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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi wanted Stefan to talk to her. He was upset that she turned his mother in to the police. She defended her actions to him. She reminded him that they have Dimitri and Megan’s shares for the company. She said Dimitri would be out of their lives since he’s going to jail. EJ walked in the room. They talked about Dimitri. He wanted to know what happened to make Dimitri want to kill them. Gabi told him they found out about his affair with Leo. She told him about the plan to blackmail him. Stefan interrupted her and explained that they wanted his money. Stefan filled him in about Gwen getting Dimitri’s money. EJ had to do something, so he left. Gabi wondered why Stefan lied to him. Stefan thought it was best not to tell him everything. Leo was upset with Dimitri for risking his life when he promised he wouldn’t do it. He hoped Gwen took all his money. EJ arrived at the hospital to see Dimitri. Leo called him out for having fake sympathy. Leo questioned why EJ was there. EJ admitted that he wanted to talk to Dimitri about his and Megan’s shares. EJ offered to vote the shares since he couldn’t do it from prison. Dimitri let him know that he didn’t have the shares anymore. EJ wondered what happened to them. Dimitri explained that he signed them over to Stefan and Gabi. Leo interjected and informed him that Gabi and Stefan blackmailed him for the shares. Leo explained what happened to Dimitri. Rafe and Jada arrived at the hospital to talk to Dimitri. They informed him that he was going to jail once he was released from the hospital. They gave Leo and Dimitri some time alone. Dimitri wanted him to help him escape the hospital.

Paulina went to Marlena for advice about Abe. Marlena advised her to accept the fact that Abe might not get his memory back. She told her that Abe might feel like he’s letting her down by not remembering their lives together. Paulina thought her relationship with Abe might be over. She can’t lose Abe. Marlena told her to create new memories with him. Abe went to see John. He was looking for Belle. John wanted to know why he wanted to talk to her. Abe wanted to talk about getting a divorce. John thought things were getting better between them. They were better, but Paulina thought his amnesia was gone when he remembered the decanter. John wondered if he was mad at Paulina, but he wasn’t mad at all. He wanted the divorce before it was too late. John gave him advice on how to handle his relationship with Paulina. Gabi and Stefan discussed the shares for the company. They talked about the votes they were getting. Gabi thought they should take Kristen’s votes the way they got Dimitri. She wanted to exploit Kristen’s weakness the way they did with Dimitri. EJ stormed in the room. He was furious with them for what they did to get Dimitri’s shares. EJ believed he and Stefan called a truce, but he went behind his back. EJ intended to get revenge.

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