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Recap written by Terry

After Victor’s restructuring of upper management, the Newmans met in Victor’s office to discuss it. Nikki wanted Nick back in the company, in his former position. She said her idea to make Nick feel more comfortable going back to work would be to return the job Victoria took away from him and gave to Nate, Victoria’s romantic interest and employee. After he discussed it with Sharon, Nick announced he would not return to the family company but planned to join Sharon’s company.

After Victoria and Victor left for a meeting, Nikki asked Nate if he would step aside if Nick wanted to return. Nate turned the question around on her, to which she cooly replied, “I don’t have to.” He claimed he would step aside if Victoria and Victor asked him to do so. Nate asked Nikki what would he have to do to prove he is sincere. She replied that he would step down voluntarily.

Adam asked Victor for a chance to redeem himself after Adam was left out of Victor’s restructuring of the company. Adam admitted to Victor that he had blown all the chances Victor gave him, but if given one more chance, Adam would prove himself by starting at the bottom, if that’s what it took, and work his way up on his own abilities and merits. Adam said that’s how it should have been all along. Victor pointed at him and said he hoped that Adam was serious, because when Adam went to the dark side, he destroyed whatever he accomplished.

When Adam later spoke to Sally about her new business, Sally stated that Adam needed something too. Adam told her he also had a plan, but she did not ask what it was and Adam did not explain.

Last week, while talking to himself, Adam said if it was war that Victor wanted, he’d get war. It remains to be seen if Adam had a vengeful scheme in mind or if Adam had a change of heart and was sincere in redeeming himself.

Sally and Nick had a tense conversation about Adam. Sally observed that the combined loss of Ava, Adam and Sally’s late infant daughter, and being left out of the family business must have been devastating. Nick said maybe Adam had learned some humility. Sally asked Nick if he thought Adam deserved to lose Ava. Nick gazed at her with a look of sadness that she even asked that.

Nick encountered Adam at Chancellor park, where Nick asked Adam if he begged Victor for another chance. Adam said he did. Nick admitted it would be cool to have a brother but whenever he and Adam built a pretty good relationship Adam did something to blow it up. Nick said that in a way, Victor set the stage for Nick and Adam to figure out who they were and what they wanted. Nick wondered if that was Victor’s plan all along.

Sharon and Mariah met to catch up. Mariah said that she may have made a mistake by moving herself and Aria in with Abby and Devon while Tessa was away, but Sharon reassured her that babies are flexible and resilient with change. Mariah admitted she constantly worried about Aria’s inability to hear. She said she knew she was driving herself crazy by worrying so much and confessed she needed a distraction.

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