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Update written by Joseph

Gwen has a nightmare about Xander finding out the truth about what Kristen did to Sarah and breaking up with her. Gwen then wakes up in a panic, so Xander asks her what’s wrong.

Chad joins Kristen in the interrogation room and says he just talked to her lawyer. Kristen complains about EJ being too scared to represent her himself and asks what they said. Chad says they did everything they could to keep her until the trial but the judge wouldn’t go for it. Kristen asks what they do now. Chad says he’s sorry but it looks like she’s heading back to prison.

EJ remains at Susan’s side in the hospital and says he’s sorry for everything. Nicole enters and says she came as soon as she heard about Susan. Nicole asks how she is. EJ says she will be okay. Nicole asks if EJ is okay.

Sami remains locked up and paces, saying she’s about to lose it. Sami starts pounding on the door, screaming to be let out until the door is then opened.

EJ tells Nicole that he is okay. Nicole says it’s wonderful that Susan will make a full recovery but worries about EJ not getting any sleep. EJ says Susan was so scared and didn’t want him to leave because she was scared that the Devil was coming after him. EJ adds that Susan finally fell asleep before Nicole got there. Nicole asks if she had another psychotic breakdown. EJ decides to step out with Nicole.

The guard holding Sami hostage is named Jason. Sami asks where her breakfast is. Jason says she doesn’t get breakfast today. Sami argues that he’s been keeping her here for three months so she has to be kept alive. Jason says she’s been a bad girl, so she doesn’t get what she wants until he gets what he wants. Sami asks what he wants. Jason responds that he wants his phone that she stole from him. Jason asks her where it is. Sami claims to have no idea what he’s talking about. Jason warns that if she doesn’t hand it over, he’ll do a lot worse than deprive her of food. Sami then gives in and hands over the phone, noting that it’s dead anyways. Jason says they’ll bring it back to life and asks who she called last night. Sami admits she called her mother. Jason guesses she doesn’t give a damn since Sami is still here. Sami argues that Marlena was desperate to help her but she’s in a lot of trouble too. Sami asks Jason what he would do if his mother was alone, terrified, and in grave danger. Sami pleads with him to let her get back to the people she loves.

EJ sits with Nicole and explains that he was celebrating Thanksgiving with Anna and Tony when Steve suddenly turned up with Susan. EJ adds that Susan was in the family crypt as Steve came looking for John, but found both of them. EJ talks about how they stabilized Susan in the ambulance, but when he first saw her with Steve and she looked lifeless, he just kept telling her to hang on. EJ notes that Susan was so happy to see him when she opened her eyes and was overcome with relief. Nicole questions Susan thinking that Satan wanted EJ dead. EJ admits the story was quite convoluted and something about Marlena being possessed by the Devil and demanding that Susan kill John or else the Devil would kill EJ. Nicole realizes that Susan thought by stabbing herself, Satan would take her instead. Nicole asks EJ if he thinks it was delusion. EJ admits he did at first and calls it impossible for Marlena to be the Devil but then Steve disagreed. Nicole asks why. EJ says Steve got a text from Kayla and had to step out. EJ still can’t believe what Susan did and the sacrifice she was willing to make. Nicole feels the threat probably wasn’t real. EJ says either way, Susan was still willing to die for him. EJ talks about being ashamed of Susan for years and pretending she didn’t exist, but she was still willing to sacrifice her life for his. EJ cries that he doesn’t deserve it as Nicole comforts him.

Chad wants Kristen to tell him that she won’t escape again. Kristen assures that she won’t but says it’s just not a given that she’s going back to prison. Kristen says she has money and can hire more lawyers to help her with the appeal. Chad says he’ll do anything he can to help but she’s going to have to start the process from prison. Kristen asks if he can get her something to eat then. Chad says to give him 20 minutes and exits the room. Kristen then quickly goes through Chad’s jacket and takes his phone.

Sami tells Jason about how her mother is being held against her will and is chained to the wall. Sami swears to make Jason pay if something happens to her mother. Jason tells her that she can yell all she wants but no one will hear her. Jason says he’s going to check who Sami called. Sami says he doesn’t have to as she’s happy to tell him. Jason questions who she called after her mom. Sami responds that she called her husband.

Nicole jokes that this shows EJ has a heart since he doesn’t normally wear it on his sleeve. EJ says she’s one of the few people who have ever seen that side of him. Nicole is honored that he let her.

Rafe and Ava kiss in bed until Rafe says he has to get to work. Ava says she’ll have to figure out how to spend her days now that she’s no longer scheming with Philip to steal Gabi’s company. Ava adds that she has to get a job but on the up and up this time which Rafe calls a good plan. Ava hopes he knows how grateful she is that he was able to put what she tried to do to Gabi in the past. Rafe reminds her they are putting all mistakes behind them and starting clean. Ava assures that she won’t do anything to mess up her second chance. Rafe says the same as they kiss.

Xander and Gwen lay in bed after having sex. Xander says he feels better not only because of that but also because Gwen always knows what to say and do when he gets off track in his head. Gwen wants to check her phone for messages as she’s hoping to hear from Jack but she has nothing. Xander suggests Jack didn’t have time over Thanksgiving and he will call her when he gets back. Xander knows how bad she wants to repair her relationship with Jack but reminds her that Maggie is going to talk to him to try to get him to come around. Gwen wonders how much of an effort Maggie will really put in since she loves Abigail and knows that Gwen tried to destroy her life. Xander says he explained to Maggie that she’s changed and only wants to make amends with Jack. Xander adds that either way, she still has him and he’s not going anywhere. Xander invites Gwen to join him in the shower as he heads to the restroom. Gwen then gets a call from Chad’s phone and questions why he’s calling her but it turns out to be Kristen.

EJ tells Nicole that it was nice while it lasted having her see him as an indominable force, powerful, and ruthless. Nicole assures that she still sees him as all those things. Nicole tells EJ that just because he’s vulnerable doesn’t mean he’s weak, it means that he’s human. She calls him a very attractive human in her eyes. EJ says he can’t be blamed about being worried about letting his guard down since he did that with Sami and they see where that got him. Nicole asks if EJ got any calls like the other night when he thought it was Sami. EJ says they never called back but if they do and it is Sami, he can handle it. Nicole asks why he should have to when he’s going through so much already. Nicole feels it is strange that EJ hasn’t heard from Sami before now. EJ asks why that’s strange since he told her that he didn’t want her in his life anymore. Nicole goes over how Sami went to see Gabi about staying in the mansion and it was her mission to get EJ to forgive her. Nicole questions Sami disappearing off the face of the earth and wonders why Sami would decide not to get back together.

Jason questions why Sami would call her husband when their marriage blew up in her face. Sami asks what he knows about her marriage. Jason says he read the tabloids and that EJ threw her out after she cheated on him with her ex husband. Sami argues that EJ was just upset for good reason over her lapse in judgment. Sami insists that EJ is her husband and still loves her, so if he knew she was in trouble, he would come running. Jason thought she called him. Sami says the phone went dead as soon as she called, otherwise EJ would be breaking down the door now. Jason seriously doubts that.

Kristen tells Gwen that she hasn’t forgotten about her. Gwen says she can’t talk right now. Kristen says to put Xander on the phone then, so she can tell him that Sarah is alive and well and never wanted to break his heart. Gwen pleads with her not to. Kristen says she just got word that she’s being sent back to prison, possibly as soon as today, so she needs Gwen to act now. Gwen asks what she expects her to do. Kristen orders Gwen to get her out ASAP or else she’ll call Xander and tell him where to find Sarah, then he will dump Gwen so fast that her head will spin. Gwen repeats that she doesn’t know how she’s expected to do this. Kristen argues that this is a piece of cake compared to what Gwen has done before. Gwen complains that she’s never broken someone out of prison before, so she doesn’t know where to begin. Kristen tells her to enjoy being single then and suggests maybe she’ll meet someone at Sarah and Xander’s wedding. Gwen pleads with her not to tell Xander or punish her for something she would do if she could. Kristen says she will tell her how to do this if she promises to do it. Gwen agrees, so Kristen says she will give her some help. Gwen then hangs up as Xander comes back and asks who was on the phone.

Rafe goes to the police station where Chad tells Rafe that he just told Kristen that she’s going back to prison. Rafe assures that Kristen won’t be switching with Susan again because Susan’s in the hospital. Chad mentions hearing the crazy story and asks about Susan. Rafe says Susan will be fine as long as she doesn’t get roped in to helping Kristen again. Chad doubts that anyone in town would help Kristen. Rafe notes that Lani was her best friend but she wouldn’t risk it. Rafe adds that Ava goes way back with Kristen and recalls Ava finding Susan last time Kristen switched places with her. Chad asks if he thinks Ava helped Kristen escape. Rafe explains how Ava said she went to the interrogation room looking for him and found Susan on the floor and claimed she never even saw Kristen. Chad asks if Rafe believes Ava. Rafe confirms that he does.

Kristen calls Ava and informs her that she got arrested. Ava says she heard. Kristen tells Ava that she needs a favor since she helped her last time she was in a bind and helped her escape. Ava says she can’t help her again since she’s in a good place with Rafe and she’s not going to jeopardize that. Kristen threatens to tell Rafe about how she helped her escape and then lied to his face. Ava argues that she can’t but Kristen says she will. Ava pleads with her. Kristen says she doesn’t have time to argue so she’s going to tell her exactly what she needs to do.

Sami tells Jason that no matter what happens between her and EJ, she’s still the mother of his children so he’d pay a small fortune to get her out of here. Jason remarks that he’d pay a small fortune to get her to shut up. Sami asks Jason to tell his employer that EJ will pay. Jason responds that his employer is not interested. Sami questions why they are holding her here and argues that she has to know who it is.

Nicole asks EJ why Sami would do a complete 180 and leave when she said she would stay and fight for their marriage. EJ guesses she just changed her mind. Nicole feels it’s not like Sami to give up, especially on EJ, as she would be in his face until she broke him down. Nicole questions why Sami would just disappear. EJ responds that it’s because of him.

Kristen asks Ava if they are clear on this. Ava says absolutely. Kristen tells Ava to get to work and hangs up. Kristen deletes the call history but Chad comes back and catches her with his phone. Chad questions who she called. Kristen claims that she was calling Brady. Chad calls her unbelievable. Kristen says she was desperate and wanted to speak with Rachel but claims that Brady hung up on her. Chad gives her the food that he went to get and says he has to go. Kristen thanks him for the food and for trying to help as knowing that he still cares gives her hope. Chad tells her to hold onto that because right now, it’s all she’s got.

Gwen claims to Xander that Chad was on the phone. Xander questions why she would want to talk to Chad DiMera. Gwen says she didn’t and that he called her. Xander asks why. Gwen claims that he just wanted to blast her again for lying about her miscarriage and trying to blow up his marriage. Xander argues that he needs to get over it since he still has his family and some people have a lot less. Gwen asks if he’s talking about himself since he talked about Sarah earlier, so maybe it’s still bothering him. Xander assures it’s not and that he needs to forget about her. Xander says he already is as he kisses Gwen.

Sami pleads with Jason to tell her who is behind this. Jason says they’ve had this conversation every day since she got here. Sami complains about a thug dumped her here after chloroforming her at Rafe’s house. Jason assures that he will never share the information about his employer. Sami complains about being hungry and asks if she can have her breakfast. Jason agrees but says he’s taking his phone with him as he then exits the room.

Nicole asks EJ why Sami would leave because of him. EJ says he pushed her away and told her that he never wanted to see her again, which he meant. Nicole says he had every right to be angry after she cheated on him with Lucas. EJ admits perhaps he was too cruel. EJ talks about being vicious towards Sami for over a year, verbally and emotionally abusive. Nicole suggests they shouldn’t talk about this now while EJ is exhausted. EJ says he was up all night and had a lot of time to think. EJ says watching Susan scared and helpless reminded him of what he went through after the warehouse fire. EJ recalls not wanting anyone near him. Nicole says he went through very severe trauma. EJ says Susan did too but she didn’t turn cold and start lashing out at people trying to care for her. EJ points out that Susan wants him as close as possible. Nicole says they are very different people. EJ feels that doesn’t excuse his behavior. Nicole talks about how EJ was severely burned and covered in bandages. EJ talks about thinking he wanted to die every day instead of living as a shell of the man he was. EJ says he begged Sami to put him out of his misery but she refused and kept fighting, long after he had given up. EJ admits he didn’t show her any bit of appreciation and that he was a monster. EJ understands Sami felt lonely and rejected, so she betrayed him with Lucas, but that doesn’t change the fact that she saved his life. Nicole notes that it sounds like he feels more than anger towards Sami. EJ states that he’s still immensely grateful for everything she did for him, but she doesn’t know that because he told her to stay away and she has. Nicole feels that it sounds like EJ regrets it. EJ responds that he doesn’t regret a decision that he made about Sami. Nicole asks if he’s sure because he sounds like he wishes he handled it differently. EJ says as far as his recovery goes, his behavior was atrocious but that doesn’t justify his wife breaking her vows and was unfaithful, then lied to him to his face about it repeatedly. Nicole asks if EJ would’ve forgiven Sami if she told him the truth. EJ says it doesn’t matter because she didn’t and now she’s gone, so he’s moving on. EJ thanks Nicole for coming to check on him. EJ says he’d been feeling terribly guilty about how he treated his mother and everyone he’s cared for, while Nicole did not scold or mock him for his behavior of being a bastard but she listened and gave him hope that things can be better moving forward. EJ reminds Nicole that he’s right where he wants to be and with the person he wants to be with, unless she’s still pining after Rafe after their conference table sex. Nicole insists that she’s not at all as she’s right where she wants to be too as she’s moving on.

Rafe enters the interrogation room. Kristen asks if there’s any news. Rafe informs her that the van to take her back to prison is on it’s way. Kristen guesses there must be a bunch of red tape, forms, and paper work. Rafe says he took care of all that, so as soon as the van gets there, she will be on her way.

Ava goes to see Gwen at the Salem Inn. Gwen asks who she is. Ava responds that according to Kristen, she’s her new partner in crime.

Susan wakes up in her hospital bed to see Xander and asks what he’s doing there. Xander says he heard what happened and brought her flowers. Susan questions him doing that when they don’t know each other. Xander claims he wanted to thank her for what she did to him. Susan asks if they are on hidden camera because she can’t think of a single thing she’s ever done for him. Xander responds that she opened his eyes about his unfaithful fiancée and saved him from the biggest mistake of his life. Susan responds that she’s sorry but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Jason brings Sami her breakfast. Sami apologizes for taking his phone and says it won’t happen again. When Jason goes to leave, Sami then knocks him out with the food tray from behind and runs out the door.

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Y&R Update Friday, December 3 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Sally was heading toward Adam’s office, but she stopped when she heard him talking. Chelsea was on a video call, wanting to talk about what they were getting Connor for Christmas. Adam saw something on his phone that made him end the session with Chelsea. Sally walked in and said that didn’t sound like good news. Adam said there was a new wrinkle in the plan to acquire ChancComm. Jill had put it up for sale to the highest bidder. Sally thought the whole scheme with Victor regarding Billy was about getting control of ChancComm. “Maybe so, maybe not,” Adam said. He added that Jill opening up things like this gave Newman Media a lot less control over the situation. A bidding war came with a lot of unknowns. Sally assumed all you had to do was bid high, but Adam said it wasn’t that simple. Newman Media would have no idea who they were competing with. The one positive was that Billy would lose no matter who won. Sally was just glad that whatever happened wouldn’t negatively impact Newman Media, because she had big plans for the fashion platform. He was counting on that. She offered to help if he needed her. He said thanks, but no. He got a call that he had to take, and he asked her to shut the door on her way out. Sally put her ear to the door, but she couldn’t hear anything, so she sighed and left.

Nikki entered Victoria’s office and announced that Jill put ChancComm up for sale to the highest bidder. Victoria wasn’t surprised. She was sure Jill wasn’t too pleased about the precarious situation Billy put it in. Victoria was a little disappointed that Lily and Billy couldn’t convince Jill to sell to Newman/Locke. Nikki said this wasn’t that different than the way Ashland sold Cyaxares. Victoria thought that Ashland actually cared who ended up with his company, and he’d ferreted out the best possible candidates to buy it, while Jill seemed to want to wash her hands of the whole matter. Nikki didn’t blame her. Victoria said nothing in the announcement seemed to protect Lily’s place in the company. She thought that meant that Lily and Billy were both being left in the cold. Victoria wondered if Jill blamed both Lily and Billy for the hit ChancComm took.

Nikki wondered if Victoria was going to make an offer. Victoria had to talk to Ashland first. Nikki was just curious about Victoria’s gut feeling. Victoria took no pleasure in Billy being humiliated by Adam taking over ChancComm. Adam made it clear he wanted to dismantle everything Billy accomplished. Victoria said that Newman Media’s whole plan was to undermine Billy and weaken ChancComm. She thought that Adam and Victor would bid aggressively to win ChancComm. Nikki didn’t think Victoria should get involved, since the last thing the family needed was more conflict. Victoria wasn’t going to let her personal feelings get in the way of a business decision. Nikki didn’t see how that could be avoided when this involved Victoria’s brother, father and ex-husband. Victoria said her father had been in similar situations over the years, and she intended to be the kind of businesswoman he taught her to be.

Billy and Lily were at home when they learned Jill was selling ChancComm to the highest bidder. Billy hated to admit it, but it was a smart move. He thought that could be fun to see the bidding war. Lily told Billy that he didn’t have to pretend to be okay with this. They’d put their heart and soul into this company. He said they did, and now it was done, and they were moving on to bigger opportunities. He asked if she told his mom she was accepting the job as Chancellor CEO. She hadn’t yet. He wanted her to do so soon, so that the announcement could be made ASAP. He didn’t want anyone to think that the mess at ChancComm was her responsibility. She wasn’t thinking about her reputation right now. She was proud of what they built at ChancComm. She knew they argued a lot because they had different styles, but they worked so well together. She asked him to come to Chancellor with her and be her COO. He said he couldn’t because she didn’t need him and his baggage complicating the situation. She asked if he was declining because he didn’t want to be her subordinate. He wouldn’t mind working for her, and he had no problem acknowledging she was his superior. He said he had two areas of expertise, media and cosmetics, and once ChancComm was sold, neither of those things would be under ChancComm’s umbrella. “Who cares. You’re a very fast learner,” Lily said. Billy said that his mom already admitted the only reason she offered him the job was to keep him out of trouble, which he found a little embarrassing. Lily didn’t care; she saw the role as vital, and he’d have a lot of responsibility. Billy said Lily didn’t need him, and he thought it’d be better for her if he wasn’t there. He knew a lot of people thought her only role at ChancComm was to babysit him, and they didn’t know what she was capable of. Lily said that when she was announced as sole CEO, people would see that, and Billy coming to work with her wouldn’t change it. Billy said he loved Lily and planned to spend the rest of his life with her, and he’d cheer her on from the sidelines. As for himself, he had other plans. She knew, and that’s what she was afraid of.

Billy said yesterday, he was sifting through all the damage Victor and Adam inflicted. He wanted to get back at them, but not at the expense of losing Lily or before her future was secured. He didn’t want to do anything to distract from his accomplishments or undermine her. Lily appreciated that Billy was waiting, but she said he had to tell her his plan. He promised he would, but he admitted that he didn’t think she’d like it.

Billy told Lily his plan off screen. She was concerned. It was so complex and risky, and it could blow up in his face. Billy though that was the case with everything in life. Lily said if Billy pulled that off, and that was a huge if, what would Billy accomplish besides revenge. He said Ashland was guilty, and everything in that article was true, and Victor and Adam knew that, but they were only concerned about cutting Billy off at the knees. Billy said if he pulled this off, he’d stick it to Adam where it hurt most and turn the tables on the Newmans. Most importantly, this was about un-tarnishing his reputation. He didn’t plan to fail this time. He hoped she could be in his corner.

Ashley arrived at the ranch, and she and Victor embraced. Ashley had incredible news that she wasn’t able to share with Victor over the phone earlier for security reasons. She announced that Chance was alive, and Abby brought him home. Victor had worried that Abby would go off the deep end. Ashley knew – she’d experienced that kind of grief, and it was unbearable to think her daughter would have to as well. He asked how Chance was. She said all the other team members died, so Chance was buried under the grief and trauma. So much so that he felt obligated to stay and finish the mission. It was a testament to Abby’s strength, love and will that she was able to convince Chance to come home. Victor thought that Abby inherited strength from him and Ashley. Speaking from experience, Victor predicted that Chance’s priorities would change once he got to know his son.

Abby and Chance walked into their home. He surveyed his surroundings and said that it’d been so long that he felt like a complete stranger. He felt disconnected from his life. She said this was his life, and everything that happened in Spain was his job. She told him that he belonged here, at home. Jill came in calling for Abby, and she burst into tears when she saw Chance. Jill rushed over and hugged her grandson. Abby and Chance told Jill how Abby tracked Chance down and brought him home. Jill said this made her believe in miracles. “Thank you, Abby. Thank you for finding my grandson and bringing him home,” Jill said. Jill chided Chance for putting everyone through this. He said it was good to see her too, and they hugged again. Jill was alarmed when she learned that Chance got hurt in the explosion. Chance and Abby reassured Jill by telling her about Kim and Errol, who healed Chance and kept him safe. Chance felt terrible about what he’d put everyone through, but he couldn’t risk something happening to any of them. Jill understood, and she said that Chance acted heroically and honorably, not even meeting his son. Chance smiled because he’d be meeting Dominic today. Jill asked where her great grandson was, and Abby said he was with Devon. Jill couldn’t wait to meet Dominic. Chance’s section chief called to say that there had been a positive development in the mission. The work Chance and his team did lead to the breakthrough, so their work was not in vain. Chance’s family would have a security detail in Genoa City, though they’d stay in hiding. This meant Chance’s part in this was all over, and Abby hugged him.

At the penthouse, Devon told Amanda that he was trying to wrap his head around the fact that Abby found Chance alive. Amanda said they must be looking forward to starting a life as a family. Devon started packing up Dominic’s toys, and the baby started crying, so Devon picked him up (Note: Dominic is being played by a real infant for the first time). Amanda noted that Devon had grown attached to Dominic in the short time he’d been here. She thought it’d be difficult for Devon to send the baby home. Devon said he couldn’t be happier that Dominic would have both his parents, then he abruptly walked off. Later, Chance and Abby came and hugged Amanda and Devon. Devon said Abby scared them to death when she disappeared the way she did, but she’d proven them all wrong about Chance. Chance said he was ready to meet his son.

Dominic was upstairs asleep. Abby thanked Devon for taking care of him and promised that Devon would always have an important role in the baby’s life. Chance knew he owed Devon more than words could say. Chance acknowledged that Devon had been the father figure that Chance couldn’t be at the time. Devon said he got involved to help Chance and Abby start a family. Abby promised they’d repay Devon somehow. All Devon wanted was to know Abby was in a better headspace now than before she left. Abby was great now, and she punctuated the point by hugging Chance. Devon brought the baby downstairs and told him that Chance was his father, then he placed Dominic in Chance’s arms

Jill met Billy and Lily at Society. Jill was glad Lily was on board, and she hoped Billy was okay with all this. She knew he was afraid Adam and Victor would get ChancComm, and she wanted him to understand why she was selling to highest bidder. Billy was able to step back and see this from a business perspective. He said it didn’t matter how he felt, because they had more important things to discuss like making an announcement about Lily taking over at Chancellor. He said the world needed to know that Lily wasn’t responsible for the situation at ChancComm. Jill was impressed with Billy’s attitude, but she was way ahead of him. She told them to check their emails. There was a press release about Jill stepping down as CEO, but staying on in and advisory role. It said that Jill Abbott was proud to announce that she was appointing Lily Winters as her replacement. Jill was proud of Billy for getting past his anger and focusing on what was best for Lily. Now, she had something to tell him.

Lily and Billy were surprised and happy about the news that Chance was alive. Jill said they were keeping this private for Chance and his family’s safety. Billy hoped that Jill knew he could be trusted to keep her confidence, despite some of the decisions he’d made recently. Jill was focused on the future, and she encouraged her son to do the same thing. She said this wasn’t an ending, she hoped it would be a brand new beginning for them all, and she was sure something good would come out of it. Billy felt the same way. Jill left to meet her new great grandson.

Billy was glad that Jill already put out the press release. Lily asked if he felt that way because he was eager to put his plan into motion. He said he was glad because the rest of the world would find out what he already knew – that a talented star was on the rise. Lily thought they needed to go to ChancComm and speak with the staff face to face. He had something to do first. She knew he was more upset than he let on with Jill. She asked if he was moving forward with the plan. He wasn’t ready to make a move just yet, he needed to get everything into place to ensure that he got what he wanted. He said he was proud of her. As she was leaving the table, she looked back at him with a worried expression.

Billy was alone at the bar. Sally joined him and said she heard the news, and it had to hurt. He admitted he’d had better days. She thought it looked like he could use some company.

Jill went back to the Chancellor house, and Ashley was there waiting for Abby and her family to return. Jill was glad to have a moment alone with Ashley because she wanted to hear more about Spain and why Chance couldn’t find a way to tell them that he was alive. Ashley said there was a security issue. Jill was sure that there was someone in the government who could’ve told them the truth. Ashley assumed that everyone in the government thought Chance died along with everyone else in the explosion. She said Chance wasn’t sure who could be trusted, and he didn’t want to put his family in danger. Jill said that Chance was lucky Abby found him instead of Jill, because if Jill had found him, she would’ve throttled him. Ashley knew that Jill was a softy under that tough exterior. Jill was getting really tired of fighting in business and in life, and that’s why she was stepping down from Chancellor. She was ready to be the laid-back matriarch of the family. Ashley laughed and wished Jill luck with the laid-back part.

Victor arrived at Newman Media, and as soon as he walked inside, Adam showed him the news on Lily. Victor thought that was a brilliant move on Jill’s part. Adam said that Jill appeared to be distancing herself from her own son. “Of course she is. She’s a smart businesswoman, he’s an idiot,” Victor replied. Adam said that now that Jill put ChancComm up for sale, they might have to pay more for it than they originally intended, and it that would blow up their plan to cannibalize and dismantle it. Adam said Billy got humiliated privately when he had to beg Victor for mercy, and publicly when he had to print the retraction. Adam asked if Victor wanted to leave it at that or if he wanted to make a play for ChancComm. “We’ll see,” Victor said. Victor said that Jill putting the company up for sale made things more complicated, but he knew Adam liked a challenge. Victor also knew that Victoria would join the bidding just to prevent Newman Media from getting control, since she’d think Billy suffered enough. Victor was curious to find out how far Victoria would go to get what she wanted.

Back at Newman/Locke, Nikki and Victoria learned about Lily’s new job. Nikki was sure Victoria wondered how this was affecting Billy. Victoria assumed Billy was happy for Lily and relieved this didn’t ruin her future. “I know Billy and I – even though he’s not admitting this to anyone, I know that this is hurting him,” Victoria said. Victoria was glad that she made the decision to sending the kids to boarding school for the rest of the year. She hadn’t told Billy yet, but she was going to make it clear that she was committed to doing this. She believed that this was the kind of situation that could push Billy over the rails.

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Y&R Update Thursday, December 2 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Jill and Billy were at the Chancellor house. He’d just accused her of losing faith in him. She assumed he was saying that because Lily told him about Jill’s job offer. He confirmed that he knew Jill was stepping down as CEO of Chancellor and that she wanted Lily to be her successor. Jill had hoped Billy would be happy for Lily. Billy was happy for Lily – he thought she would do amazing in the role, if she chose to take it. Jill questioned the “If” and Billy said he and Lily were a team, which Jill should know, since she put them together. Jill didn’t want to separate Billy and Lily. She was hoping he’d work at Chancellor Industries. He pointed out that she wanted him in a lesser role, so she wasn’t kicking him to the curb, but she wasn’t standing by him either. She asked him to try and understand why she had to do this. He said it was crystal clear. He asked what her plans were for ChancComm. She wasn’t sure, but she was thinking of selling. He could live with that as long as she didn’t sell it to Victor and Adam, because he didn’t think they should be rewarded after what they did to him. Jill couldn’t make that promise, because this was a business decision, and she would do what was best for Chancellor Industries. Billy’s voice raised as he accused Jill of siding with the Newmans over her own son.

Jill didn’t think that was fair. She asked if he forgot how he got the job at ChancComm in the first place. He asked how he could forget when she reminded him every chance she got. She hissed that she did so because it didn’t sink in with him. “You were at rock bottom one more time. Nobody believed more in you than I did!,” she stated. He felt like she was saying that he let her down and that she shared Victor’s low opinion of him. She told him to leave Victor out of it. He argued that Victor was the one who set the trap he fell into, and because of that, his own mother had given up on him. She denied giving up on him. He understood she was disappointed in him, but the feeling was mutual.

Jill asked if Billy actually thought he was fit to run an international conglomerate. He pointed out that he ran Jabot, and she laughed and replied that they all knew how turned out. He said up until a few days ago, she was thrilled with his work at ChancComm. She said he risked all that success to reignite his feud with Victor and Adam. Billy said this was about protecting his kids. Ashland’s nickname was the Locke Ness monster, and he’d been about to be Johnny and Katie’s stepfather. So Billy looked into Ashland, and so did Victor. For a second, Billy thought he and Victor were going to work together, and if Victor actually cared about Victoria as much as he pretended to, they probably would’ve. But, according to Billy, Ashland turned out to be more ruthless than everyone thought, and Victor identified with him. Victor and Ashland formed an alliance against Billy. Jill said Billy couldn’t let it go. She heard he paid Jesse Gaines a small fortune to stop the wedding, and he antagonized two of the most powerful men in the world. She asked how he thought that would win. He told her that Gaines sent him the video detailing all of Ashland’s crimes, and Billy had everything he needed to topple Victor and Locke. Jill asked what happened to the video. Billy said he deleted it to protect Victoria. Frustrated, Jill demanded to know why Billy went to such extremes. “Because I have already lost one kid and I’m not gonna let that happen again,” Billy snapped. Jill softened and said there had never been a hint that Ashland was a threat to the children, and she was sure Billy must know that Victoria wouldn’t put them in danger. She wanted to know why he was so determined to stop the wedding – did he have feelings for Victoria?

Billy said he loved Lily, and he thought he’d be with her for the rest of his life. He and Victoria were just co-parents. Jill asked why Billy was so compelled to keep Victoria from moving forward, even putting ChancComm at risk. He didn’t expect it to go this far, though he probably should’ve. She wondered if the gambler in him couldn’t resist battling his nemesis. Billy clarified that he’d set the war aside until Victor told him that he was coming after ChancComm. Billy wasn’t proud of some of the things he did, but he was trying to live up to his commitment to Jill, Lily and the staff, so he grabbed the only weapon he could get his hands on. “Blackmail,” Jill stated. Billy never intended to publish the article, but Victor and Adam hacked into ChancComm’s system and authorized its release. He admitted he shouldn’t have sunk to their level. Jill blamed herself for giving Billy too much power before he was ready. He said everything was fine until Ashland came into the picture. Jill thought Billy needed to be in a position where he was free to generate his genius ideas. He said he wasn’t going to accept the COO position at ChancComm. Exasperated, she ordered him to stop. “This is what’s wrong with you. You are so damn impulsive.” He thought she’d been wanting to say that the whole conversation. He sarcastically thanked her, and he left.

Billy went to Crimson Lights where he ran into Adam. “Good to see you, Billy. How are you enjoying early retirement?,” Adam said. Billy said his offer to step down was contingent on Victor and Adam getting Ashland to drop the lawsuit, which never happened. Billy said that he guessed Adam and Victor didn’t have as much control over Ashland as they thought. He said never to trust a man who stole his best friend’s identity and mentor’s fortune. Adam heard Ashland and Victoria made their own offer for ChancComm. Billy said Adam got played. “I know how hard you worked to bring me down, you’re not going to have anything to show for it when I land on my feet again,” Billy said. Adam replied that Newman Media could still buy what remained of ChancComm, but it didn’t matter who bought it, because the truth was no one wanted Billy attached. Adam thought this was the price Billy was paying for releasing the expose on Adam. “The new and improved Adam still holds a grudge,” Billy said. Adam said that the next time Billy was wallowing in booze and self pity, which would likely be any minute now, Billy should remember that he brought all of this on himself. Adam left. Billy flashed back to a memory of Adam saying that he couldn’t wait for this whole thing to blow up in Billy’s face.

Adam went to the Chancellor house to see Jill. She demanded to know what the hell he wanted. Adam wanted to extend his condolences on her grandson. He said Chance saved his life once. Jill wasn’t interested in taking a stroll down memory lane with Adam, so she asked him to leave. Adam also wanted to discuss the future of ChancComm. Jill noted that Adam tried to bring the company to his knees. Adam suggested that Billy exaggerated the role Adam played in the PR debacle. He admitted he offered help to his new brother in law when Ashland fell victim to the same personal attacks that Billy launched against Adam over the years. Adam said that unfortunately, Billy wouldn’t listen to reason, not even from Victoria, so the courts were Ashland’s only recourse. “Poor Ashland. So vulnerable. So helpless,” Jill mocked. Adam understood that Jill was protective of Billy, who’d come to rely on her support. Jill cut Adam off and told him not to go there, since Adam owed all of his present-day success to Victor’s generosity and forgiveness. Adam thought Jill was a shrewd businesswoman who wouldn’t let personal issues get in the way of what was best for Chancellor. “I’m shrewd enough to know why you’re here. You are here to salvage the mess that you’ve made and get back into Daddy’s good graces,” Jill said. Adam maintained that Jill was misinterpreting things, but she disagreed. She said he wanted to trash Billy and shrink ChancComm’s value so he could pick it up cheap. “Ain’t gonna happy, Buddy. So brainstorm a plan B,” she said. He thanked her for the advice and said he’d be in touch. He left. Jill looked up at Katherine’s portrait and asked if she could believe that guy.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa presented Mariah with some kind of drink topped with a tower of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate. Mariah asked what this monstrosity was, and Tessa said that the woman Mariah loved used to be a barista and knew all the tricks of the trade. Mariah thought it was obscene, but it looked obscenely delicious. However, Mariah kicked her caffeine tolerance when she was pregnant. Tessa was happy to drink it, but Mariah said it was hers. Tessa was just happy Mariah was taking a break from work. Mariah said this was actually her second break of the day – she spent the first one at Devon’s with the baby, and she even got him to giggle. Tessa said it wounded like Dominic was thriving, and Abby would be relieved when she got home. “Whenever that is,” Mariah grumbled.

Tessa reminded Mariah that she should put herself in Abby’s shoes. Tessa asked what if one of them died suddenly, far from home without ever getting the chance to say goodbye. Mariah said she’d be devastated if that happened, but wild horses couldn’t tear her away from her child. Mariah said nobody knew where Abby was or when she was coming back. Mariah admitted that Abby contacted Devon and had him set up a live stream with Dominic. Tessa thought that was a good sign, but Mariah wasn’t enthused.

Noah joined Mariah and Tessa, and he noticed Mariah’s off-menu drink. Tessa said she’d make him one if he listened to her songs. He knew it had taken awhile, but he went on a walk today, and he immersed himself in her music. He pretended he didn’t enjoy it, then he admitted that he actually loved it. He thought the music was haunting and unique. Tessa smiled brightly. Mariah huffed because she told Tessa that same thing all the time, and Tessa only believed it now that it was coming from Noah. Mariah laughed. Tessa said it was different because Mariah was biased. Mariah said she knew genius when she saw it. Noah thought Tessa had a hit. Tessa had been scared that Noah wasn’t talking to her because he didn’t like her songs, and he didn’t know how to tell her. He promised he’d always be honest with her.

Tessa asked what Noah had in mind for the album. He said they both knew inspiration took time. Tessa stepped away to take a call from her manager. Noah heard Abby left town, and he assumed that was upsetting to Mariah. Mariah was upset, but she admitted Tessa had been right, as usual – Abby was doing the best she could. Mariah said she’d hate people criticizing her when, or if, she was a mother. Noah said that Mariah was free-spirited, so she’d have the kids with purple hair. Noah would love Mariah’s kids like crazy, and people would disapprove of the children, but who cared? Noah noticed things seemed to be going well for Mariah and Tessa. Mariah said they had a crazy few months, but they were in a good place. Noah was glad. He said it wasn’t always easy remembering why you got together in the first place. Mariah commented that someone really did a number on Noah. Noah didn’t want to talk about it. Mariah was glad Noah was back. She hoped he was staying because he wanted to be here, not because he was avoiding something or someone in London. He said he was glad to be back in Genoa City. He was relaxing, recharging and thinking of what came next. Mariah said the iconic album cover for Tessa came next. Noah was honored Tessa asked him.

Mariah sent Noah Christian’s pee-wee basketball schedule and told him it was a fun diversion. Tessa returned, and Noah asked her about her thoughts on the cover. She wanted something evocative, something that had a new thing to discover every time you looked at it. Noah showed Tessa some designs, and she loved them. She thought she and Noah spoke the same language. They were excited to work together.

Devon was at home with the baby. He bounced Dominic as they walked around, until he fell asleep. As soon as he put the baby in his bassinet, the doorbell rang. Amanda rushed downstairs and answered before it woke the baby. Imani came in, and she and Amanda quietly admired Dominic. Imani asked what it was like having a baby around 24/7, and Devon said it was never a dull moment. Devon asked what Imani and Amanda were doing today. Imani realized Amanda didn’t tell Devon the news. Amanda said she was just about to when Imani came over. Imani wanted to be the one to tell Devon. Imani said she and Amanda were going house hunting for her parents, maybe choosing something across the hall from Devon and Amanda’s or right downstairs, so Naya could pop in 24/7. Devon looked a bit alarmed, and Amanda assured him that Imani was teasing. Amanda and Imani were actually looking for a space for their new law office. Amanda was excited about starting the new chapter of her life after the trial. Devon asked Imani how she thought it would be after so many years of working for her grandfather. Imani said she liked a challenge. Devon offered to help with setting up the office space or finding a designer. Amanda said Naya made the same offer, but she and Imani wanted to do this on their own. He wished Amanda luck. “She doesn’t need luck. She’s got me,” Imani said. After Imani and Amanda were gone, Lily came over and visited Devon and looked in on the baby. She loved seeing Devon dote on Dominic.

Lily needed advice. Devon saw the article and retraction ChancComm put out. Lily said the story was true, but the Newmans blackmailed their source into retracting. Lily said that Jill had had it with Billy and she was thinking of selling off ChancComm. Lily swore Devon to secrecy, then she told him Jill was thinking of retiring and making her CEO of Chancellor. Devon loved the idea of Lily running his grandmother’s company. He said Neil would be so proud of her. He noticed that she didn’t look happy, though. He asked if she talked to Billy about it. She said Billy was happy for her, but he was upset with himself and with Jill for not believing in him and furious with Adam and Victor for the sabotage. Lily was afraid of what Billy would do with that anger.

Devon thought that what really hurt was that Adam and Victor took advantage of Billy’s strengths. Lily said Billy would do anything to protect ChancComm from Adam and Victor. ChancComm was Billy and Lily’s baby. Devon understood. Lily admitted she wasn’t innocent either – she also got drawn in and was willing to do whatever it took to protect what she and Billy built. Devon said the difference was Lily reined herself in and Billy couldn’t. Lily wasn’t upset with Billy, because his heart was in the right place. Devon said that Lily’s relationship with Billy was different than her marriage. Lily agreed. Even though she and Billy disagreed a lot, she never felt like the relationship was in jeopardy. She said they never betrayed each other, and she never questioned how he felt about her. Their relationship was more important than any job. Devon said all Lily had to do was make sure Billy knew this.

Imani and Amanda went to Society after office hunting. They couldn’t believe how far they’d come. From Imani serving Amanda with a restraining order to going into business together. This was such a spectacular day that they decided on champagne. Imani’s treat. When Amanda wanted to buy, Imani explained why she wanted to pay instead. Imani had never considered working for anyone besides Sutton. Imani clarified that she’d actually thought of doing other things in the past, but when she brought up the idea in front of their grandfather, she’d learned to keep her mouth shut. Now she got to work with her big sister, and she couldn’t wait to get started. Amanda loved that she gained a sibling and a partner.

Amanda and Imani both loved one potential office space. They thought they might be on the same page, but Imani’s favorite was the high rise, and Amanda’s was she storefront. Imani thought that the high rise was aspirational and it’d speak to their clientele. Amanda said they weren’t focusing on corporate law, and they didn’t want a location that felt elitist. Imani thought the storefront was too far from the courthouse, and the high rise lent an air of professionalism and legitimacy. Amanda though they should impress people based on their results, not their address. Imani said that while Amanda had an impressive track record, Imani was just starting out. Amanda said she was also the mentor, so maybe Imani should take her advice and take a breath. Imani was going to have some champagne, but Amanda said they had to figure this out first. Amanda brought up the converted Victorian. Imani liked it too, and they listed its assets. It was gorgeous, homey, classic street level and close to the courthouse. It was perfect. Amanda toasted to Sinclair and Benedict. Imani suggested Benedict and Sinclair.

Amanda came home after Lily left. Amanda thought she and Imani found an office. “That’s faster than I anticipated. ‘cause Imani can be a little Imani,” Devon said. Amanda laughed and said she toned Imani down a little bit. Devon proudly announced that something special happened today – Dominic reached up and grabbed his own rattle and shook it around. Amanda joked that Devon would probably be filling out college applications soon. Devon was thinking Dominic could go to Stanford like Neil and Mattie. Teasing, Amanda asked if Yale wasn’t good enough, and Devon said he’d add it to the list. The phone rang just as they kissed. Ashley let Devon know that Abby was coming home. The call ended. Devon was subdued, which prompted Amanda to ask if Abby was okay. Devon said she must be fine because Ashley said once they landed, Abby wanted to come get Dominic.

Lily found Billy at Crimson Lights and asked what he was thinking about. He wasn’t ready to share that. He said he and Jill didn’t see eye to eye. He was going to come up with his own solution that didn’t involve a handout from Chancellor Industries. He told her not to worry – when he got knocked down, he got back up, and she could count on that. So could Adam.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, December 1 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Ashley got back on the plane without Abby. Jack didn’t understand why they were leaving Abby behind when she was still deluded into thinking that Chance was alive. Ashley said Abby wasn’t delusional – she’d had hope, and she didn’t give up, and Ashley was so glad about that. Ashley swore Jack to secrecy and revealed that Chance was alive, and Abby was with him right now. Jack marveled at how Abby never accepted that Chance died, unlike everyone else. Ashley told Jack that Chance didn’t want to abort the mission and come home. Jack acknowledged that Chance always had a strong sense of duty. Ashley added that it was a point of pride for Chance that he’d never failed a mission. Ashley said that Abby was pulling out all the stops to convince him to come home, including a live stream of Dominic. Chance was torn up, because he wanted to be with his baby, but he felt compelled to stay here. Ashley knew Abby wouldn’t leave Chance’s side, which meant she’d be living under the constant state of danger and worrying that Chance would take off for Valencia and get killed for real. Jack didn’t think Abby would be able to stay away from Dominic that long.

As persuasive as Abby was, Jack wasn’t sure she’d be able to convince Chance to come home. Jack suggested they take pressure off Abby by going over Chance’s head. He thought that Ashley should call Christine. Ashley pointed out that Christine didn’t know Chance was alive. Jack thought it was okay to let Christine into their circle of trust. He was sure that Christine would be willing to reach out to her contacts at the State Department, who could let Chance know that his work was done. Ashley said Chance’s supervisors might want him to stay on the mission. She thought that they should stay out of it and let Abby and Chance work on this together. Jack asked what if things didn’t work out the way they wanted it to.

Kim and Abby talked while Chance was out taking a walk. Abby asked Kim to help her convince Chance to come home. Abby said Chance felt like he needed to complete the mission, but she didn’t come all this way to leave without her husband. It tore her apart to be away from their baby, but she had this feeling Chance was alive. Kim was glad Abby came, because she thought that Chance needed to be with Abby after all he’d gone through. Abby asked Kim to convince Chance that he was too injured to go back to the field. Kim said that wouldn’t be honest. Abby implored Kim to help her change Chance’s mind. They didn’t know that Chance was eavesdropping just outside the door. Kim didn’t think Chance would listen to her. She believed that if Chance went back to the states, it had to be a decision he and Abby made together. Chance walked in, so Kim stepped out.

Chance admitted he heard what Abby said. He hated that she was hurt, but he wished she could understand why he had to stay. She understood how he felt, but she said that he didn’t even know if he’d be able to complete the mission. She said he was injured and the mission was compromised. She suggested that his chief was coming up with a new plan that didn’t involve him. He didn’t think they should speculate about that. She said that the department had other options, but she only had one husband, and he was Dominic’s father. “You’re irreplaceable to us. Doesn’t that make a difference to you? Aren’t we enough to change your mind?,” Abby asked.

Chance wanted to be with Abby and Dominic more than anything, but he couldn’t leave. Abby asserted that he could. She had compassion for him after he lost his colleagues. He said they were his friends. She understood he wanted to do right by his friends, but it was time for him to do right by himself and Dominic. She told him to think about the promises he made. She showed him his wedding ring. She said they found it in the rubble from the explosion. Chance confessed that he took the ring off and put it in the rubble to sell that story that he died. He asked if she could forgive him, and she said of course. She said she’d been wearing the ring on a chain so it would be close to her heart. Abby reminded Chance that on their wedding day, he promised to give her the life she deserved and to keep the family safe and happy. They’d made a promise to have and to hold until death did them part, and she was going to hold him to that promise. She admitted it might not be fair, but she didn’t care because she was fighting for the survival of their family, and she needed him to fight too. Chance said he loved Abby more than he could ever show him. She challenged him to prove it. He asked for the ring, and she gave it to him. He put it back on. “Let’s go home,” he said, and she hugged him.

Kim returned and congratulated Abby on getting Chance to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Chance called his boss with the news. Chance’s section chief thought he was making the right decision. The State Department was going to give Chance and Abby security in Genoa City. Chance said he never failed at anything before. Abby said Chance didn’t fail – he gave the information to other people who could complete the mission. Kim assured Chance that he was making the right decision. She said she’d pack a bag for Chance. Chance was grateful to Kim and Errol, who was still in Dublin. Kim didn’t need that, she just wanted Chance to cherish the time with his family and listen to his wife, because she was smarter than he was. Everyone chuckled.

Later, Abby and Chance prepared to call his mother. He thought Abby should talk first and prepare Nina. Abby did a video chat with Nina and said she was on an island in Spain. Nina was concerned because Abby put her life in danger. Abby said it was worth it. Abby knew Nina was with Phillip in Australia, and she asked if he was there. Nina said he’d gone out. Abby had news, but she said Nina couldn’t tell anyone except Phillip. Chance got on the phone, and Nina was shocked and overjoyed.

Abby called Ashley and brought her up to speed. Abby asked that Ashley do something for them.

Victor showed up at Society, where Billy was. They traded barbs. Victor saw Billy order another drink and asked if it was the first one. Billy thought Victor knew it wasn’t, but having an adult beverage wasn’t the worst thing a man could do. Victor said Billy certainly would know. Billy said the last time he saw Victor, he laid down at Victor’s feet, played the sacrificial lamb and begged for mercy, but that wasn’t going to happen again. Victor heard that Ashland and Victoria made an offer to buy ChancComm. He thought it was a good move on their part. When Billy came to Victor and offered to step down so Lily could run ChancComm, he’d thought Victor would contact him. Now Billy realized that all Victor wanted to do was watch him squirm and that he’d planned to wait for ChancComm to lose value so Victor could swoop it up. Billy said Victor had competition. Victor asked if Billy thought his Mommy would accept the offer. Billy said he wasn’t going to tell Victor that. Victor thought Victoria made the offer to spare Billy the humiliation of losing to Adam. Victor stated that Billy would have to face the music no matter what and pay for the consequences of his actions. Billy asked why Victor hated him so much. Chuckling, Victor asked why the Spartans hated the Athenians. Billy asked why Tom hated Jerry, then he said he wanted to hear Victor’s reasoning. Victor said Billy was sort of handsome and somewhat intelligent, which made Victor wonder why Billy cared about his opinion. Billy asked what Victor didn’t like about him. Victor loathed people like Billy. Victor said Billy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, while Victor grew up in an orphanage and worked for everything he had. Victor thought Billy was like a guy born on third base who thought he hit a triple. Victor felt that Billy was entitled and spoiled and disrespectful of people’s values. Billy admitted he’d done that in the past. Victor wondered if Billy was ready to pay the piper and not get protection from Victoria. Billy said he didn’t need protection from anyone. Billy just wanted to make sure Lily wasn’t hurt because of his actions, and Victoria’s offer allowed that. Victor said that Billy didn’t own the company, Mommy Dearest did. Victor thought Jill knew how to set aside her emotions when it came to business, and she was a savvy businesswoman. Billy agreed, and that was why he didn’t think Victor should feel confident right now. Billy left.

At Lily’s place, Jill said she hadn’t worked out the timeline for her departure from Chancellor, but it’d be soon. Lily was flattered Jill thought she was ready to run Chancellor Industries. Jill clarified that she knew Lily was ready. Lily wondered what would happen to ChancComm and Billy if she took the job. Jill thought Lily saw the writing on the wall for Billy. Referencing the situation with Ashland and Gaines, Lily said that she and Billy got played by master manipulators, and that didn’t negate all the amazing achievements Billy made at ChancComm. Jill said there was no telling how much Billy’s mistake would cost. She felt like ChancComm might be more trouble than it was worth at this point. Lily stated that the company was still turning a profit, but Jill countered that it had significant losses too. Jill said that if they didn’t sell soon, Victor and Adam would keep coming after them and Ashland’s lawsuit would cause even more damage. Jill added that this wasn’t the first time Billy hurt the company by making a move against the Newmans. Lily clarified that she and Billy made decisions as a team. Jill thought this mess had Billy’s fingerprints all over it. Jill wondered how much worse shape the company would be in if Lily hadn’t been there to keep Billy in line. Lily thought Jill was being too hard on Billy. Jill contended that Billy used the company as a tool to exact revenge, and even he knew he went too far, or he wouldn’t have offered to step down. Lily hated this. She and Billy had accomplished so much together. She also didn’t want the amazing team at ChancComm to lose their jobs. Jill said if she sold, she’d stipulate that the new owners had to keep the current employees. Lily thought Jill was being too hasty. She felt like ChancComm could be going through growing pains, and if two years from now, ChancComm was a juggernaut, she thought Jill would regret selling. “What’s done is done and we’ve gotta focus on the future,” Jill firmly said.

Jill noted that Lily never said if she was interested in the offer to be CEO of Chancellor. Lily said of course she was interested. She was sure that when Jill imagined this moment, she’d thought she’d be passing the torch to Billy. Jill would’ve loved nothing more than to hand the company to Billy, but once again, he’d proven to be unreliable. Lily didn’t think that was true. Jill thought Lily needed to stop defending Billy. Jill said Lily was the reliable one, and she’d exceeded expectations. Lily was drawn to the idea of adding to the rich history of Chancellor. Jill said that old bat Katherine would’ve wholeheartedly agreed with the choice to promote Lily. Jill reminded Lily that her dad, Neil ran Chancellor too. Lily said he didn’t run it for long, but Jill said it didn’t matter. She knew Neil would be so proud to see Lily behind that desk. Lily wasn’t okay with leaving Billy out in the cold. Jill had hoped that Lily would hire Billy at Chancellor. Lily suggested they be co-CEOs again, but Jill didn’t want her son in a position to call the shots or have any say in decision making. Jill said Billy could be COO, or whatever Lily thought was appropriate, but Lily had to be in charge, alone.

