Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa was shopping when Konstantine called her. She let him know that she couldn’t work with him anymore. Theresa wanted him to lose her number. Brady approached her, but he didn’t hear her phone call with Konstantine. They ended up arguing over Tate and Brady’s personal life. Stefan told Ava that Gabi was in the infirmary. Someone broke her leg in jail. Stefan felt it was a message from Clyde. Stefan felt they needed to step with their plan to take Clyde down. He thought Clyde found out about the returned shipment. She said it wasn’t their fault. The buyer was sent to jail before the shipment arrived and the warehouse was shut down. They got the shipment back before the police found it so Clyde should be happy. Stefan told her that he wasn’t happy since it cost him money. He felt that Ava dating a cop wasn’t helping their situation. He thought they could use him as an insider. She didn’t want to do that. Harris walked into the Bistro and Stefan left them alone. Harris told her about kissing Stephanie. He told her that it didn’t mean anything. Harris thought it was wrong to keep it from her. Hopefully she would accept his apology. Ava told him that she couldn’t do it. Paulina woke up to find Abe at her place. He noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself. Abe wondered if she was okay. She felt better now that he was there. Paulina told him about having trouble with her speech. She wanted his help writing it.

Chad ran into Stefan at the pub. He noticed Stefan’s mood and tried talking to him about it. Stefan was upset about Gabi getting her leg broken in prison. Chad tried to help, but he didn’t want him involved. Stefan said no talking would change the fact that Gabi was hurt because of Clyde. Chad demanded to know if Clyde Weston was the one who hurt Gabi. Stefan wanted him to leave it alone. Chad reminded him that he killed his wife. Brady and Theresa saw each other at Basic Black. He was concerned about her attitude when he saw her on the phone. She told him that she was fine. Theresa hoped he was good too because she’s concerned about him. She cherished the moments they had together. He cherished the moments too. She walked out the room. Brady wasn’t sure he believed her. Ava told Harris that she needed to focus on the restaurant. She also wanted to protect herself from him. Harris kissing Stephanie made her feel uncomfortable. She had the feeling before, but she ignored it. He assured her that the kiss didn’t mean anything. Ava felt like the kiss was a deal breaker. She wanted him to leave. He walked out the restaurant. She held back tears. Stefan returned to the Bistro and noticed Ava’s reaction. She told him that she broke up with Harris. Ava couldn’t risk Harris finding out what they were doing. Chad was at the Square and looked at Tom and Alice’s plaque. He knew they couldn’t accept him at first, but they knew how much he loved Abby. Chad vowed to make Chad pay for what he did to Abby.

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