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Nick: Sis, you pulled the whole thing off.

Victoria: Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Nick: Well, that is true.

[ Victoria laughing ]

Victoria: Oh, would you please remind the staff that this is a dry party, and we’re just going to be serving sparkling cider and mocktails. Thank you.

Nick: So, you know the drill. Jordan is an extremely smart woman. She’s been known to use disguises. You’ve got to be on your toes at all times. There is a chance she tries to break in here and tries to do more damage than she’s already done.

Mortonson: If she shows, we’ll get her.

Nick: She also likes to use other people to do her dirty work. If anybody shows up who is not on that guest list, come to me immediately, okay?

Mortonson: Yes, sir.

Victoria: So, are all of the precautions in place?

Nick: Security team’s been briefed. The staff’s been vetted. I think we’re good to go.

Victoria: Good. It’s a very big night for our parents and our family and our friends, so it’s crucial that nothing interferes with their anniversary celebration. They’ve already survived so much. They deserve all of the happiness.

Chance: Looks like victor’s gone full lockdown.

Summer: My grandmother is the most precious thing in his life. He’d do anything he can to protect her.

Chance: I understand that.

[ Summer gasping ]

Summer: Harrison! Oh, my goodness. You look so handsome. Do you have a present for your great-grandparents in there? Let’s go over here. You can show me.

Kyle: Oh, man. Summer looks happy. I think you’re a big part of that.

Chance: I’m pretty happy myself.

Kyle: No breakup is easy, but I’m pleased to see summer’s doing so well.

Chance: Well, I think you are a big part of that, man. Like tonight, bringing your son to a newman party just to give his grandparents a gift. It’s very cool of you. Getting past all the divorce trauma and trying to be good co-parents.

Kyle: A night with my former in-laws makes my kids smile that I’m in. Harrison will always come first for me and summer.

Cole: Hey, kyle. How are you doing?

Kyle: Good. You?

Cole: Doing well. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve been to a newman party.

Kyle: Yeah, it can be a lot. You ready for this?

Claire: Very. Chance, it’s nice to see you again.

Chance: You as well.

Harrison: Claire!

Claire: Hey!

Cole: Oh, someone definitely has a buddy.

Jack: Wow. You have never looked more beautiful.

Diane: Oh, you’re just saying that.

Jack: No, you’re absolutely gorgeous. My tie on straight?

Diane: It’s perfect.

Traci: Oh, are you off?

Jack: Yeah, I guess we should be going.

Traci: Well, you don’t sound very enthusiastic.

Jack: Oh. I just don’t love leaving ashley right now. It doesn’t seem right after everything she’s been through.

Diane: Well, you know, if you want to stay home and be here for her, we can absolutely skip the party.

[ Traci laughing ]

Traci: Oh, no. You’re not getting off that easily. This is nikki’s big night. You need to be there for her.

Nikki: A sip at a time. A day at a time. Just until jordan is gone.

Victor: Honey? There you are. Oh my god. Look at you. More gorgeous every time I see you.

Nikki: Oh, victor.

Victor: You ready for the big night?

Nikki: Oh, yes.

Victor: Anything you’re worried about?

Nikki: No one can spoil this night for us.

Victor: That’s right.

Nikki: We have earned this celebration. 40 wonderful, complicated, exciting years since we were first married.

Did you know…

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Jack: Ashley was very angry last night, capable of anything. What if the angry ashley is the one who wakes up next?

Traci: Jack, you have nothing to worry about. Ashley took a sleeping pill. I fully expect she’s gonna sleep through the night.

Diane: If only there was some way to make sure ashley stays herself. No more back and forth.

Traci: Whatever happens, I will just deal with it. What good is the two of you staying around here? No good at all.

Jack: So you’re pretty much pushing us out the door.

Traci: I’m pushing you out the door. Go. Have fun for a few hours.

Jack: On one condition. Let me know if there are any changes. Keep me updated.

Traci: I will.

Diane: Well, it looks like we’re going to a party.

Jack: Yep.

Billy: Hi. Wow. Don’t you look fancy.

Diane: Billy, perfect timing.

Jack: You can keep traci company.

Billy: Very happy to do that. And very, very happy to not be attending a party that toasts victor newman.

Nikki: Shall we?

Victor: Not so fast. Not so fast.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: You spoil me so. You shouldn’t have.

Victor: I hope you feel differently once you’ve seen it.

[ Nikki gasping ]

Nikki: Ruby. For our ruby anniversary. Oh, it’s stunning.

Victor: You are stunning.

Nikki: Put it on me.

[ Nikki sighing ] Thank you, my love. Thank you.

Victor: Do you like it?

Nikki: Not just for this, but for everything that you do. These last months, I know I’ve let you down.

Victor: No, no, no. Don’t talk about that.

Nikki: No, let me finish.

Victor: Well?

Nikki: You have stood by me. You have supported me. You have held me when I lost hope. You’re always telling me how strong I am. But your belief in me is what fuels that strength. You always put me first. You fight for our family and our future. And I love you for that. And I promise, the years we have ahead will be even better than we can imagine.

Victor: And I have as much faith in our future as you do. And it starts tonight. So, let us now celebrate with our friends and family. Let us celebrate our eternal love.

Victoria: Really? Okay.

Adam: Evening.

Nick: Good evening.

Sally: It’s beautiful.

Victoria: Oh, thank you. Ah, excuse me, I have to check on something.

Sally: Nice to see you.

Adam: Well, maybe I’ll get a warmer greeting from my other sister.

Devon: Oh, hey!

Adam: Glamorous, as always, abby.

Abby: Hi, adam.

Adam: Devon.

Devon: Hey. Nice night for a party, yeah?

Abby: It is. Umm, let’s go talk to victoria. I’ll catch up with you later.

Nick: Okay.

Adam: Oh, oh.

Nick: I’m glad you’re both here.

Sally: You might be the only one.

Nick: Don’t worry about it. It’s a tough room at times. How’s connor?

Adam: I wish I could tell you. I haven’t had any contact with him directly, just general reassurances from his team.

Nick: Is that part of the protocol?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Chelsea and I, we were told to keep our distance and give him some space for the first few weeks.

Nick: First few weeks?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Zero contact.

Nick: Oh, man. I bet you want to rip that place apart to get to your boy. Is it like that for all the parents?

Adam: No, it’s not. But when they tell you that you’re one of the triggers for your son’s ocd and you’re the cause of his pain and suffering and his whole world being upside down, they tell you to stay away for your kid’s wellbeing.

Kyle: You look lovely.

Claire: Thank you. And you, summer, have such a great sense of style.

Summer: Thank you.

Claire: So chic and put together I– I’d love some pointers sometime.

Harrison: Claire, look.

Claire: A bunny? Wow, that’s awesome.

Harrison: It’s my good luck charm.

Claire: A lucky-bun? Lucky you!

Kyle: He doesn’t go anywhere without it.

Claire: I used to have a good luck charm when I was little, too.

Kyle: You still have it?

Claire: Got lost somewhere along the way.

Harrison: I’m never going to lose him.

Summer: It’s time for us to go downstairs, don’t you think? Chance: Sounds good.

Jordan: How precious. Why do dermatologists worldwide recommend

Nick: Okay, I’m sorry, that sounds agonizing. Why did the doctors think you were a trigger?

Adam: Well, they claim that it came from connor. He told them that his thoughts are worse when he’s around his parents. So basically, chelsea and I, we have screwed up, and I suck as a dad.

Nick: Adam, that is not true.

Adam: Well, the doctors with their certificates and diplomas and awards seem to think so, and they think I should stay away from my own son.

Nick: But?

Adam: But none of it feels right. You know, not being around him. Not being the one that can make things better for him. So we should really just change the subject, or I’m going to be punching the walls when the guests of honor arrive. So, martinis, sound good?

Sally: Yes.

Nick: Yeah, sorry, it’s a dry party.

Adam: Oh, man. This day just keeps getting better.

Michael: Have I mentioned how dazzling you look?

Lauren: Well, not in the last five minutes.

Jack: Okay, enough, enough.

Diane: Oh, hi!

Jack: Hello there.

Michael: Oh, my gosh. You and diane had a newman anniversary. I think– I take it victor didn’t get a look at that guest list.

Lauren: Oh, well, maybe he was just feeling warm and fuzzy because of the momentous occasion.

Michael: Can I interest you in a glass of sparkling cider?

Diane: I’d love it.

Michael: Come here, honey.

Jack: Hey, there.

Lauren: Hi. So, jack abbott at a victor newman party. You know what? Your loyalty to nikki is next level.

Jack: She begged me to come. I had to say yes.

Lauren: Oh, well, she’s so lucky to have you in her corner.

Jack: Oh, she wouldn’t be doing as well as she is doing if you hadn’t stepped up to help her out at newman media. It’s just not easy, what she’s going through, on any level, but especially with jordan out there. But I am hoping that she has turned a corner.

Lauren: Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. I think she and victor have more to celebrate than just their anniversary tonight.

Victor: Mortonson. Everything all right?

Mortonson: It’s all good, sir. My men are posted at every possible entrance.

Victor: Good. You stay alert. I’m relying on you and your team, all right?

Mortonson: Yes, sir.

Victor: Thank you. Are you ready for the big entrance?

Nikki: Am I ready?

Victor: Yes. This entrance has been 40 years in the making.

Victor: Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Let’s go.

Victoria: Hello, everyone.

Claire: Hey.

Victoria: Hi, harrison. I see that you’re still making friends with claire. She’s my daughter. Did you remember that? Isn’t that cool?

Cole: Oh, and I’m claire’s dad, and so we are a family, just like you and your parents.

Claire: You know what, harrison? I think your mom wants to see you and lucky-bun. And I am going to go try one of those fancy drinks.

Cole: Sure.

Victoria: Did you see that? The way that summer was looking at claire?

Cole: Yeah. It’s hard not to notice.

Victoria: It’s not fair. You’d think that she would at least give her a chance. Maybe I should say something to her.

Cole: Or maybe you should stop worrying and overthinking. Claire has broken from jordan. She’s completely won over victor and nikki. And if she can do that, she can handle anything.

Victoria: You’re absolutely right.

[ Applause ]

Cole: Hey!

Nick: It’s time we honor the couple of the hour. Now, we’re talking 40 years, so this could take a while to dig in. Mom, dad, you’ve had it all. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. You have been there for each other. You’ve been there for us, your kids, your grandchildren. You’ve shown us what real love is and the power that it has and what it can survive and that it always wins. At least if victor newman has anything to say about it.

Victoria: Mom and dad, you may not have always lived in the same house, but you’ve always been a part of each other’s life, for better or for worse. And in the end, I think it’s all been for the better. You’ve taught us how to believe in ourselves, the family, and the love that holds us all together. Dad, you taught me how to throw a jab and a right cross, even when I didn’t know that’s what I needed. And mom, you showed me ever since I was a little girl that a mother would do anything to keep her child safe, to love that child and to support them so that they can flourish and be happy. I’m so proud to be your daughter and to witness this once-in-a-lifetime love that you have and be a part of this family that you created.

Nick: Thank you.

Adam: Well, victoria and nicholas aren’t the only second-generation newmans here. Um, I would like to offer a toast of my own. Maybe more of an apology. You know, over the years, I have caused my dad a lot of trouble. Too much heartache. Nikki, I… you have every reason to feel the way you do about me and for what it’s worth. I regret it all. Now, more than ever, I see my father’s wisdom. And I understand the depths of his love, not just for me, but for my son, connor. For everyone in the family. A man that pushes us to our limits, but goes beyond to help us. And to the only woman in the world that is his match in every way. Connor could not ask for better grandparents.

Nick: Good job, bro.

Summer: As a third-generation newman and a decidedly spoiled grandchild, I can say with confidence that I have learned everything that I know about love and family from the two of you. The way you fiercely protect each other and everybody that you love. The way that you always make time for one another and for all of us. And yes, they are very generous with their gifts. I mean, check out that ring that my grandmother is wearing.

All: Ooh!

Nick: Yeah.

Summer: But that does not compare at all to the love and the support and the loyalty that you show all of us. Happy 40th anniversary. I love you.

Abby: Well, it’s not a secret that I was a little bit of a brat. But my dad’s patience was as infinite as his love. You have set the bar very high for how far you will go for love. Some people might think it’s a little too far, but your mind can’t be changed, and you cannot be stopped. And nikki newman, you are the only person in the whole wide world who could match his energy. But thank you for finding a place for me in your family and in your heart. 40 years, that is a lot of love. You’re an inspiration to us all. I love you both.

Devon: Um, I just wanted to say that I’m really happy that you guys are celebrating your anniversary in the same place that honors my dad because you both meant a whole lot to neil, and you mean just as much to me, because you’ve always treated me and loved me like family. And you’ve shown me what true love really looks like and what you can accomplish with it. And I know that the power of that love has been felt by everybody in this room. So thank you.

Michael: Oh, victor. We’ve worked together, against each other. We’ve been friends, enemies, and everything in between. But the one constant in your life, victor, has been your love for nikki. When you found nikki, you found your heart.

Lauren: Mm. And we are all so grateful that you did.

Victor: Careful.

Jack: I have always been impressed with nikki’s strength and resilience. Think about it. I mean, she has put up with victor newman for all this time. Recently, I got to see just how much victor loves his wife, so much so that he’s willing to endure having me in her life, having me here at this party. So to victor, who has shown loving, loyal respect to an amazing, one-of-a-kind woman, and nikki, your commitment to your marriage and your incredible strength are a lesson to all of us.

Victor: My darling. Many moons ago, you looked into my eyes and you said, “victor newman, you will never love another woman the way you love me.” How right she was. You’ve taught me about love, what it means, what it requires, and you’ve given me a family I thank the lord for every day. All my success in life means nothing without you, my darling. Without this wonderful family. It has been a hell of a ride. I wonder where the rest of the ride will take us to.

Nikki: Well, there were a few detours here and there. But we always end up here, together, stronger for the challenges we’ve faced. But I know, with you by my side, and your belief in me, in us, that anything, everything, is possible. You are the love of my life, victor newman, and I am blessed every single day that I can call you my husband. Tonight, celebrating with our family and friends means everything, and no one can take it away from us.

Michael: To nicky and victor!

Lauren: And glorious, enduring love! Type 2 diabetes?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

[ Indistinct chatting ]

Abby: Well, a new niece. That doesn’t happen every day. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, but I heard you were trying to take things slow, and too many newmans at once can be a little overwhelming.

Devon: A little?

Abby: Hey.

Nikki: You and michael, your toast. You’re amazing friends.

Lauren: Well, michael did most of the talking, you know, like usual. But I agreed with everything that he said. And from your glow, I can tell you’re having a wonderful time tonight.

Nikki: I’m having an incredible time.

Lauren: I’m just so glad you’ve gotten your sobriety back. You probably won’t even need me at newman media soon.

Diane: Congratulations, victor.

Victor: Well, my goodness, diane, jack.

Jack: Victor, I hope you weren’t offended by my toast.

[ Victor chuckling ]

Victor: Considering the source, it was very appropriate. By the way, where’s ashley? I’d asked her to come by.

Diane: Oh, she meant to send her regrets. She’s, um, she’s feeling under the weather.

Billy: I remember ashley’s phantom pregnancy when she thought she had a child, but I don’t remember a lot about her earlier psychological issues.

Traci: It was triggered by trauma. Ashley was suffering from what they called hysterical amnesia. She left town. And thank god, she finally returned and she recovered. She had a few breaks after that. But this time, it’s so different.

Billy: How so?

Traci: Well, in the past, she always got help and took treatment and recovered and put it all behind her. And now, she’s resisting any kind of treatment.

Billy: Until now.

Traci: Yes, thank god. Until now. She’s willing to see a therapist and she’s willing to get to the bottom of what’s going on here.

Billy: That’s good. That’s good.

Traci: Billy?

Billy: Yeah?

Traci: I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind.

Billy: Open book.

[ Traci chuckling ]

Traci: You’re so sweet. Well, you had– you had mentioned that you’ve been through something similar to this a few years back.

Billy: Yep, that’s true.

Traci: I was wondering if you wanted to talk about that a little bit more. If you don’t mind.

Billy: I don’t talk about it very much. But that was a very tough time for me.

Summer: Thank you for being my date tonight. You know, the full-on newman experience isn’t always an easy one.

Chance: There’s no place I’d rather be.

Adam: Miss? You know me. This is the best part of the night.

Sally: Well, the evening isn’t over yet.

Cole: Wow.

Victoria: She really does look so happy, doesn’t she?

Cole: Yeah, it’s just so great to see her so relaxed. Just comfortable in her own skin.

Victoria: She was very excited about tonight.

Cole: Uh… about the, uh…

Victoria: The kiss?

Cole: Yeah. That. I hope I didn’t overstep. And I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Victoria: No! No, I’m not uncomfortable at all. I mean, it was a surprise. But it wasn’t really a surprise.

Cole: Hm. I felt the same way.

Victor: Hey, son.

Adam: Hell of a party, pop.

Victor: Thank you.

Adam: Congrats again on 40 years.

Sally: You two are truly an inspiration.

Nikki: That’s very kind of you to say.

Victor: How is connor, by the way?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: I’m afraid not good. But I will keep you posted.

Nikki: Oh, the poor little guy. So far away. No family nearby. Would I be able to send him a care package?

Adam: He would love that. Thank you.

Nikki: Anything we can do to help him get through it.

Victor: It goes for you as well. You know that, right?

Adam: I do.

Victor: Don’t worry about connor. I’ll take care of things. He’ll be all right.

Adam: Thanks, dad.

Victor: So, why don’t you go out on the dance floor with miss spectra? Have a great time, okay? A nice evening.

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Traci: Billy, I am so grateful that you’re okay. I mean, facing something like that alone. So much courage and so much strength. And I’m so sorry that you didn’t feel like you could turn to the family.

Billy: Oh, it wasn’t that. I always know I can go to you, but… you know, it was just my own issue. I just didn’t want to really share it with anyone at the time. Although, I did confide in jack a little bit.

Traci: Um… thank you for trusting me with all of this, and I hope you know, you can always come to any one of us. We will rally around you, just like we’re doing for ashley right now. No judgment, only love.

Billy: There’s no shortage of love in this family. Which is exactly how we’re gonna get ashley to the other side of this.

Diane: Kyle. I didn’t expect to see you here, but I’m glad you are.

Kyle: Well, harrison wanted to come, so I gave him a ride.

Diane: You’re a good dad.

Kyle: I try.

Diane: Yeah. It’s a wonderful party, isn’t it? I don’t know how victor and nikki pulled it off for all these years. I mean, well, granted, 40 is a bit of a fudge. It neatly erases my marriages to victor and jack’s to nikki, but still, it’s quite an accomplishment.

Kyle: Mom, mom, mom. I know you’re making an extra effort because you’re unhappy with me, but that doesn’t change that.

Diane: No, kyle, I’m not unhappy with you. I’m unhappy with the situation, but I’d like to believe it will all work out.

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, one way or another. Things will work out just fine.

Victor: Well, now, look at this. What do we have here? Oh.

Nikki: Oh, harrison, how beautiful.

Victor: It’s so nice.

Nikki: I know right where we’ll hang it.

Victor: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Your daddy’s right over–

Nikki: Thank you so much.

Victor: Look how charming you are. My goodness. Daddy’s right over there.

Diane: Oh.

Harrison: Dad, I’m sleepy.

Kyle: I hear you, buddy. All right, we’re calling it. Harrison’s tired and I’m not really part of this party anyway.

Summer: Good night, sweetie. I love you.

Kyle: Oh, grab your backpack, pal.

Summer: Yeah, here you go.

Claire: Harrison’s amazing.

Summer: Yeah, he is.

Claire: You and kyle have done such a wonderful job raising such a happy and smart little guy.

Summer: We do our best.

Nick: Got to hand it to you, you know how to throw a party.

Victor: Part of the newman tradition, you know.

Nick: Yes, sir.

Victor: By the way, let’s keep an eye on security, all right? We’ve got to keep a lid on all that.

Nick: Yeah, I’ve been talking with the security guards all night. There’s been nothing unusual, no uninvited guests, no sign of jordan.

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, I wish there had been because then we could have finally caught her.

Nick: You know what they say, dad?

Victor: What?

Nick: Be careful what you wish for. Struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1?

Nikki: Hello.

Victor: Are you happy, my darling?

Nikki: I am as happy as I was 40 years ago in your arms with our future ahead of us. Thank you so much, darling. Tonight has been wonderful.

Victor: Yes, it has. Wonderful.

[ Applause ] Shall we?

Nikki: Certainly.

Victor: If you don’t mind, I would love to dance with my lovely bride.

Claire: Someone’s going to miss their lucky bun.

[ Soft piano music playing ]

Victor: Happy anniversary.

Nikki: Happy anniversary, darling.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Claire: It’s getting late. I should go.

Kyle: No. Please. Stay. Dad, I wish this was a game, but it’s not. Damn it. Damn it! Why did I trust her with him?

Victoria: Why would she bring harrison here?

Summer: Claire took harrison. They’re both missing.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, April 11, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ashley: Get out of my way!

Jack: No! I’m staying right here as long as it takes until you realize this is where you need to be right now.

[ Jack groans ] Voicemail again.

Ash: Come on, ashley. Wake up, please. We’re running out of time.

Ashley: You have to stop!

Kyle: Thank you.

Woman: Yeah.

Summer: Well, hello there.

Kyle: Summer, hey. You meeting someone?

Summer: Mm, no. Just me. Why?

Kyle: It’s a little late past your bedtime, isn’t it?

Summer: Oh, I couldn’t sleep. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a good idea or a bad idea to live upstairs from a bar.

Kyle: Hmm.

Summer: Not having a good night?

Kyle: I’m okay.

Summer: That’s not what I asked you.

[ Kyle scoffs ]

Kyle: I’m not having the best night of my life. No.

Summer: Well… would it make it better or worse if I joined you?

Ashley: Are you gonna let them get away with this? Really? You’re just gonna stand there?

Traci: Honestly, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, ashley, you’re breaking my heart. But we don’t have time for that. We’ve got to find out what’s going on with you.

Ashley: I’ll tell you what’s going on with me. I’m being held hostage in my own home. Now, I can understand this one doesn’t give a damn about me, but you’re supposed to be my sister!

Diane: Ashley, I do care what happens to you. But you are hurting these people who love you by attacking them instead of letting them in.

Ashley: Just shut up! This is abuse. Plain and simple. You say you love me, then get them to back off.

Traci: Jack, it’s too much. It’s too much. This is not what I had in mind when I called you together. It’s tearing her apart.

Jack: It’s killing me, too. What choice do we have?

Ashley: Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!

Traci: Who are you calling?

Jack: I am trying to reach sharon.

Billy: That’s good. She can tell us how to turn this thing around.

Ashley: Well, I could probably tell you that, too, but I guess what I have to say doesn’t matter.

[ Phone rings ]

Jack: Sharon, thank god.

Sharon: Jack, your message sounded urgent. What’s wrong?

Jack: Look, I know it’s late.

Sharon: Look, whatever it is, I want to help.

Jack: Well, we have a bit of a family emergency, and we could really use your expertise. Is there any chance you could come out to the house right now?

Sharon: No problem. I’m on my way.

Jack: Thank you.

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Ashley: Sharon’s expertise? In what? Pouring coffee? Handing out muffins? Why would you bring in another outsider?

Jack: An outsider is exactly what we need right now. Someone with an objective opinion who can help us keep this from escalating any further than it already has.

Ashley: What have I done to you? Why are you so afraid of me? What crime have I committed? All I’m trying to do is live my own life, and it’s just thrown you into this panic!

Billy: Ashley, look, there’s something going on, okay? And I think you know it, too. And– and you’re trying really hard to deny it. I don’t know if you’re scared or you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be, okay? We’re your family. We love you. We’re just trying to help you.

Ashley: Don’t try to act like I’m supposed to just think this is, like, normal. When was the last time you were locked in your house, billy? When was the last time you were held against your free will?

Billy: Ashley, I’m not–

Ashley: Don’t talk to me! You’re not listening to me, I’m not going to listen to you.

Ash: We have to stop her.

Ashley: No one’s listening to me! What I say doesn’t matter. You are all so vile and so cruel, and I don’t know what I did to you to make you treat me this way.

Traci: Ashley, I wish that you could hear yourself. See what we see. Hear what we hear. I know you’re struggling. But if you would stop fighting us, we could get to the bottom of this together.

Ashley: It doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter. You are all believing something that’s not even real, and you’re just waiting for little dr. Sharon to– to show up here and tell you what you want to hear.

Jack: You promised traci you would speak to a professional. This is a way of fulfilling that promise.

Ashley: And I will, jack! I will! Someone of my own choosing, not your ex-wife, the barista!

Billy: Okay. Tomorrow, we will get you a therapist of your own choosing. I promise you that.

Jack: Yes. And our job right now is to keep you safe, to get you through tonight.

Ashley: Okay, sure. Thank you so much. And sharon’s going to help me do that. Sharon. She’s not even a practicing professional.

Traci: But she’s trained in this field, and she can share her thoughts.

Ashley: Oh, she can share her thoughts. Thoughts that matter more than mine. I don’t know who you are. You’re not my family. I will never forgive you for this betrayal. No.

Ash: Ashley, wake up!

[ Ash groans ] Please wake up! She’s freaking out. She’s acting really weird. She doesn’t sound like you, and they know it. If you don’t do something really, really soon, they’re going to send us away to one of those scary places, then I won’t be able to protect you, but it’s got to happen soon! It has to happen soon before it’s too late. Ashley!

[ Ash grunts ] Ashley!

Diane: I know this is breaking your heart, but ashley doesn’t mean what she’s saying. She’s really not herself right now.

Ash: Ashley! Wake up! Uhhh.

Jack: Don’t worry about me. I’m worried about ashley. And you.

Diane: Me? I’m fine.

[ Jack sighs ]

Jack: I don’t know what’s happening with my sister, but there’s no reason you should have to put up with all of this. In fact, if you wanted to spend the night at the club, I would understand that. Maybe it’s a good idea.

Diane: If you want me to go, I’ll go, but I’d rather stay. You and I are in this together. And I meant what I said. If ashley has more rage than she needs to vent at me, I can take it. She’s just so angry and upset. I don’t know if anything productive can come from this. She’s in such a dark place.

Jack: And we have to pull her back from that edge. And I’m not going to let her anywhere near you until she calms down. I am here to protect you. I will always keep you safe. You know that.

Diane: I know that. And I love you for it. But do you really think it’s a good idea to bring sharon into the mix, given how much rage ashley’s feeling? Those two have never exactly cared for each other.

Jack: No, they haven’T. But you’re right. Ashley isn’t herself right now. As much as she hates all of us, maybe she would listen to someone else.

Diane: Yeah, but is sharon even qualified to handle this?

Jack: I trust her. Maybe she can give us some insight as to what ashley’s going through, and we can prepare her for what is next.

Ashley: If you care at all about me, please just get me out of this place.

[ Ashley groans ]

Traci: Ash! Ashley! Ashley!

Billy: Hey, hey, hey, hey! It’s okay. Hey.

[ Ashley grunts ] It’s all right.

Summer: Well, I won’t force you to tell me why you’re not having a good night.

Kyle: Mm. I appreciate that. You won’t force me, but you will just sit there quietly until I offer.

Summer: I assume it’s the same reason I couldn’t fall asleep.

Kylee: Oh. Which is?

Summer: We still haven’t found a nanny for harrison.

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, that– yeah, that– that search isn’t going well, is it?

Summer: No.

Kyle: We have two adults who both have full-time jobs outside the home, one very active child who needs plenty of looking after, and still no nannies waiting in the wings.

Summer: You would think with all the people we’ve met, we would find at least one person that harrison doesn’t glare at.

Kyle: Hmm, well, there is one person he didn’t hate. It’s just not someone that we’ve interviewed.

Summer: Claire.

Kyle: Eh, kid can’t stop talking about her.

Summer: Funny. Neither can I.

Kyle: Those two really clicked, which… kind of makes sense if you think about it.

Summer: Really? I didn’t see any clicking. At all. Mm.

Kyle: You didn’t? I mean, harrison really liked her. I think it was because she has this childlike excitement about everything the rest of us take for granted, like going to coffee with her mother the first time we met her.

Summer: I didn’t notice.

Kyle: Really? I mean, she was like, “oh, boy, I get to go out in public with my mother like normal people.” I think it was because our childhood was such a horror show.

Summer: Wow, you must have really been paying attention to pick up on all of that from just one meeting.

Kyle: I ran into claire and victoria again at society.

Summer: Oh. Let me guess, my sweet, innocent cousin just couldn’t help but fill you in on her tragic backstory. Life with her certifiably crazy aunt jordan.

Billy: It’s okay.

Jack: Hey. Hey. Hey.

Ashley: Get off me. Get off. I was a little bit dizzy, but now I’m fine. Can you blame me? You’ve been badgering me for hours with this so-called intervention of yours. Well, you got to me. Congratulations.

Traci: Why don’t you come and sit down with me?

Ashley: Stop hovering. You’re sucking the air out of the room. I don’t want to sit down. I want to lie down, alone, in my room. Oh, for god’s sakes. What do you think I’m gonna do? You think I’m gonna jump out the window and shimmy down the drain pipe and make a run for it? I just want some peace and quiet. And for what you’ve done to me tonight, I think it’s the least you can give me.

Ash: Ashley, please wake up! You have to wake up before it’s too late. Come on. Wake up. Wake up.

[ Ash groans ] Wake up!

[ Ash grunts, groans ] Oh! Yeah! Oh! That’s a good girl! That’s a good girl! I knew you could do that. I knew you had it in you. Come on. You know what you got to do. Please! You know what you got to do. Come on, ashley. Get up. Wake up! Please! Ashley. I knew you could do it.

[ Ashley groans ] Please!

Ashley: Oh! Oh!

Traci: Ashley. Oh, my gosh! Ashley.

Jack: Ashley, ashley, we are here for you.

Traci: Speak to us. Come on. What is it?

Jack: All of us are here for you.

Traci: Speak to us. Ashley.

Ashley: What’s happening? What’s going on? If advanced lung cancer

Jack: Ashley… you are here in our home with everyone who loves you.

Ashley: Why?

Traci: Why are you here?

Ashley: Why are you all standing around like something’s wrong with me?

Traci: Well, you got lightheaded, and you were on your way to your room to lie down, and then you fainted.

Ashley: No, I mean before that. I mean, how did I– how did I get here?

Billy: You don’t remember? What– what do you remember?

Ashley: I’m not sure, but I– I know that– that we weren’t like this.

Diane: We were talking, and things had gotten intense or– are you saying that you don’t remember any of that? We need to get her to the hospital.

Ashley: I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me what’s going on. How long have I been here? What did I miss?

Jack: Okay, we will tell you everything you want to know later. Ju– right now, just relax. Take it easy.

Ashley: How am I supposed to take it easy, jack, when you’re starting to terrify me?

Billy: I think ashley’s right. I think we just need to give her a little break so she doesn’t get overloaded. She just had another blackout.

Traci: You told them this happened to me before?

Kyle: Yes. I admit it. After all you found out about claire, I wanted to know more. So when I ran into her and victoria at society, I decided to get more info.

Summer: And?

