. No, it’s okay. It’s okay. I, I was pretty close myself with telling Rafe when he was questioning me.

Wait, Rafe was questioning you again? About your mother? Apparently, the cops went through the garbage behind our building and they found the pages that we ripped out of our passports.

Oh, man. So are we in trouble? I don’t think so. Why not? Because I gave Rafe what he wanted. I told him where my mom and Michael’s are.

Sorry, did I wake you? Not at all. Liar. What’s up? Well, I have a strong lead about the whereabouts of Ava Vitale and Harris Michaels. Oh, you do? I do. So, how would you feel about going with me to London to check it out?

I’m not going anywhere.

And when this is all over, we’re gonna go home to Salem. We’re gonna get our lives back. Both of us. Assuming that, Hm. We don’t get caught by the cops, or EJ kills us. Tomorrow. We’re gonna look for Susie, and we’re gonna be one step closer.

Trust me.


you. Good night, Ava. Good night.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava wondered if she and Harris made a mistake going to London. London is a big place so she wasn’t sure if they would be able to find Susan. Harris wanted to know what mistake she thought they made. She told him that they were there because she had a vision about Susan. It was possible that she was going crazy. Ava wondered why she would contact her. He said that she did it so they had to follow up on it. He thought it would work out for them. Ava tried to communicate with Susan, but she didn’t feel anything. He reminded her that she’s a Vitali and needed to act like one. Rafe called Tripp and wanted him to meet him at the station. Jada told Rafe that someone spotted Ava and Harris outside of Tripp’s place. He knew she worked all night and wanted her to go home. She wanted him to call her if something big happened. Tripp arrived so Rafe wanted to know about Ava being at his place. He admitted that he saw her. Tripp explained what happened to Rafe. Rafe wanted to know where Ava and Harris went and he said he didn’t know. Tripp wanted to leave, but Rafe warned him that he would be charged with obstructing justice if he didn’t talk to him. EJ told someone on the phone that he would handle everything. Nicole walked in the room so he got off the phone. She wanted to talk and he thought she wanted to talk because of his phone call. He said he needed her help with the business. She agreed to help, but she wanted to know if he tried to have Ava killed. He tried to deny it, but she didn’t believe him since he was representing the woman that Ava shot. She thought he was representing her to keep her quiet about what he did. She felt she deserved to know what was going on because she’s bringing a child into the situation.

EJ apologized for what happened. He was trying to protect her. Nicole was worried about what would happen to him. She thought Rafe would cut a deal with the woman so she could turn on him. EJ promised that he wouldn’t risk what they have for anything. Wendy showed up so Nicole left. Wendy showed him a proposal for the company. She tried to get him to talk about what happened to Ava, but he wouldn’t talk about it. He looked at her proposal. He let her know that he had a meeting to go to so he left. She spotted his phone so she tried to look through it. EJ caught her when he went back in the room. Belle arrived at the pub and talked to Eric. He wondered if she would represent him and Sloan so they could adopt a baby. She agreed to do it. He noticed that she was upset. She told him what happened with Shawn. Shawn woke up in bed with Talia. He was shocked by what happened. Talia woke up and was shocked too. He took the blame for what happened. She said it was her fault too. Shawn checked his phone and saw the missed texts and calls. He thought she assumed he was dead. He couldn’t believe how much he told Talia about his problems with Belle. He had to let Belle know that he was okay. They continued to talk about what happened between them. He didn’t want her to say anything until he figured out what to say to Belle. He went downstairs and ran into Eric. Eric wondered why he was there. He lied and said Jada let him crash in her room since she was working all night. Eric wondered about Talia and Shawn lied about her too. Talia overheard them so she made it seem like she just got home. She walked in so Shawn pretended to introduce himself to her. Jada arrived and apologized to Eric for his loss. He thanked her. He also thanked her for letting Shawn sleep in her room. Jada covered for him and went upstairs. She saw Talia changing the sheets and asked her if she slept with Shawn.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 18, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and Gabi talk about taking over DiMera Enterprises with Dimitri and Megan’s shares. She wondered if they should try to get the Von Leuschner money as well. He said that would be going too far. She said she didn’t like it, but she agreed with him. She said once she had control over DiMera, they wouldn’t need Dimitri’s money. He sent Dimitri a text. He asked Dimitri about his decision. Kristen was shocked that Gwen knew about Leo and Dimitri. Gwen told her how she figured it out. She said she brushed off their interactions at first but everything fell into place in Iceland. She said she eavesdropped on Kristen and Dimitri when she was supposed to be packing. She said she knows about the inheritance. Kristen told her Dimitri and Leo are in love. She suggested that they team up and take Dimitri and Leo down. Gwen agreed to do it. Leo yelled at Dimitri for cheating on him with Gwen. He told Dimitri about his visit with Gwen. Dimitri said she was lying. He said they haven’t slept together since they have been back. He said he loved Leo. Leo said he loved him too. Dimitri told him Gabi and Stefan knew about them and are blackmailing him.

Leo asked Dimitri what he was going to do about Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri said he was going to kill them. Leo thought he was joking, but realized he wasn’t. He tried to talk Dimitri out of killing them. Dimitri said it was something he had to do. He reminded Leo about who he is. He said Leo didn’t have to have any part of it. He said he would take care of everything, Brady and Alex asked Konstantin about his visit with Victor. Konstantin didn’t give them that much information. He said Victor mentioned looking for a letter. Brady said he remembered Kayla finding old letters from Victor’s childhood home. Konstantin took them to the house, but when they found the box, it was empty. Theresa was shocked to find Shane at the door. He was shocked to see her. He couldn’t believe she followed Brady. She said she was there to help. He was able to see through her. She ended up telling the truth. He told her to move on from Brady and find someone who would appreciate her. She said she hoped Brady would see her for who she was now. She told Shane about her plan to use Alex. He told her she shouldn’t do that. He said if Brady couldn’t see how wonderful she was, he didn’t deserve her. She saw the briefcase he was carrying. She said she would buy him a nice one. He said it was recovered from Victor’s plane. He said it had legal documents and personal papers. He told her to give it to Brady and Alex. She told him she would give them the briefcase. When Shane left, she opened the case and went through it.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ is in his office at DiMera Enterprises, on the phone with Joyce. He tells her to calm down and that she is safe as long as he’s representing her. EJ then finishes the call as Nicole arrives. Nicole says she needs to talk to him. EJ greets her with kisses and comments on the baby kicking. EJ guesses she got his message because he needs to talk to her as a consultant. EJ explains that he wants her to do some research before they make a big acquisition. Nicole responds that she can get right on that after he answers her question. Nicole then asks EJ if he tried to have Ava Vitali killed.

Ava and Harris are in their hotel room in London, England. Ava watches the TV and comments on there not being anything about them on there. Harris assures that no one is closing in on them. Ava worries about if anyone saw them or if anyone is staked outside the hotel. Harris encourages that they made it to London without anyone knowing where they are and tomorrow, they are going to start looking for Susan Banks. Ava complains that it’s a big city and they have no clue where to begin. Ava asks Harris what if they’ve made a huge mistake.

Wendy and Tripp talk at the hospital about Tripp not hearing from Ava yet. Wendy hopes that Ava can find Susan. Tripp responds that she’s going to have to or else she’s going to spend the rest of her life running from EJ. Tripp tells Wendy that he’ll never be able to repay her for coming up with the fake passports. Tripp points out that she took a big risk for someone she doesn’t even know. Wendy responds that she knows her son and that’s enough.

Belle meets Eric at the Brady Pub and says she got his message. Eric informs Belle that he and Sloan talked about still having a child and deciding that adoption may be their best option. Belle says she can understand that so Eric asks if she will help them through the process because they are going to need a lawyer and that’s why he asked her to meet. Belle agrees to represent him. Eric says he can see that something is wrong. Belle informs Eric that Shawn didn’t come home last night.

Shawn and Talia wake up in bed together. Talia begins to panic and questions what they have done. Shawn apologizes and blames himself but Talia says it was her too. Shawn grabs his phone and sees six messages and a voicemail from Belle, so he worries that she must think he’s dead in a ditch somewhere. Talia reminds Shawn that he said they got in to a big fight. Shawn doesn’t remember telling her that and asks what else he told her. Talia brings up that Belle cheated on Shawn in the past. Shawn acknowledges that he had never cheated on Belle but he guesses he can’t say that anymore. Shawn declares that he cannot believe this.

Eric asks Belle about Shawn seeing Marlena and coming out of this. Belle explains that Victor’s funeral happened and Shawn blames himself so he started drinking again and then he tried to go to work. Eric asks if he got suspended again. Belle clarifies that Rafe sent him home and he was clearly drunk. Belle admits she said some things she shouldn’t have said. Eric notes that this has been going on for a long time and understanding doesn’t seem to be the key with Shawn. Belle thinks she went too far by saying Shawn should go to rehab because that’s when things went off the rails. Belle adds that Shawn threw her affair with EJ in her face.

EJ asks Nicole why he would plot Ava’s murder. Nicole asks why wouldn’t he and brings up the news said that it looked like an attempted hit and no one hates Ava more than EJ does. EJ argues that Ava did the shooting and then escaped with Harris Michaels. Nicole brings up how the woman that Ava shot said she was a nurse but Bayview said they had never seen her there before. Nicole adds that the only person who knows this mystery person is her attorney, EJ, which leads her to believe that EJ hired her to avenge his mother by killing Ava.

Harris asks Ava what mistake they have made. Ava complains that they’ve barely had a moment to breathe since breaking out of Bayview and now they are in London with no clue what happens next. Harris encourages that they are going to figure it out. Ava cries that she is in EJ’s crosshairs and finding Susan is her only way out but they are in London based on a vision that she had. Harris asks what Ava is trying to say. Ava declares that he needs to take her back to Bayview because she’s clearly crazy.

Jada finishes a call at the police station as Rafe joins her and asks if there’s any news on the hunt for Ava. Jada shows him what she had and reveals that a neighbor thinks they may have seen Ava in the alley way outside of Tripp’s apartment. Jada wants to interview the neighbor but Rafe tells her that he will handle it because she is wearing the same clothes as yesterday and clearly needs to go home to rest. Jada jokes about Rafe being bossy as Rafe tells her to take off. Jada agrees to go but asks Rafe to promise to call if he finds anything big because she’s just as invested in finding Ava as he is. Rafe assures that she’s on speed dial as Jada then exits the station.

Tripp tells Wendy that he will let her know if he hears anything. Tripp then asks if Wendy is heading back to the apartment. Wendy responds that she was thinking of going to work. Tripp points out that her work is DiMera Enterprises. Tripp feels that she’s done enough and he doesn’t want her tangling with EJ. Wendy complains that Tripp’s mom is in trouble and the creep she works for may have sent an assassin to kill her. Tripp argues that only proves how dangerous EJ is. Wendy says she will just do some fishing and might find something useful while EJ won’t even know she’s there. Tripp asks her not to do this. Wendy jokes that if he didn’t want her involved, he shouldn’t have made her care about him so much. Wendy then walks away as Tripp gets a call from Rafe, who says he needs to see him down at the police station.

EJ informs Nicole that he’s representing Joyce because she was almost killed by the same woman who killed his mother. EJ says that he got to the hospital and she was being grilled by a police officer without counsel. Nicole asks why EJ even went to the hospital in the first place. EJ says he thought she might need an attorney and she did. Nicole argues that EJ hasn’t practiced law in many moons. EJ tells her that his law license is still active and he’s highly motivated because any enemy of Ava’s is automatically a friend of his. Nicole can’t tell if EJ is lying to her out of habit or to protect her. Nicole thinks EJ is defending Joyce because she knows something that he doesn’t want the cops to know. Nicole declares that since she’s having his baby in a couple months, she deserves to know what that is.

Belle informs Eric that she just got a notification that Shawn got her messages, so at least she knows he’s alive but she doesn’t know why he’s not calling her back and ghosting her. Eric suggests Shawn may be embarrassed over how he treated her and says he never should’ve brought up EJ. Belle acknowledges that it’s true that she cheated on him with EJ. Eric points out they were separated. Belle admits that she thought they had gotten past all of that. Belle worries that Shawn actually hasn’t forgiven her for her affair with EJ and if that’s part of the reason he’s drinking.

Talia tells Shawn that she’s not saying what they did was justified but she thinks he should give himself a break. Talia knows it must be hard for him to get rid of the mental image of his wife with another man and he’s obviously not over it. Shawn acknowledges that he threw it in Belle’s face and then went and got even more drunk. Shawn feels like he took advantage of Talia and apologizes. Talia asks him to stop apologizing, pointing out that she lost control too because she was hurt by Chanel breaking things off with her. Talia adds that she should feel bad because of all Belle did for her. Shawn points out that he is Belle’s husband and she’s waiting for a call from him. Shawn wonders what to say as he doesn’t even know how to tell her. They get out of bed and get dressed. Shawn tells Talia that he knows there’s a lot more to say but he has to tell Belle where he’s at. Shawn asks Talia not to say anything about last night until he figures out how to tell Belle. Talia agrees not to say a word. Shawn thanks her and figures he should get going. Shawn tells Talia to take care of herself. Talia wishes him luck. Shawn then exits the apartment.

Eric tells Belle to keep in mind that it was the alcohol talking, not Shawn. Belle says that’s unless he’s drinking again. Eric advises her not to engage and to tell Shawn that she won’t talk to him unless he’s sober as that’s the best thing she can do for him. Belle decides she will go get some air and hopes that Shawn will call soon. Belle then exits the Pub. Shawn comes downstairs and heads for the door but Eric spots him and questions where the hell he came from.

Harris states that Ava spent all that time going over what could go wrong. Ava questions what could go right when all they have to go on is her visions and they don’t know if she will get another one. Harris argues that Ava convinced him that her visions may be Susan really trying to reach her. Ava asks why her when she is the one who almost killed Susan. Harris says they were sent here so maybe they have to wait for a signal. Ava argues that Susan didn’t give her an address. Harris points out that they are here now and they are ahead of the cops so he has a good feeling that it’s going to work out. Ava guesses they’ll go on that then and complains that Susan better send her another sign soon before EJ comes to finish off the job.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for stonewalling her but says this is about protecting her. Nicole argues that they both know what’s going on here and complains about the idea of giving birth while EJ is in prison. EJ insists that he won’t be in prison because no one knows what he’s done. Nicole argues that he’s probably Rafe’s number one suspect because of what Ava did to Susan. EJ assures that Joyce won’t sell him out as long as he guarantees her safety. EJ vows that he would not put what they have at risk for anything. Wendy then arrives and says she has something for EJ to see. EJ tells her that he’s in a meeting but Nicole says it’s okay as she’s going to do that research. Nicole advises EJ to try not to freak out as she then exits. EJ asks what he can do for Wendy. Wendy responds that it shouldn’t take long as she just wants to make sure that she’s on track with something.

Tripp goes to the police station and meets with Rafe in the interrogation room. Rafe thanks him for coming and says it shouldn’t take long. Rafe apologizes for interrupting him with Wendy the night before. Tripp says it’s okay and that he needed to know what was going on with his mom. Tripp adds that he’s sorry he couldn’t be much help as he doesn’t know where she is. Rafe says that Tripp was actually very helpful and he hopes he can be again. Tripp responds that he just wants Ava to be okay. Rafe tells Tripp that they know for a fact that Ava was alive and well at 9 PM last night. Rafe reveals an eye witness spotted Ava and Harris. Tripp states that is good. Rafe adds that the funny thing is that they were spotted in the alley right behind Tripp’s apartment, so he has to ask if Tripp has seen Ava since they last talked. Tripp then admits that he has. Tripp tells Rafe that when he got home last night, Ava and Harris were there, they talked for awhile and then left. Rafe asks how they got in. Tripp admits it was the fire escape. Rafe acknowledges that it must have been hard and emotional to see his mom after someone tried to kill her. Tripp confirms that it was. Rafe asks if she asked for his help. Tripp responds that she knew he couldn’t do anything for her so they left. Rafe asks if he has any idea where they went. Tripp says he can’t say and adds that he hasn’t lied, so he asks if he can go now. Rafe tells Tripp to tell the hospital that he’s hung up because he’s not going anywhere. Tripp states that he has nothing more to say. Rafe warns Tripp to think about the obstruction charges he could be facing for failing to tell him that he saw Ava. Rafe then walks out of the room.

EJ goes over a folder that Wendy presented to him. Wendy says she was told to do a system upgrade and wanted him to see it because it could be really expensive. Wendy tells him to take his time while she’ll just read the Spectator. Wendy looks at it and comments on seeing Ava escaped last night. EJ responds that he knows. Wendy guesses that the police must have told EJ right away because of his unfortunate connection with Ava and what happened to his mother. EJ comments on his mother being a great person. Wendy reads that it says they don’t know where Ava is and remarks that it’s kind of scary considering everything she has done. Wendy guesses EJ has good security here and at his house. EJ tells Wendy that she’s going to have to stop talking if she wants him to give this his full attention.

Ava tries calling out to Susan and says she’d really appreciate another sign. Ava complains when nothing happens. Harris argues that Ava is just tired and punchy after the flight. Ava mocks Harris not being afraid of anything. Harris tells Ava to act like a Vitali. Ava complains about Harris sounding like a broken record as she storms in to the bathroom.

Eric tells Shawn that Belle was just there and worried about him. Shawn says he’s just trying to figure out what to say as they have a lot to talk about. Shawn assumes that Belle told Eric about their fight. Eric confirms that Belle said he didn’t come home last night. Shawn tells Eric that he ran in to Jada and told her about the fight, so Jada said he could crash here while she was working the late shift. Talia comes down the stairs but stops when she sees them talking. Eric then asks Shawn about Talia since she lives there too.

Belle walks through the town square and runs in to Nicole. Nicole asks about Shawn since she knows Victor’s funeral must have been hard on him. Belle confirms that Shawn’s not in great shape. Nicole says she’s sorry. Belle asks how Nicole is since she must be due soon. Nicole says she is due in January and is really excited. Belle bets EJ must be excited too. Nicole assures that EJ is really on board now there is no uncertainty as that was hard on EJ and Eric. Nicole adds that she’s really sorry about Eric and Sloan losing their baby. Nicole asks how Eric is doing. Belle mentions that she was just with him and that he and Sloan are now looking in to adoption. Nicole is surprised but says that’s great. Belle comments on Eric always wanting a kid and knowing he’ll be a great father which Nicole agrees with.

Shawn claims to Eric that Talia is working too at the hospital on the late shift and admits he drank a lot last night which kept him from going home. Talia goes and sneaks out the back. Shawn tells Eric that he’ll catch up with him later. Eric informs Shawn that Belle knows he saw her messages and she deserves to know that he’s going to be alright. Shawn responds that he’s going to go find her now. Talia then enters the Pub and says she hopes the coffee is fresh as she claims that she just got off the hospital night shift, so Eric goes to get her coffee. Shawn pretends to meet Talia for the first time and introduces himself, adding that Jada let him crash. Shawn then gets a text from Belle that she’s in the town square. Eric tells Shawn to just make it right as he then exits the Pub.

Jada returns to the police station. Rafe thought he told her to go home. Jada claims she was on her way home but her route took her by Tripp’s place, so on a hunch she decided to check it out. Rafe asks if she found something.

EJ tells Wendy that she did a good job and he’ll think about it before getting back to her. Wendy apologizes if she overstepped by talking about Ava and Susan as it’s none of her business. EJ says it’s nothing and adds that he’s due in a meeting. EJ tells Wendy that his computer mouse is messing up, so Wendy says she will take care of it. EJ then exits while Wendy sits at his desk and is amazed to discover that EJ forgot his phone.

Jada goes to the Brady Pub and sees Eric. Jada mentions hearing about Sloan’s miscarriage and says she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her and says he really appreciates her saying that. Eric adds that he also appreciates what she did for Shawn last night as she must have known he was drunk and that he didn’t want to go home after fighting with Belle so she let him crash there. Jada goes along with it and says she’s pretty beat so she’ll see him as she heads upstairs to her room.

Belle tells Nicole that she will tell Eric that she asked about him. Nicole tells her not to and says she’s just happy that Eric and Sloan got past what happened. Shawn arrives and greets them. Nicole tells him that she’s really sorry about Victor which Shawn says he appreciates. Nicole then walks away. Belle asks how Shawn is feeling. Shawn admits he’s hungover. Belle then asks where he slept last night.

Talia makes her bed as Jada comes home and says she’s got to be kidding her. Jada questions if Talia slept with Shawn Brady.

Rafe returns to Tripp in the interrogation room. Tripp talks about Rafe trying to scare him with the obstruction charges and asks what jury is going to convict him for trying to protect his own mother after a hitwoman tried to kill her. Rafe agrees and tells him to forget the obstruction because he didn’t need it. Rafe then warns Tripp that he could be facing a charge of aiding and abetting a felon. Rafe then reveals Tripp and Wendy’s passports.

Wendy tries searching through EJ’s phone but EJ returns and asks if he may help her.

Ava returns from the shower as Harris is getting undressed.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Look, just calm down. Okay? I know you’re worried, but as long as I’m representing you, we’re both safe. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Right.

Hello. Mm hmm. I need to talk to you. I need a kiss. Oh, I think I just felt a little kick then. Oh, yeah. Welcome to my world. I think we have us a soccer player. Wonderful. Okay. Down to business. Good. You got my message. I need to talk to you as a consultant. Why? Professor Downe and I was wondering if you could do some research and suggest an acquisition that could give us a little boost.

Sure, I can get right on that, after you answer this question. Of course. Did you try to have Ava Vitale killed?

Just to see if there’s any sign of Martin. Well, at least there’s nothing about us in the local news. Unless they’re purposely keeping the media in the dark about us. So they can just close in. No one’s, no one’s closing in on us. Yeah? And you know that, Hal? Uh, what if somebody at Gatwick… Spotted those funny passports if we showed them.

They would have just picked us up right then and there. Oh, you know what? They’re probably staked out in front of the hotel right now. Okay, that’s not, that’s not how it works. We made it into the UK without Scotland Yard or the cops from Salem knowing where we are, okay? And tomorrow, we’re gonna start looking for Susan Banks.

Right. Here, in London. Which is a really big city, and we don’t have the first clue how to begin. Harris, what if we made a huge mistake?

So, have you heard from your mom? Did they make it to London? Radio’s silent so far. But she probably thinks it’s too risky to send me a message. I really hope she can find TJ’s mother. She’s gonna have to. Where she’s going to spend the rest of her life running away from EJ. But yeah, I’ll never be able to repay you for coming up with those fake passports.

I mean, you took a big risk for someone you don’t even know. But I know our son. And that’s enough.

Hey, I, uh, I got your message. What’s up? Well… Solon and I talked about still wanting to have a child and, you know, given her condition, we realized that adoption may be the best thing. Yeah, I can understand that. So that means you’ll help us through the process? I’m sorry, what? The adoption process. I mean, we’re gonna need a lawyer.

Oh. That’s why I asked you here. Yeah, I mean, yes. Sorry, yes. I, of course, I’ll represent you. Hey, what’s, what’s wrong? I mean, I can see that something is. Yeah, something’s wrong. Um, Sean didn’t come home last night.

Oh, God.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hi. Oh

my god, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, what did we, and like, how did we? Listen, Talia, I’m, listen, I’m really sorry. I, I, this, you were, you were a very sweet girl, but this is, look, this is my fault. No, okay, it was me too. Oh. Oh my god, Belle. Oh.

Oh my gosh, six text messages and a voicemail. Gosh, she must think that I’m dead in a, in a ditch somewhere. Wait, didn’t you say that you guys got into like this big fight or something? Wait, I told you that? Yeah. Oh, what else did I tell you? Um, that she’s cheated on you in the past and… Oh, that I’ve never cheated on her.

Oh, man. Well, I guess I can’t say that anymore. Oh God, I can’t believe I told you that. I, I can’t believe any of

this. You told me that Sean was having sessions with mom again. That you thought he might be coming out of this. Yeah, and then Victor’s funeral happened. And because Sean now not only blames himself for Bo being in a coma, but also for Victor’s death, he’s started drinking again and then he went to work, or tried to.

He got suspended again? No, Rafe sent him home, but then he went straight to the square where he and I ran into each other and he was clearly drunk. And I, I said some things I shouldn’t have said. It’s been going on a long time. And understanding doesn’t seem to be the key with Sean. Yeah, well, I think I went too far.

I told him that I thought he should be in a residential facility. Or, rehab, and that’s really when everything went off the rails, and he said that I was trying to lock him away in a loony bin, and then he threw my affair with EJ in my face.

Oh, come on. Why would I plot Ava’s murder? Why wouldn’t you? The news said it looked like an attempted hit, and no one hates Ava more than you do. Ava was the one who did the shooting, and then she escaped with Harris Michaels. Okay, well, you skipped over the part about who Ava shot. And the first report said it was a nurse, but the administrator at Bayview said they’d never seen that woman before.

And the only person who knows about this mystery person is her attorney. You. Which leads me to believe that you’re defending her because you hired her to avenge her mother. By killing Ava.

I don’t understand, what mistake have we made? Oh, Harris. We have barely had a moment to breathe since we broke out of Bayview. Next thing I know, Tripp’s girlfriend’s making us fake passports, and now here we are, in London, without a clue as to what happens next. Yeah, well, we’re gonna figure that out. Oh, God, don’t, don’t you see?

I am in EJ’s crosshairs, and finding Susan is my only hope. And I’m here, in London. We are here, on another continent, based on a vision that I had. I don’t know what you’re trying to say. I am trying to say that you need to take me back to Bayview. Because clearly, I am crazy.

This is all good, Dave. Nice work. Hey there. Any news on the hunt for Ava? Yes. In fact…

Seriously? Yeah. That is coming straight from Officer Silver. I assigned him to check out chip drawings in the apartment building. And a neighbor thinks that they may have seen somebody in the alleyway behind the building at the same time that Ava and Michaels broke out of Bayview. I’m going to interview him.

No way. Not now. What? Tina, you were wearing the same thing that you had on yesterday. So you’re going to go home. You’re going to get some rest. I’ve got your notes. I’ll contact the witness. Okay. Boy, well, someone’s getting awfully bossy. Yeah, someone’s gonna get even more bossier if you don’t leave now.

Okay. Okay. I’ll leave. But, but, if you come up with something big, you promise you’ll call me. I am just as invested as finding Ava as you are. I’ve got you on speed dial. Okay. Right. Yeah.

If you find out anything Go! Now. If


hear anything, you’ll let me know? Definitely. You heading back to the apartment? I thought I’d go back to the office. The office is DiMera Enterprises. I know. Wendy, you’ve done enough. I don’t want you tangling with EJ. Tripp, your mom is in trouble. And the creep I work for sent an assassin to take her out.

Which proves how dangerous that creep is. Look, I’m just gonna do a little fishing. Okay, I’m a nobody to EJ, so he won’t even notice I’m there. And maybe I’ll find something useful. Wendy, please don’t do this. If you didn’t want me involved, you shouldn’t have made me care about you so much. Okay? So this is on you.

Hi. You better get that. Dr. Bronson.

Hello, commissioner Hernandez here. And what can I do for you? Commissioner? I need to see you down to the station. How soon can you get here?

I’m representing this woman because she was nearly killed by the same person who murdered my mother. I got to the hospital, and this poor woman was being grilled by a police officer, and she didn’t have counsel. EJ, why did you even go there in the first place? I thought she might need an attorney, and she did.

Well, never mind the fact that you’re running a major corporation and you haven’t practiced law in many a moon. My law license is still active and I am very motivated. Any enemy of Amos is automatically a friend of mine. Oh, honey, I can’t tell if you’re lying to me out of habits or to protect me. Oh, come on.