Lily was torn because she knew Billy would be hurt. Jill told Lily to stop putting Billy’s needs above her own. Jill stated that Billy was a grown man who’d find a way to deal with it. Lily thought that was a little cold. Jill was adamant that Lily couldn’t let her personal life stand in the way of her success. Jill said that relationships didn’t always last, but a career was something you could count on and build a future on, not just with money – being a boss was very empowering. Lily felt like she and Billy were in it for the long haul, so she couldn’t just ignore his feelings like Jill could. Jill clarified that it killed her to set this condition, but she had no choice. She acknowledged that Billy made great strides in his personal life, but professionally, he didn’t understand that there were some risks that weren’t worth taking.

Billy came home and told Jill and Lily not to stop talking on his account. Lily said they were discussing a project, and Billy asked if that’s what they were calling him now. Jill noticed Billy had been drinking. Billy said he took a cab home – he was capable of being responsible, despite what she might think. Lily asked Jill if she could talk to Billy alone. Jill said that even if she and Billy fought and hurt each other’s feelings, she’d always be his mom and she’d always want what was best for him. He knew, but he said that her opinion on that wasn’t always right.

After Jill left, Lily told Billy about the job offer. Billy thought it was amazing and that Lily would be great at running Chancellor. He assumed she’d take the job. Lily said there was a lot to consider. “You can’t turn this down,” Billy stated. He said it’d do wonders for her career and take her out of the line of fire at ChancComm. Lily revealed that Jill was thinking of selling ChancComm. Billy wasn’t surprised, but he didn’t like the idea of it – ChancComm was his and Lily’s baby. Lily said that Jill was on board with Billy working with her at Chancellor. She added that he’d be second in command, and he noted that he’d be working for her, not with her. Billy said, in Jill’s mind, he’d just failed the “Big Boy Ready to Lead” test. Lily didn’t think it was that simple. Billy continued that Jill was offering him a corner office at Chancellor to keep him out of trouble, and he thought she wanted him to be grateful. “Aren’t you?,” Lily asked. Billy felt like he was losing everything, the job he loved, his dignity, his partnership with Lily. Lily promised Billy that he wasn’t losing her – she was with him no matter what. Even if she accepted the job, she really hoped he’d consider coming to Chancellor with her.

Jill ran into Victor at Society, and he was happy to see her. Victor was sorry about Chance. Jill said Chance was a hero who should be here making a new life with Abby and their baby. Jill announced that Jack left her a voicemail that Abby had been located. Victor was pleased to hear that. He hoped Ashley would be able to convince Abby to come home. Jill said that being a concerned parent was hard. Victor agreed. Jill said Victor knew what she was going through, thanks to him. “After what you and Adam did to my son.” Victor acted like he had no idea what Jill meant. Jill thought they could start with the way he attacked Billy and her media company and called Billy a liar, even though they all knew everything in the Ashland article was true. The only thing Victor would acknowledge is that Billy brought it on himself. Jill conceded that point, but she said Victor egged Billy on every step of the way. Victor said Jill had to bail her son out of another failure. Jill said she and Billy would be fine. Victor thought Billy had gone too far, and he asked what Jill was going to do about it. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Jill asked, laughing. She left.

Ashley called Victor and said she was bringing Abby home. He thought that was wonderful. The call ended, and Ashley told Jack that it was his turn.

Jill walked into the Chancellor mansion and Jack called to tell her Abby was coming home. She was relieved. Jill took a moment and looked at Katherine’s portrait. Billy showed up and said it didn’t take Jill long to lose faith in him.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, November 30 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nikki entered her living room and found Victor deep in thought. He was trying to figure out the next move in the search for Abby, since nobody had seen her in Valencia. Victor’s investigative team interviewed almost everyone who served with Chance in Iraq, and none of them had heard from Abby either. Nikki was sure that was difficult news to break to Chance’s men. Victor said he was loved by everyone he served with. Victor got a call from an old colleague at Newman Enterprises. He let it go to voicemail, because he wasn’t in the mood for chitchat, given what was going on with Abby.

At Chance’s old colleague’s house in Majorca Spain, Chance and Abby debated whether or not he should stay and complete the mission or go home with her. He felt he owed it to the people killed in the explosion to see this through. Abby fell in love with Chance partially because of his sense of loyalty and duty, but she thought that what he was talking about now was revenge. He disagreed. He did want to make the criminals pay. However, Chance and his team had been close to bringing down the head of the operation when the explosion happened. Chance felt that if he gave up now, his friends would’ve died in vain, and he couldn’t live with that. Abby contended that this wasn’t the way to do it. She didn’t think Chance should put his life in danger again. Chance’s section chief was going to send Chance his orders as soon as Chance recovered.

Abby almost got the feeling that Chance didn’t want to come home. He assured her that he wanted to be with her and meet their son. It was almost all he’d thought about since he’d been holed up here. “Almost?” Abby asked. Chance couldn’t erase what happened to his team from his mind, or the anger he felt toward these bastards or the guilt he felt for surviving. Abby said that Chance survived for Dominic. Chance had told himself as much, but he said that the men and women in the safe house had families too. Abby’s heart broke for those people, but she said Chance needed to come home to his family.

Abby knew how difficult the grief was for Chance. He didn’t think she understood, and she countered that she and the rest of his family had been mourning for him. She hadn’t been eating or sleeping because all she’d been thinking about was him. She understood that he wished he could change what happened and exact some justice. He said he was trained to complete his missions. She stated that he was wounded and he barely made it out a live. She thought the fact that his section chief was waiting for him to heal before giving him orders was a sign that he might not be sent to the field again. She thought he could do the work from home. He countered that he was the only one who knew what the guys looked like. She told him he could send his boss a description. Chance was torn between his duty and his love for Abby. He asked how he was supposed to choose. She didn’t think he should make any decisions now, while he was exhausted. She wanted to go lay down together, and she thought once he woke up, he’d have a new perspective. She took his hand and they went to his room.

Later, Abby returned to the living room. She called Ashley crying and saying she didn’t know what to do. “Chance – Chance is…” Abby started to say. Ashley interrupted and asked where Abby was. They learned that they were both in Spain, and Ashley said Jack was here too. Ashley said she’d come to Abby. Abby thought she needed to do this alone, but Ashley refused to allow that. Ashley promised that she wouldn’t judge Abby. Abby agreed to see her mother, but not her uncle, so Ashley promised not to bring Jack.

Jack got back on the plane, dejected because the lead he’d followed was a bust. Ashley gave him the news and asked him to tell the pilot to go to Majorca.

Adam was on his way into Society. He got a call from the same person who’d tried to get in touch with Victor. The person shared some unpleasant news.

Victoria and Ashland were in Society. She checked her phone for the tenth time. He laughed, recalling how often he used to check his phone when he was on the verge of making a killing and was waiting for the prey to roll over in defeat. Victoria said she wasn’t checking to see if Billy and Lily spoke to Jill about the offer to buy ChancComm. She was hoping for an update from her father about Abby. Since it came up, she figured they should talk about how to handle Victor and Adam if Jill accepted the offer. Ashland asked what Victoria thought, since she knew Adam and Victor best. She knew they’d be less than thrilled, since Ashland’s lawsuit, or dropping of the lawsuit, was key to Newman Media’s strategy. But she did think they should tell Victor and Adam before they found out from someone else. He asked why they should rock the boat when their offer might get rejected. Adam walked in, and Victoria sensed he already knew.

Ashland invited Adam to join them, but Adam had lost his appetite. He asked if it was true that Newman/Locke offered to buy ChancComm. Victoria asked where he heard that. Adam knew Victoria was aware that Victor still had contacts at Newman Enterprises. Someone called and tipped Newman Media off. Victoria said she’d have HR refresh the staff on the consequences of violating the NDA. Adam took that as a yes. Ashland said he and Victoria weren’t in the habit of sharing future business deals with anyone. Adam was angry with Ashland. “You swore up and down that you were on board with Newman Media’s plan. We looped you into every detail. We covered for you. We trusted you. I mean we treated you like family,” Adam griped. Adam asked why Ashland went behind their back.

Victoria thought Adam’s outrage was misplaced and ridiculous. She reminded him that he was the one who orchestrated this elaborate take-down of ChancComm. Adam wondered if Ashland had been playing them all along, making Adam and Victor do the heavy lifting so Ashland could swoop in for the kill. Victoria thought Adam was out of line. She noted that Ashland was the one who put everything on the line and was facing a costly and arduous public lawsuit all while fighting for his life. Adam countered that no one twisted Ashland’s arm. Victoria said ChancComm was originally part of Newman Enterprises, so she had every right to take it back. Adam told Ashland that Victoria was trying to protect Billy and his job. Victoria replied that Billy made his bed and he could suffer the consequences. Ashland said it was just business, and if he and Victoria made an offer, it was because they were doing what was best for their company. Ashland said he initiated a lawsuit once ChancComm published the libelous article. He held up his end of the bargain, and now ChancComm was fair game. Adam surmised that this was all Victoria’s idea. Victoria told Adam to have a nice day.

Ashley called Victor and gave him and Nikki an update on Abby. Nobody knew why Abby was in Majorca, but Ashley said she’d keep Jack updated, and Jack, in turn, would pass the information on to Victor. The call ended.

At the main house, Victor wasn’t sure Ashley would be able to convince Abby to come home, since she had such a stubborn streak. Nikki implied that Abby got it from Victor. Adam showed up, and Victor was eager to tell him the good news, but Adam said it’d have to wait. Adam let Victor know what Victoria and Ashland did. Adam said Victor brought Ashland into the family, and he double crossed them. Adam expected this from Victoria, but he’d thought Ashland was on Newman Media’s side. Adam assumed Nikki knew about this, and she said whether she did or not, it was none of his business because she worked for Newman/Locke, not Newman Media. Adam apologized. Nikki appreciated how frustrating it was to be the last to know. Victor seemed unfazed, and Adam didn’t understand why he wasn’t more angry. “We could’ve let Ashland suffer with his past being exposed, except we came up with this plan to protect him and Victoria. And this is how they repay us?,” Adam complained. Victor just hoped this was Victoria’s idea, because if it was, it meant she was looking out for her company. Victor’s only concern was that Victoria was protecting Billy Boy. Adam had suggested that, and Victoria denied it. Victor assumed that meant Victoria was trying to correct the mistake she made when she sold the media division to Chancellor Industries. Adam added that it meant they couldn’t trust Victoria or Ashland. Victor said you couldn’t trust anyone in business. All Victor cared about was cutting Billy off at the knees. Getting ChancComm was just icing on the cake. Adam asked if Victor was just going to let Victoria and Ashland get away with this. “It has all just begun,” Victor replied.

Back in Majorca, Abby texted Devon that she needed him to do something for her. Ashley showed up at Kim’s house and hugged Abby. Ashley knew that Abby would be in Spain and that she’d need Ashley. Abby said she had that same intuition, which told her Chance was still alive, and she was right. Chance was asleep in the bedroom. Ashley was stunned and excited to tell everyone. Abby said Chance was physically okay, but struggling emotionally, and he didn’t want to come home. Abby said she knew who Chance was who she married him, and she fell in love with him partially because of his sense of loyalty and dedication, but now she was worried his dedication was too strong. He was insisting on completing the mission. Ashley thought this meant Chance was in a fragile state of mind, and they had to have empathy for him as a leader and soldier. Abby said she had to prepare herself for battle. Chance walked out and was upset. “Abby what the hell is Ashley doing here? Did she come with you? Did you lie to me about coming alone?,” he yelled. Abby clarified that Ashley and Jack had come to Spain on their own. This is exactly what Chance was trying to avoid. He wondered how soon until his cover was blown. Ashley assured Chance that Jack didn’t know anything about this. Abby and Ashley swore they’d never endanger Chance. Ashley was only here to support Abby, and Chance, if he’d let her. Chance was sorry he lashed out, but he wasn’t leaving. He told Abby to go home with Ashley and play the grieving widow a little longer. Abby refused to leave. Chance said it was too dangerous, but Abby said that when she thought he was dead, part of her died with him. He told her to go back to Dominic, but she said that they both needed to go home to their son.

Abby handed Chance her phone. It was on a live stream of Dominic. Chance said that Dominic was everything they prayed for – his sparkly eyes, and his handsome smile, and he needed his dad. Abby reiterated that Dominic was the reason Chance survived, and she told him he needed to come home.

Billy and Lily were at home, and he posed a hypothetical question. He asked what she’d say to a reporter who asked what she was doing staying with a man who tanked her empire. Why didn’t she cut him loose? She said she should but she loved him, they were partners, and she believed in second chances. He thought that was one of the nicest things she’d ever said to him. Just as he leaned in for a kiss, there was a knock at the door. It was Jill. Billy hugged his mom and invited her in, where she hugged Lily. Lily gave Jill her condolences on Chance. Jill said everyone told her to keep her distance and give Abby space to grieve, but then she heard Abby was missing and that Jack and Ashley were in Spain looking for her. Billy was caught off guard because no one told him about any of this. Jill sniped that Billy was too busy ruining her media division to pay much attention to family.

Billy thought it was a bit of an exaggeration to say he ruined ChancComm. He conceded that they took a hit, but he and Lily saw a way forward. Jill also came here because she got Lily’s call wanting to talk. Billy didn’t realize Lily called Jill. Lily was sorry to have had to make that call while Jill was grieving for her grandson, but time was of the essence. Jill understood. Billy told Lily that he still thought there was a way to rectify this without involving his mother. Jill said Billy allowed himself to get hacked, and worse, he took the word of a blackmailer. She was frustrated because he never learned, and he was so blinded by hatred of Adam and Victor that he didn’t think of the consequences. He said that if he could go back and change some things, he would. She said it was too late. When she handed her media division to him, he’d sworn he was up to the challenge. He still thought she was right to believe in him. He was only holding onto Gaines to protect ChancComm from Newman Media. “If you think that scoundrel is your idea of protection God help us all,” Jill bitterly laughed. Billy acknowledged that he screwed up.

Billy admitted this was his fault, but he still thought they could turn things around. If he stepped down and Ashland dropped the lawsuit, they could salvage this. Lily wasn’t so sure about that, and neither was Jill. Jill thought Billy should step down – in her opinion, that was the one smart thing Billy said today. Jill wasn’t sure that would get the Newmans to back off, but at least that would give Lily the chance to run ChancComm the way it should be. Lily told Jill about Newman/Locke’s offer to buy ChancComm. Jill thought it was very interesting that Victoria was willing to go against her father again. Billy said they didn’t know if the offer could be trusted – maybe the Newmans were just toying with ChancComm. Jill would prefer not to have this headache. She’d hate to hand the company over to Newman/Locke, though. She asked what the terms of surrender were. Lily said that Newman/Locke was willing to keep her on as CEO. Jill wanted to talk to Lily in private. Lily said Billy was her life-partner, so she wanted him to stay. Billy left anyway, though.

Jill was impressed with the way Lily ran ChancComm. She thought Neil taught Lily well. Lily knew Billy made mistakes, but he had good intentions. Jill thought it was the way Billy went about doing things. Lily conceded that Billy didn’t play by the rules. Jill added that Billy left them to clean up the mess. Jill said that Chance’s death affected her deeply. He was so young, and she never expected to outlive him. Lily couldn’t imagine losing a grandchild. Chance’s death put things into perspective for Jill, and she’d decided to step down from the day to day running of Chancellor Industries and move into a more advisory role. She wanted Lily to become head of Chancellor Industries.

Phyllis saw Billy sitting at the Grand Phoenix bar. She asked if Lily was joining him. He said he’d been kicked out. Phyllis guessed Lily came to her senses, but Billy said he was only here because Lily and Jill were talking. Billy was worried about his mother and business partner discussing the fate of the company without his input. Phyllis thought that sounded interesting, so she took the seat next to Billy.

Billy said that if Phyllis was here to celebrate his downfall, she should know there was nothing she could say to him that he hadn’t already said to himself. She said that she was here to be charitable, because he looked like hell. She changed the subject and said Jack and Ashley were in Spain. Billy knew because Jill told him right before she ripped into him about the debacle at ChancComm. Phyllis grinned about how much of a mess it was. Billy wanted to be left alone. Phyllis said she had a crazy dream that Billy was in, and he gave her advice, and it seemed like he had the answers about her love life. Billy thought that, in reality, the best thing anyone could do was ignore his advice. “The real me has managed to alienate everyone in my orbit,” he said. All he’d tried to do was protect the people he cared about and save ChancComm. “From one screw up to another, it’s gonna be okay. Even us screw-ups deserve love. That’s what a really wise person in my dream said to me,” Phyllis stated.

Billy went to Society, where he ran into Victoria and Ashland, who were on their way out. She asked if Jill made a decision. He said that Jill and Lily were discussing it. Ashland thought it was a good sign that Billy was excluded from the talk. Victoria told Billy she was sorry that it’d come to this. Billy found it hard to believe Victoria was sincere. Ashland said Billy brought this on himself. Billy went to the bar, and Ashland took Victoria’s hand. They walked out, but she kept looking back at Billy.

Jack called Phyllis and said they found Abby. From what Jack gathered, Abby was having a rough time accepting that she’d never see Chance again. Jack had to call Nina and Jill, but he’d wanted to call Phyllis first. He asked if they could have dinner and talk once he got back, and she said she’d love that.

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Y&R Update Monday, November 29 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Ashley were on the Newman jet after checking every hotel and restaurant in Valencia. There was no sign of Abby. Jack didn’t think she was there, but Ashley suggested that Abby was laying low. Jack said that Abby didn’t exactly blend in, and he noted that even Victor’s security team was striking out. Everything in Ashley’s body told her that Abby was in Spain looking for Chance. Phyllis called Jack to ask how things were going, and he brought her up to speed. As Phyllis thanked Jack for his lovely gesture on Thanksgiving, brightening what could’ve been a sad day, Amanda walked into the hotel. The call ended.

Victor called Ashley. It had occurred to him that Abby wasn’t in Spain. Ashley said she and Jack were thinking of splitting up. Finding the military pin in Abby’s room made Victor think Abby might try and contact the people Chance served with in Iraq. Victor’s team was putting together a list of people in the unit Chance served with. Ashley requested a copy of the list. Victor asked Ashley to be careful.

Ashley needed a diversion, so she brought up Phyllis. She recalled Jack saying he had some conflicting feelings for his ex. They didn’t discuss it on the flight over, because they’d been focused on Abby. Jack told Ashley that her initial reaction when he started talking about Phyllis didn’t make him want to open up about his feelings. Ashley promised to try and keep her attitude in check. She wanted to help. Jack admitted his feelings for Phyllis resurfaced, but he had concerns about acting on it. Being friends and confidants with Phyllis worked out pretty well, but starting a new relationship was fraught with pitfalls. Ashley noted that Jack sent Phyllis Thanksgiving dinner and chatted with her for an hour while she ate it. To Ashley, that didn’t sound like the actions of a man who was conflicted and concerned. “It sounds like a man who’s falling back in love,” Ashley said.

Jack admitted Phyllis made him happy, but he didn’t think she was going to jump into a relationship right after ending one. Ashley countered that Phyllis jumped from one relationship to the next, sometimes before the prior relationship was even over. When Jack reminded Ashley that she’d said she’d keep her attitude in check, she said it wasn’t an attitude, it was honesty. Jack was aware of Phyllis’s history, but he hadn’t been a saint, himself. Ashley understood the pull toward one you’d loved and lost. She’d tried it a few times herself, and it never worked. He asked if she was saying that because she failed in her second and third relationships with an ex, he was doomed too. She just didn’t want to see him stuck in the middle of something before he’d thought everything through thoroughly.

Jack appreciated the sisterly advice, but he was ready to change the conversation. Ashley was concerned she’d hurt Jack’s feelings, and he said she didn’t. There was just nothing he could do while they were here in Spain. They shifted their focus back to Abby.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis gave Amanda a mimosa on the house to celebrate Sutton being found guilty. Amanda felt relieved by the verdict. The sentencing wasn’t for a few weeks, but at Sutton’s age, any sentence would be a life sentence. Amanda said Imani and Naya were fine with the verdict. Amanda never imagined this was the way her search for her birth parents would turn out. She said Sutton forced Naya to give Amanda and Hilary away to protect his image, and he killed their father for the same reason. Now the granddaughter he never wanted was standing shoulder to shoulder with Naya and Imani, and they were still a family despite everything that Sutton did. Phyllis said that was because of Amanda, who forgave Naya and Imani for pushing her away. Amanda understood that they rejected her because they were afraid of Sutton, and she’d wanted to help them get out from under his thumb. Her life was richer with them in it. “You won,” Phyllis said. She suggested that it may have been Amanda’s dad looking over her like a guardian angel. Amanda liked the idea of her dad looking out for her and being proud of her.

When Amanda came in earlier, she noticed Phyllis beaming while on the phone with Jack. Phyllis didn’t think she’d been beaming. Amanda thought Phyllis took her advice, did some soul searching and realized that she wasn’t over Jack. Phyllis admitted she was having some feelings about Jack that she didn’t understand and that scared the hell out of her. Amanda didn’t think Phyllis looked scared on the phone. According to Amanda, Phyllis looked more like she’d wanted Jack to come to the hotel so she could hug him. Phyllis scoffed. Amanda thought that Phyllis looked happy earlier. Phyllis admitted Jack did make her happy. She sang his praises – kind, generous, witty, charming and he had an edge. Phyllis didn’t know what was going on between her and Jack, but it was complicated.

Phyllis was confused by her feelings. Amanda thought that was understandable, especially since Phyllis just broke up with Nick. Phyllis still loved Nick, and she always would. Initially, things with Nick were amazing, but then they took a turn, and she didn’t know why. She was always bracing herself for the next argument. It wasn’t like that with Jack. Phyllis could be herself with Jack, but the question was – was she ready for it. Amanda understood that Phyllis wasn’t looking for anything with anyone right now, but this wasn’t anyone – it was Jack. Amanda knew the timing wasn’t right, but it never was. She thought Phyllis knew what she wanted, but she didn’t want to admit it. Amanda asked how Jack felt. Phyllis was pretty sure he felt the same way she did. Amanda asked what Phyllis would do next. Phyllis didn’t know.

Abby was at Kim’s house in Majorca, Spain. An excited Abby bombarded Kim with questions about Chance’s condition. Kim urged Abby to breathe. Abby was sorry – she got like that when she was excited. Kim knew, because Chance told her. Abby was hopeful when she heard Chance was able to speak. She rattled off questions about when she could see him, and again, Kim urged her to calm down. Kim had been in Spain so long that she wasn’t accustomed to American energy. Abby said that everyone believed Chance was dead, but she held out hope. Kim promised to take Abby to Chance, but she said there were things Abby needed to know first.

Kim’s husband, Errol was away on business in Berlin. Chance showed up at the house a few days after the explosion. He had a concussion and a leg injury. He came to the couple because they were medics. They stitched him up and gave him a place to stay. Kim and Errol knew they were putting themselves in danger helping him. Abby was grateful. Kim had no doubt Chance would do the same for them. Kim said that Chance had a lot of rage and guilt over the death of his colleagues, and Abby needed to be prepared to deal with that. Abby asked why Chance didn’t let her know he was alive. “Because he knew it would put you in terrible danger,” Chance said as he entered the room. Abby hugged him tightly.

Abby and Chance had a tearful reunion, in which she said she never gave up hope. He apologized for making her suffer. All he’d wanted to do was complete the mission and come home to her, but sometimes things didn’t work out the way you hoped. She felt that things did work out. He said Kim never should’ve brought her here. Abby said Kim wasn’t to blame. Abby had been determined to find Chance no matter what. Chance faked his death to protect the family. He was concerned that, by coming here, Abby undid all the work he’d done to make the people who set the explosion believe that he was dead. Abby assured Chance that she’d been careful. No one knew she was here, and not even Victor had been able to track her.

Abby said she was going to bring Chance home to meet his son. Chance was shocked he had a son. Abby showed him pictures of Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor. He loved the name. She explained that the D was for Devon, the M for Mariah, and the Phillip was obviously after Chance. Chance asked where the baby was, and Abby said that Devon had him. She explained that people thought she was taking time alone to process things. Chance was worried that people would be able to put things together. Abby said nobody would ever know she was in Majorca. She’d covered all the tracks. She wanted to know everything about what he’d been through.

Chance had been on his way into the safe-house when the explosion happened. It blew him back about thirty yards. He hit his head and a beam landed on his leg. He didn’t lose consciousness, but he wished he had, because he’d heard the screams coming from the building. He went inside and looked for people, but he didn’t find anyone. The people who planted the bomb showed up to make sure there were no survivors, so Chance buried himself under concrete and played dead. Once the people left, he headed here for medical attention. He snuck onto a freighter to Majorca. Once Errol and Kim patched Chance up, he contacted his director. He and the director agreed that, for the sake of the mission, and for Chance’s safety, they shouldn’t tell anyone he survived. Abby said that the authorities withheld the truth, and that was why Christine thought Chance was dead. Abby knew it would take a lot of time and effort for Chance to get through this, but she was here to take him home. She could get him out safely and anonymously. He was sorry he put everyone through this, but he had to stay in Spain and finish the mission. Abby asserted that the mission was over, since everyone was dead. Chance saw the guys who killed his friends, and he recognized one of them. He had to find him, because that would lead Chance to the guy on top. Abby thought another agent should do it, but Chance was adamant that he had to see this through. He’d never failed or left a mission, and he wouldn’t stop now. He’d bring down the men who killed his team – they deserved no less.

Devon and Dominic were at Crimson Lights. Devon recalled Abby dropping Dominic off at his house. Nate joined them, and they talked about what a great Thanksgiving dinner they had. After their family dinner, Amanda went to see her mom, and Devon took Dominic to see his grandparents. Nate enjoyed having a full day off from his job as chief of surgery. Nate said there was a lot of bureaucracy stuff, but he enjoyed his job. Nate asked how Devon was doing with Dominic. Devon wished Abby never left, but he was enjoying every second he got to watch the baby. Devon was learning to care for the baby day by day and figuring out what his cries meant. Devon said Dominic was advancing – they did tummy time, and he was trying to lift his head. Devon didn’t think Dominic would be with him for long, since the goal was to have Abby come home, but in the meantime, he’d monitor the baby’s progress. He said he’d always keep an eye on Dominic.

Nate could tell how much Dominic meant to Devon, and he knew it must be amazing for Devon to know this was his biological son. However, Nate wanted to be sure Devon was prepared for what would happen when Abby came back. Devon was enjoying this special time with Dominic, but he knew Abby was the mom, and the sooner she could come back and be the mother Dom deserved, the better.

Victor visited Devon at the penthouse. Victor let Devon know that Ashley and Jack’s search was unsuccessful. Victor had informed Christine, and he said that she was very unhappy with Abby for putting herself in danger. Victor was determined to find Abby. Victor watched Dominic sleep and asked how he was doing. Devon said the baby didn’t sleep very well last night, probably because he was getting used to his new environment, and he missed his mother. Victor thanked Devon for taking care of the baby and for bringing him over for Thanksgiving. It lifted Victor and Nikki’s spirits even though there was an empty seat at the table. Devon thought they’d made a mistake discouraging Abby from going to Italy – if they’d been supportive, she probably would’ve contacted them now. Victor said they had to try and make Abby listen to reason. Devon knew, but he wondered if Abby really needed to go on this trip to get closure. Victor said that Abby had always been stubborn, so even if Devon had told her to go to Spain, she would’ve insisted on going incommunicado.

Back on the jet, Jack suggested that Abby was at the house that Dina left her in Paris. Ashley said Abby rented the home out because she didn’t think she’d have time to travel once the baby was born. Victor called from Devon’s house. Victor had just spoken to Christine, who confirmed that everyone in the safe house had been killed in the explosion, so there was no one left for Abby to contact. Ashley asked what about the soldiers from Iraq. A list was being compiled, and calls had been made, but so far, none of the people on that list had heard from Abby. Devon added that there were a lot of people on the list who were yet to be contacted. Jack figured they should keep searching Valencia. Ashley worried about what would happen to Abby once she realized she wasn’t going to find Chance.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 29 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Ashley searched Valencia and didn’t find Abby. Jack told Ashley that Phyllis made him happy, but he was conflicted about acting on his feelings for her. Ashley thought Jack sounded in love, but she warned him about the pitfalls of trying to rekindle a past relationship. Amanda celebrated Sutton’s conviction with Phyllis. Phyllis was confused by her feelings for Jack. Amanda thought Phyllis knew what she wanted, but she wasn’t ready to admit it. Phyllis wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. Abby met with Kim, the medic who was nursing Chance back to health and providing him a place to hide out. Kim warned Abby that Chance was harboring a lot of rage and guilt over the death of his colleagues. Chance and Abby reunited, and she told him about his son. Chance saw the people who set the explosion. He’d faked his death for his own safety and so that he could complete his mission and get justice for his dead colleagues. Abby wanted to take Chance home, but he refused to leave without bringing down the group who set the bomb. Nate was concerned Devon would have a hard time letting go of Dominic when Abby returned. Devon was sure that he was prepared to give Dominic back to his mother. Devon spoke with Victor about the lack of results in the search for Abby. Victor and Devon spoke with Jack and Ashley. Victor was having someone put together a list of people that Chance worked with in Iraq. They were contacting the people on that list to ask if any of them had heard from Abby.


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Days Update Monday, November 29, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Maggie finds Brady at the Bistro, seated with a drink. Brady hugs her and apologizes for pulling her away from Thanksgiving. Maggie tells him that they had already finished and then asks Brady how many drinks he’s had.

Chloe and Philip finish eating at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe says she knows a great way to burn off Thanksgiving calories and kisses him. Chloe suggests they take a nice long walk to the river bank to check on their tree.

At the hospital, Belle asks Steve how Susan is. Steve says she’s doing okay and that Kayla is allowing Tony and Anna are keeping Susan and EJ company for awhile. Steve asks about John. Belle says he’s not returning her calls or messages. Belle knows John is worried about Marlena but she worries about going after her when she’s out of control like this. Steve assures that if anyone can find Marlena and get through to her, it’s John.

Devil Marlena shows up at Ben and Ciara’s door. Ciara says they were just talking about her. Marlena comes in and tells them to shut the door, saying they have to help her by hiding her.

Shawn enters the living room of the Horton House and finds John passed out in the chair, holding the rosary. John asks about Doug and Julie. Shawn responds that Julie is putting Doug to bed but they are lucky they’re alive. John thinks they are all lucky to be alive. Shawn calls Doug and Julie incredibly brave for calling out the Devil. Shawn adds that Julie said after Marlena knocked him out, Julie called on the power of love to protect her and Doug which worked. John laughs at Julie scaring Satan away. John is glad they are all okay except for Shawn getting cracked in the head. Shawn suggests John get to the hospital but John says that’s all on hold until he finds Marlena. Shawn asks John what happened to him, where he’s been, and what Marlena did to him.

Ciara and Ben ask what Marlena is talking about, if she’s okay, and why they need to hide her. Marlena responds that it’s John. Ben says they are here to help with whatever it is. Marlena never thought she’d have to tell anybody this and she’s afraid they may have a hard time believing her. Ben sits her down while Ciara gets her some water. Marlena is not sure where to start. Ben says she can tell them whatever it is. Marlena responds that the reason John is after her is because he’s been abusing her.

Maggie tells Brady that it doesn’t matter how many he’s had to drink as all that matters is that he called her. Brady then reveals that he hasn’t had a drink and he’s just been staring at it for an hour. Maggie is glad he called. Brady is glad she came. Maggie knows how difficult holidays can be and how hard he’s had it recently. Maggie suggests having the drink taken away. Brady regretted the minute he ordered it but couldn’t find the strength to send it back. Maggie says she understands as that’s the pull alcohol has over them as they can find that urge when they least expect it. Maggie can’t imagine how hard it was for Brady to find Kristen about to run off with Rachel and Kristen begging him not to turn on her in. Brady recalls the look on Rachel’s face and Kristen’s desperation which all broke his heart. Maggie says unfortunately for addicts like them, people can have just as much of a hold over them as alcohol, especially when it’s the mother of his child. Maggie guesses that Brady still loves Kristen very deeply. Brady informs Maggie that he heard from Kristen’s lawyer that she wanted to see him and he came really close, but he can’t do it as he has to end it. Maggie questions him ending up with a scotch instead. Brady admits the drink is not just about Kristen, but also about Chloe.

Chloe tells Philip that she’s feeling extra thankful for him and wants to celebrate by visiting their tree. Philip thinks back to ripping the tree out of the ground and tossing it in to the river. Philip tells Chloe that it’s an awesome idea but he’s so stuffed and it’s cold outside. Chloe questions him being afraid of the cold. Philip says he’s curled up on the couch with her in this warm house. Chloe then asks what about tomorrow. Philip questions missing all the sales on Black Friday. Chloe guesses he’ll be working anyways but says she wants to make a trip to see their tree so she can see how it’s doing.

John informs Shawn that he had been in the DiMera Crypt all this time and that Marlena put him there, but notes that it wasn’t Marlena. John says Marlena is fighting as much as she can but she’s no match for a force of evil as powerful as the Devil. Shawn insists on taking him to the hospital where Belle wants to see that he’s alive and well. John would love to tell Belle that everything is going to be okay but feels he can’t do that until he stops Marlena and saves her. John asks if Marlena said anything about her plans. Shawn thinks she just planned to finish them off until Julie drove her away. John suggests giving the rosary back to Julie but Shawn thinks John could use it a lot more right now.

Ciara questions Marlena saying that John has been abusing her. Ben says he’s so sorry and asks when this started. Marlena claims it’s been going on for some time. Ciara brings up John being out of town. Marlena hoped the time away would do him some good and help him deal with his demons but then he came home this morning. Ben asks what happened. Marlena shows them her bruised wrist and claims John did that. Ben calls it unbelievable. Ciara questions thinking John will come after her. Marlena claims that he was in such a rage when she left that she’s afraid to go back home. Ben repeats that he’s so sorry. Ciara points out that this doesn’t sound like John.

Maggie questions Brady saying this is about Chloe. Maggie knew Victor was trying to push them together but thought it was just his wishful thinking. Brady tells her that he and Chloe are not together but he does have real deep feelings for her and he can’t do anything about it because she’s with Philip.

Chloe looks at a picture of their tree on her phone and talks about the day they planted it. Chloe says it’s probably so much bigger now and she’s just sorry that she hasn’t had the time to go visit it lately. Philip comments on her working hard at Basic Black and how it’s going over there. Chloe says it’s been great and business as usual. Philip asks if there are no big developments to report. Chloe asks like what. Philip thinks back to overhearing Chloe tell Brady that he couldn’t tell anybody about the sex that happened on the conference table and Brady saying it would be their secret. Philip remarks that it seems like Chloe has been working long hours and he hasn’t seen her that much, so he thought there might be something big going on. Chloe tells him that there is one development. Philip asks if it’s a new product line. Chloe then says she needs to talk to him about Brady.

Shawn gets a call from Belle, who questions where he is and where Marlena is. Shawn informs her that he’s still at the house but Marlena got away from him. Belle asks what he means and if he’s okay. Shawn assures that he’s fine and so are Doug and Julie. Shawn adds that John is safe and just got here awhile ago. Belle asks if he’s hurt. Shawn says he’s a little worse for wear but he says he’s okay. Shawn then tells Belle that John is right here but when he turns to look, John is gone.

Marlena doesn’t blame Ciara for being skeptical. Ciara doesn’t mean to upset her, but John is madly in love with her and so gentle with her, so she can’t picture him trying to hurt her. Marlena claims that John flies in to bits of rage. Ben thought these episodes had stopped. Marlena says sometimes he’s normal and sometimes he goes in to an insane rage. Marlena claims she never thought John would hurt her, but he did and says she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to believe it but it keeps getting worse. Marlena cries that she’s scared. Ben promises to do whatever they can to help them. Marlena says she’s a mess and goes to the restroom to clean up. Ben tells Ciara that this is unreal that John has been abusing Marlena for the past year. Ciara wonders if there’s more to this as she can’t imagine John hurting Marlena, Marlena putting up for it for a year, or John coming after her. John then pounds on the door, saying he knows Marlena is in there.

Brady tells Maggie that he blew it because Chloe admitted awhile back that she had feelings for him but he was with Kristen. Brady says he will always love Kristen as the mother of his daughter, but he feels like he’s been lying to himself for a long time about her and thinking she would change. Brady talks about Kristen’s insecurity and jealousy then says he feels like he’s talking about Philip. Brady tells Maggie that Philip freaks out every time he sees him and Chloe together. Maggie asks if Brady doesn’t push his buttons. Brady admits that he has but says he doesn’t do that anymore because he and Chloe are colleagues and dear friends but nothing more. Brady doesn’t think that Philip is ever going to have the capacity to be the man or partner that Chloe needs. Maggie asks if he’s voiced any of this to Chloe. Brady assures that Chloe is fully aware of how he feels about Philip but he’s trying to do the honorable thing here. Maggie questions if he’s just hoping the relationship implodes on it’s own. Brady admits that’s exactly what he’s hoping for. Maggie asks what if that doesn’t happen. Brady says he will accept defeat then and do nothing. Maggie points out that he’s landed in a bar like this. Brady insists that he doesn’t care whether he thinks Philip is right for Chloe or not, he’s not going to interfere. Brady then admits that it does hurt like hell to think that he and Chloe could’ve had a real chance if Philip wasn’t in the picture.

Philip asks why Chloe would need to talk to him about Brady. Chloe knows Philip and Lucas saw her and Brady walk in to the Salem Inn on the day that she moved out. Philip questions how she knows. Chloe informs him that Brady told her. Philip asks what Brady had to say about that. Chloe responds that Brady said Lucas basically confronted him and accused him of sleeping with her behind Philip’s back. Chloe says she wanted to talk to him about it, but wanted to wait until Philip mentioned it, but it’s been weeks and he hasn’t said a word.

When Devil Marlena went to the restroom, the Devil transformed in to John. “John” continues pounding on Ben and Ciara’s door, saying he knows Marlena is in there. Ben goes to the door. “John” yells for him to let him in. Ben tells “John” that he needs to go home and get out of here. “John” refuses to go until he sees Marlena. Ben then chain locks the door but opens it to tell “John” to go home. “John” questions it being his fault and tells him that everything Marlena is saying is a lie. Ben tells “John” to go home. “John” insists that he knows Marlena is in there, spewing filthy lies about him. “John” shouts that it’s over and he’s going to stop this once and for all, swearing to kill her.

Shawn suggests to Belle that John went to look for Marlena. Shawn goes to look and then finds John collapsed on the floor.

Devil John argues that Marlena is not the victim and shouts that she’s going to get everything coming to her. Ciara has Ben close the door. The Devil then transforms back in to Marlena outside the door.

Maggie wishes she could give Brady advice but she doesn’t know what to say. Brady tells her that it can’t be any worse than the advice he got from Marlena, who told him to throw Chloe on the conference table and ravage her. Maggie questions that coming from Marlena and says it doesn’t sound like her at all. Maggie wonders what’s gotten in to Marlena. Brady doesn’t know but says he obviously did not take her advice. Brady declares that once again, he lost the girl before he barely got the chance to get her. Brady starts to degrade Philip but says no more dumping on Philip since he is Maggie’s stepson and he’s sorry. Maggie responds that she loves Philip, but she loves Brady too and hates to see him in so much pain. Maggie wants Philip and Brady to be happy but unfortunately they both can’t have Chloe.

Philip tells Chloe that he didn’t ask about her and Brady going in to the Salem Inn because there was nothing to know. Chloe assures that nothing happened between them that night and that Brady only helped her with her luggage. Philip claims that’s exactly what he assumed. Chloe is glad but says she kind of has another confession to make. Chloe informs Philip that when Brady told her what they saw, she assumed Philip was going to fly in to another jealous rage and when he didn’t mention anything, she took it as a sign that he finally trusted her. Philip claims he’s learned his lesson and knows how important trust is in a relationship because once it’s broken, it’s all over…

Belle gets John in a hospital bed and asks how he is. John says he’s okay. Belle talks about how all this time John was in the Crypt while they just believed Marlena telling them that he was undercover but they should’ve looked harder and questioned her more. John argues that it wasn’t Marlena so there’s no way they could’ve known. John says all that matters now is that they need to find her. Kayla assures there’s no chance of letting him go as he’s staying in the hospital where they can keep an eye on him. Belle agrees and says she’ll keep an eye on him herself. Kayla notes that they are doing a CT scan for head injury and guesses he’s dehydrated and exhausted, so she believes he will be alright after fluids and rest. John jokes that he’s indestructible. Belle is thankful that Steve found him when he did, because there’s no telling what the Devil had in store for him.

Steve joins Shawn at the hospital and comments that Marlena really got him good. Steve questions him not handcuffing Marlena. Shawn explains that he did, but she snapped the cuffs and then threw him across the room without breaking a sweat and he’s never seen anything like it. Shawn says Kayla looked him over and he’s fine, so he just wants to make sure John is okay and then find Marlena because anyone who comes in to contact with her is in serious danger.

Devil Marlena comes out from the bathroom and asks if John is gone. Ben assures that they will keep her safe and not let him anywhere near her. Ciara can’t believe that was John as she barely even recognized him. Marlena claims that’s not the man she married. Ben wants to call the police but Marlena says no because John has friends in the department and could talk his way out of it. Ciara asks about family. Marlena says Eric is out of the country, Sami is gone, and she doesn’t want to put Belle or Brady in a position to turn against their father. Ben feels there has to be something they can do. Marlena declares that there is and they have to leave town right now.

John tells Kayla that Steve saved his life today. Kayla acknowledges that John is Steve’s best friend in the world, so when they realized that Marlena was lying to them about where John was, nothing could stop Steve from finding him, not even the Devil. John says that’s his partner. Kayla feels she owes John an apology because she was so angry with him for playing the tape of Doug’s session with Marlena, but he knew something was wrong and the tape was the key. Kayla feels if they listened sooner, they could’ve stopped Marlena before she went after John, Doug, or Susan. John says either way, Lucifer would’ve found way to stop them but all that matters now is that they know what they are fighting and that they win the fight for Marlena’ sake.

Ben questions Marlena wanting them to leave town with her. Marlena claims it’s just for a little while because she’s afraid John would find her. Marlena knows they have their own family to think about with the baby coming so it’s a big decision. Marlena decides to go freshen up again while they talk about it, so she heads to the restroom. The Devil hopes for Ben to not let him down. Ciara tells Ben that they can’t just leave town. Ben points out that John has lost it. Ciara feels there has to be a better way to help than leaving town. Ben notes that Marlena has never asked anything of him. Ciara questions where they would go and says they both have jobs. Ben says Marlena is scared and needs their help. Ciara finds this all weird and out of nowhere. Ben says this could have been going on for a year. Ciara suggests trying to help John by calling Belle or Brady. Ben feels that it’s his turn to help Marlena after everything she’s done for him. Ben adds that they are about to have a baby because Marlena convinced him that he could be a good father. Devil Marlena then comes back in to the room and asks if they’ve decided.

Chloe thanks Philip for understanding and trusting her as he has no idea what it means. Philip suggests they go upstairs but Chloe says she has to get back to the Salem Inn because she has an early morning meeting in the town square. Philip notes that she can’t beat that commute. Chloe says she’ll see him tomorrow as they kiss goodbye. Chloe then exits the mansion. Philip remarks that all that talk about trust was right before she meets her boyfriend. Philip declares that there’s no chance in Hell that Chloe and Brady are going to make a fool of him.

Brady finishes a call with Belle, who informs him about John being in the hospital. Maggie asks if John is alright. Brady tells her that he will be alright but Marlena is not. Maggie asks what happened. Brady realizes this is why Marlena’s advice was so crazy was because it wasn’t her at all. Maggie asks what he’s talking about. Brady says it’s going to sound really crazy but Marlena has been possessed by the Devil again.

Steve goes in to see John in his hospital room, joking that he’s looking a lot better than last time he saw him. John says he was having a below average of Thanksgiving until Steve showed up. Steve asks if he’s doing okay. John jokes about wanting some of Kayla’s pumpkin pie. Kayla says they are still waiting on John’s test results. John talks about being grateful for Steve’s friendship but with everything going on, he’s extra thankful for Steve and Kayla today. Steve says they found John so they’re going to find Marlena too.

Shawn asks Belle how John is doing. Belle says he’s okay for someone who was locked in a Crypt for weeks but of course all he wants to do is go find Marlena. Shawn says he’s been holding off on officially reporting this. Belle understands he has no choice. Shawn then calls the police department to put an APB out on Marlena, noting that she should be considered extremely dangerous.

Ciara and Ben pack their bags and leave with Marlena.

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Days Short Recap Monday, November 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie thought Brady was in love with Kristen. He said he was always going to love her. He felt like Philip. She said that Philip wasn’t like Kristen. He mentioned Philip being jealous. Maggie asked him if he was jealous. She wondered if hew as going to go after Chloe. She thought he wanted Philip and Chloe to break up. She thought their relationship was why he was in a bar. He said it hurt to know that he could have had a future with her if it weren’t for Philip. Chloe talked to Philip about him seeing her go to the Salem Inn with Brady. She told him that Lucas was how she found out about it. She wanted to know why he didn’t talk to her about it. John was determined to get in Ben and Ciara’s place. He wanted to find Marlena. Ben wanted him to leave. John said he was going to stop her once and for all. He was going to kill the devil. Shawn called Belle and told her that John was gone. She wanted to know what he meant by that. He said he couldn’t find him. He walked back in the room and saw John on the floor. The other John was trying to get in the room with Ben and Ciara. Ciara told him to close the door. Mardevil pretended to be John.

Brady told Maggie about the advice Marlena gave him about Chloe. She was shocked Marlena would tell him to take Chloe on a conference room table. He said that he didn’t take her advice. He didn’t want to keep badmouthing her stepson. She said she wanted them to be happy. Philip said he didn’t tell Chloe about seeing her because he trusted her. Chloe confessed to him that she thought he was going to get jealous. She said she was relieved that he trusted her. He said he learned his lesson. John was admitted in the hospital. Steve talked to Shawn about Marlena getting away from him. He wondered why he didn’t handcuff her. He didn’t think she could get away from him that fast. Mardevil talked to Ben and Ciara about John. She made it seem like something was wrong with John. She said they had to leave town. Ben was surprised she wanted them to leave town with her. She was afraid John would find her. Mardevil realized they had to think about their family. She wanted to give them a chance to talk. Ciara said they couldn’t leave town. Ben told her that she saw the way John was acting. Ben said Marlena never asked him of anything. Ciara felt the situation was weird. Shawn told Belle that he had to report her mother. Ben and Ciara decided to go away with Marlena.

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Days Weekly Best Lines Friday, November 26, 2021

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Sami (to Marlena): You’ve been possessed by the Devil again? I thought it was like the chicken pox and it could only happen to you once.

Sami (to Marlena): Great now I have to take my mother being possessed by the devil off my list of things I never had to worry about again.

Devil Kristen: You bit me.
John: Yeah and you taste like…

Rafe (to Ava about making a big meal after her disastrous week): Why would you need comfort food after this week?

Ava: I can talk to you a lot of things even if you don’t like movies.
Rafe: I know the Big Lobowski was a great movie.

EJ: I want that necklace back.
Gabi: Well, people in Hell want ice water

Marlena (about what happened to Sami): Do you know who kidnapped her?
Devil Kristen: My lips are sealed unlike what happened a while ago.

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Days Short Recap Friday, November 26, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve broke in the DiMera crypt and found Susan covered in blood. She was also holding a knife. She said she didn’t have a choice. She fell to the ground. John said she stabbed herself to protect her son. John said to take her to the mansion so she could get help. Steve came in with Susan and EJ asked what he did to her. Steve told him to call an ambulance. Tony went in the crypt and saw John. Anna came in with an ax. She used the ax on the shackles. They brought him to the house. John told everyone that Marlena was possessed again. Doug called Marlena the devil. Marlena called him delusional. Julie said she believed him. She wondered if they should call her Satan. Shawn said it made sense. Marlena asked Belle if she believed it. Belle wanted to hear what Doug had to say. Everyone told Marlena how she’s been acting. Marlena said she was Marlena. Shawn arrested her. Marlena said they were going to be sorry. Julie said the handcuffs wouldn’t hold the devil. Shawn said he didn’t have many options. Kayla got a message from Steve. He wanted her to meet him and John at the hospital. Marlena said Shawn couldn’t make her go where she didn’t want to go. She broke the cuffs. Marlena’s eyes were yellow. The lights started flickering. She said none of this had to happen. She said she had to cause more pain on the family. She grabbed Shawn’s arm and flung him across the table. He was unconscious.

Marlena said she had plans for Doug and Julie. Julie told her not today. Marlena picked up a knife from the table. She threatened them. Julie pulled out a rosary. She said love was her power. She said the god of love was stronger than the devil’s hatred. She said the devil couldn’t defeat them. Julie said it was over now that the truth was out. Marlena said it would never be over. EJ went to see Susan in the hospital. When she woke up, she told him Marlena was the devil. She said Marlena wanted her to kill him. He thought she was talking about Johnny’s movie. Steve didn’t believe it. Steve got a message from Kayla and left. Susan told EJ what happened with the devil. She said she couldn’t kill John not even to protect EJ. She said she thought the devil would accept her body as a human sacrifice. EJ couldn’t believe she was willing to die for him. She said she would do anything for him. She said a mother always protected her son. They said they loved each other. Steve met with Kayla and Belle. They told each other what was going on. Belle asked Anna about her father. When Belle was sure John was okay, she said Shawn had Marlena at the Horton house. She said he was taking her to the station. Anna and Tony went to the hospital and told Belle John gave them the slip. They said he was determined to get Marlena. John went to the Horton house. Shawn, Doug and Julie told him that Marlena went to fulfill her purpose.

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Week of 11/28/21 Primetime News and Schedule

Primetime TV News

TV Networks

MOST OF THESE POSTS BELOW are just the main part of each bit of news. For the rest of the news, video clips, photos, and links, go to our Primetime Forum!

This Week’s News by Angie and Suzanne!