Kyle: I really got to hand it to her. Claire laid it all out there. Everything she did, everything she went through, she holds a lot of regret and shame. But she’s doing everything she can to make amends. And be part of the newman family.

Summer: Wow. Two whole chats with the girl, and you’re already on her side.

Kyle: Her side? For what?

Summer: I– I don’t know. To– to be harrison’s nanny? Or to try to convince me to tolerate her? Which fyi, if it’s option b, you’re gonna have to get in line.

Kyle: I’m not on her side. But it sounds like someone else is.

Summer: Yeah. She has won over everyone else in the family, but I am just the cold-hearted cousin too skeptical to welcome her with open arms.

Kyle: Okay, everyone in the family is lobbying on her behalf, or… everyone in the world in general?

Summer: You know what I think is interesting?

Kyle: Hmm.

Summer: Who gets forgiven. And for what. And how long it takes. I think it says a lot. I’m actually really bored of this conversation.

Kyle: Hmm.

Summer: What should we talk about now?

Kyle: Okay, I’m gonna say one last thing about claire, and then I promise I will stop.

Summer: Go ahead.

Kyle: When I mentioned how much harrison likes her…

Summer: Yes?

Kyle: …I wasn’t pushing her to be a nanny candidate. It was just an observation.

Summer: Good. Because we both know that we have to agree on harrison’s nanny. Right? And it is never going to be her. All done talking about claire now?

Kyle: Yes. Yes, we are.

Summer: Mm.

Kyle: What would you like to talk about now? Menswear fashion week?

Summer: Well, we could talk about jabot’s summer palette.

Kyle: Hmm.

Summer: Or we could talk about the thing that you don’t want to talk about.

Kyle: And what would that be?

Summer: Whatever’s got you drinking here alone at this hour.

Kyle: Or we could talk about the weather. Did you know, it’s supposed to rain next week?

Summer: Mm. April showers bring may flowers. There, we did the weather. What’s upsetting you, kyle? Is it work? Is it family? Little bit of both?

Traci: Yes, I– I did tell the family that you’ve been having blackouts, but… you knew that already.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jack: I’ll get that. Thank you for coming, sharon.

Sharon: Oh, no need to thank me, jack. Um, whatever’s going on, I want to help if I can.

Jack: I know therapy is not your focus right now, but any guidance you could give us, I’d be very grateful for.

Sharon: Of course.

Traci: Ashley, I didn’t call the family together to betray your confidence, or for all of us to gang up on you. I did it because it’s what we always do. When one of us is struggling, we all gather together, and we help them through it. And honestly, I thought you were trying to get me off your back because you promised you would get professional help.

Ashley: I– I was planning on it. I was, I swear to you. I– I wasn’t avoiding, I– I don’t remember. Why are you here, sharon? What, is it because of me? Who called her?

Jack: I did.

Ashley: Why, because you think I’m crazy?

Sharon: I am here as a friend, ashley. Nothing more, I promise.

Jack: And what I think, what we all think, is that you have been through so much these last few months, it’s taken something out of you, too much.

Jack: And our concern only seems to make things worse. So I thought maybe having someone more experienced, more objective, might be just the thing to help ease your emotional load.

Ashley: No, I can’t, jack. I’m just– I’m too exhausted, I have to go lay down.

Billy: I think that’s a good idea. I think ashley should go upstairs, and get a little rest.

Ash: I did it! I beat you at your own game. And I won!

Ms. Abbott: You– you have no idea what you’ve done. Auntie, you can’t put that right in the dishwasher.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Kyle: All right, it’s not a very interesting story, but you asked for it. I am alone in a bar at this hour because I left the office after a late meeting, and decided to stop in for a drink.

Summer: You’re right. That is not very interesting… or true. Kyle, I’m your ex-wife. Twice, actually. I know that you’re not usually sitting alone brooding at a bar unless something is really gnawing at you or you’re avoiding going home. So, which is it?

[ Kyle sighs ]

Kyle: You nailed it, actually. It’s both. I feel guilty even thinking this, let alone saying it.

Summer: But?

Kyle: But I am having a hard time working at jabot… as a subordinate of my mother.

Summer: Oh. I mean, fair enough. Well, I get it.

Kyle: Clearly you do not.

Summer: Yeah, no, not really, since you were the one that pushed for this in the first place.

Kyle: I was being noble and self-sacrificing. You know, “go, mom.” The way this is playing out, though, she was nowhere near ready to take on the position of co-ceo. And I was not ready to watch her blow the opportunity of a lifetime.

Summer: Well, you’ve held that position in the past. So if anybody knows what goes into it, it’s you. And this is your mom we’re talking about. So I know you were pulling for her. But if it’s your opinion that she’s in over her head, I’m sure you’re not alone in that. Have you talked to jack?

Kyle: He doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to. And it’s causing a lot of tension between mom and me.

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: After working with my mom at marchetti, I can sympathize, believe me.

Kyle: I mean, when i discreetly try to clean up after a mistake she’s made, I’m the jerk who’s overstepped or looking for fault where there is none. And it’s not just that she’s screwed up, it’s that… I’m making her look bad. And make it clear, I’m the one keeping an eye out, saving the day. Honestly… she’s not wrong.

Jack: You know what? Billy’s right, I think we have stressed you to the point of exhaustion. That’s on us, and I apologize. Why don’t you go upstairs, get some rest, and know we all love you very much.

Sharon: Maybe one of you should go with her.

Traci: Um, I will do it. Come on, ashley, let’s go upstairs, and get you tucked in.

Jack: Here we go.

[ Whispering ] Thank you. Okay, I played along, because you seem to have a reason to want ashley out of the room. Why would you not want her to talk to sharon?

Billy: I just think it’s fair that sharon… knows what ashley’s been going through before she goes up there and talks to her. And I think I may know what’s going on.

[ Ash blows a raspberry ]

Ash: Don’t be such a sore loser, you were making a big fat mess of everything.

Ms. Abbott: I had everything under control except for one tiny, little setback. You should have let me stay in control so I could finish this thing. The most dangerous thing for ashley is to be around those people that are questioning her, and doubting her.

Ash: You are way more dangerous than they are.

Ms. Abbott: They don’t know what’s right for her, stupid. They think they do, but they’re wrong. I’m the only one that can protect her, and make things right again.

Traci: Ashley, look what I found in your closet, oh, my gosh, do you remember this? This is the quilt I made you for your 21st birthday. I had no idea you still had this.

[ Laughs ] Here we go.

[ Ashley sniffling ] I’m so glad that I finally get to do this for you for a change. Do you remember all those nights you used to tuck me in when we were little girls?

[ Chuckles ] You would sneak into my room after everybody else was asleep.

[ Sighs ] We would talk until way past our bedtimes about all the dreams we hoped to have that night. For me, it was always the family I wanted to have when I grew up, you know, and raising ponies.

[ Laughs ] And for you, you always wanted to grow up to be a professional go-go dancer and a marine biologist. Do you remember, ashley?

[ Ashley sobbing ]

Ashley: I’m so scared. Traci… I need help.

Traci: I’m here, honey, it’s– I’m here, aww.

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Summer: Kyle, you’ve worked so hard to accept your mom back into your life, and you’ve finally accomplished that. You’re trying to show her up now after being so supportive–

Kyle: I hate feeling all this resentment. I mean, she’s my mother. I love her, but every time I try to move on, let it go, it just seems to get worse.

Summer: Can I be honest? I kind of had a feeling something like this would happen, the moment that I heard that jack promoted her.

Kyle: How the hell did you know that?

Summer: Because I know you. And I’m sure you did have the best of intentions when you pushed for your mom to take the position that should have been yours. And who knows, maybe you wouldn’t be feeling so much resentment if she were nailing the job, but… she’s not. And how could she? Let’s face it, she didn’t exactly get it based off of her resume.

Kyle: Well, she has some qualifications. The biggest one being my dad likes working with her.

[ Laughs ] Depending on her, he doesn’t have to share power. She’s happy being second position as long as I’m a distant third.

Summer: Great, so this is working out for jack now, but can’t last forever. Not that jack would ever admit that.

Kyle: Yeah, that’ll never happen. So I’m stuck. Back off and let her screw up, which will hurt the company, and it’ll drive me nuts, or do I try to clean up after her in some more low-key way? I– I don’t know what to do.

Summer: Okay, those are not real options. The only choice you have… walk away before you reach a breaking point, or you stand up. You prove to everyone what they already know. That it’s you, not diane, who deserves to be jack’s co-ceo at jabot.

Ms. Abbott: You stupid little bitch. You’ve destroyed all of my hard work. Thanks to you waking ashley up, her family thinks the only way to protect her is to send her to fairview. And what do you think happens to us, powerless? And all of our efforts to save her from tucker are gone. You think it was tough being chained to a cot? You just wait. You just wait until you find yourself all alone, in a corner, wrapped up tight in a straightjacket. You ruined everything!

Jack: It was a fraught situation that none of us intended.

Billy: Ashley was angry. She was combative.

Diane: She claimed that we refused to listen to her.

Billy: And that the whole evening was a betrayal.

Jack: She accused billy and me of holding her hostage when we didn’t allow her to leave.

Sharon: And then she had no memory of it?

Jack: No, no, didn’t even remember how she got here or why we were gathered in the first place.

Billy: Hey, how is she?

Traci: Poor thing, she’s so drained emotionally and physically. She went to sleep pretty quickly.

Jack: Well, good for her. I’m sure it helped that you were there with her, thank you.

Traci: Thank you, I hope so. So they’re getting you all caught up?

Sharon: Yes, I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story, but I get the gist of it. Yes, I’m really sorry for what ashley and all of you are going through. I know how terrifying it must be. Um, you said before that she thought you were trying to lock her up, so she’s refused to speak with a professional?

Traci: Well, tonight I think that would be true, but before, when ashley was more herself, she wanted to get help. These– these blackouts are terrifying her.

Sharon: She’s having blackouts?

Jack: Uh, we were about to get to that.

Traci: Yes, they are frightening her, of course. Uh, but she was out all night, and couldn’t recall a thing. She promised me that she was going to go see a specialist.

Sharon: But then she didn’t follow through.

Traci: She doesn’t even remember now why she didn’T. It’s as if we’re dealing with two ashleys.

Billy: Or maybe it’s more than that. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Kyle: It’s a bold move. Are you telling me to turn on my mother?

Summer: I also said you could just walk away.

Kyle: Uh-huh.

Summer: Believe it or not, my opinion of diane has softened since she first got to town. I mean, will I ever completely trust her? We both know the answer to that.

Kyle: Yes, yes, we do.

Summer: Whatever, go ahead, and say it, I’m the skeptical one that doesn’t trust easily, whether we’re talking about ex-mothers-in-law or crazy cousins.

Kyle: Oh, I was not going to say that at all.

Summer: Yes, I did think from the jump that diane should not have taken this job. What she should have done is turned down jack’s offer, and insisted that he gave the position back to you. I mean, to take a job that she’s not even remotely qualified for, and to take it from her son, no less? It– it was self-serving and arrogant. And kyle, it was doomed to fail from the start. Whether jack knows it or not, I know it, and so do you. With as much as jabot means to all of the abbotts, can you really afford to have diane in this position of power without the ability to handle it?

Kyle: You’re right. You’re right, this is never going to work. If I don’t do something, I will suffer. The company will suffer, and so will the family. There’s no way around it. I either walk away, or take what should have been mine in the first place.

Jack: Wait, that’s what you think? That ashley splintered? That we’re dealing with dual personalities?

Billy: I’m definitely not gonna diagnose ashley, okay? I’m not going to do that, but… I think it’s pretty clear that we all witnessed two very different personas here tonight, right? I mean, even the threat to go after tucker. Ashley apparently referred to herself in third person. I had a very odd run-in with her at society where I walked away from that, thinking that I just had a conversation with a teenager, okay? And I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, because I didn’t want to project my own experience onto her.

Traci: Your own experience?

[ Billy sighs ]

Jack: Might as well go ahead, and tell her.

Billy: Okay, um, a few years ago, I went through a pretty dark period. And I was– I was blacking out. And I would lose whole chunks of time. And I was out and about, you know, while these blackouts would occur, and– and I was not doing good things.

Traci: When was this, billy?

Billy: It was years ago, but it was after delia’s death, and… the truth is, I thought I had dealt with everything. But I– I hadn’t, and I was hallucinating, seeing delia’s ghost.

Traci: Oh, billy.

Billy: I was getting into bar fights. There was one– one particular time that I woke up in the chancellor mansion with no idea how I got there, what I was doing there. There was another… really bad night that I’m not gonna get into. But I was still blaming adam for delia’s death, and I wanted nothing more than to hurt him, to, uh, get my revenge.

Sharon: Billy, if you need to take a moment…

Billy: It’s okay, it’s just– look, I got some very serious therapy. And– and they treated me for dissociative identity disorder. And I’m lucky, because I got help. And I honestly don’t know what would’ve happened if I didn’t, I know one thing for sure, victoria would’ve banned me from seeing the kids, there’s no doubt about that. And she would’ve been right to do it.

Jack: But you did the work. You found your way to the other side of it, and I will forever be proud of you for it.

Billy: Look, ashley’s stronger than I am, okay? And we all love her so much, and we’re all here for her, so I know, I’m telling you right now, she’s gonna be okay.

Jack: So what do you think, sharon, you think there’s a chance this is even a possibility?

Sharon: Billy is absolutely right. There are similarities. But none of us can diagnose ashley, including me. Um, it could be did. But there are other possibilities. And this is far too serious for guesswork, I am going to make some calls first thing in the morning, and get you a list of referrals. Ashley needs to see a professional right away, obviously.

Jack: Thank you, sharon. We are so grateful, listen, the ashley we saw tonight is going to fight us every step of the way. How would you suggest we get over those hurdles?

Traci: No, I don’t think so, jack, I promise you, that ashley I took upstairs, and tucked into bed, she will go along with this, 100%. She wants help, she’s ready. Our sister is in there. I just know it. I tried to reach in, and find her, but I couldn’T. It– it’s like she’s lost. And I have never seen her so fragile or– or so terrified. We’ve got to help her before it’s too late.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: I hope you can understand that we have your best interests at heart.

Traci: Please, sit down. We’re just trying to help.

Ashley: I think I’ll stay standing, thanks. This is your idea of helping?

Billy: What do you want?

Tucker: I’d like to listen in.

Billy: Fine, if that’s what you call it.

Ashley: Well, isn’t this just peachy? The gang’s all here. So, this is an actual intervention, right? You included tucker, of all people. You must be desperate. And you agreed? What makes you think I’m gonna listen to anything he has to say?

Jack: Whatever he is doing here has nothing to do with us.

Tucker: That’s true. I came of my own volition. I wanted to speak with your family, but I think we all have the same thing in mind.

Ashley: So, it’s just a complete coincidence that you’re all staring at me with so much pity in your eyes?

Jack: No, none of us came here to trap you.

Traci: Jack’s telling the truth.

Ashley: It’s called a 51-50, when you try to put somebody away.

Tucker: Ashley…

Billy: I think it’s time to leave, tucker.

Ashley: Yeah, you know what? You don’t speak for me. Go ahead, tucker. What do you have to say for yourself?

Tucker: Everyone in this room is worried about you, ashley.

Ash: This is bad. This is so, so bad. Tucker can’t be there right now. What if she does what she’s planning on doing and she does it right this minute?

Ashley: So?

Jack: Ashley, just ignore tucker. He is leaving now.

Billy: Tucker.

Tucker: Ashley, your family loves you. They want what’s best for you. I think you should listen to what they have to say.

Ashley: So, you’re in charge of this little shindig, tucker? How do you feel about that, jack? I know. I bet you’re going to hold him responsible for this little get-together. But don’t think any of you are gonna get off the hook. I’m going to hold you all responsible for this ambush for a very long time.

Jack: Ambush? We came together for you, not against you, to discuss this before we approached you. You have my word.

Diane: Ashley, think about it. How could we have planned any kind of ambush if we didn’t know where you were or what time you were coming home?

Ashley: Please stop talking, diane. It makes my head hurt every time you open your mouth. You guys, I mean, honestly, the next time that you plan an intervention, could you please just run the guest list by me first?

Traci: Ashley, diane is concerned about you, too.

Ashley: Well, I’m just starting to choke on all this concern, traci.

Tucker: Ashley, do you recall coming to me recently and telling me you wanted to get back together with me, both professionally and personally?

Ashley: When was this exactly?

Tucker: And then do you also recall changing your mind and telling me you wanted nothing more to do with me, only to flip back yet again?

Ashley: Oh, god. Billy, weren’t you gonna show him the door?

Tucker: And then also your recent conversations with audra.

Ashley: Oh, audra. The town bicycle. She’s got a brain the size of a pea and you’re gonna take her word over mine?

Tucker: Okay, I’m gonna ask one question, and then, yes, I will leave. Uh, just today, you said to audra that I should be worried because she means to do me harm. Not she, audra. She, you. You were talking about yourself, right? As if ashley were someone else entirely. Do you deny saying any of that? If advanced lung cancer

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Audra: Thanks again.

Sally: You made it.

Audra: Hey.

Sally: Hi.

Audra: Hey. Of course I did. Um, I need this like you have no idea.

Sally: Oh. Sensing a tone.

Audra: What kind of tone?

Sally: Like an I need to vent before I explode tone. Which I have some experience with that. And we cannot let you explode.

Audra: Just please remember you asked for it. Oh, but I– I’m a mess. Okay, I am a total mess. My emotions are just all over the place. And, um, I– I– I just don’t– don’t know what to do. Um, I’m usually always in control. You know, always ahead of the curve. But this…

Sally: Tucker’s found a way to weasel his way back into your heart, even though you said you were absolutely done with him.

Audra: You know, hearing it out loud makes it worse.

Sally: What did he do now?

Audra: He asked me to marry him.

Ashley: Boy, this is embarrassing. Well, not for me. For you. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight and get on with my life, but all of you have to live with how you’ve treated me. And you should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Jack: We just wanna get you through this.

Ashley: There’s nothing to get through.

Traci: That’s not true. Ashley, you’ve told me yourself.

Billy: Ashley, what tucker just said, is– is that true? Did all of those things happen?

Ashley: Would you please not treat me like I’m some kind of wounded bird? It’s insulting.

Tucker: Hey, I understand why you feel targeted right now.

Ashley: Do you really? Well, that’s because I am being targeted.

Tucker: Except that I can back-up everything I just said. Certainly the club has security footage of you entering my room uninvited when I wasn’t there. Uh, I have a text from you saying you wanted to get together and meet, followed by a text a short time later saying you never wanted to see me again. Now, I’d prefer not to have to produce that kind of evidence for your family, but if it will do some good–

Ashley: I think you should. I would actually like you to. I want them all to see how i entertain myself by toying with him and how his little ego just kind of laps it all up.

Tucker: This is what you said to audra. I wrote it down. Um, “I’m not who you think I am. Just tell me where tucker is so I can warn him. You have to keep tucker away from her.” Can you explain that to me? To all of us?

Ashley: You’re in my home now, buddy. How dare you interrogate me? And you’re all letting him.

Jack: This is not what any of us want. We wanna help you. Just explain to us what’s happening to you.

Billy: Ashley, so far all you’ve done is deflect and distract. There’s gotta be a reason for that.

Ashley: I have explained it all. You just are choosing not to believe it. And as far as what audra has said, I told you at the bar, tucker, I had a couple martinis on an empty stomach. I got a little silly, so sue me!

Billy: Okay, tucker, I think we’ll take up from here. Please, a little discretion.

Tucker: Yes, of course, but… I have to take that threat very seriously, no matter how much booze is involved.

Ash: Are you kidding me? What, I can’t even get off this stupid cot now? I hate you! You’re evil! Ashley! Ashley, wake up! Don’t you understand? She’s gonna kill tucker. She’s gonna blame it on audra, but she’s gonna murder him! Ashley! Ugh! Beyond covering grays my color needs to suit me.

Sally: I definitely did not see that coming. But since you’re here having a drink with me and not with him.

Audra: I might have choked.

Sally: Because the ring was so bright and shiny? But once you got your voice back, you said…

Audra: No.

Sally: Yeah, of course, you did.

Audra: Yeah, I’m– I’m not getting married, you know?

Sally: To him or to anyone?

Audra: No one. Like, why should I?

Sally: That is a conversation for the next drink. But for now, just– why don’t you tell me what you said?

Audra: Well, that yes, we have magic. But we don’t need marriage in order to be great. It might actually ruin us.

Sally: Okay, those are very strong words.

Audra: And since when have we ever been a normal couple? You know, trying to bend to that would be ridiculous. We wouldn’t be us anymore.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, I– I see the logic in that, but… I mean, tucker’s a romantic, seems like, and he adores you. And he definitely sees himself as the marrying type, even if you don’T. How did he take the rejection?

Audra: I’m not sure.

Sally: Well, you two just sound great at communicating.

Audra: I– I made it clear to him that this wasn’t a rejection of him. That we can still be a power couple, just without all the courthouse paperwork.

Sally: Did he buy that?

Audra: He was disappointed, but he didn’t push back.

Sally: I’m stunned. ‘Cause from all I’ve heard, he doesn’t really strike me as someone who takes no for an answer.

Audra: I mean, he did vow to stage more romantic proposals until I was ready to give in.

Sally: Well, he’s definitely in for a lot of rejection if you’re dead set against marriage. But other than that, that does sound pretty romantic. Every waking moment for tucker will be about pledging his undying love to you.

Audra: Yeah, except one thing. I truly believe that ashley is still on his mind.

Ashley: So now your girlfriend is saying I’m a danger to you? That sounds like slander. By the way, there was no threat.

Traci: Ashley–

Ashley: Except audra is clearly threatened by me.

Traci: Take a breath. We’re not the enemy.

Ashley: I have given you all the information you could possibly need. Whether you choose to believe it or not is on you. I can see you’re upset. I’m sorry. I admit it, I haven’t, um… I haven’t reacted well to any of this. Maybe it’s just time for us to close this chapter. I think we should go hash this out privately, and then we can wash our hands of each other for good.

Traci: No, no, no, you are not leaving this house right now.

Ashley: Please stop. I know that you’re here because you care about me. I’m grateful for that. Can’t we just talk? Please? I’ll explain my behavior, and then we can go our separate ways. I mean, that’s the way to end this.

Ash: Ashley! Listen to me! She’s out there right now asking to talk to tucker alone so she can kill him! You have to wake up so you can stop her! You’re our only hope! Ashley! Ashley!

[ Serene music playing ]

Sally: So, this is just a question. But is tucker really focused on ashley, or… are you just looking for a reason to turn him down?

Audra: I don’t need an excuse to not get married. It’s not like it’s mandatory.

Sally: Okay, yeah, no, that’s settled. Thank you. Okay, so then, what? He thinks that she has mental issues or that she’s faking it? I’m confused.

Audra: Yeah, so was I. Someone like ashley abbott doesn’t suddenly fall apart. You know, that’s why I thought it was a ploy to grab tucker’s sympathy. You know, but now I’ve seen first hand. Something is just off. She is not well, mentally or emotionally.

Sally: That’s a really big assumption. If you say that to the wrong person, it could get really messy.

Audra: Yeah, but I’m– I’m saying it to you. And I– I have my reasons. She was already spinning out after paris. She told anyone with a pulse how violent and evil tucker was. And then, you know, she suddenly accepts the truth. That tucker’s version of the fight is actually what happened, not her warped version of it. You know, when it all started, we thought that she was just exaggerating to make tucker look bad. But it turns out that, you know, she actually believed things happened the way she said.

Sally: That’s intense.

Audra: Okay, yeah, so she starts apologizing, right? Trying to reconnect with him, wanting to start over.

Sally: Wait, just like forget everything? Like all her assumptions and fury?

Audra: Yeah, and then she turns right around and tells tucker to stay away from her forever. She’s just…

Sally: Yeah, no, those are some very mixed messages.

Audra: Yeah, back and forth. You know, she goes from trying to mark her territory to pretending like she never said a word.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that’s not normal behavior. Definitely not for ashley.

Audra: And then today, things got so wild. She kept talking about herself in the third person. She– she kept saying things like, oh, she’s pretending like she still loves tucker, but it’s all a lie. All she wants to do is hurt tucker. It is so bizarre. And then she said something about she thinks that that’s the only way we can protect ashley.

Sally: She? Okay, this gives me goosebumps.

Audra: And check this out. Then tucker showed up and she changed her entire demeanor. She pretended like it was all a joke. Look, I’ve been through bad breakups before, so I know how they can mess you up. But she’s beyond that.

Sally: Yeah, based on all this, you’re not wrong. Tucker probably is focused on ashley, but not in like a “I love you and I want you back way.” More like I’m worried and you need help. Man, this must be breaking her family’s heart.

Billy: Yeah, ashley, going off with tucker right now is not a good idea.

Traci: You absolutely need your family around you right now.

Jack: You don’t owe him anything. No reassurances, no explanations. You– you have nothing to discuss with him.

Ashley: You have no idea what I think or what I feel.

Traci: Then tell us.

Ashley: Why? So you can judge me?

Billy: We’re not trying to judge you, ash.

Ashley: Really? Even if I’ve decided I need to give my marriage another chance?

Jack: You don’t want him back. You can’T.

Ashley: Come on, tucker, let’s go. Let’s go talk.

Tucker: No, ashley, I’m sorry, they’re right. Meeting in private would be a mistake. Um… there is something I think you should know, that I think you all should know. I’ve asked audra charles to marry me.

Audra: You know, tucker is all invested in ashley’s sanity right now. It’s part of so many, if not all, the conversations that we have.

Sally: In between him pledging his love to you and buying you rings.

Audra: Yeah, actually, yes.

Sally: And that bugs you? Makes you jealous?

Audra: Not jealous, exactly, but it does make me wonder.

Sally: Go on.

Audra: Yeah, if tucker’s sudden marriage proposal was more about ashley and less about me.

Ashley: So, you asked her to marry you?

Tucker: Mm.

Ashley: Is the ink even dry on our annulment papers? What’d she say?

Tucker: All you need to know is that I proposed to her.

Billy: Okay, tucker. You’re done.

Tucker: Yeah, so… whatever we had, it’s in the past. We’re not gonna get it back. And I think that’s better for all of us.

Jack: Gee, why do I get the feeling that that’s the real reason you came by, to drop this little bomb?

Tucker: No, jack. In fact, I was on the fence about whether or not to tell you at all. To tell you. But I decided that if the notion that you and I might get back together sometime in the future is somehow contributing to your conflict, then i thought it would be best for you to know, for you all to know. No, I came here to make sure that you had your family’s support and that you all knew what the situation was, and i just sincerely hope, ashley, that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Oh, god.

Jack: As if we need you to tell us anything about our sister.

Diane: Okay, tucker. You’ve done your part. Now, do everyone a favor and just leave.

Jack: Ashley, please don’t get your back up. We are all on your side. Will you please, finally, let us in? ()


Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Sally: So, you think that tucker proposed to you because of ashley? I’m not really sure I see the connection.

Audra: Well, you know, that he was making a point. “Oh, hi, ashley. Clearly, I am unavailable and have moved on. Now, please go see a shrink.” And a message to me. “See how much I don’t love ashley and do love you.”

Sally: Wow. Yeah, I mean, that’s putting a lot of meaning into, will you marry me?

Audra: You know, I get why he’s concerned about her mental health. He feels responsible for whatever she’s going through. You know, he insisted that she was the center of his universe. Made a huge show of basically worshipping her. And so, they go off to their little honeymoon. It goes to pieces. And so, I think he feels like he’s the reason why she’s fallen apart.

Sally: I mean, after everything I’ve heard about tucker, I– I– I didn’t know he had it in him to feel bad about something like that.

Audra: Same. But he’s trying to play the good guy, you know? Pushing her to get help. But she’s just fighting it every step of the way.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, sometimes the people that need help are the last ones to admit it. But she has a family that loves her, and I feel like she would listen to them way before she would listen to tucker.

Audra: Yeah, I tried to convince him of that. I almost thought I did. But he just can’t let it go.

Sally: So, where is he now?

Audra: I know exactly where he’s at.

Sally: Well, wherever he went, he’s back now.

Audra: Hm.

Billy: Look, um, tucker’s timing was awful. It always is, but the fact that we are all on the same page as him, that says something, ash.

Ashley: Flip flopping on your opinion of tucker. Somebody get billy a straitjacket quick.

Traci: Ashley, ashley, stop it. Okay, we get that you’re angry. And I just have to believe you’re acting this way because deep down inside, you know we’re right. Think about it. Your threats to audra, you can claim that they’re a joke, but taken at face value, how would they look to you? That tucker has to be careful, and then talking about yourself in such a strange way.

Ashley: Why do you have to take everything I say so seriously?


Traci: There is no humor in suggesting that your ex has to be careful and that “she” is going to hurt him. What did these threats even mean? You told me that you were gonna get close to tucker and try to take his company away from him. Is that what these threats are all about? And how are you gonna steal tucker’s company?

Ashley: What I told you was in confidence, right? And it was a joke that you took and you twisted it into something else.

Billy: No, no, traci did the right thing. Okay, that’s information that we need to know as your family.

Ashley: Oh, right. I– I bet I’m gonna be a character in your next novel. Right, trace? The sister of the heroine, the deranged sister, who you have to stick in the tower so she can howl at the moon. Howl!

Traci: Oh, just stop it, ashley, stop.

Ashley: I don’t even know who you are.

Traci: Well, I’ll tell you. I am your sister who adores you, and i hate that I had to betray your confidence, but I’m terrified for you and I needed the family’s advice. These people, your family, who love you and care about you as much as I do.

Ashley: These people, so loving and so nurturing, as if this is my safe place.

Traci: Ashley, I only said what I did because I realized I can’t handle this myself. You’re having blackouts. This is so serious. And you promised me you would see a doctor.

Ashley: You didn’t give me a chance, though, did you, traci? You ran right to jack and billy and even diane. Talk about betrayal. I don’t think I can ever forgive you. I just want to know. I wanna hear it from you. Do you think I’m nuts?

Ash: You have to wake up. Please. She’s completely out of control, ashley. She’s even threatening to make me disappear. But she can’t do that, right? She’s not stronger than you. She can’t, right?

Ashley: To see you all looking at me like this, I’ve never felt so alone. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Tucker: Hello, ladies. Hi.

Sally: Hi.

Tucker: Sally, right?

Sally: Yeah, tucker.

Tucker: Yes, that’s me.

Sally: Nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you, finally, yeah.

Audra: So, where have you been?

Tucker: Oh, in my secret lair, doing the usual, you know, scheming, plotting. Being generally nefarious. You know how it is.

Sally: Yeah, naturally. Right, yeah. Well, I’m, uh, I’m actually on my way out, but it’s really nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you.

Sally: And we’ll talk soon.

Audra: Yeah, okay.

Tucker: Good night.

Sally: Bye, good night.

Tucker: I would love a drink. Um, looks like I need to catch up with you, though.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Hi there. How are you? Uh, scotch. Neat. Double.

Audra: Water.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Thank you. So?

Tucker: So, I went to the abbott house.

Audra: They didn’t throw you out?

Tucker: No, I was able to leave willingly. I did my best to let them know what the situation was with ashley.

Audra: Oh, I see. How did that go?