No. You come on. I think that you’re defending this woman because she knows something that you don’t want the cops to know. And excuse me, since I’m having your baby in a few short months, I think I deserve to know what that something is. Is

Sean? Well, it’s a notification that he just got all of the messages I’ve sent, so… At least I know he’s alive. But I… I don’t know why he’s not calling me back. You know, I don’t know why he’s ghosting me. Maybe he’s embarrassed. You know, for treating you so badly. I mean, drunk or not, he had no right to bring up PJ at all.

Yeah, but I did. I did. I cheated on him with a man that he despises. No, you and Sean were separated. That’s true. And I thought that, that Sean and I had gotten past all of this, but if you could have heard just the anger in his voice, what if Sean hasn’t actually forgiven me for my affair with EJ and what if that’s part of the reason he’s drinking?

Look, Sean, I’m not saying what we did was justified, okay? But I seriously think that you should give yourself a break. I mean, I know it must be really hard for you to get rid of that mental image of your wife being with another man. And you’re obviously still not over it. Yeah, but then I went and I threw it in her face.

And then I went and got even more drunk. And then… Then I cheated on her. Oh my god, listen, I… I lost control, and… Look, I feel like, I feel like I took advantage of you, and I’m so sorry, I… Can you please, please just stop apologizing? I lost control too. Okay, and it was all because I was hurt that Chanel broke things off with me.

And I’m the one who should feel especially bad. I owe your wife so much. Hold on, wait, you, wait, you feel bad? I mean, I’m, I’m the one, I’m her husband. I’m her husband, and she’s out there right now, she’s wondering, she’s waiting for a phone call back from me. Oh my god, I, I, I, what the hell am I gonna say? I mean, I don’t even know how I’m gonna tell her.

Uh, look, I know there’s a lot more for us to say, but I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta tell Belle where I’m at. So, is there any way that, you know, we could just not say anything about last night? Just until… Figure out what I’m going to say to her. Yeah, I, I understand. I won’t say a word. Thank you.

Well, I, uh, I should, I guess I should probably get going then. So, take care of yourself. You too. And, good luck.

Hey. When you see Sean, try to keep in mind that it was the alcohol talking last night, not him. Not the man you love. Unless he’s drinking again. Can I give you some advice? If he is drinking, do not engage. Tell him that you will not talk to him until he’s sober. It’s the best thing you can do for him.

Right. I’m gonna go get some air. And who knows, maybe he’ll call soon. Bye. Bye.

Sean? Where the hell did you come from?

Hey, look, you had eight hours on a plane to think about everything that could go wrong. Yeah, tell me what could go right. What could go right? We have nothing to go on except those woo woo visions that I had. And who knows if I’m gonna get another one. Wait, wait, wait a minute. You convinced me that those encounters were not hallucinations, that maybe Susan has ESP and wants to reach you.

Okay, but maybe you were right. Why me? Why me? I am the one who drove her off of the cliff into a ditch and almost killed her! I don’t know, maybe she thinks you owe her, Ava, but she sent you a signal that we should be looking for here. Right. A signal. Right. Okay. But, if Susan is so damn anxious for me to find her, then, then, why didn’t she give me an address?

Why did she just talk in code? I mean, if you hadn’t figured out that the big smoke meant London… We’d still be in Salem. Yeah, okay, but we’re not. We’re here, right now, and we’re ahead of the cops. Ava, look at me.

It’s gonna work out. I got a good feeling about it. Okay. Great. I guess we’ll go on that, then, I guess.

Susan better send me another sign real quick. Before her baby boy comes and finishes off the job.

Yes, Nicole, I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for stonewalling you. But, as we discussed before, this is about protecting you. Oh, stop. We both know what’s going on here. And do I have to point out it’s going to be really inconvenient if I’m giving birth and you’re in prison? I’m not going to prison. No one knows what I’ve done.

Yeah, no one knows but your clients. And you’re probably Rafe’s number one suspect after what Ava did to Susan, and he could cut her a sweet deal in exchange for your hide. My client isn’t going to sell me out as long as I guarantee her safety. Nicole, I wouldn’t put at risk anything that we have for anything.

Mr. DeMare? It’s Wendy. There’s something I want you to see. I’m in a meeting. No, it’s… It’s okay. I don’t have any more questions. I’m gonna go do that research. Would you just try not to freak out? This acquisition is nothing to freak out about.

Love you. Love you.

So, what can I do for you? No, this shouldn’t take long. I just want to make sure I’m on track. Something.

This won’t take a long trip. I apologize for the inconvenience. Also, we’re having to track you down last night at the Salem Inn. Interrupting you and your girlfriend. No, it’s, uh… It’s all good. I’m glad you did. I I I needed to know what was going on. And, uh, I’m sorry I wasn’t much help. Actually, you were very helpful.

Yeah, and, uh, I’m hoping you can be helpful again. Yeah, I just, I want my mom to be okay. Yeah, it’s gotta be tough. Not knowing where she is.

But there’s good news. Yeah? Yes, we know for a fact that your mother was alive and well at 9pm last night. IPM. Mm hmm. Yeah. Thanks to an eyewitness who spotted her and Michael’s. Yeah. Got a real good look at them. Well, that’s, that’s good. Yeah. Funny thing, though. Uh, they were spotted in the alley right behind your building.

Really? Mm hmm. So I have to ask you. Have you seen your mom since we last talked?

Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Look, when I got home last night, my mom and Michaels were there. She and I talked for a little while, and then they left. How’d they get in? Fire escape. That explains why they were seen in the alley. Well, that must have been rough. Emotional, you know. Seen your mom after someone tried to kill her? Was. She asked for your help.

She knew I couldn’t do anything for her, and so she left. They left. Right. Any idea where they went? I can’t say. You can’t say, or you won’t say. Look, I haven’t lied to you, man. Can I go now?

You should tell the people who are covering for you at the hospital, that you’re held up. You’re not going anywhere. But I don’t have anything more to say. So you can sit here, and you can think about, um, the obstruction charges that you could be facing for failing to tell me that you saw your mother.

That should fill the time.

This is quite lengthy. Well, I was told to design a system wide upgrade. So I did. I wanted you to see it, because it could be really expensive. If you want modifications, I could redo the design. Hmm. But take your time. I’ll just read the spectator. Oh my gosh. What? Ava Vitale just escaped Bayview last night.

Yes, I know. Right. I guess the police must have told you right away. Because of your connection to her. Your unfortunate connection. I’m really sorry to hear about what happened to your mother. So am I. My mother was a very special person. So it says here the police don’t know where Miss Vitale is. That’s kind of scary, considering all the things she’s done.

But I guess you have good security here and at your house. Wendy, if you want me to give this my full attention, you’re going to have to stop talking. Hey,

Susan. It’s me. Ava. Here in London, and I, uh, I’d really appreciate it if you would give me another sign.

Something? Anything.

You see what I mean? Good, because you’re tired, you’re punchy, Ava, you didn’t close your eyes the whole flight, the whole flight! Okay, yeah, okay, and you’re not punchy at all, right? Because you can sleep wherever and whenever you want, because you’re not afraid of anything, because you’re an ex Navy SEAL!

And you’re a Vitaly, so act like one!

You wanna go first in the bathroom? Sure. I’ll do that. And when I come out, maybe you will stop sounding like a Broken record.

Belle is just here. She was worried about you. Uh, yeah, yeah. I’m just, you know, I’m just trying to figure out what it is that I’m going to say. You know, we’ve got a lot to talk about. We sure do. I’m assuming she told you about the fight. Yeah, she said you got into a fight and you didn’t come home last night.

So when you left her, you decided to come here? Uh, yeah. I mean, I, I, uh, I ran into Jada and I told her about the fight and, uh, she said to me that I could just crash here, so. Because she’s working for Laetia. And what about Talia? Talia? She lives here, too.

Belle! Oh, hey, Nicole. Uh, I, I was wondering about Sean. I, I know Victor’s funeral was yesterday. It must have been really hard on him. Yeah, yeah, it was. He’s not in good shape. I’m, I’m truly sorry. Thank you. How are you feeling? Gosh, you must be due soon, huh? January. I’m really excited. Aw, I bet EJ is really excited too.

Yeah, yeah, he’s, he’s on board with this baby and especially now since there’s no uncertainties. It was really hard on EJ and, and Eric. And now, I God, you know, I, I’m so sorry that Eric and Sloane lost their baby. Yeah, yeah, that was rough. How’s Eric doing? Oh, I was actually just with him. It sounds like he and Sloan are planning to adopt.

Oh! Oh, well, that’s great. Good for them. Yeah, you know, Eric’s always wanted a kid, and I’m, I just know he’ll be a wonderful father. Yeah, he definitely will be. Uh, yeah, yeah, no, I just remembered. Yeah, Talia, she’s, uh, you know, she’s working, too. Uh, at the hospital. You know, the late shift. Sorry, I’m just, I’m super slow right now because I drank a lot last night.

So this is what kept you from going home? Yeah. Oh. Hey, look, listen, I’ll, uh, catch up with you later, okay? Hey, wait up. Belle knows you saw her messages. She deserves to know you’re alright, or you’re gonna be. No, you’re right, you’re right. Listen, I’m gonna, I’m gonna text her right now. And, um, I’m gonna find out where she is and I’m gonna go meet up with her.

I hope the coffee’s fresh. I just pulled the night shift and I’m totally effed out. Coffee coming right up. Uh, you’re Talia, right? Jada’s sister, right? Right. Hey, I’m Sean Brady. Sean, I know your sister from the police department. Um, I spoke to her and she said it was okay that I crash. So, we don’t mind.

Yeah, no problem. Thank you so much. Oh, well, there she is. Bells, bells at the square. Um, yeah, wish me luck. Hey, you don’t need luck. Just make it right. Yeah.

Hey. I thought I told you to go home. I was on my way home. Uh huh. But then, my route, it took me by Tripp Johnson’s building. You know, where Officer Thompson picked up that lead on Ava’s whereabouts. Mm hmm. So, on a hunch… I decided to check it out myself. And?

What, did you… Did you find something?

You did a good job on this. I want some time to think about it, and then I’ll get back to you. Great. And… Hey, sorry if I overstepped before. What do you mean? Well, talking about Eva Vitale and your mother, it’s… None of my business. Don’t worry about it. I’m due in a meeting. May I hold onto this? Sure.

Oh, there is one thing you could do for me. Name it. My mouse is acting up. Probably just needs a new battery or something. I’ll take care of it. Thank you.

God. He forgot his phone.

Wow. Hey. Eric. Hey. I heard about what happened with Sloane. That she had a miscarriage. Yeah. I am so sorry. Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that. And I also appreciate you for what you did for Sean last night. I mean, you must have noticed he was drunk. Well, if he didn’t explain it to you, maybe he did, but he and his wife, they kind of got into a fight last night and, uh, he didn’t want to go home.

That was really cool of you to let him stay here. Uh, yeah, right, no, no problem, no problem at all. Um, but speaking of crashing, I’m, I’m pretty beat, so I’ll, I’ll see you.

Okay. Well, I’ll tell Eric you were asking about him. Oh, gosh, no. Don’t, don’t do that. I, I’m just happy that Eric and Sloane were able to get past what happened. Sean. Hey, Nicole. Hi. Um, I’m, I’m really sorry about Victor. He, he was a true original. Yeah, that’s for sure. I appreciate it. Well, bye.

Hey. How you feeling? Hungover. Yeah, I bet. So, where’d you sleep last night?

What the hell? You’ve got to be kidding me. What?

Tell me you didn’t sleep with Sean Brady.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s okay. Give me a chance to think about those obstruction charges you tried to scare me with. I decided it all. You had to be bluffing. I mean, what jury is going to convict me for trying to protect my own mother after a hit woman tried to kill her? That’s a good point. I forget the obstruction charge.

Yeah. Turns out I didn’t need it. What does that mean? It means you could now be facing the charge of… Aiding and abetting a villain.

Go ahead. Open it.

Maybe, just maybe, Ichi treated messages with that woman who tried to kill Eva. God, I just need to get past this lock screen. May I

help you?

What are you doing? I’m, I’m getting ready for bed. No, no, no. You’re not going to sleep on the chairs. It’s, it’s, it’s okay. I’m, I’m fine. Come on. One, one night in that fleabag motel in Salem is, is one thing. But you know, we don’t even know where to begin looking for Susan, or if she’s even alive, or in London.

So, you know, we could be doing this for a while.

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Days Update Monday, September 18, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo accuses Dimitri of cheating on him with his wife and complains that he just got an earful from Gwen about their sex lives. Leo demands the truth as he asks if Dimitri has been playing him this whole time.

Kristen questions Gwen already knowing that Dimitri was cheating on her with Leo. Gwen says of course she knew and brings up the lustful looks that Leo has been giving Dimitri. Gwen says she’d have to be braindead to not have noticed. Kristen questions if Gwen has been pretending to be in love with Dimitri while knowing all along that he was crazy in love with Leo. Gwen admits that in the beginning, she was a bit of a naïve fool when Dimitri proposed to her as she thought her luck had really turned around and she was going to marry the man of her dreams. Gwen is relieved to report that she has jumped off of cloud nine and landed safely, so she’s now back to being her cynical misanthropic self.

In Athens ,Greece, Alex and Brady ask about Constantine’s meeting with Victor before he died. Constantine questions Victor not telling them. Brady and Alex explain that Victor only told Maggie that he was going to visit Bo, who doesn’t live in Greece, which is why they were shocked when Victor’s plane went down in the Mediterranean. Brady says Victor must not have wanted anyone to know where he was and questions what he was doing in Greece.

Theresa waits on room service but is shocked when she opens the door to see her dad, Shane Donovan, has arrived and she hugs him.

Stefan tells Gabi that it feels pretty damn good to have Dimitri right where they want him, thanks to them uncovering his deep dark secret. Stefan declares that pretty soon, they will have DiMera in the palm of their hand. Gabi asks why stop there and suggests making Dimitri hand over the Von Leuschner money too.

Dimitri questions what Leo means. Leo repeats how Gwen went in detail about her and Dimitri’s sex life. Dimitri tells Leo that Gwen is lying as they have not been physically intimate. Leo says that doesn’t make any sense and asks why Gwen would lie.

Kristen asks Gwen when she figured all of this out. Gwen explains that when Leo showed up to her honeymoon, claiming he was there for a secret Madonna concert, is when she started getting suspicious as it was all too coincidental. Kristen asks if Gwen had no idea before that. Gwen admits she was a naïve fool but once her suspicions were aroused, she started to look back on all the little moments where she should’ve seen Dimitri and Leo for the lying snakes that they are.

Theresa tells Shane that it’s so good to see him. Shane tells her the same but questions what she’s doing here as he was told Alex and Brady were staying in these rooms. Theresa says they should be back soon. Shane says that doesn’t answer his question and guesses this is about Brady.

Constantine tells Alex and Brady that he didn’t plan to meet Victor but he just appeared and he could tell something was really wrong. Alex guesses it’s about his son, Bo. Constantine confirms that Victor had just come from visiting Bo and he could tell it was a very painful visit but he could tell that something other than his ailing son was on Victor’s mind.

Stefan questions Gabi wanting to go after Dimitri’s inheritance too. Gabi asks why not since they have him where they want him and if they get that money, they won’t have to share with any member of the family.

Gwen repeats to Kristen that when Leo showed up at her honeymoon with his Madonna excuses is when she started thinking back to the little moments. Kristen tells her to go on. Gwen starts when she and Dimitri first got engaged and she didn’t hear from him all day, then Leo said he was with him as they were planning a surprise for her for the wedding. Gwen recalls thinking it was strange but she told herself that she was being paranoid. Gwen brings up all the times that Dimitri wasn’t interested in making love to her.

Dimitri reminds Leo that Gwen believes they are in love so they would have to have sex sometimes. Leo says he gets it but hopes Dimitri is not enjoying it. Dimitri swears that he’s only sleeping with Gwen out of obligation but he’s sleeping with Leo because he loves him.

Stefan asks Gabi what incentive Dimitri has to keep quiet if they take everything from him as he has to have something to lose in order to be blackmailed. Gabi guesses he’s right but feels there must be something they can do to get a bigger payday out of this. Stefan loves the way her mind works but says in this instance, they can’t afford to be greedy.

Gwen tells Kristen that Dimitri was not interested in having sex with her and remembers that the first person she told was Leo. Gwen recalls walking in on Dimitri in his underwear with Leo and they claimed that he was trying on suits. Gwen says she knew Leo wasn’t being completely honest but she thought she knew why. Gwen guesses she was so stupid as she knows Leo always has crushes on straight men, but says she should’ve known when “Matthew Perry” came in to the picture which Kristen questions.

Leo questions Dimitri saying that he loves him. Dimitri confirms that he does and supposes he only realized it when Mr. Roth said he could see it so clearly. Dimitri talks about it going beyond attraction and lust. Dimitri says he misses him when he’s not around and he wants to share everything with him. Dimitri declares that he wants to make Leo happy and repeats that he loves him. Leo says he loves him too and they kiss.

Shane knew Theresa hadn’t really gotten over Brady but questions her chasing him all the way to Greece. Theresa admits she followed him but claims she’s helping Brady and Alex with their investigation. Shane argues that they apparently don’t want her help, otherwise she’d be out investigating with them now. Shane praises Theresa but hates to see her chasing someone who doesn’t appreciate her. Shane declares that if Brady can’t understand how wonderful she is, then he doesn’t deserve her.

Brady questions Constantine saying that Victor seemed worried about something other than Bo. Constantine adds that when he asked Victor about it, he got quiet. Brady talks about Victor having his will destroyed and asks if he mentioned anything about that. Constantine says he did not, but he did mention a letter. Alex asks what Victor said about this letter. Constantine says that Victor said it was of great importance to him, then shared a toast and left. Constantine steps away while Alex asks Brady if he really thinks Victor came all this way for a letter. Brady talks about when Victor sets his mind to something. Brady then remembers Kayla saying that she found a box full of old letters when Bo held her in Victor’s old home.

Theresa tells Shane that she knows she should move on and she’s tried with other boyfriends, but she can’t help comparing them to Brady and none of them measure up. Theresa swears that she’s trying to play it cool as Brady thinks she has a thing for Alex but she doesn’t. Shane points out that Alex is Brady’s cousin and asks how far she’s willing to take this deception. Theresa doesn’t know and acknowledges that Alex is really cool, handsome, and rich so it won’t be hard for her. Shane questions if she’s planning a fling with Alex to make Brady jealous. Theresa says she’s not really planning anything but she’s holding onto hope that if Brady spends time with her, he will realize she’s changed and maybe he’ll fall in love with her again.

Kristen questions Gwen about “Matthew Perry”. Gwen then explains how she found the initials MP in Leo’s phone and he claimed it was Matthew Perry but not the actor. Gwen says at that point, she stopped worrying about Dimitri even after Leo interrupted their wedding and then their honeymoon. Gwen adds that she believed Leo at first about the Madonna concert, but the more she thought about it, the crazier it seemed though she had no proof that anything was going on until the very next day when Leo came in her room, pretending to be torn up over Victor’s death so she went out to get him a snack but reveals that she came back and found them together without them knowing. Gwen then thought back to when she found Leo hiding someone in his room and Leo said it was a married man. Gwen declares that then she knew the truth and that “MP” stood for Magic Penis which Kristen laughs at.

Leo asks Dimitri what he means when he said they have trouble. Dimitri tells him to brace himself. Leo starts to worry that Gwen is pregnant and they will be bound together forever. Dimitri assures she is not so Leo asks what kind of trouble they have. Dimitri then reveals that Gabi and Stefan have discovered they are sleeping together and are using it as blackmail. Leo asks how that can be when they have been so careful. Dimitri says they apparently found the hotel receipt showing he paid for his room in Iceland and they got Rachel to confirm she saw them sleeping together.

Stefan tells Gabi that he covets the Von Leuschner money as much as she does, but he thinks they need to focus on their original plan because when Dimitri gives them he and Megan’s shares, they will have a huge block at DiMera and almost be guaranteed to be the deciding votes which means if Chad and EJ want any say, they will have to come to them. Gabi admits it does have a certain appeal and maybe eventually, they could run the whole company and then they kick EJ out on his ass.

Leo complains that there are far too many nosy, obnoxious children running around the DiMera Mansion. Dimitri adds that Gabi and Stefan are demanding he and Megan’s shares or else they will tell Gwen everything. Leo asks what they are going to do. Dimitri declares that there’s only one thing they can do and that’s kill them which Leo questions.

Gwen tells Kristen that after walking in on Dimitri and Leo on her honeymoon, that’s when she knew the truth and she didn’t know which one she was more angry at. Kristen comments on the flight home which Gwen calls definitely a challenge to be unable to strangle them for 10 hours. Gwen adds that as angry as she was, she couldn’t figure out why Dimitri wanted to marry her only to have an affair with a man right afterwards, until they came home and Dimitri sent her to unpack while he stayed here with Kristen. Gwen reveals that she decided to do some eavesdropping. Gwen asks Kristen about planning to split the Von Leuschner money with him all along. Kristen explains that she didn’t know Dimitri was betraying her to that extent because he only told her that he was just sleeping with Leo to keep him quiet. Gwen questions Kristen saying that Dimitri doesn’t have feelings for Leo and was just sleeping with him out of desperation. Kristen clarifies that is what she thought but Dimitri just told her that wasn’t the case and that what he and Leo have is the real thing as they are in love.

Leo questions Dimitri saying they have to kill Stefan and Gabi. Dimitri insists that he’s serious. Leo points out that Stefan is his uncle. Dimitri argues that he barely knows he and Gabi. Leo says it’s a serious crime and that he can’t be serious. Dimitri reminds Leo that he nearly took out half of Salem. Leo argues that was his world domination era but he’s moved on. Dimitri says that Leo doesn’t have to be any part of this but he’s not going to let two new relatives ruin everything for him, so he’s going to do everything he possibly can to make sure they don’t. Dimitri tells Leo that all he has to do is sit back and keep his mouth shut.

Gabi talks to Stefan about how if they get Dimitri’s shares, they won’t have to share anything. Stefan agrees it will all be theirs.

Alex asks Brady if he really thinks Victor came all this way for a box of letters when he’s sent hundreds of letters. Brady guesses these were really important to him and brings up the letters he sent to Caroline Brady, who sent them back to him. Alex realizes that Caroline was Bo’s mother and Victor had just coming from seeing Bo. Constantine comes back and tells them that Victor was family so they are too and they are welcome anytime and if there’s anything he can do for them. Brady brings up Victor’s childhood home and asks if he knows where that is. Constantine confirms he does as Victor liked him to keep an eye on things and says he would be happy to show them.

Theresa asks Shane about his briefcase. Shane explains that it was Victor’s as it was recovered in the wreckage and they said it didn’t have anything to do with the crash as it was just his personal belongings, papers, and legal documents so he thought maybe Alex and Brady would like to take it home to Maggie. Theresa says she’ll make sure they get it and invites Shane to stay for room service. Shane says he can’t but reminds her about what he said about finding a man who is worthy of her. Shane hugs her and says he loves her as he then exits. Theresa then begins to look over the briefcase.

Gabi tells Stefan that they’ve given Dimitri enough time to stew and suggests going in for the kill. Stefan agrees and texts Dimitri to ask if they are getting the shares.

Dimitri tells Leo that he better go see Gwen so she doesn’t get suspicious. Dimitri tells Leo that he’ll see him and kisses him goodbye as he exits.

Gwen tells Kristen that she’s going to confront her so called husband. Kristen stops her and thinks they should turn the tables around on Dimitri. Gwen asks if she’s saying they should join forces to get back at Leo and Dimitri for what they did to them. Gwen agrees and shakes hands with Kristen.

Constantine brings Alex and Brady to the wine cellar of Victor’s childhood home. Brady mentions Kayla referencing an old metal box that had the letters which Alex finds. Brady hopes it will give them all the answers they need as he prepares to open the box.

Theresa takes a knife and begins trying to break in to Victor’s briefcase.

Brady opens the metal box but finds it is empty.

Theresa gets Victor’s briefcase open and removes the stack of letters.

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Days Transcript Monday, September 18, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Ow! What the hell was that for? Oh, don’t you play innocent with me. I just told you what it’s for. You’re cheating on me with your wife! I don’t even know… What are you talking about? Oh, please spare me. I just got an earful from Gwen. She wouldn’t shut up about how the two of you have been shagging your asses off.

Like you’re a horny Popeye who just had a huge serving of spinach. So stop playing the coquettish ingenue and tell me the truth. Have you been playing me this whole time?

You already knew that Dimitri was cheating on you with Leo? Of course I knew. Matthew may be a world class dissembler, but those lustful looks that he’d been giving my husband… I’d have to be bloody brain dead not to have noticed. So, you’ve been dissembling as well? Pretending to be in love with Dimitri when you knew all along that he was crazy for Leo?

Actually, no.

I admit, yes, in the beginning I was, um, a bit of a naive fool. When Dimitri proposed to me and I agreed to be his wife, I thought, Wow, your luck has really turned around. You’re about to marry the man of your dreams.

But I am relieved to report that I have jumped off of cloud nine and I have landed safely. And I’m now back to being my cynical, misanthropic


Why was my grandfather meeting with you, Mr. Malonis? Oh, please, call me Constantine. So your grandfather did not tell you? No, he did not. He only told his wife that he was going to visit his son, Bo. But Bo doesn’t live anywhere near Greece. Which is why we were shocked when his plane went down in the Mediterranean.

Obviously, he didn’t want any of us to know where he was. What was he doing in Greece?

Room service.

Finally, it’s about damn time.

Oh my god!

Daddy! Like

sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I have to say, it feels pretty damn good to have Dimitri right where we want him. Thanks to us brilliantly uncovering his deep, dark secret. A torrid love affair with his wife’s best friend? And pretty soon, we will have DiMera in the palm of our hand. But why stop there? Why not make Dimitri hand over the von Leuschner money, too?

Playing you? Leo, what does that even I just told you! Gwen spent all morning rhapsodizing about your round the clock shagging, going into excruciating detail, bragging about positions I’ve never even heard of. Me! It’s a lie. She’s lying. She’s lying. Wait, what? The only physical intimacy that Gwen and I have shared in the last 24 hours is when she handed me the TV remote last night.

My hand grazed hers for a second. That’s it. Really? Yes, really. I swear.

Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would she lie? So when did you figure all this out?

Well, when Leo turned up to my honeymoon. Claiming that he was there for some secret Madonna concert. It is the Madonna concert. You know, that’s when I started to get suspicious. Matty fancies himself a material girl, but it was all too coincidental. Huh. But before that? No idea? No. As I said, yes, I was a naive fool.

But then once my suspicions were aroused, I started to look back on all the little moments where I should have bloody been one of the two of them. Should have seen them for the lying snakes that they are.

Daddy! Oh my God! It’s so good to see you! It’s been forever! Come here. It’s so good to see you too, my darling. But, what are you doing here? I was told Alex and Brady were staying in these rooms. Yeah, yeah, they are. They should, um, actually be back soon. And you didn’t ask my question. And it doesn’t take an experienced ISA agent to figure out what a father would instinctively know.

This is about Brady, isn’t it?

I did not plan to meet with Victor. He just appeared and I could tell something was very wrong. Well, he’s been really upset about his son. Yes, his son. So sad. He just come from a visit with him and it was evident the trip was very difficult for him. Yeah, I’m sure. We are all friends, I’ve known Victor for a long time.

So I could tell something else was on his mind. Something other than his ailing son.

