B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Deacon’s place, Sheila hides, taking her stuff with her to the other room. Deacon then opens the door to Ridge and Carter. They’re looking for Sheila. Deacon is annoyed that Ridge told Carter that he had a past with Sheila because Ridge and Bill promised they wouldn’t tell anyone else about that. Deacon lies that he hasn’t seen her. Ridge and Carter clearly don’t trust Deacon (because of their past). Carter gets the idea to place cameras there, in case Sheila tries to sneak back. Deacon pretends that’s a great idea. After they leave, Sheila comes out and thanks Deacon for the act he put on to protect her. She knows she’s made things difficult for him. She tells him that she’s going to be with Finn and in his life forever. Deacon looks at her in a worried way.

Finn drops by Steffy’s office with some ramen from her favorite food truck. He plays a cute little guessing-game with her. They share the food. She thanks him for bringing it. He admits that Sheila is to blame for their breakup, not Liam. He vows to protect her and the kids. They miss each other, so they kiss passionately. It cuts to Sheila’s crazy, determined face.

RJ helps Eric with his designing, but RJ isn’t an artist, and Eric still can’t get his arthritic hands to work. RJ, concerned, realizes that he can help Eric design on the computer. Eric admits that he’s had the arthritis for a while, but he hasn’t told anyone about it, except for Donna, and he took a break after he worked with Zende on Hope For the Future.

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