GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Diane tells Finn she can’t represent him in his lawsuit because the Muldoons have been her clients for a long time. Finn later talks to his dad about his malpractice lawsuit.

Curtis and Jordan decide to team up to figure out who shot him.

Sasha decides that she will work with Cody as the male face of Deception because it is good for the company.

Charlotte admits to Nina that she vandalized Anna’s house and her hotel room. Charlotte tells Nina she didn’t burn down Anna’s house. Valentin shows Anna the letter Victor wrote to Charlotte and Anna understands that Victor programmed Charlotte. Anna breaks up with Valentin because Charlotte will never forgive her for the shooting. Anna also thinks that every time she looks at him she will remember that she shot Charlotte.

Sonny warns Cyrus to leave his family alone. He tells Cyrus that Sasha, Carly, and Ava are also included in his family. Sonny tells Cyrus not to show up at Laura’s apartment or at City Hall uninvited. He tells Cyrus he will be watching him. If he crosses the line, he will put an end to him.

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