Tucker: Oh, a barrel of laughs, man. Thank you very much. When I got there, ashley was already there, and it appeared as if they were in the middle of an intervention.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: That sounds brutal. But at least her family knows she has a problem and are trying to solve it.

Tucker: Except that a cup of tea and a warm shoulder to cry on is not gonna do it. She needs professional help. And the sooner, the better.

Audra: Right. So, you went there only to find ashley’s own family already has it under control. Yeah, no need for you to be there. Just an outsider in the way.

Tucker: Yes. Thank you, audra. As subtle as always.

Audra: Meanwhile, I was left venting to a friend.

Tucker: You vented?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: What, pray tell, did you vent about? Not about little old me. You would have nothing to vent about me.

Audra: Oh, no. I had plenty to unload. How you just come with so much baggage. You know, how you think you know everything about me, when clearly you do not. How you’re romantic and charming. Just always choose just the wrong moment to prove that you’re a good man. Basically, I went on and on about how maddening and infuriating you can be.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, what can I say? I’m a catch.

Traci: Ashley. This is not an attack. There is no one in this room who thinks you’ve lost your mind. What we think is that something serious is happening to you that we don’t understand. And we’re just trying to get control of it.

Jack: Whatever it is, we will deal with it.

Billy: Jack’s right, ashley. You know, we’re a full team here for you.

Jack: We will see that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Do you have any idea what this is doing to me? All the memories it’s bringing up. You know, about fairview. When my brain was being picked apart. My life was just being picked apart by strangers.

Traci: Okay, we’re not strangers. We’re your family. We love you.

Ashley: I know you say you want to help me, but the way you’re looking at me, I mean, it just makes me feel like you think I’m broken and like I’m just beyond repair.

Jack: Ash, I hate seeing you like this. I just want to take your pain away. We all do. But none of us can do that on our own. We’re just not equipped. For you to find yourself in a strange hotel room with no recollection of how you got there, that had to be terrifying. And it’s not something we can ignore. We can’t just hope that whatever caused the blackout will go away. Next time, you’ll wake up in an even worse place. Or god forbid, not wake up. And we have to deal with it now, before it gets worse.

Ashley: Worse? You know, it’s interesting that you should say that. I think everyone in here is aware of the sketchy situations you’ve found yourself in over the years. Are you sure you want to start pointing fingers?

Jack: If we’re talking about my use of painkillers, there’s an explanation for my actions. I sought help. I got clean.

Ashley: That any one of you could judge me is just too much. You are looking for trouble that just isn’t there.

Billy: No, we’re not looking for trouble. We see it. And I think you do too.

Traci: And this is about finding solutions and helping you.

Diane: You need to stop lashing out because you’re fearful and angry.

Ashley: I think I told you to not talk.

Billy: Let’s just back it up a little bit, okay?

Ashley: No, I don’t wanna stop this. Why should we? You want judgment, if that’s what you’re after? There’s plenty of it to go around. I think this evening just got interesting.

Tucker: Did you tell sally about my proposal?

Audra: It might’ve come up.

Tucker: Hm. And did you tell her as a result, you tore my heart out of my chest, threw it on the ground and stomped all over it?

Audra: I made it very clear to her that I didn’t turn you down. I turned down the idea of marriage.

Tucker: Yeah, you know, I’ve been thinking, though. Marriage, to me, would be a completely different animal, right? So, I’m thinking maybe she influenced you a little bit, nudged you towards saying yes.

Audra: Unlike you, she respects my decision.

Tucker: I respect your decision. I just don’t agree with it.

Audra: Well, you’re gonna have to learn how to live with it if you wanna be with me because, you know, I’m worth more than a trip to city hall or some big party.

Tucker: That you are.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: I’m not gonna lie to you, though. It really hurt. When you said no, it just– I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, audra.

Audra: And all that is still on the table. But marriage is not.

Tucker: All right, what the hell. Here’s to us being unconventional.

Audra: Hey. I still want everything with you, okay?

Tucker: Okay.

Audra: Everything. I just, uh… this is what works for me.

Tucker: Then this is what you shall have.

Audra: So, um… do you wanna tell me more about what happened at the abbott house?

Tucker: No, no. No more. I’m done. Don’t need to. The guilt, weight, has been lifted. Whatever’s going on with ashley, the abbott’s will fix it. Moving forward with node-positive

Audra: You know, you never had anything to feel guilty about. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Tucker: Are you kidding? Who are you talking to here? But, you have my word. I’m letting it go.

Audra: Look at me in my eyes and say it.

[ Chair scrapes ]

Tucker: I’m letting it go.

Audra: And now you know ashley is officially her family’s responsibility.

Tucker: And you know ashley isn’t– oh, you didn’t want me to repeat that. And I want you to know, from this day, from this second forward, all my attention, all my focus, is gonna be on… this stunningly beautiful, unmarried woman who I’m just head over heels in love with.

Ashley: Come on, guys, bring it. Let’s see how you stand up to all this scrutiny you’ve been putting me under.

Diane: Ashley, please stop.

Ashley: Hey, diane, what was that name you went under when you were in los angeles? Wasn’t it taylor? Taylor, the friendly neighborhood realtor. You wanna talk about my sanity? Didn’t you have a mental breakdown? You faked your own death, bitch. And then you left your only son to grieve alone.

Diane: Okay, ashley, I did have a breakdown. And then I got help. And those years in therapy saved me. I have nothing to be ashamed of. There is no shame in getting help.

Ashley: Right, well, if this is the result of all of that therapy, I think I’m gonna pass. By the way, you are never, ever gonna be a real member of this family after what you did to kyle.

Jack: That’s enough.

Ashley: Oh, wait, I know what this is. I get it now. You poisoned them against me, didn’t you? You did. You wanted to get me locked away because you know that I see right through you.

Diane: You don’t really mean that.

Ashley: Oh, I do really mean that.

Jack: Diane cares about you. Whether you believe it or not, it is true.

Ashley: Jackie, how far do you think the resentment goes? How far back do you think it goes that you have for me? Do you think it started when you were just a little boy and you realized that I was actually our father’s favorite?

Billy: Okay, ashley.

Ashley: I mean, just how bitter are you?

Billy: It’s pretty clear that you wanna keep pushing buttons here and avoid the situation. Okay, but, uh, but we’re all here for you right now.

Ashley: Oh, thank you so much. It’s so painfully obvious why you would want to undermine me, little brother. You’re just so thrilled that I’ve been put on a lower peg than you, right?

Billy: You feel better? Yeah? ‘Cause you’ve taken a swipe at me now. You’ve taken a swipe at diane, jack. The only person you haven’t taken a swipe at is– is traci, because you can’t do that. Because she loves us all, unconditionally, and she doesn’t want anything from you. She’s only here to help you. So, can you admit that you need help?

Ashley: What if traci has some deep-seated jealousy for me? I mean, it probably goes back to when our father called me his beauty.

Diane: Ashley, that’s enough.

Ashley: Well, I mean, honestly, it was very insensitive of dad.

Diane: All right, all right, all right. You wanna do this? Fine. You and me, ashley, and we can trade insults all night long, and then maybe you’ll wear yourself out and stop hurting these people who love you.

Ashley: Uh, I can’t stand being in the same room with any of you. I’ve gotta get out of here.

Jack: No.

Billy: Whoa, hey.

Jack: Stop, no. You don’t wanna talk right now? Fine. We will all get some rest and calmly discuss this in the morning, but you’re not leaving.

Ashley: Get out of my way, jack. So what? I’m a prisoner in my own home now?

Jack: None of us want this. But if you won’t seek help for yourself, we will bring help to you.

Ashley: Who are you calling?

Ms. Abbott: Who are you calling, jack? Sharon, some other shrink? You will not put me back at fairview.

Ash: Oh, gosh.

Ms. Abbott: You hear me?

Ash: Ashley, please, you have to wake up. Ashley, right now. She’s going to take us all down with her. Please, I don’t want to leave you for good. Ashley! Ashley, wake up!

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 5, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: “If there is a problem?” There is no “if” here, Chelsea. There is a problem. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in genoa city, and our son is all alone in Baltimore. Probably scared to death and confused, surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Chelsea: Stop, Adam. Stop it. Enough. We’re both very stressed. We’re both trying to process this. Don’t make me the enemy. I didn’t send him there to make him miserable. I hate this, too.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay, you’re right. That was not helpful. When I get home, I’ll go online, and I will set up Connor’s petty cash fund.

Chelsea: Thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he’ll find something in their commissary he likes to eat. Or isn’t afraid to eat.

Adam: And don’t forget to send his lucky jersey, number 7, in case he wants to play again.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was nice of them to let us tour the sports facilities.


Sally: How can they blame you and Chelsea for Connor’s OCD and diagnose that so quickly?

Adam: Well, they didn’t declare it an official diagnosis. But, I mean, even if they had, who cares? I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Billy: Did the therapist explain why they think that you might be a possible trigger for Connor?

Chelsea: Because that’s what Connor told them. Apparently, my psychotic breakdown caused him all of this trauma and all of this guilt, and his OCD, um, has convinced him that my suicide attempt was his fault.

Adam: Somehow the doctors, after spending a minute and a half with Connor, by the way, have determined that he sees himself as a bad son, and he blames himself for all of his parents’ problems


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: That’s very astute of you. And I agree. Adam is the biggest hurdle in all of this.

Chance: Hey, I get it. You know, once upon a time, we were close, so I know firsthand how he can be.

Billy: That’s what I’m concerned about. In my opinion, he’s not handling this very well. But as a father, I will say I sympathize. It’s not an easy situation. But I care about chelsea. And if he could rein it in, even just a little bit, I think it’d be more helpful for everyone.

Chance: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like something he can pull off.

Billy: Yeah. I wish I could go back east and be with Chelsea, make sure that she feels she’s got the support that she needs, but the truth is, that is only gonna complicate matters worse, and, of course, defeat the purpose


Audra: You know, you say it feels right to you. But I’m just not there.

Tucker: Fair enough.

[ Tucker laughs ] Maybe I’ll just… propose all over again tomorrow. I should have gotten one of those skywriting planes. “Marry me, Audra, heart, tucker.”

Audra: That’s not necessary.

Tucker: I don’t suppose because you just suddenly changed your mind.

Audra: I just can’t. Are you sure you’re not trying to prove something to Ashley or Devon, or perhaps the rest of the world? Or are you maybe just out to prove something to yourself?


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashley: Could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?

Audra: You know what?

Tucker: Hold on, wait a minute. Stop it. Ashley, that’s enough. Go. Now.


Tucker: Hey, Lily. Welcome home.

Lily: Hi, Tucker.

Tucker: I assume this means your daughter is doing better?

Lily: Sorry, how do you know about Mattie’s situation?

Tucker: Small town.

Lily: Oh. Okay, well, I’m sure Devon didn’t tell you, since he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. Unless that’s changed.

Tucker: No, no. Sadly, it has not.

Lily: Okay, well then, I guess we don’t have much to say to each other.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: Oh. Hey. Slow down. Bartender’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Just, it’s been a day.

Billy: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I’ve had a few of those myself lately. What do you say? You want to belly up and commiserate?

Phyllis: Oh, not tonight.

Billy: Really? Old friends? Solve the world’s problems?

Phyllis: Wouldn’t that be something?

Billy: Yeah. Come on, I’m buying.

Phyllis: Maybe another time.

Billy: Just be careful, okay? Because I see you gearing up for a heck of a headache tomorrow morning, so let me do this. Let me get one of your famous hangover concoctions. I’ll get it sent up to your room. At least it’ll be there bright and early, just in case you need it. Hm? No?


Phyllis: You used to be better at reading the room, Billy.

Billy: No, I’m not an idiot. No, I get it. I know you don’t want me here, but I was just thinking maybe our snarky little back and forth could pull you out of your funk.

Phyllis: Who says I’m in a funk?

Billy: Your face does.

Phyllis: What about your funk?

Billy: Mine?

Phyllis: Yeah. Last time I talked to you, you were locked in some power struggle with the winters family. You know? That can’t be fun.

Billy: Look at us, huh? We’re having a conversation now.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, you are outnumbered by them. You really are. Just you against the winters family. You’re just trying to get a little credit, right? Trying to get some respect and some love. Not having any success at any turn. And then, you’re labeled difficult. Yeah. Difficult. And that’s how people see you from there on out, just difficult.

Billy: Oh, I get it. We’re not talking about me anymore, are we?


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 1, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: I just can’t believe this. Have a seat, son. What brings you by? Anything at Newman I need to address?

Adam: No, it’s– it’s nothing like that. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I’m heading to the east coast tonight with Chelsea and Connor. But don’t worry, my work will get taken care of.

Victor: Kind of short notice, isn’t it?

Adam: It’s Connor.

Victor: What’s going on with our boy?

Adam: Connor has OCD and we’re doing everything we can to get him through it


Victor: Obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’ve heard that term pertaining to adults, but rarely to children.

Adam: I didn’t know that either.

Victor: Ah.

Adam: You know, when Connor first started having issues at school, we thought it was a learning difference, an academic issue. But then we found a doctor who made the diagnosis.

Victor: So, what’s the cure?

Adam: There is no cure. But there are tools that he can learn to manage the diagnosis. He needs something called exposure and response prevention therapy, erp. Chelsea found the best residential program in the country, and we’re lucky enough to get the last spot. So, that’s why we have to leave immediately.

Victor: Take my jet. I mean, I’ll make the arrangements.

Adam: Well, nick already made the offer. So, it’s nice to know that we have your blessing, too.

Victor: My boy, just know that whatever you and chelsea and connor need, you just come to me, all right?

Adam: That means more than you know.

Victor: Yeah, well, I know what it is like to have a child that suffers. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Adam: You know, we have to do this. It is the right move to make, but I don’t want to let him out of my sight. Connor says that he hates himself. What do I do with that? I mean, how do I– how do I help him?

Victor: That breaks my heart, you know? You just continue doing what you and Chelsea are planning to do. I mean, it’s the right move. Just trust yourself.


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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Cole: Hey!

Victoria: Hi, cole.

Victor: Hi, cole.

Victoria: Um, thank you for coming.

Cole: Uh, sure thing. Uh, though I figured you’d still be unpacking up at the tack house.

Victoria: Uh, well, it’s coming along slowly.

Cole: Oh, okay. So– so, what’s up? Is there an update on jordan?

Victor: Only that there’s no mention of the woman’s name tonight. All right? Now, we are going to go to the jazz lounge. Nikki and i have an anniversary to plan. And we would like all of you to join us.

Cole: Well, I’d be honored.

Victoria: Uh, listen, I hope that you don’t mind the venue.

Cole: Why would I?

Victoria: Well, I– I wanted to show claire the place.

Cole: Oh, it’s– it’s a great place.

Victoria: And, uh, and I wanted to tell her more about the man that it was named for.

Cole: Oh, so you want to tell her about neil winters and how he almost became a stepfather to her.

Summer: As much as i miss being with harrison at the abbott house, living here does have its perks.

Chance: Yeah, it’s kind of nice having someone else make you drinks sometimes. You want to grab these two by the bar?

Summer: You know, that’s not what I was talking about.

Chance: Oh, no?

Summer: Uh, no. But if you just want to forget about all of that.

Chance: Oh, no, not for a second. Are you kidding me? Come on. Mm.

[ Phone pings ]

Summer: Oh. Okay. Great, finally heard from daniel. Wants to get breakfast tomorrow. God, he must be so upset about getting fired. But leaving lily for heather? I’m not sure exactly what he expected.

Chance: No.

Summer: It’s never gonna be easy and painless for any of them.

Lily: Can I help you?

Daniel: Can we talk?

Lily: I think we’ve said all there is.

Daniel: I want to talk to you about omegasphere. More specifically, princess louisa.

Tucker: I’m really sorry you had to deal with ashley again.

Audra: Don’t apologize. Yeah, I see it now. You’re right. Something strange is happening to that woman. It’s unsettling to watch for anyone. And more so the people who care about her.

Tucker: Yeah. I hope jack and the abbotts can get her the professional help she needs.

Traci: Thank you so much for coming. Um, everyone, I– I– I know it’s late, uh, but this is something I didn’t think could wait.

Diane: Well, it’s nice to be included in the family meeting.

Traci: It affects us all.

Billy: Uh, well, obviously we’re here for a reason, but do we know how long this is going to be? I– I just want to be aware of chelsea. She’s dealing with some stuff with connor.

Traci: I’m so sorry to pull you away. I promise, it’s important.

Jack: So, we’re waiting for ashley, right? I mean, she is the topic, isn’t she?

Traci: I am scared to death for ashley.

Ms. Abbott: I said wake up.

Ash: Hey! You pulled me back in.

Ms. Abbott: Because you’re interfering with my plan, and now I have to do damage control to get us back on track.

Ash: Your plan is dangerous. It’s going to backfire. We’re supposed to protect ashley, not get her into major trouble. My mental health was better.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Summer: I don’t know. I think I’m just worried about how getting fired is going to affect daniel. Yeah, I even thought about calling my mom, but that would be a nightmare for obvious reasons.

Chance: I have been bracing for phyllis to storm into the office when she gets wind of this.

Summer: Oh, you joke. But I’m sure you are worried about the blowback for chancellor-winters. I mean, firing both daniel and heather, that’s a pretty bold move.

Summer: Yeah, I can see it causing some hr issues.

Summer: I’m more worried about daniel emotionally. I don’t think he really thought about all the repercussions of him getting back together with heather.

Chance: Well, people usually don’t when it comes to love.

Summer: You know, omegasphere kind of saved him. He used to be a painter.

Chance: Yeah, I remember you mentioning that.

Summer: Yeah, well, it was his passion, and then his career stalled out, and he fell apart.

Chance: Like the whole struggling artist thing?

Summer: Oh, it was worse than that. He went to this really dark place, he pushed everyone away, and heather tried to stick around as long as she could, but at a certain point, she had to take lucy and move to portugal just to get away from his moods.

Chance: It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy that created our insanely successful gaming platform.

Summer: Princess louisa is what brought him back to himself, and to lucy, and now to heather.

Chance: Maybe it served its purpose. He doesn’t need it anymore.

Summer: Mm. Or maybe having his new career yanked away from him is going to make him spiral down all over again.

Daniel: I get you letting me go and I understand you cutting me loose from omegasphere, but I am begging you to let me keep princess louisa.

Lily: And why would i do that?

Daniel: Because you, more than anyone, know what this means to me. I created this game for my daughter. I made the character in her image, not just artistically, but spiritually, too. I poured all of my love for my daughter and all my pain from messing up my relationship with her into this game. And it was you, it was you who stood by and you cheered me on, and you gave me the opportunity to bring princess louisa to life. That saved me. It brought my daughter back to me. It saved our relationship. It gave me the opportunity to be a father to her again. And you did that. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be mad at me. I’m just asking you to remember why we built this, and I am begging you, just please don’t take this away from me.

Ms. Abbott: My god, you’re such an idiot. Don’t you see the emotional threat that tucker mccall poses to ashley?

Ash: You don’t intimidate me. I know you’re dangerous, and you’re putting ashley at risk.

Ms. Abbott: She’s vulnerable when she’s around him. And he’s not going anywhere. It’s my job to make sure that he gets out of her life for good.

Ash: You’re gonna make it worse. I know what you’re planning and it scares me.

Ms. Abbott: Because you’re ignorant.

Ash: You’re gross! What if they blame her? Have you ever thought about that? And then we wouldn’t have protected ashley at all.

Ms. Abbott: She won’t be blamed. Our sweet little vessel will be protected.

Ash: Just how are you gonna do that?

Ms. Abbott: Tucker mccall’s bimbo girlfriend. She’s gonna take the fall.

Tucker: Shall we move on to a more pressing topic?

Audra: You know, I’m surprised you didn’t bring up your proposal to me to ashley.

Tucker: Did you want me to?

Audra: You know, I almost brought it up myself. But I can’t believe I’m saying this. It seemed cruel.

Tucker: Even as she continues to push her way into our life?

Audra: What I saw wasn’t just a jealous ex. You know, she’s clearly troubled. Something’s happening to her.

Tucker: Are you saying you felt sorry for her?

Audra: Oh.

Jack: Okay, so ashley has been moody lately. We’ve all discussed that. How did this turn into such a scary problem?

Traci: Okay, first, I think we need to talk about tucker’s warning to her. You know, telling her she needs to get professional help.

Jack: As I said to you, this is another of mccall’s mind games. Now that ashley sees him for who he is, he wants to sow doubt in all of our minds about her mental health. As if she could only be unwell if she wanted nothing to do with him.

Traci: No. Jack, I don’t believe that’s it. I’ve been thinking back to when we were in paris and her behavior once we got home, and I just can’t shake the sense that there is something way bigger going on here than just a mccall ploy. And we would never forgive ourselves if he’s right and– and we just sit back and do nothing.

Jack: I’m sorry, traci. Ashley has warned me too many times lately to butt out.

Diane: It’s true. She’s made it very clear that she’s tired of everyone weighing in with their opinions.

Traci: Isn’t it better to be wrong and sorry than to ignore the possibility? I mean, come on! I can take the heat of ashley’s anger, but I would not be able to live with myself if I ignore warning signs and there are consequences.

Billy: I think that’s fair, traci, but maybe we just give her a little bit of time to work this out on her own as she’s demanded, you know? What’s the urgency?

Traci: Things have got far more dangerous than you know. Hey! It’s your dry skin.

Chance: You know, I was surprised at first that lily and devon would fire them both so quickly, but I thought about it, and… when abby, she cheated on me, I, um… well, I– I guess I understand where lily’s coming from. A betrayal like that, it hurts like hell. And it’s hard to look at it in the face, literally, every day just because you have to run a company.

Summer: I get it. I probably would do the exact same thing as lily, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about my brother. I just– I don’t know what to do.

Chance: Maybe there is nothing to do other than just be there for him.

Summer: Seems like falling in love doesn’t get any less complicated the more that you do it.

Chance: Yeah, but when love works out, it’s totally worth it. Otherwise, we’d stop after the first time. Wise man.

Chance: Mm, well, I don’t like to brag.

Summer: Uh-uh.

Chance: Now, if I may?

Summer: Of course.

[ Soft jazz music plays ]

Claire: Maybe that’s too awkward for you. When mom suggested telling me about neil, I didn’t know you were coming.

Cole: No, it’s– it’s okay. And there’s no need to explain or protect me. I was there, and I know what happened. I, uh, I wasn’t happy when neil wanted to step in at that time. But now, I can appreciate what he was willing to do. We were young, we made mistakes, or at least I certainly did.

Claire: Maybe, but you’ve been here for me throughout this whole ordeal. You’re the best father I could have ever wanted.

Cole: Thank you. I want you to know your story. All of it. And neil was going to be a part of that story, and he helped your mother through a very tough time. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Victor: Claire… neil was… a truly good man, and a very trusted friend.

Nikki: Yes, we helped each other through some rough times.

Claire: It feels like every day I’m learning about or meeting people who touched my life in ways I didn’t even know about. I can’t wait to learn more.

Jack: Exactly how did things become dangerous?

Traci: Look, I’m– I’m struggling here because I– I– I’m trying not to break ashley’s confidence. She swore me to secrecy.

Billy: Okay, um, I think we all know that if our sister’s safety is a concern, we appreciate you wanting to keep a secret, but to hell with that.

Jack: Come on, out with it.

Traci: Ashley is having blackouts. She’s waking up in strange places with no recollection of how she got there.

Audra: It’s like I was talking to two different people. A frantic, scared little girl, and then seconds later, ashley on steroids. Just in control, above it all. That’s the one you got there in time to see.

Tucker: Hm.

Audra: And it wasn’t just a mood swing. It was jarring.

Tucker: Yeah. Seems like she’s getting worse by the day.

Audra: You know, she said she, or ashley, is planning to hurt you.

Tucker: Yeah, I just– I have a hard time believing she’d actually be physically dangerous.

Audra: Well, I assume she meant emotionally, like break your heart.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I hadn’t even considered she might have plans to do you physical harm.

Ash: What do you mean? You’re going to pull tucker’s girlfriend into this mess?

Ms. Abbott: Mm-hmm. My plan is genius, so you stay out of it. Or I just might have to make you disappear for good.

Ash: You can’t do that. Ashley created me to protect her from you.

Ms. Abbott: Mm. That’s so sweet. I’m the only one that’s looking out for her best interests.

Ash: You’re going too far, and I’m going to stop you.

Ms. Abbott: I’m in control of this situation. I am stronger than you and even ashley. Just look at her. She’s so weak. She’s so vulnerable. Where would she be without me? When you have chronic kidney disease,

Summer: Seriously?

Victor: Oh, my goodness, chance and summer. It’s so nice to see both of you. You look so happy.

Summer: Oh, thanks…

Victor: My goodness.

Summer: …Grandpa, it’s nice to feel that way.

Claire: Hey, uh, how’s my new buddy, harrison?

Summer: He’s fine, thanks.

Nikki: Why don’t you join us at our table? It’s family night out, the more the merrier.

Summer: Uh, why not?

Cole: Oh, great, great. I’ll go get a table.

Victor: Uh, would you mind talking to granddad for a moment?

Summer: Absolutely, grandpa.

Victor: Thank you. So…

Summer: What’s up?

Victor: …Why do I get the feeling that you’re not all that happy with your new cousin? I mean, is it because of what I’ve told you about her?

Summer: You act like everything that happened is ancient history, but it was just a couple months ago that she tried to poison all of you, and now you’re here chummy with her?

Victor: I understand your concern. I really do. But just know that we all have decided to move beyond that, and I hope that you can too. And just remember, we’re all a result of our upbringing, and claire did not have too good of an upbringing.

Summer: Even so, anybody that could go along with a scheme like that, even if it wasn’t her idea, I just– I don’t trust her.

Billy: Ashley’s blacking out? Is she drinking?

Traci: I asked her the same thing. She says no. It’s different.

Jack: So, what exactly did ashley tell you?

Traci: Okay, remember I told you that she was out all night and didn’t come home?

Jack: Yeah, as adults do sometimes.

Traci: Well, after you left, she finally did come home. And she was a wreck! I pushed her to find out where she’d been, and finally she said that she couldn’t answer my question because she had no idea.

Billy: That’s not good.

Traci: No! Apparently she woke up in some seedy motel, alone, thank god, but she had absolutely no memory of how she got there, and no, pills and alcohol were not involved.

Jack: This is serious.

Traci: Yes! Thank you! Thank you for finally realizing that!

Billy: Okay, um, I feel like I’m playing catch up a little bit here. So, how long has this been going on for? A while or?

Traci: But I– I don’t know how long the blackouts have been happening, but I think we’ve all seen some pretty erratic behavior from her lately.

Billy: I mean, I have. I told you that I had a run-in with her at society, and she was acting like a child.

Jack: I had a similar situation with her here. She was binge watching sitcoms in the middle of the day. When I told her billy and i were both concerned about her, she told me to tell everyone to stop bugging her and leave her alone!

Traci: It’s time to take a look at the real possibility something serious is going on with her!

Daniel: I hate that i hurt you, and I understand why you wouldn’t want to see me or heather in the building.

Lily: I think it’s too late for regrets now.

Daniel: If you can find it in your heart just to let me carve out this tiny little piece, I will gladly walk away from the rest of omegasphere.

Lily: You know, you seem to think that you have some sort of say in this.

Daniel: I thought you understood where I was coming from.

Lily: Well, I mean, understanding your request and granting it are two different things. But lucy forgave you, heather’s back in your bed again, you’re one big happy family. So princess louisa served its purpose. And now, it’s just another game. And I own it. After cooking a delicious knorr chicken

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Ms. Abbott: Look at you. You can’t fight me. Go back to sleep.

Ash: No. You can’t make me. You’re not the boss of me.

Ms. Abbott: Oh, but I am.

Ash: No. Ashley. Ashley, please. No. Ashley. No.

[ Grunts ]

Ms. Abbott: Soon, he’s going to be gone for good. And then you’ll be safe. I promise.

[ Gasps ]

Ashley: Oh, my god, what the hell is this? Honestly. Yeah. It’s time for you to go, tucker.

Claire: It’s one thing to find out both of you wanted me, but the idea this man did too, how did that happen?

Victoria: I told you that your father and I were not together when you were born.

Cole: We were headed for divorce.

Victoria: And, um, then i started dating neil, and I found out I was pregnant with you.

Cole: And I didn’t know yet.

Victoria: Yes, but that’s because you were dating ashley. And like you said earlier, I mean, we were young and naive, and we– we didn’t always make the best choices. But when I told neil, he wanted to get married and he wanted to raise you as his own.

Claire: Did he really love you that much? Or was he just so generous to raise someone else’s child?

[ Victoria chuckles ]

Victoria: That is just the kind of man that he was. And if it had come to pass, you wouldn’t have been to him just someone else’s child. You would have been his.

Cole: And when I found out, I absolutely wanted to raise you as my daughter.

Victoria: Then, my appendix burst, and I was rushed to the hospital, and you were born.

Cole: And we thought that you had passed.

Victoria: And our grief drowned out anything else that had happened up to that point.

Nikki: I’m glad claire is learning about neil.

Victor: Yeah. You know, when I think of him, naming the lounge after neil was a wonderful idea. Keeps his name in everyone’s memory.

Nikki: Well, abby gets all the credit for that.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: And you know, I do think that the dedication that we did at the gala really helped mend things between devon and lily. And neil would have been very pleased about that. Now, his children, his grandchildren have a place to go to remember him. And we all do. I– I miss him every day.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Especially at our aa meetings, but you know, I– I do feel his presence here. I mean, this room feels very, very warm and inviting. And… [ Exhales ] …It’s a relief to feel almost safe somewhere other than the ranch, you know?

Victoria: Are you worried about an uninvited guest?

Summer: You don’t think that jordan woman would show up here?

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no. She wouldn’t dare. No, and besides, we have our security detail. I am not going to let her get to me anymore. I am going to enjoy this family night out as best I can. After I powdered my nose. Excuse me.

Victor: Here, sweetheart.

Victoria: Uh, dad, mom seems a little skittish. Do you think maybe I should go with her?

Victor: Oh, just give her some time, okay?

Cole: May I have this dance?

Claire: Go ahead. I’ve never seen my parents dance.

Cole: Go?

Victoria: Yeah.

Chance: You want to take another spin?

Summer: Thought you’d never ask.

Claire: I saw you talking to summer. She thinks I’m a monster like jordan, doesn’t she?

Victor: If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that. Because you will win over your cousin just like you have the rest of us.

Victoria: I’m sorry if bringing up neil to claire opened up old wounds.

Cole: I’m not. It’s good for her to see that people can change.

Victoria: She really has come so far.

Cole: We all have. And I don’t think we’d make the same mistakes today that we made back then.

Upbeat music

Victor: Thank you, simone. There you are.

Nikki: Well, it touches my heart to see your parents dancing.

Victor: Doesn’t it?

Claire: Yeah, they just fit, don’t they?

Victoria: Thank you for the dance.

Cole: Anytime.

Summer: Do we have to stop?

Chance: We can just sit here and sway in silence. That’d be kind of weird.

Summer: Weirder than making small talk with my new cousin?

Chance: Come on.

[ Summer groaning ] Come on.

Victor: And now… let’s all raise a glass. To see all of you together here makes me very happy, okay? So to family. And to the anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life. Cheers.