NOTE: This schedule is always subject to change…


  • ABC The Goldbergs: Tennis People (12/1) Show More
    “Tennis People” – After weeks of waiting, Adam finally receives news that he has been accepted into NYU. His excitement is soon diminished when he learns Brea has been accepted into her dream school, Brown University. Fearing the distance will affect their relationship, Adam attempts to find ways to keep his girlfriend close. Meanwhile, with Virginia’s help, Beverly begins looking for venues to hold Erica’s wedding shower. She discovers her nemesis’ tennis club and is determined to become a member even if it means embarrassing herself on an all-new episode of the “The Goldbergs,” WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on ABC. Promo
  • ABC The Wonder Years: Home for Christmas (12/1) Show More
    “Home for Christmas” – Dean can’t wait to spend Christmas with his older brother, Bruce, when he returns home from Vietnam. But adjusting to life back in Montgomery comes with unexpected challenges for Bruce, and the rest of the Williams family rely on their favorite holiday traditions to bring cheer on “The Wonder Years,” WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.   
  • ABC The Conners: Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal (12/1) Show More
    “Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal” – As Louise starts to move into the Conner’s home, Dan decides to sell the furniture set he bought for Roseanne when they were first married. However, he soon finds parting with the furniture – and old memories – harder than he thought it would be on “The Conners,” WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on ABC. 
  • ABC Home Economics: Secret Santa Gift, $25 Limit (12/1) Show More
    “Secret Santa Gift, $25 Limit” – As Christmas approaches, Tom finally receives his first advance check from the Sofia Salazar book, leaving him and Marina to decide what to do with the money. Meanwhile, Sarah receives an extravagant gift from the parents at her new school and has a hard time parting with it on an all-new episode of “Home Economics,” WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1 (9:31-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.
    Recurring is Tetona Jackson as JoJo.
    “Secret Santa Gift, $25 Limit” was written by Tasha Henderson and directed by Ryan Case. 
  • ABC A Million Little Things: the things we keep inside (12/1) Show More
    “the things we keep inside” – Rome and Regina finally reunite after months apart only to find that things feel off. Maggie does some research as her stalker situation intensifies, while Sophie plays Eddie a song she wrote. Gary helps an old friend on this episode of “A Million Little Things” airing WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Promo
  • AMC Fear The Walking Dead – Sunday, November 28, 9:00PM Show More
    The Portrait
    Morgan seeks Strand’s help at a dangerous time for the tower. Promo
  • AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Sunday, November 28, 10:00PM Show More
    Death and the Dead
    Truths are revealed and allegiances are tested as the group faces off against the CRM. Promo
  • Amazon BLIPPI’S TREEHOUSE – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    After much anticipation by kids and parents around the world, Amazon Kids+ today debuted the trailer for the upcoming Amazon Kids+ Original series, Blippi’s Treehouse, co-created with kids content powerhouse Moonbug Entertainment. Blippi (Stevin John), the global sensation boasting more than a billion views a month on its YouTube channel, stars in his first live-action original series, accompanied by his best friend Meekah (Kaitlin Becker, former host of Sprout’s “Sunny Side Up”) and adventure critters, Scratch and Patch. Blippi’s Treehouse features Blippi and his co-host Meekah, who invite viewers to the magical treehouse to sing, play, dance and learn about the world around them. Every Blippi’s Treehouse episode features an accomplished guest – all friends of Scratch – who introduces Blippi and Meekah to a new experience that everyone can join in on the fun. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks stops by to rock out about the joy of music, international soccer star Javier “Chicharito” Hernández shares the fun of exercise, female contractor Joan Barton visits with STEM inspirations that ignite her passion for building, eight-time Paralympic Track and Field international medalist Blake Leeper talks about speed, meteorologist Evelyn Taft introduces kids to the wonders of weather, and many more. The show highlights all abilities and backgrounds to inspire future trailblazers. Promo
  • Amazon HARLEM – Friday, December 3 Show More
    Season One of the comedy series Harlem, from Girl’s Trip creator Tracy Oliver, will premiere Friday, December 3, on Prime Video, with the official first-look images out now. The 10-episode Amazon Original series will be available exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world. Created, written, and executive produced by Oliver, Harlem is a new single-camera comedy following four stylish and ambitious best girlfriends in Harlem, New York City: a rising star professor struggling to make space for her love life; a savvy tech entrepreneur always dating someone new; a no-filter singer; and a hopeless romantic fashion designer. Together, they level up into the next phase of their careers, relationships, and big city dreams. Promo
    Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux
    As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival. Promo
  • BET House of Payne – Tuesday, November 30, 8:00PM Show More
    Paynefully Honest – Calvin and Miranda are in uncharted waters as they begin navigating co-parenting and Ella and a reluctant Curtis work on their intimacy. Promo
  • BET Assisted Living – Tuesday, November 30, 8:30PM Show More
    Little Miss Sunshine
    After Cora struggles to get the residents of Pleasant Days to partake in activities, a new resident comes in and breathes new life into everyone. Promo
  • BET The Oval – Tuesday, November 30, 9:00PM Show More
    One Rule – Bobby and Max are sought out by Eli and given an opportunity to join forces. Max and Bobby weigh their options but their goals remain the same. Promo
  • BET Games People Play – Tuesday, November 30, 10:00PM Show More
    There’s No Place Like Home – Marques and crew embark on a journey to his old high school for an honour to be bestowed on him, but family matters threatens to put a damper on the occasion; MJ may have foolishly reached the point of no return.
  • BET Sistas – Wednesday, December 1, 9:00PM Show More
    The Wild Card – TBA
  • BET Twenties – Wednesday, December 1, 10:00PM Show More
    New Beginnings – TBA
  • CBS THE EQUALIZER – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    “When Worlds Collide” – Bishop comes to McCall, Harry and Mel for help when a terrorist from his past uncovers the identity of his adult son, a young man Bishop has kept secret for decades to safeguard him from his intelligence work. Also, Aunt Vi becomes nostalgic about a past romantic relationship when she receives a surprise visitor, on the CBS Original series THE EQUALIZER, Sunday, Nov. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: Rob Hanning
    BASED ON: The original series by Richard Lindheim & Michael Sloan
    DIRECTED BY: John Terlesky Promo
  • CBS THE NEIGHBORHOOD – Monday, November 29 Show More
    “Welcome to the Family Business” – When Tina struggles to keep up with her job at Calvin’s auto shop, due to her burgeoning baking business, he faces a tough decision: should he fire his own wife? Also, Malcolm delays breaking up with a girlfriend when her son becomes an unexpected asset to his youth baseball team, on the CBS Original series THE NEIGHBORHOOD, Monday, Nov. 29 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: Hari Ziyad
    DIRECTED BY: Juanesta C. Winnie Holmes Promo
  • CBS BOB ♥ ABISHOLA – Monday, November 29 Show More
    “Light Duty” – Abishola and Kemi take a directionless Christina to see a Yoruba priest, where she learns that her toxic relationship with her mother may be stifling her growth. Also, Bob deals with the fallout of promoting Kofo over Goodwin when Goodwin has a panic attack at work, on the CBS Original series BOB ♥ ABISHOLA, Monday, Nov. 29 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
    STORY BY: Al Higgins, Gina Yashere and Dave Pilson
    TELEPLAY BY: Carla Filisha, Marla DuMont and Jamarcus Turner
    DIRECTED BY: Beth McCarthy-Miller Promo
    Series Star Rocky Carroll Directed the Episode
    “Peacekeeper” – NCIS investigates the case of a Navy reservist whose body is found in a beat-up car at the end of a gun range. Also, Kasie weighs the pros and cons of buying a gun, on the CBS Original series NCIS, Monday, Nov. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Rocky Carroll directed the episode.
    WRITTEN BY: Margaret Rose Lester and Scott Williams
    DIRECTED BY: Rocky Carroll Promo
    “Legacy” – When an anti-capitalist protestor is murdered, Jane and the team investigate and find themselves caught in a war between eco-activists and a tech billionaire fighting over a piece of land. Also, Jane and Captain Joe (Enver Gjokaj)
    go on a date, on the CBS Original series NCIS: HAWAI`I, Monday, Nov. 29 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
    WRITTEN BY: Yalun Tu
    DIRECTED BY: Lisa Demaine Promo
    “Waiting in the Wings” – The CSI team looks closely at the eccentric world of sideshows when a couple of performers are discovered burned in a pit. Also, Hodges mulls a plea deal as his criminal trial kicks off, while Max, Grissom and Sara search for evidence to exonerate him, on the CBS Original series CSI: VEGAS, Wednesday, Dec. 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: Craig O’Neill & Jason Tracey
    DIRECTED BY: Christine Moore Promo
  • CBS YOUNG SHELDON – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    “The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin” – Sheldon battles President Hagemeyer’s (Wendie Malick)
    mysterious boss over the university’s science requirements. Also, Mary discovers that Georgie is working at Meemaw’s illegal gambling room, on YOUNG SHELDON, Thursday, Dec. 2 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    STORY BY: Steven Molaro & Nick Bakay & Connor Kilpatrick
    TELEPLAY BY: Steve Holland & Eric Kaplan & Nadiya Chettiar
    DIRECTED BY: Alex Reid Promo
  • CBS UNITED STATES OF AL – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    “Wisdom/Hikmat” – While Al is heavily medicated following surgery on his wisdom teeth, he mistakenly insults Art, forcing Riley to choose sides. Also, Lizzie tries to broker a peace among Art, Riley and Al, on the CBS Original series UNITED STATES OF AL, Thursday, Dec. 2 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
    STORY BY: Dave Goetsch, Chuck Lorre, Habib Zahori
    TELEPLAY BY: Fahim Anwar, Anthony Del Broccolo, Andy Gordon
    DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski 
  • CBS GHOSTS – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    “Alberta’s Fan” – Alberta is thrilled when a super-fan of her music visits the mansion to learn more about her. Also, Thor convinces Hetty to go on a walk with him in hopes that it will spark a special memory, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Dec. 2 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
    WRITTEN BY: Lauren Bridges
    DIRECTED BY: Nick Wong
  • CBS B POSITIVE – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    “A Camper, A Compass and a Cannoli” – Gina brings her dog Cannoli to the retirement home where he bonds with the seniors. Also, Drew prepares for his new life driving cross country in a camper van, on the CBS Original series B POSITIVE, Thursday, x (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    STORY BY: Jamie Rhonheimer, Adam Chase and Carol Liefer
    TELEPLAY BY: Chuck Lorre, Heide Perlman and Jessica Kravitz
    DIRECTED BY: Richie Keen 
    “Confidence Man” -Bull’s legal troubles go from professional to personal when new evidence in his bribery trial implicates his wife, Izzy. Also, the TAC team’s efforts to assist Bull in court are thwarted by his attorney, who fears they will cross a legal line to help their boss, on the CBS Original series BULL, Thursday, Dec. 2 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: Jenny Raftery
    DIRECTED BY: Geary McLeod 
  • CBS S.W.A.T. – Friday, December 3 Show More
    “Keep the Faith” – When Hondo returns as leader, the team is soon pulled into a dangerous case involving a large stockpile of cash and the Russian mob. Also, Daniel Sr. opens up to Hondo about a painful time in his past, on the CBS Original series S.W.A.T., Friday, Dec. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: J. Stone Alston
    DIRECTED BY: John Showalter Promo
  • CBS MAGNUM P.I. – Friday, December 3 Show More
    “A Fire in the Ashes” – Magnum starts following Higgins to discover what she’s been hiding, as she’s secretly assigned to infiltrate a group threatening to take down MI-6. Also, Rick struggles after an explosion takes the life of someone important to him, on the CBS Original series MAGNUM P.I., Friday, Dec. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.
    WRITTEN BY: David Slack
    DIRECTED BY: Lisa Robinson Promo
  • CBS BLUE BLOODS – Friday, December 3 Show More
    “Reality Check” – Danny partners with Anthony to solve a double homicide when Anthony’s shady cousin, Joey (Anthony DeSando), proves to have gang ties to the crime. Also, the boundary between Eddie and Jamie’s work and personal relationship is strained when Eddie and her new partner, Badillo (Ian Quinlan), ask Jamie to reassign them to different partners, and Erin questions the sacrifices she’s made for her career when she allows her law school friend to dig into her personal life to prepare for a potential run for district attorney, on the CBS Original series BLUE BLOODS, Friday, Dec. 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    WRITTEN BY: Kevin Riley
    DIRECTED BY: Jennifer Opresnick Promo
  • The CW The Waltons’ Homecoming – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    “The Waltons’ Homecoming” — (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    A STORY OF LOVE, HOPE AND FAMILY – Set in 1933 Depression Era, times are tough for the Walton family but to make matters worse, it looked to be the Waltons’ first Christmas without John Sr. (Ben Lawson). When Olivia (Bellamy Young) receives a letter that John Sr. is planning to make it home for Christmas after all, the family is thrilled and prepares for his homecoming. But when a storm threatens his Christmas Eve arrival, and John Sr. is nowhere to be found, Olivia sends John Boy (Logan Shroyer) out into the night to find his daddy – a journey that will change John Boy’s life forever. Marcelle LeBlanc, Christian Finlayson, Tatum Sue Matthews, Samuel Goergen, Callaway Corrick, Jacinte Blankenship, Alpha Trivette and Rebecca Koon also star with special guest stars Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. From Emmy® Award- winning Executive Producer Sam Haskell, “The Waltons’ Homecoming” was directed by Lev L. Spiro and written by Jim Strain. Promo
  • The CW 4400 – Monday, November 29 Show More
    “If You Love Something” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)
    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – Jharrel (Joseph David Jones) and Keisha (Ireon Roach) must earn the trust of the 4400 if they truly want to help keep them safe. Hayden (AMARR) convinces LaDonna (Khailah Johnson) and Andre (TL Thompson) to visit Ypsi Med and Rev (Derrick A. King) continues to grow his flock. The series also stars Brittany Adebumola, Jaye Ladymore, Cory Jeacoma, and Autumn Best. Rachel Raimist directed the episode written by Shomari Kirkwood (#106). Original airdate 11/29/2021. Every episode of 4400 will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
    “Armageddon, Part 3” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV- PG, V) (HDTV)
    BLACK LIGHTNING, RYAN WILDER, ALEX DANVERS AND RYAN CHOI APPEAR – Barry (Grant Gustin) meets Black Lightning (guest star Cress Williams) at the Hall of Justice after things take a dire turn with Despero (guest star Tony Curran). Iris (Candice Patton) suspects something is off with Despero’s vision of the future so she seeks help from a powerful ally. Javicia Leslie, Chyler Leigh and Osric Chau guest star. Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen (#803). Original airdate 11/30/2021. Every episode of THE FLASH will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
  • The CW Riverdale – Tuesday, November 30 Show More
    “Chapter Ninety-Eighty: Mr. Cypher” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV- 14, DLV) (HDTV)
    THE DEVIL COMES TO TOWN – After being visited by a mysterious figure who arrives in Rivervale, the gang find themselves faced with unexpected ultimatums. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Madchen Amick, Casey Cott, Charles Melton, Erinn Westbrook and Drew Ray Tanner also star. Jeff Woolnough directed the episode written by Greg Murray (#603). Original airdate 11/30/2021. Promo
  • The CW Beebo Saves Christmas – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    “Beebo Saves Christmas” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    THE HERO WE NEED – Everyone’s favorite fuzzy toy-turned furry god will once again be a hero as he tries to save Christmas in BEEBO SAVES CHRISTMAS. When Sprinkles (voiced by Chris Kattan), an efficiency-obsessed elf, decides that Christmas would run better without Santa Claus (voiced by Ernie Hudson), Beebo (voiced by Ben Diskin) and his friends travel to the North Pole to help discover what truly makes Christmas meaningful. Also starring Kimiko Glenn as the voice of Tweebo, Yvette Nicole Brown as the voice of Turbo, Keith Ferguson as the voice of Fleabo, and Victor Garber as the narrator. BEEBO SAVES CHRISTMAS is directed by Jojo Ramos-Patrick, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and is written by Matt Maala and Kevin Shinick and executive produced by Sam Register, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, Phil Klemmer, Grainne Godfree, Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu and Kevin Shinick. Original airdate 12/1/2021. Promo
  • The CW Walker – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    “Partners and Third Wheels” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    MICKI WORKS THROUGH HER GRIEF – Tensions run high when Walker (Jared Padalecki) and Liam (Keegan Allen) investigate a cold case together. Micki (Lindsey Morgan), still on desk duty, is working through her grief while slowly easing her way back into the field. Trey (Jeff Pierre) tags along for a fishing trip and gets a lesson on love. August (Kale Culley) makes a discovery that could lead to answers about the feud between The Walkers and The Davidsons. Aprill Winney directed the episode written by Geri Carillo (#205). Original airdate 12/2/21. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
    “Someplace Far Away From All This Violence” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)
    PROMISES, PROMISES – The Super Squad continues to work on helping Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), much to her dismay. MG (Quincy Fouse) makes a last-ditch effort at helping the Super Squad, but things do not go as he had planned. Meanwhile, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) searches for answers as Josie (Kaylee Bryant) goes to extreme measures. Aria Shaghasemi, Matthew Davis, Chris Lee, Leo Howard and Ben Levin also star. The episode was written by Jose Molina & Hannah Rosner and directed by Barbara Brown (#403). Original airdate 12/2/2021. Promo
  • The CW Nancy Drew – Friday, December 3 Show More
    “The Burning of the Sorrows” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, V) (HDTV)
    SECRETS – Nancy (Kennedy McMann), Bess (Maddison Jaizani), Agent Park (guest star John Harlan Kim) and Temperance (guest star Bo Martynowska) have to join forces when an attempt to trap a killer ends up unintentionally unleashing a deadly supernatural entity that feeds on people’s sorrows. Meanwhile, Ace (Alex Saxon) and Ryan (Riley Smith) discover a haunting at the Historical Society, and George (Leah Lewis) meets a friend from Nick’s (Tunji Kasim) past who may have secrets of her own. Also starring Scott Wolf. Larry Teng directed the episode written by Katie Schwartz (#308). Original airdate 12/3/2021. Every episode of NANCY DREW will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
  • Disney CHRISTMAS AGAIN – Friday, December 3, 8:00PM Show More
    Disney fan-favorite Scarlett Estevez (“BUNK’D” and the upcoming “Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion”) stars as Rowena “Ro,” a high-spirited teenager experiencing a lackluster Christmas. Ro isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well because she wants her life back the way it was – her parents back together, her dad’s new girlfriend and son out of the picture, and their family traditions to remain the same. After a disappointing celebration with her family, including her sister Gabriela “Gabby,” Abuela Sofia and Abuelo Hector, she makes a wish to a neighborhood Santa for a “do-over” and unexpectedly finds herself reliving Christmas day over and over … and over again. Now, in order to break the strange magical loop, Ro must learn to appreciate her loving family as it is, as well as the true meaning of Christmas. Promo
  • Epix Condor – Sunday, November 28, 9:00PM Show More
    Out of His Exile
    Joe is skeptical that Gordon is guilty and continues to look at alternative theories. Eva and Gordon unleash together and dig down the battle ax after a successful event. Promo
  • FOX THE SIMPSONS – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    “THE SIMPSONS” – (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Glenn Close (“Hillbilly Elegy”) and Rachel Bloom (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) Make Guest-Voice Appearances
    Teenage Homer and Grampa go on a road trip to ease their sorrow in the all-new “Mothers and Other Strangers” episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, Nov. 28 (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (SI-3302) (TV-TBD)
    Guest Voice Cast: Glenn Close as Mona Simpson; Rachel Bloom as Therapist #3
  • FOX THE GREAT NORTH – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    “THE GREAT NORTH” – (8:31-9:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    J.K. Simmons Returns as “Tusk Johnson”
    Former celebrity mountain man, Tusk Johnson, returns to Lone Moose with a big favor to ask of Beef and Wolf. Meanwhile, Honeybee enters a contest to win her own mall kiosk in the all-new “From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure” episode of THE GREAT NORTH airing Sunday, Nov. 28 (8:31-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GRN-207) (TV-14 D, L, V)
    Guest Cast: Kevin Avery as Jarvis Dufraine and Jerry; Krizia Bajos as Ruthina; Ashley Nicole Black as Lotion Leslie; Drew Droege as Cal; Chris Garcia as Dan; David Herman as Guy Fieri, Captain Randy; Jaime Moyer as Jennifer; J. K. Simmons as Tusk Johnson; Tiffany Smith as Dabbie; Julio Torres Kelvin Yu as Crispin and Seaman Sammy
  • FOX BOB’S BURGERS – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    “BOB’S BURGERS” – (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Nick Kroll Guest-Voices
    Susmita offers to help Tina with a photography class assignment, but Tina can’t stop thinking about all the fun Tammy, Jocelyn, Zeke and Jimmy Jr. are having ditching class. Meanwhile, a woman who used to live in the Belchers’ apartment comes for a visit in the all-new “FOMO You Didn’t” episode of BOB’S BURGERS airing Sunday, Nov. 28 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BOB-1109) (TV-PG L)
    Guest Voice Cast: Kevin Avery as Cousin Lewis/Victor; David Herman as Mr. Branca; Nick Kroll as Mr. De Santo; Aparna Nancherla as Susmita; Jenny Slate as Tammy; Robin Thede as Violet/Violet’s Mom; Bobby Tisdale as Zeke
    “FAMILY GUY” – (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    In noir-style, Peter/Mac investigates the disappearance of Meg/Sister Megan in the all-new “The Fatman Always Rings Twice” episode of FAMILY GUY airing Sunday, Nov. 28 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FG-1906) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)
    “9-1-1” – (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Bobby and the 118 race to the rescue when an abandoned oil well erupts and causes a massive sinkhole in downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Athena investigates a 30-year-old cold case, Buck fears his relationship with Taylor might be ending, and Hen meets a man from her mother’s past in the all-new “Past is Prologue” episode of 9-1-1 airing Monday, Nov. 29 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (NIN-508) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)
    Guest Cast: Anirudh Pisharody as Ravi; Megan West as Taylor Kelly; Marsha Warfield as Antonia “Toni” Wilson
  • FOX THE BIG LEAP – Monday, November 29 Show More
    “THE BIG LEAP” – (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    With only two days to go until the big finale, the cast preps for their final performance. Nick must make the hard decision of following his brain or his heart, and Julia is stuck in a tough position when Kevin tries to win her back. Meanwhile, Justin and Simon try to navigate a new challenge in their relationship and Brittney works on standing up to her mom in the all-new “Swan Song” episode of THE BIG LEAP airing Monday, Nov. 29 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BLP-110) (TV-D, L, S, V)
    Guest Cast: Adam Kaplan as Simon; Tim Lyons as Alan; Seth Morris as Kevin; Karen Rodriguez as Raven; Jackie Seiden as Ally; Paula Hlava as Olivia; Maya Hlava as Sophia; Steve Han as Dante; Nicholas Caesar as Anthony; Brett Tucker as Linus; Sara Sevigny as Mindy; Donetta Jackson as Tamra; Blaire Brown as Henrietta; Emilie Modaff as Tech; Rachel Kim as Miriam; Teh’Ray Hale as DJ; Torrin Clifton as Ladon; Comfort Fedoke as Aja; Stanley Glover as Travell; Jeraldine M. Quiñones as Female Dancer #1 (Charlie); Brit Barrett as Male Dancer #1 (Leo); Luis Rosado as Junior; Elijah Delgado as Mario; Stephen Walker as Principal Weaver; Robert Wilson as Joel; Missi Pyle as Tonya; Thomas Lennon as Zach Peterman; Harlow Chatys as Pulver Dance Girl #1; Ckylee Pitchford as Pulver Dance Girl #2; Kendal Porter as Pulver Dance Girl #3; Sophia Sparks as Pulver Dance Girl #4; Madison Greene as Pulver Dance Girl #5; Avery Maycunich as Pulver Dance Girl #6; JJ Nolan as Annie Hines; Ben Wilson as French Dancer; Robert Wisdom as Earl Sr.; Lynn Baber as Barb; Mark Collins as Baltimore Reporter; Christopher Meister as ESPN Reporter; Matthew Kingler as Beat Reporter; Shivani Mendez as FOX Reporter; Andy Cameron as Uber Driver Phil
  • FOX THE RESIDENT – Tuesday, November 30 Show More
    “THE RESIDENT” – (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Conrad takes Trevor under his wing to care for a patient whose good luck seems to have run out. Leela struggles when given the decision to take full responsibility of her indecisive patient’s life and The Raptor continues to try to figure out a care plan for his mother. Meanwhile, both Devon and Kit are stretched far too thin trying to balance everything on their plates in the all-new “He’d Really Like to Put in a Central Line” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (RES-509) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)
    Guest Cast: Michael Hogan as Dr. Albert Nolan; Tasso Feldman as Irving Feldman; Skyler Day as Nurse Clara Rasmussen; Denitra Isler as Ellen Hundley; Jessica Miesel as Jessica Moore; Vince Foster as Chu; Miles Fowler as Trevor Daniels; Aneesha Joshi as Padma Devi; Julia Cho as Brit Bennet; Mick Szal as Janice Bonner; Alan Aisenberg as Zach Brooks; Zsane Jhe as Gemma Nguyen; JnaiJRemington Blaire Evans as GiGi Hawkins
  • FOX OUR KIND OF PEOPLE – Tuesday, November 30 Show More
    “OUR KIND OF PEOPLE” – (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Angela holds a “sistervention” for Leah, whose marriage to Raymond is still on the rocks. Meanwhile, Teddy’s birthday celebration includes trying to one-up Alex and keep Raymond at bay, and Nikki and Nate attempt to bond. Then, Tyrique’s jealousy grows as Angela gets closer to Nate in the all-new “Sistervention… ” episode of OUR KIND OF PEOPLE airing Tuesday, Nov. 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (OKP-108) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)
    Guest Cast: Debbi Morgan as Aunt Piggy; L. Scott Caldwell as Olivia Dupont; Melissa De Sousa as Alex Rivera; McKinley Freeman as Nate; Nicole Chanel Williams as Taylor
  • FXX IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA – Wednesday, December 1, 10:00PM Show More
    Season 15 Episode Descriptions
    2020: A Year In Review
    1501 12/1/2021 10 p.m. ET/PT
    The Gang looks back on 2020 to justify their numerous PPE loans. In doing so, it is revealed that they contributed to the chaos of the past political year way more than anyone could have imagined. Written by Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton and directed by Todd Biermann.
    The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7
    1502 12/1/2021 10:30 p.m. ET/PT
    Upon discovering that their self-made Lethal Weapon sequels have been pulled from the local library, the Gang decides to address their political incorrectness by making another film — Lethal Weapon 7. Written by Keyonna Taylor & Katie McElhenney & Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day and directed by Pete Chatmon. Promo
  • FXX CAKE – Thursday, December 2, 10:00PM Show More
    Peace Out
    Catch ya on the flip side. Promo
  • Hallmark Movie Channel THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    Exes Lara and Ben compete in a Christmas contest to win money for the charity of their choosing. The city watches them battle and choose what is more important, victory or love. Promo
  • Hallmark Movie Channel EIGHT GIFTS OF HANUKKAH – Friday, December 3, 8:00PM Show More
    A woman journeys to find her secret admirer during Hanukkah. Promo
  • Hallmark Movie Channel A VERY MERRY BRIDESMAID – Saturday, December 4, 8:00PM Show More
    Leah’s 30th birthday is on Christmas Eve, the same day as her brother’s wedding. Her childhood crush is back in town for the wedding and he is determined to make sure her birthday does not go by the wayside. Promo
  • Hallmark Movie Channel OUR CHRISTMAS JOURNEY – Saturday, December 4, 9:00PM Show More
    Show As a single mom and her teenaged son with autism come to a crossroad during Christmas, she must learn to let go so he can flourish as she finds her own heart healing in unexpected ways. Promo
  • HBO SUCCESSION – Sunday, November 28, 9:00PM Show More
    Too Much Birthday
    At Kendall’s lavish birthday bash, Shiv and Roman try to arrange a meeting with Lukas Matsson, a tech mogul who recently snubbed Logan. Promo
  • HBO INSECURE – Sunday, November 28, 10:00PM Show More
    Tired, Okay?!
    A distracted Issa mulls over work and love as she stumbles through the consequences of her falling out with a colleague. Meanwhile, Molly still struggling to cope with family matters- finds comfort in an unlikely source. Promo
    Man Fights Tiny Woman
    Larry navigates the complexities of requesting a new chauffeur, letting his roofer do his job, and imparting some constructive criticism to his chiropractor. Promo
  • HBO Max SANTA INC. – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    This eight-episode, half-hour adult animated series tells the story of Candy Smalls (Sarah Silverman), the highest ranking elf in the North Pole. When the successor to Santa Claus (Seth Rogen) is poached by Amazon on Christmas Eve, Candy goes for her ultimate dream – to become the first woman Santa Claus in the history of Christmas. Promo
  • ION A CHRISTMAS WITNESS – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    A no-nonsense federal marshal (Arielle Kebbel, Ballers, The Vampire Diaries) is tasked with protecting a low-level, charming mobster (Colin Egglesfield, Rizzoli & Isles, All My Children) until he testifies against his mafia boss two days after Christmas.
  • Lifetime MIRACLE IN MOTOR CITY – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    Amber Dupont (Tia Mowry) bites off more than she can chew when she takes charge of her church’s annual Christmas pageant and inadvertently promises to deliver a special performance by Motown Legend Smokey Robinson. When her best friends secretly enlist Amber’s former flame Eddie (Mark Taylor) to help – the pair reconnect in a quest to find Smokey and convince him to appear. With the clock ticking, family, friends, and superstar Smokey Robinson come together to stage the most special pageant yet. Promo
  • Lifetime WELCOME TO THE CHRISTMAS FAMILY REUNION – Monday, November 29, 8:00PM Show More
    Event planner Amy (Michelle Argyris) helps rising singer Tiffanie Christmas (Asia’h Epperson) plan her holiday family reunion. Along the way Amy must navigate some challenging family dynamics, especially amongst Tiffanie’s aunts as well as her own growing feelings for Tiffanie’s cousin, Calvin (Alonzo B. Slater). Will she be able to pull off an amazing Christmas family reunion? Vanessa Williams, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Catherine Haena Kim co-star. Promo
  • Lifetime SAYING YES TO CHRISTMAS – Tuesday, November 30, 8:00PM Show More
    A magical Christmas wish makes a career-obsessed June (Erika Prevost) say “Yes” to every invitation while she’s home for the holidays. But when an old flame, Blake (Romaine Waite) joins her hectic schedule of Christmas activities, past feelings are reignited. June must choose between saying yes to her career and life in the city or to her heart in her hometown. Promo
  • Lifetime MATCH MADE IN MISTLETOE – Wednesday, December 1, 8:00PM Show More
    When talented interior designer Emily Barnes (Natalie Lisinska) is hired by a foreign embassy in DC to decorate for their annual holiday charity ball, the newly appointed ambassador Magnus Andersson’s (Damon Runyan) “minimalist” approach creates a roadblock between them. As Emily’s undeniable love for the holiday season begins to thaw his heart, an unexpected romance begins between the two. Promo
  • Lifetime A CHRISTMAS VILLAGE ROMANCE – Thursday, December 2, 8:00PM Show More
    When romance novelist Diana (Jeni Ross) learns that Maple Creek, a charming pioneer village, is struggling to stay afloat, she uses her notoriety to help generate interest in the town by sponsoring a Christmas gala. Diana rallies her family and friends to pitch in, but she’s challenged at every turn by the village blacksmith and town historian, Carter (Jake Epstein). Sparks fly as the two must work together to save the village in time for Christmas. But when her gorgeous cover model and secret crush, Greg (Olivier Renaud), surprises Diana the night before the big Christmas gala, she’s torn on who to choose and must take a page out of her novels to figure out her true happily ever after. 
  • Lifetime A CHRISTMAS DANCE REUNION – Friday, December 3, 8:00PM Show More
    Successful attorney Lucy Mortimer (Monique Coleman), along with her mother Virginia (Kim Roberts) returns to the Winterleigh Resort to help celebrate the hotel’s final Christmas season. Once there, Lucy is reunited with the owner’s nephew and her childhood Christmas Dance partner, Barrett Brewster (Corbin Bleu). Though the resort has fallen on hard times and has stopped most holiday events, Lucy leads the charge in recreating the beloved Christmas traditions, including the popular Christmas Dance, to bring together new families and new hope to the resort. Now, Lucy must decide if she’s willing to take a risk on love and partner up once more with Barrett for what could be the last Christmas Dance. 
  • Lifetime KIRK FRANKLIN’S A GOSPEL CHRISTMAS – Saturday, December 4, 8:00PM Show More
    When Olivia (Demetria McKinney), a young assistant pastor, gets assigned to be a lead pastor at a new church a month before Christmas, she’s fearful she can’t manage the transition, including getting the choir ready to open the town’s annual Winter Jamboree. Banding together with her new congregation, Olivia discovers a new home for herself, and even finds a little Christmas romance along the way! Featuring a special appearance and songs written and arranged by Kirk Franklin. Promo
  • LMN MISSING AND ALONE – Friday, December 3, 8:00PM Show More
    After her husband James’s death, Shannon focuses on work and her daughter, Chloe. As the anniversary of James’s death approaches, Chloe tells Shannon she’ll be staying at her friend Mackenzie’s remote cottage. The day after Chloe leaves for the cottage, Shannon runs into Mackenzie’s father, Pete, who thinks Mackenzie is with Chloe. Worried Chloe is in danger, Shannon learns she is playing “Game of 72,” a challenge where participants must successfully disappear alone in the woods for 72 hours. Shannon is convinced her daughter would never be reckless enough to play a game like this, but as she becomes increasingly suspicious of Mackenzie and others, she decides to take matters into her own hands to find Chloe before it’s too late. CindyMarie Small, Megan Best, Verity Marks, Alex Poch-Goldin star. (2021) Promo
  • LMN SECRETS IN THE WILDERNESS – Saturday, December 4, 8:00PM Show More
    Seeking marriage counseling becomes a dangerous endeavor when pregnant wife Lisa is forced to do rigorous bonding activities in the remote wilderness with her emotionally distant husband, Tyler. As Lisa struggles to keep up with the activities and connect with Tyler, she begins to question their counselor’s intentions. Will Lisa uncover the truth before her marriage goes completely off track? Stephanie Bennett, Stafford Perry, Kylee Bush star. (2021) 
    11/30/2021 (09:00PM – 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : TV-14 – With news of one last sinkhole opening, Gavin, Izzy and Dr. Nathan race to Seattle to launch a final rescue effort before it’s too late; Eve embarks on a perilous journey to send a young boy though a portal in order to save her family. Promo
    11/23/2021 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : As Max and Dr. Sharpe prepare to depart for London, a deadly superbug hits the hospital and draws them back in. Leyla confronts Bloom about the secret she has been hiding. Iggy digs deep to help two grieving parents confront the reality that their son is gone. TV-14 Promo
  • Netflix ELVES – Sunday, November 28 Show More
    A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare for a teenager and her family when they discover an ancient menace that stalks their island getaway. Promo
  • Netflix KAYKO AND KOKOSH – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    Two Slavic warriors do everything in their power to defend the village of Mirmiłowo from the evil order of Knaveknights. 
  • Netflix THE COYOTES – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    A close group of summer campers finds diamonds in the woods, setting off a wild ordeal that tests their friendship — and puts their lives in danger. Promo
  • Own A CHESTNUT FAMILY CHRISTMAS – Tuesday, November 30, 8:00PM Show More
    When a talented pastry chef, currently working as a live-in cook, accidentally commits to hosting her family for the holidays, she poses as the wealthy homeowner in order to impress them and to remove the “black sheep” burden she has been carrying her whole life. All seems to be going well, until everyone’s secrets are exposed and relationships begin to unravel. “A Chestnut Family Christmas” is produced for OWN by MarVista Entertainment in association with Harpo Films. 
  • Ovation Vexed – Thursday, December 3, 11:00PM Show More
    Episode 5
    As George and Jack investigate the murder of headmaster Brian Chaps, his neck skewered with a knitting needle, George’s parents’ divorce preys on her mind and Jack’s attempts at levity do not help. Prime suspect is parent Davina Hall, who rowed with the victim and has a knitting needle in her bag but being left-handed exonerates her. Several other mothers, all avid knitters, admit to trying to bribe Chaps to enroll their children and Jack falls for one of them but George believes she is the killer. Will a second murder prove her right? 
  • Paramount Yellowstone – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    Under a Blanket of Red
    John and Kayce are forced to deal with some newcomers in town. Lloyd is in the doghouse with Rip, and finds purpose in teaching Carter. Jamie seeks information about his father. Promo
  • Showtime DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – Sunday, November 28, 9:00 PM Show More
    H Is for Hero
    The father of the person whom Dexter killed makes a surprising announcement which could prove to be a huge problem for Dexter. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers Harrison was involved in a serious incident at the high school. And now this young newcomer is considered a hero to the entire town. Angela digs deeper into a missing persons case. Promo
  • Showtime YELLOWJACKETS – Sunday, November 28, 10:00 PM Show More
    The Dollhouse
    The Yellowjackets debate the merits of probably dying while staying put or probably dying while looking for shelter. Taissa navigates a dirty attack ad and the other C-word. Shauna sees about a boy. Promo
  • Showtime WAKEFIELD – Monday, November 29, 9:00PM Show More
    Episode 7
    A violent new patient proves to be too difficult for Rohan to handle. Kareena admits concern for Nik in a moment of unguarded passion. In the lead up to Renuka’s wedding, Nik realizes details around his brother’s death aren’t adding up. Promo
  • Starz POWER Book II: Ghost – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    Selfless Acts?
    On his own for the first time, Tariq St. Patrick divides his time between school and hustling to pay for his mother’s defense attorney, but when he runs out of options, Tariq turns to a familiar drug game. Promo
  • Starz HIGHTOWN – Sunday, November 28, 9:00PM Show More
    The Portrait
    Morgan seeks Strand’s help at a dangerous time for the tower. Promo
  • Sundance Now THE PACT – Thursday, December 2 Show More
    The captivating six-part thriller The Pact is making its US debut on Sundance Now and AMC+ on Thursday, December 2. New episodes are set to debut weekly with the finale premiering Thursday, January 6, 2022. When young brewery boss Jack (Aneurin Bernard, Dunkirk, War & Peace) is found dead, a chain of events is triggered that draws his four employees Anna (Laura Fraser, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad), Nancy (Julie Hesmondhalgh, Broadchurch, Happy Valley), Louie (Eiry Thomas, Keeping Faith, The Accident) and Cat (Heledd Gwynn; Ordinary Lies, 35 Diwrnod) into a fragile pact of silence, bound by a secret that will change their lives forever. Anna’s police officer husband Max (Jason Hughes, Marcella, Midsomer Murders) investigates Jack’s unexpected death alongside his fierce superior DS Holland (Rakie Ayola, Noughts + Crosses, Shetland), unaware that his own wife and her best friends are at the heart of a conspiracy. While brewery worker Tish (Abbie Hern, The Twilight Zone, Enola Holmes 2) becomes increasingly suspicious of her coworkers, Jack’s estranged father Arwel (Eddie Marsan, Ray Donovan, Deadpool 2) struggles to conceal dark family secrets. What really happened that fateful night? 
  • Syfy/USA Network CHUCKY – Tuesday, November 30, 10:00PM Show More
    An Affair to Dismember
    Scores old and new will be settled, and sparks will fly, as Chucky’s diabolical plan comes to fruition at a particularly dangerous–and public–venue. Promo
  • Syfy DAY OF THE DEAD – Friday, December 3, 10:00PM Show More
  • TBS THE LAST O.G. – Tuesday, November 30, 10:00PM Show More
    Smush – After they find a suspicious hat in Amira’s room, Tray and Josh decide to follow her and find out whose it is. Promo
  • UpTV CHRISTMAS BENEATH THE STARS – Saturday, December 4, 7:00PM Show More
    Christmas blogger and aspiring photographer Hannah Reed just got the assignment of a lifetime; visit a charming town and Christmas wonderland called Christmas World in Alaska which will allow her to photograph the Northern Lights and maybe finally get published in her favorite nature magazine. With her Christmas loving Aunt Lucy in tow, Hannah arrives in Christmas World expecting magic and instead is greeted by a sadly decorated town on its last leg. Desperate to get the photographs she needs, Hannah strikes a deal with the heir apparent of Christmas World in exchange for a locals insight into the best places to photograph the lights. The two set out to turn Christmas World around, but will they find something even more magical along the way? Promo
  • USA Network THE SINNER – Wednesday, December 1, 10:00PM Show More
    Part VIII
    Ambrose exposes the secret that threw Percy’s life off course, setting off widespread consequences. Promo
  • VH1 ADVENTURES IN CHRISTMASING – Monday, November 29, 8:00PM Show More
    Parker Baldwin, a highly successful and meticulous talk show host who plans everything to a T, finds her Christmas plans upended when her network persuades her to spend three days in the wild with superstar adventurer & television survivalist Finn Holt for a holiday television event. The two butt heads until they find themselves stranded together in the wild with no food, unreliable shelter and no form of communication. Unexpectedly impacting each other, they come to realize life is the greatest adventure. Promo
  • VH1 THE BITCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS – Thursday, December 2, 8:00PM Show More
    In the draggiest Christmas movie ever made, a workaholic big-city fashion journalist is sent to a Christmas-obsessed small town to dig up a story when she finds herself in the middle of cut-throat housewives, a high-stakes “Winter Ball” competition, and a sinister plot that could destroy Christmas fore-evah! Promo