So you want to go after Dimitri’s inheritance, too? Why not? I mean, we’ve got him right where we want him. And the best part is, if we get our hands on that full militia money, we wouldn’t have to share it with any single member of this family. We get the whole enchilada, baby.

Well… When Leo turned up to my honeymoon with that flimsy, ridiculous excuse about being there for a Madonna concert, that’s when my antenna went up, and as I said, that is when I started to think about all the little moments. Ah. Please, do go on. Well, the first one was right after we got engaged. It’s just I haven’t heard from Dimitri today, which is a bit odd, don’t you think, given that we, we just got engaged.

Oh! Oh my god, my team,



a terrible mistake. a confession to make. The reason you haven’t heard from Dimitri is because… He’s been with me. So… Leo told you that Dimitri was with him? Yeah. And he very quickly explained why. And it made sense at the time. Once, I was on board with the wedding. Your groom shared with me a capital S secret.

What kind of secret? Well, it’s really more of a surprise. For you. For the wedding. You know, but as strange as I thought it was, two of them concocting this surprise for my wedding, I just kept telling myself I was being paranoid. Like all those times when Dimitri wasn’t interested in making love to me.

Well, even if nothing happened between you and Gwen last night, you can’t say that the two of you never… Ugh, God, I can’t even say the word. Which is shag, by the way, because that’s what Gwen claims you do night and day, 24 7, round the damn clock. Leo, she is my wife. She does believe that we got married because of love.

If she and I never shagged, well then I suppose that jig would be up, don’t you? Fine. I get it. At least tell me you’re not enjoying it. Hey. I swear to you, I am sleeping with Gwen out of obligation. I’m sleeping with you because… Because what?

Because I love you.

But if we take Dimitri’s shares and his inheritance, what incentive does he have to keep us quiet? I mean, it’s Blackmail 101, Gabby, right? He has to have something to lose in order for us to exploit him. I hate to say it, but you may be right. Maybe. I mean, there has to be something we can do to get a bigger payday out of this.

Look, I love the way your mind works, but in this particular instance, I don’t think we can afford to be greedy.

And not only was Dimitri just completely uninterested in having sex with me, but… He was the very first person that I went and told. I’m sorry, honey. I really do think you’re overreacting. That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one that he refused to have sex with.

Bloody errands, indeed. I mean, I, I touched him, and he pulled away. Oh my God, Matty, I’m… Why wouldn’t he want to have sex with the woman that he supposedly loves?

God, that Matty, that… Clever little schemer that he is. He did manage to mollify me. Somewhat. Just as he did when I walked into the room to find Dimitri in his underwear. Well, this all must seem rather strange, Gwen, but I assure you there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. I’m waiting. Well, I… Dimitri does not have a proper suit for tomorrow, so I convinced him to try on one of mine.

You have plenty of suits. Yeah, but they’re also blah. I told him he needed something special, something with a little pizzazz. You know, after all, this is a once in a lifetime event. I knew Matthew wasn’t being completely honest with me, but… I thought I knew why. Come on. You honestly thought that I would believe that he would fit into one of your medium suits?

This one’s a woman’s large. It doesn’t matter what size it is. You didn’t want to see Dimitri in it, you wanted to see him out of it. What are you suggesting? That you wanted to see my fiancé in his underwear. I’m

so stupid, aren’t I?

I know that Matty is always keen to have crushes on straight men, but still I should have… I should have known. Especially when Matthew Perry came into the picture. What?

You… You love me. Me? I do. I suppose I only realized it when that lawyer Roth said he could see it so clearly. These feelings that I have for you, they go so far beyond just attraction or lust. But it’s those two, right? Yes. Yes, it is those two. But what I feel for you is so much more than that. It’s missing you when you’re not around.

It’s missing your smile and your laugh. It’s wanting to share everything with you. Above all, it’s… It’s just wanting to make you happy. So yeah, I think it bears repeating Leo Stark, I love you.

I love you too, Dimitri.

I knew you hadn’t really gotten over Brady, but to chase him all the way to Greece? Who says I chased him? Okay, fine, I followed him. But that’s because I’m helping him and Alex with their investigation. What, you don’t think I can? No, I, I know you can. But apparently they don’t want your help or else you’ll be out investigating with them right now.

Oh, Theresa, darling, you are a brilliant young woman with a good heart. Which is why I hate to see you chasing someone who doesn’t appreciate that. If Brady can’t understand how wonderful you are, then he doesn’t deserve you.

So, my grandfather seemed worried about something besides Bo. Yes, he did. But when I asked him about it, he got very quiet. Quiet? Um, Constantine, my grandfather called his attorney. To have his will destroyed. This was this was surprising to us. We didn’t know anything about that. Did he mention anything about that to you?

No, he did. Don’t say anything to me about the will.

But he did mention a letter.

So what did Victor say about this letter? Only that it was of great importance to him. Then we shared a toast of Ouzo, and he left. Excuse me for a moment. Of course.

That can’t be it. Can it? I mean, do you really think Uncle Vic came all the way out here just because of some letter? I don’t know. I mean, we both know when, when that man said… His mind is something, I mean, I was, hold on a minute, Kayla, Kayla told me when Bo had her captive in that wine cellar at Granddad’s old house that she found a box full of old letters.

Look, I know you’re right, Daddy. Okay, I, I know Brady doesn’t deserve me, and I should have enough self respect to move on, and believe me, I’ve tried, you know, I’ve had other boyfriends, and I just can’t help comparing them to Brady, and None of them measure up. Oh, darling. But I’m trying to play it cool, okay?

I swear, actually. Brady thinks I have a thing for Alex. Which I don’t. Alex Kiriakis? He’s Brady’s cousin. Yeah, so? Well, that rather depends on how far you’re planning to take this deception. Well, I don’t know how far I’m planning on taking it, and… You know, Alex is really cool, so he’s handsome, and he’s rich, and it’s not like it’s going to be a hardship for me.

Sweetheart, if, if you’re planning to have a fling with Alex just to make Brady jealous… I’m not really planning anything, I’m just…

I just thought, I don’t know, I’m holding on to hope, you know? That maybe, maybe if Brady spends enough time with me, that he’ll realize I’ve changed, and… And then maybe he’ll fall in love with me again.

Matthew Perry. Chandler himself. Oh, I didn’t tell you. How? How? I can’t help but wonder, who is this mystery man who’s lying in bed naked waiting for you? According to your contacts, his initials are MP. Ah, yes, MP. Matthew Perry. What? The actor from Friends? What? Who? Chandler? No, no. It’s a guy that I met on

I know what you were thinking. Oh no, I don’t think you wanna know what I’m thinking. Okay. Yeah. Fine, fine. But see, at that point I thought that Matti had his secret mp, and so I just stopped. I stopped worrying about Dmitri and Matt. Even after he interrupted our wedding? And then, on our honeymoon? Why are you here?

Feel free to answer any time now. You mean, why did I fly here, to Iceland, to surprise you, on your honeymoon? Yes. Well, isn’t it obvious? No, I’m afraid not. I’m here… Because today is Madonna’s birthday! Hang on, so you’re telling me you flew all the way out here to Iceland to tell me that it’s Madonna’s birthday?

Would that be strange? That would be insane! Well, yeah, because I did not come just to share that news, obviously. Hello? Matty? Why did you come? Because it’s, it’s, it’s… The thing is, it’s not just any old birthday. Madge is turning 65! Quite a milestone, right? And to celebrate, she’s giving a super secret concert.

Private show, very exclusive. I believed him at first. But then… But the more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed. I mean, I had no proof that anything was actually going on.

But that is until the very next day, when… Leo came into my room. So, torn up over Victor’s death, or he was pretending to be, where I popped out to get him a nice little Icelandic treat. And then, when I came back… Stop it, stop it, stop! Stop! What if Gwen comes back and finds out you were as gay as a Cher collage?

You can tell her you were just consoling me.

I’ll be quick.

And then I remembered. The day I found Leo hiding someone in his room.

What was that? What was what? Noise from the loo. I didn’t hear anything. You liar. You’re hiding somebody in there, aren’t you?

And I know exactly who it is. You were

sexting with yesterday. Remember, I saw your phone. I saw his initials, MP. As in Matthew, not the actor from Friends, Perry. 20 points. MP is not coming out because he doesn’t want you to see him. Why not? Because he’s a married

man. So then I knew the truth. MP did not stand for Matthew Perry. Ah, Sono Chandler. Knives Chandler. Okay, so what does MP stand for?

You’re seriously considering marrying that Teutonic twat? You don’t even know him. Well, enough, in the biblical sense. You slept with him once, and now you’re thinking of tying the knot? What, does he have a magic penis?

Magic penis? Exactly.

Okay, now that that’s settled. What did you mean before you said we’ve got trouble? Ah, yes, right, that. Okay, um, brace yourself. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. She’s carrying your child, isn’t she? The two of you are going to be bound together forever, raising Dimitri Jr. No, stop, please. Gwen is not pregnant. Oh, okay. Thank God.

So what kind of trouble do we have? Gabby and Stefan have discovered that we’re sleeping with each other behind Gwen’s back, and they’re using it as blackmail. You’re joking. That’s a joke. You’re joking, right? Not joking. Well, how could this be? We have been so careful, so discreet. How could they have figured it out?

Well, apparently they found a hotel receipt, proof that I paid for your room in Iceland. But that doesn’t mean that we’re… And they got that little brat Rachel to confirm it. Apparently she… Saw us having a little sleepover.

I covet the von Leuchtturm money as much as you do. But I think we need to stay focused on our original plan. If Demi When Dimitri gives us his shares, and Megan’s, Gabby, we are going to have a huge block at Temera. And we will almost be guaranteed to be the deciding votes. So if Chad and EJ want any kind of say They will have to kowtow to us.

I admit, the idea of EJ groveling for our approval does have a certain appeal. And if we’re strategic about it, maybe, eventually, we could run the whole company. And then… We can kick E. J. out on his ass.

Dammit, there are far too many nosy, obnoxious children wandering around that house. Right, well we probably should have recognized that before taking any chances because now Gabby and Stefan are demanding that I hand over my shares at DiMera plus my mother’s or they’re gonna tell Gwen everything. Well now I am officially schvitzing.

Please don’t tell me they want your inheritance too. Oh no, God no. Just the shares. Although I’d much rather not part with those either. What are we gonna do? There’s only one thing we can do. Which is? Kill them. Kill them right. Wait, what?

So… After I walked in on Dimitri and Leo on my honeymoon, no less, I finally knew the truth.

But I couldn’t figure out who I was angrier with, my so called husband or my so called BFF.

Angry and terribly hurt, as I’m sure you can imagine. Yeah. And I’m sure that flight home was so much fun. Oh, that was um, that was definitely a challenge to sit there for 10 bloody hours and not be able to strangle them both.

You know, as angry as I was, I couldn’t figure out why Dimitri wanted to marry me. Only to have an affair, right afterwards, with a man.

That is, until we came home here after our honeymoon and Dimitri sent me up there to unpack and he stayed down here with you. So you mean that you decided to do some eavesdropping, yes, Kristen?

Ah, correction. When we get our windfall, baby. Yeah, and that is only gonna happen if you convince this barrister, Mr. Roth, that your marriage is legit. Trust me, I can handle it. Mmm, can you? Because he called just before you got here and he was very eager to see you and Gwen. So, nephew, how are you gonna keep Gwen from finding out about your being an heir to a fortune when she has to meet the man who holds

the So you were planning to split the von Leuschner money with Dimitri all along, were you? Gwen, I had no idea that Dimitri was betraying you. Well, at least not to the… Egregious extent that he was. You see, he told me that he was sleeping with Leo only to keep him quiet. Hang on, Sue. You’re, you’re, you’re telling me that, that he doesn’t have feelings for Matty?

That he was just sleeping with him out of desperation? Oh, no. No, no, no, I, that’s what I thought, um, but Dimitri just told me that wasn’t the case. That what he and Leo have, it’s the real thing, they’re in love.

Right, kill Stefan and Gabi, ha ha, good one. Oh, I’m serious. You can’t be serious! Stefan is your uncle, Gabby’s your aunt, I think. So what? I barely know these people. Still, that’s like two less gifts under the Christmas tree. Not to mention it’s a horrific and heinous crime. Not to mention that not only am I schvitzing right now, but I actually feel like my head is going to explode, and oh god, you can’t be serious.

You are serious. Leo. You forget who I am. I nearly took out half of Salem with a peacock, remember? Yes, but that was during your world domination era. You’ve moved on to your gentleman of leisure, afternoon sex, and reality TV era. Right. As far as you’re concerned, I have. And you really don’t have to be any part of this, okay?

But I will be damned if I’m gonna let two newly discovered relatives ruin everything for me. So I’m gonna do everything I possibly can to make sure they do not. But all you have to do is sit back, keep your mouth shut, and pray. As

much as I wanted that Von Leuschner money, if we use Demetri’s shares to take control of DiMera, then we won’t have to share the pie. Or the enchilada. Or anything else. The whole buffet will be ours. Do you really think that Uncle Victor came all the way here for a box of letters? I mean, the guys probably sent hundreds of letters.

Well, these were obviously important to him. Alex, there were a bunch that he had sent to Caroline Brady. And she sent them back to him, marked return to sender. She was Bo’s mother. They just came from seeing Bo. My apologies. Oh, no, please, please. Uh, you have a business to run. We came unexpected. There is no need for an invitation when family is concerned.

And that’s what Victor was to me. So you, his nephew and grandson, you are both always welcome here. And if there is anything you need… Um, actually, actually, we were talking and we think that that letter that was very important to him might be at his childhood home. You said you knew the family. You know where that home is?

Of course I do. Victor liked me to keep an eye on things for him. I would be happy to show you. Listen, just like you look after me, Daddy, I gotta look after you, and that briefcase has got to go. I’m gonna order you a new one ASAP. No, no, no, this isn’t mine, it’s Victor’s. They, um, they recovered it from the wreckage.

They established it was in no way related to the crash, and that it just contains his personal effects. Some papers of a personal nature, legal documents, that sort of thing. I thought maybe Alex and Brady would like to take it home to Maggie. Yeah, yeah, of course. Uh, and I’ll, I’ll make sure they get it.

You can just leave it here with me. And hey, you know what? I ordered room service. There’s definitely plenty to share with you. Oh, I, I’m sorry, sweetheart. No, I, I really can’t stay. But please remember what I said about finding a man who, who’s worthy of you, hmm? Yeah. Okay, from here. Oh, I love you, Jelly Bean.

I love you too, Daddy.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That we don’t make an appearance at work and we get into that bed and not come out for the rest of the day? Why don’t we put that off until tomorrow? Because I think we’ve given Dimitri enough time to stew. Why don’t we go in for the kill? Yes ma’am.


I better go. Wait, you’re gonna go do it now? What? No, not now. No, these things take lots of planning. But I should go see Gwen. Wouldn’t want her to get suspicious. I’ll see you, my love.


See you.

Okay, that’s it. Okay, where are you going? Where do you think I’m going? I’m going to confront my so called husband. Okay, hold on. No, no, no, no, no. I think that you and I should turn the tables around on him. What are you saying? Are you saying that you and I should join forces and get back at Leo and Dimitri for what they did to us?

What do you say?


say let’s get him.

This was the wine cellar you mentioned. Do you have any idea where the letters might be? Kayla said that they were in an old metal box. Could this be it right here? Could be. I don’t know, I don’t see anything else.

Well, hopefully. This will give us all the answers that we need.


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Days Short Recap Friday, September 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex was surprised to see Theresa in Greece. He wondered why she was there. He reminded her that he told her not to come. Brady wasn’t going to be happy about her being there. She didn’t care how Brady felt about it. Brady was upset to see her there. She made it seem like she had sex with Alex. She and Brady argued about her being there. She said that Alex invited her, but he didn’t believe her. Alex came back in the room and told Brady he didn’t invite her there. She said it didn’t matter because she was already there. Brady refused to let her come with them. She refused to leave. She asked him if she could sleep in his room. Julie checked on Maggie and she filled her in about what happened with Vivian. Vivian surprised Julie. She talked to her about Lani and how she wanted to visit the twins. Julie wanted to throw her out for her, but Vivian told her that she couldn’t do it. She wanted to know why Maggie was still there. Maggie went off when Vivian called Victor her husband. Vivian told her that she would call the police if she’s there when she got back. Julie told her to fight back. She invited Maggie to stay with her until the situation was resolved.

Leo was thinking about Dimitri when Gwen showed up. She told him about her sex life with Dimitri. Leo snapped at her to stop. Gwen was confused by his reaction so he had to cover his tracks. He said he was jealous. Gwen wanted to know what happened to his boyfriend. He told her that his boyfriend decided to work things out with his wife. Gwen tried to empathize with him. She thought he would find someone like Dimitri. After Gwen left, he wondered what Dimitri was doing. Kristen teased Dimitri about his situation. He wanted her to stop talking so loud, but she thought he should be worried about his lawyer. He told her what he and Leo did and she wanted her money. He wanted her to be patient about the money. He said he had his own expenses. Kristen didn’t like what she heard and threatened to tell Gwen the truth. Stefan and Gabi showed up and wanted to know their secret. Vivian arrived before they could answer. Stefan and Gabi were shocked to see her. Vivian wondered how Gabi was able to get Stefan to remarry her. He said he loved Gabi. Gabi and Vivian started arguing until noticed Dimitri. She was surprised to find out who he was. She left the mansion. Later, Dimitri went to see Leo. Leo was upset at the idea that Dimitri was cheating on him with Gwen. Vivian went home and was happy to see Maggie packed and ready to leave. Maggie warned her that it wasn’t over. Kristen walked in on Gwen having breakfast. Kristen had something to tell Gwen about Dimitri and Leo. Gwen wanted to know what it was and Kristen told her about them having an affair. Gwen told her that she already knew that.

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Days Update Friday, September 15, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed and tells him that they need to decide if they are going to burn down Dimitri’s house of cards by telling his wife that he’s having an affair with her gay best friend.

Kristen joins Dimitri in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen comments on Dimitri working up quite an appetite and asks if he was with Gwen or with Leo. Dimitri tells her to lower her voice. Kristen suggests he worry more about convincing the lawyer that he and Gwen are happily married. Dimitri tells Kristen not to concern herself with that. Kristen states that he needs to turn in an Oscar worthy performance. Dimitri tells her to hand him his trophy then. Kristen questions how he managed to convince Mr. Roth that he didn’t need to see Gwen in person. Dimitri asks who says he didn’t see her. Kristen questions how he arranged for Mr. Roth to meet with Gwen without telling Gwen about the money. Dimitri responds that he had a stand-in.

Leo remains dressed as Gwen in his room until Gwen shows up at his door.

Julie joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Julie apologizes to Maggie for not coming to Victor’s service as Doug wasn’t feeling well. Maggie assures that she understands. Julie says Doug is better today and asks how everything went. Maggie responds that the service was lovely, but then they had an uninvited guest. Julie asks who. Vivian then enters the room and announces that would be her.

Alex and Brady arrive at the hotel in Athens, Greece. Alex comments on the long flight and jokes about the flight attendant giving him the look. Brady reminds him that they didn’t fly to Greece to chase tail. Alex hopes they didn’t come for nothing as he worries it’s a longshot that they find what Victor was up to before his plane went down. Brady says the burning question is why Victor destroyed his will but says it’s the only shot they’ve got. Alex brings up the lead from Andrew and suggests going to see Constantine which Brady agrees with. Brady says he’s jet lagged and going to take a shower, then they will head out. After Brady heads to the shower, Theresa then shows up at the door, surprising Alex. Alex asks what the hell she’s doing in Greece. Theresa reminded him that she offered to help find out what Victor was up to while Alex reminds her that he told her Brady would hate the idea. Theresa says she got her own flight and Brady is not their boss. Alex tells Theresa that she should not be there. Theresa responds that she is there and suggests Alex tell Brady that he doesn’t give a damn if he likes it or not and that he’s grateful that she came to help solve Victor’s mystery.

Julie thought Vivian was rotting away in prison. Vivian responds that she was released on good behavior. Julie complains about the justice system. Vivian brings up Lani still being in prison. Julie tells Maggie to ask Vivian to leave. Vivian asks Julie about her great grandchildren and says maybe she should pop over to Washington DC to get reacquainted with Lani and Eli’s twins.

Leo tells Gwen that he was just thinking about her and wondering how married life is treating her. Gwen responds that it’s been wonderful and couldn’t be better. Leo says he’s so glad to hear that. Gwen talks about being worried at first when they had to cut the honeymoon short but it hasn’t put a damper on the romance. Gwen adds that Dimitri seems more in love than ever as he can’t keep his hands off of her.

Stefan asks Gabi if they are 100% certain that Dimitri is sleeping with Leo. Gabi informs him that she and Rachel finished their game of 20 questions while Stefan was sleeping and Rachel admitted that she saw Dimitri and Leo in bed together. Stefan realizes that Dimitri really did just marry Gwen for the money. Gabi talks about Gwen strolling around like the happy newlywed while her husband is being a completely, slimy dirtbag. Gabi tells Stefan that they have to figure out how to use this fascinating information to their advantage.

Kristen questions Dimitri thinking he could convince Mr. Roth that Leo in drag was his wife. Dimitri acknowledges that it sounds like a bad SNL sketch, but it worked. Kristen asks how if he said Mr. Roth saw right through Leo’s disguise. Dimitri explains that when Mr. Roth realized that he and Leo have genuine feelings for each other, he felt empathy for them. Kristen argues that Dimitri convinced her that he was just stringing Leo along to keep it from Gwen. Kristen asks if Dimitri has gone soft for Leo. Dimitri then confirms that Leo is the man he loves.

Leo asks if Gwen is saying Dimitri can’t keep his hands off of her. Gwen assures that Dimitri has been in a great mood the last few days and he’s always in the mood. Gwen talks about Dimitri’s appetite. Leo claims he’s so happy for them. Gwen thanks him and talks about how she can barely keep up with Dimitri. Gwen jokes that Leo’s joke about Dimitri having a magic penis is quite accurate.

Alex tells Theresa that he wishes they could hang out but he has to go get ready because he and Brady are going to meet Constantine. Theresa teases him and then tells him to go shower. Alex tells Theresa to book herself a flight back home and that she can charge it to Basic Black. Alex goes to shower as Brady then returns to the room and questions what the hell Theresa is doing there. Theresa tells him that Alex is in the shower because he just worked up quite the sweat.

Julie calls Vivian despicable. Julie tells Maggie to just say the word and she will kick Vivian to the curb. Vivian doesn’t think Maggie will be able to do that. Julie asks what she means. Vivian explains that the house is not Julie’s or Maggie’s either. Julie calls her out of her mind. Vivian doesn’t understand what Maggie is doing there as Justin and Bonnie left last night, so she suggests Maggie and Julie leave as well. Julie questions Victor destroying his will and that he and Vivian never divorced. Julie asks if this is some kind of joke. Vivian calls it no laughing matter and states that when Victor passed away, he was her husband and not Maggie’s. Maggie doesn’t give a damn and shouts that Victor was her husband in every way that mattered. Vivian says except legally. Vivian adds that she has some errands to run, so if they are still there when she comes back, she will have to call the authorities. After Vivian leaves the mansion, Julie calls her a bitch.

Stefan tells Gabi that they have two options, either expose Dimitri or extort him for every share of DiMera Enterprises that belongs to him and his mom which Gabi prefers. Gabi suggests they get the ball rolling by going downstairs to have a chat with Dimitri. Gabi thinks they better get the show on the road, so they get up and leave the room together.

Brady complains about Theresa following him to Greece when he’s on an urgent family matter. Theresa reminds him that she is family too. Brady questions why she would come uninvited. Theresa claims that she was invited by Alex, who thought she could help with their mission. Brady accuses her of lying as Alex would not invite her on this trip. Theresa argues that maybe Alex sees something in her that Brady doesn’t. Brady tells Theresa not to try playing her mind games. Theresa asks if he’s jealous. Alex comes out of the shower and asks Brady what’s going on. Brady hoped Alex could tell him because Theresa says that he invited her, so he questions if that’s true.

Kristen questions Dimitri falling in love with Leo Stark. Dimitri asks what difference it makes since Roth believed they were soulmates and that was enough for him to release the funds. Kristen asks where her cut is then. Dimitri says that’s on hold because he only brought the first installment of the trust and he has certain expenses. Kristen reminds him that he’s paying her to keep silent on his sham of a marriage. Dimitri argues that it’s only a matter of time before he gets the full inheritance. Kristen warns that if he crosses her, she will tell Gwen everything. Gabi and Stefan walk in as Gabi questions telling Gwen everything about what.

Gwen jokes with Leo that Dimitri and his magic penis might be the death of her. Gwen talks about her sex with Dimitri until Leo yells at her to shut the hell up. Gwen asks what that was about. Leo claims he doesn’t know what came over him and apologizes. Gwen thought he was happy for them. Leo says he is but he was up late last night and then admits he’s really jealous because Gwen has a rich, gorgeous husband and he has no one. Gwen asks what happened to his married boyfriend “Matthew Perry”. Leo says they broke up because he decided to work things out with his wife. Gwen says she’s so sorry. Leo says it was his own fault for getting involved with someone in the closet. Gwen encourages him not to let it get him down. Gwen calls Leo a real catch, praising him as clever, witty, smart, and intelligent. Gwen knows that one day, Leo will meet someone as wonderful as Dimitri. Leo then hugs Gwen.

Stefan asks Kristen what exactly she plans on telling Gwen and why it has Dimitri looking like he saw a ghost. Vivian walks in and greets them. Stefan questions his mother being there. Gabi asks how she got out of prison. Vivian asks if anyone’s ever heard of good behavior. Vivian asks how Gabi got Stefan to remarry her. Stefan clarifies that Gabi didn’t have to get him to do anything as they are in love more than ever. Vivian warns him to tread carefully because Gabi was in love with Nick Fallon and that didn’t work out for him. Gabi argues that Nick was an abusive jerk that she had to defend herself from and compares it to Carly Manning and Vivian’s nephew Lawrence. Vivian asks how dare she bring that up. Gabi complains about Vivian insinuating that she’s not good enough for her son which Vivian calls a fact. Gabi argues that Vivian is the reason they lost years because Stefan took a bullet for her. Dimitri interrupts to ask who Vivian is and what her issue is with the Von Leuschners.

Alex assures Brady that he did not invite Theresa. Theresa blows it off and says she’s here now, so they should just make the most of it. Theresa thinks they should go solve the mystery of Victor’s final days. Brady tells Theresa that there is no way in hell that she’s coming with them. Theresa says she’ll just stay here and do some sight seeing then. Brady offers to drop her off at the airport and book her a ticket home. Theresa argues that she did not take the long flight just to go right back. Theresa talks about adversity and says she can’t wait to explore Greece. Alex states that she clearly has no intention of going back so he thinks maybe they should just relax about it. Brady tells Theresa not to get in any trouble and warns her against following them which she says she won’t do. Theresa claims jet lag and tells Alex that she will just take a nap. Brady says they’ve wasted enough time and then exits with Alex. Theresa then grabs the phone and orders room service.

Gwen tells Leo that she must be off because Dimitri bought her sexy new lingerie to try on and she doesn’t like being away from her husband for too long. Gwen tells Leo that she will see him later and then exits. Leo mocks everything Gwen told him about their sex life and questions what kind of game Dimitri is playing.

Vivian introduces herself to Dimitri and asks who he is. Kristen informs her that he is Megan’s son. Dimitri brings up Carly being his cousin, who Vivian buried alive. Vivian goes over Dimitri being related to Carly and a DiMera, making him a Von Leuschner. Dimitri states that it makes him her sworn enemy. Vivian thinks she better get going. Stefan stops her and says she did a lot of talking and made it clear she’s as bitter as ever, but she hadn’t told them what she’s doing in Salem.

