Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel and Lily tell Jill that Tucker gave Mamie the money to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Lily wants to tell Devon, but Daniel thinks they should wait to tell Devon until they find out Tucker’s plan.  Audra tells Tucker that Kyle decided not to betray his family. Tucker tells Audra he knew this would happen and now Jack will confess everything to his parents. Tucker also tells Audra that Jack will use Kyle as a mole to find out his plan. Kyle confesses to his mother that he almost betrayed his family and Jabot all because he was upset that Jack wouldn’t give him the Co-CEO job. Diane thinks Kyle should become a mole to find out Tucker’s plan but not tell Jack he almost betrayed his family.

Nikki finds a way to get out of the locked room and goes downstairs but Claire catches her and drugs her again.  Claire tells Nikki that the Newmans are awful people who don’t care about anyone. Claire tells Nikki she will soon have the answers to her questions, but she won’t like those answers. Nikki dreams that Victor is with her and tells her that he will help her get out of there.

Victoria decides to quit Newman Enterprises because she thinks her daddy doesn’t trust her anymore.

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