  • ABC The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration (11/28) Show More
    ABC and Disney Parks Are Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree With a Flurry of Stars for Annual Holiday Specials
    Derek Hough, Julianne Hough and Ariana Debose Serve As Hosts of ‘The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration,’ Sunday, Nov. 28, at 7 P.M./6C
    Derek Hough and Julianne Hough Host From Walt Disney World Resort and Trevor Jackson and Sherry Cola Host From Disneyland Resort for ‘Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade,’ Saturday, Dec. 25, at 10 A.M./9C
    AFTR PRTY, Ariana DeBose, Brett Eldredge, Darren Criss, Derek Hough, Gwen Stefani, Jimmie Allen, Julianne Hough, Kristin Chenoweth, Meg Donnelly, NEEDTOBREATHE and Switchfoot, Norah Jones, Pentatonix, and More Special Guests To Light Up the Stage With Festive Performances
    The Magic of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ ‘Encanto’ Extends into the Holidays When Sebastián Yatra Performs “Dos Oruguitas” From the Film’s Original Soundtrack at Disneyland Resort in California.
    It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays on ABC and throughout Disney Parks. Derek Hough, Julianne Hough and Ariana DeBose will serve as hosts for “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration,” SUNDAY, NOV. 28 (7:00-9:00 p.m. EST/PST). Derek and Julianne return to host the “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade,” SATURDAY, DEC. 25 (10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST/PST) from Walt Disney World Resort, alongside Freeform’s Trevor Jackson (“grown-ish”) and Sherry Cola (“Good Trouble”) from the Disneyland Resort, for the return of the beloved tradition of the Christmas morning parade.
  • ABC The Great Christmas Light Fight: SEASON PREMIERE – 901 & 902 (11/28) Show More
    Season Premiere
    ABC Kicks Off the Holiday Season With ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ With Two Back-to-Back Episodes Premiering Sunday, Nov. 28
    Ready, set, glow. The most wonderful time of the year is here as ABC’s hit decorating competition series, “The Great Christmas Light Fight” returns for its ninth season airing back-to-back episodes on SUNDAY, NOV. 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. New episodes will air MONDAY, NOV. 29 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST) and THURSDAY, DEC. 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST) following the season nine premiere. The popular festive series features the returning celebrity judges: lifestyle expert Carter Oosterhouse and famed interior designer Taniya Nayak.
    In each merry and bright episode the Christmas classic takes viewers to the most elaborate and awe-inspiring holiday displays as four festive families, all from the same home state, will face off in each one-hour episodes and compete to win $50,000.
    “901” (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) – All is bright as Season 9 of the holiday classic begins! In the first ever state competition episode four families from California face off in the season premiere featuring the Ford Family, creating an incredible “The Nightmare Before Christmas” display including all of the characters, a scary toy factory and more in Mission Viejo, CA; the Quintero Family builds a whimsical Christmas meadow with over 8,000 handmade illuminated flowers radiating Zen and peace in Atwater, CA; the Aromin family puts on a magical and mesmerizing synchronized light show with a 12-foot replica of the Mickey Ferris Wheel in Fairfield, CA; and the Levy family builds a stunning light display with fencing completely encased in symmetrical diamond-shaped lights in Sacramento, CA. Tune in to watch judge Carter Oosterhouse choose the winner of the $50,000 and the coveted Light Fight Trophy on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
    “902” (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) – The holiday cheer continues as the statewide battle heads to Texas where the Wilson Family transforms their home into a dreamy Candyland featuring a reindeer flight school, the Peppermint Express train and even a spot for making s’mores in Windcrest, TX; the Wilhelm family puts on a dazzling light show, incorporating lively music, dancing lights and a one of a kind 10-foot tall hologram in Amarillo, TX; the Cox family displays a breath-taking DIY Winter Wonderland with elements from a handmade train to a life-size choir in Corpus Christi, TX; and the Bocanegra Family creates an awe-inspiring and unique nativity scene featuring Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and several life-sized animal figurines in Corpus Christi, TX. Catch Judge Taniya Nayak pick the state winner of the coveted Light Fight trophy on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
    Hosts Gabby Barrett & Carly Pearce, Jimmie Allen With Louis York & the Shindellas, Breland, Brett Eldredge, Lady A, Pistol Annies, Carrie Underwood and Lainey Wilson To Perform on ‘CMA Country Christmas’
    12th Annual Holiday Special Airs Monday, Nov. 29 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST) on ABC
    Hosted by Gabby Barrett and Carly Pearce, “CMA Country Christmas” airs Monday, Nov. 29 (8:00–9:00 p.m./ET).
    Just in time for the holidays, the Country Music Association has revealed performers for its 12th annual holiday special, “CMA Country Christmas.” First-time hosts Gabby Barrett and Carly Pearce will be joined by Jimmie Allen with Louis York & The Shindellas, BRELAND, Brett Eldredge, Lady A, Pistol Annies, Carrie Underwood and Lainey Wilson for an intimate evening of holiday classics. “CMA Country Christmas” airs Monday, Nov. 29 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. For a sneak peek, watch the promo clip HERE.
    CMA Country Christmas” brings the holidays home again, inviting viewers to sit back and enjoy the season in a warm and intimate home setting reminiscent of classic Christmas television specials of the past. Coming together for a night of festive performances and cozy holiday moments, “CMA Country Christmas” is sure to celebrate the magic of the Christmas season.
  • ABC The Great Christmas Light Fight: 906 & 903 (11/29) Show More
    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Continues on All-New Episodes of ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight,’ Monday, Nov. 29
    The lights don’t go out yet! The week continues to get a whole light brighter with two new back-to-back episodes of “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” airing MONDAY, NOV. 29 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. The competition heats up as judges Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak take viewers to the biggest and brightest holiday displays, and the fantastic families show off their dazzling homes for a chance to win $50,000 and the coveted Light Fight trophy.
    “906” (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) – The holiday festivities are heating up as the statewide competition travels to Florida where the Sablich family creates a magical North Pole experience featuring Santa’s Workshop with twinkling green and red lights wrapping their home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; the McGonigle family decks out their property with lights perfectly spaced three inches apart, plus a gingerbread house and 102 dalmatians in Plantation, Florida; the Fester family showcases a vibrant display of 750,000 lights, 99 Christmas trees and more exciting surprises in Panama City Beach, Florida; and the Alred family reaches new heights with their elegant display incorporating light strands 75 feet high in Jacksonville, Florida. Watch as judge Taniya Nayak decides who will become the state winner of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
    “903” (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) – The Christmas cheer continues in California as the Relvas family creates an extravagant Christmas town radiating European flavors of the Swiss Alps with over 400 figurines in Ladera Ranch, California; the Christensen family showcases their “Frozen” inspired holiday display and waterfall of lights in Citrus Heights, California; the Clark family presents a stunning display surrounding their home with seven themed areas from LED palm trees to a whimsical forest in Clarksburg, California; and the Berndt family puts on an incredible interactive display featuring a working train, penguin slide and giant claw lift that distributes presents to the children in Santa Rosa, California. Tune in to see Judge Carter Oosterhouse make the decision on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
  • ABC The Bachelorette: 1807 (11/30) Show More
    “1807” – It’s hometowns week! In a fun twist this season, Michelle’s final four men are bringing their families to her in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Designed to show off some of the guys’ own hometown stories, their dates are filled with skateboarding, apple-picking, a romantic prom and even a confession of falling in love. With so much at stake and so little time left, Michelle knows that tonight’s breakup will be the most difficult of the journey so far, and after seeing some red flags, she begins to wonder if all of her men are ready for love. Just in time, Michelle gets a special visit from two of her best friends, Bri and Serena P., who come to her emotional rescue, helping her navigate the ultimate question—did meeting their families change everything? Find out on “The Bachelorette,” airing TUESDAY, NOV. 30 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC.
  • ABC Superstar: George Michael (11/30) Show More
    ABC News’ ‘Superstar’ Series Chronicles Life and Career of Legendary Pop Star George Michael, One of the Most Successful Artists of All Time
    Primetime Event Features Interviews With Stars Sam Smith, Paula Abdul and More
    ‘Superstar: George Michael’ Airs Tuesday, Nov. 30 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC
    ABC News’ “Superstar” series will chronicle the life and career of legendary pop star George Michael and paint a portrait of one of the most successful artists of all time, who sold over 100 million records worldwide. “Superstar: George Michael” reports on how he reinvented himself from a teenage heartthrob in Wham!, to a global superstar with his solo album “Faith,” and later to groundbreaking artist boldly paving a path for future stars. The program delves into his personal life, including his tragic romance with a Brazilian designer, his personal conflict with fame, the real story of his arrest in a Los Angeles public restroom, and his influential lawsuit against his record company. The hour also features interviews with GRAMMY® Award winning, multiplatinum artist and songwriter Sam Smith who discusses the significant influence Michael had on him; Paula Abdul, who choreographed Michael’s “Faith World Tour”; Rob Kahane, Michael’s longtime manager; Phil Lobel and Michael Pagnotta, Michael’s former publicists; Lucy Jules and Janey Lee Grace, Michael’s backup singers; and journalists and industry insiders who covered his career closely. “Superstar: George Michael” airs Tuesday, Nov. 30 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.
  • ABC The Great Christmas Light Fight: SEASON FINALE – 904/905 (12/2) Show More
    Season Finale
    ABC’s ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ Concludes Its Joyous Ninth Season With the Final Two Episodes on Thursday, Dec. 2
    The holiday festivities conclude in the final two episodes of “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” on THURSDAY, DEC. 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST). In the back-to-back episodes judges Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak head to the most spectacular Christmas displays in Texas and Arizona as the families showcase their extravagant homes to compete for the coveted Light Fight trophy and $50,000.
    “904” (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) – The festivities kick off in Texas with four cheerful families, featuring the Burkman family who bring the magic of Christmas to life with a vanilla-scented, life-size gingerbread house and an interactive selfie section in Frisco, Texas; the Price family perfectly combines the Christmas spirit with the occasional prank as their fun-loving display incorporates a dazzling archway, a 15-foot Mickey blow up, Fred the saxophone playing pine tree and more in Conroe, Texas; the Hinojosa family puts on a dazzling holiday display featuring elegant wire reindeers and a beautiful blue river of lights that brings a sense of love and community to the onlookers in Boerne, Texas; and the Cantu family shows off their display jam-packed with Mega trees, blow molds and thousands of lights illuminating the neighborhood for their 28th year in Palmview, Texas. Don’t miss judge Taniya Nayak decide who will win $50,000 and the coveted Light Fight trophy on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
    “905” (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) – It’s the final season nine episode and the displays in Arizona are bigger and brighter than ever as the Sepanek family puts on a nostalgic holiday display incorporating flying reindeer soaring 75 feet above multiple window displays and over 250,000 lights sprawled across their property in Phoenix, Arizona; the Tasker family shows off their sparkling light display with over 400 handmade cartoon cutouts and a Zooland of animals repurposed from old appliances in Laveen, Arizona; the Morales family starts the party with over 300,000 pixels that move to music, which has the onlookers dancing and jumping for joy, plus they bring snow all the way from the mountains in Tucson, Arizona; and finally, the Moussette family brings the Christmas feeling to the desert for their 32nd year, incorporating over 150 handmade cutouts and a 20-foot Santa Claus cactus in Tucson, Arizona. Stay tuned as we find out who takes home the coveted Light Fight trophy in Arizona when judge Carter Oosterhouse picks the final winner of the season on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”
  • ABC College Football Special: Pac-12 Championship Game (Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas, Nev.) (12/3) Show More
    COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECIAL Airing Friday, December 03, 2021 (8:00 PM-11:30 PM) EST on ABC.
    Episode Title: “Pac-12 Championship Game (Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas, Nev.)”
  • ABC Saturday Night College Football: “Subway ACC Championship Game” (12/4) Show More
    SATURDAY NIGHT COLLEGE FOOTBALL PRESENTED BY CAPITAL ONE: Airing Saturday, December 04, 2021. 8:00 PM-11:30 p.m. – Subway ACC Championship Game
  • Bravo The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha’s Family Matters – Sunday, November 28, 8:00PM Show More
    Bravo’s limited series, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha’s Family Matters,” premieres on Sunday, November 28 at 9pm ET/PT. Preview In the aftermath of a whirlwind romance and an engagement that broke the internet, Porsha Williams’s extended family is heavily involved in her personal drama, and as each person chimes in with their unfiltered opinions, tensions rise. The group heads to Mexico for a family retreat, but while the forecast calls for calm and sunny skies, a storm heads straight for the Williams family.
  • Bravo The Real Housewives of Orange County – Wednesday, December 1, 9:00PM Show More
    “The Real Housewives of Orange County” returns for season 16 with a supersized premiere on Wednesday, December 1 from 9 – 10:15 pm ET/PT on Bravo. After a five-year hiatus, Heather Dubrow makes her return to the franchise joining veteran Housewives Shannon Storms Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson. The ladies are introduced to new Housewives Dr. Jen Armstrong and Noella Bergener.
    HAZING – The parents of a 19-year-old freshman who died of alcohol poisoning while pledging a fraternity blame the fraternity, its national office and Washington State University for the death of their son. Anderson Cooper reports. Sarah Koch is the producer.
    SAVING THE MOUNTAIN GORILLAS – Lesley Stahl reports from Rwanda where mountain gorillas, once headed for extinction, are now on the rise, attracting well-heeled tourists and boosting the local economy. Shari Finkelstein is the producer. Preview
    RITA MORENO – The much-honored singer, dancer and actor Rita Moreno is still working her craft at age 89, starring in the new version of the Oscar-winning film she starred in decades ago, “West Side Story.” Bill Whitaker reports. Michael Karzis is the producer.  Preview
    Special Features Tony Bennett’s Historic 95th Birthday Appearance
    CBS revealed today a first look at ONE LAST TIME: AN EVENING WITH TONY BENNETT AND LADY GAGA, a new concert special honoring the musical legacy and enduring friendship of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. The special, which features Tony Bennett’s last historic concert appearance before announcing his retirement from touring, will air Sunday, Nov. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/ PT) on the CBS Television Network, and will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    Filmed at two sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall in August 2021 to celebrate Bennett’s 95th birthday, the live concert brings together the two incredible entertainers, honoring their shared love of the Great American Songbook. The concert features solo performances by Bennett and Lady Gaga, followed by several of their famous duets. The musical repertoire for the special highlights the 10 years of the performers’ association, from their first duet recording “Lady Is a Tramp” to selections from their two collaborative albums, Cheek To Cheek and the newly released Love For Sale.
    CBS SUNDAY MORNING anchor Jane Pauley will host FOREVER YOUNG: SEARCHING FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, a one-hour primetime special exploring the wonders, rewards and challenges of growing older, to be broadcast Sunday, Nov. 28 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) and streaming on Paramount+.
    Produced by the team behind the award-winning Sunday morning news program, FOREVER YOUNG: SEARCHING FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH will be a surprising and eye-opening look at our golden years, both the benefits of growing older and the extreme lengths some will go to stop the process.
    The hour will feature interviews with Hollywood legends Candice Bergen and Billy Crystal, who will talk about the secrets to a long career in youth-centric Hollywood, as well as how laughter is the best medicine.
    Additionally, FOREVER YOUNG: SEARCHING FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH will feature reports on promising cutting-edge research into drugs and therapies that might slow, or even reverse, aging itself. The special will explore how we’ll all soon be able to “live forever” – virtually – through avatars and artificial intelligence. Also, we’ll showcase research into sharks and other long-lived animals, for clues that can help humans adapt to aging, and we’ll visit the pastoral Italian region of Sardinia – where “old age” is relative. The special will also look at why women live longer than men and will discover the world’s oldest known tree, a nearly 5,000-year-old Bristlecone Pine in a secret location in California. And comic Jim Gaffigan will weigh on how he copes with growing older.
    CBS SUNDAY MORNING, America’s #1 Sunday morning news program, features award-winning reporting on the arts, music, nature, entertainment, sports, history, science, Americana and unique human accomplishments and achievements. Rand Morrison is the executive producer.
  • CBS SURVIVOR 41 – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    Do or Die – Airing on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Dec. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. – TBA
  • CBS TOUGH AS NAILS – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    Bull In a China Shop – TBA
  • CBS 48 HOURS – Saturday, December 4 Show More
    11/4/21 (Sa.) (10:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network – TBA
  • The CW The Black Pack: We Three Kings – Monday, November 29 Show More
    “The Black Pack: We Three Kings” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)
    HOLIDAY SPIRIT – A holiday extravaganza of music, comedy and dance featuring the many talents of acclaimed film, television, and stage star Taye Diggs (“All American”), GRAMMY Award(R) winning singer/songwriter NE-YO and GRAMMY Award(R) winning R&B singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger as “The Black Pack.” The multi-talented trio will be joined by singer/songwriters Tank and Sevyn Streeter. “The Black Pack” hosts this celebration and exploration of this special time of year through a colorful and timeless lens with classic holiday music, both new and old, where everyone is transported to the room where it is all happening to enjoy a new spin on an old-fashioned Christmas. Directed by Markel Ringer. Original airdate 11/29/2021.
  • The CW World’s Funniest Animals: Christmas – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    “World’s Funniest Animals: Christmas” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)
    ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR CUTENESS – Grab your hot cocoa and get into the holiday spirit with the cutest animals this side of the North Pole. This special is the gift that keeps on giving with pets in all their holiday finery, dogs writing letters to Santa, and the joy of snow! Who is on the nice list and who found themselves on the naughty list? WORLD’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS: CHRISTMAS is hosted by Elizabeth Stanton with special guest Kayla Compton (“The Flash”) and commentary by Carmen Hodgson, Neel Ghosh, Mikalah Gordon, Brandon Rogers, Noah Matthews, Maiara Walsh, and Brian Cooper. The special is produced by Associated Television International. Original airdate 12/1/2021.
  • The CW Penn & Teller: Fool Us – December 3 Show More
    “Magic Cubed” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    CUBE MAGIC – Aspiring magicians are invited to perform their best trick to try and fool the world-famous team of Penn & Teller, who will get to see the trick only once and have to immediately try to work it out. Anyone who succeeds wins the right to perform with Penn & Teller in their celebrated show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The TV audience watches along with Penn & Teller as they try to figure out the secrets. The magicians featured in the episode include Sydney Weaver, Steven Palmore, Danny Ray and Bobby Torkova. Alyson Hannigan (“How I Met Your Mother”) serves as host (#808). Original airdate 12/3/2021.
  • FOX THE MASKED SINGER – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    “THE MASKED SINGER” – (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    JESSE McCARTNEY AND MICHAEL BOLTON DUET WITH THE TWO “GROUP A” FINALISTS ON AN ALL-NEW “THE MASKED SINGER” WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, ON FOX The final two singers from “Group A” perform solo, and then with celebrity duet partners Jesse McCartney and Michael Bolton, before one is unmasked and sent home. Play along with panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke breaking down all the clues on America’s favorite guessing game. The Season Six contestants boast a combined 85 Grammy nominations and 27 wins, three Academy Award nominations, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Razzie Award nominations, two Super Bowl appearances and two Lifetime Achievement Awards. Find out which of the two singers will advance to the showdown finale in the all-new “Group A Finale” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Dec. 1 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (MS-611) (TV-14 L)
  • FOX ALTER EGO – Wednesday, December 1 Show More
    “ALTER EGO” – (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    The remaining four contestants go head-to-head and face elimination before the season finale of ALTER EGO, the world’s first avatar singing competition series and the next iteration of the musical competition show. On ALTER EGO, singers from across the country become the stars they’ve always wanted to be. However, these contestants won’t perform as themselves. Rather, they’ll be given the chance to show how they’ve always wanted to be seen, creating their dream avatar ALTER EGO to reinvent themselves, while showcasing their unique performance style via motion capture technology. Check out the all-new “The Semi-Finals Part 2” episode of ALTER EGO airing Wednesday, Dec. 1 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (ALT-110) (TV-PG D, L)
    Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints
    FOX Sports continues its coverage of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PRESENTED BY BUD LIGHT PLATINUM live from the Caesars Superdome, as the New Orleans Saints take on the Dallas Cowboys. THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PRESENTED BY BUD LIGHT PLATINUM airs LIVE Thursday, Dec. 2 (7:30 PM-CC ET live/4:30 PM-CC PT live) on FOX. (TNF-408) (n/a)
  • FOX WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN – Friday, December 3 Show More
    “WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN” – (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    A unique combination of edge-of-your-seat action, unpredictable drama and world-class athleticism, FOX Sports presents WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN airing Friday, Dec. 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. (WWE-2349) (TV-PG D, L, S, V)
  • FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL – Saturday, December 4 Show More
    **FOX SPORTS** – BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL – (7:00 PM-CC ET live/4:00 PM-CC PT live) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    FOX Sports continues its coverage of BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL live from Lucas Oil Stadium. BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL airs Saturday, Dec. 4 on FOX. (7:00 PM-CC ET Live/4:00 PM-CC PT Live) (FSP-2233) (n/a)
  • HBO WE’RE HERE – Monday, November 29, 9:00PM Show More
    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Bob, Eureka, and Shangela empower three members of Grand Junction, CO’s trans community to share their most authentic selves, including Taylor, who is tired of limiting himself for others; Angie, who has shied away from her hometown since transitioning; and Dustin, who is beyond ready to dispel the misconceptions of people with disabilities.
    11/28/2021 (07:00PM – 08:20PM) (Sunday) : TV-14
    “Week 12B” – Week 12 highlights and discussion, plus a Browns-Ravens preview. Mike Tirico and Maria Taylor host, with Tony Dungy, Chris Simms, Drew Brees, insider Mike Florio, Rodney Harrison and Jac Collinsworth.
    11/28/2021 (08:20PM – 11:30PM) (Sunday) : Cleveland Browns At Baltimore Ravens
    Cleveland Browns (6-5) at Baltimore Ravens (7-3). From M&T Bank Stadium.
    11/29/2021 (08:00PM – 10:01PM) (Monday) : The Top 10 artists perform songs outside of their musical genres in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton for their chance at a spot in the Top 8.
    11/29/2021 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : Jimmy Fallon invites “The Voice” Season 21 coaches – Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend – to appear in a sneak episode of the new music and comedy variety game show. Signature games to be played include “Wheel of Impossible Karaoke,” “Perfect Mashup,” “Vinyl Countdown” and “Slay It, Don’t Spray It.” TV-PG
    11/30/2021 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Tuesday) : The Top 7 highest artists are revealed as safe by America’s votes while the bottom three compete in the Instant Save.
    12/01/2021 (08:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : NBC once again heralds the arrival of the holidays with a dazzling display of musical talents, star-studded surprises and the lighting of the world’s most famous Christmas tree.
    12/01/2021 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : “The Voice” coach and Emmy and Grammy Award-winning talk show host Kelly Clarkson hosts a holiday special featuring music performances, exciting duets and special guests while she shares her traditions and gives back to those in need.
    12/02/2021 (08:00PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : From the production team that produced NBC’s award-winning musicals “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Hairspray Live!,” this musical event will revisit the beloved story of Annie. Live from New York, this fresh take will feature a star-studded cast, including Harry Connick, Jr., Nicole Scherzinger, Tituss Burgess, featuring Jane Krakowski, with, Celina Smith as Annie and Taraji P Henson.
    12/03/2021 (09:00PM – 11:00PM) (Friday) : TBA
  • USA Network WWE RAW – Monday, November 29, 8:00PM Show More
    11/29/21 – WWE Champion Big E goes head-to-head with the always dangerous Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor is out for payback on Seth Rollins and WWE Hall of Famer Edge returns to the red brand. Catch all the action on Monday Night Raw at 8/7 C on USA!
  • USA Network WWE NXT – Tuesday, November 30, 8:00PM Show More
    11/30/21 – New WWE NXT Matches Revealed For Tonight
    Two new matches have been announced for tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode on the USA Network.
    It was previously announced that Kay Lee Ray is “ready to rage” and will make her return to the show tonight. WWE has now announced that her opponent will be Sarray.
    WWE has also announced Joe Gacy vs. Boa for tonight’s episode.
    WWE wrote the following on Gacy vs. Boa, “Is Joe Gacy about to make his world a little bit better? The advocate of inclusivity is set to go one-on-one with Boa tonight on NXT 2.0, and it will be interesting to see how both Superstars head into this match. Coming off a victory against Grayson Waller last week, it seems Boa has a new level of focus, while Gacy continues to foster a bizarre kinship with the monstrous Harland. Who will emerge victorious tonight? Don’t miss it on NXT 2.0 live at 8/7 C on USA Network!”
    Stay tuned for more on tonight’s NXT. Below is the updated line-up:
    * Boa vs. Joe Gacy
    * Kay Lee Ray vs. Sarray
    * The Creed Brothers vs. Kushida and Ikemen Jiro
    * Toxic Attraction (NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) vs. Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter
  • USA Network CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST – Thursday, December 2, 8:29 PM Show More
    Welcome to the Dog House
    Todd pays the price for being a rude houseguest. Savannah teaches Grayson a lesson in respect.
  • USA Network AMERICA’S BIG DEAL – Thursday, December 2, 9:00PM Show More
    Gifts for Everyone – TBA



  • ABC Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (12/2) (Rebroadcast. OAD) Show More
    OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE – Olaf teams up with Sven on a merry mission. It’s the first holiday season since the gates reopened, and Anna and Elsa host a celebration for all of Arendelle. When the townspeople unexpectedly leave early to enjoy their individual holiday customs, the sisters realize they have no family traditions of their own. So, Olaf sets out to comb the kingdom to bring home the best traditions and save Anna and Elsa’s “first Christmas in forever.” “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” features the original cast of Arendelle characters, including Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad (Broadway’s “Book of Mormon,” “Little Monsters”); Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell (“The Good Place,” “Veronica Mars”); Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel (Broadway’s “Rent” and “Wicked”; “Uncut Gems”); and Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff (Broadway’s “Spring Awakening” and “Hamilton,” “Mindhunter”). “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” airs THURSDAY, DEC. 2 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EST), on ABC. Promo
  • ABC Toy Story That Time Forgot (12/2) (Rebroadcast. OAD) Show More
    TOY STORY THAT TME FORGOT – Pixar Animation Studios’ special for television “Toy Story That Time Forgot” features everyone’s favorite characters from the “Toy Story” films. During a post-Christmas play date, the “Toy Story” gang finds themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turns out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie the triceratops if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room in this “Toy Story That Time Forgot,” airing THURSDAY, DEC. 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. The cast includes Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Kevin McKidd as Reptillus Maximus, Wallace Shawn as Rex, Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head and Joan Cusack as Jessie. Promo
    “Short Squeeze” — When the CEO of a major brokerage firm is shot and killed while surrounded by protesters, the team looks into who had the most to lose from his company’s perceived manipulations. Also, Scola’s previous Wall Street career and the reasons he left come to light as the financial details of the case begin to unfold, on FBI, Tuesday, November 30 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. (OAD 5/11/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Rick Eid & Joe Halpin
    DIRECTED BY: Joanna Kerns Promo
  • CBS FBI: INTERNATIONAL – Tuesday, November 30 Show More
    “The Soul of Chess” – The team investigates an American journalist’s death by poison after his attempt to meet with an anonymous source in Poland. Also, Kellett takes Forrester to task for being overprotective with her during the mission, on the CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, Tuesday, Nov. 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 11/2/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Wade McIntyre
    DIRECTED BY: Alex Zakrzewski Promo
  • CBS FBI: MOST WANTED – Tuesday, November 30 Show More
    “Hustler” — The team heads to D.C. to protect Ortiz’s former informant after a hitman tries to kill her. Also, Sarah helps Jess’ family prepares for Byron and Marie’s last-minute wedding on Jess’ farm, on FBI: MOST WANTED, Tuesday, November 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (OAD 5/18/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Wendy West & Spindrift Beck
    DIRECTED BY: John Polson Promo
    “Under the Skin” – Grissom and Sara’s investigation into charges against David Hodges heats up as Internal Affairs joins the hunt. Also, pressure rises for the CSIs when a video game developer’s body is found floating in a fountain before a huge gaming tournament, on CSI: VEGAS, Saturday, December 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 10/2021)
    WRITTEN BY: Craig O’Neil
    DIRECTED BY: Nathan Hope Promo
  • CBS 48 HOURS – Saturday, December 4 Show More
    12/4/21 (Sa.) (9:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network – TBA
  • The CW Silent Night – A Song for the World – Saturday, December 4 Show More
    “Silent Night – A Song for the World” – (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    A SONG FOR THE WORLD – A SPECIAL ON THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS CHRISTMAS CAROL NARRATED BY HUGH BONNEVILLE – A musical film documentary about the creation and cultural impact of the world’s most famous Christmas carol. Composed in 1818 in Salzburg, and translated into 140 languages, Silent Night caused a Christmas ceasefire in World War I, while Bing Crosby’s version is the third best-selling single ever. In short: A song for the world! The film tells the story of Silent Night, narrated by Hugh Bonneville, with new recordings by global stars in different languages with a cast including Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, John Rhys-Davies, David Foster, Katharine McPhee, Randy Jackson, Gavin Rossdale, Sheléa, Ailee, Josh Groban, The Vienna Boys Choir, Anggun, Lina Makhoul, The Tenors, Rolando Villazón and many more. The special was created and directed by Award winning director Hannes M. Schalle and produced by Marlene Beran of Moonlake Entertainment. Original airdate 12/10/2020.  Promo
  • FOX I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE – Saturday, December 4 Show More
    “I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE” – (11:30 PM-12:30 AM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    Hosted by Ken Jeong, permanent panelists Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and an additional rotating panel of celebrity detectives must help one contestant tell the difference between good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note. With $100,000 on the line and the celebrity panel by their side, the contestant will attempt to weed out the bad “Secret Voices” from the good, based on a series of clues, interrogation and lip synch challenges. In the end, the singer whom the contestant picks will reveal if they are good or bad in a duet performance with a musical superstar, Jesse McCartney, resulting in an amazing musical collaboration or a totally hilarious train wreck in the “Episode 6: Jesse McCartney, Yvette Nicole Brown, Robin Thicke, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Houghton” episode of I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE airing Saturday, Dec. 4 (11:30 PM-12:30 AM ET/PT) on FOX. (VOI-110) (TV-PG D, L)
    11/30/2021 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : Max and Sharpe wake up to a new, more personal dynamic. Iggy calls upon an old contact to help with an explosive situation at the hospital. Bloom begins a tricky dynamic with her new Emergency Department residents. Reynolds finds himself in an awkward position with Dr. Baptiste and his wife, Dr. Lyn Malvo. TV-14 Promo
    12/03/2021 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Friday) : TBA
    12/04/2021 (08:00PM – 11:00PM) (Saturday) : NBC again presents this exclusive and special telecast of Frank Capra’s 1946 holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore. The film follows the life of George Bailey (Stewart) from childhood to maturity in the town of Bedford Falls. On what might be his last Christmas Eve, a discouraged Bailey wants to throw his life away. Fortunately, Clarence (Henry Travers), a second-class angel, is sent to show him the value of life. After Clarence gives Bailey a view of Bedford Falls without him, Bailey realizes how precious his life is and gets a second chance. He comes to learn that Clarence was right when he said, “No man is a failure who has friends.” The film, which earned Oscar nominations for best picture, director, actor and film editing, was produced and directed by Capra. TV-G 
    11/26/2021 (09:30PM – 11:00PM) (Friday) : The annual special brings back some of the classic Christmas and holiday-themed sketches over the 43-season history of “Saturday Night Live.” TV-14  Promo
    12/4/2021 (11:29PM) (Saturday) : TV-14 – Rami Malek / Young Thug



  • These TV shows will be out on DVD November 30: “Akudama Drive: The Complete Season” (only on Blu-ray); “Bungo and Alchemist: Gears of Judgement – The Complete Season” (only on Blu-ray); “Darling In The Franxx: Season 1” (only on Blu-ray); “Death in Paradise: Season Ten;” “Downton Abbey: The Complete Series” (also on Blu-ray); “Grantchester: The Complete Sixth Season Masterpiece Mystery!;” “I Dream of Jeannie – The Complete Series” (also on Blu-ray); “Kodocha Complete First Series” (only on Blu-ray); “My Life Is Murder: Series 2” (also on Blu-ray); “Saiyuki Reload Complete Series” (only on Blu-ray); and “Z/X Ignition Complete Series” (also on Blu-ray).

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Interview with Lisa Arch

TV Interview!


Lisa Arch with Richard Kind, who plays her husband on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO

Interview with Lisa Arch of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO by Suzanne 11/18/21

I enjoyed chatting with Lisa on Zoom! She is so funny. I can see why they like her on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I learned some valuable insights from her about the way that show is run, how the people on it are, and how show business can be. It was very informative. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Suzanne:  I was watching some of your YouTube videos last night…

Lisa: Which one? The reviews? The podcast?

Suzanne: The thing where you’re interviewing people with another lady. I can’t remember her name.

Lisa: The Leslie and Lisa Show.

Suzanne: Leslie and Lisa, yeah.

Lisa: Yeah.

Suzanne: I was watching the one with the the actress from The Flash…So, I noticed that the last one was awhile ago. Are you still doing that?

Lisa: No, it was kind of an experiment. It was kind of an experiment we were doing during quarantine. We had a really good time, but it just wasn’t floating our boat enough, I guess, to keep it going.

Suzanne: Yeah, seems a lot of work.

Lisa: And there’s so much work…It just wasn’t clicking for me. I love working with her. She and I are actually working on another project now, but, yeah, for some reason that was too much. It was just too much with everything else I had going on.

Suzanne: Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of thing. I tried it once. I’m like, “Oh, I’m terrible at this. Nevermind.”

Lisa: It’s hard. Everybody makes it seem so easy, but it’s just, it’s a lot.

Suzanne: Yeah. There are a lot of bad YouTube videos where people try to do that. And it’s like, “No, I can’t watch this.”

Lisa: One hundred percent.

Suzanne: Not yours. Yours I enjoyed.

Lisa: Thank you.

Suzanne: It probably helps you’ve done a lot of comedy, both of you.

Lisa: Yes, exactly, and I’ve hosted a ton. So, I love that medium. I still love hosting, and I love interviewing people, but it’s just a lot, when you’re booking all the talent, and you’re doing all the stuff.

Suzanne: And the editing, and you’re trying to promote it; the promotion is hard.

Lisa: You need a team; you need a team of people. We just don’t have it.

Suzanne: I completely understand, because I do all mine, [but] not solo. I have volunteers. I can’t afford to pay anyone to promote, do that kind of thing.

Lisa: But you have volunteers that do it?

Suzanne: I have volunteers who do a lot of writing and proofreading and different things, not promotion so much. I need to get somebody to help me with promotion. That would be great. I spend more time on my own social media, my personal social media, than I do for the site, so that’s a problem.

Lisa: Exactly. Yes. Priorities.

Suzanne: Yeah, I’d rather take a lot of pretty pictures and post them on Instagram than promote my site. [laughs] Well, I realize everybody has their strengths.

So, I’ll get to my questions. You were on Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009, and then not again until [2020], so what happened in between?

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" group scene with Lisa ArchLisa: Well, so I mean, the show took six years off. I did a season; then they did one more season. Then, they took six years off. I think it’s how it was. No, it might have been two more seasons, and then they took six years off. So, yeah, when I was on the first time, it was just a one shot deal. It was just “come do this role,” and that’s it. There was no indication that there would ever be more.

So, a decade later, when I’m picking my son up from school, my manager and agent called me, and whenever they call me at the same time, it’s good news. But I hadn’t auditioned for anything recently. So, I was like, “I don’t know what this is.” And they said, “Curb wants you back,” and I was like, “Okay. I’m sure they want me back.” They were like, “No, they want you back, and it’s for multiple episodes.” And I just started sobbing, because it was so unexpected, because the day, or the several days, I had done the first time were so magical and everything I had ever wanted this industry to be, and it had never been before. So, to know I was going back to that was just the greatest feeling ever.

Suzanne: I know. He gets a lot of wonderful actors to come in and do their parts. They all love the show so much, and he lets them be different characters, even though they’re playing themselves. They get to be like, the jerk version of themselves.

Lisa: Absolutely, exactly. You’re so right. Yeah, and it is such an amazing, creative environment, and everyone there is such a powerhouse in their own right. So, it’s just an incredible place to be. It’s magical; it’s the Disneyland of the entertainment industry.

Lisa Arch with Richard Kind and Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"Suzanne: Right, I understand. So, on the show, you’re paired with the amazing Richard Kind. What’s that been like, for you?

Lisa: He is spectacular. He is so adorably insecure in a way. I just don’t even think he understands how brilliant he is. So, it just makes him even more brilliant. He’s so funny and lovable. He’s also just been in everything, literally. There is not a television show or a movie he’s not in, nor is there a Broadway show he hasn’t performed in.

Like, off camera he’s talking with Larry about musicals that he’s been in. Larry’s grilling him about certain shows. You know, “Have you ever been in Fiddler on the Roof? Did [you] ever do this? Were you ever in that?” And the answer is always “yes.” “Yes, I was in that. Yes, I did do that.” He is adorable. When I first did the show…When was it?

Suzanne: 2009.

Lisa: So, I was in my late thirties. I was like, thirty-eight, and he’s like, fifteen years older than me, I think. So, when I was first paired with him, I was like, “This is interesting thing.” But then I just immediately felt like, “Yeah, I see it. He’s my husband. I totally get it.” Then, the more we work together, the more I’ve kind of just like literally fallen in love with him, and I completely see us as a married couple.

Suzanne: That’s cool. Yeah, I interviewed him years ago. Did you ever see “Red Oaks” that he was in? He is wonderful in that. You need to see it; it’s a good show anyway.

Lisa: I have it on my list. I watched like part of the pilot episode, and then something happened. I don’t know, but I have to get back on my list. He told me that I would love it.

Suzanne: I think it’s only two seasons, but it’s really good. He is he just even better than usual in that. It was just like, when I was watching, I was thinking, “What else can you do?” This is like the role of a lifetime. There’s more after that, but still.

Lisa: Yeah, there’s nothing he can’t do.

Lisa Arch on "MadTV"Suzanne: Yeah, and I saw that you were on Mad TV in the late 90s. Was that a great training ground for you?

Lisa: So, actually, I consider my training ground what I did before Mad TV, which was years and years of sketch comedy live. That was really my training ground. I started when I was fifteen doing sketch comedy in my brother’s sketch comedy troupe, which was really a lot of work. We did it every summer for years, and we sold out every show in Hollywood. Then, after that, I was with ACME Comedy Theater for several years, and I did a couple one-woman shows. So, that that my training ground, and that’s what led to Mad TV. Mad TV was definitely a training ground for how to get the crap kicked out of you on a daily basis and react well to it, which I did not do at the time, but now I know how to, so yes, it was a training ground for the toughest parts of this business.

Suzanne: Would you like to elaborate on what you mean by that?

Lisa: Any sketch comedy show – I mean, you hear this, especially from Saturday Night Live, not only because it’s an incredibly competitive show, but also it’s live. Mad TV, we had the luxury of being taped, so you could screw up and do it again. Although that didn’t happen very often; we memorized our lines instead of having cue cards. So, it was sort of like – I don’t know, but it’s just a very competitive genre. I am a competitive person with myself, if that makes sense, but I’m not super competitive against other people. So, to be thrown into that atmosphere was very difficult for me, and I did not respond super well to it.

I met some wonderful people. I actually met my husband on that show, which is the entire reason I think I got that show was to meet him, but it was a really difficult year for me, very hard. A lot of good times, a lot of fun, and a lot of lessons. I was thrown from being a waitress literally right into being a series regular on a show.

So, you go from struggling to people throwing Nikes at you and going, “Here are these for free,” and you know, “Here’s a bracelet from Tiffany,” and all this stuff that you had never had, unless you’re being driven to parties and stuff like that. It really kind of messes with your head. So, it’s also a good training ground and learning how to be grounded, because that stuff is beyond temporary, and nobody actually loves you as much as you feel like they do. So, I learned a lot of lessons and how to trust the right people [and] how to trust myself and not get caught up in the BS of the industry, because [in] the industry, there’s a lot of BS.

Suzanne: Right, I’m sure. I’m always talking about the people just in PR, who their whole business is [PR], and I’m a Mass Comm major, so I learned about PR, but I already sort of knew about it from this job. Their whole business is to hype everything and pretty much lie almost at times. I’m not putting them down; that’s their job, and it’s a hard job. Acting is also a form of lying in a way, and then the people in charge of actors, do they even look at the stuff? I can see why you would have a lot of that.

Lisa: Yes, it’s definitely a lot of BS. I mean, look, I have some friends in PR, and I definitely think what they do is very real and very hard, but, yeah, what you’re saying is true. It’s a lot of like, “How can we make this one part of your life seem even better than it actually is?” Yeah, for sure.

Suzanne: And the network’s do do that a lot too. It’s so funny, because it can be like, “Oh, this is the great hit of the season,” and then two weeks later, they cancel it. [laughs]

Lisa: But look, what’s so funny is what has completely been modeled after that is social media. I mean, yeah, technically every post is a lie. Anything that has a filter on it is a lie. You know, how many couples do you know that have terrible marriages, and then they’re on a vacation with their family, and they’re kissing in front of a Joshua Tree or whatever. You’re like, “Oh, my God. You just you hate him.” [laughs] You gotta weed through the BS and keep your inner circle small.

Suzanne: That’s true. Yeah. Actually, yeah, you’re right, because I always tell people, “Online friends are not the same as real life friends. Don’t believe anything people say to you. They could be lying. Everything they said could be a lie.”

Lisa: And yet, ironically, I feel as though I have learned so much from online friends that I’m not even super close with in real life. Yeah, there’s definitely a balance.

Suzanne: Yeah, I mean, I have I have people that I’ve known before even what they call “social media” where they was just message boards and forums things like that I’ve known for a long time, and I feel like I know them but, yeah, you never know how much you know about them.

Lisa: Absolutely.

Suzanne: My criteria is always, would you invite them to your house? Would you let them sit sit with your kids or your dog or house sit? Would you loan them money? If you answer yes to all that, either they’re friends, or you’re very gullible. [laughs]

Lisa: Exactly. You’re exactly right.

Suzanne: So anyway, you’ve done a lot of kids comedies. Is acting in those very different from acting in regular comedies?

Lisa: It really is. It really is. Nickelodeon and Disney, it’s such a blast. First of all, it’s so stupidly fun, but I never feel as much like I’m acting as I think I feel like I’m just like at a playground. You have to be so much broader. And I have to tell you, I did so much of it that I think a lot of my auditions for many years were way too big, because it’s hard to get out of that mindset. It’s like, you’re playing a mean principle, and then everything you do is really big and angry. So, it’s so much fun, but it is very different. For sure. It’s a heightened version of what I normally would think I would do.

Lisa Arch with Michael Richards on "Seinfeld"Suzanne: Yeah, that makes total sense. You were on Seinfeld in 1996. Did that help you at all get the role of Cassie in Curb?

Lisa: I don’t think so. Honestly, to this day, I don’t know if Larry knows that I was on Seinfeld. I imagine he does, but I don’t know for sure, because it was so many years in between. When I came in, there was no indication that he knew who I was.

It did help me get Mad TV, believe it or not, because right after I did Seinfeld, Mad TV was auditioning, and the person who cast me on Seinfeld was casting Mad TV. I didn’t have an agent at the time, so I called her and just said, “Hey, can I come in? I should be in there.” And she said, “Absolutely. We’ll see you Monday.” So, definitely, Seinfeld was a huge kickoff for my career.

Suzanne: Well, that’s great. Yeah. A lot of careers.

Lisa: Yes.

Suzanne: So, you’ve been on a lot of different TV and movie sets. What sets Curb apart from the others?

Lisa: So, first of all, Curb is all improv. You get a scenario, but nothing’s written for you. So, in that respect, it takes the pressure off, because you don’t have any lines to memorize. A lot of people I’ve spoken to, other people who’ve been on the show, thought it adds pressure, because you have to come up with your own stuff, but, to me, that is my favorite thing to do.

Suzanne: Right, you have all that experience.

Lisa: Yeah, and the thing is, it’s such a supportive environment. Beyond that, it is easy to do, because everyone there is rooting for you to be funny. It’s basically the opposite of what Mad TV was. Mad TV, you felt like everybody was rooting for you to screw up. And when I say everybody, I’m generalizing. There were a lot of wonderful, wonderful people there, but on Curb, it’s literally everybody there…But everyone at Curb is just rooting for you to be funny, because they want the show to be good.

Suzanne: That makes sense.

Lisa: So, it’s insanely supportive. It is, genuinely.

When I wanted to get into this business, it was to do everything that happens on Curb. It’s to play, it’s to feel creative, it’s to feel challenged and supported, and to laugh. And all of that happens there. And, honestly, I can’t stress enough, when I tell you that I sobbed when my managers told me I was going back, I promise you that’s the truth, because it is a magical land filled with magical people. Then, all of a sudden you’re at a table with friggin Larry David and Susie Essman and Cheryl Hines and JB Smoove and Patton Oswald. My head, literally, every time I walk into one of those dinner party scenes, my head just like explodes a little bit, and then I’ve got to put the pieces back together, but it’s a dream. It’s a dream.

Suzanne: You mentioned Patton Oswald. He’s another one who’s in everything, between him and Richard.

Lisa: You’re so right. I actually said that exact thing to my husband. Patton is in everything. And what’s so funny is he and Jeff Garlin and Richard Kind, we’re all sitting at this dinner party scene, talking about how they’re all on The Goldbergs, because Richard and Jeff are on it, and Patton does the voiceover. He’s in everything.

Suzanne: Yeah, and he tours too. I don’t know how he finds time for a real life.

Lisa: I don’t either. And he’s an absolute genius, brilliant mind. He’s just insane and so kind.

Suzanne: Oh, that’s nice. That’s good. It’s good when you hear that people are nice.

Lisa: But by the way, also, and not that he is, because I’ve met him before; he is lovely, but you can’t be a dick on the set of Curb.

Suzanne: I’m sure. Yeah. If it’s that supportive, then, yeah, they wouldn’t put up with that. It’s funny, because you’re all acting like that on the show.

Lisa: You’re so right. Yeah, everyone on that set is so sweet. It’s ridiculous.

Suzanne: That’s good. So, can we see you on other Curb episodes this season?

Lisa: Not this season. I might show up for literally like five seconds on screen in one other episode, but that’s it, unfortunately, because I want to be there every day.

Lisa Arch with Larry DavidSuzanne: And have you heard about whether there’ll be a season twelve, or is that something that only Larry knows?

Lisa: That’s something that only Larry knows, and that’s the absolute truth. It’s funny, because the whole crew – I would say, conservatively, eighty percent of the crew has been the same since the very beginning, and the only reason anyone would have fallen off is because they got a job that they just can’t leave, but everyone shows up for him. But he is the only one [who] knows if, and he’s the only one that knows when, so you never know. Every time it’s been a surprise for me.

Suzanne: Well, I’m sure he’ll keep doing as long as he enjoys it. It’s not like he probably needs the money. [laughs]

Lisa: Yeah, I do not think he needs the money, and I do think he absolutely is having a blast. He’s also like, the coolest human being alive. No one believes me; he’s super sexy, because he so couldn’t care less what anybody thinks, and it’s so authentic. He just emanates, cool. Literally, he’s like Fonzie, but better.

Suzanne: No, I can understand. A little bit of that comes across on the on the screen, even though he’s being a jerk on the show. You can tell. And I don’t think you could produce a show like that if you were a real jerk in real life. It’s funny how many people in the audience in that Facebook group think that’s what he’s like in real life. I’m like, “Are you kidding?”

Lisa: Oh, yeah. And of course there are aspects, I’m sure; that all comes from his brain. So, that’s definitely indicative of what he is thinking, and I do believe there’s a lot of that; that is who he is, but it’s just obviously a much more heightened version of that.

Suzanne: Right. Well, yeah, he’s probably thinking about things that do bother him, but he wouldn’t be obnoxious enough to say it to people. [laughs]

Lisa: Exactly.

Suzanne: Like he wouldn’t have any friends or be invited to dinner parties if he really were that obnoxious.

Lisa: Exactly. And yet, I think he also probably takes advantage of the character to use as needed.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah, because some of the things he says are very political in a very sneaky way and a commentary on society.

Lisa: Absolutely, absolutely.

Suzanne: That’s one of the things that makes it great, I think, because you watch it because it’s funny. Then something gets in there that you go, “Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

Lisa: Little stupid things, like the towels. Like, my husband has said, and I’m not joking, my husband has said a million times, “Please don’t give me one of the new towels.” And I’m like, “I don’t get you.” And he goes, “It’s just different; it doesn’t dry you right.” So, when we saw [that], like, who would think that anyone else on the planet would have that thought? So, when we saw that on the show, we were like, “What?” That freaked us both out.

Suzanne: Where’s the hidden camera, that he was spying on you with?

Lisa: Exactly. Exactly.

Suzanne: That’s funny. Yeah, today I was looking up Pirate’s Booty. I mean, I already know what it is; I’ve had it before, but I thought, “I wonder if they take they were really happy about this episode,” but apparently they were bought out by Hershey, so they don’t care.

Lisa: That’s funny. That is very funny.

Suzanne: Then, I found another wonderful article about what the Talmud would say about what Larry did on that episode.

Lisa: I read that.

Suzanne: Did you read that? Wasn’t that a great article?

Lisa: That was phenomenal. So, I love how specific the Talmud is. That’s the funniest thing ever.

Suzanne: Yeah, I said that to my husband. We both love the show.

So, you already pretty much said your favorite part of working on Curb is the supportive environment and the people.

Lisa: And how fun it is and how funny you get to be. You get to be as funny as you can possibly be on the day you’re working. That’s a great feeling.

Suzanne: When you’ve been on, have you ever seen anybody where you thought, “Ah, they probably won’t come back,” because they didn’t do that great of a job? Or is that all pretty much taken care of before they get on the screen?

Lisa: No, I don’t think that is, because, genuinely, I don’t know that I was supposed to be ever back. I think it’s just Larry populates the show with whoever he thinks would fit. So, I don’t think he ever knows if you’re coming back. I don’t know. But no, I’ve never – But then again, I haven’t worked with a ton of guest stars. I worked with more stars this time than I ever have before, but usually I’m just working with the regulars. So, no.

Suzanne: That’s funny. So, do you have any other projects going on that you want to tell us about?

Lisa: Not really anything that I can talk about right now. I’m doing a behind-the-scenes thing right now that I hope turns out well, but I can’t really talk about it yet. Otherwise, no. I’m a character actress, so much of my life is just auditioning and waiting. And during the pandemic, there was so little going on. Now, it’s just gotten very busy again, audition-wise. So, my fingers are crossed that work is coming, and in the meantime, I’m in school, and loving that.

Suzanne: Are you working towards a particular degree?

Lisa: I am. I never [graduated]. I quit school to pursue acting. So, over quarantine, I decided it was time to try to get my Bachelor’s degree. So, I am working toward my Associate’s degree right now, and then I’m transferring for a psychology degree.

Suzanne: Oh, nice. That probably would have come in handy back when you were on Mad TV, right?

Lisa: Oh, my God so much. You have no idea. Yes. I probably should have finished school, although I would have finished with a theater degree. So, I don’t know that it would. Yes, it would have been very helpful.

Suzanne: Are you finding it challenging at all? Are all your classes online?

Lisa: All online, yeah. I decided there was no way I was going to do it if I had to go to school. So, yeah, all online. And it’s been challenging. It’s hard. You know, I’m a mom, and I’ve got all my house duties, plus all my auditions, plus whatever else comes up. So, it’s been tough, but I’m loving it. I’ve never been a good student, and I’ve never liked school, and I’m absolutely loving it. I feel myself becoming a more well-rounded person, just because I’m learning things that I never knew.

Suzanne: I think, in some ways, it’s better to go when you’re older, because you’re more mature; you take it more seriously. Your writing is probably better, all these different things.

Lisa: Absolutely. I mean, I think if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, it’s an important thing to do, to go to school. Look, to be frank, I wish I had finished back then, but I didn’t; that wasn’t my path. And I do feel that I am one hundred a better student now and learning so much more than I would have back then.

Suzanne: And are you going full time or part time?

Lisa: Oh my God, no, part time. [laughs]

Suzanne: That makes it easier too.

Lisa: Exactly. No, there’s no way it could be a full-time student. And what’s cool is there is a program that does classes in an accelerated fashion. So, a sixteen-week class takes eight weeks, but it also packs more work into those eight weeks, but if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t get my AA until I was 60.

Suzanne: …I really like your curtains by the way. Those are pretty.

Lisa: Oh, thank you.

Suzanne: I like looking at the background when I interview people.

Lisa: I know, it’s hilarious

Suzanne: [I see] interesting things. Who’s the actor? Jeff Daniels, I was on a TCA thing with him. There’re lots of people there, but he had like fifty guitars behind him hanging on the wall. He apparently has an addiction to buying guitars.

Lisa: That is awesome. I don’t collect anything. I’m not a collector. I collect dust. I don’t have any cool collections of anything.

Suzanne: Oh, you do enough as it is.

Lisa: Yeah, I do, darn it.

Suzanne: All right. Well, I thank you so much for meeting up with me.

Lisa: Thanks for asking.

Suzanne: Oh, it was great. I will see you on Facebook and hopefully more in Curb.

Lisa: Yeah, hopefully more. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much.

Suzanne: All right, bye bye.

Here’s the video!

Interview Transcribed by Jamie of


Lisa Arch is an American actor and comedian, known for her roles in the 1997–98 season of the FOX Network comedy show, Mad TV, as cohost of TBS’s Dinner and a Movie from 2002 to 2005, and as the recurring character of Samantha Samuels on Disney Channel’s Cory in the House. Arch has also been in movies, such as 2007’s Evan Almighty.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American television sitcom that has been produced and broadcast by HBO since October 15, 2000. The series was created by Larry David, who stars as a fictionalized version of himself. The series follows Larry in his life as a semi-retired television writer and producer in Los Angeles, and for one season, New York City. Also starring are Cheryl Hines as his wife Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as his manager and best friend Jeff Greene, and Susie Essman as Jeff’s wife Susie. Curb Your Enthusiasm often features guest stars, many of them playing fictionalized versions of themselves.

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Lisa Arch - photo from Instagram

Interview with Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor

TV Interview!

Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor of "Miracle in Motor City" on Lifetime

Interview with Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor of “Miracle in Motor City” on Lifetime by Suzanne 11/8/21

This is a fun movie, set in Detroit. In most ways, it’s your usual holiday TV movie, but the Motown music makes it a little extra-special, as does using Smokey Robinson as a major plot point. The acting also elevates it above the usual films we see this time of year.  Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Sister, Sister; Family Reunion) is effervescent as busy social worker and foster mom Amber (who’s volunteered to take over the church Christmas pageant), and Canadian Mark Taylor (Coroner, Frankie Drake Mysteries) is great as her ex-boyfriend, Eddie.  Smokey doesn’t appear right away, and he has a relatively small part, but the real star that outshines them all is Markeda McKay, the adorable young actress who plays Lily, Amber’s foster daughter.

Lifetime had a press day for some of their upcoming Christmas movies, so it was great to be invited to be there and ask questions. I had a fun time chatting with them. Make sure you watch the movie Sunday, November 28 on Lifetime.

MODERATOR: Hi, all. Thank you for joining us for our last panel. Please welcome our panelists, executive producer and star, Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor.

TIA MOWRY: Hi, guys!


SMOKEY ROBINSON: (Makes kissing face.) Back atcha!

TIA MOWRY: Oh my gosh, I miss you guys!

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I miss you, too. Yeah.

TIA MOWRY: Aw, you guys look so great!

SMOKEY ROBINSON: You’re the one.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: How you doing, Mark?

MARK TAYLOR: I’m good, man. Good to see you again.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Good to see you, man. Yeah.

MARK TAYLOR: How you doing?

MODERATOR: Thank you all for being here. Our first question is from Suzanne.

TIA MOWRY: Oh. We’re — right off the gate.


TIA MOWRY: Hi, Suzanne!

SUZANNE: Hi, guys. Happy holidays.

MARK TAYLOR: Happy holidays.

TIA MOWRY: Happy holidays to you.

Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor of "Miracle in Motor City" on LifetimeSUZANNE: I just finished watching your movie this morning. I really enjoyed it.

TIA MOWRY: Yay! (Claps.)

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Wonderful. Yeah.

SUZANNE: I like that it was set in the city because so many of the Christmas movies are set out in the country somewhere, and they imply that the city is bad and the small town or country is good. So… I’m a city girl, I like that yours was different.


SUZANNE: Mark, I love your character in “Coroner,” and I really love that show.

MARK TAYLOR: Oh, thank you. Wow, thank you.

SUZANNE: The singing and guitar playing that you did in the film, was that something that you’ve done a lot of before?

MARK TAYLOR: I sing in the shower and…

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I know that tune.

MARK TAYLOR: And guitar, I used to play guitar when I was about 12. I did that for maybe a couple of years and, you know, real minute stuff, so…I had to take lessons and kind of relearn it.

TIA MOWRY: But you guys, here’s a little kind of behind-the-scenes situation. I thought what was really cool about Mark is he’d always walk around with the guitar. Like, when you weren’t on camera, behind the scenes, he was always walking around with it. I guess was that an actor’s choice to just feel really comfortable with the guitar?

MARK TAYLOR: Yeah, I just wanted to get it as good as I could and make it as realistic as possible.


MARK TAYLOR: And it was fun. It was also fun, you know? So it was good to learn some songs and connect.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: You know, I’ve tried to learn to play the guitar about three or four times. I cannot do it.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: It just would not — and the tricky part was my favorite instrument.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: The guitar is my favorite —


SMOKEY ROBINSON: And I wanna play it so badly, but I just can’t get it. My right hand and my left hand do not coordinate on the guitar, you know. But my guitarist told me, he says, “Man, if you wanna learn how to play the guitar, keep it in your hands at all times.”

MARK TAYLOR: Yeah, yeah.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: I understand what you were talking about, man. But I did that and that didn’t work, either. So…

TIA MOWRY: I don’t — you guys, I don’t know how to play any instruments. Like, I…I’m terrible.


TIA MOWRY: That is one thing — no. Like, that’s — sports and music is I just — I can’t. So kudos to you guys.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Not sports, don’t say sports.

TIA MOWRY: Oh God, no, I can’t even — when I was a kid —


TIA MOWRY: No, no, no sports. Like, when I was a kid, my dad, he tried to put me in what is it t-ball? You know, where the ball is like teed up for you?


TIA MOWRY: I would strike out on that. So I’d like —


TIA MOWRY: What is it, hand and eye coordination? No. Not good. Thank God, you know, I have other things that I can do.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Well, t-ball is over, honey, by the time you’re six or seven.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: You don’t even play t-ball anymore, so that was way back when.

TIA MOWRY: (Laughs.) Okay?

SUZANNE: Tia, can you sing at least?

TIA MOWRY: Yeah, you know, I can sing.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: She’s got a good voice.

TIA MOWRY: I mean, I grew up with singers in my family. My mother, she actually sang in the choir at church. So I can sing but what’s so funny about this character, Amber Dupont, she doesn’t know how to sing. And actually, Eddie, he picks on me throughout the movie about how I can’t carry a tune. So I thought that was pretty funny. But yeah, I mean, I can carry a tune.

SUZANNE: Well, the voice is an instrument, so it counts.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Yeah, she can. She’s got a good voice.


SUZANNE: Thank you, all.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Suzanne.

TIA MOWRY: Thank you! Thank you!


MODERATOR: Thank you. Our next question is from Jamie Ruby.

QUESTION: Hi, guys.

TIA MOWRY: Hi, Jeannie.


TIA MOWRY: Or Jamie, is it Jamie?

JAMIE: Jamie. Jamie, yes.

TIA MOWRY: Hi Jamie!

JAMIE: Hi. This is for all three of you. I was wondering, is there anything filming this that surprised you that you found out? Like, what was the most surprising thing?

TIA MOWRY: How hot it was in Canada.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: My most surprising thing was that I could do it at all.

TIA MOWRY: Aw. I mean —

SMOKEY ROBINSON: That was my most surprising.

MARK TAYLOR: You were great. You were great.

TIA MOWRY: Look, y’all, Smokey —

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I love you, too, Mark.

MARK TAYLOR: You were great.

TIA MOWRY: You were fantastic. I mean, you’re a legend, you know what I mean? Come on, Smokey.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: (inaudible @ 01:26:29)

TIA MOWRY: You’re awesome. You’re wonderful. Go ahead, Mark. You wanna answer?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I had a wonderful time.


SMOKEY ROBINSON: I had a great time. And everybody was so beautiful, you know? Before it even happened, I was looking forward to seeing Tia because Tia is like my daughter. I mean, you know, I just —


SMOKEY ROBINSON: …I love her so much and so happy to see —

TIA MOWRY: Aw, I love you, Smokey!

SMOKEY ROBINSON: …that she was gonna be there. That was great. And then, meeting everybody and getting the chance to — everybody. I mean, the crew, everybody was just fantastic. So I had a wonderful time.


TIA MOWRY: Aw. What about you, Mark? Was there anything that you were surprised about?

MARK TAYLOR: What was I surprised about? Um…you know what? I don’t know if I was surprised, but it was just an amazing experience.

TIA MOWRY: Aw, I like that.

MARK TAYLOR: Everyone’s so cool and everyone had a good time. And it was just — I guess maybe the experience I didn’t know was going to be so amazing you know?


MARK TAYLOR: But I’m definitely happy that I was a part of it, and I feel like it was meant to be.

TIA MOWRY: Aw, that’s awesome.


TIA MOWRY: I think, yeah, for me I think the most surprising part — I mean, I don’t know why it’s always surprising but I think a lot of people, they expect for — you know, these Christmas movies they’re — it’s supposed to be snow on the ground, it’s supposed to be wintertime. But in reality, we film a lot of these movies during the summertime. So we’re wearing jackets, and coats, and scarfs, and it’s so incredibly hot. So you have to —

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Except for at night.

