Days Short Recap Monday, March 6, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle visited Brady and Eric in jail. She wasn’t surprised Eric was there because of the way he was acting lately. She wondered why Brady ended up in jail. Brady said Stefan didn’t give him a choice since Stefan was obsessed with Chloe. She understood how he felt, but she thought his actions were hard to defend. She turned to Eric and asked him what his excuse was to do what he did. Eric told her that he helped Brady do what needed to be done. Belle thought it was funny that he was concerned with being loyal to the family except when she’s involved. He couldn’t believe she was making the situation about her. She told him that he made it about her when he hit Shawn and questioned her judgement. Eric thought she was going to represent him. She informed him that he burned a bridge with her. She would defend Brady, but Eric was on his own. Eric went off on Belle so Brady got involved. Brady asked her to defend Eric. Belle refused to defend him. She told the guard to release Brady.

EJ found Nicole reading the paper. She read what happened with Eric and Brady. He told her not to worry about what they did to Stefan. She should be focused on what they were going to do to Stefan. They started plotting when Stefan walked in the room. They pretended to be concerned for what Brady and Eric did to him. He said that Stefan did him a favor. He knows that Gabi is the one he loves. Stefan told them what happened. He told them how Gabi decided to stay with Li. EJ thought they should talk about it over coffee. Nicole thought the game was about to begin. Stefan planted drugs in one of the mugs. Nicole sipped it and said the cream was bad. EJ switched his mug with Stefan’s mug while he got her a new cup. Stefan wanted to deal with the bank on his own, but EJ thought they should work together. He finally agreed, but got a call from Gabi to meet in the park. He drank his coffee before he left. Sloan saw Trask at the station. They took turns sniping away at each other. Sloan told Trask that she needed to throw the book at Eric. Trask wondered who she would sleep with if she put him in jail. Sloan wondered who told her about them. She found out through the newspaper. She read Leo’s column and he talked about her affair with Eric. Sloan was upset when Belle appeared with Brady. She told Trask not to oppose his release. Trask said that Stefan didn’t make a statement against Brady and Eric so he might not be too mad about what they did. EJ and Nicole toasted to their plan to get Stefan. Stefan met with Gabi and didn’t feel well.

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