All: Cheers.

Audra: You know, the fact that you want us to make this commitment, the happily ever after of it all–

Tucker: Yeah, that’s what we deserve.

Audra: Yeah, but that’s a fairy tale. And we’re no prince and princess.

Tucker: Says who?

Audra: Every fiber in my being. And yours too, if you’re being honest with yourself. Look, like I said, tucker, we work because we aren’t traditional. Trying to fit into a conventional love story, it would break us. Hey. You want every day with me? You have it.

Tucker: Ah.

Audra: An endless adventure, I am all in. But just please, no labels or documents. No tiaras or– or diamonds, okay? Just you and me, that’s it.

Tucker: You sound almost superstitious about it. Like a– a marriage certificate would be the death knell.

Audra: For us? There is no doubt in my mind.

Tucker: Hm, and are you sure you’re not being swayed by all this drama with ashley?

Audra: No, I swear that’s not it. We’re in a good place, you and me. A great place. Now, was that a kiss of rejection or intense love?

Tucker: I think I need another one just to– just to try to figure it out.

Audra: Well, you’ll get plenty of that later. I am late to meet sally for a drink.

[ Tucker imitates sobbing ]

Tucker: You’re such a tease.

Audra: And that’s why you love me. See you later.

Tucker: Adios.

Jack: So, how did ashley say she was going to handle this?

Traci: Well, she didn’t, really. I suggested that she see a doctor, and one moment she was in agreement, she was terrified about the blackouts and really, really concerned about what was happening with her. And the next moment, she brushed everything off, and said there was nothing to worry about.

Billy: So, what changed her mind?

Traci: Nothing changed, just her attitude. We– we’ve got to step in. We’ve got to help her.

[ Door bangs closed ]

Ashley: Oh, dear, look at these faces, so grim. Who died?

Daniel: Well, I wanted to do this civilly, have a conversation about it, appeal to your better nature, but I guess, if you’re going to take a hard line, then, well, you leave me no choice.

Lily: What’s that supposed to mean?

Daniel: I’m going to be suing chancellor-winters for wrongful termination, and I’m going to demand that I get to keep whatever I want from omegasphere, the platform that I created.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: I mean, you can go ahead and try, but your contract is ironclad.

Daniel: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You see, heather is going to represent me. She rarely loses, so, um… get ready for a fight. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Victor: I thought it was a wonderful evening. I certainly hope that it provided some escape for you, my baby.

Nikki: Yes, it did. We never did get around to making any plans for the party.

Victor: It’ll be a wonderful party. Celebrating all our years together, and our years to come.

Nikki: You know, we didn’t eat anything at the lounge and I am starving.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: Do you think you could ask the chef to make us a light supper?

Victor: That’s a great idea. I’ll be right back.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: Good idea.

Nikki: Just a sip at a time. Just to get me through tonight. And then ’til the party. And until jordan is caught. Then, I’ll be able to fight this. For now, it’s slow and steady. A sip at a time. A day at a time. I can do that. No one will have any idea.

Summer: Thank you for being a good sport and hanging out with my family. Even my new cousin. What? You want to say something.

Chance: No, it’s just– look, I got a good sense of people.

Summer: All right, what is your spidey sense telling you about claire?

Chance: That she’s trying very hard to get over her past, and to reach out to you. Seems like she wants a friend. Now, is it that hard for you to give her a chance?

Victoria: Thank you for bringing us home.

Cole: Hey, well, you know, thank you for including me with the night.

Claire: Yeah, it was almost a perfect night.

Victoria: Almost?

Claire: I get the sense that summer isn’t wild about me. Victor says I can win her over, but I’m not so sure. I hate the idea of having enemies in the family.

Victoria: No, I’m sure that summer won’t be an enemy.

Cole: You know, I think she just needs to spend more time with you to see just how great you are.

Claire: Well, I’m willing to try. But I can’t think of anything better than getting into my new bed right now. So, good night.

Victoria: Good night, sweetheart.

Cole: Night.

Claire: Night.

Cole: Well, uh, I should go, and let you turn in.

Victoria: Yeah, okay. Ah, well, um, thank you for coming tonight.

Cole: Yeah, well, thanks for the dance.

Victoria: Yeah, I haven’t done that in such a long time. It was nice.

Cole: It was nice.

Traci: Actually, we were just discussing our concern for you, ashley.

Ashley: So, you betrayed me. I told you something in confidence, and you just turned around, and blabbed away.

Traci: I am so worried about you. It was a secret I couldn’t keep. We can’t keep ignoring what’s going on with you. Your behavior is a cry for help.

Ashley: So, is that what this is? It’s a– it’s a sad excuse for an intervention?

Jack: It seems your condition is more serious than we knew.

Ashley: Ah, I have a condition now. How fascinating. So, I’m not allowed to have any kind of conflicted feelings or concerns at all? If I voice any kind of doubts or anything, that all of you think that I’m falling apart?

Jack: No, no one is saying that. If you’re having memory issues, if you’re blacking out, you need to see a doctor.

Billy: And I hope you can understand, we all have your best interest at heart.

Traci: All we want to do is help.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Billy: I got it.

Ashley: Okay, so this is how you help, by gathering together like this?

Jack: Let’s just–

[ Ashley scoffs ]

Ashley: Well, now, isn’t this just peachy? The gang’s all here.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, April 8, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tucker: Hey gorgeous, I’m about to jump in the shower. Why don’t you join me, make it more interesting. I’ll make it worth your while. Marry me, audra. I love you. Give me your hand.

Audra: Uh, tucker, wait. I haven’t said yes. Are you sure you’re not trying to prove something to ashley or devon or perhaps the rest of the world? Or are you maybe just out to prove something to yourself?

Ashley: Hi.

Ashley: Geez, how many messages could one person leave? I love you, trace, but you’re a pain in the butt. No. No. No. No. Oh. I’ve got to find tucker and scare him off. It’s the only way to protect ashley before she takes back control and does something stupid. Hi, hi. Uh, can I please get a ginger ale? Wait, um… I’m gonna have a martini.

Summer: Oh, there you are.

Chance: I’m so sorry I’m late.

Summer: Rough day at the office?

Chance: Um, yeah. Yeah, it got pretty tense.

Summer: Seems to be kind of the norm at chancellor-winters lately. Do you wanna talk about it, or do you wanna slide straight into ordering some drinks?

Chance: Well, as good as that sounds, I think there’s something that we might need to discuss first.

Claire: Oh, how adorable is this place? I can hardly believe this is happening. I have a home. A real home with my mom and actual siblings that I can’t wait to meet. Next thing you know, I’ll be asking for a puppy. Are you all right?

Victoria: Yeah. Yes, of course.

Claire: Ah. I think I know the perfect place for this. It’s beautiful when it blooms.

Victoria: I’m pleased that you’re so happy.

Claire: This is my dream, but it isn’t yours, is it?

Victor: Sweetheart, are you okay?

Nikki: Yes, I’m fine.

Victor: Baby, don’t lie to me. I know what’s going on. (Vo) at dog chow

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… my blood pressure is borderline.

Victor: The vodka. Larry told me that someone at the bar society sent over a drink to you.

Nikki: Yes, it– it was terrifying.

Victor: Well, tell me about it.

Nikki: I was with jack, and some man sent a glass of vodka over to me, and then he left the restaurant.

Victor: Anyone recognize the sob?

Nikki: The staff had never seen him before. And larry was looking for jordan, not a man. Jack tried to track the guy down, whoever he was, but he didn’t have any luck. But I am convinced that jordan was behind it.

Victor: Uh-huh. Let me ask you something. If– if larry hadn’t told me about this, would you have? I mean, sweetheart, you and I agreed to be open with each other. All right? I have to know what’s going on. Don’t you agree?

Nikki: I just don’t wanna be a burden.

Victor: What do you mean, you don’t wanna be a burden? Since when have you been a burden to me? Your happiness, your well-being is all that matters to me. I don’t want you to go out alone anymore, dear. I mean– anyway, I’m gonna double security, okay?

Nikki: What good would that do? I mean, we already know that jordan has at least one other person working with her. I– it’s like she’s everywhere, watching and waiting. How much longer are we supposed to go on like this? It– it has to stop.

Victor: It will end.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: Right now, because you and I will go on a vacation. There’ll be a plan.

Nikki: No, victor. I won’t go.

Summer: Daniel, I can’t believe that you got fired. I– I hope that you’re okay. Call me when you get this. I just– I can’t believe that lily would fire him. I mean, yes, getting back together with heather while lily was out of town, daniel could have handled that situation a bit better, but lily’s always been so level-headed. For her to retaliate like this, firing them both, it just feels unfair.

Chance: I agree, and the issue is bigger than just that. I mean, the repercussions are gonna be felt throughout the whole company. Your brother is omega sphere. I mean, I have a feeling chancellor-winters is gonna take a serious hit without him.

Summer: Are you sorry you left the police force now?

Chance: No, but I am sorry that I have taken up so much of this beautiful evening talking shop. So, I’m done now. Let the date begin.

Summer: Okay, that’s not how it works.

Chance: What do you mean?

Summer: Chance, you don’t have to be on with me. Date with summer, it’s not another thing to check off your to-do list. This is where you get to actually be yourself and relax. Although I am sensing your stress level is still pretty high.

Chance: Yeah, you could say that.

Summer: You know, I think I know how to ease a lot of that tension, actually.

Chance: You’re not gonna throw me on a roller coaster, are you?

Summer: Oh, you did say you wanted a rain check for that, but no, I think I have an even better idea. Follow me.

Chance: Okay.

Tucker: Yo, miss charles, this water ain’t getting any wetter. Better get in there.

[ Ashley grunts ]

Ashley: So gross! Why would anybody drink that?

Audra: Oh, just what I need.

Ashley: Hey! Hi.

Audra: Excuse me?

Ashley: I need to talk to tucker. It’s really important.

Audra: Are you for real?

Ashley: Yeah.

Audra: You know, you are unbelievable.

Ashley: I just need to talk to tucker, okay? I just– that’s all.

Audra: “That’s all?” Yeah, what’s it gonna take for you to finally get the message that tucker is done with you? Utter and complete public humiliation? Because that can be easily arranged.

You’re the one that I want

Ashley: No, I don’t want anybody to be humiliated.

Audra: Too bad you’re doing that all by yourself.

Ashley: I’m not who you think I am.

Audra: I’m pretty sure i know who you are.

Ashley: No. I said I really have to find tucker. I need to warn him.

Audra: Warn him about what? Me? That’s a laugh. No, you’re the only threat here, and– and you’re making a fool of yourself.

Ashley: No, it’s not me. Listen to me, please. It’s not me, it’s her. She’s pretending that she loves him, but she doesn’T. She wants to hurt him. I mean, like, she wants to hurt him really, really bad. She thinks it’s the only way to protect ashley, but she’s wrong.

Audra: Okay, but you’re ashley. So– so who is she? What– what are you even talking about?

Ashley: I’m trying to tell you. I need to find tucker. It’s very, very important. I just need to talk to him.

Audra: Oh, my god. Tucker was right. You– you are losing your mind.

Ashley: That is so not cool of you to say to me right now. You have no idea what she’s planning.

Audra: Ashley?

Ashley: Ash, stop right now. Not another word or I will shut you down. No.

Audra: No what? Wh– what’s happening? You know, you’re really freaking me out if that’s your plan.

Ashley: You have to promise me. Please promise me that you’re gonna keep him away from her.

Audra: Who is her? Ashley.

Victoria: You know, I want you to know something. This is my dream.

[ Exhales ] There’s nothing that I want more than to– to build a home with you. Under one roof, our– our own roof, not camping out at my parents’ place.

Claire: Oh, the main house wasn’t exactly camping.

[ Victoria laughs ]

Victoria: Yeah, you’re right about that.

Claire: So, you’re okay?

Victoria: Yes.

Claire: You just– you seem not quite here.

Victoria: Well– well it’s just that being here, I can’t help but think of the home that I lost. There’s just been so much going on and we’ve been so busy. I really haven’t had it. The chance for it to sink in until now.

Claire: I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking.

Victoria: No, please don’t– don’t apologize. I just need some time to process all of it and I will. But to know that that home that I loved for all of those years, where I raised my children and I built so many memories there. And it’s just gone now. It’s ashes.

[ Victoria sighs ] My kids will never get to see where they took their first steps again. Where they said their first words. And, you know, I’ve been really worried about how hard it would be for them to– to lose the only home that they’ve ever known. But I guess… I guess I just didn’t realize that it would be really hard for me as well.

Claire: I can’t even imagine what you’ve lost. But if it’s not too much, I– I’d love to hear about your beautiful home.

Victor: What do you mean we don’t go on our vacation? That’s long overdue.

Nikki: Well, I was talking to jack about it. If we leave town, jordan wins.

Victor: I don’t give a damn what jack abbott says or thinks, all right? It’s none of his damn business.

Nikki: No, this is all me. We stay. I will not let that woman declare victory.

Victor: Sweetheart, when you live your life, that’s the best revenge.

Nikki: Well, there’s another reason that we should stay in town.

Victor: What?

Nikki: Victoria has already voiced her concern about this. Without me to focus on, jordan might go after claire, and I would never be able to forgive myself, and I know you wouldn’t either.

Victor: Victoria and claire are safe in the tack house.

Nikki: You can’t confine them to the property. And I– I don’t want to put their safety at risk, so I have come up with a plan.

Victor: Oh, yeah? What’s your plan?

Nikki: We will throw an anniversary party that is so spectacular, when jordan hears about it, she won’t be able to help herself. She will try to sneak in and wreak havoc, but we will have so much security there, she will be outnumbered.

Victor: I don’t like it. Okay? I will not have that psychopath ruin our celebration.

Nikki: Well, she’s already done a hell of a job destroying our lives. Wouldn’t it be worth it to finally stop her? There it is…

Chance: I like the way you think.

Summer: I thought that you would.

Chance: Come here.

Summer: Take your shirt off.

Chance: Excuse me?

Summer: I’m gonna give you a massage.

Chance: Oh! Don’t have to tell me twice.

Summer: Yes, yes, yes.

Chance: Yeah, you can button out there.

Summer: There you go.

Chance: One more for good luck.

Summer: Okay, on the bed.

Chance: Yes, ma’am. Oh! Oh, yeah. Wow. Oh! No way.

[ Summer laughs ] Oh, yeah. Mm. You are too good to me.

Summer: Oh, this feels good to me, too.

[ Chance laughs ] I like shutting out the world with you.

Chance: You know what? I like shutting out the world with you, too. Although I think we need a little reciprocation here, yeah?

Summer: I don’t need a massage.

Summer: Oh, I had some other things in mind, actually.

Summer: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Chance: Yeah, baby. Yeah. Over there. Over there. How’s it doing for you?

Summer: Hmm.

Victor: Trust me, I will get her. And there will be justice.

Nikki: Does that mean that you have a plan?

Victor: Let me just say that there are several options, all right? You just told me that I need to be open and honest with you. That goes both ways.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: But this whole mess is my fault.

Victor: Come on, now. No, don’t make excuses for me. It was a mistake, and this is my way to make amends.

Victor: There’s no need. I’m on it.

Nikki: Victor, try to understand. I wanna take my life back. I– I wanna be in control of my sobriety. And maybe there’s a part of me that wants to know that I’m not anybody’s victim. So I wanna be a part of bringing jordan down for good. Here’s how I see it. We won’t even know that she has infiltrated the party until she’s apprehended. So while she is in custody, we will be celebrating our life and love with our family and friends.

Audra: Ashley, I don’t wanna argue with you about this or anything else, because none of what you said made any sense. You know, if it’s for show, to make tucker or me pity you, that would be one thing. You know, but if this is for real–

Ashley: My god, you like to talk, don’t you? Let me tell you what happened. I had a couple of these bad boys, and I forgot to eat. No big deal.

Audra: Are you on meds? Is this some kind of interaction?

Ashley: No, I’m not on meds. No, like I said, it went right to my head.

Audra: You know, you weren’t being yourself, and I’m not sure who you are now.

Ashley: You know me so well.

Audra: Well, I know that that wasn’t normal, and now you’re back to being a complete–

[ Sighs ] You know what? This is none of my business.

Ashley: You are really blowing this out of proportion.

Audra: You know, you should go home and talk to your family.

Ashley: Okay, audra, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. In the meantime, can we keep this silly little conversation to ourselves?

Audra: You don’t want tucker to know, for whatever reason. Honestly, I just wanna be done with this conversation, so–

Tucker: Hey. What’s going on? I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Victoria: The minute that billy and I saw the house, well, we knew we had to have it. It was– [ Sighs ] It was straight out of father knows best. You’re probably too young to even know about that show.

Claire: Happy family hijinks?

Victoria: Yeah, something like that, yeah. But anyway, it was just this cozy, old-fashioned house. In one of those neighborhoods where you could borrow sugar from the neighbor. Or I could have if I had done anything more than bake chocolate chip cookies for the kids, and burn them multiple times.

Claire: Well, I really wish I’d been there for that.

Victoria: You wanna know what the funny thing is? I’ve already pictured you there with us, and what that would have been like. Game time around the coffee table with johnnie and katie when they got home from boarding school. Not to mention the holidays. Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters at halloween, and christmas, oh, christmas. I mean, the tree. The way that it looked right there in that big window. It was beautiful. And you would have hung your stocking right next to everyone else’s, our family. Truly together.

Claire: It would have been perfect. Would you consider rebuilding?

Victoria: No. No. It just wouldn’t be the same, you know? The notches on the door and the kitchen where we used to measure the kids’ height as they got taller. And all of the kids’ posters and art projects and all the trophies.

[ Sniffles ] And all of the silly stuff that we would leave on the refrigerator. That is what makes a house a home.

[ Sobbing ] And it’s gone now.

Claire: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that this isn’t the way that you planned for us to live together, and I’m sorry that it’s just– it’s another thing that jordan has taken from you, from– from us.

Victoria: Listen to me. I don’t want you to think about her anymore or talk about her anymore. She doesn’t deserve that. You’re here now with your family and that’s all that matters. All right. [ Sniffles ] And now, for the first order of business… welcome home.

[ Claire chuckles ]

Claire: I know it’s just a key but… thank you.

Victoria: And for the second order of business, you need to pick which room you want.

Claire: Really? Any one I want?

Victoria: Absolutely. You’re the oldest. You’re here now. You have first dibs.

Claire: Okay then. I suppose you’d be the one with the bookshelves.

Victoria: Are those the books that I gave you at the hospital?

Claire: My most treasured possessions.

Victoria: I’m actually starting to feel like home already.

Victor: Sweetheart, the reason for this party is for you to focus on something other than that jordan woman. I wanna celebrate us. It was 40 years ago that we expressed our love for each other.

Nikki: Well, we have been on and off, so 40 years is a bit misleading.

Victor: I don’t give a damn with off and on. I’ve loved you all these years. You’ve always in my heart.

Nikki: You’re such a romantic. You always have been. If you really wanna go big, let’s do this. We will bring jordan down. What could be a better tribute than that to our love?

Audra: You were right, tucker. Something is definitely off. The things she said made no sense.

[ Ashley laughing ]

Ashley: You’re really a drama queen, aren’t you? Okay, I had a martini with no food.

Audra: Okay, and now you’re stone cold sober? You know, maybe you are faking it. Maybe this is part of her sick game or something.

Tucker: What’s going on, ashley?

Ashley: Honestly, your girlfriend here is blowing everything out of proportion.

Audra: That’s what you wanna call it?

Ashley: Well, I think this is you taking a silly conversation that we had, and twisting it so you can mark your territory. I really don’t know.

Tucker: Have you seen anyone? Have you talked to anyone yet, as we discussed?

Ashley: Oh, baby, so adorable how you worry about me. Starting to make me think that I should worry about you.

[ Tucker chuckles ] When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Tucker: That’s no answer.

Ashley: Well, I can see there’s no point in trying to have a conversation with either one of you. I will take my leave. Audra, do the world a favor. Get a sense of humor.

Audra: Gr– mm. Wow, that was–

Tucker: She rattled you?

Audra: She wishes. You know, but the thing she said, you know, for a moment, I was afraid for her. And for you.

Tucker: Talk to me. Tell me everything.

Chance: Thank you for closing out the world with me. You know, I’m the worst. I didn’t ask you about how your day was.

Summer: Oh, my day. My day was pretty low-key. I worked from the abbott house for a couple hours to keep an eye on harrison. Kyle and I are kind of tag-teaming it until we find a full-time nanny situation.

Chance: Well, it’s good that you two are working together. And keep things civil.

Summer: Yeah, like you and abby, right? I mean, things aren’t always amazing, but we can come together for harrison’s best interests.

Chance: Yeah, abby and I, we got the co-parenting thing down, but the nanny duty?

[ Exhales ] I cannot imagine having to work with dominic in my office. You know, I told you he decided to be a drummer, right? Very dedicated to his craft, too.

Summer: Ooh, that would be distracting.

Chance: You know, the real distraction is sometimes I just watch him play with whatever. You know, he’s so sweet.

Summer: You’re such a good daddy.

Chance: Papa. Devon’s daddy.

Summer: Right, you all have this down.

Chance: Yeah, yeah. I do love every second with that little dude, though.

Summer: Hmm. Sometimes it makes me sad that I missed out on harrison’s younger years. But I know I just gotta enjoy all the time that I have with him now before he decides he’s too old to call me mommy.

Chance: Ooh, it’s gonna be a tough day.

Summer: It really will be.

Chance: Until then, you still need a nanny.

Summer: Yes, I do. But unfortunately, the only person harrison has responded to is not safe to be around for anyone.

Nikki: I know you’re concerned about my safety and the family’s safety, but security is on it. And we already know how jordan operates, so we will be ready for her, and it will finally be over.

Victor: So this is what you really want?

Nikki: It really is.

Victor: Then we’re gonna make it work.

Nikki: Why do I have the feeling that you already have something planned?

Victor: Let me put it this way. If we’re gonna pull this off, then I’m gonna have to make a few phone calls.

Nikki: Is that a yes?

[ Victor exhales ]

Victor: Are you sure about this, baby? Because once we start this, there’s no going back.

Nikki: The only thing I’m more sure of is how much I love you.

Victor: Then… let’s have a party to end all parties. Okay? In more ways than one.

[ Nikki chuckles ] Chin up, sweetheart.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: See you later.

Nikki: Okay.

Victoria: Mom, are you here?

Nikki: I’m right here, darling, I’m in here.

Victoria: Hi.

Nikki: Hey.

[ Victoria sighs ] How are you settling in at the tack house?

Victoria: Ah, it’s going to be amazing. [ Laughs ]

Nikki: Well, if you need anything, let me know.

Victoria: No, no, no. Not when you should be packing for your romantic getaway. Are you going somewhere tropical, I’m guessing?

Nikki: Um, about that, there’s been a change of plans.

Victoria: But you were so looking forward to it.

Nikki: And your father and i are going to take a trip eventually. But right now, we just wanted to focus on the party.

Victoria: It’s gonna be your first newman party as a newman. Do you think you’re ready for it?

Claire: I can’t wait. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’d love to pitch in.

Nikki: Oh, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

Victoria: Well, 40 years is definitely something to celebrate, but are you sure having some big extravaganza is a good idea? I mean, there’s gonna be a lot of people and a lot going on. It could be a magnet for jordan. I mean, if she is still around. Do you really think we should take that chance, mom?

Nikki: All I know is that victor and I aren’t going to let her have power over us anymore. And we can celebrate that as well.

Victoria: What if she didn’t get on a train? What if she finds a way to sneak into the party?

Nikki: To be honest, that’s exactly what I hope she does. Diabetes can serve up a lot of questions, like…

Chance: I know you’ve got your doubts about your cousin claire, but the rest of the newman clan has accepted her, yeah?

Summer: Hmm, more or less.

Chance: And she’s staying at the ranch?

Summer: Yes, she is.

Chance: Well, if victor newman of all people doesn’t think she’s a threat, I tend to go with that.

Summer: How can I look at her and not see the person who was all in on helping to kill my dad, my– my grandparents, my aunt?

Chance: I know. Didn’t she say she was brainwashed by someone?

Summer: Yes, but is that really an excuse? And even so, I mean, how do we know that she’s actually cured?

Chance: It’s possible.

Summer: Possible, yes. But the fact is, she could still be a threat to my family. That’s enough for me to not trust her around my son.

[ Chance sighs ] Ugh, unless she is totally and completely sane suddenly, and I’m the one that’s being a jerk.

Chance: You know, I’m sensing that you’re the one who’s stressing now. How about I take you downstairs and we get a round of those drinks we never ordered?

Summer: Hmm, I think that that is a great idea. Last thing I wanna do right now is think about my cousin claire.

Victoria: Mom, this is how you and dad wanna celebrate your 40th anniversary together? By setting another trap for jordan?

Nikki: I can’t think of a better way.

Victoria: Well, I hope you’re beginning to see now that the newman family is not exactly a normal family.

Claire: No, but they are smart, and strong, and put family first, which makes me even more thrilled and proud to be a part of it all.

Victoria: Well, claire and i are going to head to the jazz lounge. I wanna show it to her. It’ll be her first time. Would you like to join us?

Nikki: You’re going to love it. The man it honors was a very special friend of ours.

Victoria: Yeah. So are you in?

Nikki: Yes, I think an evening at the jazz lounge is perfect for all of us. Just what we need.

Victor: I think that’s a wonderful idea. Why don’t you take cole along?

Victoria: Sure. Um, we’re gonna head back to the tack house, and we’ll change her, and we’ll meet you back here.

Victor: Great. Sweetheart, I’m gonna make a phone call. I’ll be right there.

Nikki: All right.

Audra: You know, I tried to avoid ashley, but she called me over, and she was acting like, I don’t– she was frantic, you know, and the things that she was saying, that she’s out to get you, I couldn’t make sense of it.

Tucker: “She” meaning ashley is out to get me?

Audra: Unless she was talking about someone else. She kept talking about herself in the third person. You know, that she kept telling me to keep you away from her, that she was gonna hurt you.

Tucker: Hurt me how?

Audra: I have no idea. Anything could have been going on up there. And– and then you show up, and she pulls it together, and claims that she was just drinking too much, that she was just messing with me.

Tucker: She might have been.

Audra: Oh, come on. You don’t believe that any more than I do.

[ Door opens ]

Ashley: This has got to stop. I’ve got to get that kid in line before she ruins everything. [ Exhales slowly ] Wake up! Wake up! [ Grunting ] We have to get something straight, you little brat!

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 8, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Suzanne

Audra sits in her bed in Tucker’s hotel room. He calls from the shower for her to join him. She has a flashback to when he asked him to marry her. When he comes out, she is gone. Downstairs, Ashley’s teen personality orders a martini at the bar, but she tastes it and thinks it’s gross. She tries to force herself to drink it. She sees Audra and tells her that she has to warn Tucker that “she” is out to get him. She also says, “I’m not who you think I am.” Audra is very confused by whatever Ashley is saying. Ashley’s personality changes in front of her and claims that she’s just drunk because she had too many drinks and no food. Audra’s not sure what to think. When Tucker comes down, they all have a tense conversation. Ashley leaves. Audra fills him in on what happened.

Ashley goes back to her room and starts arguing with her other two personalities. We see them in a big white room with three beds.  The teen Ashley is sleeping, so she yells at her to wake up, saying they have to get something straight.

Chance meets Summer for drinks. He fills her in on Daniel getting fired, so she phones Daniel and leaves a message. They discuss Lily firing him for a minute. Chance is tense from work, so they go upstairs. She wants to give him a massage. This leads to sex, of course. They chat for a bit about Claire before heading back downstairs for the drinks.

Claire moves in to the tack house with Victoria. She’s very excited to be joining her family. Victoria is a bit upset because she’s remember her house that burned down. She tells Claire all about it, and how she’d imagined Claire being part of their family, too. Victoria lets her choose her own room. Claire still has the books Victoria gave her and calls them her “most prized possessions.” They hug.

At home, Nikki drinks some vodka and then hides it in her purse. Victor comes up and tells her that he heard that a man sent her a drink while she was at Society with Jack. She thinks Jordan had something to do with it. Victor wants to take a tropical vacation for their 40th wedding anniversary, but she insists that they have a big party, instead, and use it to trap Jordan once and for all. He thinks it’s very risky, but she talks him into it, so he arranges it. Victoria and Claire drop by, so she fills them in about the party. They were on their way to the Jazz Lounge and invite her, and Victor invites himself as well. He suggests that Victoria invite Cole, too, so she agrees.


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Y&R Transcript Friday, April 5, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: What do I really want from chancellor-winters? Almost sounds like you’re interviewing me for the job, lily. Am I going to have to express my biggest weaknesses here? Let me see. I’m a perfectionist, okay? And I often love to bring my work home with me.

Lily: Billy, come on, come on. I’m being serious.

Billy: I want to do a good job. I want to bring value to the company that katherine loved, okay? And I want to do it in a way that earns trust for my team. And I want to be a good example for my kids.

Lily: Okay. What else?

Billy: That’s it. That’s not enough for you?

Lily: I think there’s more. I mean, that’s a great answer for your fortune 500 profile, but this is me you’re talking to. So what else?

Billy: I want to protect my mother’s position and her legacy. But I’m also not here just to be a placeholder for her.

Lily: I’m asking what’s in it for you, billy. And don’t lie to me, because I will see right through it.

Nick: Hey, how’s it going?

Sally: Oh, good. How about you?

Nick: Hanging in there. Have you heard from adam?

Sally: Uh, we have traded a few brief phone calls, but I– I don’t know much. As of last night, he and chelsea and connor were in baltimore, scheduled for some sessions today, coming up with a treatment plan.

Nick: Poor little guy. It’s got to be so scary for him. And I cannot imagine what adam and chelsea are going through.

Sally: Yeah, adam was so relieved to see how happy connor was to get home to genoa city. He thought maybe the nightmare was over, but it really didn’t make a bit of difference with his ocd symptoms. The last thing adam wanted to do was to send connor away, but he finally had to agree with chelsea that the only thing that matters is the best treatment possible.

Nick: He’s right. I’m glad adam and chelsea are on the same page and they’ve come together to do whatever they can to get their boy the help he needs.

Chelsea: Before I forget, please thank victor for letting us use the newman jet.

Adam: Will do.

Chelsea: He didn’t have to do that.

Adam: Well, for family, he wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re checking to see if connor called, don’t bother. The doctors said we shouldn’t expect to hear from him today. You remember?

Chelsea: I know. I just thought if there was a problem…

Adam: “If there’s a problem?”

[ Adam scoffs ] If there’s a problem.

Billy: So you want the truth?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Lily wants the naked truth, huh?

Lily: Yep.

Billy: I see it, okay? It’s all become very clear. It took me a while, but I get it. I understand this company better now than I did before.

Lily: How so?

Billy: I don’t know. But I have a new perspective. And I’m not gonna get bored the way devon predicted, okay? So you can feel free to go tell him that there’s zero chance that I’m moving on. And you’ll never guess why.

Lily: Oh, god, I don’t like when you say that. Why?

Billy: Because I see a future where chancellor-winters soars to new heights.

Lily: And how are you planning to accomplish that?

