Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 16, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Victor lead his family to believe that he was declining mentally. Nick reminded Victor that he called Adam by Nick’s name. Victor said Adam misremembered. Victor encouraged Nick to return to Newman, citing how happy Victoria was at Newman media and that Adam was happy being Nate’s assistant. Victor also said that Adam and Sally were having a baby – all of which was not true. Victoria was working at Newman Enterprises and beyond furious at being demoted to co-CEO, and Adam was most definitely not enjoying being Nate’s assistant. Sally and Adam’s baby, Ava, passed away before birth months ago. Victor ended the conversation and walked away, but paused to carefully watch Nick’s reaction. Nick began to believe that Victoria may be right that Victor’s mind was slipping. Nick told Victor he made the decision to not put Adam through a wall. He referred to his fury over Adam kissing Sally. Nick blamed Adam for wrecking his relationship with Sally, and vowed he’ll never forgive that. Nick said Adam is laser focused on getting Sally back. Victor said Nick was too good for her and again Victor said Nick belonged in the family company, but Nick said he was happy working with Sharon.

Nikki defended Victor to their daughter, saying everyone has called someone by the wrong name and it’s no reason to overreact. Victoria said maybe the family is not reacting enough.

Adam visited Sally’s room, claiming to check on her. Sally told him to go away. When he did not, Sally let him have it.  She insisted she did not need Adam’s approval, support or declaration of love. She said whenever she is happy, there is Adam, ready to take away her happiness, to make her question herself and doubt her feelings. She told him she is sick of Adam getting into her head. She asked Adam why he could not let her go, but she confessed she could not let him go either. She added that it’s true, but it didn’t matter and she should not have said it. She again told him to go away and leave her alone.

Heather and Daniel discussed her plans to relocate to Genowa city. Daniel later reassured Lily that him reuniting with Heather was not going to be an issue. Lily appeared to think it was. He said that Lily was his future and that they had a solid relationship.

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