Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn saw Jada and he wanted to know if they were good. She warned him to get his act together. He felt like things were awkward and asked her not to say anything about what happened. She promised not to tell that he slept with her sister. They didn’t know that Belle was standing in the doorway. She let Jada know that she just told her. Shawn wondered why she was there, and she told him that she was there to surprise him. She let him know that she lost her appetite now. She was glad that she heard the truth. She wondered if Shawn was ever going to tell her what he did. Jada let her know that no one else knew about it. She said that Talia felt bad about what happened. She left them alone to talk. He was about to explain when she slapped him. He acknowledged that he deserved it. She couldn’t believe that he cheated on her. He told her that he didn’t tell the truth because it would hurt more than the lie. She didn’t think he would ever cheat on her, but she knew their relationship was a lie. She thought he was paying her back for being with Philip and EJ. He said that wasn’t true. He felt like she should forgive him since he forgave her. He will do anything to get her forgiveness. He pleaded with her to tell him what he needed to do to get her forgiveness. She said he couldn’t do anything. She wanted to leave, and he offered to go with her. She didn’t want to go anywhere with him. She wanted him to leave her alone. Marlena confronted Talia about sleeping with Shawn. Talia tried to deny it, but she didn’t believe her. Marlena reminded her that she was supposed to be honest with her, and she confessed to being with Shawn. Talia wanted to know how she found out. Marlena told her that she figured it out. Talia apologized for what happened. She was ashamed of what she did. She asked Marlena not to say anything. Marlena didn’t want to keep it a secret, but she couldn’t say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Talia didn’t think it was a good idea for her to keep seeing her and Marlena agreed. She left her office and ran into Jada. They talked about Shawn. Talia defended Shawn, but Jada thought he took advantage of her. Talia said they took advantage of each other. She hoped that Jada didn’t look at her differently. Jada loved her regardless. Belle was at the hospital and ran into Talia. Talia tried to apologize to her, but she didn’t want to hear it. Belle went to Marlena’s office. She knew that Belle was upset. She told her that Shawn cheated on her. She broke down and started crying.

Harris and Ava woke up and realized that Edmund drugged their tea. Ava wondered if she imagined Edmund saying that he had Susan tied up there. They realized they were chained up. Susan came out and was happy that Ava found her. Ava was happy that she was alive. Susan blamed her for her situation. Ava told her about her mental breakdown. Harris caught Susan up on what was going on with EJ. He wanted her to tell them everything she knew about Edmund. Edmund walked through the door. He tried to give them food, but Harris thought it was poisoned. Edmund let him know that he didn’t have to poison them now that he has them where he wanted them. Edmund told them how he ended up with Susan. Edmund nursed her back to health, but she only wanted Roger. She appreciated what he did for her, but she loved Roger. While they were talking, Edmund found out that Ava tried to kill Susan. He wanted to get rid of Ava and Harris since they weren’t good people. Rafe and Tripp saw each other at Ava and Harris’ hotel room. Rafe thought he was trying to tip Ava off. He said he was worried about his mother. They worked together to find Ava and Harris. They arrived at Edmund’s place. Rafe showed him Ava and Harris’ pictures. Edmund said he recognized Ava as the one who killed Susan. He didn’t think she deserved to be free or alive. He told him that some people believe that Susan was alive.

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