Billy: Not me. We. Me and you. Side by side, running the whole damn place. The way it was meant to be. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Adam: “If there is a problem?” There is no “if” here, chelsea. There is a problem. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in genoa city, and our son is all alone in baltimore. Probably scared to death and confused, surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Chelsea: Stop, adam. Stop it. Enough. We’re both very stressed. We’re both trying to process this. Don’t make me the enemy. I didn’t send him there to make him miserable. I hate this, too.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay, you’re right. That was not helpful. When I get home, I’ll go online, and I will set up connor’s petty cash fund.

Chelsea: Thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he’ll find something in their commissary he likes to eat. Or isn’t afraid to eat.

Adam: And don’t forget to send his lucky jersey, number 7, in case he wants to play again.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was nice of them to let us tour the sports facilities.

Adam: Yeah, they seemed okay. Not what connor hoped they’d be, but they were– they were okay.

Chelsea: Yeah, okay is better than nothing, and it’s– at least it’s warmer there than it is here.

Adam: Yes, that is true.

Chelsea: This is me. Um, just call me if you hear anything, and I’ll do the same.

[ Car door shuts ]

Sally: It’s such a miracle to see you guys finally acting like brothers.

Nick: Wanna hear another miracle?

Sally: Please.

Nick: Adam actually listened to me when I told him that he needed to be the one to tell dad about connor.

Sally: I am so glad you did that. Apparently, victor has been great. He even said to use the newman jet, which I know you suggested, but victor was insistent.

Nick: Of course he was. Connor’s his grandson, and the family gets what the family needs, as far as my dad is concerned. I’m just sorry that adam couldn’t convince him to go along with his idea of bringing your business into newman.

Sally: Don’t be.

Nick: Why not? You and chloe must be disappointed.

Sally: We were, until we found out the idea might not be so dead after all.

Lily: Sorry, you and me? Running chancellor-winters? I know you’re joking.

Billy: Think about it. It’s the smartest option.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: “The smartest option.” Oh, my god, this is classic billy abbott. Go big or go home.

Billy: Yeah. Go big or go home. People think that’s a novel idea. It’s not. It’s logical to me, okay? We can do this.

Lily: You do remember that you’re not calling the shots here, right?

Billy: Not yet.

Lily: Uh, okay. You know what? How about– let’s have some fun. Um, what happens to devon and nate and chance and– oh, your mother.

Billy: Nothing. They’re all here, okay? I’m not gonna clean the deck. They all have a seat at the table. Chance, nate, devon. Based on their experience and their expertise, with devon getting the biggest piece of the pie.

Lily: Oh, yes, of course. At your discretion.

Billy: No, our discretion. 50-50 decision making.

Lily: Devon is not gonna go for that. He fought very hard to preserve the integrity of our father’s company.

Billy: Yeah, I understand that. Okay, there’ll be some adjustments. But the truth is, devon’s passion is music. This is his golden opportunity to lean into that. And he’ll spend more time on the artistic divisions. It’s a win-win.

Lily: He is not gonna see it that way.

Billy: Once he stops tripping over his ego, he’s gonna love it. In fact, he’ll probably end up thanking us.

Lily: You are delusional. Um, okay, what about jill?

Billy: Why do you think she put me in this position in the first place?

Lily: Why?

Billy: Because she wants to groom me to be her replacement.

Lily: Wait, she said that?

Billy: No, not exactly. But she’s my mother, okay? And I know how to read her.

Lily: I know how to read her too. And she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Billy: Lily, why do you think she hired you as ceo back when chancellor-winters was chance comm? Look, if it’s not me as the heir apparent, it’s because she wants us both at the helm. She handpicked us back then, and she handpicked us now. You and me, we’re ready to take the reins, and that could happen very easily.

If you have wet amd,

Nick: So adam still thinks there’s a chance dad will bring your design business into newman?

Sally: He is convinced that victor can be persuaded to change his mind.

Nick: I’m not convinced of that. But when it comes to my dad, you never know what you’re going to get.

Sally: Yeah, I’m not completely sold on the idea anyway.

Nick: But you didn’t ask adam to just drop it.

Sally: Yeah, he’s just got a lot of other things to focus on, and all I want to do right now is support him with that.

Nick: Well, I’m sure he appreciates your support. So what about you? I know you love to feel like, uh, you know, you’re productive and that you’re busy. You doing okay?

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: I’ve just been wondering if making the transition to interior designer was a mistake. I don’t know, maybe I should have just stuck with what I really know. Fashion.

Nick: Well, you should not sell yourself short, sally spectra. You’re amazing. You have a lot of talents. You know, you, uh, you’re obviously a very creative thinker. You’re a hustler. You do the work. You’ve made a lot of contacts, and you stand up for what you believe in. Those kind of skills will translate into any field you want. And I hope you know that I’m always here for anything you need.

Sally: Nick, really, you’ve done more than enough. One way or another, I will be okay.

Nick: I’m sure you will.

Sally: You know, come to think of it, there is actually one thing that you can do for me.

Nick: Oh, all right. Name it.

Sally: Stop talking about me. And tell me how you’re doing.

Nick: I’m, uh, I’m cool, you know? Christian’s doing great. The broader newman family is hanging tough, like we always do. Work’s awesome. I have everything I need.

Connor: And you won’t make me go to that place. I want to go home. I’ll be good. I’ll do everything I’m supposed to. Please, dad. Can I come home?

Adam: Sir, uh, there’s been a change of plans. Uh, I’m not going to be heading straight home, after all.

Lily: O– okay, let’s just pretend, for fun, that jill passes the baton and devon steps aside, okay? I can still think of a million reasons why this would never happen.

Billy: It’s because you always think of the practical course of action, which is the correct one most of the time. And that’s a good thing, but lily, I’m trying to get you to dream just a little bit more. Lily… you and I are ready for this. We’re stronger. We’re smarter business people than we were before. We have learned a lot. We know each other’s weaknesses, and we know each other’s strengths. Most importantly, we know when to call each other out when the other one is wrong.

Lily: Yeah, which I’m clearly not doing a good job of right now.

Billy: Look, I get it, okay? I understand the instinct is to be reluctant. And I do appreciate your loyalty to your brother. But devon is a lone wolf. He always has been, he always will be. He can’t seem to learn how to play well with others.

Lily: You’re just using that as an excuse to move him out of the way.

Billy: Lily, he’s holding this company back. He’s conservative, okay? He’s not a dreamer. Not like I am. Not like you are. And I know you are because you proved it when you had the idea to bring these two companies together.

Lily: Yeah, an idea you thought was untenable when mamie wanted to split chancellor and winters.

Billy: Sure, but let me clarify that, okay? It was only untenable because of the current regime. Chancellor and winters butting heads, that’s not good. With you and me in charge, we can bring this company to new heights. I know we can. We can do it, lily. We can do it together. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer…

Chelsea: Hey, you two.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey. I didn’t– I didn’t know you were home. When did you get back?

Chelsea: Uh, just a little while ago. Um, I– I tried calling you, but your phone went to voicemail. I thought I could find you here.

Billy: Yeah, sorry, I was, uh, I– I turned it off. Lily and I were just having a spirited discussion about the future of the company.

Chelsea: Oh, good. You know what? Well, I don’t want to interrupt, so I can go.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no, no. You’re fine. You’re fine. Uh, we were done anyway.

Billy: Yeah, we were done, but we’ll, uh, we’ll pick this up later, yeah?

Lily: Um, chelsea, good to see you. Hope your trip went well.

Chelsea: Thanks, lily.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Come here.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nick: Thanks, man. Lily. Hi.

Lily: Hi, nick. How are you?

Nick: Good. Um, I didn’t know you were back from california. How’s everything? How’s mattie?

Lily: Um, she’s good. Thank you for asking.

Nick: Good for her and for you. Uh, I’m sure it made all the difference in the world knowing that she can still lean on you.

Lily: Yeah, it was nice. I mean, she’s an adult, but she wanted her mom, so I had to be there.

Nick: Once a parent, always a parent.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, it’s nice that they grow up, they have their own lives, but they still want you around, you know? I don’t take that for granted at all.

Nick: I feel the same way.

Lily: Um, are you meeting someone?

Nick: No, just, uh, grabbing lunch by myself.

Lily: Well, I am too. Should we have lunch together?

Nick: Yeah, let’s do it, especially since you’re buying. Come on.

Lily: Oh, oh, okay, um, that’s presumptuous of you.

[ Nick laughs ]

Nick: I mean, you gotta admit, as big of a pain in the ass as the business world could be at times, sometimes it’s unpredictable.

Lily: “Unpredictable.” That’s a good word. I’m sure chancellor-winters has newman beat, though, on unpredictability, that’s for sure.

Nick: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

Lily: Okay, try me.

Nick: All right. Try this one. Uh, right now, my dad has me and adam working very closely together, like, every day, while victoria’s taking a break.

Lily: Oh, okay. You and adam are working together? Well, clearly it’s going well.

Nick: Why would you assume that?

Lily: Well, you know, there’s no, like, black eyes or bandages, scratches.

Nick: Well, clearly you haven’t seen adam in a while.

Lily: Oh, okay.

Nick: Not really. It’s been cool, uh, relatively injury-free, and honestly, neither adam or i want to deal with that if we can’t make this work.

Lily: Yeah, that would be motivation for me as well.

Nick: All right, your turn. What does chancellor-winters have that can top that? I bet nothing.

Lily: Uh, yep. Nothing.

[ Lily laughs ] Uh, for now. Time will tell. We’ll see.

Nick: All right. How about you and daniel? How’s that going?

Lily: Um, it’s not. We broke up. He and, uh, heather are back together.

Billy: Wasn’t expecting you home so early. How’s everything with connor? Did you get him all settled in?

Chelsea: We did. We did. We brought his stuff to his room, and I made his bed the way he likes it. But things are more complicated than we expected.

Sally: Weren’t you planning to be gone for, like, a week or so?

Adam: Uh-huh.

Sally: What happened? Why are you back already?

Adam: They, um, they made us leave. I’m jonathan lawson,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chelsea: Thank you.

[ Chelsea sighs ] The facility is– is very impressive. It’s bigger than I expected, kind of like a– a campus. Somewhat imposing from the outside, but as we walked through the doors, it felt more, um, welcoming than I imagined. And there were boys there connor’s age that seemed, um, they seemed at home there.

Billy: Sounds like so far, so good, then, right?

Adam: Well, the residential facility is just what the website promised. It’s all polished, upscale. It’s inviting on the surface. And then you look past it, and you see it for– for what it really is. It’s a big, shiny package to help sell their elite brand of therapy for top dollar.

Sally: Their reputation seems stellar.

Adam: Oh, come on, sally. You can pay for a reputation. That’s what pr is for.

Sally: Okay, can you tell me why they made you and chelsea leave?

Adam: I’m not even sure that I want to get into it.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: Yeah, I mean, if you need time, I understand. You’re just so upset, and I– I can’t help you… if you don’t tell me what happened.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: Okay. So, connor had his first session with the main ocd therapist. Chelsea and I, we met with him briefly. You know, he had certificates, diplomas all over the wall, which may as well be forgeries for all I know.

Chelsea: After connor’s initial session with the highly educated, highly decorated ocd specialist, we met with the doctors and the family therapist, and they briefed us on the specialists’ conclusions. They were– they were very kind and– and knowledgeable. It was encouraging. At first.

Billy: What do you mean? “At first”? What– what happened after that?

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Mm, after speaking with the ocd specialist, the doctors strongly encouraged us to allow their team to take over for the next few weeks… without either one of us around.

Billy: I don’t understand. Why would they do that?

Chelsea: Because, um, according to them… adam and I are two of the triggers for connor’s ocd.

Adam: They blamed everything on us. According to them, we did this to our son.

Nick: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Lily: No, that’s fine.

Nick: You know, it’s okay to be angry. I mean, take it from someone who has been on both sides of the equation, as recently with adam and sally… it can be tough. You know, for a while there it really stung.

Lily: Yeah, well, I mean, it’s your brother, so, you know, it’s like not only do you work together, but very awkward family gatherings.

Nick: Yeah, it was real fun in the beginning.

[ Lily laughs ] But I’m good now. Um, things have gotten better. They seem happy. Things are what they are. And I’m moving forward. I don’t expect you to embrace that yet, but at least look at it this way, you don’t have to deal with those family gatherings. It’s like salt in the wound.

Sally: How can they blame you and chelsea for connor’s ocd, and diagnose that so quickly?

Adam: Well, they didn’t declare it an official diagnosis. But, I mean, even if they had, who cares? I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Billy: Did the therapist explain why they think that you might be a possible trigger for connor?

Chelsea: Because that’s what connor told them. Apparently, my psychotic breakdown caused him all of this trauma and all of this guilt, and his ocd, um, has convinced him that my suicide attempt was his fault.

Adam: Somehow the doctors, after spending a minute and a half with connor, by the way, have determined that he sees himself as a bad son, and he blames himself for all of his parents’ problems.

Sally: This all sounds so wrong, I–

Adam: Right?

Sally: And it’s a brutal conclusion to come up with after meeting with him so quickly. Unless–

Adam: Unless what?

Sally: That didn’t come from connor, did it?

Adam: Well, they claim that it did. But then again, they don’t have any credibility with me, so I’m not buying it. And it’s also– it’s poor business policy when you think about it.

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: Who pays their salaries? I mean, who puts on this big deal, prestigious, overpriced treatment center? The same parents that they are trying to blame. Or, you know, maybe that is a scam, maybe it’s the guiltier that they can make us feel about screwing up our kids, the more money that we will just pump into their facility to fix them. I mean, no wonder they are so successful.

Sally: Adam… you know as well as I do that you will be happy to pay whatever it takes if they can help connor. This is not about the money. This is about you hurting.

Billy: Look, I can only imagine how devastating this must be. I don’t even want to think about… how I would feel if this were johnny or katie going through what connor is going through. But I think it’s important to remember that this current moment is– is temporary. This right here, right now, this is where it starts to get better.

Chelsea: You really believe that?

Billy: I do. I mean, you had a good feeling about the facility, right? You think connor’s in good hands?

Chelsea: Yeah, I do.

Billy: Okay, good, so let’s trust their reputation and trust your instinct. And I think it’s understandable to want to separate connor from a possible trigger. I mean, maybe they’re trying to give connor some space, and separate him to rule out that you are a trigger.

Chelsea: Yeah, maybe. I didn’t think of it like that. Maybe. Thanks, I’ll– I’ll hold onto that. Because I have to be honest with you, it’s breaking my heart to think that my son is in so much pain because of me.

[ Chelsea sighs ] ( )

Nick: I know, it’s, uh– it’s easy for me to sound all wise and philosophical about my breakup with sally. I’ve had time to get over it. It’s getting easier for me to see her with my brother. Whereas you and daniel and heather, it’s raw and new. Lily, the heart has an amazing ability to be resilient, and to heal itself if you can just let the past be the past, and look forward. And I’m going to shut up now.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry.

Lily: What do you mean? Sorry for what?

Nick: You don’t need to hear this from me, you have dealt with your own heartbreak. You know the drill.

Lily: No, but I mean, it’s good to hear, right? It’s a good reminder, I mean, I don’t know, I’m not going to let this hold me back this time. I just want to focus on chancellor-winters, making myself better, you know? It’s like I’m given this opportunity, I just want to run with it and not waste it, right?

Nick: That is exactly what I’m trying to do with newman. And it’s great. And good for you for not wallowing like a lot of people would.

Lily: Well… [ Laughs ]

Nick: What?

Lily: Uh, no, I was just thinking about something that billy said earlier about my fighting spirit. And it was good to hear. I needed to hear it.

Nick: All right, billy abbott’s got some wisdom. We’ll get some points for him.

Lily: Yeah, he’s got some insane ideas, too, so…

Nick: I don’t doubt it. Anything can sound crazy until you’re ready to hear it.

Billy: So what’s next? What did they say is next for connor?

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Um, among other things, they’re going to start him, um, on this thing called erp treatment.

Billy: I don’t know what that is.

Chelsea: I didn’t either. Uh, erp stands for exposure and response prevention. So they put connor in a controlled environment, and slowly expose him to his fears. Not all at once, of course. Um, they’ll add things as he gets stronger, but they teach him how to deal with it.

Billy: So the thought process there is… build up his toolkit so the ocd isn’t in control of his compulsions?

Chelsea: Under a doctor’s guidance, yeah. So the compulsions become only some of his thoughts, not all of his thoughts.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Sounds pretty intense.

Chelsea: Yeah. It’s overwhelming.

[ Sniffles ] Because it means connor has to be in pain. He has to be scared. He has to suffer, and I hate it, and I want to scream. I just want to scream, because my kid has to be in agony in order to get better.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: They’re specialists, okay? These are trained specialists. They know what they’re doing, and they’ve helped so many people.

[ Chelsea sighs ] And they’re going to go slow. They’re not going to give connor any more than he can handle. Chelsea, he’s going to be okay. He’s gonna get through this, okay? He’s not only going to get through this, he’s going to come home safe and sound, and he’s going to amaze you, and he’s going to be better equipped. I think right now it’s important to make sure that we get you through this waiting period. And I’m not going to let you go through this alone.

Adam: It was all that I could do not to ask those doctors, if they had children… how they would feel if they were banned from seeing them when they were going through the scariest, most painful times of their life. And then for them to sit there in their– their quiet, condescending voices, and tell us that it’s better for our own son if we stay away from him. I mean, the whole ride back, I was planning to pull connor out of there, and I was gonna sue them all into bankruptcy.

Sally: Which you won’t do. You know why? Because as good as you think it would feel to go ballistic, all of your energy and your focus needs to be on your son, not on some lawsuit that connor would probably blame himself for, too.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I mean, sitting in that office, and listening to what they were telling me, chelsea was a wreck. I could see connor was already on edge, just trying to make sense of another would-be solution just so we would stop worrying about him. I don’t mind how much– I wanted to– I just wanted to explode, I couldn’t do it.

Sally: No, you couldn’T. And you didn’T. You should be proud of yourself for proving that you can control your impulses when you need to.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I don’t know what to do, sally.

Sally: No. Not yet. You’ve never been through anything like this. Which is exactly why you need to give yourself a chance to calm down. To let everything settle in, and do nothing until you’ve given your mind a chance to clear.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I need to ask you a question. And I need you to tell me the truth. Am I wrong here? Am I angry at the wrong people? Is that what’s going on here? Is there a chance that they could be right?

Sally: I’m not really qualified to answer that, but–

Adam: Listen to me, I need to know for sure. What if they’re right? What if I failed my son?

[ Sniffles ] What if he is really better off without me? Huh? (Vo) dan made progress with his mental health…

Chelsea: You’ve already done so much for me, it’s not fair for me to ask for more.

Billy: No, you can do that, but then you’re definitely gonna have a fight on your hands.

Chelsea: Well, then I’ll just say thank you.

Billy: I’m a little afraid to ask, but how’s adam been in all of this?

Chelsea: He kept it together. Barely. But then I was busy worrying about connor, and also a nervous wreck over if and when adam was gonna lose it.

Billy: Hmm. But you got a good vibe from the facility, right? And you got good reason to trust and believe that he’s in good hands.

Chelsea: Billy, I’m being told the only way I can help my son is by staying away from him. It’s devastating.

Adam: The one thing that I know for sure… is that if I caused what connor is going through, then I– then I should be out of his life, okay? For his own protection. I mean, I was out of his life for a long time, and– and maybe he was– he was better off, you know? Because I will be damned if I’m gonna be responsible for causing him more pain than he is already going through, okay? You know what? Maybe I was never meant to be a father.

Sally: Hey, hey, adam. Adam. Look at me.

Adam: No, I’m not doing it.

Sally: Look at me, please. Adam, look at me. Adam.

Adam: You were meant to be a father. You were meant to be connor’s father. Who else could love him more or be more fiercely protective of him than you? No one. And everyone knows that. Even people that aren’t your biggest fan know that it is a fact that connor is your heart and soul.

[ Adam sniffles, sighs ]

Adam: I would die for him, okay?

Sally: Then live for him. Continue to be his champion, and give him anything and everything he needs to fight this.

Adam: But how does he fight this, sally? How will he manage this? What if he can’t? I want to fix it for him. I want to take it away. Something. Anything. But the thought that he’s gonna have to live with this… for the rest of his life…

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless.

Lily: Lucy forgave you. Heather’s back in your bed again. So princess louisa served its purpose. And now it’s just another game. And I own it.

Jack: So we’re waiting for ashley, right? I mean, she is the topic, isn’t she?

Traci: I am scared to death for ashley.

Nikki: Forty wonderful, complicated, exciting years since we were first married. No one can spoil this night for us.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, April 4, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Chance: Hey. You got a second?

Billy: Yeah, let me just finish this up. Okay, good to go. Um, what’s going on?

Chance: Is it true, what I just heard? Daniel romalotti was let go?

Billy: Yeah, I’m afraid that is true. And heather stevens was let go as well.

Chance: What’s up with that? I never heard any issues about heather’s work, and omega sphere has really taken off.

Billy: Yeah.

Chance: And daniel almost single-handedly created our entire gaming division. Help me understand why this would happen.

Billy: Oh, it wasn’t me, chance, believe me. And I got no doubt in my mind it’s not gonna end well.

Devon: So you think there’s still a place for billy at chancellor-winters. Even though you’re back home and there’s no real reason for him to be at the company

Lily: I think there is a side to this that you refuse to see.

Devon: I’m not refusing to see anything. I’m just curious, ’cause you said yourself that you can see the tension that billy causes between us. And just the other day, you were ready to show him the door. So I’m wondering what’s changed and why you’re taking his side?

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: Ashley, it’s me. Listen, you went upstairs to take a bath, and the next thing I find out, you’ve gone. I promise that I– I will not tell anybody about your memory lapses. But we haven’t gotten to the bottom of what’s causing them. Please, you need to come home so that we can figure that out, okay? Please, ashley.

[ Traci gasps ]

Jack: Hi.

Traci: Hey, jack, it’s you. And nikki, hello.

Nikki: Hi, traci.

Traci: Is everything all right?

Jack: It will be. Uh, how about you? How are things here?

Tucker: I don’t wanna waste any more time, audra. Life’s too precious. And you are–

Audra: I– I don’t know what to say.

Tucker: Say yes.

Audra: But…

Tucker: Wait, hold on. Give me your hand.

Audra: But, tucker, wait. I haven’t said yes. For people who feel limited

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Tucker: Right. You haven’t said yes because I– I missed an obvious step.

[ Chuckles ] Right? Gotta do it right.

Audra: Tucker, stop. Um… I don’t have an answer for you yet… but I do have questions. Why now? Why this?

Tucker: Because this is– this is what you do when– when you realize your life will only be complete with that– that certain person. And… it’s part certainty, you know, the meant-to-be feeling. Uh, part fear that your life won’t be quite right without that person.

Audra: And now you think that person is me.

Tucker: Yeah, I think I’ve known for a while. Just– you know me, I’m– I’m the master of getting in my own way. I mean, you are, audra… the sun, you know? You’re the… [ Laughs ] …The moon, the stars.

Audra: Yeah, um, I don’t need some poetic aria about our magical connection. What I need to know is, what’s the catch?

Nikki: I can leave if you and traci need to speak privately.

Jack: No, no, no. You shouldn’t go anywhere right now. I assume, traci, this about what we discussed? Any changes?

Traci: Yes. Ashley came home after you left.

Jack: Well, that’s great. There you are. She’s fine. No reason to worry.

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: Well, that’s not entirely true. I would’ve reacted the same way if it was you that was out all night.

Jack: Point taken, but all is well now? Is there something else that’s bothering you?

Traci: Uh, we’ll just talk about this later. Okay? I have some errands I have to run, so I will leave you to it. Nikki, it’s good to see you.

Nikki: Good to see you.

Traci: Please take care.

Nikki: Thank you. Traci is keeping something to herself, and I’m afraid my being here kept her from telling you what it is.

Chance: But why would we suddenly fire both of them, as far as I can tell, without cause?

Billy: Like I said, it wasn’t me. This was devon and lily. It was their decision.

Chance: So what’s gonna happen to the gaming platform without daniel?

Billy: To omega sphere? I have no idea.

Chance: Okay. So, two key people were fired and you were not in the loop. Yeah. I take it lily’s return has not eased the tension between you and devon.

Billy: No, not at all. And she’s united with devon, and I’m sure nate’s gonna follow suit. Mamie, she’s got her own agenda. But I’m here, and I’m in for the long haul, and I’ll do everything I can to mitigate. But the truth is, I’m committed to making sure that jill’s vision is taken care of here.

Chance: So, lily’s back, you’re locked in, and what? Things are getting worse? There’s more conflict, there’s more disagreement on major issues?

Billy: Look, chance, I get it, you think that all this in-fighting, it’s– it’s petty. I understand that. But the truth is, it’s not.

Chance: Really? How do you figure that?

Billy: Because there’s a lot going on right now, okay? And if we don’t find a replacement for daniel, there’s some tough decisions that are gonna have to be made.

Chance: How tough we talking?

Billy: Like downsizing the entire gaming division.

Chance: Yeah.

Billy: Firing a bunch of really good people that don’t deserve it that we hired to execute daniel’s vision. That’s a lot of pink slips right there.

[ Phone buzzes ]

Chance: Mm-hmm. More trouble?

Lily: I am not taking billy’s side. I’m being logical. That is all.

Devon: If that were the case, then you would see that it’s counterproductive to have billy back at chancellor-winters in the first place. Okay? He was brought in to replace you, or to fill in while you were gone, and you’re back. So it’s time for him to move on.

Lily: Billy wasn’t brought in just to replace me. I mean, jill was feeling like she was being pushed out once mamie came into the picture.

Devon: Okay, so what? Then we’re stuck with billy just ’cause jill wants someone around with her last name?

Lily: Look, I don’t like what chancellor-winters has become, okay? It’s become this war zone where I feel like two sides are vying for power.

Devon: I don’t think it’s all that. That’s an exaggeration.

Lily: I don’t think it is. I mean, jill was feeling threatened, right, thinking that you and nate and I were gonna go and side with mamie. So she brings in billy and chance to level the playing field.

Devon: Yeah, but keeping billy there, it doesn’t level anything, really.

Lily: If we get rid of billy, it is gonna prove to jill that she had a right to worry, and I think that’s the wrong move. It is one I am not willing to make.

(“Holiday road”)

Devon: Listen, I completely get that you feel a sense of loyalty to jill. I do.

Lily: Yeah, of course I do. I mean, she’s the one who trusted me to run her company. I’ll never forget that.

Devon: Right, and I’m not asking you to forget that at all. I’m asking you to look at this whole situation objectively, ’cause jill is overreacting. All right? Regardless of how mamie feels, no one is trying to strip her of her power. So all the drama that’s being created around this, it’s coming from jill. She is literally fueling this war that you see of us versus them.

Lily: But if we fire billy, that’s gonna exacerbate the situation.

Devon: But do you not agree that jill’s being paranoid? ‘Cause mamie only owns a minority stake in the company. Nothing can happen to jill unless we let it happen, and jill doesn’t seem to understand that.

Lily: Yeah, but devon, we don’t wanna add fuel to the fire.

Devon: I disagree. And this is also why mamie’s suggestion of splitting up the companies behind the scenes makes sense sometimes.

Lily: Oh, is she still talking about that?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Like, this is what I’m talking about, okay? Her presence in the company, it worries me. Like, her power plays are not the vision that I have for chancellor-winters. I don’t want things to be this way.

Devon: I don’t want things to be this way either. But I do think that we should try and come up with another solution instead of just throwing out the idea altogether the way jill did.

Lily: Oh, something other than splitting the company in two?

Devon: Yes, out of just respect. We don’t punish our colleagues just ’cause we have a problem with ’em.

Lily: Are you serious right now? Did you really just say that to me?

Billy: Just let me respond to chelsea real quick. Give me a second.

Chance: Yeah.

Billy: Okay. Thanks.

Chance: Hey, I remember you saying that chelsea and adam took connor out of town and there were some issues. I don’t wanna pry, but… you need to talk, I’m happy to listen.

Billy: Yeah, thank you for that. Truth is, I can’t say much. All I will say is that I feel for all three of them. Adam included, believe it or not.

Chance: Must be serious, then.

Billy: Connor’s such a good kid, but what he’s going through, it’s– it’s tough, you know? He went to the specialized school ’cause he needed a certain amount of attention, and now he’s going somewhere else. It’s a lot to take on. But he has one thing going for him, that’s for sure.

Chance: Yeah, what’s that?

Billy: Chelsea. She’s so loving. So caring, attentive. Connor’s lucky to have her. And she’s doing everything she can to get him through this.

Chance: I bet she is. And you know what? Having to take care of her son and deal with adam at the same time, I’m sure that’s more than a handful.

Nikki: If you all are going through some kind of family issue–

Jack: I can’t remember when there wasn’t some kind of issue in the abbott manse.

Nikki: You’re shutting me down.

Jack: Because we have to talk about your issue. Please. Let’s talk about society and that stranger who sent you a vodka.

Nikki: Yeah. Who was that? And why would he do something like that?

Jack: Because he disappeared, we will never know if his intentions were benign or not.

Nikki: Well, I am sure that jordan was behind it. Having me followed, tempting me with alcohol. And we have no idea where she is!

Jack: And that’s why I took you out of there and brought you here, to slow things down. If victor saw you right now and heard about this man, he would go ballistic.

Nikki: Yes, he would. But we have no idea if she has other partners in crime all over town, watching, waiting for just the right moment to push me over the edge.

Tucker: What makes you think there’s a catch?

Audra: How could I think anything else? Look, we’ve barely been together as a couple, and already you’re– you’re proposing marriage. Who does that?

Tucker: Someone who wants to spend the rest of his life with you. We’ve been together so many years already. Maybe not, uh, officially, romantically, as a couple, but… we’ve shared virtually everything else.

Audra: Yeah, but that’s not the same, and you know it.

Tucker: So is this… just about the timing? Or about me?

Audra: Of course not. I– I do love you. But this… I– I’m sorry, but something about all of this just doesn’t ring true to me. It all feels like it’s a reaction to… something. Or someone. Has something happened with ashley?

[ Tucker groans ] Is this a reaction?

Tucker: No!

Audra: Well, it feels like you’re trying to prove a point.

Tucker: I’m not trying to prove a point. This has nothing to do with ashley. Why does everything have to do with ashley? It has to do with you and me. That’s it. I love you. That’S…

[ Laughs ] I mean, I want us to be together forever. (Tony hawk) skating for over 45 years has taken a toll on my body.

Lily: Are you accusing me of punishing daniel and heather because I have a problem with them?

Devon: No, I’m talking about jill dismissing the idea of splitting the companies because she doesn’t like that the idea came from mamie. And I think that it would be smart of us to try and come up with some kind of solution instead of just throwing it out the window.

Lily: Okay, well, you also wanna cut billy loose because you have a personal problem with him.

Devon: You’re 100% right. Yes, I do. And I also have a lot of professional reasons, too.

Lily: Like what?

Devon: Oh, his track record, for one. You and I both know how many times that guy has bounced from company to company. He never stays anywhere for a long time. He was just getting settled at jabot, and then his mom snapped her fingers, and he’s back with us acting like he owns the place.

Lily: No, I mean, that’s true. He is all over the place trying to find himself.