Maggie tells Julie that she can’t believe this is happening as she could lose her home and everything that she and Victor built to Vivian. Julie refuses to believe it and argues there must be something Justin can do. Maggie confirms that Justin looked in to Vivian’s claim and found out that it’s legit that Vivian and Victor’s divorce was never properly finalized. Julie argues that Maggie can’t surrender and she has to fight. Julie declares that a problem like Vivian Alamain can’t be solved over tea. Julie invites Maggie to her house where they can calmly plan her next moves. Julie says Maggie would only be gone long enough to get her bearings and so she doesn’t give Vivian the satisfaction of throwing her out of Victor’s house. Julie says it will better if Maggie leaves on her own so they can come up with a plan to throw Vivian out onto the streets. Julie encourages that Maggie has to fight and she’s going to fight with her.

Vivian tells Stefan that she has a slight infestation at the mansion before she moves in and then quickly exits. Kristen complains about Vivian being on the loose and says she’s going to call Eli to warn him. Kristen suggest she and Dimitri go finish their conversation but Dimitri convinces her that it can wait. Kristen then exits. Dimitri says he should get going too but Gabi stops him and says her question wasn’t answered, so she asks again what Kristen was threatening to tell Gwen earlier. Stefan then tells Dimitri that they’ll save him the trouble of coming up with a lie because they know. Gabi then reveals that they know Dimitri is having an affair with Leo Stark and tells him not to deny it because Rachel saw them in bed together and they know that he got Leo’s hotel in Iceland. Stefan tells Dimitri not to look so rattled, because they are willing to keep his dirty affair a secret. Gabi adds that they do have conditions.

Brady and Alex meet with Constantine. Constantine asks if they are related to Victor. Alex confirms Victor was his uncle and Brady’s grandfather. Constantine says he’s very sorry for their loss as Victor was a great man. Alex and Brady ask about Constantine’s meeting with Victor before he died.

Theresa waits on room service but is shocked when she opens the door.

Vivian returns home and sees Maggie is still there, so she threatens to call the sheriff. Maggie assures that she and Julie are leaving. Vivian comments on never seeing Maggie as the Matriarch of the Kiriakis clan. Maggie states that Vivian may have won this round but warns that the war is just beginning as she exits.

Stefan and Gabi talk about the look on Dimitri’s face when they demanded his stocks. Gabi says so much for Megan’s plan because now they got Dimitri and their shares right where they want them.

Dimitri goes to see Leo and tells him that they have a big problem. Leo agrees and complains that he is two timing him with his wife.

Kristen returns to the living room where she finds Gwen. Gwen asks if she’s seen Dimitri around. Kristen says he was there earlier but must have went out. Gwen calls that a shame as they were supposed to have breakfast together. Kristen states that there is something she feels she has to tell Gwen. Kristen adds that she wouldn’t have said anything but Dimitri has forced her hand. Gwen asks what it is. Kristen responds that it has to do with Dimitri and Leo. Gwen asks what about them. Kristen then reveals to Gwen that Dimitri and Leo are having an affair. Gwen then surprises Kristen by revealing that she already knew that!

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Days Transcript Friday, September 15, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Gabi: Stefan? Stefan, wake up. Stefan! Despiertate!

Stefan: Ah! What?

Gabi: Oh! Good bank!

Stefan: Yeah, I’m awake. Is the mansion on fire?

Gabi: No, the mansion’s fine, but we need to decide if we’re going to burn down your nephew’s house of cards by telling his wife that just because he’s having an affair with her gay best friend.

Oh, good morning.

Morning. Hmm.

Kristen: Well, looks like someone worked up quite an appetite. Were you and your blushing bride practicing the Kama Sutra, or perhaps maybe that was you and your boy toy?

Dimitri: Kristen, for God’s sake, would you please leave?

Kristen: Oh, relax, nephew. We’re the only ones up this morning.

Dimitri: Yes, that might be the case. But, if I’ve learned anything in the short time that I’ve lived in this house, it is that there is no decibel low enough that what you say won’t be heard, deciphered, and then broadcast across the entire world.

Kristen: Ah, well, you and more worried about convincing that priggish little lawyer that you and Gwen are happily married.

Dimitri: Well, you needn’t concern yourself with that, Auntie Theorist.

Kristen: Well, now I needn’t. You need to turn in an Oscar worthy performance.

Dimitri: Hmm, well then you better hand me my trophy.

Kristen: So, how did you convince Mr. Roth that he didn’t need to see the little missus in person?

Dimitri: Who said he didn’t see her?

Kristen: You told Gwen. When? About the codicil?

Dimitri: Now don’t be absurd.

Kristen: Then how? How did you arrange for Mr. Roth to um, meet with your adoring wife without cluing her into the money that you’re collecting?

Dimitri: Well, Might Gwen stand in?

Leo: Oh, my dearest husband, how I do relish every moment in your arms. Hold me, please. Hold me? Would Gwen say hold me? Take me! Oh, Dimitri, my love, do take me, my… All right, I’m coming!

Gwen: Oh, it’s about bloody time.

Leo: Gwen

Gwen: what took you so long to answer the door?

Julie: Maggie. Darling, I am so sorry.

Maggie: You heard.

Julie: I didn’t hear. D-Doug was not feeling well yesterday. Th-That’s why we could not come to Victor’s service.

Maggie: Oh, right, of course. Chelsea told me. I-I completely understand. I-I hope Doug is on the mend.

Julie: Much better today. Thank you. But what about you, sweetheart? How did everything go?

Maggie: Well, the service was lovely. But, then we had an uninvited guest.

Julie: An uninvited guest? Who?

Vivian: That would be me.

Brady: That was a long ass flight.

Alex: But, did you see that hot little blonde flight attendant?

Brady: Yeah, I did.

God, when we hit that turbulence, and the captain turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, I’m telling you, man, she was giving me the look.

Brady: Alright, alright, Alex, listen, eye on the ball, okay? We didn’t fly to Greece to chase tail, okay?

Yeah, I know, I just hope we didn’t fly here for nothing.

I mean, it may be a small country, but still. Kind of a long shot, expecting that we find out what Uncle Vic was up to before his plane went down.

And why he destroyed his will, that’s the burning question.

Look, I know it’s a long shot, but it’s the only shot we got, right?

Yeah, true. Well, at least now we have that lead from Andrew.

I have to say, the first thing that we do is go see that guy Constance, the one Andrew said that Uncle Vic met with while he was here.

Absolutely. Actually, the first thing, I’m gonna get out of these clothes, and I’m jet lagged, so I’m gonna go to my room. I’m gonna take a shower, okay?

Yeah, I’m right behind you.  I’m gonna do the same thing. Then we head out, alright?

You got it.

Alex: Did you forget something, Cousin?

Theresa: Nope. Not your cousin. You and I have been over this, Alex, remember? We are most definitely not related.

Theme Song: Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Alex: What the f– What the hell are you doing in Greece, Theresa?

Theresa: Need I remind you that I offered to help you figure out what was going on with your Uncle Victor before he departed so tragically?

Alex: Need I remind you that I told you Brady would not like the idea of you tagging along, that he would hate the idea, in fact?
Technically, Alex, I’m not tagging along because I bought my own flight and Brady’s not the boss of me. Nor is he the boss of you, as far as I know. So why don’t you try growing a pear?

Alex: Oh, I have a pear. I have a substantial pear. In fact, Theresa, but that does not prevent me from telling you that you should not be here.

Theresa: Well, I am here, so… Why don’t you just tell Brady that you don’t give a damn whether he likes it or not, and that you’re oh so grateful that I came here to help you solve the mystery of whatever happened to your great Uncle Victor before… he departed to heaven, or… wherever.

Julie: Dear God, it’s Vivian Alamein. Wow. I thought you were rotting away in Statesville.

Vivian: No, I was released, obviously, on good behavior and my winning smile.

Julie: More proof the justice system in this country needs serious reform.

Vivian: Oh, pardon me. Are you perturbed because your grandson’s wife is still inside? It’s a shame that Lani decided to do her term on the East Coast because I would have loved to have had a game of go fish with her.

Julie: Maggie, will you please ask this woman to leave?

Vivian: And how are those great grandchildren of yours? Now that I’m out, maybe I should just pop over to Washington, D. C. and get reacquainted with Lonnie and Eli’s adorable twins.

Leo: Guinevere. I was just thinking about you.

Gwen: Were you?

Leo: Wondering how married life is treating my best friend in the entire world.

Gwen: Married life has been wonderful. Blissful. Couldn’t be better.

Leo: Oh, I’m so glad to hear that.

Gwen: Yes, you know, I was quite worried in the beginning when we had to cut the honeymoon in Iceland short because I thought it would, you know, put a damper on the romance.

Leo: It hasn’t?

Gwen: No, not in the slightest. In fact, quite the opposite.

Leo: How do you mean?

Gwen: Well, that hunky, gorgeous husband of mine, he just seems more in love than ever. He can’t keep his hands off me.

Leo: Hmm.

Stefan: So, we are 100 percent certain that Dimitri is sleeping with Leo, right?

Gabi: Oh honey, we are now. Rachel and I, we finished our game of 20 questions.

Stefan: When?

Gabi: When you were sleeping.

Stefan: And your niece admitted that she saw it with her own eyes.

Gabi: Maria and Dimitri in bed together.

Stefan: Whoa.

Gabi: Yeah.

Stefan: So Dimitri really did just marry Gwen so he could satisfy the terms of the Von Leuschner codicil?

Gabi: Yeah, that was the one and only reason. And poor Gwen is strolling around like the happy newlywed, imagining white picket fences and chaperoning school field trips. All while her husband is sleeping…-is-is-is being a completely slimy dirtbag.

Stefan: I was also banging her best friend on the DL.

Gabi: Yeah. Now, my husband, we have to figure out how we’re going to use this fascinating information to our advantage.

Kristen: Really? So, you… You thought that you could convince Mr. Roth that your same sex side piece in drag was your wife? It sounds like an SNL, a bad SNL scandal.

Dimitri: But, uh, wonder of wonders, it worked.

Kristen: Okay, how did it work? I thought you said that T. Mr. Roth saw right through Leo’s disguise.

Dimitri: He did. But when he realized that Leo and I have genuine feelings for each other, he became empathetic to our plight.

Kristen: Okay, wait a minute. You told me, you convinced me that you were just stringing Leo along to keep him from outing you to Gwen. So, Don’t tell me you’ve gone soft where that gossiping little gecko is concerned.

Dimitri: Careful, auntie. That gossiping little gecko is the man I love.

Leo: So, you’re saying that Dimitri can’t keep his hands off you?

Gwen: I’m telling you, Matty, the past few days, he’s just been in such a great mood. And he’s always in the mood. We are constantly shagging. Shagging in the morning, in the afternoon, before dinner, after…

Leo: Okay, okay, I get it. You two are shagging. A lot.

Gwen: And his appetite is just insatiable, I swear. It’s like somebody’s just fed a very horny Popeye his spinach.

Leo: Well, I’m so happy for you. And for horny Popeye.

Gwen: Well, thank you, darling. I would be very happy for me, too, if I wasn’t so bloody knackered. I swear, I can barely keep up. And you know how you kept joking about him having this magic penis?  Well, there’s no joke at all. Actually, it’s, um, quite accurate.

Alex: I wish we could hang. You know, split a bottle of wine, maybe some of Uncle Vic’s favorite papoutsakia. But I already told you, I have to go get ready. I have to shower. Brady and I are going to meet that guy Constantine. We have things to do.

Theresa: Papoutsakia? Isn’t that Kiriakis, there’s only one. Big, big plant that I’m after.

Alex: Oh, Theresa.

Theresa: Get over yourself, Kiriakis. I’m just teasing you. Go ahead. Shower. Go.

Alex: Okay, yes, I am going to do that. And while I’m doing that, why don’t you go ahead and book yourself a flight back to the States. Hey, lookit. My wallet’s right over there. First class. Put it on Basic Black.

Theresa: Put it on Basic Black. You’re right.

Brady: Knock, knock, knock, knock.

Theresa: Ahem.

Brady: Theresa. What the hell are you doing here?

Theresa: Oh, hello to you, too. Hey listen, if you’re looking for Alex, he’s in the shower because, well, he just worked up quite the sweat.

Julie: You are despicable!

Maggie: Julie.

Julie: Maggie, I know this is not my house, but just say the word. Just say the word, and I would so gladly kick this postmenopausal Gorgon to the curb.

Vivian: Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t think Maggie will be able to do that. Will you, Maggie?

Julie: What does she mean? Somebody say something.

Vivian: Well, if she won’t tell you, I will. You see, Julie, you were right about this house. It’s not yours. And it’s not Maggie’s either.

Julie: You’re out of your mind.

Vivian: In fact, Maggie, I don’t understand what you’re still doing here. Justin and his wife had the good sense to leave this house last night, and I suggest that you…m And your gal pal do as well.

Julie: You’re telling me that Victor destroyed his will? And that Vivian and Victor never divorced?

Vivian: You catch on so quickly, Julie.

Julie: Is that some kind of a joke?

Vivian: My late husband’s estate is no laughing matter.

Maggie: Don’t you dare call him that!

Vivian: Well, that’s precisely what Victor was when he passed. My husband, Maggie. Not yours.

Maggie: I don’t give a damn about some courthouse mishap. You get this through your head. Victor Kiriakis was my husband. My husband! In every way that mattered.

Vivian: Well, except legally. So, you know, you’ll have to excuse me. I have some errands to run, and if you two are here when I come back, I’ll just have to call the authorities and have you frog marched off the premises.

Excuse me.

Gabi: I see it, we have two options. Option A. We expose Dimitri, embarrass him, make him tabloid fodder. Or, option B, we extort him for every single share of DiMera Enterprises that belongs to him and his mommy.

I prefer the latter option.

I knew you would. Okay, so why don’t we get the ball rolling on this. We go downstairs, we have a little chat with our clever, but not clever enough, nephew.

Mmm, nothing like a little eggs benedict with a side of black mail.

Like breakfast. And you, my love, are my kind of breakfast.

Well, as much as I’d love for you to partake of me right here, right now, I think we better get this show on the road.

Brady: Mmm, Theresa, you have pulled some pretty audacious crap in the past, but following me to Greece while I’m on an urgent family matter?

Theresa: Are you I have to remind you? I am family, too. We share a son, remember? He was Victor’s great grandson.

Brady: I’m very aware of that. Tate is one of the only reasons why I put up with this kind of crap.  Why would you come here uninvited?

Theresa: I was invited.

Brady: What?

Theresa: Yeah. By Alex. He thought that I could help with your mission.

Brady: No. You’re lying. He would not invite you on this trip.

Theresa: Maybe. He would. Because maybe, just maybe, your cousin sees something in me that you don’t.

Brady: Don’t do this, okay? Alex is not J. J. Devereaux. Don’t start trying to play your little mind games. Don’t do it.

Theresa: Why? Are you jealous?

Brady: You would love that, wouldn’t you?

Theresa: Hey, Brady. What’s going on?

Brady: I was hoping you could tell me. Uh, Theresa is obviously here. She said that she was invited. She’s making that up, right?

Kristen: Well, so you have fallen in love with Leo Stark.

Dimitri: What difference does it make? The important thing is that Roth believes that Leo and I are soulmates. Made for each other, even. And that was enough for him to release the funds.

Kristen: Uh, what do you mean, release the funds? So where’s my cut?

Dimitri: Right, yes, about that, um…That is on hold for a while. Yes, you see, Roth only brought the first installment of said trust fund, and I do have certain expenses.

Kristen: Yes, yes you do, nephew. Like paying me to stay silent over the sham of a marriage you have.

Dimitri: Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. It is only a matter of time before I receive the bulk of my inheritance back.

Kristen: Okay, you know… You know what? You better not be playing games with me, nephew. Because if you do… If you cross me, I will tell Gwen everything.

Tell Gwen everything about what?

Gwen: Oh, I swear, Matty, Dimitri von Leuschner and his magic penis might just be the death of me. And while we’re on the topic of magic… Have you ever heard of a move called the pinball wizard? I hadn’t heard about it either until Dimitri introduced me. It’s when a man takes a woman by the calves and–

Leo: Shut up!  Will you please just shut the hell up?

Gwen: My goodness, Matty, what was that about?

Leo: I… I don’t know what that was. I’m so sorry. No idea what came over me.

Gwen: I thought you were happy for me and Dimitri.

Leo: I am! I just… Well, I was up late last night ruminating over who shot JFK, and lone gunman theory. It makes no sense. Okay, I’m also really jealous.

Gwen: You’re jealous?  Of me?

Leo: Of course I am. You’ve got this rich, gorgeous, virile zaddy, and I’ve got no one.

Gwen: No one? Well, what happened to Matthew Perry, your married boyfriend?

Leo: We broke up.

Gwen: Oh dear. What happened?

Leo: He decided to work things out with his wife.

Gosh. I’m so sorry.

Leo: It’s my own fault for getting involved with someone as deep in the closet as my bright yellow ski onesie.

Gwen: Oh, come on, babe. Don’t let that get you down. Look me in the eye. You… Are a real catch, my friend.

Leo: You think so?

Gwen: I know so. You’re clever, you’re witty, you’re smart, you’re incredibly handsome. You remember that time when you looked exactly like Jake Gyllenhaal in that dressing room mirror?

Leo: Yeah, except I’m a bit taller.

Gwen: Yeah, I’d say you’re a bit shorter, but that’s… Besides the point, isn’t it? ’cause I know that one day you are going to meet somebody as wonderful as my Dimitri. I’m sure of it.

Stefan: My wife asked you a question. Kristen, what exactly are you planning on telling Gwen and why does it have our nephew here?

Stefan: Looking like you saw a ghost, mother, or should I say

what? How? How did you get out of prison?

Vivian: Well, I found a pickax on the ground and chiseled my way through the granite. Just kidding. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of good behavior? Well, moving right along. Tell me, Gabriella, how did you get my son to remarry you?

Stefan: Uh, she didn’t have to get me to do anything, Mother.

We’re in love. More so now than ever.

Vivian: Really?


Vivian: Well, tread carefully. Because this woman was in love with Nick Fallon. And that didn’t work out too well for Nick, did it?

Gabi: It didn’t work out for Nick because he was an abusive jerk whom I had to defend myself against. Oh, you know, like Melanie Jonas mom did when she had to defend herself against her creepy nephew Lawrence.

Vivian: How dare you bring up that ghastly Von Leuschner’s name and what she did to my Lawrence.

Gabi: Well, I’m sorry, but you’re insinuating that I’m not good enough for your son.

Vivian: Did I insinuate it? Well, I meant to state it as a fact.

Gabi: Okay, well, here’s another fact for you. You are the reason Stefan and I lost years.  Years! Because he took a bullet for you.

Dimitri: Hi, yeah, I’m sorry to interrupt here, but, um, Who exactly is this woman, and what is her issue with the Von Leuschners?

Alex: Come on, man, you gotta believe me. I did not invite Theresa to Greece. In fact, I told her very emphatically that she should–

Theresa: Oh, yada yada yada. You know, it doesn’t really matter because I’m here now. So, why don’t we just make the most of it, you know? Let’s see. Ugh, well, the line for the Acropolis is gonna be murder right now, so how about this? I think the three of us should go out and solve the mystery of Victor Kiriakis final days. What do you think?

Alex: Hey, don’t look at me.

Theresa: Okie dokie, boys! Shall we?

Theresa, I don’t– I don’t know how to tell you this, okay, but there is no way in hell you are coming with us.

Theresa: Okay? Fine. Fine. It’s fine. I’ll just, uh, stay here and, you know, do some sightseeing.

I have a better idea. Why don’t– why don’t we, uh, drop you off at the airport, and I’ll book you a ticket home.

Theresa: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. See, I did not sit on a flight, Brady, for 10 hours and 25 minutes watching Zorba the Greek on my laptop to whet my appetite for this country, only to turn around and spend another 10 and a half hours sitting in the middle in economy. You know what I learned from Zorba? I learned that adversity is our greatest teacher.  And sometimes when life has our backs against the wall, well, that is where we find our core strength. It’s actually kind of a metaphor for my life. Anyway, fabulous country, wonderful people. I cannot wait to explore it.

Alex: All right. So she clearly has no intentions of going back to the States, Brady. So, I think maybe we should just relax about it.

Brady: All right. I’m going to relax about it. Tell you what. I’m going to tell you this one time: do not get into any kind of trouble, and I swear to God if you follow us to–

Theresa: God, I am not going to follow you Brady, sheesh. You know what, actually, my jet lag is setting in. Hey, Alex, you wouldn’t mind if I just knocked on your bed, would you?

Knock yourself out.

We’ve wasted enough time, let’s go.

Theresa: Yeah, uh, hi there, I’d like to order a double portion of moussaka and a side of baklava. Ooh, and if you could also send up a bottle of ouzo, that would be great.

Gwen: All right, my darling, well, I really must be off. Dimitri’s bought me this sexy new lingerie. It’s this, um, crotchless lace teddy that he wants me to try on, so…

Leo: Right.

Gwen: Yeah, and I don’t like being away from my husband for too long, as much as he wears me out, so, um… I’ll see you later.

Leo: Yeah, see you later. Oh Matty, Dimitri and his magic penis are going to be the death of me. And have you heard of a move called the pinball wizard? I cannot wait to try it again, this time wearing my crotchless teddy. And oh Matty, we shag non stop, round the clock. Shag, shag, shagging our brains out. Ah, dammit Dimitri. What kind of game are you playing?

Vivian: Forgive me handsome stranger, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Vivian Alamein.

Dimitri: You’re in Alamein.

Vivian: That’s right. And who would you be?

Kristen: This is Dimitri, my sister Megan’s son.

Vivian: Oh, wait a minute. I seem to remember that one of Stefano’s supposedly deceased progeny pulled a Lazarus. Oh, but I’m sure your mother’s just lovely.

Dimitri: Oh, yes, she is. As is my cousin Katerina, you know. The one that you buried alive.

Vivian: Wait. Carly’s your cousin? And, uh, you are a DiMera? Your mother is a DiMera? And Carly’s your relative? That makes you a–

Dimitri: A Von Leuschner, yes. And your sworn enemy.

Vivian: Well, that’s very unfortunate. I do hope you take after the maternal side. As lovely as this family reunion has been, I think I better be going. Au revoir, mon fille.

Stefan: Uh, Mother, wait. You’ve done a whole lot of talking, and you’ve made it abundantly clear that you are still as sharp tongued and bitter as ever. But you haven’t told us what you’re doing in Salem.

Maggie: Oh, I can’t believe this is happening. Julie, I could lose my home. Everything that Victor and I built here. All of it just lost to that she wolf.

Julie: Well, I can’t believe it either, and I’m not going to. Now, there must be something that Justin can do for you.

Maggie: Legally, no. No, no, no, he can’t. He looked into Vivian’s claim that she and Victor’s divorce was…Never properly finalized. And apparently, it’s legit.

Julie: Oh, God. Well, you can’t surrender. I mean, you’ve got to fight. You’ve got to, Maggie. Listen, a problem like Vivian Alamein cannot be solved over a cup of tea. So, why don’t you come back to my house, and we’ll sit down and calmly plan your next move.

Maggie: You don’t expect me to give in to Vivian’s demands.

Julie: Oh, not by a long shot. No, no, you’d only be out of here for a short time, just long enough to get your bearings. You don’t want to give Vivian the satisfaction of throwing you out of Victor’s house, do you?

Maggie: No.

Julie: Okay. Well, wouldn’t it be just better if you left of your own volition, just for a short time.Just until we make this plan, this plan that’s going to turn Vivian into mincemeat and pitch her out into the street. Because you’ve got to fight, Maggie. You’ve got to fight. And I’m going to fight with you.

Vivian: Now, if you must know, I have a slight infestation of rodents in the house, which has to be taken care of before I move in.

Uh, brilliant. Just what we needed. Vivian on the loose. I’m gonna give Eli a call. Give him fair warning.

Kristen: Um, Dimitri, darling, why don’t we go and finish our conversation?

Oh, I think it can wait, don’t you?

Of course.

Dimitri: Well, I should be going, too.

Oh, not so fast, Dimitri. See, I really don’t appreciate it when my questions go unanswered, so I’ll ask you again. What was Kristen threatening to tell Gwen earlier?

Actually, we’ll save you the trouble of having to come up with a lie. We know, Dimitri.

You know what?

Oh, come on. We know you’re having an affair with Leo Stark.  Don’t deny it, because Rachel saw the two of you in bed together, and we know you got his hotel room in Iceland. Nephew. Buddy. So rattled. You see, my wife and I are willing to keep your dirty, no good, extramarital affair a secret. Yeah, but we do have conditions.

Constantine: I am Constantine Meliones. How may I assist you?

Brady: Pleasure to meet you. I’m Brady Black. This is my cousin, Alex Kiriakis.

Constantine: Kiriakis? Related to Victor Kiriakis?

Alex: Yeah, he’s my was my uncle.

Brady: And my grandfather.

Constantine: Ah, well, I am very sorry for your loss. Victor was a great man.

Thank you. It’s to our understanding that you met with Uncle Victor before he died.  Can you tell us what that meeting was about?

There’s It’s about damn time. Oh my god.

Vivian: Maggie, I see you’re still here. We’ll have it your way. I’ll just call the sheriff.

Don’t bother.

Baby, ready to leave?

Almost. I’ll just wait in the car.

OVivian: h, I see you’ve come to your s Ugh. Senses. Oh, FYI Maggie. I’ve always thought you better suited to a family of midwestern suburbanites, as opposed to the matriarch of the great Kiriakis clan.

Maggie: You may have won this round, Vivian, but mark my word, the war, it’s just beginning.

Vivian: To the victor go the spoils, Maggie.

Did you see the Hathaway’s plan to eliminate you, her own brother, in a palace. Kua DiMera Enterprises. ’cause now we’ve got her slimy sun, Dimitri and her shares right where we want ’em.

Uh, thank God you’re here.

Leo: But where else would I be? But here, my love pining away for you and so on and so on.

Dimitri: Really just shut up and listen for a second.  We’ve got serious trouble.

Leo: You’re damn right. We’ve got serious trouble. You are two-timing me with your wife. You ridiculously handsome dirtbag.

Kristen: Oh, good morning, Gwen.

Gwen: Morning, Kristen. You haven’t happened to see my husband around, have you?

Kristen: Well, he was here earlier, but, uh, he must have went out.

Gwen: Oh, that’s a shame. We were supposed to have breakfast together.

Kristen: Look, um, there’s something I, I feel I need to tell you. I, I, I wouldn’t have said anything, but Demetrius forced my hand.

Gwen: I see. What is it?

Kristen: Well, it has to do with Dimitri and your best friend.

Gwen: What about them?

Kristen: Alright, Dimitri and Leo are having an affair.

Gwen: No, Kristen. I already knew that.

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Days Update Thursday, September 14, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Theresa shows up at Alex’s door and smiles when he answers wearing just a towel.

Brady informs Belle that he and Alex are flying to Greece tonight. Belle mentions hearing that’s where Victor was before his plane crashed. Brady explains that they are going to try to figure out what Victor was doing there and why he destroyed his will. Belle says it sounds like he has a lot on his plate so she won’t stand in his way. Brady notes that she sounds a little bummed and asks if she wants to talk. Belle doesn’t want to hold him up but Brady points out that his flight doesn’t leave for a couple hours, so he asks what’s going on. Belle informs him that she and Shawn just had a huge fight. Brady asks what about. Belle then reveals that Shawn is drinking again.

