Days Short Recap Monday, November 6, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan arrived at Li’s apartment and found Gabi holding a knife while Li was on the floor. Li was bleeding from a stab wound. Stefan asked her why she killed Li. She assured him that she didn’t do it. She let him know that Li called her and said the stock certificates were fake. He ordered her to come there if she wanted the real ones. Gabi told him that when she got there Li’s door was open, and he was dead. Stefan told her that Li lied to her because the certificates were real. She was shocked that Li tricked her. Stefan wanted to know why she was holding a knife. Gabi panicked and picked it up again. She wondered if she should wipe her fingerprints off it. Before they could do anything, Wendy and Tripp arrived. Wendy screamed when she saw Li on the floor. Tripp checked his pulse and said he wasn’t dead. They called an ambulance and Wendy went to the hospital with Tripp and Li.

Chad spotted Stephanie and Everett hugging. He wanted to know why they were hugging. Stephaie introduced them, and Chad blasted him for hurting her. Stephanie and Everett explained what happened between them. Chad backed down and asked how long he was staying in Salem. Everett told him that he was moving there since he found a job. Chad wasn’t happy about it. Everett assured him that he wouldn’t go after Stephanie because he knows she’s happy with him. After Everett left, Chad and Stephanie argued about him. Stephanie told him they just hugged. She wanted to be polite to him. Chad compared the situation to her relationship with Alex. She told him that it wasn’t the same. She let him know that she liked  the idea that someone thought she was an amazing person. Gabi panicked and wondered if they should take the knife and leave. Stefan reminded her that Wendy already saw the knife in her hand. He wanted to wait for the police so they could tell what happened. Wendy wanted to know who stabbed her brother. Tripp and the doctors helped Li. Li flatlined and died. Wendy couldn’t handle it and broke down. Harris showed up at Wendy’s apartment and Gabi wondered how Li was doing. Harris let her know that Li died. She wondered if he named his killer. Harris told her that Li said she killed him. He arrested her.

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