TIA MOWRY: Except for nights. Yeah, except for night.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: It was like the instant drop, like it’s 75 until six o’clock and at 6:01 it’s 30. (Laughs.)

TIA MOWRY: (Laughs.) No. Wait, I will say this though, too, you guys. I think we film these movies in such a short period of time, right? So when I first started doing these Christmas movies, I think the thing that I was most surprised about is how many scenes you shoot in a day. Just for perspective on some movies, most movies, you’ll shoot maybe two-to-three scenes a day. But with these movies, you’re shooting, like, eight or nine scenes a day. So it’s a lot of dialogue to memorize and you’re working long hours. So that can be kind of surprising I think for viewers to know about.

MARK TAYLOR: It’s a grind.

TIA MOWRY: It’s a lot of work.

MARK TAYLOR: Yeah, it’s a grind.

TIA MOWRY: We shoot these movies in such — I think it’s what, 15, 16 days? When a lot of movies go for 21 maybe even 30 days. So it’s a grind. But it’s a good grind.

MARK TAYLOR: Oh, yeah.

JAMIE: I was gonna say, too, coats in the summer may be better than wearing a bathing suit when it’s freezing out or something. I don’t know.


JAMIE: I guess it depends.

MARK TAYLOR: They’re both bad. They’re both bad.

JAMIE: Yeah, that’s true.

TIA MOWRY: You know what? I’m with you, Mark. I think they’re both just ew. But I mean, hey, you know, you do what you love.


TIA MOWRY: And I love what I do, so…it’s all worth.

JAMIE: Alright, thank you so much.

MODERATOR: Thank you.

TIA MOWRY: Thank you, Jamie.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Jamie. Our next question is from Mike from TV America.

MIKE: Yeah, for Smokey. One of the good things about this movie is it reminds us of how important those church Christmas pageants are. So could you recall, back when you were a kid and so forth, what was important to you about it? Did you do church Christmas pageants? What did they mean to you?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Well, you know what, Mike? I was involved in a few of them but my mom was one of those people that went to church three, four times a week, you know? She was a real lady, though. She would cuss you out in a minute but she would go to church three, four times a week.

TIA MOWRY: (Laughs.)

SMOKEY ROBINSON: And actually, to be truthful with you, when I was a child, man, church used to scare me because of the fact —

MIKE: (Laughs.)

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I’m serious about that, man. I was scared to death at church because the church that I went to was a Baptist church, Baptist preacher. And he’s preaching and hollering and hooping and just falling out. And the women are coming up there and they’re putting smelling salts and they’re passing out. I was afraid to death of church, man, until I got to be grown. I really was. I wasn’t really, like, a church-going person as a kid. I went if my mom made me, if she made me. So when she made me go, I went. And she would send me to Sunday school in the morning and then I’d have to go back to church with her in the afternoon. That was really a grind for me, man. But like I said, after I got to be grown and I understood a lot more spiritual things, I understood it more. And so I got to be more relaxed with it. But as far as growing up, man, I was…it was a trip for me.

TIA MOWRY: (Laughs.)

MIKE: Thanks. I wanted to ask you one other thing, Smokey. Even though you shot it in Canada, this gives Detroit a really good look because it used a lot of stills, second unit shots. It makes life in Detroit look very attractive. Do we kind of underestimate how good Detroit is right now?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: I hope so, Mike. I really do because Detroit has been devastated for a while. But it’s because of the economy, because of no jobs and all that. See, Detroit is a job city. And when I was growing up, the auto industry was what kept Detroit going. Detroit was the auto industry, really. So after all the auto plants moved out and the manufacturers and stuff and then we had Motown and…I’m so proud of the fact that right now, they even call Detroit Motown. So we created a lot of jobs and things like that in Detroit, also. And we left and the auto industry left, so Detroit suffered for a long time. And I’m very, very happy to see that it is kind of on the rebound.

MIKE: Oh, thanks.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Mike. Our next question is for —

TIA MOWRY: Thank you, Mike!

MODERATOR: Thank you. Noah, you’re up next.

NOAH: Hello, everyone. It is so great to be here with you guys. By the way, Tia, I feel your holiday energy. I have the holiday energy, too. I feel like you’re just gonna bust out into a Christmas tune. Yes, yes, oh yes!

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Go, Tia. Bust it out, Tia.

NOAH: Come on, Tia.

TIA MOWRY: Aw, thank you.

NOAH: Give us a little “Jingle Bells”.

TIA MOWRY: No! Oh my God! Jingle bells, jingle bells. I’m, like, nervous to sing in front of Smokey.

MODERATOR: Okay, thank you, Noah.

TIA MOWRY: You know, Christmas happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I really look forward to it every single year and that’s one of the main reasons why I love doing these movies. It’s something that my family — especially my mom, like, she’s a huge fan of every Christmas movie I do. And we sit down and we have hot cocoa, glasses of wine, and just really enjoy ourselves. So…

QUESTION: Now, Tia, I want to ask you first off, what attracted you to wanna be part of this? Because we have seen you and your sister, Tamera, be part of a lot of Christmas movies. And I just must say I love watching you two on screen.

MARK TAYLOR: Aw, thank you!

QUESTION: I’ve been a longtime fan since “Sister, Sister”. I just recently binged that, by the way, just aside.

TIA MOWRY: Really? With — yes. Okay, yeah, because it’s in syndication right now.


TIA MOWRY: Thank you! You know, what really attracted me with this script in particular is Mr. Smokey Robinson. You know, they had told me that he was going to be a part of it and I was like no way. I didn’t believe them at first. I was like I have to see it to believe it. I’ve known Smokey ever since I was a young, little girl and I’ve been a huge fan. And I just feel like Motown, it’s been very influential, especially within the African American culture and the community. So to be able to have that Motown flair and to have, like, Smokey be a part of the story, I was on-board from the beginning. And then when they told me that Mark was gonna be a part of it, Mark and I, we had done a movie over 20-something years ago, like aging ourselves but —

SMOKEY ROBINSON: When you guys were babies? You did a movie when you were babies?

TIA MOWRY: A baby! A baby! We were, like, in our 20s.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Twenty years ago.

TIA MOWRY: Yeah, basically. So I just — when I found out who the cast was and all of that and then just the story. I’m a huge believer in just giving women an opportunity. And Rhonda Baraka who is the writer of this movie, she wrote such an incredible script. And she’s also an African American woman which I just think is so phenomenal. So yeah, I was really excited about this project and I hope people enjoy this movie as much as all of us did making it.

QUESTION: Now, Mark, you have worked with Tia and Tamera on a movie in the past titled “17 Again”. I don’t know if that’s what you were just talking about, Tia, but that’s the movie that I’m talking about.

MARK TAYLOR: Yeah, it is.

TIA MOWRY: Yes, it was. “17 Again”, that was what I was talking about.

QUESTION: So now, we see you and Tia, you have feelings for each other in this holiday movie that we’ll see on Lifetime. What was it like to personally work with her once again for this project?


MARK TAYLOR: I mean, Tia, you know, she got the big, bright energy, you know? Her spirit is so giving and bright and caring. She’s always checking in with you, making sure that you’re alright.


MARK TAYLOR: And she just makes everyone feel involved, like everyone’s on the same level. So it was great. Like I said, it was a great experience.


QUESTION: Thank you, guys. I appreciate it. You have a good day.

TIA MOWRY: Thank you, Noah!



QUESTION: Bye. Happy holidays.

TIA MOWRY: Happy holidays.

MODERATOR: Thank you. We have time for one final one. Jay, you’re up.

JAY: Oh, thank you very much. Hi. Smokey, my question is for you. You’ve got such a catalogue of songs, obviously, and quite a few of them actually are Christmas songs. What kind of conversation went into exactly what you would perform in the movie?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: You know, Jay, not too much because I was gonna be on board — see, first of all, they sent me the script. And it’s a beautiful, warm, wonderful, warm story. And it was like Tia said, about Black people and about how they celebrate Christmas and what they do and all that. So that got me right there. And then, they told me Tia was gonna be involved. I hadn’t met Mark before filming this, but Tia like I said is my baby. I love her. And they told me she was gonna be involved and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. And then, it’s about Detroit and all that. So I was on board from getting the script and finding out all that information about what was going on. And like I said, the script is beautiful. It’s a warm, wonderful, Christmas story and I was very flattered to be a part of that.


JAY: Just to follow up, when it came to the songs, did they ask for your input about what you might like to perform, maybe from your own catalogue?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: No, no, no, no, no, man. They had some songs in mind that they wanted me to do and I did those. Because whatever they wanted me to do, like I said, I was gonna be on board for. And so I didn’t really pick any songs to sing or anything like that. I just wanted to be a part of it because it seemed so wonderful.

JAY: Thanks very much, Smokey.

TIA MOWRY: You know, wait, Smokey, I have to say one of my favorite moments in the movie is when you walk through the church doors. And you have this — I mean, you have this, like, swagger to you, the way you’re just walking. (Laughs.) Down the aisle. And then you start singing. It is just — I just cannot wait for people to see that moment. I mean, I just started bawling and I just started crying because it’s just — it’s such a beautiful moment. And I know that you’re saying that you’re very grateful to be a part of this movie, but I just want to say thank you for being a part of this movie. I mean, you’re such a legend. And Mark and I, we talk about you all the time. You’re just — you’re so — I mean, you’re a legend, you know what I mean?

SMOKEY ROBINSON: (Over-talking @ 01:38:44) And so I really, really want to take this time — I’ve already told you so many times before, but thank you for lending just your energy and your talent to this story because you did an incredible job. So thank you.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Well, thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate that. And I got your vitamins, too. I got the vitamins.



TIA MOWRY: Yay! I love that!


MODERATOR: That’s awesome. Thank you so much to the cast of “Miracle in Motor City”. Make sure to tune in November 28th at 8/7 Central only on Lifetime.




Lifetime Reveals Full Holiday Movie Slate for Annual IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFETIME Programming Event Beginning November 12th, Including 30 New Premieres In 30 Days Kicking Off After Thanksgiving to Count Down to Christmas

Lifetime Reveals Full Holiday Movie Slate for Annual


Programming Event Beginning November 12th

Including 30 New Premieres In 30 Days

Kicking Off After Thanksgiving to Count Down to Christmas

Talent Around the Tree This Year Includes

Kelly Rowland, Reba McEntire, Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, Jana Kramer, Marie Osmond, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Tatyana Ali, Roselyn Sánchez, Jacky Lai, Mýa, Ryan McPartlin, Thomas Cadrot, Bresha Webb, Candice King, Emeraude Tobia, Aimee Garcia, Haylie Duff, Ricki Lake, Kirk Franklin, John Schneider, Maria Menounos, Chad Michael Murray, AnnaLynne McCord, and Many Others

Los Angeles, CA – September 28, 2021 – Get ready for the most cheerful holiday season yet! Lifetime announces its largest holiday movie slate ever for the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event, kicking off November 12th with five new movies Fridays and Saturdays, and a premiere on Sunday, November 21st.  Then, once the Thanksgiving feast is over and for the first time ever, Lifetime will premiere 30 new movies, in 30 days, with a new movie EVERY DAY from November 26 through December 25. As the #1 holiday movie destination, Lifetime’s 2021 It’s a Wonderful Lifetime slate will feature 35 new movies and over 1000 hours of holiday programming.

In case that’s not enough excitement for you – get ready for It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday Movie Preview hosted by Tia Mowry (star of this year’s Miracle in Motor City)! This special will preview Lifetime’s upcoming 2021 Christmas Movies and will be available on VOD beginning October 24 and will premiere on Lifetime November 7 at 10am ET/PT. In addition to sneak peeks and cast interviews, Tia will share a special holiday treat or cocktail recipe to go with each movie previewed!

At Lifetime it’s never too early to get in the spirit! Beginning October 15, Lifetime VOD will have 10 of your favorite holiday titles available to screen. And if you just can’t get enough – starting November 12, LMC will have 50 of Lifetime’s best holiday movies available to stream!

Miracle in Motor City

Starring Tia Mowry, Mark Taylor & Smokey Robinson

11/28 at 8pm / 7c

Amber Dupont (Tia Mowry) bites off more than she can chew when she takes charge of her church’s annual Christmas pageant and inadvertently promises to deliver a special performance by Motown Legend Smokey Robinson. When her best friends secretly enlist Amber’s former flame Eddie (Mark Taylor) to help – the pair reconnect in a quest to find Smokey and convince him to appear. With the clock ticking, family, friends, and superstar Smokey Robinson come together to stage the most special pageant yet.Miracle in Motor City is produced by Cineflix Media with Tia Mowry, Charles Tremayne, and Jeff Vanderwal serving as executive producers. Gaylyn Fraiche consults on behalf of Tia Mowry. Alfons Adetuyi directs from a script by Rhonda Baraka.

Markeda McKay, Tia Mowry, Smokey Robinson, and Mark Taylor in "Miracle in Motor City" on Lifetime

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Interview with Chrystee Pharris

TV Interview!


Chrystee Pharris of "Monogamy"

Interview with Chrystee Pharris of “Monogamy” on ALLBLK by Suzanne 11/23/21

This was such a fun interview! Chrystee is just great. She’s smart, passionate, funny – and an amazing actress! I’ve enjoyed reading her Facebook posts for years as well as seeing her on TV. I’m so glad we were able to do this.

Chrystee: How are you doing today?

Suzanne: All right. I’m not quite awake.

Chrystee: Where are you located?

Suzanne: I’m in Arkansas right now. I’m from San Diego originally, and then we move around a lot for my husband’s job.

Chrystee: Oh, I was gonna say, “San Diego to Arkansas?”

Suzanne: Oh, it’s worse than that. I haven’t lived to San Diego since 1982. We went here from Hawaii.

Chrystee: Oh my gosh. Is he military?

Suzanne: No, he’s a professor.

Chrystee: Okay, because as soon as you said San Diego and Hawaii, I was like, “Oh, that sounds like military.”

Suzanne: Yeah, actually, the reason I was in San Diego is because my dad was in the military, and he had been there and then liked it. So, we went back after he retired.

Chrystee: My dad was in the military as well.

Suzanne: Which branch?

Chrystee: He was in the Air Force. So I was born on Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Suzanne: Oh, nice. Yeah, my dad was in the Air Force too. I was born in Northern California. It used to be Travis Air Force Base, but I guess it’s gone now, or the hospital’s gone. One of them’s gone. I can’t remember. I was too young to know anyway.

Chrystee: I feel you on that one.

Suzanne: Yeah. So, we’ve been Facebook friends for a long time. I don’t know if you recognize my name. You actually have a lot of Facebook friends.

Chrystee: Oh, wow. No, I don’t think I’ve paid that much attention. There’re so many people. That’s so wonderful.

Suzanne: It’s so great to finally meet you, because I had thought about asking you for an interview at one point, but I thought, “Well I don’t know what she’s doing,” and then I sort of forgot about it, because I got busy.

Chrystee: Oh, yeah. I would have said yes. You know, what else? It also just depends. I mean, like, a lot of times we are super busy, but a lot of times we’re not. And because we’re all independent contractors, it’s a hustle market. It’s not like you have a nine to five where you know what doing and you have a steady paycheck. But in the acting world, you’re an independent contractor, and you’re constantly trying to find work. So, you have to stay busy, otherwise you don’t have income coming in. So, we’re always busy, but yet we’re not busy. You know what I mean?

Suzanne: Yeah. So, so what attracted you to the role of Diandra?

Chrystee: You know, it’s interesting, I know, Caryn Ward and Craig Ross Jr., they’re both married, they created the show. Craig called me out of the blue and said, “Hey, Chrystee, I have this show, kind of an experimental situation. It’s a new network -” which at the time it was called, I can’t remember; now It’s called Allblk, and that’s owned by AMC. He was like, “We’re not really sure what’s going to happen, but I would love for you to play this role.” And I was like, “Okay, of course,” and then he was like, “Do you want to read the script first?” And I was like, “Oh, I guess I should do that, but, yeah, of course, I’ll do this role.”

Then, next thing you know, I remember reading it and kind of getting a little nervous, because I was like, “Wow, I’ve never played a character like this before.” It was definitely a challenge. I remember the first day, and we were doing it, and I’m just “Da da da da,” and he’s like, “No, no, no. You gotta – she’s not – she’s more like this,” you know, because I have to be opposite of Caryn’s character.

And from there, I just was able to slip into this wonderful character that’s changed my life in a lot of ways. I mean, she’s so complex. Things have changed a little bit now, just because the industry has changed. Especially with Black Lives Matter, black people are hot at this moment. So, I say that with a joke. Of course, nobody would understand that, because they’re reading it as opposed to seeing this interview, but when you look at things that are like, I don’t know, different shows, the black girl was always the side chick, the best friend. She didn’t have complex dialogue, storyline. This character is so complex. She has so much stuff going on in her life. This third season, I mean, you just see so much come out that the fans are like, “Wow.” The first season they loved me. Second season, they did not like me. Third season, they were like, “Oh, my God, I completely understand her. Wow, been through that. Wow.” Then, they had compassion for me. Then, the next episode after that, after the first episode, they were like, they had compassion for me. They’re like, “Oh, man, I understand her. Wow.” The next episode after that, episode three, they hated me again. Then, by the end of the season, they’re just like, “Oh, my God, we’re pulling for her.” I’ve never seen fans go through the emotional up and down with the character that I played before. It’s just beautiful. I mean, I just I love Diandra. She’s probably my favorite so far.

Suzanne: And what would you say that you and she have the most in common and what you have that’s very different?

Chrystee: Well, one thing that is not in common is that I’m not worth $10 million. I mean, this character is worth – her parents left her money before they died. That portion of it, I definitely cannot relate to, and being calm and collected, but people would look at me and go, “No, what are you talking about? That is you,” Like, I suppress my emotions, but yet I can’t suppress my emotions. So, it’s like this dual battle.

What I probably can relate to is just the complexity of marriage and divorce and the complexity of family and the trauma that you can go through with family. I think I can relate to that. Not to say that my family went through crazy times, but enough that you think you’re the only person who’s gone through this, and you realize, no, a lot of people have complex relationships with their families, you know? Like my brother passed away. Actually, it’ll be three years now, but he was bipolar, schizophrenic, homeless, you know what I mean? So, you try to hide those things. You don’t want people to see what’s really going on in your family. You try to hide those, and then you realize, “Oh, maybe you don’t have to hide it,” that a lot more of us have gone through these things, and you try to deal with it. Then, the heartbreak of losing them without even being able to say goodbye is the hardest thing in the world, you know?

Suzanne: Yeah, I can imagine. I watched season one yesterday, and I really enjoyed it.

Chrystee: Thanks.

Suzanne: I’m sure I’m not the only one that is playing catch up, because people nowadays, they’ll binge watch some show they never watched.

Chrystee: Yeah.

Suzanne: So, what can you tell me do I have to look forward to in seasons two and three?

Chrystee: Well, part of the thing that you look forward to is that the production value is better. laughs

Suzanne: I did see the first episode of the second season, so I know what you’re talking about.

Chrystee: Yeah, I mean, it’s like night and day, because we actually finally had gotten a budget. That’s definitely number one. But that journey of season two, now you’re pulling for you know, who do you want to stay together? Who do you want to split apart? And for the people who are reading this article, the show, Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy is about four couples who are going through marital issues, and they decide to do a spousal swap through an experiment to work out their relationship. Which is crazy in itself, but that second season, you’re really sitting there going, “Oh my gosh, which relationship do I want to stay together?” Like, who do you want to to stay? You get to season three, and you’re not expecting any of what happens in season three. I remember getting the script and going, “What in the world?” You know what I mean? Like, “What the what?”

"Monogamy" on ALLBLKAnd that’s the great thing about the writers, for this show, is you think that the show is going to go one way, and it completely goes left, and you’re kind of in shock. Nothing in the show is predictable, like nothing. Even I remember this particular season – I’m watching the show in real time, because we don’t get to see it ahead of time, and, literally, I remember when I got to episode three or four, and I remember saying, “I cannot remember what happens. I have to go back and reread the script.” And I reread the script, and my significant other was so mad, because he was like, “Well, let me read it.” And I was like, “No, you gotta watch it.” And he’s like, “That’s not fair! You’re gonna read it, and I don’t get to read it. That’s just not fair.” And I was like, “I don’t care.” And I went back and read the whole entire last season of episodes.

But yeah, I promise you, people are going to go through an emotional roller coaster ride, because it’s just so unpredictable. It really isn’t predictable. It almost makes me go, “Really Diandra?”

Suzanne: It has a sci-fi vibe to it, even though it’s not sci-fi, because of the people that you never see and that kind of thing.


Suzanne: It makes it interesting. Or one of those weird Korean dramas that may or may not be sci-fi.

Chrystee: Yeah, like it seems like some extraterrestrial, although it’s not in any way, shape, or form, but it’s kind of like, it’s not quite like Squid Games, but Squid Games –

Suzanne: It has that vibe.

Chrystee: Yeah. Where you have these people that are talking, and you never see their faces and so forth. Just a little bit, yeah.

Suzanne: And it kind of goes back all the way, if you want to go back all the way to a show like The Prisoner from the 1960s, which I don’t remember if it was strictly sci-fi or it just felt that way, where they had a man who was being kept prisoner. They wouldn’t give him a name. He had a number.The cast of "Passions" on NBC

I never saw that.

Suzanne: Yeah. It’s a little obscure, but sci-fi fans know it.

Chrystee: Gotcha.

Suzanne: So, that kind of thing is very interesting, and even though they’re not really prisoners, they sign up to be prisoners. So, it’s similar in a way. They have to follow the rules. It struck me interesting that they all followed the rules, I guess because their financial finances were on the line. It would make me wonder how people would act that would do that if their finances were not on the line. It was almost like a reality show, in a way. It was scripted. I guess they did have a Wife Swap reality show, but it wasn’t quite the same way. It wasn’t really wife swapping; they called it wife swapping, but it was family swapping. It didn’t have the whole sexual aspect to it.

Chrystee: Yeah, and, I mean, in season two, there’s a financial challenge, and it makes you wonder how people are going to react, and Diandra goes through that a little bit, in the second season, and it takes her out of her cool, calm collected, “I know how to handle this stuff.” I mean, I think that’s why season two has its own journey.

Suzanne: Yeah, and it struck me as odd that the show is on a streaming channel, and it’s very sexual, but at least what I’ve seen so far, there’s no actual nudity.

Chrystee: No.

Suzanne: You know If this was on HBO, Showtime, Netflix there would have been nudity. So, do you know why they chose that?

Chrystee: Well, I mean, I just think because of the streaming network; this particular network is still limited. I’m not sure if they can take it that far, but I think also, out of respect – I mean, which is why the director is so amazing is that he makes sure that you’re all comfortable with what’s happening. Like in season three, it gets, for my character, in my opinion, a little more riskier, to a certain degree. He and I had had a talk about it, what I was comfortable with, but because of the fact that we shot it during the pandemic, and you want to be COVID safe, he had to change things around and be sure that they could still get the story across without compromising anything or putting us in jeopardy, our lives in jeopardy, because of COVID.

Suzanne: Right. So, that was why there was a year between season two and three with COVID, but you didn’t take the whole year off?

Chrystee: Yes. So the reason why it was it prolonged the first season to the second season was because it was a new network, so they had to do whatever you do. Then, finally we got greenlit; we shot it. We were getting ready to shoot the next season. The pandemic hit. Okay, so, we were like, “Hey, we’re gonna be shooting.” “Wait; hold on. Something’s happening. Oh, wait a minute.” Like, you know, “I’m scared. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

Suzanne: Yeah, I know. So, what’s it been like working with Brian White and Darius McCrary? What a choice your character had.

Chrystee: Yeah, yeah. Well, it was it’s so interesting, because Darius, Wesley Jonathan, and Caryn and I, we all did this movie that really wasn’t the best movie in the world, but people love it. So, I don’t say anything bad about it, but we all did a movie together back in the day, which is how we all met. Then, fast forward to doing this together. I mean, Darius is a very energetic, sweet, breezy, lovable teddy bear. He’s just the sweetest guy, and it was it’s always a joy. Brian is completely opposite. Brian is a little more low key, very business oriented. You know, “let’s get this done” kind of thing. Very focused, you know, that type. Darius is more like, “Hey, everybody, I love you guys! What are we doing today?” So, they’re completely different character people, like just people in general, and they fit their characters to a tee, because Brian’s character is really intense; he’s so intense. Then, you have Darius’s character, who’s kind of like, you know. So, it was a joy to work with both of them, because they’re completely opposite. Completely opposite, but great people. Great people.

Suzanne: Good. Brian has been in so many great things. I just love him. And Darius was on The Young and the Restless. So, you actually have that in common with the soap. It’s funny, because he was brought in to sort of replace Shemar Moore’s character, and it didn’t really work, and I think it might have had to do with the directing or something, the writing, because this character that he’s playing in your show reminds me a lot of Mr. Moore’s character when he played him, and I think if they had given him the right writing and direction then he would have worked better as that character, because…they sort of made him boring in the show. That’s unfortunate, because he’s obviously a very good actor.

Chrystee: Yeah, yeah.

Suzanne: So yeah, I know that a lot of times fans blame the actor when it when a lot of it has to do with the writing and the directing and other factors that we don’t even know about.

Chrystee: Yeah, I mean, it happens, and it’s not it’s also not easy to replace somebody. I came in replacing — her name was Lena Cardwell on Passions, and I remember, in the beginning, people were a little, you know, “Well, no.” Then, I stood my ground. I had good skills, and people accepted me and loved me, and I didn’t have any issues with the transition.

But when the new girl came in, Cathy Doe, she came in, and I’ll never forget, because I remember, we ended up the week that I left was the day that she started, but that same day, we worked on a film together, and we happened to go [unintelligible] film. I know she thought I wasn’t going to like her, or would be standoffish or whatever, because she’s taking my role. And the first thing I did, I was like, “Oh, my gosh, we get to meet! Do you have any questions? Make sure you do you. Don’t try to be like me; just create your own character.” And she was just like, “Oh, my god, she was so nice to me.” She said this in an interview, and I responded back, because the same people who interviewed her interviewed me. I said, “Well, I had to tell her, and for everybody out there, I chose to leave the show.” I wanted to give another woman, another black woman, in particular, the opportunity that I had. It was just time for me to move on. But it’s always love. It wasn’t like she came in and auditioned or something and talked her way in and took my role away from me. No, that’s not what happened. I chose to leave. I wanted to give another opportunity to another amazing actress, and she got the opportunity to do it.

But I just think, in this industry, people can be so insecure about somebody taking over. And not to say stuff like that doesn’t happen, but I just don’t see it that way. I don’t hate on reality star people, or Instagram, people who are getting roles now. I don’t hate on other actresses who are younger than me or whatever the case may be, or have a better body than me or are better actors than me or are prettier than me. I know that I’m talented, and no one can take that away from me.

And now, we’re in a place where you can create your own destiny. It wasn’t like that when we started back in the 90s, in the 2000s and stuff. Things were not like that. You couldn’t create your own projects, because we didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t have little cameras and stuff like that that we could create our own projects. So, now, if you’re hating on other people, then you have an issue, because you can create your own shit.

Suzanne: That’s right. So, I used to watch you on Passions,. Do you still keep in touch with any of the actors on that show?

Chrystee: I keep in contact with Donn Swaby, who played Chad, the original bad. I still speak to Rodney Van Johnson who played my father, and I still keep in contact with Tracey Ross who played my mom on the show. Then, Brook Kerr and Lindsay Hartley who played Whitney and Theresa, a lot of them, and Sam, I keep in touch with all of them on Instagram or Facebook. So, I feel like I talk to them, but then I’m like, “Oh, but do I?”…I’m like, “Oh wait, this is on Facebook.” So, I never know if Facebook is a false – Like, is it a false communication or is it really real? You know what I mean? Because in my mind, I’m like, “Oh yeah, Jade Harlow. I talked to Jade,” but the question is do I really?

Suzanne: Yeah, I think it depends on the actor and how active they actually are on Facebook. I mean, some people just post on Twitter, and they have it set up to go directly to Facebook, and they don’t interact very much, whereas others like yourself are more active.

Chrystee: Yeah. So, I still talk to them all the time, via Facebook, like, even the character that played Ivy, we all keep in contact but, but then I’m like, “But do I?”

Suzanne: Hey, it’s like the rest of us who keep in contact with our old friends or old ex-coworkers or high school friends or whatever. It’s the same thing. Nobody has time to call up every single person that you ever knew.

Chrystee: Right, but I can say that if I ever needed something, I’m sure that I could hit any one of them up and say, “Hey, I need something. Can you help?”…I mean, all of them – They, actually have reached back out and were like, “Oh, what do you need,” blah, blah, blah. So, I mean, I keep in touch with them enough in that sense, but yeah, I talk to most of them.

Suzanne: Great. Brook is on General Hospital right now.

Chrystee: So happy for her. She just had a birthday too, yesterday.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. Cool. And then the actor who plays Sam, he was just in a Lifetime movie over the weekend. I don’t remember the title off the top my head. So, you have something coming out called The Myth of Control. Can you tell us about that?

Chrystee: Oh, yeah. So The Myth of Control is a web series that I had the pleasure of acting and directing an episode. There’re seven episodes. And Mikail Chowdhury, the creator, he reached out to me and said, “Hey, I’d love to collaborate with you, and would you like to not only act, but I would love for you to direct.” And I was like, “Direct? What?” I’ve done stage plays and musicals and stuff, but I hadn’t really direct anything via film or television. So, after putting it off, and kind of sending other directors his way, he was like, “Hey, no, I still want you to do it, do one of these episodes.” And I was like, “Um okay.” So, I said “yes,” and oh my God, that was the best experience that I I’ve had in so long. It felt like the first time I’d ever seen myself on TV. It was that excitement, that joy, because we shot – This was the special part about it is that we shot during COVID, the height of COVID. We sent everybody – because we were sitting around. We were like, “Okay, what are we going to do? What can we do? Why don’t we send everybody a cell phone and lighting and send it to each actor?” None of the actors got a chance to rehearse. None of them saw each other. They didn’t interact with the other actors, if they had somebody in the same scene with them. Everybody shot at their own house; they had to use their own significant other to do the lighting and sound, blah, blah, blah. I had to direct over Zoom. And on top of the fact that I’m directing it over Zoom, my two actresses were deaf. So, imagine trying to communicate via Zoom, which we’re on right now, and communicate with deaf actors, when you don’t even know sign language.

Suzanne: So, what how did you do it?

Chrystee: There is something called Google Meets. They translate. They’re amazing. Thank you Google Meets. But they translated the words so that they could read what we were saying.

Suzanne: So, they had a life transcript, essentially.

Chrystee: Yes. So, that was how we were able to communicate, but it was so amazing, so beautiful. It made me realize that I have so much to give, like I’m a great director. I know how to interact with the actors. I know how to get out of them what they need. Some directors are more technical directors. They don’t know how to speak to actors, but I’m an actor’s director. Every actor communicates differently. You, as a director, have to figure out instantly, “How does this actor communicate? How do they receive information?” Because one person, you can just tell them. Another person, you have to show them. Another person, you just have to give them the psychological background of a character, and then they know how to do it. So, you have to know. And some directors just have to let the actors figure it out, because they’ll get there. They’ll get frustrated if you tell them. So, you really figure it out. You’re like a teacher. I have no idea how to –

Suzanne: I was just gonna say, it’s very much like being a teacher.

Chrystee: Yeah, you have to really be so present, to look at your students, your actor, whatever and really, like, figure out in two minutes how they [unintelligible].

So, this young actress, her name is Natash Ofili, and she is phenomenal. It made me realize how we separate ourselves, how there’s another group of people that we don’t communicate with, that either we’re afraid to communicate, or we just are oblivious to. And it made me realize – I have no deaf friends. Then, it made me realize how we do not cater to all the people in the world, because there’re events that I wanted them to come to, but they didn’t have any interpreters. It was like, “Hey, we want to do this; we want them to come to the film festival,” but they didn’t have any interpreters.

So, you realize that – you know, being a person of color, it’s tough. Things happen that, you know, no sense of even going through all the things, but I can only imagine being a person of color and being deaf and going through that trauma. Because one of the things that she said was during Black Lives Matter, like the deaf community is already small, but Black Lives Matter and the Trump era started happening, and it made it even smaller, because that community became separated. She said it was even worse. I mean, there were things that she was talking about that I didn’t even have a clue. I thought sign language was common amongst, just that world. She was like, “No.” Even from New York to LA, east coast, west coast, the south, they’re all different, because at one point in time, she was saying in the south, they would not teach the black community who are deaf sign language to [unintelligible]. So, if you go to the south, they don’t speak the same language as the west coast or the east coast. And even the east coast and the west coast talk differently. Like west coast, I think they talk with both hands and maybe the east coast talk with one hand? She was like, “Oh, yeah, it’s completely different.” And I was like, “I can only imagine.”

Suzanne: That’s interesting.

Chrystee: So, my point of all of me saying all of that was that directing this has opened my world to something I didn’t even know I was missing, and now I cannot live without them.

Suzanne: Right. And you won an award recently for directing something right?

Chrystee: I did. We won two awards so far. It’s been in twenty festivals. I won Best Director, and it won Best COVID film as well.

Suzanne: So, you’re going to have to do more directing, I guess.

Chrystee: Yes, that would be the goal. That would be the goal.

Suzanne: That’s great. It’s always great when somebody can seize the opportunity and then make something great out of it.

Chrystee: Yeah. I mean, that’s the thing about like how I told you we’re always busy, and yet we’re not busy all at the same time. You’ve go to create your own opportunities.

Suzanne: Is there anything else you have coming up that you want to tell us about? Or that you can tell us about?

Chrystee: I mean, I’m at a place in my life where, you know, you always hear those sayings where they say, “Enjoy what you do, and the money will follow?” I used to always look at people and go, “What?” In the beginning, I used to have fun, and then at some point in time, I stopped having fun, because I was always in hustle mode, trying to make sure that I stayed on top of whatever. I mean, I make a living off of this, what I do: voiceovers and acting and directing and whatever. So, the pandemic just opened my eyes to realize life is short, and you need to have fun and enjoy the process. So, now, I am learning how to do in my 40s martial arts and sword fighting, and now my new thing is learning how to do motion capture in animation.

…They did a video, because I was like, “Oh, I should videotape what I just learned.” And I looked at myself, and I was like, “Oh, my God, I look a hot mess.” And normally I’d be like, “There’s no sense in me starting this, because I just look a hot mess” during the sword fighting, and then I was like, “Yeah, but are you having fun?” “I am having fun.” “Okay, then why don’t you just keep going?” And don’t do it because you’re trying to get to this destination of doing motion capture being a kick-ass action hero on some TV show or film, do it because you’re enjoying it. Then, if something happens from it, okay. So, if you want to learn how to play the piano, don’t do because you’re trying to do something at Carnegie Hall, do it because you always wanted to play the piano, and it’s going to make you happy. So, if I die tomorrow, I would be happy, because I learned how to play the piano.

Suzanne: Right. Yeah, a lot of people don’t understand what you’re saying, and I get it, totally. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what’s going on in your life, do what makes you happy. If you enjoy learning new things, learn new things. It’s not like you have to be fantastic at it. It’s just for you.

Chrystee: And I never looked at it like that. I was always like, “How am I going to make money off of this?” It’s like, when the pandemic happened, first thing I said was, “How am I gonna make money during the pandemic? What in the entertainment industry is still happening?” And it was, “Oh, voiceover work is still happening.” So, what did I do? I built that right there. [unintelligible] So, that’s what I mean. Like, are you having fun with it? You should do it, because it’s fun, not because you get to some destination.

So, yeah, that would be the wisdom that I would leave with my audience is to make sure that you’re having fun, because this life can be long; it could be short, but really, what you want to make sure is that no matter when it comes to an end, you enjoyed every single day of your life. And I don’t think I learned that until the pandemic.

Suzanne: Wow, okay, well, that’s good. That’s a good lesson to learn. It wasn’t a totally wasted.

Chrystee: Exactly. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. It wasn’t. Actually, as many people as I lost and I saw die and go through crazy stuff, it was a good time for me to sit back, because I’ve never taken a break before in my twenty years of doing this; I’ve never taken a break. I don’t take breaks for my birthday, holidays, none of that. I took my first vacation, and, I mean, it was like, “Wow, how come I haven’t been doing this this whole time?” Why was I not doings stuff with my friends when everybody’s like, “Yeah, we’re going on a cruise. You want to roll?” “No, can’t roll. I got to stay here to see if there’s any income coming in from a job.” I was always doing that, and the pandemic made me go, “Wow, all those people who I knew were hustling all the time, and they’re gone,” and they never made it to their destination either. So, you better enjoy this life, because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Suzanne: That is true. And thank you. Those are great words of wisdom to end an interview, and I appreciate it.

Chrystee: I appreciate it as well, and thanks so much for the interview.

Suzanne: Oh, thank you. I’m glad I got to watch Monogamy; it’s great.

Chrystee: Yeah, if you get a chance to get to that third season, it’s a doozy. It’s a doozy.

Suzanne: I’m gonna definitely try. I watch a lot of TV.

Chrystee: Of course, of course. That’s why I said if you get a chance.

Suzanne: Yeah, I really enjoy it though. Yeah, I will add it to my list.

Chrystee: All right. All right. Thanks so much. Have a good one.

Suzanne: Thank you. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Chrystee: You too. All right. Bye bye.

Here is the audio version of it.

Interview Transcribed by Jamie of


Chrystee is a television/film actress. She is a native from Middletown, Ohio. She is known for her work on Passions (2004), Scrubs (2005), Steppin’: The Movie (2009), Nashville (2015), Greenleaf (2017),  Spiderman: into the Spider-Verse (2018), Goliath (2019), 911 (2019). 
Currently, she is a co-star on the hit show Monogamy available via Amazon Prime (2021).
She Graduated with a B.F.A. in Theater from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.





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Days Transcript Friday, November 26, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ciara: [Groans]

Ben: This is all normal morning sickness, right?

Ciara: Mm, I mean, it’s not morning, but yes. They say that this is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Ben: Still no fun.

Ciara: Mm, tell me about it, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Ben: Yes, it will.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: For now, I have a little something that might help. Huh?

Ciara: [Chuckles] Another gift for the baby?

Ben: Mm-mm.

Ciara: You know, our child is already spoiled.

Ben: Uh-uh, uh-uh. This one is for mama. Happy anniversary.

Ciara: [Chuckles]

[Suspenseful music]

Steve: [Grunting]

Susan: [Whimpering]

Steve: God, susan, what did you do?

Susan: I had no choice.

Marlena: Doug, I understand how frustrated you are, but calling names isn’t going to help anything.

Doug: I wasn’T. Literally is now the devil.

Belle: What?

Kayla: Doug, what are you saying?

Marlena: Kayla, now do you see why he has to be medicated? You of all people can see that he’s talking nonsense. He’s delusional.

Julie: I don’t think so.

Marlena: Excuse me?

Julie: As crazy as it sounds, after everything that’s happened, I believe my husband.

Shawn: You believe that– that marlena is the devil?

Marlena: Oh, oh, julie I–

Julie: No, if I had listened to what doug said about you in the first place, none of this would’ve happened, marlena. Or should I call you satan?

[Unsettling music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ej: [Clears throat] You–you want to play my sister kristen? Are you–are you sure about that?

Anna: Well, why not? It’s a meaty part.

Ej: [Laughs] Oh, it’s–it’s quite meaty. I was just reading the scene where john discovers kristen naked in the church, covered in pentagrams.

Anna: Oh, I love that scene.

[Laughs] What’s your point?

Ej: Well, john takes off his shirt to cover her, and it leads to some… fraught moments.

Anna: Yes, I remember. Got me all hot and bothered just thinking about it and reading it in the script.

Ej: Yes, and I assume you’re aware that the actor playing john black is…

Tony: You.

Ej: Exactly. Are you suggesting you’re comfortable with me seducing your wife?

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Oh, god.

John: Hey, buddy, thank god.

Steve: How’d this happen?

John: She did it to herself.

Steve: What? Why?

John: She’s trying to protect her son.

Steve: I’m gonna get you some help, susan. Hold on. Who locked you in here, john? Was it marlena? I’m not getting any reception.

John: Get her up to the house before she bleeds out.

Steve: No, what about you?

John: I’ll live. Get her out of here. Go.

Steve: Okay, here we go. Here we go. Okay, come here.

Doug: Julie is right.

Kayla: Doug, don’t tax yourself.

Doug: I’m fine, finally.

Julie: This explains everything– why you kept doug locked up in a–a padded room, strung out on drugs, separated from all of us who love him.

Marlena: Kayla, can you just put a stop to this, please? And, shawn, please, talk some sense into your grandmother?

Shawn: No, actually, what my grandmother’s saying is making a strange kind of sense.

Marlena: Sense?

[Tense music]

Belle. My sweet girl. You don’t believe this about your mother, do you, because this is just nonsense.

Belle: Well, I might think it was nonsense if it hadn’t happened before.

Marlena: It can’t happen again. John cast the devil out of me.

Julie: Did he? John was never a consecrated priest.

Marlena: Belle… look at me. I’m your mother. Please, please, please tell me you don’t believe this.

Belle: I’d like to hear what else doug has to say.

Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Ciara: Baby, you’re aware that it’s not our anniversary, right?

Ben: Well, it’s not our wedding anniversary, but as far as I’m concerned, thanksgiving four years ago was one of the most important days of my life.

Ciara: Four years ago…

[Laughs] I had just broken up with tripp.

Ben: Yes, you did. And I ran into you outside of the pub. You remember? Can’t ride without these.

Ciara: Thanks.

Ben: Well, I should probably get going. It’s good to see you.

Ciara: Wait. Of course I remember.

Ben: That bike, to you, represented your family, represented your freedom.

Ciara: And it represented my future, because I didn’t know it yet, but that bike is why we are together.

Ben: Hmm. Open it.

Ciara: Okay.

[Laughs] Well, it’s a little small, don’t you think?

Ben: I think it’s the perfect size.

Ciara: Wait. Ben weston, is this a motorcycle helmet for a baby?

Ben: Okay, I know I told you the present wasn’t for the kid, because it really is for you.

Ciara: Oh my gosh, baby, it’s adorable. It is so sweet. Oh!

Ben: I want you to know that our life is gonna be very different eight months from now. But it’s okay because all the things that truly matter are never gonna change.

Ciara: Can a baby even ride on a motorcycle?

Ben: I don’t think they’d be able to really drive on their own. Maybe they could. I–

Ciara: Oh, my gosh. You know what I mean.

Ben: Technically, there’s no age limit, but of course we’re gonna take every precaution.

Ciara: And you actually did your research on this.

Ben: Of course I did my research. Dads need to know this kind of stuff. Go ahead, try me. Ask me about crib regulations.

Ciara: [Laughs] You know I really, really love you, right?

[Tender music]

Marlena: Belle, you certainly can’t believe–

Belle: You haven’t been yourself since shawn and i got back from south africa.

Marlena: Why would you say that?

Belle: For starters, you dressed up as the devil on halloween.

Kayla: What?

Marlena: It was a costume, a halloween costume.

Belle: Well, it was an odd choice, given your past.

Marlena: No, I was just trying to show support for johnny’s movie.

Belle: Well, what about the way you treated that poor black cat that you took to the pound?

Marlena: [Gasps] To the shelter.

Belle: It’s like you didn’t care if it lived or died.

Marlena: Well, I’m not a cat person, but I wouldn’t do that.

Julie: Oh, why are we debating this? You all heard doug.

Marlena: Doug is not in his right mind. Kayla, come on. You’re rational.

Kayla: I am also a cradle catholic, and my faith tells me that there is evil in the world.

Marlena: So do you think that you’re talking to the devil right now?

Kayla: Steve and I tried to get ahold of you for days, and you did everything in your power to ignore us.

Marlena: Oh, for heaven’s sake, I was busy. I explained that to you.

Kayla: We didn’t believe a word you said.

Marlena: So you think I’m lying?

Doug: That’s all you do. That’s who you are.

Kayla: There is a reason that your entire family is concerned about you.

Marlena: By that, you mean shawn and belle?

Kayla: No, I’m talking about your husband. John was so determined to find out what was going on with you. He listened to the tape of your therapy session with doug.

Doug: The therapy session?

Marlena: That is a violation of my patient’s confidentiality.

Kayla: Well, not in this case, actually, because john said he couldn’t hear doug’s voice on the tape…

Julie: What?

Kayla: And that you sounded scared, marlena.

Marlena: Because–I’m sorry, but you think I’m afraid of a 96-year-old man?

Julie: No, afraid… of evil incarnate.

[Unsettling music]

Ciara: [Sighs] A human being is going to wear this, a little tiny human being that we created.

Ben: Mm-hmm. And to think it all started four thanksgivings ago.

Ciara: Oh. I… I might… I might feel something more than– more than friendship for you. Understatement of the decade.

Ben: Here’s the deal. If you’re too broken to love or be loved, what does that mean for someone like me?

Ciara: I’m sorry, I didn’t–

Ben: No, no, it’s all right. Because as messed up as I am, I know there are far crazier people than me who do find love. So I’m not giving up hope. And you can’t either. I won’t let you.

[Tender music]

Ciara: Our first kiss. Was it really that long ago?

Ben: You know, in a way, it feels like yesterday.

Ciara: And in other ways, it feels like a lifetime, baby.

Marlena: Evil incarnate?

Julie: In human form. You know, lucifer, beelzebub, old scratch.

Doug: Satan.

Belle: You did something to my father, didn’t you?

Marlena: Do you think I would ever hurt my husband, the man that I love?

Julie: Oh, stop the acting. You are not marlena.

Marlena: He would be very upset to hear you talk to me like this.

Kayla: Then where is he?

Marlena: He’s on a mission. I’ve explained that.

Kayla: Steve said it seems like he fell off the face of the earth.

Marlena: He’s undercover. That’s how it works.

Shawn: You know what? I think that we should continue this conversation down at the station.

Marlena: You’re arresting me? For what? Belle? Belle, are you going to let your husband do this to me?

Belle: You left him no choice.

Marlena: You’re going to be sorry you did this. You’re all going to be very sorry you did this.

Anna: Ej, you do understand that people don’t actually have sex when they’re shooting a love scene in a movie, not this kind of movie, anyway. It’s called acting.

Ej: I understand, yes.

[Door rattling] What’s that?

[Tense music]

Steve: Here you go.

Susan: [Moans]

Ej: Oh, my god, mother. What the hell did you do to her?

Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Ej: What the hell did you do, johnson?

Steve: Call an ambulance. Now!

Ej: Hold on, mother. Help is on the way.

Tony: What happened, steve?

Steve: I found her like this in the crypt.

Anna: What were you doing out there?

Steve: I was looking for john.

Tony: In the family crypt?

Steve: Yes, he was locked inside with susan. He’s still chained up. You need to go get him out of there. Now! Go!

Ej: [Sighs]

Steve: Ej, come. Help me slow down this bleeding.

Ej: Aye.

Steve: There you go.

Ej: Hold on, mother. Help is coming. You’re gonna be fine.

[Dramatic music]

Ben: That thanksgiving was one of the happiest days of my life… until a year later, when I find myself on trial for my own sister’s murder. Then a year after that, I was in statesville. I can’t believe that you left your family on thanksgiving to come to this godforsaken place.

Ciara: Well, ben, this godforsaken place is where you are. And you’re family now too.

[Tender music]

I never lost hope that you would come home.

Ben: I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t fight so hard for me.

Ciara: Mm.

Ben: You saved my life.

Ciara: I got lucky, babe. I spent a lot of time trying to prove something that ended up to be wrong.

Ben: But you were the one who ultimately figured out the truth. You’re the only one who never, ever stopped believing in me.

Ciara: Mm.

Ben: You never gave up on me.

Ciara: Just like you never gave up on me.

Ben: Actually, I did.

Tony: Oh, my god, john.

John: Help me. [Groans]

Tony: I’ve got to find something to cut these chains. Anna! Anna!

Anna: Stand back.

John: No, no, no! No!

[Chains rattle]

Shawn: Okay, let’s go.

Marlena: This is unacceptable. You all know that.

Julie: You really think handcuffs are gonna hold satan?

Shawn: I don’t have very many options, but I mean, this seems to be working.

Marlena: Because I’m not who you think I am.

[Cell phone beeps]

Kayla: [Gasps] Oh, thank god.

Belle: What–what is it?

Kayla: Steve found john.

Belle: Is he okay?

Kayla: He doesn’t say. He just says to meet him at the hospital.

Belle: The hospital? I’m–I’m coming with you.

Kayla: Okay. Shawn?

Shawn: I’ve got everything under control here.

Marlena: Ah, ah, give john my love. Tell him I’ll see him soon.

[Tense music]

Shawn: All right, come on. Let’s go.

Marlena: You know, just– just out of curiosity, what are you gonna tell your boss about why you hauled me in?

Shawn: Well, if it turns out that john is injured and you had something to do with it, then I guess–guess we’ll start there.

Marlena: And when it turns out that I’m innocent?

Shawn: Then I’ll happily apologize to you but down at the station.

Julie: Please just get her out of our house.

Shawn: Okay, let’s go.

Marlena: Do you really think you can make me go someplace I don’t want to go?

[Unsettling music]

Alice loves the scent of gain so much,

Ben: As much as I hate to say this, the truth is, I did give up on you.

Ciara: What do you mean?

Ben: When they first all told me that you were dead, I believed them. I lost hope. That holiday, I just felt like i had nothing to be thankful for. I took off on the bike, went to the woods, tried to find some way to feel closer to you. I sat by the lake and I screamed out your name. The only thing that I heard back was the echo of my own voice.

Ciara: Mm. You may not have felt me, babe, but I heard you. And not just that day, every single day that we were apart. On thanksgiving, rhodes brought me this, like, turkey sandwich. And I told him that no matter how grim things were in that horrible little fishbowl, I was very thankful to be alive. Because being alive meant that maybe one day, you’d find me and we’d be together again.

[Soft music]

Ben: God blessed us. He gave us another chance at a life together. I’m never gonna give up on you again or on our baby.

John: I feel like my shoulders are broken.

Tony: That’s it. That’s it. Just–just a little further.

John: I’ve got it, thanks.

Anna: John, just sit there. Sit there, and let me get you some–here’s some water.

John: [Groans]

Tony: Who did this to you? Who chained you up in the crypt?

Anna: Here, can you take small sips?

John: Thanks.

Anna: Was it that kook susan banks? Did she do that to you?

Tony: Why would susan do that?

Anna: Well, because she was obsessed with him, and maybe she’s gone round the bend again.

John: Nah, no. Wasn’t susan. Marlena.

Tony: What?

Anna: Why would marlena?

John: Because… she’s possessed again.

Tony: What?

Anna: Possessed as in…

John: Yeah.

Tony: That can’t be.

John: Yeah. The devil wanted susan to kill me.

Anna: Dear god.

John: Yeah. He threatened susan that he was gonna kill ej if she didn’t go through with it.


Tony: He threatened to kill my brother?

Anna: But why him?

John: Because he knew that susan would do anything to save her son.

Anna: Okay, but why– how did she get hurt?

John: Instead of stabbing me, she stabbed herself.

[Dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

[Monitor beeping]

Steve: How’s she doing?