At the Brady Pub, Talia tells Shawn that he can join her but she doesn’t think she’d be great company as she’s trying to drown her sorrows. Shawn says that’s his plan too as he sits down. Shawn asks about her sorrows. Talia responds that it’s heartbreak and humiliation as she just got dumped tonight.

Chanel goes to the DiMera Mansion where Johnny says he wasn’t expecting to see her again tonight. Chanel says she decided to surprise him. Johnny says they have a lot to catch up on.

In Marlena’s office, John explains to his father Timothy how for awhile, he thought he was a priest but it was a lie. John says it’s been a hell of a ride not knowing who he was which Timothy can relate too. They laugh together as Marlena joins them. John can’t believe he’s actually having a conversation with his real father. Marlena is so glad they found each other which Timothy credits Marlena for. Timothy says most people would’ve tried to put his memory together with a few questions and then moved on but not Marlena. Timothy adds that he was a total stranger but she pieced his life back together. Marlena notes that John and Steve had a lot to do with it. Timothy says he’s grateful to both of them and notes that it’s getting late, so he asks if they want to drive him back to his VA hospital. John then declares that he’s not going anywhere because he’s coming home with them.

Theresa tells Alex that she probably should’ve called first but thought it’d be fun to surprise him. Alex says he loves a good surprise but questions how she knew where he lived. Theresa informs him that Stephanie told her and she also gave her his phone number. Alex questions her knowing Stephanie. Theresa then reveals that she’s her cousin. Theresa adds that Stephanie has no problem with them hanging out. Theresa says she came to nail down their dinner plans. Alex reminds her that he can’t do that yet because he’s leaving tonight with Brady to Greece and he’s not sure when they will be back. Theresa asks why they are going to Greece.

Belle explains to Brady that when she suggested Shawn get help, he lashed out and threw EJ in her face. Brady thought he was over that. Belle says he was just picking a fight and so angry that he just stormed off. Belle thought that Shawn was really committed to getting better and that they had turned a corner but now she doesn’t know what to do. Brady hugs her and tells her it’s okay.

Shawn questions what guy was stupid enough to dump Talia. Talia then reveals it actually wasn’t a guy. Shawn apologizes as he didn’t know. Talia says she didn’t either until she met Chanel and developed real feelings for her. Talia says it was scary at first but it ended up all feeling right. Shawn asks how long they were together. Talia says it was only a few weeks but she thought it was the start of something special until tonight when Chanel told her that she’s getting back with her ex.

Johnny asks Chanel how it went with Talia after he left. Chanel explains that she was honest with Talia that Johnny told her that he still had feelings for her and that Talia started to get the picture. Johnny knows it must have been hard because she cares about her. Chanel admits that she hated hurting her but she had to tell her the truth.

Timothy says he doesn’t want to impose. John and Marlena assure that they would love to have him. They add that Timothy will get to meet his grandchildren, Brady and Belle. John declares that it’s time for Timothy to meet the rest of his family.

Johnny asks how Talia took the news. Chanel says not well and that she tried to comfort her but she ran off before she could. Chanel acknowledges that Talia was totally blindsided.

Talia complains to Shawn that she shouldn’t be surprised that Chanel went back to Johnny and asks how she could’ve ever thought Chanel would want a future with her. Talia feels like an idiot. Shawn encourages that relationships can get messy and unpredictable. Shawn remarks that no matter how much you think you know someone, there are some things you don’t see coming. Shawn brings up having a big blow up with his wife which Talia asks about. Shawn explains that Belle doesn’t agree with his drinking and complains that she gives him no sympathy without trying to understand what he’s going through and just attacks him and wants him to go to rehab. Shawn knows Belle means well but says he doesn’t want her to fix him, he wants her to understand the guilt he feels. Shawn states that his grandfather is dead while his father is in a coma and may never wake up. Shawn feels that he’s responsible for that. Talia tells Shawn that she’s so sorry as that’s a lot to deal with. Shawn thanks her for being the first person to try to convince him that it’s not his fault and says that means a lot to him.

Belle tells Brady that she should’ve seen this coming. Brady notes that Shawn seemed fine this morning. Belle talks about Shawn being on edge as soon as they got to Victor’s funeral and how he didn’t even get up to say anything. Belle adds that after that, Shawn went to the Pub to pack Chelsea a lunch and she lost track of him. Belle asks how she could not know that Shawn was drinking. Brady encourages that she’s doing her best. Belle feels that she just completely ignored everything she knew was true. Belle says Shawn going back to work was too much, too soon and now he’s completely backslid and is pushing her away again. Marlena comes home and tells Belle that she’s glad she’s there as she was about to call her because there’s somebody they’d like her to meet. Marlena brings up telling them about the John Doe at the hospital who couldn’t remember who he was but John figured out that it was Timothy Robicheaux. Brady questions if Yo Ling is alive but Marlena informs him that man was an impostor. Belle questions what she means. John then enters with Timothy and welcomes him home. John announces that he would like Belle and Brady to meet their grandfather.

Theresa asks if Alex is going to Greece for work but Alex informs her that it’s because of Victor. Andrew Donovan then shows up at the door. Theresa is surprised and questions how her brother knew she was there but Andrew reveals that he didn’t and that he’s there to see Alex.

John explains to Brady and Belle how Timothy remembered Joseph Bell aka Yo Ling switched his dog tags and everything fell in to place. Belle calls it incredible. John calls it fate that brought him home to them. Brady doesn’t know where to begin as there is so much to catch up on. Timothy suggests starting from the beginning and asks Brady to tell him about himself. Brady responds that he runs a company that his dad started called Basic Black and he has two children, Tate and Rachel. Timothy asks about Belle. Belle informs him that she’s a lawyer and has a daughter, Claire, who lives in South Africa. Timothy asks if she’s married. Belle confirms that her husband Shawn is a detective. Timothy says he’d love to meet him. John suggests Belle get Shawn over but Belle states that he can’t get away right now.

Shawn tells Talia that he’s not looking to alleviate his guilt. Talia says she gets it and relates to Colin manipulating her in to doing things that she didn’t want to do but she did it anyway. Talia adds that she took responsibility for it. Shawn agrees and says he didn’t mean to shoot his dad but it doesn’t change the fact that he did it. Talia understands he has to own it. Shawn toasts to owning your mistakes. Shawn offers to order them another round. Talia suggests he call his wife to come pick him up and try to fix things. Shawn responds that is the last thing he wants to do right now.

Johnny tells Chanel that he feels kind of bad since if he kept his mouth shut, Chanel and Talia would still be happy. Chanel assures that she’s glad he told her how he feels or else she would’ve just kept denying what’s been in her heart. Chanel declares that she never stopped loving him. Johnny tells her the same as they kiss.

Andrew asks Theresa what she’s doing in Salem. Theresa says she came for Victor’s funeral which is where she met Alex and they hit it off. Andrew brings up that Theresa was all about Brady and wanting to get back together. Theresa says she floated that idea by Brady and he wasn’t in to it. Andrew questions if she let it go then and asks what she’s up to. Alex comes back from getting dressed and asks what Andrew wanted to see him about. Andrew brings up hearing that Alex and Brady were going to Greece so he wanted to remind him that Victor’s plane crash is still an active investigation so it would be best to let the ISA handle it. Alex assurse they aren’t looking to get in their way but just trying to find out why Victor took a detour to the old country without telling anybody and if it had anything to do with his will. Alex explains that Victor apparently called his lawyer from Greece and told him to destroy the will and then Vivian showed up, claiming her and Victor’s divorce was never final, making her the sole heir to Victor’s fortune. Alex adds that Justin looked in to it and it’s true. Theresa worries for Maggie. Alex gives Andrew his word that he and Brady will stay out of the ISA’s way but if he can tell him anything about why Victor was in Greece, that would be very much appreciated.

Brady can’t believe the timing of all this as he laid one grandfather to rest this morning while now he and Belle are reunited with another grandfather. Timothy asks Belle if Victor was her grandfather too. Belle says no and that he was her father-in-law briefly but that’s another story for another day. Timothy asks about John having a third child. John tells him about Paul and how he was baseball player. Timothy asks if Paul is in Salem. Marlena says he’s in San Francisco. John hopes that Timothy will get to meet him one day. Paul then arrives and surprises everyone.

Andrew repeats that the plane crash is an ongoing investigation so he can’t say much. Theresa urges Andrew to clue Alex in and tells him to do it for Tate since Victor was his great grandfather. Theresa adds that he can’t let Vivian screw over Maggie. Andrew reveals that Victor met with a man named Constantine who owns a restaurant in Athens. Andrew says he wasn’t very helpful to them but he might be of use to Alex. Alex thanks him. Andrew advises him to stay out of trouble. Theresa asks if Andrew came all the way from DC just to give Alex a warning. Andrew responds that he came to see his boyfriend. Theresa questions Paul being in town. Andrew confirms he’s here to see his family.

John hugs Paul and questions what he’s doing there. Paul jokes about being told he has a new grandfather and being on the first flight out. Paul introduces himself to Timothy. Paul talks about coaching now and how he used to be a baseball player. Paul assumes he was told about Yo Ling, who Joseph Bell became. Brady calls him one messed up dude. Paul recalls John being kidnapped for his blood as Yo Ling claimed he had a rare disease that needed a transfusion. John adds that Paul was also kidnapped to be brainwashed but he broke free and found him in a lab. John credits Marlena and Steve coming in the nick of time. Timothy is sorry John had to go through that and wishes he could’ve saved him. John declares that the important thing is that they are all together now. Belle states that they are finally reunited and so grateful that Timothy is there.

Talia questions Shawn not wanting to work things out with Belle. Shawn says there’s a lot that Talia doesn’t know. Shawn acknowledges that Belle is an excellent lawyer, but as a wife she’s made plenty of mistakes and the most recent was with EJ DiMera. Talia questions what he means. Shawn informs Talia that Belle cheated on him with EJ. Shawn says they were legally separated but she’s still his wife and it’s not the first time she cheated. Talia says she’s so sorry as he must be in a lot of pain but it obviously didn’t break him since they are still together. Talia encourages that it says a lot. Shawn feels that after everything Belle has put him through, it’s only fair that she gives him space to fall apart a little bit and let him feel what he feels.

Johnny asks if Chanel wants to go up to his room. Chanel tells him to go easy since they just got back together. Johnny says he just didn’t want anyone to walk in on them kissing, then admits that he was hoping they could make love but only because he’s afraid to believe this is real and he wants to do everything he could to keep her from changing her mind. Chanel assures that he is what she wants.

Alex thanks Theresa for backing him up with Andrew and notes that he probably never would have given him the lead about Constantine without her. Theresa says she likes being useful. Alex tells her that he’s going to treat her to a special dinner as soon as he gets back. Theresa asks why wait and suggests she could be useful to he and Brady in Greece, so she asks to tag along. Alex questions her wanting to go to Greece with them. Theresa points out that she could call in favors with the ISA and she’s excellent at solving puzzles. Alex says he would love for her to come but he doesn’t think Brady would like that, so he suggests they stick to the original plan and he’ll take her to dinner when he gets back. Theresa accepts that and wishes him luck, guessing she’ll see him when he gets back. Alex thanks her and hugs her.

Johnny asks Chanel if they are definitely not taking it any further tonight. Chanel confirms that they are not, so Johnny asks what they should do instead. Chanel suggests they watch a movie. Johnny suggests “What’s Up Doc” and tells her it’s a love story which Chanel agrees to.

Shawn remarks that Talia must think he’s a terrible husband. Talia says she’s the last person to judge and points out that she’s been in one serious relationship in her entire life. Shawn says that’s because she was busy becoming a brilliant doctor. Talia jokes that she is damaged goods. Shawn disagrees and calls her human.

Brady, John, Paul, and Timothy joke together while Marlena notices Belle is turned away and quiet. Marlena asks Belle if something is wrong with Shawn. Belle confirms that he got drunk again. Marlena says she’s sorry. Belle thinks that Victor’s funeral was just too much for him and it’s clear that his behavior is showing he needs more help which she told him, so he got really mad and stormed off. Marlena offers to reach out to him but Belle says he’s not responding, so she thinks she needs to give him time to cool off. Belle says she will look for him later and for now will just try to have a good time with everybody. John talks about not meeting Paul until he was an adult so he missed out on raising him. Paul says they definitely made up for lost time and he couldn’t have asked for a more loving and supportive father. Paul mentions John coming to support him for gay pride last year. Timothy asks if Paul is married. Paul says no, but he does have a boyfriend, as Andrew then arrives. Paul introduces Andrew to Timothy. Andrew says it’s an honor and talks about how excited Paul was to meet him. Timothy jokes that he hopes he lived up to the hype. Paul assures he did. Brady adds that they couldn’t ask for a better addition to their family. Belle states that they are so blessed to have him in their lives. Timothy is overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity. Timothy talks about being alone for a long time and now after all this time, he’s surrounded by so many loving faces has overwhelmed him. John tells him to get used to it because with this family, that love is just going to keep on coming. Andrew suggests they all get in for a first full family photo which they do.

Belle goes to the Brady Pub and says she thought for sure that Shawn would be there. Belle tries calling Shawn.

Shawn ignores Belle’s call as he is with Talia in her room. Talia talks about how she can’t believe they got kicked out by the bartender when it’s his family’s pub as they continue drinking. Shawn asks Talia about her sister living here too. Talia jokes that it’s her place. Shawn hopes she won’t mind that they are going to have a little party as he wouldn’t want to piss off his partner. Talia tells him there’s no worry because Jada is pulling an all nighter at work which means they have the place to themselves. Shawn and Talia then begin kissing and move on to the bed.

Johnny and Chanel start to watch What’s Up Doc. Johnny assures Chanel that it has a happy ending as they kiss.

Paul and Andrew kiss in the town square. They say they have missed each other. Andrew is glad they could meet up in Salem. Paul asks how it went with Alex. Andrew says it was fine but when he showed up at his place, his sister Theresa was there as apparently they hit it off at Victor’s funeral. Paul questions them just hanging out. Andrew says she made it seem that way but he feels she has a hidden agenda, because she always does. Paul and Andrew then walk off together.

Alex and Brady leave Alex’s apartment together. Alex mentions Andrew stopping by earlier. Brady says he was just with him. Alex adds that Andrew gave him a lead and he will fill him in on the way. After they walk off together, Theresa appears and follows after them.

John and Timothy have a beer together. Marlena says she will join them after getting Timothy’s room ready. Timothy says it’s been nice meeting everybody but he knows John has things to do and obligations so he doesn’t want to pull him away. John assures that there’s nothing he’d like more than to get to know him better. Timothy relates that there’s no place he’d rather be than with his family. John asks to call him dad. Timothy says he wouldn’t have it any other way as they hug.

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 14, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hang on, I’m coming.

Hey, Teresa, what are you doing here?

Hey, going somewhere? Yeah, Alex and I are flying to Greece tonight. Oh, yeah. I heard that’s where Victor was before his plane crashed. Mm hmm. Nobody knows what he was doing there, so we’re gonna go and try to figure it out. And why he destroyed his will. Well, well, that sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.

So, won’t stand in your way? Uh, hold on. Hold on. You, uh, you seem a little bummed. Think anything you want to talk about? No, I don’t want to hold you up anyway. My flight does not leave for a couple hours, so… Give it to me. What’s going on? Sean and I just, we just had a huge fight. Sorry. What about? Well, for starters, he’s drinking again.

If you’d rather be alone, I mean, I totally understand. No, no, you can join me. I just don’t think that I’d be very good company right now.

Trying to drown my sorrows away. I mean, that’s, that’s perfect, because that’s my plan too. And by all means, take a seat.

So, uh, what sorrows are you trying to drown? Heartbreak, with a side of humiliation.

I just got dumped tonight.

Uh, Chanel, I wasn’t expecting to see you again tonight. Well, I thought I’d surprise you. But if you’re busy, I can stop by tomorrow. Oh, don’t you dare. Because you and I… I have a lot to catch up on.

And then, for a while, I thought I was a priest. It’s a long story, but once again, it turned out to be nothing but a lie. I thought I had an identity issue. I’m telling you, it’s been a hell of a ride, spending most of your life not… Knowing who you really are, but then again, that’s something that you and I have in common.

Hmm. We did. And that’s all clear. You’re Mr. Robichaud. And I’m Timothy Dalton, a. k. a. James Bond. Um, uh… Nah, I’m putting you on. I’m more of a Sean Connery. Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m so glad to see you two are having fun getting reacquainted. Can you even believe this? I am actually having a conversation with… With my father, my real father.

Yeah. I’m so pleased. I’m so glad you found each other. Thanks to you, my dear. This one’s a keeper. Don’t I know it. You know, most people would’ve tried to put my memory back together by asking a few questions or something like that. If I failed, they would’ve just passed me off to somebody else. No, no, no, no, no.

I’m Dr. Marlene Adams. Oh. You know, I was a total stranger to you. And you offered to help me piece my life back together. And by God, she did it. Well, it wasn’t just me, you know. Black Patch had a lot to do with it. Well, I’m so grateful to both of you. You know, it’s getting a little late. You want to drive me back to my hospital?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you talking about? You’re not going anywhere. Or not. No, hell no. You’re, you’re, you’re coming home with us.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. I probably should have called first, but

I thought it’d be fun to surprise you. No, it’s cool. I just got out of the shower, but yeah, it’s cool. I love a good surprise. But how the hell did you know where I live? Oh, Stephanie told me. your phone number. You know Stephanie Johnson? She’s my cousin. Oh, wow. And she has no problem with us going out, by the way.

Which is why I came here. To nail down our dinner plans. Huh. Well, I told you I can’t do that just yet. Because I’m going to Greece. Right, yes. Yeah, you mentioned that on the phone. I just, I didn’t realize you were leaving so soon. Yeah, yeah, we’re leaving tonight actually. Just not too sure when we’re going to be back.

Okay. This is cool. I’ll play it by ear. But, um, just out of curiosity, why are you guys going to Greece? And when I suggested that Sean get help, he just lashed out. And he threw EJ in my face. Oh, God. I thought it was over that. Oh, I know. He was just picking a fight. But still, he was just so angry. How did you leave it?

I told him I wanted to go home and talk, and he just stormed off. I think I’m sorry. No, I know. I just, I, I thought that he was really committed to getting better. You know, I thought that we had turned a corner, and now I just, I just don’t know what to do, Brady. Oh, sweetie. Come here. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Alright, wait. What guy was stupid enough to dump you? Actually, it wasn’t a guy. Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t know. Yeah, neither did I. Until I met Chanel, you know, even though it was under false pretenses, I ended up developing real feelings for her. And yeah, it was scary at first, but I don’t know, it just all ended up feeling right.

How long were you two together? A few weeks. Okay, I know how that sounds, but I thought it was a sorry something special, okay? And then tonight, out of the blue, she tells me that she’s getting back with her ex.

So, how’d it go with Talia after I left? I was honest with her. I told her that you didn’t just drop by, but that you told me you still have feelings for me. And she asked me how I let you down. And I told her that I didn’t. And then she started to… Get the picture. It must have been really hard for you. I know you care about her a lot.

Yeah, I hated hurting her. But what else could I do? I had to tell her the truth. Well, hey, I don’t want to impose. Well, how can you be in an imposition? You are my father. I won’t be in the way. We would love to have you as our guest. And besides, it’s going to give you a chance to meet Brady. And Brady is…

Your grandson. That’s right, you mentioned that before. And I can’t wait for you to meet Belle. I have kept you to myself long enough. It is time for you to go meet the rest of your family. I can’t wait.

That’s all you take the news. Not well. I, I tried to reassure her and comfort her, but she ran off before I could. Poor Talia. Yeah. Yeah, she was totally blindsided.

Honestly, I, I shouldn’t even be surprised that Chanel ditched me for Johnny. I mean, after all the horrible things that I did. Like, how could I ever think that Chanel would want a future with me? Wow! I feel like such an idiot. Hey, come on. Now, you are not an idiot. You’re not an idiot. Relationships, they’re…

They can get messy and unpredictable and, I mean, no matter how much you think you know somebody, you can’t always see everything that’s coming. Case in point, yesterday I thought that my wife and I, I thought that, I thought we were doing well. And then all of a sudden today, it’s, it was a big blow up. Well, what’d you guys fight about?

I mean, you don’t have to tell me. You don’t want to. No, I mean, I don’t mind. It’s like, she just… She doesn’t agree with my drinking. Yeah, I mean, she gives me zero sympathy, zero. It’s like, she doesn’t even attempt to try to just, try to understand what it is that I have been going through. I mean, all she does is she attacks me, and then she goes and, she tells me that I need to go to rehab.

I, I, I, I know, I know that that means well. I do, I just, I don’t want her to fix me. I just, I want her to accept what I feel. It’s just, it’s just unrelenting, gut wrenching, soul searing guilt. I get my, my grandfather, my grandfather’s dead, and my father is in a coma, and he may never wake up. And, you know, whether it’s rational or not, I just…

I feel like, I feel like I’m the one that’s responsible for that. Sean, I’m so sorry. That’s a lot to deal with. Yeah, thank you. For what? For, for being the first person that doesn’t try to convince me that it’s not my fault.

It means a lot to me.

I should have seen this coming. Oh, come on, Belle. I mean, Sean was here this morning, and he seemed fine. Yeah, but then we went to Victor’s funeral, and as soon as we got there, he was completely on edge. He just sat there like a stone the whole time, and then, Brady, he didn’t even get up to say anything. And then after that, he went to the pub to go pack Chelsea a lunch before she left, and so I just…

lost track of him. I mean, how could I not know that he was drinking? Don’t, don’t, don’t blame yourself. Look, you’re doing the best you can. Am I? Yeah. Or do I just want to believe that my husband’s out of the woods so I have completely ignored everything that I knew was true? What does that mean? I just, it was just all too much too fast.

Lifting the psych hold and him going back to work. I mean, I just. I wanted to be supportive, right? So I went with it and now Sean is completely backslid and he’s pushing me away again. Oh, Phil. I’m glad you’re here. I was about to call you. Oh, about what? Well, there’s somebody your father and I would like you to meet.

Do you remember me talking about the John Doe at the hospital? Yeah, uh, is that the guy at the hospital that couldn’t remember who he was? Yeah, well, your father figured it out. His name is Timothy Robichaud. Yo, yo, Yo Ling is alive? No, no, no, no, that, that man was an imposter. Wait, what? What do you mean? I know it’s a…

Welcome home. Isabella. Brady, I would like you to meet your grandfather.

Are you going to Greece for work? No, I’m going because of my Uncle Victor.

That’s probably Brady. He’s supposed to be picking me up, but he’s a little bit early.

Hey, can I help you? Are you Alex Kariakis? Yeah, I am. And you are? Agent Andrew Donovan, ISA. Andrew? Teresa! Like, do you know each other? Uh, kind of. He’s, he’s my big brother. How did you know that I was here? I didn’t, I actually came to see Alex.

So once Timothy remembered that Joseph be a k a, yo Ling had switched his dog tags, all of this just fell into place. I mean, this is incredible. After all this time. No, I’m telling you, it’s fate. Fate brought him home to us. I don’t, I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, there’s so much, so much to catch up on.

Well, why don’t we start from the beginning? Tell me about yourself, Brady. Um, wow, I, I run a company, uh, that my dad started called Basic Black. I, I have two children, Tate, who is in boarding school in California, and my little girl, Rachel, who is actually here in Salem. Oh, how wonderful. How about you, Belle?

Uh, well, I am a lawyer, and I have one daughter. Her name’s Claire, and she lives in South Africa. Are you married? Uh, yeah, I am. My husband, Sean, is a detective. Oh, lovely to meet him. Call him. Get him over here, Tink. No, no, he can’t make it. He’s, um, tied up at the moment. Uh, you must think that I’m weird, that I don’t want anyone to alleviate my guilt.

What? No! I, look, I get it, okay? And dude, there isn’t no question that Colin manipulated me into doing things I didn’t want to do. What’d I do? I did it anyway. But, I took responsibility for it. Yeah, yeah, exactly. See, I agree with you. I agree. It’s like, I didn’t mean to shoot my dad. I, I, Look, it was a terrible mistake.

Yes, I agree. But, it doesn’t change the fact that I still did it. And you gotta own it. Yeah, exactly. You’re just owning your mistakes.

So what do you say I order us another round, huh? Or, you could call your wife and have her come pick you up. You know, try to fix things. That’s the last thing that I want to do right now. Now I feel kind of bad. You know, if I had just kept my mouth shut, you and Talia would still be happy. No. No, Johnny, I’m glad you told me how you feel.

If you hadn’t, I would have just kept denying what’s, what’s been in my heart.

Which is… What? I never stopped loving you.

And I never… Stopped loving you either. So

what are you doing in Salem, sis? I, uh, I came back from Victor’s funeral, which is actually where I met Alex, and we kind of hit it off. Only you would pick up a guy at a funeral.

But it you were all about Brady, and how much you missed him, and wanted to try to get back together. Yeah, well, I floated that idea by Brady, and he wasn’t into it, so… So you let it go? Sort of. Hmm. Janie, Theresa, what are you up to? Mm mm. So, Mr. Donovan, what did you want to see me about? Well, uh, I heard that you and Brady Black are going to Greece.

So I thought I’d stop by to remind you that your uncle’s plane crash is still an active investigation. And it would be best if you let the ISA handle it. Of course. And we’re not trying to get in your way, trust me. Just trying to figure out why my uncle took a detour to the old country without telling anybody.

If it had anything to do with his will. His will? Yeah. Apparently he called his lawyer from Greece and told him to destroy it. And then this morning, Vivian Almayne shows up in Salem claiming that her divorce from my uncle Victor wasn’t finalized, therefore making her the sole heir to his fortune. My dad looked into it, and it’s true.

Oh my God. Poor Maggie. You have my word, man. Brady and I will stay out of the agency’s way. But if there is anything that you can tell me that might help figure out why my uncle was in Greece, that would be very much appreciated.

I just can’t believe the timing of all of this. I mean, one grandfather laid to rest this morning, and now Belle and I are reunited with… Another grandfather. I’m sorry for your loss, Brady. Thank you. Bill? Was he your grandfather too? Oh, no. Um, he was my father in law for a little while, but that’s a story for another day.

I’ll look forward to that. John, didn’t you say you had a third child too? Well, that’s a fact. His name’s Paul. You’re going to love him because he was a big league ball player. I know that you’re a fanatic of the game. Fanatic, yeah. Does Paul live in, uh, Salem? No, he’s in San Francisco. But I gave him a call, I told him all about you, and hopefully you’re going to meet him sometime soon.

But in the meantime, I’m going to show you some pictures. Now, why do that when you got the real deal right here? Oh my god! Come on, kid! What a surprise! Look at that! What a nice surprise. Oh, honey. It’s so good to see you. Like

I said, the plane crash is an ongoing investigation, so I can’t say much. Oh, come on, Andrew. Clue him in. Do it for Tate, Victor’s his great grandfather. Plus, you can’t let that witch Vivian screw over Maggie.

I can tell you this much. Victor met with a man named Constantine Melionis. He owns a restaurant outside of Athens. Do you know anything about what that meeting was? Well, as far as our investigation goes, it wasn’t very helpful. But Constantine might be of some use to you. Thank you, Agent Sullivan. I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. Just do me a favor and stay out of trouble. Ah, I’ll try. So, bro, did you come all the way from D. C. just to give Alex a warning? No, I came to see my boyfriend. Oh, Paul’s in town? He’s here to see his family.

This is great! What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me I have a new grandfather and think I’m not going to be on the first flight out? It is such a pleasure to meet you. I’m Paul. Paul, so you’re the big time ball player, huh? Well, I’m coaching now, but I used to be a pitcher. Yeah, I had a good arm, right?