Devon: And how long do you think it’ll take before he feels unfulfilled again and leaves us for a second time? He can’t be trusted to maintain commitment. Not to our company, not to you, not to anybody. And given your history, I’m a little surprised that you’d even wanna work with him at all.

Billy: That’s very astute of you. And I agree. Adam is the biggest hurdle in all of this.

Chance: Hey, I get it. You know, once upon a time, we were close, so I know firsthand how he can be.

Billy: That’s what I’m concerned about. In my opinion, he’s not handling this very well. But as a father, I will say I sympathize. It’s not an easy situation. But I care about chelsea. And if he could rein it in, even just a little bit, I think it’d be more helpful for everyone.

Chance: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like something he can pull off.

Billy: Yeah. I wish I could go back east and be with chelsea, make sure that she feels she’s got the support that she needs, but the truth is, that is only gonna complicate matters worse, and, of course, defeat the purpose.

Chance: Well, man, I gotta say, I admire your logic there, and the amazing amount of restraint you’re showing.

Billy: Logic? Restraint? Those are two traits that I am not known for.

Audra: Together… forever?

Tucker: It’s okay to believe me, you know. I realize that no one else ever takes me at my word, but…

[ Sighs ] You know me better than that, right?

Audra: Who else hasn’t taken you at your word recently?

Tucker: I ran into devon earlier. Didn’t go well.

Audra: Is that what provoked this proposal? The lack of having anyone to love? Or more to the point, anyone to love you? Are you trying to prove something to your son?

Tucker: No. Audra, sometimes… when we’re in bed together and you’re asleep… I memorize that face. I try to memorize every inch. It gives me so much peace. It makes me feel like things make sense. Devon, um– devon said to me, “look at you, tucker. You’re all alone. You’ll always be alone.” And I said to myself, “he’s wrong. ‘Cause I got audra.” Right now, though… anyway, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and, uh, actually seeing devon just reinforced the decision.

[ Exhales ] Made me realize what’s important in life. You.

Audra: I’m sorry. Um…

Tucker: No, that’s okay.

Audra: I just can’T.

Tucker: Hmm.

Audra: You know, this just comes out of nowhere. And… [ Sniffles ] …What we have is special. We have chemistry and excitement. We speak our own shorthand, and, um, we know how each other’s mind thinks, and I just… but what makes us different is that our relationship is not bound by anyone else’s rules. Marriage is so separate from who we are.

Tucker: Yeah, I– a month or so ago, I would have agreed with you, given my track record, especially my last marriage. But… something’s changed. When I think about a life with you… it’s all I want.

Audra: So suddenly, though.

Tucker: If not now, when? When is anybody ever truly ready for something like this, right? And I’m scared. I’m unsure. I don’t know if it’s gonna work out. But I’m willing to give it a shot. My head is telling me, “no, too soon,” just like yours is. But if I only ever listened to my head, I’d never take a chance on anything. It just feels right. I’m so in love with you. If not now, when? For me, it’s now.

Jack: I understand where it might be easy to assume that jordan enlisted this mystery man or an army of accomplices to sit in wait, hoping to torment you. But isn’t it also possible that a man saw a very beautiful woman in a restaurant, wanted to buy her a drink, and did not realize she was in recovery?

Nikki: Well, thanks for the flattering spin, but if that were the case… why take off? Why– why doesn’t he stick around for me to thank him. I mean, who buys a stranger a drink, and then leaves? And how did he know that vodka is my drink of choice?

Jack: I guess I just wanted to know you were beyond the torment, and if you’re not, you have to respond appropriately. I think it’s great that you have accepted victor’s offer for this trip, though. I think a couple of weeks away from genoa city would be wonderful for you. You’d be safer and– especially if jordan has found a couple of allies here in town.

Nikki: Actually, I’ve been having second thoughts about the trip.

Jack: What?

Nikki: If I let her drive me out of town, it will give her even more presumed power over me. She would love it if she thought that she had scared me. In fact, that might even be part of her plan.

Jack: Wait, to what end?

Nikki: Leaving victoria and claire vulnerable to her. And she knows that that would hurt victor and me even more deeply.

Jack: Wow, we are dealing with one very sick, twisted mind.

Nikki: And we can’t stay away forever. I mean, she’ll wait it out until we come back. And by then, she’ll probably be more emboldened. I am not going to give her the satisfaction. File 100% free with turbotax free edition.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Lily: Okay, first of all, my breakup with daniel was nothing like– thank you. My breakup with billy, okay?

Devon: I’m aware of that, but it had the same outcome, did it not?

Lily: Yeah, but billy didn’t fall into the bed of another woman and claim his undying love for her. We drifted apart, and I was the one who encouraged him to follow his heart, and leave the company. And don’t use my breakup as a reason we can’t count on him.

Devon: I’m sorry, but you are right that he is invested. He’s invested in preserving the abbott name, okay? And my whole point is, with as fast as jill brought him in, who’s to say he won’t leave just as quick?

Lily: Oh, my god. Okay, listen, we– I have to go. I have a meeting to get to. Listen, I will talk to billy, okay? I will figure out where he stands because I also want to know what kind of value he thinks he brings to the company.

Devon: Okay, well, I’m sure he’s gonna tell you what he thinks you want to hear. But I’m hoping that he’s honest with himself and tells you that he’s restless, and wants to move on, ’cause I don’t think he’s worth the trouble.

Audra: You know, you say it feels right to you. But I’m just not there.

Tucker: Fair enough.

[ Tucker laughs ] Maybe I’ll just… propose all over again tomorrow. I should have gotten one of those skywriting planes. “Marry me, audra, heart, tucker.”

Audra: That’s not necessary.

Tucker: I don’t suppose because you just suddenly changed your mind.

Audra: I just can’T. Are you sure you’re not trying to prove something to ashley or devon, or perhaps the rest of the world? Or are you maybe just out to prove something to yourself?

Jack: I completely understand you’re not wanting to give jordan a win. Believe me. I don’t want to give that monster any sense of a victory. But my main concern is you and your safety.

Nikki: Have you forgotten that I still have my bodyguard, larry? That and all of victor’s team–

Jack: Yeah, where was victor’s cracker jack team when a stranger tried to give you a drink?

Nikki: Out in the breezeway, which you already knew. They weren’t looking for a man. They were looking for a woman. Now that they know that jordan has accomplices, they will be much more vigilant.

Jack: I hope so. I’m still gonna be concerned about you.

Nikki: Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without you as a friend, but please don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

Jack: You better be.

Chance: Oh, hey, don’t forget we’ve got that call this afternoon about the advertising budget.

Billy: Is that this afternoon? I thought that was tomorrow morning.

Chance: Well, if you can’t make it, I’ll handle it, all right? As well as whatever you got planned next to shore up the gaming platform. Really, billy, if you gotta go take some personal time, go see chelsea, you’re covered.

Billy: Thank you for that. I appreciate it, but you know what? I’m here now, so I’ll get everything done that I can. So then when chelsea gets back into town, I’m there to support her.

Chance: All right.

Lily: Hello. Enjoying my office, I see.

Billy: Nice timing.

Devon: Why is it nice timing?

Billy: I was just informing chance of the sudden staff shake-up.

Devon: Oh, well, yeah, it was sudden, but I stand by lily’s decision to do it, ’cause it needed to happen.

Billy: Yeah, I fully disagree with that, but it’s done. So, let’s make sure there’s no blowback.

Devon: I don’t anticipate there being any, but if there is, we’ll handle it.

Billy: Really, you don’t anticipate any blowback? We fired two high-level executives for personal reasons?

Devon: Well, see, that’s you assuming that it was just for personal reasons. Have you considered the fact that you might not have all the information?

Billy: I have enough information to know that they didn’t commit any fireable offenses, okay? They were both doing a great job. Daniel alone in the gaming division was going off like a firecracker, devon.

Devon: Listen, billy–

Lily: Oh, my god. Both of you, stop. This has to end. My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Lily: Can I please talk to billy alone?

Devon: Sure.

Lily: You know, firing daniel and heather was my call. Devon had nothing to do with it.

Billy: Doesn’t make it any more palatable.

Lily: Okay, well, this is business. You’re not gonna agree with everything that we do.

Billy: Frankly, lily, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to agree on much at all going forward.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: You know, I– I really told devon that you have a place and a purpose here, and I really hope I don’t regret saying that.

Billy: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. But the truth is lily, I don’t need you to back me up. I’m here to do my job. I’m committed to that. And if your brother is gonna badmouth me behind my back, to the point that you need to defend me, that’s on him.

Lily: Really, billy, do you really think it’s all devon’s fault? It takes two, okay? So, take a look in the mirror.

Diane: Hello, jack. Nikki.

Jack: Hey.

Nikki: Well, diane, you almost missed me. I was just leaving.

Jack: Wait, you don’t– you don’t have to leave now. No, let me get you a cup of tea. What’s the rush?

Nikki: I have to go home and let victor know that I don’t want to take the anniversary trip now. And I have to stop him before he makes too many arrangements.

Diane: Wait a minute. You’re turning down an anniversary trip with victor? I can’t imagine how fabulous that would be with him planning it for you. How can you say no to such a romantic getaway?

Nikki: I have my reasons.

Jack: Are you sure some time away isn’t the answer?

Nikki: One day, it will be. Not right now. She is not going to beat me, jack.

Jack: Come on, I’ll walk you out.

Diane: Bye.

Nikki: Bye.

Diane: I hope nikki’s all right. She sure seems stronger and very decisive.

Jack: Well, that’s really a cover. She’s going through a particularly difficult time right now.

Diane: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Jack: I won’t get into it, but the fight is not over yet.

Diane: Got it. Uh, it’s just too bad that she’s still struggling.

Jack: Hey, what is it?

Diane: What?

Jack: Well, something’s bothering you. Tell me.

Diane: No, I’m just sorry to hear about nikki, that’s all.

Jack: You can tell me anything, you know? We have an honesty pact. You’re not backing out of it now, are you?

Diane: Hm, no, I’m– I’m not.

Jack: Hey, if something is bothering you, I want to know.

Diane: Honestly, I don’t think this is something you want to hear.

Tucker: Well… c’est magnifique.

[ Laughs ] No, I’ll– I’ll consider those questions. But I– I hope that you will do some consideration of my proposal, right? You will– you will give it some serious thought?

Audra: I’ll think about it.

Tucker: No, I mean it, I mean, let it really sink in. Let it settle into your heart and– and give it some life. Will you do that for me?

Audra: I’ll try.

Tucker: That’s all I ask.

[ Audra sighs ]

Audra: You know, this really is lovely.

[ Tucker laughing ] No, I mean it. The champagne, the croissants. Topped off with, you know, a little dancing. And wherever this might lead to after.

[ Tucker sighs ] To us. The world’s most unconventional couple.

Tucker: I love you.

Audra: I love you. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

[ Romantic music playing ]

Tucker: There it is.

Audra: There’s what?

Tucker: Our connection. It’s special.

Audra: But what if our connection is special because we aren’t married? That we’re just at our best, just as we are?

Billy: Is there something I can say to make you feel good about defending me?

Lily: This isn’t about making me feel good. I stand by everything that I’ve said.

Billy: Okay, I guess, I’m glad that you don’t want to see me gone.

Lily: No, I mean, listen, jill clearly wanted you back and didn’t want it to be temporary. But now that I’m back, there has to be a clear chain of command.

Billy: Agreed.

Lily: And I have concerns, right? Because devon thinks that right now, you’re vying for power, but eventually, you’re gonna get bored and move on. So please, just be honest with me, okay? Cards on the table. There’s no wrong answer.

Billy: What do you want to know?

Lily: Why are you here? What do you want to accomplish? And I think, more importantly, can we count on you to put the company first?

Jack: Trust me, I can handle whatever’s weighing on you. Tell me. Don’t keep me in the dark.

Diane: All right, all right. I am having a problem with something.

Jack: So, let me help.

Diane: Well, I don’t know if you can, because it’s about nikki.

Jack: Oh.

Diane: Jack, this whole thing she’s going through is forcing you to spend a lot of time with her.

Jack: Okay, for starters, no one’s forcing me to do anything.

[ Diane scoffs ] And I thought you understood. I knew you weren’t thrilled with this, but you said you didn’t want to stand in the way of anyone’s recovery, even nikki.

Diane: And that still holds true. I don’t wish nikki any ill will, despite our ugly history. Okay, maybe I’m just being insecure, and I– I hate that I even brought it up.

Jack: No, I don’t want you to hate bringing anything up with me. No, I dropped the ball here. I need to show you how much I love you every single day.

Diane: I’m not angling for attention. That’s not what this is about. I know you love me, but–

Jack: Look, and listen to me. You have absolutely no reason to feel insecure.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ashley: Could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?

Audra: You know what?

Tucker: Hold on, wait a minute. Stop it. Ashley, that’s enough. Go. Now.

Jack: Good morning. Everything all right?

Traci: Um, have you seen ashley?

Jack: No, but she’s kind of been avoiding me lately.

Traci: Okay, no call or text? You know what, can we ask kyle? There’s so much going on in the house, so many comings and goings.

Jack: Everyone’s fine. Everyone’s fine. You don’t have to be on high alert.

Traci: I wish it were that simple.

Jack: What do you mean?

Traci: Ashley didn’t come home again last night.

Tessa: Okay, eight o’clock. Thank you. Oh, good morning, nikki.

Nikki: Good morning. Um, I am meeting with jack, but I guess I’m a little early.

Tessa: Oh, that’s okay. We’ll get you started with some tea.

Nikki: Thank you.

Tessa: There you go.

Nikki: So, how is the move coming along?

Tessa: Oh, well, you know, we’re getting it together. Mariah and I made a vow that in this place, we were gonna stop collecting stuff.

Nikki: Oh, I have made that promise so many times and I can never stick with it. There’s just so many things that you can’t bear to part with.

Tessa: I know. Anyway, the move is pretty exciting. And mariah and I are just so grateful to you and victor for letting us stay at the tack house. I mean, it will always be special to us. It was aria’s first home.

Nikki: Well, we loved having you. And we loved having a baby around. It’s a reminder of how precious each moment is. Struggling with bowel leakage?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Jack: Where could ashley have– you know what? If ashley didn’t come home last night, I’m sure she had her reasons.

Traci: Such as?

Jack: None of my business.

Traci: Jack, seriously?

Jack: It is none of my business. It’s none of our business.

Traci: We’re not talking about being nosy here. We’re talking about our sister’s well-being. How can you be so nonchalant?

Jack: I am simply doing what ashley asked me to do and what several people, whose opinion I trust, have told me to do for some time now. I am respecting her boundaries.

Traci: Ah, ashley’s boundaries are all over the place right now. Something is wrong. I– I– I– it’s gotten to the point I don’t know which ashley is gonna come through the door.

Jack: Honey, I’m sorry to say this, you’re overreacting.

Traci: And you’re in denial if you think that this is her normal, everyday behavior.

Jack: Maybe ashley just needed some time to herself without the two of us probing and prodding her every move. Maybe she’s with abby. Maybe she got a room of her own. The point is she can do what she wants to do and I intend to respect that.

Traci: Okay. I didn’t intend to break ashley’s confidence, but you need to–

Jack: Then don’t break ashley’s confidence.

Traci: Jack!

Jack: I don’t need to know this. I am done policing her behavior. It hasn’t worked in the past and I don’t see that changing in the future.

Traci: The past is the past. But there’s a new issue here and I can’t just sit around and say, “well, this is none of my business.”

Jack: Why not? What is really new about this? Ashley is an adult. She didn’t come home last night. Not the first time. Probably not the last.

Traci: You’re not seeing it.

Jack: I am seeing that you are frustrated. I am seeing that you are worried. And I’m not trying to aggravate you. I’m not. But I’ve finally come to the realization that my sister has a right to live her own life without her big brother’s interference.

Traci: I understand. I know what you’re saying. And if it were any other time, I would be right on board with that, except for one thing.

Jack: What is that?

Traci: Tucker. Tucker. He didn’t leave. He’s still here. This is not over.

Tucker: Hey, lily. Welcome home.

Lily: Hi, tucker.

Tucker: I assume this means your daughter is doing better?

Lily: Sorry, how do you know about mattie’s situation?

Tucker: Small town.

Lily: Oh. Okay, well, I’m sure devon didn’t tell you, since he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. Unless that’s changed.

Tucker: No, no. Sadly, it has not.

Lily: Okay, well then, I guess we don’t have much to say to each other.

Nikki: Now remember, there will be a pony waiting for aria as soon as she’s ready to learn how to ride.

Tessa: Well, I promise to come back and visit, and we will definitely be stopping by the stables.

Nikki: I’m gonna hold you to that. One thing I’m sure you won’t miss is all the heightened security at the ranch.

Tessa: I can’t tell you how much I admire your bravery and your strength through all of this. Most people would have run for the hills if some deranged person was stalking them and their family. Has there been any news of finding her?

Nikki: No, I’m afraid not.

Tessa: I’m sorry, nikki. They will. They will soon.

Nikki: I hope so.

Tessa: Well, I– I better get back to work, but hopefully this nightmare will be over soon. Be careful, nikki.

Nikki: I will. Thank you. At dot’s an ordinary pretzel just isn’t enough.

Jack: Look, I know you’re concerned about tucker, but I think we all need to take a step back and look at this man, what he’s capable of, which is precious little if you think about it. I know we’ve all bought into this idea of him being this dangerous, powerful egomaniac who can topple empires at a whim, but… he can’t get to us.

Traci: I’m not talking about the corporate world, jack.

Jack: Neither am I. I’m talking about ashley. She’s done with him. She was done with him a long time ago. Yes, he managed to somehow worm his way back in, but look what happened. It’s over. He ruined it just like we thought he would, and ashley is telling us now she wants nothing to do with him. I think we need to take her at her word.

Traci: So, you’re not at all worried that she may have spent the night with him last night?

Jack: Is that your real concern here? Because I don’t think that. He does not have the same hold on her he once had. I know it’s taken some time, but she’s there, and you have to believe that.

Traci: I would like to, but I– I just can’t believe it.

Jack: We have to let this go. What are our choices here?

Traci: Our choices are to be cautious and vigilant when the situation requires it.

Jack: But that doesn’t help her. That pushes her away. I know it goes against your nature to not look after ashley. It’s the same for me. But she will only take so much pressure before she eventually just tunes us out.

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: So you just want me to sit back and watch a slow-moving train wreck about to happen?

Jack: No, no. I want you to listen to her. To be there for her. To let her work through whatever this is on her own. Be a sister to her, not her keeper. No, traci, you are the glue that holds this family together. No one would say otherwise. Don’t let it be a burden. Don’t let it be a reason you can’t let your guard down and just be with us. Look, I know you have a home in new york city. You work there. I respect all of that. But we love having you in this house. Your home. I particularly have loved that you have been here as long as you’ve been here. And whether ashley’s willing to admit it or not, I think it’s been good for her. I think it’s a good reminder of how strong we can be if this family is united.

Traci: But that– that’s just it, jack. I don’t see that our family is united.

Jack: Traci, we’ve been through worse than this. Far worse. When we’re not speaking to each other, when we’re forced to live in different continents. This, by contrast, is a bump in the road. Oh, god, I’m sorry. I’m– I’m supposed to have coffee with nikki right now. Listen, trust me on this. When ashley needs our help and asks for it, we will be there for her. Until then, I’m gonna give her the space she asked for. I think you should do the same thing. I love you.

Tucker: May I ask you how devon is doing?

Lily: Hm, I don’t think so.

Tucker: That’s an innocent enough question.

Lily: I don’t think anything is innocent with you. I mean, you always have a hidden agenda. And I want no part of it, especially when it comes to my family.

Tucker: Yeah, lily, I understand your suspicions about me, but I have kept my distance from him, as requested. And it hurts. It really does. Not being a part of his life and not getting to see dom on a regular basis. I miss him. I miss even going to his music classes and having to sit through all those kids banging away at the drums just so I could hear his solo.

Lily: Well, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Tucker: Yeah. You’re right, I do. I have done things that have rightfully driven devon away. But I would very much like to correct all that.

Lily: You know, sometimes, these things can’t be corrected. Because people’s feelings get hurt, and once that happens, you can’t always undo it. And I definitely am not gonna try to undo it for you.

Tucker: No, no, no. I wouldn’T. That’s not what I’m asking. I just– I love them and I miss them, and I feel like I have to convince you of that.

Lily: I’m not the one who needs to be convinced.

Tucker: That’s incredible timing. We were just talk–

Traci: Hi. Hi. Um, is this the front desk? Great. This is traci abbott, and I’m wondering if anyone there has seen my sister, ashley. She often takes a suite there. I think you know who she is. Oh, never mind. Ashley? Are you all right? Where have you been?

Ashley: I don’t know. You didn’t live this strong,

Jack: Sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting long?

Nikki: No, not too long. Um, I was chatting with tessa. And she was telling me about the move, that she and mariah are moving off the ranch into their own home, you know.

Jack: I didn’t know that. Hey.

Nikki: What?

Jack: What’s wrong?

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: What’s not wrong?

Jack: You can talk to me about anything. That’s why I’m here.

Nikki: Oh. I don’t know what to do, jack. Victor wants to take me on this fabulous vacation to celebrate our anniversary, and I just don’t know.

Jack: I think it’s great. You should be rewarded for surviving victor all these years. Sorry, old habits die hard. Why are you ambivalent about this trip?

Nikki: It’s just a feeling. It’s a dread that doesn’t seem to go away. I mean, there was a time not that long ago where I would have hated going on a trip with victor because that would mean it would be harder for me to drink. Now, it’s the opposite. I hate that I want to drink, and a trip would mean time alone with all of these terrible feelings and urges and– and I don’t want to be away from you and your support.

Jack: I am always a phone call away. You can always reach out to me when you need to talk. Hey, I think you should go. After everything that you and victor have been through, you both deserve a chance to get away, to rest, and recoup. I think this is exactly what you need.

Tucker: Morning. How are you?

Devon: Tucker.

Tucker: Devon?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: How’s dom?

Devon: He’s fine.

Tucker: Still into music?

Devon: Uh-huh.

Tucker: Good. And how are you?

Devon: I’m doing great. I’m late for a meeting though with my sister, so I need to go.

Tucker: Wait, hold– wait a minute. I know the harm that you think I have caused or that I actually have caused, but do you actually believe that I am just beyond all hope? That there’s nothing I can do or say? That– that whatever I have done is just so egregious that we couldn’t possibly even attempt to find our way back to being a family again?

Devon: Well, that’s the thing. We’ve never been a family.

Tucker: Well, not in a traditional sense.

Devon: This is what pisses me off about you. Because I try and draw lines, and then you just walk all over them like they’re not even there. Because I’ve been very specific about telling you to keep your distance from me, and then you ask me something like this ’cause all you care about is what you want.

Tucker: No, that is not true at all.

Devon: It’s not true?

Tucker: No.

Devon: How’s it not true? You tell me how it’s not. You look at your life right now and tell me that you’re not alone. ‘Cause I know you are, and it’s all because you don’t know how to stop sabotaging the things that you claim matter to you. And I’m done playing the game. You’re not entitled to me or anybody else.

Audra: Tucker?

Tucker: Beautiful audra. Last night was magical, and so were you. Every time I look at you, I realize how fortunate I am and what an idiot I was to resist what you’ve known all along, that we were meant for each other. I will never make that mistake again. I have to run a few errands. Can’t wait to get back to you and hold you in my arms. I love you. Tucker.

Traci: You don’t remember where you’ve been?

Ashley: Uh, I woke up in a motel room, alone. I have no idea how I got there.

Traci: Okay, what’s the last thing you do remember?

Ashley: I don’t know.

Traci: Think ashley, try to concentrate.

[ Ashley sighs ]

Ashley: I, um, I think I was at the athletic club. I think I was outside tucker’s suite.

Traci: Okay, did you see him? Did you talk to him?

Ashley: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I kind of remember that I– I ran away from there.

Traci: And you don’t remember where you went after that?

Ashley: No.

Traci: Okay, I’m– I’m sorry. I have to ask, were you drinking?

Ashley: No.

Traci: Are you sure?

Ashley: I don’t know. I’m not sure of anything. I mean, there’s like this empty space. Before and after, I was at the athletic club that lasted until I woke up in that motel room this morning.

Traci: Okay, is there any way that you might have been drugged? Are– are you sure? Because, you know, ashley, it’s really easy for someone to slip a roofie in someone’s drink.

Ashley: No.

Traci: Maybe we should have you tested.

Ashley: No. No.

Traci: Look, you don’t have to go to a hospital. We can hire someone to come here and take a sample.

Ashley: You don’t understand. I know that I wasn’t drugged. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me. Infused with vitamin b3 and hyaluronic acid, eggs make all our family moments better. what is cirkul? Cirkul is the fuel you need to take flight. Cirkul is the energy that gets you to the next level. Cirkul is what you hope for when life tosses lemons your way. Cirkul, available at walmart and drinkcirkul.Com. -Remember when I said we need to screen for colon cancer? Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Do I love speed walking?…

Jack: So, do you think you’re gonna have enough faith in yourself and in the program to go on this trip and have a good time, even if it’s with victor?

Nikki: Jack.

[ Jack sighs ] Well, I just don’t know that I could’ve survived this ordeal without you, so thank you.

Jack: Enough with the thank yous. You would do the same for me. And seeing a smile on your face and your sobriety is enough thanks for me.

Lily: Are you okay?

Devon: Yeah, I’m fine. What was that about with you and tucker when I walked in?

Lily: Oh, you know, he hears his name and then thinks it’s a reason to come over and be annoying, but I don’t want that today.

Devon: So, he did say something to annoy you?

Lily: No. He was trying to pretend like he was a human being, and I wasn’t convinced.

Devon: Did he ask about me?

Lily: Of course. He is relentless.

Devon: Well, I don’t know what he expects.

Lily: I don’t know, your forgiveness.

Devon: Well, I just told him again that he’s not gonna get it.

Lily: Look, I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t let him get to you.

Devon: He doesn’t get to me. He can’t anymore. What?

Lily: I mean, listen, to me, tucker doesn’t matter, right? He has no effect on me. But I know for you, that’s different.

Devon: It’s not different. It’s not different at all. Maybe it was in the past, but…

Lily: Come on. You’re his son.

Devon: I know what I am. I’m his biological son.

Lily: Okay. Devon, really?

Devon: What? I’m fine. I really am. I– I’ve given him plenty of opportunities to do right by me, and he’s messed it up every single time. So, it’s okay.

Lily: It’s okay that you might feel sad that he hasn’t been the father that you deserve or need, right? Or that he hasn’t been the grandfather to dom that he should be. It’s okay to have those feelings. I mean, saying that that matters to you doesn’t mean that tucker has won.

Tucker: Mm-mm-mm. Good morning.

Audra: Hi. Where’d you go?

Tucker: Did you get my note?

Audra: I did. It was very sweet. A beautiful present for me to wake up to. But a little short on the details of where you ran off to.

Tucker: I had a very important errand to run.

Audra: Oh.

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: What kind of errand?

Tucker: All shall be revealed quite soon.

Audra: You’re being very mysterious.

Tucker: Yes, I know, and you love it when I’m mysterious.

Audra: Up to a point.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. I think, I hope, I pray you’re gonna like this surprise.

Audra: Oh. What is it?

Tucker: I’m not telling you. It’s a surprise.

Audra: Oh, come on.

Tucker: No.

Audra: Okay, what about a little hint?

Tucker: I don’t think I can.

Audra: Fine. All right, how about you just tell me if I’m dressed appropriately for this surprise of yours?

Tucker: Hm. I don’t know. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Audra: Hm.

Traci: Okay, do you need anything? Food? Do you need water?

Ashley: I’m okay.

Traci: Does your headache? Okay, I’m gonna feel your forehead, okay?

Ashley: I’m so sorry. I don’t want you to have to do this for me.

Traci: Oh, come on.

Ashley: You’re not my mother.

Traci: Oh, ashley. We take care of each other. It’s what we do.

[ Ashley sighs ] Were you assaulted?

Ashley: Oh, no. Thank god.

Traci: Oh, thank god.

Ashley: No.

Traci: All right, these memory lapses, can you talk to me about them? Can you describe them?

Ashley: Oh, it’s hard.

Traci: It’s okay, take your time.

Ashley: It’s just really strange because I’ll be home, and then, suddenly, I’m all the way across town. I have no memory of how I got there.

Traci: And you’re sure that there’s no pills or alcohol involved in any of this?

Ashley: No, it’s not a blackout. It’s like a– it’s like there’s a dead zone. It’s like I can– I can kind of remember something. It’s kind of just out of reach. It’s almost right there. But I can’T. It’s so frustrating. It’s so frustrating.

Traci: And terrifying. I imagine it’s terrifying.

Ashley: You have no idea.

Traci: Okay, we’re gonna figure out how to make sure this never happens again. I’m gonna help you.

Ashley: How? I don’t think you can help me. I don’t think anybody can help me. I was thinking that maybe this was stress and that it was gonna pass. But I think it’s getting worse. And I’m afraid something horrible’s gonna happen.

Traci: Oh, honey. Oh, honey.

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Devon: Listen, I hear you. I hear what you’re saying. And sure, maybe in the past, tucker did cause some pain for me. But I’ve come to the realization that you can’t miss what you never had. And I’ve never had him. I’ve never been able to rely on that guy, ever in my life. And every single time he’s tried to come into my life, it’s never been about our relationship. It’s always him trying to get something or win at something or take over a company or get his ex-wife to fall back in love with him. It’s– it’s too much. And he will try and wear you down until he gets what he wants because he can’t take no for an answer. And that’s not how a father should behave. And I know this because I am one and I had the best example I could ever ask for. Neil is all the father I’ll ever need.

Lily: Devon, I know that your relationship with him is more complicated than you’re willing to admit. I mean, look at how shaken up you are just by running into him.

Devon: I’m not shaken up, okay? I’m just letting off some steam to my sister.

Lily: Okay. You know I’m always here to listen to you. But right now, we do have more immediate problems to worry about than tucker mccall.

Tucker: Okay, one more, one more step.

Audra: I don’T… ah, okay.

Tucker: Forward.

Audra: Can I open them yet?

Tucker: No, not yet. Not yet. You’re fine, you’re fine. Stop.

Audra: Now?

Tucker: Yes. Huh?

Audra: Oh, my god. Tucker.

Tucker: I figured since we couldn’t go to paris, I’d bring a little paris to us. You surprised?

Audra: Stunned is more like it. This is so– so you.

Tucker: Mm.

Audra: Come here. You really are a romantic.

Tucker: Yeah. Don’t let the word get out, because it might ruin my reputation.

Audra: Your secret is safe with me.

Tucker: So, I take it you approve?

Audra: Hm. C’est magnifique.

Traci: You’ve been so brave to tell me all of this. Ashley, you’re not alone. Now, we’re gonna take everything we know and we’re gonna move forward from there, okay?

Ashley: How? How do we do it?

Traci: Well, I think you’re right. I think it sounds like these memory lapses are getting worse. So the first thing we need to do is get you to a doctor.

Ashley: Ah. You think it’ll help me?

Traci: I do. I think they need to rule out everything that’s physical. So, there’ll probably be some tests. Some blood work, a ct scan, everything that can find out what’s wrong physically. And then I think we’re gonna have to also consider a mental health care professional.

