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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman talked to Eric about Hope and Harris. He told Eric that Harris was being deprogrammed. He also talked to him about scattering Kate’s ashes in Ireland. He said that Austin, Carrie and Billie were going. Lucas wanted to go, but he knew Roman didn’t want to wait for him to get out of prison to scatter her ashes. Roman didn’t think he would have the same miracle that Anna had with Tony. Eric wanted to be there with Roman, but he needed him to watch the pub. Ciara walked into the ISA facility and saw Hope kissing Harris. Ciara was upset when she saw it. She let Hope know that Bo would be rolling in his grave if he saw her kissing a man who tried to kill her. Harris got in the conversation and agreed with Ciara. Hope reminded her that she believed Ben deserved a second chance so Harris did too. Ciara backed down after she told her that. Hope asked her about the baby. Ciara told her that she was pregnant. Hope was excited about the news. She promised to be there for her for this baby. Ciara hoped that she would be this time. Bo left Megan passed out on the floor. He walked out the room and ran into Kayla. She was excited that he was alive. Megan started stirring while they had their reunion. They talked about overpowering their captors. Bo wanted to leave, but she told him they couldn’t leave without Marlena. John found Marlena in the pod. He tried to open it, but he couldn’t do it. He pressed a button and the alarm went off. The alarm opened the pod and Marlena was asleep. Rolf walked in the room and tried to leave. John demanded that he wake Marlena up.

Rolf injected Marlena. He let John know that she was going to make it. John ran to Marlena and they embraced each other. Rolf snuck out of the room while John helped Marlena out of the pod. He noticed the other pods in the room. Marlena told him about Kayla and Kate being there too. She told him that Kayla was alive, but she wasn’t sure what happened to Kate. Bo tried to leave, but Kayla said they couldn’t leave without Marlena. He didn’t want to risk Megan catching them. Kayla refused to leave Marlena there. She mentioned Kate and he admitted that he shot her. She couldn’t believe his attitude about shooting her. She thought Megan brainwashed him. She wanted Marlena to help him, but he didn’t need any help. He said he didn’t need anyone. She asked him about Hope, but he said it was over between them. Kayla reminded him that their love would never die just like her love for Steve. She told him that he had to fight his way back to his family no matter what. She tried to use his love for his family to get him to change his mind. It didn’t work out the way she hoped. He pointed his gun at her. She couldn’t believe that he would try to shoot her the way he shot Kate. Megan got up from the floor. Steve found her and pulled his gun on her. She told him that Kayla was alive. He didn’t believe her. She was willing to take him to see her. He followed her to the other lab. He was shocked to see Marlena. Steve and Marlena hugged each other. She told him that Kayla was alive. He grabbed Megan and yelled at her about Kayla. He left to find her. John and Marlena enjoyed their reunion. Megan explained that she was trying to heal her broken heart. She didn’t plan on hurting anyone. Marlena reminded her that she killed Kate. She said she wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. John wanted to know who did it. She refused to tell him. Steve just missed Kayla, but he was determined to find her. Bo and Kayla were at the docks. Kayla told him that she wanted to go back, but he thought she would change her mind once she found out where they were going. He led her to the boat. His duffle bag was next to orchids and other flowers.

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