Yeah, I guess that’s in the genes, huh? Paul, you might owe your career to Timothy here. Wait, does that mean I get a cut of your own salary, huh? Counselor, huh? Am I got a case here? Well, he definitely is your father. And what a joy and a relief that is. For me, too. I assume you told him about Yoling, the man who Joseph Bell became?

That was one messed up dude. To say the least. The man that kidnapped my dad because he wanted his blood. What? Yeah, he claimed he had some rare disease where he needed a transfusion. Never mind the fact that the procedure was potentially deadly. And he kidnapped Paul also, wanted to brainwash him to head up his cult of assassins.

The Phantom Alliance. Yeah, but I was able to break free, and down the hall, I found him in a laboratory, some strange contraption strapped to his head, and, um, a couple of armored guards almost, uh, stopped us, but if it wasn’t for Doc and my partner Steve coming in the nick of time, it… Oh, John, I’m so sorry.

I had to go through that. Which I couldn’t have saved you. Hey, no regrets, because the important thing is, we are all together right now. Yes, Dad’s right. We’re finally reunited, and we are so grateful that you’re here.

So you don’t know. Okay, I, okay, I know, I know Bella’s an excellent, she’s an excellent lawyer, but… You know, as a wife, as a wife she’s made plenty of mistakes, plenty, and uh, the most recent was with EJ DiMera. Well, what do you mean? She um, she, she cheated on me with him. Okay, look, I know that we were, we’re legally separated, but I mean, come on, still, she’s still my wife, right?

Yeah. And it’s not the first time that she’s cheated. Uh, God. Sean, I’m so sorry. And you must be feeling a lot of pain right now. But it obviously didn’t break you, okay? I mean, you guys are still together. That right there says a lot in itself. Yeah, yeah, no, I guess. I just, I just, I feel like, after everything that she’s put me through, I feel like it’s only fair that she just, she lets me have a little bit of space, you know, to, to like, fall apart a little bit.

I mean, and without the guilt, especially. You know, the least that she could do is just like, No, let me feel what I feel.

You wanna, uh, go up to my room? Go easy, tiger. We just got back together. Whoa, whoa, I just was, I didn’t want anyone to walk in on us while we were kissing. Uh huh. I wasn’t implying that we should, you know. Take things a little further. Whatever you say, G. Okay, alright, fine. I admit, I was hoping that we could, you know, make love.

But that’s just because, I don’t know, I’m a little, I’m afraid to believe that this is real. I just wanted to do whatever I could to… Keep you from changing your mind. I’m not gonna change my mind. I know what I want.

It’s you. Thank you for backing me up with your brother. You probably never would have given me that lead about Constantine if you weren’t here. No. No problem. I like making myself useful. Yeah? Well, I like dinners. And I’m going to treat you to a very special one as soon as I get back. Well, why wait? Sorry?

Oh, I was just thinking. Maybe I could be useful to you and Brady in Greece. And there’s tons of really nice restaurants there, ISA.

Not just through Andrew, my dad’s the director of the entire organization, so… I could call in a few favors. And I’m excellent at solving puzzles. I’ll go get packed. Therese, hang on a second. As much as I would love for you to come with us, I do not think Brady’s gonna like that. So why don’t we stick to our original plan and take you out to dinner as soon as I get back?

I sound okay? Yeah, of course. Yeah? Yeah. Good. Good luck to you both and, uh, I guess I’ll see you when you get back. Thank you. Thank

you. So, just to be clear, we definitely are not taking it any further tonight, right? You really like that euphemism, don’t you? I’m just trying to be a gentleman. And I appreciate that. So, no. No, we are not taking things any further. No, not tonight. Not tonight. Okay, fine. Then, what should we do instead? Um, we should watch a movie.

I know just the one. Oh, wow. Don’t worry, there’s no hockey masks or chainsaws. It’s called What’s Up, Doc? And you’re sure it’s not a hoax? Yes, I’m sure. In fact, it is a love story. Oh. Well, in that case…

I’m in. You must think that I’m a terrible, terrible husband. What? No, believe me, I’m the last person to judge, okay? Do you know I’ve been in one serious relationship in my whole entire life? Yeah, I mean, come on, that’s because you’re too busy becoming a brilliant actor. Yeah, and? I now know how to practice medicine.

Guess what? I don’t know how to love anybody, though. No, seriously, I’m defective. Damaged goods. No, come on, are you not? What’s a human? You did not. I never wanted to play this part.

Oh, come on. You got your air if you fell out of a plane. Oh, jokes are your son. bigger. Paul, catching on. I noticed you were strangely quiet when Timothy asked about Sean. Bigger and vigor and bigger. That’s what I, something wrong. Half was getting bigger. He got drunk again. Oh, I’m so sorry. Did he threaten to hurt himself?

No, it’s nothing like that. I just think that Victor’s funeral was too much for him. And, um, You know, it’s clear that his behavior It’s showing he needs more help, and I said that to him, which did not go over well, and so he got really mad and stormed off. I’m sorry. Would you like me to reach out to him?

No, it’s okay. I tried. He’s not responding. I just think I need to give him some time to cool off and, um, I’ll go look for him later. I think for Now,

I didn’t even meet Paul until I was an adult, so I missed out on the whole experience of raising him. Like I did with you. But Dad and I definitely made up for lost time. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and loving father. And I second that. Aw, thanks kids. And Dad even came and visited, uh, last year in San Francisco for Gay Pride.

Gay Pride? Are you, uh, A gay. Yes. Well, I got that. I was going to ask if you were married. No, no, uh, but I do have a boyfriend. And here he is now. Hey, Andrew.

Andrew, this is my grandfather, Timothy Robichaud. And Timothy, this is Andrew. Andrew Donovan. It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Robichaud. Uh, Paul was so excited when he heard the news, he couldn’t wait to meet you. Hope I lived up to the hype. Oh, and then some. We couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family.

Truly, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Well, I’m a little overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. You know, you’ve just… Welcome me into your house. After, after I got out of the war, I was alone for a long time. And now, after all this time, to be surrounded by so many loving faces, it overwhelms me.

I think my heart’s about to burst. I think you better get used to it. Because with this family, that love is just gonna keep on a comin

I think we need to preserve this moment. Why don’t you all get in, I’ll take your first picture as a family.

Alright people, get together, come on.

Alright, on three, say, family. Perfect. One, two, three. Family!

I thought for sure Sean would be here.

Oh my

god, I know, right? Do you have any idea how close I was to pulling the whole thing off? Hey, don’t you know who I am? Yup, yup.

What’s up, guys? Cheers. Cheers. Oh, mm mm. Wait a second. Doesn’t your sister live here too? It’s her place! Well, I hope she doesn’t mind that we’re gonna have a little party. I mean, because I wouldn’t want to piss off my partner. Well, listen, uh, you have nothing to worry about. She’s pulling all nighter at work, so…

So, that means we have the place to ourselves.


Uh huh. Okay, this is a classic. You’re gonna love it. What’s up, Dot? So, is this a forbidden love story about a patient and a surgeon? Um, no. It is a romantic screwball comedy. And like I said, you’re going to love it, I promise. Okay, wait, wait, wait. First, does it have a happy ending?

It sure does. Good. Man,

I missed you. I missed you too. I’m so glad we could meet up in Salem. Although, your reason for being here is much more exciting than mine. So, how’d it go with Alex Kiriakis? Hmm. Fine. But guess who was at his place when I showed up? My sister, Teresa. What was she doing there? Uh, apparently they met at Victor Kiriakis funeral and hit it off.

So, what, they were just hanging out? That’s how she made it seem. But something tells me that she has a hidden agenda. Why do you say that? Because she always does.

Let’s go. Let’s

Oh, check this out. Teresa’s brother Andrew stopped by. I guess he’s in town visiting his boyfriend. Yeah, yeah, he’s dating my brother. Yeah, I was just with him. Oh, small world. Anyway, he gave me a lead about Uncle Vic. I think it’s gonna really help us. I’ll fill you in on the way.


Marlena, why don’t you join us? Oh, thanks. I will, as soon as I get your room ready.

John, it’s been wonderful meeting everybody and everything, but… But what? Well, I mean, you have things to do, you got work, you got obligations, and I don’t want to pull you away from… No, you’re not pulling me away from anything. There’s no place I’d rather be than right here, right now with you, and just… You know, I’m getting to know you a little bit better, if that’s okay with you.

Oh, are you kidding? No place I’d rather be than right here with my family. No, we all feel the same way. It’s okay if I, if I call you dad. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, Dad. You’re a big liar. I get it from you.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 14, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was ready for his trip. Belle saw him and wanted to know where he was going. He noticed that he was upset and wanted to know what happened. She told him about Shawn drinking and their argument. He tried to comfort her, but she was still worried. Marlena walked in and wanted them to meet someone. John brought Timothy in the room to meet them. Brady and Belle were happy to meet him. John told Timothy about his other son. Timothy looked at pictures of Paul when he showed up. Paul told him about himself. Andrew showed up to meet Timothy too. Marlena pulled Belle aside and she told her what happened with Shawn. Marlena was willing to talk to him, but she didn’t want her to do it. Theresa went to see Alex. He wondered how she knew where he lived. She told him that Stephanie told her where he lived. He wondered why she was there. She told him that she wanted to confirm their plans for dinner. He reminded her that he was going to Greece with Brady so they had to wait.

Alex and Theresa were surprised when Alex showed up. Alex wondered if Theresa and Andrew knew each other. Theresa told him that Andrew was her brother. Andrew said he was there to talk to Alex about his trip to Greece. He warned him that the crash was still an open investigation. He wanted him to stay out of the ISA’s way. Alex promised to stay out of their way. He told him what happened with Victor and Vivian. Alex asked Andrew if he knew why Victor was in Greece. He told him that he met with Konstantine Meleounis and where to find him. After Andrew left, Theresa suggested that she go to Greece with him and Brady. She let him know that her father was part of the ISA so her connections could help them. Alex didn’t think Brady would be okay with that. Shawn and Talia were drinking their sorrows away. He told her about Belle and his guilt over Bo’s coma and Victor’s death. Talia told him about Chanel dumping her. The pub was closed so the bartender wanted them to leave. They went up to her room. They went back to drinking. Belle called Shawn, but he ignored it. He asked Talia if Jada would be mad that they are partying in her room. She said Jada was working all night so they had the place to themselves. Shawn put their bottles down and kissed her. Talia pulled away from him briefly and kissed him again. They ended up falling on the bed.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Talia went to see Chanel and didn’t realize that Johnny was there. Chanel let her know that Johnny was leaving. After he left, Talia offered her the flowers she bought. She gave her ideas of what they could do together. Chanel stopped her and she wondered what happened. Chanel let her know that she’s getting back together with Johnny. Talia was heartbroken. She blamed herself. Chanel told her the timing was bad. Talia regretted telling her how she felt. She left the apartment. Chanel went to see Johnny. Jada talked to the hitwoman at the hospital. She denied that someone hired her to kill Ava. She said she was a nurse, but Jada didn’t believe her. EJ was on the phone with his contact. He wanted to know how long Jada had been questioning the hitwoman. He realized he had to be the one to keep her quiet. The hitwoman continued to tell Jada that she was a nurse. Jada took out her phone and read the text proving that she was at Bayview to kill Ava. Jada tried to make a deal with her to get her to talk. EJ showed up before she could agree to the deal. He told Jada that he was her lawyer. He heard about the shooting and wanted to help the hitwoman. The hitwoman agreed to let EJ be her lawyer. He let Jada know that she couldn’t interview her anymore. Jada felt like she was making a mistake. She let her know that the offer was still on the table. After Jada left, EJ wanted to know why Ava was still alive. Rafe and an officer went in the motel room. Rafe found Ava and Harris’ ID bracelets. Shawn arrived and Rafe wondered why he was there. He heard Rafe on the scanner and wanted to help. Rafe wanted him to go home because he was drunk. Shawn denied being drunk, but Rafe was able to smell it on him. Shawn told him that he only had a couple of drinks, but Rafe didn’t believe him. He told him to get himself together or he would be suspended again. Shawn was about to leave, but Rafe didn’t think he was in any shape to drive. Rafe wanted the officer to take him home.

Ava wanted to find Susan to get EJ off her back. Harris told her that they had to go to London to find her. Tripp wondered how they were getting out of the country. She said they were going to need his help with that. They told Tripp about the contacts that Harris has. The contacts can get them passports, but they needed a place to hide. Wendy told them they couldn’t hide there because of Li and Melinda. She said they had to get their passports faster. Wendy let Ava and Harris know that she used to forge IDs for her friends and she thought she could make their fake passports too. She needed real ones and she would offer her passport. Tripp offered his passport. Wendy got to work on their passports. Harris and Ava were impressed with her work. They thanked them for their help. Ava told Tripp what to tell the police. Ava and Harris left. Belle saw Shawn arguing with the officer at the Square and wondered what was going on with him. Shawn told her what happened with Rafe. She couldn’t believe he wanted to work while he was drunk. They started arguing. She told him that what happened to Bo and Victor wasn’t his fault. She thought he should go to rehab. He refused to go because he didn’t think he was drunk. She thought he needed more help than she could give him. He told her that she wasn’t being honest with him. He mentioned how she didn’t tell him about Philip and how she had an affair with EJ. Belle wanted to go home, but he refused to do it. He wanted to go somewhere that he wouldn’t be judged. She tried to catch up to him so she left a message on his voicemail. Talia was drinking at the pub. She was drinking and thinking about her relationship with Chanel. Shawn arrived at the pub and asked Talia if he could join her.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Talia walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Belle. They greet each other and Belle asks about the flowers. Talia responds that they are for someone very special and she doesn’t know how she got this lucky..

Chanel’s phone lies nearby with a missed call from Talia as Chanel and Johnny kiss. Johnny talks about being taken by surprised and says he was determined to get her back after talking to EJ. Chanel jokes that he was heading for the door and she had to drag him back. Johnny admits he wasn’t sure how this was going to go and he misread her signals. Johnny talks about things being complicated for them which is why he thought she was telling him that she wanted to be with Talia. Chanel assures that it’s Johnny that she wants to be with as they continue kissing.

At the hospital, Jada questions Joyce about who hired her to kill Ava Vitali. Joyce swears that no one hired her and claims that she is a nurse and was there to treat Ava. Jada doesn’t believe her and warns that she can either go down for attempted murder or she can roll on whoever is paying her and maybe they can cut a deal but it’s her choice.

EJ talks to his contact at the hospital on the phone, questioning how long Jada has been in Joyce’s room. EJ tells him to make sure no one knows that he called him. EJ declares that it’s up to him now to shut her up.

Rafe and one of his cops go to the motel where Rafe explains that Harris was identified at the nearby pizza place from his photo and the desk clerk confirmed a man and woman in the room they approach. Rafe warns that Ava and Harris have both killed before, so he instructs him not to hesitate if he has to use deadly force. Rafe then kicks the door in and they enter with guns raised but find the room empty.

Tripp tells Wendy that he’s sorry they had to cut their night short. Wendy questions him apologizing when he just found out that someone tried to kill his mother. Tripp insists that he knows it was EJ and wonders where his mom is now. Tripp says he’s just going to drop his bag in his room and then go to the computer to see if there’s any news. Wendy says she will do the same and walks away. Tripp then heads in to this room and finds Ava and Harris inside.

Rafe and his cop search the room but find nothing. Rafe finds the pizza is still warm and remarks that it looks like Ava and Harris missed dinner and they missed them. Rafe finds their hospital ID bracelets and states that they cut them off and took off. Shawn then arrives so Rafe questions what he’s doing there.

Tripp hugs Ava and thanks God that she’s okay. Tripp asks her what happened. Ava explains that a nurse that she’s never seen came to inject her with something and she knows a hired gun when she sees one. Ava insists that EJ sent her. Wendy then comes in, shocked to see them. Tripp introduces Ava to Wendy and explains that Wendy was with him when they found out about them. Tripp adds that the police are hunting for them. Harris explains that they used the fire escape and the stairs to get in through the window. Tripp notes that they spoke to the police at the Salem Inn. Harris and Ava conclude that they should be safe for now.

Joyce claims to Jada that she doesn’t have a name to give her and that she’s never even held a gun. Jada brings up that Bayview has never heard of her and she’s not on the payroll. Joyce claims that she doesn’t work there as an agency sent her to cover for someone who was sick. Jada asks for the name of the agency. Joyce argues that Ava shot her and that her and Harris are in this together. Jada points out that they are on the run. Joyce argues that she has her all wrong and that she’s never seen Ava before in her life. Jada then brings up the burner phone they found on Joyce and reads the text message, asking if Ava is out of the picture yet. Jada then asks if Joyce is ready to talk.

Talia tells Belle that after all the bad stuff she did to Chanel, she feels so lucky to get a second chance. Belle says she’s happy for her. Talia says she’s been getting a lot of second chances lately and it all started when Belle became her lawyer. Talia talks about Marlena being great as her therapist and how Kayla got her a job at the hospital. Talia declares that now maybe her and Chanel have a future. Talia adds that she just called her about coming over but she hasn’t called back yet, so she’s trying to decide if she should wait or surprise her. Belle votes for surprise. Talia takes one of the roses and gives it to Belle to give to her husband. Talia thanks Belle for everything she’s done for her and walks on.

Rafe questions Shawn again what he’s doing here. Shawn says it’s a manhunt and he heard Rafe’s call for backup on the police scanner, so he figured he’d come see if he could help. Shawn asks about this being where Harris and Ava were holed up. Rafe informs him that the call for backup was for officers on duty and Shawn is off duty. Shawn argues that he’s here and they obviously came up empty, so he asks Rafe to give him an assignment. Rafe says he appreciates it but this is not a normal day for Shawn. Shawn remarks that nothing gets past him and questions what he’s supposed to do. Shawn complains that Victor is not coming back so he wants something to do. Rafe tells Shawn that it’s not a good idea because he’s drunk.

Johnny tells Chanel that he can’t believe he hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Chanel admits that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about Talia because she really does like her, but it was never what they had. Johnny agrees that nothing has ever come close. Chanel says they are so lucky that this is happening now before things got serious with Talia. Chanel adds that she will have to let Talia down easy because she’s vulnerable right now. Talia then shows up at the door with roses.

Tripp assures Ava that she’s safe here for as long as she needs and anyone that comes to the door will have to go through him. Tripp asks how Harris figures in to this. Ava responds that if it wasn’t for Harris, she would be dead right now as he rushed the woman before she could get a shot off. Tripp recalls Harris showing up with an exploding pizza the last time he saw him. Wendy points out that the last time she saw him is when he showed up at Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party and tried to kill the groom. Harris states that he had been brainwashed and he’s just trying to move forward, so the only reason he’s here is to help Ava. Tripp asks if Ava really thinks going on the run is the smart idea. Ava then informs Tripp that EJ’s mother is alive.

Jada asks Joyce if the text message hit a nerve. Jada tells her to stop wasting her time and tell her who was behind the hit, then she will talk to the district attorney. Jada tells Joyce that all she has to do is tell her who ordered the hit on Ava Vitali. EJ then enters and instructs Joyce not to answer that question.

Shawn claims to Rafe that he’s not drunk. Rafe tells him that he can smell it on him. Shawn admits he had a couple drinks after the funeral but that won’t stop him from doing his job. Rafe orders Shawn to get out or he will take his badge and suspend him, warning that he’ll be out of a job. Shawn argues that he has a lot of nerve talking to him like that. Rafe reminds Shawn that he said he was going to get himself together. Rafe tells him to think about Belle and his daughter. Shawn agrees to go but Rafe points out that he’s in no shape to drive himself. Rafe then instructs the other officer to get Shawn home safely and says he has work to do.

Ava tells Tripp about her visions of Susan and how she was telling her that she wasn’t telling the truth about the accident. Ava says she didn’t understand until Harris had Marlena hypnotize her and she had a memory flash. Ava explains that she remembered before the crash, seeing Susan get out of the car and run away. Ava guesses she just blocked it out, but since remembering, she’s had more visions of Susan. Ava talks about Susan having strange psychic powers and appearing to her more than once. Ava thought it was a hallucination but now she’s convinced that it’s really Susan trying to reach out to her. Harris adds that they figured out from a reference Susan made that she might be in London. Ava says they need to go there to find Susan as it’s the only way to get EJ off her back. Tripp points out that she just escaped custody so he questions how she expects to get out of the country. Ava says that’s where Tripp comes in as he is her only hope.

Jada tells EJ that she was just having a little trouble convincing his friend to tell her who hired her to off Ava Vitali and suggests that he could help her with that. EJ asks if she’s implying that he’s her employer. Jada asks why else EJ would rush in to tell her to keep her mouth shut. EJ responds that he is her attorney.

Talia surprises Chanel with roses but then sees Johnny and says she didn’t mean to interrupt. Chanel says she’s not and that Johnny was just leaving. Johnny says he’ll see them around and exits. Talia excitedly tells Chanel about the flowers and guesses she missed her call, saying she wanted to come over because she just had to see her again because last night was so much fun. Talia suggests they could watch a movie or bake something together. Chanel stops her so Talia asks if something is wrong.

The cop escorts Shawn through the town square and says he was ordered to take Shawn home, but Shawn refuses to go and tells the cop to go away. Belle intervenes and tells the cop that she’s got this so he leaves. Belle tells Shawn that she didn’t know where he went and she tried calling him. Shawn explains that Harris and Ava escaped Bayview tonight and Rafe put out a call for backup, so he went to his location but Rafe told him to get lost. Belle questions Shawn wanting to work tonight like this. Shawn asks why everyone keeps saying that. Belle responds that it’s because he’s drunk.

Talia assumes Chanel already had plans and asks what it is. Chanel informs Talia that Johnny didn’t just stop by, he came to tell her that he still has feelings for her. Talia guesses it must not have been easy to let him down. Chanel reveals that she didn’t.

Shawn tells Belle that he’d like to just be able to have a couple drinks after a day like today without everybody freaking out. Belle argues that he knows why she and Rafe reacted this way since he’s been struggling and all the drinking isn’t helping anything but making it worse. Shawn tells Belle to try to understand what his life is like. Shawn complains about getting flashes of images of having a gun pointed at his dad and now he’s in a coma while his grandfather is dead. Belle gets that he blames himself but says that’s so wrong, sad, self destructive, and not true because he’s not to blame. Belle tells Shawn that if therapy isn’t working then maybe they should consider a residential facility. Shawn refuses and declares that he’s not an alcoholic. Belle wants him to be somewhere where he can work through this in a safe environment. Shawn questions if she’s saying he should be in a mental hospital. Belle cries that he needs more help than she can give him. Shawn argues that Belle can’t be honest with him.

Jada questions EJ being Joyce’s lawyer and says he has to be kidding. EJ says he’s a proud and active member of the BAR. Jada argues that he must be psychic because Joyce hasn’t been able to call a lawyer. EJ responds that he watches the news and he knows Joyce is a victim so he will stand by her in her time of need. EJ says the state chose to put Ava in a mental facility instead of prison after killing his mother and this shooting is the result of that. EJ says he doesn’t know why the police are harassing Joyce but promises to do everything in his power to get them off her back, if he has her trust.

Ava says they obviously need passports to get out of the country and can’t use their real names. Harris notes that he has contacts for that but it’s going to take awhile. Tripp agrees to be the person they deal with for that. Wendy asks what happens in the meantime. Ava says until they can get the passports, they need a place to hide out. Wendy calls that a problem since Li lives here too and he’s dating Melinda Trask. Harris agrees that’s a problem. Tripp adds that the cops will be asking questions so it’s not safe for them unless they can get the passports in the next couple of hours. Harris assures it will take longer than that. Wendy then declares that it won’t.

Jada asks Joyce if she’s going to take EJ’s generous offer. Joyce claims that she doesn’t know EJ but she’s in no position to be choosy so she asks EJ to get her out of this situation. EJ declares the interview is over and tells Jada to focus on Ava Vitali. Jada warns Joyce that she’s making a big mistake as she knows the holes in her story. Jada adds that the offer still stands in case EJ doesn’t have her best interests at heart. Jada then exits. Joyce tells EJ that Jada scares her. EJ says to leave Jada to him and assures that she did the right thing. EJ then asks Joyce to tell him why Ava Vitali is still breathing.

Wendy reveals that she can get the passports they need right here right now as she used to make fake IDs for underage teenagers. Harris points out that there’s a difference between drivers licenses and passports. Wendy responds that all she needs is an actual passport to doctor. Wendy and Tripp then reveal that they both have their passports. Tripp assures that if Wendy says she can do it, she can. Ava points out that they have no other options. Wendy asks them for names and settles on character names from her favorite movie. Wendy then takes pictures of Ava and Harris for their passports.

Talia guesses she walked in before Chanel could tell Johnny about them. Chanel says she did tell Johnny how she feels and she didn’t let him down. Talia starts to cry as Chanel explains that she wasn’t expecting any of this and she thought she and Johnny were just friends when she started seeing Talia. Talia guesses Chanel now wants to be more than friends with Johnny which she confirms. Chanel calls Talia a good person who has been through hell and still found a way to put her life back together. Talia tells her that she doesn’t have to give her a pep talk and that she should’ve known everything was going too well for her. Talia cries that it was too good to be true and she knows she doesn’t deserve Chanel. Chanel argues that she does deserve all the good things happening for her right now. Talia says just not Chanel. Chanel says she’s really sorry. Talia blames herself and remarks that she should’ve never told her how she felt as she storms out.

Belle asks Shawn when she lied to him. Shawn brings up Belle going to help Philip without even telling him that he was alive. Belle says that Chloe asked her to become Philip’s lawyer which meant she couldn’t tell anyone that he was back. Shawn complains that there are other lawyers but Philip wanted the one he slept with. Belle calls that ancient history. Shawn remarks that Belle cheats on him every time they have a problem and brings up the last person was EJ. Belle tells him not to do this. Shawn talks about how he’s supposed to get over Belle sleeping with EJ, just like putting Bo in a coma and his grandfather being dead. Belle asks if they can just go home but Shawn argues that she just said he should be a mental hospital. Shawn declares that he’s going somewhere where he won’t be judged for everything he does and feels as he storms off. Belle calls Shawn, leaving him a message to call her.

Talia goes to the Brady Pub and sits alone with a shot. Talia thinks back to her relationship with Chanel. Shawn enters and sees her drinking, so he asks to join her.

Johnny paces at the DiMera Mansion, telling himself that he knows what happened. Chanel then shows up at the door.

At the hospital, Jada tells Rafe about EJ showing up in Joyce’s room to say he’s her attorney. Rafe assumes she accepted which Jada confirms and that EJ told her to stop talking to her. Rafe questions when EJ ever did something nice for someone he didn’t know. Jada says they’ll get a warrant to check EJ’s phone to see if he sent the texts to the burner phone. Rafe says at least someone got somewhere tonight, since when he got to the motel, Ava and Harris were already gone. Jada states that they are going to be really hard to find as long as Ava still thinks she’s in danger from EJ. Rafe declares if they can’t find them, they’ll just have to track that bastard down themselves and he’s willing to work overtime on that.

Joyce informs EJ that Ava had help getting the gun from her as another patient got in the way. EJ acknowledges that other patient was Harris Michaels, a former Navy SEAL, so Joyce is lucky to be alive. EJ declares that if Ava thinks Harris will keep her safe from him, she’s in for a rude awakening.

