Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chance considers giving up his career, and Sharon suggests that he take a leave of absence from his job to figure out if he really wants to be a cop. Sharon also suggests that he go back to therapy to spend time figuring out what makes him happy. Chance thanks Sharon for listening to him, and he agrees to think about her advice.

Daniel and Tucker both advise Phyllis to let go of her anger toward Diane because she is the only one getting hurt by her anger. Tucker even adds that if she lets go of her anger good things will start to happen to her. Daniel later talks to Summer and they wonder how they will save Phyllis from herself this time. Summer finally tells Daniel they should let Phyllis make her own mistakes and solve her own problems.

Summer and Kyle argue about Diane because Summer doesn’t want her or Kyle to be involved in any potential crimes Diane and Jack might commit so that Jeremy will end up in jail again. Jack tells Diane that he has figured out a way to combine several steps in their plan so they can put Jeremy in jail sooner. Diane goes over to Jeremy’s hotel room and shows him the necklace and he wants to rob all the rich people in Genoa City but Diane persuades Jeremy that if they did that it would arouse too much suspicion in the police. Jeremy wants to make love to Diane to celebrate the fact she stole Nikki’s necklace. Diane pretends to be allergic to Jeremy’s cologne and asks him to go take a shower. Diane hides Nikki’s necklace in the drawer of Jeremy’s bedside table and then leaves Jeremy’s hotel room. Jack is in Crimson Lights when he, hears Chance get a call from the Chicago police. Jack gets a text message from Diane that says it’s done.

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