GH Short Recap Friday, March 3, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Gregory persuades Chase to figure out his feelings for Brook Lynn before he hurts himself anymore. Chase leaves the hospital before getting an MRI for his shoulder and heads to find Brook Lynn. Sasha tells Brook Lynn that she and Chase are just friends and don’t have a romantic relationship. Brook Lynn tells Sasha she is leaving Deception because she wants to become a music manager. Chase overhears Brook Lynn tell Sasha she doesn’t have feelings for Chase anymore and that she wants to concentrate on her new career.

Alexis calls PCU and the Dean tells her that Gregory hasn’t worked for the school since last semester. Alexis asks Gregory why he lied to her since she thought they were friends.

Molly tells Kristina and Sam that the pregnancy test Kristina found is hers but she hasn’t taken it yet. Molly tells her sisters that she is worried about how TJ will react to the news, but she does want to have a baby with him. Molly calls TJ to tell him she might be pregnant.

Spencer is ready to take his baby brother home to Laura’s house, but Diane arrives at the hospital to tell him that he can’t take the baby anywhere.

Anna and Felicia scare Deputy Mayor into confessing that she helped frame Anna for shooting Lucy. Felicia records the confession and tells Deputy Mayor Ashby that if she doesn’t help them take down Victor they will release the confession to the press and ruin her career. Deputy Mayor Ashby agrees to help them bring down Victor.

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