Ava says this is not what she expected when they came here as Harris praises Wendy for the passports, calling them the best fakes he’s seen. Ava hates to say it but they should hit the road. Tripp points out the passports are great but they won’t help if EJ tracks them down. Tripp asks if they’re sure this is the right decision. Ava responds that she has to find Susan as everything changes once she does. Ava hugs Tripp and instructs him to tell the cops that he saw her but couldn’t stop her from leaving which is basically the truth. Tripp agrees to tell them that he has no idea where she is. Ava thanks Tripp and Wendy. Tripp tells Ava to come back safe. Ava assures that’s the plan and hugs him again. Ava and Tripp say I love you to each other. Ava thanks Wendy again. Wendy wishes her luck. Ava tells Harris that she’s ready as they then escape through the window.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Mrs. Brady! Hi! Oh, Belle, please. Okay, Belle. Wow, those are pretty flowers. Are those for you or someone special? They are for somebody really special. I don’t know how I got this lucky.

Oh, you, uh, You really took me by surprise there. I mean, after I talked to my dad, I was determined to get you back, but then I Determined? You were headed for the door, I practically had to drag you back in here. Well, I wasn’t really sure, I was The whole thing was gonna go. I misread your signals. You and I, we’ve always been complicated.

Less. So I just assumed that it was gonna stay that way. You know, which is why… I thought you were telling me what you would tell you. Well, then I have to get better at sending signals. Because… It’s you. I want to be with Johnny. It’s you.

What part of who hired you to kill a Vitaly do you not get? No one hired me, I swear. I was there to treat Miss Vitaly, not kill her. I’m a nurse. Like hell you are. Look, the way I see it, you have two options. You can either dummy up and go down for attempted murder, or you can roll on whoever’s paying you and maybe we can cut a deal.

It’s your choice.

It’s not a trick question. I just want to know how long the detective has been in there. Bloody hell. Just make sure no one knows you called me.

Well, it’s up to me now. I have to shut her up.

I was with the manager down the block at the pizza place. He recognized Michaels from a photo in the paper. The desk clerk, he made a positive ID of the woman in the room. Be careful. Tally and Michaels, they’ve both killed before. The situation calls for… Don’t hesitate to use deadly force. Gotcha. Alright, yeah.

I’m sorry that we had to cut our night short. Are you really apologizing? Tripp, you just found out someone tried to kill your mother. Not someone. EJ DiMera paid for that hit. I just know it. God knows where my mom is now. I’m just going. I’ll dump this bag in my room, and you can hop on the computer and see if there’s any more news on the search.

Yeah, I’ll do the same. I’ll meet you back in the living room. Like sand through

the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


It’s not warm. Looks like they missed dinner and we missed them.

Son of a… They cut off their hospital ID bracelets and took off. Damn it! Sean, what are you doing here?

Mom, thank God you’re okay. You are okay, right? Mm hmm, yeah. Okay. Tell me what happened. Well, a nurse that I’d never seen before came in to give me a shot. I know a hired gun when I seen one. Yeah, I heard that you shot her. Look, EJ sent her. I’m sure of it. Oh my god, this, this. Wendy, uh, this is, this is my mom.

Wendy was with me when we found out about you guys. From the police, I assume? They’re hunting for you both. Yeah, figured. Okay, well, if you didn’t walk through the lobby… We used the fire escape, stairs, and I jimmied the window. Where were you guys when the cops caught up with you? The Salem Inn. Okay, good.

That means we should be safe. For now. What

name you wanted to hear? I’d give it to you, make this go away, but I don’t. I hate guns. I never even held one. Still sticking to the nurse story, huh? Well, the hospital administrator at Bayview, they’ve never even heard of you. And you’re not on the payroll. I don’t work for them. An agency sent me to cover for someone who was sick.

I’ll need the name of that agency. Look, I don’t know what this crazy lady told you, but she shot me. She and the guy who grabbed the gun, they’re in this together. She hasn’t told us a thing. And neither has he. They’re on the run. And that’s not enough to convince you got me all wrong. I’ve never seen that lady before in my life.

Hmm. Interesting. Because there’s an unread message on this burner phone you had on you. Shall I read it?

Why haven’t I heard from you? Is Ava out of the picture yet? You know, this is what we call in the detective business, having the goods.

So, are you ready to talk?

You know, after all the bad stuff that I did to Chanel, To get a second chance like this, I just feel so lucky. Oh, I’m so happy for you, Talia. You know, I’ve been getting a lot of second chances lately. And it all started when you became my lawyer. I mean, your mom, she’s great. She helped me understand what Colin was doing to my head, and Dr.

Johnson at the hospital, she brought me on a staff to work at the university hospital. Oh, really? I didn’t hear that. How? Yeah, it just happened. But now, maybe Chanel and I have a future. But, I just called her and told her that I wanted to come over, but she hasn’t called me back yet. So, I’m trying to decide if I should just wait, or…

If I should surprise her. Oh. Ah, well, I always vote for surprise. Never underestimate an armful of flowers. Well, Here. Here’s a surprise for you to give to your husband. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me. Seriously.

Sean, I asked you a question. What are you doing here? Um, I mean, this is a manhunt, right? I heard you call out on the police scanner to get some backup, so I figured I’d come here and see if I can help. So, uh, This is where they were holed up. Um, Uh, Ava and, Ava and Michaels. Sean. Call for backup was for officers who were on duty.

Uh, yeah, I mean, so what? I mean, it’s obvious that you, you, you came up empty here, so why don’t you give me, um, I mean, like, give me an assignment? I appreciate that, Sean, but you, you realize this is not a normal day for you? Yeah, nothing gets past you, does it? Excuse me. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Just sit there in the mausoleum all day. Right? Victor’s not coming back. They put him in the wall. So gimme something I, no, gimme something to do. Sean. Go on an assignment or something. Okay. Sean, listen to me’s. Not a good idea. Okay. Like why the hell not? Because you’re drunk.

Wow. I, uh, I can’t believe it, I haven’t been this happy in a long time. You mean you care? I just… You just what? I, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about Talia. I mean, I really do like her, Johnny, but… It was never what you and I had. Nothing’s ever come close. Not for me. Not for me either. Oh Johnny, we were so lucky that this is happening now.

Before things got serious with Talia. But I’m gonna have to let her down easy. She’s really vulnerable right now.

Hey, you’re safe here for as long as you want. Anybody who comes through that door is gonna come through me. How does he figure to know this? Oh, honey. If it wasn’t for Harris, I would be dead right now. He rushed the woman before she could even get a shot off. Last time I saw this guy was in Seattle and he showed up with an exploding pizza.

Tried to take us all out. And the last time I saw him was when he crashed Stefan and Gabby’s engagement party and tried to kill the groom. I I’ve been brainwashed. And I’m sorry for everything I did. And I’m just, I’m just trying to move forward. The only reason I’m here is, is to help your mom.

Okay. Okay, then, tell me. Do you really think going on the run is a smart decision? The cops know what went down at Bayview. They know that you shot the woman in self defense. Okay, hold on. What? Look, there is something about EJ you don’t know. Look, he doesn’t even know it. What are you talking about? His mother is alive.

I had a nerve with that message, didn’t I? Good. Now stop wasting my time and tell me who was behind the hit. And I’ll talk to the DA. All you have to do is tell me who hired you to kill Ava Metalli. Do not answer that question.

How dare you tell me that I’m drunk when I’m most certainly not. I mean, what do you want me to do? me to walk a straight line? Or do you want me to stand on a foot? I can smell it on you. Look, I had a couple of drinks after the funeral, so what? A couple of drinks is not going to stop me from doing my job.

Get out of here, or I’m going to take your badge, and you’re going to be suspended. Okay? Get yourself together, or you’re going to lose this damn job. You know, you got a lot of nerve talking to me like that. Listen to me, okay? You told me you were going to get yourself together, alright? I can’t control you.

If you want to do this to yourself, that’s fine. You hear me? But think about what you’re doing to Belle. And what about your daughter?

Fine, fine, you know what? I’ll go. No, no, no, no, no. You’re in no shape to drive yourself. Can you make sure that Officer Brady gets home safely, please? I got work to do.

So you started seeing Susan? Yeah. A couple of weeks ago. And she told me that I wasn’t telling the truth about the accident. Which… I didn’t understand, I couldn’t make any sense of it, so Harris suggested that I have a session with Marlena, which I did. And I had a memory flash of the night of the car accident.

Look, right before it exploded, I remembered seeing Susan get out of the back seat and run away. I don’t know what happened. I must, I must have just blocked it out. But since then, since I remembered, I have seen Susan more times. I’ve had, I’ve had visions of her. But some… Now you’re saying they’re visions.

Susan has strange powers. Psychic powers. She has appeared to me more than once. And the last time it was earlier today. And listen, at first I thought it was a hallucination. But now, I am convinced it was the real Susan. And she’s trying to reach out to me. Yeah, and we, uh, figured out from a reference that Susan made that she might be in London.

So we need to go there. We need to find Susan because it is the only way to get EJ off of my back. You just escaped custody, Mom. How do you expect to get out of the country? That’s why you come in. Trip you are my only hope.

Mr. DiMera, what a pleasant surprise. I was just having a little trouble trying to convince your friend here to tell me who hired her to off Ava Vitale. Maybe you can fill in the blanks. You seem to be implying that I’m her employer. Well, why else would you rush in here and tell her to keep her mouth shut?

I said that because I’m her attorney.


Oh. Um, I didn’t mean to interrupt. No, no, you’re, you’re not. Johnny was just leaving. Thanks for coming by. Uh, yeah, absolutely. I’ll um, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll see you around, Chanel. And you too, Talia.

Here. They’re beautiful. I know, right? I got them at the flower cart in the square. And I just had to buy them for you. I’m guessing you missed my call, huh? Oh, I, I, I guess I did. Oh, I wasn’t saying anything. I was just saying how I wanted to come over. Because I just had to see you again. Last night was so much fun.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to make you go bowling two nights in a row. I was just thinking maybe we could watch a movie or bake something together. I know how long it’s been. Oh yeah, just hang on. Okay. Is something wrong?

The commissioner told me to take you home. Please get back in the car. I don’t want to go home, okay? Listen, you’re not going to get any trouble. Just say that I pulled rank. Seriously, go. Get out of here. It’s okay, officer. I’m his wife. I got this.

Wow. Look who’s here. Well, I didn’t know where you went. After Chelsea left, I’ve been trying to call you. What’s going on with that officer? Uh, Escava Vitali and Harris Michaels, they escaped Bayview tonight. And Rafe put out a call asking for backup, and I went to his location, and… He told me to get lost.

You wanted to work? Tonight? Like this? Why does everybody keep saying that?

You know what? I am such an idiot. I was just going on and on about what we could do tonight, and I’m assuming you already have plans. What is it? Something with your mom? No. Then what is it? Johnny, he, he didn’t just stop by. He came to tell me that he still has feelings for me.

Oh. Well, that must not have been easy for you. You know, to let him down after saying something like that. I didn’t.

You know what I would like? I would like to just be able to have a couple of drinks on a very difficult day like today without everybody freaking the hell out. You know why I’m reacting this way, Sean. And why Rafe did too, okay? You’ve been, you’ve been struggling and all the drinking, it’s just not helping anything.

It’s making it worse. Damn it, Belle, can you, can you at least try to understand what it’s like, what my life is like? I get these flashes, these images, these images of me holding a gun to my dad. And instead of, instead of just pointing it at his leg, I’ve got it pointed at his head. Okay? And now, now he’s in a coma, and that could be permanent.

And on top of that, my grandfather’s dead. I get it. I get it. I get that you blame yourself. And oh my God, Sean, that is so wrong. self destructive, and it’s just not true. You are not to blame. Listen, I have been doing some thinking. Oh, you’ve been doing some thinking, huh? Well, that’s, uh, that’s never a good thing.

Stop it. Just stop it. Just listen to me. If the therapy isn’t working, then maybe we should be considering, like, a, a, a residential facility. A rehab? No, no, Belle, no way in hell. No, I’m, I’m not an alcoholic, I keep telling you that, okay? Listen, I, I just want you to be somewhere where you can work through this in a safe environment.

Oh, okay, so you’re telling me that you think that I deserve to be in a mental hospital? No. I am telling you that I, I, you need more help than I can give you. Yeah, you can’t give me that help and you obviously can’t be honest with me either.

You’re her lawyer. You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not kidding at all. I’m a proud and active member of the bar. Hmm. Well, you must be psychic too. Because our friend here, she just got out of emergency surgery and she hasn’t even had the opportunity to call anybody. I do watch the evening news. This poor woman is a victim, who I’ll stand by in her time of need.

The state chose to put Ava Vitale in a mental facility instead of prison after she killed my mother, and this shooting is the inevitable result of that. I don’t know why. The police are harassing you, but you can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to get them off your back. That is, if I have your trust.

Well, obviously we need passports to get out of the country, but we can’t have our real names on those passports. Yeah, and I have contacts for that, but it’s gonna take a little time. Yes, you want me to be the person that they deal with. I can, I can handle that. But what happens in the meantime? Okay, well, until we can get the passports, we’re gonna need a place to hide out.

Well, that’s a problem. My brother lives here too, and he’s dating D. H. Trask. They hang out here sometimes. Yeah, that definitely is a problem. Yeah, and the cops are gonna be back here asking me more questions. I mean, it’s not safe for you here unless you can get those passports in the next couple hours. A couple hours?

It’s gonna take longer than that. No. It won’t.

What’s the matter? Don’t you want to take Mr. DiMera’s generous offer?

I don’t know you, Mr. DiMera, but I’m in no position to be choosy, so… If you can do anything to get me out of this situation, just do it. You heard her. This interview is over, so why don’t you put your energy into locating Ava Vitale. And remember, she’s armed and dangerous. Honey, you are making a big mistake.

I can blow big holes through your story and you know it. But you know what? The offer still stands. Just in case Mr. DiMera here doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

She scares me. Leave it to me. You did the right thing. Now tell me, why on God’s earth is Ava Vitale still breathing?

I can get you those passports you need right here, right now. How? Well, back in my ramen and boiled water days, I made fake IDs for underage teenagers. Nobody ever had a problem with them. Yeah, but there’s a big difference between a driver’s license and a passport. Even if you could reproduce the inside pages, you can’t magically come up with an embossed passport cover.

I don’t need to. No, I just need an actual passport that I can doctor. And I can cure you. I happen to have one. And I have another one. I’m telling you, if Wendy says she can do it, she can. Okay. Do we have any other options? Okay, Wendy. What do you need from us? Names. How about William Thacker and Anna Scott?

You just came up with those out of the blue? Well, actually, they’re Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts characters from Notting Hill, one of my favorite movies. Okay, then. Uh, I guess all we need now are… Pictures. Right?

I guess I walked in right before you could tell Johnny about us, right? Talia, that’s, that’s not what happened. I did. Tell Johnny how I feel yeah, but you just said please just let me finish, okay What I said was that I didn’t let him down

Oh, yeah, I I wasn’t expecting any of this when when you and I first started seeing each other I thought that that Johnny and I were just friends Yeah, but now he wants to be more than friend. Right. So do you. I do. Talia, Talia, you are such a good person. You, you have been through hell. And you still found a way to put your life back together.

And if the timing had been different… Okay, no, okay? You don’t have to say that. You don’t have to give me a pep talk, okay? I should have known everything was going way too well for me. It was just… Too good to be true. Okay, I don’t deserve you, Chanel. I know that. Hey, don’t say that. You, you deserve all the good things that are happening for you right now.

Just not you. I’m really sorry. Don’t be, okay? It’s my fault. I should’ve never told you how I felt about you in the first place.

When did I lie to you? I, I don’t know. I guess maybe it was just an oversight that you went, uh, and offered to help Phillip, and you didn’t even tell me he’s alive. Alright. Chloe asked me to become his lawyer, which meant that I couldn’t tell anyone that he was back. No, there are over, there are a million lawyers in this world.

No, no, of course, Phillip wants the one that he used to sleep with. What? That is ancient history. Yeah, well, you cheating on me every single time we have a problem, that’s very current. Oh, and let me think about this. Who was the last person? Oh, it was EJ. And why’d you do it? What, did you do it because you thought Phillip was dead?

Don’t do this. Oh, I know, I know, I know. I’m supposed to just be over the fact that you and EJ slept together. Just like I’m supposed to be over that I put my dad in a coma and that my grandfather’s dead. Is there anything else? Anything else you want me to add to the list of things that shouldn’t be bothering you?

Let’s not do this here. Can we go home? Wait, home? Hold on, you, but you just told me that you think that I deserve to be in a mental hospital. Wait, then where are you going? I’m going to go someplace where I’m not going to be judged by everything I do and everything I feel. Sean, please. Sean!

I tried to follow you, but you were too fast for me. Can you please, Sean, please just call me?

It’s mixed, but whatever it is, we need to take it slow. Yeah, no, I totally agree.

I should go.

Um, maybe we should hang out sometime. There’s a free concert at the park tonight. Japanese takeout jobs. Hey, good we got a goal. Yeah. You wanna go? Um, I’d love to. I have a really good time tonight. Me too.

Thank you, Chanel. For what? For not hating me. I mean, for what I did, most people would never speak to me again. So, I know how big of a deal this is. And, I just want to let you know how much it means to me that you gave me a second chance. I’m glad

I did. So, how do you think it’s going so far?

Pretty well.

What am I doing? Come on. I know what happened back there. I know what happened back there.


EJ shows up at the hit woman’s hospital room with some lame story talking about he heard about her in the evening news. And then he says that he’s her attorney. Oh yeah, and uh, I assume she accepted? Oh yeah, and the first thing he told her was to stop talking to me. And when was the last time that EJ ever did something nice for someone he didn’t know?

You know, we’ll get a warrant to check his phone, see if he’s the one that left messages on this thing. You know, at least someone got somewhere tonight. By the time I got to that damn hotel, Ava and Michael’s had already taken off. Well, they’re gonna be really hard to find. As long as Ava still thinks she’s in danger from EJ.

Well, if we can’t find them, we’re just gonna have to track that bastard down by ourselves. I’m willing to work overtime on that.

So Ava had help getting the gun away from you. Another patient got in the way. It wasn’t just another patient. That was Harris Michael’s ex Navy SEAL. You’re the one who’s lucky to be alive. Believe me.

But if Ava thinks he is going to keep her safe from me, then she is in for a rude awakening.

Wow. This was not what I expected when we came here. Those work, right? Best fakes I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot. Nice work. Yeah. Well, I, uh, I hate to say this, but we should probably hit the road, right, Mr. Thacker? Or should I call you Bill? Look, those passports are great, but they’re not going to protect you if EJ tracks you down.

Are you sure you’re making the best decision? I have to find Susan. Everything changes once I do.

Okay, you tell the cops that you saw me, but you couldn’t stop me from leaving, okay? It’s basically the truth. I’ll tell them I have no idea where you are. Which is also basically the truth.

Thank you. Both of you. Of course. You come back now, Mom. Safe. You know that’s the plan.

Oh, God. I love you, my son. I love you too, Mom.

Thanks again, Wendy. Of course. Good luck.


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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ talked to his contact at the hospital to get info about the shooter. He was upset when he got off the phone. Johnny walked in the room and wondered what was wrong. He let Johnny know that Ava escaped. They weren’t on the same page about Ava. They ended up talking Chanel. He let EJ know that he told her about his feelings, but Talia showed up. EJ gave him advice on how to handle his situation. Johnny wasn’t sure about his idea, but Chanel called him so he could come over. After Johnny left, EJ was determined to go after Ava. His contact told him that the shooter was awake and getting questioned by the police. Chanel talked to Paulina about her conflicted feelings about Talia and Johnny. Paulina wondered what Chanel told Johnny, but she said that Talia showed up before she could answer him. Paulina supported her, but she hoped that she would pick Johnny. Chanel wasn’t happy that he sprung that on her. She wasn’t sure if he was on the rebound from Wendy. Paulina thought she should take her time deciding, but she thought she dragged it out enough. Johnny was about to knock as Paulina was about to leave.

Chanel told Johnny that Talia had feelings for her. She told him that before he admitted how he felt she was looking forward to seeing what would happen in their relationship. He thought she was choosing Talia so he was about to leave, but she stopped him. She told him that she wanted to be with him. Ava and Harris were at a motel. He wanted to get them some food, but she didn’t think it was safe since EJ had hitman. Harris questioned if it was EJ and Ava was positive. Ava thought he wouldn’t stop at one attempt. She told him that Rafe hates her so he won’t believe that she shot the shooter in self-defense. She said they had to bring Susan home. Harris was about to get a burner phone and food. She thanked him for helping her. Ava saw Susan again, but she realized that she was having a psychic connection with her. When Harris returned she told him that Susan was stuck in the Big Smoke. Harris said that was a nickname for London. They decided to go there to look for her. Later, Rafe and an officer arrived at the motel. He warned the officer that Ava and Harris are armed so it’s okay to use deadly force. Rafe kicked the door down and was shocked by what he saw.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 11, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex noticed that Sarah was shivering after she gave birth. He wanted to hurry and get her to the hospital. Chloe wanted to call an ambulance, but Rex said there wasn’t enough time. He wanted to drive her because she was hemorrhaging. Sarah told Xander to take care of their baby if something to her. Vivian said that her divorce from Victor wasn’t finalized. Maggie and Justin didn’t believe her so he called the clerk’s office. He got the voicemail so he was going to go to the office to get the answers. Maggie was going to make Vivian pay once that situation was over. Chloe walked in and told Maggie that Sarah had the baby. Vivian and Bonnie were left behind at the mansion. They argued with each other. Vivian thought she was taking advantage of looking like Adrienne so she could get Justin’s money. Bonnie said that she loved Justin. Vivian said she loved Victor too. Theresa met up with Stephanie and Kayla. She let them know that she was there for Victor’s funeral. She wanted to pay her respects, but Brady thought she was there to get back together with him. Kayla wondered if that was true. Kayla left so they kept talking. Theresa asked her about Alex. They talked about him being related to Brady. Stephanie wondered if she was going to make Brady jealous.

Rex brought Sarah to the hospital. He told Kayla what happened to her. Kayla wanted to examine Sarah. Xander was scared and wanted to get some information about Sarah. Kayla didn’t want to tell him anything because he wasn’t family. Maggie showed up and told her that she was family. She said that Kayla could talk about Sarah with Xander and Chloe there. Kayla told them that Sarah would make a full recovery. Rex came out with the baby. He told Maggie that Sarah wanted to see her. Later, Xander brought the baby to Sarah. He was about to leave, but she wanted him to stay. She wanted him to hear something. She wanted to name her baby after Victor and Maggie. Maggie thought Victor would love the tribute. She wanted to know if that was all she wanted to say. Sarah said that’s all she wanted to say. Sarah told Maggie to go back to her reception. Maggie returned to the mansion and saw Vivian and Bonnie laughing. Bonnie asked her about Sarah. Maggie told her what happened. Justin came back home and broke the news to Maggie. He told her that Vivian was telling the truth. Vivian and Victor were still legally married. Maggie’s marriage to Victor isn’t valid. He said there wasn’t anything she could do legally. Vivian told them to pack their things and leave her house.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Do you even have any idea what time it is? It’s, I don’t know, afternoon? Evening? Oh, which would mean we’ve been in this bed for what, like, 12 hours and counting? Oh, we have to make up for all those times that we were interrupted?

Are you sure this is okay? Sure. What is okay?

Shutting out the world. Just being alone here with me. I am more than sure. I left my phone with Kayla and told her to only contact me if there was an emergency. And… Since I haven’t heard from her yet.

Look at you. You only wear that on special occasions. It is a special occasion. Abraham has taken me to the bistro. Ah, okay. So I’m guessing date number two went well. Well, okay. Now, you know, I’m not one to kiss and tell. Okay, okay, maybe I am. Let’s just say that the second date was better than the first.

Okay, so this is date number three. That’s a big one. I’m going out on a slow roll, Chanel. Okay, I’m taking your advice and not moving too fast. Which is weird. He is my husband. Well, hey, if things do head in that direction… You have my permission to go for it. I’m glad to hear that. Oh, well, enough about my love life.

I want to know, how are things going with you and Talia? Dr. Hunter?

You have no idea how happy that makes me to say that out loud. Yeah! I think me too. Look at you! With your lab coat and your stethoscope. And your sensible shoes. I know, right? Daddy would be so proud. You think so? Are you kidding? Here, lemme take a picture. Wait, am I allowed to take a picture? Is that like against hospital regulations?

You know what? It’s okay. I don’t care. Here. Stand by the in front of the desk and look. Doctory, my gosh. Here we go. Yeah.

Cute. Okay. Are you here to just take pictures and embarrass me or what? I wish I’m actually here on the job. I’m here to question the woman that was shot by Ava Vitale.

Before I kill these, you, uh, hmm, bad choice of words, you want the last one? I’m good. You sure? The ones at the bottom collect the most health.

We’ve been holed up in this room for over 24 hours and as much as I love vending machines, I think we’re gonna have to get some real food at some point. Yeah, well, it’s still not safe out there. EJ’s got people all over this town. Okay, I, are you sure it was EJ? And it’s just not something from your past?

Harris, I told you. I got out of that life years ago. There’s no doubt in my mind that EJ was the one who sent that woman to murder me.

Do you have an update on that patient we discussed? Yes, Mr. Mayor. The woman gets shy of Bayview. She’s still unconscious. Hmm. Well, keep watch and be sure to call me if and when she opens her eyes.

Ava, how the hell did you manage to put my hired gun in the hospital? She was supposed to put you in the mall. Dad, what’s got you so upset?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What is taking room service so long? I’m starving. Oh, I can’t imagine how you worked up such an appetite.


Hey, uh, is everything okay? Yeah, I’m sorry to interrupt, but, uh, Kayla said I could find you here. Uh, what is it? It’s about your mother.

Look, I know EJ. One failed attempt isn’t gonna get him to call off his docs. And now we got the cops looking for us, too. Yeah, but we didn’t do anything. Yeah, but Rafe, uh, Commissioner Hernandez… He hates me. He’s not gonna believe a word that I say. We can just call EJ and tell him that his mom’s alive.

He’s not gonna believe us. We’ve got no proof that Susan survived the crash. Right. Just your word. Which means nothing to him. There’s only one way to get EJ to back off. We need to find Susan Banks and bring her home to her son.

I was just reading an article about the woman who killed your grandmother escaped from Bayview.

Ava, Ava escaped? Mm hmm, and shot someone in the process. We should shoot. Does it even matter? None of this should surprise you. The woman is a dangerous criminal. The judge sent her to Bayview for treatment. As if there is anything that could help that maniac. You dodged a bullet, literally, when you entered your association with her.

Where is she now? On the run, Rafe’s trigger happy minions will put her down like the rabid dog that she is.

This is weird. Talia and me are good. Good. Uh, no complaints. It’s just… It’s just what, baby? Johnny DiMera. What about him? He showed up and… a bomb on me. Okay. He told me that he still has feelings for me. Romantic feelings. And he wants me back.

Well, what do you know? My baby is in demand. So, Johnny

DiMera is still in love with my girl. I didn’t say that. I said he still has feelings for me. Whatever. You two were married. It’s not like he has a little crush. Fine. Put whatever label on it you want. So he just came out and told you all this? Yeah. And? And what? Oh, we are not going to play this game. I have a dinner I have to get to.

What did you say? I said… nothing. What do you mean you said nothing? You had to say something. I was about to, but then Talia came in before I had the chance. Oh. Okay, well, if Talia hadn’t been there, what would you have said?

The shooting victim isn’t critical. But stable condition. Okay. Has she regained consciousness since she got out of surgery? No. But I mean, I can text you if anything changes. No, you know what? I think I’ll wait. Jade, are you sure? I mean, that could be a while. Yeah, I, I need to be here as soon as she wakes up.