Ashley: Oh, please. A therapist is not gonna be able to help me with this.

Traci: No, look, I know it’s gonna be a lot of trial and error, but we have to explore every avenue. Ashley, it’s not safe for you to keep having these memory lapses. It could be neurological. It could be psychological. We don’t know. So, we’ve got to cover every base. Oh, honey, are you all right? What is it? Come on, sit down.

Ashley: I need some water.

Traci: Water, okay. Okay, all right.

Ashley: They’re gonna put us away. We can’t let ’em do it. We have to do something. We have to do something.

Nikki: I promise to bring you back a fabulous souvenir.

Jack: Not necessary. As long as victor has a sunburn and sand fleas, a postcard will do.

Nikki: What’s this?

Andy: Courtesy of the gentleman from the bar, mrs. Newman.

Nikki: There’s nobody there.

Barman: He must’ve just left.

Nikki: What’s in this drink?

Andy: Triple premium distilled vodka.

Nikki: Take it away. Please, take it away. (Smelling)

Jack: Hey.

Nikki: Did you find him?

Jack: I spoke to your bodyguard. He’s been canvassing the area, but he’s been looking for jordan, not a man.

Nikki: Well, she put him up to it, whoever he is.

Jack: We don’t know that.

Nikki: I know that. I am certain of that.

Jack: Andy, the guy that left the drink, is he a regular at the bar?

Andy: First time I’ve seen him in here, mr. Abbott.

Nikki: Do you believe me now? Jordan has an accomplice. Who knows how many she has? I mean, am I being watched all the time, wherever I go? You were right. You and victor were both right. I can’t take this anymore. I need to get away.

Devon: So what other problems are you referring to if it’s not about heather and daniel getting let go, which I’ve already told you I wasn’t a big fan of?

Lily: No, no, that’s a problem solved in my book. That’s a done deal.

Devon: Well, it was your call to make, so it’s– it’s fine and we move on. But you know that billy isn’t gonna be okay with it, since he has a contrary opinion to everything chancellor-winters these days.

Lily: And that is the issue I’m talking about.

Devon: Tell me about it.

Lily: No, I’m talking about this constant tension between you and billy.

Devon: Oh, well, that’s on billy, it’s not me.

Lily: I don’t really agree with that.

Devon: I’m not his biggest fan, I’ll admit that. And it’s frustrating to work with him at times, but that’s a moot point since you’re back and there’s no reason for him to be at the company anymore. You do agree with me about that, right?

Lily: I don’t think I agree anymore. I mean, I’ve had time to think about it, and I think that billy does have a purpose and a place at chancellor-winters.

Ashley: What do we do now? They’re gonna lock us up.

Traci: Okay. Here you go.

Ashley: Thank you. Do you think that maybe we could just keep this between the two of us?

Traci: I– I don’t know, ashley, I– I think–

Ashley: Please? I mean, we’re sisters, right? I just need to know that you have my back.

Traci: I will always have your back.

Ashley: Okay, don’t tell anybody then, especially jack. You know how he is, he’s so bossy, he’s just gonna want to take control.

Traci: Ashley, jack cares about you as much as I do.

Ashley: I know.

Traci: He just wants to see you feel better.

Ashley: Pinky swear, okay? Don’t tell anybody or I’m not gonna go to the doctor.

Traci: Ashley.

Ashley: I mean it. Pinky swear.

Traci: Okay, I won’t tell.

Ashley: I gotta go.

Traci: Now?

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: Where?

Ashley: Oh, I’m gross. You know, I’m gonna go take a bath. I’m gonna go take a bubble bath.

Traci: Ashley.

Ashley: See you.

Audra: Isn’t it a little early in the morning for this?

Tucker: It’s never, never too early for us. Never.

Audra: Uh, what are we toasting?

Tucker: Toasting you.

Audra: Oh, really?

Tucker: Really. To audra charles.

Audra: To us.

Tucker: Um… I have a couple of things I want to say to you. I feel like as well as you know me, I don’t think you know how much you mean to me. How much you’ve meant to me. Of course, that’s understandable because, uh, for the longest time, I don’t think I knew either. But the fact is, you’ve been the one who I confided in and confessed to. And who I counted on to surprise me and amaze me. Keep me on my toes. So often, my days started and ended with you and I don’t think I realized until now how much I needed that. How much I needed you. How much I love you. Because I love you and I love your fire and I love your depth. And your sweetness, which you will deny, I’m sure. You don’t want anyone to know you’re sweet, but I know. You’re so sweet. I– I marvel at you, audra. And I just– just being here– just being this close to you, it makes me feel so… like I’m where I’m supposed to be, you know? So… I’ve spent my whole life trying not to be vulnerable and I’m feeling pretty damn vulnerable right now. Okay. What the hell. Marry me, audra. I love you. And I want to show you how much every day, for the rest of my life.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Cole: So, claire didn’t tell anyone she was going out by herself?

Victoria: Just one of the guards. But she wouldn’t say where she was going, which put all of these horrible thoughts into my head.

Cole: About jordan?

Victoria: She’s out there somewhere.

Cole: Yeah, I know. And I completely understand why everyone is on such high alert. But the whole world is looking for jordan. I mean, she can’t hide forever.

Victoria: I know that. But every time we find her, she seems to slip away. She’s evil, cole. She’s diabolical. Sometimes, I wonder if she’s even human. And when I couldn’t find claire, I–

Cole: Okay, but it worked out. She came home.

Victoria: Yeah, this time.

Cole: We can’t keep her in a bubble, vic. She’s not a little girl anymore. She is a grown woman who’s trying to overcome a lifetime of brainwashing. So, she’s– she’s– she’s hoping that she can find her place in this world. I mean, she has a new home, a new family, not to mention there’s a crazy woman out there somewhere who’s planning god knows what. It is a lot to throw at somebody all at once. And I think claire is handling it beautifully. I mean, she’s smart, she’s careful, she’s resourceful. And she’s a lot stronger than we think. So, I say, let’s give her some slack. I’m sorry. That? Was I delivering a sermon just now?

Victoria: No. Once again, you were– you were telling me exactly what I needed to hear.

Mariah: Oh, my god, we got it.

Tessa: No.

Mariah: Yeah! Oh, my god! That’s amazing!

Victoria: I wonder what that’s all about.

Mariah: Cheers.

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: Oh. Hey. Slow down. Bartender’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Just, it’s been a day.

Billy: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I’ve had a few of those myself lately. What do you say? You want to belly up and commiserate?

Phyllis: Oh, not tonight.

Billy: Really? Old friends? Solve the world’s problems?

Phyllis: Wouldn’t that be something?

Billy: Yeah. Come on, I’m buying.

Phyllis: Maybe another time.

Billy: Just be careful, okay? Because I see you gearing up for a heck of a headache tomorrow morning, so let me do this. Let me get one of your famous hangover concoctions. I’ll get it sent up to your room. At least it’ll be there bright and early, just in case you need it. Hm? No?

Heather: We, uh, we knew this was a possibility.

Daniel: Absolutely.

Heather: So, we just have to keep remembering what’s important, which is that our family is reunited, and you and I, you and I are where we’re supposed to be, where we should have been all along.

Daniel: And we’re unemployed.

Heather: And unemployed.

Daniel: It would have been nice if this had happened before I dumped all that money into redecorating my new place.

Heather: I definitely should have gotten a less expensive car when I got back from portugal.

Daniel: Oh, lily did promise both of us severance packages.

Heather: She did, I know, but that will only last so long. We need a plan moving forward.

Daniel: Definitely need a plan.

Heather: Definitely. What’s your idea for the first move?

Daniel: I was hoping you had some ideas. Looking for a smarter way to mop?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Cole: Hey!

Mariah: Hi!

Tessa: Hi!

Victoria: So, what’s the celebration?

Cole: Yeah, did somebody win the lottery or what?

Mariah: Oh, no, so much better than that. Do you want to show ’em?

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Okay.

Tessa: Here.

Victoria: Oh!

Cole: Oh, nice.

Victoria: It’s a house.

Mariah: It’s not just any house.

Tessa: It’s our house. We closed today.

Victoria: Wow! Great!

Cole: Congratulations!

Victoria: That’s wonderful.

Tessa: Thank you so much.

Mariah: Yeah, we were spending all of our spare time going to one open house after another and we just couldn’t find anything that fit.

Tessa: Yeah. Until we found this one. It has a yard and a big playroom for aria.

Mariah: And oh, there’s this little loft area. We’re going to turn this into a music room for my insanely talented wife.

Tessa: It’s just perfect.

Mariah: We are officially living the dream. Um, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize. Here we are going on and on about our new house and you just lost yours.

Victoria: No, you don’t have to apologize.

Mariah: No, victoria, it was insanely insensitive. I’m sure that was devastating.

Victoria: Yes, it was. But, um, you know, we’ll always have those memories and no one can take that away from me. And someday there will be a new house and new memories. So, you guys should enjoy this moment. I’m very happy for you. Congratulations.

Cole: Yeah.

Mariah: Thank you.

Tessa: I know what you mean about memories. I was looking around at the tack house today and it hit me all at once that this will always be aria’s first home. Her room, her crib, all those nights checking in on her to make sure she was okay.

Mariah: Oh, yeah.

Tessa: I know it’s time to leave, but it’s going to be hard, you know?

Victoria: Yes, I do know.

Cole: Well, you know, victoria and I used to live together in the tack house back in the day.

Mariah: Shut up! Really?

Cole: Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, does the upstairs shower handle still stick?

Victoria: I’m pretty sure that it’s been through a few remodels since then. You probably wouldn’t even recognize the place.

Cole: Oh, I don’t know about that. I mean, they can knock down a few walls and move some furniture around, but I’m still pretty sure that what made it a really great place is still there.

Mariah: Well, I have an idea. Why don’t you guys come see for yourselves?

Tessa: Yeah!

Cole: No, no, no, it’s okay. I’m sure you ladies have a lot of packing to do.

Mariah: No, no. We have three days until we move into the new place.

Tessa: And a bottle of champagne that we would love to share.

Mariah: Yeah, this is true. It would be our pleasure.

Victoria: So, how do you feel about a trip down memory lane?

Heather: Okay, time to get serious.

Daniel: Agreed.

Heather: I’ll give michael a call in the morning. He will know if there’s any firms around town who are looking to hire, and, uh, christine, she probably still has some connections at the da’s office. I could go back there. It’s worth a shot.

Daniel: Okay, good. Cool. And what am I going to be doing while you’re running around town prosecuting or defending criminals?

Heather: You’re going to wait for the right opportunity. I don’t want you to just have to settle on anything. I really want you to find something you’re passionate about. Like omegasphere.

Daniel: Well, that train has left the station.

Heather: I just can’t believe that you’re not feeling this more deeply.

Daniel: I am feeling it. There’s nothing I can really do about it. When I signed over omegasphere to chancellor-winters, the deal was I would continue to run it. I would no longer own it, and now I’m no longer running it either.

Heather: I don’t know who will. I mean, who do you think will?

Daniel: That’s not my choice to make.

Heather: Well, whoever they do hire, they will not have the same vision and talent that you did, and they won’t have poured their heart and their soul into that place. There’s no way they could have inspired a game like princess louisa, which you created for lucy, our daughter. Where do you find something like that?

Daniel: I don’t know. Maybe you don’T. Maybe that’s, uh, one to a customer.

Heather: I don’t believe that and I really don’t think you do deep down. Okay, this is more than just losing a job. This is like losing a part of yourself. And I understand. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make you feel worse.

Daniel: No, you’re right. It’s fine. I mean, up until now, I hadn’t really let myself think about what I was giving up, but omegasphere, princess louisa, they helped get me through losing my family. They also helped bring both of you back to me again. I mean, that platform, that game, that was my salvation. I couldn’t replace that if I tried.

Phyllis: You used to be better at reading the room, billy.

Billy: No, I’m not an idiot. No, I get it. I know you don’t want me here, but I was just thinking maybe our snarky little back and forth could pull you out of your funk.

Phyllis: Who says I’m in a funk?

Billy: Your face does.

Phyllis: What about your funk?

Billy: Mine?

Phyllis: Yeah. Last time I talked to you, you were locked in some power struggle with the winters family. You know? That can’t be fun.

Billy: Look at us, huh? We’re having a conversation now.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, you are outnumbered by them. You really are. Just you against the winters family. You’re just trying to get a little credit, right? Trying to get some respect and some love. Not having any success at any turn. And then, you’re labeled difficult. Yeah. Difficult. And that’s how people see you from there on out, just difficult.

Billy: Oh, I get it. We’re not talking about me anymore, are we?

I have moderate to severe

crohn’s disease.

Billy: Thank you very much.

Phyllis: Honestly, billy, I couldn’t care less if people think that I’m difficult. You, on the other hand…

Billy: Will be just fine.

Phyllis: So you say.

Billy: Oh, I know. I will be just fine at work. That’s not gonna be a problem. It’s your son that you should be concerned about.

Phyllis: Why? What happened?

Billy: Have you not talked to daniel yet today?

Phyllis: No, no, I haven’T. Just tell me, what happened?

Billy: Well, I’m just gonna assume that you know that daniel and heather are back together.

Phyllis: I know. Yeah, of course I know. I mean, of course he– yeah. I mean, I’m gonna take a little credit for, you know, making that happen.

Billy: Yeah, that’s not surprising. Well, while you’re busy patting yourself on the back, you should know that there’s fallout to this grand love story.

Phyllis: What fallout?

Billy: Repercussions, phyllis. You know, not only to the company, but to the people involved. Like lily. She was the last one to know. And I’m sure you can appreciate she’s having a difficult time with it.

Daniel: I took my eye off the ball. When I signed away omegasphere to chancellor-winters, I thought I was gonna be building my brand and helping to secure my future. It just didn’t occur to me what I could be losing. Especially princess louisa. But, I mean, of course they’d want that, too, right? I mean, why wouldn’t they? That’s the most successful game that they have. And now they can take it and they can assign the character to anyone. They can spin her off in directions that would be totally wrong.

Heather: Because they don’t know her or who she represents.

Daniel: How did I let this happen?

Heather: No. Daniel. You didn’t do anything wrong. We didn’t do anything wrong. We fell back in love. That was our crime. And lily is going to make us pay for it by taking away the one thing that she knows will hurt us the most.

Daniel: The irony is that platform was all supposed to be about empowerment. Helping you work through your obstacles. I mean, it definitely helped me overcome mine and now it’s all being taken away from me right after it achieved its purpose of bringing my family back.

Heather: Maybe there’s a chance that we can get it back.

Daniel: You know, the contract’s pretty straightforward. Chancellor-winters, they own omegasphere outright. And I’m pretty sure that lily is not going to be feeling very generous right about now.

Heather: We have to try anyway.

Daniel: Heather.

Heather: No, daniel, this is too important. Okay, maybe we don’t get the platform back, but we at least have to fight for princess louisa. For lucy’s sake. You cannot just let this go.

Victoria: Oh, good. You’re still up and all dressed.

Claire: Why? What’s going on?

Cole: Well, you know how you’re always asking questions about your mother and me and the life you missed?

Claire: Yes, and I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Cole: Well, actually, instead of telling you stories, we could show you.

Claire: Show me what?

Victoria: Where it all began for us.

If you have wet amd,

Mariah: Hi, guys.

Tessa: Great, you made it!

Mariah: The champagne is on ice, so come on in.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you.

Cole: Thanks for having us.

Mariah: Hi.

Claire: Hi.

Mariah: I’m sorry that everything is such a mess. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate.

Tessa: Yeah, especially with the baby who outgrows her clothes every five minutes.

Victoria: I understand. I’ve been there. Well, when you invited us over, cole and I thought it would be nice if we brought our daughter to see where we used to live. I hope that’s all right.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh, of course it is.

Mariah: Hi. You must be claire. I’m mariah. We’ve heard so much about you.

Claire: Well, then I guess I should probably begin with an apology.

Mariah: No, absolutely not. There are no judgments or apologies in this house. Tessa and I have done many things over the years that we are not particularly proud of.

Claire: Okay.

Tessa: Well, maybe we should go out for margaritas one night, get to know each other for real, not just the dramatic headlines.

Mariah: Oh, absolutely. Sounds like a plan to me.

Cole: You’re right. It is different.

Victoria: I told you.

Cole: It’s just funny how you can envision a place in your head and it always stays the same. It’s like time stood still. You know, that was the breakfast table right over there.

Claire: I still can’t imagine you guys living here together.

Cole: Well, we weren’t just living here. This is the place where your mother and I fell in love.

Daniel: I don’t want to turn this into a war. I hurt lily. There’s no way around that.

Heather: Lily has every right to be angry, on a personal level. She has no right to go after your business and your creation.

Daniel: The contract I signed says otherwise.

Heather: I want to see it.

Daniel: How is that going to help?

Heather: I’m an attorney, remember? Maybe there’s a case for unlawful termination. Maybe we can peel off some of omegasphere’s assets, put it in a separate entity. I won’t know until I see it.

Daniel: I don’t know.

Heather: Look, daniel, if lily wants to keep the platform, but give you back princess louisa, that’s a fair trade. That is a decent thing to do in a situation like this. And if she doesn’t, any good lawyer will tell you there is a case here.

Daniel: Right. So, you’re telling me we’re going to file a case that basically says I broke lily’s heart and now she’s trying to punish me for it. That’s so personal and so humiliating.

Heather: Is it any different than what devon and lily are doing right now, trying to cheat you out of something that you created? No, it’s not. And if they’re going to play hardball, we can play just as hard. This is not right, daniel. You deserve to keep your dream.

Billy: Lily’s hurt, phyllis. She feels betrayed, and she’s not in the mood to play nice.

Phyllis: Well, what does that mean exactly?

Billy: It means that the last time I saw lily and devon together, they were discussing firing daniel and heather.

Phyllis: Whoa, what?

Billy: I tried to talk them out of it, but they’re not listening, okay? So, you might want to give daniel a heads-up.

Phyllis: That’s outrageous.

Billy: Well, I know. I agree.

Phyllis: Omegasphere is daniel’s baby, and what, she wants to fire him because of some relationship issue? Really? Is lily that petty? Oh, my god, that’s– if somebody wants out of a relationship, if it’s not working for them, you just acknowledge that and let them go and wish them luck in their life. You don’t turn into a snake and go for the throat. I mean, you don’t make vengeance your number-one priority. I mean, that is so childish. Shut up. Ahh. It’s a good day to cough. Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Mariah: Right?

[ Tessa laughs ]

Tessa: Mm. Uh oh.

Mariah: Yep, that sounds like an “I’m not going back to bed anytime soon” cry.

Tessa: No, I’ll go up.

Mariah: No, no, no, we’ll do a two-person job. You distract her, I’ll change her.

Tessa: Okay, okay.

Both: Excuse us.

Tessa: Yeah, sorry.

Victoria: No, it’s not a problem. Hey.

Cole: Hmm?

Victoria: What are you thinking?

Cole: You and me living here.

Victoria: Yeah. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Cole: Yeah. We did have some times, though, didn’t we?

Victoria: Yeah, we had some good times.

Cole: And some that weren’t so good.

Victoria: You remember when we had that fight and you stormed out of the house right into that blizzard?

Cole: Yeah, and then you locked me out.

Victoria: No, I did not lock you out. I thought you were off sulking somewhere, so I went upstairs and went to bed. You’re lucky that I looked out the window and saw you shivering out there in the snow.

Cole: Never leave the house in the winter when you’re not wearing pants. That’s a free tip.

Victoria: Well, at least I took pity on you and I let you back in.

Cole: You know, yes, you did, and I was very grateful for that.

Claire: What were you two arguing about?

Cole: Uh, gee, actually, I don’t remember. It was probably something stupid.

Victoria: Yeah, we weren’t exactly the maturest of adults back then.

Cole: Yeah, well, you speak for yourself. No, your mom was right. We were just kids.

Claire: Sounds like you two were very much in love.

Cole: Yeah, we were.

Victoria: So, what do you think of the place?

Claire: I like it.

Victoria: Yeah, I thought you might. It’s pretty special, isn’t it?

Claire: And I can imagine the two of you being happy here.

Mariah: Well, look at who’s awake!

Claire: Oh!

Cole: Hey!

Mariah: Say hi, everybody.

Claire: Hi! Aria, good morning. Do you mind if I…

Mariah: Oh, no, absolutely not. Here. There you go. It’s a baby.

Claire: It’s your baby. Can I say hi? Hey, big girl.

Mariah: Wow.

Claire: Wow, you’re so big. Good morning. Are you having a good day today, are you? My name is claire. It’s very nice to meet you.

[ Claire giggles ]

Phyllis: Devon and lily, they are so drunk in power. That’s why their company is sinking like a rock.

Billy: Except it’s not. It’s not sinking at all.

Phyllis: Well– it doesn’t– they have no right to do this to my son.

Billy: Phyllis, he cheated on lily while she was taking care of her daughter.

Phyllis: With the mother of his child, the love of his life.

Billy: It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, okay? You can’t just ignore that part.

Phyllis: Okay, we’ve all been through this. Every single person in this town. Come on, this is nothing new.

Billy: Sure, yeah.

Phyllis: This is what I’m saying, is… devon and lily… oh, god. They have doled out their share of romantic misery. They’re such hypocrites. I mean, to do this to daniel and heather because they’re trying to put their family back together? This is obscene.

Daniel: I need to think about this.

Heather: I know you do, and I, um… I don’t mean to push you.

Daniel: You’re not pushing. You’re just reminding me of what I’m about to lose, and the more I think about it, the more upset I get.

Heather: Yeah. I think you and I were probably in denial about what would happen when lily found out. We were just so relieved to be back together and not having to hide our love for each other that we didn’t really focus on the repercussions.

Daniel: Well, I’m wide awake and laser-focused now.

Claire: That was really fun. Thank you for including me.

Cole: So, you weren’t bored with all of our old stories?

Claire: Are you kidding? I loved them. I want to hear more. Was that the first time you two have been back there together?

Cole: Yeah, yeah. It’s been a long time.

Claire: Didn’t seem that way from the way you were talking.

Cole: Yeah, well, it was a pretty important time for both of us. I mean, ultimately, it led to having you.

Claire: Yeah, that could have been my house if… mom?

Victoria: Hm?

Claire: You’ve just– you’ve been really quiet on the walk back. Is everything okay?

Victoria: Yeah. Yes, everything’s okay.

Cole: If I may interpret, your mother gets a certain look in her eye when she has an idea that turns out to be a pretty big one. Am I right?

Victoria: You can still read me pretty well, can’t you?

Cole: Oh, well, glad I haven’t lost my touch. So, what is it?

Victoria: Well, this might sound a little bit crazy, but it could also be really incredible. What would you think about living in the tack house? At tj maxx, you can afford to turn your closet

Heather: So, that’s all your mom said. Meet me for a drink?

Daniel: And that it was important, so we can assume she’s heard the news.

Heather: Which news? The getting back together part or the getting fired part?

Daniel: Probably both.

Heather: Good, let’s go.

Daniel: Yeah, no, I’m not really interested in a lecture from my mother this evening.

Heather: Who said it’s going to be a lecture?

Daniel: Me, from years and years of knowing her.

Heather: Phyllis has been our biggest cheerleader. She probably just wants to congratulate us.

Daniel: And the losing our jobs part?

Heather: A show of support.

Daniel: Wow. You are an optimist.

Heather: And you and I could both use a drink, so… so, we’re going.

Daniel: Hm. Let’s go.

Heather: Okay.

Daniel: Get your purse, get your coat.

Heather: Okay, all right.

Billy: You know, you’re getting very upset over something that hasn’t happened yet.

Phyllis: Okay, well, you said that lily’s going to fire my son.

Billy: I said it’s heading in that direction. Maybe they will have a change of heart.

Phyllis: Oh, god. My son created omegasphere. That’s his baby. I mean, he’s going to be crushed. And, hey, listen, let’s just call it what it is. I’m in that division. We both know I’m going to get pink-slipped. What a mess that company is. What a mess.

Billy: Oh, I wouldn’t go that far.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Don’t be a company man right now, billy.

[ Phyllis sighs ] That place is a dumpster fire. You’re sitting right in the middle of it. What you need right now are allies, not foes. You need allies because you’re just sitting there just waiting for the time for them to pick you off, which they will do when the time is right for them.

Claire: You want me to move?

Victoria: Well, you liked the tack house, didn’t you?

Claire: Yeah, it’s great. It’s just… did I do something wrong?

Victoria: No.

Claire: Because I would understand if I’d overstayed my welcome or if you just didn’t want me around all the time.

Victoria: What? No. No, no, no. That’s not what I meant at all. No, you would– you would be moving there with me. I would move with you, and then johnny and katie could join us later.

Claire: Oh.

Victoria: I don’t want you to ever think that you’re not welcome wherever we go. You’re family. You should never forget that.

Claire: Thank you.

Cole: You know, I think it’s a great idea. It’s a really good space. And you still are right here on the newman property, so you have access to all of victor’s security.

Victoria: And I have been a little worried about johnny and katie coming home from spring break and not having a house to come home to. I mean, I love that they want to spend a lot of time with mom and dad, but, I mean, the five of us in the main house together could get a little stressful, and this way you guys could get to know each other.

Claire: I’d really like that, but how would they feel about me being there?

Victoria: Well, I’ve already told them all about you. They’re really anxious to meet their big sister.

Claire: Big sister. I still can’t believe I have siblings.

Victoria: You’re going to be so great with them. Just like you were with aria tonight. You know, she’s a real natural with children.

Claire: This all just, it’s a little overwhelming.

Victoria: I know. And I’m sorry if I just dumped it on you like this, but after we ran into mariah and tessa and they told us that they were moving, I just felt that it was the universe sending us a message.

Cole: To live the dream.

Victoria: Yeah. And it can be our home. You know, a place where we can all come together. And cole, you’re welcome to come as often as you like.

Cole: Thank you.

Victoria: And claire, it’ll be a place to give you space and time to plan the rest of your life. But you have time to think about it, of course. There’s no rush.

Claire: So, when can we move?

[ Victoria sighs ] Oh, it’s nice. It’s starting to get warm.

Cole: Yeah, spring’s a-coming, all right.

Victoria: Yeah.

Cole: You know, I hadn’t thought about that blizzard night for years.

Victoria: You were so mad.

Cole: I thought I was gonna turn into a snowman. I mean, it was freezing outside. And, but, you know, then we made up. It was always really nice whenever we made up.

Victoria: Do you think that I’m doing the right thing with claire and the tack house?

Cole: Absolutely. You’re giving her a chance to have a home and to really be a part of a family for the first time in her life.

Victoria: Yeah. And it’s a chance for us to see her become whoever she wants to be. I know we can never get back those years that we lost with her, but at least this is a second chance for us to watch our daughter grow up.

Cole: And for you to be her perfect role model.

Victoria: Oh, well, I am far from perfect, as you well know.

Cole: No. You’re an incredible woman, victoria. An amazing mother. An amazing woman. I mean, there’s just, there’s just no other word for it. And you take my breath away about a dozen times a day.

Did you know…

Cole: I better get going.

Victoria: Yeah. Thanks for tonight, cole.

Cole: Thank you. I had a great time. Um… you know, um… having you in my life has changed everything. And I never want to go back to the way things were. I just needed you to know that.

Phyllis: Hey, look at the happy couple. My goodness.

Daniel: Hi, mom.

Phyllis: Hey.

Daniel: Hi.

Phyllis: Yeah, you know, billy and I were just talking about how excited I was when you told me that you and heather were back together.

Daniel: Right. Yes.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: How very excited you were.

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, we were also discussing, um, how your jobs might be on the line.

Daniel: Oh, there’s, uh, there’s no, no maybe about that. Lily pulled the trigger. Um, we’ve both officially been fired.

Billy: Um, just so you both know, I was not involved in that decision.

Daniel: I know, billy. Thank you. I appreciate it. Um, and before you even ask, I have no idea what this means for your position at chancellor-winters.

Phyllis: Oh, I don’t care about that. I’m more concerned about you.

Heather: I think daniel should fight this. At least hold on to princess louisa.

Phyllis: I agree.

Billy: So do I.

Phyllis: You do?

Billy: I think devon and lily are acting out of emotion to the detriment of the company. I think you got to do what you got to do.

Heather: You see? It isn’t just me. You need to fight to protect what’s rightfully yours, and we’re all behind you.

Mariah: So, what did you think of claire?

Tessa: Oh, uh, she was nice. A little shy, and great with the baby, which was not what I was expecting.

Mariah: Yeah. I think she’s trying to find her way.

Tessa: Hm. I mean, you would know.

Mariah: Yeah, I mean, it’s one thing to find your parents when you’re practically grown, but when it doesn’t get off on exactly the right foot.

Tessa: I mean, you and sharon seemed to work everything out. And from what I saw, claire and victoria seemed bonded. You know, like mother and daughter.

Mariah: Yeah, that’s true. Victoria was beaming.

Tessa: Aw.

Mariah: Oh, my goodness. Is that tad?

Tessa: Oh, I was wondering what happened to him. The last time I saw him, aria was trying to bathe him in pasta.

Mariah: Yeah, and he does look a little rough around the edges.

Tessa: Oh, but we should keep him, though, right?

Mariah: I mean, we can’t keep everything, tessa. The new place is big, but it’s not that big. And she’s already got her new toy, ginky. It’s the top dog right now.

Tessa: Oh, tad looks sad.

Mariah: Okay, fine, fine. We will keep tad for a little while longer.

Tessa: Good choice.

Mariah: We have new memories to make, and there’s gonna be new mementos in the new place. This is a beginning for us. You got lucky, tad.

Victoria: Is everything all right?

Claire: Yeah.

Victoria: Are we rushing this move? Is it too fast for you?

Claire: No. No, I’m really excited about the move. I just… I feel guilty that you put off your life so much for me.

Victoria: This is my life. There’s nothing that matters to me more than you.

Claire: And I really appreciate that. But you… you loved running newman. Don’t you miss it? Do you think it’s time you should think about getting back to work?

Victoria: No, it doesn’t feel right. If or when I’m ready, I will know.

Claire: And cole doesn’t seem too eager to end his sabbatical and go back to the U.K. For work, does he?

Victoria: Claire, we’ve just missed so many– so many years with you. You’re like a miracle to us. We want to dedicate this time in our lives to you.

Claire: And I’m so grateful for that, but… I can’t help wondering if maybe there’s something more going on?

Victoria: What do you mean?

Claire: I mean, just some of the looks between the two of you when we were at the house, talking about your past.

Victoria: I… I mean, I guess being in our old place might’ve just stirred up some memories.

Claire: Of when you were happy and in love?

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Y&R Transcript Monday, April 1, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: As if that wasn’t enough, I had the distinct displeasure of running into tucker.

Traci: Why doesn’t he just pack up everything and move to france and run glissade?

Jack: That is exactly what I said to him. Do you know he had the nerve to want to discuss ashley with me?

Traci: Well, I’m not surprised. But why he thinks she’s any of his business after all he’s put her through?

Jack: He claims to be concerned about her, that she’s acting erratically.

Traci: Really? What did he say exactly?

Jack: That she wants to be his partner again in business and romance.

Traci: Oh, that definitely doesn’t sound like ashley.