Ej: They say she’s stable, but I haven’t gotten a lot of information.

Steve: Well, I just talked to my son tripp, and he said that she’s very lucky that the knife didn’t damage any major organs.

Ej: So they think she’ll make a full recovery?

Steve: Looks that way.

Ej: [Sighs] Thank god. Look, I’m–I want to thank you for what you did for my mother, and I’m sorry for–

Steve: No, no, no, forget about it, man. I’m just glad she’s okay.

Susan: Ej? Ej, is that you, honey?

Ej: Yes, mother, it’s me.

Susan: Ah!

Ej: I’m here.

Susan: Oh, praise the lord. Oh, my goodness, she said she was gonna kill you.

Ej: Who?

Susan: Dr. Marlena evans. But she’s not dr. Marlena evans.

Steve: What do you mean, susan?

Susan: Oh, hey, steve.

Steve: Yeah. Tell me what you meant.

Susan: I meant she is the devil.

Ej: Oh, mother. I think you’re confused. We’re not talking about johnny’s horror movie. That isn’t real.

Steve: I wouldn’t be so sure.

[Electricity buzzing]

[Suspenseful music]

Julie: Dear god.

Demon marlena: Not exactly. Also not the thanksgiving you had in mind, am I right?

Shawn: Stay back, grandma.

Demon marlena: All that meal planning and napkin folding. You know, none of this would have to happen if you just left doug where he was. But now I’m forced to inflict more pain and more suffering on your entire family.

Julie: Leave us alone.

Demon marlena: Can’t do it. Don’t want to do it.

Shawn: [Grunts] Ow!

Doug: Satan, leave my grandson out of it.

Shawn: I’m not afraid of you.

Demon marlena: Then you’re even dumber than I thought you were.

Julie: Shawn!

[Glass shattering]


Demon marlena: Leave him. I’ve got such big plans for the two of you.

Julie: Not today, satan.

[Cell phone beeps]

Steve: Okay, kayla’s on her way up. You hang in there. We’re pulling for you.

Ej: Thank you.

Susan: Thank you, steve.

Ej: Mother, how did this happen? Did marlena stab you?

Susan: The devil–the devil wanted me to kill john black. And he said I had to do it, or else.

Ej: He wants to kill me.

Susan: Oh, baby. I couldn’t kill john black in cold blood because he’s a good, decent man. He is, and he’s the love of dr. Marlena evans’ life. Oh, sweetheart, I was so frightened for you. I was. And that devil, he insisted that there be a dead body when he came back, or else he was gonna do it. And so… I thought maybe if–

[Sighs] Maybe if he needed a human sacrifice, maybe he would accept mine.

Ej: You were willing to die for me?

Susan: Course I was, silly.

[Chuckles] You’re my baby boy. [Laughs] Oh, honey, I’d do anything for you. Maybe even vote for a democrat.

[Both chuckle] A mom always protects her child. I’d gladly do it all over again, son. I love you.

Ej: I love you too, mother.

[Soft music]

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: [Sighs]

Ben: After all these years, we finally have our first real thanksgiving together.

Ciara: Mm. No wonder I didn’t know you didn’t like pumpkin pie.

Ben: Oh, does this change everything?

Ciara: Oh, yeah. Totally, babe. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t like pumpkin pie.

Ben: [Groans] Well, could we at least have a toast, though, over a ginger ale?

Ciara: Absolutely, we can.

Ben: Good. Because… I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I thank god that I have you.

Ciara: Mm. And I feel the same. Next year, it’s gonna be the three of us.

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: You, me, and our little angel.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Oh, hey. Hi.

Steve: Sweetness.

Kayla: There you are.

Steve: Belle.

Belle: Hey.

Steve: [Sighs] I don’t know how to tell you this.

Kayla: We know. Marlena’s possessed.

Steve: You know?

Belle: Where’s my dad? Is he okay?

Steve: Yeah, yeah, he’s all right. I found him in the dimera family crypt.

Kayla: The crypt?

Belle: Wait, that’s where he’s been this whole time?

Steve: It looks that way. I didn’t have time to ask questions. Susan banks was stabbed. I had to get her help.

Kayla: Susan? How did she get mixed up in all this?

Steve: Apparently, she had some–some kind of vibe that the devil was inside marlena. Obviously, john knew too, but it was too late.

Kayla: And so did doug. That’s why marlena had him locked up at bayview.

Belle: Wait, you didn’t just leave him in the crypt, did you?

Steve: No, no, I sent tony and anna in there to get him.

[Sighs] I would have assumed that he–he’d be here by now.

John: [Groans, sighs] Susan, so–

Anna: She was alive when steve brought her in here. He and ej took her to the hospital.

Tony: Yes, we’ll find out how she’s doing once we get you there.

John: I’m not going to any stinking hospital.

Anna: John, you’ve been locked up for weeks. You need to let them look at you.

John: No, I need to find doc.

Anna: Well, she’s a doctor. Maybe a hospital is the best place to look for her.

John: No, she is out there somewhere doing god knows what.

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Hello?

Belle: Anna, hey, it’s belle brady. Did you find my dad?

Anna: Yes, we did. He’s here at the mansion with us.

Belle: Is he okay?

Anna: Well, he’s a little the worse for wear and stubborn as ever, but he’s all right.

Belle: Oh, god. Thank god. Well, please tell him I know where my mom is.

Anna: Oh, john, she knows where marlena is. Where, belle?

Belle: She crashed doug and julie’s thanksgiving dinner. Shawn cuffed her and took her to the police station.

John: What’s going on?

Anna: Well, she crashed doug and julie’s thanksgiving dinner, and shawn is taking her to the police station.

John: No, no, no, no, no, no. Tell belle to have shawn just–just–just stand down. Do not antagonize marlena.

Anna: Belle? Belle? Belle? I’m sorry, she’s gone.

John: [Groans]

[Eerie music]

Julie: You’ve tortured my husband enough. You’re not gonna lay a finger on him.

Demon marlena: I don’t have to. I’ve been inside your husband. I know that he is weak and feeble, which made him a perfect vessel.

Julie: No!

Demon marlena: Don’t you understand what happened in that therapy session? Doug came in to see marlena to help him with his dementia. And then I had a perfect opportunity to just slip into this.

Julie: I don’t believe it.

Demon marlena: Really? Who do you think hit you over the head with a hospital tray? I should’ve finished you both when I had the chance. But better late than never.

[Unsettling music]

Julie: I have loved this man for over 50 years. I will continue to love him all the days of our lives that we have left, and I would rather die than see you strike him down again.

Demon marlena: That can be arranged.

Julie: Oh, I know you. I know you have the power to break a pair of handcuffs. You even have the power to– to crawl into an honest, beautiful man and–and a beautiful, kind woman to wreak your chaos. But I know you. I know you’re nothing but an odious, lying trickster. And I have a power too, a power that you have forsaken eons ago. It’s the power of love.

Demon marlena: No.

Julie: God is love, satan. And god stands with those who love.

Demon marlena: Stop talking.

Julie: Love is what gives us our souls. Love is what makes us human. And after all your evil and all your destruction is forgotten, it’s love–unbreakable, everlasting–that will prevail. The god of love is stronger than your hatred and stronger than your lies. You cannot defeat us. And now that the truth is out, now that everyone knows you for the loathsome creature that you are, now that the truth is visible, the walls are going to close in, and it’s over.

Demon marlena: It will never be over.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Ej: You were a cat?

Susan: Mm-hmm. You know what? That wasn’t actually so bad, apart from the hairballs.

[Both laugh] But then– oh, my goodness, then the devil, he possessed me, and he turned me into the evil, evil, evil kristen dimera, and he wanted me to– you know, I just can’t do this anymore. I can’T.

Ej: I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of that, but it’s over now.

Susan: Is it?

Ej: Yes. You’re safe.

Susan: Yeah, but, sweetheart, I mean, I didn’t die. And I didn’t kill john black. I mean, sure, the devil could still come after you.

Ej: I don’t want you to worry about that.

Susan: You know what? I promise you this. If that devil wants to get back at you, he’s gonna have to go through me, because I am one tough lady.

Ej: [Laughs] Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Susan: Oh, elvis, I love you with all my heart.

[Soft music]

Ej: I love you too, mother.

Steve: I know we’ve heard the stories about the last time it happened.

Kayla: I know, and it’s not like I didn’t believe it.

Steve: And it’s a whole lot different being here to witness it.

Kayla: So what happens now? I mean, what do we do next?

Steve: I don’t know, sweetness. For now, I’m just grateful we’re all safe.

Kayla: Yeah.

Anna: Belle?

Belle: Anna.

Anna: Oh, I’m so sorry. We–we tried to bring your father in here so he could be checked out, but he gave us the slip in the parking lot.

Belle: What, he–he’s gone?

Tony: You know your father. He’s single-minded in his determination to get to marlena.

[Tense music]

John: Doc! What the hell?

Julie: John. We’re okay. We’re okay.

John: Good. Good. Shawn?

Shawn: Look, I’ll be–I’ll be all right, all right? But marlena’s gone.

John: Damn it! I knew she wouldn’t let you take her to the station. Do you know where she went?

Shawn: No, she’s–she said something about fulfilling her true purpose.

John: Oh, my god.

Ciara: [Sighs]

Ben: Feeling any better?

Ciara: Yeah. I’m a little better, but I’m still tired. You know, the good thing about pregnancy is that you always have an excuse to take a nap.

Ben: [Chuckles] Who needs an excuse? You want some company?

Ciara: Well, who needs an excuse to get into bed with you?

Ben: [Chuckles]

[Tender music]

[Knock at door]

[Sinister music]

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Hi.

Sharon: Hello, phyllis. We are keeping up with our annual thanksgiving tradition of feeding the unhoused and the lonely, so I’m sorry about the mess.

Phyllis: Oh, no problem. You know, it’s an open house, that’s for sure. Could I get a coffee?

Sharon: Uh, well, you’ll have to help yourself. There’s pot ready, but there’s no special orders today.

Phyllis: Oh, no problem. So, you know, at the grand phoenix, we’re not starting our — you know, our food service until late, and the managers are taking care of it, so if you need an extra set of hands…

Sharon: Oh. Well, thank you. That’s a very lovely offer.

Phyllis: Well, coffee first.

Nick: Alright, I got some food and supplies here. I’m also gonna send over a couple of vans of seniors from new hope who don’t have any family to spend the holidays with.

Sharon: Oh, great. Well, they’re welcome to come here. No one should be alone today.

Nick: Happy thanksgiving.

Phyllis: Happy thanksgiving.

Nick: Uh, I know people are gonna be arriving soon, so we should probably get set up. In this box, there’s some water and drinks, and in that one, there’s some dinner rolls.

Sharon: Oh, great. Could you put them over there?

Nick: Yeah, I know where it goes. It’s not my first thanksgiving at crimson lights.

Sharon: You’re always so great about helping out on this day.

Nick: Hey, I’m fired up, and faith and christian and noah are on their way over to help, too.

Sharon: Christian’s interested in helping?

Nick: Yeah, he’s taking his role as official volunteer very seriously. I’m hoping it becomes a family tradition with him.

Sharon: Oh, great! You know what? I’m gonna find something interesting for him to do, something fun, ’cause I don’t want him to get bored. I want him to be entertained.

Phyllis: Guys, I got to go.

Sharon: Oh, I thought that you were staying for a while to help out.

Phyllis: Oh, no, I can’T. Something at work fell through the cracks, and only I can fix it. Happy thanksgiving.

Nick: Have a good day.

Phyllis: Billy, hey.

Billy: Hi. Happy thanksgiving.

Phyllis: Yeah, happy thanksgiving. See ya.

Billy: Yeah, you got big plans today?

Phyllis: Um, why are you curious?

Billy: I guess I’m not. I was just trying to be polite.

Phyllis: Oh, well, you don’t have to be polite. I don’t want to rub my exciting plans that I have for thanksgiving in your face, you know? Because I’m sure you’re gonna be spending the holiday alone, fixing that mess at chanccomm.

Billy: Yeah, hopefully I can fit a plate of turkey in between the damage control.

Phyllis: Good luck with that. I read that article on ashland. Wow. And the embarrassing retraction.

Billy: Yeah, you know, phyllis, it’s been a rough week, but all the chaos and drama are gonna have to take a back seat today.

Phyllis: Are they, really? Hmm.

Billy: Well, it’s thanksgiving, and this year, it’s all about lily and the kids.

Phyllis: Yet, um, they’re nowhere around.

Billy: Lily was gonna go to california to see mattie and charlie, but weather scuttled those plans. When I left them, they were mid-video call, and when I get back, I’m sure they’ll still be chatting.

Phyllis: I can only imagine how your article affected negotiations for the kids with ashland and victoria.

Billy: Yeah, it wasn’t stress-free, but everyone’s trying to be fair. They’re gonna spend half the day with her and spend half the day with us.

Phyllis: That’s very civilized, considering everything that went down.

Billy: None of this is the kids’ fault, and we’re all making sure that they’re not affected by it. And to be honest, they deserve as much love and family vibes as they can get on thanksgiving. Everyone does.

Phyllis: Right, everyone does.

Billy: Happy thanksgiving. When I get a migraine,

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Phyllis: [ Exhales sharply ] Ohhh, great.

Gloria: Hello, phyllis. Isn’t it a heavenly day?

Phyllis: I guess it is.

Gloria: [ Chuckles ] Must be something in the air. I feel like I’m positively glowing.

Phyllis: Well, that could be the radioactive waves emanating from your ego.

Gloria: Oh, no, silly. It’s your spa, thank you very much. I am in between treatments, and I feel absolutely transformed, like a — like a golden goddess.

Phyllis: Well, I am very glad to hear that our estheticians have done you right.

Gloria: Oh, yes, oh, yes. I am so thankful for the massages and the facials i scheduled for today, and the fact that your spa is open on a holiday. And I mean, it’s — I feel badly for the masseuses and the facialists who have to work, but I will tip them generously because jcv is doing phenomenally well under my charge.

Phyllis: You should know that everybody’s getting paid extra because they’re working on a holiday. I’ve done that for them. And I’m letting them go early so they can spend thanksgiving with their family, so it’s all good. Are you spending thanksgiving with lauren and michael?

Gloria: Oh, afraid not. They want to spend the day with fen.

Phyllis: Oh. That should be fun. Um…so you’re flying solo?

Gloria: [ Chuckles ] Of course not. Nobody wants to be alone on thanksgiving. No, after my facial, I’ll go to kevin and chloe’s for dinner with their little angels. Why do you ask?

[ Gasps ] Oh, phyllis, are you alone today?

Phyllis: No! Uh, of course not. That’s ridiculous, I’m working.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure, sure. Whatever you want to call it. Well, one good thing, look on the bright side, you don’t have to fight anybody for the drumstick.

Phyllis: And your family is so lovely. So sweet that they flew in all this way to surprise you. I mean, because family is what we’re all about here at the grand phoenix.

[ Laughs ] What am I thankful for? Oh, uh… I guess special days like these. Thanks for coming. Hey, summer! Hey, baby. Um, it’s your mom just calling, you know. Um, I know it’s later in italy, but I just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving, you and kyle and harrison. Happy thanksgiving.

[ Sighs ] Well, yeah, I’m definitely gonna get out there soon, daniel. I miss you and lucy. I want to see you. I’m doing great. Yes! I’m doing great. I’ll talk to you soon, okay? I love you.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Pounding at door ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Knock on door ] Ahh! Ahhhh!

Gloria: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Gloria, what are you doing here?

Gloria: Call me “golden glo.” And I am here to help you, so get dressed, let’s go, because you have places to be. On the outside, I looked fine. May have poked my nose where it didn’t belong. Room, overstepping as

Phyllis: What makes you think you can just barge in to my room, overstepping as usual, what, glo– golden glo?

Gloria: Golden glo, and, yes, I admit, at times in the past, i may have poked my nose where it didn’t belong. But not in this case.

Phyllis: Okay. What were you doing in the spa? Were you sniffing a bath salt?

Gloria: Oh, please! Don’t be rude.

Phyllis: No, I’m being direct. I’m not going anywhere with you.

Gloria: Oh, but you are, if you want to turn your thanksgiving around. So chop, chop.

Phyllis: Okay. I have plans.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, like what?

Phyllis: Okay, my plans are of no concern to you.

Gloria: Uh-huh, which means they don’t exist. All I see — oh, a well-worn remote, a lonely little glass of wine, and potato chips. Oh, and you’re not even watching anything cheery. I mean, true crime stories? That is hardly the way to usher in the holiday season.

Phyllis: Okay, if you don’t get out of my room right now, you’re gonna find yourself the victim of a true crime.

Gloria: [ Laughs ] Oh, enough with the idle threats and enough with the pity party for one. No, if you don’t get yourself dressed, maybe I’ll pick out a suitable outfit for you, and something a little different than your usual [Mumbles]

Phyllis: Uh, your power of persuasion has a lot to be desired. Where are you so adamant on taking me?

Gloria: I’m offering you a — a do-over of sorts. If a happy thanksgiving is what phyllis wants, then golden glo will make sure she gets it.

Phyllis: Okay, how could you possibly — hey! Gloria? Gloria? Gloria! Hey, I’m not calling you golden glo. I’m not doing that. Well, so we’re going here? Seriously? You wanted to take me someplace, I mean, I could’ve suggested hawaii or bali. But you took the coffeehouse. Wow. Think bigger, you know?

Sharon: Really could have used your help earlier, phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, sorry.

Sharon: “I forgot something at the hotel.” Did you really think that I was buying that excuse?

Phyllis: Yeah, I know, it was a lie. It was a lie. I’m here now. I’ll help you now. Sharon? Sharon?

[ Sighs ] Oh, wait a second. This is a dream. This is my dream. Oh! This is my dream, so people aren’t gonna do or say anything unless I want them to. Oh-oh! This is great. Sharon, I’m talking to you.

Sharon: Phyllis, I’m so glad you came back.

Phyllis: Really? Because you were a little irritated with me a few seconds ago.

Sharon: I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re one of the people that I’m most grateful for this year.

Phyllis: Whoa, I mean, I know this is my dream, but I mean, this is unreal. There’s no way I’d believe this. Why are you grateful for me?

Sharon: Well, I haven’t forgotten your support and kindness that you gave me during my cancer treatments.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, I mean, of course. That was life or death, you know? And that was bigger than us and the issues we’ve had in the past.

Sharon: And all of the times that we’ve been warring over the years, you know, you always took all the responsibility for that when, really, I was half responsible. Actually, I was entirely responsible for all of our dust-ups.

Phyllis: Really? Do you — do you really believe that?

Sharon: Yes! Take yesterday for example, i was rude and out of line to probe you about your breakup with nick or your relationship with jack.

Phyllis: Wow. I mean, am I forcing you to say this in my dream, or do you really mean it?

Sharon: I’m just trying to be honest. Don’t you think it’s about time?

Phyllis: Yes, you know what? I do. I think it’s about time.

Sharon: So maybe we can get to a better place. Or not. But do take what I said and do what you will with it.

Phyllis: Well, thanks, sharon. I will.

Sharon: And in the meantime, I’m sure you have a million other better places to be. But do you think that you could spare a little time to help feed the hungry? It’s thanksgiving. It’s about giving and togetherness. Who knows, maybe you and I can heal a few old wounds in the meantime.

Phyllis: That would be great. I’ll help out, yeah. I’ll feed the hungry. I’ll do that.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, thanks for coming! The mashed potatoes are amazing. Green beans? Here you go.

[ Laughs ] Hey, come on in! There’s plenty of room.

[ Laughs ] Hey! Come on in, don’t be shy. You can’t all be full yet. Who wants seconds?

[ Applause ] Oh, so much appreciation for your friendly volunteer. I really do feel the love.

[ Applause ]

Gloria: Okay, next stop. All aboard! Choo-choo!

Phyllis: Buzz off, buzz off. I’m enjoying this. I’m having fun.

Gloria: Oh, too bad. We got to keep moving. The busiest travel day of the year. Boop-boop!

Phyllis: What am I doing here? Hey, I’m in the belly of the beast. Gloria! Gloria? Hey, let’s go back to crimson lights. Ahh!

Nikki: Ah, phyllis. We’ve been waiting for you. No one can deliver your mom’s homemade short ribs.

Phyllis: Uh, okay, I didn’t come here to make trouble. In fact, you know, it’s so funny ’cause I didn’t even come here of my own volition.

Victor: Really? Now, we don’t care how you get to the ranch.

Nikki: We’re just glad that you made it in time to carve the turkey.

Phyllis: What?

Victor: I’m relinquishing my duty to carve the turkey, so you have the honor, okay?

Phyllis: Uh, what’s going on?

Nick: I’m so glad you’re finally here.

Phyllis: No, you’re not. I despise you guys, you despise me, and you’re being nice to me. This makes no sense. In fact, it’s creeping me out. I’m gonna go.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no.

Victor: No, no, no, stay, stay, stay.

Nick: Please. Listen, phyllis, we’re not a couple anymore, but we’re summer’s parents and we’re friends. And I owe you a huge thank-you, and today is a perfect day to do that.

Phyllis: What are you thanking me for?

Nick: I finally took your advice.

Nikki: Your very wise advice.

Phyllis: Which was?

Nick: To stay out of the chaos of my family’s drama, and you were right. I mean, ever since I’ve done that, some amazing things have happened. Adam has finally left town. Victoria has forgiven me. We are close than ever. And dad has finally accepted me for who I am and the choices I’m making.

Victor: I am so proud of my boy. Wow.

Nick: I was wrong. I should’ve listened to you from the start.

Phyllis: I mean, I don’t — i don’t want to say “I told you so,” but…

Nikki: We are so grateful to you for putting up with our family for all these years and for always being the voice of reason when we stubbornly refuse to listen.

Nick: You okay?

Victor: Cat got your tongue?

Nikki: This is a first.

Phyllis: Uh… well, I mean, if you guys think I’m right, who am I to say that you’re wrong, so [Chuckles] Yeah, let’s carve the turkey.

Victor: Hey.

Phyllis: You know, let’s get some wine — the good stuff. You know, the expensive stuff. Let’s have a party. Let’s celebrate, right? Together. And then I said, “well, that’s why they call it a deluxe suite.”

Nikki: Oh, no!

[ Laughter ]

Phyllis: This is the best thanksgiving I’ve ever spent with you all, and that’s not saying a lot because there have been some really bad ones. But it’s nice — it’s nice to have this peace amongst each other, right? I mean, I’m wondering why it took us so long to get here.

Nikki: Oh, we don’t need to get into that.

Phyllis: Probably not.

Nikki: Because I’m sure there were times in the past when we could’ve been less than pleased with you. For instance, all the times that you broke nicholas’ heart and you turned on victoria and me during the jt murder investigation.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Well, we don’t have to go there.

Nikki: No, you are absolutely right. We don’t need to go down memory lane. We are just grateful for the guidance you gave nicholas. It saved our family. I mean, we are happy and finally united. We have only you and your sage wisdom to thank for that. I mean, once he stopped worrying about what was going on between us, we stopped meddling. So now everything is copacetic with the newmans.

Victor: So, here’s to phyllis.

Nick: To phyllis.

Nikki: To phyllis.

Phyllis: Three cheers for phyllis.

Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

Traci: Oh, jack, we’re just so happy for you. I mean, come on, you’ve been lonely for a while now.

Ashley: It’s true, and no offense, but, I mean, come on. Your love life has taken some hard lefts lately.

Jack: I am aware.

Traci: But look at you, you found love again. But who would’ve thought it would be with her?

Phyllis: Who?

Jack: No one’s more surprised than I am. I’ve just never been happier.

Ashley: You know, sometimes the past can become the present. And when you reunite with a former lover, it can be so magical.

Jack: It has been, and it will continue to be.

[Laughter] Is spontaneous and exciting and unpredictable.

Ashley: She is all those things and more, isn’t she? But you know what? I agree with you.

[Crashing] Is worth it.

Jack: She definitely is.

Phyllis: Yeah, I am. But if you guys were talking about me… wait a second. We’re not back together, jack. And your sisters wouldn’t be that happy about it.

Jack: I realize [Horn honks] Has never been your favorite, but thank you for your kindness and your generosity. I really think it’s gonna work this time.

Traci: Oh, jack, we want that for you.

Ashley: Speaking of which, where is she?

Jack: Well, I suppose she’s a little late, but she should be here soon. Oh, there she is. Gloria.

Gloria: Happy happy thanksgiving!

Jack: You made it.

Gloria: Everyone.

Traci: Hello, gloria. You look gorgeous.

Gloria: Thank you. So do you.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Hi. So you’re the scientist here.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Ashley: We are so thrilled that this incredible woman has put a smile back on your handsome face, jackie.

Traci: And anyone who makes our brother happy makes us happy.

Jack: Gloria deserves all the credit. She has given me a whole new appreciation for life. I am just grateful that she was willing to take me back.

Gloria: Oh, believe me, jack, it has been my pleasure. Um, if you’ll excuse me for just one minute.

Phyllis: Look at you. Some fairy godmother you turned out to be.

Gloria: Oh, darling, I am much too young to be any kind of mother to you.

Phyllis: Golden glo, wow. Look at that. More like golden ghoul.

Gloria: Ooh, name-calling now. Listen, it’s not my fault that jack is with me. This is your subconscious, which can only mean one thing.

Phyllis: I can’t wait to hear this.

Gloria: You’re intimidated by me because deep down, you think, you know I’m the one who holds the keys to jack’s heart.

Phyllis: That’s crazy.

Gloria: [ Laughs ] Just like the way you sound. We are inside your head, and i am so relieved I don’t have to live here full-time.

Phyllis: You know, this whole dream, everything, it’s like a mash-up of irrational incidents.

Gloria: Mm.

Phyllis: It’s like the abbotts having thanksgiving dinner at society instead of their home, and then jack being in love with you — seriously? — And his sisters supporting it, as if.

Gloria: Guess what — it seems to be happening right before your eyes.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I’m putting a stop to that. Okay, hi, all. I think there’s been a mistake. There’s been a mistake, but I am here. When you’re talking about the great love of jack’s life returning, you’re clearly talking about me and not gloria. I’ll just sit right there.

All: No!

Ashley: There’s no room at this table for you.

Phyllis: Traci, you want me here, right? You’re the good one. You’re the kind one.

Traci: Oh, wish I could offer you a seat, but it’s really not my place.

Jack: Maybe we could find room for her. It is thanksgiving.

Ashley: That’s exactly why she shouldn’t be here. Have you forgotten how many times this woman has broken your heart?

Traci: You know, she did cheat on you with your very own brother, and not very long ago.

Phyllis: But that was a mistake. We all make mistakes, right? I mean, come on. You’d rather have gloria with jack than me? Come on.

Ashley: Oh, yes.

Traci: I’d have to agree.

Phyllis: I don’t know what’s happening. My dream was going so well, and now everything changed.

Traci: Well, phyllis, everything does change. You know, life goes on whether you like it or not. You’re either driving the train or you’re a passenger on your own journey.

Ashley: I am so excited about this meal. Isn’t it fun to break with family tradition once in a while? And I got a peek at the dressing and the cranberry sauce. It looks so delicious!

Jack: I’m gonna dig right in once gloria gets back. Listen, while she’s gone, I have a question to ask. I am considering asking her to come back to jabot. What do you think?

Ashley: [ Gasps ] I love that.

Traci: Oh, she always had a very good business sense.

Phyllis: She does not. She’s a fraud, she’s a liar, and she steals. She’s a grifter.

Jack: Wine, anyone?

Ashley: Oh, it’s a day of celebration.

Traci: Yes, please.

Jack: Traci?

Traci: Yes.

Jack: Here we are.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Billy.

Billy: Phyllis, hi.

Phyllis: Hi. I thought you were going home to lily. What are you doing here?

Billy: I’m not sure. It’s your dream.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, you’re probably here to annoy me.

Billy: Yeah, I can do that.

Phyllis: It’s working.

Billy: Look, now that you are here and I am here, maybe this is a good time to apologize for the way I screwed things up between you and jack.

Phyllis: We don’t have to talk about that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I know it’s one of the many reasons that you don’t like me. But the truth is, we’re not all that different. And we do good things when we work together. Like when we exposed sally and tara locke.

Phyllis: Yeah, that was good. It was good. We work together well when our interests dovetail. Just we’re not gonna rehash anything. We wouldn’t want to hurt jack like that.

Billy: No, not my favorite thing to discuss either.

Phyllis: You know, it’s so weird. It was all going so well, this dream, until I saw the abbotts. And then it just all fell apart. I don’t know why.

Billy: Maybe it’s your guilt busting through your subconscious.

Phyllis: I don’t feel guilty.

Billy: Yet you exiled yourself from thanksgiving because you think you deserve to be alone.

Phyllis: No, I mean, I was working.

Billy: And not spending time with summer and daniel? Come on, phyllis. I know how much your kids matter to you.

Phyllis: My kids live far away now.

Billy: And they’re doing great, which is hard for you because you are a fighter, and fighting for your kids is second nature. Do you mind if I make an observation? I know you miss nick and everything you had. But it’s obvious that you’re missing jack. That’s why you’re here.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Really? My head isn’t on straight. Jack is in spain with ashley.

Billy: Jack is in spain fighting for abby because, like you, when it comes to family, he’s all in. And when it comes to love, he’s relentless. And that includes you.

Phyllis: Jack is amazing.

Billy: And you’re not?

Phyllis: I didn’t say that.

Billy: Phyllis, you deserve love. Whether you admit it or not.

Phyllis: [ Crying ]


Phyllis: You know, billy, you’re hardly the — the expert on relationships. You couldn’t wait to toss me aside when I slept with nick.

Billy: I think that all worked out the way it was meant to be. I’m with lily now, and we fit. And maybe things with us had to blow up. With victoria, too, maybe. Because here I am, and it’s where I belong. And I have to say, I think jack brings out the best in you.

Phyllis: You do?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, you’re more honest with him. You’re less defensive. You don’t lash out as much. And I think you trust his advice because you don’t question his agenda. And I think you like who you are with him. That is, until the guilt gets in there and ruins things.

Phyllis: The guilt? Okay, so if I chose to get jack back, I mean, what would I do? I mean, how would I go about this?

Billy: If?

Phyllis: Yeah, if. I mean, I don’t know what to do. I mean, I don’t want to ruin things. I don’t want to blow things up.

Billy: If I were you, i would —

Gloria: Time’s up.

Phyllis: Oh! No! No, finish what you were saying, please, please. What are you doing here? I’m in the middle of a conversation.

Gloria: Sleeping beauty has to get back to the castle.

Phyllis: Please tell me what you were gonna say. Please. Don’t you have a meal to attend with the abbotts?

Gloria: [ Clears throat ]

Phyllis: Oh.

Gloria: Ah-ah-ah-ah. I’m not going back inside, and neither are you, phyllis. Time to go.

Gloria: [ Exhales sharply ] Well…

Phyllis: We have to go back to society. I have to talk to billy.

Gloria: [ Groans ] No can do.

Phyllis: I need to talk to billy. He was about to give me the answers, what I should do next with my life.

Gloria: [ Laughs ] Billy? You choose very odd confidants.

Phyllis: Yes, I do, don’t I? Because I chose you.

Gloria: But I am the best choice you’ve made so far, because I will give you the truth because I have a deep well of experience and wisdom to draw upon.

Phyllis: No, I chose you because I must hate myself. I must love torture.

Gloria: Now, why do you think billy has the answers you’re looking for?

Phyllis: Because I think that billy and I are similar. And I think we’re both reckless and wild and…and he’s figured it out and I haven’T. And he’s figured out how he can still be a screw-up but be with the person he loves.

Gloria: Aww. I grant you, that is a talent.

Phyllis: Please, can we go back, gloria? Please? Please? Please, he was about to give met he secret to my happiness. Please.

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: What?

[ Exhales sharply ] Gloria. Gloria, what fresh hell is this? And — oh! Hey! Hey, thomas. I didn’t order anything.

Thomas: Well, somebody did. Dinner with all the trimmings.

Phyllis: Alright. Bring it in. I’m not one to push away food.

[ Laughs ] Hey, um, do you happen to know who did this?

Thomas: Sorry, I do not.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Wasn’t sure I was gonna find you here? But I’m glad you’re home. Look, lily, I know that we could both use a little time to decompress from all this, but we don’t have it. Victor didn’t get back to me, and we need to figure out a way forward.

Lily: Oh. So now you want to work together? Funny you didn’t feel that way before.

Billy: I know you’re upset that I went and offered to step down without discussing it with you.

Lily: Yeah, you knew how i was gonna feel about it, and so you didn’t talk to me about it first.

Billy: Yeah, part of that is true. Because you would’ve tried to talk me out of it, and you probably would’ve succeeded. And believe me, the last thing i ever wanted to do was show up at victor’s house, humiliated, with my tail between my legs.

Lily: Well, then why did you?

Billy: To protect you. And chanccomm.

Lily: So, do you really think that’s how this is gonna play out? Or, actually, maybe you do. Maybe, in your mind, there’s a way for you to make a graceful exit and have everything still turn out all right.

Victoria: Billy really offered to step down from his co-ceo position? I mean, even if it stopped the attacks on chanccomm, I can’t imagine that he would agree to do this.

Ashland: Oh, he’s falling on his sword, taking full responsibility for his reckless publication about my past.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] But I just don’t know what to make of it. This would be the last thing that billy would do. Chanccomm was so important to him. Do you — do you think that lily pushed him to make this move?

Ashland: No, I sincerely doubt it. I ran into her earlier, and i told her that she’d be wise to cut billy loose, and I don’t think she took too kindly to that suggestion. But, uh, that was before, I’m sure, that she knew what billy had done. She probably knows by now, though.

Victoria: I wonder how my father and adam reacted to billy waving the white flag.

Ashland: The word “gleeful” comes to mind.

Victoria: Yes. So, that’s it, then. Mission accomplished?

Ashland: Well… pretty sure that’s what, uh… what — what billy thinks, uh, and victor and adam’s plan is to let him go on believing just that. Uh, they’re waiting for him to let his guard down, and, uh…

Victoria: Ashland, are you okay?

Ashland: Yeah, uh…

Victoria: What’s the matter? What is it?

Ashland: Uh…oof.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Elena: See? No worries. Just a little heat rash. Nothing serious.

Devon: Yeah? The nanny said the same thing, but I just wanted to double-check and make for sure.

Elena: Well, I will write down the name of an ointment you can pick up at the pharmacy. It’s over-the-counter. So it should clear up in a day or two.

Devon: That’d be perfect. That’d be perfect. Thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate it.

Elena: Yeah, of course. I’m glad you called. And just got off work, so it was no problem at all.

Elena: Mm, good. You hear that, buddy? Doctor says you’re gonna be just fine. I’m gonna get you some ointment and clear up that rash. You’ll be good to go.

[ Chuckles ] What?

Elena: It’s just… it’s nice to see you like this.

Ashland: Oh, thank you, sweetheart, but, truly, there’s no cause for alarm here.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re okay?

Ashland: Mm. You know, the effects of the initial treatments that i received in peru were — were a little rough, but the doctors told me to expect that. In fact, it’s probably good news, and it’s just a sign that the medication is doing its job.

Victoria: Maybe I should take you home.

Ashland: No, no, no, no, stop, stop. Stop, really. I’m feeling much better already. So, where were we? Um — oh, yes. We were talking about billy having to swallow that very bitter pill.

Victoria: Well, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?

Ashland: Well, not as much as you might think. Uh, don’t get me wrong — I’m not feeling bad for the man, either. He tried to sabotage our wedding. Those are the actions of a small and — and spiteful person who deserves everything that’s coming to him. I mean, a year ago, even six months ago, I would’ve taken such satisfaction in grinding him into dust.

Victoria: So what is the difference now?

Ashland: I have higher priorities. I’m focused on getting stronger and improving my health so that I can spend as much time with you as possible. So, I will let adam and — and victor handle billy so they can have their fun torturing him.

Victoria: Actually, I think that would be a very big mistake.

Ashland: Really? I thought…you had let go of that.

Victoria: Let go of what?

Ashland: Well, your old urge to protect your ex, to save billy from himself.

Victoria: No. This actually has nothing to do with saving billy. It’s about what’s best for newman/locke.

Don’t stop me, don’t stop me

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Billy: Look, lily, this might not be as dire as we think. Victor respects you, and with me out of the picture, he might not be as obsessed about coming after chanccomm.

Lily: Of course he will. If he can get our assets at a bargain price, it’s a huge win for them. Adam already told me that’s his goal. So you cutting and running isn’t gonna make things better, it’s gonna make things worse.

Billy: Okay. For the record, I did not cut and run, i sacrificed myself for the greater good of the company, trying to get him to hold his fire.

Lily: What is that gonna do? I mean, what more can they do to us? They basically got our employees to release the article, they’ve ruined our reputation, they got our one and only source to recant his story, which then allowed ashland to sue us. I mean, the damage is done.

Billy: Yeah, and I have a sick feeling that’s their opening moves.

Lily: Right. Well, we can’t focus on what

could happen. We have to deal with the current crisis. I mean, that’s how we got in this mess in the first place. You were so concerned with what victor and adam might do that you basically handed them the weapons to use against us.

Billy: You’re referring to the audio and video evidence adam gave rey, claiming that i threatened them?

Lily: It didn’t claim it, billy, it proved it. Okay? Look, I love you, and I know that you were just trying to protect me and chanccomm. But you’re so impulsive, and you don’t think about the consequences. And the consequences just keep snowballing.

Billy: Which is why it’s better if I just remove myself from the situation.

Lily: Yeah, but don’t you see how that could just make things look worse? It looks like an admission of guilt.

Billy: Then what do you suggest we do?

Lily: I suggest that we sit down with our lawyers and we weigh out all of the options and work together as a team. But I have to ask you, are you even capable of doing that?

Victoria: You know, I didn’t really want to get involved in this fight between my dad and billy in the first place. But now I realize that it gave adam an opening…to take advantage of the situation. And, boy, oh, boy, did he run with it.

Ashland: Well, you know, i don’t think you’re being entirely fair here. I mean, this plan has gotten me out from under a blackmail threat that has been plaguing me for decades.

Victoria: That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. I am. But the fact is, you are the one taking all the risks here, allowing that story about the fraudulent will to get out. And any leverage that they have against chanccomm is all due to your lawsuit.

Ashland: All true.

Victoria: So, if you were the one taking all the risks and you have all of the leverage, can somebody please tell me why — why, oh, why — is adam and newman media benefiting the most?

Ashland: Well, that’s a good point.

Victoria: Not to mention a big chunk of chanccomm consists of a division that i sold to them.

Ashland: I see where you’re going with this.

Victoria: You know, my father, he was never okay with me selling off this division to billy. I have to think that he would be a little bit disappointed if i didn’t try to get it back.

[ Both laugh ]

Ashland: My adorably brilliant wife. I really do love the way your mind works.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Hi. Why’d you want to meet?

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] To give you the best possible news. Adam called me into his office, and he wants to go ahead with the video project — with me hosting, like we discussed.

Chloe: That is so awesome.

Sally: I know. Right? And when I asked him about the budget, he said that we just need to write up a proposal. He acted like he wanted this, like, yesterday.

Chloe: That’s fantastic.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] I can’t believe this is happening.

Chloe: I can. Because it’s a phenomenal idea. This also means that we are gonna have to be putting in a lot of overtime to get this off the ground.

Sally: That is fine by me. Adam wants to capitalize on the buzz around victoria’s wedding dress, so we need to move fast.

Chloe: Well, your first video is gonna be crucial. I mean, we have to make sure that we get this formula just right.

Sally: Agreed.

Chloe: And I know that we already talked about you interviewing other designers, but…I mean, now that you yourself are on the map, I think that we should just showcase you. You know, your expertise, your — your insights.

Sally: Works for me. Especially now that I’ve given up any semblance of a personal life.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Sally: I’ve decided to take your advice. I’m officially backing off adam as a romantic option, and I have even told him as much. So you do not have to worry about that being a complication. I want my head 1,000% in this.

Chloe: I know what you’re doing, sally.

Devon: And I’m really enjoying getting to spend time with dominic these days.

Elena: Yeah, I can tell.

Devon: Thank you.

Elena: You know, I can’t help but think about when we first met. How devastated you were to have lost hilary and your child.

Devon: Yeah, it was a rough time.

Elena: I hope this doesn’t come out wrong… because I know they can’t be replaced by anyone else in your heart, but it seems like a lot of healing has taken place. You got this full life now with amanda and your brother and now this little guy.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re absolutely right that I’m in a much better place. And I remember everybody telling me that things would get better in time and not believing them in the moment, but they were right.

Elena: Who knew, huh?

Devon: And you know I’m always grateful to you… for helping me get through that grief. Now abby is going through the same thing, and I feel terrible because I know exactly the kind of pain she’s feeling.

Elena: Abby is lucky to have you help her. And she obviously knows that because she’s trusted you with this precious little guy.

Devon: And I’m glad that she did. I’m glad that I can help her out for as long as she needs. You know?

[ Keys rattling, door opens ] Hey.

Amanda: Hi, elena.

Devon: How you doing, honey? Mwah.

Amanda: Hey, is everything okay?

Elena: Yeah. Devon just asked me to pop in and check on dominic’s rash, and he’s doing just fine.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Okay. Well, that’s a relief. I have news.

Devon: You do?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Good news or bad news?

Amanda: I don’t know yet. The jury is ready to give their verdict in sutton’s trial. Nyquil severe gives you powerful relief

Amanda: Yeah, I-I know it’s short notice, but just get there as soon as you can, imani. I completely understand why naya doesn’t want to come. We will fill her in as soon as it’s over. Okay. Bye.

Devon: What do you mean she doesn’t want to come? Naya doesn’t want to hear the verdict?

Amanda: I think she’s — she’s just worried about the press, you know?

Devon: Yeah. Well, I told the nanny we were gonna be gone for a while, so I’m gonna grab my coat, then we can leave.

Amanda: Okay.

Devon: Okay?

Amanda: Devon, wait. Um… what if they let something go? You know how good of a liar he is. What if the jury believes him, and he walks out of that courtroom a free man?

Devon: Hey. First of all, stop thinking like that. Stay positive, okay? And if that happens, then you’ll simply find a new way to hold sutton accountable for what he’s done. That’s it. ‘Cause if I know anything about you, you don’t quit. The jury makes a mistake, yeah, that’ll be disappointing, but it’s not the end.

Amanda: Thank you. You always know exactly what i need to hear. I’m so happy you’re coming with me.

Devon: Oh, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Let’s go.

Amanda: Okay.

Billy: Look, I understand that you feel like I —

[ Knock on door ] Well, what a surprise. Come in. What can I do for the two of you?

Ashland: What a lovely place you have here. It’s quite a shame that we all couldn’t have gotten together sooner — under more pleasant circumstances, of course.

Billy: Again, what do you want?

Ashland: You know, imagine how it could’ve been. Our blended family. And victoria and I truly wanted us all to get along, if only for the kids’ sake. But you had other ideas.

Lily: Why don’t you get to the point, ashland? We have more pressing issues to deal with, as you well know.

Billy: Actually, I’d like to hear from you, victoria. Tried to get ahold of you for a while.

Victoria: I really don’t know what more there is to say, billy. I texted you how disgusted I was that chanccomm ran that garbage article. You know, I sold you my media division, and you are continually using it as a weapon against my husband and me.

Billy: Well, we never agreed to release that article — we were hacked — but you know that.

Victoria: Yes, but you authorized writing it, didn’t you?

Billy: Okay. So… you’re either in on the scheme to set us up from the beginning, or you’ve somehow figured out a way to, uh, justify it. Either way, that’s ugly.

Ashland: Well, we heard about your rather interesting offer. Presumably, you think that by stepping down as co-ceo that you will be protecting lily and chanccomm. And maybe now you can understand my desire to protect my company and the woman that I love by keeping gaines’ accusations quiet.

Billy: Yeah, I understand.

Ashland: Is it possible that you’re feeling a little regret about your…thoughtless, reckless, callous behavior?

Billy: I’m sorry. Are you two here looking for an apology?

Ashland: No. We’re actually here to make you an offer.

Elena: Mariah, hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Elena: Good to see you.

Mariah: Great to see you. How’s the hospital going? I mean, I’m sure that’s where you’re coming from, given the scrubs.

Elena: Yep. Actually, I just made a pit stop to check in on dominic.

Mariah: What happened? Is everything okay?

Elena: No, he’s fine. Sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you. Devon just had a small concern about a heat rash, but, honestly, I think he was just being a little overprotective. I see it all the time with first-time parents.

Mariah: Oh, yeah.

Elena: I totally meant that as a figure of speech. I know devon would never refer to himself as dominic’s parent.

Mariah: I mean, even if he did, who would blame him? Biologically, if not legally, he is the father, you know? And now, with chance being gone, I mean, I’m sure abby would be happy to have him step into that role into her son’s life. And don’t get me wrong — he would do a great job.

Elena: So, mariah, how are you doing?

Mariah: Me? Oh, I’m great, yeah. I-I’m doing really, really well. Plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging…

Mariah: I am finally on the road to recovery.

Elena: I’m so glad to hear that. It was such a traumatic experience.

Mariah: Yeah, I know, uh — I know everybody’s been really worried about me since the kidnapping. I — I just needed time to get over it all. Got to reacclimate myself. Get back to a normal life. And tessa’s been so supportive. I mean, she’s the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.

Elena: Have you gotten a chance to talk to anyone about all of this? Like, a counselor, maybe?

Mariah: Well, that’s the benefit of having a therapist as a mom. No appointments needed. It just gets thrown in with every conversation. Uh, anyway, I’m back to work again, you know, making up for lost time. And I’m finally feeling like my old self.

Sally: The only thing I’m doing is putting my love life on the back burner and doubling down on my work ethic. I need all of my energy for my career.

Chloe: Oh. You think you can feel me, but you can’T. You were just trying to reverse psychology adam into chasing you. And you think it’s gonna work, but it’s not. He’s way too smart for that.

Sally: I know he’s smart, and I’m not playing any games. Adam has drawn quite the line in the sand, and I want to respect his wishes.

Chloe: And what if he changes his mind?

Sally: Adam has made his feelings quite clear. He’s still trying to get over what happened in his past and figure out how to be the best possible father to his son, and as you have mentioned multiple times whenever chelsea returns, I would be courting disaster if I went anywhere near her ex, so I won’T.

Chloe: Okay. If you say so.

Sally: I’m not gonna jeopardize this opportunity by trying to force something in my personal life that was never meant to be. So, I’m sure with your leadership and with adam’s deep pockets, everything about newman fashion will be fabulous.

Billy: I find it very hard to believe that you’re here to do us any favors. After all, you aligned yourself with the newmans and gaines to set us up.

Ashland: You know, I’m not about to allow you to play the victim in all of this. I did what I had to do to defend myself, my wife, and my company from your relentless attacks.

Billy: I already promised you that I would not attack you personally, and I would never do anything to hurt the mother of my children. I used your personal information as leverage — information that we all know is true, by the way.

Ashland: You know, relying on your promises and your self-professed concern for victoria got us nowhere. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, your actions forced my hand. I mean, do you really think that this is how I wanted to spend the first few weeks of my marriage, dealing with this crap?

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Ashland: Now that your retraction is out there, the situations have reversed itself. Huh? You are the ones now that are going to be defending your credibility and integrity.

Lily: We can handle anything that you or your partners throw at us.

Ashland: Not without my cooperation you won’T. Now, I know that billy had asked the newmans to convince me to withdraw my lawsuit. I mean, do you really think that they can be trusted to follow through on that? Well, then again, you were willing to trust gaines, and look where that got you.

Billy: So let me get this straight. You’re saying that you are going to turn on the newmans?

Victoria: I think that ashland is trying to point out that it was a waste of time going to my father when he is the only one that can cancel the lawsuit.

Ashland: Yeah, and just so that we’re clear here, I could choose to prolong this as long as I want, release those recordings of you making those ugly threats and keep them in everybody’s news feeds for as long as I like.

Lily: Yeah, we know what you’re capable of. But it sounds like you want to cut a deal, so why don’t you just get to the point and tell us what you’re after.

Ashland: Well, our strong preference is to come to a swift and a final resolution. In contrast, victor and adam are willing to watch you flail in the wind while chanccomm’s value plummets.

Billy: What’s your plan?

Ashland: Victoria and I have neither the time nor the desire to play those games, and we are actually here to make you and lily and, more precisely, jill a very lucrative offer.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Lucrative for whom?

Ashland: All parties involved. We would bring chanccomm into the newman/locke fold.

Billy: You’re offering to buy chanccomm.

Ashland: And we’d be happy to keep lily on as ceo. She would maintain full autonomy.

Lily: And billy?

Ashland: Out.

Billy: And you’re gonna go along with this? You agree to exploit the damage that victor and adam have done? Kick me out of the company?

Ashland: Oh, billy. Always slow to catch on. This is all victoria’s idea. Lash impact goes sky high.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: Before you complain about this offer, I want you to remember how desperately i begged you to leave us alone. And for one moment, in italy, when you deleted that gaines video, I thought that you were actually gonna do the right thing. But you just couldn’t help yourself. You came after us the minute you got back.

Billy: That’s not what happened. I was trying to stop victor and adam from coming after our company.

Victoria: By doing something that would hurt me and my husband.

Billy: I told you that i never intended on releasing the information about ashland. And I don’t expect victor or adam or ashland to believe me… but I would hope that you would know that’s true.

Victoria: You see, that’s why I’m not willing to put that kind of power in your hands. You just can’t handle the responsibility. I am, however, willing to give lily a chance.

Lily: Why do you think that i would even want to work for you and ashland? I mean, I’ve seen for myself that ashland can be as ruthless as victor and adam.

Ashland: Well, if you’re worried about me, then that’s easily resolved. For one thing, I won’t be taking an active position in managing the company. I’m focused on my health.

Victoria: We promised you complete autonomy, and ashland and I, we are people of our word. Also, you might consider the fact that, since newman/locke have merged, we own some media properties that could potentially be folded into your division.

Ashland: You could end up running a company that’s larger and more influential than just chanccomm. I’m, quite frankly, excited to see what you would do with an opportunity like this.

Victoria: Yes, and if that doesn’t inspire and motivate your career ambitions, think about what’s best for billy.

Lily: How is pushing him out of a company that he’s so passionate about best for him?

Victoria: Running it into the ground isn’t in either of your best interests. Neither is standing by and watching it being taken over by adam, of all people.

Lily: Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] Even now you’re trying to protect billy.

Victoria: All I’ll say is that I can’t stand the idea of adam besting either of us, especially after what he’s done to our family. But most importantly, I want a quick and peaceful resolution to this lawsuit, because it’s what’s best for the children.

Billy: You’re worried about the children? Then why go along with this lawsuit in the first place, knowing that we were hacked?

Victoria: I’m sure that you need some time to talk over your decision, even though your choices are limited.

Ashland: We’ll be in touch.

[ Door closes ]

Imani: Where’s devon? Isn’t he joining us?

Amanda: Yeah, he needed to take care of a few things at home. Thank you. Um… I’m glad, because I wanted to speak with you privately. I wanted to know how you’re feeling about the verdict.

Imani: Uh… I wanted my grandfather brought to justice, and now he’s a convicted felon. I should be thrilled.

Amanda: But?

