GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Carolyn tells Elizabeth that Nikolas wanted her to suppress Esme’s memory so she could protect Elizabeth from trouble. Carolyn tells Elizabeth that she refused to do it once she found out Esme was pregnant. Elizabeth thanks her mother for telling her about Nikolas. Carolyn hopes that someday Elizabeth can forgive her and they can have a relationship.

Nikolas tells Esme that he is the father of her baby. Nikolas also wants Esme to sign papers relinquish her parental rights, but he tells her that the papers are to make sure the baby is protected the in case she goes to jail. Nikolas leaves the papers with her, so she can think about it.

Jordan almost tells Curtis her suspicions about Trina being his daughter but decides not to ruin his happiness. Stella also almost talks to Portia about telling Curtis the truth, but she also can’t ruin Pirate’s happiness.

Trina tries to persuade Spencer to go to the police with the confession video because she thinks that the confession may not be true and that it could be part o, a mind game between Nikolas and Ava. Trina doesn’t want an innocent baby to get caught in the middle of a mind game either.

Willow almost goes into the light with Harmony but then she hears Michael tell her how much he and their children need her. Austin tells Michael that it was touch-and-go but Willow made it through surgery and is in ICU. Michael goes to Willow’s bedside and tells her to wake up so they can give their beautiful baby girl a name.

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