Jack: No, it is not ashley. She has made it very clear to both of us she wants nothing to do with that man. In my mind, this is just another example of him trying to stir up trouble for this family.

Tucker: Hey.

Audra: Ugh.

Tucker: Five minutes.

Audra: Not five seconds.

Tucker: I was wrong.

Audra: Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

Tucker: Please, audra.

Audra: Two minutes. It’s ticking.

Tucker: You’re right to be angry with me about this whole thing with ashley. Whether she is actually having some kind of breakdown or she’s faking it, it’s not my concern. You are. Only you. You’re everything.

Victor: Jordan’s escape is an outrageous blunder on the part of my security team and law enforcement. You find the woman. You call me.

Adam: How is it even possible that that woman is an unstoppable threat?

Victor: Hell, she is. I’m gonna find her and put an end to her.

Jordan: Well, I’ve seen worse. Oh. The newmans and their amateur hour. They thought they could take me down. Well, it’s time for a reckoning. Hey! It’s your dry skin.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Victor: That woman will be brought to justice if it’s the last damn thing I do.

Adam: Well, she must really be insane if she doesn’t have the sense to stay out of your way.

Victor: I just can’t believe this. Have a seat, son. What brings you by? Anything at newman I need to address?

Adam: No, it’s– it’s nothing like that. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I’m heading to the east coast tonight with chelsea and connor. But don’t worry, my work will get taken care of.

Victor: Kind of short notice, isn’t it?

Adam: It’s connor.

Victor: What’s going on with our boy?

Adam: Connor has ocd and we’re doing everything we can to get him through it.

Audra: Now you agree with me? That ashley’s faking her crazy?

Tucker: I do.

Audra: Yeah, just like that.

Tucker: Yeah, well after careful consideration.

Audra: You know, or maybe you’re just telling me what you think I want to hear because you’re not getting your way.

Tucker: Which answer will get me a second chance?

Audra: Tucker–

Tucker: You see, you’re all I want. You’re it.

Audra: Yeah, I heard that a million times.

Tucker: Listen to me, please. Ashley’s problem, real or not, is hers to deal with. Hers and her family’S. And I– I just told jack as much.

Audra: Really?

Tucker: Yes, really. I– you accused me of wanting to play hero to ashley, to save her from herself. When the only person in the world I would ever really want to play hero to is you.

Audra: Well, since I don’t need saving, you can–

Tucker: Please, I am desperate here! I cannot lose you. I won’T. What– what can we do to get back to where we were?

Jack: Diane and I are meeting at the club for a drink. Would you care to join us?

Traci: Oh, that sounds nice. Um, no, thank you. Actually, I have some reading I need to do. I think I’ll stay in.

Jack: Well, enjoy.

Traci: That’s the goal.

Ashley: I do not need or want you to be watching me like a hawk for any kind of weakness.

Traci: Ashley, I’m sorry if you think that we’re hovering or you feel cornered, but you can’t blame us to be–

Ashley: I can blame you and I do. I am stable. I am solid. And I want to move on with my life. So back the hell off and let me. Traci.

[ Ashley laughing ] You look like you’re a million miles away.

Traci: Hi, so sorry.

Ashley: Please don’t tell me that that concerned look on your face has something to do with me.

Traci: Well, unfortunately, it does. Tucker is not over you. Okay, I’m over tucker.

Ashley: Do I really have to say it again? Okay, I’m over tucker. You don’t have to worry or hover.

Traci: Okay. That is very good to hear. But apparently, tucker is not over you.

Ashley: Really? What does that mean?

Traci: I guess jack ran into him earlier, and tucker said he was very concerned about you, that your behavior is erratic.

Ashley: Yeah, he tried that on me, too. I guess he thinks that, um, because I was wrong about what happened in paris, that that indicates that I’m falling apart. Obviously, he’s trying to make me doubt myself. But you don’t have to believe his garbage now, do you?

Traci: So, what you’re saying is that his– tucker’s claims are just another way for him to manipulate you.

Ashley: Yeah, as if that could ever be the case.

Traci: Well, I can’t speak for tucker’s sincerity, but you have to admit, you’ve been a little moody, and not quite yourself since we got back from paris. Maybe that’s why he’s jumping to conclusions about what’s going on with you.

Ashley: And you’re not gonna let me forget for a second that I was wrong about what happened in that stupid cafe, are you?

Traci: Okay, come on, I’m not trying to upset you.

Ashley: Well, it is upsetting. You’re choosing to believe tucker over me, and I am your sister.

Victor: Obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’ve heard that term pertaining to adults, but rarely to children.

Adam: I didn’t know that either.

Victor: Ah.

Adam: You know, when connor first started having issues at school, we thought it was a learning difference, an academic issue. But then we found a doctor who made the diagnosis.

Victor: So, what’s the cure?

Adam: There is no cure. But there are tools that he can learn to manage the diagnosis. He needs something called exposure and response prevention therapy, erp. Chelsea found the best residential program in the country, and we’re lucky enough to get the last spot. So, that’s why we have to leave immediately.

Victor: Take my jet. I mean, I’ll make the arrangements.

Adam: Well, nick already made the offer. So, it’s nice to know that we have your blessing, too.

Victor: My boy, just know that whatever you and chelsea and connor need, you just come to me, all right?

Adam: That means more than you know.

Victor: Yeah, well, I know what it is like to have a child that suffers. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Adam: You know, we have to do this. It is the right move to make, but I don’t want to let him out of my sight. Connor says that he hates himself. What do I do with that? I mean, how do I– how do I help him?

Victor: That breaks my heart, you know? You just continue doing what you and chelsea are planning to do. I mean, it’s the right move. Just trust yourself.

Adam: Dad, I’m– but I’m the screw-up. I’m that guy that never gets it right. What if it’s happened this time? What if what’s happening with connor is my fault? I mean, I love the hell out of my kid, but I wasn’t always around, was I? And connor didn’t exactly have the most stable childhood.

Victor: Well… I had a son I loved very much. Couldn’t be around him when things were difficult, and he had a tough childhood. And I am proud of the man that boy has become. Of the father he has become.

Victoria: Hi. Have you seen claire?

Victor: No.

Victoria: I’ve looked everywhere for her. Will you alert your security team and ask if they’ve seen her, please?

Adam: Look, she’s probably fine.

Victoria: Probably? Probably isn’t good enough, all right? Not with jordan out there.

Victor: Sweetheart, there’s no way jordan would have come onto this property without security catching her. There’s no way she took claire away.

Adam: Yes, I can vouch for that. Security was so tight, I could barely get in.

Victoria: That’s because they don’t like you. That doesn’t mean that claire didn’t figure out a way to leave.

Victor: I don’t think claire would do that. She knows how dangerous that would be. She wouldn’t leave on her own.

Victoria: I wouldn’t be so sure.

Michael: Claire.

Claire: Hello!

Michael: Well, uh, not that it isn’t great to see you, but what are you doing here?

Claire: I’m enjoying a mocha latte, extra mocha. Because I can.

Michael: No better reason. You look good.

Claire: Feel good. And I’m kind of celebrating.

Michael: Ah, what’s the occasion?

Claire: This is my very first time out in the actual real world all by myself since I was released from the hospital.

Michael: Well, good for you. But with your aunt no longer in custody, I’m surprised that victor and your family would let you off the ranch, let alone out of their sight.

Claire: They wouldn’t, which is why I didn’t tell them.

Michael: You think that’s a good idea?

Claire: They probably won’t be happy, but jordan doesn’t scare me and I can’t let fear control my life. Not anymore. Wow.

Michael: I am glad that you’re feeling so strong, but I can’t help being a little worried that you’re out here unprotected given that you are still very much a target for jordan.

Claire: Duly noted. But what seems like a risk to you, it feels absolutely amazing for me. I can’t live my life worried that my aunt is lurking around every corner. I’m free of her. I’m free of the hate that she poured into me. And I’m gonna live my life like a normal person for the first time ever.

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: You are a very strong young woman, just like your mother.

Claire: Really? You think I’m like victoria?

Michael: I do. Very much so. Pecan muffins.

Lauren: You caught me. They’re my obsession.

Claire: Well, your secret is safe with me.

Lauren: Thank you.

Michael: Oh, lauren, this is victoria’s daughter, claire.

Lauren: I’ve heard a lot about you.

Claire: I can imagine.

Lauren: Well, you’ve gone through a lot and you’ve come out the other side.

Claire: I owe a lot to your husband. He could’ve refused my case, but he took a chance and here I am.

Michael: Yay.

Lauren: Yes. So, I’m assuming you’re gonna stay in genoa city?

Claire: There’s no place I’d rather be. I’m mostly focused on getting to know my family right now.

Lauren: Yes, and getting to know the newmans is a full-time job.

Claire: Oh, that is true. They’ve been so kind.

Lauren: Oh, well, they certainly are. So, tell me, what are you interested in? What do you think you’re gonna do?

Claire: Well, there was this little girl at the hospital. I would play games with her and read to her. And I think it was really good for both of us. So, nikki and my parents have suggested I might like to work with kids.

Lauren: Oh, that sounds nice.

Claire: Summer. Hey.

Michael: Hi, summer.

Lauren: We were just getting to know your cousin. You know, actually, I’ve got to get back to work.

Michael: Oh, I’m headed to victor’S. Let me drop you.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Right. Claire, summer.

Lauren: You just want these muffins.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Claire: Summer, would you like to sit?

Summer: I actually can’T. I gotta get back to work. This was just a quick little coffee break.

Claire: Maybe next time.

Summer: Yeah, good to see you.

Claire: Summer? You learned the whole truth about me, didn’t you?

Summer: Um. Yeah, what you did to your family, um… my family. Can’t really wrap my head around it.

Claire: It makes sense for you to be freaked out. What I did was horrible and I’m ashamed. But I’m not that person anymore. I’ve gotten help. I’ll keep getting help. And I will spend the rest of my life trying to prove myself to all of you.

Summer: You tried to kill my dad. My aunt. My– my grandparents. I– I gotta ask you. What makes you think that you will ever be qualified to work with children?

Tucker: You’re right to wanna walk away from me. About all this with ashley. You probably should have. I made promises to you that I didn’t keep. I was not honest with you. But you’ve been so patient with me. And you stood by me when you didn’t have to. And most people would not have. And yet, I still haven’t made you the priority I should have made you. And that makes me a fool. So, here I am. A liar and a fool. And you should probably walk away. I won’t blame you if you do. When I think about my life without you, audra… and, uh… I’m so lucky to have you in my life and… you’re– you’re my best friend. And, um, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say. What do you need me to say?

Audra: I just need you to look at me in my eyes and say the only words I know you can’t say without meaning them.

Tucker: I love you, audra.

Audra: I love you too.

Diane: To taking a break from our crazy busy schedules for a little us time.

Jack: I will drink to that. Ah, I think I needed this.

Diane: Tough day?

Jack: Tucker.

Diane: Oh, no, what now?

Jack: Oh, more of his mind games. He claims he is concerned about ashley’s mental health. There’s something terribly wrong with her.

Diane: Oh, my god, it never stops with him.

Jack: I don’t know what his ultimate agenda is. I do know my sister. If she is behaving out of character, it’s because she’s under a great deal of stress. I’ve talked to her about this. She says she’s fine.

Diane: Do you believe her?

Jack: I have been with ashley through a number of emotional issues for her. I have seen her confused. I have seen her unsure of herself. No, she is strong. She is solid. Yes, I do believe her.

Traci: Um, I don’t believe a word that tucker says.

Ashley: Well, I’m glad to hear it. I mean, I’ve never felt more focused and more sure of myself. It is funny though, isn’t it?

Traci: What?

Ashley: Well, tucker does seem to be genuinely concerned about me. He actually told me that he feels responsible that somehow our breakup pushed me over the edge. Let him think I’m crazy. It’s exactly what I want.

Traci: Oh, okay. You want tucker to think that you’re crazy. Would you mind kind of walking me through this? Because this makes absolutely no sense. Especially because you’re over him, right?

Ashley: I’m in complete control of the situation. I’m not playing into tucker’s hands. In fact, this is all going exactly how I intended to.

Traci: It is?

Ashley: I have a plan.

Traci: Oh, now there’s a phrase that terrifies me, I have a plan. Rarely goes the way you want it to. You mind sharing some of this with me?

Ashley: You’re just gonna have to trust me, trace.

Traci: I do trust you. But I’m also really curious.

Ashley: Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so you’re gonna have to wait.

Traci: Oh, come on. I was your wingwoman in paris. You’ve got to have somebody to bounce ideas off of, right?

Ashley: Why? So, you can talk me out of it?

Traci: Everybody needs a sounding board.

Ashley: I’ve got tucker just where I want him. See, he’s so worried about poor ashley. He feels so guilty about her because she’s weak and she’s fragile. You know, she’s vulnerable. What that does, it makes him vulnerable. Because you see, all I have to do is get him to trust me. With his heart and with his empire. And then, I’m gonna take it all away. So, all he’s left with is that sad, desolate, bankrupt soul of his.

Traci: Okay, ashley. After everything you’ve been through, do you really think it’s wise to get that close to tucker again? Come on. This is not the first time that you’ve cozied up to him.

Ashley: I’m smarter now.

Traci: And he is someone who’s difficult to fool. How are you gonna get his company away from him?

Ashley: Oh, I don’t know. I’m just gonna do it. It’s perfect. He’s not gonna see me coming.

Traci: Wait, I– I don’t know about any of this. And none of it sounds good. Ashley, please don’t go. Ashley, wait a minute.

[ Door slams ]

Diane: I hate that I got so angry with kyle. And I realize that I’ve just been looking for any evidence that he didn’t respect me as his superior. And I am gonna stop doing that.

Jack: I think that’s very generous of you. And for what it’s worth, I saw kyle at the house and we talked about the issue.

Diane: What did he say?

Jack: He confessed that he has had some feelings of resentment.

Diane: You see? It wasn’t my imagination. He does resent me. That’s not okay.

Jack: He also volunteered that he knows he has to work through this, on his own.

Diane: Jack, what if he can’t? I mean, I have worked so hard to have a relationship with my son. No job is worth sacrificing that for.

[ Diane sighs ] What would you say if I suggested that kyle and I reverse roles?

Adam: You’re so worried that jordan could have got to claire. Have you ever considered that claire maybe ran off to be with her aunt, to team up against our family again?

[ Victoria scoffs ]

Victoria: You know, it’s fascinating. Ever since you’ve come into our lives, all you’ve wanted was for us to accept you. And you won’t extend that same grace to my daughter.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: You know what? You’re right. I’m sorry.

Victoria: Oh, an apology? Why are you being so nice?

Adam: Look, I may not be completely convinced that claire is not a threat based on what she’s done, but we are protective of our kids. I get that. So, I should have kept my mouth shut.

Victoria: I’m sorry, but this is so unlike you.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe I learned a few things recently.

Victoria: Like what?

Adam: Oh, god, you’re gonna hear it sooner or later. Connor has been diagnosed with ocd.

Victoria: What? Oh, my god, I’m sorry. Is he okay?

Adam: He’s scared. I’m scared, but he’s putting on a brave face. Chelsea and I, we’re leaving tonight to get him into a residential program.

Victoria: Well, I’m sorry for everything that connor has to go through. And you and chelsea as well.

Adam: Thank you.

Victoria: It’s smart, though, for you to be proactive. I think, um, early intervention is probably key in something like this. If there’s anything I can do.

Victor: Thank you for the update. Yeah.

Victoria: What did you find out?

Victor: Well, according to security at the front gate, claire left a while ago saying she was gonna get a cup of coffee.

Victoria: So, she just went out to get coffee?

Victor: No more information than that.

Claire: I saw kyle earlier and I explained to him, I’m working through things and therapy, and I’m doing everything that I can to get better and– and build a real life for myself. That means trying to be productive, giving back, and yeah, hopefully, that means working with kids. Maybe because of the terrible things that I did. Maybe because of the terrible things that were done to me when I was a kid.

Summer: So you were a victim?

Claire: I was stolen, cut off from my family, told that I was unwanted so that I could be used and manipulated and it worked. I did what I was told and it was awful, but I take responsibility for what I did. And I’m taking responsibility for my present, for my future, to make a difference in a good way. I really hope that you can see that and you can trust me. And maybe, who knows, one day we could have a real relationship as cousins.

[ Door opens ]

Summer: Chance.

Chance: Hey.

Summer: Hey. Um, claire, this is chance chancellor. Chance, this is my cousin, claire.

Chance: Oh, very nice to meet you.

Claire: Nikki pointed you out at diane and jack’s vow renewal. She said you were a genuine hero.

Chance: Oh, well, that’s a little too generous.

Summer: No, don’t be modest. You are a hero, even if you’re not wearing the uniform anymore.

[ Phone ringing ]

Claire: Oh, um, it’s my mom. I should probably get back to the ranch before they call out the security guards.

Summer: Hm. Sounds very serious.

Claire: At least I got my coffee. It was great meeting you.

Chance: Yeah, you as well.

Claire: Good to see you, summer.

Summer: You too.

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kidney disease you can reduce

Jack: Are you really saying what I think you’re saying? You would give up your job as co-ceo for kyle?

Diane: Look, I love my job. I love working so closely with you. But I really want our son to soar. And I’m afraid that his resentment towards me is gonna get in the way of that.

Jack: It is not enough to make this drastic a change.

Diane: Jack, please, just give it some thought.

Jack: Okay. Switching jobs at this point may seem like an answer, but it– it doesn’t solve the problem. I’ve said this before, you and kyle have to find a way to resolve this. To work through things, to find common ground, so that you can work together effectively.

Diane: So, I guess that’s a no.

Jack: I won’t even consider it. I honestly believe you are where you belong. Where you deserve to be.

Victoria: There you are! Where were you? I was so worried about you.

Claire: I’m fine. I just went for a coffee.

Adam: Alone?

Claire: Why do you care?

Adam: Because people were worried.

Victoria: Okay, okay, it’s not safe. So, don’t do that again. Don’t– don’t do that until jordan is in custody.

Victor: Claire, listen to me. Next time you inform your mother about your whereabouts, and/or take someone from the security team along with you.

Claire: I will. And I’m sorry that I worried you so much. But I can’t just hide here in this house. I– I have to get used to living out in the real world and going out on my own. I– I refuse to be afraid of jordan.

Victor: You sound like your grandmother.

Victoria: I’m proud of you. I know that you want to be independent, but please, just don’t take off like that again. You promise me?

Claire: I promise, mom.

Michael: Oh, looks like a party. Claire, yeah.

Victor: Michael baldwin. Nice to see you, old boy.

Michael: Good to see you.

Victor: Have a seat. What’s up?

Michael: Potential lead on jordan, if we’re lucky.

Victoria: Oh, thank god.

Victor: Let me hear it.

Michael: Well, someone calling herself eve howard purchased a train ticket from chicago to houston. Could be jordan’s on the run.

Victor: Could also be that that is what she wants us to think.

Audra: What the hell?

Tucker: Again? Would you like me to have you thrown out or arrested this time?

Ashley: We have business to discuss.

Tucker: No, we don’T.

Ashley: I made that appointment we talked about.

Tucker: Wonderful. I’m glad you did. That’s all I wanted. Now, I wish you the best.

Ashley: You know, I’m doing this for us.

Tucker: Do it for yourself, ashley. There is no us. And there never will be again.

Ashley: I think you’d have a different answer if we didn’t have an audience.

Tucker: I hope you get to a better place. I really do. But that is a step you need to take on your own or with the support of your family because I am out.

Audra: You heard him, ashley. Out.

Ashley: Can we speak privately?

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Audra: Look, ashley, I don’t know what all of this is. Real, fake, crazy, sane. I– I don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s over. Okay, this thing that you’ve got chasing tucker around, it’s embarrassing. Do you really want to get rejected over and over again? Have a little self-respect.

Ashley: Tucker, could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?

Audra: You know what?

Tucker: Hold on. Wait a minute. Stop it. Ashley, it’s enough. Go now.

Ashley: Okay. All you had to do was ask.

Audra: Oh, my god.

Tucker: Well, do you believe me now?

Ashley: Where am I? What’s going on? What am I doing here? What’s happening to me?

Chance: Hey, your cousin seemed nice.

Summer: Yeah, seemed nice.

Chance: What’s that supposed to mean?

Summer: It means that she seemed nice when she was my grandma’s assistant, but it actually turned out that she was plotting with her crazy great-aunt to destroy the newman family.

Chance: That woman just now?

Summer: Yes, that exact one. Okay, the short version? She and her aunt lured my dad, my aunt victoria, and my grandparents all up to this remote cabin and tried to kill them.

Chance: What? Why the hell isn’t she in prison?

Summer: Because my family heavily went to bat for her. Mental illness, whatever. They got her treatment instead of jail time, and now she’s just living on the ranch. A shiny new member of the newman clan.

Chance: Boy. Well, they must have faith that the treatment’s working, yeah?

Summer: Yeah, well, I saw her in action with my grandma before. She’s a pretty good actress.

Chance: You don’t think she’s been rehabilitated?

Summer: I– I don’t know what to believe, chance. I really don’T. Yes, she seems to sincerely want to turn her life around, but I don’t really know how you go from homicidal behavior to just a normal person in the span of, like, a couple of months. I– I get the concept of second chances. I’m just not ready to trust my cousin claire.

Michael: There’s only one way to figure out if jordan’s playing us or if she’s really getting out of dodge. I’m gonna have to follow up on that train ticket lead.

Victor: Thank you for coming by and let me know as soon as you find anything out.

Michael: You’ll be the first.

Victor: Thank you.

Michael: Victoria, adam.

Adam: Look, I, um, I have to get going as well, but thank you for letting me use the jet.

Victor: Anytime, my boy. If you need anything, call me.

Adam: Of course. Thank you.

Victor: And you tell him that nikki and I love him. Give him a big hug from us, all right?

Victoria: And also from me, adam.

Adam: Sure.

Victor: Adam?

Adam: Yeah?

Victor: Just remember, you and chelsea are exactly the parents the boy needs right now.

Claire: What’s going on with adam’s son?

[ Victor sighs ]

Victor: As if they didn’t have enough problems. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder and is being treated at a special clinic on the east coast.

Claire: God, that poor kid. I spent time with some kids his age at the hospital. They all tried to be brave, but you could tell that they were– they were afraid of the treatments and they were scared that they wouldn’t get better. My heart really goes out to him.

Victoria: Connor will be very lucky if he finds people as empathetic as you are to help him through this.

Diane: Thank you.

Jack: You are welcome.

Diane: Mm.

Jack: Come here.

Ashley: Oh, what is happening to me?

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 1, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Jack tells Traci that Tucker had the nerve to express concern for Ashley and that she was making overtures towards him and acting erratically. Jack meets Diane at the club for a drink; they toast. They discuss Ashley and Tucker. Then Diane suggests that she quit as CEO so that Kyle can get his job back and stop resenting her. Jack doesn’t think that’s a good idea; he thinks that she and Kyle need to work through things instead.

Traci worries about Ashley and lets her know what Jack said. Ashley tells her not to worry and that she has a plan to deal with Tucker. They argue, and then Ashley storms out.

Tucker apologizes to Audra and tells her that he loves her, so they make up. They both think Ashley is faking being crazy. Later, Ashley shows up at Tucker’s room. Both Tucker and Audra are annoyed and tell her to leave. Ashley asks to speak with him privately, but he tells her he’s not interested. Audra pushes her out the door. Outside, Ashley (the real one) realizes she doesn’t know how she got there or what’s wrong with her. She sees Jack and Diane when she goes downstairs but avoids them.

Victor and his family are angry that Jordan escaped again. Adam tells Victor that Connor has OCD and that he and Chelsea are taking him to a special treatment place. They have a heart-to-heart talk about it. Victor offers his jet. Adam worries that he somehow caused Connor to be this way because he wasn’t a great parent. Victor tells him that he’s proud of him. Victoria can’t find Claire. Adam wonders if she’s teamed up with Jordan again, so Victoria tells him off. Adam immediately apologizes, which shocks Victoria. He tells her about Connor. She’s sympathetic.

Claire is at the coffee shop, getting coffee. Michael comes in and says hi. She’s very happy to be out and about by herself, despite Jordan. Michael praises her strength and compares her to Victoria. Lauren is also there, so Michael introduces them. They chat. Claire intends to stay in town and get a job working with children. Lauren says hi to Summer, who’s in line. Claire invites her to join her, but Summer says she’s in a hurry. Claire knows that Summer has heard all about her past now. Summer is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Claire did terrible things to her family and is now forgiven and not in jail. She also doesn’t think that Claire should be around children. Claire explains the circumstances about how and why she targeted the family. Chance comes in, so Summer introduces them. Later, Summer explains to him what Claire did and how everyone in her family just forgave her. She admits that she doesn’t trust her.

Jordan skulks around town and dresses up as a man to escape detection. She watches Claire as she leaves the coffee shop.

When Claire returns home, Victoria and Victor tell her how worried they were and make her promise not to go out alone again. She promises but isn’t afraid of Jordan. Michael arrives and tells them that someone pretending to be “Eve Howard” bought a train ticket. Victor thinks it’s probably a fake. After Adam leaves, Claire asks about his son, so Victor tells her about Connor’s OCD. She’s very sympathetic, having seen some kids like that at the hospital.


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Y&R Best Lines Friday, March 29, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Hey, Jack. You got a minute?

Jack: For you, no.

Tucker: Ah, wait. It’s important. Please.

Jack: You know, I’ve been coming to this club my whole life. I love this place. What I don’t like is the increasing likelihood I’m gonna run into you. Why are you still here?

Tucker: Well, I live here.

Jack: I meant in genoa city. Isn’t glissade your new life’s work in Paris?

Tucker: You know, there’s this really neat new invention. Um… what’s it called? The internet. And, uh, you can be in one place and do work in another. Unbelievable. You should check it out.

Jack: Maybe you could use it to get yourself a one-way ticket to France. There is nothing like face-to-face time with your employees, especially when you had to hire a whole new staff and board. Or are you staying away so they don’t get to know the real tucker McCall?

Tucker: Has it ever occurred to you I might move glissade here


Cole: Can I talk with you and Claire in private?

Claire: Well, if whatever you have to say is about Jordan, you can speak freely. I told Kyle the whole ugly truth, just so you know.

Kyle: Um, this sounds like a family matter, and I should– I should probably get back to Harrison anyway.

Claire: There it is. That’s the reaction I was waiting for. Better run.

Kyle: I’m impressed. Not many people could bounce back after what you’ve been through. And for the record, I’m not running. I’m just giving you all some privacy.

Claire: Thank you.


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: This is novel. A stress-free day with no surprises in store. Feels like it’s been forever.

Claire: I think maybe it has been forever for me. Being free of Jordan, not being worried about her next plan or when she might pop in again and try to ruin our lives. My whole life I’ve been on edge because of her.

Victoria: You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’re free to go out and do things without looking over our shoulder constantly. In fact, I think that’s exactly what we should do. We should do something incredibly normal. Like, go for a long walk or a drive or a mother-daughter shopping spree. Or we could go see a movie. I think that we deserve that, don’t you?

Claire: Maybe we start by just going to lunch? Without security guards


Victoria: Wow, look at us. Out and about.

Claire: You do this with Nikki, right? Mother-daughter lunches?

Victoria: Absolutely. All the time. Now it’s our turn.

Claire: It’s still weird, the difference between researching you and actually knowing you.

Victoria: Oh, well, I don’t think I want to know what they say about me in the press or on social media.

[ Claire laughing ]

Claire: The press doesn’t know how silly you can be or how sweet or that you’re not the best baker?

Victoria: Oh, well, I’m sure that Johnny and Katie are gonna tell you all about that. In the meantime, there’s just so much that I want to know.


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Heather: Oh, right. Okay, just, uh, for the sake of argument, let’s say you met this guy.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Heather: And you just– you can’t stand him.

Daniel: Okay.

Heather: But he asked Lucy to the prom, and she’s over the moon, thrilled to go. You’re not actually gonna tell Lucy she can’t go, are you?

Daniel: Yeah, maybe I am.

Heather: Okay, that’s pretty funny to me, because you’re the biggest pushover I’ve ever seen when it comes to Lucy.

Daniel: That’s– no, that’s not true. I have said no to her plenty of times. Like, once when she was three, and she asked me if i would teach her how to drive.

Heather: Hm. Lucy’s always made good choices when it comes to people she’s hung out with, so I don’t see why this boy that she has a crush on will be any different.

Daniel: Sure. Let’s just hope that he’s not like me when I was his age.


Devon: We haven’t gotten that far yet, no, but when we do, we will welcome your input.

Billy: Oh, I’m sure you will. You won’t even tell me the reason behind it. I mean, come on, it’s gotta be pretty serious. You’re gonna fire the person you’re in a relationship with, lily. So, you’re not in a relationship with him anymore. Is that what’s behind this?

Devon: Can you drop this, Billy?

Billy: Oh, I get it now.

Devon: Can you please drop this?

Billy: So something happened between heather and Daniel, and now you want to fire them both.


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, March 25, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Christine: Danny Romalotti singing me a beautiful voicemail. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet.

Danny: I know exactly who the luckiest person is at this table, and it is definitely not you.


Heather: Lily, welcome home.

Lily: You already said that, heather. Remember? I went to Daniel’s apartment and walked in on your warm, little, fuzzy family moment?

Heather: Yes, yeah, yeah, of– of– of course.

Lily: Right.

Heather: Um, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that Mattie is doing better, and– and it must have been so nice.

Lily: Okay, heather, I’m– I’m– I’m not– I’m not doing this with you. Okay? I don’t wanna hear your “what do you mean?” Act. All right? I left town, you got what you wanted, so good for you. Congratulations. I have nothing to say to you.

Heather: Lily, I swear to you, there was– there was absolutely nothing, and by nothing, I mean zero premeditated about what happened between Daniel and I, and I– I never, ever intended to hurt you.

Lily: I know you never intended to hurt me, heather. Do you wanna know why? Because you didn’t think about me at all. I was not a consideration to you.

Heather: But that’s not true.

Lily: And do you really expect me to believe it wasn’t premeditated? I know that your feelings for daniel came back before I even left. You saw that he was the man that you wanted him to be. You saw that, and you wanted him back.


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Claire: Yeah, it’s, um, still strange to me. Meeting all these relatives who I’ve read so much about all these years, but getting to know them as people, not just news stories. Newmans for what they had, but at the same time, I wanted it all. things, but I like to imagine the family and the love. She only wanted me to see the ugly stuff. The fights and the crimes, the divorces. Anything messy or sordid. That’s what I was supposed to pay attention to, but… there’s so much more to you. To all of you


Claire: How long was I asleep for?

Victor: Too long. So, why don’t you get up? I guess the whole family is waiting for you.

Claire: The whole family?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: Why? Why would they be waiting for me?

Victor: Well, do you even have to ask? I mean, you’ve done this hundreds of times, sweetheart.

Claire: Hundreds?

Victor: Yeah. Remember? We used to all have breakfast together and we put you in a little baby seat. There was a pancake on your plate. One little pancake.

Claire: Baby seat?

Victor: I have to go to the office. Stop by before I join you at breakfast, so I’ll see you later. All right, eve?

Claire: Eve?

Victor: See you soon.


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