Imani: Now that it’s happened, I’m having a hard time processing this whole thing. It doesn’t seem real. I grew up idolizing him. He was the center of my whole world.

[ Sighs ] I guess you’re in the mood to celebrate, though.

Amanda: I understand that this is hard for you. You have a very long, complicated history with sutton. He’s the grandfather that you have known and loved your entire life. But he’s someone very different for me.

Imani: I know. And I’m not trying to bring you down or tell you to have sympathy for him.

Amanda: Good, because he is the man that excluded me and my twin sister from the family. He robbed me of my chance of ever knowing my father. So what is hard for me is… trying to feel sorry that he’s finally getting what he deserved.

Imani: This needed to happen, and once I’m over the shock, I’ll be just as happy about it as you are.

[ Sighs ]

Amanda: Okay.

Imani: What kind of sentence do you think he’ll get?

Amanda: I don’t want to speculate on that. You know, what I’m more interested in knowing is what’s next for our family. You know, I know that we are going into practice together, but what’s next for naya?

Imani: She’s considering moving to genoa city.

Amanda: What?

Imani: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: That — that’s amazing. I would love that.

Imani: Really? You want her in our faces, attempting to micromanage every aspect of our lives?

Amanda: I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so I’m sure that it will drive me crazy at some point, but, right now — I don’t know — that kind of sounds wonderful.

[ Both laugh ]

Imani: Okay. Wait till she starts nagging you about having kids. She’s eager to be a grandmother.

Amanda: Well, there is a baby at my place right now, if she wants a baby fix. We have a lot of catching up to do.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: You’re a thirsty little guy, huh? There it is. Where’d you go? Where’d you go? Peek-a-boo!

[ Laughs ] There he is. What? Where’d I go? Hey! There you go. A-boo-boo-boo-boo! A-boo-boo! Give me a smile. Give me a smile. There you go. That’s the one right there, man. We’re gonna send that to your grandma and your grandpa. Maybe they’ve heard from your mama. No, we probably want to push the release to maximize the song’s chances of charting, don’t you think?

[ Baby fusses ] Okay. Okay. It’s okay. We’ll do some more walking. You’re the boss, buddy. It’s okay. Oh. Shh.

Billy: Well, it looks like, to me, that newman/locke and newman media are in a tug-of-war. And chanccomm is the rope.

Lily: Look, I don’t know how much stock we can take in their offer. I just — I can’t imagine victoria wanting to upset her dad right now. Is this a trick?

Billy: I mean, what else do they have to gain, besides acquiring a great company?

Lily: I mean, who knows? Maybe they want to drive a wedge between us. I mean, you saw how much they were buttering me up while also putting you down.

Billy: Lily, everything they said is true. And I… I genuinely believe that they meant what they said about you. ‘Cause who doesn’t admire you? I sure as hell do. Look what you’ve accomplished. And I know you’re upset that i went to victor and offered to step down, but I hope that you know that is only because i believe in you so much. And without my baggage, you can not only revive our company, but it’ll thrive with you in command — I know it.

Lily: Billy, I know that your intentions were good, but did you really think that victor would get ashland to withdraw the lawsuit? That was never gonna happen.

Billy: What are you saying? Are you thinking of giving up?

Lily: I mean, look, we — we can’t even discuss that, okay? I-it’s not up to us, it’s up to jill. But what really matters to me is that how we are. You know? You can’t make unilateral decisions on things that we should be deciding together.

Billy: Look, I can walk away from the company. I really don’t care if my pride takes a hit. But I couldn’t stand it if things change between us personally. Are we okay?

Lily: [ Breathes deeply ] Yeah, of course. What matters to me is that we’re good.

Ashland: You know, you’ve been…quiet since we left, sweetheart. What has you worried?

Victoria: Well, you know, i just can’t stop thinking about johnny and katie and how this situation might impact them. Whatever we do, we’ve got to protect them from the fallout.

Ashland: Well, of course we do. And — and we will.

Victoria: You know, maybe this is a good time to send them to boarding school. Just temporarily, until the end of the school year.

Ashland: You know, I know that isn’t a decision you would make lightly.

Victoria: It’s just that everyone who deals with billy has to expect dramatic highs and devastating lows. This failure, this public humiliation, it’s just — I know that billy’s gonna go off the rails again, and I don’t want the kids to witness it.

Ashland: No, it wouldn’t be easy for you, either, would it?

If you have this…

Victoria: But we agree my concern is purely about the kids. I have no intention of — of rushing to save billy.

Ashland: Not even a little bit?

Victoria: You know, whatever lily might think, I’ve learned the hard way that there’s no upside to it. And he only resents it when i try. The last time that billy was in this position and his life was falling apart, he beat himself up about it, and… the kids were scared, and they were confused. So, I — I just find that my instinct is telling me that i need to protect them from it the best that I can.

Ashland: And where does that leave billy?

Victoria: In the long run, I’m sure he’ll be fine. It might actually be the best thing for him. And jill, she’ll come — she’ll come through for him. She always does.

Ashland: Hmm. Well, he sure is fortunate to have such a supportive mother.

Victoria: Yes. And then, hopefully, when the dust settles, she’ll find him a position that he cannot use as a weapon.

Ashland: Hmm. Well, whatever it is that you decide… I’m sure you know that I will support it 100%, and there might be an advantage to having the kids out of the house should my condition worsen.

Victoria: I was thinking the same thing. And, really, I mean, there are a lot of positives to the kids doing something new like this. They’ll have opportunity to gain some independence.

Ashland: You’ve sold me on the idea of it, but what are the chances that billy will buy into it? I mean, he’s gonna be unemployed soon with nothing but time on his hands, and he’ll probably want to spend a lot of that with his kids.

Victoria: You let me manage billy.

Lily: Hey, jill. It’s — uh, it’s lily. Uh, can you call me when you get a chance? I just, uh…need to discuss the situation at chanccomm.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, November 24, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Part of this is missing due to news interruption; we’ll have it up soon.

portia: Curtis. Portia: Curtis.

[ Singsong voice ] Curtis?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, hey. I, um, I — what are you doing here? I thought I locked the door. No. Nope, it’s open.

[ Chuckles ] Are you okay? Um, y-yeah, I-I-I — sorry, I just didn’t hear you come in. I could see that. You looked like you were a million miles away.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I didn’t hear back, which isn’t like you, so I decided to come by and check. Oh, my god. That’s right. I got — I got your text. I just… had so much going on. I’m sorry. What — what’s up? Well, um, dinner, for one.

[ Chuckles ] Are you still coming? When? Today. It’s thanksgiving. Ah, right. Curtis, are you okay?

[ Sighs ] Uh, hey, rocco, danny, check out the gophers float. He’s wearing his hat sideways like you guys do when you’re up at bat. That’s funny. I like baseball, too. That’s right, sweetie. You tell the boys you can hit and field. My — my bad, scout. My sincerest apologies, honey. Accepted.

[ Chuckles ] This is sweet. How come we’ve never watched the wyndham’s thanksgiving parade up here before? Well, probably ’cause we’ve never, um…

[ Clears throat ] …Been invited before. Play your cards right. You’ll get invited again. That’s cool. Well, I’m happy you guys came. It can get boring at the parades. Hey, l ook, it’s santa! Oh, look, yeah! Hi, santa. So, um… I guess I really do have to, uh, lock down that other invite. I think I can arrange that.

That was awesome. Good. Take your coats off. Who’s ready for some treats? Where are the treats? Uh, you know, we’ll get that sorted out, but right now, I got a movie, uh, ready to go upstairs. “Christina comes home for christmas.” Ugh. Come on. Danny, come on. You’re being rude. Dad, that movie’s ancient. Well, yeah, darn right, it is. That’s the whole point. It’s that good, old-fashioned christmas magic, man. I want to see it. That’s my girl. Go upstairs, and I’ll get you some snacks ready.

[ Sighs ] Oh, you saved my butt. They don’t want to watch that movie, but you got all these snacks and treats, so that’s good. I know. I got some tricks up my sleeve. Yeah. I have, um, cookies, muffins… mm-hmm? …Doughnuts, and cupcakes from kelly’S. And what about coffee? And hot chocolate. Mm. Do you think the kids are getting along? Yeah, I mean — I-I mean, I know rocco misses charlotte and, uh, the holidays are always tough without his mom, but… man, he’s happy. He seems really happy with — with scout and danny. Danny and scout miss jason and drew. Well, they’ll at least get to see, you know, their families at the quartermaines’. There’s a holiday movie for ya.

[ Chuckling ] Right, yes. Maybe a horror, I think. Well, you can’t forget the sequel. Dessert at the davises’. Are you sure you’re up for it? Yeah, of course I am. Your mom and I, we’re good. We made peace. As long as you’re up for what that means, because the minute we show up at our families’ houses over the holidays with our kids, together? It’s a big deal. Yeah, kind of makes us official?Kind of — y-yeah. Yeah. Pretty obvious. I think I like that, though. Go easy on the coffee, dad. Might want to switch to decaf. You know how our family thanksgivings go around here. Not this year. Things are already looking up. Liv and I are finally on the same page. After leo’s disappearance last night at ava’s gallery, she came to realize that leo does need to see a specialist and that I was only acting in his best interest. There is a silver lining. Which doesn’t let you off the hook for letting him out of your eyesight or using austin’s genuine concern for leo against him. Dad, you know what that was about. Okay, I did it for the family. If you’re going to be mad at me for losing leo and sticking it to austin, then you can kiss your norman rockwell thanksgiving you’ve envisioned goodbye. It’s never been the q’s reality, and it’s not gonna start now. Okay. You can do this. “Hey! Happy thanksgiving, finn! Guess what? Uh, you’re an uncle.

[ Chuckles ] How about that? You got a surprise daughter. I have a surprise daughter.”

[ Sighs ] I so don’t got this. Dr. Robinson’s hosting a thanksgiving dinner. We’re all going to be there, me and molly. Nurse baldwin and her kids, me and my daughter, violet, my — my brother, chase. I mean, it’s — it’s a good group. I’m sure you’d be welcome. Come. No one should be alone on thanksgiving, and my uncle curtis and I will have the game on, as well, so… that’s very thoughtful of you. What, are you holding out for a better offer? Excuse me, austin. Can I talk to you for a sec? Thank you for your invitation. No. You can’t talk to me. I’m not talking to you or anybody else in your family ever again. I think losing my reputation as the quirkiest doctor at G.H. I wasn’t aware that was your reputation. Diplomacy will get you far, doctor. I look forward to working with you. See you at dinner. Alright. I am just trying to figure out what’s real and what isn’T. Are you talking about the club? Yesterday, you were wondering if the mob was blocking your musical guests and then arranging for that singer to just magically appear.

[ Chuckles ] Did you figure something out? Yes, but it wasn’t what I thought. No shadowy organizations. That might have actually been simpler. Simpler than what? You know what? I’m not ready to get into this right now. Is this about the man in the sketch, the one that was asking me and T.J. All those questions about you and the club? What’s going on? I wish I knew. Okay. Um, I can see that you don’t want to talk about it right now, so I’m not going to pry. If you change your mind, I’m certainly here to listen. And if you don’t feel like coming to dinner, I completely understand. I will miss you. I just hope you work through whatever’s going on. Portia, wait. You’re the only one I can talk to about this. Would you stay, please? Come here! I’ve got big news!

I told you I had something healthy. Try it. Are you kidding me? Look what’s in here.

[ Chuckles ] They’re not going to eat any of that. How much you want to bet? They’re gonna be bouncing off the walls by lunch. As long as they don’t break anything too precious at the quartermaines’, I think I’ll be okay. Well, you know what? The benefit of them spending all this time at the quartermaines’ is that everything of value has probably already been broken or moved. You know, monica does like having a full house. I’m kind of glad that we didn’t tell her that drew was alive, because we would only have to tell her that drew is presumed dead, and I think that would really…hurt her. Mm. Came close, though. It would have been the ultimate gift to bring drew home for the holidays, not only for monica, but for scout, as well. I just hope that jason makes it home in time for christmas, for danny’s sake. I think he and britt will make it back in time. But if not, you know, rocco and I will come and, uh, decorate your tree with you. But then you guys got to come help us decorate ours and then do things like ice skating, which I’ll teach you how to do that, too, if you want. Okay. I-I am totally down for that. Okay. That all sounds good. Good. Since, I mean, our little families are blending so well together. Yeah, like, uh — as my mother would say, like “buttah.” Mm. Okay, you’re gonna have to listen to what I have to say before I break my ankle walking in these stupid shoes. Hi. I was wrong about you, about your motives in insisting that I have my son see a specialist. I was in denial. And then the other night, something happened. Leo disappeared. And if you hadn’t given ned a heads up, and he hadn’t taken you seriously, I don’t think we would have found him in time. He was near water. He was. He was, and because ned did his homework, we knew to search for him on the docks. And then everything just fell into place. All the things that you were wondering about and ned was wondering about, it all made sense. And, um… I’m committed to getting my son all the support that he needs. Olivia, that’s great news. Well, it’s all because of you. And I am — I am truly sorry that I accused you of using my son to further your position at elq. I — I really hope you’ll forgive me. Now, why so defensive? Does this have anything to do with the fact that valentin and charlotte packed up and moved out last night? You know what? I should check on bailey. She was really fussy this morning. Stop. Stop right there. Now, initially, I admit, I was relieved to see them go. But after seeing yuri, I, uh — I noticed that he was particularly upset. So I questioned him. And he kept repeating the same phrase over and over about bailey in belarusian. So I entered that phrase into the translator, and it came out something about the “right seed.”

[ Sighs ] Now, I’ve been really impressed at how well you and valentin have co-parented your daughter. This whole family is. I mean, it’s really a sign of, you know, maturity on your part. So if you’ve hit a bump, it doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable. I mean, look at liv and me. Whatever’s going on, I want you to know that I’m here to help you if I can. You can’T. Valentin isn’t bailey’s father. Hey. I was hoping I’d find you here. Yeah, I just wanted to get caught up on some patient files. What about you? You working a case? Uh, no. No, I’m off today. What’s with the suit? You might be a little overdressed for football with T.J. And the boys. By the way, violet’s playing quarterback. She’s got the whole thing worked out.

[ Chuckles ] Look, about that. You’re still coming to dinner, right? Actually, no. Something’s come up. So, after i tracked down linc — the producer who was able to book that singer last-minute, right? Yeah. I found out he was working for someone else. The guy from the sketch? Oh, not organized crime. I honestly don’t know. But he came in here, and we talked. He was the one responsible for getting that artist here. Which is why he was so interested in asking questions about the savoy. But he was also interested in you, too. He was interested in both the club and me. Which is why he did you that huge favor? Apparently. But he also wanted a relationship.

[ Chuckling ] Why? Because he claimed he was my father. Oh, uh — I’m sorry, I thought you told me that your father passed when you were a child. That’s what I was told. That’s what I believed. And then this man, marshall — of course, that’s what he says his name is — comes in here, and he tells me otherwise. So, do you believe him? Hi, I’m debra. I’m from colorado. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. I’m a mother of four– always busy. I was starting to feel a little foggy. Just didn’t feel like things were as sharp as I knew they once were. I heard about prevagen and then I started taking it about two years now. Started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. I feel like it’s kept me on my game. I’m able to remember things. I’d say give it a try.

that’s the last photohe took before he left. There’s a real resemblance between the man in this photo and the man who approached me and T.J. I showed him the sketch. And when I asked him why mom and aunt stella would let tommy and me believe that he was dead, he couldn’t give me a straight answer. He said that he stayed away because it wasn’t safe, whatever in the hell that means. You know, I got to admit, it brought up a lot of feelings that I didn’t know that I had about not having a father in my life. About how that pain and emptiness felt growing up, and I didn’t even realize it. About how his sudden disappearance all of a sudden made my life unpredictable, and I never processed that, much less talked about it until marshall was in here standing in front of me, telling me he was my father. You were only a child. You were 3 years old. You probably buried it. That’s exactly how trauma works. But it seems to me like you might actually believe it to be true. Well, you know what? It doesn’t matter, because, um, I don’t want a relationship with him either way. I told him that, and at least he had the decency to get the hell out of my life. Again. And, so, what? That’s just — that’s just the end of it? It better be. I’m wondering if that’s what you really want, or if you’re just trying to protect yourself. You were a detective. You were a cop. You have to have questions. Maybe there’s more to the story. Look, I hope you’re ready to be showered with approval, because my mother has been advocating for this for kind of a long time. Really? Yeah. I cannot believe I would actually get olivia’s approval. I’m — oh, yeah. You got it. You got it, big-time. Wow. That means a lot. I didn’t tell you. There was, uh — she kind of had a situation with leo last night. What happened? I-I mean, he’s okay, but I guess, uh — well, I guess they think he might be on the autism spectrum. Wow. I am —

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Mm. I know how trying that can be. Right. Yes. Y-your other brother. You — you told me about that. Yeah. It — it wasn’t nearly the — the same thing, but it was… challenging. Mm-hmm. He had a genetic disorder that caused behavioral issues. He was a loving boy. He was so well-rounded and sweet and kind and… I loved him. I loved him so much. We should be together on thanksgiving, especially since dad and your mom can’t make it. And just to guilt you some more, violet will be very disappointed if you’re not there. I hate the thought of letting violet down. Maybe — maybe I can swing by after. After? After what? Like I said, something’s come up, something I can’t get out of. Well, if it’s not work, what’s so urgent? It’s personal. Like a date? No. Well, in a way — s-sort — sort of. Could you be any more vague? Okay. Alright. What’s the name of the lucky lady that’s got you turning your back on your family today? The mother of my child. What the hell are you talking about? Do I really need to spell it out for you? Okay. [ Sighs ] So you mean you were with more than one man around the same time? And you didn’t know who the father was? It’s a little more complicated than that, dad. I-I knew who the father was, but I decided not to be truthful about it, for reasons I’m sure you can guess.

[ Sighs, scoffs ] The elq shares. Yes. And you told valentin last night. Yes. Well, are you going to tell me who the father is, or does he not know yet? No, he knows. He’s really wonderful. Not that we have feelings for each other. It was more casual. But, um, we’re friends, which is good. And you actually kind of like him, definitely more than you like valentin. That’s not a high bar. So, who is it, brook lynn? Who is bailey’s father? It’s chase.

Wait, what? When? How? No, no, I know how. Um… who’s the mother? Do you remember when willow and I broke up? Uh-huh. Brook lynn was on the outs with the q’s, and she moved in for a while. It was then. Brook lynn? Brook lynn quartermaine? Tracy’s granddaughter? She’s the mother, and — and she just didn’t tell you? Well, it’s complicated, but… uh-huh. Yeah, I just found out. Mm-hmm. And — and brook lynn, she’s — she’s a great mom. Good. Good, a good mom makes all the difference. So she was just lying to valentin cassadine and lying to you. She was, but now the lie is over, and — and we’re sorting through things. Just like that? Uh — you’re not angry? Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was at first. At first, there were a lot of emotions, but then I realized it’s only been a few months. And for part of that time, I was living in the same house as bailey. I-I held her. I-I sang to her. Yeah. Yeah. Bailey. So, and brook lynn wants you to be part of bailey’s life? Absolutely. Mm. Are — are you and — and brook lynn, are you, um — no! No, no, no. No, that — j-just friends. Just that one time. One time, right. Right. I’m — I’m sorry. It’s just a lot — lot to take in. Congratulations, bro. You’re the father of a beautiful baby girl. I’m happy for you. Thanks. Thanks. And congrats to you. You’re an uncle. Yeah. Yeah. Violet’s been asking for a baby sister. I guess a baby cousin is the next best thing. I’ll bet. Hey, if you could do me a favor and not mention it to her or anyone else, especially mom and dad. Brook lynn hasn’t told her family yet, and the whole situation with valentin, it’s tricky. Yeah, of course. About that, watch your back with them, alright? Not only do you have to deal with valentin and all his nonsense, but the quartermaines and all that that brings. You sure you’re prepared? Detective chase is bailey’s father. He was here all this time, and you two never said a word about it. Chase didn’t know. You never told him? No. And he never even suspected? I told him valentin was the father. But you knew he wasn’T. You kept the truth from chase because you wanted to use your child to get the elq shares back. Brook lynn. Daddy, it was my fault we lost control of elq. I had to do something. They were just shares! You kept that child from her real father. Oh, this is a mess! And you know what? I have no one to blame but myself, because I put too much pressure on you. And now look where we are. Chase has lost time with his daughter, and valentin has lost the child that he thought was his. Both of these men’s lives have been completely upended. I’m so sorry, dad. Listen to me. You can’t blame yourself. Okay? I take responsibility. I — I truly did what I thought I had to do.

[ Sighs ] Well, at least I still have my beautiful granddaughter. That won’t change. Alright. So just tell me. How did valentin react to the news? He was devastated and very angry. Uh-huh. Then he’s bound to fight back. I’m very happy to hear that you’ve come around and that you’re there for leo, ’cause that little boy deserves the best chance he can possibly get to have a great life. I agree, and I’m committed to getting that for him. I just wish I hadn’t thought the worst of you. And I realize now how lucky we all were that you spotted this and that you came forward. No parent wants to hear that their child is not neurotypical. There’s a pediatric neurologist here in the hospital. Just so great, and I’d be happy to make you an introduction. No, no, I already — I already made the appointment online. I don’t want to waste any more time. Okay. That’s great. I’m glad to hear it. Okay, well, I would like to make it up to you. Uh, maybe you could join us all for — for thanksgiving. There’s going to be plenty food and — no. So you don’t forgive me. I will never forgive a family for denying my father when he was alive and then again denying him after his death, and I’m never going to forgive brook lynn for trying to sabotage my medical career when all I was trying to do was simply get leo the help that he needs. It sounds like you didn’t have an easy childhood. But everything you went through, you showed love and compassion for danny anyway. And that just goes to show what kind of person you are. Con with a heart? A strong, fierce, independent, beautiful woman…

[ Exhales slowly ] …Who can think on her feet better than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life, like when you slashed my tires to make sure I couldn’t follow you. You can chalk that one up to street smarts. Well, I’m, um… pretty grateful for your street smarts. Well, you want to know what I’m grateful for? What?

[ Sighs ] Your openness. Even though sonny is your father, you have managed to be able to be loyal to him and your job. Yeah, that isn’t easy. No doubt. But you still somehow make it work. When you go and — and run off, I know you’re not running off to start trouble. You’re running to stop it. That gives me peace. Yeah, peace. That’s what I — that’s what I call it, too. Then why is my heart beating so fast? I was going to ask you the same thing. The boys changed the movie. Marshall: Dr. Ashford? Dr. T.J.? You got a minute? Curtis: That man, if he’s my father, he changed the course of my family’s lives when he disappeared. My mother became an invalid. Aunt stella gave up the love of her life because of it, because we needed her. You know aunt stella taught me and tommy how to shave? And despite all that love and strength aimed at us, I still felt his loss, different than the other kids who — who mentioned their fathers, and some complained. And there’s always those kids who didn’t have a father that were part of a sad club. We were members of that club. I’m so sorry. And he allowed that to happen to his family. He stayed away for decades, and now he wants to — he wants to swoop back in like some conquering hero. He saves my nightclub for one night. What does he expect from me, that I’m gonna welcome him with open arms? “Gee, thanks, pop. Good to see you.” It’s not going to happen. I can see why you sent him away, and I hate that he brought up all of this for you. I hate that I was reminded of this, and I hate that it still eats away at me. Marshall did this to me, and I do not want him in my life. I wish he’d have never even come back, if he’s even my father. Have you checked him out yet? Yeah, I did a quick internet search. No marshall ashford matched his description. Well — well, we both know that you can dive deeper than just an internet search. Could. But you don’t want to.

I really don’t know what to do about marshall. I’ve been kind of, like… paralyzed since he dropped his big announcement, you know? My head’s been spinning with memories and realizations and, of course, questions. Well, have you reached out to your aunt stella? No, no, no, no. She’s still recuperating from her stroke. This is the kind of news that might be too much of a shock for her. But I will say this. Aunt stella would never lie about our father to tommy and me. Ever. So I just don’t want to risk upsetting her. That’s — that’s wise. That’s very wise. Okay, but what about T.J.? He approached T.J. Before. He could do it again. Yeah, yeah, I was thinking about that. I haven’t told T.J. Because i was sorting out my own thoughts, but, um, you’re right. We should give T.J. The heads up. I would hate for this marshall guy to catch him off-guard… …the way he did me. I remember you. You disappeared on me. How do you know my nickname? Well, let’s see. Isn’t that the abbreviation for — is it thomas junior? Uh, did you look me up or something? What’s going on here? Uh –are you ill? Are — I’m getting off my rotation, but I’ll make sure the attending sees you. I’m not sick. In fact, I didn’t need medical care the last time I came to see you. Then why’d you come? Why are you here now? Like I said, I came to see you. Look, I know

valentin is hurtand angry, and who wouldn’t be? As for the q’s, I guess I just have to face the music and get through it. What else can I do?

[ Chuckles ] Good luck with all that. It’s gonna be one hell of a thanksgiving dinner. But, you know, at least you get to spend the day with your baby girl. Can’t believe I’m saying those words. I mean it. You’re going to be an amazing father, bro. I see how you are with violet, who adores you. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Like I said, I’ve known bailey for a while now. I have a little head start. You must have felt a connection to her all along, you know, something deep inside. Yeah, now that you mention it… totally. And, hey. When you feel the time’s right, let’s get violet and her new cousin together, okay? It’s amazing. One more thing to be happy for today. Look, I-I got to get going. Right. Hey, um, you know, good luck with the quartermaines. Although I guess it’s brook lynn that did you wrong. Right. I guess it’s hard to be angry when you have that baby girl in your life. Yeah. Happy thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving. The whole family will be here today. I know. So? What are you going to tell them? There’s going to be a million questions. And what about the fact that chase had a thing for you and then married willow? And he never once suspected that he could be the father of bailey? Dad, if you remember, chase was nearly poisoned to death. He had bigger fish to fry. Are — dad, really, you cannot possibly blame this on chase. Oh, I can, and I do. It takes two to make a baby.

[ Sighs ] Maybe he — he didn’t know because he didn’t want to know. Maybe he was too busy chasing after willow to step up and be the father to that child, or too busy snooping around here doing austin’s bidding. You know, you say all these wonderful things about chase. Sorry. I’m not buying it.

Brook lynn honestly thought that you were using my son, and — and she was just trying to protect him, protect the family, that’s all. I said, I’m really glad that leo’s getting the help that he needs. That’s the only thing that’s important. I agree. But… austin, what’s done is done. Can you just let this thing with brook lynn — can you let it go? Yeah, I’ll try. Great. And… the offer still stands, if you change your mind. What’s with the long face? You know, sometimes the only way to turn a frown into a smile is the satisfaction of payback. Okay. I was going to try to convince you to join us, but perhaps alone in front of the television is the better alternative after all. Dad, you’re projecting your anger onto chase instead of me. Go ahead. Be mad at me. I’m used to it. I’m mad at both of you! What you did was reckless and thoughtless and selfish, and now you expect me to just sweep up the mess and act like nothing happened. Look, I know it’s thanksgiving, but don’t go all puritan on me. You’re not exactly a saint yourself. I’m not pretending to be, unlike your wonderful guy chase. For the last time, it’s not chase’s fault.

[ Doorbell rings ] Happy thanksgiving. I brought dessert. You are going through a lot right now. And I just want you to know that my home is open to you whenever you need me. I’ll be there. And if you change your mind about thanksgiving, I’ll be there with food.

[ Chuckles ] And a bunch of people who love and appreciate you. I can’t believe I tried to push you away. Talking to you is the best decision I could have made. I’m not sure if I will make it tonight. But I am sure that I am grateful for one portia robinson. I consider you among my blessings. Is there, uh, someplace we could talk privately? I’m not sure I want to do that. I don’t know who you are, and you were asking a lot of questions about me and my uncle. So whatever this is, I’m really not up for it. I’ve had a long night, and I have somewhere to be later. Listen, look, I don’t blame you for being suspicious of me.

[ Chuckles ] In fact, curtis was the same way. But if you could just — if you could just give me a few minutes, just a few, I promise I can explain. T.J., It would mean the world to me. You don’t worry about those two guys. I will handle rocco and danny. I promise you, you’re going to get to finish watching “christina comes home for christmas,” okay? Guarantee it. Let’s go. Come on. We’ll show them.

[ Knock on door ]

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GH Transcript Tuesday, November 23, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


The beginning is missing due to news interruption; we’ll have it up soon.

Which means that we have to go to him. Brando, could you please get a wheelchair? I’m going to see our baby in the nicu. You can’t even sit up right now. I will do whatever it takes to be with my son. If he can’t come to me, then I will go to him. That’s not the problem. Sasha, in your current post-operative condition, you can’t visit the nicu right now. You need time to heal first. No. No, no. My baby needs his mother! Your baby needs his mother to be healthy and whole for what’s to come. Is that sasha’s room? Are she and brando in there? Give them a minute. They’re talking to sasha’s doctor. Sasha, I know it’s hard, but I strongly advise you to use this time to rest, gather your strength so when you’re cleared to visit your son, you’ll be prepared. “Prepared”? P-prepared for what, exactly? Hey. Thank you for calling me. How are sasha and the baby? Well, I asked at the nurses’ station. Sasha’s out of surgery, recovering in the icu. Oh, my god, I don’t understand. Last I heard, everything was fine. How did you hear that sasha and the baby had been rushed into surgery? It says in your chart your doctor wants you to spend one more night here for observation. I’m gonna take care of myself. I’m leaving, effective immediately. That would be an ill-advised decision, but, yes, it’s your choice. First, you’re gonna have to sign a form stating that you are leaving against medical advice. So give me the form. Fine. Wait here. Please don’t take too long. Valentin. Hi. Hi. Listen, why are you in such a hurry to leave? I have to get out of the quartermaine mansion, and I have to find the strength to hug my daughter for the last time. Don’t you think it’s a little sacrilegious to hatch a plot in a chapel? It’s a non-denominational chapel. What does that mean? We needed a place to talk away from valentin. Okay, I’m listening. It’s enough. Enough what? Enough off of your self-assured, nothing-bothers-you attitude. Okay? Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into by pretending to be bailey’s father? If the truth is found out, then you will have two enemies — valentin and peter. Hi, maxie. Can I call you right back? I’m in the middle of something. No. Peter just called me. He promised he was gonna see me soon. We have peter in custody. Are you sure they have him in custody? He’s in handcuffs, and he’s waiting to be transferred to port charles to stand trial. So you’re saying it’s really over? No, it’s not over yet. Let me know when you’re done examining drew. I need to make sure your stitches didn’t burst when you fell in the tunnel. I’m fine, britta, but you’re going to need to recite the abc’s backwards so I can rule out a concussion. Fine. Z, y, x, w, v — is that enough? For now. And you? Any other injuries you need to tell me about? Just what you saw.

[ Inhales sharply ] Mm. Last time you examined me was when peter wanted to make sure I was in tip-top shape to abduct maxie. Thankfully, that plan never materialized. Yeah. Maxie’s safe. But at what cost to jason? Like pulsing, electric shocks,sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. What is this nightmare? It’s how some people describe… shingles. A painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. Forget social events and weekend getaways. If you’ve had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. If you’re 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean? Downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. If you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. Hi. So you’re the scientist here. Does my aveeno daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? It’s true jen. This prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. Impressive. Aveeno healthy. It’s our nature. New daily moisture for face. (Judge) it’s delightful. (Contestant 1) seriously? But it’s a total train-wreck. (Judge) it’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of work into it. (Buzz) she’s probably happy because she found out honey nut cheerios can help lower cholesterol. (Judge) does anyone want to go on a bike ride? You have always loved vicks vapors. And now you’ll really love new vicks’ vapostick. It goes on clear and dries quickly. No mess. Just the soothing vicks’ vapor for the whole family. Introducing new vicks vapostick. Ut liesl and britt?Have you seen them? Yeah, I-I’m here with them now. They’re — they’re fine.

[ Sighs ] Oh, thank god. I knew jason wouldn’t let anything happen to them. Thank you for bringing peter to justice. I owed it to you, maxie, and it’s long overdue. Will you thank jason and britt for me, too? When are you guys coming home? Well, the situation is — is kind of fluid right now. I’ll be able to have a longer conversation with you when I get back. This is all I-I wanted… maxie, was to keep you safe.

[ Sighs ] I don’t understand. Say goodbye to your daughter? Are you sending charlotte to boarding school? No, not charlotte. Wait. What’s going on with bailey? She’s not mine. What makes you say that? Brook lynn lied to me. You must be devastated. Brook lynn used bailey as a bargaining chip to get her elq shares back. Nothing more than an elaborate ruse to get back in her father’s good graces. Brook lynn actually said that? She said a lot of things, but… it was about elq. Plain and simple. Do you have any idea what you’ve signed up for? I wasn’t thinking long term. I was thinking on the fly. I had to. Okay. Well… until we know that peter is not a threat anymore, I mean, you’re gonna have to continue with his lie. You’re gonna have to tell everyone. Are you ready to tell your parents that they’re gonna be grandparents again? You’re gonna have to tell finn. And how about willow? It’s not the first time that you’ve had to tell a lie for the greater good. And the lie worked. It kept nelle from getting custody of wiley. Well, are you ready to tempt fate again?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, it’s maxie. She’s freaking out about something. Look, I would not blame you if you don’t want to take this charade any further. You know what? Maybe we should just go back to valentin, tell the truth, beg him for his help. And then you don’t have to be a part of this charade and get in any deeper. Are you sure it’s about elq? Maybe there’s another reason. Like what? Like maybe you need to give brook lynn the benefit of the doubt, you know? Even — listen, even your biggest detractors have to admit that you are an amazing father to charlotte, and maybe the biological father isn’t a good guy. Could that be the reason that brook lynn lied to you? No. Why not? Because detective harrison chase is the real father. He told me, and brook lynn confirmed it. If there’s a problem with sasha and the baby, brando must be losing his mind. And you’re the only family he has in town, besides gladys, so of course brando reached out to you. Oh. Maxie… what’s the latest? Yeah. Is the baby okay? Which baby? Sasha and brando’s baby. Oh, right. Of course. Um, sorry, I just have a lot going on. Sasha had a baby boy. She needed an emergency c-section. She’s fine, but the baby is in the nicu.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Sorry. That’s all I know. Is it just me or did she seem all over the place? Well, I mean, I’m sure all this reminds her of the trauma that surrounded louise’s birth. You know what it reminds me of? Hmm? What we went through with — with donna. I’ll never forget. But like sasha, I had one advantage that maxie doesn’T. What’s that? A loving, supportive partner right by my side. Mrs. Corbin, you can go in. I know you’re family. Thank you, but I don’t — I don’t want to intrude. The doctor sounds so serious. That’s never good, right? Brando: Elizabeth, did you see our baby? Sasha: Yes. How is he? Well, he is currently intubated on a ventilator to assist with breathing. He also has an umbilical line to administer steroids and antibiotics. Well, what you’re describing, I mean, that’s standard procedure in the nicu, right? I mean, ’cause babies — you know, they’re born with underdeveloped lungs all the time that need help. In this case, it’s not a question of lung capacity. During the placental abruption, your son was deprived of oxygen. And in some babies, this can result in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. What is that? It’s a condition that, depending on the severity, causes disabilities, brain damage, and, in some cases, death. Elizabeth: Those are worst-case scenarios. Yes. We don’t have all the answers yet. Dr. Fleming, the neonatologist, and the wonderful team in the nicu have started a very advanced treatment called hypothermia therapy, which cools the baby down and has been shown to give the brain an opportunity to slow brain-cell damage.

[ Crying ] You guys need to think positively. How can I think anything positive when my baby is hurting and it could be all my fault?

[ Crying continues ]

It’s my fault. I must have missed a sign or ignored a symptom. Sasha, you are not to blame. There is nothing you could have done to prevent what happened. Your placenta separated from your uterus, a completely involuntary medical condition. Yes, but I-I-I felt something, you know, a twinge or something. I definitely knew that I wasn’t comfortable, and I did not reach out to you. Sasha, hey, listen to the doctor. Okay? You could not know this was going to happen. I’m not gonna let you blame yourself. And most discomfort during pregnancy is harmless. Dr. Navarro: Nurse baldwin is correct. It’s possible what you felt earlier had nothing to do with the abruption. We need to focus on next steps — when the hypothermia treatment concludes. How long does that take?

[ Sighs ] It can take up to 72 hours.

[ Crying ] And once it’s done, dr. Fleming will order an eeg to determine brain function. You can visit the nicu now, and if you are stronger in the morning, I will authorize for you to be wheeled downstairs to see your son. I’ve got to go, but I will check in on you later. Thank you, doctor. Sasha…listen to me. I know, as moms, it’s very easy to blame ourselves, but you did everything right. You went to all your doctor’s appointments. You had consistent bloodwork done. You went on bed rest when dr. Navarro told you to. No one has a crystal ball. So all we can do now is wait? Wait…and pray. The excavation team have landed, and they’ve headed to the tunnels. -I want to help. -Me too. No, no, no, no. It is too cramped and dangerous for us to go down there. This is a highly trained team, and they are equipped with the latest technology. The best thing that we can do for jason is just to stay out of their way. Look, there’s gonna be a formal debriefing with the wsb, but before that happens, I need to know what the hell went on down in those tunnels. That hurensohn peter activated drew. While jason and drew were fighting, peter dragged britta and me into those unstable tunnels. And then he got lost in the process. What? Activated? What? You mean conditioning? Faison installed a shortcut. Peter used it. You know what he had you do? No. I got no idea. The first time was in crete, and — and I came to in my cell. I’d been grazed by a bullet, and I was bleeding. Oh, I think maybe you sustained your injury during an assassination attempt. How do you know? I was the target. I got your texts. Please tell me gladys did not — chase. Hi. Um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to speak to brook lynn in private. If this is about bailey, anything that you have to say to me, you can share with chase. He knows everything. Nina: Brook lynn told you that chase was bailey’s biological father? Yes.

[ Sighs ] Valentin… I am so sorry. I know how painful this is. I know you do, because you know what it’s like to love someone like a daughter and then learn you’ve been deceived because I’ve done that to you. And call it karma or poetic justice, but what I inflicted on you has been inflicted on me. And you’ve got every right to gloat. I’m just happy that, you know, donna has…has so much strength and is so healthy. We were so lucky. I really pray the same for brando and sasha that whatever comes their way, they can weather it together as a team. We did it. We did. Look, um, I know this is a weird time, but we didn’t get to finish our conversation earlier about nina. And there’s something I need to say. No one can deliver y

I wasn’t talking about your physical condition, britta. Not knowing if jason is dead or alive must be taking a toll on your emotions. Jason was only here because I asked him for help. If he dies, how do I live with that? The door to sasha’s room was open just enough so I could hear what the doctor told them. I want to be supportive to brando and sasha, but they may think I’m overstepping. I know I tend to do that. Okay. You know what, gladys? You’re — at least you’re here, right, and you’re thinking about them. You don’t need to be so kind given… everything. Hey. Family’s family. You did not fail our son. You took better care of yourself than any mother. You bought books to read to him, played music to your belly. The nursery you created at my space?

[ Laughs ] It’s so warm and cozy. It’s a total child’s wonderland. You were a wonderful mother already before our son was even born. I just feel so helpless. I want to hold our son so badly. I want him to know that his mother is there for him. I want to protect him. I want to — I want to comfort him. That’s my job. That’s our job. Brando, will you — will you do something for me? Anything. Go see our son.

Sasha, I want to see our son, okay? But I don’t want to leave you alone. I could text maxie or lucy and… I will be fine, but our son needs at least one of his parents to be with him right now. Please, brando. The best thing you can do for me right now is to do what I can’T. Go tell our son that I love him. Thank you for forgiving me. Hey, I was so caught up in my stuff, I haven’t seen you since you’ve been back. You okay? Oh, yeah, I’m good. I’m fortunate that my return to port charles wasn’t met with a group of people with pitchforks. I can’t imagine you doing anything to deserve that. Ha! If you ever want to talk about it… thank you. I might take you up on that. But tonight, it’s about sasha. She went into labor. She had a complication. She had to have surgery, and that’s all I know. Oh, my god, and I made this all about me. Go be with sasha. Yeah. I’ll send sasha and the baby good thoughts. Okay. Way to set an example. Taking the high road, you could do the same with brook lynn. At least I hope you’ll try. Was that fast enough for you? Brook lynn: First thing, we have to decide how we break the news to everyone. I should probably act like I’m mad at you for a while. Is that really necessary? If you kept my baby a secret from me in reality, I would be furious. So I still have to be the liar in this scenario? In all fairness, you are the one who faked a pregnancy. Okay, that’s true. Alright. So we will go with valentin’s theory that I always knew you were the father and that I pretended he was the father to get back my elq stock. People will believe that. Yeah, I know. Please know I am incredibly grateful to both of you for doing this. It means everything to me that I at least have some control over my child’s well-being, especially in light of everything going on with sasha. Wait, what happened with sasha? She went into labor, but there were some complications.

[ Sighs ] She was so excited the last time I saw her. Is she okay? She made it through the surgery, but I’m waiting for an update. This keeps everything in perspective. The most important thing is that we keep bailey safe from peter. We can do this. We can… and we will. Brando. I’ve been so worried about you and the baby. How you holding up? Kind of numb, actually. Sonny: Yeah? It’s important to sasha to go see our son. She — he’s downstairs now in the nicu. Then I want to come with you. Um, brando, when was the last time you had something to eat or drink? I don’t know. Then I’ll go to the cafeteria and get you something. Gladys, why don’t you come with me? Because you know all of his favorite things. Well… he needs to keep his strength up. Yeah. I’m sending all my love to your baby. Come on. How you feeling? Talk to me. I’m scared. Yeah? Well, that’s alright. You wouldn’t be a father if you weren’T. You just got to — you just got to get past all that. You got a brand-new son coming into the world. He’s gonna need his father and his love. What if I don’t know what to do? That’s alright. That’s just fear talking to you. Once you see that little boy, it’s gonna take care of everything. Your love. You got it. You got it. Thanks. Yeah. Hey, elizabeth, I’m here about — hi. I’m here about sasha gilmore. You know, I know that she gave birth, she had to have surgery. Are there any updates? You know I can’t provide confidential patient information, but I can tell you she’s recovering in the icu. Icu? It’s that bad? Well, how is sasha? What about the baby? How is the baby? Can sasha have visitors? Only family right now. Please. Elizabeth. Sasha and i were family once. Please. Let me see what I can do.

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ] Come on, brando. Let’s get you dressed so you can meet your son. How are you feeling? Are you in any pain? Nothing physical, but I suppose that’s because of the painkillers. Yeah. You know, if you ever want to talk, mom to mom, I’m just one call button away. Thank you, elizabeth. You have been so kind to me. Are you up for a visitor? She’s not family, but she really wants to see you and I can look the other way. Epiphany: I’m here to help. Do you have any questions? Brando: Is he in any pain? Not at all. He’s sedated. And that blanket that he’s wrapped in is a cooling blanket. That’s the hypothermia treatment? Exactly right. Will it hurt if I touch him? You won’t hurt him. Go ahead and touch him. Talk to him, let him know you’re here. Remember, if you’ve been talking to sasha’s stomach, your son is already familiar with your voice. Hello, son. I’m your dad. I’m here now.

Did the excavation team find jason? They managed to penetrate the tunnel using radar-based technology to search for heartbeats. What did they find? There was no signal. Nothing. Liesl: Maybe the equipment wasn’t sensitive enough — anna: They confirmed it with both audio and video devices. I’m really sorry. There’s no sign of life in the tunnel where you last saw jason. Now that we’ve all agreed on the best way forward, I’m gonna go see if I can get an update on sasha. Okay. Keep us posted, please. Of course.

[ Sighs deeply ] Well, baby daddy, I think it’s time we tell my family. Have fun with that. Oh, if you think I am telling the quartermaine clan myself, you got another thing coming. I can promise you one thing — this is gonna be one hell of a thanksgiving. Have you heard the news? About peter’s capture? I figured anna would reach out to you first. Actually, peter beat her to it. He used his one phone call on me, promised he’d be seeing me real soon. I hope you know anna will never let that happen. You know, I wish I could wake up from this nightmare unafraid, but peter’s been pretty relentless. I mean, so far, he just keeps escaping justice. Those days are over. Peter’s finally gonna pay the price for his actions. And maybe he’ll divulge some information about the fake nurse chloe and lead us to louise. By the way, whatever I can do to help, I will do because I now know there is no greater pain than having a child ripped away from you. Do you want to go see if sasha is ready for visitors? Oh, wait, why don’t we go sit down for a second? Come on. Come here. Uh…have a seat right over here. Elizabeth said it’s gonna be a little more time. And sasha is gonna get some rest. Okay. Alright. So, carly, why don’t you give gladys some pointers on how to be a grandmother? Now, you see, my — my — my grandson wiley, he adores carly, just like your grandson’s gonna adore you. He’s gonna think that you are irreplaceable. I don’t know if it’s — if it’s just in my head, but I keep hearing babies cry. How will I know his cry? I have a message from your mom. She already loves you more than anything. So do I.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

tranquilizer, and the dose is very high on the label here.

Julie: Marlena prescribed those. She has drugged my husband into insensibility.

[Soft dramatic music]

Johnny: I mean, I’m sure my grandma is just doing whatever she thinks is best for doug, right?

Steve: Maybe.

Johnny: You keep saying things like that. Am I missing something?

Steve: I can’t exactly put my finger on it, and it’s not just about the situation with julie and doug. Marlena is not herself.

Johnny: Then who is she?

Steve: Are you sure you haven’t noticed anything odd about her recently? Strange behavior you couldn’t–you couldn’t explain.

Johnny: Not really. I guess it was kind of weird when I saw her at the crypt.

Steve: What crypt?

John: Doc.

Susan: Oh! Satan, mmm-mm, mm-mm. If you want to kill john black, you’re gonna have to do it over my dead body.

Demon marlena: Tempting, but I’ve got a higher purpose for you.

Susan: A higher purpose?

Demon marlena: Yeah. I’m not gonna kill john black.

Susan: Okay, you’re not.

Demon marlena: No. You are.

[Eerie music]

As a dj, I know all about customization.

Steve: So you saw marlena at the dimera family crypt?

Johnny: Yeah, and not only that, but she came out dressed like the devil.

Steve: She what?

Johnny: Yeah, it was halloween, you know. She was in that red devil costume, the one with the horns and the pitchfork. She said she was wearing it in support of my film.

Steve: Okay. But what was she doing there?

Johnny: She said she wanted to pay respects to my grandfather.

Steve: Stefano? She went to the crypt to visit stefano? Why?

Johnny: She said that he was the first one to realize she was possessed, and that he risked his life to save her.

Steve: Uh-huh. So did you go inside the crypt?

Johnny: Well, I wanted to go in and scout for my movie, but–

Steve: But what?

Johnny: She stopped me. Wouldn’t let me in.

Susan: I would never ever hurt a single silver hair on john black’s head.

[Whimpers] No, no, no, you know what? There is nothing you can say or do that will ever make me break the sixth or any of other commandments.

Demon marlena: How about this? How about, if you don’t take this dagger and kill john black, I will kill the other john black.

Susan: The other john black? Are you saying that he’s got a look-alike just like me and kristen dimera?

Demon marlena: Are you not aware that your grandson is writing a screenplay that will chronicle the last time that I possessed marlena?

Susan: It’s a terrible idea, if you ask me.

Demon marlena: And are you also not aware that the part of john black is being played by your son, ej?

Susan: Elvis junior?

Demon marlena: So if you don’t take this dagger and plunge it into john black’s heart, I will go over to where your precious son is having his thanksgiving supper, and in front of everybody sitting there, I will carve him like a thanksgiving turkey!

[Eerie music]

Julie : Whatever you say, he is not taking any more of marlena’s pills. He’s not going back to bayview. He’s staying here for good.

[Dramatic music]

Paulina: You accused me of loving lani more than I love you. That is not true.

Chanel: Your actions say otherwise.

Paulina: What, because i asked her to be my matron of honor?

Chanel: Yeah, that’s one reason.

Paulina: I never meant for that to happen. I was about to tell lani the truth when we got the news that abe had been shot.

Chanel: You were gonna tell her that you’re her mom?

Paulina: But then I saw her at the hospital with abe and how much she loved him. Oh, I just didn’t have the heart to tell her he wasn’t her real father. And then so, the next day when she pressed me about what I was about to say, I just–I just blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.

Chanel: That you wanted her to stand up for you at the wedding.

Paulina: Well, you’d think after lifetime of practice, that I’d be a better liar.

Chanel: Yeah, well what about the way you’ve always talked about her? Lani is so independent and smart and capable. She’s done everything on her own. She’s built a career and a marriage. It’s like you wished that I was more like her.

Paulina: Yes, it’s true. It’s true. I idealized your sister. But maybe because I never got to be her mother, not like I got to be yours. All those times that we shared, all those precious moments. Like that time when you were six. You had your tonsils out. You wanted ice cream, but you got it into your head that you wanted homemade dutch apple ice cream.

Chanel: I saw it on a tv show, and it looked so good. That’s why I taught myself how to bake.

Paulina: I watched you cut up those apples and mix it in with that cream and that sugar with your pretty little face that was just all swollen.

[Laughs] And then you put it in the freezer and–

Chanel: I fell asleep in your arms and woke there the next morning. You didn’t move me all night.

Paulina: I didn’t wanna wake you. Besides, what’s better than dutch apple ice cream for breakfast?

Chanel: Nothing.

Both: [Laugh]

Paulina: Baby, lani and I, we never had that.

Chanel: Well, you didn’t have the problems either. Oh, like that time when I was nine, and I stepped on that yellow jacket nest, and I hid in ms. O’hagen’s well.

Paulina: Oh. I didn’t know where you were for thirteen hours. I was terrified.

Chanel: I trashed my sunday best dress, and I figured that I was better off facing the bees than you.

Paulina: Oh, when I finally found you–

Chanel: Yeah, I– you didn’t say a word. You just held me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.

Paulina: That’s because you were the most precious thing in the world to me. Now, lani, she might be my firstborn daughter, but you, you always will be my baby. Always.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Chanel: And I’m sorry about abe. I know how much you love him. And I–and I know how excited you were to build a life together.

Paulina: What happened at the wedding–that was not on you. I know big mama–she believes that marlena broke my confidence and told you the truth.

Chanel: Dr. Evans did tell me, but she told me because she wanted me to feel better about you choosing lani as your matron of honor.

Paulina: And she encouraged you to reveal my secret at the wedding.

Chanel: No. No, she didn’T. She just told me go to the wedding and hold my peace. But…

Paulina: What? What is it, baby, what?

Chanel: When the wedding started, I kept looking at dr. Evans when she was standing up there with you and abe, and it was like this feeling came over me. A feeling that she wanted me to tell. And like, I–I couldn’t resist.

Susan: No, please, please. Don’t touch my son. All right. He’s just a good boy. I mean, he’s not perfect, but he does have a pure heart.

Demon marlena: If you say so.

Susan: Come on. Why are you doing this?

Demon marlena: Well, I am the devil.

Susan: I know that, but why are you doing this to me? To us?

Demon marlena: Because john black would not give in to the temptation of kristen.

Susan: Yeah. And he’ll have his soul corrupted.

Demon marlena: He couldn’t let go of his own sense of decency.