I gotta find out who hired her to kill Ava Vitale. I hope they can bring Ava in peacefully. Do I need to remind you that she killed your grandmother? You already did. Then why do I feel like you’re still defending her? The judge ruled. That Ava was not responsible for her actions at the time of the accident.

First of all, it was not an accident, and that judge was even more delusional than Ava. Either way, I just, I hope that the police can find her before she or anyone else gets hurt. That’s all I’m saying. So you’re sure you have no idea where your mother is? No, I, uh, we’ve been here. I, I didn’t have my phone on me.

Damn it. I thought she was doing a lot better. I mean, the last visit she seemed hopeful. I can’t believe she shot someone. Well, we do have reason to believe that it was in self defense. You mean the person was trying to hurt her? The woman who was shot, she, uh, She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, but she doesn’t work at Bayview.

She’s pretending to be a nurse. Why? The evidence indicates that she went there to kill Ava.

Hey, for I can get us a burner phone, get some food, and maybe some other supplies. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m pretty good at moving around undetected. Okay. I mean, if you get a phone, I can call my son. I know that he’s probably worried sick. Yeah. I mean, it might be a little while until I see him again, so… I know.

Just, um, Be careful out there, alright? Always. Hey, Harris, just wait. Um, Thank

you. For getting, uh, food?

For saving my life. For getting me out of Bayview. You know, you could have bailed. You could have… You could have left me to die.

I’m not your problem.

Ava, you’re not a problem. At all. I’m just, you know, glad I was there to help.

You okay? Yeah, it’s um,

It’s just this hero… Thing, it’s

just… Just be careful, okay?

Yeah, um, just lock the door, okay? Do not open it for anybody. And I’ll be back soon. Here.

Hey, you know I can get free coffee right over there, right? I know, but if there’s one thing I learned is that the only thing worse than police station coffee is hospital coffee. You know what? I can’t even argue with you on that one. And I can definitely use the jolt to get through the rest of my shift.

Aw, look at you talking about shifts. I know, right? Can you believe it? It’s… Wasn’t too long ago, I almost threw away my career. And my life. Well, you get to do what you love again. And, did I mention that I’m seeing someone new? Someone that I really, really like. You and Chanel? Is it a thing? It’s becoming one.

It seems like we have another chance to have something really, really special. No, you need to get to dinner. Answer the question, Chanel. Well, how do you feel about John? Honestly, I don’t know. Look, I thought what we had was over. We’d moved on, and we’d even found a way to be friends. Uh huh. Uh huh what? You know I support you in whatever choice that you make.

I told you I’m willing to accept Talia, even knowing what she did to you, to the bakery, to her family.

She to turn her life around. But you’d rather see me with Johnny. You know, I’ve always had a soft spot for that boy. I mean, there was a time he made you very happy. And so, yes, yes, a part of me was rooting for you two to find your way back to each other. But this isn’t my decision. It’s yours. And you’re still, you’re still avoiding the questions, you know.

Oh, this whole thing, it just kind of makes me mad. I mean, why did Johnny have to drop this on me now, when I’m just starting a new relationship? And yeah, I get that it’s new, but I really like being around her. And, and Johnny, he said he wanted to be with Wendy. Oh yeah, uh, uh, uh. Only, she chose Tripp over him.

Exactly. So how do I know this isn’t some sort of rebound? Well, you don’t have to make a decision right now. But I do. I do. I’m over being one side of a triangle, and I’m sure that Johnny is too. I let things go on way too long with him and Allie, and we saw how that went. And to leave this hanging is just, it’s not fair to Talia or Johnny.

Or to you. Yeah. Well, well. What are you gonna do? Who are you going to choose?

Enough about Ava. Yeah. When we last spoke, you were about to go tell Chanel Dupree about your feelings for her. Yes, and I did. And how were they received? What did she say? Actually, she said nothing. Uh, As soon as I told her how I felt, Talia walked in and I did not want to have that conversation in front of her, so.

Okay, so what did you do? I left. You left? Yes, I left. So she hasn’t given you an answer? Nope. Well, what the hell are you doing here? You need to go back and get Chanel and demand an answer. Does she or does she not want to be with you? Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.

Hey, I’m gonna go get changed. Let me know if you need me.

So, uh, the one that my mom shot, she… She, uh, was taken into surgery and where it is, she survived, but, uh… She’s been unconscious, so we have not been able to question her. Okay, so then after the incident, my mom, what, just slipped out of Bayview? Huh. Well, she had some help from Harris Michaels. Michaels? Mm.

Are you sure? Yeah, yeah. Actually, uh, saw them walking out on the security footage. Look, Tripp, I don’t have to tell you this. Obviously, uh, Ava escaping from the hospital doesn’t help her case. Yeah, so you came here asking if, uh, I’d heard from her. Right. Which, clearly, you have not. But, uh, if she does try and contact you…

I’ll let you know. Good. And I’m assuming that you’re already investigating the person who sent that woman to kill her, right? Yeah, but you say that like you… I don’t know who it is. I mean, isn’t it obvious? P. J. DeMera. Oh. Paris will be fine. He will be. He’s done this kind of thing a million times before. Oh, he knows how to take care of himself.

I swear, he locked that door. Hello

again, Eva! Did you miss me?

How did you find me? Well,

we asked when you’d leave it down at the end of Lonely Street. Wait, are you… Are you dead? Are you a ghost? No, I look in white!



Where’d you go?

I knew she weren’t juvier

than a a bag of Coal Ranch corn nuts right now. So you’re not really here? Duh! Okay, wait, wait, wait a minute. Okay, back in Bayview, I thought that I was hallucinating because I was feeling so much guilt over your death. Although now I know that I don’t need to feel guilty because I saw you stumble away from the burning car before it exploded.

Boom. Okay, so you’re not a ghost. I’m not hallucinating.

Okay so what are you using your psychic powers to appear to me? Susan, Susan, you have to tell me where you are. Please, please Susan I need to find you so I can keep your son from trying to kill me again. I know there’s bad blood between Ava and EJ. Worse than bad blood, he blames her for his mothers death.

I just ran into him yesterday, I was telling him how well my mom was doing and that she might even be let out of Bayview sooner. How do you take that? Well, let’s just say he wasn’t exactly thrilled. Okay, well, did he make a direct threat against her? No, but it’s not like he’s gonna tell me that he’s hiring someone to kill her.

Yeah. Right, of course. Well, let’s hope this woman wakes up soon and we can get some answers from her. We will go after EJ. Listen, I promise you, if there is any evidence that implicates EJ in a plot to kill your mother, we will find it.

So you’re just giving up? Instead of making a fool out of myself? Yes. Fine, well then I assume you’re just not all that crazy about the woman. I mean, to just bow out like this. Come on, of course I’m crazy about her! Dad, I mean, Chanel and I would probably still be together now if the devil himself hadn’t come between us.

So you’re just going to sit back and let her take her sweet time in letting you know what she wants? Fuck. I put myself out there. I opened up my heart to her if she wants to give us another shot. She knows where to find me.

Thank God for second chances, right? Seems like I got a lot of them from half the people in this town. I mean DHS, Dr. Johnson. But Chanel, I almost destroyed her business. I targeted her family. And somehow she seems to forgive me after all of that. Well, that’s great. But are you sure you’re ready to date again?

You mean so soon after Colin? I mean, he did put you through hell. Yeah, Jada, and I almost didn’t survive it. But somehow, look, I got my life together. And no, I didn’t know that I wanted to be with a woman. But now I have no doubts. I genuinely want to be with Chanel, and I am so lucky that she wants to be with me, too.

If your grandfather were here, he would tell you what I’m about to tell you right now. DeMiras don’t let others decide our fate. We never leave anything up to chance. Don’t wait for this woman to come to you, son.

Hey, I was just thinking about you. Are you busy? Not at all. Can you come back to my mom’s? Right now? Yeah. I’ve been thinking about what you said. You put your heart out there. And, you deserve a response. In person. Okay, yeah, um, I’ll be right there.

She wants to see you. Yeah. Okay, uh, Guess I’m gonna find out if she wants to be with me. Or with Taya. Wish me luck. Like I said, son, Make your own



Uh, Paulina, hi. Oh, good to see you, Johnny. Yeah, you too. You look nice. I look a whole lot better tonight. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you. I got a date. Oh, someone I know? Is with my husband. Oh, Abraham, he may not remember me, but you know, when you share the kind of love that we did, it never really goes away. I agree.

Well, I hope it goes well. Yeah, well, thank you. You too, you take

care. Bye. Bye. Thanks for coming. Yeah. I’ve, uh, I’ve had some time to think about what you said. Take. As much time as you need, okay? I know I kind of caught you off guard with all that. You did. And the thing is, I started seeing Talia. I know. And, and to be completely honest with you, Johnny, I really like her.

And before you came here to tell me how you feel, I was, I was really looking forward to seeing where things would go.

And now?

I am really happy for you, Talia. And I am so proud of you that you got your life back after such a difficult, painful time. Oh, you better check that. Might be about my patient. It is. She’s awake. Can I talk to her? Give her a doctor a few minutes to check her out. And if he says she’s up for it, you can go get your answers.

You should hope the Salem police find you first, Ava. Because one way or another, my mother will be avenged.

Elvis, he is a very good boy. Your very good boy sent a very bad woman to try and kill me. Why would your death. But only you and I know that you aren’t really dead, so tell me where you are. So I can prove it. And why would I want to help you after what you did to me? You drove me off the cliff in a car.

And it was only through divine intervention that I did not go up in flames. And now I am stuck in the big smoke. I am really, really, really sorry about that. I wasn’t well at the time. But now, you and I, we could help each other. Look, I know, I know you are a good, kind, and compassionate person. Oh, and you are one of the most mean, mean, meanest persons I know.

Well, second meanest anyway. What if you hurt me again? Oh, that’s not gonna happen. No, I promise you, I just want to reunite you with your Elvis so we can all just move on. Please, Susan, please just… Tell me where you are.

Well, He’s not where you think. Ava, what are you doing? Harrison. Susan is here. She was…


Is that about my mom? Did you find her? No, not yet, but I gotta, uh, I gotta go follow up on a lead. If you hear from your mother or Michael’s, tell them to turn themselves in. Yeah, yeah, and another thing, they left Bayview with a gun. Which means my people, they have to consider them armed and dangerous.

So, you, you believe Susan projected herself into your mind? Well, yeah, she’s, she’s, she’s got some, some sort of psychic powers. I think that she’s been trying to reach out to me this whole time.

Okay, okay. If she’s really out there, why wouldn’t she contact EJ or somebody else in her family? Who knows? Look, Susan Banks says a lot of things, but logical, it’s not one of them. I kept asking her where she was, and all she wanted to talk about was how I kidnapped her, and I left her to die in a burning car.

And she kept saying that she was, she was stuck in the big smoke. But I know she wasn’t stuck anywhere, right? Because I saw her run away from the wreck and never look back. Okay, so she said she was stuck in the big smoke? Yeah, why? Big Smoke, that’s an old nickname for London. Maybe Susan’s trying to give you a clue on where she is.

Oh, come on. Why would she be so cryptic? I don’t know. It’s all we have to go on, though. Okay. All right. Well, assuming we did go to London and we somehow got there and didn’t get caught, how are we gonna find Susan’s big city? Well, I can take care of the first part. I got some contacts for the fake passports and travel arrangements.

As far as the second part…

We’re just gonna have to London. God knows it’s too dangerous here. Cops could be kicking down the bar any minute. It’s

Chanel. Leave me a message. Hey you. It’s me. I stopped by the bakery to see you, but it’s closed. So I was thinking I’d stop by your mom’s. I have something special for you.

You, uh, you want to give it a shot with Talia. I understand. No. No, I don’t think you do. It’s alright, okay? You don’t… You don’t have to let me down easy. I was honest with you. And now you’re being honest with me.

But you just said you wanted to see where things could go with Talia. I did. Until you told me you wanted to see where things could go with us. See, my connection with you is, well, I have suppressed my feelings for you for a while now, and it was because I wasn’t hopeful that they’d be returned. And, then so many things, they just got in the way of us being able to make it work.

And, obviously, but, now, now those feelings are…

They are anything but suppressed. So, are you saying that,

uh… Yeah. I am.

Here’s to your grandson getting his heart’s desire.

Do you have an update on the patient? Yeah, she just woke up. The police? They’re questioning her as we speak.

I’m Detective Jada Hunter, Salem PD. Glad to see you made it through surgery. Thanks. I’m still a little out of it though. I understand. And I’ll let you rest. Just as soon as you answer one question for me. Who hired you to kill Ava Vitale?

Why don’t I pack the food and we can take it home? I’m not sure I can even eat right now anyway. Your mom’s gonna be okay, Tripp. She’s a survivor. I’m not sure who I’m worried about more, finding her, EJ or the cops. Well, she’s got Harris Michaels with her, right? The guy’s a Navy SEAL. He’s gonna protect her.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. I mean, yeah, I know Michaels was brainwashed and all, but it wasn’t that long ago the guy tried to kill my whole family with an exploding pizza.

So the manager down the block at the pizza place, he recognized Michaels from a photo in the paper. The desk clerk, he made a positive ID of the man and the woman in the room. Be careful. Tally and Michaels, they’ve both killed before. The situation calls for, hey, I hesitate to use deadly force. Gotcha. Alright? Yeah.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Wendy and Tripp kiss in bed in their room at the Salem Inn. They talk about not even knowing what time it is and making up for the times they were interrupted. They continue kissing until Wendy asks if he’s sure this is okay to shut out the world and be alone here with her. Tripp assures that he’s more than sure. Tripp reminds her that he left his phone with Kayla and told her to only contact him if there’s an emergency and he hasn’t heard from her yet, so they continue kissing.

Paulina informs Chanel that Abe is taking her to the Bistro. Chanel guesses that means their second date went well. Paulina admits it went better than the first. Chanel notes that this is date number three so it’s a big one. Paulina talks about not moving too fast which is weird since Abe is her husband. Chanel jokes that if things go in that direction, she has her permission to go for it. Paulina says that’s enough about her love life and asks Chanel how it’s going with Talia

Jada finds Talia working at the hospital and tells her how excited she is to see her there as a doctor and adds that their dad would be so proud. Jada takes pictures of Talia in her uniform. Talia asks what brought Jada to the hospital. Jada informs her that she’s actually on the job as she came to question the woman who was shot by Ava Vitali.

Ava and Harris remain in the motel room they are hiding out in. Harris mentions that they are going to have to get some real food. Ava worries that it’s still not safe because EJ has people all over town. Harris asks if she’s sure it was EJ and not someone from her past. Ava assures that she got out of that life and there’s no doubt in her mind that it was EJ who sent that woman to murder her.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ makes a phone call for an update on the woman who was shot at Bayview. He tells EJ that she’s still unconscious. EJ instructs the man to keep watch and call him when she opens her eyes. EJ then goes back to the article on his tablet and complains about Ava putting his hired gun in the hospital when she was supposed to put Ava in the morgue. Johnny then walks in and asks what has EJ so upset.

Wendy and Tripp get out of bed in robes and talk about waiting on room service. Instead, Rafe shows up at the door and says he’s sorry to interrupt but Kayla said he could find Tripp there. Tripp asks what it is. Rafe informs him that it’s about his mother.

Ava tells Harris that she knows EJ and one failed attempt won’t get him to call off his dogs and now the cops are looking for them too. Harris argues that they didn’t do anything. Ava points out that Rafe hates her and won’t believe a word she says. Harris suggests just calling EJ and telling him that his mother is alive but Ava worries that he won’t believe them as they have no proof that Susan survived the crash and her word means nothing to EJ. Ava declares the only way to get EJ to back off is to find Susan Banks and bring her home to him.

EJ tells Johnny that he was just reading an article about Ava escaping from Bayview and shooting someone in the process. EJ adds that none of this should surprise him since Ava is a dangerous criminal. Johnny argues that the judge sent Ava to Bayview for treatment. EJ says nothing can help her and that Johnny dodged a bullet by ending his association with her. Johnny asks where Ava is now. EJ informs him that she’s on the run and hopes that one of Rafe’s trigger happy minions will put her down like the rabid dog that she is.

Chanel tells Paulina that things with her and Talia are good with no complaints, but Johnny showed up and dropped a bomb on her by saying he still has romantic feelings for her and that he wants her back. Paulina jokes that Chanel is in demand. Paulina brings up that Chanel and Johnny were married so it’s not like just a crush. Paulina asks what Chanel said to Johnny. Chanel tells her that Talia came in before she had the chance to say anything. Paulina then asks what she would have said.

Talia informs Jada that the shooting victim is in critical but stable condition, though she has not regained consciousness yet. Talia offers to text Jada when she does Jada wants to wait. Talia notes that it could be awhile. Jada insists that she needs to be here as soon as she wakes up because she needs to find out who hired her to kill Ava Vitali.

Johnny hopes they can bring Ava in peacefully. EJ reminds him that Ava killed his grandmother and questions why he feels like Johnny is still defending Ava. Johnny argues that the judge ruled that Ava was not in control of her actions at the time of the accident. EJ argues that it wasn’t an accident and that the judge was delusional. Johnny states that he just hopes the police find Ava before anyone else gets hurt.

Rafe asks Tripp if he’s sure he has no idea where his mother is. Tripp says they have been here and he doesn’t have his phone. Tripp adds that he thought Ava was doing better after their last visit went so well but he can’t believe she shot someone. Rafe notes that they do have reason to believe it was in self-defense. Wendy questions if the person was trying to hurt Ava. Rafe explains that the person who was shot was dressed as a nurse but doesn’t work at Bayview. Tripp questions why. Rafe responds that the evidence suggests she went there to kill Ava.

Harris tells Ava that he’s going to see if he can get them some food, a burner phone, and maybe some other supplies, assuring that he’s good at moving around undetected. Ava notes that if he gets a phone, she can call Tripp as she’s sure he’s worried. Harris adds that it might be awhile before she can see Tripp again. Ava tells him to be careful and thanks him for saving her life and getting her out of Bayview when he could’ve left her to die because she’s not his problem. Harris responds that she’s not a problem at all and he’s just glad that he was there to help. Harris asks if she’s okay. Ava says it’s just the hero thing and tells Harris to be careful. Harris reminds Ava to lock the door and not open it for anybody as he then exits.

Jada brings Talia a coffee, which she says she could use to get through the rest of her shift. Talia acknowledges that not long ago, she almost threw away her career and her life. Jada encourages her doing what she loves. Talia adds that she’s also seeing someone new that she really likes. Jada asks if she and Chanel are a thing. Talia responds that it’s becoming one and it seems like they have another chance to have something really special.

Chanel reminds Paulina that she needs to get to dinner but Paulina wants an answer as to how Chanel feels about Johnny. Chanel admits she doesn’t know as she thought what they had was over, they had moved on, and even found a way to be friends. Paulina assures that she supports whatever decision she makes and that she’s willing to accept Talia even after what she did to her, her family, and the Bakery as she knows how hard she’s worked to turn her life around. Chanel guesses that Paulina would rather see her with Johnny. Paulina admits that she’s always had a soft spot for Johnny and she knows how happy he made her so part of her was rooting for them to find their way back, but this isn’t her decision. Paulina feels she’s still avoiding the question. Chanel says the whole thing kind of makes her mad and questions why Johnny had to drop this on her right when she’s starting a new relationship. Chanel knows it’s new but says she really likes being around Talia and adds that Johnny had said he wanted to be with Wendy. Paulina points out that Wendy chose Tripp. Chanel questions how she doesn’t know this is a rebound. Paulina says she doesn’t have to make a decision now but Chanel feels she does as she has had enough of being a part of a love triangle. Chanel adds that hanging isn’t fair to Talia or Johnny. Paulina asks what she’s going to do and who she is going to choose.

EJ tells Johnny that’s enough about Ava. EJ brings up that when they last spoke, he was going to tell Chanel about his feelings for her. Johnny confirms that he did so EJ asks what she said. Johnny says she actually said nothing since as soon as he told her, Talia showed up and he did not want to have the conversation in front of her, so he left. EJ questions what the hell he’s doing here then and instructs Johnny to go demand an answer from Chanel as to whether or not she wants to be with her. Johnny responds that he’s not going to do that.

Wendy tells Tripp to let her know if he needs her as she goes to get changed. Tripp asks Rafe about the woman that Ava shot. Rafe says she was taken in to surgery and survived but she’s been unconscious so they have not been able to question her. Tripp asks if Ava just slipped out of Bayview after. Rafe notes that she had some help from Harris Michaels as they saw him walking out on the security footage. Rafe adds that Ava escaping doesn’t help her case so he came to ask if he heard from her but clearly he hasn’t. Tripp agrees to let Rafe know if he hears anything and assumes that he’s already investigating who sent the woman to kill Ava. Rafe feels he sounds like he knows who it is. Tripp believes it’s obvious that it’s EJ DiMera.

Ava paces in her room, telling herself that Harris will be fine as he’s done this before and knows how to take care of himself. There’s then a knock at the door which startles Ava but when she opens it, no one is there. Ava then shuts the door and imagines Susan Banks inside with her, asking if she missed her. Ava questions if she’s dead or a ghost or really alive, but then her vision of Susan disappears. Ava then is startled when her vision of Susan reappears behind her. Ava talks about thinking she was hallucinating because she felt so much guilt over Susan’s death but now she knows she doesn’t need to feel guilty because she saw Susan stumble away from the burning car before the explosion. Ava questions if Susan is using her psychic powers to appear to her and asks where she is, so she can find her to keep EJ from trying to kill her again.

Rafe acknowledges the bad blood between Ava and EJ. Tripp insists it’s more than that since EJ blames Ava for his mother’s death. Tripp adds that he just ran in to EJ yesterday and told him that Ava was doing so much better that she might even be let out of Bayview which he was not thrilled by. Rafe asks if EJ made a direct threat. Tripp argues that EJ wouldn’t tell him that he’s hiring someone to kill Ava. Rafe hopes the woman wakes up soon so they can get answers from her. Tripp asks if he will go after EJ. Rafe promises that if there’s any evidence implicating EJ in a plot to kill Ava, they will find it.

EJ questions Johnny giving up. Johnny says he’d rather that than make a fool of himself. EJ assumes that he’s not that crazy about Chanel then. Johnny assures that he is. Johnny adds that he and Chanel would probably still be together now if the Devil didn’t come between them. EJ questions Johnny letting Chanel take her time in letting him know what she wants. Johnny states that he put himself out there and opened his heart to her, so if Chanel wants to give him another shot, she knows where to find him.

Talia tells Jada how thankful she is for second chances and acknowledges that she almost destroyed Chanel’s business and targeted her family, but she somehow seems to forgive her after all that. Jada asks if Talia is sure she’s ready to date again after Colin put her through hell. Talia talks about putting her life back together and she didn’t know she wanted to be with a woman, but now she has no doubts that she wants to be with Chanel and she feels so lucky that Chanel wants to be with her too.

EJ tells Johnny that Stefano would tell him that DiMeras don’t leave their fate up to others and they don’t leave things up to chance. EJ urges Johnny not to wait for Chanel to come to him. Johnny then gets a call from Chanel and says he was just thinking about her. Chanel asks him to come back over as she’s been thinking about what he said and he deserves a response in person. Johnny says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Johnny tells EJ that he’s going to find out if Chanel wants to be with him or with Talia. EJ tells Johnny to make his own luck as he exits the mansion.

Paulina hugs Chanel and goes to leave right as Johnny arrives. Paulina says it’s good to see him. Johnny notes that she looks nice. Paulina thanks him and says she has a date with her husband. Paulina adds that Abe may not remember her but the kind of love that they shared never really goes away. Johnny agrees and hopes it goes well. Paulina tells him to take care as she then exits. Chanel thanks Johnny for coming as she had some time to think about what he said. Johnny encourages her to take as much time as she needs since he knows he caught her off guard. Chanel brings up that she started seeing Talia and she really likes her. Chanel says before Johnny came over, she was really looking forward to seeing where things would go. Johnny asks what about now.

Jada tells Talia that she’s really proud of her and getting her life back. Talia gets paged that the patient is awake. Talia tells Jada to let the doctor check her out and then she can go get her answers.

EJ remarks that Ava better hope the police find her first, because one way or another, his mother will be avenged.

Ava complains to her vision of Susan that EJ sent a woman to kill her to avenge Susan’s death, only they know that Susan isn’t really dead. Ava asks her to tell her where she is so that she can prove it. “Susan” asks why she should help her when she drove her off the cliff. Ava apologizes and says she wasn’t well at the time but now they can help each other. Ava talks about Susan being a kind and compassionate person while her vision of Susan calls her one of the meanest people she knows. Ava promises that she just wants to reunite Susan with EJ so they can all just move on. Ava asks where she is. “Susan” responds that it’s not where she thinks. Harris then comes back and asks what Ava is doing. Ava tells him that Susan was there but her vision disappears.

Rafe gets a text that he has to go follow up on a lead. Rafe tells Tripp that if he hears from Ava or Harris, to tell them to turn themselves in. Rafe adds that they left Bayview with a gun which means his people have to consider them armed and dangerous. Rafe then exits the room.

Harris questions Ava believing that Susan projected herself in to her mind. Ava thinks Susan has been trying to reach out to her this whole time. Harris questions why Susan wouldn’t contact EJ or her family if she’s really out there. Ava asks who knows and says Susan is not logical. Ava adds that Susan kept saying she was stuck in the big smoke, but she saw her leave the car. Harris notes that Big Smoke is an old nickname for London so maybe Susan is trying to give her a clue as to where she is. Ava questions it but Harris says it’s all they have to go on. Ava questions if they were able to get to London without being caught, how they would find Susan in a big city. Harris says he has contacts with fake passports and travel arrangements, then they’ll just have to figure it out when they get there. Ava guesses they are going to London then, noting it’s too dangerous here as cops could be kicking down the door any minute.

Talia walks through the town square with flowers and calls Chanel, leaving a message that she went to the Bakery to see her but it’s closed so she was going to Paulina’s as she has something special for her.

Johnny guesses Chanel wants to give it a shot with Talia and says he understands. Chanel stops him and says she did want to see where things went from Talia, until Johnny said he wanted to see where things could go with them. Chanel talks about their connection and says she has suppressed her feelings for him for awhile because she wasn’t hopeful they would be returned. Chanel adds that so many things got in the way of them being able to make it work, but now those feelings are anything but suppressed. Johnny and Chanel then kiss. Chanel’s phone lies nearby with a missed call from Talia.

EJ pours a drink and toasts the portrait of Stefano to Johnny getting his heart’s desire. EJ then gets a phone call from his hospital contact, who informs him that his patient just woke up and the police are questioning her as they speak.

Jada enters Joyce’s hospital room and introduces herself, noting she’s glad that she made it through surgery. Joyce responds that she’s still a little out of it though. Jada states that she will let her rest as soon as she tells her who hired her to kill Ava Vitali.

Wendy tells Tripp that she can pack the food and they can eat on the way home. Tripp is not sure he can eat right now while worried about Ava. Wendy encourages that Ava is a survivor. Tripp is not sure who he’s more worried about finding her, EJ or the cops. Wendy points out that Ava has Harris Michaels with her, so he will protect her. Tripp is not so sure about that. Tripp brings up that not that long ago, Harris tried to kill his whole family with an exploding pizza.

Rafe and one of his cops go to the motel where Rafe explains that Harris was identified at the nearby pizza place from his photo and the desk clerk confirmed a man and woman in the room they approach. Rafe warns that Ava and Harris have both killed before, so he instructs him not to hesitate if he has to use deadly force. Rafe then kicks the door in and they enter with guns raised.

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