B&B Short Recap, Monday, October 16, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope uses Thomas’ physical advances to help her forget about Deacon and Sheila, and he’s happy to help her.

It’s STAND UP FOR YOUR LOVER DAY! Brooke and Ridge try to convince Deacon to get rid of Sheila, but he refuses. He tells them he’s tried to walk away from her, but he can’t. He tells them how much they love, understand and need each other. He promises that Sheila has changed and that their family is safe from her. They don’t believe him. Later, Sheila thanks Deacon for standing up for her.

Li continues to insult Luna and her mom, to convince Luna to leave Forrester. RJ stands up for Luna, but Luna asks him to leave them alone. She tells Li that she’s staying.

Later, Thomas and Hope finish making love when Brooke tries to walk in. Hope locked the door, but Brooke keeps trying to get in. Finn and Hope finish dressing, and then Hope lets Brooke in. Brooke is once again disgusted at seeing them together. Thomas leaves them alone. Hope wants to know how Brooke’s visit with Deacon went, but Brooke is more concerned about Hope and Thomas. Hope assures her that she’s been honest with Thomas about not being in love with him. Brooke knows that Thomas is in love with Hope. She’s worried that he’s dangerous and warns Hope about him.

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