Susan: Because he is a decent man.

Demon marlena: Well, you see where that got him.

Susan: Well, it kept you from possessing dr. Marlena evans, fully.

Demon marlena: There is this annoying little voice inside of her that keeps her fighting me. But I know how to get inside her heart and break it. All I have to do is stop john’s heart from beating.

[Eerie music]

Belle: Do you think doug will come out of this?

Shawn: I don’t know. But I–I looked into his eyes when we were taking him home, and, you know, I think i saw a glimmer of my grandfather.

Belle: Which means he’s still in there, somewhere.

Shawn: Yeah. I think I saw something else: Fear. It’s like he’s scared. But what would he be scared of?

Belle: Or who?

[Tense music]

Demon marlena: It’s time, susan.

Susan: How–how–how–how can I?

Demon marlena: You can do this. Drive the dagger into his heart and watch the life just flow out of him. And when I come back, there’d better be another body here to bury, or your son will be joining his father.

[Suspenseful music]

Are you one of the millions of americans

Paulina: Let’s not waste any more time talking about marlena. It’s thanksgiving, baby. Oh, what do you say? We head into the kitchen and we whip us up a feast.

Chanel: Oh, I’m sorry, mama. I can’t stay.

Paulina: Well, I thought we were good.

Chanel: We are, sort of. But when I told johnny i didn’t wanna face you, he offered to fly me to italy.

Paulina: Italy.

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Paulina: Well, you can–you can put the trip off, can’t you? I mean, right? I mean, we can just set a place for johnny and we can, you know, maybe make some dutch apple ice cream.

Chanel: Mama, I still need some time to process all of this. And I just– I hope you understand.

Paulina: Oh, honey, will you make it home in time for christmas? We’ve never been apart for christmas.

Chanel: I’ll do my best. All right, I gotta go pack a bag.

Paulina: Chanel?

Chanel: Yes, mama?

Paulina: I love you.

Chanel: I know.

Paulina: Hmm.

Julie: Kayla, may I?

Kayla: Of course, absolutely. There you go.

Julie: You know me, darling. I know you do. You’re my guy, and I’m your girl, always. I’ll be loving you, always. With a love that is true, always. It may not be fair, always. That’s when I’ll be there, always. Not just for just an hour, not for just a day, not for just a year, but always. You know that song. We sang it together. I know you know me, darling. Please come back. Please come back to me.

Shawn: Who do you think that my grandfather would be scared of?

Belle: It sounds crazy to even say it.

Shawn: What? No, go ahead, say it.

Belle: Well, my dad said that doug told him that it was my mom who tried to kill him, and that she was also the one that tried to kill julie.

Shawn: No, that’s like–

Belle: I know, I know. I thought doug was confused. I thought this was like part of his dementia.

Shawn: I mean, come on. You seriously don’t think that your mom tried to kill doug or julie, do you?

Steve: Why didn’t marlena want you to go inside the crypt?

Johnny: She said there was a rat inside. A big one.

Steve: A rat?

Johnny: Yeah.

Steve: Did she say anything about your grandpa john?

Johnny: No. Why?

Steve: Well, I’m just trying to track him down.

Johnny: Is he missing?

Steve: No, no, no. He’s probably on a case. I’m just filling in some blanks. Sorry for all the questions. I’ll let you go. Go ahead.

Johnny: Are you sure everything’s okay?

Steve: Yeah. Everything is fine. Happy thanksgiving, kid.

Johnny: You’re not coming in?

Steve: Not yet. Something I need to check out first.

Susan: How can I do this, lord? How can I kill an innocent man? A man who has led a life of decency and righteousness?

John: Susan.

Susan: You know, just give me a moment, john black! This is just not an easy choice! It’s not. I mean, oh, my god.

John: Susan?

Susan: What?

John: Susan?

Susan: What?

John: Please.

Susan: It’s life and death. Do you know that it’s life, death, life–

John: Listen to me, please. Just listen.

Susan: Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna listen to you.

John: Susan, I know that–I know that you’re afraid for your son.

Susan: Yeah, elvis, elvis junior.

John: I know. I know. And I know also that the devil is going nowhere near ej.

[Eerie music]

Paulina: I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Okay, we’re not gonna ask for

Marlena: Paulina, what a pleasant surprise.

Paulina: Nothing pleasant about it, lady.

Marlena: Oh. You’re upset, of course. Abe left you at the altar.

Paulina: Because of you.

Marlena: Me?

Paulina: You told my secret to chanel. Who the hell do you think you are, messing with my life, my family?

Marlena: She was just so upset. She felt that you were rejecting her.

Paulina: I didn’t reject her.

Marlena: Chanel felt like you didn’t value her. So I was just trying to explain to her why you had chosen lani to be your matron of honor.

Paulina: I told you my secret in confidence, and you felt the need to reveal it to my child.

Marlena: I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I–why would I ever wanna hurt you or abe or anybody else for that matter?

Susan: How do you know that the devil isn’t going after my elvis? I mean, how do you know he isn’t sinking his cloven hooves into my little boy right now?

John: I have dealt with satan before, susan. His whole goal is to poison good, kind souls like yours. He just wants to force your hand so you will forever be branded as a murderer. Trust me, susan. Trust me, susan. Susan?

Susan: No, I know. I know. I know some of what you say is true, but you gotta understand that elvis is my only son.

John: I know.

Susan: And the thought of leaving him to the devil, that–it’s–it’s too much. It’s too much, john black. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. God, please forgive me. Please forgive me.

Paulina: You’re all smiles and sunshine now. Well, let’s see if this gets your attention. I’m filing a complaint with the state medical board. You’re going to lose your license and your job. Now, now, let’s see, let’s see if that cuts through to your little devil-may-care attitude.

Marlena: [Laughing] My devil-may-care attitude?

Paulina: You think this is funny?

Marlena: No, no. I don’T. I think it’s sad. I think you’re projecting.

Paulina: What the hell are you talking about?

Marlena: You wanna destroy my career the same way your daughter destroyed your wedding. There it is. And the fact is that abe’s never coming back to you. Lani is never coming back to you. And I’m not the liar, and the hypocrite. That would be you. So I’m sorry, but you’ll never have your family back, and you’ll never have abe back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna check my voicemail.

Paulina: I’m not finished with you, you cold-hearted bitch!

Demon marlena: Who are you calling a bitch, bitch?

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[Knock at door]

Johnny: Hey. I–I got nervous when i didn’t hear from you.

Chanel: Everything good?

Johnny: Yeah, yeah. I talked to allie. She said that she would watch the bakery while we’re gone.

Chanel: And she wasn’t mad about me leaving like this?

Johnny: A little surprised, but she understood. She said to call her when we get to the airport.

Chanel: So we’re good to go.

Johnny: Did you tell your mother that you’re bailing on thanksgiving?

Chanel: I did.

Johnny: Was it awful?

Chanel: Not nearly as awful as I dreamed. I was expecting the worst. When my mom is upset, she can unleash holy hell.

Demon marlena: Might be a good idea for you to let go of my arm.

Paulina: Who–what are you?

Demon marlena: Get out of here. Go!

Paulina: Go, go…

[Cell phone rings]

[Disquieting music]

Marlena: Hello, honey.

Belle: Mom, I need to talk to you.

Marlena: Okay. About what?

Belle: I’ve petitioned the court on julie’s behalf to restore her right to make decisions for her husband.

Marlena: Nobody notified me about this. As doug’s doctor, I will–i will contact the court.

Belle: The judge ruled in julie’s favor, mom. You’re no longer in charge of doug’s care.

Marlena: Okay. If julie is allowed to be alone with doug at bayview, well, could be very dangerous for her.

Belle: She’s not at bayview. She’s at home. And so is doug.

Marlena: What?

Julie: Is there a chance this condition is–is permanent?

Kayla: It’s hard for me to get a clear picture of his current mental status. We’re gonna have to wait until the medication wears off.

Julie: How long will it take to wear off?

Kayla: Maybe 24 hours. But at least he’s home.

Julie: Home, for the holidays.

Kayla: Thank god for that.

[Melancholy music]

Julie: It’s gonna be all right, sweetheart. It’s thanksgiving, and we have so much to be grateful for.

[Intriguing music]

Kayla: Hey, steve, it’s me. Uh, doug is home. It’s a long story, but… I think I’m gonna stay here for thanksgiving. I’ll text roman and kate and let them know we are not gonna make it to the pub. And then hopefully you’ll be able to join me here as soon as you can. I–I know you are out looking for answers about marlena. I sure hope you find them.

[Suspenseful music]

Susan: Oh. Oh, no, it’s the devil. The devil has returned for his due. John black, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Johnny: Well, I’m glad your mom took responsibility for her lie instead of putting it all on you.

Chanel: Yeah, I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve never seen her so guilty and heartbroken.

Johnny: Chanel, the family jet is waiting on the runway, but you just made peace with your mom. Are you sure you don’t wanna stick around here and do thanksgiving with your family?

Chanel: Gio, are you trying to get out of showing me italy?

Johnny: No, tesoro mio. But your mom–

Chanel: I want to see italia.

Johnny: All right then. Shall we?

[Gentle music]

[Anxious music]

[Line trilling]

Paulina: Yes, officer, this is paulina price, and I would like to report… to tell you the god’s honest truth, I don’t know what the hell I just saw.

Shawn: There you go, grandpa.

Julie: The head of the table, where you belong.

Shawn: So what did your mom say?

Belle: Oh, she hung up on me.

Shawn: She what?

Belle: She wasn’t thrilled about doug’s release.

Kayla: Well, I left a message for steve. Hopefully, he will join us.

Julie: Before we begin, I have a thought. Thanksgiving. It’s meant to be a celebration of gratitude. But this thanksgiving is not what anybody would’ve wanted or expected. Yet still, it is a time to pause and to consider how much we have to be thankful for. This wonderful old home. Seated at this table are a few of our dear family, treasured friend. Shawn douglass, our grandson, his wonderful wife, belle, our dear, dear friend, kayla. You and so many more are the people that we share our life with, the people we’re blessed to love, to be loved by. We are grateful for each other. Most of all, I’m thankful for you, my darling. In our long marriage, you have always been the one to be the optimist, the one who always had to remind me our glass is half full. Though you’re silent today– I know, when I get talking, I never let anyone get a word in edgewise. I want you to know, I feel your optimism. And though these last months have been so very dark, now that you are home, that darkness is fading away. Your goodness, doug, your loving spirit, your enduring joy and light, lifts us all, lifts us into the light. You’re the center of my universe, darling. I’ll move heaven and earth to get you well. So happy thanksgiving, my darling husband, and happy thanksgiving to us all.

Belle/shawn/kayla: Happy thanksgiving. Cheers.

Marlena: Happy thanksgiving.

[Disquieting music]

Julie: What are you doing here?

Marlena: I’ve come to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and to take doug back to bayview.

Julie: The hell you will.

Marlena: I think it’s for the best.

Julie: I don’t care what you think. You put my husband in a padded room. You locked him in. You–you gave him such powerful drugs, he doesn’t even know who I am anymore.

Marlena: For his own good.

Julie: You’re not his doctor anymore, marlena. Tell her. Tell her, belle.

Belle: I tried to tell her on the phone.

Julie: You are no longer welcome in this house, marlena.

Marlena: Doug is still a danger to himself and others.Li kayla knows that.

Kayla: I’m not sure i agree with that anymore.

Marlena: You’re not sure you agree? It’s clear that julie has let her emotions take over her judgment.

Julie: Don’t talk to me about judgment, or I will show you what a danger to others really looks like.

Marlena: That would be a mistake.

Doug: You, you, you, you’re, you’re–

Marlena: You’re confused. You’re lost. I can help you.

Shawn: Look, let him– let him speak, marlena.

Belle: Mom, please.

Julie: Darling, what is it you’re trying to say?

Doug: You–you’re the devil!

[Disquieting music]

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Days Transcript Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Kayla: All you had to do was not fall.

Steve: Sweetness, are you talking to a pie?

Kayla: [Laughs] Well, I got distracted for a second, and I left it in too long. And I’m so glad you’re back. Tell me that you found john.

Steve: No, and I don’t think I was meant to.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Steve: I’m pretty sure somebody sent me on a wild goe chase.

Kayla: Who would do that?

[Knocking on door] Sorry.

Marlena: Oh, hello. Hello, thanksgiving. Oh, it is my favorite holiday of all time.

Belle: Julie?

Julie: Oh, darling. Look at this smile on doug’s face. How he loves thanksgiving. You know, every year we’d be doing the dishes after dinner and he’d say, “what is more fun? What is more fun than all your family and friends gathered around the table stuffing themselves into a stupor?”

[Laughter] Yeah. And now it’s thanksgiving, and he’s all alone… on thanksgiving.

Belle: Oh, julie. I’m so sorry.

Julie: Oh, darling, you’re hardly to blame. You took my case against your own mother. I’ve put you in a horrible position.

Belle: Oh no, I’m just– I just wanna settle this.

Julie: Is there any news? There is. And it’s not good.

Allie: Hey, I thought I was meeting you two at the apartment.

Tripp: Well, henry had other ideas.

Allie: Oh, you did, did you?

Tripp: Yes, he wanted to show you this asap. Happy thanksgiving, mommy.

Allie: [Small laugh] Ohh…

Paulina: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Chanel: Hey, I was just gonna grab some clothes and leave.

Paulina: Hmm. Well, I can see why it makes sense why you don’t wanna face me. That you’re scared of me. See, you not only ruined my wedding day, ruined my life, princess… not just hurt me, but think about what you did to abe, to lani.

Chanel: I’m sorry.

Paulina: So you think you can just sashay in here and pack up all the expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes that I bought you and just breeze out?

Chanel: No, I–

Paulina: Well, it’s not gonna happen you ungrateful little bitch.

Chanel: Mama!

Paulina: Mama? Mama? Don’t you dare call me that. I am no longer your mother. And thanks to you, I have nothing. Thanks to you, lani hates me. So I don’t have any daughters anymore.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chanel: You can’t mean that.

Paulina: The hell I don’T. Thanks to you I’ve lost lani forever. Thank to you–to you…


Chanel: Mama!

Johnny: Hey, hey.

Chanel: Oh, god, where–wha– oh, god, johnny.

Johnny: I’m right here.

Chanel: Oh, johnny, thank god.

[Chanel breathing hard]

Johnny: When you, uh…when you woke up you said, “mama.” Were you, uh…were you dreaming about her?

Chanel: Johnny, I-it was so real. I was there in her apartment and–

Johnny: Tell me. Tell me. What happened?

Chanel: I killed her.

Paulina: [Sighs] Ohh… paulina, paulina, paulina. Ooh! You sure made a hot mess of it this time.

Olivia: Well, you got that one right.

Belle: It’s not bad news, julie, it’s just frustrating. So I filed the motion to rescind my mom’s medical power of attorney. And if the judge rules in our favor, then you’ll be able to make all the decisions for doug’s care, and you’ll be able to see him. And my mom won’t have anything to say about it.

Julie: When does that happen?

Belle: Well, that’s the frustrating part. I didn’t hear back from the judge yesterday, and today is the beginning of a long holiday weekend.

Julie: So I do not get to see him today or anytime soon.

Steve: Careful. Straight out of the microwave.

Marlena: Fine. Thanks. Lovely. Oh, what a darling pie. Just for the two of you?

Kayla: Well, unfortunately, joey and stephanie can’t come home, but, uh, later on–

Marlena: Oh. That’s a shame. I mean, thanksgiving really is all about family, isn’t it?

Kayla: Well, we will be with family. We’re going to go with roman and kate at the pub. They’re making a thanksgiving dinner. And then we’ll video chat with the kids afterwards.

Marlena: Well, I guess that’s something. The pub. Yeah. Maybe I’ll stop by myself after all my holiday calls.

Steve: Oh, is that why you’re here? Holiday call?

Marlena: No, no. I’m here to apologize. I just haven’t been myself lately. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Allie: You know, I am no art critic, but I think that that’s pretty magnificent.

Tripp: Early picasso springs to mind, yeah.

Allie: Well, one thing is for certain–he did not get his artistic ability from me. So that must be from… forget I said that.

Tripp: Why?

Allie: Why? Because it’s thanksgiving, and we are going to have a wonderful day, and we don’t need to be thinking about him.

Tripp: Allie? Hey, you say whatever you wanna say whenever you want. Okay?

Allie: Yeah, but I don’t want to talk about him.

Tripp: But you did, and it’s probably a good thing. You don’t have to pretend like the past didn’t happen. Just hold on to the fact that he is dead and buried and can never hurt you again.

Allie: Tripp, halloween. I mean, we can’t be sure of that.

Tripp: Actually, we can.

Allie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tripp: Well, rafe was worried–I mean, we and ava all thought we saw him that night. So rafe, you know, ordered charlie’s grave to be exhumed.

Allie: And?

Tripp: He’s there. Absolutely undisturbed.

Allie: Then who or what did we see that night?

Marlena: Look, I know you both have been leaving me lots of messages, and I’m– I know I haven’t gotten back to you.

Kayla: Well, just we were–we were worried about you.

Marlena: Well, of course you were. And you must have felt like I was–oh, what’s that word the kids use now? Ghosting you.

Steve: Now, obviously we know you’re a busy woman.

Marlena: I’m so busy with my practice and of course officiating at abe’s wedding. Well, abe’s not wedding I guess.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Marlena: Oh, dear. I guess you haven’t heard. It was–it was–it was terrible. I mean, even by salem standards.

Steve: How so? What happened?

Marlena: Well, you know, uh, paulina’s daughter, the little baker–what is her name?

Kayla: Chanel.

Marlena: Chanel. Well, chanel stood up in front of everybody as the ceremony was getting underway, and announced that…that paulina was lani’s mother. And that abe wasn’t even the father.

Kayla: What?

Marlena: I know, I know, it was so disturbing and it was–well, you can imagine how everybody felt. I mean, of course paulina knew and of course, I mean, of course god knew. But…it was just devastating for abe and for lani.

Kayla: They must have been devastated.

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, after all that time, the lies and the deception that must have been going on.

Kayla: So tamara was most likely in on the deception.

Marlena: Of course, of course she was completely involved. And…I’m sure it just made abe feel, well, foolish a-and like a chump.

Steve: Yeah, marlena. It’s not hard to figure out how abe’s feeling.

Marlena: Well, but the thing is just to be there with it all going on, you know, it was one thing to hear about it. But, oh, he was so devastated. I haven’t seen him that upset since–well, since he lost lexie.

Steve: I’m gonna give him a call.

Marlena: Oh, you’re such a good friend. Well, I should be going.

Kayla: Oh, you know, marlena, I was going to call you about doug.

Marlena: Why? Has he taken a turn for the worst?

Kayla: Well, no, not medically. But he’s still despondent. And julie’s a mess. And I just thought maybe you could let the two of them see each other today. You know, it’s thanksgiving.

Marlena: Look, I-I know how strong you feel about this, but I just don’t think it’s a very good idea.

Kayla: Well, I strongly disagree with you. It’s at bayview. They will take all the precautions. And, I mean, what is the harm in a supervised visit?

Marlena: I know how much you care about doug and julie. I do too. They’re like family to me.

Kayla: Well, that’s why I thought that, you know, you would change your mind.

Marlena: Well, I-I– I couldn’t bear it if doug attacked julie again on my watch. I just–I-I couldn’t do that. I’m sorry that I can’t help here.

Steve: Well, maybe you can help me then… to find your husband.

Chanel: And then she had a heart attack right in front of me and…died.

Johnny: You know what we have in common? We both have these larger than life moms, right? And not only are they flamboyant and attention grabbing, but they don’t think twice before switching a paternity test or pulling down the town square.

Chanel: I know, but–

Johnny: No, but we do one thing to cross them and we feel like we’ve killed them. And they don’t even have to be there. It’s like they have this guilt remote control.

Chanel: You never seem guilty.

Johnny: Yeah, neither do you. It all, uh… crops up in our dreams.

Chanel: But I don’t think that she’s making me guilty. I did a pretty crappy thing. A very crappy thing.

Johnny: I-I-I think that you felt that your back was against the wall. There were all these lies. Her lies. She just kept pushing on. Focusing on what she wanted. She pushed too hard and you snapped, that’s all.

Chanel: It’s weird how much–how much you get it.

Johnny: And my mother, uh, she left town and can’t be bothered to tell any of us where she’s at. I somehow think that’s my fault.

Chanel: It’d be a lot easier if we didn’t love them, wouldn’t it?

Johnny: A lot easier, but– and I really believe this– we have to lead our own lives. Not feel guilty about it.

Chanel: I wish it was just us. That we could just stay here forever, and I wouldn’t have to face my mom… face abe. Lani.

Johnny: Well, I don’t know about forever, but we could have one hell of a nice day. You see, your boyfriend lives in a mansion with a full staff at his beck and call 24/7. I could have harold bring us breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed if you want.

Chanel: That sounds like heaven.

Johnny: Hey, speaking of heaven, I was there last night. And I would love to go back.

Olivia: Have you heard from chanel?

Paulina: No. Would you like some coffee?

Olivia: Have you heard from abe or lani?

Paulina: No. I take it you’re not interested in coffee.

Olivia: Not until we sort out this mess you made.

Paulina: Yeah, mess. With a big assist from chanel.

Olivia: You know how I feel about blame shifting.

Paulina: Oh, believe me. I know how you feel about every topic under the sun.

Olivia: Watch your tone with me.

Paulina: And you know what I really know in minute detail is how you felt–how you feel about me coming to salem. I think your exact words were, “bringing my fast behind to salem.” Uh-huh. So go ahead, mama. This is your big “I told you so” moment. Enjoy it.

Olivia: I’m not enjoying one second of this, and you know it.

Paulina: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see lani again. When I heard my baby was having a baby, well, I had to be here.

Olivia: And how did that work out for you?

Paulina: I don’t wanna hear this.

Olivia: Well, that’s too damn bad, because I’m the only one left who can talk some sense into you. And this time you are going to listen. On the outside, I looked fine.

Paulina: When you get like that, it’s just best to just sit down and get it over with.

Olivia: Why couldn’t you have just left well enough alone?

Paulina: For who? Because watching my daughter grow up without me, well, that’s well enough for you and tammy, but not to me.

Olivia: We all agreed.

Paulina: Agreed? We didn’t agree. I submitted. I caved. H-have you ever tried standing up to you with tammy as a backup? Mama, I was pregnant. I was scared. And I know you and tammy, you helped me clean up my big mess. And here I go again, making another big mess and just pushing myself into lani’s life. And now I’m starting to fool around with a man she thought was her daddy.

Olivia: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say.

Paulina: But you know what, mama, it happened. You know why it happened? Because I followed my heart.

Olivia: Well, baby, your heart needs a gps. So it’s time for you to stop following it and start using your head.

Allie: You really think we need a spreadsheet?

Tripp: I mean, it’s a logistical nightmare. Okay, my mom and rafe want us at their place for dinner. Your father and grandparents went us at the brady pub. My dad and kayla will also be at the pub, but they’re also wanting to have something at their place.

Allie: Talk about a movable feast.

Tripp: Well, at least now we have a clear picture of all of our options. Just how the hell are we gonna make a decision?

Allie: You know what? I have an idea.

Tripp: Come here. Come here, big man.

Allie: Be right back.

Tripp: Well, one thing, man. I think you’re gonna get plenty enough to eat.

Marlena: You know, the only thing john told me before he left town was that he was, uh, he was going on a mission for black patch.

Steve: Well, that’s not true. John hasn’t checked in with me, and he’s not following any of our usual protocols.

Marlena: Hmm. I bet I know what happened. I bet he’s on a mission for the isa and just used black patch as a coverup.

Kayla: Well, that’s what steve thought, so he checked in with shane and–

Steve: And he told me that not only is john not doing any freelance work for them, he’s gone completely off the grid.

Marlena: Hmm. Well, wouldn’t be the first time.

Kayla: And that doesn’t bother you? You don’t think that’s out of character that john would be gone at thanksgiving and not let you know that he’s okay?

Steve: Are you sure you don’t have any idea where he could be?

Shawn: You and granddad are gonna get through this. I mean, come on, look at everything that you’ve been through already.

Julie: We’ve been through everything together. We’re not together now. What if he hasn’t been told that I’m not allowed to see him? What if he thinks I don’t care?

Shawn: Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? He would root for st. Louis before he’d think that you didn’t care.

Belle: Well, it looks like we won’t have to worry about that. Somehow we got a compassionate judge, and he said the case was heartbreaking, so he didn’t wanna wait until monday to rule. So you officially have medical power of attorney.

Shawn: What?

Julie: Does that mean–

Belle: It means you can see him today.

Julie: Oh! Oh, you dear beautiful belle. Oh, god bless you.

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Chanel: You were right. This is a wonderful idea. Staying in bed all day. Making love. Ordering room service.

[Both chuckling]

Johnny: I have a better idea.

Chanel: And what is that?

Johnny: You and I leave salem together.

Paulina: So it’s all right for tamara to follow her heart and be a singer, and I needed to be the logical one?

Olivia: There you go living in the past. This is not about your rivalry with tamara.

Paulina: Oh, yes, it is. That’s what it’s always been about. I grew up in her shadow with you thinking that she, the end-all and the be-all, I was always wrong. She was always right. And then when I finally, finally get something that’s mine, all mine, you– you decided that she would be the better mother.

Olivia: Paulina, it was to protect you and the baby. There was no other way.

Paulina: Yeah. Well you see how your way went, don’t you? You see what happened. I ended up losing both my babies. But I always got you. Don’t lie. You, I got you. But you just kick me when I’m down. Well, I never been more down in my entire life. And my mama, she can’t even gimme a little hug. She just wants to give me a lecture.

Olivia: Oh, baby. You know, you may think tamara was my favorite. But from the second you were born, you had my heart in your hand. Come here, baby. Mama loves you.

[Paulina sniffles]

Julie: All of doug’s favorite show tunes are on this. The only man in the world who finds “76 trombones” soothing.

[Laughter] Oh, should I bring his puzzle books?

Belle: Oh, julie, I don’t think he’s gonna care what’s in that bag when he sees you.

Julie: I suppose not. Do I look all right?

Shawn: You look gorgeous.

Julie: I feel so nervous. This is like I suddenly have this big date.

Belle: Oh, but it is. You’re going on a date with your prince charming.

Julie: He is prince charming, darling. You don’t know. He always will be, in spite of all the years. Oh, lord.

Shawn: Oh, what?

Belle: What?

Julie: The turkey. The turkey has to be basted. I have the cranberries, and the sweet potatoes are ready, but I can’t make the gravy yet.

Shawn: Wait, hold on. Wait. You made thanksgiving dinner?

Julie: Well, of course, it’s doug’s favorite. Well, not to make it would seem like I’d given up hope.

Belle: Oh, well, I could tell something smelled wonderful. Listen, shawn is gonna take you down to see doug. And I’ll tend to dinner, and make sure everything’s ready when you get back so you can tell us everything about your visit.

Julie: You angels. Okay. As doug would say, let’s get the show on the road.

Belle: Bye.

Marlena: Oh, no, I have no idea where john is.

Kayla: And that doesn’t bother you?

Marlena: Doesn’t bother me? Of course it bothers me. It terrifies me. But these kind of things happen with john, and when they do, I just have to go on autopilot.

Steve: So you don’t even want to try to track him down?

Marlena: Well, no. I mean, to track him down, that would be so disrespectful. It would show a lack of trust.

Kayla: How? I don’t get it.

Marlena: What’s not to get? John is off doing his job, a-and when it’s over, he’ll come back to me.

Steve: So let me get this straight. You’re not interested in finding him?

Marlena: Of course–look… if I could do anything I would. But at times like this, we just have to trust in a higher power.

Steve: A higher power? Okay.

Marlena: Yeah. Well, I’ll be off. Oh, and I hope you have a very, very happy thanksgiving.

Kayla: Thank you. You too. Do you buy any of that?

Steve: Not a word. Is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes

Kayla: I have decided that I am gonna go see julie and tell her in person that I could make no headway with marlena.

Steve: Marlena is just not making any sense these days, baby. I mean, she wants a higher power to find john, and she thinks it’s better for doug to be alone on thanksgiving?

Kayla: I just couldn’t get through to her to see how julie feels.

[Groans] Ugghhh! I’ll see you at the pub.

Steve: I think I’m gonna head over there early, ask roman if he’s been talking to marlena. See if he knows why she’s so–i don’t even know what to call it.

Kayla: Well, certainly not warm and fuzzy. I mean, really. To keep doug and julie apart. To keep doug isolated. That is cruel and unusual punishment as far as I’m concerned. All right, see you over there.

Steve: [Softly] Okay.

Tripp: Oh, what’s that?

Allie: This is our excuse to visit everyone tonight. We are on dessert duty. Cookie patrol. I have lemon drops for my dad, grandma kate, and grandpa roman. And then snickerdoodles for aunt kayla and your dad, and the devil’s food for grandma marlena.

Tripp: All right, henry. It’s over the river and through the woods time, big man. Ah, yes. Uh…what about johnny?

Allie: I’m sure he’s at the dimeras with chanel. Let them eat cake.

Chanel: I can’t just leave salem. What about the bakery?

Johnny: Allie can handle it while we’re gone.

Chanel: Okay, I get you’re twins and everything, but you can’t speak for her. And I can’t just be all, “girl, bye. I’m going to italy with your brother. You do my work for me. You hear?”

Johnny: All right. Look, you just leave allie to me. Think about it, chanel. Gondola rides on the venice canal.

Chanel: But it’s december. It’ll be freezing.

Johnny: I’ll keep you warm. Or we could go skiing in turin, or get a house on the amalfi coast. Don’t you wanna see where I grew up, where my ancestors came from?

Chanel: You never give up, do you?

Johnny: No. So what do you say? Let’s just run away.

Paulina: Where you going with that fancy hat on?

Olivia: Lani invited me for thanksgiving.

Paulina: What?

Olivia: She said eli’s coming to pick me up. I wait outside.

Paulina: So I’m ostracized. I’m in siberia, and you-you get to have a place of honor at the table?

[Scoffing] I mean, you lied too. It was your idea to come up with the lie, and you kept it going all these years. You know, what about tammy? Maybe she could fly in for a turkey leg or two. Juggle my grandkids on her knee.

Olivia: Paulina, I’m just as surprised as you are that lani invited me. But she did. Maybe you should reach out to chanel.

Paulina: After what she did?

Olivia: Yes, after what she did. I’m sure she’s hurt too. And she’s still your baby.

Paulina: [Sighs, groans] Uhh. You know, last night I was lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling, and I was thinking about it over and over. And how did she know? How could chanel possibly know?

Olivia: It was that woman.

Paulina: What woman?

Olivia: That marlena evans woman, the shrink. Mark my words. It was her. To be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer

Paulina: Marlena’s a doctor. And she doesn’t break confidences. And she’s tammy’s friend.

Olivia: Something in that woman’s spirit didn’t sit right with me.

Paulina: You and your spirits. Can you gimme something a little more concrete?

Olivia: Yeah. How about the smug look on her face when chanel stood up and blew our family into smithereens? It was like she knew already that you were lani’s mother.

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father, and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother. She did.

Olivia: How?

Paulina: I told her.

Olivia: Good lord. Paulina, why would you do that?

Paulina: Well, I told you, she’s a doctor, a psychiatrist. She’s bound by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Olivia: Well, baby dr. Feelbad busted right out of those confidential bonds and put all your business on the street.

[Beep beep] I gotta go. But you trust me on this. That marlena woman is no damn good.

Chanel: So if we take off to italy, what’s gonna happen to your movie?

Johnny: I’ll work on the script while we’re over there. We’ll only be gone a couple weeks.

Chanel: And your dad’s just gonna hand over the dimera jet to you?

Johnny: Yeah, well, he’s in one of those phases where he’s trying not to be a complete jerk. So might as well try and capitalize on it, right?

Chanel: Oh, where are you going?

Johnny: Allie’s gonna be at the pub, so I’ll let her know that she has to handle the bakery. And all you have to do is go home, pack your bags.

Chanel: Going home to pack was the beginning of my nightmare.

Johnny: Ah, then don’T. We’ll stop in milan. Fashion capital of the world.

Chanel: I still have to get my passport.

Johnny: Okay. You want me to go with you for moral support?

Chanel: No, I’ll just try to sneak in and out without seeing my mom. I can’t believe we’re doing it. And mostly, I can’t believe you’re doing this for me. Thank you, gio.

Johnny: Di niente, carissima.

Allie: Hey, drop that.

Tripp: What?

Allie: That biscotti is for your mom and rafe.

Tripp: They’re not gonna miss one biscotti.

Allie: It’s more than that. We have three, possibly four dinners to get through. We need to pace ourselves.

Tripp: It’s like a food marathon.

Allie: Not to add any more pressure, but the brady family does measure a man’s worth based off of how much he eats at thanksgiving.

Tripp: Oh, great. So we go from that to my italian mother.

Allie: The things we do for love.

Tripp: Let the games begin. Okay.

Kayla: Julie? Ah. Hi. Is, uh, julie upstairs?

Belle: Uh, no, she’s gone. Shawn took her to bayview to see doug.

Kayla: Oh, no. I just got off the phone with your mother, and she was adamant that he have no visitors. I mean, they’re gonna turn her away.

Belle: Well, it’s not mom’s call anymore. I got a court order giving julie her medical power of attorney.

Kayla: I wonder how your mother’s gonna react to that.

Belle: Not looking forward to finding out. But, you know, I had to do something. Julie was miserable.

Kayla: I agree.

Belle: Although now that they’re on their way over there, it’S…it’s really hitting me. Now I got a court order overturning one of my mom’s medical decisions. Like I was questioning her competence. I don’t know. What if she’s right and I’m wrong?

Kayla: I have had questions about this decision myself. Your mother is one of the best doctors I know, but I–

Belle: Something’s wrong, isn’t it? I mean, my mom is like the most compassionate person I know. She has empathy for ben weston. To do this to doug?

Kayla: I know. She’s not the doctor or even the person that I have loved and admired for as long as I can remember.

Belle: What’s happening to her?

[Eerie off-key notes]

Demon marlena: Well, john, you certainly are the most popular guy in town. All your friends are out looking for you, which means I’ve gotta find a way to make sure that you and that imbecile susan disappear…permanently. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Paulina: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Johnny: Hey. Uncle steve, happy thanksgiving. How you doing?

Steve: Same to you, man. Hey, before we go in, can I talk to you for a minute?

Johnny: Sure. What’s up?

Steve: Well, kayla and i were just talking to your grandma marlena.

Johnny: Yeah?

Steve: I’m wondering, have you noticed anything strange about her lately?

Johnny: Strange? In what way?

Demon marlena: Time to kill two birds with one stone. Or maybe… I should say dagger.

Belle: Well, in a way it’s a relief that you think I did the right thing, but–and it also scares me that you’re worried about mom too.

Kayla: Well, I tell myself that she’s just too close to the case. That she loves doug and julie so much that it’s out of an abundance of caution that she wants to keep doug isolated to keep them both safe.

Belle: Right. But it’s not just this one decision, is it? I mean, you might say it’s out of an abundance of caution, but it just doesn’t seem like that, does it? It seems like she’s doing all the things she’s doing deliberately.

Kayla: Well, why don’t we just…focus on today? It’s thanksgiving, and we should be grateful that doug and julie are back together again.

Belle: Oh, I would love to be able to see them together again.

Kayla: I know.

Julie: Then turn around!

[Gasps, murmuring]

Belle: Oh my goodness.

Shawn: He’s home.

[Stirring music]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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All: Happy thanksgiving.

Hope: Hello, hello, hello.

Liam: Happy thanksgiving.

Ridge: Oh, you brought the jell-O.

Brooke: Oh wow! You made grandma’s famous dish.

Hope: Yes. I had to. It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it. Plus it is a total crowd pleaser, right?

Liam: Total crowd pleaser. Been looking forward to it all year.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s a very unique flavour.

Brooke: Yeah, it’s hard to put words to it.

Hope: Finn, I mean wait– wait until you taste it.

Steffy: Oh yeah, you’re getting a big slice

Finn: Oh, well, can’t wait.

Ridge: Yeah, there’s a few thanksgiving traditions we’re gonna have to explain to you.

Liam: Yes, one of which is that the newbie is on dish detail.

Finn: That’s fine. Put me to work. It’s just… it’s great being here with all you guys.

Ridge: Well, it’s gonna be just you because it’s a very small gathering.

Hope: The kids are all settled upstairs with amelia.

Brooke: And I made sure they had plenty of arts and crafts to keep them entertained.

Steffy: Thank you. Well, brooke, this is really lovely.

Liam: It’s actually really nice that we’re all together. Especially now.

Ridge: Do you guys want to come in or… please.

Steffy: Yes!

Finn: Yeah, of course.

Deacon: So, this is it, huh? Just you and me on thanksgiving.

Sheila: Oh, don’t sound too excited.

Deacon: I’m not even supposed to be associating with you. Now we’re spending holidays together. This is my life.

Sheila: You think this is what I want, deacon? You should think again.

Deacon: I know. I know you’re just as frustrated as I am.

Sheila: Actually, yes, I am. We should not be cooped up here in this hotel room, we should be celebrating with our children.

Deacon: So, brooke is having the big forrester turkey day at her place.

Sheila: How nice for them. It’s going to be a lavish, catered event and brooke is going to pretend she cooked the whole thing.


Deacon: Yeah, hope’s gonna be there. I don’t know. I just figured with all the progress I was making, maybe I’D… I’d score an invite.


Sheila: Like ridge would ever allow that.

Deacon: Yeah, I don’t think so. Instead, I’m stuck here with you on thanksgiving. I’d rather be with my daughter.

Zende: Happy thanksgiving!

Hope: Welcome.

Paris: Thanks for having me. It’s way more fun than a microwave dinner at my apartment.

Zende: We are all looking forward to see how uncle ridge’s turkey turns out.

Ridge: Turns out? It’s gonna be perfect. I’ve been basting it all day. What you got?

Zende: A little bit of wine.

Ridge: Ah, there he is.

Carter: You sure about this?

Ridge: We invited you. What’s all this?

Carter: Peace offering.

Ridge: Peace offering? Trying to butter me up?

Carter: Is it working?

Ridge: Let me taste it and we’ll see.

Zende: You gonna share that, uncle?

Ridge: Nope.

Paris: Looking sharp. I’m happy you decided to come.

Carter: Me too. Happy thanksgiving, paris.

Brooke: Okay, well, now that everybody’s here.

Zende: All right, all right. Now I’m much lighter.

[Brooke laughing]

Brooke: Ridge and I just want to welcome you all to our home and say we’re so happy that you could join us on what we know is going to be a fantastic thanksgiving.

Liam: Amen to that.

Ridge: That’s right.

[All talking over each other]

(Missing part here)

Sheila: You know, one day, we will be included. I’m tired of being shut out.

Deacon: Oh, you better get used to it. I mean, you think the forresters are gonna let you within a hundred feet of their mashed potatoes.

Sheila: Someday. Someday, we will be with our children.

Ridge: All right, everybody. Um, good news, and bad news. Food’s almost ready, but I would love to say a couple of things before we eat if that’s okay.

Liam: Yeah, speech!

Ridge: Thank you. Uh, all right, life creates challenges. Families creates challenges. And how we deal with them, that’S…that’s what defines who we are as a unit. And this unit has had a pretty rough year. But we’ve had some remarkable things happen as well. I mean, look at paris and zende, so happy they found each other. And that voice, right? Is it just me, or no? You got to sing at dodger stadium. That is very impressive. You know what? Maybe next year, they’ll let you play a couple innings.

[Laughing] Speaking of players, carter is here.

Carter: Oh boy.

Ridge: Carter walton, I don’t even want to get into the year you had, because it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you’re my best friend. We all make mistakes, but if somebody knows a single lady that likes out of shape coos, maybe you could hook him up, ’cause… it sucks to be alone. Hope knows a little bit about that. With liam going to prison, she thought she had to raise her kids on her own. You know what? She could’ve done it. She’s a strong woman. But, it worked out, you came back, and… I know this is not a competition, but it would be you if it had to be the most thankful people here, you’d be the ones. Because you came back, and you… you get to raise those kids the way you want to. Right? Life creates challenges, and that’s– my heart goes out to you. Look at you, finn. You started off so well. You saved the princess, right? You married the princess in a beautiful castle, beautiful ceremony. And then sheila showed up. And then you find out that jack is your real dad. That’s a lot, man. That’s a lot to carry on your shoulders. But again, you’re not alone. You’ve got steffy, and you’ve got all of us. You know what my dad always said, it doesn’t matter where you leave from, the important thing is where you land. I like where you landed, son. Okay, god! You’ve been here the whole time. Sorry, I’ve just been talking.

Brooke: Forgot about me.

Ridge: No, I never forget about you. Look at you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And without you, I… hang on, I made a mistake. It’s not you. It is not you. You’re not the most thankful people here, it’s me! I’m thankful for you, because… without you I don’T… I don’t think I could breathe. I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

Ridge: And I’m so hungry.

Brooke: You are? Okay, yes. Hang on. Hang on, let me say something, okay? Um, to the brightest future. You know, we could all accomplish so much if we just stick together. So, let’s go forth with kindness and gratitude in our hearts and have a happy and healthy thanksgiving.

Ridge: Let’s eat, please.

Brooke: Let’s eat! Yes, all right.

Hope: Yummy!

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: What can I do? How can I help?

Finn: Can you turn back the clock to the moment right before my adoptive dad, the man who raised me, I trusted and looked up to told me it wasn’t true? That he’s really my biological father and he’s lied to me and my mother our whole lives?

Steffy: Are you saying you wish you didn’t know?

Finn: No, I’m saying i just– I don’t know, I don’t know how to feel about any of this. To suddenly feel what I’m feeling about a man that I respected and I thought, I knew– I mean, we knew. And he betrayed both of us. Mom, I am just– I’m so sorry that he hurt you this way.

Li: Sweetheart, I don’t want you to worry about me.

Finn: Of course I’m worried about you. I mean, he’s turned your world upside down just like mine.

Li: I realize that’s what it feels like right now. You have so much good in your life, finn. You have a loving wife, beautiful family, a marriage based on honesty and trust. The fact that your father–

Finn: No, no, no, I can’t think of him like that. Not after what he’s done.


Sheila: What’s wrong?

Jack: I did what you suggested. Finally told li and finn the truth.

Sheila: It didn’t go well. Tell me what happened, jack.

Jack: Exactly what you’d expect to happen when you tell your wife and your son, you’re a cheat and a liar.

Carter: Hey, I thought you’d gone home for the night.


Paris: Uh, yeah, I– I did, but I am back now.

Carter: Can’t stay away, huh?

Paris: I do love my job but that isn’t it, either.

Carter: So do I keep guessing or are you going to tell me why you’re here at forrester instead of your apartment?

Paris: It really is, you know, my apartment.

Carter: Oh, what do you mean?

Paris: The place is all mine now.

Carter: Oh, that’s cool. Thomas finally found a house.

Paris: No, something else happened, something between thomas and me.

Carter: What’s going on? Unless, it’s something personal?

Paris: Well, actually, it is personal. But I can count on you to keep this just between us.

Carter: Of course.

Paris: First, I have to say it took me completely by surprise.

Carter: What did?

Paris: Thomas, opening up the way he did to me tonight.

Carter: About what?

Paris: His feelings… for me. I know. I know. I was– I was thrown.

Carter: What did you say?

Paris: Well, I have to admit, I was flattered. Thomas is an awesome guy but I told him, “I just wanted to be friends.”

Carter: Wow. If zende had any idea.

Paris: Carter, you said that you wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Anyone includes zende, especially zende.

Sheila: Why don’t you tell me exactly what went on, jack. Did you tell li and finn together?

Jack: Li first. Said I needed to tell her something I should’ve told her a long time ago. Just nearly killed me seeing her heart shatter right in front of me, hearing the things that I’d done. The lies and deception from a man that she believed was incapable of either. I just can’t imagine she’s going to stay with me after this.

Sheila: I’m really sorry to hear that. What about finn? When you told him, how did how did he react?

Finn: The pain that that man caused may eventually go away but the scars never will. I mean, it’s going to be with us for the rest of our lives.

Steffy: Finn.

Finn: No, look, I’m not saying that to hurt my mother, I’m just saying I know that you feel deeply deceived too and it’s okay to admit that and everything else that you’re feeling about jack, mom.

Li: I appreciate that. I do. Finn, I love you for being the kind and compassionate young man you are. But what all this means for me, my marriage, as terrible as that is, right now all I can think about is you, feeling for you, knowing you lost your father and the family you believed we were. Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Carter: So you had no idea that thomas felt this way?

Paris: It completely took me by surprise.

Carter: Apparently, the lady doesn’t know her superpower.

Paris: Oh, please.

Carter: I’m serious, paris. You have this positivity about you and not to mention this infectious enthusiasm for whatever you’re involved in. People feel better by being around you. Obviously, thomas does. But zende on the other hand, if he even suspected this–

Paris: Carter, zende can not find out. It would hurt him. And I don’t want to damage his relationship with thomas. They’re– they’re cousins. They work together, it would make things really tense and awkward.

Carter: I agree.

Paris: And I think thomas realized it could get like that between us, too, if we continued living together.

[Sighs] So that’s why he moved out.

Carter: Well, one thing is for sure, paris buckingham, you are very much a woman in demand.

Sheila: Was steffy there when you told them this?

Jack: Yeah, she’s hurtin’ for her husband, her mother-in-law, too. She hates what’s happened.

Sheila: Oh, what she hates, she can’t blame all this on me. I– I really don’t care what she thinks right now. This is about finn and I’m concerned about our son.

Jack: You don’t think I am? I’m worried my relationship with finn will never be the same. And I’m deeply scared that I lost both my wife and my son tonight, my entire family.

Sheila: Now, this risk that you took, jack, you decided to tell li and finn, to tell them everything.

Jack: At your encouragement, sheila. “Maybe it’s time finn knows the truth,” those are your words, sheila. Now look what’s happened. My son can’t stand the sight of me, my wife wants nothing to do with me. What the hell? Why did I ever listen to you?

Sheila: Now, would you just stop your wallowing because this is not about you right now. It’s about finn and how we’re going to be able to help him through all of this, how I am going to help him.

Finn: Mom, I want you to stay with us, okay?

Steffy: So do I. I’ll make up the guest room for you.

Li: Thank you, both of you. But I think I should go back to the hotel. I need some time alone to process everything that’s happened.

Finn: You sure?

Li: I’m fine, sweetheart.

Finn: What if he shows up there?

Li: He won’T.

Finn: How can you be certain?

Li: Believe me. He won’T. Give my two precious grandbabies a kiss for me. And please, my wonderful son, always know how much I love you, and how very special you are to me.

Finn: I love you, too, mom. And just know you will never lose me. That will never happen. Don’t settle for products that give you a sort-of white smile.

Carter: Yeah, thanks again, bart. Yeah, yeah. Update ridge and stef on the new contract,. No, I don’t foresee there being any problems. No, I’ll talk to you soon. What is so interesting on your cell?

Paris: I am just uh, reviewing my bank statements since thomas is moving out and I’ll be paying my own rent.

Carter: Keeping a closer eye on your finances.

Paris: Yeah, well not that I’m financially hurting or anything. I make a pretty good salary here at forrester. It’s just paying off student loans and i just wanna be careful.

Carter: I know, believe me. I had to pay off my student loans too, but I also learned how to make my money work for me.

Paris: In what way?

Carter: Well, you know, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, to name a few. You start off small, right? You set aside a portion of each paycheck for investment. Nothing too risky but enough to hopefully get a decent return. Plus, if you want to buy a house one day, you’ll have a head start on a sizable down payment.

Paris: Well, it sounds like I should be doing that. I can help you if you want. I can get you headed in the right direction.

Paris: Are you offering to be my financial wizard?

Carter: I don’t know about a wizard but I’m happy to help if I can.

Paris: Thanks, carter. I’d like that. A lot.

Sheila: Jack, you have kept a huge secret from li and finn practically forever. What did you think would happen? That they would just turn the other cheek and forgive you instantly?

Jack: Of course not, but–

Sheila: No, “buts.” You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself because it’s our son that is reeling from this.

Jack: I know that, sheila, but what am I supposed to do? Finn wants nothing to do with me, now. It’s like I’m being cast aside.

Sheila: Well, now you know how I feel. How lonely it is being alienated from our son.

Steffy: I just spoke with your mom. She’s back at the hotel.

Finn: Oh, thanks for checking in on her.

Steffy: She’s your mother. I know how much she means to you. Especially now that this has happened.

Finn: I just never could have imagined, jack, doing something like this. I thought she was everything to him. I thought he would rather die than betray her like this. You know what, she’s got me and I’m going to do everything I can to help my mom through this. I don’t want her to face it alone.

Steffy: I love how devoted you are to your mother. You’re such a remarkable son. Even more remarkable husband and dad to kelly and hayes. But, I have to ask. Now that the shock has worn off even just a little. How do you really feel about jack being your biological father? Instead of some nameless, faceless man you’ve always wondered about?

Best of my love by black pumas feat. Sofia reyes

Paris: You know, I appreciate all of your support. Carter, you have been nothing but wonderful to me ever since I landed in L.A.

Carter: Yeah, that’s me. Mr. Nice guy.

Paris: You know, you are. You’re one of the nicest nice guys around. Why you’re still on the market is beyond me. Speaking of which, you have a date tonight?

Carter: No. That’s why I’m at work. I’m hopelessly single.

Paris: Well, not for long, I’m sure. In fact, I predict you will catch the eye of a smart and very lucky woman. Night, carter.

Sheila: You’ve got to give finn some time, jack. What he learned tonight is heart wrenching. Still, we can be a part of his life, again.

Jack: We?

Sheila: Yes, his biological parents. We are in the same boat now. You don’t want to lose finn and I certainly don’T. Maybe, maybe if we unite forces here, we– we can get through to our son and finally shut steffy down.

Jack: Oh. You’re hatching another scheme again.

Sheila: Well, you know me, I don’t give up easily and you shouldn’t either. This is far from over. No, finn is much too important to both of us for this to be over.

Steffy: You’re putting all this energy into protecting your mother. You want to make sure li is okay and I admire that about you. But I also know you’re hurting. You and jack were close. You had a very special bond.

Finn: I could always count on him for everything. I never once questioned his faithfulness or his honesty and he was a stand up guy. He was a devoted husband and father. But he wasn’T. He was keeping this lifelong, explosive secret, a secret about himself, what he’d done, who he was to me. And honestly, I don’t– I don’t know what to do about all this. Would things have been different if he was my birth father growing up? Maybe. But I’ll never get the chance to find out. So much of what I know, so much of what I’ve counted on is just suddenly shifted beneath my feet.

Steffy: I know it seems that way. I know you feel lost right now. But I’m here. Kelly and hayes are here. And you can count on us. Listen to me: I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re always going to be a loving, devoted father to our children. Kelly and hayes are always going to look up to you and admire you. Just as I know you’re always going to be a faithful, loving husband to me because that’s the man you are, john finnegan. That’s the man you are to your core. So, whatever you decide to do with jack, that’s up to you. But I want you to know that you have a family that loves and counts on you. And I know you feel alone right now but you’re not alone because you have me. And we’re going to get through this. You can lean on me. And count on me. Count on my love. Always.

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